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Author Topic: The Doctor's Lover [MaYuki] [Chapter 3]  (Read 7607 times)

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Re: The Doctor's Lover [MaYuki] [Chapter 2]
« Reply #20 on: April 26, 2013, 09:01:17 PM »
think mayu's EQ is low since his IQ is high..since he had delivered his message wrongly to yukirin..

please update soon, i want to know what happen after yuki's grip loosen...  :ding:  :bow:
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Re: The Doctor's Lover [MaYuki] [Chapter 2]
« Reply #21 on: April 27, 2013, 10:18:03 AM »
Poor Yuki :on lol: She must be very scared toward Mayu's coldness
She dropped the meal on Mayu's lap or his notebook :dunno:
Kinda confused in that :sweat:
Mayu orders 'Bloody Mary' first then a glass of milk?!? :hiakhiakhiak:
Maybe he called wine just to decorate :hehehe:
Anyway, your update is great :on GJ:
Thanks for liking the emoticons that I used :hee:
Update soon, please :kneelbow:
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The Doctor's Lover [MaYuki] [Chapter 3]
« Reply #22 on: May 08, 2013, 08:29:29 AM »
Doctor's Lover

A/N: Thanks for who comment. I am really happy but I am thinking to stop this fiction. It’s just that no one wants to read it…

@Yuki88: Hi. :D Thanks for comment... Yup, Mayu here is not fond of complement..He's just a cold cyborg

@Cisda83: Hi. :D thanks for comment and review...I really like your review in my chapters...

@Kurosawa87:  Hi. :D Thanks for comment... Yup, Yuki and Acchan are both Botany students..

@DC2805: Hi. :D Thanks for comment...

@QWEAKB: Hi. :D Thanks for comment...

@Leeway: Hi. :D Thanks for comment... I really like your emoticons used...:D also your comment...hehe..

Chapter 3

“Right into his lap? Or there is another part of him that you fell the tray?” Jurina laughed and gave her sister a pervert looked

“You’re kidding! Aren’t you?” her sister-in-law, Rena whispered, her fingers at her lips

Her brother and his wife just sat there laughing to their hearts content. They were  as bad as Acchan.

“It’s not funny, you two” Yukirin scold the two and then she remember the look on Mayu Watanabe’s face as the fish dinner landed in his lap, a slow grin formed in her features

“Was he angry? What did he say?” Jurina asked as he got the breath after laughing so hard. Yuki looked at her brother’s feature if he’s making fun of her but he’s not. He  is serious about his question.

“Honestly, when found out this morning that I’m the guide he requested for the field trip, he said he’d going to have a fit” Yuki said, her voice turning into mournful

“Oh, he’s probably laughed it by now. You did think to offer to pay his dry-cleaning bill, didn’t you?” Rena said soothingly

“Of course, but he didn’t take me up on it. Obviously, he just didn’t want anything more to do with me” Yuki said gloomily as she stared at her coffee mug in her  hand

“It’s not just the field trip, you know. Sure, I’ll be disappointed if he doesn’t want me to go with him, but it’s the summer internship at his institute in Tokyo that I’m worried about. I was really hoping to land it. What a chance it would have been to get some first-hand experience with serious research before going on to graduate school” Yuki’s expression grew bleaker and her dark eyes clouded

“Not only that, but the stipend for the internship is really generous, remember? It would go a long way towards paying next year’s  expenses” Yuki added

“Oh dear, I’d forgotten about all that” Rena said as she grimace

“So had I. But surely, Mayu Watanabe wouldn’t  let the little thing like this affect the internship, would he? You’ll be top in your class; you’re bound to be the most qualified graduate applying.

“He wouldn’t, huh?” Yuki nervously ran a finger around the rim of her cup and glanced up at her brother.

“He will thinks that I’m a plain clumsy. He will be afraid I’ll break every piece of his equipment I put my hands on” Yuki  added

“Hmm... That could be a problem. Well, you will just have to show what you can do on this field trip, sis, so he can see  you’re not like that” Jurina said and Yuki’s face brighten

“Besides, he needs you, and you’re exactly who he requested: the most knowledgeable mycologists on the whole peninsula. Don’t worry, he’ll forget all about last night” Jurina added and boost the confidence  of her sister

It was true, Yuki reflected, that mycology was a new interest of Mayu Watanabe and with at least 50 thousands varieties of mushrooms and related species and 4 thousands of them in the rain forest alone, no one became an expert overnight, even a scientist as brilliant as he was. And she wasn’t concerned about her ability to locate hundreds of species quickly for him; she knew the best collecting areas as well as the back of her hand. But would he let her have the chance to prove it?

“Maybe he’d forget about last night if the field trip went well but I am afraid he’s not going to let me go the minute he sees me he’s  going to explode” Yuki agreed with a little shrugged

“You just finish your breakfast, Yukirin and please stop worrying. I’ll smooth things out with Mayu Watanabe” Jurina said as he reach over his silk black  spiky hair

Yuki gave her big brother a grateful smile. He’d always been there for her and even if he was over-protective at times, she owed him more than she could ever repay. Two years older than she, he’d just finished college when our parents died. They hunt a different kinds of fishes for my brother’s party but it turned it into a tragedy. We both saw how our parents boat flipping like a bath toy by a powerful rogue wind whipping in it.
Although a distant Aunt and Uncle in the Midwest of Kagoshima had come forward to offer the 14 year old Yuki a home, Jurina wouldn’t even entertain the thought of them  being separated. Luckily, he was offered a job as a Police in the Kagoshima National Park so he had been able to provide Yuki with a home without uprooting her or himself to leave in another place.

Now, Yuki spent most of the week living in a college dormitory and returning here only at weekends to work at the nearby lodge. But this house was still home, and Jurina and Rena (whom Jurina had married a year ago at Yuki’s genuine delight) were the only family she had.

“Hey, both of you better hurry and finish eating or you will be late. It’s almost 7 and Ash is going to be here to  pick you up in just a few minutes” Rena remind the two while passing Jurina the muffin basket.

“Are you sure you don’t want to go with us, honey? There’s still time for you to change your mind” He asked her wife as he took another wild blueberry muffin before handling the basket to Yuki.   

“Why don’t you, Rena? Three whole days of relaxing and sleeping under the stars. Doesn’t sound lovely? ” Yuki interjected, spreading a muffin with butter. Although her sister-in-law was definitely the domestic type, Rena was lots of  fun on  the outings she was talked into going on-not to mention the fact that she could cook and bake around both Yuki and her brother. The heavenly, light-as-air muffin Yuki was biting into was a prime example, but she could perform almost equal wonders with camp food.

“Three days of slogging in the rain and going without hot showers, you mean!” Rena scoffed shaking her black hair. “No, thanks. I’m planning on sewing myself a new outfit and reading a couple of good books in front of a cosy fire, while you two are off collecting smelly, mouldy, old....funguses! Ugh!” Rena said.

Yuki caught Jurina’s eye and they both laughed. Rena’s squeamishness and pout about the decayed vegetable is so cute. They heard Ash’s four-wheel-drive Jeep, Jurina said goodbye to Rena and kissed her, Yuki went out to start loading the equipment and supplies. Domo and Pikachu, Ash’s two packhorse, now comfortably installed in a horse trailer behind the estate car, would transport the bulk of the material, but each person would be responsible for carrying his or her personal gear in a backpack: rain ponchos, tents, sleeping bags and extra clothes.

Ash jump out to help. Shaggy hair with a smile on his face always, he is over six feet, like her brother but Jurina was a husky with muscles developed from early summer jobs but Ash was a lanky and long-limbed.

“We left you a cup of coffee, In case you wanted one before we got on the road and some blueberry muffins, unless Jurina has demolished them all” Yuki said

“No, thanks. I  had breakfast before I left. Did you have any trouble getting the time off from college?” Ash said as he get the gear from Yuki’s hands
Yuki shook her head “Not when I explained why I wanted it. My professors were more than willing to let me go. They thought it would be great opportunity for me” But in Yuki’s mind that opportunity means disaster  to her.

“Did you get a chance to meet Mayu Watanabe yesterday?” Ash asked as he secured the load with tarpaulin

“You might say that” Yuki answered ruefully and tell him what happened last night and of course, Ash was laughing by the time she finished the story.

“And you’re  telling me he doesn’t know what that you’re his guide?” Ash chortled

“I’m afraid not..” Yuki confessed sheepishly

“Man, I can’t wait to see the guy’s face when he finds out” Ash said as he gave a low whistle

He didn’t have long to wait. Mayu Watanabe, dressed like the rest of them in a jacket, jeans, woolen shirt and hiking boots and carrying his backpacks was coming out  of the inn’s main entrance when Jurina, Yuki and Ash drove up the curved driveway. An unmistakable look of dismay over the young scientist’s features as he saw Yuki climb out with her brother.

“Good morning, Dr. Watanabe. I don’t suppose I have to ask if you remember me?” Yuki said with a nervous in her voice

“Hardly” His voice was sarcastic, his black eyes as hard, cold, and impenetrable as granite. “It was a memorable meal”

“Yes it was that” she said, still feigning a lightness she didn’t feel, “and it wasn’t exactly my finest hour as a waitress” When he said nothing, but only looked at her with those cold, clear eyes, she continue to talked. “This is my brother, Jurina Kashiwagi, the police that you’ve been corresponding with” Yuki said motioning his brother

“Your brother! Then you’re-----“ Mayu Watanabe exclaimed and his mind finally put the pieces about the two.



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Re: The Doctor's Lover [MaYuki] [Chapter 3]
« Reply #23 on: May 08, 2013, 08:46:53 AM »
Noo don't stop!! This story is very interesting, yoy know. I mean, botanist QAQ
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Re: The Doctor's Lover [MaYuki] [Chapter 3]
« Reply #24 on: May 08, 2013, 08:59:18 AM »
You're planning to stopwritting it :stoned: NO~ :on blackhole: Every DID want to read this :on cloudeye:
Your fic is great so please don't stop :gyaaah:
Back to this chapter, WMatsui :nya:
They've married :on woohoo:
Jurina is Yuki's brother :shock:
Yuki now lives with Jurina and Rena :on drink:
Yuki thinks that Mayu hate her or something like that because she dropped the meal on his lap :on lol:
Wonder what the Mayu said at the end :dunno:
Maybe he was Yuki's childhood friend or he was Jurina's friend :hehehe:
Update soon and don't drop this fic, please :kneelbow:
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Re: The Doctor's Lover [MaYuki] [Chapter 3]
« Reply #25 on: May 08, 2013, 09:56:13 AM »
I can understand Yuki's worries about Mayu's reaction with her being in his close distance

I mean honestly she is so clumsy and jumpy when serving Mayu...

Because if she keep dropping things... in restaurant is fine... but chemicals in the lab... is very very dangerous....

Great in theories... does means Yuki is good in practical... or is she... since you said she is top in her class?!

Ah... Rena is Jurina's wife... Yeah... they are good together...

And Jurina is so great as a brother... being responsible for young Yuki

Mayu is so cold toward Yuki... I can understand his attitude toward her...

What's going to happen with the trip?

Would Jurina able to smooth things between Mayu and Yuki?

Could Yuki left better impression than a clumsy waitress...?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: The Doctor's Lover [MaYuki] [Chapter 3]
« Reply #26 on: May 08, 2013, 10:34:27 AM »
Jurina is a great big brother to Yuki and maybe has enough power to win over Mayu or ar least smooth out the issues
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Re: The Doctor's Lover [MaYuki] [Chapter 3]
« Reply #27 on: May 08, 2013, 04:11:42 PM »
A "pleasant" surprise for Mayu Watanabe! Kashiwagi family is so warmth, with loving bro and sis-in-law...yuki is lucky!   :)
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Re: The Doctor's Lover [MaYuki] [Chapter 3]
« Reply #28 on: May 08, 2013, 11:23:28 PM »
poor mayuyu~ and poor Yuki~
I hope that nothing else gets messed up....
cuz for some reason, I have a tendency to make lots of bad thing happen....
yuki ganbatte and win mayu's heart!
and you do your best writing, no pressure~ just do your best~

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Re: The Doctor's Lover [MaYuki] [Chapter 3]
« Reply #29 on: August 08, 2015, 08:54:42 AM »
Continue please!!

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Re: The Doctor's Lover [MaYuki] [Chapter 3]
« Reply #30 on: August 19, 2015, 03:52:24 PM »
:heart:L :heart:O :heart:V :heart:E :heart: this soo much... :hee:
But, the latest update was in... 2013...
And now is...
2015Where r u author-san??? Don't leave this pleasee... :pleeease:
:kneelbow: :kneelbow: :kneelbow:

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