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Author Topic: The Rosehouse Ladies (POLL; I need your opinions, dear readers~) [19.02.2017]  (Read 67860 times)

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Re: The Rosehouse Ladies (Chapter 13 PREVIEW!) [26.04.2016]
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The Rosehouse Ladies (Chapter 13: Runaway) [11.05.2016]
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Hey, minna-sama!  :wigglypanda:

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Chapter 13: Runaway

(Third Person’s POV)

Takahashi Minami barged inside the clinic and slammed the door close. Dr. Ohori instantly approached her.

“What’s the matter, TakaMina?”

“Meetan, do you know anything about Atsuko’s death?”

“Atsuko’s death? What do you mean…?” Asked Meetan.

“Why Atsuko killed herself.” TakaMina’s voice was loud, it almost sounded like a cracked glass.

“I can’t understand you—”

“Then you don’t know anything!” Concluded Minami as she stomped her fist on the table. “Where’s Yui-dono? I need to talk to her! Now!”

“But she’s—”

“Take me to her. Now.” TakaMina said, cutting all of Meetan’s words.

“Okay.” Said Meetan, with a sigh of defeat. She walked out of the clinic with the angered Minami tailing behind.

Two girls stood in front of the tall gate of an enormous mansion. One of them pulled a string and a bell sounded. After a few seconds, a tall person approached them and opened the gate.

“We’re here for Arika-sama.” The girl said before showing the bouquet of flowers she was holding. “I’m Oshima Yuko, and she’s…”

“Umeda Ayaka.” Stated the other figure beside her.

The attendant took their presents and let them enter the house.

“Except for Yui-dono and Ohori-sama, seldom people visit Arika-sama.” The attendant said. “By the way, my name is Inga.”

They walked along the long hallway surrounded by elegant porcelain vases along the sides. The scent of red roses adorned the air as it stood beautifully inside the vases. Yuko and Ayaka’s eyes widened in amazement of such aestheticism. At the end of the hallway, there stood two separate staircases. Between them was a beautiful stained glass window with pretty shades forming a shape of a butterfly. The rays of the afternoon sun struck the glasses, forming colored shadows splatted all over the floor. It was so magnificent that the two of them almost gawked at the sight. Inga led them and ascended up the left staircase.

“These are beautiful…” Ayaka exclaimed, pertaining to the oil paintings hanging on the wall.

“Arika-sama painted them when she was younger.” Replied Inga with a subtle smile. They continued walking until they reach the second to the last room along the corridor.

“We’re here.” Pronounced Inga before knocking thrice at the door. Another tall figure opened the door and asked Inga about the girls.

“They said that they came here for Arika-sama.” Inga explained.

“But, you see, Arika-sama doesn’t accept visitors—”

The words of rejection were cut off when a voice trailed from inside the room.

“No, Lala Mirya… Let them in.” Then, Itsuki Yui appeared behind the figure named Lala Mirya. Itsuki Yui-dono still wore the same creepy aura and emotionless face, but somehow she looked so tired now and it can clearly be seen because of the bags thickly forming under her eyes.

Inga handed Lala Mirya their presents and soon left them inside the room. The two girls stood beside Itsuki Yui-dono as they stared at Arika-sama’s sleeping figure on the bed.

“What happened to her, Yui-dono?” Asked Yuko sadly.

“She’s not in a good shape, as you two can see… She had an emotional breakdown and she often experiences hallucinations caused by traumatic stress.” Explained Yui-dono. “We have resorted in tranquilizers to calm her down.”

“How did this happen? She’s never like this before…” Ayaka posted up another question.

“I’m not in the position to answer up the question. Only Arika-sama has the right to explain it to you… But given her situation right now, I guess your further questions will remain unanswered.” Answered Yui-dono as she caressed Arika-sama’s soft white hand. “She’d grown so thin.”

“But still beautiful…” Yuko continued.

“As ever.” Yui-dono said with a sad smile.

“I hope she recovers soon…” Said Ayaka.

“Yeah.” Yui-dono looked at the two with a serious face. “But for the meantime, I’ll need your help, ladies. With Arika-sama’s condition right now, I cannot leave her side. She needs me more now. Takahashi is the one who was temporarily taking over the Rosehouse as the headmaster. Yokoyama is there to take-over my place. But still, we need everyone’s help to train the girls there…”

“It’d be my pleasure to help, Yui-dono.” Ayaka said.

“Count me in.” Yuko said, showing her squirrel teeth. “Demo… I cannot stay full-time at the Rosehouse.”

“Why?” Asked Yui-dono.

“Well… I need to go home every day. Haruna’s always at home and she’s taking care of our adopted child.”

“Okay then… I understand.” Yui said, flashing a little smile. “Thank you.”

Their conversation continued until they heard some knocks again. Lala Mirya went to open the door but a single person barged in angrily.

(TakaMina’s POV)

My heart was beating really fast.

It was pounding like a beast wanting to get out of its cage.

“Yui-dono!” I called out to her as I walked fast inside the room. Just when I was standing a meter from her did I notice Arika-sama who was peacefully lying on the bed. But that small sense of pity vanished because of the anger that I’m feeling.

“Takahashi-san, what’s the matter?” Yui asked.

“TakaMina!” Yuko and Ayaka synchronously said. It was then that I notice the fuss I was making inside the room.

“I need to talk to you, Yui-dono.” I said, my gaze silently pleading to her. She let out a sigh and asked everyone to leave the two of us alone in the room.

Yui-dono held my wrist and dragged me away from the bed. “What is this all about, Takahashi-san?”

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Tell you what?”

“About this.” I showed her the folded piece of old paper. Her face looked pale somehow and for the first time, I saw her bit her lip and looked down to the ground.

“Even I didn’t know anything until I read that. Arika-sama never told me a thing about that…” She said sadly. “Never did I think that Maeda-san was like that.”

“Yui-dono… I don’t want to stay at the Rosehouse anymore…” I said sternly. She looked at me with a pained gaze. “It’s just… painful. You do know how hard I tried to move on after my best friend’s death. And in just an instance, it all came back again.”

A pain tinged inside my chest. Her image came flashing on my mind suddenly, and it really felt painful. It all came back to me: the vivid memory of her smile and the pain of losing her. I lost her already and I know I couldn’t do anything that can bring her back to me. A tear dropped from my eye and it was followed by another until I found myself kneeling on the ground and pleading on Yui-dono.

“Takahashi-san, calm down!” Yui-dono assisted me and she wrapped her thin arms around me.

“Atsuko…” I whispered but my whisper will never be heard by her.

“Compose yourself, Minami…” Yui-dono patted my back and somehow calmed me. “If that’s your decision and it’s final, I don’t have any right to stop you…”

“Thank you…” I hugged her back and let out a sigh of relief. I hope my decision will somehow let the stress off my mind.

(Third Person’s POV)

Sayanee walked along the hallways with a dejected face. She didn’t expect what happened while she was lying on a white bed and taking a rest, curing her head ache.

She was bothered by having heard about the commotion inside the clinic. It was the first time she has seen her Neesan like that. She has always admired her for keeping her head cool even in tight times… but this time was different. She was angry – really angry.

“Yamamoto-san!” A voice called from behind her. The short-haired girl turned to look at the speaker. It was Yokoyama-sama. She hurriedly approached Sayanee. “In any case, have you seen Takahashi-sama? I was looking for her everywhere yet she seems not to be around.”

“Well… The thing is…” Sayanee gulped before speaking up. “She stormed inside the clinic just a few moments ago.”

“Stormed? You mean—”

She nodded lightly. “First time I’ve seen her very angry.”

“Geez. Where could she be?”

“I heard she was looking for Itsuki-dono.” Said Sayaka. “Anyway, who is this Atsuko?”

Yuihan looked at her blankly after hearing the name.

An hour passed when the headmaster and the doctor came back to the Rosehouse. Yui went out to meet them only to find Minami with a gloomy face and red, puffed eyes.

Everyone was gathered inside the headmaster's office. Yui-chan had a bothered look on her face as well as Sayaka. All others were confused yet intrigued of the sudden assembly. Even the librarian who seldom leaves the library was invited.

"Minna-sama, I, Takahashi Minami resigns as the headmaster of the Rosehouse. I'm sorry."

The announcement was straight to the point and it shocked everyone. Still a deafening silence consumed them and Minami can hear her own heart pounding really fast. "One more thing, prior to this resignation of mine, Yokoyama Yui-sama will now be appointed as your new headmaster."

"Demo! Takahashi-sama--"

"I'm sorry, Yui-chan... Sorry for giving you a real big responsibility here. Sorry I wasn't deserving enough to be able to lead these wonderful ladies..."

"I don't think I can--"

"Of course you can! You have my trust. I'm leaving the future of these girls into your hands."

Yui's protests weren't considered anymore. It has been decided.

"That's all for today. The announcement will be effective tomorrow. Thank you."

Lots of reactions were gained after the announcement but there was one who seemed to be deeply affected by the situation. Dinner time passed without anyone seeing Takahashi-sama. The girls have already returned to their respective rooms...

Jurina sighed as she plopped herself on the soft mattress. She was very much bothered about Takahashi-sama's resignation. A pinch of guilt was felt by her for having have found a letter which caused this sudden chaos.

"Here it goes again..." She murmured as flash of scenes passed through her mind.


(Jurina's POV)

My heart was pounding really loud after accidentally hearing a conversation between my father and an anonymous man.

I felt my throat running dry as those words resounded inside my mind.

"It's done, Matsui-sama. Your brother and his wife..."

"I hope you didn't leave any trace of identity..."


"Anyway... How about the child?"

"Child? What child? They're just the only persons there..."

"They have a daughter!"

"But... We didn't see anyone else aside from them!"

My father let out a sigh before speaking again. "Anyway, she would certainly not survive without her parents. Besides, how would she know what we did?"

"Definitely, Matsui-sama."

"I congratulate you for a job well done. Here's an incentive."

I can't believe it... My father... planned on killing his own brother!

This is horrible! He is horrible! He is not my father! He is a demon! He is evil!

I slumped on the floor and started crying. I was too hurt and angered that I didn't notice it when he grabbed my arm and spoke with a stern voice.

"You heard it?" He asked, grabbing my arm with a strong force. I didn't speak but then he lifted my chin and asked again.

"Jurina! You heard it, right?!" My gaze met his and I felt a chill running through my whole body.

"You're a killer!" I shouted to him, but he just smirked at me.

"Now what?"

Fury aroused inside my chest and I raised my hand and spank him on the face, leaving a red mark on his cheek. "You're not my father! You're a demon!"

He smiled at me. “How did you know? But I’ve been your father ever since we got you out of the orphanage.”

“What?!” Confusion ran through my mind because of his words.

“You’re an orphan. You’re not our child. We just adopted you. So, you don’t have any right to speak like that to me! Get it?”

My heart sank after hearing the revelation. That’s the reason why I don’t have any siblings. They aren’t capable of having a child. And they resorted to adopting one…

I stood up and ran back into my own room, still in the state of shock. The white bed became crumped when I lunged into it, muffling the sound of my cries.

I don’t want to stay here anymore. I need to go away. Anywhere, far from this home. Far from my father! I gathered all my things and stormed out of the house.

“Jurina-sama!! Jurina-sama!!” The head maid called out to me. “Where are you going?!”

“I’m leaving!” I shouted but didn’t look back.


“Let her do what she wants.” It was my father’s voice which I heard from a distance.

I didn’t look back.

I wouldn’t look back.

It was after that incident when I met Itsuki-dono and she offered me to stay at the Rosehouse. I don’t have any choice left and ended up agreeing to her.


(Third Person’s POV)

“Maybe… This isn’t the right place for me.” She sighed, stood up and gathered all her things. Jurina has made up her mind.

The pendulum swayed as the clock struck 12. She hastened and tried to keep her steps as quiet as possible. She’s sure that the main door of the house was locked and the key is probably kept by Yokoyama-sama. The only possible exit she can think of is to get down from the second floor balcony and climb the wall past the gazebo and beyond the small pond. That would be able to lead her out of the premises and she’ll be good in finding her way to the city proper.

She lifted her luggage and walked over to the balcony. It was indeed very dark. Just as she was about to climb down the balcony, a cold hand grabbed her wrist.

“Just where do you think are you going?” Just hearing the voice can make her heart pound loudly. She knew who the person is and she’s sure that she wouldn’t be mistaken.

“Anywhere… Far from here.”


“I ruined everything.” Said Jurina, feeling her throat suddenly dry.

“Do you really want to go?”

“Yes. Will you stop me?”

A brief moment passed without any answer. Jurina had stared too much at the lady when she grabbed her wrist tighter.


Jurina looked away as she suddenly felt something painful inside her chest. She was secretly hoping that she would’ve even wanted to stop her but she guess she was wrong…

“Take me with you.” The girl stated, making Jurina look back at her with wide eyes.

Jurina slightly smiled at her and asked. “Are you sure?”

“Please… take me with you.” Rena said.


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Re: The Rosehouse Ladies (Chapter 13: Runaway) [11.05.2016]
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YAHOOO! WMATSUI!!!! :inlove:
Thanks for the update Author-san :w00t:
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Re: The Rosehouse Ladies (Chapter 13: Runaway) [11.05.2016]
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Wmatsui is going to elope..
Ah! Ignore my wild fantasy.. :dunno:
Nice update, author-san! Keep going! :on GJ:
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Re: The Rosehouse Ladies (Chapter 13: Runaway) [11.05.2016]
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WMatsui plan to run away?! O_O

What's going to happen now?!

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Re: The Rosehouse Ladies (Chapter 13: Runaway) [11.05.2016]
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omg... I think i need to re-read this from beginning.
Since i forget the story

btw, thanks!

probably gonna edit this comment after finish re-read it later :on gay:
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Re: The Rosehouse Ladies (Chapter 13: Runaway) [11.05.2016]
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WMATSUI!!!  :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:
And where will those two go?  :? :? :?
Kuuu Takamina is now frustrated? Maybe.
Keep it up and thanks for the update.  :D :D :D
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Re: The Rosehouse Ladies (Chapter 13: Runaway) [11.05.2016]
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Ugh takamina  :banghead:
Hooo WMatsui  :heart: :heart:
Why rena want to go with jurina?
I'll wait for next chapter!! Don't make me wait too long, ok? :on gay:

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Re: The Rosehouse Ladies (Chapter 13: Runaway) [11.05.2016]
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gASPS. how r they going to survive the outside world?!
i'm stuck in yukirin's world.
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The Rosehouse Ladies (Chapter 14: Searching For You) [26.07.2016]
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@MatsuiLee: More WMatsui coming~  :bath:

@faanpal: Here's WMatsui's journey off to somewhere~  :cool1: :hee:

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Chapter 14: Searching For You

(Third Person's POV)
"I wonder what took those two long? Jurina-chan didn't even answer when I called out to her before I get here. I thought she must be here already..." Said Milky as she stirred the hot cup of tea.

"Maybe we should go fetch them for breakfast?" Asked Yuki.

"I'll go fetch them," said Sayanee. "might as well call Yuiha-- Yokoyama-sama, I mean... to join us, too."She stood up and passed by all the other girls' seat and headed to the corridor.

Sayanee just really wanted to get Milky out of her sight even for a while. She was having distress after the incident between them. She hasn't even said a proper apology. The girl sighed before knocking at Jurina's room. But there was no answer... She tried to turn the knob but it was locked from the inside. She then tried knocking on Rena's door but got the same results. No answer and locked doors. It intrigued Sayanee actually and she also checked on the infirmary to look for them since Rena has been frequently visiting there.

But Dr. Ohori and Nurse Kasai were the only people there. She looked over the library but Matsubara is alone there. That's when she headed into Yuihan's room.

She knocked on the door and got a permission to enter.

"What's the matter, Yamamoto-san?" Asked Yokoyama-sama with a small smile.

"Rena and Jurina weren't answering my calls and they even locked themselves into their room." Said Sayanee with a worriedtone.

"Let's check them out."Yuihan and Sayanee left the room quickly. It was a quick stroll to get into the two Matsui's room. Yuihan got Rena's key and gave Jurina's to Sayanee. They proceeded and at the same time they opened the door,what greeted their eyes is only an empty room...

"Where were we, Jurina-san?" Asked Rena as she looked at the horizon beyond the window of the train. The place were full of sakura trees and it felt refreshing to see a sight like that. There weren't too many buildings that's why she thought they really are far from the city.

"We're almost there, Rena-chan." Smiled Jurina. She's one luckykid. Good thing that she has saved money on her personal bank account. They have enough for a train ride and two weeks of food, if they are lucky enough.

She missed the sight of the place. This is where she usually spend her summer with her father. Father... the thought of him made her feel sad.

But she quickly eliminated the thought and looked at Rena. It was already morning and she surely is starving.

"You hungry already?" Asked Jurina. The question made Rena blush and looked away with red cheeks.

"Don't worry, we'll get something to eat quickly as soon as we got to our summerhouse."She said as she flashed a smile."By the way, I haven't asked you yet... Why did you come with me?"

Rena looked down shyly as she answered. "I want to escape.I know that's what you want to."

"Yeah, I guess so... But we have different reasons I believe."

She looked at Jurina who was looking beyond the window. Jurina wore a sad smile as she spoke again. "I felt guilty. When I arrived there, everything was ruined. Arika-sama fell ill. Takahashi-san had couple of emotional sufferings, too. Even Itsuki-san--"

"But it isn't your fault."

"It's totally my fault. If only I didn't arrive there, things probably are going well..."

"But if you didn't, I might've been..." Murmured Rena in a pale whisper.

"The one thing I didn't regret is to meet the others and you..."

Back at the Rosehouse.

"What?!"Itsuki-san said in a loud voice as she and Yuihan talked across the phone. "They didn't leave any note?"

"None. I'm sure they didn't pass by the main gate when they left, maybe they climbed over the wall fence." Yuihan tried to calm herself. "I wonder where they went..."

"How can we know? Rena has no immediate relatives near, and I know nothing about Jurina." Itsuki-san sighed. "I'm wondering why they left... Maybe Jurina--"

"How about we look at the nearby town?" Suggested Yuihan.

"You should try that. I'll contact someone to help you. I hope we find those girls soon."

"I'll ask the other girls if the two left any word to them..." Said Yuihan before hanging up the phone. She let out a sigh and massaged her temples as someone knocked at the door.

"Come in."


She turned around to face her. She immediately knew the person by the voice. "Shimazaki-chan..."

"Sayanee told us already. I came here to tell you what I think I heard last night." Haruka seriously looked at Yui and spoke again. "I was up late last night when I heard a door open. Then, followed by a set of footsteps. I don't know who's it is but I think it was Rena because when I went and peek on the outside of my door, it resembled her shadow somehow. I thought she was just going to drink some water or anything that's why I just shrugged my shoulders and went back to bed."

"What time did that happen?"

"Midnight. That's all I've got to tell, Yokoyama-sama."

"I wonder where those girls probably went..."

"And why did they go?" Added Haruka. Yui patted her head and pinched her cheek.

"We'll find out. Soon. Thank you, Paruru~"

"P--Paruru??" Blushed Haruka upon hearing the strange nickname Yui gave her.Yui just gave her a wide smile. "Me??"

"Isn't that cute, Paruru?" She winked at her. Haruka felt her heart thumping when she hears Yui call her by that name.


Yui scratched her head and gazed at her. "You're even cuter when you're embarrased!"

"Yokoyama-sama!" Pouted Haruka. She walked out of the room. "I'm done here.. I--I'm leaving!"

She closed the door loudly and leaned on the other side as she tried to keep her composure cool but she feels excitement inside her chest.


Jurina and Rena walked a short distance after the train ride and a summer house came into view. The sky looks a bit grey, a heavy rain felt like brewing from a distance. Jurina started to run while carrying their luggages. "Let's hurry. It might rain soon!"

Rena came running behind her too, careful not to drop their food and other grocery items. They set foot into the wooden stairs just in time before a faint drizzle started to pour. The view of the distant sea looks peaceful even though the waves seems to be stirred by the wind. Jurina got her keys and opened the door.

A nostalgic feeling came into Jurina after turning on the lights and gazing at the familiar place. It felt nostalgic as the fun and sad memories flashed back on her mind. She did spend her vacations here with her father. She placed the luggages beside the sofa and sat down.

Rena noticed that she looked somewhat sad and sat beside herafter closing the door. "Are you alright?"

Jurina just looked at her and hugged her suddenly. Soon enough, Rena felt her shirt being soaked with the girl's warm tears. She pat her back to comfort her. Then, Jurina broke the embrace and smiled through her teary face. "I'm starving. Let's eat!"

Rena smiled and stood up. "I'll help you prepare dinner."

"Ooops! No. Just sit back there. You're my guest! And I wouldn't let you close to knifes and other sharp objects, okay?" Said the now energetic Jurina. Rena obeyed and settled herself back on the sofa. She kept herself busy by looking at the photo albums piled on a shelf near her as the other disappeared to the kitchen to cook.

The first pages of the album contained plenty of Jurina'schildhood photographs. Photos of her while swimming, playing with the sand, eating watermelons, riding a bike, and some shots taken near the sea. There were photos of her while in her school uniform and some while doing marathon stuff.

Rena can't help but to smile at the cute sight. She can just imagine how cheerful and happy Jurina as a child. She didn't envy it, though she wanted to see Jurina like that.

"You look still the same right now compared to when you were younger."

"I'm still young!" Pouted Jurina as she was making curry for dinner.

Rena continued to browse on the pages. She saw photos of Jurina with her father... She suddenly remembered her parents. She wanted to ask Jurina about her father but Rena does not know how to start sensitive and personal conversations like this.

She shrugged off the thought and smiled as she saw bunch of Jurina's photos from being a child up to when she reached her adulthood.

Rena didn't notice the time until she heard Jurina calling out to her. "Rena-chan, lunch's ready!"

"Hai!" She responded and went to the dining room. The rain still fell outside and it gave a chilly feel inside the room.

The moment she entered the dining room, Rena was welcomed by the sumptous aroma of the food.Even if it is just a simple curry and rice, it looks really exquisite into her eyes. Jurina pulled back a seat and let her sit there. She sat at the seat opposite Rena.

"Let's dig in?"


Rena had a spoonful of the food and ate it.

"How's it?" Asked Jurina as she intently watched Rena.


"Uwaaaah~ Yokatta! Jaa, itadakimasu!" Exclaimed the younger girl and started to eat, too. They chatted as they eat until they finish their dinner.

"Gochiso-sama." They said in chorus as they stared at the empty plates.

"I'm full!" Jurina said as she rubbed her tummy. "I'll do the dishes, you go on to the room at the second floor.Your room is the one adjacent to mine. You can take a bath already, I'll go check you out after the chores are done."


Jurina proceeded on the dishes and Rena went up to the designated room.

The girls ate their lunch being quite silent. It felt rather lonely, missing out two people on the table. All of them had a bothered mind about the whereabouts of the two Matsui's.

After lunch they went to the greenhouseto do some gardening. An unfamiliar person came into view as she stood at the middle of the small staircase. The gentle wind lightly blows on her hair and the rays of sun shone like a crown. She looked like a queen even she's just wearing a simple peach one-piece dress topped by a mint green apron.

She took notice of the girls and smiled at them brightly. "Oh, hello ladies~ Gokigenyou!"

"Gokigenyou!" The five girls said in chorus.

"I'll be the one to help with your gardening today, I'm Kojima Haruna."

The girls introduced theirselves respectively. And they soon started the gardening.Kojima gave them the instructions and they worked in pairs. Yuki was paired with Mayu, Haruka and Miyuki while Sayanee was paired with Kojima herself.

She showed them a bunch of seeds piled carefully on the shelf, rose seeds, sunflower, daisies, marigolds, and all other kinds of flowers. Haruna asked her to pick their own preference of flowers.

Yuki and Mayu decided to choose sunflowers and got the seeds. They were given a pot where their names were attached.


Mayu filled the pot with the rich soil and handed Yuki a shovel.

"Thank you!" Said Yuki as Mayu carefully placed the pot back into the table.

Yuki dig into the soil and had Mayu place the seeds inside. Haruna noticed their cooperative work and went near them. "You two are doing great."

She smiled as she watched them proceed. "After that, water the plant. A good flower blooms when the ones who planted them share the same love for the plant and for themselves, too."

Mayu and Yuki suddenly blushed after hearing her words. Yuki peeked on Mayu only to see her face red up to her ears. It made Yuki smile though and inside her chest she can feel a rhythmic sound of the beating of her heart.

She thought, "Does your heart beat the same pace as mine.. Does it, Mayu?"

"Y--Yuki-chan!!" Mayu said before looking at Yuki only to find her smiling and staring at her. It made her blush severely.


"L--Let's water this together.."She said as she looked away and tried to compose herself.

Yuki filled the watering can with cool water. She had Mayu hold the handle with her and the moment their hands made contact, they both felt their hearts skipping a beat.

"Iku yo?"

They watered the plant with a sincere smile on their faces, hoping that it will bloom beautifully, and so is their relationship.

After the gardening, Sayanee helped out Haruna in cleaning as the others prepared for the afternoon tea.

"You did well, Sayaka-chan."

"Thank you, Kojima-san."

Sayanee looked quite bothered because everytime her gaze meets Miyuki's, the girl always divert her eyes somewhere away from her. It made her sad because deep inside her heart, she knew Miyuki is someone special to her.

"What's the matter, Sayaka-chan?"Asked Haruna as soon as she noticed Sayanee's behavior.

"Can I ask something, Kojima-san?"

"Hm? Go on..."

"Have you ever fallen in love? How does it feel like?"

"Eh?! Don't tell me you fell in love at first sight with me?!"

"Are?! No! Not you, Kojima-san!"

Haruna chuckled at the surprised girl. "I know, I know. Let me guess... It is Watanabe Miyuki-chan, right?"

Without answering, Haruna knew she was right with the way Sayanee's face turned red so quickly.

"If you like her, then tell her!" Another voice came inside. A small figure approached them.

"Where's Mako-chan?" Asked Haruna to the girl.

"Sleeping at the infirmary. Don't worry, dear... Kasai, Tomochin and Kyura are taking good care of her." Said the girl with her squirrel-smile.

"Dear...?" Whispered Sayanee.

"Yes, she's my partner. Oshima Yuko.And Mako is the infant we adopted."

"Hi, there little rosebud!"

"Little Rosebud?"

"Yes, we're at the Rosehouse, right? You ladies are the rosebuds and we're the full-grown ones."

"And you called her little, you midget!" Teased Haruna. Yuko pouted. Sayanee thought how cute this couple is.

"Anyways, back to the topic.. You should talk things with her, Sayaka."

Sayanee has decided. She knew she wanted to clear things with Miyuki..

She want to proudly tell her how special Miyuki is to her.


Thanks for reading!!  :wigglypanda:

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Re: The Rosehouse Ladies (Chapter 14: Searching For You) [26.07.2016]
« Reply #130 on: July 26, 2016, 01:25:39 PM »
Now that WMatsui are alone together... I wonder if they'll learn some things about each other. :3

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Re: The Rosehouse Ladies (Chapter 14: Searching For You) [26.07.2016]
« Reply #131 on: July 26, 2016, 02:44:27 PM »
Thank you for updating~
I can wait for WMatsui, it's okay :on lol:
Take your time author-san!!

-sorry for my bad english, still learning with uncle Sae :hee:

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Re: The Rosehouse Ladies (Chapter 14: Searching For You) [26.07.2016]
« Reply #132 on: August 08, 2016, 05:49:58 AM »
Interesting, good job!  :cow: :cow:

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Re: The Rosehouse Ladies (Chapter 14: Searching For You) [26.07.2016]
« Reply #133 on: August 10, 2016, 08:51:53 PM »
Okay I know I promised to edit the comment after I finished re-read... well sorry I just finished it now :/

So yuihan is on charge now?
All of pairing has their own problem ._.
Have you already decide the pairing? So mayuki and wmatsui ka.... I thought you are gonna pick yukirena and jurimayu in here

Nice story ame-san ^^

Ps. I hope I dont need re-read anymore after this lol
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The Rosehouse Ladies (Chapter 15: Labyrinth) [05.09.2016]
« Reply #134 on: September 05, 2016, 10:20:51 AM »
@Ruka Kikuchi: I'm sure they will, senpai~  XD XD

@key17: Here's your WMatsui~~  :) And others, too  XD

@chocolatepandastarlight: Thank you!  :inlove:

@buciq: Yes, Yuihan is in charge  :P I hope too that it wouldn't take me ages to write updates. Just too busy with school  :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop:


Here's an update~ At last!!

Sorry for the long wait  :bow: :sweatdrop:

Chapter 15: Labyrinth

(Sayanee's POV)

I want to! I want to tell her about this silly feeling inside me chest! Convincing myself isn't too easy. I might sound crazy but yeah even I can't understand this weird feeling. All I know is that I need to see Miyuki. I need to talk to her..

I stood up proudly, lifting my chin up and walking confidently until I stop in front of her room. The warm confidence was blown out immediately, making my hands cold and shaky.

I knocked at the door twice.. and she immediately answered, "Yes, who's there?"

"Mi--Miyuki..." I managed to say.

"Yes? Sayaka." Said Miyuki sternly. I gulped and gathered all my courage.

"Can we talk?"

"We're already talking. Tell me what you've got to say now." She said behind the closed door.

I leaned my forehead on her door and spoke, "I'm sorry..."

"What for?"

"The kiss. I didn't mean to--"

"Ah, you didn't mean it?"

"No, it's not like that."

"Then what?!"

"It's just that..." I paused and took a deep breath. "I--I like you, Miyuki!"

She didn't answer. Her silence is enough for me to know that she was displeased.

"I said it, at last.. That's all, Miyuki. Bye.." I said before starting to walk away. My chest felt too stucked up with pain. I bit my lip to prevent my tears from flowing.

I even imagined I heard her door creak open. I didn't bother to look back. I don't want to get hurt by my silly imaginations.

It was halfway through the path to my room when I heard her call my name.


My tears started pouring. I can't look at her.

"Is it... true?" Asked Miyuki, almost a whisper but I can clearly hear it.

I nodded as an answer because I know that my voice would be shaky.

Then, I heard her running footsteps and suddenly a pair of warm arms came embracing me from behind.


"It is true." She said, her face buried on my back. I started to feel the back of my shirt getting drenched. "Your heartbeat says it."

She embraced me tighter. I don't know how am I supposed to act or respond. It was just that I'm too overwhelmed. I turned around and held her shoulders lightly, making our eyes meet each other's gazes. She smiled at me through her crying face. Miyuki was so beautiful. Her eyes are shining like a clear spring and her tears are a shining stream.

"Sayaka... I like you, too!" She said in a whisper. It sounded too melodic that my heart pounded with a new beat.

(Third Person's POV)

Meanwhile, Yuki went over to Mayu's room. The latter was fiddling on a box below her bed and Yuki was just watching her. There were photos of Mayu and some anime characters.

"Do you watch anime, too, Yuki-chan?" Asked Mayu.

Yuki lightly shook her head. "I think I'm more into TV dramas and reality shows, Mayu-chan."

"Ahh~" Said Mayu before piling back the contents inside the box.

"What's your favorite anime?" Asked Yuki.

"Uhm, that's tough... I don't know, really. But I really enjoy watching anime and listening to anisongs." Replied Mayu. She sat beside Yuki at the edge of her bed. "But there's this one anime which I last watched..."

"Hm?" Yuki was listening carefully to Mayu, pursuing her to continue the tale.

"In a world named Daikuuriku, people are born as females. After they turn seventeen, they go to the spring so that they can already choose their gender. If they are undecided, the guardian of the Spring will choose for them... It made me think... What if I was born in that place? What would I choose?"

"And you'll choose what?"

"I don't know yet..." Said Mayu. "How about you? What would you choose, Yuki?"

"Hm, let's see..." She paused for a bit and thought silently of an answer. Mayu looked, no, stared at Yuki, making sure no detail of her well-sculpted face was unscrutinized. Mayu sighed happily, being given the time to stare at her like this.

"I guess I'll choose to remain a female." Answered Yuki with a smile.

"Why?" Followed up by Mayu.

"Hm... Maybe because I love being a female? Or maybe cause I'm used to being one? Haha. I like the female charm too much. Females are strong yet still exuding that finesse aura and elegance." Answered Yuki with bright eyes. Mayu intently watch those brown irises as it sparkle with the silent admiration Yuki had for the female race.

Mayu smiled and asked again. "On the contrary, don't you think it is nice to be a male?"

"Perhaps it is... Would you like to become one?" It was Yuki's turn to ask.

"If there would be a girl for me like you, Yuki-chan." Mayu said in a mere whisper, not audible for Yuki to hear.

"What?" Asked the confused Yuki.

"Ah, I mean, I think it would be nice too. Or maybe staying in the middle would be fine." Added Mayu.

"Anyways, we've been talking about bunch of things... Yet I haven't asked why you are here at the Rosehouse." Yuki brought up that topic.

"Ah yes, I guess so... Well, it's quite simple. My circumstances, I mean. Well, I'm just someone who's adding up to the incurable disease of the society. One who got consumed by the system, I guess." Mayu paused for a bit to take a sigh. "My parents just wanted to get me out of the house. You know, anti-social behavior is the problem, I guess. Well, it isn't too much of a big deal to do the things you enjoy, right?"

"You mean...?"

"I enjoy playing computer games, that's what I can sum up the problem. Whenever I play, I got to get too much hooked in it that I play all day, yes, without even going to school. It was like I was living inside a new different world where I can always be who I wanted me to be."

"I kinda feel the same. It's tiring to act like the girl everyone expects you to be." Added Yuki.

"I agree, being a daughter of people with good standing always gives you lot of attention you didn't wish for, attention you didn't needed."

"Do you like here? I mean staying here?" Asked Yuki again.

"Well, since I stayed here I got to chance to live freely, of course, except my mild addiction to RPGs. I met girls of my age with different stories. I mean, it felt like somehow we're trying to build a bond... Like a family, you know." Answered Mayu again. "How about you, Yuki? What are your thoughts?"

"I didn't dislike here. I made friends somehow." Yuki's answer was brief. "Yet still I really miss my mother."

Mayu looked at Yuki after hearing her words. She felt her heart beat so fast, like it was thumping the march of guilt inside her.

"But I can't bring her back. No matter what my struggle is. I can't." She soon become teary-eyed.

"Yuki, I've got something to tell you." Said Mayu. She knew it was a desperate move and she was risking the chance of their friendship. But Yuki needed the answer... That Mayu was the reason why Yuki's mother was dead.

(Yui's POV)

I ended the phone call and sat back on my chair. It was very exhausting. I wonder where did those two girls go? I massaged my temples as I closed my eyes.

It's hard to be the headmaster. If only TakaMina didn't quit the job...

I know I was only good in supporting and not in leading itself. Even since before when I was still part of a gang.


Two years ago...

I stood behind our leader as we got caught in a circle of enemies. I can still remember the smirks on their faces as they walked around us, all ready to charge an attack on us.

Three, two... One.
After counting three seconds, I saw them charge at us. There's no choice but to fight.

I dodged an incoming punch straight to my face before kicking him on his stomach. The man groaned in pain as he fell to the ground. Another one grabbed my hand and was trying to wrestle me. I turned around, slightly twisting his arm before pushing him down. Someone then grabbed my clothes and punched me in the face. I fell to the ground, feeling the numbness of my face.

I soon felt the pain but when I saw my comrade being assaulted by three more men, I did my best to get up and help him.

I jumped to one of the men, shocking them as I fought him with my bleeding face. I can see my comrade coughing with blood but still managed to get another man down. And now we're done to just one.

I saw her smile at me. I know what she's thinking. I fought the man with bare hand combat until I got hold of his hands and restrained him. My friend cracked her knuckles before giving the guy a punch on his face. I held the enemy tightly for another punch. I can see how it caused a slight wound on his cheek.

"That's enough." I looked at the enemy and examined the slight stream of blood on his face...

My friend then coughed again and she covered her mouth with her hands.

"Are you okay, Sashihara?" I asked her but she just smiled at me showing her bloodstained lips and even the small pond of blood in the palm of her hands.

"I'm fine! Let's go home..." She said while smiling but after turning around, she felt to her knees, coughing more severe than a while ago. I heard someone chuckling softly. It was our enemy leader for today. I punched him in the face and ran towards my friend, assisting her to walk.

"I'll be fine, Yuihan... I'm just tired."

"No, you need to see a doctor. I'll go and tell KitaRie to go with you... I'll look over our recruits."

"Fine... But I wouldn't disappear for too long." She said with a chuckle as we continued walking...


I missed them. My old family... Sasshi, KitaRie, and the others. What could've happened to them?

I stopped my reminiscence when someone knocked on my door. "Come in..."

A familiar set of footsteps were heard, Paru's.

"Yokoyama-sama, someone wishes to see you..." She said with the same monotonous voice which sounded good in my ears. "Would I send them here?"

"No need. I'll meet them on the garden." I stood up and straightened my clothes. "Will you walk with me?"

Haruka nodded with a smile. I walked towards her and walked side-by-side with her. She walks softly, not even making any disturbing sounds. Even the sound of her footsteps relax me. Just feeling her presence is enough to get all my stress away.

"Paru, thank you..." I said in a pale whisper which made her look at me quizzically.

"Why, Yui-sama?" She asked. "I haven't done anything yet."

"No, you've done lots of things, thank you."

"I can't understand..."

I just smiled at her and continued walking with her beside me until we reach the garden where two people were waiting...

(Rena's POV)


At the summerhouse...

I was walking by the shore alone because Jurina had taken a nap at her room. The younger girl felt so exhausted after eloping from the Rosehouse. I felt tired too but the scenery by the shore was so beautiful...

My bare feet slowly dug into the soft sand as small waves of water splash on my feet. It felt cold but the afternoon sun felt warm on my skin that's why it felt good...

Whenever I see the orange-coloured sky, it made me remember the vivid memories of my past. When I reminisce today about the happy days with my family, it only makes me feel sad and empty. I didn't have anyone left... Not anyone except for Jurina.

Jurina was the only one who tried to ease my pain away.

Jurina was the only one who will give me a warm smile and a sincere gaze.

I never thought I would be this close to her. You know, at first, I was attracted to someone else... But Jurina is someone who will make you look at her and once your eyes were set on her, it will be a hard task to take it off of her.

I stopped walking and looked back. I saw the set of footsteps I left on the sand. They're small, indeed, but enough to leave a mark. But soon, large waves will come to erase these marks... Even smaller waves can erase it. I smiled bitterly to myself. I've got this feeling wherein I want to erase my past... But in doing so, it might erase who I am now. It might erase the sole purpose on why I am living...

I walked away from the water and sat on the dry sand. The sun's about to set...

I watched intently the slow waning of the sun as it disappears from the horizon. The sea reflected the redish orange color while the splashing of water served as the music for my afternoon. I wrote her and my name on the sand as I smiled...


"Rena-chaaaaan!" It was her voice. I stood up and ran towards the house.

"Hey..." I said, greeting her with a small smile.

"Did I sleep too long?" Asked the young girl as she scratched her head. I shook my head.

"Probably about an hour only. By the way, what do you want for dinner? I'll cook." I suggested.

"We still have extra viand and rice, left-overs from our lunch." Explained Jurina.

"I should re-heat it then." I suggested but her face looked worried. "Don't worry about me."

I said to relieve her. She smiled. "Fine... I'll go upstairs and clean the room. Would it be fine if we share the same bed? I don't have the keys for the other rooms."

"It's fine for me. You?"

"Of course, it is!" She agreed cheerfully and walked upstairs, leaving me by the kitchen.

(Jurina's POV)

I walked upstairs to clean our room. The door softly creaked as I open it. Upon entering, I saw the familiar set-up of my room. The orientation of the bed, the closet, and even the table was still the same. It suddenly felt nostalgic...

I walked over the table and found out a large layer of dust on the surface. There were unpiled books by the side and a picture frame of my father and I. I turned it down before placing it inside an old box under my bed.

I piled the books on the mini bookshelf by the wall and tidied up the table, brushing up the thick layer of dust. Then, I changed the bed sheet, too. After that, I did sweep the floor and changed the curtains and other clean-ups.

I looked at my wristwatch after. Just thirty-six minutes passed...

I decided to go and check out Rena in the kitchen. When I went there, I saw her busy with preparing the tea. She looks fine... I shouldn't worry too much, I guess. I roamed my eyes and noticed that the knives weren't placed on the knife rack.

"Rena-chan... Where are the--"

"I placed it inside the cabinet so that it wouldn't tempt me so much." I smiled at her statement and sat by the chair, still watching her move in the kitchen.

"You're hungry already?"

"Quite, but my tummy can wait."

"This will be done soon."

(Third Person's POV)

In another place...

The smoke-filled place was quiet tonight. A lady in black leather jacket sat by a stool over the counter. She lightly tapped her fingers on the table as she watched the dew streaming on the cold glass. Her phone rang again.

"At last..."

She answered the phone call, still maintaining the grim look on her face. The conversation didn't last a minute. After putting the phone back on the table, she grabbed the glass and drank the contents. The taste of brandy was too familiar to her and it made her smile.

As soon as she emptied the drink, another lady entered the bar. Her long, black hair is shining even through the dimmed lights. She smiled at the lady sitting at the counter.


"Minegishi, what took you so long?" Asked the girl in leather jacket.

"Got a call from Yuihan. We're needed. I'll tell you the details later." The newly-arrived girl leaned closer to her as she smirked, smelling the alcohol on the other's breathe. "Drunk again? Guess I'll have another rough time tonight."

Shinoda Mariko smiled before leaning in for a kiss. Minegishi Minami kissed back but the other pulled away soon. "I know you are more than prepared, Miichan."

"Well, you know me too well, Marichan."

Back to where the two Matsui's are.

After the dinner, both of them got their bags to the room and took a shower one after another. Rena sat by the edge of the bed as she waited for the younger girl to finish putting on her pajamas.

"Oh, why are you still up, Rena-chan?"

"I waited for you." Rena said shyly then she moved to the left side of the bed. Jurina jumped beside her and hugged a pillow.

"I don't feel sleepy yet!" Protested Jurina.

"Why don't you go and read a book?" Asked Rena before putting the blanket above her.

"It's boring... How about if we..."


Jurina didn't finish her statement as she hit Rena with a pillow.

"What was that for?!" Said Rena.

"Pillow...fight?" Asked Jurina before throwing another pillow at Rena's face.

"Ittai! Get ready!" Rena did the same but didn't hit Jurina at all.

"What's that?! HAHAHAHAHA." Teased the young Matsui.  Then the two continued throwing pillows at each other and laughing heartily as they played like kids.

Rena threw her final pillow without any more power. She lied over the bed and felt the smooth mattress. "I'm tired!"

Jurina lied beside her as she panted from chuckling. "That was fun!"

"Yeah, it was!" Rena turned to look at Jurina only to find her looking at her.

"You know, that's the first time I actually seen you laugh like that, Rena."

The girl blushed and looked away. "It's been quite so long since I last had so much fun..." She buried her face under a pillow and spoke with a muffled voice. "Thank you!"

It made Jurina smile to herself. "I'm glad I did make you smile." She removed the pillow covering Rena's face and it made their eyes meet, making both their hearts race.

"Let's... Go to sleep?" Suggested Rena to shrug the feeling off.

Jurina nodded but Rena didn't expect when Jurina leaned in and kissed her forehead. "I'm happy that you are with me..."

The statement made Rena's heart skip a beat. She smiled at Jurina. "Well, I wouldn't be anywhere but your side when you wake up tomorrow."

"Sweet dreams, Rena."

"Sleep tight, Jurina."


Thanks for reading~

I'll appreciate it if you leave comments, guys  :wub: :wub:

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Re: The Rosehouse Ladies (Chapter 15: Labyrinth) [05.09.2016]
« Reply #135 on: September 05, 2016, 05:17:38 PM »
SayaMilky moment so cuuuuute~~~

WMatsui moments SO FREAKING CUUUUUUTE!!! >w<

SO CUTE SO CUTE!!! THIS FIC IS SO CUTE!!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:

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The Rosehouse Ladies (ANNOUNCEMENT!!!)
« Reply #136 on: December 05, 2016, 02:54:54 PM »
Hi guys <3
It has been quite some time since I last posted here I guess...

Well as for the update. I will do so, really soon. Just finishing up school works. :)

Thanks for understanding :)

Anyways, honestly I am here to ask a favor from you guys...

I, amecchii, passed an application for MNL48!

I was wondering if you can help me?

To all Filipino readers out there~

Can you please vote for me?

Just click the link.. Make an account then hit like on my profile.

I'll appreciate every single vote I'll get <3
Thank you so much! <3
I love you, guys <3

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Re: The Rosehouse Ladies (ANNOUNCEMENT!!!)
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Wait... your Filipino?


(I will vote 4 U though, but if you make the cut you might stop making fanfics no more  :(    )

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Re: The Rosehouse Ladies (ANNOUNCEMENT!!!)
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Hey, i'm not filipino but you have all of my support!!! :onioncheer:
I hope you'll make it... and finished this story before it :ding:
Btw, thank you for updating, i have a lot of energy now :byebye:

-sorry for my bad english, still learning with uncle Sae :hee:

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Re: The Rosehouse Ladies (ANNOUNCEMENT!!!)
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u joined MNL48?  :shocked

shet u have my support! good luck  :D

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