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Author Topic: Love Letter Madness R [SayaMilky/FuuMiru][Remake][170404] - COMPLETED  (Read 6119 times)

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Hello guys!  :lol: I know some of the readers here know this already but to let all of you know, I'm posting the Love Letter Madness Remake I posted on wattpad ages ago! :)

So here's the first one I posted here Love Letter Madness: The shitty grammar 2012-2013 edition For new readers, I don't recommend you to read this. It has inconsistent storyline, and a shitty character development and the Miyuki here is like a psycho-ero human who doesn't have a definite personality.

Btw. I'm warning you all that the remake has some serious bad words, so if you aren't comfortable with that, then just don't read it.

Chapter List

Chapter 01 - The Ones who stand at the Top
Chapter 02 - Shimarena Group // Transfer Student
Chapter 03 - Camp (Rooms and Foods)
Chapter 04 - Camp (Pools and Barbeques)
Chapter 05 - Dreams // Problem
Chapter 06 - I Like You the Best
Chapter 07 - Shiroma Miru
Chapter 08 - Cultural Festival 01
Chapter 09 - Cultural Festival 02//Ball
Chapter 10 - Shards of Happiness // FINALE

Chapters 01 - 07 are the current available chapters.
Chapter 08 is currently being written.

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Re: Love Letter Madness R [SayaMilky/FuuMiru][Remake][160615]
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I don't like my long hair, so I cut it short.

I don't like girls uniform, I can't move freely. So I wore the boys uniform.

I don't like clingy people so I study and live alone.

I don't like normal lunch boxes, so I bought one with a barbie design.

I don't like love letters, so I don't use my shoe locker and instead hide my shoes on another bag.

My name is Yamamoto Sayaka, and I hate Milky-sama so I throw her letters and let them burn in the incinerator.

Now, I sit inside the student council room's office, listening to the members having a meeting about the things to be done quickly and the solution for the problems of the student body.

Let me tell you how I got into this team, and how annoying of a trip it was.


I'm running late for school again, I should stop helping that classmate. I don't even know why she is in the Silver class with her brain as small as a used gum. I still envy those people in the Platinum class, the seven of them. They rule the school with in their hands, the student council has no match for them.

"Bad luck! The class is going to start soon!" I run to the stairs with all of my might. It was until I bumped into someone.

Slow motion, we fell to the ends of the staircase. She fell on top of me and her books fell on my face. "Wa-aagh..." I tried standing up but she's too heavy. "H-hey you. Would you mind standing up and getting off me?" I was glaring at the girl, but she just smiled at me.

"Why the f?!" I pushed her and grabbed my bag and hurried to my classroom. But entering it, the teacher shouted at me.

"Yamamoto, Yamada! Get an excuse slip from Principal Kamieda!" My head turned when I heard the other surname. 'Yamada?!' I saw Yamada Nana smiling before me. "Yaho~ Yamamoto-kun! Let's hurry up and get the excuse slip from the principal's office!" I held my anger back as I heard her old woman-like voice. She's a member of the student council. The auditor I think.

She was getting clingy of me the whole time we were walking back to our classroom. Before entering, I removed her hands away from me and entered the room with the face I always wore.

"Yamamoto-kun is so rude!" I gritted my teeth while looking at the bright blue sky, seated at the legendary seat, the one beside the windows.


The bell rang. I stood up from my chair and grabbed my lunch box beside my bag. Arriving at the cafeteria, I heard the loud squeals of the students.

"Kyaaa! It's the Platinum Class!" Oh, the class of the rich braggarts. Their leader was walking infront of them, all of the platinums are daughters and sons of the most prominent families here in Sugisaki-cho.

"It's Yoshida Akari-sama!" The girl that everyone idolizes and loves. Of course, the male students love her because of her long legs and sexyness. While the females love her because of her fashion sense and nails. 1st year Platinum.

"Hey guys, the it's the Platinum's Cinderella!" What?! It's the first time that I'll see her, the said Princess of the Platinum. The rumored Jonishi Kei.

I saw her walking, she really is a beautiful person. Her body is like that of a princess. She looked so cold like there is something bothering her mind. I'm finished with looking at them. My only goal is to see the Cinderella of the Platinum. 3rd year Platinum.

"Look it's Kinoshita Momoka!" One of the only two male Platinums, his name is for a girls. The rumors say, his parents accidentally named him a girl because they forgot his gender because of the delightfulness. Lame excuses, tsk. The girls love him because of his personality, while the boys get along with him because of his basketball skills. 1st year Platinum.

"Tanigawa-kun! Look over here!" Finally, the said 'King' of the Platinum. The so-called pretty boy, and heart throb. Tanigawa Airi. I don't know him that much and I don't even wanna know him. Also, named a girl because his parents can't think of any other name. 2nd year Platinum.

"Kondo-sama! Please take this!" Kondo Rina, the cute girl of the Platinums. Popular because of her cuteness. 1st year Platinum.

"It's the Queens!" They were pointing at Murase Sae and Azuma Yuki, they are called the queens. They have the same mother but has different fathers. They are called the queens because their family is the highest donor of the school. Murase Sae, 1st year Platinum. Azuma Yuki, 3rd year Platinum.

I really hate popular kids. I looked away and started eating my delicious lunch, then there was another round of squealing again. This time, it is for the student council. When the school started, the Platinums and the Student Council are already at war, the platinums are causing trouble, while the student council are the ones cleaning their mess.

"Miyuki-sama!" Watanabe Miyuki, the girl who fell on me earlier this morning. She is also the president of the student council, loved by all of the students and is the same year level as mine. The only difference is, she is on the 3rd year Gold class, while I and Yamada is in the 3rd year Silver class.

"Vice President Yuki! Chocolates for you!" Kashiwagi Yuki, the student council vice president. Same year as us, but is on the Bronze Class. Popular with the boys because of her beauty and charisma.

"Ogasawara-senpai!" Ogasawara Mayu, 2nd year Gold class, popular because of her comedic skills and excellence in music. The student council's treasurer.

"Mayuyu!!" The school's idol, Watanabe Mayu. She is the secretary. Also, in the same class as Kashiwagi Yuki.

Behind them is the other treasurer, and is not known by many. Kotani Riho, same year level as Ogasawara Mayu, but is on the Silver class.

"Nana-sama!" Oh yeah. She's the only Silver Class member of the Student Council, namely, Yamada Nana. My classmate, we've been together here since middle school. I don't consider her as a friend or anything. I see her as an annoying classmate. She was accepted to the Silver class because of me. She's the Auditor.

"Yukocchi!" The girls are squealing, it was Oshima Yuko, the girl that everyone looks up to. The student council's P.R.O., same year and class as Watanabe Miyuki. 3rd year, Gold Class.

When I looked at them, the Platinums and the Student Council are glaring at each other in front of the cafeteria's food counter. "Let's have a bet." The 'nandeyanen' duo, consisting of Kinoshita Haruna and Kadowaki Kaido.

"What bet is that again?" I continued eating my packed lunch.

"Bet! Of who'll be the one to eat in the royal tables." Oh, that again.

The royal tables are the tables two staircase above the normal tables in the cafeteria. The chairs and table there are different than the ones that normal students use.

Right now, I'm in the knight tables, the second type, the royal tables are one staircase higher than where I am now. The main food counter is also located in this floor, so it's pretty convenient for me.

The normal tables are for the one below the bronze classes. The knight tables are exclusive for the platinums, golds, silvers and the bronzes.

"I bet it will be the student council this time." Kaido crossed his arms and leaned on his chair. 3rd year Bronze.

"Well, I also think that it will be the student council." Haruna brushed her hair back and started taking pictures of herself. 1st year Bronze.

"No, I think it's the Platinum." As long as the Cinderella's with them, they'll surely get those seats. I've heard it from the rumors, that once she gives a stare or a glare, the opposing will suddenly drop.

"Oh. I forgot about Jonishi-senpai." Haruna slapped herself.

"Looks like the president has something on her sleeves." I didn't even notice that Kaido was already eating my lunch and is halfway finishing it.

I wasn't even planning on watching them, until I heard a plate crack. I saw one of the Platinums, Tanigawa Airi, throw the plate on Riho. She then started to cry, and she slowly fell down on the floor. Something inside urged me to come and stop Airi.

"Hey. Aren't you ashamed of yourself? Scaring a shy girl?" I went in between them with my hands on my pocket and putting up my coolness.

"Aren't you ashamed of getting in between fights that you're not even related?" He grabbed me by my collar.

"Waa! So scary!" I mockingly smirked at him.

"You damn--!" When he was about to hit me. I grabbed his hand that was holding onto my collar, and flipped him as easy as a big tarpaulin.

"Try to pick on the weak once again, and you'll taste your fear." I helped Kotani stand. "Are you okay?" She nodded and started crying again. Ogasawara came and told me that they'll be alright.

In the end, it was the Platinums that got to eat in the eight-seated royal tables.

While I, Kaido, and Haruna were forced to share our table with the student council, and theres Nana again, bugging me to teach her. "Yamamoto-kun! Please teach me~" she tries to be so cute to convince me.

"I'm eating. Study them yourself." I continued eating the Yakisoba bread that Kaido bought me as a compensation because he ate my lunch.

"Eh? So rude! Please?" I looked at her slightly. "Fine." I grabbed the book the she was holding against her chests. Nana let out a moan.

"Ahn! Yamamoto-kun, you pervert!" Because of what she said, I spewed all of the juice I sucked to Kaido's face.

"What the?" He wiped his face with his right hand. "Oh. Sorry." I smiled at him.

"Be thankful that I'm not a Platinum." Haruna and I laughed.

They later left, leaving me with the rest of the student council. When I noticed the time, I hurried back to my classroom, the class is starting in a few seconds.

Arriving at the classroom, I realized that I forgot my lunch box, bundled with my favorite sandwiches from my grandma, which, I haven't even eaten yet. I decided to go down to the cafeteria again, but the classroom's door opened.

"Is this what you're searching for?" It's the president. She got my books and lunchbox on the palm of her hand. "Uhm, yes. Mind giving it to me now?" She shook her head, signaling a 'no' sign.

I tried grabbing it but she began playing my things with her hands. "Have you forgotten what you did with me earlier?" Miyuki smirked. I remembered what I did, instead of helping her, I pushed her away for my own.

"Then I apologize." Unable for me to reach it, I slipped. Then, this girl kissed me. She kissed me, the strawberry flavored lips. I felt that this is so wrong, I'm a girl, and so she is.

I grabbed my books and lunchbox.

I turned my back and sat on my chair. They left after that, and until the end of class, I was thinking of what happened between us.


Walking to the school grounds, I was cornered by Kotani and Ogasawara. "What now?" I gave them a glare.

"I-I checked the student datas. You're Yamamoto Sayaka, r-right?!" Kotani was being shy, she was pointing her fore finger at me.

"And you're a girl." Ogasawara crossed her arms, and she was eating something very familiar, hey, that's my sandwich! Her face even says, 'Hey there, I had tons of fun eating your delicious sandwiches. Yum, yum.'

"Where'd you get that?!" I asked her.

"Your lunchbox." She laughed at me, I ignored her instead.

"So what about it?" I put my hands in my pockets.

"Let's talk privately." This time, it was another person from their backs. Kashiwagi Yuki. I had no choice but to follow them. They brought me to the school's quiet place, the backyard.

"What?" I leaned on the walls and looked at them with the piercing eyes.

"Join the student council." Kashiwagi was looking at me intently.

"No, I won't." I don't join clubs like this, it's better for me to be alone, than to join clubs that can bring me to dangerous situations. I tried passing to the free space beside them but they cornered me.

"What's with you? Suddenly forcing me to join this club." I gave them the scariest glare I have.

"Please?!" It was Ogasawara who was forcing me to join. "Tell me the reason, why will I join your student council?" I looked at them as if I don't care.

"We saw what you did earlier with Tanigawa. You saved our Ripopo!" Ogasawara was hugging Kotani very tight.

"Just with that? Don't fuck with me, I did that because he was picking on the weak." I stood up to them and looked at them in the eyes.

"That's what our group is made for. To protect the weak and to be the ones disciplining the Platinums." Kashiwagi crossed her arms and looked at me invitingly.

"We beg you. We'll do anything for you, just to join us." Ogasawara kneeled infront of me. "I can't afford to see Ripopo being bullied." She started crying.

Now, I kept asking myself sometime awhile ago, am I in a drama or something? No, Yamamoto Sayaka, you aren't.

"I beg of you too." It was Oshima this time, she came out of nowhere.

"I-I can change your name at the student database. That's what you want, right? To hide your identity of being a girl..." We were all shocked of what Kotani said.

That's what runs into my mind right now. I want to hide my identity, I want to be known as a boy 'till I graduate highschool. I don't want to be known as a girl because, I know I'll be harassed and played with. "H-How did you know that?" I asked her. Is she a mind reader?

"It's in this, right?" She showed me my diary. It looks like it fell when they went to my class.

"Okay, if you could really do that, I'll join." As soon as I answered, Kotani pulled out her phone and started dialing a number and after saying things in another language, she dropped the phone call. "They said it's okay." Kotani smiled at me.

"Then, here you go. Your Vice President Armband. We're both Vice Presidents." Kashiwagi smiled as she gave me my armband. Later, all of their phones rang.

"Are you still not finished?! Auditor Yamada and President Miyuki is fighting again! Guys, help!" It was Watanabe Mayu's voice calling for help.

"Oh my. Guys, let's hurry." Ogasawara and Kotani pulled my hand and brought me to the student council room.

"Yamamoto Sakuya, am I right?" Watanabe Miyuki was combing her hair, while looking at me. She then stood up and shook my hand.

"Welcome to the student council, and thanks for the sweet kiss awhile ago." She smirked at me, while I felt a little enraged since it was my first kiss.

"Now, let's start the meeting." She added.


Now that's the story of me, joining this huge mess. I still listen to them, sharing their thoughts and everything.

"Yamamoto-kun, do you have anything to say before we close the meeting?" Miyuki asked me. I learned to call them by their first names. I shook my head. "No, I don't have anything to say, President Miyuki." She gave me a smile and signaled us that the meeting's ended.

Today was just the second day of school, and I don't even know why the teachers know me as a male already. Looks like Riho's family is very powerful.

"I wonder where this came from...?" All of them has left while I still look at this love letter I got from my shoe locker since Yukirin scolded me to use my shoe locker. When I opened my locker there were tons of these. I wonder who is this Milky-sama who sent me letters.

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Re: Love Letter Madness R [SayaMilky/FuuMiru][Remake][160615]
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Chapter 01: The Ones who stand at the Top

3rd Person POV

"Kondo Rina." Said the girl who sat at the throne inside the Platinum Class' Lounge.

"W-what is it, Kei-senpai?" Kondo Rina felt a little scared because of the look in Jonishi Kei's eyes.

"You're childhood friends with Kotani and Ogasawara, aren't you?" Kei crossed her legs and closed the book she was reading.

"Yes, and I'm best friends with them. Why do you ask?" Rina tilted her head, she felt like there is something she's planning.

"Would you make Ogasawara drink this?" She handed Rina a chilled green tea bottle. "B-but... I can't do that... She's my friend." She knew it, the Cinderella's planning something again.

"Can't do it? Then..." Kei whispered something to her ear that made Rina very scared, she was trembling, she shakingly grabbed the bottle from Kei's hands and went out of the room.

"That's it, little girl." She stood up and grabbed another book from the bookshelves.

"Let me remind you, Jonishi-senpai. Going overboard is not really the best." Murase Sae said while playing chess with Yoshida Akari, she defeated her in a single bit.


Yamamoto Sayaka's POV

"Eh?! Maachun can't go to school today? What a waste." I was going to invite her to play outside but since she's absent, I'll be going home very early today.

I took the letter I received today. I read it again.

Dear Sakuya-sama,

I know your first name now! Yay! I want to meet you soon, I love you Senpai!


All of her letters are just short messages of admiration, or better, nothing.

"Want to visit Maachun on the way home?" Thank goodness, Nana's clinginess diminished by one percent.

"Why not?" When we were just fixing our bags, the door opened and it was Yuko and Yukirin.

"Guys, there's a bad news! The Platinums invited Ripopo in their lounge, and 3 hours has passed, she's still inside!" Yuko's eyes showed signs of worry and anger.

All of us knew very well that Ripopo is the major bullying toy of the Platinums, they can't bully Miyuki since her family ranks higher than theirs, Mayuyu, Yukirin, and Yuko also, because their parents companies are super powers that can crush the Kamieda Highschool and the Companies that form the Platinum. Especially, Maachun, because she is the only daughter of Japan's Minister of Education.

They bully Ripopo because she's a weak ordinary student, she is the daughter of Maachun's old maid, and is her playmate since childhood. In other words, she's poor and only depends on the scholarship given by the school. We're alike in some ways, I'm the daughter of Azuma Yuki's personal maid, I met her before. We're not that close though. About Nana, I don't know that much about her, except that her whole family was involved in an accident when she was younger.

"Things might happen if we don't hurry!" Nana dropped her bag and looked at all of us seriously.

"Could the two of you go instead? We're assigned to come with President Miyuki in the Student Council Meet." Yukirin said, both Nana and I nodded, Mayuyu came and told Yuko and Yukirin to come faster because the service is being readied at the moment.

"Sakuya, Nana. Be sure to get Riho out of the Platinums Lounge safe. I'm counting on the two of you." Miyuki wore her reading glasses.

We hurried to the Platinums Lounge. Arriving there was a bit of hassle, the students from different sections mixed, they said there's an unconscious body on the floor.

"Everyone move away! The student council is here!" They all obeyed once they heard my voice. We saw it, the unconscious body lying. Kotani Riho.

"Ripopo! Are you alright?!" Nana was shaking her really hard.

"Nana, bring Riho to the nurses office. I'll handle this one." When I was about to open the door, I heard another voice.

"Sakuya, you can't do that alone!" I saw Maachun holding unto her stomach and and is desperately trying to walk towards me.

When I turned my back, I saw Nana stand up and cross her arms. "Hey boys, do you want to share a table with me in the cafeteria tomorrow?" All the boys nodded in Nana's question, "then, would you be so kind to bring Kotani in the clinic? And Maachun, just go with them and guard Riho. I'm sure you're the one she wants to see first when she wakes up." Maachun and the other students agreed to Nana's orders.

We opened the door and saw the Platinums playing billiards, chess, drinking tea, and stuff.

"Living pretty convenient, huh. Platinums?" Nana leaned at the doorway.

"Who beat Riho up?" I gave them a cold glare. They all laughed at my question.

"I said, who beat her up?!" I kicked the table where Murase and Yoshida are playing chess.

"If you really insist, it's Tanigawa and Kinoshita." Yoshida stood up and poured a hot tea over me. "Haha! Suits you well, Vice President, Yamamoto~" she laughed as she crossed her legs seated at a red couch.

"Oh, maybe you'd like some cake?" Murase smashed a strawberry cake on my face. "There. Handsome! Hahaha!" All of them bursted out in laughter.

"Sakuya, are you alright?" Nana asked me.

"Do I look like I'm alright?" I answered her while wiping my face.

"Here comes the champagne!" Kinoshita blasted the champagne bottle on Nana's face, she looked so angry.

"Hey wait, something's missing." Tanigawa went his way to Nana. "Here." He crushed a banana on Nana's hair. "This gum has lost it's flavor." He also spewed his gum on Nana's chest. When I looked at her eyes, it was starting to be watery.

"Stop." I whispered.

"Did he say something?" Yoshida chuckled.

"Maybe he's scared! Hahaha!!" Tanigawa clapped his hands and smirked at me.

"Man, look at what you've done to my face." He pointed the bruise he received from me the other day. "y'know what? It's time to return the favor." He started to hit me in the face repeatedly.

I've been wondering, where's the Cinderella and the Other Queen? I can't help it. I'm being held down by Kinoshita, Fuck me. I'm more worried about Nana. She's being toyed by the two girls, slap, kick, hit. She's damn hurt.

My attention was later caught by the girl worriedly watching us from beside the bookshelf. It was Kondo Rina, Riho and Maachun's friend.

"No way man, where's your strength?" Tanigawa used his knee to hit my stomach. It hurted so much.

"G-Guys, p-please... Stop..." It was a different voice, as I thought. It was Kondo Rina.

"Woah? So you'd like to share the same suffering as them, Kondo?" I saw Tanigawa slowly walking towards Rina. Wait, what? What is he planning.

He grabbed a baseball bat and is coming to Rina slowly. I kicked Kinoshita on his 'shin' and just in time, when he was about to hit her. I grabbed Rina and I was the one who got hit? Wait, why wasn't I hit?

"Platinums, aren't you ashamed of yourselves?" I've never heard that voice before. Could it be? She's the Empress?!

"We just fetched Fuuko from the Airport and this happened? I can't believe you, Tanigawa, would hit a girl." Azuma Yuki leaned on the wall near the door.

"Yoshida, and Murase. What the heck are you doing with her?" The Cinderella, Jonishi Kei, glared at the two girls.

I saw Tanigawa's hands tremble, the bat fell from his hands.

The girl called Fuuko made her way towards me. "I'll treat your wounds." The girl helped me stand up and brought me to a couch and started curing the bruises.

While Nana was brought to their personal shower room inside the lounge, who knows what Jonishi did after going inside with her.

"Are you alright?" Azuma Yuki asked me.

"Yes. His punches are nothing compared to what happened to me when I was still a kid." Fuuko stared at me. "Yagura Fuuko, 2nd year Platinum." She smiled at me.

"Yamamoto Sakuya, 3rd year Silver Class. A pleasure to meet the empress." When she heard the word 'empress' from me, she tilted her head. "Empress?" She asked.

"Don't mind that, Fuuchan! It's just one of the weird nicknames produced by the student body. Ahehehe..." Azuma was glaring at me. I just gave her a 'Sorry' look.

"Yamamoto-senpai, you look so funny." Fuuko said with a chuckle. "What?" I looked at her with question.

"I said, you look funny. Because you smell like darjeeling, and you got that strawberry cake icing and crumbs all over your face. You're cute. Fufufu..." She's very ladylike. "Yukitsun, would you mind handing him a towel and a change of clothes?" I gulped.

"Yagura, there's no need. I have my own spare at the Student Council Office." After saying that, she shook her head.

"No, no. This is an apology for what my fellow Platinums did to you." I've got no choice but to nod.

"Fuuchan, we only have spare male Platinum uniform, we don't have ones for silver class." Azuma came back holding a hanger with a Platinum Uniform.

You heard that right, we have separate uniforms for each class, the Bronze class has a bronze eagle emblem on it's breast pocket, and is embroidered with the words Bronze class at the back of the coat and shirt.

While the Silver class has a silver snake emblem on it's breast pocket, and embroidered on the back of the uniform is Silver class.

The Gold class has a golden gun emblem on it's breast pocket, and embroidered on the back of it's uniforms are the words, Gold class.

The Platinums have a platinum scepter emblem, there is nothing embroidered on their back, but instead, the color of their uniform differ to the common uniforms. They have a black shirt and white coat, while us, from the Gold class to the bronze class, wear white shirt and dark blue coat.

Lastly, the normal class has the school's official emblem embroidered in their uniforms breast pocket, and their uniforms are white shirt and pink coat. With the School's name, Kamieda Highschool, embroidered on its back.

"Here you go." She handed me the platinum uniform. When Nana went out of the shower room, I saw her wearing the Platinum Girls uniform.

"Sakuya, you go wash yourself. I'mma talk to them about what happened to Ripopo and Maachun." Hearing those, I went inside and started to wash myself.

Things came in my mind, it's been a week since I started to work with them. A few cases have been solved, I felt I'm getting very distant from the people I met in my old school, namely, Kaido and Haruna.

I wonder what happened to the meet? I was supposed to come but because of what happened, Yuko filled up for me.

After taking a shower, I was having a hard time fixing the necktie. Going out of the shower room, I was still focused on fixing it.

"Sae, would you mind helping him with his tie?" Murase, who was sitting on the couch and playing with her phone was asked by Yagura. As expected from the real highest donor.

"Eh? Why me?" When she asked, Yagura just smiled at her. She sighed and stood up.

"I'm going to do this, Sis. Just sit back." Azuma walked towards me and started fixing my tie.


"She apologised for what she did to Maachun." Nana said while combing her hair. Who knows that this girl could be serious at times?

"Who?" I asked.

"Jonishi Kei." When I looked at her face, she seems to have a grudge against Jonishi, the Cinderella.

"Is there something between you and ---" she cut my words. "Of course there's nothing!" Nana started clinging unto me. She's back to her usual self.

We went to the clinic, we saw Maachun and Ripopo talking to each other. Ripopo then, noticed us and called Nana.

"Nana, thank you for what you did earlier." Ripopo thanked Nana. She knew it would be hard because Nana doesn't get along with boys that much.

"Don't mind it. What's important is, you're safe. What did they do to you anyway?" Nana sat on her bedside.

"Yoshida slapped me."What?!

"She just slapped you and you fainted?!" I felt a small quake.

"Yes..." Now I see why the student council is so overprotective with Riho.

The door slid, revealing the other student council members who came back from the meet or conference... Whatever you may call it.

"Riho, are you alright?" Miyuki stood infront of Riho. She just nodded.

"So no one's gonna ask about me, huh?" Maachun raised her tone.

"Maachun, are you alright? Happy?" Kashiwagi smiled mockingly at the white girl lying on the bed.

"Guys, the principal's calling us." Mayuyu hung her phone and placed it on her breast pocket.


"Bad timing, calling us all of a sudden!" Yuko angrily hurried with us on the way to the office.

"We can't help it. The spoiled kids did something detestable again." Miyuki removed her glasses. It looks like she knows why the principal called us.

"Are we getting punishment again?" Yuki pouted while increasing her pace.

"We haven't even rested." Maachun was still holding her stomach. "Sakuya, Nana... Why are you wearing a platinum uniform?" Riho stopped walking, all of us turned to look at her.

"I was also going to ask why are the two of you wearing that uniform." Miyuki placed a glare upon us.

"Well uh..." We never realized that we stopped in front of the Platinum lounge.

"I let them wear it because of what my fellow platinums did." Fuuko opened the door and smiled at Miyuki. She gave her a strange stare that startled Miyuki a bit.

"I understand... And welcome back Ms. Yagura."

"Let's hurry." Yuki took the lead and after a few minutes of running, we arrived.


"Ms. Principal!" Miyuki entered before us and greeted her, Kamieda Emika. "What did you call us for?"she asked.

"Well, I heard something." Principal Emika said as she wipes of the dust from a horse display.

"What is it?" Yuki asked.

"They said, Yamamoto-kun, beat up Tanigawa from the Platinums." The principal crossed her fingers, I gulped a little.

"You know the rules very well, right?" It happened before I joined the student council... So it shouldn't be counted as the President said...

"But ma'am, it happened before he joined us." Maachun reasoned.

"But it was the same day as he was recruited, who knows. All of you planned about this." She turned her chair and stood up, looking at the window, Principal Kamieda said "the Tanigawa Family is one of the highest donors of this school, if this comes out that you, from the student council did that," she made a thumbs down sign. "Kamieda Highschool will drop." She ended.

"I understand ma'am. I'll do my best to discipline my officers." Miyuki said to her. I turned to look at all of them, they were surprised.

"B-but, president!" Mayuyu tried talking to Miyuki. She gave her a sorry look and even shook her head. Yuko understood what Miyuki was trying to do, so she stepped up to ask the principal. I still don't understand the two of them.

"We're ready to accept the punishment." Yuko bowed and a smirk formed on her face. All of us stood silent outside the office while the Miyuki, Yuko and Yukirin were left inside.


"Because of what happened, we will not be using the school's vehicles, in meets, camps or anything. We are banned from using them." Yukirin announced. Nana stood up and started

"Why the school vehicles of all things!" Nana started angrily banging the table.

"Guys, I'm sorry. It's all my fault." I leaned on my chair because of the shame. It was all because of me.

"No, no one's at fault." Miyuki was signing some papers. She was angry.

"Blame it all on the Platinums." Maachun slammed her locker's door. She was angrily clenching her fists.

All of us fell silent, we ended up all the things to do and went home.


On the way home, I fell asleep on the bus. I was awoken by someone who sat beside me, probably because it's the only seat available. I took a peek, I almost puked.

It was Miyuki.

"P-President!" I stood up as a sign of respect, the bus suddenly stopped and I fell on her.

"I'm sorry." I realized that there was only the two of us inside the bus.

"It's alright." She answered. Because our school is far from the apartment I was staying in, there are still five bus stops that we'll be passing. I sat back on the chair. I felt something on my left shoulder, it was Miyuki, she probably dozed off because of te tiring papers we left her with.

Two hours passed and I reached my stop. I felt bad leaving her there so I carried her on my back. I'll let her sleep in my house just this day. We never knew what the driver has on his sleeves.


Watanabe Miyuki's POV

Ugh... The sunlight... Where am I?

I was in a small room, it was simple. The bedsheets are white, it was like I'm in some sort of a hospital, but it isn't. I observed the room and saw someone on a futon beside the bed I slept on. I stood up and tried moving the blanket from the persons face. To my shock, I blushed. It was Sakuya...

"S-Sakuya?!" I covered my mouth and I noticed his eyes started blinking.

"Oh you're awake." My heart started beating very fast. His voice is very inviting, "wait here, I'll be preparing breakfast." He stood up from the futon and went outside the room. He has a nice shape...

Sakuya went back holding a t-shirt and a mini shorts, "That's my friend's clothes. Be sure to thank her when she wakes up." I nodded and went to the shower room. "The towel's on the cabinet, pick whichever you want." Aaaah, his voice is just so...

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Re: Love Letter Madness R [SayaMilky/FuuMiru][Remake][160615]
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Chapter 02 - Shimarena Group // Transfer Students

"Murase, this is an order for you." The Cinderella, was once again sitting at her throne.

"What is it?" Murase Sae stood up from her couch and went near Jonishi Kei, the Cinderella. "Will you let me see your hand?" She asked.

"Hmm... Yeah sure." Sae nodded, but there is something that is bothering her. Why did the Cinderella called her all of a sudden.

"Your ruby platinum ring really looks good." She knew it. The Cinderella took it from her left ring finger. "I'll take this for now. If you fail to do what I want, then say goodbye to this class. You'll be joining the commoners class if that happens." Sae clenched her fists inside her skirts pockets.

"What is it that you want me to do?" She breathed in and out.

"Simple. Destroy the student council's image. Make the student body hate them." A smirk formed in Jonishi Kei's lips.


"Guys. This is such a hard task." Sae leaned on the rooftops walls and looked at her friends from the normal or what Kei calls the 'commoner' class, which was the same friends she grew up with.

"It's just destroying the student council's image right?" The eldest, Shimada Rena who was in her third year, looked at her while lighting up her cigarette.

"Rena!" The second eldest, Takano Yui, took the cigarette and stepped on it. A second year student.

"Look at the sign!" She pointed at the signboard on the entrance, written 'NO SMOKING'.

"I got it, I got it." She threw the used cigarette. "Where do you think it will land?" Rena leaned on the walls and took out a Yakisoba Bread. She asked them.

"Just tell it." Sae sighed and crossed her legs, sitting on the railings.

"Student Council's veranda." They paused a bit and suddenly laughed.

"You're joking right?" Yui said between her laughs. Rena just answered, "No." both Sae and Yui got their eyes enlarged.

"Eh?!" Yui and Sae grabbed her collar.

"Hands off bitches." Rena removed their grasp from her uniform.

"You said they ordered you to destroy the Student Council's image? Here, I'll-no, We'll help you. We're the Shimarena Group, right?" Yui smiled at Rena, and grabbed the ash tray hidden in the plants near the entrance.

"What'll you do?" Sae looked at the two girls, the turned the ash tray upside down and it fell on the veranda. "By now. The room inspector will be two rooms away, right?" Rena continued eating her bread.

"You guys..." Sae suddenly started crying.


"What's this?" A tall girl opened her locker and saw a black envelope inside. She opened and saw something that shocked her and made her laugh.

'Fukumoto Aina.

Leave 35,000 yen in your locker or we'll spread your dirty little secrets on your grade 4 days?

-Student Council Treasurer Duo

Kotani Riho & Ogasawara Mayu'

"The fuck?" Fukumoto Aina, the new transfer student laughed. She knew those two, she met them once when she was still coming with her father to his business meetings.


The next morning, Miyuki looked problematic. The student council suggestion box was filled with hate letters for the student council. She never knew what happened, all she knew was the room inspector saw a used cigarette in the room's veranda. The cigarette ashes also drove them to corners, that Yamamoto Sakuya was forced to take the responsibility of the smoking.

"They hate us now. I've worked hard to come this far and it will all end just because of a used cigarette in our veranda?" She clenched her fists. She saw an unusual type of letter, it was in a brown envelope.

Miyuki read the letter inside.

'All of you are big bullies. You sent us letters of blackmailing. You're not supposed to be sitting in those high seats. All of you should be pulled down in the normal class, so that you'll feel the pain of being a bullying material.' A black paper fell from the envelope, it was the letter that the sender received.

The president opened it and read the contents.

'Good day, Ms. Umehara Mako.

We are the student council, and we demand you to pay us 35,000 yen or else, see you outside the premises looking for an available high school.

If you fail to pay us within the span of 48 hours, we're not joking. We're forcing you out of the school.

Leave the money in the 57th locker in the 34th floor.

- Student Council President and Vice Presidents

Watanabe Miyuki, Yamamoto Sakuya, and Kashiwagi Yuki'

She's kinda happy that her name is beside Sakuya's, but not of the contents. Miyuki's angry. In two years, she fought to get the president position, and to avenge the president in her freshmen days, when she was just an auditor.

"Platinums again." She gritted her teeth.

The sliding door opened, it was Oshima Yuko. She was dirty, her uniform is wet with mud.

"Miyuki, never go outside. The normal students are starting a revolution against us, they're all in the power of the platinums. They've set up traps around the school for us." Yuko said between her breaths. She was breathing heavily since she was ambushed by the agricultural club.

"I got it." She nodded and continued reviewing the hate letters they received.


"Excuse me..." Aina entered the office, she was going to report the letter that she found on her locker.

"Oh, yes?" It was Maachun who answered her. "W-wait, AINYAN?!" Ogasawara Mayu, who was drying her hair stood up, the towel she was holding fell.

"Riho! Ripopo! Kotani Riho! It's Ainyan!!" The surprised girl was tapping Kotani Riho who was sleeping. She was too lucky because only few people knew she is a part of the Student council. Only her classmates though.

"Wait. Ah?! Ainyan?!" She ran and hugged Ainyan.

"Guys, what're you doing here? Don't tell me you're a part of the student council?!" Aina surprisedly asked.

"We're both Treasurers. I'm the club's funds treasurer, while she's the overall treasurer." Maachun answered and pointed Ripopo.

"Cut the chatter, where's your president?" Aina asked again, this time she was holding the black envelope.

"Our president is having a chat with the school president, I could entertain you if you'd like." It was the newly hired vice president, Yamamoto Sakuya.

"Alright then."


Yamamoto Sakuya's POV

"We'll find the culprit Ms. Fukumoto." I'm stuck with the Auditor, Yamada, and the two treasurers, Kotani and Ogasawara.

The other four is out talking to the school about my case. It's not supposedly my case, its really about the cigarette that was found the by the room inspector in the veranda.

Because she said that I'm the only guy in the Student Council, I was the one who have to be responsible for that case since I'm the only guy.

"Thank you. I should leave now." She stood up and walked outside the room. My phone rang, I answered it and it was my mom.

"Sayaka-chan, how's your life living under a boys name? Well, I want you to leave your apartment and live in the mansion with me. Y'know? Mother's getting weaker now." I understood what she said. I knew that this time would come.

"I understand mom. I'll talk to you later, I have things to do." I hunged the phone and pulled the other three with me to investigate the Black Letter cases.


"Hey, isn't that girl from the normal class floor?" Maachun pointed at the tall girl holding one of the locker's doors.

"She was holding some kind of... Black envelope?!" Nana exclaimed. The girl noticed them and ran off.

"Let's go!" Ripopo started to follow the girl while holding her phone.

"Maachun, why is she always holding her phone?" Nana asked Maachun. Maachun just smiled at her. "Riho's good friends with some good ghosts! Apparently, the 'Answer Man' is her bestfriend. She even made a special tapping song to summon the Answer man." After hearing Maachun's answer, Nana and I felt shivers.

"She's in the 2nd floor!" Ripopo started running downstairs full of energy, while us three, are tired of running.


"Cornered. Matsui Rena! Why are you doing this?" Maachun pointed at the tall girl holding a black letter. We cornered her to the halls.

"Everyone..." They felt a heavy atmosphere after Rena said the word. It's too late when we knew that the normal class students had us cornered.

"Why are we doing this?" It was another girls voice. Matsui Jurina, I recognize her voice because we're in the same team.

"Yes. Answer our questions." Nana turned around and looked at Jurina.

"All of you student council do nothing but to watch us get bullied! You just sitting on your chair and watching us suffer. You're all cruel humans!" Jurina glared at us.


"Saeppi. The war has started. Our population's angry with them now." Yuipon leaned on the walls in the rooftop.

"Thanks guys. I knew I can count on you." Sae knew that Shimada Rena and Takano Yui are supposed to be on The silver class, but they are forced to stay in the normals because of them being poor, and as other gold class students say, being poor is not allowed on the elite classes.

"We're friends, right?" Shimarena started to smoke with her electric cigarette. It was a gift from Saepi.

"We can't believe that we're friends with a platinum class person. It makes us so proud." Yuipon smiled at Saepi.

"This is not something to be proud of." Sae started to laugh with them. This is the only time she could be herself, not the cruel bully from the platinums.

"It is!" Shinarena patted her back. 'It's really fun to be friends with a bunch of idiots.' Sae said on her mind. She was just using them not to get her hands dirty.


"If you don't like being picked on the by the Platinum class, then why can't you stand for yourselves?" When they heard Miyuki's voice, the students stepped back.

"If you're scared, then why can't you report that to us?! We can't possibly know everything that happens to this school. So don't say that we're just sitting like lazy persons and watching a drama about you guys suffering from the platinum's hands." Yuko glared at the students and crossed her arms.

"Don't worry students! I got that listed on my pocket! I'll make sure to place a report box here for all of you!" When Mayuyu talked, the atmosphere changed. All of them started to apologize and went back to their rooms.

"It's so unfair!" Yukirin pouted.

"Why so?" Sakuya asked.

"I didn't get to say anything!" All of them laughed at her. They came back to the student council room.


"The only thing's left is with the cigarette case. We have to solve it before it comes out." Miyuki looked at her members seriously.

"And for now, dismissed!" Yukirin announced and all of them left the room.


"Heh?! Yamamoto Sakuya is caught smoking?!"

"What a waste! I thought he was a good guy after all!"

The quiet school got enveloped with rumors, the student council's name was destroyed once again. The secret that they were keeping, got leaked.

"What's with the ruckus?" Today, Sakuya went to school with Kotani and Ogasawara.

"Hey it's the smoker."

"Maybe that ugly girl and Maachun is also smoking."


Maachun and Riho pulled Sakuya away from the crowd and soon, they arrived at the student council room.

"How did this... Went out?" Yuko rested her head in the table, while Mayuyu is still fixing things on her duty book, and Miyuki looked problematic.

"I know. It's the platinum again maybe." Maachun leaned back on her chair.

"No, it's the newspaper club." Yukirin arrived holding a huge poster in her hands. There was a guy wearing a same uniform as Sakuya and the same stance as him, the person in the poster is smoking.

Maachun noticed something fell from above their veranda. A used cigarette, and it was followed by ashes. Maachun quickly opened the window and looked up. There was three masked students, and one wearing a platinum class uniform, two wearing normal class uniform.

"Orrrraaaaaaaaaa!" Maachun dashed out of the room and for no reason, the other members followed her.

They soon realized what Maachun is running for, she was following the three students.

"Aaaah!" The three bumped into Nana.

"Nana, thank you!" Maachun and friends pulled them to the student council room.

"It's not thank you! My food got ruined!" Nana glared at Maachun.


"Why are you throwing the cigarettes in our veranda?" Miyuki asked them with a calm voice.

"Well, I ugh. I'm just envious of you, Kotani Riho!" Yuipon stood up and placed her hands on Riho's shoulders.

"Ripopo, this is a big achievement. Someone already recognized you." Maachun patted her back.

"Yes, Maachun, my time has come." Riho's tears fell down.

"No," Shimarena pulled Yuipon down her chair. "It's because I..." But Sae cut her words.

"I'm the one who started all of this. I wanted to destroy you. Because you're all good for nothing farts." Sae stood up and crossed her arms. "I used them not to get my hands dirty." She added.

Yuipon and Shimarena's eyes widened. They looked at Sae shockingly.

"Now if you'll excuse me." The platinum girl walked out.

"What do you think of her?" Yukirin asked them.

"A friend. A person to be proud of." Yuipon whispered.

"A person to count on." Shimarena faked a smile. "uhm, we'll take the posters down. We'll be clearing your name too. Let's go Yui." She pulled Yuipon out of the room. Yukirin also went out and looks like she followed Sae.


"Hey." Yukirin found her in the school's backyard.

"What're you doing here?" She was shocked to see Yukirin.

"You've already thought of them as friends, right?" She leaned on the wall beside her. "How did you--?" Her eyes widened.

"I saw the first time you did the throwing. I'm a member of the gardening club, and I was doing some sunbathing on top of the door."

"Gardening club? Sunbathing? What's the connection?" Sae walked past her, "you want to be with them longer right?" Yukirin's words stopped her from leaving.

"You're closer to them than the platinums, if I'm not mistaken." She smiled at her.

"Yes. I want to leave the platinum class and be with them. But it looks like that can't happen now." Sae whispered.

"Then leave 'em. Be with the ones you love, you only live once." Yukirin started walked away and waved at her. "But you're the one to decide yourself. It's your life. If you want to live a luxurious school life, continue with the platinums, if you want to live a normal school life, be with the friends that were beside you when you're alone." She continued walking towards the field beside the backyard.


"You failed Murase." The cinderella looked at her angrily. Sae smiled at her and went to the changing room, walking outside, she wore the normal class uniform.

"Here. I'll be happily leaving this class." She pulled a lighter from her pocket, set it on fire, then dropped it on the floor with her platinum uniform.

"Sae! What're you doing? What do you think will dad say if he knew this?" Yuki grabbed her by the shoulder and looked at her in the eyes.

"Daddy this, daddy that. I only live once. I'll finish my highschool life with the friends I cherish." She walked out and threw the platinum class badge behind.

"Don't ever dare show your face here." Jonishi Kei glared at her.


"Atlast, our name has been cleared." Miyuki yawned.

"Hey look. Murase's with the normal class." Sakuya pointed at Sae who was eating with Shimarena and Yuipon in the fields.

"Looks like I did something better now." Yukirin smiled and sat on her table.

"Well, guys. This is Fukumoto Aina and Yabushita Shu. They'll be joining us from now as the new secretary and P.R.O. Oshima and Mayuyu will be transferring to the main school building in Tokyo." Two students entered the room. Both are from the Gold Class. "And this guy is Shiroma Miru, the person who will replace Kashiwagi who will be transferring also to Tokyo. He's a boy, so don't confuse him as a girl just because of his name, alright? Oh, he's in 2nd year Silver." Miyuki smiled at her people inside the office as she introduced the new members of her Student Council.

- To be continued?

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Re: Love Letter Madness R [SayaMilky/FuuMiru][Remake][160615]
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Chapter 03 - Camp (Rooms and Foods)

"I'm so done with this already!" Syu dropped on the sidewalk and made her baggage in disguise of a sports bag a pillow. "I'm tired, too tired." She closed her eyes.

"Syu, we're tired too. Please don't slow us down." Riho sat at the side walk beside Syu then closed her eyes to sleep. "I guess it wouldn't hurt to rest for a bit." She muttered before burying her face on her backpack.

"Ugh. It's so hot, plus this road is too high, making us too much close to the sun." Miru complained with his deep irritated voice, he was carrying two sports bag that serves as his baggage. "I can't anymore!" they were in the middle of the mountainous road. It was such a bad luck for the principal to give them a camp with the Platinums for reconciling purposes, another bad luck is that the principal, Kamieda Emika, chose the Yagura Rest house on top of the mountain. They were just given a map to follow, because of the still unwavering decision of the principal to not let the group use school vehicles for camp or etc.

"Guys, I know just what to do." Mayu smirked as she looked at the group that was standing a while ago, now lying on the sidewalk, gasping. She stood up on the side of the road and smiled gladly with her extended right arm and the right hand showing a thumbs up sign.

"Maachun, cars rarely use this road because the Yagura's own this." Aina leaned at the shed's pole.

"Shh. Ainyan, I got this." She signed a 'stop' with her palm open at Aina.

"If you say so. You look like an idiot, by the way." She sat and leaned at the pole again.

Sakuya turned to look at Miyuki who doesn't look tired at all. She was smiling as she looked at the sun. She was beautiful.

"Maachun, we'll never accomplish anything with what you're doing." Nana sat beside Sakuya and rested her head on his shoulder.

"A bus is stopping!" As those words came out of Maachun's lips, Miyuki quickly looked at the bus. "Maachun, let it pass. It's the Platinums." Her voice became serious, Maachun just nodded and walked her way back towards the group. The bus stopped infront of them, the door opened and it revealed Yagura Fuuko.

"I wouldn't mind if you join us." Fuuko smiled at them.

"No than-" Something stopped Miyuki from her words, all of them turned to look at the path they passed awhile ago, to discover that three girls riding a three-seater tandem bicycle. With Shimada Rena at the front, Takano Yui at the middle, and Murase Sae at the back. Yui then brought out her phone and they stopped pedaling. They just had a groufie. "Well, I'm gonna post this on my twitter later. With the hashtag 'Squad Goals'." They continued pedaling, greeted them and left them behind.

"At this rate, you'll be late for the activities issued by the principal." Fuuko muttered worriedly, the company saw Miyuki, she was hesitant to accept her proposal. Miyuki knew very well how excited the others are for this activity, she also knew that she is the only one who isn't excited. She despised the Platinums the most. Miyuki decided to lower her pride.

"My, thank you Ms. Yagura. It's a pleasure to join the Platinums on a journey to your family's rest house." She faked a smile.

Fuuko just chuckled and helped the student council carry their items on the bus' trunk then started travelling to the top of the mountain. Inside were the Platinums doing their usual thing. Playing chess, drinking tea, sleeping, or reading books. Miyuki decided to stand instead of sitting.

"Ms. Watanabe, please sit down. The next path will be bumpy." Fuuko told her, but she just answered "I'll be fine." With a serious tone. As they approached the bumpy road, she lost grip of the handle and fell unto Sakuya. "Are you alright?" He asked. She just gave him a nod and sat beside him. Looking at the window, they saw the three girls running while carrying their three-seater tandem bike while shouting 'Let's go Cardio!' and 'Shimarena Cardio!', which was actually sounding a little off.

Miru felt uncomfortable on his seat as he is a carsick person. He then stood up and asked Fuuko if he can sit at free chair beside her, he meant the chair beside the window. "Of course you can." She nodded and Miru sat beside her. Fuuko blushed as his sweaty smell entered her nose. She was kind of turned on. She inspected him, looked at how his body was. Fuuko saw his triceps, his muscles were spot on. He might be thin but his body shows how athletic he is. To Fuuko, he is one of those you can call 'Tall, dark and handsome'. That's just how she can describe him in words, yes, he's handsome, he's fit, but he's not her type. Since the man who caught Miyuki as she fell was the one who captured her interest.

Few hours passed and they arrived at their destination. The overly large mansion with an overly large gate standing infront, Fuuko grabbed the keys from her pocket and showed it to all of the students she's with, the Platinums and the student council. She opened the gates and locked it after all of them have entered.

"So let's split the teams into two?" suddenly, three girls started knocking the gates endlessly, Shimada, Takano and Murase. "Open! Open!" They were surprised that Sae was happily blending with the normal students. Fuuko opened the gate and let them enter. "Since you're all here, I'll have you three host this activity." They nodded and accepted the keys from her.

"I'll not be joining the activities, I'm in a really bad shape because of my injury. Sorry guys!" Aina apologized. As the grouping began, the tension began to rise.


Group 1 Leader: Watanabe Miyuki

Watanabe Miyuki - 3rd year Gold

Kotani Riho - 2nd year Silver

Shiroma Miru - 2nd year Silver

Kondo Rina - 1st year Platinum

Tanigawa Airi - 2nd year Platinum

Yagura Fuuko - 2nd year Platinum

Ogasawara Mayu - 2nd year Gold

Group 2 Leader: Jonishi Kei

Kinoshita Momoka - 1st year Platinum

Yoshida Akari - 1st year Platinum

Jonishi Kei - 3rd year Platinum

Azuma Yuki - 3rd year Platinum

Yamamoto Sakuya - 3rd year Silver

Yabushita Syu - 1st year Gold

Yamada Nana - 3rd year Silver


"So... Yamamoto and Azuma, you're in one room. You take the room number one." Hearing those words, Azuma Yuki felt her heart pound for no reason. While Sakuya, felt nervous. What if someone from the Platinums discover his secret? That he is a she. Sakuya received the key and grabbed Yuki's hand to place the keys on her palm. "You can take care of this." He gave her natural smile, which made her blush. She quickly washed it off and returned to what she really is. They walked their way to the room as Sakuya was the one carrying the bags while Yuki was the one to open the door.

"Yagura and Shiroma, room number seven." Fuuko grabbed the key and both of them went to their rooms. Fuuko was irritated. She knew this will happen. When she was about to carry her bags, Miru carried it for her. "Just quickly open the door so I can sleep." His voice was deep, which made her surprised.

"Kinoshita and Watanabe, room number two."

"Yamada and Jonishi, room number six."

"Yabushita and Yoshida, room number three."

"Tanigawa and Kotani, room number five."

"Kondo and Ogasawara, room number four."

"While the four of us, I, Shimada, is with Takano, Fukumoto and Murase. We'll be using the large room." After Shimada Rena announced the rooming system, all of them went to their rooms.

In Sakuya and Yuki's room, it has two beds and a window and a desk table was in the middle. Sakuya chose the bed on the right side, while Yuki chose the one on the left. They placed their bags beside the table. After fixing things, they soon realized that the room was quiet. "It's really hard to pretend to not know each other, eh?" Sakuya grabbed the chair paired with the table and sat infront of Yuki who was sitting on the side of her bed. "It sure is." They already knew each other even before Sakuya entered the school, his mother was working for their family, the time when he was brought by his mother to the Azuma-Murase household to help her in the houseworks, Sakuya met Yuki. She met Sakuya as a boy, not a girl, also, that time, Sae was with her father in some kind of business trip.

"Sakunii, it's been a while since I last talked with you." She hugged Sakuya who just smiled at her, then sat with her the side of her bed.

"Really?" Sakuya patted her head as he sees her as a little kid. He still felt that he should be cautious.

"Sorry for what happened the other day." She was talking about the past issues concerning the student council and the Platinum class.

"Oh no, it's alright."


"Mr. Shiroma, see this line? This line will divide our room. Yours, on the left side. Mine, on the right side. All clear?" Fuuko cut the white masking tape when it reached the edge. "What's with that kind of attitude? Do you think that I'm interested in you?" In his usual deep voice, he glared at the girl who was playing the masking tape on her index finger.

"Why yes. You sat beside me during the trip a while ago right?" She placed the tape on the table then crossed her arms.

"Yeah, what about it?" He raised his voice.

Fuuko sighed, "You sat beside me during the trip because you wanted to sit beside me, because you like me, am I wrong?" after those words came out of her lips, Miru's hands balled into fists. He walked towards her then pinned her on the bed. With his right knee in between of her thighs, and his hands holding up her wrists. Miru sniffed her neck until he reached her ears. "I have a carsickness, idiot." He stood up and threw his blue coat on his bed and unbuttoned his white dress shirt.

"Hey! What are you doing!?" Fuuko covered her eyes with her hands as the man infront of her was removing his shirt.

"I'm changing into my t-shirts, just how dumb can you get?" He once again, glared at Fuuko.

"Then why do you have to change infront of m-" She saw his well-toned body, the sweating four-pack abs as he wore his black V-neck shirt. "Turn around." He said.

"Why?" Fuuko retorted.

"I'm going to change my pants." He answered in a slightly angry tone.

"Ah- yeah. Sorry." For some reason, Fuuko suddenly softened. Because she has a thing for boys with figures.


"Kinoshita! Stop playing with my extra bras!" Miyuki was chasing Momoka inside their room who was making three of her extra bras a flag. "Woah! Yours is bigger than Yoshida's!" He even made it an eye cover as he was teasing Miyuki.

"Mou! Kinoshita, stop it!" Miyuki started crying, while Momoka found it cute. "Watanabe, I'm sorry. Here's your... whatever you call it." He sat on his bed and kept quiet.


"Why is there only a bed here!?" Syu was startled as they entered the room. "Oh, Auntie's room eh?" Akari went inside and placed her bag at the bed. Syu, felt awkward. She isn't even close with this person, and she doesn't even look approachable.

"U-Uhm... Where should I put my bag?" She asked the tall female who was looking at the windows.

"You can put it anywhere." She answered in a cold tone. Syu just raised a brow and placed it on the sofa, where she's surely be sleeping when the night comes.


As Kei and Nana entered the room, Nana was gasping, her hands and shoulders were full. Kei made her carry her bag and her other necessities. "Where should I put this?!" Nana was catching her breath. The bags that Kei brought were too much heavy.

"Just put it on my bed. The right one." She pointed at the bed at the right side of the room.

"Ah yeah." Nana nodded, "But don't get the bedsheets messy." Kei walked out of the room.

As she put down the bags, she glared at the girl who just went out. "That bitch." She muttered.


"T-Tanigawa..." Airi turned to look at Riho who was pointing something scary at his bed.

"What now? First I carried our bags, and now you're frightened? What's with you?" he answered.

"Someone's lying on your bed, and she's looking at m-me." She suddenly ran out of the room.

"Seriously?" The door suddenly closed and the wind blew hard. "It must be the ac." Airi smirked, as he looked at the aircon, his eyes suddenly widened as he saw that the aircon was turned-off.

"F-Fuck this." He removed his coat then quickly walked off the room.


"Maachun! Maachun!" Rina was hugging Maachun from behind as she was fixing her clothes.

"Riichan! Riichan~!" Maachun hugged her back.


"Guys, your bags are so heavy! Have you forgotten about what I said? I have an injury!" Aina reasoned.

"Fukumoto, just put the bags on this side!" Rena said with her arms crossed.

"Fukumotow~ Put my bags here!" Yui pointed under the table beside the big bed.

"Give me my bags." Sae poked Aina.

"This is hell." Aina muttered.


"First off, this is the schedule for cooking..." Yui coughed. "For Dinner, Group 1. For Breakfast, Group 2. Lunch... what? Shimarena Group ft. Aina? Just when I thought we're safe." Yui announced. "So, Group 1. You have the kitchen all to yourself." The Group was left in the kitchen and they decided to meet about what they are going to cook.

"So what are we going to cook?" Miyuki asked them.

"What about roasted chicken and java rice?" Fuuko leaned on her chair.

"Idiot. Roasting takes more time. It'll be dawn before we get to eat." Miru leaned at the refrigerator.

Airi, hearing that Miru called Fuuko an idiot, he grabbed his collar and glared at him. "Don't you dare call Fuuko an idiot." His left hand, balled into fist. Aiming directly at his face. "But she is one." Miru answered coldly.

"Airi. Calm down. Show them that you don't mess with people that low." Fuuko was showing a different personality, which made Miru confused.

"How about mushroom soup?" Riho suggested, this is the only dish she can cook properly. "Riho, that's good. Maachun, mind to write it in a piece of paper?" Miyuki smiled at Maachun despite of her uncomfortable feeling with the Platinums.

She's always been a good leader, since she grew up with her mother who was much too business oriented, and as the next CEO of the Watanabe Group of Companies, she must be stable even under pressure. Miyuki was supposed to be a part of the Platinums, but she declined the offer since she wanted to join the student council. She was ready for whatever dangerous might happen to her, it was already known long ago even before Kamieda Emika became the principal. The Platinums had always picked on the student council, using their funds to add things like pools, board games, and even winery inside the Platinum class' leisure room.

"So it's been decided. We'll be cooking chicken teriyaki with java rice and mushroom soup." Miyuki cleared her throat, "For the fried chicken, Shiroma and Yagura, can you do it?" She asked the two before assigning it to them. Fuuko grabbed Miru's arm then nodded at Miyuki. "Yes, we can do it." Fuuko smiled.

"Thank you." Miyuki forced a smile, "Maachun, Kondo and Riho, you'll be doing the mushroom soup right?" She handed the plastic of chopped mushrooms to Riho. "Uh, yeah. We'll do our best." Riho smiled at Miyuki, which made her feel assured.

"So what am I going to do?" Airi asked Miyuki in a slightly irritated tone.

"We'll do the Java rice." Even though she hates to be with one of the Platinums, she accepted her fate as she needs to become a good leader to impress her mom.

"Just cook the rice, I'll do the main part." Hearing Airi say those words, Miyuki tilted her head. "My family is managing a chain of high class restaurants, there's no way I don't know how to do these kinds of things." He rolled up the sleeves of his long-sleeved gray shirt. Then began preparing the ingredients he need as Miyuki began washing the rice.

Airi noticed that Miyuki doesn't know how to wash rice, so she walked towards her then from behind, he taught her how to do things she doesn't even know. "Now you know how to wash those, set it up on the stove. I'll be the one to do the job." For the first time, Miyuki saw the good side of the Platinum class students.

"Are the Platinum's always this good?" Miyuki asked.

"Nope. We occasionally obey orders given by the Cinderella. We're only good people when Fuuko's there." Miyuki sat at one of the chairs, and listened to what Airi was telling her.

"Is that so?" She tilted her head. "Keep this as a secret, okay?" Airi smiled at her, Miyuki smiled back.


"Do you really know how to cook?" Miru glared at Fuuko who was handling the pan with some of the marinated chickens being fried.

"Shut up! I can do this!" Fuuko flipped the currently being cooked chickens on pan, as Miru's eyes widen, "You mean you haven't cooked before!?" Surprised at Miru's sudden statement, Fuuko's left foot slipped and the pan almost got her. But he grabbed the pan and caught Fuuko on his right arm. Miru brushed his jet-black short hair backwards, and grabbed Fuuko's apron then proceeded to cooking the chicken. "Just sit back and relax. I'll be doing this, and you can do the plating alright?" from the back, Fuuko found him cool. She had always dreamt of marrying a guy capable of cooking. But still, this guy isn't her type. She isn't into rude ones.

"Where did you learn how to cook?" Fuuko asked him in a timid voice.

"Idiot. I'm not in the Platinums. So it's matic that I know how to cook." Miru lowered the heat for a bit then sat at the table beside the stove.

"I'm not asking if you know how to cook, I'm asking where you learned how to cook." Fuuko chuckled then laughed.

"Fine, I learned when my mother's still alive. Happy now?" He jumped off the table then continued cooking. "Ready the plates, the food's done." His voice suddenly turned cold.


"Riichan, just sip a little. If you sip too much the soup might get wiped." Riho, was warning Rina who was sipping too much from the freshly cooked mushroom soup.

"Maachun! Not you too!" Mayu was also sipping nonstop.

"But Ripopo, it's too delicious!" Rina gave Riho an angelic smile.

"Yeah Ripopo! It's damn yum-" Riho hit Maachun with her ladle.



The food was readied by the Miyuki's group, every seat has equal food to eat. Like it was prepared for the royalties. "Airi, I'm quite sure you're the one who did this." Momoka pointed at the table while looking at Airi.

"Who would have guessed?" They sat at the chairs and began eating. Fuuko felt awkward with Miru sitting beside her.


At the poolside, there was Sakuya sitting alone. Playing with the flowing water on his knees. Then, Yuki arrived and sat beside him. "Yuki. Is something the matter?" Sakuya asked.

"Nothing. I just missed someone I knew a while back." She rested her head on his shoulder. "Who's that?" He asked again.

"Who am I sitting with right now?" Yuki looked at him in a strange tone.

"Yuki, you haven't changed." He patted her head then continued looking at the pool water.

"And so do you." Yuki wrapped her arms around him then kissed him. Sakuya quickly pulled out from the kiss and looked at her in a puzzling way. "Why'd you..." before he can even ask, he was kissed again. From a far, he saw Miyuki. She suddenly ran away.

"Sakunii, I want to be yours." His eyes widened then he held her shoulders. "Yuki, there's so much people much higher than what I am. I just depend on your family's funds, please remember that." With those words, Sakuya stood up and made his way back inside the rest house. Inside was Miyuki and the other members of the student council and the Platinum class, also, the three students from the normal class.

"Mr. Yamamoto, where have you been?" Miyuki crossed her legs and looked at him. Sakuya sensed that she is different from the Miyuki he had always seen for days as he worked in the student council.

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Re: Love Letter Madness R [SayaMilky/FuuMiru][Remake][160615]
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Chapter 04 - Camp (Pools, and Barbeques)

"Mr. Yamamoto, where have you been?" She asks.

"I went out for a bit. You know? I refreshed myself in the pool." Sakuya sat beside Miru on the sofa. "Is that so?" Miyuki crossed her legs. "Well then, Ms. Murase, would you like to announce the activities tomorrow?" Fuuko cut the conversation and asked Sae who was sitting on the same sofa as hers.

"Ah, yeah. Tomorrow will be pool activities. Barbeques and stuff." As those words were said, all the students rejoiced, because there are no adults in the vicinity, more hideous plans entered Jonishi Kei's mind. Jonishi Kei and Watanabe Miyuki are like the two sides of the coin, they oppose each other, if Miyuki despised the Platinums, Kei despised the Student Council. Her family owns the company ranking next to the company of Miyuki's family.



"Mr. Shiroma." Fuuko leaned on the wall, sitting on her bed, just like Miru who was on the opposite side.

"I feel uncomfortable when people call me Mr. Shiroma, calling me Miru is fine." With a soda can on his left hand, as his left arm rested on his knee, he answered Fuuko who was in front of him.

"Geez, Miru. Let me ask you something." She stood up from her bed and grabbed her bag. The girl placed her bag beside her as she, again, sat on her bed. "What is it?" Miru retorted.

"Can you help me put up this curtain between us?" Fuuko brought out the thick white curtain from her bag. Miru sighed before he answered. "It can't be helped. You're a weak, little idiot after all." Miru stood behind the white line she made a few hours ago. He rolled up the short sleeves of his black shirt up to his shoulders. Once again, Fuuko noticed his arms. She bit her lip, but then she brushed it off. She wants Sakuya no matter what. He extended his right arm with his hand open. "C'mon, give it to me." Miru told her.

She stood up from her bed and handed the thick straw rope to him. He grabbed the chair paired with the desk beside their beds to tie the rope to the hooks on the window and on the parallel side of the mirror. The hook locations seemed off and mysterious to him, but he just ignored it as he did the job for the princess he is with right now. Yes, he described her as a princess as she knew nothing about chores and etcetera, he found her pretty but not as pretty as his type, Yamada Nana. The reason he joined the student council.

"I'll put the curtain up." She stood at the same chair Miru used, while she was putting up the curtains, one of the chair's corners broke and as she fell, Miru caught her hand and they fell on the floor. "That hurts." He caressed his head and looked at the girl on top of him. "Idiot, are you alright?" He added.

"Uh.. Yes..." Fuuko was scratching her eyes, until she realized that she was on top of Miru. She quickly took a step back and covered herself with her blanket. While Miru just stood up and finished putting the curtains then he quickly went to sleep.


"Kinoshita, mind changing rooms with me?" Airi asked Momoka as almost all of the Platinums are in the poolside except for their leader, Yagura Fuuko, who was soundly sleeping in her room. "What the heck's with that? That's so sudden." Momoka placed the can of beer he was drinking on the small table between them. "Here's my key. Gimme yours." They exchanged their keys as they agreed to change rooms with each other.

"Hey! That's so unfair!" Akari made her way towards them as she heard their conversation.

"What's so unfair? Nothing will change, anyway. We're still in the same room with the damn student council." Airi leaned on his chair then crossed his legs.

"Airi's right, nothing'll change." Momoka got up and went back to replace Airi's things with his, then placed Airi's on his former room. Soon after, Airi followed and the girls were left at the poolside, chatting and drinking juice with each other.


"Tanigawa, why are you here? I thought Kinoshita's my roommate?" Miyuki tilted her head as Airi went inside the room. "Momo haven't told you? We exchanged rooms." He jumped on his bed and looked at Miyuki before telling her goodnight. Miyuki then followed.


Yamamoto Sayaka/Sakuya's POV

I can't sleep.

I went out for a bit and sat at the living room's couch, I looked at the time on my watch, and it was already late. I lied on the couch with my arms crossed. I can't help myself but to feel nervous tomorrow. Pool activities, for real? Looks like this'll be the end for me. I sighed.

I didn't bother to open the lights, I just opened the lamp for a little light.

I heard some footsteps going down the stairs, it sent shivers down my spine. Who would still be up this late? I accepted my fate, I know going out is a bad idea. I just hope it's a human, not some kind of ghost. Me? Scared of ghosts? Nah, I'm a grown up. They ain't real.

I turned to look at the side of stairs out of curiosity. I almost screamed my lungs out of shock when I realized it was just Maachun.

"Yo. I ain't some ghost y'know?" She sat beside me on the couch. "Why're you still up?" Maachun asked, she doesn't look like the usual Maachun I see.

"I can't sleep." I answered. "Because of tomorrows pool activities, right?" she knew about it.

"Yeah. I don't know how I'll show up, or what I'll wear." I sighed, this is my main problem. I forgot to prepare myself for incoming troubles relating pools and beaches.

"Just wear this shirt tomorrow, this is somehow fitted but it can manage. Just wear bandage your boobs then put on one or two binder then you're good to go." She stood up then went back to her room. She handed me a plain black v-neck shirt. I tried it on, and she's right. It is slightly fitted.


3rd Person POV

The next day, Yuki was forcing Sakuya out of the bed, the sun was already up, and almost everybody's in the pools. "Sakunii~! It's already late, if we don't get down in an instant, Kei's going to get angry!" With those words, Sakuya quickly got up and grabbed his things to change in the nearest comfort room. He wrapped another big bandage to hide his chest binder, he also made sure that it won't come off easily. The girl in the guise of a man knew already the excuse to use once they ask on why he can't take his shirt off or why does he has bandage all over the upper part of his body.

Yuki noticed the bandages quickly when he came back from the comfort room, Sakuya knew exactly how to fool her.

"Sakunii, what's with those bandages?" She asked.

"Ah? I got an injury from biking. Well, it isn't a serious one so there's no need to be worrying." He smiled at her, this is all he can do to fool her and to escape the revelation of his secret.

"Is that so? That's a relief. Let's go?" He nodded on what she said.


"We already prepared the grill a while ago, and Rena stole some-no, got some charcoal from the creepy house on the foot of the mountain last night." Yui announced and somehow, included some lies to make the activity livelier-or so she thought.

Wearing a midnight blue-colored bikini, Yagura Fuuko sat on the beach chair quite afar from the pool. Her legs, crossed as she sipped the four seasons drink from the straw of the glass she was holding with her left hand. The boys doing the barbeques caught her attention, it was Yamamoto Sakuya, who was wearing a black v-neck shirt and red basketball shorts, with blue slippers, and Shiroma Miru wearing a sleeveless camouflage undershirt and blue swimming trunks. His triceps caught her again, while Sakuya's abs which she noticed when he rolled his shirt up to under his chest, also captured her eyes. She was close to drooling.

"Ugh, it's so hot." Miru removed his undershirt, revealing his well-toned body and his four pack abs. She noticed the sweat going down from his collarbones, to his chest then down to the pack. She bit her lip then suddenly grabbed Airi's arm tightly. "What?" He asked. Airi was surprised on Fuuko's sudden action.

"There's still some left over Java rice last night, right?"

"Yeah, why?"

"Get me some."


"Faster! Before the side dish disappear!"

Airi was about to get the rice from the kitchen, but he noticed Miyuki and Shu eating the left overs. When he told it to Fuuko, she started to drool over the two boys on the grill.


"President, do the barbeques with Sakuya for a bit." Miru patted Miyuki's shoulder to replace him and cook with Sakuya, she gladly agreed and ran off to the grill.

Miru made his way to the bench where Nana was sitting. He placed his right arm around her, desperate to make a move. The girl wearing an ocean blue bikini, with a pareo hung around her waist stood up then smiled at him. "Sorry, but my heart belongs to someone already." Nana went to the grill then hugged Sakuya from behind. He gritted his teeth then crossed his arms.

"Do you want to make her yours?" Jonishi Kei, who was wearing a dark green bikini with her hair tied in a high ponytail sat beside him.

"Yeah." He answered immediately.

She whispered something to his ear, and in a flash, he nodded.

Fuuko was standing near the pool because she wants to wet her legs, when she was about to sit, Miru who was walking his way towards Nana, was accidentally pushed by Kei and both Miru and Fuuko fell on the deep part of the pool.

He got to open his eyes as they were slowly falling to the depth, he saw her trying to get a hold of his hand, he sensed that the girl doesn't know how to swim. Soon, she closed her eyes and she fell on the tiles, he also saw another person to dive, it was Sakuya. Miru saw her as a sleeping princess in disguise, for no reason, he felt his heart thump. As soon as they got closer to the unconscious Fuuko on the tiles, he grabbed her hand and carried her with Sakuya until he got back to the corner of the pool and handed the girl to Momoka and the others.

They just realized that Sakuya removed his shirt which revealed his upper body part covered in heavy bandages. "Do you guys know how to perform CPR?" Miru looked at the people around him. "No one?" He did it by himself, he performed the operations on Fuuko. She later woke up with Miru's lips pursed with hers.

She screamed and took a number of steps back.

"P-Pervert!" She ran away.

Miru fell on the ground still wet from the happening. "Miru, you looked so cool a while ago!" Nana patted his back, he felt nothing it's like something changed. Meanwhile, Sakuya and Miyuki continued doing the barbeques.

"Miyuki, do you know how to grill?" Sakuya asked her, he was holding the raw pork on his left hand while the unused barbeque sticks on his right.

"Uhm... No?" She was smiling at him, a smile that he had never seen before.

"T-Then, just chop the pork into small pieces let Miru do the barbeque sticking." For some reason, he felt his heart throb abnormally, he kept on telling himself in his head 'No! You can't! You're a girl, you can't fall in love with her!' He dodged her eyes and gave the large chunk of raw pork to Miyuki. He was feeling nervous all of a sudden.

Miyuki just nodded and placed the pork on the chopping board. Hearing Sakuya's voice makes her fall in love with him more, though it's a bit sad on her part that Sakuya despises the letters she was sending to him. Still, the scene last night kept on coming back to her, the scene of Azuma of the Platinums kissing Sakuya on the poolside.

"This one's done. Miyuki, have a taste." As she looked at her side, Sakuya was holding a stick of barbeque towards her. He wore a refreshing smile as he held out his right hand towards her.

"Eh? Is it really alright?" Miyuki tilted her head, which made Sakuya blush.

"We're having a barbeque for everyone. Of course, it's alright." She grabbed Sakuya's wrist and ate the barbeque while he was holding the stick. Sakuya, of course, found it cute.


Jonishi's group were the ones to cook dinner because Miyuki's group is missing one member. Their group decided to cook whatever was in the refrigerator, they have decided that they'll be having Shoyu Ramen. They soon received a call from the principal, telling them the camp is cancelled as per the orders of Ogasawara Mayu's father, the Minister of Education. They continued the barbeques and swimming that night.

"Sorry for what happened earlier. I didn't know that you were performing CPR." Fuuko sat beside Miru on the benches, she was apologetic for what she did. She doesn't know that it was Miru who saved her.

"I don't mind it. It was a natural instinct for an idiot." Miru looked at Fuuko with a sparkling smile on his face. A sparkling smile that made her heart jump, she didn't know why, or what is it that made her fall in love with this boy. She didn't mind the insults given to her, she is in love. Fuuko still knows that she needs to put up her façade, she knew every girl who falls becomes weak.

With them at the benches, the Platinums and the Student Council, for some reason, were talking about something.

"I think Fuuko's in love with Shiroma." Airi crossed his arms.

"Let's do this, Yabu-Yabuchan and I will transfer to their room, our room only has one big bed after all." Akari suggested, "Then tomorrow, we'll put all our things inside the bus. We'll occupy all the free seats so the two of them will be forced to occupy the seat together." Mayu grinned as they have planned something to surprise the two of them.

"M-Ms. Yoshida, who's Yabu-Yabuchan?" Syu tilted her head and asked.

"It's you." As she answered, Syu cringed as she was given a weird nickname by someone from the Platinums.


Late at night, Sakuya was by himself at the rooftop, he was watching the stars.


A voice that sounded cute was heard, it was from Watanabe Miyuki. Until now, he still can't look at her directly, he remembered what happened last night, when he was kissed by Azuma Yuki. He saw her run away at the moment he was kissed again.

"Yes?" He looked at his right side to dodge her eye contact. But Miyuki cupped his cheeks and looked in his eyes. "Yamamoto-no, Sakuya. Is something in between you and Azuma?" Her question felt like a sword piercing his body. "Nothing's in between us." He answered.

"Then why is she kissing you?" She added.

"She confessed her love to me, then she kissed me." He tried dodging her look but Miyuki forced him to look at her.

"Look at me. I'm the president, I should know everything concerning the Platinums and the Student Council." Miyuki sighed, she let goes of Sakuya's cheeks then leans at the rooftop's railings. "I'm going to tell you my secret," she said.

"I despise the Platinum class."

Sakuya's eyes widened, "Is that the reason why you opposed on coming on this trip?" he said.

"H-How'd you!?" Sakuya stopped Miyuki's words from coming out as he closed her lips with his index finger. "Shh. Someone's coming." He pulled her inside a small compartment where the grill is being hid. Sakuya left the door with a slight opening to know who the person is. Miyuki doesn't know what to feel, she was in close contact with him, and she can feel his breath coming to her face. There she noticed, he looked a little bit feminine, but the manly aura is still around him.

"Saku-" Sakuya covered her mouth with his left hand, while his right hand supports their weight together. The compartment was a bit cramped up but it can hold them well together. "Shh. It's the Platinums, looks like they're having a meeting." He whispered.

"What do you mean by meeting? Fuuko isn't with them." Miyuki murmured.

"Now that you said it." Sakuya moved his ear closer to hear what they are talking about.


"Once this camp ends, a few weeks will pass and Yagura's going to the Philippines with her father for some meeting with the President. Looks like they'll be taking too long for it'll be something they'll be giving to the Philippine Military." Jonishi Kei sat at the railings then crossed her legs afterwards.

"I hope she won't get raped as she goes on a vacation." Azuma Yuki stood in one leg as she smirked at the other members. While Kondo Rina preferred to be silent.

"Yuki, you're still at that?" Momoka brushed his bubblegum-colored short hair as he stood at the railings where their Cinderella was sitting.

"She's a rival. I won't get Sakuya to like me if a no good skeleton like her gets in my way." Yuki retorted with her mockingly sounding voice.

"So what're we going to do once Fuuko leaves?" Tanigawa Airi sat on the floor and spewed the chewing gum from his mouth to the floor. "We'll continue destroying the student council." Kei played her silky long hair on her index finger, she then licked her upper lip as she have thought of another good idea.

"We're going to have another meeting after Fuuko leaves. For now, dismissed." Kei stood up and walked down the stairs. The other Platinum students followed her. Once Sakuya felt that they are not in the vicinity anymore, they came out of the compartment.

"After this camp, let's meet up in the student council the next day." Miyuki muttered, Sakuya nodded as he knew what Miyuki meant by having a meeting.


When Miru and Fuuko open their room, they were shocked on what they saw. Syu sleeping on Miru's bed, while Akari on Fuuko's. "Augh. We've got no choice." Miru grabbed Fuuko's right hand and opened Syu and Akari's room.

"W-What..." Fuuko was blushing, the thought of sleeping with a tall, dark and handsome male in a bed makes her as red as a tomato. "C'mon, I won't sleep beside you. You're not my type, I'll be sleeping in the sofa, good night." As he laid on the sofa, he felt the questionable heat inside the room. He went and checked the ac, Miru realized that it was busted.

"I'll open the window so you won't feel uncomfortable with this heat." He removed his black shirt then threw it on the sofa, he opened the window beside the big bed then went to the sofa and made his shirt a pillow.

"Miru." He heard his name be called.

"What?" He retorted, he sat on the sofa and looked at the girl in the bed.

"It's still hot, it feels so uncomfortable." She answered as she sat on the bed and looked at him like a little kid.

"Wait, I'll be right back." Miru was about to exit the room when he noticed their bags beside the doorway, he opened his sports bag to get his fan, he went back and sat at the chair beside the bed.

"Sleep. I'll be fanning you through the night." Fuuko smiled at him and mouthed a small thank you. As she closed her eyes, Miru blushed.

'Please stop doing those. I might fall in love with you.'


The next day, Fuuko woke up with the loud beeping of the bus. As she opened her eyes, Miru was still fanning her. "Atlast you already woke up." He left the fan on the bed and grabbed his uniform and went to the comfort room outside. What Fuuko saw as she woke up was something that surprised her. A man didn't sleep just to fan a girl who is not used to sleeping in hot places. She found him cool by doing that thing. She thought that he will call him an idiot again last night but he just took care of the heat for her.

Inside the bus, the first thing Miru and Fuuko saw was the bags are on the free chairs, while there's only to free chairs at the back. "What's this?" Fuuko tilted her head and asked them. They all just pretended to be asleep, and the two had no choice but to seat together. Miru sat beside the window, he quickly fell asleep because he hasn't got even a blink last night. Fuuko noticed him sleeping as he leaned at the window, so she rested his head on her shoulder. She understood that it was her fault why the guy was restless.



"Once we solve the next problem, I'll be leaving the student council."

It was a thunder that struck Miyuki's heart.

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Re: Love Letter Madness R [SayaMilky/FuuMiru][Remake][160615]
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Chapter 05 - Dreams // Problem

A young kid carrying an odachi taller than him was walking down the streets, he is used to being bullied because of his height and also of his facial features. He looked like a girl, another reason why he was always teased is about his hair that he doesn't even want to cut.

"Hey! It's the ankle-biter!" The kids started kicking the young boy, he was shielding himself using the odachi he was holding. "It hurts!" The kids left him bruised. He then started crying.

"Are you alright?" A little girl who looks older than the boy sat beside him. The boy just shook his head in response. The girl noticed that his arm was bleeding, so she tore her dress and bandaged the torn part around the boy's arm.

"I'm Jonishi Kei, you are?" The girl who introduced herself as Jonishi Kei offered her hand.

"I am..." He shook Kei's hand and stood up. For some reason, his name was not clear to her.

*fast forward

"Kei-chan, I'm going to protect our promise." He was wearing a shinsengumi outfit, he looked cute for he is a little boy with a charming eyes and a cute face.

"I'm going to keep it. I won't forget about you." Kei looked at boy who was standing in front of her, as she is sitting on the bench. He kissed her on the forehead then ran away.


"It's that dream again." Kei was supporting her head as she just woke up from her deep slumber.

"Just, who's that little kid? And when did that happen?" She stood in front of her window, the light from the moon shone on her face. "Another one of the unimportant dreams again." Kei went back to sleep, but she still can't stop thinking about the dream she had.


"This is a bit unusual, they still hadn't done a thing ever since that short camp." Aina removed her blazer and tied it around her waist before sitting on her chair.

They were still incomplete, the treasurer duo is still patrolling all over the second and third school building, the third building. Then, the door opened and the two were gasping and catching their breath. "President, this is bad! An explosion occurred in the second year science laboratory class! Apparently, they were locked inside the room!" Mayu spoke between her gasps, she was having difficulties on standing up and speaking.

"Another one is from the first year Gold classroom on the second building, two people are having a fight! Namely, Yoshida and Miyawaki!" Riho was leaning on the doorway, Miyuki and the others stood up.

"Yoshida?! You mean the one from the Platinum class?!" Sakuya exclaimed.

"Yeah." As soon as Riho answered, all of them grabbed their Student Council armbands from their pockets and placed it on their left arm. "Ogasawara, any ideas on who caused the explosion?" Syu opened her computer, she was going to connect to the third school building's audio-visual room.

She put on her computer headphones, she positioned the mic on her lips. "Attention to all students, leaving the third building premises are not allowed at the moment. Disobeying would result to directly three warnings. I repeat..." Syu passed multiple earpieces to Miyuki, which she gave one each student council member. Then, she connected to the second bulding's audio-visual room and delivered the same message.

"Yabushita, Tanigawa caused the explosion." Ogasawara answered after she regained her composure after drinking a glass of water.

Miyuki got nervous, she knew this was going to happen. She remembered what she and Sakuya heard at the last day of the camp. She regretted it not being able to tell it to her officials. She remembered what Airi told her during the camp.

"Nope. We occasionally obey orders given by the Cinderella. We're only good people when Fuuko's there."

Miyuki finally thought of confronting the Cinderella, she wants to do it immediately but doing it all of a sudden had 50-50 chance of her losing against Jonishi Kei, her declared rival. She can't understand why is there a problem occurring when Yagura is still in the school premises and hasn't even left for the Philippines. "Please proceed to the third building now, before the problem deepens." Under her deep thoughts, Miyuki didn't notice that Sakuya pulled her as they ran through the halls leading the way to the long way from the third floor to the lobby.

Once they landed on the first building's lobby, Miru noticed that Miyuki isn't herself, so he decided on the grouping system on how they will handle the simultaneously occurring situations. "Ogasawara, Fukumoto, Kotani and I will handle the laboratory explosion, since it's an explosion, the fire must be put out immediately until it spreads out the room. Yamamoto, Ms. President and Yamada, you'll handle the first year Gold class problem, make sure that the students won't join the fight, the number one priority is to not let Miyawaki of the Golds get bullied." Everyone agreed on Miru's plan and his group hurried to the third school building while Miyuki's on the second school building.


Shiroma Miru grabbed the first building's fire extinguisher from the lobby, while another from the third building's lobby. He spoke to Syu through the earpiece, "Yabushita, how's the laboratory's door? Has it been opened?!" he asked.

"Not yet. I cannot see the conditions inside the room, the cctv's busted!" Miru felt uneasy, that science laboratory has two floors. This will be a tough job, he thought.

Each of them carrying a fire extinguisher, while Miru carries two, went in front of the science laboratory, as they thought, smokes are coming out of the room. He tried opening the door using the knob, it was hot so he quickly removed his hand. "Everyone, move away from the door!" Aina exclaimed. She then kicked the door and it slid open. The duo, Mayu and Riho, extinguished the fire in the entrance as they lead the students out.

Mayu knew that the Platinums had planned this all along, science laboratory is the only room in the third building that hasn't been renovated, so it's still isn't fire proof like the rest of the building.

"Count off, the teacher said that all of you should be 35." Aina lead the counting, until it reached the final student who said "34." They felt shivers down their spines. There's still another student inside.

"Who's missing?" Before they even knew who the missing person is, Miru rushed inside the room without any protection. "Attention to all students and teachers in the third school building, please evacuate the building before the fire gets out of the science lab. Please stay calm as the hallways are safe, the three members of the student council will lead you to the following exits. I repeat..." Syu announced.

"Guys, lead the students outside. There's nobody in the third school building but that class." Syu spoke through the earpiece.


The room was smoking hot. It's a good thing that Miru's used to hot places, he removed his blazer and held it on his right hand, Miru used it brush away the fire in the way. "Oi! Yagura! Answer me! Where are you?!" He shouted inside, but heard no answer, the room's first floor is filled with fire, He had gone around it a two and there's no other person. Miru checked the stairs, it was still passable so as fast as possible he headed up to check the room's upper floor. He heard something close, it was the entrance. The one and only passage to this room except for the windows on the upper floor.

When he arrived at the upper floor, she was there on the side by herself, holding a large container of water on it's half. "Oi!" the fire looked like the grass on a field, and in the middle, there was path. He rushed to the girl on the corner. Miru grabbed her hand, she lets go of the water container. He hugged her tight.

A piece of the ceiling fell, and they were cornered. The only exit they can use is the window behind them.

"Did you use this?" Miru asked her with his usual deep voice. Fuuko answered a nod, and her eyes widened as Miru grabbed the empty fire extinguisher container and threw it to break the glass, he opened the sliding metal window. He was screaming as he withstood the heat that was absorbed by the metal. Once the window was opened, he didn't think anymore, he carried Fuuko as he jumped down the building, he knew he will be landing at the track field, he didn't care.

When they landed, Miru fell on the ground. He was severely hurt. "Am I becoming an idiot now? I saved an idiot twice already." He laughed as he fell unconscious. The three members, Mayu, Riho and Aina proceeded to where Miru was.


"This is the Student Council." Sakuya opened the first year Gold class' door.

What's inside the room surprised them. Yoshida Akari was on the ground with eggs on her.

"What's going on in here?" Miyuki asked as she rushed on the fight in the middle of the classroom, "Hey, it's the no good student council." Miyawaki was playing an egg on her right hand, "What brings you here, insects?" she added.

"Watch your mouth, brat!" Nana looked at the Gold student, Miyawaki Sakura with an eyebrow raised.

"Then watch your prostitute president get dirty." She threw the egg she was juggling at Miyuki.

Miyuki was ready to receive the throw she closed her eyes, but a minute passed, she still doesn't feel it. All she felt was a warm hug.

"What's this? Some kind of a school drama?" Another Gold student, Moriyasu Madoka chuckled.

As she opened her eyes, her head was against Sakuya's chest. Numerous eggs were being thrown to him. Sakuya pushed Miyuki away and grabbed Sakura's left wrist, "Stop it." His eyes were blazing hot, Sakuya was angry. Her friends still doesn't stop on throwing eggs on Miyuki and Akari. Sakuya turned his head to look at Nana. "Yamada, bring them outside." Miyuki saw him as a different person.

"Nobody hurts our President, not a person as low as you." His voice sounded scary, he let go of her wrist and glared at her as he brought out his tickler. "Miyawaki Sakura, Matsuoka Natsumi, Moriyasu Madoka you all get 3 warnings, equal to three weeks suspension." He walked out of the room.


"Yoshida, care to tell us what happened?" Miyuki asked her inside the office, Yoshida just sighed and looked at her.

"Well, all of you know very well that we, the Platinums go in the same room as the gold class. As I was packing my things as I'll go back in the leisure room. She suddenly grabbed my arm and slapped me, see? I ain't doing anything. Fuuko's still here, y'know?" Saying her last lines, she suddenly covered her mouth.

"Fuuko's what?" Nana tilted her head and looked at Akari as if she was inspecting her.

"You may go." As soon as Miyuki dismissed her, she went out of the room in a flash. The next students that entered the room was Mayu and the others. "Guys, Miru's unconscious." Mayu reported as she entered the room.


The silence occupied the room, no one dared to speak, they can all see that Miyuki's enraged.

"I'm going out for a bit." She stood up and went out of the room. She was clearly headed for the Platinum's leisure room. All of them looked at her in surprise, including Fuuko who was sitting beside Miru's bed. Later, Miru followed as she was instructed by her father who called on her phone, they were flying to the Philippines for some business matter.


As she opened the leisure room's door, she heard them talking. "That explosion's really good." She heard Tanigawa cackle. "If only that Shiroma didn't have to butt in, then Yagura's dead right now and the plan is a success." Kei crossed her legs as a smile formed on her face.

"It's really a good thing to pay that Miyawaki a big money, hahaha!" Akari was giggling inside. Miyuki opened the door angrily and looked at them in disgust. "Don't you feel bad on what you did?" She crossed her arms.

"Lemme think about it," Akari crossed her legs and looked at Miyuki. "No." All of them laughed on what she added.

"This room suddenly smells. Must be her fault." Kei closed her eyes then played the edge of her hair on her fingers. "People, punish the pig." She added as a smirk formed on her face. Momoka held her down the floor then Yuki poured ashes from the ashtray over her, then Akari grabbed the trashbin and poured the trashes and placed the trashbin on her head, while Rina and Airi just sat on the couch as if they were seeing nothing. She was pushed outside the room afterwards.

Sakuya saw her on the floor, dirty and reeking of the smell of garbage. "Miyuki!" He rushed into her then carried her on his back.

"Is it alright?" she asked.

He didn't answer and just rushed her into the student council room. When he opened the door, "Miyuki, go on and wash yourself, you can use my gym clothes for a while." He handed her his gym clothes and pushed her inside the student council's shower room.


"We're home." Mayu and Riho arrived as the house where they live in. Mayu so her father coming towards them, she thought her father will be asking her about her day, but it wasn't her but Riho. It's been a year since her father has been favoring Riho all of a sudden, she'd hate to admit it, but she's getting jealous of all the attention that was being given to her by her father.

'Is it because, I always rank last in the Gold class and Riho always takes the top of the Silver class?'

That's what she thought. She knew very well that if you got into the top position of the silver class, your intelligence is on par with the Gold class' rank 5. The Platinum even made her life hard on ranking in the class, now that the Platinums are having their classes with the Golds. Yagura always takes the top, while Tanigawa on the second spot. She knew there isn't a room for her in the rankings.

"Mayu, Riho, you got home at the right time! The dinner's ready, kids!" Mayu's mom invited, "I'm not in the mood to eat, and I'll go down if I get hungry." Mayu climbed the staircase and went to her room. She was angry, she is envious of Riho.

Why is she getting all the attention? She curled herself on her bed, those thoughts passed her head again, "Am I an adopted child?" she is not that of a dramatic person, but right now, she can't get rid of her life's dramas. Mayu suddenly heard the door open, it was Riho's mother, and her personal maid, Yamaguchi Yuki. "Mayu, it's time for dinner. Your momma so fat—no, your mother cooked your favorite." She closed the door and sat on the side of the bed.

"Yuppi." Mayu sat on her bed and hugged her maid, since she was a child, the maid had always given efforts just to make her smile. She patted her head and grabbed her hand, "Come, and eat together with your family." Mayu never knew why she feels most secured when she is with the maid. She had always felt the motherly love from Yuppi because as she grew up, her mother decided to work on her company, while his father was continuing his work as the minister of education. She have decided, she'll quit the student council the next day, she already told it to Miyuki on the last day of the camp, Mayu's sure that the president is quite prepared now. This time, she'll focus on her studies.


"Miyuki, I'm going to leave the student council now." As soon as the morning meeting began, Mayu stood up from her chair, she pulled the armband out of her pocket and gave it back to Miyuki.

Mayu handed the armband to Miyuki, but the president held her hand tight and soon began crying. "Ms. Ogasawara, don't leave us." Her hands are becoming numb, the club funds treasurer brushed her hand away then walked towards the door, and she turned her back and looked at the group she'll be leaving. "Guys, it's been a wonderful time for me, thank you for everything. I'll cherish the memories forever." She bowed then closed the door, Miyuki fell on the ground.

The room suddenly fell silent, the mood-maker's gone. "Let's cancel the morning meeting. We'll meet again later." The president stood up and went out of the room.

Sakuya fixed his things and went down to the lockers, this day was quite unusual, there's no letters today.

"I wonder what happened to that Milky-sama?" He whispered as he placed some of his notebooks inside to lessen the weight of his bag.


"What have you discovered inside the student council, Shiroma?" inside a clubroom in the first school building, Miru sat on a couch and was drinking a can of soda.

"Chill captain Shibuya, I just discovered the secrets of all the members, except for that Yamamoto Sakuya." He smirked at the girls inside the room, he was the only male member of the club.

"But Sararan is too excited of their secrets." A girl with her hair tied in pigtails was hugging a monokuma stuff toy as she sat on a single seater sofa, her name was Takei Sara, a student of the 1st year normal class. "We, the newspaper club. Is ready for the bombs." The newspaper club's Shibuya Nagisa a 2nd year bronze student, was counting the money on her hand given by Murase last month, for the publication of a fake news to destroy the student council, the 'Smoking Vice President' incident.

"Why don't we try destroying the Platinum next?" another member, Iijiri Anna a 3rd year bronze student, suggested.

"Don't you ever dare." A sharp look from Miru is what she got. The girl just giggled and said, "I'm just kidding." Then laughed again.


The lunch time came, and they met in the meeting room again. All of them looked gloomy, Sakuya couldn't stand the scene and grabbed Miyuki's wrist. "Let's bring back Maachun. We're not the student council without her, she can't just dump those unsigned papers to us, right?" He initiated. "And Miyuki, you're not you lately. We miss the old Miyuki." Those words made her realise what she's been doing, she was forgetting one thing, that she is the Kamieda Highschool's Student Council President, she have faced numerous problems bigger than the crisis they're having right now, she can't back down.

"Everyone, let's get Ms. Ogasawara back." Miyuki got back to her usual self, the leader that everyone adored.


"Dad, where are we going this time?" Kei was inside her father's car, they seem to be inside a rural village. "I'm going to buy my favorite tea. They make the best here, after all." Her father looked the same age as hers, but he is in his thirties. Their car passed a small young man wearing a shinsengumi outfit carrying an odachi, his posture was like the kid on her dream. The car was moving closer as it is a rural area, so she pressed the button for the car's window to slide down. She saw the man's face, it was like a girl's face, and he was cute— atleast in her eyes. Their eyes met, the boys eyes widened and started running after their car.

"Waiteth! mine own lief princess!"(Wait! My dear princess!) he shouted. Then, the car moved faster. "Waiteth!"(wait!) He added. Soon, he caught up with the speed of the car, Kei was right. The man looked really like a girl.

"Mr. Eiichiro, please stop the car for a minute." Kei sighed. Her father then asked her, "Kei, what is it?" she ignored her father and went out of the car.

"Mister, is there something wrong?" She asked the weird young man in a shinsengumi outfit.

"Mine princess, has't thee f'rgotten about me?" (My princess, have you forgotten about me?) The young man held her hands and looked at her in the eye, despite their height difference.

"Huh? I don't understand you, go away freak." She removed his hand from hers, and glared at him.

"Mine princess, I has't been waiting f'r thy returneth. As I toldeth thee, I hath kept our promiseth." (My princess, I have been waiting for your return. As I told you, I kept our promise.) His eyes are starting to become watery. Kei, pushed him away, but he grabbed her hand. "Princess, has't thee very much f'rgotten about me?" (Princess, have you really forgotten about me?) they gazed at each other's eyes.

"Who are you?" Kei felt him familiar, "I am Nishimura Ainosuke," he sighed then kneeled infront of me, "The p'rson whom thee hath met h're years ago."(The person whom you met here years ago.) he added and instantly, everything flashbacked into her, including the dream she had.

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Chapter 06 - I Like You The Best

"Ainosuke?" Kei had thought of it deeply until she remembered the happening years ago, she met a young kid named Nishimura Ainosuke, they promised something together, and that promise was something she had forgotten. All she remembers was this cute boy infront of her is the person at fault on why she never fell in love for years, it is because she decided to fall in love with the same person, the man in front of her right now.


"Are you sure you really want to join our comedy club?" the comedy club's President, Nakanishi Chiyori, asked Mayu before writing down her name. Mayu was quiet, Chiyori sighed and looked at her. "What do you really want to do? Are you sure you can perform comedic acts very well if you aren't used to the people around you?" She sat on the wooden chair. "Are you sure you'll be okay without your friend?" as soon as those words came out of her mouth, a number of scenes flashed in Mayu's mind.

Ogasawara Mayu remembered how she and Riho grew up together inside the same mansion, the two of them amusing Riho's mother by doing Manzai, and them playing around the mansion. She felt so ashamed that she immediately forgot all about the person who gave her much attention than her parents, it was Riho. She forgot about her because of her jealousy.

"Nakanishi, thank you." She turned her back and went outside the room; she ran to the student council room but when she arrived infront of the room, her courage got down. Mayu was too shy to even knock. She sighed then as she was about to knock, she heard the voice she had forgotten. "Maachun!" it was Riho. She ran towards her then hugged her tight.

"Ogasawara, your armband. Welcome back." Miyuki smiled at her.

"Thank you." Mayu grabbed the armband and placed it on her pocket.


In the end, Kei was forced to take Ainosuke as her bodyguard. A nuisance has been added again on her life, now that she had seen him after a few years, things just changed drastically. Like the feelings she held for him through the years, as if it just disappeared on a whim.

"Do you understand me?" Kei sighed, "Don't you ever disturb me in school. Don't stick your nose on whatever I am doing." She added before closing her door to have a good nights rest. As she lays herself on the bed, one word has been passing her mind for quite some time now.


What was that promise he was talking about? Same questions with no answer crossing her mind until she fell asleep.


"What? A new student?" Akari glared at Syu who was sitting behind her. "What!?" Syu retorted as she glared back.

"Do you, perhaps, know about this?" She asked as Syu looked away and tried acting as if she was hearing nothing. "Don't ignore me you piece of rotten egg, Yabu-yabuchan!" She then pulled her hair, trying to force her to spill out the transfer student's information. "Yes, yes. I'll spill out!" Syu signaled Akari to stop with her palm. "Just chill, I'm going to open my laptop first, then I'll tell you, okay?" she added then Akari acted as if she will pull her hair again, then she did the same thing then the tall girl stopped.

"Here goes." Syu sighed before looking at her laptop's screen. She knows she'll be doomed once it reaches the president, Watanabe Miyuki, the news that she spilled the information about the transferee. "Nishimura Ainosuke, male, first year gold class." Scared of what punishment might be waiting for her, she only told her the minor information shown on the transferee's profile.

"What? That's all? Boring." Akari rested her head on the table and started playing her phone. She had no choice but to converse with Yabushita Syu since Kondo Rina's been sick and is hospitalized for a few months. Syu's the only one she knows inside the room except for the class-skipper, Kinoshita Momoka, who barely attends any class as far as she knew.

Their homeroom teacher, Umeda Ayaka, entered the room with a small long haired male student, his long hair was tied in a high ponytail, the way any samurai was to tie their hair. He had feminine features, such as his big round eyes, and etc. He really looked like a female, if not only for his male uniform. Also, the way he smiled gives off a feminine vibe.

"C'mon, introduce yourself." The teacher smiled at him and gave him space at the center.

"I am Nishimura Ainosuke, I cameth from Kyoto, t's nice to meeteth all of thee." (I am Nishimura Ainosuke, I came from Kyoto, and it's nice to meet all of you) the youngman who called himself Nishimura Ainosuke tilted his head then smiled at the students inside the room. "Teachest'r, wh're is mast'r Kei?" (Teacher, where is master Kei?) he asked Umeda Ayaka who was standing beside him, the teacher found it hard to understand him.

"Uhm, Yes? Come again?" She forced her smile as she looked at the student.

"I'm asking wh're mine own mast'r Kei is! Beest not such a fooleth!" Ainosuke burst out in anger as he spouted out of the world words from his mouth.

"Ms. Yoshida, by any chance, do you understand her—no, I mean him?" Ayaka pointed at her not so excellent pupil who sits by the window.

"I don't hear anything~" She pretended to close her ears.

"He just told you 'I'm asking where my master Kei is! Don't be such a fool!' that's my translation." For the first time, Kinoshita Momoka awed the class with his straight forward translation.

"The nerve of this kid!" Ayaka tried to hit him but immediately, Ainosuke pulled out his covered odachi then used it to block the teacher's hand. "If 't be true thee tryeth to hitteth me, I'll slash thy armeth into two. So doth not t, good now?" His usual move, he tilted his head and smiled at the teacher, Umeda Ayaka didn't know what that meant but the smile on his face gave her a small hint, as if she will be killed by him.

"Teacher, 'If you try to hit me, I'll slash your arm into two. So don't do it, alright?' that's what he said. Better not mess with him now. Hahaha!" Momoka laughed as he grabbed his sports bag, and walked up to the doorway "Also, that kid's owned by Jonii. If you love your work, then just keep thy mouth shut." He cackled as he creepily looked at the teacher, then left the room.

"Sit beside Yoshida then." Ayaka nervously pointed the vacant seat beside Akari. The tall girl gulped as she heard someone whisper on her ear from the back, it was Syu. "Good luck to you, Yoshi-Yoshichan." She giggled then sat upright on her seat.

"Ah!" Ainosuke began pointing at Syu, as if she had known her from the past. "Yabushita!" He removed the cloth covering her odachi, and the girl felt nervous all of a sudden.

"H-Hey! I don't even know you, how come you know my last name!?" Syu stood up and Ainosuke removed the odachi from its scabbard then pointed it to Syu. "Hey!" She doesn't know what to do, "Good luck, Yabu-Yabuchan, hahaha!" Akari returned what Syu did to her earlier.

"Hey! This isn't good luck! Nishimura, you might be mistaken!" Syu raised her hands and signaled him to stop. "Yabushita, wherefore art thee wearing a girl's unif'rm?"(Yabushita, why are you wearing a girl's uniform?) he went to his battle stance and smiled at Syu. "Has't thee becometh gay? Prithee don't deny me, we're both students of yokoyama!"(Have you become gay? Please don't deny me, we're both students of Yokoyama!) Ainosuke then smirked and looked at her in the eye, "This will tell me that you really are Yabushita!" He was about to attack her and is expecting Syu to dodge it, instead, she grabbed her laptop and used it as a shield. As expected, it was sliced in halves.

"M-My laptop..." She looked wasted as the two parts of her sliced laptop fell on the ground.

"Thee very much art Yabushita! Stand ho crossdressing!"(You really are Yabushita! Stop crossdressing!) he lowered his sword and looked at Syu. "I'm a girl! I don't even know what you're talking about!" She shouted.

"But you showed me your six-pack before... And you even told me that you're the most handsome member of the Shinsengumi troupe." He looked at her with teary eyes.

"six-pack?" Akari started to cackle. "I suddenly remembered that fluffy tummy I got to touch on the camp." She tried stopping her laughter.

"Shut up Yoshida!" Syu sighed, "Look here, I'm a girl." She said as she groped her breasts infront of him.

"I'm not even sure if those are real or not!" He retorted.

Syu started unbuttoning the top buttons of her blouse and showed Ainosuke the real entity.

"AHHH!" He suddenly covered his eyes, you're an imposter!" He raised his sword again and is about to slash her. "After calling me names, then now you're calling me an imposter!?" Syu accepted her fate, she knew she'll die soon, she closed her eyes. Few seconds passed, she still not met her death.

"What the hell? You sure know modern speech but you ain't using it. What're you? A freak?" Akari smirked as she leaned back on her chair.

Syu opened her eyes as she saw a scabbard inches away from her face, and Miru holding it.

"Oi, Nishimura Ainosuke, First year class Gold. Stop this or you'll be reported to the disciplinary committee, and if that happens, I'm sure you'll be ashamed to face your young master, Jonishi Kei." Miru was there, holding the scabbard that Ainosuke threw on the floor earlier. He used it to shield her from the blade coming at her. His eyes widened and he recognized the man's face as one of his comrades from Kyoto.

"S-Shiroma!" He bowed down before the man infront of him. "I'm sorry for the rudeness I did. Please don't tell it to mine lief princess." Dogeza, it is.

"Eh? How come you know my name?" Miru lowered the scabbard and looked at him with a puzzling look. But deep inside, he was definitely lying. He knew who this boy is, he was his junior when he was still studying swordsmanship in Kyoto under Yokoyama Yuizou. In the present time, their teacher works as a manager in Tokyo. Miru tried to hide the fact he doesn't know him, he then tried to swing his sword again. This time, he thought of a plan. He didn't dodge it. The blade made a small horizontal scar on the middle of this nose.

"You are not... Him..." His eyes widened.

"We're the student council." Miyuki entered the room with Sakuya. "Mr. Yamamoto, please confiscate the deadly weapon." As she pointed, he quickly walked towards Ainosuke.

"Mr. Nishimura, mind if I confiscate this?" he swung his blade again.

"Leader Y-Yamamoto!" Ainosuke bowed at him. Sakuya found it as a weird manner of his.

"Hey. This is the first time I saw you, stop doing things like that." He grabbed the Odachi from Ainosuke and its scabbard from Miru, he also picked up the cloth on the ground and went back to Miyuki's side.

Ainosuke was frozen to where he was standing.

"Mr. Shiroma, please proceed to the clinic. Let them treat your nose wound, and Ms. Yabushita, we'll talk about your laptop on our lunch meeting, that's all." They left the room with Miyuki's lead.


"Ms. President, what's with that kid? He acts so strange." Sakuya held the cloth-covered odachi on his left hand. He was walking with Miyuki to the Student Council room, the girl took a deep breath and looked at him. "He was brought to this school by Jonishi from the Platinums, though he acts like a nutjob, he actually ranked first in the entrance exams. Bringing him straightly to the Gold section. Nishimura Ainosuke came from Kyoto, and he grew up in some kind of weird Academy—" As she was explaining the student's currently known data, Sakuya cut her off.

"Weird Academy? What was that?" He raised a brow.

"It's the Yokoyama Academy of Sword Arts. They train male students to become a Shinsengumi, though it is not even needed at these times." She sighed and continued to where she was cut off. "Because she grew up on that weird Academy, his speech is different than ours, but he can also manage to speak in modern speech. You heard about it right? The students who reported the happening said that the person who started the commotion speaks in a weird dialect." They were infront of the student council room, Miyuki took out her key and opened the sliding door.

"Sakuya, you have to guard that troublesome kid, which Jonishi might have something up on her sleeves as we are focusing on the little shit she brought here." Miyuki grabbed the odachi from Sakuya's hand and placed it inside the locker labeled as Confiscated Items / Deadly Weapons. When she closed the locker's door, the lockers suddenly shook and is slowly falling.

"Ms. President!" He ran beside Miyuki then pushed her away from the falling locker.

'This is so annoying, why did I even come to save her? Sayaka, you're a girl. She's a person you shouldn't fall for. She's a poisonous flower.

I guess this is the end, I have fallen.'

They were at the corner of the room, Miyuki felt Sakuya's arms around her. She turned red and looked away.

"Ms. President, are you alright?" She saw the worried look on his face, this was the first time she saw the worried expression on his face, and this was also the first time that someone was concerned for her.

"A-Ah yes... I'm alright..." Miyuki was stunned. She then came back to her senses. "I'll have that fixed later, go back to your class." She turned her back and walked out of the room.

'That was so close. But a close contact with Sakuya?' Miyuki turned red when she got far from the room. She covered her face and headed quickly to the comfort room. She looked at the mirror as she remembered what happened a while ago.


"Sakunii~" He knew it. He made the wrong decision to skip class and kill time on the rooftop. Someone hugged him from behind, it was Azuma Yuki. The Heiress of the Azuma Photography. Time to time, she has to hide her affection to Sakuya as they were members of two the groups that are kinda like the two sides of the coin.

"Oh, Yuki. What brings you here?" Sakuya tried to answer her calmly. He wants to hide the fact that he went here to calm himself after what happened earlier, of what he realized inside him.

"I don't feel like going to the class." She closed the door and locked it.

Sakuya sat on the floor leaned on the railings. "Is that so?" he sighed and closed his eyes, few minutes of silence passed, he opened his eyes. Yuki was crawling towards him. Sakuya's eyes enlarged and he felt nervous. "Yuki, what are you doing!?" he tried to slide back, but he remembered he was already cornered from the start.

"Y-Yuki!" She kissed him. "Sakunii, I know this is a selfish request, but can I be your girlfriend?" the last words gave him a blow. "H-Huh? What do you mean—" she stopped his lips with her index finger.

"Yes or no?" Yuki added.


"Did you hear? Azuma from the Platinums and Vice President Yamamoto are in a relationship!" Rumors welcomed the Student Body president as she entered the school's premises. She felt her blood boil as she heard those senseless rumors from the students, Yamamoto wouldn't do that. He knows I hate the Platinums very much. That won't happen, I know him better than anyone else. Miyuki kept on convincing herself that what she is hearing isn't real.

"Look there they are!" the girl turned to look at the school gate, she saw Sakuya walk out of the car and open the door for Yuki. She was devastated as she saw the girl clung to his arms. That should be me. Miyuki told herself. Her emotions then collapsed, Miru saw her and quickly caught up with her.

"President, are we having the usual morning meetings toda—" He just noticed the sullen look on her face. "President is there something wrong?" Miru asked as she held Miyuki on her shoulders.

"Vice President Shiroma, can you handle the morning meetings today? I think I can't hold them today." She answered with her voice sounding very gloomy.

"Eh? Can you just have Yamamoto-senpai handle it instead of me?" Miru whined and stood erect, letting go of Miyuki's shoulders at once.

"No. Don't even mention his name in front of me." She answered immediately, "Wah, Daebak. Hey, why no—" He finally realized as he saw Sakuya and Yuki walk past them. He sighed and looked at her in the eye. "I understand now, take a rest on your room, and don't even attend the lunch and afternoon meetings. I'll be handling them, and I'll keep you updated through messages. Let me be the president just this one day, give your heart a break, Ms. President." Miru grabbed the President's arm band from her blazer's waist pocket, he placed it on his left arm and smiled at Miyuki as she walked towards the shoe lockers.

(A/N: Daebak – Korean word (대박). Means "big win", "great success" or something awesome.)

He actually found it bothersome, but he also felt sorry for the girl. Miru knew from the start that Miyuki was in love with Sakuya, why? He is an outstanding member of the newspaper club, how can he not notice or even investigate the mysterious bulging love letters on Sakuya's locker when because of its number, it opens the locker by itself and it falls drastically to the floor. He then figured out that it was Watanabe Miyuki who is placing those love letters on his locker earlier in the morning.

Miru then positioned himself on the post where Miyuki always welcome the students. He removed his midnight blue-colored blazer then hung it on his shoulder. "Good day." Countless times, those words went out of his lips. He was getting tired of it already, but he can't stop. There's still ten minutes or more before he can go and start the morning meeting, he is the President today after all. He doesn't even understand why he is helping the President when he is just joined to learn Student Council-only things and place it on the newspaper once he discovers many of them.

"Good day." Miru greeted the last person he knew he'll be greeting, he blinked his eyes before looking at the student, and it was the person who won the idiot award on his world, Yagura Fuuko of the Platinums.

"Ah it's just you," He evaded her look and began looking at his small notepad. "In all of the students in this academy, why's she the one to get my last greeting." He murmured. Miru placed his notepad on his pocket and decided to put on his blazer, he then went to the student council room.

Fuuko heard his murmur, "What's with that annoying guy?" She glared at him as his figure was slowly fading away as he entered the first building's premises.


An hour earlier, it was when Sakuya and Yuki entered the Premises.

"Yuki, can you loosen your grip a bit?" Sakuya told her as he soon noticed Miyuki by the gates. He was hurting inside, or rather, she's hurting inside.

"Does it hurt you?" Yuki loosened as she was told. "I'm sorry Sakuya, let's go." She pulled his arm and they walked the path to the first school building. As they were moving further away, Sakuya kept on looking Miyuki, whispering thing inside his mind. I belong to you, I'm crazily in love with you, Miyuki. He'd hate to admit it, but he or she already fell in love with her.

"Miyuki." He quietly murmured. Yuki thought that he called for her. "Yes, what is it, Sakuya?" They stopped for a bit and Sakuya just sighed and looked at her. "Nothing, I'm going to bring you to your group's leisure room." He forced a smile and placed his left arm around her.


The Principal's Office door's opened, revealing a proportionally perfect girl entering the room, "Ms. Kamieda." The girl said.

"I said I don't wanna, right!?" when she sat upright, she realized who the unexpected visitor was. She then put on a faked smile and looked at her. "Hola, soy Emika." she quickly responded with her Spanish language skills.

"I'm not in the mood to joke with you, Ms. Kamieda." Jonishi Kei closed the door before coming into close contact with Emika. The Principal sighed and looked at her as if they were playing a game of cards.

"Ms. Jonishi, why is the student you brought here, Nishimura Ainosuke of the first year Gold class, started to wreak havoc all of a sudden. He even destroyed a student's personal item." Emika tapped the table and placed the images caught by the cctv camera's in the first year Gold class' room.

"Move Ainosuke to the Platinum class." She pulled out a billions worth of check from her wallet and placed it on the principal's table.

Emika chuckled and crossed her legs. "First wreaking havoc, now bribing me to transfer your no good freak to the highest class? Looks like you're one desperate person, Ms. Jonishi Kei." She then stood up and looked at the window, she was laughing loudly.

"Let's see if you can laugh again after I take away the donations from my dad's company." Those words made the Principal turned around look at her in suspense. "What do you mean?" Emika asked the girl infront of her. Kei just showed her the head ring on her ring finger. "Because I am the future head of the company, I've been undergoing some training and that includes the rejecting of and pulling out of donations to no-good schools and companies, perhaps you might want this school to get bankrupt." The girl raised a brow and a wicked smile formed on her face.

"So what'll be the Queen's decision? To disregard the case and accept the gold being given, or to keep on fighting as the castle crumbles down." She sat at the office chair with her arms and legs crossed, Emika saw the different glint on her eyes, as Kei pulled out her smartphone from her blazer's waist pocket. "Decide quickly, unless you want the castle to crumble real fast." She was clearly mocking the principal.

"Okay I get it, I get it. I'll transfer him to the Platinum class." Emika nervously answered, "Well then, good day, Ms. Kamieda." She threw a number of ten-thousand yen bills as she walked out of the room.

Outside was Ainosuke waiting for her. "Master, what happened?" he immediately asked as he followed her pace. Kei was leading him to the leisure room. Kei heard how he talked, she was greatly angered.

"You sure know how to talk in modern speech, why hadn't you used that when we met last time?!" She turned around and glared at him.

"I-I thought you can understand..." his face turned sullen. Kei sighed and lifted his chin.

"You should've told me sooner." She kissed him on his left cheek then grabbed his arm to enter the leisure room. Ainosuke felt honored, the girl he likes just kissed him on his cheek. "And congratulations, you made it to the Platinum class, for the meantime, we'll be joining the Gold class' for lessons, once the Platinum classroom's construction's done, we'll have a different class than that of the Golds, got it?" She handed him his new uniform as she explained the current situation to him.

"Y-Yes, I understand. Mine lief princess." He accepted the uniform and got changed on one of the fancy dressing rooms inside the leisure room.


Afterschool, almost all of the students have left. Miyuki stood inside the Student Council Meeting room, she was watching the few students leaving the campus. She opened her phone and saw countless messages from Miru, she checked it one by one, and she learned that Sakuya didn't attend any of the meetings. Does this mean, he chose that girl over his duties as the Vice President? She locked her phone and placed it back to her blazer's pocket. "Aah, the school festival's nearing. I wonder how I'll handle our event. Now that someone's loyalty has been taken away from us." Miyuki said as she sat on her chair as the president. She rested her head on the table. She started to cry, she was looking at the orange-colored sky as the tears flow from her eyes.

The sliding door opened, "Watanabe!" it was a familiar voice.

"Yamamoto?" She stood up and wiped her tears.

"Watanabe, no Ms. President." He kneeled infront of her. "My loyalty's already owned by you, Ms. President." This is the only idea that came to his head, he wants to stay beside her, no matter what happens.

"Y-Yamamoto..." Miyuki kneeled to see him face to face. "You don't need to do that, Ms. Azuma's waiting for you at the gates." She forced a smile.

"I'm the Vice President, I should be always by the President's side." He kissed Miyuki's hand. "I've already sworn my loyalty to you the day Ogasawara and the others brought me here." They stood up together as Sakuya's still holding Miyuki's hand.

"Don't worry Ms. President, I won't abandon the Council just because of Yuki. I was just ashamed to show myself to you today because I know you despised the Platinums the most. I'll be attending the meetings again tomorrow." Sakuya smiled at the girl that'll be out of his reach from now.

"Okay, thank you Mr. Yamamoto." Miyuki grabbed her bag, "Let's go to the school gate together? My family's car's been waiting there forever." She chuckled as they exited the room and locked the doors.


"Hi, my name is Ota Yuuri, from today on, I'll be joining the Platinum class, its nice meeting you all!" A short-haired girl wearing a white blazer with black edges, golden necktie, black dress shirt, and white black edged skirt, she's a Platinum, no matter where you look at her.

From her seat, Syu felt helpless, she doesn't know how she'll deal with the four members of Platinum Class when she's the only one from Student Council in their classroom. Fuck this, I'm doomed. She whispered. When Ainosuke entered the room wearing a Platinum class' Uniform, now make it five, Syu suddenly wants to commit suicide.

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Re: Love Letter Madness R [SayaMilky/FuuMiru][Remake][160615]
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Chapter 07 -Shiroma Miru

Shiroma Miru's POV

I'm Shiroma Miru, a highschool student from Kamieda Highschool. At night, I work as a manager in our shop. I'm actually Shiroma Takeshi's son, the owner of the infamous ramen store, The Ramen Sensei. At a young age, I learned how to run our business as my mother died early at a car accident, and my father was left to take care of the ramen shop. He thought me the things I needed to learn on running the shop, so I ain't having any problems on handling the employees.

While in the afternoon, I work as a model, not some ordinary model. I make myself look like a girl and attend magazine photoshoots as a girl, I'm not gay or something, but this is my way of earning money. Since the earnings of the store are split among the workers, I earn based on the earnings of the store and the number of workers. As a female model, I'm known by this cliché nickname, Shiromiru, and what I hate the most in this work is I always have a photoshoot scheduled with Yoshida Akari, yes, the Platinum class member.

I always try to hide my real identity when I'm around her, and because she's one of the Platinums, she's an idiot 'cuz she didn't even realize that the girl she's been hugging a number of times already, is a boy. I'm just so good at hiding my muscles and my flashy abs because I learned from Master Yuizou, from the Yokoyama Academy of Sword Arts

Right now, I'm cooking for our ramen store, inside this stuffy kitchen. Let me tell you a thing, what's it like to fall in love? I've been feeling my heart skipping a beat when I see that person pass me by, and I even started stalking her twitter account.

"Young master!" I turned to look at the part-timer who always calls me young master, Yamamoto Sayaka.

"I told you to stop calling me that, right?" I lowered the heat of the soup I was cooking. I glared at her. "Geez, how many times should I tell you to stop calling me young master, it's just so awkward." I added as I walked towards her.

"The white uniformed people are there again, what should I do? I'm scared." She was teary-eyed, I find her cute when she's like that but no, Sayaka doesn't interest me. For this person is that Yamamoto Sakuya who is my senior.

"You're older than me, you should deal with them yourself." I gave her a sharp look.



[BSG – Bronze, Silver, and Gold]

At the BSG'S Physical Education class, Miru sat a distant place than the other members of the student council. He wanted to be alone, because he just can't believe himself that he just fell in love with a person he doesn't even like.

"Damn, I really hate those people posting many photos of them wearing the same clothes on twitter. Like, six straight posts, with four photos each?" He sat at the bleachers as he checked his twitter's timeline. He had mute everyone except for that one girl. "Damn, girl. You might have some problems."

On the other hand, the girl just a meter far from him, Yagura Fuuko who was sitting with Yoshida Akari and Jonishi Kei, got offended. "Are you talking about me?" She stood up and went in front of Miru.

"Huh? Why are you affected?" He closed his phone and looked at the girl standing in front of him. "You did that, eh?" Miru smirked and continued looking at her. He just felt this lately, every time this girl passes him, his heart skips a bit. Every time he sees this girl, his heart skips a bit. When she disappeared because she had to travel the day the latest transfer student, Ota Yuuri, came, he missed her for no reason. He regretted turning down the Platinum Class offer for him from the School Principal.

"Me? Affected?" She smirked a little. "For your information, I'm not affected." Fuuko glared at him.

"Eh? You really are affected, judging on how you are acting right now." He fell in love with her when he first saw her, but he just kept on denying it and pushing that the one he likes was Yamada Nana. "Well, you're correct. You're the one I was talking about." Miru gave her a mocking smile. He just realized it when the science laboratory incident, where he risked his life to save the girl.

"Why do you even care?" Fuuko retorted in an angry tone.

"Damn girl, if you don't have any other clothes besides those, well you've got some real problem, sistah." To Shiroma Miru, happiness is annoying Yagura Fuuko.

"Me? Having big problems? Maybe you're the one having big problems. I don't even know how you knew about those because I posted the tweets you're talking about with a day interval." Yagura Fuuko, placed her hands on her waist.

"Well..." Miru felt himself falling deep down a well, nothing to answer to the girl. A lightbulb shone and he knew what to answer. "I saw it on Yamamoto-senpai's phone. Satisfied?" He knew very well that this girl really likes Sakuya, he noticed how she was acting back in the Platinum x Student Council Camp.

"S-Sakuya-senpai?" Her face turned red and ran towards Akari, she began hugging her tight. While Akari, Eh? Sakuya-senpai's got twitter? Oh, I wasn't even informed, well, I'll make sure I'll ask Yabuchan later. She tilted her head and continued watching Airi, Momoka, and Ainosuke playing basketball with some of the normal students.

"Tch. Weird girl." He was annoyed. Miru wants her to be his, but he also feels sorry for her, the boy she likes is in a relationship with one of her friends and is a girl. He removed his tracksuit's jacket and folded his track pants up to his knees. He went down and pulled Sakuya who was sleeping on the corner of the court.

"We're playing with the Platinums, wake up or else I'm gonna expose your secret." He kicked his back and Sakuya immediately stood up, he looked like a kid as he pouted at Miru.

"You didn't even have to kick me!" Sakuya stood up and unzipped his track jacket. "So, who is teaming up with who?" He did some stretching, "We're teaming up with the Platypus." The school uniforms for the student council members are same with the Platinums, white tracksuit, and black shirt.

The two of them, stepping on the stage, Momoka passed the ball to Miru. He gladly accepted and started dribbling the ball. They played as if it was a real game, and the Platinums and the Student council are doing well with each other. After the game, Miru removed his shirt and climbed back up on the bleachers with Sakuya, who folded his shirt's sleeves while his track jacket was tied around his waist.

Fuuko, left by Akari and Kei at the bleachers, was stopping herself from drooling over the two males with her on the bleachers. Later, Momoka and Airi went to the bleachers to accompany Fuuko, while Ainosuke followed Kei.


"Fuuko, are you even sure that Sakuya-senpai's following you on twitter?" Akari was buttoning her black blouse as she sat on the bench inside the Platinum Girl's changing room, this time, she was fixing her stockings.

"Yeah." Fuuko was finished changing on her uniform and is now checking her followers and sending them a private message saying, 'Who is this?'

"Look here, Fuuko. I'm good friends with Yabuchan, and I know the only persons that Yabuchan is following. Yabuchan's only following the student council members, and as far as I can remember, there is no Sakuya on it." Akari buttoned up her white blazer and crossed her legs as she continued conversing with Fuuko.

"Wait, who's that Yabuchan? Hey Say! JUMP's Kota Yabu?" Intrigued, Fuuko looked at Akari with sparkling eyes.

"Are you an idiot? They're not even allowed to have twitter! Of course that Yabuchan isn't Kota Yabu!" The tall girl sighed, "That Yabuchan is Yabushita Syu, Student Council's secretary." She brought out her phone from her blazer's pocket and opened her twitter app. "See?" She showed her Syu's following list.

"Oh..." Fuuko typed Syu's username and followed her, she figured out this will be a good plan to track down Sakuya's twitter. "Let's go Akari, we'll be staying over the night at Kei's right?" She stood up and carried her bag, Akari just nodded and followed.


"I'll be getting the sandwiches from the kitchen, stay here for a bit." Kei removed her white blazer before leaving Akari, Fuuko and Yuuri at her house's living room. "Yagura-senpai, is there some kind of problem with your phone? You've been focusing on your phone hours already." Yuuri sipped tea from her teacup.

"I'm trying to find Sakuya-senpai's twitter." Her eyes are wide open and isn't bothering to take them off the screen.

"Eh? Isn't he Azuma-senpai's boyfriend?" She added and Fuuko froze a bit.

"She'll never know, just keep this a secret from her, okay?" Fuuko continued on typing 'Who's this?' messages on her unknown followers, she then remembered why she followed Yabushita. She went on her twitter page and looked at the 'following' list.

"Huh?" She noticed something unusual. There is another account that she isn't familiar with, shylmile? Who's that? She ignored it and checked each of the member's twitter, she first checked Miru's twitter account, inside were a bunch of hentai manga updates, and it's full of bloated girls. The next one's Kotani Riho's twitter, there are useless tweets with no username addressed on it, and her icon is still that starting egg. While Ogasawara Mayu's twitter is full of dirty jokes, and there is always someone hitting the 'heart' button. When she looked at who it was, she saw Yuuri's twitter. She checked Yamada Nana's, it doesn't have a single tweet, and it's the same as Miyuki's.

After a few minutes of hesitation, she checked the mysterious account called shylmile. Fuuko was surprised to see the account's icon. It was Miru. At first, she pressed the 'Likes' tab, she saw that all of her tweets was liked by that account. An imposter? She thought. Fuuko saw that the direct message button was open, so she pressed it and asked the same question. Who's this?


"Who the fuck is messaging at this time." Miru lowered the heat and checked his phone. The twitter direct message icon was there. He unlocked his phone and looked at the notifications tab.

@ICECREAMFUKO sent you a direct message on twitter

He blushed then shook his head. He opened the message.

@ICECREAMFUKO: Who's this?

Miru smirked and felt annoyed.

@shylmile: It's the great Shiroma Miru, you idiot. Tch, looks like idiots like you will forever be idiots.

He chuckled then later felt nervous. He checked which twitter account was logged in, it turned out that he forgot to switch accounts the night before, he also remembered that he forgot to remind Syu to unfollow his secret account.

"Fuck this shit." Miru doesn't know what to do. Then his phone vibrated again.

@ICECREAMFUKO: Oooh. I'm the only one that you are following, does this mean, you're stalking me?

"AHHH!" Screaming, he quickly deleted the account. "Now I'm safe." He sighed and sat at the chair near him. Miru thought of a thing, he'll be evading her starting tomorrow.


"Akari, you're right. Senpai's got no twitter." Fuuko was frozen, her face was slightly red.

"See? Now you believe me." Akari was rolling around their futons inside the largest room in Kei's house.

"Oi, Yoshida. Stop rolling around, you look like an idiot. Yuuri's sleeping." Akari pouted and glared at Kei. "Alright." She hid under her blanket.


The next day, Miru went to school in a proper attire. With his usual messy black hair, in 'katsupoy' style. His white dress shirt buttoned up to his neck, and his tie not hanging or loose. He switched back from wearing the improper, black skinny jeans, to the proper one, midnight blue slacks that can only be bought at the school store, instead of wearing his contacts, he was wearing a round-frame eyeglasses. Entering the school's premises, he quickly proceeded to the student council room. He hid on the corner of the room and balled himself.

While on the gates, he passed Fuuko, who didn't even notice him. She was waiting for Miru to tease him or to even blackmail him of what she discovered. Two hours has passed and she still hasn't realized that the person she was waiting for already passed her hours ago.

With a black BMW stopping at the school's façade, Fuuko knew that the students inside the car are her friends, Momoka and Airi. "Oh, good morning leader!" Momoka walked towards her and stopped beside Fuuko. "What's with you? Who are you even waiting for?" Airi followed Momoka and both of them leaned at the wall inches behind Fuuko.

"I'm waiting for Shiroma." A smirk formed on Fuuko's face. As if she was about to mock Miru.

"Eh? He already went inside a while ago. I know about it because I've been here earlier. I just went off to annoy Airi." Momoka stood confused, Miru's attire was rather showy than before. He looked like a boring ninety's shit walking around in that proper uniform attire. "Are you sure you didn't notice him?" He raised his right brow.

"Yes!" Fuuko pouted. She was really excited to bully him and this happened.

"In his showy outfit!? Are you sure you didn't notice him!?" Momoka's eyes widened. While Fuuko figured out where he is possibly right now. The Student Council Room. She hurried and went to the room and when she opened the door, the student council were having a meeting.

"And when the customers enter the school—" their conversation was cut when Fuuko suddenly entered the room. The first one to catch her attention was the properly uniformed guy inside the room.

"Where's Shiroma Miru!?" Fuuko exclaimed.

The properly uniformed guy, Shiroma Miru, hid under the table and curled up like a ball.

"Eh? Under the table maybe?" Miyuki tilted her head until she became in contact with Syu. Syu was signaling her a 'shhh', she quickly cope up to what was happening.

"Try checking the second year silver classroom." Miyuki stood up and bowed at Fuuko. "Ah... Yeah, thank you." The girl quickly closed the door and went off to the room Miyuki mentioned.

"Now then, please lock the door." The President sighed and looked at her members. "Vice President Shiroma, is she the reason why you look so proper today?" Miyuki looked at Miru in teasing manner with her smirk.

"FUCK THIS SHIT! I'LL DIE IF I STAY LIKE THIS ANY LONGER!" Miru can't take it any longer, he messed his hair up again, removed his glasses and grabbed the contact lens container on his pocket, placed it on his eyes then he loosened his neck tie, and undone the top two buttons of his shirt. "AH! MOU!" Miru placed his hands on his belt's buckle, then he started unbuckling his belt. He is about to remove his slacks.

"Hey! Vice President Shiroma! Get a hold of yourself!" Syu and the other girls started covering their eyes.

"Idiots! I have my usual jeans under this shitty slacks!" he ripped the slacks into two.

"It's amazing you withstood the heat in double pants." Aina was clapping her hands while seated on her chair. Miru then went towards the door and exited the room.

"Where is he going?" Syu tilted her head and looked at Miyuki.

"I dunno. Maybe he'll be going back to his class?" She tilted her head. "Just tell Shiroma that 2nd Hatsumori Girls' Commercial Highschool's softball club will be attending classes here for a month. Some of their clubrooms are in construction and they aren't able to find a place comfortable where they could meet easily, so for the meantime, Ms. Kamieda offered our school to them for free, and they just accepted the offer. We'll be welcoming them next week, get ready. Then, the meeting is closed. Let's meet again later." Miyuki stood up to fix the papers and placed it on a boxfile on one of the shelves.


"YOU FUCKIN' DUMB SHITHEAD! ARE YOU HERE!?" He slid the door in a rude manner. "Oh there you are." Fuuko patted his left arm, and slowly he turned to look at her.

"What do you fuckin' need?" Miru glared at Fuuko.

"I just wanted to ask you something," She smiled, Fuuko pulled his arm and lead Miru to the rooftop. "Hey wait!" Miru tried to resist but he was too late.


"Why are you stalking me?" Fuuko locked the door and sat at the railings.

"Hah. Me? Stalking you?" He chuckled. "Don't make me laugh bitch." Miru crossed his arms and cornered Fuuko on the railings where she was sitting. Miru drew his face closer to hers, to the point they can already feel each other's breath.

"Heh?" Fuuko pulled out her phone and showed him a screenshot. It was his deleted twitter account on the 'likes' tab. Miru's defense was torn and he glared at Fuuko. "What'll you do with that?" he retorted.

"Let's just say, if you still refuse to admit that you are stalking me, then I will release this screenshot on the internet." When Fuuko said those words, his eyes widened.

"Fine. Let's talk about it, shall we?" from anger, he turned calm in an instant.


"What the?! You just wanted to be my friend?" Fuuko cackled. "Fine, let's go out next week. As a celebration for our newly formed friendship." She shook his hand and smiled at him.


"Young master!" Sayaka called out to Miru who was stirring the soup stock. "Can I change to my jeans and dress shirt? You know, my school uniform." She was still in the back door. "You can, but you have to work dressed in that starting today. Some students may just carelessly spread rumors about you once they see you here." Miru wiped his sweat using the towel hung on his neck.

The chimes on the entrance made a sound, someone entered their shop. Sayaka, now dressed as Sakuya, went on the entrance to greet the customer. The customers were two girls whom Sakuya figured out to be rich ladies. Based on their looks and mannerisms, in addition to the fancy sun dresses they are wearing, and the branded bags hung on their arms.

"Welcome to The Ramen Sensei." He bowed with the sincerest smile on his face.

"I never knew that there's a shady restaurant around our district." The tall girl wearing a blue rose printed sun dress, said as she roamed her round eyes around their shop.

"Mai, don't be so rude. Why not try their food first before buying their land?" the other girl with a plain white sun dress with a chanel bag hung on her arm. "You're right, Sherry. If in any case—" the girl whom the other girl called Mai, had her words cut as she noticed Sakuya who was standing infront of them. She saw him as a perfect being like her, his eyes, his lips, everything about him.

"Yamamoto, is there something wrong?" Miru, wearing a white fitted v-neck shirt, went to the entrance to see if there was any problem since Sakuya still hasn't comeback.

"Well, uhm, Manager." Sakuya put on a forced smile.

Looking at the two customers, Miru realized that those two are students of St. Denenchofu Polalis Academy. The girl who was inspecting the place with her eyes, was identified by him as Shiraishi Mai. While the other one who was checking the food price poster at the entrance was Eto Misa, he had been with both of the girls before in some sort of fashion show when he was cross dressing, but he never got to talk to them since all the other models are around the two of them.

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Excited for the Nogizaka parts. Keep it up, Author-san! :)

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Whoo now that I have caught up, I shall comment!

First, I shall just say that I read the first version of Love Letter Madness and I can definitely say that you have improved so much! Your story is much more consistent and mature to read now.

Also, I find the Fuumiru and Sayamilky pairings really cute in this. I love the fact that they are obviously in love with each other yet they won't voice it out. Don't make us wait too long for them to get together though ;)

I have a few questions as well: why did Sayaka say yes to Yuki being 'his' girlfriend? If he loved Milky then wouldn't he just say no? And is Akari and Shu going to end up together? They flirt a lot in this xD

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looking forward to your update  :D

i want to see fuuchan drooling over miru again  :lol:

and... of course about sayamilky  :smhid too complicated for two of them

update soon!  :bow:
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Love Letter Madness R [SayaMilky/FuuMiru][Remake][160805]
« Reply #12 on: August 05, 2016, 05:38:17 PM »
Chapter 08 – Cultural Festival 01


“This is great! So delicious!” Sakuya fed the girl a chopstick of ramen noodle. Shiraishi Mai was amazed, she never realized that a ramen could taste this good. “Now then, Ms. Shiraishi hold your chopsticks like this.” He held her hand and placed the chopsticks on her hand.

“There’s no need to teach me, I know how to use this.” Mai felt herself becoming a burden to the boy whom she thought is as perfect as she is. So she decided to hold the chopsticks with her hands, numb, as she is not really that used to eating with the said utensil.

“Look, your hands are shaking. C’mon, hold it like this.” Sakuya adjust the pair on her hands as she noticed that they are not shaking anymore. “Have fun with your food.” He gave them a smile and walked towards the counter.

“Ms. Eto, have you decided?” Miru, on the other hand was entertaining Eto Misa. He was asking her about what she was going to order. “This looks good, while this one too.” Misa looked at Miru’s face who was just inches close to her. His scent invaded her nose, she noticed the sweat continuously running down from his temples to his sexy collar bones. Her mind almost went blank, her face was nearing the color of tomato.

“If you still can’t decide then I’ll help you out.” Miru sighed and held the other side of Menu for her.
“This one’s kinda cheap, though you might not even like the price as you are a person of a higher class.” He pointed out a 750 yen worth of ramen. “This one might be one of our cheapest, but I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.” They were in full accommodation as Miru knew that Mai is the daughter of Kanemochi Shiraishi, who can buy anything including lands in any amount as long as they have their cash.

“I’ll take it.” She smiled at Miru who then turned around to walk towards the counter, then at an unfortunate event, one of their waitresses, namely, Katou Yuuka, accidentally stepped on an unmopped puddle and slipped on the floor, with her tray of water falling unto Miru.

“I’m sorry, manager!” Yuuka stood up and apologized. “No, it’s alright. Just get me a change from the company boxes on floor B12.” Yuuka nodded and picked up the fallen cups on the ground and went on ahead, while Miru took his shirt off to wipe the puddle on the store’s floor. “Yamamoto, go get a mop.”   Sakuya, who was stirring the soup stock, nodded at her manager’s command.

Mai noticed that her friend’s been staring at the half-naked young man wiping the floor with his wet shirt. She also observed the body that Misa’s been staring for almost 10 minutes straight.

“Oh, nice body.” She whispered to Misa as she roamed her eyes to the man’s body, starting from Miru’s triceps to his exploding washboard v-lined abs. But for some reason, he is not her type. “Sherry, don’t tell me that man’s your ideal guy?” she whispered again.

“Mai, I think I’m already full.” Misa turned to look at Mai with her sparkling eyes.

“Wait a minute, Sherry, don’t you think that’s a bit rude? You haven’t even tasted your food.” Mai felt abit weird around her friend. “I never said I’ll be leaving.” She bit her lip and looked at Miru who stood up like a soldier from his push up position.

“Miru-senpai!” Miru turned to look at who it was, it was just Yuuka who threw the white shirt to him. When he caught the shirt, he wore it then continued working. Later, the two asked for their bills. Both of them are handing them 10,000 yen bills. “Do you have any smaller bills?” As Miru asked, the girls shook their heads. “You can keep the change.” They left Miru and Sakuya frozen.


A group of students wearing a uniform different from theirs entered the room along with Watanabe Miyuki.

“Everyone from 2nd Hatsumori, please kindly wait inside this room. Your room assignments will be announced in a few minutes.” Miyuki sighed then looked at the two vice presidents. “And you two, get their uniforms on the stock room. Find the box with Hatsumori written on it then hand it on the students, I already taped their names on each of the uniforms so it should be easy for you to do. I’m up for the morning show broadcast on the tv station, I’m entrusting the school to you, Mr. Yamamoto.” As his name was called, he bowed and smiled at Miyuki. “Yes, Ma’am!” when Miyuki heard his response, she smiled back and left the room.

“Miru, go get the uniforms on the stock room. I’ll get to know them.” As per his orders, Miru smirked and nodded. Before leaving he walked towards the girl seated on the sofa nearest to the door. “Nanase, it’s been a while?” Miru leaned to her closer to see her face. “Miru!? As I thought, it really is you.” They hugged each other like they were lovers who haven’t seen each other for years. “Who is she? Your girlfriend?” Sakuya leaned on his chair and glared at Miru.

“No, she’s a childhood friend. My father’s good friends with her mother.” Miru smiled at Sakuya then left the room. “Ah.” Sakuya chuckled.


When Miru got back, he was carrying two boxes, with his blazer placed on top of the two boxes. “Here you go.” At that moment, one of the students from Hatsumori, Akimoto Manatsu or as she was addressed, Harvard, was stunned as she looked at how his body was well built basing from his arms as his sleeves are rolled up to his elbow. “Yamamoto, please distribute.” On time, the others came back.


Nishino Nanase – 3rd year Silver
Takayama Kazumi – 3rd year Silver
Ikuta Erika – 3rd year Silver
Hashimoto Nanami – 3rd year Silver
Ikoma Rina – 3rd year Silver
Sakurai Reika – 3rd year Gold
Wakatsuki Yumi – 3rd year Silver
Akimoto Manatsu – 3rd year Gold
Fukagawa Mai – 3rd year Silver
Matsumura Sayuri – 3rd year Silver


“I’ll be the one to tour Akimoto and Sakurai, Mr. Yamamoto and Ms. Yamada the rest is up to you.” Fukumoto Aina smiled at the two vice presidents then lead Manatsu and Reika outside the room. Sakuya and Nana then toured the remaining students as they were in the same class, 3rd year silver.


“Guys, we will be starting to practice for our play tomorrow.” Miyuki sighed, “I decided that we’ll be doing Cendrillion, we’ll be up against the Platinums.” A forced smile formed on her face, “Let’s do our best, okay?” She started fixing the folders on her desk and stood up. “Dismissed.” She left the room without any word.

Sakuya went out of the room and watched Miyuki’s figure as she slowly faded. There are countless of things he wanted to say, but at his state right now, he’ll never be able to. His girlfriend, Yuki, grabbed his arm and dragged him towards the other staircase. As he was being dragged, thoughts about Miyuki invaded his mind, and even called Yuki as Miyuki.


“What?” Yuki heard his voice and decided to let go of Sakuya’s arm.

“Oh, I’m sorry.” Sakuya scratched the back of his head, “What are you talking about again, Yuki?” Instead of getting a response, he was slapped. “Let’s break up.” She walked away.

Instead of feeling hurt, Sakuya felt freedom. He was in a bliss state until someone patted him. It was Shiroma Miru.

“Let’s go to the shop together?” He insisted. Sakuya just nodded.


“This is an important announcement. I was just told this morning that the musical contest was cancelled, but a ball with the students from St. Denenchofu will be held at the gymnasium.” Miyuki announced inside the student council room, “St. Denenchofu!? You mean St. Denenchofu Polalis Academy!?” Ogasawara Mayu’s eyes widened, she couldn’t believe what was happening.

“Oh yeah, that kind of rich kid school. The school’s name is very long that it’s really very tiring to say it full.” Miyuki sighed as she sat back on her office chair and crossed her arms.

“But President, how are we going to handle that event? That’s Polalis Academy after all. The normal classes might join the party and they are too many.  They might cause troubles and the school’s name will…”He paused for a bit. “You know.” Miru put on a careless look.

“What if we’ll just give the bronze students and up proper invitations while we’ll give 15 invitations for raffle for the normal students?” Syu began to draw a circle in the air using her pen. “I’m sure Vice President Yamamoto’s gonna suggest the same thing if he was here.” She added.

“Hmm… is there any other suggestions?” Miyuki looked at her member’s eyes, “So, we’ll go with Syu’s suggestion?” lately, Watanabe Miyuki’s mind’s been full of something really unrelated to the school. Her flight to America. Soon she’ll be flying to America to pursue her studies and modeling career.

“Sorry I’m late!” Miyuki’s focus was diverted to Sakuya who just entered the room. “Raffle? With just 15 tickets? That’s too many, make it 5.” He sat at the chair beside Miyuki.

“Eh? Why 5?” Aina tilted her head and looked at Sakuya. She was obviously worrying for the normal students who’ll get to attend, why so few? She said on her mind.

“Well, our priority is the Polalis students. They must enjoy the party.” Sakuya sighed and looked at the other members with his eyes expressing anger. “Platinum students shouldn’t be allowed to enter.” He grabbed the folder of informations from Miyuki’s table and leaned on his chair.

“Senpai, why are the Platinums not allowed?” Syu raised a brow and turned her seat to look at Sakuya.

“Isn’t it obvious? Mr. Yamamoto’s clearly avoiding some casualties or ruckus.” Miyuki wrote the official plans on their whiteboard. Then, dropping the pen back to its place, she tapped her table and looked at her people. “Let’s make the cultural festival more enjoyable, we can do it without the yearly musical events.”  She then set aside the other thoughts in her mind and let the cultural festival plans invade it.

“Should we conduct an event that all students will be able to enjoy?” Nana stretched her legs and placed her legs up on the table. She leaned on her chair then started painting her nails.

“What kind of event is in your mind?” Ripopo grabbed her steno notebook and flipped a couple of full pages then placed her pen on the clean page.

“Eh… Something like a quiz show?” Nana tried drowning herself in deep thoughts, “Ah mou! Some kind of event that everyone enjoys!” She sat properly on her chair then also flipped pages of her log book. “By the way, our fund is still steady at 11,000.” She added as she showed us the encircled amount of money on the lower part of her logbook.

“That’s still low.” Miyuki sat on her chair and rested her forehead on her palm.

“No problems guys, Yamada, check the Sports club funds.” Mayu grabbed the giant treasure box from her locker inside the room and placed it infront of Yamada Nana who was turning the pages to find the Sports club part of the logbook.

“Ah here it is.” Her eyes widened. “550,000!?” she exclaimed. Watanabe Miyuki stood in surprise and called Mayu’s attention. “Ogasawara, how the heck did the sports fund reach that number!?” she exclaimed.

“Well, I found the hidden vault of the female softball team yesterday. Yeah, as far as you know, that clubroom’s been empty for a couple of years already. Nobody even wants to revive that club. Since the Hatsumori kids’ been sponsored by Kamieda, that room will be used again, so while it was open just this morning while they were having their drills, I snuck inside and found the vault.” Mayu smiled as if she had the genius air around her. “Remember when we were in middle school? The women’s softball team won against the Nakagawa All Girls School? That’s where they got this amount. In that prestigious tourney.” She added a smile and looked at them.

Nana grabbed Mayu’s box and snatched the five ties of ten thousand yen bills. “Well then, let’s start planning for the cultural festival.” Nana smiled brightly as she opened Riho’s moneybank and placed the five ties of ten thousand yen bills inside.

“What the!?” Mayu stood frozen then went back to her seat few seconds later.


They soon finished planning for the upcoming ball. Since this week, they will be preparing for the cultural festival. The most awaited event occurring in Kami-High. The student council then readied the ladders and banners to be used, ordered the materials that the clubs demanded, and distributed the funds to the classes and clubs.

The students of Polalis Academy, as a guest to the upcoming ball, was given an opportunity to enter the Kamieda Private Highschool of the Elites. The two girls who went to visit on the first day was the Captain and Vice Captain of the Polalis Academy Softball club, Shiraishi Mai and Eto Misa.

At the school’s entrance, Miyuki, and Sakuya are checking the whole free space at the school grounds to see the number of clubs that will be able to use the grounds and how many will use the halls and rooms of the buildings. The two were surprised to see the Polalis students, both were looking highclass and weren’t even wearing their uniforms, just in their normal sundresses and one-piece.

“Uhm, excuse me, how may I help you?” Miyuki walked towards the two girls, then was later ignored by them. They, instead, talked to Sakuya who was noting everything that Miyuki said earlier about the wall designs.

“Fancy meeting you here.” Mai stopped infront of him with Misa behind her.

“Ah yeah… You’re the girls from yesterday, right?” Sakuya gave them his usual smile, but on the other side, Miyuki looked at them with grief.

“Pardon, we still haven’t introduced ourselves properly, I’m Shiraishi Mai and this girl’s Eto Misa.” She bowed and smiled at him, then Sakuya just nodded.

“I’m Yamamoto Sakuya, and that girl you ignored earlier is Watanabe Miyuki. She’s the Student Council President, while I am her Vice President.” He walked towards Miyuki and grabbed her hand. “If there is anything that you want to know about our school’s festival, you better ask Ms. Watanabe, since she knows this school and the upcoming event better than me.” Even in those slight harsh-sounding words, Shiraishi Mai heard them as something perfect to be said by someone as perfect as the young man infront of her.

“Mai, he sounded so rude.” Misa whispered at Mai. “No, he is just perfect as he is.” She whispered back.

“Ms. President, mind entertaining them as I hand over our observations to Ms. Yamada?” Sakuya asked Miyuki, who was at that time, mesmerized on what her Vice President decided to do. He had changed after their numerous encounters with the Platinums, and the day when he swore to be by her side until their days in the academy ends. “Yes, do it faster because we’ll be having another meeting in an hour.” Sakuya nodded then jogged his way to the school’s entrance.


“Shiroma! Shiroma!” Miru almost fell on the floor from the ladder he was using as he adorned the hallways ceilings with paper flowers and other decorations made by the volunteers.

“Hey, what!? Be thankful that I studied on that damn Yokoyama blah-blah sword arts that I can do some tricks to prevent myself from dying!” He jumped from the shaking ladder and stopped it from falling as he landed on the ground. Miru glared at Sakuya who was at that time, catching his breath.

“The Polalis girls from yesterday are downstairs, they’re talking with Ms. President.” Surprised, Miru pulled Sakuya along as he raced like a jet downstairs. “Hey! Shiroma, oi! Stop!” He looked like a devil skipping steps to arrive at the grounds on time.

When he arrived, what surprised him was Miyuki was standing alone in the grounds. She turned around and saw them, Sakuya saw the tears that she quickly wiped off.

Miyuki cried.


“Hey, damn Student council!” Momoka kicked the Student Council Room’s door and behind him was the Platinum class. He was angry, Momoka was holding the letter that notified the whole Platinum class that they aren’t allowed to attend the Joint Masquerade Ball. “What do you mean by ‘the Platinum Class will not be entertained and given invitations for the upcoming ball. As per the orders of the Student Council.’, huh?” Jonishi Kei grabbed the paper from the enraged Momoka and crumpled it infront of them.

“Yoshida, tell them.” Kei said with a wicked smile on her face.

Akari took a step forward, “If you still insist to stop us from joining the party, then we might as well take that money back. My family’s the organizer of that prestigious tourney, years ago. We still have the right to that money, so it’s up to you to decide.” She leaned at the doorway and smirked at them.

“Say, who’s the one who suggested that?” Airi went inside and grabbed Sakuya by the collar. “Is it you?” He glared at him. Sakuya just smiled at him mockingly.

Airi then attempted to punch him, but was stopped by Miyuki. “I,” As if hesitating, she opened her lips and let the words escape. “I’m the person who suggested to prohibit you from joining the ball.” Her voice was rather shaky, her hands are clenched, and she took Sakuya’s responsibility. Airi pushed Sakuya away and walked his way to Miyuki, with only an inch gap to their faces, Airi looked her in the eyes.

“Ms. President!” All of them exclaimed. Sakuya sat on the floor, he was silent. He doesn’t know what to do. He just placed Miyuki in more trouble.

“Hey. Tanigawa.” Miru pushed him lightly through his chest with his left hand. “That’s bad. Miyuki’s a girl.” He added. “We’ll take back the decision. I’ll be a Platinum for a month, in exchange for what we did.” Miru sighed. “Don’t worry, that’ll make your class average higher. Your class ranked 2nd to the Gold class last week, right?” Shiroma sounded as if he knew what he was saying, when in fact, he doesn’t even have an idea.

Yagura Fuuko arrived, she was gasping. It seemed that she ran straight from the other building to the building where they are right now as she heard that her team is causing something.

“Is that… true, Miru!?” She was holding her knees as she leaned her left hand on the doorway to support herself. “Yeah. It’s true, I’ll start after the festival ends.” He sounded serious but deep inside he was about to faint. It was Fuuko who talked to him, she arrived.

“Thank you for your kind consideration.” Fuuko knew what happened, but she still continued to lower her pride as she always used to do. They slowly left, as Fuuko left with a smile, the other ones held a stern look.


“Ms. President, I’m sorry.” Sakuya and Miyuki was left inside the student council room as the others decided to leave after the tiring day. He apologized as a war almost broke out because of his careless decision. He lowered his head and sincerely apologized to the person he once hated. “No, you don’t have to apologize. It’s my fault on making Mayu deliver the letter earlier when we originally planned to humiliate them in the day of the ball.” Miyuki stood up and held Sakuya’s face up.

“Sakuya.” Miyuki closed her eyes as if she was waiting to be kissed by the man infront of her. Sakuya turned red as he doesn’t know what to do. To kiss her or not to kiss her?

“Miyuki, this is wrong.” He pushed her lightly and left the room. Miyuki forced a smile as she looked at her reflection in the room’s window.

“You’re really troublesome, aren’t you?” She sighed. “Milky, when will you stop dreaming?” she spoke to herself as tears slowly made their way out of her eyes. She can’t hold her feelings anymore, she can’t even confess properly, moreover, she remembered she kissed him on the day that they first conversed. “Miyuki, you’re leaving soon. Why don’t you just forget about him? He will never notice you anyway.” She whispered. “Sakuya will never notice you…” she fell on her knees and she started crying.

The door suddenly opened, revealing Tanigawa Airi of the Platinums. “Miyuki.” He hugged her from behind. Airi was silent. Miyuki, stop crying or else… I’ll be forced to stay by your side forever. I don’t want to see you get hurt, my heart feels like being pierced when I see you lonely. He wanted to say it, but in the end: “Please stop crying” was the only things he said.

He repeated it again as he felt that it wasn’t enough.

“Miyuki, please stop crying.” He stopped his tears. I can’t bear to see you like that.

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Love Letter Madness R [SayaMilky/FuuMiru][Remake][161226][Chapter 09]
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Chapter 09 – Cultural Festival 02 // Ball
Today is the day of the friendly date that Fuuko and Miru scheduled. Miru arrived at the venue an hour earlier, dressed in his black skinny jeans, and a white shirt, with a black hoodie tied around his waist, he leaned on a red brick wall as he played his phone while waiting for Fuuko. Minute by minute, he was constantly looking at his leather strapped golden watch. It’s been 30 minutes and she still hasn’t arrived. Miru kept on thinking, what happened to her? Or did she get involved in some kind of serious accident? Trying to calm his mind, he was tapping his black slip on shoes on the pavement.
“I’m sorry! Have you waited for so long?” Miru inspected her from head to toe, she’s wearing a white shirt tucked-in on her black skirt and a black and red checkered polo is hung around her waist, and she’s wearing the same shoes as his.
“No, I mean, I just arrived.” Few minutes passed before it sunk into their minds that they are wearing patterned clothes. Instead of friends, they can be easily mistaken as lovers.
She leaned on the wall as she looked at Miru. “See? I have many clothes.” Fuuko smirked at Miru, pointing at what she is wearing. Expecting a more meaningful reply from Miru,
“Eww. What the fuck is that?” Miru looked at Fuuko as if he was a Vaishya and she is an Untouchable.
“How rude of you!” Fuuko angrily glared at him. “Like, why are you even keeping a dirty caterpillar walking on your shirt?” He grabbed the caterpillar with his thumb and index finger and threw it behind him.
“Come with me, I’m buying you new clothes.” He grabbed her hand and walked towards the nearest mall.
Fuuko began wondering, why does he even know the good brands and the latest fashion wear? Is he a fashion genius?! Or is he the new Super High School Level Fashionista!?— no, Fuuko, Kibougamine Gakuen only exists in Spike Chunsoft’s games. “Try this on.” He said as he forced a hanger of a one piece dress to Fuuko. The girl, then accepted the dress and went straightly to the dressing room. For about a minute or two, Miru let out a few words of irritation. “Are you still alive? Make it fast.”
As she was picking up the clothes she was wearing before, she heard a phone ring. “Hello?” just as she thought, it was Miru’s. When Fuuko decided to walk out of the dressing room, there was no one outside. Noticing her, a saleslady approached her.
“Excuse me Miss. Are you the girl with the tall dark guy with a black hoodie tied around his waist?” the saleslady asked.
“Uhm, yes.” She quickly responded.
“Ah, Mr. Shiroma said he had already paid for that dress. He also said that he already left because something came up and he had to be somewhere.” Irritated, Fuuko nodded at the saleslady. She dialed up her chauffeur’s number and waited for it to arrive at the mall’s entrance. “That damn Shiroma, I’ll make sure he pays.” She locked her phone and entered the door that the chauffeur opened for her.
This day marks the opening of the Kamieda Highschool’s Cultural Festival. “Welcome to Kamieda Highschool!” As if bewitched, female customers ended up swarming at him. Making him unable to move.  “Ah.. eh.. uh…” Not knowing what to do, Sakuya tried dialing up Miru’s number. Through the earpiece they use to communicate, Sakuya tried to call for help. “Miru! Help!” The girls became crazier as they heard Sakuya’s voice. “A-AHH!” The earpiece dropped and got stepped on by one of the girls fawning over him.
“What should I do? How should I call for help?!” just a few minutes before his horrifying thoughts engulf his mind, a stretch limousine stopped in front the school gates. When a driver went out, he tried calling help. The man stared at him for a second or two and then continued on to open the door. Completely ignored, he is.
Two young women went out of the stretched limousine. Sakuya knew these two girls very well, Shiraishi and Eto of St. Denenchofu.
“A-AH!” Screamed he, as he recognized the girls. “Shiraishi! Help!” The long-haired girl turned around to see who called her, her haughty voice was heard as she made her way towards the crowd.
“Shiroma! I’m counting on you, I heard Yamamoto’s earpiece crack. I think he forgot to switch the connection to you before calling for help. Please help him!” Miru heard Miyuki’s pleading voice from his earpiece. “Tsk, I’ll go. I’ll go.” He hurried downstairs and proceeded to the school gate, where Sakuya’s been trapped on the sea of girls.
“Oi Sen–” He recognized the girls “What the!? Shiraishi and Eto!?” he jogged towards Sakuya and the sea of girls. When he was about to say something, “Mr. Yamamoto, I’d like you to tour us.” The sea of girls, as if frightened from Shiraishi Mai’s haughty voice, slowly left and went on to check on the school’s event.
“Hey, Yamamoto! Are you alright?” Sakuya looked helpless at he looked at the broken earpiece smashed into pieces at the pavement. “Oh c’mon. Student council’s got plenty of those.” With his deep voice, he tried to encouraged Sakuya— who was at the time, suffering from numerous lipstick marks on his uniform as a result of being assaulted of a group of girls.
“Shiraishi! Thank you!” Sakuya bowed 90 degrees to show his gratitude to Shiraishi Mai who saved him on the verge of being raped.
“No, it’s alright.” A refreshing smile from the goddess was the response. “Is that so? Thank you again! I’ll try to repay your kindness sometime!” Sakuya also smiled at her as he was being pulled by Miru to enter the school building and to get ready for the last meeting for today as they will soon be opening their café, as they are facing a battle of sales with the Platinum’s Host and Hostess Club, “The Platinum”. On the other hand, Mai, felt her heart beat faster. It was the first time.
“Hey, Misa… I think I’m in love.”
“Oh. Sakuya, you look like a mess.” A welcoming remark from Yabushita Syu who’s got a couple of bags under her eyes. “Talk about the one who’s been in a real mess.” He went inside the changing room and changed to his spare uniform.
“Shiroma. Do the patrolling while we manage the café.” Miru nodded at Miyuki’s orders and quickly left the room to patrol.
“The Platinum huh?”
Miru stood outside the beautifully lighted Platinum Lounge, decorated by high class decorations, and is sealed by a golden door, Miru was contemplating whether or not he should open the door and check if there is something weird happening. After a few hours of thinking, he took a deep breath and turned the knob. As he pulled the knob and the door opened, the soothing sound of Henryk Wieniawski’s Polonaise Brillante filled his ear and the sight of a dazzling young woman wearing a black floral dress with her hair adorned by a black rose hairpin.
“Welcome, I’m Kurobara—tte, why are you here Miru!?” He knew it, that dazzling girl was Yagura Fuuko.
“Kurobara, is there something wrong?” Momoka, their club’s black suit asked her from the counter.
“N-No! There’s nothing wrong!” Fuuko pulled him to her free table and she asked him again. “Why are you here?” She asked in a quite low volume voice. “I’m just patrolling as a member of the student council. What’s with the fuss? Why the trouble to pull me to your table?” With his deep voice, he responded.
“So, you’re just patrolling?” Fuuko tilted her head.
“Yes, that’s right.” Miru leaned on the sofa and crossed his arms.
“Then mind lending us a hand?” Fuuko asked.
“Huh? Why should I?” He raised a brow.
“Well, you left me behind on our date last time, right?” those statements let a sharp arrow pierce through his body. “Ah, I’m sorry. Some emergency came up so… what should I do?” his pride suddenly went down and offered his help to the young woman. “Then let’s talk this over to the break room.” He was pulled to the opened door and was pushed to an office chair by Fuuko.
“H-Hey! What’re you—” Fuuko placed her index finger on top of his lips. “Keep quiet.”
“It’s been an hour and that shit’s still not back from patrolling, huh?” Sakuya sighed and looked at Miyuki and the others. “I’mma search for Miru. I promise to comeback in a few minutes.” She went out of the room and searched all of the attractions. She arrived in front of the Platinum Club. When she opened the room, a long haired girl in a white dress designed with pink jaguar prints and her head adorned with a crown, and her foot dressed with a high heeled shoes, the girl welcomed her.
“Welcome to—“ The girl’s eyes widened, “President Watanabe!?” She exclaimed, Miyuki discovered that this odd girl infront of her is Shiroma Miru, one of her vice presidents. Miyuki tried to stop herself from laughing.
“Shirogiku-chan, someone’s called for you~!” Miru felt uneasy, “Pfft…” Miyuki started evading the looks from Miru’s eyes. “I’m in the wrong room. Pfftt..” she walked away.
“Hey wait!” 
Watanabe Miyuki POV
Today’s cultural festival marks the first time I’ve been all this jolly again in my life, excluding the times I placed love letters on Sakuya’s locker. I changed so much ever since that former student council president visited me last month. Shinoda-senpai. She told me to enjoy these kinds of festivals and just try ignoring the platinums, as this is my last one.
I happily jogged all the way back to the student council room, “Guys. Let’s close this café.” She let Miru continue his work with the platinums as she knows what Miru has for Fuuko, she knows all about that one-sided love.
To her, seeing her subordinates happy is already too much for her, that includes seeing Sakuya with another girl. Knowing that Sakuya’s already sworn his loyalty to her as the vice president, is enough. She is happy being able to work with someone like him.
“What’s gotten into her?” Sakuya and the others noticed the sudden change of atmosphere with Miyuki. It was actually the first time he’s seen her this happy.
“Ah. That’s her real personality.” Maachun sat on her chair and started computing the funds left.
“Huh? Isn’t she a serious freak?” Sakuya tilted his head and sat on his chair.
“Since Shiroma-chan’s been kidnapped… We have to rescue him.” Miyuki stood up from her chair and looked at all her subordinates. “We need to save him.” She said as if she was joking, she said it three times with a smile formed on her face.
“Now what do we do?” Syu crossed her arms. “Aina’s absent again, she’s got some business trip in Europe. We don’t have enough manpower.” She murmured.
“Nana’s also not available. Since she’s the class representative, she’s assisting the class.” Sakuya sighed and leaned on his chair. “So as Riho. She’s incharge of their class’ horror house.” Mayu frowned.
“So that leaves… Watanabe-chan, Yamamoto-chan, Ogasawara-chan, Yabushita-chan to work, huh?” Miyuki jumped to sit on her chair and tried to think of a plan. She sure is very lively today, huh? Sakuya thought.
“To save Shiroma-chan, we need someone to dress as a girl.” Miyuki muttered. Then slowly looked at Sakuya. “We need someone to dress as a girl.” All of them inside the room stared at him. “Fine.” Sakuya sighed.
“I’mma dress him up!” Maachun pulled Sakuya’s tie and ran outside the room. An hour passed before they returned. As they entered the room, they were astonished by the beautiful lady. “Feast your eyes, —”
An hour earlier, Fuuko and Miru took a break from working in that club. They decided to roam the school to check the attractions prepared by the other students. They came across the shop managed by the 3rd year silvers. An overly large stuffed toy caught Fuuko’s attention.
“Oh my god! This bear is so cute! I like it!” Fuuko hugged the bear, not knowing that the man she is with is slowly being eaten by jealousy.
“Huh? So what if you like that bear? Does it even like you back?” Miru glared at her.
“How rude!” Fuuko pouted and placed the bear back to its place, she then decided to walk on ahead. Miru smirked and grabbed the bear. “Hey, yamada-whoever-you-are. How much is this?” He asked the girl currently managing the shop, it was their auditor, Yamada Nana. “What the fu—” she coughed a bit. “Why hello, that bear costs uhm… 500 yen?” Nana forced a smile.
“So cheap!”
Miru grabbed a 1000 yen bill from his wallet. “Keep the change.”  He took the bear and ran to catch up with Fuuko’s speed. He noticed the girl walking as if she’s not aware that she is walking towards the staircase, just as when Fuuko is about to take a step on the staircase she isn’t aware, Miru pulled her arm and she woke up from her daydream.
“Eh? Miru?” There he was, staring at her with his widened eyes. “You idiot.” He whispered and slapped the gigantic bear she wanted to buy to her face. “Lets go.” Miru started walking ahead of her.
“Miru~ Thank you!” as a response to her thanks, Miru waved his hand. “Say, Fuuko. What are you thinking about earlier? You seemed to be really caught on it.” He asked. The girl gulped.
“Well… Will you keep this a secret?” Miru raised a brow upon hearing her response. “What is it?” he answered.
“I, uhm… I’m thinking about Yamamoto-senpai… You know, Sakuya-senpai…” The young man was hurting inside. He crossed his arms and forced a smile as he looked at her. “What about him?” Miru responded normally, trying to hide his true emotions.
“I’m thinking of confessing my feelings.” Hearing those words, his heart slowly crumbled into pieces. “Heh? Is that so?” he chuckled. “Then I’ll be helping you.” I’ll help you, I’ll try to overcome this selfish feelings. A smile formed on Fuuko’s face. “Really!? Thank you Miru!” that ‘thank you’ from her was more than enough to heal himself.
“Yes of course. We’re friends right?” Yes, we’re only friends. We can only be friends, nothing more than that.
Not to mention that they are still wearing the costumes from the Platinum Club.
“Yabushita-chan~ Go ahead and wear this~!” Miyuki was forcing Syu to wear something very girly, which was very un-Syu like as she grew up from a middle-class family.
“I don’t wanna!” She was trying to escape the room.
“Oh c’mon you kusogaki. I swallowed up all my pride to wearing this dress y’know?” Sayaka still tried to act like a guy.
“Alright. Alright.” Syu sighed and entered the dressing room.
(A/N: I used Sayaka and her because our sayaka-chan/sakuya-kun is now wearing a girly-girl dress.)
A few minutes passed and she still hasn’t got out.
“Hey, do you think Syu’s done?” Maachun whispered to Sayaka.
“Mmm ‘kay. I’mma check.” Sayaka stood up from her chair and kicked the door open. There was Syu on the floor. “Senpai…” She was teary-eyed.
“It doesn’t look good on me!” Syu started to complain.
“Wah! Syu-chan so cute~!” Sayaka still found the jolly Miyuki weird. She slowly took a step back and went back to Maachun. “Hey, Maachun. How’d she turn like that? Where’s that serious-freak President!?” Sayaka shook Maachun.
“I’m serious! That’s her real personality. Well, let’s talk about it on the rooftop, alright?” Maachun sighed.
In the rooftop, Sayaka and Maachun sat on the bench. They’re the only ones on the rooftop at the moment, as all the students are enjoying the festival.
“Miyuki stopped being all jolly last year, that was also the year Riho and I got to join the student council. When we joined, she was as jolly as ever. She was the incoming President after all.” Maachun took a sip from the orange juice she bought from the vending machine. She took a breath before continuing. 
“Then that one event with that Platinums came. When they took the last president to the playground and started, uhm… beating him up. That president was ever too jolly, very kind and caring. The perfect role model for Miyuki, she followed how he ruled, in his every speech, Miyuki took notes.” Maachun took a sip again.
“Seriously, stop trying to sound cool.” Sayaka glared at her.
“Shut up! I’m tellin’ ya a story!” Maachun sighed and continued. “Unfortunately, Miyuki saw what happened. I don’t know what happened but a week after what happened passed, she turned serious. She stopped being a jolly-girl, the president also dropped out that time. Miyuki was forced to take over the position as the Principal ordered. She was forced to take over the President’s position because the current vice president was too scared of what the Platinums might do to her.” Finally, Maachun finished.
“Got it?” She asked. “No, I don’t get it very much. It didn’t even answer my question on how’d she become a jolly human again.”  Sayaka chuckled a bit. “But it’s alright. I’m sure I’ll discover it eventually. Thanks Mayu.” She smiled.
Maachun blushed, “Don’t make me fall for you, sick human!” She left the rooftop. Sayaka just smiled at the figure.
She looked up the sky. “It’s almost time.” She stood up and walked towards the door. Behind the door, was a Platinum member, almost as if she was waiting for her. The person was Yuuri.
“Ms. Ota… uhm… hello?” She turned nervous. “Oh! Why aren’t you with the other platinum members?” She decided to ask.
“I’m kinda bored.” Yuuri turned her back and walked away. Strange Sayaka thought.
“Yamamoto-chan and Yabushita-chan, please return Shiroma-chan to us. We’re counting on you.” They pushed the two outside the room.
“Syu, let’s go.” Sayaka looked at Syu with a smile as she offered her hand. Syu nodded and held Sayaka’s hand. So soft, as if he’s a real girl. She thought.
They arrived in front of the Platinum club, should they open the door? They don’t really know. A minute or two has passed and the two of them are still staring at each other, both of them felt no initiative to open the door.
The door suddenly opened and revealed Miru who was wearing a dress. Like Miyuki’s reaction, they both tried to stop their laughter. “Miru… what’s with that… pfft.” Sayaka covered her mouth with her right hand.
“What the fuck. Did you come here to laugh at me?” Miru glared at them.
“S-Senpai. Pfft. We came here to get you back. Hahahahaha!” Syu suddenly burst out in laughter. “What’s with that name anyway? Shirogiku? Hahahahaha! So lame!” she added.
Sayaka pulled Miru away and brought him back to the student council room.
The student council was preparing the auditorium for the mixed ball with the St. Denenchofu students. Miyuki returned to being a serious president after the festival.
“Everyone come here.” She called the attention of her subordinates.
“We’ll be splitting into pairs.”
Yamamoto – Watanabe
Yabushita – Shiroma
Ogasawara – Kotani – Yamada
“I’ll be giving commands through the earpieces. So listen carefully, alright? The volunteers are taking a rest because of the whole day patrolling, we’ll be handling this without them.” They spread out inside the auditorium to finish the decorating. “Everyone listen.” Miyuki said through her earpiece.
“We’ll be incharge of assisting the students. We’re not allowed to join the ball until the dinner ends, also, we’ll only be in our uniforms. Not in some fancy dresses and tux. Got it?” the members nodded and answered in response “Yes, Ma’am.” They started the operations shortly.
The night came, and the anticipated ball is slowly beginning. Sakuya welcomed the students from St. Denenchofu and brought them to their tables. When he returned to the entrance, he saw the Platinums.
“Ah welcome. I’m going to bring you to your tables. Please follow me.” Sakuya decided to walk on ahead. Someone grabbed his arm. “Huh?” He turned to look at who it was, Azuma Yuki.
“Can we talk?” She whispered.
Miru noticed the two and hurried to where they are. “Oh yes, Ms. Azuma. You can talk, you’re doing it right now!” Miru widened his eyes as he looked at Yuki.
“Huh?” Yuki glared at him.
“Now we’re talking!” Miru pushed Sakuya away and brought the Platinums to their tables. “Yamamoto, go ahead and bring Eto and Shiraishi to their tables.” Miru said over the earpiece.
“Roger that.” Sakuya walked towards the entrance to escort the two.
As the ball started, Mai stood up from her table and walked towards Sakuya. “Good day.” She greeted.
“Uh, yeah. Good day. Do you need help with something?” Sakuya crossed his arms and looked at the girl who greeted him.
“I can get everything I want, and I want you to be mine.” Mai wrapped her arms around Sakuya’s neck. They can’t be easily seen by the other members because of the closed lights as a VTR is being shown. Sakuya stood frozen, until he heard a static from his earpiece. “This is Yabushita speaking. The lights will be opened soon, please return to your areas if you aren’t there. I repeat. The lights will be opened soon, please return to your areas if you aren’t there. The lights will be opened in twenty seconds, get ready.” Sakuya returned Mai to her table.
“I’m sorry Ms. Shiraishi, I already have someone I like. I’m sure there’s someone more deserving.” He turned his back and returned to the corner where he is supposed to be stationed.
The lights soon opened. The students then, started dancing.
“Good work for today guys, let me finish this. Go ahead and enjoy the ball.” Miyuki ordered.
“Go ahead guys. Enjoy yourselves. Leave it to Ms. President and me.” Sakuya added over the earpiece. Miyuki was in the Auditorium’s bleachers, her face turned red as she heard Sakuya’s calming voice. A smile formed on her lips and she went down to talk with one of her vice presidents, Yamamoto Sakuya.
On her way down, she saw Miru who was looking down. “Hey. Why’re you so down? Go and dance with Yagura.” Miyuki patted him.
“I can’t. Just command Yamamoto-senpai to dance with her. I want to see her happy at the very least.” Miru smiled at Miyuki.
“Is that so?” the president sat beside him. “Okay then.” She breathed heavily before pressing her earpiece. “Yamamoto Sakuya-kun, dance with Ms. Yagura. Failure to obey my order will result to black slip, a month suspension to be specific.” When Miyuki heard his short reply “Yes, Ma’am.” She stopped herself from bursting into tears.
On the other hand, Sakuya made his way to Fuuko. “Ms. Yagura, dance with me.” He offered his hand, and the girl happily agreed. As the two of them danced, Sakuya can’t help himself but to look at Miyuki’s direction. He is almost ignoring Fuuko.
“Uhm… Senpai…” Sakuya went back to his universe and looked at Fuuko.
“Ah yeah?” Surprised, he responded and they didn’t notice that their faces are only inches away. They both looked away, embarrassed.
Miru was drowning in jealousy. He stood up and walked towards Syu and pulled her arm. Finally holding her on the back of her waist. “Let’s dance.” He said. Syu just nodded.
“How annoying. Sherry, let’s leave this place reeking of commoners.” Shiraishi Mai turned her back and left the vicinity, her partner, Eto Misa, followed.
“Hey! Yuuri-chan, let’s dance!” Ainosuke poked Yuuri, who was staring at Sakuya and Fuuko.
“No. Just dance with yourself.” She answered. Ainosuke pouted.
“Azuma-senpai, let’s dance!” He invited Yuki, who was kinda annoyed.
“I’m not in the mood.” Ainosuke pouted again. “Then, Akari-chan, let’s dance!” in his invitation, the tall girl just nodded. “Ugh. This kid is such a nuisance.” Just that, the ball ended in success.

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Chapter 10 - Shards of Happiness

"The Platinum's started something again." The group went out of the office. They made their way to the overly crowded area in the canteen.

This view seemed nostalgic to Sakuya. Because it looked like just the day when he was forced to join the student council. As they went in between the sea of students, Sakuya's view became fuzzy.


"So... Everything was just a dream?" When Sayaka woke up, she was crying. "Does this mean... Everything that happened is just a dream?" She rested her head on her left hand. She turned to look at the television she left open the night before. Right, she just returned from the city. Sayaka glanced at the uniform hung beside her window.

"Sayaka, get up. We're going to be late." It was her boss' son, Shiroma Miru. "Alright." She stood up and washed her face, then immediately went to shower. As the water touches her face, to her body, she can't help herself but to think about the girl in her dream— whose name she can't even remember. She felt in love but to whom? Sayaka doesn't remember, after all— it seemed like a long adventure, but was only just a dream.

"Good morning everyone, I'm your student council president, Watanabe Miyuki..."

Her eyes widened as she saw the girl in the podium who was delivering her speech at the moment.

"Watanabe... Miyuki?"

Their eyes met.

~ End

So did you like the ending? I'm guessing no.

It ended like this because of the virus that ruined my pc's system and all of my flash drives. i apologize for giving this story a not-so-happy ending. I also doesn't want to end it like this but since virus happened to me, no good ending would happen. Depends if I change my mind and give this story a shot again after a month or few.

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