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Author Topic: White Lies ( GB Kojiyuu, Atsuyuu, Atsumina) Chapter 40Update/ May 27, 2018  (Read 68026 times)

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Re: White Lies ( GB kojiyuu, atsuyuu, atsumina) Chapter 31 Update
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Chapter 31

Yuu’s POV

I’m so selfish all these things are happening because of my selfishness, hiding my relationship with Nyan nyan and agreeing in all of my parent’s condition…. I finished a glass of vodka in one gulped mocking myself on my decisions. Now I’m homeless, broken and empty.Fuck, I’ve even play Atsuko’s feelings to concede my selfishness. I refill my glass in my hand seeing the liquor spill as if it would fill the emptiness that I’m feeling. Now Kai betrayed me and my parents are forcing me to marry the girl that I’ve never dream of having any romantic relationship. Fuck… You’re the luckiest guy in the world Oshima  Yuu then gulps on my glass again not being satisfied with a glass of alcohol I directly drink to the bottle drowning myself with liquor….

“You are invisible Oshima Yuu…. You’ve protected your girlfriend well enough that she’s not suffering  ….Kai your ever loyal friend was there for you at the times you needed him the most and of course Atsuko yes you’ve done a great Job on playing with her feelings now she’s not into you anymore….."I bitterly chuckled while slumping on my apartment’s wooden floor…."LIE!!!!LIE!!!!!!!! You are freaking liar now karma is getting you…"I laugh bitterly and pour the alcohol into my mouth… "You’re happy now, right?  Because you’re freaking genius!!! So brave, that you can’t even fight for your girl… Genius trusting your best friend who put some on your hired someone to intercept Haruna’s messages.Bullshit…

"All this time I’m neglecting things as long as it’s not getting in my way. I started my relationship with Haruna not having any idea how my family will accept her, all I’m thinking was how I can hide my relationship and be happy dating her. I don’t have balls at all just getting in the flow knowing that it will hard for my family too totally accept her.. Stupid, coward, selfish and in everything else I’m a freaking genius manipulator. Yes, I am all that I’ve even use my best friend to hide from my responsibility all this time. I took the bottle of liquor and gulped. I can’t go back to Haruna anymore because she doesn’t deserve a douche bag like me. Walking back to my bedroom I can now feel the effect the alcohol as my body was not functioning as it supposedly. I will only cause pain to everyone as long as I’m like this intelligent…I deserve being alone not Haruna, Atsuko nor any other girl doesn’t deserve a stupid and perverted person like me….I’m clenching the bottle of alcohol in my hand and not having enough strength to stand I just laid on the corridor… Still blaming everything on my self.

"What's  wrong with you, Yuuboy?” I look above seeing my Ikemen friend bending down looking at me like some kind of disappointed father to his son.

“Oh, my the vampire is here.Dude can find me a girl for tonight I want to celebrate!!”

“Geez Yuu, this is not you? You look horrible man..” He helped me to stand up but I can’t even stand on my own feet making stumble the floor…"See even my own feet were protesting on me.."I chuckled bitterly then kiss Sai boy's cheeks… He hooks his arm on his neck and helped me again to stand up… "You’re just making things hard for yourself…” I jump on his back but I ended up sliding down I did again and he catches my leg.

“Dude you're heavy…”

“Don’t forget my vodka..”

“Fuck why didn’t you get it before jumping…”

“Because I’m Spiderman…”

“Geez, you’re the worst Yuu…"Then Sai bend to get my vodka kissing his cheeks again and thank him for getting my drink. Sai put me on my bed then sat on the floor with his back resting on the edge.

"Give me that…” I pulled the vodka in his hands

“No, you are wasted that's enough Yuu…”

“Mayu told me what Kai did to your phone and email…”

“Ah, that’s nothing actually he did a great job now my father is asking me to marry Atsuko at least I will not hurt her anymore.."I crawled then grab the bottle of vodka in his hand but Sai’s gripped is amazing not letting me take it out his hand.."Let it go… men….”

“No, you had enough…”

“Yuki said that you’re not attending your checkups that’s why I’m here my fiancée is worried that your viral infection might get into you again you almost die last time dude.."I laugh and crawled and peck on Sai’s cheeks

"Thanks, bro…"As Sai is not losing his grip on the liquor I just made tilt so it will drip on my tongue.

"You’re really stubborn Yuu this is the reason why your life is a mess. I told you many times that you and Haruna are not meant for each other but you still continue now look at yourself..”

“Ah yes, you’ve been hitching me to other girls… Ne, tell me Sai what if I listen to you that time should I be happier now?”

“I don’t know”

“But that time I’m hundred percent sure that she’s my happiness..” Tears escaped my eyes while staring at the ceiling…
“All I care was if she let me enter her life I will be the luckiest man in the world it’s not because she’s sexy but she’s amazing, she not that vocal but I know that she understands me her love was so great that even if I don’t say a word she can sense what I feel… She not that smart but she works hard…. She loves to throw a fit with funny reasons that I can retort…Her eyes, luscious lip and rabbit like ear I can still see it clearly even if I close my eyes.  Haruna finish her studies to able to date me she also hates it whenever I open up about marriage but I know she really dreams of it, later on, I realize that I’m cruel…Cruel because I’m not really sure if I can give it to her…”

“Your father knew your assets under Haruna’s name right?”

“I know that old man will found out but it I didn’t realize this soon…”

“I know my firm has been checking if you’ve transferring Oshima groups money to buy your assets…”

“All of that is from my hard work… ”

“Yes, we’ve countered check it but knowing your father…”

“I don’t know what they are thinking but I…”


“Do you think they will use that to make Haruna leave you?”

“I’ve to think about that but I know my baby she will not be blackmailed easily..”

“Your dad seems not use it either… ”

“Three days dude only I only have three days.

Then what’s your decision….

“I have already decided to end all of this…”

“Such a best actor how could you do this act? Was losing with Mario is also part of your act?”

“No, I did not lose because I won her..” 

“But what’s the point of winning her feelings that in end ,you're just torturing her…”

“ Ne, Saiboy if you’re in my position, what will you do?”

Sai turns his head to face me still my arms stretch sidewards looking at the ceiling.

“ Loving two girls at the same time will become a burden if you don’t how to weigh circumstances. Your love for Haruna is everything for you but Oshima Yuu is everything for Oshima group the father of fifteen thousand employees and that guy is everything for Atsuko she’s living normally because of that squirrel… Will you be happy if you become selfish and choose your happiness or will you suffer again and choose the happiness of thousand people…I don’t have to put things in between but back in high school, I remembered your fans cheers whenever you successful stealing a ball in our opponent… "What Oshima Yuu wants Oshima Yuu gets…”

“My father said that I should be firm on your decision or everything will fall apart…”

“It only means that you have to be realistic Yuuboy but one thing is for sure if you’re going to choose, you should choose the one which you will not regret in the end. Once the scar has been done it will heal but the mark will be left on the girl’s heart forever, everything will fall apart if you’re not determined in your decision my friend.I' m worried that your decision will destroy you...what is your decision?”

Kais POV

After sudden visit I decided to drink in my playroom thinking this is the safest place for me… No one will see me suffering alone …No one will punch me or nag me saying why I’m waiting, waiting for Atsuko to love me but the truth is I’m running with my guilt and my fear of losing her.


I shifted my view from the man who’s clearing his throat on the door while leaning on the door jamb.

“Sa-Sai how did you get in?”

He shrugged pulled a backrest of the stool beside me took an empty glass and put in front of me asking to fill it with liqueur. This guy seems using some magic trick as I can’t manage to complain…

“I was buzzing on the door but no one is opening so I guess that you might be here…"He points his fingers up pointing the whole room. "You feel safe here, right?”

“Sai you're still not answering my question. how did you get in and how did you know my password?”

“You really have a nice place, my friend..” Sai pat my back while roaming his eyes around the room.

“You’re still not answering me properly dog…”

“222426” My mouth hung open hearing my door lock code from him…Sai put Ice cubes in his drink. ” I also tried 287856 “

“Did Rena-chan tell you?"The guy shook his head.

"My door pin is 9854, my man…” My brows meet confused on his conclusion.

“ It means Yuki I think we are in the same boat Kaiboy…” Sai gulps his drink…

“I know what you did with Yuuboy…”

“If you’re going to scold me…” But before I can’t finish my sentence the ikemen guy already hit my head and smile.

“Ittai !!! Fuck !!! what is that for?”

“You crossed the line making Yuu’s business jeopardize by your stupidity if I’m in this position you might be in the prison right now..” I stop as I can’t retort…

“But that guy thinks you're not his friend but his own brother halting me to file legal charges against you.."I gulped my drinks as my visitor’s word is draining me. Silence filled the air why we are exchanging turns to fill our glass with liquor.

"I  feel you dude so I won’t say anything about it… Now Even Yuki and I are going to tie the knot I can’t stop doubting her real feelings but I’m still holding on even if it’s one percent … Though she said that she loves me you will still feel it.."Sae straightens his sitting and fixes his suit and just like me, you can still see the pain in his eyes even if his getting married to the girl he loves.


“This is the karma when you break the man’s code…Never fuck your friend's ex-girlfriend but I love her… Rin-chan is everything to me. She’s my life … Fuck… I’m always asking my self .. Why am I in this position? I know how Rin-chan loves me. But I’ve witnessing her previous relationship with Mayu and I can’t help comparing it to mine….She’s there when I wake up, waits for me when I finish my work late, Actually, she’s perfect in wife material..but why? Why does the great Miyazawa Sai feel like this? Dude’s because I love Rin-chan and If she said and ask me to let her go without a blink of an eye I will let her go… "Sai wipe the tears in his eyes and drink another glass of scotch.

” It’s the same that I’m feeling for Atsuko…“

"Yes, and Yuuboy is like that too that’s why when Haruna ask for break up he gave it to her…”

“I love Atsuko so I think if she could marry the man that she loves she will be happy..”

“I’ve tried pushing Yuu to Atsuko too, way back in high school but that guy knows what he wants and will get it no matter what.”

“Ne, Kai kun do you wished to be in Yuu’s position..”

“So Atsuko would love me? What the fuck…”

“No being in between Atsuko and Haruna’s situation too…"I lowered my head as I can’t answer..

"If you love Atsuko then don’t give up on her, not until the last blood drop. Hoping is not a crime and I know as long as you love her you will hope to be with her…”

“But you said what you feel with Yukirin..”

“It can’t help but you know I never felt insecure in my life until I meet Yukirin ..” the guy on my side refill his glass with liquor… “Man only feels weak when there is a woman involved… We always think that we did not suit best on our girls but what matter is knowing yourself that you can move mountains just to protect her… Kai, fight for her… I know that she doesn’t love you but it doesn’t mean she does not have any feelings for you..”

“What do you mean?.”

“Why won’t we use business so you can gain her?”

“No, I will not use my father's company to have her…”

Sai chuckled and gulps on his drink…“ I forgot that you're an engineer and not a business man… ”

“But you're a lawyer…”

“Ah but I’m a businessman too.."Sai winks suggestively.

"Fuck" I chuckled as my friend was acting strange like this…

"Ne Kaiboy want to give it a shot?”

Haruna’s POV

I excuse myself to everyone saying that I’m not feeling well…

Why is he torturing me like this I was in the cub crying and not minding what the does the taxi driver would think…

“I close my eyes seeing my boyfriend happily waving to Atsuko I thought I can let it pass but seeing almost have a car accident blew it all screaming his nickname across the road warning him about the fast car that going on his way… My mind went blank and totally forgets Mario on my side… After that I can no longer hide it I went blank and can’t even move an inch Mario-kun held me and asked if I’m ok…There are questions in his eyes but I did not bother talking about. He told me to hold on his arm for support, first I was hesitant but seeing my boyfriend with Atsuko indulging his hug ..I cling to Mario I see Yuu intensely glaring at me, his eyes can’t lie that his jealous over the guy who is just concerned with me. And When Yuu said that he is Jurio’s financier I actually want to smack him acting cooler than Mario… "I’m his financier…"His childish traits are really cute…Stupid me for not thinking that the re-opening of Jurio’s restaurant I will also meet my friends Yuki and Rena as the two walk towards our direction I feel tensed knowing that they will tease me with Mario…But Paruru presence calms me as the girl has been holding my hand the whole time knowing the pain with the pair in front was causing me.The question and answer portion started and Mario’s return from New York become hot topic…I want to hide my self-being so embarrassed with Yuki and Rena’s teasing I’m glad that Shinoda kun… That guy is amazing is such a gentleman guiding me to my chair and he is really funny too. Being a model and basing in New York we have many similarities to shared but even if he can make me laugh I can’t really be happy seeing my guy talking seriously to Atsuko.Then Yuu voiced echoed inside the restaurant drenched in wine but I was caught his eyes intensely glaring at me that reminds me of him on the bar when he saw me dancing with my gay model friend Daniel. And then Atsuko was enjoying the moment. He left that Mayu followed him to the restroom. He returns with new suit my lips curve upward remembering that I bought that suit so he has changed clothes whenever he sleeps on my unit… my boyfriend flirting with Atsuko cutting her stake and saying words that make the later her blushed I really want to pull him out of his sit..But I know him so much I can read that his jealousy that his doing it to make feel the same…But I won’t be fighting to you know that if I react you erupt    …..Yuu I love you…. For minutes my heart become peaceful seeing your eye focusing on me with love and sadness… I see myself in you, miserable, how I want to reach your hand, talk to you, to be pampered in your arms and laugh with your silly jokes…

"Ne Yuukun say something…"But You turn to your side as our friend were asking you to have piano duel with the guy sitting beside me… Yuu was hesitant at first and asked his brother to take the match as he was a better pianist. But you accepted the challenge knowing what Mayu was trying to imply… Mario is tall good looking kid and gentleman. Opposite to you, you’re short, good looking too, your kind, but a total pervert but why do my eyes was totally on you, I love you so much that I’m blinded of your flaws and actually I like it too..I see that you're having some argument with the man you are talking with your opponent basing from facial expression… Just like Mario, your techniques are good and everybody applause when he played Chopin waltz in one hand but I was struck by your last piece my song… the song that you dedicated to me… I closed my eyes remembering my last birthday in America…Your vows…

With our foreheads attached"Every key and every note is my heartbeat and you are the only person who can hear it this song is my heart beating for you. Haruna no one can hear it and understand river into your song but you… “Playing that song means defeat to Mario but you won me Yuu because without saying a word I know that you still love me. Hearing how sad you played you’re my favorite piano piece and how you’ve laid your heart in every note is enough for me to still hold on not with promises but with your heart Yuu…I will be waiting for you….I love Yuu..”

Yuu’s POV

Parking my car on the ground of the Hospital where Dr. Akimoto was working. She knows everything about Atsuko and with her parent's consent I can now talk to her doctor and find a way to help Atsuko and at the same time help myself..I headed to her office knocking few times when a voice of woman answered me I entered the door…

"Good Morning Akimoto Sensei..”

“You are Oshima -kun, right? “I was a bit surprising as this is my first time meeting her…

"How did you know my name?” She smiles and asks me to sat on the chair for visitors.

“Maeda-san called me and asks me to help you…”

I look around her office familiarizing myself in the place.

“Do you want us to talk in other places?”

I accepted her offer fast not being comfortable at her office. Walking in the park of the hospital as she asks me to wait for her …

“ Oshima-kun..” Offering me a cup of coffee.

“You might not use of drinking coffee from Vendo machine..”

“Thank you. And I actually prefer this one.."I sip the coffee while she’s rubbing her intertwined fingers into it… I smile seeing her enjoy the warmth that the beverage has been giving her body.

"Atsuko was confined here but I’ve never seen you..”

“Because of her case was just handed over by her past doctor..”

“So you are here to know about the progress of Atsuko?”

I answer with a light nod. We continued walking until we reach a bench we can sat.

“Actually she’s doing good..”

“I’m glad she is..”

“And you’ve played a big part, no I mean a major part of it…"I gaze at her not knowing how to react properly to what she said.

I still have patient to doctor confidentiality but because her parents agreed on it I will let you read this…

"What is this?”

“One of the methods I use was asking her to write on this note book like a diary of her emotions, her thoughts, dream or anything that happen on a day..”

“So you mean every day? Have I to read this? ” Akimoto sensei smiles that answer my question. I took my gaze on the note book and return to her doctor who’s
enjoying her coffee.

“I know you can finish it but this will help you understand. I know how hard it is to be part of her support group so I will let you understand Atsuko’s feeling…”

Read the first page of the note book.

I open my eyes I know I’m awake and breathing but why am I feeling emptiness… For the whole day, I’m looking at the ceiling thinking why am I seems to forget something.. I sat up and look outside the window with two birds chirping.Two with company… Two together…. I just feel there something in a box in locked inside my head.. Two birds….The door opens seeing a familiar figure inside…

“A-Acchan” That guy… That voice.....

Then I heard another voice “Atsuko-nee-chan.” Together on a car everything flashbacks on the accident seeing her bleeding body reaching for my hand I held her.. I asked her if she’s ok but she just said I love you and slowly closes her eye…

“I love you” The word that caged me to different dimension and the word that brought me back my love for that person… The man who enveloped me and promised not to leave…

My body started shivering reading the half page of her diary it’s like every blows my conscience out of my body…

I look at her therapist and asked me to continue reading her diary always talks about me and how she admires me….

Yuu-kun … Seeing him made me feel what I lost and what am I afraid of losing, the person who I wish to be with, the person that I’m always looking up too, the person who always stole my attention and the person who made me feel the meaning of losing and gaining…

I closed the diary as every word that I'm reading is like a rope struggling my neck and a huge stone that was dropped in my chest…

“I did not continue reading but her doctor asked me to take it home and return it when I'm finished. But before return to my office, her doctor asked me to accompany her somewhere we went back to the hospital until we reached the end room on the left wing corridor on the second floor… I stare on Akimoto Sensei back with a query…She seems to understand and open the room.

"This room contains her recollection still in associate with her feelings…”

The doctor opens the room and asked me to enter I walk inside…

“I-it’s me…”

“The room was surrounded by scenes drawn with of my faces and scenery which I shared with Atsuko .. I play the piano… sleeping in my office.I was feeding her on the hospital… I eating parfait when he treats me…

"Is she obsessed with me?"I mumbled…

"No, It’s just your part of her happiness and her sadness.The purpose of this therapy is just like what is written in her diary to be able for her to show her feelings on the box that she had stored her emotion after the accident…Atsuko-san has good drawing skills and the best way to open up about her feeling in the 2-dimensional form of media. This is the reason why I recognized you right away…"Then I remember one of her drawings was I with on the gondola of Singapore flyer…She was with me watching the sunset view outside…

I can’t help the tears escaped on my eyes, guilt is now running in my veins.Now every scene is like a flashback bringing me to the time we spent together…I’m so-sorry Atsuko…


I never felt claustrophobic in a 3m by 3 m room but now I’m afraid how Atsuko genuinely love me… How could you do this to her? She loves me this much.Why am I so reluctant with her feelings? Now I know why Kai surrenders and decided to concede his feelings…I walk back to the door as I can’t take another minute of staying as I feel that every paper is like a slapped hit on my face…But a paper crumpled on the floor got my attention when I kicked it making it bounce on the wall… I squat a flatten the paper my jaw dropped seeing the content of the paper..” is this true? ..”

I lost my balance making me sit on the floor…

"Acchan, I’m sorry…”

Still holding the notebook in my hand tapping on my lap… You should think Oshima… think… “Atsuko.” I let out a deep breath and hold my head then my father’s word rung in my head…

“Be firm on your decision or it will all fall down…”

Two more days….

“Oshima sama, are you not feeling well?"I squinted as my vision become blurry…

"I’m fine Kudo-san…”

“You’re sweating?”

“Just focus on your driving…”

I hear my phone ring …

“Hello…"It is my father asking for report and of course my answer…

"I have my decision now and I’m certain about it …"Then he asked it specifically…

"I will meet you at board meeting on Friday…Yes… "Then I tap my phone ending the call I loosen up my necktie as my breathing becomes shallow and fast…

"Oshima-sama? Oshima-sama?"I want to talk but I don’t even have a strength to move my lips.

When I open my eyes I see myself surrounded with a white cloth. Am I in heaven now? When I see a girl in white uniform.  I narrowed my eyes trying to recognize the girl…

"Oh, I think I’m in hell right now..”

“Excuse me, Oshima-kun did you say something?”

“Yukirin does he gain consciousness?"I heard another voice calls her.

"Yes, I think he is hallucinating…"I tried to sit and I feel a hand guiding me…

“Thank you…”

The girl cupped my cheeks…

“A-Atsuko…"She smiles beautifully and sat beside me…

"Don’t force yourself Yuu-kun.."I comb her hair and answer her showing my signature smile.

"I think the medicine has bad side effects on him…"Yukirin said with a teasing gaze on the girl sitting on my bed.

"Yukirin!!"Atsuko hissed….

"I will call the doctor for you to dismiss…” Atsuko got surprised when I held her hand..“Thank you” I said weakly.

Atsuko shook her head … “Regain your strength Yuu-kun because of we still in the middle of war…"I closed my eyes again while she’s combing my hair.

"Thank you Acchan…”

I took her hand and held it tightly…

"I will never leave you…”

“I know…” I smile then return to my dreamland once again..

Haruna’s POV

Walking inside Oshima groups building means being near you I never been enthusiastic about company meeting not unless it will be held here… I’ve learned a lot about the company just by working with Oshima group’s marketing department in some way I understand why you are working so hard in this company it’s not because he is the successor of the Empire but because of the employees.   Yuu is the father of fifteen thousand people working on it not just in Japan but across the world… I smile being proud of him I never thought the man who always tries to steal kisses and harasses me was the person which this person relying on…I enter the elevator with other employees inside… I sigh..noticing almost everyone exit at twenty-fourth floor Oshima… I and two other employees left inside…I took my phone and started massaging my manager that I will be waiting on her car…

“Have you heard about the acquisition of Oshima group with Maeda’s corporation…"The girl in front standing on the left side said ..I paused and continued over hearing the conversation knowing they are talking about Atsuko’s parent's company…

"Right… Actually, Director Maeda was not part of the planning which president you headed and actually not even part of the team which is I’m part of.."The girl signed the other to come closer…

"I know that Maeda Corporation will be merged on 3FFactory  you know the fashion brand that Oshima group Acquired last year…

"Really,So president is thinking of rebranding Maeda’s Corporation Malls …"The other girl nodded.

"You should see how cool our President being hands on with this project…”

“Yes, He is still single, right? I wish my boyfriend is as rich and cool like him…"The other girl shook his head” I look at the girl and put my phone on my heart thinking that the other girl might know about Yuu’s secret relationship.

"Do you know that his going out with Director Maeda?”

“Really I thought it is just a rumor…" my heart was beating fast hearing the girl's conversation…

” No its not I have a friend which is Chairman staff  he told me that the Chairman already asked the President to proposed to Director Maeda…“I bulged my eye hearing what other girls say my breathing become shallow and my head started to become blurry.

"Are you sure about it but why are they hiding their relationship now rumors keep on spreading first Director Maeda always visits President office and I witnessed the elevator incident were in president was carrying director when she got stuck on the elevator…”

“They also went to the Singapore together, right?”

“They are really a good match director Maeda is beautiful and rich, the President, the fuck his so hot and good looking…”

“My friend also tells me that he once see the president holding a red velvet box while walking inside the elevator…You know what that means…”


Reaching the ground level two ladies left the lift still talking about my boyfriend… I open my mouth gasping for air as tears started running from my cheeks. Did I hear it right? Yuu already has engagement ring for Atsuko…No!!!What about last night his song…. His father was asking him to propose to Atsuko…No, I was gripping on the railing supporting my body…When a man who enters on the lift asked me.

“Excuse me miss are feeling fine?”

I did not answer him and just run out the corridor not minding the people I bumped.Then I bumped some his holding my shoulder “Yuu-Yuu-chan?“

"Kojima-san are you alright!!!”

I shook my head and cried….I hugged him and continued crying on his shoulder.

“Kojima-san please don’t cry we are getting other employees attention…"The guy dragged me to the fire exit…

"Haruna-san, why are you crying like that?”

“Are really asking me that question?"He was standing in front of me.

"Is this because of Yuuboy?"I did not answer and cried harder…

"Tell me Kai was Yuu really going to marry Atsuko?” Kai looks down and not answer…

“Tell me is he really going to marry her for business.”

“ It’s the only way for him to get the boards of directors permission you know how powerful Oshima Kenji is.."He looks shifted her view to the side.

"How about me, did he even think about me?”

“I don’t know…”

I continued bawling on the floor thinking my relationship with Yuu was over…Kai squats and hugs me trying to calm me…

“I’m sorry Kojima san..”

“No don’t say sorry!!You shouldn’t say sorry…I will not let this happen… I want to talk to him…”

“Kojima-san” Kai breath heavily I see how he feel about the situation Kai hugs me and trying make me stop.

“No!!Please, Kai … I’m going to die if Yuu marries her.." I push him..I’m breathing hard and can’t even see the guy in front with my hand clutching his shoulder… "You love Atsuko to right… and inhaled"You know that Yuuboy will never love her even if he marries… Kai will you be happy if you know that the person you love will only be bonded by contract? Will you satisfy knowing that the girl you love was being lied? Are you satisfied with all this bullshits..” I cover my face with my shaking hand…You witness our hardship and our happiness but in the end, money will separate us… “ Kai is looking on the floor… "I know Yuu still loves me and his heart still only beat for me…I know that…” Please let me see him… “

"You know that you can never be seen by others going to his office…”

“That girl will only cry like me every night or more than this… you know Yuu-kuns temper you know him when was being pushed with something he doesn't like. You’ve seen all the girls who cried for him when Miichan was exiled in London do you want Atsuko to experience that? Do you want her to cry every night because Yuu can’t give the love that she needs…You know how cold he is when being pushed to something he doesn’t want…  Kai if you really love her you should not let this happen…”

“What should I do Kojima-san?”

“Let me see him…”

“If this will be the last time, I don’t mind but I will never give up with him just like that..”

Kai was looking on the floor thinking about my suggestion.

Atsuko’s POV

I’m tapping my ball pen on my table as I can’t focus on my work disturb with what I witnessed…

“Haru-chan and Kai-kun has relationship??…” I put the pen below my lips thinking about circumstances. “But why they seem to hide it? And the last time I see Haruchan she was enjoying Shinoda-kuns company? ” I sigh heavily wanting to erase what I saw this morning…


I’m walking inside crossing the lobby of Oshima groups Office building to the lift … I smile recognizing the short guy walking in front of me and ready walk fast so I can reach him and see his pissed expression once again but I stop seeing a girl walk thru him and cry on his shoulder… Kai pulled the girl and look around seeing other employees watching them like some kind of drama in television. Even if I want to step my feet there is something halting me to go further…I tried shoving the thoughts away from my head but seeing Kojima Haruna on Jurio’s restaurant opening my brows curve upward then my curiosity grew thinking why did she suddenly bid her farewell in the midst of piano duel… And I saw her sad …Is she playing with Kai kun and now she’s crying in the guy's arms… “What is your secret Kojima Haruna?"I was standing on the lift when I decided to exit in the fourth floor and walk to the fire exit reaching the ground level … I silently step down from the landing and watched Kai brushing the girl back trying to calm her I can’t hear their conversation as the girl was still controlling her voice while bawling… Then my brows twitch upward seeing Kai hugged Haru-chan… She’s still crying and clutching Kai sleeves…Walking in my daze I walk out the fire exit thinking what are they fighting off and if there is really something going between them. Why are they hiding?"Is it because Haruna is a famous model and publicizing their relationship would affect her career. There is hundred question running in my mind…. But they should at least let us know about it…"Kai-kun, Why are you hiding something in me?”

I feel disappointing towards the man whom I trusted the most… Why am I feel scared of losing him? Haruna just doesn't play with my best friend’s feelings or I will not let it slip..I will not sit around while you're playing his heart… Kai-kun is not like the other guys, never exploit his kindness or else you're going to know my bitch side… He's been thru a lot of hardship as his mom die when he is six years old. Like Yuu-kun I will not any girls hurt him even if you’re also my friend…


@ryu 201: your back..hehehe.. It's been awhile since we've last chat... I'm happy that my favorite reader returns.... Yes their relationship is too complicated now the writer is twisted. Thanks for following my fic..

@Hipchan: Hi Yes thanks for messaging me that really means a is my update... about kojiyuu...Eh????? lol

@jhom_09: d ko rin alam.... Kojiyuu...

@rindg: Ah another Kojiyuu shipper.. hehehe.. really is it painful? Ah you should be ready because there will be more heartaches to come.... Swimming? I want to go to the beach.  I want to eat halo halo... damn my summer sucks....
 For other readers than you..... Bye
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Re: White Lies ( GB kojiyuu, atsuyuu, atsumina) Chapter 31 Update
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what the?!
is yuu will learn to love atsuko since he know how much atsuko love him now?
is he will marry her now?
you will not let it happen arent you?  :shifty: :mon wtfmm:
and why kai not try fight for his love?!  :mon fire:

btw,u update so fast.
can you always like this  :mon mischief:
hshaha kidding just update when u have free time ^^
thank for update author-san  :twothumbs

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Re: White Lies ( GB kojiyuu, atsuyuu, atsumina) Chapter 31 Update
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woooo, so long ache
I spend 20 minutes reading this, but its make me more sad and confused.
I dont know which one will suffer the most.
But i know its will be happy ending!
thank you master, ahaha
Update soon!

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Re: White Lies ( GB kojiyuu, atsuyuu, atsumina) Chapter 31 Update
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thank you for the update author-san  :wub:

and thank you for making my Kojiyuu suffer T__T

for the next chapter : I hope you'll update soooon and don't try to kill my kojiyuu's happiness  :banghead:

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Re: White Lies ( GB kojiyuu, atsuyuu, atsumina) Chapter 31 Update
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wow...  :angry: :angry: :angry:

so ano to? ung kojiyuu ko anong ginawa mo?  :bleed eyes:

were talking last night and you never mention you update this -_- im glad i open jphip and saw this? wow, just wow dude.. make them suffer more or else i will hunt you down...  :twisted:

i will go now dude thanks for this  :cry: you know im busy with something so dont expect too much from me..

gotta go..  :shakeit: :shakeit: :shakeit:

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Re: White Lies ( GB kojiyuu, atsuyuu, atsumina) Chapter 32 Update
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Chapter 32 part 1

Kai agreed to accompany me on Yuu’s office. Hearing the news about Oshima-group acquiring Maeda corp made me think of things that I regret. I just gave Atsuko a chance to steal my squirrel away from me but despite having negative thoughts in my mind my memories with Yuuchan kept me positive. Yuuchan promised me that he will do everything for me so I guess even if I asked him to run away with he will still do it. I will not let Atsuko ruin eight years of handwork just prove our love with Yuuchan… I’m determined to get my squirrel back…. It doesn’t matter even if it means putting my pride down and beg on his best friend for this favor and by using his feelings for Acchan…. I need to fight even if I have a little chance.

We stepped out of the elevator and went to Yuuchan’s office. Kai properly greeted Yuu’s secretary and I did the same. I was following Kai behind just a few steps away from him. When his secretary was about to ask Yuuchan’s permission on the line she was halted by Yuu’s executive assistant, who just went out from my boyfriend’s office….

“I’ve got this.."He said and opens the door for us…

I was stuck. I can’t even move my feet to step forward. Noticing this Kai looked at me with a worried face.

"Haruna-san, do you still want to go?”

“Of course!!” I answered without thinking..

“General Manager Takahashi, can you tell to President Oshima that we are leaving and will back tomorrow.”

“Ok. I will and thank you Kudo- san.”

I bowed my head and followed Kai. He closed the door and locked it…

“Do you have a minute my friend?” Kai asked but My ex boyfriend, who is so busy reading some documents on his table is not even looking on our direction.

“Just let me finish this one..” He answered without looking.

Before Kai could reply I pulled his shoulder backwards as I cannot miss any second to confront Yuu.

“Yuuchan?” I mumbled, gaining the attention of the man still on his desk and returned his gaze to his friend and looked at me again, confusion is painted all over his face. He stood up with a confused expression on his best friend silently having staring contest with him.

“I’m sorry Yuuchan but this the only way I can talk to you"

“I’ve volunteered to accompany her.” Kai defended..My ex boyfriend scowled keeping both of his hands in his pocket and returned looking at the paper on his table…

“Dude, I’m sorry for what I’ve done and I think bringing Kojima-san to you will clear our misunderstandings.” Before Kai could continue explaining a knock from the door halted him from doing so. Yuuchan opened the door wide unveiling the girl that causes all my insecurities…

"Yuu-kun I’m sorry but you need to sign some important documents."She said walking inside Yuu’s office. The moment the girl passes us, she notices our presence causing the latter to tilt her head, she seem intrigued with reasons of why me and Kai-kun are in the president’s office.

"Kai-kun? Haruchan? What are you doing here?”

“We were just visiting Yuu."Kai answered.. I averted my gaze to Acchan whose eyes are into cutting shape, she seem giving me warning and questioning my presence on the room.

"Kai, Haruna can you wait for me for a while?"Yuuchan asked us to sit on the couch, Acchan followed him to his working table..

"You look pale Yuu-kun? Are you still sick?"  The man started reading at the paper, flipping the pages fast..

"No, I’m fine…”

“Yuu kun, you just got hospitalize again yesterday, You should take a break..”

“Yuuboy you should rest because it will be harder for everybody if you got hospitalized again. You’ve been using the hospital as your place for vacation.”

I worriedly look at Yuuchan  clueless on what the two people were talking about…He become to engrossed with work that it affected his health, now I’m becoming more worried if he is eating well…I think I should be the one taking care of him.. That should be me instead.

Atsuko placed his hand on Yuuchan’s forehead that made him look at me and removed it…

Kai held my hand causing me to shift my head to face him and gave me a reassuring smile…

“He still loves you.."He whispered

” I know…“

"Don’t worry about me much Atsuko.. I will take a good care of myself..” Yuu said not looking directly at the girl on her side. I’m flattered on how you act coldly to Atsuko.

“Kai-kun, can I come over to your place after work I want to cook something for Yuu-kun.” Acchan said who seems to not notice that she is hurting everybody in the room with her words.

“I’m sorry Atsuko but I will not be going home at Kai’s place as I promised Mayu to helped him on his feasibility study..” Yuu gave the documents back to Atsuko.

“Okay, bu-but Yuu-kun you should take care of yourself.” Yuu remained silent on his chair on the edge of his desk with his arm crossed in his chest. I see how Atsuko was glaring at me. What did I do to her? I should be the one doing that or more than that. Without any reply on the man.

“ I have to go now..”

“You should ask your secretary to sign the documents next time..” Said the man who is still not looking at her.

“No, I need to check if you’re not overworking yourself.” Atsuko protested.

“Bye Kai-kun and Haruchan I still have a lot of things to do.” Then she left the room still releasing the same aura when she entered.

“I think I also need to leave you guys.” Kai stood up…

He nudge my ex boyfriend’s shoulder. “I know this will give you a peace of mind and this will be my peace offering..” As my boyfriend approach us.

Then he walks out the door.“I just want to remind you that this office is sound proof.” Kai winked, locked the door and left the room..

“Oi, midget !!!"I held Yuuchan who is standing in front of me with his back facing me.

"I’m sorry ..” I hugged his back. “I still love you…. Yuu-chan.”

-Yuu’s Pov-

I got surprised that Haruna asked Kaiboy for help to see me.. After we broke up I focused on my work but my body is reaching its limits and I got hospitalize again. The girl was locking my body with her arms and her face buried on the crook of my neck… I' am frozen at the moment as I missed this feeling for so long but I can’t utter any word or my plan will meet its end “Yuu I still love you. I’m wrong I should have listened to you…I should have trusted you more..”

“What are you doing here?” I said harshly.

Haruna cried on my back hugging my waist tightly.

“I saw it now and its clear to me that it’s only Atsuko’s doing..I’m sorry please come back to me I can’t live without you.”

“Why??? Haruna not now…” I was searching for answers while looking on the floor.

“Yuuchan don’t marry Atsuko, remember you told me that you will everything for me… and I want you to return to me…” I got surprised on what she said..
“I will marry Atsuko?” Did Kai say it to her? My engagement? But.. why? Not now that I’ve already made up my mind.

“Please don’t, Yuuchan we can run.Yes.. I still have your assets right? Let’s live abroad and start a new life.”

Now I’m confused and she is crying hard in front of me.. That midget might reveal my father’s plan.. I left because I don’t want to cause her anymore pain but I guess she is just like me.. she is also suffering. She looked the same when I saw her in New York few months ago.

“What are you saying?”

“Yuu- Yuuchan, please don’t leave me..” She started crying and slowly she sat down on the floor with her hands that is shaking while covering her eyes.

 I helped her sit on the couch properly and I kneeled in front of her so I can have her face to face, I closed my eyes as this scene reminded me of the day our relationship became official. I bit my lower lip feeling the guilt of making her suffer. She is still covering her face with her palm while my eyes are feasting on the view. I can’t explain what I’m feeling right now..Am I going to be happy or sad with our situation..

“Yuuchan I can’t live without you I’m so stupid…. please..doooooon't…marry Atsuko… Stay with me Yuu-chan..” She said in a firm voice and cursing my childhood friend’s name…

Haruna POV

I don’t mind acting stupid in front of him because all I need is Yuuchan… My Yuuchan…Yuu is kneeling in front of me but he is still avoiding my gaze.

“Stop doing this Kojima-san..Have respect on yourself..” I intensely glared at him with my hands clenching his suit making me feel his heartbeat. I move closer, still searching for his eyes…“ I will not stop until I got a honest answer from your lips..” I moved closer that made him cringe. “You can lie to me but not your body cannot.” he is breathing irregularly this is not the pervert Yuuchan..  This is how his heart is responding to his lover… he can lie with his words but his body can’t… He tried to pull his self back but it only resulted having opportunity to lock his neck on my embrace.. I move my face closer feeling his warm breathe on my cheeks.. I know he can fight this but I don’t have any choice..Yuu’s body is shaking responding to me… I kissed and suck his neck earning a moan from him…

“Please, I can leave everything here in Japan even my family but not you Yuuchan…. please, please..” I burst into  tears, still clenching his suit with my hands and resting my face in his neck…Yuu remained immovable but his body was twitching while clearing his throat…I can feel it in my cheeks that he is gulping many times…

"How could you make me suffer like this, you’ve promised me everything for eight years but you’re marrying that bitch in just two months… Fuck you Yuuchan…” I tighten my grip on his collar…Please stop making me suffer…Stop breaking me into pieces… Please Yuu….“ I’m feeling nauseous.. I think I’m going to pass out with too much crying but he remained mute in our place… Please.. then I cover my face with my palm once again…

"Can I see your face?” His statement didn’t get thru me until Yuu held my hands with love and rubded my knuckles…  I slowly revealed my crying face… Yuu smiled and wiped my tear with his right thumb and his other hand was holding both of my hands…. “ If I’m the one who is making you cry let my thumb wipe your tears..” I can now see love in his eyes..

“Don’t stare at me like that when my makeup is a mess “
“Beautiful” his eyes are wondering until it finally got connected in mine. And having some staring contest with me..  I can’t help not to pout with his gestures of calming me. My love cupped my face and caressed my cheeks with his thumb… “You’re still beautiful Kojima Haruna”

“If it’s not you Kojima Haruna then I won’t have any plan of marrying.. How can you ruin my plans of coming back to you after settling everything.. How can you make me feel this bad with your tears..”

I pulled my head back trying to catch my breath…He is now rubbing his hands on my back to calm me down… Finally our eyes meet and now just like me, tears are running from your cheeks…

"Let me hear it Yuuchan…I love you…” My other hand cupped his cheeks and that was responded with a kiss and a nodded.. “What the fuck are you doing answer me please…”

“I love you Nyan nyan…” Without letting him say more I crushed my lips in him and lock my arm around his neck…“ I want you Yuuchan…” I’m so aroused thinking that he will fuck me with the other girl’s office is just one floor away… I pulled his body placing him on top of me. I let him hear my moans to show him how I’m excited doing it again with him.

I kissed him from his ears trailing down to his cheeks while rubbing him… "Yes baby let me hear your love….”

“Ah Nyan nyan…Ouh…."I let him continued playing inside my mouth with his tongue exchanging the air from each other’s lungs…

"Yuuchan make me yours.. please” not letting go of his head that was licking and sucking my neck…Yuu loves being on top of me and being in control. I enjoyed the rough side of him so I often do it after some of our fights… He has been enjoying my mounds and how I moan in every squeezing he does on…I started unzipping his pants.. I bit my lower lips knowing what will happen next… But he held my hand halting me from going further. I scowled from his action. He might be acting tough again wanting to make me plead again.

“We can’t do this here..”

“Do you miss my place?” he nodded and was replied with another round of smooches.. oh how I love chewing his lips…I  pulled away and started fixing myself. “I will be waiting for you in the parking lot..”

“No.. It’s ok lets both head there..”

“Together?” Without giving me chance to retort, Yuu pulled me up and quickly dragged me out of his office..

 Thinking how dangerous for us to be seen by anyone in his office together but I can see not a trace of doubt in his eyes. I agreed..  That later mark a pinkish hue in my cheeks. Me and Yuu went to the elevator together. I’m beside him but I can’t hold his hand.. feeling still insecure about our relationship though he reaches my hand many times I played not noticing it.. still scared that his parents will catch us and take him away from me… Be strong Haruna.. have faith in him… I glanced at him once again noticing that he’s been staring at me for a long time, but his small gestures results making me form a curve my lips.

“I love you..” I signaled with my mouth… He nodded but before he can answer the elevator door opened up and other employees got in while bowing their head to greet him. I walked ahead of him crossing the distance from the elevator up to the exit door of the building.. I turn around as I’ve reached the exit but my eyes are fixated on the view half the lobby, Yuu was there talking to someone… I walk closer to the revolving glass door remembering the owner of that office attire from Yuu’s office. She’s holding his hand while the other employees was feasting on the side…Yuu pulled his hand and bowed to Atsuko that answered with a nod… I closed my eyes and go to my car… Have faith in him Haruna….

-Yuu’s Pov-

I can never win if she’s crying what more with her pleading my plan of going back after settling my situation was over. You lost again with her tears Oshima. I know that she loves me but after what she saw on my office I don’t know how to face her anymore… I tapped the code on her door but she opens it before I can finish… She pulled my neck tie inside and closed the door. I was changing my shoes when she pulled my suit and kiss my lips roughly while removing my coat and tie…. I hugged her body and squeezed her bum…

“Ahh…"A mewl escaped from her mouth…

 [not for kids chap 32.5]

-Atsuko’s Pov-

Walking back from Yuu-kun’s office.. I throw the file folder in my desk causing all the documents to be scattered everywhere. I slumped to my chair recalling Kai face close to Haruna.

I actually want to ask confirmation about the two but who am I to do that. I rest my back on my chair. I can’t be wrong with reading his lips, Kai said I love you to Haruchan that was replied with I know… What are they doing at Yuu-kun’s office? Did he knew about the two’s relationship? but..But what about Mario kun though he keeps on denying it he seems interested with Haru-chan that night at Jurios restaurant. I slapped my face with my both hands lightly. But if Yuu…No… Maybe.. Yuu knows about their relationship that’s why he seem irritated with the pair the last time we had dinner…

Ne Haruchan, are you playing my friends heart…damn I can’t focus on my work, hunted by it. Then Kai saying I love you to Haruchan flash backs in my mind again .Then maybe I’m just over thinking.. No..

“ Why am I acting like this?”

Yuu’ POV

Haruna seems so fond of me… She keep showering me with kisses now I’m quite hesitant of believing if I’m really with my girlfriend. It just doesn’t sink in my mind.. We decided to shower together after our tiring making-love session. She wanted to use the tub and she also volunteered to scrub my back… for the whole time I remained silent…. She kissed on my neck and sniffing my scent that make me chuckle…

"I love you Yuu-chan..”

“I love you too.. "She rested her chin on my shoulder..


“ you always answered me I love you more..”

I shook my head and pinch her cheeks to make her stop pouting while tightly hugging my neck..“I love you more Nyan nyan..”

“Then why do you seem gloomy.. aren’t you happy?” I smirked then rub my cheeks in her.. “Does my body tell you that?”

“I don’t know  …” I took one of her hand and placed it on my chest… “Now tell me, what is he saying now..” Haruna giggled and pulled my head for another round of smooches… Her legs are crossed in my torso still naked and soak on the bath tub…

“But your voice just seemed sad…”

I tilted my head and turn my body so I can see her more she lower her head with worried look…
I smiled and kiss her cheeks..

“What do you think will happen tomorrow Haruna?..”

She lifted my head slowly still carrying worries….

“I don’t know..”

“Me either, baby…I’m thinking if being with you again will bring pain too much pain..Will I be able to handle it… ”

“Yuu… What are your plans tomorrow? Can you eat breakfast and dinner with me?” I chuckled and nod thinking that she did not understand what I meant.

“Yay!!” She hugged me tightly. “Then Yuuchan will be with me tomorrow..and the day after tomorrow.. till the future become our present and turns to be our past..” I chuckled as I am the one who really doesn’t understand the situation. I fix her hair… Her words became my motivation…

“Stupid Yuuchan…” she mumbled and I pull her head for a kiss.

“Hai !!!!!” our eyes are connected reading each other’s feelings.

-Kai’s POV-

After helping  Haruna-san to see my squirrel friend I met Sai on the Oshima building cafeteria… He taught me how can I make Atsuko fall for me. That turns out completely forgetting my corporate meeting with Director Maeda…

Knocking on her office with a half opened door.

"Director Maeda?”

I knock again hearing no reply from the inside.

I slipped my head inside to see if she’s inside… seeing Acchan staring on nowhere, She seemed to be disturbed by something. I worriedly stepped inside then knock again on her door.

She got startled as she notices my presence as I walk into her desk.

“Is there something bothering you?…” I looked at her hand that is gripping the other.. “What’s wrong Atsuko? ” I cannot understand her right now. She’s looking at me but her expression was bothering me. Did she caught Yuu and Haruna? Shit I should be careful. I should not let them see each other.

“Kai are you hiding something from me?” I’m sweating hard with heavy feeling knowing that if Atsuko learned about their relationship will end.


@ryu201: You are not believing me ryuchan... Yuu already answer the question of everyone here..

@shanju: Masta here hope you enjoy it.. :hee:

@hipchan : here I will give you kojiyuu hapiness.. hoping you like it..

@jhom09: eto na oh hpe you will enjoy this...

to silent readers and who hit thanks.... :kneelbow:

Guys  give thanks to Oshi~ as she help me proofreading this chapter.... See you next time


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Re: White Lies ( GB kojiyuu, atsuyuu, atsumina) Chapter 32 Update
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good story  :peace:
maganda talaga yung story :rock:
pls update soon :philippines: :philippines: :japan:

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Re: White Lies ( GB kojiyuu, atsuyuu, atsumina) Chapter 32part 1 Update
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you are the man,yuu!!!!
make sure you not letting go nyan2 again.

is atsuko jealous with kai and haruna?
aw...just like what i want it,i love you author-san!!!!
 :love: :love: :love:

i have busy day today and makes me so tired.
im glad that u are updated this story today,it really make me forget about my tiredness.
thank autho-san  :)

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Re: White Lies ( GB kojiyuu, atsuyuu, atsumina) Chapter 32part 1 Update
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 I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!!!  :mon inluv: :mon inluv: :mon inluv: :nya:

ahhh finally I can feel my kojiyuu sweet moment  :mon lovelaff:

thank you for the update ache-san, Oshi~san,  :wub: :wub:

(more(kojiyuu)chapter like this please >.< ) heheheh arigatou~~

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Re: White Lies ( GB kojiyuu, atsuyuu, atsumina) Chapter 32part 1 Update
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Dis is purrfect!  XD XD XD

It's been a while, Kojiyuu-sama. I was literally squealing eheheh, wow, you must be so amazing to make me drool over this fic.

Even if I don't reply, please remember that I'm always reading this, AUTHOR-SEMPAI.

Lol, anyways, thanks for the update!
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Re: White Lies ( GB kojiyuu, atsuyuu, atsumina) Chapter 32part 1 Update
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Finally, they getting back together :')
Ahahaa, stop their suffer and now, just wait for acchan to realize her feeling.
I read in tumblr first, than here.
So, i think its almost reach the final chapter?
Thank you, update soon, i dont have any story in reading list again because the other kojiyuu author seem to be hiatus

Ah, and thanks to oshi for helping you :3

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Re: White Lies ( GB kojiyuu, atsuyuu, atsumina) Chapter 32part 1 Update
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so atsuko jealous?
about who? !Yuu ? Kai?

Thank you for updating~
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Re: White Lies ( GB kojiyuu, atsuyuu, atsumina) Chapter 32part 1 Update
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 :on bleed: :on bleed: :on bleed:

Oh my.... hahaha di na ko magcocomment ng mahaba.. alam mo na?

NEMAN... ikaw na....

dapat laging ganyan....  :shakeit: :shakeit: :shakeit:

Kojiyuu pa more.....

thanks dude... tagal kong hinintay yung smexy time mo.. worth it...  :thumbup :thumbup

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Re: White Lies ( GB kojiyuu, atsuyuu, atsumina) Chapter 32part 2 Update
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Chapter 32 part 2

Kai’s POV
After helping  Haruna-san to see my squirrel friend I met Sai on the Oshima building cafeteria… He taught me how can I make Atsuko fall for me. That turns out completely forgetting my corporate meeting with Director Maeda…

Knocking on her office with a half opened the door.

“Director Maeda?”

I knock again hearing no reply from the inside.

I slipped my head inside to see if she’s inside… seeing Acchan staring on nowhere, She seemed to be disturbed by something. I worriedly stepped inside then knock again on her door.

She got startled as she notices my presence as I walk into her desk.

“Is there something bothering you?…” I looked at her hand that is gripping the other. “What’s wrong Atsuko? ” I cannot understand her right now. She’s looking at me but her expression was bothering me. Did she catch Yuu and Haruna? Shit, I should be careful. I should not let them see each other.

“Kai, are you hiding something from me?” I’m sweating hard with heavy feeling knowing that if Atsuko learned about their relationship will end.

"Kawaii” I shouted in my head….Remember Kai if she doesn’t seem like she believes you just say you’re just joking and stupidly laugh or just act naturally. I frown as I finally understood the last three words so Sai was just implying that I’ m naturally stupid… Damn… Awkward silence covers the atmosphere but it seems that her mood became lighter as I tried complimenting her. Ok, Kai, that’s good for now…I took some document from my bag and started discussing the project but the whole time I was discussing, Atsuko’s mood didn’t change.

Yuu’s POV

“We’ll be together forever. I promise. I will stop everything tomorrow but not My Nyan nyan..” she gave a peck on my cheeks and hugged my neck…
“I believe in you I promise to trust you more Yuuchan….” she suddenly whispered in my ear.

After eating dinner and again making love for the third time. My body was tired but I’m feeling strong deep down in my chest I feel like I can do anything with her by my side… I’m watching my girl fondly trailing kisses on my arms until it reaches my lips… She was looking at me like a child still worried about my reaction.

“Ne Yuuchan…What’s your decision?” I shrugged that caused me to earn a smack from my girl. I chuckled and that made her rest her cheeks on my chest while staring at me.

“Yuuchan….?” She said like a kid wanting attention from her parent. I pinched her nose lightly which made me giggled and I tightly hugged her.

“I thought I needed to decide but I never noticed that all this time I already have my answer to my question..” Haruna crawled up making our face an inch closer while her arms are folded to support her own weight. Haruna kissed my lips for a few seconds and cutely smiled at me. After a few seconds she kissed me again but this time a little longer than the first one, she closed her eyes and mouthed the word I love. “Are you bribing me for my decision…” She shook her head then cupped my face and kissed for the third time. This time I hugged her and give gentle smooches while staring lovingly into her eyes while her hands are still resting on my chest.

“You will be lying to yourself if you choose her over me…”

“How can you do this to me?” I rested my forehead in her making her feel my love in her arms…

“And you will suffer a million times if you accepted your father’s proposal…”
I smile and brush her cheek not removing the connection of our eyes.

“I never have to decide because I will always choose my Nyan-Nyan and no can make me change my mind. As I said I don’t have any plan of marrying if it’s not Nyan nyan… ” She smiled sweetly with tears forming in the corner of her eyes. Haruna mouthed the word Thank you.

I shook my head and kiss her arm.

“I’m no one if Kojima Haruna is not by my side. I remember myself back in high school lost and unable to put my own decision. Without you, I won’t be here. Oshima Yuu might be a piece of trash spending his fortune every night in the club. "Thank you for saving me Nyan nyan…” I buried my face in her neck.

“Yuu-chan.. ” She cupped my face and now I can see her tears falling from her eyes as she giggles while I brush away the tears falling from her eyes. I cupped her hand leaving kisses on it. Without me k owing tears was also falling from my own eyes. And Haruna brushed those tears away. “I’m so happy. I wish that this moment will just continue on forever….”

“You know I love your idea.” She hit my arm and giggles “Hentai!!!” and continued giggling

“I missed you saying that to me” And again I kissed her shoulder. Haruna rested her head in my chest hearing my heartbeat.

Then I started humming a song river flows into you and  I stopped making her lift her head in my chest…

“Why does it sound like give me five by AKB48” Haruna laughed and cover her face…

“Yuuchan no baka…” I nodded my head… “I agree with you baby. ”
She returns resting her head on my chest…

“I will not let anyone take you away not even a chance…Your only mine…”

“But.. still I can see you’re going out with Mario-kun..”

“He is my employer Yuuchan but if you hate that I’m working with him I will just pay our contract…”

I kissed her hair and smile

"I never asked that.."I trailed my finger in her nose until it reaches the tip and put a little pressure on the tip. I sigh. "I trust you and I know that my Nyan nyan loves me…” I lay her down examining her naked body… “I’m sorry..” Trailing the bone on her ribs… I bit my lips seeing how our breakup greatly affected her body…

Haruna cupped my face again… “Yuuchan stop blaming yourself…” I coughed removing the thing that was straining my neck. She is trailing her fingers on my cheekbones… “ I guess we can’t live without each other. We might die young if that thing happens…” I shook my head that was answered with by brows tuning to a curve pointing upwards.

“I don’t want to die…”

“So you want me to die first?” I hugged her resting my lips on her cheeks ..“That’s why I don’t want to live without you..” Nyan nyan pinched my waist.

“Sweet talker…”

“But still… you believe to every word I say…”

“I’m getting tired of it” I nodded

“So am I…” and chuckled. Haruna laughed and hid her face in my arms.
I spread my arms and Haruna use my shoulder as her pillow.  “I know I may not help you but I want to know your plans.”

“I have only one concrete plan and that was to fight for you… ”

“If Maeda Corporation will not be under your father’s company anymore… does that mean you’re going with me to New York Yuuchan?”

I stared at her and smirked.

“If they can’t acknowledge me or if our friends would hate our decision. I don’t mind. I’m still holding on your words from your fake house warming party..”

“I will not think about it until I’ve got the board of director’s permission and save Maeda Corporation. I will do everything for you to be acknowledged, you deserve that baby”

“I want to help, Yuuchan. how can I help you? I pursed my lips making her doubt my move.

“You’re not taking it seriously…” Haruna was looking at me with her eyes filled with doubt…

“I need you to recharge me…” is pulling her body closer to me…

“Aren’t you tired?”

“I miss your lips baby…“ Haruna complied then we cuddled for the whole night.

I was staring at the curtain wall of my office with my hands inside my pocket… This day I asked my executive assistant to permit anyone to enter my office. My father visited this morning asking for my answer.

"Be firm with your decision Yuu…”

I put my phone up reading the messages, I smile seeing the messages from my girl giving me encouragement in the presentation.
The phone on my table rung and I turned around to answer it. Kudo-san said that all the board of directors is waiting… Here is it Yuuboy…


Guys give thanks to Oshi~ as she helps me proofreading this chapter….I made a mistake sending it to her so this chapter got divided..... Thanks, Oshi~ san

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arawche079 ecchi: what then happen to kojiyuu??? I am just reading until chapter 14... I really like this fic,, and I wonder what n how the end is??
and you know? I like Yuu's mother. she is like evil at the first,,but when I get deep into her and compare to the reality, I think what she does is just to make Haruna the best for her lovely son's also for haruna herself. you know, entering a very high class family, you should at least have a high academy basic too. and it's good for haruna, so she wouldn't be shy to be Yuu's situation. aahhh I dunno worematolkinebout kekekekekekkekekkk  I appreciate how detail you are author san,, kojiyuu is inspiring so much. for friendship, for love, and for skinship right.. kekekekekekk I love kojiyuu. keep it up

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