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Author Topic: The Rosehouse Ladies (POLL; I need your opinions, dear readers~) [19.02.2017]  (Read 67829 times)

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@DC2805: yes, jurina will save her.  :cool1:

@The Ray: here's the update.  :hee:

@wmatsui fanfic.: yes, she died.. because atsuko thought that there's something hidden between the headmaster's intention of accepting her in the Rosehouse.  :kekeke:

@nguyen23:  :shy2:

@junchan48: yeah, maeda died.  :sweat:

@phoenix0i: more characters coming... maybe in the next chapters.  :glasses:

@kuro_black29: she didn't kill someone.  :on lol:

@Ruka Kikuchi: she didn't kill anyone, senpai.  :shifty: and there's nothing sinister about Arika-sama. it was all maeda's imagination.  :glasses:

@luvsidney: yeah, something like that.  :glasses:

@cisda83: here's the update.  :hee:


here's the update minna-sama

 :wigglypanda: :wigglypanda: :wigglypanda:

Chapter 3: A Forgotten Memory ~Part 2~

(Rena’s POV)

I was crying, but inside my heart I was so happy. This is crazy… I am crazy…

My hands were soaked with the crimson fluid and so my clothes are drenched with them, too… The fluid was so mesmerizing to look at – a rich shade of red color that seems to be glowing under the dim light of my bedside lamp.

I was inside my own ecstatic world when someone banged my door open…

“Matsui-san!” She said as she ran towards me. My vision was a bit blurry because of my tears. She’s the newcomer, right?

“What happened to you?!” She asked me but I didn’t reply… Instead, I just smiled at her.

“Come on, I’ll bring you to the infirmary!” She said as she quickly carried me in her arms.

“What do you think are you doing?!” I said to her with a hint of annoyance.

“Your wound needs to be treated at the infirmary! Before you run out of your own blood!”

Her words pinched my heart, all of a sudden. Why is she showing too much concern about me… when it’s the first day I’ve ever met her in my life? Why doesn’t she just let me—

“Here we are!” She announced as she pressed on the doorbell.

“But Dr. Ohori must be asleep by now—”

My words were cut off when the door next to the infirmary opened. “What’s the matter? Can’t you see it’s still midnight—”

Dr. Ohori went out of her room and towards us with just her sleeping clothes. “Matsui-san, eh? I shouldn’t be surprised.” She said. And she is pertaining to me… “Let’s go inside the infirmary.”

“I—I saw her… like this… inside her room.” The newcomer stuttered.

W—wait… Is she… looking at the doctor’s bo—body?! I glared at her as she laid me atop the soft mattress of the bed.

“What?” She asked me as she noticed my sharp glare.

“Nothing.” It was my brief reply when I saw the doctor wearing her white lab gown.

“Matsui-san…” The doctor said and both of us looked in unison. “I mean Matsui Jurina-san…”

Oh, yeah… I almost forgot that her surname’s same as mine…

“Can you please lend me a hand here?” The doctor said and Jurina agreed quickly.

The two of them brought up some cotton balls, bandages, alcohol, and other things that they’ll use to cure my wound.

“Let me see that wound…” Dr. Ohori said as she brought my left hand close to her, enough distance to check on my wound… “Whoa… The cut’s really deep. But you’ve been lucky because it didn’t damage any vein.”

I didn’t react at what Ohori-san said. She let a cotton ball be drenched in water and wiped it on the now coagulated blood around the wound. It wasn’t painful until she replaced it with one cotton ball drenched in alcohol…

“Ittai kore.” I gritted my teeth as I felt the sharp pain in my hand. I was so pained… but I—I felt so happy! I love the feeling of those sharp pains… and how it tinges in my nerves.

But my sudden feeling of ecstasy stopped…

“Wait, Ohori-san… May I?” Jurina grabbed my hand and she moved her face close to it.

What’s she doing?

“This will ease the pain away…” She blew gently on my wounded hand.


I felt a brush of heat on my cheeks.

“W—what are you doing?!” And even my voice was a bit shaky.

“Blowing the pain away…” She said with air-puffed cheeks. I looked at her innocent eyes and then I don’t feel any pain anymore. “Now… is it still painful?”

I suddenly cannot answer her simple question. It seems that I lost my own tongue…

“That’s great, Jurina-chan. You’d be a great nurse someday…” Dr. Ohori said as she put some ointment on my wound and winded up a bandage to cover it. “Now… It’s done.”

“Yukatta!” Jurina cheerfully said, along with her beaming smile.

“Thanks for your help, Jurina-chan.” – Dr. Ohori

“You’re welcome, Dr. Ohori… and thank you. By the way, sorry for waking you up at this unholy hour of the night…” Jurina bowed before her.

“May I go back to my room now?” I plainly asked Ohori-san. She just nodded. “Thank you, Dr. Ohori…”

I got off the bed… and walked out of the infirmary… annoyed of that new girl.

“Wait, Matsui-san…” She stopped me by gripping my right arm. “I’m Jurina Matsui… Nice meeting you!”

“My name is R—Rena.”

“I—I hope we can be friends!” Jurina smiled at me… I didn’t notice that… I was smiling back at her.

(Third Person’s POV)

The next morning…

The girls were called out by the maids for their morning tea… They met up in the garden, with the table and tea cups already set…

They sat up in a large, round table… There were two unoccupied seats.

“Where’s Jurina-chan?” – Milky

“Jurina and Arika-sama won’t be joining you today… I think they have something to talk about…” It was Itsuki-san who just arrived. “For the meantime, I’ll take Arika-sama’s seat. She wants me to tell you something, girls…”

She sat on a vacant seat as the warm tea pots were brought in. The three maids poured everyone a cupful.

It was their own decision whether they’ll add up some sugar on the tea.

Itsuki-san sipped her tea and proceeded to her message. “Girls, the headmaster wanted me to make sure that by now you start getting along with one another…”

“But that’s a bit difficult task, Itsuki-san.” – Milky

“Why do you say so, Miyuki?”

“Because… the girls here… create her own world and a barrier to not let anyone inside their life…” – Milky

“You think so? Then… we’ll be putting those barriers down…” Itsuki-san said with a smirk.

Meanwhile with Jurina…

Jurina headed towards the headmaster’s office. She met Itsuki-san earlier and told her that if she wanted to personally talk with the headmaster then she must go there right now before the headmaster goes to the garden for the morning tea.


The headmaster opened the door of her office and invited Jurina in.

“I want to talk to you about something, Arika-sama…” The young girl seriously said.

“Have a seat… and we’ll talk…” Arika sat herself on her own seat facing Jurina. “What is it that you would like to talk about, Jurina-chan?”

“It’s about… Maeda Atsuko…”

“M—Maeda… Atsuko?” The name rang through Arika-sama’s head. And certain images of Maeda flashed through her mind… She knew who Maeda is… How come did she temporarily… forget about her… when her memories of the girl are those that aren’t meant to be forgotten?

Arika-sama suddenly broke out in tears… and it caused Jurina a sudden sense of panic.


“ARIKA-SAMA!!” What a nice timing! Someone rushed to the headmaster. “What happened to her?!”

Back to the garden…

“Now… you need to at least talk with someone from the group. I’ll pair you up…”

The girls suddenly feared of how this thing will turn out…

“Let’s see… Haruka and Mayu. Then, Miyuki and Sayaka… And lastly, Yuki and Rena…” Itsuki-san said as she pointed randomly at the girls.

“But what about Jurina-chan?” – Milky

“She’ll be with… Yuki and Rena.”

“What are we going to do?” – Yukirin

“Hm…” Itsuki-san sipped her bitter tea. “I want you to work together with your pair and bake something…”

“Anything?” – Paruru

“Will it really help us?” – Mayu

“I haven’t even touched an oven!” – Sayanee

The girls had different reactions about the sudden plan.

“Well, yes, you can bake whatever you want – cookies, cakes, or any kind of bread…” Itsuki-san soon emptied a cup of tea.

Erena poured in a cupful for her.

“Yes, I believe that it’ll help break the ice between all of you… unless you’ll be baking without talking?”

The girls were silent. There’s no escape to this. Itsuki-san will never break her words. “I’ll be expecting you to bake two days from now… If you have questions, you know where to find me—”

“Itsuki-san!” A girl came rushing towards them. It was the librarian, Matsubara Natsumi.

Itsuki-san excused herself and approached the librarian. “What’s the matter, Natsumi?”

“The h—headmaster…” And just by the look at Natsumi’s eyes… Itsuki knew there’s something wrong.

“Excuse me, girls… but I need to go now… to attend on something. I hope you won’t forget my task to you… Spend the rest of the day to talk with your partner.” Itsuki tried to calm herself as she walked away. Once she was out of sight from the girls, she began firing lots of questions to Natsumi.

“What happened to her? And where is she?”

“I was about to bring her some books that she wishes to read… Then, I walked into her office finding her crying heavily in front of Jurina… I don’t know why. Jurina wasn’t telling me anything… So, we brought her to the infirmary…”

At the infirmary…

“Where’s she?!” Itsuki said as she rushed inside.

“Don’t worry, she’s asleep. I’ve injected her tranquilizer… Itsuki, she keeps on repeating a certain name…” Dr. Ohori said.

“Who’s name?”

“Maeda Atsuko…” Hearing that name, Itsuki’s eyes widened. Her gaze landed upon a certain person.

“Megumi, Tomomi, Natsumi… Can you let me talk privately with Jurina?”

The three mentioned left them alone inside the infirmary.

“What did you tell Arika-sama?” Itsuki was more serious now.

“I asked her about a girl named Maeda Atsuko…” Jurina bit her lip as she answered.

“How did you know about her?”

“Because of this…” Jurina handed her the letter. Itsuki-san read it silently.

“You should’ve told me first… A—Arika-sama is…” What happened was unexpected. The stonehearted Itsuki-san suddenly cried. “She is blaming herself to be the reason of Maeda’s death…”

Itsuki continued the story. “When we found her dead in her room, Arika-sama almost lost her sanity. She was depressed and ate nothing for days. She locked herself in her room… But after a week, she went out of her room. It was as if nothing happened…”

“What happened to her?”

“People have a tendency to forget something that they fear… or some memories that haunt them.”

“Something like selective amnesia?”

Itsuki nodded. She looked at the sleeping headmaster. Somehow, her sleeping face looks peaceful…

“I’m sorry…” Jurina said. Itsuki gave the letter back to her.

“It’s not your fault…”

Then, there’s a moment’s silence between the two of them.

“This is bad… I’m afraid that she might not be able to…” She held the headmaster’s hand tightly. “Manage the Rosehouse anymore…”


i hope you liked it.


thanks for reading!

and comments are highly appreciated.  :nya: :byebye:

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OK. Arika's not bad... but, she blames herself for Atsuko's death. Poor her... :(

And poor Rena, too. She keeps hurting herself, because of mental disorder... :cry:

Hope Jurina can help her. Please update soon! :bow:

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  • Aigoo! Hwaiting!
I love your pairings!
Im too curious to know what they'll bake.
WMatsui's moment is cute though.
Hoping for an update soon.  :rock:
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lol Rena you always love pain i love pain too heheheheh
don't make Rena lose her coolness so fast i love her seeing cold toward jurina hehehehhohoho huhu

Ohhh Yukirenaaa.


waiting for update *

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Hurray ! It's paruru in this fic ! Hurray !! < read , read, read > huh ? Where is yokoyama-san @.@ So it's no yuiparu then T.T I wonder if it's chinparu ! Atsuko died T.T It is payuyu and yukirena bake cake hehehe thank you so much for updating and wait for your next updating !
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author-san, I like this story and secretly hope the chapters can be longer…

 :) :) :)
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I Like this story sooo much  :twothumbs
Author-san where's Yuihan?  :? *Hope for YuiParu Couple  XD

YukiRenaa   :heart:
Please make YukiRena as a Couple  :twothumbs
Pleaseee  :jphip:

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would she regain her memories?

How is she related to Atsuko's death?

what's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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The Rosehouse Ladies (Chapter 4: Sudden Changes) [15.05.2015]
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@Ruka Kikuchi: We'll see... Who will help Rena?  :glasses: sorry for the long wait, senpai~  :kneelbow:

@phoenix0i: that's only temporary pairs... i think so.  :kekeke: :glasses:

@wmatsui fanfic.: i love Rena's coldness here, so i'll be making it harder for Jurina... or Yukirin.  :on lol:

@giotuyet: yuihan is...  :on gay:

@DC2805: i'm still working on longer chapters. so please forgive me if this chapter wasn't really that long. i've been quite busy with personal matters.  :kneelbow: but i'll try making it longer next time...  :hee:

@dhee48: yukirena? i can't promise anything...  :kekeke: by the way... yuihan is...  :on gay:

@cisda83: arika-sama blames herself for atsuko's death.  :on shady: here's the update, though.  :shy2:

here's an update, minna-sama.

sorry for the wait. have been busy with school enrollment (currently a fourth year university student) that i haven't had time to post this. sorry if it isn't that long. and i hope you enjoy!

 :wigglypanda: :wigglypanda: :wigglypanda:

Chapter 4: Sudden Changes

(Third Person’s POV)

The girls were left back at the garden; they started talking about what Itsuki-san said earlier…

“Was she serious about what she said?” – Yuki

“I think so…” Milky said as she let out a sigh. “Out of all the girls here… I got her as a partner. I’m pitiful.”

“Pitiful?! I’m the one who should be pitied!” – Sayanee

“You? Huh? That’s funny, you know!” – Milky

“Will you two please shut up? We heard enough of your quarrel already.” – Yuki

“I agree with Kashiwagi-san. Cousin, why don’t you just settle things with her already?” – Mayu

“With this yankee?!” – Milky

Mayu nodded. “Remember, she’s your partner in your task.”

Milky looked at Sayanee. The yankee raised an eyebrow. Milky did the same too.

“I don’t think they will ever reconcile.” Rena commented.


Itsuki-san sent Jurina back to her room, instructing her not to tell anyone about the commotion that happened. She then called for an emergency meeting to all available staff of the Rosehouse. That includes her, Dr. Ohori, Nurse Kasai, Itano-san, and Matsubara-san.

They went to her office to talk about the current situation of the headmaster and what measures can they do to maintain Rosehouse while Arika-sama is incapable of doing so.

“As of now… Arika-sama is not okay. We need to transfer her to an appropriate hospital so that she’ll recover as soon as possible. When she’s here, she will just remember what happened to Maeda. For the meantime, we will leave the Rosehouse in your hands…”

“But the four of us cannot handle the Rosehouse well…” – Natsumi

“There’s Miori, Manami, and Erena to help you.”

“But I don’t think we are capable of leading the girls. I mean, they respect us… but we need someone who will gain a respect just like how they respected Arika-sama.” – Megumi

“I see your point there, Megumi… but who can it be?”

Tomochin raised her hand. “How about if we contact the other ladies? I mean… they’re just around – many of them.”

“But they have their own lives now… Do you think they would accept it?” – Tomo

“We need to try… It’s for Arika-sama. I’m sure they’ll do anything for her… considering the fact that we—” – Tomochin

“In that case… we need to contact all of them.” – Natsumi

“We need to get all the manpower that we can.” Itsuki-san said as she stood up. “For now… I need to properly explain everything to the girls…”

Itsuki-san dismissed the four women and asked for the girls to meet her inside the headmaster’s office. Her head was occupied with thoughts of Arika-sama. She was her beloved senior. She dreams of being like her someday… She hasn’t prepared herself for this kind of thing.

Her thoughts were put to an end when the door swung open… She let the girls enter the room. She was trying to keep her composure and not break down in front of the girls.

“Sorry for calling you in again. We have already talked earlier… but there are sudden changes regarding the Rosehouse. Please take a seat.”

The girls were not used to a calm Itsuki-san. Somehow, they sensed that something isn’t right.

“It’s alright, Itsuki-san… but where’s the headmaster?” – Sayanee

“That’s what we’ll be talking about.” Itsuki paused to gather up all her courage. Then, she let out a sigh. “There’s a bad news.”

The gravity of Itsuki’s stare was very heavy. The girls had that clue that it was of prime importance… and they didn’t like the dull atmosphere of the room now. It was very much unlike the bright and cozy atmosphere whenever the headmaster is around.

“The headmaster is sick. She is currently incapable of managing the Rosehouse… so we decided to have some sudden changes… and a temporary new headmaster.”

“Are you the new headmaster, Itsuki-san?” – Rena

She shook her head. “It’s not yet decided… but I assure you that you’ll be in good hands while the headmaster is away. By the way… I’ll be away too for a while. I can’t let the headmaster alone.”

The look on the girls’ faces cannot be painted. They looked so grim about the headmaster’s state but they cannot do anything about it.

“But… Arika-sama will be alright?” Sayanee asked with a concerned tone. It was unusual that she expresses concern towards others but… the headmaster is like a big sister to her. She suddenly remembered the older yankee of their gang – their leader – who acted as her big sister when she was younger.

“I believe that she will…”

“May we know what happened to her?” – Miyuki

“Even though I tell you… you won’t fully understand it. Her condition was not good, that’s all that I can say.”

“Can we see her?” – Mayu

“I guess that’s fine… You may head to the infirmary after I dismiss you. She’s sleeping there right now.”

The girls were silent.

“Have you fully understood all that I told you?”

“Hai…” They answered in chorus.

“Please… I’m asking you to respect whoever will be the next headmaster. Respect her like how you respect Arika-sama. In that way… I think Arika-sama will be very proud of you. She will be proud to see that her girls are growing right.” Itsuki-san said as she quickly wiped a tear that flowed down her left cheek.

That moment somehow made the girls realize how important the headmaster is to them… and somehow… it felt like they wanted to change.


“How about her, Tomochin? Have you contacted her?” – Tomo

Tomochin shook her head. “But I’m still trying… She’s the one who’s best fitted to become the new headmaster.”

“How about you, Meetan? Have you called anyone?” – Natsumi

“Well… I did call some people. Guess who accepted our request…” – Meetan

“Who?” – Tomo

“Akimoto, Masuda, Miyazawa, Sato, even Yuko and Haruna.” Meetan said confidently.

“Really? Then, that’s great!” – Natsumi

“Yuko told me she’ll tell her as soon as possible. She believes that she’ll accept our request for Arika-sama’s sake…” – Meetan

“Wow! At last, somehow… we’re having all the ladies we need.” – Tomochin

“We won’t stop contacting the others…” – Natsumi

(Someone’s POV)

The next morning…

I woke up earlier than usual and quickly prepared myself and my things. I can’t believe I’ll be going back there. But as soon as I received the call last night and heard about the headmaster’s state, I accepted their request.

The Rosehouse had been my home back then… before I was allowed to go out and meet the world.

The journey to the Rosehouse felt very long. I don’t know if it’s because of my own excitement of having myself back there… or was it because I was nervous? I don’t know what I’m feeling. I was the last one in my batch to leave the Rosehouse… and that gave me more time to be with Arika-sama and Itsuki-san and the others.

That was only six months ago… but it felt so far away already…

Things have been going on so fast.

Time has been flying so fast.

I need to catch up on the fast-paced world…

But when you’re inside the Rosehouse, things won’t feel as fast as it is in the outside world.

After some more time on the road… at last, I arrived at my beloved old home – The Rosehouse.

The gate was opened by a young girl. I don’t know why but she looked familiar…

Oh, I remember now! She was the one who came here on the same day that I was leaving… She looked at me with an emotionless face.

“Ohayo… Yokoyama-san. Do you remember me?”

She asked straight-forwardly. I don’t really know her name. I just remember her face…


“I think you don’t. I’m Shimazaki Haruka. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.”

She smiled at me. She was adorably cute! “Y—yoroshiku, Shimazaki-san. Let me introduce myself formally… even though you seem to know me already… I’m Yokoyama Yui.” I said, returning a smile.


that's it.  :sweat:

thanks for reading!  :on slopkiss: :byebye:

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Re: The Rosehouse Ladies (Chapter 4: Sudden Changes) [15.05.2015]
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Ohh. Temporary pairing. Now, Im really curious.
YuiParu in the house. This is really getting interesting.   :thumbup
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Re: The Rosehouse Ladies (Chapter 4: Sudden Changes) [15.05.2015]
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Hurray ! It's yuiparu in this fic ! Hurray !!! And  it's sayasae and kojiyuu too ! Hurray \(^.^)/ So yuihan will be the next headmaster ? It's seem only me who think she will be the next headmaster @.@ She is the older yankee, isn't she ? Or the older yankee is yuko-san ? Or the next headmaster aka an older yankee is takamina ??? And still wait for payuyu and yukirena bake cake T.T  And I want to see wtomo moment too T.T Thank you so much for updating and please come back asap !!!   
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Re: The Rosehouse Ladies (Chapter 4: Sudden Changes) [15.05.2015]
« Reply #51 on: May 15, 2015, 07:18:41 PM »
I like your story but Atsuko is died. :cry:
I think its a no.

Long live Atsumina

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Re: The Rosehouse Ladies (Chapter 4: Sudden Changes) [15.05.2015]
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Yokoyama Yui coming~~~
So YuiParu moment will come too~
Who is the best fitted headmaster for Arika-sama's replacement?
Is she Takamina???
This fic is sooooo interesting><
Can't wait for the next one><

Thanks for the update, author-san^^
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Re: The Rosehouse Ladies (Chapter 4: Sudden Changes) [15.05.2015]
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Paruru... was the last to leave the place.

And Yui came when she went out to outside...

Who are they calling to replace the headmaster?

Is it Minami?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: The Rosehouse Ladies (Chapter 4: Sudden Changes) [15.05.2015]
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Silent reader popping up!

Hrrm, what to say about this fic? It's so good that I can't wait for your next update. So the (old gen) is coming? I want to know why they also was there. Will past bring bittersweet memories? They were there when Maeda killed herself and in that letter she wrote that everybody was getting along with eachother.  :bleed eyes:

My rabuly Kyoto girl has arrived!
Thank you for your update ametakarano-san  :kneelbow:
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Re: The Rosehouse Ladies (Chapter 4: Sudden Changes) [15.05.2015]
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yuihan is coming!
she come back to rosehouse, dunno why I'm happy about it hehehe
um, so it's yui to replace the headmaster position for a while?
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overall, i like all members hehe

every pairing is fine, as long as i enjoy :)

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@phoenix0i: i'm glad it attracts interest. i'm quite at lost with my thoughts.  :depressed:

@giotuyet: the next headmaster will be revealed in the update below.  :hee:

@sadri: forgive me for killing Atsuko. i love AtsuMina, too.  :kneelbow:

@junchan48: revelation of the new headmaster... is coming.  :kekeke:

@cisda83: i don't want to spoil the party but it's stated below... i guess..  :sweat: :shy1:

@Megumi: the old gen members are here... because i can't take not inserting them here. i'm an orig team k oshi!  :shy2: but i guess they have something to do with the story. for some twists, i guess.  :sweat:

@sastio13: we'll see.. if it's really Yuihan who'll replace her... or anybody else.  :kekeke: :glasses:

finally, i managed to post an update.

hope all of you enjoys this one.

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Chapter 5: New Headmaster, Who art thou?

(Yui’s POV)

“Make I ask something, Yokoyama-san?” Haruka said in a monotone voice.

“Yes, you may. Say, Haruka, what is it?”

“Are you the new… headmaster?”

I shook my head in reply to her question.

“Then… do you know who it is?” She asked again, without exuding even a bit of emotion.

For the second time, I shook my head. “I don’t know who it is. I’m here to be the assistant headmaster, just like what Tomochin told me.”

Yeah, they didn’t tell me who the new headmaster is. But I have one person in mind…

“Haruka!” Someone called from somewhere behind Haruka. As she turned around, I peered in also behind her.


Wait. I know that girl.

“Sayanee…” I said in a soft voice.

Haruka looked at me with a questioning look. “Do you know her?”

I nodded.

I can see Sayanee’s lips form into a smirk. “Long time no see… Yuihan.”

She walked towards us. “Ohori-san asked me to help someone with her luggage… I didn’t expect to see the famous Yuihan here.”

“Same as I. It’s been two or three years since last time, am I right? You looked so young back then.” I smirked at her, too.

I know I shouldn’t be behaving like this. I’m a changed person now. I threw my old life away… but here comes someone… bringing back memories of my past.

“You were really different now…” She said as she got her hands on my luggage.

Haruka was confused of what we are talking about now.

Well… Sayanee and I have met before – quite few times before. She belongs to the gang who’s the main enemy of our gang.

Yes, I was a yankee, too. Back then… before I was sent to the Rosehouse, years ago.

But the Rosehouse changed me. The headmaster changed me. I changed myself.

“Bring me to the headmaster’s office.”

(Third Person’s POV)

“Have you ever tried to bake before?” Yuki asked Rena as they were strolling in the garden.

Rena nodded her head shyly. “Yeah… quite a few times before…”

“Really? That’s great. I myself suck at baking.” Yuki commented.

“You can learn.”

“By the way, what will we be baking?” Yuki inquired.

“Have you eaten melon pan before?”

Yuki shook her head. “I don’t think so. What is it?”

“Crust bread with melon filling.”

“Do you know how to bake that thing?”

Rena slightly smiled as she nodded. Yuki wasn’t sure if she really saw Rena smiling or it’s just her imagination.

“We’ll help each other, Kashiwagi-san.” Rena said.

“Kashiwagi-san? Too formal. Yuki or Yukirin will do.” She glanced at Rena and gave her a heart-warming smile.

Rena was taken aback by that lovely smile. She hasn’t seen any smile as lovely as that before. “Y—Yuki, you can call me Rena.”

“You know… Rena… You’re interesting, for a girl. I mean… you were shy but— never mind. By the way, where’s Jurina?” Yuki cut off what she was saying. She didn’t know how to tell her exactly what she wanted to say.

“I don’t know. Maybe she’s in her room… Yuki, what do you mean by that? Could you kindly explain?” Rena asked her.

A sigh escaped from Yuki’s lips. “Well… At first, I thought you were weird… But now, somehow, that impression changed. Talking to you made me realize that you were really not that weird as I expected.”

“I know I’m quite weird… I have this urges of my disease occasionally.”

“Yeah, I know. You’re often in the infirmary. I noticed that this week…”

Then, both of them were quiet.

“How about you, do you have any first impression about me?” Yuki asked Rena, as she glanced at the shy girl.

When their gazes met, Rena automatically diverted her eyes into another direction.

“I don’t know. I don’t believe in first impressions.”

“Why not?”

“Because they are most of the times wrong.” Rena answered briefly.

“You’ve got a point there…”

They continued strolling around the garden. There were lots of flowers everywhere.

Rena’s eyes roamed everywhere… She then noticed a lovely pink rose. She went near it and reached out her hand and picked it.

“So, Yuki… are we friends now?”

She looked back at Yuki. All of Rena’s actions were new to Yuki. She hasn’t seen her smile before. She hasn’t even seen her talk longer to their other housemates. It was all new to her. And it made her find the shy girl quite interesting.

“I guess so.” Yuki showed Rena again her award-winning smile.

“Thank you…” Rena said as she handed Yuki the pink rose she picked a while ago. She was smiling, though.

Yuki can’t help but to smile, too.

She didn’t expect Rena to act like this… but she liked it.

“Thank you also, Rena…”

Rena cannot take anymore Yuki’s lovely gaze. She looked away, still smiling.

“You know, Rena… you look really pretty when you’re smiling.”

(Sayanee’s POV)

Well… we’re now walking towards the headmaster’s office. I wonder if the new headmaster was Yuihan…?

Haruka didn’t accompany us because she and Mayu will still have things to talk about regarding that baking business Itsuki-san left us. I wonder what will happen to Miyuki and me…

Well… it isn’t the right time to think about that annoying girl.

What a coincidence seeing Yuihan here. I haven’t seen her for years… That last time I saw her… was in a gang fight between our gangs. It was the last time I saw her… and Neesan.

Neesan was a senior yankee of mine. She was the leader of our gang. She was like an older sister for me… She cared for me when I was young… and I took care of her when she comes from a fight.

She was strong, even though she was smaller than me. She may look though, but inside she was really kind and a bit fragile.

I missed her…

“We’re here.” I told Yuihan as we stood in front of the wooden door of the headmaster’s office.

Yuihan slowly turned the knob and pulled the door open.

“As I expected…” Yuihan said as we saw someone – her back facing us.

I felt this weird thing inside my chest. My heartbeat was unusually fast, and my hands were cold. I looked closely at the girl… and she resembles someone…


Is that my Neesan…?

It felt like it was her… but it felt impossible to see her here—

“Ohayo, Yui.” The girl said.

The voice was familiar. I won’t be mistaken… It was same as Neesan’s voice.

My thoughts were put to an end when the girl turned around to face us.

My eyes almost gawked at the sight.

“Sayanee… It’s been a while. You’ve grown now.”


It was really her. My Neesan. I was now teary-eyed. It’s been quite long since I last… cried.

“I, Takahashi Minami, am the new headmaster.”



forgive me for the short update. busy with school enrollment matters.

thanks for reading!

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This fic is so interesting!!! And... My YukiRena moment...  :wub:

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Aw~ YukiRena scene was so cute~ >w<

Ooh~ Takamina is the new Headmaster~ :3

And Sayanee knows her? This'll be interesting! X3

Please update soon! <3

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thanks for the update.
love the story 😄

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