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Author Topic: My OTP Atsuyuu and other One-Shots  (Read 4727 times)

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My OTP Atsuyuu and other One-Shots
« on: December 23, 2013, 09:19:49 PM »
Hello, friend.

This is (ambitiously) going to be my index post, which I hope to fill with a whole bunch of weird crap. I wrote a bunch of stuff on Tumblr which I am definitely not allowed to post here, but will probably index the other stuff that's okay.

Thanks for reading.

Warning : Profanity, grammar/spelling errors and haphazard storytelling. Caveat lector.

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Re: My OTP Atsuyuu and other One-Shots
« Reply #1 on: December 23, 2013, 09:22:50 PM »
As-yet Untitled Christmas Thing I Wrote On The Fly to Fill Up This Second Post

That one Christmas you came to my house with a roast turkey, swore me to secrecy and firmly told me not to ask where you got it from.

You had a look of mild surprise and amusement on your face as you were silent for a long time figuring out how to respond when you realised I didn’t know what it was. To be fair, ‘turkey’ was going to be my second guess- you didn’t need to smile smugly like that.

That fucking bird was massive. I had my doubts if even you could finish it, but you proved me wrong. Of course, when you were passed out on my couch later that night, I had to occasionally check if you were still breathing.

Perhaps I passed out as well, because I woke up the next morning on the rug by the couch and you had somehow ended up partially draped across my body. I imagined that we still faintly smelled like turkey and I was physically disgusted with myself.

We packed the remnants of dinner together and there was still little turkey left over, so I said we could probably keep it to make soup and noodles to ring in the new year.

Then you said you were going to bring a whole salmon and I told you to get out of my house.
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Re: My OTP Atsuyuu and other One-Shots
« Reply #2 on: December 23, 2013, 09:44:57 PM »
As-yet Untitled Christmas Thing I Wrote On The Fly to Complement That Dumb Second Post, sort-of

As told from another perspective

“Eh? That’s freaking huge- is that a chicken!?”

It took me a while to realise you weren’t making a lame joke and that you genuinely did not know what it was. To be fair, one would traditionally expect a roast chicken instead of turkey for a Japanese Christmas.

But you looked so adorable with your eyes wide open, studying the turkey intently and it was just so rare to see you not know what something was.

Having a roast turkey was always a childhood dream of mine. I’d watch so many Western movies where they would carve a huge turkey and have all the kinds of food that looked almost too good to be real.

So when I got my hands on a turkey (let’s not ask how), I really didn’t know why I brought it over to your place instead of back home to share with my family. The company car was driving across town back towards my house when I requested for them to send me to yours instead.

And so my other childhood dream to spend Christmas with someone I liked came true. We ate in companionable silence, much like always and methodically made our way through the turkey and your stash of wine.

I must have fallen asleep after the meal, but I vaguely remember dreaming about you hovering over me a few times, close to my face. I wanted to reach up and pull your face down to mine and kiss you, but my arms felt heavy and I couldn’t move somehow.

It was still dark when I woke up and I found you curled up on the floor next to the couch. I thought it was so sweet that you decided to accompany me here instead of waking me up or something. You looked cold, so I cuddled up next to you and fell back to sleep.

The next morning, I wanted to make you cold turkey sandwiches for breakfast but you didn’t seem too enthusiastic about it. I was kinda disappointed for a bit until you said you wanted to make toshikoshi soba to ring in the New Year with me!

I almost jumped you, but you sent me out quickly so I wouldn’t be late for work- I’m so lucky to have such a considerate girlfriend.

This was the best Christmas ever, and I’ll never forget it for the rest of my life.


Merry Christmas, everyone.

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Re: My OTP Atsuyuu and other One-Shots
« Reply #3 on: December 24, 2013, 04:35:39 PM »
I shall now smile like a creep. it's been so long since I've seen your works mate. I blame society for not letting you write smut... but oh well, that was funny and sweet~ though somewhat lacking... moar! (never seen you use the first person perspective so kinda confused at the moment lol) I shall wait for more of your works!

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Re: My OTP Atsuyuu and other One-Shots
« Reply #4 on: December 24, 2013, 06:29:49 PM »
The Christmas thing was just something I decided to pound out on a whim while setting up this thread. Just contemplating how hilarious it would be if Yuko didn't know that Acchan thought they were dating- just playing with perspectives, I know it's pretty unquality. Be prepared for more of the same because I figure if I agonise over everything, I'd end up never writing anything for a long time.

Thanks for reading, creep :grin: Since you're the first reply I got, you get to request for anything you want and I'll write it.

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Re: My OTP Atsuyuu and other One-Shots
« Reply #5 on: December 24, 2013, 07:08:07 PM »
I think it's pretty obvious what I would request, ey? :lol:
Though it's pretty full of quality for something you thought up on a whim...
I'm scared of seeing something you really try your hardest on doing...
And don't mind it~ I'm pretty sure that every AtsuYuu shipper can wait for your works~ Probably...
Dunno, I blame the beer.
Anyway, Merry Christmas, brada! XD

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Re: My OTP Atsuyuu and other One-Shots
« Reply #6 on: January 05, 2014, 06:29:52 PM »
I'm glad you're here XD
I always follow your fics in tumblr if you know what I mean (yey atsuyuu)

-Atsuyuu and that turkey, I wonder what will happen next. Well my imagination was thinking in advance so I hope I'm right :3

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Re: My OTP Atsuyuu and other One-Shots
« Reply #7 on: June 05, 2014, 01:18:33 PM »
In Another Universe (MJSK)

It was a fine spring day- the perfect weather for long walks.

Atsuko zoned out a little, staring up at the cherry blossom tree as small pink petals fell on her and Yuko.

“I wish you would smile more,” the older girl piped up suddenly, jolting Atsuko out of her contemplation.

Yuko’s head was inclined upwards, resting all the way against the backrest of her wheelchair to gaze at the girl pushing her. Atsuko looked down at Yuko with a small quirk of the lips and nodded wordlessly.

“You’re so damn boring, Maeda. Go learn a joke tonight and tell it to me tomorrow.”


It had become a ritual of sorts for the two of them- this profound hope for tomorrow in the form of trivial tasks to be carried out.

Always, Yuko would request for another tomorrow. And always, Atsuko would give it to her.


She says, “Wake up, it’s no use pretending.”
~ Naked As We Came, Iron and Wine


Atsuko whirled around, seeing Sado walking towards her from the end of the corridor. “Good morning, Sado-san.”

“How’s Yuko-san?”

“I just arrived too. I’m going to see her now,” Atsuko replied as they made their way to Yuko’s room. The room was dark when they entered, since the curtains were drawn. The sliver of light shining through barely illuminated the room and its occupant.

“Yuko-san?” Sado greeted softly. Yuko lay quiet and very still, her pale and small figure unmoving on the bed.

“Oh my god, Yuko-san?” Sado panicked, her longs fingers trembling as she reached for Yuko’s still face.

Atsuko parted the curtains and opened the windows with practiced ease. “Wake up, Yuko-san,” she requested calmly.

A muffled snicker came from the prone girl and she squinted at her visitors against the glare of the sunlight flooding into the room. Yuko burst out laughing uproariously at the sight of Sado’s tear-stained face.

It took the better part of the day to get Sado to talk to Yuko again but they managed to cap the night with fireworks and laughter.


Atsuko ushered the Catholic priest out of the room quickly. She murmured an apology to him, bowing deeply even as Yuko was swearing loudly inside the room and yelling for Atsuko to beat the crap out of the man.

Yuko was still ranting when Atsuko returned. “So did you thrash the sonofabitch good?”

“Yes, senpai.”

“Should’ve asked you to beat his ass dead since he likes going to his heaven so damn much.”

“Yes, senpai.”

“Stop doing that.”

“Yes, senpai.”

It was quiet after that- Yuko silently fuming and Atsuko sat next to her, reading her textbook.

“Do you think there’s a heaven?” Yuko asked suddenly.

Atsuko looked up from her book at the query and regarded Yuko with a thoughtful look.


“Then what? Reincarnation?” Yuko seemed just as irritated with that concept as well. The idea of dying pissed her off and she was good at holding grudges.

Flipping to the next page of her nursing textbook and scanning absently through it as though it contained the answers, Atsuko was quiet for a good minute. “I believe in alternate universes,” she replied finally. "Our consciousness goes somewhere and mixes with an alternate version of us. That's why it sometimes feels like we're recalling past lives, or get moments of deja vu but in actuality, we are one endless being of energy in this multiverse."

That was the most Yuko had ever heard Atsuko say in a single sentence- probably even collectively. It took Yuko a while to realize that Atsuko wasn’t fucking with her, and she chuckled at last. “You mean maybe in another universe, I’m like some big-time celebrity or something?”

“An actress, maybe.”

“You could be Japan’s top pop idol!”

“I could.” Acchan nodded pragmatically.

“Hey, I’ve never heard you sing before. Tomorrow, let’s go karaoke.”


“Aw, c’mon.”

“You already said you wanted to go to the arcade again. We won’t have enough time.”

“You’re such a buzzkill, Maeda. I wanted to hear you sing,” Yuko pouted.

“Maybe in another universe, you already have.”

Yuko smiled. “In another universe, huh?”


When all the world is spinning round
Like a red balloon way up in the clouds
And my feet will not stay on the ground
You anchor me back down
~ Anchor, Mindy Gledhill

It hurt. Her entire body existed for nothing but agony. In her pockets of lucidness, Yuko could just about make out Atsuko sitting beside her silently.

On bad days like these, Yuko was privately glad Atsuko was so stoic and calm. She didn’t want Sado around her sometimes because for all her sadistic tendencies and untouchable posturing, the Rapappa vice-president was a dramatic crybaby.

Yuko was exhausted. She was just too tired even to keep drawing her next breath. It seemed so easy to just stop and give into the darkness that loomed at the periphery of her consciousness- her body felt cold and weightless, almost as though she were floating away.

But the only thing still keeping her here during bad days like these was the solid warmth of Atsuko’s hand grasping hers.


Atsuko checked and doubled-checked everything. Windows closed, air purifier on, night light on. Oxygen tube secure, IV drip tangle-free, painkiller and call button within arm’s reach.

It just felt as though she’d forgotten something, Atsuko pondered frustratedly. She couldn’t leave until she remembered what it was.

Atsuko stood by the bed for a long time, running through the checklist again and watched Yuko phase in and out of sleep from the effects of the morphine.

She decided to leave before she missed the last train home. Atsuko was at the hospital’s foyer and her heart skipped a beat when she finally figured it out. Jogging briskly back into the building, she returned to Yuko’s room. The older girl blinked drowsily at Atsuko when she heard the door slide open.

“Yuko-san, what should I do for tomorrow?”

The hope for a tomorrow. Atsuko had never needed to ask before.

It took two slow, difficult breaths before Yuko could answer. “I thought you would never ask,” she rasped.


Love is watching someone die.
So who’s gonna watch her die?
~ What Sarah Said, Death Cab For Cutie

Tomorrow came and Atsuko dutifully carried out what was requested of her, as always.

It took some elbow grease to sneak Yuko out the fire escape route, though. Thankfully, Atsuko was ridiculously strong and Yuko hardly weighed anything.

Yuko had cracked a weak joke about feeling like a princess and Atsuko smiled as she carefully seated Yuko into the waiting wheelchair.

The weather was good today as well and Atsuko slowly wheeled Yuko under the cherry blossom tree again. She made sure that Yuko was tucked in warmly, but to no avail since the older girl stayed cold despite the fleece blanket and hot water bottle.

Sakura petals fell in a gentle shower over the two of them, landing lightly on her hair and all over Yuko’s blanket.

Atsuko picked up every last petal that had fallen on Yuko and placed them in her pocket for safekeeping. She didn’t bring Yuko’s body to the hospital until it got dark, humming that song Yuko loved so much as they made the last trip back together.


In another universe...

Sakura petals were falling over them again. Yuko was startled by the microphone thrust in front of her all of a sudden.

“Uta ga saikou deshita,” she blurted out in response to Nakai's query. She repeated the sentiment once more for good measure and laughed through her tears.

Atsuko just smiled and leaned against her briefly, resting her head affectionately against Yuko’s.

Afterwards, it wasn’t until halfway through the movie with Yuko and Harugon that Atsuko finally remembered. The fragmented memories and promises from an alternate lifetime coming to Atsuko in formless pieces, bringing tears to her eyes as they flitted through her consciousness.

Blinking the sudden tears away, Atsuko glanced over at Yuko, who was fast asleep beside her, since it was her DVD and she’d already watched the show.

Entwining her fingers with Yuko’s, Atsuko pressed a light kiss to the side of Yuko’s head and inhaled the familiar scent of her own shampoo on the older girl.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, Yuko-san,” she whispered into the soft hair and fell asleep snuggled up against Yuko’s warmth.


When the cherry blossom petals bloom
I can hear the bells of hope ringing somewhere
Giving us the freedom and courage
Of tomorrow

When the cherry blossom petals bloom
Someone is surely praying somewhere
To open the door to a new world with their own hands
~ Sakura no Hanabiratachi, AKB48


Notes: The last scene is from the Kayou-Kyoku show after Acchan's graduation performance of Sakura no Hanabiratachi. Nakai had asked a crying Yuko what she thought and she said that- and then Acchan rested her head on top of Yuko's and I died a million deaths.

It also refers to Yuko's anecdote about how she fell asleep on Acchan while they were watching a movie in Acchan's house.
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Re: My OTP Atsuyuu and other One-Shots
« Reply #8 on: June 05, 2014, 01:28:12 PM »
Yet Another Universe (AKB0048)

She was taking photographs of fireflies when it happened. The entire consciousness of 23-year-old Oshima Yuko who was in the middle of performing K6th onstage at the AKB48 theatre in Don Quixote was transported into 13-year-old Kimishima Hikari from the planet of Nikkoustar like an tonne of bricks.

Laying motionless on the grass, Hikari stared at the dual moons that hung low in the night sky and tried to catch her breath from the mystical merging of two very different cultures but somewhat familiar personalities.

It felt like a trickling of liquid flowing from one vessel into another and filling it up to the brim. Hikari was glad her entire body was too numb to move or else she would be flailing around in panic. Not only was she freaking out over the fact that she had all these thoughts and memories of an Oshima Yuko from long past, Yuko was having a mild panic attack from having been transplanted into this foreign body in this faraway time and place.

For the most part, the initial feeling of going crazy from dissociative identity disorder was going away. It started to feel natural for Hikari/Yuko to have all these shared memories and personality traits poured into a single entity. Were it another person of a weaker constitution, they would likely have gone insane- but both Hikari and Yuko were too pragmatic to entertain mental breakdowns.

Oshima Yuko's first act as Kimishima Hikari was to move numb hands up along her torso to grope her own breasts. Grunting in disappointment at the still pubescent figure, she consoled herself with the thought that if she were really Oshima Yuko, they would grow in no time.

"Ohmigod, I'm Oshima Yuko from the original AKB!" Hikari sat up excitedly. She had grown up always only knowing of 00. She was doubly excited as Yuko, knowing that despite it being centuries and light years into the future, AKB still existed somehow.

“Akihabara,” Hikari enunciated, the ancient word sounding strange to her ears, but rolled off her tongue so familiarly. The forgotten etymological name for Akibastar had probably not been spoken in full for a thousand light years.

A second revelation hit her in that very instant. “Ah!” Jumping up suddenly with a loud exclamation, Hikari urgently gathered her precious camera and equipment bag, running all the way down the grassy knoll to her house as swiftly as her short legs could manage.

Clambering up the stairs two at a time, she burst into her room and started laughing uproariously. All four walls of her room were covered with posters and photos of AKB0048, most notably one person in particular- Maeda Atsuko, several different generations worth of Maeda Atsukos, to be more exact.

She held her sides which were starting to ache from the laughter. “Oh god. I’m a wota and my damn oshimen is Acchan!”

“Hii-chan! It’s past midnight- why are you making so much noise?!”

“Ah, sorry, Ma,” Hikari said sheepishly, whirling to face her mother who was glaring at her by the door.

“Did you just come home? Go get some sleep- tomorrow is a school day!”

“Mhm,” Hikari responded absently, her eyes drawn to the newest poster on her wall. All the senbatsu members were lined up, shoulder-to-shoulder and smiling brightly. The latest Atsuko, newly-promoted Acchan the 13th, stood in the center but there was someone missing beside her- Hikari lifted her hand and touched the spot where she should’ve been.

“I’m coming, Acchan. Wait for me,” Yuko whispered at the poster.


She spent the next week begging her parents to let her attend 00 auditions. Hikari was never a crybaby, nor was Yuko- but the stress from her convoluted circumstance broke her enough to have spontaneous crying fits. After the nth sobbing outburst of ‘where am I? who am I? I need to be in AKB!’, the Kimishimas finally relented and allowed their only daughter to attend the off-world selections.

The auditions were easy- but the practices were tougher than Hikari thought it would be. She had to learn all the dances from scratch because some of the moves were different from what Yuko was used to. So while Yuko was moving perfectly to the original dance, she was out of sync with everyone else who was doing it properly.

Learning new dances seemed harder too, since Hikari’s physical body was incredibly unsuited for coordinated movement. Her doukies were all used to hearing her shout and curse during dance practice- a common outburst being ‘these damn clumsy Kimishima genes’.

Her proficiency at fighting was a surprise- it turned out that the generations of Kimishima farmers perpetuated tough and brutishly strong genes. Coupled with the fact that her home planet had a higher gravity pull than most, Hikari could lift and smash anything with ease. She didn’t mean to most of the time, but they still docked her allowance to pay for some of the damage she’d wreaked around the dorm.

Perhaps it was destiny or sheer luck, but her doukie roommate, Sakuragi Chiharu was definitely shaping up to become Kojiharu the 8th. It took some doing before Hikari got used to calling her by her real name, the instinct to call her Nyannyan was so strong; but settled for calling the tall airhead Hime as a nickname. Also, Chiharu didn’t seem to mind skinship as much as the original Kojiharu did, so that was double luck for Yuko right there.

It was confusing and it took awhile for Yuko to really adjust to being Hikari- and vice versa, but both consciousness merged well together since they were essentially the same being. Hikari decided that while she far preferred the sedentary hobby of photography and people watching, there was something to be said about snowboarding and the million other hobbies Yuko loved so well.

The only display of schizophrenic behavior Hikari displayed due to the original Oshima Yuko’s consciousness was limited to one person only- Maeda Atsuko.

It was just too weird. Hikari was caught between her zealous fangirl love for Atsuko and the affectionate admiration she’d always had as Oshima Yuko. It didn’t help that they looked so similar too- Hikari often overstepped her boundaries and tended to be overfamiliar with the senbatsu members.

Hikari could control most of her urges to a certain degree- but she had always been an Acchan fangirl ever since she was a child and it took all she had to stop herself from freaking out in front of her idol.

Thankfully, the kenkyuusei and succession members’ practice schedules were often different, so the only time Hikari met Atsuko were during performances and mealtimes.

Breakfasts were the worst. That’s when a disoriented Hikari would go through her usual ‘ohgod who am I, where am I’ moments upon waking and then shuffle sleepily to the dining hall. And it was pure hell if Atsuko appeared before she was mentally prepared to deal with her.

“Ohayo, Accha-san, uh, I mean, yes- Maeda-san.” Hikari stammered, head whirling from really mixed emotions. The absurdity of Yuko fangirling so deliriously over Atsuko made her suddenly burst out in laughter. “Ahaha- oh god, sorry I sound insane. G’morning.”

All the senior members were staring bemusedly at the babbling kenkyuusei. Mariko actually moved forward to subtly stand in between Hikari and Atsuko, ready to intercept anything weird. Already they had to replace two bathroom doors because of this tiny girl- if she was really crazy, Mariko wasn’t sure if they could all stop her in time.

“Um, good morning,” Atsuko greeted, smiling shyly at Hikari.

Laughing had helped with the crazy and Hikari snapped out of it enough to wave at her senpais and make her way into the cafeteria. She was still caught between chuckling drolly and wanting to torch herself alive from the mortification of being a spaz.

“It’s just Acchan. It’s no big deal,” Hikari mumbled. Talking to herself seemed to calm herself down but did nothing to endorse her claims of mental stability to the people around her.

“Hikari-chan, are you okay?” Takamina was next to her in line, looking concerned.

“Yes, I’m fine,” Hikari smiled at the captain. “Just takes a while for my brains to kick into gear in the morning, is all.”

“Okay- if you wanna talk or anything, you know where to find me, right?”

“Yep. Thanks!” It was a small comfort to see this new fifth Takamina appear to be just as reliable a character as the original General Manager that Yuko had known. “Would you tell Maeda-san I’m sorry I sounded so crazy? I had a weird dream last night and I think I just haven’t woken up properly yet.”

Takamina smiled kindly. “Sure. In fact, you should tell her yourself. Acchan’s your oshimen, right?”

There was no stopping it. “Fuckyeah, Kami oshi!” Hikari fistpumped enthusiastically.

“I see. I’ll let her know for you.” Takamina intoned flatly, beginning to see that perhaps Mariko-sama wasn't being paranoid after all.

Hikari slapped herself in the forehead and beat a hasty retreat with her breakfast tray.


Hikari stood in front of the wall where the framed photographs of previous Center Novas were hung. She grinned at one Center after another, especially Miichan. She wished she got to meet her in person- a generation without a Minegishi Minami was a wasted one, in her opinion. They had no clue what they were missing.

"I met her once before she disappeared," a soft voice piped up beside her.

"Wha-? Acchan!" Hikari jumped at the sudden appearance of the ace beside her.

"You were talking to yourself again," Atsuko eyed Hikari a little nervously. "But you were right- we are missing out on a lot without a Miichan. She was always so fun to have around."

Glad Atsuko was still talking to her, Hikari treaded the conversational waters with caution. "So, what was Miichan the 5th like?"

"Hm. If I had to sum her up in one word, it'd be 'alive'."

"Not 'shaku'?" Hikari laughed.

"Miichan the 5th was someone who really lived life to the fullest. She didn't believe in wasting even a single minute of it," Atsuko recalled fondly.

"Oh man, I wish I got to see a Miichan Center in person."

"Center Nova," Atsuko mused, regarding the portraits absently. "Do you know that there has never been an Acchan Center without an existing Oshima Yuko successor in 00 at the same time?"

"More like there's never been an Oshima Yuko successor without Acchan."

Startled, Atsuko glanced at Hikari to see the kenkyuusei looking up pensively at the photographs. “I- never thought of it that way, but you’re right- there really hasn’t been that many Oshima Yukos. The last one was Yuko the 8th.”

“There was always a Maeda Atsuko in the group everytime a Yuko was promoted,” Hikari recalled. “I guess it would’ve been pointless for a Yuko to be called if Acchan wasn’t there.”

“Like it would’ve been pointless for Acchan to be Center Nova if Yuko wasn’t there,” Atsuko smiled at Hikari.

“And vice versa,” Hikari smiled back.

The two girls turned back to their silent contemplation of Center Novas past. It was a beautiful moment, Hikari thought, right up until Mariko subtly insinuated herself in between the both of them and ushered Atsuko away to safety.


Atsuko was the first person to congratulate Yuko. The usually reserved girl ran up to embrace the newly-promoted Yuko the 9th- both of them sobbing as they held each other tightly.

Centuries into the future, lightyears away from an Earth that no longer existed- Oshima Yuko had never felt so much at home in her life as she did like this in Atsuko’s arms. In the glare of the spotlight, amidst the deafening crowd and twinkling glowsticks.

“Yuko-chan, omedetou,” Atsuko had murmured into her ear.




Extras: Bits of Another Universe on the Cutting Room Floor

Here are just some bits I wrote but had to cut out because I didn't quite know how to connect the dots. Might as well put it here. It would've turned out to be some hurt/comfort 00TakaYuu (my second fave ship). Oh well.

“What the hell do you mean she disappeared?!” Yuko shouted at the viewscreen.

Takamina called back to tearily relay the news to everyone who was back at Akibastar. Acchan had gone Center Nova at the concert, effectively ending the battle with DES with an intense surge of Kirara energy.

“We searched everywhere, Yuuchan. There was no sign of her. Mariko-sama was standing closest to her and she said the Kirara took her.”

“How could you let it take her?!” Yuko asked Mariko, her voice shaking. “How could you stand there, see her get taken and not do anything about it?”

Mariko stayed silent, her gaze firmly fixed on the viewport where the glow of the Kirara drive threw angled shadows on her face, making her look drawn and exhausted.

“It’s not the first time this has happened. Center Novas have always graduated in mysterious circumstances, Yuko-san,” Yukirin reminded her gently.

Yuko was not placated- if anything, it made her even more incensed. “That’s not how you fucking graduate!”

“There’s no point shouting at us now, Oshima-san,” Mariko interjected coldly, her voice tight. “We’re exiting the Kirara stream in 5 minutes. Akibastar, standby for docking.”

The line was cut and Yuko punched right through the comms screen in a fit of sorrow and rage.


It was Mariko’s graduation party, but no one felt like celebrating, particularly Yuko. She had taken to avoiding the older girl after she had overheard the argument between Shinoda and the staff members regarding Atsuko's disappearance.

Yuko had hardly eaten all week long, preferring to coop up in her room when she was not required to work. The closest thing to normal she ever felt after the incident was when she was working- that was the only time she could throw her entire focus into the thing she loved most, performing.

In the back of her consciousness, Yuko knew that the part of her that was Kimishima Hikari had retreated to rely on the original Oshima Yuko's instinct of being front and center. Fans and staff members had praised her ability to pick up the mantle of Ace so smoothly and quickly from the missing Acchan but Yuko knew she was only on autopilot at this point.

A tentative knock on her door jolted Yuko out of her musings. "Yuko?" Takamina voice filtered in from outside Yuko's room. "Everyone's looking for you at the party, you know."

Rolling to rest on her side, Yuko threw the covers over her head and squeezed her eyes shut, feigning sleep. A soft click sounded and she felt the warm weight of Takamina slipping under the covers, cuddling up next to her.

“I thought I locked the door,” Yuko remarked, clearly sounding like she'd been crying too much.

“It’s not that difficult to pick a lock,” the ex-delinquent turned 00 Captain responded vaguely.

Yuko rolled over and buried her face into the front of Takamina's sweater, finding a small measure of comfort in this person she could call Takamina and pretend it was Soukantoku Takahashi Minami in a universe where she wasn't fighting for her life as a rebel idol soldier every concert. Where Centers didn't mysteriously disappear forever and she could just pick up the phone and text Acchan to ask her over for a movie.

“What’s the point of being in AKB when Acchan’s not in it?” Yuko whispered. “Oh god, this is Tokyo Dome all over again.”

“Who's Tokyu Domm?” Takamina asked puzzledly. The name seemed familiar to her but she couldn’t place the face.

“I’ve lost her and I can’t even see her at home anymore,” Yuko wailed, clutching at Takamina tightly. “We didn’t even get to go to the beach like she promised! She was supposed to take me for a drive!”

The 00 captain was bewildered at all these odd and incoherent statements- genuinely at a loss about the entire situation. All she could do was to hold Yuko closer and cry along.


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Re: My OTP Atsuyuu and other One-Shots
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dat is all I can really say

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Re: My OTP Atsuyuu and other One-Shots
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Oh I've read this on your tumblr index :D seems like you'll repost your works here (of course not the smut ones lol)

Keep doing your great works!! :twothumbs I'm waiting for the new~ nyahahahahaha
ATSUYUU!!!! Too lack of them nowadays, so I'll be overjoyed to see some that new XD XD

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Re: My OTP Atsuyuu and other One-Shots
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 :on lol: I'm the happiest when you update :3
waiting for your next OS *cough* atsuyuu

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Re: My OTP Atsuyuu and other One-Shots
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Hola, friends. I return. Man, I don't know what to tell you- life got in the way that I didn't even get to index the stuff I wanted to. Anyway, here's another thing I kind of did for fun.

K-On! AU - I just realized I’ve never truly explored the ‘Yuko the Idiot’ trope as much as I’d like. Also, I like this song:


Kuroi Tenshi Ni Fureta Yo!

First Term

“Yuko, you aho! Come down here before you kill yourself! How did you manage to stack them so high anyway?” The shout from behind closed doors piqued one Maeda Atsuko’s curiousity as she passed the gym that day.

She had gotten lost again, her third time in the first week of high school which was a sprawling campus of buildings amidst a verdant, tree-filled landscape. She decided to just ask for directions like the freshman she was. Pushing the heavy double doors into the gym open, Atsuko barely had time to announce her intrusion when a yell sounded and a girl fell on her.

In retrospect, perhaps Atsuko shouldn’t have been so surprised seeing as how the shouted statements prior to her entry had indicated an accident waiting to happen. Therefore the blue streak of cursing that spilled past her lips while understandable, was unwarranted.

Maeda Atsuko was not someone easily surprised, nor prone to unrehearsed emotional responses unless somehow provoked. And when provoked, no one could guarantee a socially acceptable response to the situation. Thankfully, the gym was empty save for some third-year senpais who were too busy gaping and yelling in consternation at the tangled heap on the floor to notice.

Yuko raised herself on her elbows, shaking her head to clear the deafening roar of adrenaline and blood pumping to her head from the fall. Her vision tunneled as she gazed down at the beautifully delicate and pale face, framed by silky black hair.

“Tenshi,” Yuko whispered before passing out on top of a still profanely cussing Atsuko.

And that was how Maeda Atsuko the freshman, met Oshima Yuko, class idiot of 3-B.


The next day, Atsuko’s solitary lunch was interrupted by the hushed, excited whispers of her classmates.

“Maeda-san, you have visitors,” someone called out.

Turning to the door, she saw the senpais from her incident yesterday- Akimoto Sayaka-san was the only one who introduced herself before hastily hauling their unconscious friend to the nurses office after making sure Atsuko was alright.

“Omigod, it’s Akimoto-sama and Sae-san!” some insipid classmate squealed breathlessly. Atsuko could swear she saw the Sae girl smirk and preen a little while Sayaka sort of shrank under the attention.

After introductions were made and pleasantries exchanged in the corridor, Sae abruptly plodded over to the stairwell and gestured. A sheepish Yuko shuffled into sight and made her way down the corridor to Atsuko, head hung low.

“Here, apologize properly, Yuko,” Sayaka nudged Yuko forward, who immediately bowed, expressing her sincerest apologies.

“No, no. It’s alright!” Atsuko exclaimed, very conscious of the rapt attention she was garnering from the first years nearby. “I’m okay, nothing bad happened. I mean, how are you, Senpai? You fainted…”

Yuko was looking at Atsuko now, her mouth hanging agape, the slight glisten of tears welling up in her large eyes. “What?”

Atsuko was now completely out of her depth, not at all prepared to deal with anyone's emotional outbursts. “Huh?”

“Yuu-chan, what’s wrong-“ Sae asked, startled by the odd reaction from her admittedly, mostly odd friend.

“What… What did you call me?” Yuko whispered as she grabbed Atsuko by her shoulders, face mere inches away.

“Sen- Senpai?” Atsuko stuttered.

A look of utter joy, no- bliss came over Yuko’s face at that. “Sayakaa~ someone called me ‘senpai’!”

Did Yuko hit her head during the fall? Atsuko wondered, a little disconcerted by the senior’s behavior. Yuko had thrown her arms around Atsuko, rubbing her face against Atsuko’s like a cat.

“No, she’s like this all the time,” Sayaka responded, only for Atsuko to realize that she had wondered aloud. “Sorry.”

They made quite a spectacle that afternoon especially since Yuko had exclaimed that Atsuko was the singularly ichiban cutest kohai in the world at the top of her voice.

Spring had arrived early for Oshima Yuko. She pranced about in the hallways, insisting that people shake her hand to congratulate her on the first time she had ever been acknowledged in that way by a junior, prompting quite a few stares and no small amount of pity.

That was the last time Atsuko ever called Yuko ‘senpai’, to the senior’s consternation.


Second Term

Oshima Yuko turned out to be a lot more than advertised on the box. Despite her antics and off-putting fooling around, she was fairly smart and as Sayaka called it, an idiot savant, emphasis on the idiot.

The Shinyuu Trio were part of the school’s music club and were quite popular with their eponymous band. No doubt they were popular- Sayaka and Sae had the type of looks and personalities that girls of school-going age would admire.

Somehow, Atsuko got roped into the band even though she insisted she had no aptitude for music whatsoever. With the bright exclamation of ‘neither do I’ from Yuko, the club application form was quickly filled and submitted without a second’s delay.

It wasn’t until their third club meeting that Atsuko found out she was coerced into joining precisely because she did not want to in the first place. The light music club was often intruded upon by girls who was in it to fawn over the band members as opposed to genuinely wanting to participate.

As time went by, Atsuko’s musical ability gradually developed to knowing when to tap or shake the tambourine, to the delight of Sayaka, the band leader and lead guitarist.

Time flies, Atsuko mused as she stared out the window to observe the colors of fall adorning the trees. It was autumn and almost time for the school bunkasai and their band’s stage performance, her first with her seniors.

“Nee, Acchan~ kakkoii?” Yuko asked, striking a pose in mimicry of the many guitarists she admired, one hand gripping the neck of the electric bass and the other raised in the air with her plectrum. “I’m metal as fuck yeah.”

“Mhm,” Atsuko answered indulgently, picking up a tako-san sausage with her chopsticks and feeding Yuko, who chewed absently while trying to slowly master a difficult line progression.

If Atsuko wasn’t around to feed Yuko, the older girl would end up skipping her lunch to practice. She didn’t remember when she started to make enough food for the both of them, but she was secretly pleased every time Yuko praised her loudly and proclaimed for anyone close enough to overhear how lucky she was that her Acchan was so good to her.

Atsuko tried not to wonder too much why she would feel prompted to take care of Yuko this much. Perhaps it was just the girl’s general aura of helplessness or ‘hopelessness’ as Sayaka preferred to term it.

Yuko had her moments, though. She always seemed to know when Atsuko was down and how to cheer her up. Sneaking into her class in the middle of a lesson to pass her a note, or when she would find Yuko’s neat handwriting in her textbooks at particularly difficult topics and subjects, encouraging her to work hard.

‘No, wait. She totally vandalises my stuff all the time,’ Atsuko thought irritatedly. Recalling the unrecognisable doodling of what Yuko claims to be a bunny and a squirrel on her desk, Atsuko ended up labeling the abstract sketches because she was sick of people asking her what it was.

“Ah~” Yuko opened her mouth for another bite like a baby bird. Atsuko popped in a large mouthful of omelette and smiled at the determined and adorable expression Yuko had on her face with her cheeks stuffed with food, as she struggled with yet another difficult part.


Third Term

“Suki?” Yuko had asked earnestly, face split into a pleased grin.

Atsuko was staring down at the handmade chocolate in her hands. Her heart was still pounding from her sudden dash out of the club room with a rushed excuse. She heard Sae calling for her from the stairwell, so Atsuko ducked into the nearest unlocked room which was fortunately empty.

Sitting cross-legged on the floor, Atsuko leaned back against the door and studied the packaging. Undoing the ribbon on the colorful plastic bag, she picked out a heart-shaped chocolate and popped it into her mouth.

“Umai,” she murmured to herself, savoring the flavor of her Valentine’s gift. “Daisuki.”

She didn’t return to the club room that day, but had texted Sayaka to apologize for her absence. It was almost midnight when she finally called Yuko to thank her for the chocolates. Yuko sounded as guileless and as cheerful as ever, extracting a promise from Atsuko to reciprocate on White Day.

Maybe it was the stress of that promise that made Atsuko completely lose focus about everything else except White Day. She knew- at the back of her subconscious, she knew. Sayaka, Sae and Yuko, who were studying hard for their final exams or discussing their futures in the midst of band practice, but the reality of it never quite sank in for Atsuko.

Yuko, who was almost in Atsuko’s class whenever she could so often that sometimes she could be sitting in there for half a lesson before the teacher noticed and threw her out, to the amusement of the entire class. Atsuko had absolutely forgotten that Yuko wasn’t actually her classmate- and graduation season crept up on her, all too soon and too sudden.

Which genius on faculty decided to make graduation day on March 14th? Atsuko managed a weak smile for her bandmates at the graduation ceremony when Yuko had waved enthusiastically at her from the front, prodding at Sayaka and Sae to greet Atsuko as well.

‘See you at the club room after school!’ Atsuko read the note for the nth time that day. Yuko had thrown a pink paper plane into the first year classroom that morning after the graduation ceremony with that message. The person nearest to the paper plane merely picked it up and passed it along to Atsuko. Judging by her class’ unfazed response to the odd intrusion, she wondered if they even realized that Yuko would be leaving them forever after today.

As soon as the last bell rang, Atsuko ran up the stairs, two steps at a time in an astonishing display of athleticism, half-fearing that the clubroom would be empty when she arrived. After all, she was officially the last remaining member of the club (and tambourinist/band leader).

“Aaaacccchannn~!” Yuko pounced on her as soon as she entered. “I missed you today! I had to eat cafeteria food earlier,” she pouted.

“Oi, oi, Yuko- you make it seem as though all you miss Acchan for is her food.” As Sayaka and Sae playfully chided Yuko, Atsuko felt a chill settle over her heart and numbness spread through her limbs, making her fumble with the knot on the cloth wrapping the large bento.

“That’s okay- I made lots of food today for-“ Atsuko’s voice caught and broke, as a sob rose up from her chest.

“Atsuko…” Yuko hugged the distraught girl, petting her friend’s head comfortingly. “Don’t cry.”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to cry- I wanted to send you all off with a smile.” Atsuko sobbed.

Leading Atsuko over to the couch and seating her down, Yuko gave her a tight hug before reaching for her bass. “We have a present for you- we wrote you a song.” Sae twirled her drumsticks, on standby to start while Sayaka smiled at their junior warmly, tearing a little as she strapped on her guitar.

Very frankly, the song wasn’t going to be on the Oricon charts anytime soon, but Atsuko wanted to hear the song over and over again. They sang it a second time, with Atsuko accompanying on her tambourine and then broke out into a jam session of their favorite songs.

It was just like any other day after school. They had their club activites and walked home together after. Around dinnertime, Sae mass-texted them with yet another one of her weird chain-mails and Sayaka promptly replied back, copying everyone to say that Sae would be excluded from the weekend trip they had planned. After the fourth message, Atsuko just ignored the messages flying back and forth in the mass text war between the Shinyuu Trio.

Yuko had called Atsuko after dinner to tell her she was coming over with ice-cream for dessert and overnight clothes for a self-invited sleepover. While reminding Yuko to pack her toothbrush, Atsuko reached into her schoolbag, drawing out a jewelry box and snapping it open to reveal a plain white gold ring.

After tonight, Atsuko was definitely going to look forward to tomorrow and the many days after.

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