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Title: [AKB48] Series of (Un)Love - (Un)Selfish Love (05/14/14)
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A/N: Note that those in limegreen are the titles of the fics. Those in purple are the latest updates, unless they're news about the fics. Those in blue are the ones in process.

Hey guys! I'll be posting my other not-so-long-maybe-one-shots stories here. Coz I don't want to make another topic thread and etc...Anyways, think that if I keep on seeing this, I will have the inspiration to continue RAY. Thank you for reading!


RAY Undergoing some changes made by the author

- Prologue (This post)
- Chapter One (

Series of (Un) Love

*(Un)Requited Love ( [KojiYuu]

* (Un)Selfish Love - A sequel to (Un)Requited Love

~ Chapter One (
~ Chapter Two (
~ Chapter Three (
~ Chapter Four (
~ Chapter Five (
~ Chapter Six (
~ Chapter Seven (
~ Chapter Eight (
~ Chapter Nine (
~ Chapter Ten (
~ Chapter Eleven (

* (Un)Forgiving Love
~ Prologue (

AKB48のファンサービスのショー (AKB48 no Fansabisu no Sho)

* Episode One: The case of Player Mii (

* Episode Two (Special guesting of Shachou from Ikemen) 10% (HIATUS)

A/N: ah~ Finally the re-edited version has been posted! Well..Only the prologue. As I once wrote in one of my trolling posts, I felt guilty with how I left this fic. I wanted to continue it no matter what, even though I wanted to abandon it.  :fainted: Why? Well...if most of you realized that one of my characters here...Rena-sama....who is my's hard. I mean...C'MON! Just read what I had to write at the end of this prologue!!! I just want to kill myself for writing it. a writer...I must...  :farofflook: must...finish my fics... :farofflook: no matter how heart-breaking it is for me :gyaaah: :frustrated: :fainted: :tantrum: :imdead: And now...* :gyaaah: the prologue....


Watching herself on the screen of the TV, she watched every move and speech she made with focused eyes. She wants to make sure that she acted right and did her role well, since she was the leading actress in that drama.

Sighing in relief, she closed her eyes when she saw the commercial came up. Though the way she acted was not as perfect as she wanted, she didn’t look awkward. It was always the same thing whenever she had a new drama.

The worry and anxiety from her chest would always make her dread every mistake she makes. Sometimes, she wonders whether the audiences notice how her lips would quiver whenever she speaks a line. Or maybe, when her ears turn red from so much anxiousness.

Deciding that it would do her no good to keep crying over spilled milk, she looked away from the TV screen and lowered down the volume. She took out her phone from the bag that lay on her carpeted floor, and hugged her knees as she flipped her screen open.

No messages from her.

She sighed, and threw her phone onto the other couch located on the other side of the room. She had thought that keeping her mind off the handheld device would give her some time to even bother leaving a message, or a call.

Jumping off from her spot, she lunged at her phone and flipped it open. There were lots of messages; all were from her male co-stars asking her if she wanted to hang out with them. She actually can’t believe it, how she managed to get eighty-three messages from them, and not a single one from the person she wanted to receive one from.

Clicking on a few buttons, she managed to get her screen open up a folder for her favorite pictures. She pressed on one of the files, and smiled when a picture popped out.

It was a picture of herself and another girl.

They were smiling, with the girl’s arm linked onto her own. The girl’s smile was so wide and bright, that it made her look like she was being forced to smile. However, she knew that it wasn’t the case. She just…found it hard to smile as much as the other girl.

Looking at the banner that was hanging behind the two girls, she saw the words ‘Welcome to AKB48!’ and smiled to herself as she remembered the day. It was the best day for her, and it was the one she has always wanted ever since she started getting involved with her SKE48’s sister group.

It was the day when she was transferred from SKE48, to AKB48.

It was also the day when she realized that she could finally spend more time with her. Smiling to herself, she leaned her head on the arm of the couch as she caressed the face of the other girl on the screen with her fingers.

Then bringing up the phone to her chest, she smiled and felt her heart beat faster. This was something she normally does whenever she was alone with herself. This was how she normally acts whenever she misses the girl, which was pretty recent these days.

She shouldn’t really be missing her. After all, she was now in the same group as her and that gave her more time and reason to be with the other girl. However, it seems like fate was not kind to her and seems to be playing with her instead.

Instead of having more time spending time with the other girl, she seems to be getting less and lesser time. The only time she could spend time with the girl was whenever she goes for their AKBingo shootings, which was really rare with her drama schedule interrupting all the time.

Now that she was thinking about her rare comings to the shootings, she remembers something from earlier that morning that made her sigh sadly. She flipped the phone close, before putting it onto the coffee table beside the couch she was sitting on.

That Morning

She walked into the office with her head lowered after bowing to the man sitting behind the desk. The middle-aged man motioned for her to take a sit, and she did. When she was perfectly comfortable in her seat, she turned to the middle-aged man and looked at him with a curious expression on her face.

“I called you here to talk with you about something, Rena-san.” the middle-aged man informed her, making her nod.

Continuing, he stared at her eyes. “You’ve probably noticed this for quite some time, but…your drama schedules have been interfering with your idol activities, preventing you from joining your fellow members.”

“Yes, I have Akimoto-san.” She answered politely, getting nervous with how the conversation was going.

The look her producer had on his face was so serious that it made Rena’s stomach churn in anxiety, and she leaned away from him. The atmosphere was a bit heavy, and she was finding it hard to breath with how serious they were looking at each other.

“You’ve been in my care for six years; SKE48 for five years and AKB48 for just a year.” Rena continued to make sure that her gaze wasn’t faltering.

“Yet, you’re as busy as Yuko-san and Atsuko-san. You’re even the leading actress in three dramas currently, am I right?”

She nodded.

He sighed, and looked at her as he intertwined his hands. “The point is, you’re no longer capable of participating with your fellow members due to the schedule given to you.”

Rena’s heart almost stopped when she came to realize the reason for Akimoto Yasushi asking her to have a talk with him. It was one thing she feared that she had to go through, and it was the one thing she didn’t want to hear at the current moment.

“You do know that if you want to remain in AKB48, you have to be participating with the girls more.” he pointed out. “And in order to do that, you have to stop some of your dramas.”

Rena looked down to her feet. She knew that. And knowing that was just killing her. She loves being in AKB48 with everyone. She loves being with them and spending time with them, that she can’t imagine the thought of doing what other members have done before.

But she also knew that she was spending less and lesser time with them. It was so rare of her to join them on idol shows and activities, to the point that she only sees them whenever she learns songs and takes the photo-shoots with them. And then after that, she would leave for her drama.

She knew that this was going to come, and that it was inevitable. But she never knew that it would be so soon. She never knew that it would just take her ONE year in AKB48 to have this decision in her hands to make. And she never knew that she would be so torn to choose.

“I’m sure that you’ve heard of this from the other two?” Akimoto-san asked her, making her nod at him in response.

She has, just before she left from their drama shoot to talk with Akimoto Yasushi. The drama shoot that she came from, was a drama that she, Maeda Atsuko, and Oshima Yuko were acting as the leading actresses. During the break that they were having, the two seemed so depressed with something that Rena couldn’t bear to watch and asked them what was wrong.

The response given to her by the two Aces, shocked her. It seems that the question and decision being given to her at this current moment, was given to the two before as well. And knowing this, made Rena’s stomach feel an indescribable feeling that she wishes would go away.

“You want to ask me which one I would choose: AKB48 or my career?” Rena asked, hoping that what she was thinking was not the one Akimoto-san meant.

Unfortunately for her, Akimoto Yasushi nodded his head and looked at her, waiting for her decision. Rena sighed, and covered her face as she tried to calm down her nerves and anxious brain. She had to choose between being an idol and being an actress— a dream she had ever since she was young.

“What’s you decision, Rena?” Akimoto Yasushi asked, his deep voice making her look at him.

She took a deep sigh, before covering her eyes as she felt tears forming in them. She bit her lower lip, and took a deep breath. The question she didn’t want to hear, was given to her several years earlier than expected, and she wanted to reverse time to stop herself from coming to the office.

However, she knew that it was impossible and she had to make the decision now. She let out a shaky breath, as she started thinking which decision she should make. Her chest heaved up and down in pain, and she let out another shaky breath.

“What’s your decision, Rena?” Akimoto Yasushi asked once again, this time with a softer tone as he watched the girl debate with her inner self.

Looking at him with tears in her eyes, she swallowed the lump in her throat. She has made her decision, and she was dreading to say it. Her future depends on this, and she wanted to make the best out of it. She wanted to make sure that whatever her decision would be, it would be for the best.

She gripped onto the edge of her skirt, tightly to the point that it would have torn if she had never let go of it. She looked away, for the pain was too much. But then looked again, this time locking eyes with the producer with unwavering eyes as she spoke.

“I will graduate.”

To Be Continued...

Please do comment about this. And please tell me what you think. I changed several things about this fic that's why I re-edited it. And please do comment!!!  :gyaaah: I don't know what to do with this fic, since Rena-sama is graduating!!!  :temper: Me and my stupid ideas! So... please... do comment. The plot have been changed. And your comments might inspire me to write something nice about this fic, since its so angsty for me from the very beginning.

Thank you for reading! Please do suggest anything! ^^ Thank you!
Title: Re: [AKB48]Karomuwi's Story (currently unknown title)
Post by: AAAice on September 22, 2011, 05:00:27 PM
Am I reading right?! Rena will graduate?! And even the AtsuYuu graduated?! That is so sad, I can imagine their partners (Haruna, Jurina-well if it is her in this fic and Takamina) looking so glum when they learned about the graduating thing.

Gee I bet this is a heartbreaking story.

Title: Re: [AKB48]Karomuwi's Story (currently unknown title)
Post by: immortal_K on September 22, 2011, 05:17:46 PM
Okay, I'm being bad and just chucked my books  :thumbsup

Noooooo I don't want Rena to graduate and Acchan and Yuko too  :(

I agree with AAAice, this already sounds so sad!

Please continue.... think positive.... think positive...... *cries*
Title: Re: [AKB48]Karomuwi's Story (currently unknown title)
Post by: kahem on September 22, 2011, 06:26:35 PM
Graduation??? Noooooo T_T don't want them to graduate
Title: Re: [AKB48]Karomuwi's Story (currently unknown title)
Post by: Spicy Sapphire on September 22, 2011, 06:50:31 PM
Renaaaa!! Why leaving so soon?

I can't even imagine if Rena, Acchan and Yuko were to graduate for real.
 :bleed eyes:
Title: Re: [AKB48]Karomuwi's Story (currently unknown title)
Post by: RenaChii on September 22, 2011, 10:22:35 PM
I'm so curious about this story~!  XD

I hope Rena didn't really graduated in real life~  :cry:

Please update soon~  :bow:
Title: Re: [AKB48]Karomuwi's Story (currently unknown title)
Post by: ShibuyaDokiDoki on September 22, 2011, 11:03:20 PM
This is too much! Acchan, Yuko, AND RENA?! THIS IS TOO MUCHH!!! (Q A Q)

please continue~
Title: Re: [AKB48]Karomuwi's Story (currently unknown title)
Post by: blughise on September 23, 2011, 12:08:15 AM
This looks pretty interest but I got to agree with AAAice, that this story is going to be depressing and sad!!!

I don't even want to think about how this would progress right now...... and you even made AtsuYuu graduate!!!!  :(
but please try make it less depressing and sad! I can't stand seeing pairing/couples being depress and sad and emoish XD

and yes just what immortal_k (Kirachan) said, please think more positive! be more positive XP
Can't wait for the next chapter
Title: Re: [AKB48]Karomuwi's Story (currently unknown title)
Post by: Vanui on September 23, 2011, 04:41:57 AM


Ahem... but yeah, this looks very interesting. I can't wait to see where you take it :on GJ:
Title: Re: [AKB48]RAY [by Karomuwi](currently unknown title)
Post by: karomuwi on September 24, 2011, 05:28:50 AM
@AAAice:Yes, I plan on making those three sad  :mon star:

@immortal_k: Really now? Hehe, I just left my books and proects hanging because of this. I just couldn't let this idea slip up. I'll try to make it less sad  :mon sweat:

@Spicy Sapphire: Me too, and it's kinda hard to imagine.  :mon wind:

@RenaChii: Nope. Well... I hope that Rena won't really graduate. It's too early for her. And besides, she's my favourite in SKE48! She mustn't graduate!!! But for this story, she does.  :mon waterworks:

@ShibuyaDokiDoki: I will  :hee:

@blughise: I'll try not to make it so sad ^^ And yes! Postive! Thank you ^^

@haruhi16: Thank you  :kneelbow:

@Vanui: There IS danger for W matsui  :glasses:  :mon determined:

A/N: Just something to help you guys with their age. Pleae note that this happened in 2014
Jurina: 17 years old

Rena: 23 years old

Yuko and Haruna: 26 years old

Takamina and Acchan: 23 years old

Chapter 1

Taking deep breaths as she walked towards the elevator, she began to feel the anxiety and nervousness growing inside. She lifted her hand to press the button of the elevator to make it open its doors, but the shakiness and trembling of her hand made it hard to do so.

Once she pressed that button, she’ll enter the elevator.

Once the elevator reaches the practicing floor, she’ll meet everyone.

And once she meets everyone— whom she have been with for several years— she’ll have to say the dreaded news of leaving them.

Thinking of how she’ll break the news of her graduation was too much for her to bear, and it was making her feel like the world was turning. It was suffocating and terrifying, that she wasn’t even sure that she’ll even make it to the practicing floor, without fainting.

Maybe I should just faint. she thought to herself, before smacking her head in the process of thinking.

“No!” she cried. “I can’t do that! That’s cowardly!”

Taking a shaky deep breath, she managed to calm her nerves down. She took several more, and soon found herself smiling and acting the way she was before she had ever stepped into the building. Deciding not to wait for her anxiety and nervousness to come back, she pressed the button and got in.

The elevator started to move and play her some AKB48 music, making her sway along with the beat. She started to feel more and more relaxed as the time passes her by, making her smile widely once she had reached the floor she was dreading to walk into a few minutes ago.

She started walking towards the practicing room with a smile on her face, before stopping to a corner right behind the door that leads to the room she dreaded the most to enter. She leaned against the wall and started panting as she sweated profusely.

“I can’t do it.” She sighed, as she shook her head.

She licked her lips and swallowed the lump at the back of her throat before taking a peek at the transparent doors from her hiding place. When she saw her team captain entering the room with Mayuyu, she quickly hid back and placed her left hand onto her thumping heart.

They almost saw her!

Her heart was now thumping and beating like there was no tomorrow, and the sound of its rhythmic beats echoed in her ears. She clutched her shirt and nipped her lips, making them bleed a little. The taste of copper sent Rena gulping and covering her face as she tried to keep herself calm by sucking on the bleeding lip.

It was a habit she managed to stop, but with how nervous and anxious she was right now brought it back. She started biting her nails and tapped her feet as she stared at the elevator she just walked out from. That’s right, she was going to run away and she was not going to tell the other members about her graduation.

“I’ll just surprise them about it on the day itself.” She smiled to herself, before walking straight towards the elevator.

But just as she was about to press the button, she heard familiar voices coming from the stairs— which was right beside the elevator— making her turn around 180 degrees and walk towards the doors she was trying not to go through.

As soon as she reached the doors, she opened it like she wasn’t nervous a few seconds before and walked to the space no one was occupying. With her great speed and agility, she was able to take a sit by the corner without anyone taking a glance at her or even noticing her presence.

Just then, the doors bursted open and she saw the two figures of the people she was running from earlier, walking in. The sudden bursting of the doors made everyone turn around to find out who it was and jump in excitement as they realized who just walked in. They started to crowd around the two actresses Rena worked with in her current drama, and failed to notice the third one in the room.

Rena heaved a sigh of relief and tried to keep herself hidden, using the dark curtains beside her. Unfortunately for her, a short actress who was being covered by tall members saw a glimpse of her and cried out her name as she got out of the crowd surrounding her.

Before enveloping her into a tight hug, the short actress cried out her name again. “Rena-chan!”

“Ah! Rena was here? I never noticed her!” the said girl heard some of the girls mumble to themselves.

She turned to the girl clinging onto her like a koala, and smiled. “Good evening, Yuko-san.”

“Mou! Again with the ‘san’! Call me Yuuchan, Rena!” Oshima Yuko told her with a pout.

She started enunciating the nickname she allowed the younger girl to call her. “YUU.CHAN. Try saying it now.”

“Y-Yuuchan…san” Rena stuttered, making the short actress pout at her once more.

Just then, Rena felt Yuko stiffen against her as a smack was given to her head. “Stop it, Yuuchan. You’re making Rena-chan uncomfortable.”

The two actresses turned to the top actress, Atsuko Maeda, and smiled. The top actress smiled back at her fellow actresses, before turning back to Yuko and pulled her away from the frail-looking girl. She started lecturing Yuko about not making Rena uncomfortable by hugging her and making her call the short girl by her nickname, even though they’ve were working together in several sequels of the same drama for two years.

“Acchan, it’s alright. I’m not the least comfortable, but I don’t hate it either.” She told the older girl, as she hugged Yuko from the back.

“Acchan?!” Yuko cried at her, as she released herself from the younger girl’s back hug. “Why can’t you call me Yuuchan, when you call her Acchan?”

“It feels natural, Yuuchan-san.” Rena laughed, who was soon followed by Acchan laughing.

The two actresses were given a pout by the shortest actress, before receiving a light smack on the head. “You meanies! You’re ganging up on me again!”

She glared, before laughing along with the two girls. The three top actresses continued their laughing session, unaware of the smiles being given to them by the other members in the room. They haven’t seen the three actresses for a month, and to have them laughing in the same room was like making the room feel alive once again.

“What’s going on?” a familiar voice asked, making the three girls along with the other members in the room, turn to the girl who spoke.

“Takamidget!” Yuko cried, before running towards Takahashi Minami aka Takamina.

She lunged on the short girl and laughed as Takamina tried to keep herself standing with Yuko’s weight. When the actress let go of their captain, the other two actresses made their way through the crowd and gave their ‘hellos’ to the AKB48 captain.

“We’re back.” Acchan told her, as she and Takamina hugged each other awkwardly.

Noticing how Rena was not joining in the hugging, Yuko pushed the said girl towards Takamina’s open arms. “Go hug her, Rena-chan!”

The said girl looked at their captain, and smiled before hugging the shorter girl quickly. She missed the older girl, but she wasn’t someone who shows it through hugging people tightly, like Yuko. Everyone started to bombard them with questions about how they were for the past month and whether they were going to stay in Tokyo for a little bit longer before going back to Kyoto for their shooting, not noticing the sad smile that Acchan was giving to everyone.

The other two actresses noticed this, making them look at each other. They were going to try and take the girl outside for a talk, when the two of them were separated from one another by their own circle of friends. Rena saw the older girl get pulled to the far end of the room by her ‘Butt sister’ Mayuyu, before turning around to find herself being pulled by her two close friends, Kuumin and Airin.

“Rena-chan!” Kuumin and Airin cried before enveloping her into a death hug.

“H-hey guys.” She managed to squeak out, as she hugged them back.

The three of them stayed in that position for quite some time, until Rena felt like passing out and pushed them away gently. When the three of them were looking at each other in smiles, Rena couldn’t help but feel tears forming in her eyes. Oh, how she missed their hugs.

She took a deep breath and hugged Kuumin and Airin separately, before the two girls started to jump up and down as they asked her questions. They started asking her about how it was like to be known internationally and work with top artists from other countries.

“C’mon, Rena-chan! Tell us!” Kuumin begged, as she tugged on the said girl’s hem like a child.

~o~ ^o^ ~o~

“C’mon, Oshiriko-chan!” her ‘butt sister’ Mayuyu cried, as she formed their signature ‘butt’ sign with her hands.

She smiled at her. “Let’s do some skin-ship with everyone!”

Yuko laughed and patted the younger girl’s head, before hugging her tightly. She missed Mayuyu and loves her like her own sister, making her tear up as she let go. She wiped away the tears, before nodding at the younger girl. Mayuyu smiled at her widely, before pulling her to some unsuspecting victims of their skin-ship.

Mayuyu and Yuko crept up behind the Team B’s captain, before lunging at her and groping her chest. The sudden groping shocked Kashiwagi Yuki, making her look at them with bulging eyes and a gaping mouth. Yuko and Mayuyu gave her a cheeky smile before running away in fear that Yukirin would process what the two had done to her.

Speaking of Yukirin processing what the two had done, the moment the two disappeared from her sight, she clenched her hands tightly and ran after them as she breathed out fire. The ‘Butt Sisters’ merely laughed as they ran away from the angered girl.

Everyone laughed at the scene that was unfolding in front of them, and started talking about how they missed Yuko’s and Mayuyu’s crazy antics. When Yuko and Mayuyu got caught by Yukirin and Sayaka— who decided to help her fellow captain—a few minutes later, the two were forced to kneel onto the ground with their arms raised up as the two captains began lecturing them about keeping their hands to themselves.

“But I miss Oshiriko-chan!” Mayuyu whined, as she hugged Yuko tightly.

Yukirin placed both of her hands onto her hips and narrowed her eyes at the young girl, before looking at Yuko. “Go skin-ship someone else!”

With that, she stomped off to her seat and left the two ‘Butt Sisters’ with Sayaka. The captain looked at Yuko and shook her head as she gave a laugh. She can’t believe that Yuko was already getting into trouble on the first day that she managed to see everyone after a month.

“Go bother someone else.” She chuckled, before separating the two girls from each other.

As the two girls waved at each other whilst saying their goodbyes to each other, they parted away in a very dramatic manner that made everyone who was watching them laugh. Mayuyu started to pretend that she couldn’t live without Yuko by her side and started to act as if she was dying, making Yukirin shake her head when she saw what Mayuyu was doing.

Yuko, on the other hand, was still walking away from Mayuyu while saying ‘No’ dramatically. She was walking very slowly and pretended to trip on something, causing her to turn away as she cried out ‘Oh no’. She was just going to fall slowly, but her shoelace was untied, causing her to fall faster than expected.

She tried to keep her hands in front of her to keep her face safe, and closed her eyes. But then moment she thought she was going to fall, she felt her face landing on top of something soft. Her hands immediately found themselves touching the soft cushion she landed her face on.

Just then, her eyes widened in realization as it dawned upon her that the softness was so familiar. She opened her eyes and looked up, finding herself locking gazes with the girl she mostly had ‘skin-ship’ with. She was about to remove her face off Kojima Haruna’s chest, when a slap from the taller girl saved her the effort to do so.

“Hentai!” Haruna shouted at her, before pushing her back and walking off.

The shock from being slapped caused her instincts and body reflexes to fail, causing her to fall back against the table in the room behind her. She dropped to the ground, but not before hitting her head against the corner of the wooden table.

She dropped to the ground and started clutching her head as the pain reached her brain. Everyone started to gather round before her, but Haruna just scoffed and crossed her arms as she watched Yuko lying on the ground. The girl is just probably pretending to be hurt just so she could be pitied. Haruna thought to herself.

“Stop pretending, Yuko.” She sighed, as she started to walk away.

Hearing Haruna’s cold voice made Yuko sit up, and give an apologetic smile to everyone. She laughed and scratched her head as she started apologizing for making them all think that she was really in pain, making everyone sigh as they walked away.

They really had thought that Yuko was in pain, and found out that she was just joking about it. When Yuko looked beside her, she saw Takamina looking at her before giving a disapproving look as she spoke. “You should stop pretending, Yuko.”

“That way, Haruna will be warmer to you.” Mariko said, before following Takamina to where Haruna was sitting.

When everyone around her was gone, Yuko sighed and walked to a seat by the corner. She leaned against her chair, smiled at everyone who came by her to ask if she was really fine. She gave a dismissive wave, before telling them that it was just a joke. In order to stop people from coming to her, she took out her phone and started to type on it furiously.

~o~ ^o^ ~o~

As she watched Takamina and Mariko joining her and Tomochin, she couldn’t help but look over at the girl that Haruna scolded. She saw Yuko secluding herself at a corner, looking like she was busy typing her phone furiously when in fact, she was just pressing random buttons.

Oh, Yuko. Acchan thought to herself as she saw a tear drop from Yuko’s eye.

Yuko immediately wiped it to prevent others from seeing it, before lowering her head even more. Acchan sighed sadly as she watched one of her few closest friends cry. She knew that Yuko was just trying to divert the attention away from the pain she was feeling in her head, and Haruna shouldn’t have been so cold to her.

She frowned and turned to Haruna, who was now talking with their friends. The girl was acting like Yuko never accidentally tripped on her shoelaces— even though it did seem like she didn’t trip— and touched Haruna’s chest by accident. But that wasn’t a reason to scold her after having her head hit by a table!

What is wrong with everyone? she thought to herself, when she remembered the disapproving look given by Takamina and Mariko to her best friend.

They knew that Yuko tripped, right? But why did they have to side with Haruna and scold her like that when she was feeling the pain in her head? That was just cruel!

Just then, she saw a glimpse of Takamina staring at her and turned her head to look at the shorter girl. But when she turned, she found Takamina no longer looking at her. Acchan decided to shrug it off, thinking that it was just her imagination. But when she caught another glimpse of Takamina staring at her every now and then, she realized that it wasn’t.

When she tried to catch the girl’s eyes, she started to realize that Takamina was in fact avoiding locking eyes with her. Sadness started to swell up in her, making her stand up and give an apologetic smile to her friends before she walked to where Yuko was sitting.

Yuko needed her more than Takamina.

“Hey, can I join you?” she asked, as she took a seat next to the short actress.

Yuko just nodded, as she tried to hide her sniffling and tears. “Hmm? Yeah.”

Acchan thanked her before taking out her phone and started typing out some messages to her co-workers. She would sometimes take a glimpse at Takamina from the corner of her eyes, and found the shorter girl stealing a glance at her.

She must hate me. Acchan thought to herself, before sighing depressingly.

Taking a glance at the actress beside her, she began to notice just how Yuko seemed to be sweating profusely. She was going to open her mouth to ask about it when Yuko turned to her and smiled, making the worry in Acchan grow even more.

“I’m going out for some air.” The short actress told her, before leaving her alone.

Acchan opened her mouth to ask her if she could follow her, since she didn’t want to be alone— even though she was being surrounded by several members— but was unable to speak a word when Yuko walked out of the room quickly.

Is she going to be alright? Acchan thought worriedly, as she bit her lower lip.

She knew just how Yuko hated to show her real feelings— just like Acchan herself— but the pain was evident on Yuko’s face, and she wanted to let the shorter girl lean her head on her shoulders. She knew just how much Yuko wanted to cry, but was unable to because of the reputation she made for herself.

A girl who never cried.

Acchan frowned to herself and crossed her arms. She really hated it when Yuko tried to hide or bottle up the feelings she had in her chest, but she knew that even if she tried to ask the girl whether she was fine, she would always lie and give her the same answer.

I’m fine, Acchan.

Yep, that was what Yuko would tell her if she asks her in public. So the only way to know how she was really feeling was to ask her in private, where no one would ask her why she was crying when they thought that she was someone who never did.

Sighing and leaning against her seat, Acchan started pretending to type on her phone when she saw Takamina looking at her once again. Is she still thinking about what I said? she thought to herself, as she started gripping the phone tightly.

Deciding that it would do her no good to stay alone and secluding herself, she started to search for Miichan. When she wasn’t able to find the girl in the room, she sighed and crossed her arms. She really couldn’t go and talk to the other person close to her— Rena—, whom she had become close to ever since she started working with her.

The younger actress was with her friends, talking and chatting happily— well she was quietly listening to her friends ramble about how great it was to have her back— and with a huge smile. Rena was actually one of the closest members to her besides Yuko, and having her far away was making it hard for Acchan to bear the slow passing time.

Fortunately for her, Miichan came in through the doors with a few girls. One of the girls that was behind Miichan, saw Rena and quickly ran towards her before latching herself onto the girl’s back. She covered the younger actress’s eyes, before asking her a question that Acchan was able to make out.

She asked Rena with a sing-song voice. “Who is this~?”

“Jurina?” Rena answered, before removing the hands off her eyes.

The said girl cried, “Ding ding ding! Correct!” before hugging Rena tightly from the back.

Acchan saw the actress smile at Jurina before pushing her back, as she chuckled. She raised an eyebrow when she saw Rena excusing herself after a while before walking out of the room, making Rena’s friends look at the younger actress curiously. Standing up, Acchan started to walk and follow Rena out of the room, but was stopped by Miichan.

“Acchan, we need to talk.” The younger girl told her, as she grabbed Acchan’s arm lightly.

“It’s about Takamina.”

Hearing the girl’s name from Miichan’s tongue made her want to stay and talk with the younger girl, but the curious looks that everyone— especially Takamina— being given to her made her think about it and come to a conclusion.

“Sorry, Miichan.” Acchan said to her, as she removed the girl’s grip off her arm. “But I have to go somewhere right now.”

She started walking out of the room, but not before flashing an apologetic smile to the younger girl. “We’ll talk about it later, okay?”

And with that, she walked out of the door and to the place that the other two actresses would probably be at. Making sure that no one was looking or watching her, she started walking up the stairs near the elevator and found herself standing on an empty floor that no one occupied.

When she saw the rooftop’s stairs, she immediately walked up and— just like what she had expected— found the two actresses leaning against the rails as they sat next to each other.

“Hey.” She greeted to the two, before leaning against the rails as she sat down in between.

The two replied back in unison. “Hey.”

“Such a nice night.” Acchan breathed out, as she stared at the starless and cloudless sky above them.

The other two nodded in agreement, and the three smiled at each other. Looking at each other, they knew that those smiles they were giving to one another were just one of those masked smiles they always give to the other members. Knowing and not wanting to keep the masks up with their closest friends, they removed the masks and sighed depressingly.

“Sad night, eh?” Yuko laughed forcefully.

The two nodded. “Yeah.”

“I wish I was at work.” Yuko admitted to the two actresses, before heaving a sigh.

The three of them didn’t utter another word after that and started enjoying the serene and tranquility of their surroundings. True, they missed their friends and the other members, but they preferred being by themselves or just being the three of them. There seemed to be something that made the three feel comfortable whenever they were near each other.

Perhaps it was the respect they gave to one another when they realized that one wanted to keep things to herself and just let it go? Or maybe the fact that the three of them were experts at masking a smile that they had managed to perfect?

As they basked in the silence that grew between the three of them, they each took out their phones and silenced it just in case a call or a message interrupt the beautiful silence. When a light coming from a plane passed them by, Rena looked at Yuko and leaned her chin against the rail she was sitting next to.

“Ne, Yuuchan?” the girl called, making the said actress turn, and look at her. “Is your head feeling better now?”

Yuko touched it, and smiled at her. “It’s fine now. It was just a hit against the table.”

“But I saw how you winced when you dropped,” Rena told her, sitting straight up as she peeked at the spot where Yuko hit her head. “Let me see.”

“Mou~ Rena-chan. I’m alright.” Yuko laughed when Rena made her leaned her head to the younger girl, and started inspecting it.

“Right~” Rena rolled her eyes when she touched the bump, making Yuko hiss in pain. “Come here, and let me kiss it.”

“What?” Yuko and Acchan said, dumbfounded.

Yuko and Acchan stared at the youngest actress in the area, and blinked their eyes several times. They didn’t just hear the shy and composed Matsui Rena offer a kiss to a pervert such as Yuko, right? That was like…near impossibility! The girl never offers those type of things! She would always just say something about taking care of the injury!

“Has stress finally gotten to my head?” Acchan looked at Yuko in disbelief. “Or did I just hear Rena offer your head a kiss?”

“Acchan,” Yuko looked at the said girl and checked her head if she was having a high fever, before continuing. “I think I’m getting a concussion and I’m hallucinating right now!”

“You guys!” Rena moaned, before sending light punches to the two’s arms.

She crossed her arms, and stared at Acchan “You’re exaggerating too much!”

“And you!” She turned to the eldest out of them, and pointed a finger at her. “You should feel honored that I’m offering my rosy lips to your injury, so stop mocking me!”

Crossing her arms and exhaling out of her nose, she then pouted. “You two are teasing me!”

Acchan and Yuko looked at each other, before turning to the youngest girl and giving her a bear hug. They started swaying back and forth as they apologized to the girl about teasing her, when they all slipped off their seats and fell onto the cold floor.

“I-ittai.” The three mumbled as they stood up and dusted their clothes.

After doing so, they found themselves locking gazes with one another and falling into one of their laughing fits. The three laughed at their own silliness for falling of their seats, before linking arms with one another as they sat down. Yuko pointed to her head, and nudged the youngest of them all.

“You said that you’d kiss it.” She said, as she titled her head to the side cutely. “Where’s my kiss?”

“Here you go~” Rena said as she planted a kiss on the bump.

Leaning away, she then smiled at the eldest girl and titled her head to the side. “Is it feeling better now?”

Yuko nodded, making Acchan pout at the two. She crossed her arms and slapped Rena’s arm lightly, before crying out to the youngest of them all. “Hey! That’s not fair!”

“I fell down and hurted my forehead!”

Yuko chuckled, as she watched Acchan cling onto Rena’s arm like a koala. Acchan was pouting and giving the youngest of them her best puppy dog eyes. Seeing how much effort the older girl was giving to her— and the fact that Acchan rarely uses her puppy dog eyes on anyone—, made Rena sigh and kiss the older actress’s forehead.

“Sheesh, you two act like kids whenever there’s only the three of us.” Rena chuckled to herself.

The two older girls just smiled at her cheekily, before each giving her a peace sign. Just then, the two older actresses caught each other’s gaze and nodded knowingly. They started to form a smirk on their faces, which made Rena start backing away as she realized that an idea had formed in their minds.

Just before the youngest one could run away, the two girls grabbed her arms and planted a kiss on each side of her cheeks. The kisses Rena received made her blush and cover her face as embarrassment spread throughout her face. When the two laughed at her reaction, Rena pouted at the two as she crossed her arms.
“This is the reason why I don’t like being touchy with you guys!” she cried.

~o~ ^o^ ~o~

The three of them leaned against one another’s backs, and sighed in unison. The shortest of the three raised her hand up into the air and tried to catch the passing-by plane, though she knew that it was impossible. The other two girls leaned away and looked at her, with a curious expression.

“Sometimes,” she breathed out, as she stared at the beautiful sky above. “I just wish that I can fly away from everything.”

Acchan patted the girl’s back, before she let Yuko lean her head against her shoulder. Rena sighed and leaned her head against Acchan’s other shoulder. She really enjoyed this kind of times with her friends; it makes her feel so relaxed and stop wearing the mask that she learnt to perfect after a few years.

“Will the three of us be together, even after we graduated?” Acchan asked quietly, leaning her head against Rena’s

Yuko leaned back and looked at her, before standing up in front of the two. “We will!”

“We will be together no matter what! We’re the three musketeers!” she cried.

The two actresses looked at her with a sad smile. They wanted to believe that as well, but graduating from the group meant separating from one another. Then without realization, tears started to form in each of their eyes. Yuko walked to them the moment she saw the tears, and wiped them away as sat in front of them.

“No matter what, we will be best of friends.” She whispered to them, hushing their quiet sobbing as she hugged them both.

Rena muttered, before wrapping her arms around the shortest girl. “All for one and one for all.”

“Best of friends, forever.” Acchan added, before she nuzzled her face into Yuko’s brown hair.

The three of them stayed like that for a while, enjoying the warmth they were emitting to one another. Just then, a song played from one of their pockets, causing them to separate from one another as they each took out their phones.

Yuko and Rena looked at each other when they realized that it wasn’t their phone that rang, before turning to Acchan, who was staring at the phone without a word of emotion or any expressions on her face. She was quiet and that made the other two actresses to peek over her shoulders.

Where are you? Practice ended and the three of you haven’t been back since you guys left. We still have to talk remember?               ~Miichan

“Were we gone for that long?” Rena asked Yuko, who shrugged her shoulders.


Just then, Acchan started typing on her phone. Yuko and Rena leaned over her shoulders one more time, and ended up looking shock at what the actress has typed.

Has anyone left yet? I’ll be back soon. I just want to tell you guys something important.

~o~ ^o^ ~o~

“Hey guys, can you guys stay back for a little while longer?” Miichan asked the girls in the room. “Wifey said that she wanted to say something.”

“Something?” Takamina asked, as she packed her used clothes away.

~o~ ^o^ ~o~

“You’re going to tell them now?” Yuko asked in shock.

Acchan nodded, before putting the phone back into her skirt’s pocket. She sighed and smiled at the other two actresses, before biting her lower lip as she watched Yuko’s face form a frown.

“Why now?”

“Why can’t it be now?” Acchan asked back sadly.

Yuko pointed out. “You’ll be graduating in June. Not April.”

“I just want this out of my chest, Yuuchan.” Acchan sighed, as she covered her face with her hands.


Rena placed a hand on the eldest girl’s shoulder, before giving a shake. “Let her be, Yuuchan.”

Yuko took a glance at Acchan, before giving a defeated sigh as she massaged her temples. She and Rena watched Acchan bite her lower lip as she tried to prevent the tears that had formed in her eyes to fall down onto her smooth face.

“Hey,” Yuko said softly, as she tucked in a hair strand behind the girl’s ear shell. “I’m sorry. I was just shock that you wanted to tell them so early.”

“It’s just that… I planned on telling them a day before graduation.” Yuko admitted, as she started caressing Acchan’s back.

Rena hugged Acchan and told the both of them, “I planned on telling them on the day itself, before we go onto stage.”

The girl’s statement made the three of them enter into one of their silent sessions. It was what Acchan wanted to do, but she had made her decision and wanted to tell the members sooner. She knew that she would feel guiltier as time passes, and she wouldn’t be able to handle all of the stress. She might even break down because of it, that’s why she didn’t want to wait.

The three didn’t utter a word after a few seconds, which made Acchan remove the cover from her face and look a them with red puffy eyes. Smiling at the other two actresses, she then enveloped them into a tight hug. The other two didn’t complain with the suffocating hug they were receiving, and hugged her tighter in return.

“We’ll be with you.” Yuko assured her, as she patted the younger girl’s head.

Rena smiled, before wiping Acchan’s tears away with her handkerchief. “Three musketeers, remember?”

“All for one and one for all.” The three of them said in unison, before hugging each other tightly once more.

To Be Continued…

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@RenaChii: Here's the next one ^^

@blughise: The others don't actually know. They just continued looking at Rena because it has been a long time since thet've seen each other. And yeah... the two are supposed to act weird. ^^

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Chapter 2

The three of them sat down together after having several chats with the others. They sat on the chairs that they moved away from the rest by the corner and had their dorama scripts in their hands. The others wanted to continue chatting with them, but after seeing the three focusing on their scripts, they decided to leave them alone and eat outside.

“Hey, guys, let’s go eat.” Miichan told the three.

“Sorry, but we’re still full. We’ll follow you later.” Acchan told her and returned her gaze at her scripts.

Miichan turned to the others and shrugged. She walked to where everyone was and they left the three.

“Are they gone?” Yuko asked Acchan in a whisper, not looking away from her script.

“They’re gone.” Acchan replied as she dropped her script onto the ground.

The other two sighed and leaned against their chairs. They have been pretending to memorize their roles in order to escape the others’ questions and such. They slowly started feeling guilty for deceiving the others. They sighed.

Rena looked at Yuko.

“Yuko, what happened between you and Haruna?” Rena asked the girl, who was using her script to fan herself.

“What do you mean, Rena?” Acchan asked when Yuko looked at Rena.

“Well, I saw how Yuko acted with Haruna and it wasn’t the normal her.” Rena told her.

Acchan frowned and stared at Yuko, who only smiled at the two while saying “That’s not true.”

“Is something bothering you?” Acchan asked Yuko with concern.

Yuko smiled at them and said, “There’s nothing! Seriously! I’m just stressed from work!”

Acchan and Rena narrowed their eyes, not believing her. Yuko saw this and just smiled.

“Spill it.” Acchan told her.

Rena nodded. Yuko looked at them while grinning. Then, after a few seconds of silence, she finally sighed in defeat.

“Fine.” Acchan and Rena smiled and looked at her like children listening to a story being told by their grandmother.

Yuko took a look before she sighed.

“Nyan Nyan doesn’t like me the same way I like her. I mean, I love her… but she told me that she only liked me.” Yuko admitted.

Acchan and Rena looked at each other.

“No wonder she wasn’t acting the same around Haruna.” Rena thought.

“I asked her whether she was sure that it was only ‘like’… but then she told me that I was becoming bothersome. That I was becoming an annoyance to her.” Yuko started to sob as she continued.

The two tried to comfort her by patting her back. Just then Rena stood up and walked to the door. She locked it. No one must hear their conversation. If someone was to ever hear them, there would be endless questions of ‘why’. She sat back down to her chair and continued listening to Yuko.

“I started asking myself whether it was worth it waiting for her. Whether I should continue going after her and stay by her side… Or just give up.” Yuko sobbed, letting her tears fall down.

“So… Are you giving up?” Rena asked her.

“Well…” Yuko looked at them and smiled as she said, “I AM graduating.”

“I’ve actually thought of graduating before, but I couldn’t…” Yuko’s voice trailed off as she couldn’t bear to say the name.

“Because of Haruna.” Acchan and Rena said in unison.

Yuko started to cry harder. Acchan wiped away Yuko’s falling tears with her own handkerchief while Rena hugged her tightly.

Rena’s heart ached. She hated seeing Yuko in pain. She wanted to help Yuko, but she didn’t know how. She started feeling useless, since all she could do was listen to Yuko’s pain and try to comfort her.

Yuko kept on sobbing for a while before turning to Acchan when her tears started to dry up.

“W-What about you, Acchan?” Yuko asked as she sniffed.

Acchan froze to the spot and looked away.

“Please talk about it. I can’t be the only one crying.” Yuko told her in a joking manner.

Acchan faced them and smiled as she wiped the drops of tears falling from her eyes. She took a deep breath and sighed before she talked.

“Well… I AM graduating.” Yuko and Rena laughed at Acchan’s obvious statement.

“Which means that, like Yuko, I’m giving up on Takamina.” Acchan told them proudly.

Acchan started laughing while tears started to trickle down her face. Yuko looked at her, amused by how she was saying it. Rena just stared at a laughing-crying Acchan.

“I mean, I have told Takamina about my feelings…” Acchan’s voice trailed off as she took another deep breath and sighed before continuing.

“…And then, she started avoiding me.” Acchan continued as she wiped her tears.

“I tried to joke about it but she just kept on avoiding me.” Yuko handed her the same handkerchief Acchan lended her a while ago.

“And, whenever I mailed her, she won’t reply. Then…She…I heard her say to Miichan…” Acchan finally broke down, making a sniffing Yuko and a quiet Rena hug her.

“She…She said that she didn’t want to see me when I asked Miichan to ask her to meet me!” Acchan cried out.

Yuko started sobbing with Acchan and they two hugged each other, their cries like a song. Rena hugged both of them tighter. Acchan and Yuko buried their faces against Rena’s chest, soaking her shirt.

“H-Hey…My shirt’s wet now.” Rena told them as she wiped their tears away.

“I’ll miss Takamina!” Acchan cried, hugging Rena tighter.

“I’ll miss Nyan Nyan’s chest!” Yuko cried as she hugged Rena tighter, making the other two chuckle.

Yuko looked at Rena.

“Your chest is really small. It’s kind of cute.” Yuko told her, earning a laugh from Acchan and a light slap from Rena.

“Hey!” Rena laughed.

The three laughed for a while before looking at each other.

“It’s painful… to let go after such a long time.” Yuko said.

“Yeah… Very painful.” Acchan agreed.

“Come on! Let’s fix you guys up before the others become suspicious of your red and puffy eyes!” Rena told them as she helped them get off their chairs.

When they were in the bathroom, Acchan and Yuko stared at Rena, watching her as she washed her hands.

“What about you, Rena?” the two asked.


“Why are you graduating?” Acchan asked her as she quietly wiped her hands.

“Career and probably loneliness.” She answered as she left the bathroom, leaving the two.

To be continued…

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and, Rena! there's no way that you are lonely since you have a little puppy with you
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Chapter 3

The two of them decided to stay in the bathroom for a while as they put on some make up to make sure that they don’t look like they were crying. After some time, they went back to the practice room, only to find Rena being hugged to death by the two new Aces of SKE48, Anna and Kumi.

“We’ve missed you!!!” the two cried as they hugged the poor girl tighter.

“M-Me too.” Rena barely said out as she tried hard to breath.

Yuko and Acchan watched Rena look at them, asking them to help her get out from the two’s death hug. However, what she only received from the two were smiles. Rena sighed and decided to hug the two girls back, after all, it has been a long time since the three have seen each other.

Just then, the door opened and a familiar person walked in. She turned and her eyebrow arched as she stared at her two best friend hug someone to death, not seeing who was being hugged, since her face was being blocked by the hair of the two.

“Who’s that?” Jurina asked as she placed her bags down.

Anna and Kumi smiled and looked at each other with a smirk. Rena watched the two with curiosity, wondering what the smirks were for.

“Oh, Juri-chan! After several weeks and days of being away from a special person—” Kumi started saying dramatically as she moved to Jurina, and made the girl face Anna’s back and the Rena.

“—you’re finally reunited with her!” Anna continued as she, moved away from Rena and made her face Jurina, who was pushed towards Rena by Kumi.

“The two Matsui’s are finally together!” The two cried in unison as Jurina stared at Rena, surprised.

Anna and Kumi started clapping. Then, they both faked some tears and wiped it as they sniffed. Rena just smiled sheepishly as Jurina just kept on staring at her, not moving.

“Y-You’re…back!” Jurina cried happily.

“Y-Yeah.” Rena smiled as she scratched the back of her head, not knowing what to say.

Jurina lowered her head and walked hastily towards Rena, enveloping the raven-haired girl into a hug. Anna and Kumi started clapping, who were later joined by Yuko and Anna.

“Oh! It seems like the two Matsui’s are finally together!” Sae smiled as she entered the room with Sayaka.

“Oi, Jurina! Let go! She can’t breathe!” Anna told Jurina as she watched Jurina hug Rena tighter.

“I think I’m going to die from over-hugging.” Rena thought to herself as Kumi and Anna tried to pull Jurina away from her.

“Noo~ Let me hug her!” Jurina whined when Anna and Kumi formed a barricade between her and Rena, preventing her from coming closer and hugging Rena.

Rena chuckled and turned to see Yuko and Acchan smiling at her. She looked back at Jurina, who was now trying to force her way through her ‘barricade’.

“Let me hug her~! I thought she graduated!” Jurina cried and started pouting.

“She’s not going to graduate before the Grand World Tour!” Yuko blurted out accidentally, slipping out on her words.

Rena’s eyes widened and Acchan facepalmed herself. Yuko just slipped up on her words! However, the three didn’t seem to notice Yuko’s slip up and smiled at the three actresses.

“That’s true! Rena-chan wouldn’t graduate before such an important event! She’s more likely to graduate after the Grand World Tour!” Kumi nodded.

Rena and the other two started smiling as they sweated. No one has any idea that they were going to graduate after the Grand World Tour, and hearing that from the others makes them feel guilty as they continue to deceive them. They were glad, but they couldn’t help but look at each other in pain.

Acchan was going to graduate because she wanted to make herself known more and make her forget Takamina. Yuko was going to graduate because she couldn’t stay with Haruna’s side any longer. And Rena was going to graduate because she wanted to become one of the best actresses ever known.

The top three actresses looked at each other weakly as they continued acting in front of their friends, and loved ones.

To Be Continued…

Chapter 4

Four months passed, since the three talked about their graduation with their producer, Akimoto Yasushi. They have been spending more of their time participating in AKB48 activities, relieving the other members and fans who thought that the three actresses of AKB48 were going to graduate. They postponed most of their shooting for their doramas and individual appointments just to spend more time with the others and prepare for their Grand World Tour.

A day before the Grand World Tour

“You ready?” Takamina asked Acchan as they put their bags onto the luggage counter in the airport.

The whole AKB48, along with the sister groups and sub-units, were at the airport to get on their flight to Australia, their first stop of Grand World Tour. They were just getting their bags onto the luggage counter, which were going to be put inside their private plane, just for their bags.

“Come on, let’s go!” Miichan cried as she pointed at AKB48’s own private jet.

“Hey! Wait up!” Sae cried as she ran after the dancer, who was already near the boarding gates.

“We’re in a public place, can’t they act professionally?” Mariko sighed as she wore her glasses, embarrassed.

“Come on, Mariko. Let them have fun. They’re just excited.” Acchan laughed as she patted the dancer’s girlfriend.

Mariko just sighed and all of them walked to the boarding gates.

Chapter Four

During the thirteen days of their Grand World Tour, they went to different countries such as Australia, Europe, America and some countries in Asia. During their stay in each place, they went sightseeing and shopped for many things like clothes and accessories.

During those thirteen days, even though they were tired, they still tried to visit all of the tourist spots and almost got lost, receiving some lectures from their managers.

They went to several autograph signing events and met their foreign fans in personal. However, just like the saying ‘good things must come to an end’ the days of their Grand World Tour must come to an end. They went back to Japan for the last day, the place where they will declare the end of the Grand World Tour, since Japan was the place where AKB48 started and where they became famous.

On the last day

They smiled as they performed with all their best, even though their sweats were dripping down from their faces like tap water. Their fans screamed each of the members’ names and the whole place was in heat. Even though there were air conditioners, everyone was sweating. They jumped to the beat and sang along with the members.

Everyone cheered for their favourite members and the members knew…they didn’t want this day to end. Even though they were tired and their bodies were screaming for some rest, they continued. They loved performing. Everyone was having fun and it seemed like it was painful for them to stop. But still, they had to.

Everyone bowed and stared at their fans with smiles. They had just finished their last song ‘Aitakatta’, and were now going to end the show. They were going to declare the end of the Grand World Tour.

“Takahashi, you’re not going to be the one to declare the ending of the show.” Akimoto-san said to Takamina through her earphones.

Takamina looked at him at the control room, which was located at the back of audiences’ seats, and nodded. She took a deep breath and smiled at their fans.

“Wow~ That was very fun, wasn’t it?” Takamina asked breathlessly.

“Anyway, we have good news for all of you!” Miichan told their fans as she looked at the members of AKB48 and the sister groups.

“Takamina has been taking baths with us everyday!” Mariko and Miichan smiled happily as they told their fans, making the fans scream out ‘Hooray!’ and ‘Go Takamina!’. They began to tease Takamina until the teasing stopped. With that, Yuko stepped forward.

“Minna~ How are you feeling?” Yuko asked as she pointed the microphone at their fans.

Their fans screamed ‘Fine!’ and Acchan stepped forward.

“Everyone, thank you so much! Thank you for supporting me when I was in my doramas. Thank you.” Acchan thanked and bowed.

“Me too! Thank you everyone!” Rena stepped forward and the three of them stood along side by side while the other members stood behind them, watching them with smiles.

“The three of us became the top actresses in AKB48 because of your endless support. Without you, we couldn’t have made it to the top of the group.” Yuko started to tear up as she spoke.

“We learned many things during the past years as a group.” Acchan started to tear up as well as she patted Yuko, who was trying to hold back her tears.

“Especially me. During the past five years in SKE48, I wanted to become better for you guys. And I slowly became better when I got transferred to AKB48. I was so happy!” Rena sniffed as she spoke.

“What are they doing?” Miichan asked the other members.

This wasn’t part of their rehearsal. Those three weren’t supposed to be saying those stuff. The members looked at each other, wondering what was going to happen.

The whole stadium was now quiet as they gave respect to the three’s speeches.

“We started to become more popular as years passed.” Acchan said.

“Then we stared in many doramas.” Yuko added.

“But…We felt that it was beginning to affect our group activities.” Rena sighed.

“We started to spend less time with everyone.” Yuko was starting to sniff as tears slowly dripped down from her face.

“And everyone was starting to wonder whether we graduated.” Acchan was also having some tears falling from her eyes.

“Akimoto-san asked the three of us what we wanted.” Rena bit her lip.

“And we…” Acchan’s voice trailed off as she couldn’t say the words.

“Decided to give him our answer.” Yuko finished for her.

The fans were now murmuring and the other members’ widened and turned to each other.

“That we wanted to become the top three actresses in Japan and probably in the whole world.” Rena sniffed.

The members were now looking at each other with anxious eyes. Those three couldn’t be saying that…

“You three…” Takamina looked at them, hoping that they weren’t going to say what she was thinking they were going to say.

“Rena-chan.” Jurina called out to Rena, starting to feel scared about what the older girl was trying to say.

“Yuuchan.” Haruna’s eyes watered when she realized what Yuko was trying to say.

“So we chose…” Acchan sniffed and her words trailed off.

The other two patted her back and smiled at her, making her feel a bit more confident. They turned to their fellow members before turning to the huge crowd in front of them.

“…that we’ll graduate.” The three said in unison after taking deep breathes.

To Be Continued…

Thank you for reading and all the comments. Please do tell me how you think about this! And please do suggest some things if you want!
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Series of (Un) Love

A/N: This is my first time writing a song-fic, and a one-shot. I’m not even sure if this can be considered a one-shot because I have no clue on how to write one. So if this is wrong, then please forgive me. Anyways, this fic was supposed to have a happy ending, coz it was supposed to be a Christmas present from me…But it became a long fic, a sad one, and it totally had bad scenes in it. I hope that you guys can still enjoy this, even though it might not have a happy ending. It’s up to you guys whether it’s a happy ending, or a sad one. That’s why I named this ‘(Un)requited feelings.

(Un)Requited Love

Couple: KojiYuu
Song: Almost by SNSD’s Jessica

Can you tell me how can one miss what she never had? ~

I miss those times I spent with her. Those were the happiest moments I’ve ever had. But I was too stupid to even know that.

How could I reminisce when there is no past? ~

But how could I even miss her? I told her that I never liked her. That she wasn’t important to me. And that nothing between us, was happening.

How could I have memories of being happy with you girl?  ~

Day and night. Rain and shine. Memories of fun times I had spent with you would flash inside my head.

Can someone tell me how can this be?  ~

Why is this so? How can I miss you? How can I have memories of fun times with you? How can I be thinking about you after such a long time? And how can I do this…After everything I’ve done to you?

How could my mind pull up incidents?  ~

Like that time you and I accidentally got locked up in the classroom until the next morning?

Break-up, dates, and times that never happened?  ~

Why is my mind bringing up these stuff from the past?

How could I celebrate a love that’s too late  ~

Is my love too late?

And how could I really mean the words I’m about to say?  ~

Do I really mean the words “I’m sorry” and “I like you back”? When I just realized my true feelings after I lost you? How can I really mean these words, when I only managed to gain the confidence to try and tell you these?

I miss the times that we almost shared  ~

I miss those ‘times’ that you predicted would happen. We were about to spend more time with each other, that’s what you said.

I miss the love that was almost there  ~

I miss my feelings for you. I miss those times when that warm feeling would cloud my heart, whenever you’re near me.

I miss the times that we used to kiss  ~

I miss those times that you would steal kisses from me whenever my guard is down.

I list down my dreams, just let me take my time and reminisce  ~

I wrote down all the dreams I had of you inside the diary you once gave to me. All those dreams had the two of us, smiling happily. In love.

I miss the times that we never had  ~

I was waiting for us to spend Christmas together. I was waiting for the necklace I found at a store, to get a discount so that I could give it to you. But you never came. You were already gone. And you didn’t even tell me.

What happened to us?  ~

I hurted you.

We were almost there  ~

The feelings were mutual. But why did I date her instead of you? Why did I choose her over you? Why was I so stupid to forget about everything you’ve ever done for me? We were almost there and I just had to be stupid.

Who ever said it’s impossible to miss what you never had? When I never had you?  ~

Everyone said that it’s impossible to have something that you never had. Then why am I missing everything about you? Why do I miss your hugs, your kisses, you warm embraces?

I cannot believe I let you go  ~

How could I let something so precious to me, go? How could I let you go when I can’t last a day without having you to annoy me with your ‘skinships’?

What I should have said is… 

“I love you! You’re the one I love, not Mariko! Please stay with me.”

I should have grabbed you up and never let you go  ~

Why didn’t I realize my feeling sooner? Why was I so stupid? How could I hurt you?

I should have went out with you  ~

I should have accepted your daily confessions.

I should have made you mine, girl  ~

And I should have been yours.

Yes, that’s the time I should have broken the rules  ~

I really wish that I broke the rules.

I should have went on a date  ~

Why didn’t I agree to your offers?

Should have found a way to escape  ~

I should have tried something. Anything would have been better than not doing anything at all.

Should have turned that almost into… ~

I shouldn’t have stopped my feelings for you and turned that ‘almost’ into love.

If it happens now, it’s too late  ~

Is it too late to tell you how I feel?

How could I celebrate a love that wasn’t real  ~

How I wish that our love WAS real

And if it didn’t happen, why does my heart feel…  ~

Because I really do love you.

End of song fic

Haruna’s POV

Snowflakes dropped onto my head, making it look like as if I was wearing a hat made of snow. Although it wasn’t snowing hard, the streets were already filled with piles of white cold ice. And now as I looked around me, it wasn’t much of a surprise that not a single soul, besides me, was in sight.

After turning by a corner, I entered through the gates, while smiling at the few people that were inside the school. I guess that even they decided to come here and take a look around the school like I did.

Maybe they have nothing else better to do?

Or is it that they’re lonely, like I am?

Putting my cold and freezing hands into my warm pockets, I went into the classrooms and took a look at the desks I used to sit on and saw some of my writings that has been scribbled with several colors of ink.

Guess they didn’t change some of the desks.

Walking out of the classrooms, I then proceeded to go to some of the places where most of the fun times I’ve had, happened. Memories then came rushing into my head, as I walked by the places I loved and missed most terribly.

Memories of my good friends, happy moments and even some hilarious memories that made me laugh out loud.

Oh, how I miss my high school days.

Every day was just filled with something fun, something crazy and even better, something unexpected. Like that one time when one of my good friends, Acchan, confessed to another good friend of mine, Minami.

That was seriously the most unexpected day ever. Who would have thought that the Playgirl Maeda Atsuko was in love with the Fail King Takamina? It totally shocked everyone.

Acchan have dated several guys and girls from other schools, and not even for a moment did we consider her to like Minami. It was just shocking. And what’s even more shocking was the scene of those two doing ‘it’ inside the classroom!

However, though memories of my two friends made me laugh, a growing seed of jealously made me stop my laughter.

I envied them.

I mean, look at them. Nine years later, they’re getting married. How could they stay in love with each other for such a long time? Even Marichin and I broke up two years after graduation.

They’re so lucky.

I’m already 27 years old, yet I have no plans on getting married, nor do I have someone to get married to.

I sighed.

Maybe I shouldn’t have broken up with Marichin. Maybe by now, we would be talking about our marriage, or even better, have the wedding on the same day as Acchan and that midget, Takamina, which was tomorrow. We would probably be getting our dresses ready, with me wearing the white gown and Marichin wearing the suit.

Now that I thinking about it, Marichin would definitely look good in a groom’s suit. After all, she already looked good during that Danso event in one of our school festivals.


A sudden sneeze caused me to stop my thoughts. As I wiped away the tears that came along with my sneeze, I began to wander why it suddenly became cold. Then looking around, I realize the reason why, and was completely taken aback by the sudden change of surroundings.

I was by the cafeteria a moment ago, and now I’m at the campus. How did I get here without even noticing it?

Just then, a familiar spot caught my eye, making my thoughts of my previous relationship with Shinoda Mariko, plus the reason as to why I managed to come out without realization, come to a halt.

That tree.

Staring at the cherry blossom tree that stood right in front of me, tears began to slowly fall as memories of the past came rushing in, replacing the memories that I was happily reminiscing about.

The last time I stood here, it was March.

It was graduation and the cherry tree was starting to blossom. Everyone was laughing, crying, and promising not to forget one another all at the same time.

It was such a sight to behold.

The second last time I stood here, it was Christmas.

The cherry tree looked like it was naked due to the missing flowers, but the Christmas lights made it look beautiful. I was leaning on Marichin’s shoulder, happy that I was with the person I thought I loved the most.

And the third last time I stood here…Was it July? Or was it August?

I don’t remember if it was before OR after summer break. But there was something I DO remember.

I hurted someone who was very in love with me.

I told her to stay away from me. That she was being annoying by always hugging me when I was already with someone else.

And as those thoughts came clouding my mind, my heart suddenly felt a sharp pain when I realized that…

On Christmas, the day that she was looking forward the most to spend with everyone else, she didn’t come.

We all waited for her, but she never arrived.

That one event that she loved the most and often referred to as the ‘most beautiful and magical time of the year’ was not celebrated.

Then on our graduation, that last event that we would ever get to see each other again, was not attended.

Everyone waited for her to give a speech, since it was her who got the highest grades in the overall exams, she still didn’t show up. Everyone was starting to wonder where she was, and I was getting worried.


Everyone was looking around, searching for that one person who was going to start the event with her speech. Murmurs were starting to occur, and soon, the whole place was filled by everyone’s whisperings.

“Where could that Oshima girl be?” Some cried with a hint of annoyance, getting upset that the ceremony was getting delayed.

“Do you think she never prepared a speech and now she’s afraid to go up on stage?” A few asked.

Some sighed out loud with an obvious hint of annoyance.

Others complained.

However, only a few of us sat together, calling and messaging the missing girl, worriedly.

Everyone was getting tired of waiting. Fortunately, our wait came to an end as the principal walked up to the front of the stage with the microphone in his hand.

“Would everyone please sit back down? We shall commence our graduation ceremony, without the speech of the top student,” he then looked at our small group.

“but by the second top student.” The principal said into the microphone, and everyone turned to our small group.

Takamina nudged Mariko to stand up, but as she did, she grabbed my hand and looked at me, as if asking for help.

“Go.” I mouthed to her, giving her a slight push.

She walked up to the stage, continuously looking at me and our friends, and the door, hoping that Yuuchan would be bursting through the door.

Unfortunately for her, Yuuchan never did burst through the door, nor did she reply to our calls or messages.

The rest of the ceremony went smoothly after Marichin’s unprepared and a bit hilarious speech, though I’m not really sure how she did. I was just too busy looking at the door, at my phone or even looking around.

Why is Yuuchan not here? Did she get into an accident? Is she alright? Did she forget that today was our graduation? Or…

Worrying questions filled my mind, causing to fidget continuously. But then, one thing crossed my mind, making all of my worries pushed aside.

Is she still mad at me?

So much that she won’t even go to her own graduation?

My questions received their answers soon enough.

“I’m sure that some of you are wondering why Shinoda Mariko, and not Oshima Yuko, gave the speech.” The principal started, before taking a big breath.

“Oshima Yuko is no longer a student of our school.”


“She has been given a chance to study abroad, and start her university life even though she still hasn’t graduated.”he smiled.

“I am quite proud to say that she has passed the exam for the Harvard University with flying colors. Due to that, she has left the country to start her freshman year.”

“Let us all hope that she continues on her pursue to attain happiness.” He then walked to his seat and began clapping. The teachers followed him, smiling as they remembered their top and favorite student.

Many, clapped.

Others, cheered.

Few, were sad.

And as for me…

I was too shocked to even give any other kind of emotion.

End of Flashback

She never did tell me about her exams or anything related to that. So that was the reason why after she wasn’t around during the school’s sport festival, or even Christmas. Apparently, she left in September. A month after I last saw her. And the last time I saw her…

…was the time that I told her I was in love with Marichin.

That was also when I told her that she was being annoying by being beside me all the time.

Staring at the naked cherry blossom tree in front of me, I touched the branches that had no flowers, before sighing and walked out of the school, hoping that by leaving the place where all my pains began, would make me feel better.

But no…

Even after walking several yards away…

Even though I’m near my house…

I can still feel the pain in my heart.

And it hurts.

A lot.

It hurts a lot, to know that I hurted someone who loved me. Who loved me so much that she endured all my cold treatments to her.

Now lying here on my bed, the place of my comfort, the place where I can stop worrying about stuff from the outside of my house, I lay awake. Tossing and turning, I tried to close my eyes and sleep. But…

Closing my eyes, I could imagine her crying face.

Opening my eyes, I could imagine her smiling face.

Either way, she was still in my mind.

When I opened my eyes for probably the nth time, it’s already two in the morning. And I really need to get some sleep. In just a few hours, Acchan and Takamina are getting married.

And as the best ‘man’, I have to be punctual.

I think I did manage to sleep, without myself even realizing it. When I woke up, it was already ten in the morning, two hours away from the time needed for me to be at the church. I got up from my bed, bathe, and dressed up.

Looking at myself in the mirror, I saw myself in a suit. I bet Yuuchan would love seeing me in this. She always said I looked handsome in men’s clothing, but then, she said that I looked good in anything I wear.

My eyes widened the moment I realized that I was thinking about her again, even though I already instructed my mind many times not to. I managed to eat, but I was imagining her eating with me.

Before getting into my car, I opened the passenger’s door, imagining that she was going to ride with me.

“I think I’m going mad.” I sighed to myself when I realized what I was doing.

I got into my car and started driving to the church. But on my way, I passed by the school again. I saw the cherry blossom tree and I gripped my wheel hard.

After passing by the school, I drove by a bakery and cafes. I would stare at them for a while whenever the traffic light turned red, giving me a chance to reminisce.

“Happy anniversary!” her voice rang in my head, still sounding the same as I used to hear from her. The image of her saying that to me could be seen in front of one of the cafes.

You used to celebrate the day we met. The day that we became ‘official’.

Is it too late to celebrate that? Is it too late to want to celebrate that?

I managed to reach the venue soon, saving me from any further reminiscing. Getting out of my car, I started heading towards the ‘groom’, and heard Takamina talking to Acchan on the phone.

“Don’t worry, Atsuko. The wedding will go fine.”

I could just imagine Acchan panicking in her dressing room while talking to Takamina. Chuckling, I decided to take a walk around the place. But before then, I heard Takamina say…

“I love you.” and then I was out of ear-shot’s way.

I love you, huh?

Sitting on a rock bench, I began to sigh. I miss her touch. I miss her ‘skinship’, even though I acted reluctant to hug her back. And then, I began to miss everything.

Her kisses on my cheeks, on my hand, on my…


I looked up at the sky, and suddenly, almost every cloud that passed by, reminded me my dreams of you.

Of us.

I sighed.

I can’t even stop myself from thinking about her. Looking at my watch, I began to wonder when the wedding would start. But before I could even wonder any further, I saw your name engraved on the side of my watch.

This watch was what you gave to me for the last Christmas we spent together.

The Christmas that we were still happy as friends, but nothing more, to me that was.

I never did manage to give you your present, didn’t I?

Sighing, I began to massage my temples. How did everything ended up this way?

Ah. I know.

I hurted you.

Fortunately for me and my guilty self, Miichan interrupted my daydreaming. Normally, I would glare at her, but now, I’m thankful that she did.

I stood up and followed her to the entrance of the church, where I saw Mariko.

Walking to her side, I greeted her with a friendly hello. Mariko greeted me back with a friendlier hello, and soon, we were engaged in a conversation. The priest then motioned for Takamina to enter the church, even though the bride has yet to arrive.

Several minutes passed and Acchan finally arrived, wearing a luxurious white gown that made her face even more beautiful.

Wow, Takamina sure is lucky.

When I turned to Takamina to congratulate her, I found her sniffing and crying, making everyone that has seen her, sweatdropped.

Miichan saw this and began laughing at her, making Takamina turn to her with a glare and send her a deadly glare to stop her from laughing any further, since it was supposed to be a formal event.

Miichan only gave stuck-out tongue at her, not even feeling the threat from the shorter girl.

Acchan smiled at her, and Takamina wiped away the forming tears, while saying ‘I love you’ as she ignored Miichan’s snickering. Miichan began to copy Takamina’s ‘I love you’ and I sweatdropped when Takamina took a candle and threw it at Miichan’s head.

Miichan turned to her and walked towards the glaring girl. They began to bicker and such, but I was too busy thinking, to even try and stop them.

“I love you! You’re the one I love, not Mariko! Please stay with me.” that’s what I should have told you.

But no.

I told you some harsh stuff instead.

“You mean nothing to me! Stop staying close to me all the time! It’s annoying!”

I should have hugged you, stopped your flowing tears, and told you how much you meant to me when you saw me kissing Mariko in the classroom.

But then again, no.

I stayed where I was, and watched you as you ran.

I’m sure that if I did do all of those stuff, I would have been happier with you, than I had been with Mariko. I wouldn’t be standing here, regretting anything.

And even though I was dating her, I should have done something about it. I should have at least tried to keep you beside me, and told you how I really felt the moment I rejected you.

I wish that I agreed to go eat with you. Or maybe went to the movie.

I should have at least let my feelings for you let loose. I should have tried to stop being so cold to you, confusing you by being kind and doing stuff that, as you said, ‘warm’.

I should have turned that ‘almost’ into love.

I sighed and separated the two bickering girls. After seeing that there was no longer anything to watch, everyone got into their positions and waited to enter the church with their pairs.

I looked at Mariko, who only smiled at me and went to Miichan’s side, making me arch my eyebrows.

Wasn’t she the maid of honor? Isn’t she supposed to walk down with the best man, which is me?

“Don’t worry, the maid of honor will be here soon.” Miichan winked at me. I looked at her confusingly and Acchan laughed. The two of them, including Mariko, then began to whisper among themselves, and would look at my way every now and then, making me feel uncomfortable.

Somehow, I feel that they’re planning something.

Just then, a car drove into the church and headed at me, scaring me to death. I gave a sigh of relief when the car came to a halt, just several meters away from me. A woman in casual clothing came out and apologized at me, before walking to Acchan and the others.

“Sorry I’m late!” the woman apologized and lowered her head as everyone stared at her. Acchan smiled at her and told her that it was fine.

I’m in a church, and I want to be with you. But how can I celebrate a love that wasn’t real?

During the meantime, my eyes couldn’t stop staring at her. I started wondering who she was ,and what was her relationship with Acchan, since I’ve never seen her with Takamina or Acchan.

Besides, I thought that everyone has arrived, so I have no clue as to who she was.

But then…

Those eyes.

When her eyes locked with mine, I instantly knew who she was.

Could it be?

Acchan walked towards me, while pulling her along. I could see that she was reluctant to follow Acchan. But she had no choice. Acchan was the bride, and the girl had such a strong grip on her wrist. Acchan took my hand and made me hold the other woman’s hand.

“See? I told you that the maid of honor would arrive.” Miichan told me, sending me a smirk as she walked to my side.

Acchan turned to the ‘captured’ woman and said, “This girl right here is Takamina’ best man, Haruna.” Before turning to me.

“And this girl right here is my maid of honor, Yuko.” she looked at me and gave me a smile, though I could see the sadism in it.

Acchan is such a sadist. Now I’m starting to pity Takamina.

Miichan was probably snickering behind me as she watched me gaping at the girl who had occupied my mind for the past…several years. However, I was too busy staring at her, wondering what I should do, to even smack the Gachapin girl.

“It has been a long time, Haruna.” she smiled at me.

Haruna? What happened to the nickname you used to call me with?

“Y-yeah.” I couldn’t find anything to say to you.

Fortunately, the wedding started and Acchan had to go behind me and Yuko. Miichan would consistently look at me, giving me one of her annoying smirks, making me want to walk up to her and smack the life out of her.

Now I get why Takamina gets annoyed at her.

She probably planned this. But then…

I turned to Acchan, who gave me one of her innocent smiles. Narrowing my eyes, I then concluded that even Acchan was part of this.

“Is there something wrong, Haruna?”

I looked at you.

Can’t you call me Nyan Nyan, like how you used to?

Shaking my head at her, I then smiled.

“No. Nothing.”

I looked in front of me and sighed in relief when it was our turn to walk down the aisle. This means that I could stand away from her until I’ve figured out what to do.

When the two of us have finally walked down the aisle, she proceeded to stand on the place where Acchan was supposed to stand.

Everyone watched the bride as she walked down the aisle, with beautiful and watering eyes. Everyone whispered among themselves, saying that Acchan was so beautiful and such. Everyone was paying attention to her, but not me. I was too busy looking at the maid of honor.

She looked so beautiful.

Nine years have passed, and she grown even more beautiful. If she WAS the one wearing Acchan’s gown, I’m sure that she’ll be even more beautiful.

I want to go there, to where you are, and tell you how I really feel. How sorry I am. And how much I love you. But if I did that, would you forgive me?

I want to apologize to you. But then…

”I hate you.”

My eyes opened wide as I remembered what she said, and I looked away.

She can’t possibly hate me that much, right? But then, she looked at me with so much hurt in her eyes as she had tears falling from her eyes that day.

“I wish I never met you.” you told me before turning away and left me there.

I wonder if you still hate me as much as you did before. I’m not sure if you’ve forgiven me, but it is obvious that you are uncomfortable with me.

I can also see that you’re trying hard not to look back at me. It’s a good thing though. Because that would just make things awkward.

I’m still staring at her, even though the bride has reached the groom. The ceremony continued, but I never did pay any attention, making me look like a fool in front of everyone in the room.

But did you know what?

I didn’t even care.

Because the girl I love,

The girl I spent every day thinking about,

The girl who has finally come back after nine years,

And the girl who I should have requited feelings with years ago,

Is standing here in front of me.

I’ll apologize.

And maybe.

Just maybe.

If she’d forgive me,

And still have even just a bit of feeling left for me,

I’ll be the most happiest to be with her.

And have…

A Requited Love


Woah~ I can’t believe I managed to finish this without another story in line. I thought that this would become a long fic, and I’m so glad that it wasn’t! YEAH! Goal has been attained! Anyways… THANK YOU FOR READING!!! Byee~! :mon bye: :byebye:

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Here's the song, if you guys want to listen and read. ^^

111015 Jessica-Almost FULL(HD Studio Version) DL+Lyrics (
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 :fainted: - 'nuff said  :cry:

wow, this story is soooooooooo sad that it tugs on my heartstrings (literally lol)

great story muwi-chan! can't wait for your update!  :twothumbs
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 :lol: Here are my reactions to the story in bits and pieces: 

uh. uh.

Just when it felt as if the story would continue and something epic was about to happen
IT ENDED!!! i forgot half-way that this is a one-shot

only if you would do a sequel...
and get them back together, even if that is unlikely for Yuko to ever forgive her. But both of them can't seem to move on, so there still is a possibility.

9 years of unrequited love! Whoaa.. That's looong man.

Why did Haruna break up with Mariko anyways?

Mii-chan and Acchan are evil sadists (and trolls).

YAYs! This qualifies as a one-shot alright! Will be waiting for moar
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T_T it sent several pinch to my heart
Poor Yuko
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It's the last night of 2011 here and all i can hear outside the house were fireworks, it's really noisy and distracting me from doing what i do here inside the house..

but when i read this AWESOME OS of yours, i felt like i didn't hear any distracting noises outside the house and just focus to the story, imagining all the scenes you wrote. First it was heart breaking, blaming Haruna again for being tsundere and choosing other girl over the girl she really love. She's stupid, really stupid for being cold to her and for not knowing that she's the one she truly love and not Mariko.

Atsumina couple is so cute, i can picture Takamina's face when she's crying lol, and she's really lucky to marry the beautiful Acchan... and Miichan oh god, someone should teach this girl a lesson for being a troll all the time. LOL

When she finally met the maid of honor in the church, and staring at her like there's no tomorrow made me scream inside, i was like "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU WAITING FOR!!GO KISS HER YOU TSUNDERE!!!" lol yeah, i was expecting Haruna will do something after meeting her again after 9 years.

I don't want this story to end it just like that, you must continue this! there should be part two! these two should get back together and follow the atsumina couple.

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wow, this story is soooooooooo sad that it tugs on my heartstrings (literally lol)

now I'm afraid of getting tugged again and again, since you would post this as 'Series'.. :lol:
but screw the fear, I'll wait for your next ones.. :D
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@AFLynx: Thank you so much Lynx! ^^

@oist: Hmm~ You're suggestion of a sequel made my mind started searching for ways.  :D As for the reason why Haruna broke up with Mariko, I'll try to work on that.  And thank you!

@kahem: Yeah, poor poor Yuko. T^T

@haruhi16: Thank you for the kind words! Your words really made me think on making a sequel, even though I never planned on making one. XD

@aruka: I'll try to tug more of those heartstrings ^^

A/N: Since my writer's side kept on bugging me to make a sequel to (Un)Requited Love, I decided to do it. I just couldn't update the other fics without making a sequel of this! Anyways~ Here goes! (And I do apologize for the things that's going to happen  :nervous)

(Un)Selfish Love

Chapter One

Normal POV

Everyone exited through the entrance of the church, and greeted the newly married couple with a shower of flower petals. Cheering, they then asked the ‘groom’ to give a peck on the cheek to the bride, making Takamina act all flustered.

“Come on, Takamina!” Miichan cried as she smacked the flustered girl’s back. “Don’t act like you’re shy! Everyone knows that you’re a beast wh—” The girl’s sentence was clearly cut off, when Mariko shut her up by slapping her palm against the mouth.

That must hurt, everyone thought to themselves as they sweated a drop. Mariko waved her hand dismissively, and sent a warning glare at the girl who just ignored it, and tried to get the taller girl’s hand off her mouth.

When she managed to, she glared at Mariko and began complaining about how dirty it tasted and such. Everyone began to laugh, as the two began to bicker. The newly wedded couple sighed, thinking how childish it was for the two to bicker on their wedding day.

However, among the laughter and smiles that everyone gave, only one had her mind away from the ruckus. Kojima Haruna watched the bickering girls, but had her mind wandering off and away from the scene. Her eyes stared straight in front of her, right to the walls of the church, only to have it staring at the cause of her trance after several seconds.

As her eyes scanned the girl from head to toe, she couldn’t help but think how nine years have passed, and the apple of her eye still had her signature smile, which could make anyone’s frown turn upside down. It was just the brightest smile she had ever seen ever since she was born, and she couldn’t help but wonder how the girl managed to remain cheerful.

Now thinking about it, she had never once seen Yuko’s smile fade away from her beautiful face. Well… Except the time she shouted at the poor girl.

“I hate you.”

The words echoed in her mind and her eyes widened as she was taken out of her trance. She began to shake and tremble as the words kept repeating and repeating in her mind. She tried to cover her ears with both of her ears, but to no avail, the words continued to echo.

She didn’t know why those words kept haunting her. She didn’t know why she broke up with Mariko, after she heard about Yuko’s leaving, and the words began to make her act emotional all the time.

And…Kojima Haruna didn’t know the reason why her eighteen-year-old self, chose someone else over Oshima Yuko.

That was the worst mistake in her life. Not only did it cause Haruna to experience most horrible heartache. It also caused her to realize that her love for Shinoda Mariko, was just infatuation. And not like the love that she really had for the younger girl.

“Haruna-san, are you alright?” Haruna’s eyes widened when the girl who stood on the other side a while ago, now stood beside her, with just a few meters between them.

She quickly removed her hands from the side of her head, and smiled at her awkwardly. “N-nothing. I just found Miichan’s and—” she bit her lip as she tried to keep herself from calling the other girl ‘Marichin’.

“—Mariko’s bickering, a bit noisy.” She said, and heaved a sigh of relief when her words came out the way she wanted.

“Would you like to accompany me to a much peaceful place, then?” Yuko asked as she tilted her head to the side, which Haruna found extremely adorable.

Haruna nodded, and followed the girl to the garden, where she spent the time before the wedding, thinking about the one who was currently walking right in front of her.

Just then, Yuko stopped in her tracks, making Haruna bump against her.

Haruna jumped back in a startle and fell down onto the ground the moment her skin touched with the shorter girl’s. She had felt an electric current ran from her head to toe, and it caused such a shock to her skin receptors, that she fell down due to reflexes.

Yuko looked at her worriedly, thinking that she accidentally pushed Haruna back. “Are you alright?”

“Y-yeah.” She stammered, and took hold of the offered hand as she stood up. Yuko scanned her body, looking for any injuries, and sighed in relief when she found none. She started dusting Haruna’s suit, and smiled.

“I think this place can do.”

Looking around, she saw a rock bench, and sat on it while Haruna stayed at the same spot, as she watched the girl sit on the same bench that she sat on before.

Seeing that Haruna was not going to sit, she patted the available space, thinking that the cat-like girl must have been feeling a bit shy. “Why don’t you sit here, next to me.” She suggested.
 “N-no! It’s fine!” Haruna cried frantically. “I feel fine with just standing!”
Seeing Haruna act so flustered made Yuko chuckle, and Haruna smiled sheepishly when she realized just how silly she looked like with flailing her arms around. Meanwhile, away from the laughter in the garden, the bickering of the two girls, ceased, and everyone went back on teasing the newly wedded couple.

Miichan began to search around the crowd. When she turned her head to the direction of the garden, she saw a glimpse of Yuko’s dress.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve teased her.” She thought to herself, with a huge grin forming on her face, and began to skip towards the garden.

But just as she was about to enter the garden through the gate, someone grabbed her by the shoulders, and yanked her away to some bushes.

Thinking that she was being kidnapped, she hardened her leg to kick the stupid guy. Bending her knees, she prepared her body to make a tornado kick, only to have it blocked, shocking her. Her ‘kidnapper’ flicked her forehead, shocking her even more. To surprise her even more, her captor spoke in a female’s voice.

“Don’t even think about kicking me.”

She turned her head to face her captor’s face, only to find herself facing with Akimoto Sayaka. Her eyes widened, and she cried. “Gorilla!”

Sayaka frowned at the nickname, and rolled her eyes when Miichan hugged her. A few seconds passed, and the girl felt awkward, making her decide on focusing on her task. She coughed, and tried to make her eyes seem intimidating as she stared into the younger girl’s eyes after pushing her away.

Miichan stared at her, and gulped when she realized that an aura of seriousness surrounded the taller girl, and seemed to be sending an icy glare to her. Her smile dropped, and she began to feel the strength leave her legs.

Seeing the effect on Miichan, Sayaka placed both of her hands on each side of the girl’s shoulder, and stared harder as she spoke. “Miichan.” She started.

“Don’t try to do something funny.” Miichan tried to look away, but something about Sayaka’s eyes seemed to make her look back. “You know how much Yuko hurted before, right?” Miichan nodded.

“So do her a favor, and help me separate her from Haruna.” Sayaka said as she pointed at two people, whom Miichan recognized as Yuko and Haruna.

The two of them watched the other girls laugh happily, making Miichan looked at her in confusion. Why would Sayaka want them separated? Yuko seemed to be enjoying her time with Haruna.

She began to open her mouth to refuse Sayaka, but soon nodded her head in agreement when the taller girl glared at her, making her cower in fright. Satisfied, Sayaka released her from the death grip, and mumbled an apology when she saw the red mark on the younger girl’s shoulders.

Miichan sighed an “It’s alright” and looked at Yuko, who was now talking to the girl she must be separated from. She started walking towards them with hesitating steps, a heavy feeling enveloping her heart as she remembered the face that Yuko showed her once when Haruna hurted her.

“Yuko seems to be happy now. So why should I separate her from Haruna?” Miichan murmured to herself, as she slowly neared the two. Biting her lip, she began to wonder of the reasons that Sayaka had.

When Miichan told her about Mariko and Haruna’s relationship nine years ago, Sayaka immediately ran from school to Yuko’s home, and stayed with the girl until she was able to go back to school without tearing up.
“This is for Yuko’s good, right?” Sayaka nodded, and Miichan sighed. If that was the case, then she had to do it. Sayaka was the other trustworthy friend of Yuko, beside her. And Sayaka WOULD never do something to make Yuko feel pain.

She continued to walk, this time, the heavy feeling slowly fading. But just then, a question came across her mind, making her stop and look back at Sayaka. “Can you tell me the reason why?”

Sayaka nodded her head, and motioned for her to continue walking as she assured her. “I’ll tell you later, but right now, you really need to separate her from Haruna.”

Miichan formed an ‘o’ with her mouth and continued to walk. Sayaka really seemed to be desperate on separating them.

 “Why me, and not you?” Miichan asked as she stopped once again, and pointed at Sayaka and herself.

Sayaka sighed impatiently, and crossed her arms. “Because it would be weird if I was to do it. But if YOU do it, it would seem ordinary.” And murmured to herself, “Because you’re known for being the third-wheel.”

Then staring straight at her, she pointed at the two and growled, “Now go and separate her from Haruna!” making Miichan jump in a startle.

The Gachapin look-alike sighed, and walked towards the two as naturally as she could before grabbing Yuko by her arm, and dragging her away. Taking a deep breath, she looked back behind her and found Yuko looking confused, while Haruna gave her the ‘What are you doing?’ look.

“I want to do some catching up with this girl. I’ve missed her too much!” she lied, as she continued to drag the short girl. Fortunately for her, Yuko went along without a fight and any questions.

As they walked, Miichan looked around to make sure that Haruna was not following them, and that no one was watching them. After a while of walking around by the place where Sayaka took her to, Miichan finally decided that it was safe for her and Yuko to go to Sayaka.
When both of them saw Sayaka, she had a smile on her face. Yuko’s eyes lightened up, and she quickly enveloped the tallest girl a hug as she cried. “Oh, Gorilla! Long time no see!”

Tired of hearing people calling her a gorilla, she looked at Yuko with a pout, and asked. “Do I even look like a Gorilla?”

Yuko and Miichan laughed as they shook their heads, making Sayaka smile at them and hit both of their arms playfully. She sighed as she looked at Yuko for some time, before hugging her. During the time they were hugging, Miichan started to feel a bit out of place.
She pouted, and enveloped the two into a hug, until they could no longer breathe, making Yuko and Sayaka gasp for air.
Yuko cried in a strangled voice. “L-let go, Gachapin!” Making Miichan quickly loosen her grip on the two as she gave a sheepish smile.
Sayaka laughed at Miichan before turning back to Yuko and gave a warm smile as she spoke. “I’ve missed you, Squirrel girl.”

“Oho~ What happened to our Medusa, Miichan?” Yuko asked in pretended disbelief, as she turned to Miichan. Miichan shrugged her arms and gave a laugh.

“Seems like a bartender managed to warm her up.” Sayaka immediately blushed at the statement, making Yuko’s eyes widen in realization, and turn to the younger girl.

“Eh?! No way!” When Miichan smirked, Yuko laughed as she started patting the beet-rooted girl’s back. Miichan and Yuko laughed, enjoying their friend’s rare moment of blushing.

“S-stop it!” Sayaka cried, when Miichan started poking at her ribs, tickling her. Oh, why did her face give her away?

“Anyway, how are you?” Sayaka asked, as she tried to lessen the redness in her cheeks by changing the topic. Yuko and Miichan stopped laughing after a while, and the Squirrel girl gave a shrug.

“I’m fine, and I’ve never felt better!” she cried as she made a muscle action with her arm.

“Are you finally over Har—” Miichan started to ask, only to be smacked in the mouth really hard with Sayaka’s palm.

Miichan gave a muffled cry of pain, only to have Sayaka glare at her, making Yuko raise her eyebrow at the two. She started to open her mouth and ask why Sayaka did that, when someone started calling her, interrupting her even before she could start.
“Yuko!” The said girl peeked out of their hiding place, and saw Acchan walking around by the area, with no Takamina in sight.

“Sheesh! Where are you?!” Acchan cried as she tried to carry the long gown all by herself. Yuko started to wonder where in the world was the bride’s groom, when Sayaka pushed her out into the open.

She looked at Sayaka, who gave her a knowing look that says that she had to perform her duty as the maid of honor and help the bride carry her long gown. Sighing, Yuko took a glance at her two friends, before going to Acchan with hesitating steps.

Sayaka peeked into the open, and sighed in relief when Yuko was finally out of sight. She removed her palm from Miichan, and started to wipe her moistened palm on her gown.

Finally free from the strong girl, Miichan crossed her arms, and pouted at her with a raised eyebrow. “Ok Sayaka, you’re acting weird.”

“And by weird, I mean weird Sayaka, not Weird gorilla.”

Sayaka rolled her eyes at the girl, and turned around to get to everyone else, only to be pulled back by Miichan. “What’s going on?” Miichan demanded.

Sayaka tried to free herself from the younger girl’s grip, only to have Miichan pull her arm again. “Tell me.” Miichan insisted.

The tall girl sighed, and looked at Miichan, who was now looking desperate to find out what was making her act that way. She scratched the back of her head, and stared into Miichan’s eyes.

“Yuko should never be reminded of loving Haruna, ever.”

To Be Continued…

Thank you for reading!!! Byebye~! :mon bye: :byebye:

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thank for update...

but why???  sayaka why you need to separated them????

i want to know the reason....

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It's been a long time karomuwi-san...I missed your fic and you of course LoL

But Acchan&Takamina is married  :k-inlove:

I wonder...maybe Sayaka didn't want Yuko to get hurt again or something like that
because she was the only one who saw how devastated Yuko was when NyanNyan said the hurtful word "I hate you"

Thank you for your update!
Arígatou!  :kneelbow:

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Im think that sayaka gonna say that she is in love for yuko....

aww my kojiyuu but haruna deserve that for be so.. (insert bad words) .. but know destiny give a chance.. fight for you woman!!
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OMG! Thank you so much Karomuwi for granting my favor! It means so much to me! REALLY!! <333

This kind of story should be continued 'cause it's really interesting and it's like you wouldn't know what's gonna happen next! It's unpredictable!

Now you end it in that part and that made me really curious so much!!

I hope you'll update soon Karomuwi!! Thank you thank you thank you by the way!!
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Yayyyy!! A sequel!!  :w00t:

It's funny how Sayaka's glares are super effective against Mii-chan, but Mariko's are super ineffective.  :lol:

Ah. Yuko, Yuko.. She seems to be on good terms with Haruna. So far, no noticeable problem. I wonder how things will turn out..

Just a random thought, maybe Sayaka knew that Yuko was going to turn all yandere and what not, so she tried to save Haruna from a homicide.........


I am keen on reading your stories despite being ultimately lazy lately (I'm even lazy to procrastinate, if that's possible). They're interesting, well-written, and, of course, features my otp. Will be looking forward to the next chapter!
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No!!! Sayaka!!! Why???
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this chapter is mysterious to me... it's like a lot has happened in Kojiyuu's past that's why Sayaka said that Yuko shouldn't be reminded of loving Haruna.  XD maybe you could shed some light to us readers about their past  :)

I'll be waiting for your next update! it's been a while since I read your posts... and honestly, I need to update mine as well  :nervous

great work! keep it up!  :thumbup
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yeah, finally the sequel  :cow:

if i were sayaka, i probably would do the same thing..i don't want to see my frient get hurt (again)..

but, because it is kojiyuu, i hope something good will happen to them..
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 :pleeease: Why Sayaka??!! Why!!! Why are you stopping the KojiYuu moment!!

Do you know how many years Kojima waited for this??  :scolding:

Please update soon..... :cool1:

I want to know what will happen next.... :err:
Title: AKB48のファンサービスのショー (AKB48 no Fansabisu no Sho)
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@chuppachup: You're welcome. ^^ The reason will be revealed soon... and I mean a long 'soon'  XD

@Megumi: Yes. It has been a very long time. And thank you for the kind words. ^^ And yeah. Maybe Sayaka does want to protect Yuko. Or keep her for herself.  :P  :lol:

@Haruko: Maybe Sayaka will sat that.  XD Who knows?  :D And hmm~ since I can be considered as 'destiny' maybe I should make them suffer more?  :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

@haruhi16: I'm sorry for not updating!!! :kneelbow: I'll try to make it reach your expectations.  :nervous

@oist: Ahahahaha, maybe? Who knows~  :P And thank you for your comment and kind words. ^^ It helps in giving me inspiration to write. ^^

@kahem: I'll let you figure that out on your own~ Ahahahaha  :twisted:

@AFLynx: Well, since I'm fond of the darkness at this current moment, it'll just be a world of darkness.  :twisted: And yeah! You haven't updated Parent Trap! -3-
@yukofan: Well yukofan-san, do take note that this is my favourite couple to give a tragedic ending to. However, I'll try to give happy moments.  :D

@smarty0821: Maybe Sayaka wants to be troll?  :lol: And I'll update a soon after this post. Maybe a few days, since graduation is almost here. ^^

A.N's note: I would like to thank everyone for their comments on (Un)Selfish Love. :kneelbow: However, I have bad news. This next update is totally NOT related to the ongoing fic. So I do apologize. Anyway... This just came up to me after watching a few funny court cases. I hope that this one is a bit funny, because I really suck at making a funny fic.

For those who are fans of Myao, I would like to apologize in advance if I made her...well...just read it.  :nervous I kind of made her the 'villian' in this fic, so I really apologize. If I have offended any of you by making your oshimen act differently, then I'm sorry. I'm really sorry if I made any other changes in one of the member's personality. You can help me by telling more about them. ^^ So...enough of my long drabbling. Here goes~!

AKB48のファンサービスのショー (AKB48 no Fansabisu no Sho) Episode One: The case of Player Mii

The door creaked as she opened it, catching those in the room’s attention. Her heels gave a tapping sound as she walked on the wooden floor to get to her table, which was located on the far end of the room. Several cameras stood tall everywhere, and cables attached to them made it hard for her to walk.

As she walked towards the table that was a meter higher than her, the murmurs and chatters made by those in the room slowly died down. The ones behind the professional video cameras fixed and aimed at her, as she sat by her desk, and polished her glasses. Two jib arm cameras captured those in the room, before focusing on her.

She looked at the small digital clock placed on her wooden desk, as she fixed the collar of her robe. Then deciding that it was time to start the case, she took a look at those sitting in front of her as audiences, and those sitting on each side of the room as the Jury.

Everyone in the room, except for her and those who seemed to be the ones involved in the case, wore an outfit that seemed to be a school uniform. Interested, she arched her eyebrows and opened the file placed on her desk, reading it as she wondered about the particular group sitting in the room before her.

The words ‘Special Case: AKB48’ was written on the front page of the file, and she read the first paragraph to figure out what type of case she had to judge today. As she read, she find out that this case she had to judge was a special case on Japan’s Top Idol group. She also found out that this was a case far different than any other cases she had judge before, since it was a case of cheating…between two girls.

Several seconds passed by and soon, she was finished with the paragraph. She closed the file before darting her eyes to those sitting in front of her, checking every detail with her hawk-like eyes. Seeing that everything and everyone seemed to be in order, she took the gravel on her desk and gave a slight knock on the sound block to signal every one the starting of the case.

“The filed case for cheating is in motion.” She spoke in a voice that seemed cold, and hoped that she didn’t look bad in front of the Japan’s Top idols.
Fortunately for her,  no one seemed to care. One of the girls sitting in front of her stood up, catching her attention and making her head turn to the girl who now stood up before her. The girl gave her a slight nod, as a sign of respect while she just stared back with emotionless eyes.

She began to inspect the basic details of the girl in front of her, and realized just how the  girl seemed to be a few inches shorter than her. She had her hair tied up in a ponytail, and she was wearing a neat, greyish suit that made her look very formal.

However, something caught her eyes and a glint of amusement was seen on her face when she saw the shorter girl wearing a pink ribbon. The ribbon made the dull outfit look a little bit colorful.
“Attorney Takahashi Minami, Your Honor.” The short girl introduced herself with an aura of authority, making Karomuwi wonder if she was some sort of leader in the group AKB48.

Karomuwi sat up on her chair, and instructed. “Attorney Takahashi Minami, you may begin.”

The said girl nodded her head in response, and wore the glasses she took from her own desk. She cleared her throat to make sure that she would sound as confident as she wanted. Feeling satisfied with the feeling of her throat, she then spoke.
“I would like to have Minegishi Minami on the chair now.”

Karomuwi nodded her head to signal that she granted the request, making Takahashi Minami smile. Just then, a girl stood up from beside another girl, who also seemed to be an attorney like Takahashi Minami herself. She walked towards the chair in the middle of the room, and sat down.

The cameras moved to focus on the girl, making her feel self-conscious and fix her clothes. Karomuwi titled her face to try and figure out who the girl seemed to look like, getting the feeling that she has seen her face several times.

“Maybe she’s a daughter of a famous entertainer?” Karomuwi thought to herself, as she tried to search her mind for the possible look-alike.

“Your Honor?” Takahashi Minami said, making her train of thoughts stop with a halt.

Karomuwi looked at her with a blank look, before blinking her eyes several times. She gave an uncharacteristic, sheepish smile and cleared her throat as she hit the sound block with her gravel.

“Yes, The ‘Player Mii’ case.” She sat up straight before continuing. “Attorney Takahashi, you may begin questioning her.”

The said girl nodded her head before turning to the sitting girl with a cold stare. She walked towards Minegishi Minami with a book, and motioned her to stand as she placed the taller girl’s left hand on the book.

“Please repeat what I’m going to say.” She instructed before continuing on, after Minegishi nodded.

“I swear to speak truth, and nothing but the truth.” Takamina said, and waited for the taller girl to recite what was spoken.

Minegishi cleared her throat before reciting what was spoken, not noticing the mischievous glint in the shorter girl’s eyes. After she had spoken the sentence, Takamina added.

“If I were to be found speaking lies, I shall stop calling Takamina names such as Takamidget, Bakamina, and etc.”

Miichan’s eyes widened as Takamina’s lips formed a smirk. She looked at the judge before her, asking through her eyes if it was allowed to do such blackmail. Unfortunately for her, the judge Karomuwi was busy trying to figure out who she looked like, to even notice her pleading look.

“Ahem!” Takamina coughed, catching Miichan’s attention. “Please recite what I’ve spoken.”

Miichan gritted her teeth, knowing that she was being blackmailed. She cursed the shorter girl mentally, and clenched her left hand into a fist as she tried to keep herself from pinching the older girl’s cheeks. At the same time, snickers and chuckling were heard from the Juries and audiences, making Miichan turn her head to give them a glare.

Her eyes locked with a girl who was about Takamina’s height, and Miichan instantly noticed the mocking glint her eyes contained. Miichan growled under her breath and swore that she’d get her revenge.

“I’ll get you for this Bakamina and Squirrel!” she cursed under her breath, as she turned back to the smirking girl in front of her.

“Ahem!” Takamina coughed once again. “We’re all waiting, Minegishi-san.”

Miichan swore that her mouth would have shot off names to call the annoying girl, if it weren’t for the fast biting of her tongue. “Mpmhff!”

She winced at the pain and sighed, knowing that she had no other choice. Just then, her eyes caught a familiar face and she started reciting, as she stared at the girl who had her arms crossed. “If I were to be found speaking lies, I shall stop calling Takamina names such as Takamidget, Bakamina, and etc.” (Note that italic words for this line are spoken heavily)

Takamina smiled at her before taking the book out of reach, knowing how much Miichan wanted to throw the book onto the ground and step on it as she called Takamina names. Unbeknownst to her, Miichan was just smiling as she stared at Takamina’s rival.

“Minegishi Minami a.k.a Miichan, you may take your seat.” Takamina told her as she began to pace back and forth, in front of the girl and audiences to start the case.

She started, “I am the attorney for Shinoda Mariko—”

“—who is NOT here.” A voice interrupted, making Takamina stop her pacing and stare at the owner of the voice.

When she did, the nerves on her head popped and she smiled bitterly as she locked eyes with the girl.

Miyazaki Miho or other known as Myao

The girl stood up from her seat, and walked towards the two girls in the middle of the room. She gave a smile and a nod, but respect was not included. Everyone in the room turned their heads Myao before  they started searching the room for the missing plaintiff, Shinoda Mariko.

As Myao neared her and Miichan, Takamina gave a sigh. She knew perfectly well why the girl has decided to speak and interrupt her, since Takamina blackmailed Miichan. And the reason for Myao’s revenge, was the fact that she was Miichan’s attorney.

“I was about to state that reason, until YOU interrupted me,” Minami clenched her teeth as she spoke the younger girl’s name. The rest of the people in the room saw the tension between the two, and knew that an interesting case was to be expected.

Myao smiled with a hint of amusement as she heard the older girl hiss at her, mentally. She arched her eyebrow, and crossed her arms as she waited for the older girl to continue. To irritate the older girl, she started humming as she gave a face that had mockery on it.

Takamina opened her mouth to give her defense, only to be interrupted once again by the younger girl. Myao had decided that there was no reason to wait for Takamina to speak and explain, and instantly wanted her to realize what a difficult opponent she was going to be.

She made a beeline to the front of the judge, but not before standing up tall and patting Takamina on the head. She cleared her throat, and looked at the girl sitting in front of her as she gave a slight nod of the head to mark her respect.

“Your Honorable judge Karomuwi,” she started. “I do not understand how this case will be solved…” and then turned to lock eyes with the fuming girl as she continued.

“…If the plaintiff herself , isn’t here.”

Takamina took a breath to try and calm herself, but Myao only made it harder to calm down when she added, “Care to explain this, Attorney Ta-ka-ha-shi?”

“That’s it!” Takamina thought to herself, and walked towards Myao.

Everyone held their breaths in, as they waited for something bad to happen. The Juries quickly turned to the judge, who now had a bored look on her face as she stared at the two girls with emotionless eyes.

“Why isn’t she doing anything?” Everyone thought to themselves as they sweated a drop.

When Takamina was beside Myao by a few meters, everyone could have sworn the glare that Takamina sent to the smirking girl. However, instead of doing what everyone thought Takamina would do, she just patted the younger girl on the shoulder and stared at the judge who now had her eyes looking sleepy.

“Well, Attorney Mi-ya-za-ki…” she took a breath of air, and continued. “I have NEVER heard of a rule that states the NEED for the plaintiff to be on scene.”

Myao arched her eyebrow and crossed her arms. “But Attorney Ta-ka-ha-shi, isn’t it COMMON SENSE to have the one who submitted the complaint in the scene?”

“There’s no rule for that.”

“It’s plain common sense.”

“NO Rule.”

“Common sense.”

“NO Rule!”

“Common sense!”

The two began exchanging words, amusing the judge who was sleepy a few seconds ago. Her droopy eyes now looked awake and alert as it darted from the shorter girl to the younger girl. Arguments between the lawyers and attorneys have always been her favorite part of every case. Unfortunately for her, the fun had to end.

The cameras had been recording and capturing every passing second, and as a well-respected judge to look amused for watching an argument based on a missing plaintiff was going to ruin her reputation. She sighed and picked up the gravel with her right hand, and hit the sound block.

The two girls looked at her; confusion was evident on their faces. Karomuwi stared at them with those cold eyes, and spoke.

“I can see that you are enjoying this silly argument of yours, and have forgotten the real reason for this case.” She motioned for them to stare around them as she continued.

“May I bring you to your senses, and remind you that you are arguing in front of millions of people. In NATIONAL television?”

The two girls had their eyes widened, making it hard for Karomuwi to keep her composure. “Now, if you would take a sit Attorney Miyazaki, and allow Attorney Takahashi to proceed with the questioning, then I would be mostly glad.”

“But the plainti—” Myao started to say, only to be shut up by  Karomuwi.

“There is NO certain rule that says the need for the plaintiff to be on scene.” She picked up a piece of paper on her desk, and spoke. “Besides, Shinoda Mariko has sent me an excuse letter saying that she’s abroad for an important modeling project.”

“Then, may I ask why we should still proceed with this case?” Myao asked challengingly, annoyed that she had to be scolded by a girl younger than her (yep, I’m younger than her XD) on national television.

“Well…” Karomuwi narrowed her eyes at Myao as she continued. “Akimoto Yasushi, YOUR producer asked me to let this case continue.”

Myao’s hard stare eased at the sound of AKB48’s producer’s name. Karomuwi added just to make sure that Myao would sit down. “If you have anything to say about it, I suggest that you talk about it with HIM.”

A second passed, and Myao immediately sat back down onto her seat. Karomuwi turned to Takamina, who had a smug look on her face, and cleared her throat. “Proceed with the questioning.”

Takamina nodded, and turned back to Miichan. “Miichan, is your relationship with Shinoda Mariko still good?”

Miichan nodded confidently. “Of course, it is.”

Takamina scoffed as she smacked her hand against the desk that Miichan was sitting by. “But according to what Mariko-sama said, it is not.”

“Well…Uh… We actually have some little problems that could be solved with ease.” Miichan smiled sheepishly as she scratched her head.

Takamina turned away from her as she faced the Juries and started speaking. “And those little” she air quoted, “ problems are the reason why we’re here today.”

The Jury clicked their tongues, as they stared at Miichan with disappointment. Miichan flinched at the stares she received, but it was just the beginning. Takamina was now facing her, and had her index finger pointed at her accusingly.

“You always have some lovey-dovey moments with the other members, girls, kenkyuusei—”

Myao cried as she interrupted. “We all get it!”

Takamina looked at her, and Myao added. “Just continue!”

The short girl coughed as she tried to get back the composure she had, until Myao interrupted her. “Anyway, you always ditch Mariko, is it correct?”

“Yeah…” Miichan nodded, and quickly added. “Sometimes, only!”

“Can you please tell me more about it specifically?”

Miichan scratched her forehead. “Well…Uh…It’s actually nothing much.”

“Oh really?” challenged Takamina.

Miichan sighed. “Well…There was ONE time when I hugged Sae-chan in front of the troll—”

“—Troll?” Takamina interrupted with a question.

“Attorney Takahashi, please don’t interrupt my client!” Myao scolded.

Miichan continued after receiving a nod from Takamina. “Anyway, I DID hug Sae-chan—”

“Then what?” Takamina asked, not realizing that she has once again interrupted the younger girl.

“Interruption.” Myao coughed, making Takamina send a glare to her.

“May the named ‘Sae-chan’ stand up?” Karomuwi asked, wanting to find out who it was.

Just then, a short-haired girl stood up from the Jury’s seat, surprising everybody. She gave a wave to the camera before giving a wink to the audience, who swooned upon receiving it. A long-haired girl beside her smacked her own forehead and sighed.

“Seems like Miichan isn’t the only pimp in the room.” The girl, Akimoto Sayaka, said to herself as Sae sat down.

Takamina nodded her head. “Then?”

“Then, the next three days was…” Miichan scrunched her nose as she tried to find the words. “literally like hell.”

Takamina sighed as she started pacing back and forth in front of her. “And I reckon that Sae-chan is NOT the only one. Am I right, Minegishi-san?”

Miichan looked at her, waiting for her to continue. Takamina stared at her, and asked. “Can you please name those whom you have cheated with on your REAL partner, Mariko?”

Miichan’s jaw dropped, and she started scoffing. “You want me to name them ALL?”

Takamina nodded, but Miichan just moaned as she hit her head against her desk. “There are too many! I can’t remember!

The Jury, and even the judge, laughed to themselves as they watched Miichan moaned, complaining. She had both of her hands massaging the temples of her head as she tried to remember who she had cheated with.

“I need you to be more serious, Minegishi-san!” Takamina scolded half-heartedly, finding the scene of Miichan hitting her head amusing.

“It’s cute though!” A voice cried, making everyone turn and find a girl about Takamina’s height, smiling.

“Exactly!” Miichan cried as she gave a thumbs up to her, who gave the same action in response.

Takamina smiled and shook her head, as she watched Oshima Yuko get hit by a taller female, who made the others give way for her to smack the girl. Yuko moaned as she rubbed the sore spot on her head. “Nyan Nyan~ Not on national television~!”

The audience laughed together with the judge, and Takamina shook her head with a chuckle. After a second, everyone’s gaze returned to the girl sitting in the middle.

“I know that I’m cute, pretty, and talented. I’ve kissed several members even your fiancée!” Miichan cried, making Takamina glare at her before turning to a girl who sat on a Jury’s seat. “I’ve even made the troll and dangerous dog fall for me!”

Myao rolled her eyes and sent daggers to her, which was ignored with ease by the girl.

Miichan added. “My beauty is no joke.”

Takamina scoffed, and then spoke with pity. “But sadly, your beautiful image is destroyed by your GACHAPIN image.”

Something clicked inside Karomuwi’s head when she realized who Minegishi Minami looked like. The green mascot!

But something also made a sound, when Miichan shot straight up from her desk and smacked the desk with her hands as she cried. “That’s my charm!”

She hit the desk once more as she pointed at Takamina with an accusing finger. “This is too much! You are WAY off topic by mentioning that!”

Karomuwi hit the sound block with her gravel, catching the Miichan’s attention. “Please calm down and take a sit, Minegishi-san.” She instructed.

Takamina laughed along with the rest of those in the room, before looking at Miichan. “Anyway, Mariko told me—”

“—Told you what?” Miichan challenged, with a hint of annoyance.

“That there was a time when you went out for dinner with another girl from AKB48. But you DIDN’T even let her know.” Miichan looked at Takamina with a calm exterior.

“How do you explain this? And who was it?” Takamina asked.

Miichan laughed to herself, and looked at Myao. The younger girl had an amused look on her face, and Miichan can’t help but laugh even more as Takamina stared at them confusingly.

“Please take this seriously, Minegishi-san.” Takamina asked, as she crossed her arms.

Miichan sighed, calming herself after a few laughs and stared at Takamina as she placed her elbows onto the top of the desk. “I wasn’t going to talk about this.”

Takamina arched her eyebrow, making Myao chuckle out loudly. She stared questioningly at Miichan as she waited for the younger girl to continue.

“But since you brought it up, I’ll answer you sincerely.”

Takamina nodded. “Please go ahead.

Miichan took a deep breath, making it obvious that she was trying to keep herself from laughing. She rested her chin on top of her palms before speaking. “The truth is… The one whom I went out for dinner with is…”

Her voice trailed off, making Takamina furrow her eyebrows. “Please stop stalling, Minegishi-san.”

Miichan flashed her an evil grin, before she spoke in a nonchalant voice. “Well…The one whom I went out for dinner with is…”

Takamina frowned, getting annoyed with the stalling. Her annoyance grew even more when Miichan sent her a wink.

“Wasn’t it…” Takamina’s eyes suddenly widened in realization, when she finally figured out the reason why.

“Wasn’t it you, Attorney Ta-ka-ha-shi?”

The whole room gasped as the news came upon them. Karomuwi dropped the gravel onto the ground, while others started murmuring to themselves. Some were talking about the shocking news, making Takamina blush in embarrassment.

She turned to Miichan who has choked on her own saliva from laughing too much, before turning to Myao who was chuckling to herself. It was obvious just how much Myao enjoyed this, but Takamina paid no heed to it as she smacked her forehead.

“What do you have to say for yourself, Attorney Takahashi?” Miichan asked as she wiggled her eyebrows at the older girl.

Takamina turned directly to the cameras and said, “Hey, Mariko-sama…”

Her voice trailed off as she took a deep breath when she looked down, before she looked up straight into the camera with an annoyed smile. “I thought that you were talking about someone else, but it turned out to be ME!”

She stomped her feet as she cried out, “What the heck?!”

Everyone in the room fell into a fit of laughter. Reporters are writing down on their notepads about the shocking revelation, as they chuckled to themselves. Miichan was smiling to herself and gave herself a mental note to thank Mariko for trolling on their captain.

Just then, Takamina turned straight to Miichan and gave a smile while pleading through her eyes as she asked. “Minegishi Minami, we just went out for dinner, nothing personal right?”

Miichan chuckled to herself as she watched Takamina stare at her, almost bearing a hole through her , if possible.

“Yeah, right.” Myao scoffed, “Just a NORMAL dinner.”

Takamina looked at her to give a glare, but then diverted it quickly to a squirrel-like girl once she heard her speak. “Acchan! Your fiancé is cheating on you!”

“I AM NOT!” Takamina declared, before turning to Miichan with a sigh as she massaged her forehead.

“Let’s skip this UNCLEAR relationship between me and Minegishi Minami.” She said, but then felt a sudden chill run down her spine as she heard the most terrifying voice in her life.

“Minami~” Maeda Atsuko also known as Acchan, called out sweetly. A scary aura could be felt being emitted from her, making everyone around her try to move away.

Takamina gulped in fear, and darted her eyes from her fiancé to the girl in the middle of the room. “A-Anyway, Mariko’s next rival s also a member from AKB48.”

She sighed, knowing that what she was going to say will probably hurt a certain girl. “She kinds of have a great impact on her, making Mariko feel betrayed and brain-damaged because of this CERTAIN girl.”

Karomuwi cleared her throat as she asked. “Is this person in the room, Attorney Takahashi?”

Takamina nodded her head, and Miichan started wondering who it was. Takamina still hasn't continued after the nodding of her head, making Myao tap her feet impatiently.

“Stop beating around the bush and just tell us who it is!” she cried out.

“She is none other than…” Takamina started, before staring straight at the seat of Juries. “AKB48 Team A’s Kojima Haruna!”

The whole room gasped loudly in shock, and turned their heads to the tall, brunette girl. Miichan’s jaw dropped, surprised that had forgotten about Haruna. Karomuwi mumbled to herself, “She cheated on Mariko with those in the Juries. This girl really is a pimp.”

Yuko had her eyes in a teary form as she stared at the tall beauty, shocked and saddened by the news.

“Nyan Nyan.” Her voice croaked as she called out the girl’s nickname.

Haruna turned to her with apologetic eyes before glaring straight at Takamina, who sighed in relief, glad that the attention has now been diverted to her No3b teammate. When Takamina saw Haruna’s glare of daggers, she immediately turned her head and continued speaking.

“Also known as the Airhead Queen in our dearest judge’s story.” She turned to Karomuwi and asked, “Is it correct?”

Karomuwi nodded her head, and turned straight to the camera. “Please read The Akiba Family, Series of (un)Love, and Love’s a Mission.”

Miichan raised her hand like a student, and asked. “What about R.A.Y?”

“That one is still on hiatus. But it’ll be updated soon.” Karomuwi smiled, before turning back to her serious mode.

“Anyway, continuing on with the case…” Takamina said, before she was interrupted by Miichan.

“She’s not really just an Airhead Queen.” She stared at Yuko, who glared at her with deadly eyes. “More like the Goddess of Breasts.”

She smiled a face that annoyed Yuko even more, making the short girl stand up with rage. She tried to get to Miichan, only to be pulled back by the others. Disappointed that she wasn’t able to rip Miichan’s grin off her face, she turned to her girlfriend and gave a pout.

“Nyan Nyan~” tears now started to form in her eyes. “H-how could you?”

Haruna looked at her, not knowing how to react and what to say. Fortunately for her, Yuko continued. Yuko now had her index finger pointing at Miichan, who smirked at the scene before her. “How COULD you?!” Yuko cried in disbelief, before turning to Miichan angrily.

“How could you cheat on me with THAT girl?!” she demanded. “That GACHAPIN?!”

Haruna’s mouth opened, before she closed it once again as she covered her face. “I-I don’t know!” she shook her head and continued. “I-I’m an airhead queen remember?!”

Yuko looked at her, before breaking out into sobs. The audiences looked at Miichan, who just shrugged her shoulders as she spoke. “Don’t blame me, blame Bakamina for revealing that.”

Everyone in the room now stared at the girl with the ribbon on her forehead, and glared. Enjoying the scene in front of her, Myao winked at Miichan. Miichan had winked back at her, before grinning to herself.

“Anyway, I also like Haruna because she…” she stared at Yuko, “has BIG breasts…” then turned to Takamina as she continued. “… and she’s TALL.”

Takamina looked at her, and pointed at her accusingly. “Hold on! I believe that you’re trying to insult us short people!”

Miichan just looked at her, pretending not to know anything as she spoke to Karomuwi. “What in the world is she talking about?” she tried hard to keep her grin from showing, but it was clearly seen by Takamina and Yuko. “I seriously HAD no idea that SHORT people can be this sensitive!”

Yuko stood up straight from her seat, and cried out. “Your honor! That girl is trolling us two!”

“Uh…” was what Karomuwi could just say at the moment.

“Your Honor, please just ignore her.” Myao asked with a smirk.

Miichan smirked and gave a discreet thumbs-up to Myao, before looking at Takamina who now had both of her hands massaging her head. Takamina sighed and turned to her: exhaustion could be seen clearly on her face.

“Minegishi-san, is Haruna the last person on your to-cheat-with list?” She asked.

“Keep dreaming.” Yuko mumbled to herself, “She took my Nyan Nyan.”

Miichan chuckled to herself, before responding. “Yeah, keep dreaming. It’s actually LONGER than your HEIGHT.”

The whole room chuckled, but Takamina just ignored them. Miichan continued, wanting to see more of Takamina’s annoyed face. “If you want to know just how LONG it is, then let’s go out for dinner AGAIN.”

Karomuwi laughed, making everyone turn their attention to her. She had just realized what Miichan meant, and found it really funny. Then turning to everyone else, she gave an apologetic nod. Takamina was now looking at Miichan in disbelief.

“Mariko is going to tear me apart if you keep being like this.” She stated.

Miichan chucked to herself once again, as she spoke, “I hope she will.”

Deciding that if she wasn’t going to be spared from Mariko’s punishment, she sighed and asked Miichan. “Mariko isn’t here today, but I’m SURE that she wants you to stop cheating on her with our Squirrel’s cat.”

Miichan just shrugged her shoulders, as she replied nonchalantly. “Sure. I’m having my eyes on Yuko anyway.”

Yuko choked along with Haruna. “W-WHAT?!”

Takamina sighed, and decided to end her questioning. It was draining every last ounce of energy out of her, and she still needed to have some left in order to make sure that Mariko wins this case.  “If you keep saying such things, then I don’t think I should continue on. This case seems complicated.”

“I’m even involved! It’s so embarrassing!” she cried, before adding. “I think I will stop here.”

She walked back to her own seat, before leaning against the chair with an exhausted sigh. Karomuwi nodded at Myao, motioning for her turn. “Miichan’s attorney, you may begin.”

Myao stood up and bowed at her as she spoke, “Thank you, Your Honor.” Then turning to Miichan, she asked. “Minegishi-san, don’t you think that it’s unfair to call you a player or a pimp?”

Miichan nodded. “Yes.”

“All of your relationship with everyone in AKB48, except Mariko, is just friendship. Am I right?”

Miichan nodded once again. “Most definitely, you are correct.”

Myao nodded, before staring at Takamina. “And about you going out for dinner with someone…” she started to say.

Takamina widened her eyes as she glared at Myao menacingly, challenging the younger girl to continue speaking. But Myao just stuck out her tongue at Takamina. Miichan cleared her throat as she leaned against her chair with her arms crossed.

“Actually, Attorney Ta-ka-ha-shi was the ONE who made the first move.” Everyone gasped audibly, and stared at Takamina.

She was now giving the same look she gave Myao a few seconds ago, to Miichan as she asked in a voice that scared the audiences. “What?”

However, her glaring was easily ignored by Miichan’s attorney. She clapped her hands, and spoke. “Then that cleared up the relationship for the W Minami couple.”

She added. “Miichan is always loyal to Mariko, and the attorney on the other side SEDUCED her.”

“Indeed, she did.” Miichan nodded in agreement.

“Minami~” a  terrifying voice called out once again.

“Anyway, all of the members are beautiful. So why Mariko?” Myao asked.

Miichan looked thoughtfully as she answered. “To me, Mariko is the prettiest. She’s also a troll, and that attracted me to her. And even more because—”

“—of her height?” Myao interrupted as she stared at Takamina.

Miichan grinned at her, and nodded. “Yes. At least she’s taller than SOME people out there.”

“In this room, perhaps?” Myao grinned back.

Takamina scoffed as she spoke out loudly. “What a weird conversation we have!”

“By the way, I want to ask some questions to clear everybody’s head. Is it okay?” Myao asked, ignoring Takamina.

Miichan nodded with a smile. “Go ahead.”

“Your Gachapin image…” Takamina and Yuko snickered to themselves, earning a glare from Miichan.  “It’s so powerful that it even seduced the great Troll, and even Yuko’s Nyan Nyan, right?”

Miichan nodded confidently. “Yes. Yes, it is.”

Myao arched her eyebrow as she continued. “It also made Takamina ask you out for dinner, am I correct?”

Miichan nodded. “Yep.”

Myao stopped to look like she’s in a thought, before breaking a question to her. “Do you think that it’s possible…”

“…With your powerful image…” Everyone held their breaths in as they waited for Myao to continue.

“Do you think that it can change Takamina into a full-fledged girl?” Miichan broke out into laughter.

Myao grinned as she stated. “I mean, she IS a man in a woman’s body.”

Everyone laughed with Myao’s statement. There have been rumors about Takamina being a man, but no one has spoken about it in public. Wanting to make everyone laugh even more, Miichan ignored Takamina’s warning stare and tried to look as serious as she could to answer Myao’s previous question.

“Well…” she tried to look thoughtful as she continued. “…I think that there IS a possibi—”

“—OBJECTION!” Takamina interrupted, and stood up from her seat before slamming her hands down hard onto the desk’s wooden surface.

“I object to that question and answer, Your Honor!” She glared at the two grinning girls, before continuing. “Minegishi Minami and her attorney are going a little too face!”

She crossed her arms, as she gave the table another slam of the fist. “I believe that the topic and the courtroom DO NOT mix well!”

Karomuwi tried to put on a straight face, but found it extremely hard to do so. The look of annoyance on Takamina’s face was just priceless, and the topic just made it extremely funny. She opened her mouth to speak and calm the shorter girl. However, just when she was about to speak out a word, Myao spoke.

“I thought that this was my turn to talk.” Myao said, as she walked to Miichan’s side.

“Who cares?!” Takamina cried out. “Mii?!”

Myao bursted out laughing, angering Takamina even more. Takamina didn’t notice that she had accidentally blurted out ‘Mii’ instead of ‘me’, and glared hard at the younger girl. Everyone was now trying hard to stifle their laughter, seeing how angry their captain was.

“Why are you all laughing?!” she cried out in frustration, when she saw Karomuwi clutching her stomach from laughing too much.

Deciding that it was enough of teasing, Myao cleared her throat and spoke. “It’s me. Not Mii.”

Takamina looked at her confusingly, making Myao continue. “She’s Miichan.” She pointed at the said girl while enunciating the name, before pointing at Takamina as she spoke. “You’re supposed to pronounce it as me, and not her name.”

Just then, realization struck Takamina. She smacked her own forehead with her hands, and sighed depressingly. When she looked up, she saw Miichan sticking out her tongue at her as she spoke.

“That’s right, Bakamina!”

Deciding that it was a mistake to be laughed at instead of fussing over, she smiled. “Eh? Is that so?” She started laughing in embarrassment, as she scratched the back of her head.

As she watched everyone laughing in front of her, Karomuwi smiled to herself. She had never thought that a cheating case would be this hilarious. She had never heard of an idol group called AKB48, since she never paid her country’s idol groups any attention.

But after seeing this case, she formed a conclusion in her head and made a mental note to watch this idol group in front of her once the case finished. Maybe she would even go to one of their concerts, and have an oshimen.

Just then, a vibration from her robe’s inner pocket interrupted her thoughts. She discreetly took out her phone, and read the message quickly.

The ratings are off the roof. You can stop the case now.
               ~Akimoto Yasushi

Karomuwi arched her eyebrow and quickly typed down her reply.

Who wins the case?

Another vibration came, and she smiled with a quiet chuckle. She put her phone back into the pocket and looked over to the girls in the middle. Takamina was now standing in front of Myao and Miichan, and she was giving a talk about the reason she won’t join the others for a bath.

Karomuwi cleared her throat, catching everyone’s attention. “I think that what you’re discussing is way off topic.”

“I have made my decision, so please take a sit.” She said.

The three girls in the middle did as what was said, and sat back down to their respective seats. Everyone in the room has wiped away the smiles off their faces. Cameras and jib arms focused on the judge, who was now looking at Miichan.

“I have made a decision based on what I’ve heard.”

She took the gravel into her hands, and hit the sound block gently but loudly. “Shinoda Mariko has won this case.”

A sigh escape Myao’s mouth as she mumbled to herself, “I knew it.”

But just before she continued, Karomuwi nodded at the cameras and guards that stood beside her, waiting for any order. Getting the knowing look, the cameramen and reporters switched their equipment off. The guards nodded their heads at her, and made everyone, who wasn’t an idol, to leave the room.

Seeing that no one else besides herself and the group AKB48 was in the group, Karomuwi then placed her elbows on top of the desk, and spoke. “However…”

“I declare that Minegishi Minami gets the permission from me…” she narrowed her eyes at the said girl before continuing. “…to continue on.”

Myao stood up, and asked. “With her current situation, Your Honor?”

Karomuwi nodded her head, and took a breath. “Yes. She can continue on being a player or a pimp.”

Takamina’s jaw dropped, along with everybody else’s. Karomuwi sighed, knowing how unreasonable her condition was. But just then, an enthusiastic cry was heard.

“Yes!” Miichan cried happily, and grabbed Myao by the hand. “I can continue!”

Takamina opened her mouth to try and ask Karomuwi, but the young judge has taken the gravel and hit the sound block as fast as she could. “Case dismissed!”

With that, everyone knew that nothing and no one would be able to change the judge’s mind. They all stood up from their seats, and walked out of the room as they talked about everything that has happened during the case.

The moment the guards opened the doors, reporters and cameramen all tried to squeeze their way through one another to get a member to answer their questions. The members’ managers made a way for the whole idol group to walk through, keeping the nosy reporters out of way.

The doors closed, and Karomuwi heaved a sigh of relief. She took off the robe, and folded it. The guards have closed off the room, leaving her alone. However, that wasn’t the case. The moment she stood up from her seat, a figure moved out from the shadows of the dimmed room, startling her.

She stared at the figure as it slowly revealed itself to her, and found a certain person smiling. She smiled to herself, and got down from the high seat to greet the unannounced guest.

“Hello, Yasushi-sama.” She greeted with a low bow.

The said person nodded in acknowledgement at her, before patting her head as he gave a warm greeting. “Hello, Katherine.”

“I did what you asked, Uncle.” Katherine smiled, as she removed her uncle’s hand off her head.

“Thank you, Kath.”

“May I ask one thing, Uncle?” Katherine asked, as they started walking towards the door.

“What is it?”

“Why did you ask me to take this case? And why allow one to file a case against another member?” she asked curiously as she tilted her head to the side.

“Didn’t you want to be on National television?” Her uncle smiled at her, before stopping right before the doors. “And besides, I wanted to raise up the ratings.”

“Ratings?” she asked confusingly.

“My girls didn’t know that today was just one of the shows I made.” He answered.

She arched an eyebrow at him, as he asked. “Don’t you already have several shows?”

“Well…” he started, “…this one is specially made to please the fans.”

She continued looking at him confusingly, making him smile at her as he explained. “You can say that this is a fan service show.”

“Hmm~” Katherine scrunched her nose as she asked. “But won’t this reveal their relationships to the public and cause uproar?”

Her uncle shook his head as he grabbed the doors’ handles. “It’s a show that gives fan service. No one will suspect a thing.”

“This will also help them in revealing any relationship they have with one another.” He smiled proudly at himself.

“Great idea, uncle.” She complimented, while giving a thumbs-up to him.

He returned the gesture as he spoke. “Of course! I’m THE Akimoto Yasushi.”

He turned the knob, and let his niece to exit the room before exiting as he mumbled to himself.

“Episode 1 of AKB48 no Fansābisu no Shō” he smiled widely before closing the door. “End”

To be continued?

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Title: [AKB48] Series of (Un) Love - (Un)Selfish Love{Sequel to (Un)Requited} (04/02)
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Chapter Two

“Yuko should never be reminded of loving Haruna, ever.”

The words echoed inside Miichan’s mind endlessly, driving her to the point of insanity so much that she had to cry out in distress, and clutch her head from aching. The reasons were also adding to the pain in her head, as she had no idea why Sayaka made her do it.

What did Sayaka mean by that? Why can’t Yuko be reminded of her love for the cat-like girl? And why does it seem that she’s hiding something?!

She cried out in frustration as the words continued to torment her. Fortunately for her, Mariko was there.

About several meters away from the girl clutching her head as if something was trying to bear a hole through it, there was another girl taller by several inches, watching her with hawk-like eyes. In her right hand, she was holding a glass filled with wine that filled only about a fourth of the object, and a red purse that went very well along with her cocktail dress, in her left hand.

As she took a sip from her glass, a conclusion was formed in her mind. She has been watching her girlfriend scratch her head angrily, making it look like a bad condition of nits. Though it was a hilarious sight to behold, Mariko knew that she had to help her girlfriend, sooner or later. That scratching, (or so it seems,) scratching girl was catching to much attention. And for someone like Mariko, who had quite a reputation, she had to make sure that the younger girl doesn’t make a fool of herself, or maybe at this case, seem like a girl with nits.

She leaned away from the wall, and strutted her way to her target. When she was probably a few meters away, she sighed and started wondering what Miichan had done to her, to make her act kindly. Perhaps the Gachapin girl fed her something like a charm? Chuckling quietly to herself, she sat on a chair beside her lover, as she placed her wine glass onto the table and slowly hit the girl’s head with her purse.
Miichan gave no response or whatsoever, and Mariko began to gently shake her girlfriend, hoping that it would snap the girl out of the trance. But then again, not a flinch or a blink came from Miichan, irritating Mariko just a bit.

Mariko began snapping her fingers in front of the girl’s face as she cried, “OI!” But to no avail, was ignored again as the girl was too deep in her sea of thoughts. Mariko sighed in annoyance, and knew that there was only ONE way to get the girl back to Earth.

She moved a bit nearer to Miichan, before positioning her body as she started aiming.


The sound echoed throughout the room, and over the slow music that was currently being played. It gained the attention of the people around them, but Mariko was too busy smiling to herself for getting the girl out of the trance, to even realize it. It wasn’t just that. She was also glad to know that she still had her sadistic side in her, meaning that nothing was wrong with her.

Unfortunately for her, the moment her happiness over the realization ended, she came staring at those eyes watching her. Her smile disappeared, and was replaced by shock. Her throat has gone dry. Her lips opened a bit, to let some water vapor out of her system. And her eyes started darting left and right, hoping that she was just misunderstanding the looks.

The looks were really for her. She realized that the moment she turned to Miichan, who was staring at her with curious eyes. She opened her mouth only to close it back again, unknowing the way she could get out of the mess she just made.

Fortunately for her, the newly married couple were still sober enough to help her. They clapped, and started telling others that they had dared Mariko into slapping her own girlfriend, earning a few ‘aahs’ and ‘oohs’. Some gave the couple a disbelieving look, though they said nothing as they felt that they should respect the couple on their wedding day.

Everyone returned their gazes back to where they had them staring before the incident happened, letting Mariko take in a few relieved breaths. She sat down, and wiped her forehead that had produced a few drops of sweat, and stared at her girlfriend to give an apologetic look.

Her girlfriend had both of her hands at her nape, rubbing the sore spot. She placed them down on top of her lap, and stared at her girlfriend. Well, to be frank, she was frowning.

“That hurts~!” Miichan hissed, before turning to smile at those who still giving them the stares.

Mariko looked down, letting Miichan see her regretting the smack. A few seconds passed, but not a pat on the shoulder or a kiss to the cheek was given to her. She looked up, and saw Miichan pouting. The girl had both of her hands on her cheeks as she pretended to cry, hoping that it would make Mariko feel bad.

And it worked!

Regretting her action, Mariko mumbled out an apology. Everyone by now had their eyes on the two of them. Knowing that it would be bad to leave things as they were right now, Mariko turned to everyone else and bowed. “Sorry for the trouble I caused.”

Everyone continued to stare at her, making Mariko feel uncomfortable with the unwanted attention she’s getting. Fortunately for her, Acchan smiled knowingly and motioned for the DJ to continue the song, making everyone’s eyes divert from the two and onto the wedded couple.

Making a mental note to thank her friend, Mariko started breathing with ease as the pressure from her chest lifted up. She pulled a chair towards her and sat down next to her girlfriend, who now had her back facing Mariko.

“You okay?” Miichan asked her in a cold voice. She never turned her head to look at the older girl, and Mariko started craving for her girlfriend’s look. Mariko sighed and spoke not a word, as she stared at her girlfriend’s back.

A few minutes went by and Miichan turned to face her, unable to take the atmosphere between the two of them. She stared into Mariko’s eyes, before taking the taller girl’s hands into her own.

After seeing the remorseful look on her girlfriend’s face, Miichan smiled and pinched Mariko’s cheeks gently. “Don’t pout~” she said.

“You look like an old lady trying to look cute.” Miichan joked, earning a gently slap to her arm.

“Sorry.” Mariko mumbled to her afterwards, referring to the younger girl’s head. “Does it still hurt?”

When Miichan nodded in response, she began to massage the girl’s head with a slight frown plastered on her face. She didn’t mean to hit Miichan that hard. Just enough force to snap her out of the trance. She must have had the force building up in her hand, after all those time she tried hard not to hit her girlfriend.

“It still hurts~!” Miichan whined to her after a while.

Moving her head to kiss the small bump, Mariko pulled her girlfriend towards her. She was about to place a kiss on the spot when Miichan stopped her and pointed to her lips instead. She puckered her lips after claiming, “My lips hurt as well.”

“Kiss it to make me feel better.” Miichan smiled, as she fluttered her eyelashes as her girlfriend.

Scoffing to herself, Mariko then rolled her eyes. She knew what would happen if she didn’t comply to the request, and sighed. She leaned closer to her girlfriend’s face, before giving a quick peck on the lips. However, just when Mariko was about to move her face away, Miichan grabbed her neck gently and pushed her lips against the soft, rosy lips.

Miichan pushed their heads towards each other even more, and sucked on Mariko’s lower lip. The action made Mariko’s knees to soften, and let out a moan of pleasure. The moaning caught the wedded couple’s attention, and they quickly motioned the DJ to dim the lights and put on a slow song.

As the couples from each table stood up and walked to the middle of the room to dance, Takamina and Acchan went straight to the couple. By now, the two girls were in a heated kiss for dominance and ignored the stares of their friends who sat on the same table as them.

But just then, somebody shouted, “OI!” and threw a table napkin at them. The action went unnoticed, and the couple continued.  Somebody started speaking at the two, but they paid the voice no heed as they kissed passionately.

Just then, two pair of hands pulled the two girls away from each other. The sudden coldness felt by Mariko, made her groan and glare at whoever pulled her. Miichan growled at Takamina, who had her hands in a surrendered state.

“Do it later in your room!” Takamina told her, as she offered her wife a seat and sat down next to Miichan.

Miichan crossed her arms. She was starting to enjoy herself in the boring party, and the short girl had to ruin it. She turned her head to Mariko, and received a mischievous wink that she always loved.

She laughed, earning a questioning look from Takamina. “What?”

She shook her head, and started patting Takamina’s back with a slight force. Takamina was looking at Miichan with a wary look, knowing that whenever she was being patted, a devious prank was to be expected.

“So…” Miichan started, making Takamina narrow her eyes as she waited for what was to come. “Did you enjoy the kissing scene I had with Mariko?”

Takamina arched her eyebrow, and replied. “No.”

“Oh really?” Miichan asked as she wiggled her eyebrows.

Takamina sighed, and started telling her to learn to control herself in public. Miichan just gave a shrug at every reason why she should.

“Next time, do it —” Takamina started, only to be interrupted by Miichan’s apology.

“Hmm. Yeah.”

Takamina stopped her talking and stared at Miichan, who had her chin against the chair. She had the look of boredom evident on her face, and Takamina sighed. She turned to Acchan and Mariko, who shrugged back at her.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” Takamina asked, wondering why nothing bad has happened to her yet.

The question girl looked back at her. “Huh? What did you say?”

“You’re not your usual self.” Takamina stated. “Is something bothering you?”

Miichan shook her head, and gave a dismissive wave. She wasn’t really in the mood to play a prank on the shorter girl. Neither was she in the mood to make Takamina blush in embarrassment for talking about sex related stuff. All she wanted was to find out the reason for Sayaka’s weird behavior. Sitting here and doing nothing, was not helping her find out the reason why.

“Hey, where’s Kojiharu?” Miichan asked with a hint of boredom, as she played with the hem of the chair’s cloth.

Mariko turned her head around to search for the said girl. “Nyaro?”

“Speaking of Haruna, she’s been acting weirdly.” Takamina stated, when Mariko returned her gaze back to her friends after being unable to find the girl.

Everyone nodded their heads in agreement. Ever since the party started, Haruna had been out of sight. She seemed even more distant that usual, and always seemed to be in deep thought rather than spacing out. She would also casually look at her watch every now and then, letting everyone believe that she has an appointment somewhere.

The last time they saw her was when she sat next to them as they all ate. But just after eating, she stood up and left without a word. They let her go without question, since Haruna didn’t like being asked and preferred to be alone all these years. They never opened their mouths to ask a single question, even though a nagging voice gnawed at the back of their heads.
Silence has now filled the table as each and one of them tried to search for the answer why Haruna acted even more distant, joining Miichan in her train of thoughts. They emitted a certain aura that made others stay away, and just focus on the party.

Everyone sitting by the table now had their hands tapping the surface of the table, making a unique beat of their own. Just then, the silence and the tapping was broken when the bride bit her lower lip and asked out loud enough for just those in the table to hear.

“Maybe it’s because Yuko’s here?”

The tapping stopped, and everyone looked at the black short-haired girl before looking at each other as theu nodded. That was the most possible reason for the tall girl’s actions. After all, it was understandable how Haruna would act around someone whom she have deeply hurted.

“What about how Yuko acted?” Takamina suggested, earning another round of nodding from the rest.

Judging from the said girl’s actions, it was a bit weird. Not in the weird way when she would be extremely hyper or had that never-disappearing smile on her face, like how she was nine years ago. Actually, those actions pretty much seemed normal coming from the short girl, but how she acted in the current moment could be considered as a weird manner for the girl.

It seems that after these nine years, she had matured a lot. The way she spoke, and the way she carried herself was in a very mature manner. It surprised everyone at first, since it was the girl who once acted childishly during their high school years. But it also made every smile, seeing her look okay.

However, no one seemed to figure out a way of breaking the invisible barrier the short girl built around herself. It wasn’t that she avoided them or anything. It was just that…She felt so distant and really different from the past Yuko.

They talked casually with Yuko, and the girl replied with a smile they missed all these years. They laughed with her about silly things as the day progressed on. They even joked about the trouble they had been during their high school days. But as the sun started to set, everyone started noticing how less energetic Yuko was.

Her smile was still the same due to her dimples, but there was no twinkle of happiness in her eyes. Her voice was still the same, only it seemed more mature. But it also lacked a surge of energy that Yuko seemed to be full of.

Maybe it was just their imaginations, or maybe Yuko didn’t seem to be the same as before.

“I would understand why she’s like that now.” Miichan mumbled to herself, not realizing that Mariko managed to hear her.

Takamina spoke out. “I bet Haruna’s dying inside to apologize.”

Everyone looked at her, and sighed. The atmosphere was now cold and different to how it was several minutes ago. It was a bit harder to breath, since the silence threatened each and one of them not to breathe audibly. The music played by the DJ was now blocked out by their minds, like it was being sent to their ears through a narrow tube.

“Sorry guys.” Miichan apologized out of the blue, making everyone turn to her as she continued. “I ruined the atmosphere.”

She sighed and received a pat on the shoulder from her girlfriend, who gave her a warm smile that clearly says that it wasn’t her fault. She smiled before taking the wine glass placed on the table, and lifted it up into air.

“A toast to the married couple!” she said in her energetic voice, making everyone smile.

The heavy atmosphere has now faded, and a smile was seen on everyone’s faces as they took their own glasses and lifted it to the air. Several clinking of glasses was heard, before everyone took a sip from their drinks.

When everyone placed their glasses back onto the table, Miichan smirked and nudged her short friend. “So… Are you prepared for tonight?”

Takamina blushed instantly, and looked away before nodding slightly. The action made everyone chuckle, and made Mariko tease her more.

“Better drink liters of those energy drinks you made.” Mariko smirked, and added. “You know, I think Takamina made the company for this night!”

Everyone bursted out laughing as Takamina denied it in a very flustered manner. She started to flail her arms around, causing her to knock a wine glass towards her bride. The red liquid quickly dropped onto the simple wedding gown, causing everyone to gasp out.

“Ooh~ Takamina’s in so much trouble!” Miichan snickered, as she watched Takamina’s red face turn pale white.

Acchan smiled and took a napkin from the table to wipe away the stain, and Mariko whispered to Miichan. “She’s going to punish Takamina using my gift!”

“What gift did you give to her?” Miichan whispered back, excitedly.

Mariko smiled with the same enthusiasm. “Handcuffs and whips!”

“You’re so sadistic, Mariko!” Miichan laughed.

“Enough with the sex jokes, guys.” Acchan warned them both with a smile that hid death in the girl’s eyes. She sent daggers that made them zip their mouths instantly, and smiled at Takamina sweetly. “Don’t worry, I’m not mad.”

“B-But your dress! It’s stained with wine!” Takamina cried out, stuttering.

But Acchan just gave a dismissive wave as she trailed a finger down the shorter girl’s jawline. “It’s alright. It’s going to be stained by something else anyway.” She smiled seductively, before capturing the girl’s lips. Takamina’s eyes widened as Acchan kissed her harder, earning a smirk and a wink from Mariko, along with Miichan.

Everyone bursted out in a fit of laughter, as Takamina flailed her arms around for help. They clutched their stomachs as pain started to reach their brains from the massive laughing, and began crying as they laughed. Mariko was patting Takamina’s back as she watched the poor girl get devoured by Acchan’s dominant lips.

Miichan was smirking to herself, glad that she was able to turn a heavy atmosphere into…this. She turned to look at her suit’s pocket to take out her phone to capture the scene that was occurring, when something caught her eyes.

Turning her head to get a clearer view of it, she then saw Sayaka slowly pulling a certain girl towards the exit. Miichan arched her eyebrow and squinted to get a clearer vision of the two. When she did, she saw Yuko’s face flushed and she was leaning against the taller girl’s shoulder.

Looking at how Yuko was acting and walking in a strange manner, Miichan only ended up with one conclusion. “Yuko’s drunk?” she mentally asked, as she continued to watch the two.

Just then, somebody tapped her shoulder. Miichan turned her head and found herself staring back at her friends, who were all looking at her with a questioning look. They were wondering what made Miichan stop her teasing on the shorter girl, and found Miichan staring off to someplace.

Fortunately for Miichan, no one bothered to look where Miichan was staring at. Miichan thanked them for that mentally, before flashing a smile at them as she continued to tease Takamina. But as she joked along with everyone else, her eyes would casually dart to Yuko.

She quickly stood up once she saw Sayaka and Yuko exiting the reception room. Thank goodness she kept her eye on the two! She might not be able to find out about anything.

She was about to walk away from the table to follow the two girls, when her girlfriend stopped her by her grabbing her by the wrists. Miichan turned to her, and Mariko asked, “Where are you going?”

Miichan just stared at her, before quickly staring at the exit room just in time to see Yuko trip on a smooth surface. Miichan’s face quickly turned into a panicked look, thinking that Yuko hurted herself. Fortunately, Yuko was quickly helped by the tall girl. Miichan saw Yuko give a weak smile to Sayaka who returned the action, before placing both of her hands on each side of her head.

“Yuko’s really drunk.” Miichan thought to herself, before turning to Mariko to remove the girl’s hands of her wrists.

“I need to go to the bathroom.” She lied.

Everyone must have seen through the lie, since they all gave her a disbelieving look. Miichan sighed, knowing that she need to leave now if she was to find out where the two were headed. She looked at them intently and pretended to be in pain. “The cheese got to me. I REALLY need to go.”

Then clutching her stomach, she flashed a (fake) pained smile before dashing towards the exit as fast as she could. Takamina shouted behind her, something about the bathroom being in the opposite direction of where she went. But Miichan didn’t care about that at all.

She dashed through the hallway, and looked around when she came up three paths that led to different destinations.

“Now where would Sayaka bring me if I was drunk?” Miichan thought out loud, before running through the path that led to the outside.

She kept running, wondering how in the world did the two girls managed to get ahead of her with so much distance with the pace they were walking. Miichan sighed to herself, and ran faster. She had to get to the two now. She had to ask Sayaka what in the world was going on. And why was Yuko so drunk.

~o~ ^o^ ~o~

She stopped with a halt to catch her breath, as she came out of the hallway. Her heart pounded hard inside her chest, and she swallowed her own saliva, when she felt her throat dry up from the running she did. Wiping the sweat formed on her forehead, she then sighed disappointedly when she saw a car leaving the gates, in a fast speed.

“Great.” Miichan sighed dejectedly as she sat down on the steps of the stairs. “I didn’t even manage to find out about anything.”

She continued to stare at the direction where the car had driven through, and leaned against her ‘seat’ with a very exhausted body. “I haven’t run in ages.” She mumbled, feeling the beating of her heart return to its normal rhythm.

“The things I do for friends.” She scoffed at herself, knowing that she had just lost the opportunity to ask Sayaka about letting Yuko end with Haruna.

Just then, she heard footsteps coming from her back and turned her head to greet whoever it was. When her eyes locked with a certain girl’s, she smiled and patted the ‘seat’. Haruna smiled back, and sat down on the offered place as she sighed.

“Hey.” Miichan smiled at her.

Haruna greeted back. “Hey.”

“Something wrong?”

Haruna stared at her younger friend and shook her head, before looking straight at the fountain that had lights flickering beautifully. She leaned her chin against her knees as she brought them up to her chest, and hugged them by wrapping her arms around it tightly.

“Then why the long face?” Miichan asked as her curiosity growing as she watched the older girl sigh once again.

Haruna looked at her with a forced smile. “Just thinking about something.”

Miichan nodded her head and turned to stare at the flickering lights in front of her, knowing that Haruna didn’t like people probing into her business. Normally, Miichan would have insisted on making the tall girl talk, but seeing just how Haruna was being made her control herself.

The two of them continued to watch the lights, enjoying the slight warmth it released, and coldness of the evening breeze. Miichan watched from the corner of her eyes, and saw Haruna touching her wrist watch. She smiled to herself, knowing that it was Yuko’s last gift before the incident.

“Hey Miichan,” Haruna started saying, making Miichan turn to stare at her completely as she continued. “Does… Sayaka hate me or something?”

Miichan opened her mouth to tell her “no”, but she herself had no idea about that and shrugged her shoulders in reply. After all, Sayaka told her not to remind Yuko about loving Haruna, so there was a possibility.

Haruna sighed once again, and they began to swim in a pool of silence. “Why do you think she hates you?” Miichan asked, breaking the silence that has been formed.

“I was just talking to Yuko,” Haruna started to explain. “When she came in between us and interrupted.”


Haruna continued. “She started pulling Yuko, and of course it would be natural for me to ask where they were going, right?”

“Actually, no. It wouldn’t be natural. You never cared before, that’s why.” Miichan thought but kept her mouth shut, knowing that it would be best to keep that to herself.

“She just looked at me with a glare so intense, and told Yuko to go get her a drink.” Haruna continued on, hurt was evident in her face.

Miichan asked, “Then what?”

“When Yuko was out of earshot, she told me not talk to Yuko…”Haruna bit her lip, “Ever again.

“Wow. That’s really…Harsh.” Miichan said.

“I looked at her shocked, of course.” Haruna told her. “But then, Yuko seemed to be feeling dizzy and almost fell onto the table. I was about to rush to her, when Sayaka growled at me that Yuko didn’t need my help.”

“Growled?” Miichan asked in disbelief, unable to imagine the Sayaka she knows doing that.

Haruna nodded. “She also added before rushing to Yuko, how disgusting and horrible I was.”

“And that Yuko was better off with me far away.” Haruna bit her lip, as she tried to keep the tears that had formed in her eyes from falling onto her face.

Miichan started patting the girl’s back, hoping that the simple action could soothe a bit of the tall girl’s hurted feelings. However, it only made the tears fall from Haruna’s eyes. The tall girl hugged Miichan all of a sudden, and started crying out.

“I want to be with Yuko.” Haruna sobbed harder, making Miichan hug her in return.

“I understand that I hurted her, but I regret that fully. I regret it a lot.” She then stared at Miichan’s eyes as she sincerely added, “I really do.”

“I know.” Miichan told her.

Haruna bit her lower lips, as hot tears flowed down her smooth skin and dropped onto the ground. She started wiping the tears away, before smiling at Miichan with puffy eyes. “Thanks.”

Miichan nodded with a smile but deep inside, guilt was engulfing her. She couldn’t bring herself to tell Haruna how she slightly agreed with Sayaka telling her to stay away from the short girl, but she was sure that she would be unable to see the hurt on Haruna’s face.

She knew how much Haruna regretted her actions all these years. She was there to see it all, how Haruna turned down every confession. How Haruna visited Yuko’s old apartment, thinking that Yuko would return. She saw the tears that formed in Haruna’s eyes whenever they used to pass by a certain cherry blossom tree, and watched the girl’s face flash a pained look.

It was all heart-breaking, whenever everyone would just see how much Haruna was aching and dying inside. They could all feel the regret that Mariko felt. And Miichan remembered just how much Mariko cried in her arms, when the girl learnt that Yuko had left.

Looking at how things were, Sayaka had no right telling Haruna about staying away from Yuko. Neither does she have the right to say all of that stuff. But Miichan saw the pain that Yuko felt.

She saw how much it killed Yuko when the short girl found Haruna and Mariko kissing.


A week ago before Yuko left for Harvard


Water vapor came out of her mouth as she panted heavily. She was trying to catch up with her shorter friend, who seemed to be in a brisk walk competition, since she was breezing past their first floor hallways. In the meanwhile, she was murmuring incoherent words, complaining about the pain that she was feeling in her feet.

They have been walking endlessly for the past hour, and not a single minute have they taken a break. Knowing that they weren’t going to take one any sooner, she decided that she’d make her own break time. She desperately needed a second to rest her sore feet, and leaned against the walls, before dropping to the floor with a groan. She took off her doll shoes, and threw them hatefully across the hallway.

For the first time she decided to use them, she hated them. They were hard to wear, and made the skin at the back of her heel, all bruised up!

Sticking out her tongue at the pair of shoes, she then started massaging her sore feet and gave a sigh of relief the moment she felt the pain fading. Deciding to give her aching back the same relief, she leaned her head against the wall, forgetting the fact that it wasn’t just an ordinary wall, but a wall of lockers.

The moment her head touched the wall, her nape accidentally got hit by the sharp end of a lock. She hissed in pain and leaned away quickly, before turning to glare at the piece of metal and slapping it hard against the wall. The metal lock made a noise that echoed throughout the hallways, catching the attention of her short friend, who was several meters away from her.

“What are you doing all the way THERE?” her friend asked as she placed both of her hands on her hips when she saw Miichan sitting in a very comfortable position.
“Well Yuko, I don’t know if you’re turning blind or just plain blind…” Miichan started to say, before sarcastically pointing out the obvious. “…but I am sitting.

Yuko rolled her eyes at her statement, and walked towards her. She sighed and gave her a look that tells her to stand up, but she just gave a stubborn shake of the head as she crossed her arms. That infuriated the shorter, yet older girl.

She grabbed Miichan by the wrists and pulled, surprising the younger girl by her strength. However, no matter how strong Yuko pulled, Miichan made sure that her butt was plastered to the ground, and even added more weight as Yuko kept trying to pull her up.

The pulling contest continued on for several minutes, until Yuko gave up and decided to continue on her own. She turned away from Miichan, and started walking again. Miichan watched her friend’s back getting smaller, and sighed. With great reluctance, she stood up, and found that she was too tired to even have the strength in her legs to support her, making her collapse onto the ground with a cry.

“Yuko!” she cried, as she laid flat on the smooth concrete floor.

The said girl turned, only to see the pathetic state her friend was in. She sighed, and smacked her forehead loudly, before going back to Miichan to help the poor girl up. As she walked, Miichan kept on moaning about Yuko’s slow pace towards her, earning a roll of the eyes from her older friend.

Once Yuko was right in front of her by a several inches, Miichan held up her hands and began to mimic an infant that has their face implanted against the ground. Yuko sighed, and slapped her forehead again as she started wondering why in the world she was friends with the childish girl.

Miichan smiled as she found Yuko slapping her own forehead amusing, and tried another antic that was sure to make Yuko slap her forehead harder. She held up one of her hands towards Yuko, before acting out as if she was crawling on the floor with great dramatic skills.

“My dear friend Yuko!” she started, before crying out “ Help me~!
As expected, the older girl slapped her forehead and stared at her with a disbelieving look. But just then, it was replaced by a smirk that Miichan always found annoying.

To prove her suspicion, Yuko told her “You know, you should try to lay off the desserts.” Making Miichan pout and sit up on her own, before crossing her arms.
“I’m too tired~” She stubbornly replied.

When Yuko arched her eyebrow, she cried out “I’m not fat!”

Yuko just gave her a slight smirk as she spoke. “I didn’t say that.”

And then added with a chuckle, as she started walking ahead of Miichan once again, “I just told you to lay off on the desserts.” Miichan frowned at her as she stood up with a groan. After taking several large steps, she has managed to catch up with Yuko.

It was right after school, and Yuko was looking for Haruna with her ‘offered’ help. (But now looking at things, it seems that she was only being a burden to Yuko.)

Miichan knew that it was her own fault, and not Yuko’s, since it she was the one who forced the offer of help to the older girl.

“Why did you have to ask for my help?!” she cried dramatically, as she slung her arm around the shorter girl’s neck.
Yuko scoffed at her statement, and stopped to stare at her. Then, deciding that it would just be a waste of time to argue with her friend, she shook her head and continued walking as she mumbled, “Seriously, this girl…”

Miichan pouted and crossed her arms as she followed the girl through the hallway while stomping her feet. She began to moan about the soreness in her feet, making Yuko tell her with a roll of the eyes, “Go home, I’ll accompany you next time to that new pastry shop.”

She sighed and began to do a dramatic monologue about her fatigue, but Yuko just ignored her friend’s drama and continued to peer into each room they passed.

“Why can’t she just text Haruna or something? That’ll be easier than searching for her like this.” Miichan thought to herself, before remembering the fact that Yuko doesn’t have a phone.

As she walked, she remembered how Yuko told her with nonchalance, “I would have no one to text anyway, so why should I buy one?”

That made Miichan stop for a while to think about what Yuko had meant. At first, a thought of Yuko being lonely crossed her mind, but Miichan discarded that as quickly as she had thought about it when she remembered just how much everyone loves Yuko.

Everyone, including the teachers and even the principal, adored Yuko to the point that she was considered as the loveliest girl in school.

Miichan smiled to herself, thankful that she had met someone like Yuko. Speaking of the girl, she had to stop the tiring search.

She said to Yuko, “Maybe she’s gone home.”

“It might just be one of Haruna’s antics to stop Yuko from liking her by breaking a promise she never meant to keep.” Miichan thought to herself.

After all, it was a usual thing for Yuko to look for her Nyan Nyan, and an even usual thing for Haruna to break promises with their squirrel friend. It was just how things work for those two. They always played the cat-mouse game, and it was always one of the entertainments that Miichan looked forward to watching.

Just then, Yuko looked at her and sighed before turning away, ignoring Miichan’s statement that could be more than possible. Miichan sighed, knowing that Yuko was thinking about what she had said. Miichan watched her friend and began to feel sympathetic the moment Yuko spoke.

“She told me that she wanted to tell me something earlier this morning. She can’t have gone home.” Yuko then gave her one of her signature dimpled smiles and continued walking.

Miichan sighed.

She was really feeling bad for Yuko, since the girl was so determined about her love for the taller female. What made her feel even more sympathetic, was the fact that Haruna kept on running away from the girl, and gave promises that she would only break to stop the girl’s advances towards her.

“I wish that Haruna would just stop giving Yuko some hope, and tell her straight that she has no other feelings for her.” Miichan sighed as she quietly thought to herself.

But then she started wondering. “Maybe she DOES have feelings for the girl.”

Miichan was caught up in thinking, that she never noticed her best friend turn back and walk to where she was at. It seems that Yuko has finally decided to give up, and just ask what Haruna wanted to talk about the following day. Since they have gone several rounds inside, and even around the school.

“Why didn’t Haruna tell you to meet her at a specific place anyway?” Miichan asked, when she had finally noticed herself following Yuko to go to their classroom.

Yuko shrugged her shoulders, and Miichan pouted. She knew that Yuko had great patience but at the same time, Yuko also hated walking. It was an amazing feature of love. Love can make a person do anything.
Miichan sighed and leaned against Yuko, making them stumble several times. When they almost fell by the stairs, Yuko pushed her playfully. “You should lay off the desserts!” she said.

Miichan stared at her, before glaring in a very playful manner. She started to attack Yuko by tickling her, and cried out. “I’m not fat!”

“Ugh! Get away from me!” Yuko cried as she started walking ahead of her.

Miichan smiled and sling her arm around the shorter girl’s neck when she managed to catch up with her. “But you love me.”

Yuko scrunched her nose and give her a light punch. “Gross! I only love my Nyan Nyan.”
The two began to laugh, and they started swinging both of their arms back and forth as they walked up the stairs to go to their classroom. She began to skip, and Yuko soon followed. However, what first turned out to be a skipping game, ended in a sprinting race.

Once they reached the fourth floor, they ran towards the last curve to get to the classroom. Miichan gave a playful push to Yuko, making the older girl slowdown in fear of falling onto the ground face on. Then turning to Miichan with fake anger, she cried.

“I can’t believe you’d try and push me!”

Miichan stuck out her tongue at Yuko and gave a mischievous smile, before running away when Yuko tried to grab her. She dashed around the corner and Yuko immediately ran after her, not wanting to let the girl think she managed to get away with the pushing.

“That’s right, you better run away! Because once I lay my hands on you, you’re dead!” Yuko threatened, though it seemed that her threats had no effect on that Gachapin look-alike.

Miichan was just laughing as she ran, and even hummed a tune. She was enjoying this little tag of theirs, and Miichan had no plan on letting the shorter girl catch her to give the chance to tickle her. She continued to run towards the classroom, and was about to open the door to close it the moment Yuko neared her.

Just then, she stopped by the classroom with a halt. She didn’t notice Yuko’s smirk as the girl began thinking that she had her. Miichan only heard the fast steps of Yuko’s feet, and she instantly turned to Yuko with fear in her eyes.
“Ha! I’ve got—” Yuko cried happily the moment she was arms away from her.

But Miichan decided on taking Yuko away from the sight that she had seen in the classroom. She quickly grabbed Yuko by the wrist, and slammed her hand on the girl’s mouth. She started pulling the girl away from the door, and towards the stairs.
When she decided that they were far enough, she let go of Yuko’s mouth, only to be shouted out by the girl. “What the heck?!” Yuko asked her.

Fearing that they have been heard, Miichan covered Yuko’s mouth again with a hard slap to the mouth. Yuko growled at her, but Miichan didn’t care.

“That hurts!” Yuko cried at her, this time a bit softer than before when she managed to take away Miichan’s hand from her mouth.

Miichan sighed, before taking a quick peek from the windows. She saw Yuko walk towards her, and she quickly pulled Yuko away and towards the stairs once again. Yuko was giving her a confused look, and Miichan sighed. She stared into Yuko’s eyes with seriousness, and spoke.
“Let’s just come back for our bags tomorrow.” Yuko arched her eyebrows.


Yuko was now looking at her with an even more confused look. Miichan knew that the older girl was probably thinking and wondering why Miichan has gone from being playful to being serious. She started to take Miichan’s grip off her wrists, but apparently, the shorter girl’s grip was too strong.
“There’s a thief inside the classroom!” she told Yuko, once the older girl managed to get out of her strong grip and started running back up the stairs.

When Yuko stopped in her tracks when she heard what Miichan said. She turned to look back at Miichan, before giving her a disbelieving look. Miichan sighed, knowing that she didn’t fool Yuko with such a lame lie.
“What would a thief steal in there?” Yuko asked, crossing her arms as she walked towards Miichan. “A desk?”

Miichan shrugged her shoulders, before nodding her head furiously. Sighing and shaking her head at the younger girl, she then began to walk back to the classroom. Unfortunately for her, Miichan pulled her again. The younger girl was now pulling Yuko down the stairs by the ear, making Yuko groan in pain.
“Okay, I lied about that!” She insisted as she ignored Yuko’s cries of pain. “But we should just come back tomorrow!”

Yuko growled and flicked Miichan’s forehead, making her stop pulling Yuko’s ear. She then narrowed her eyes before crossing her arms, and waited for Miichan to explain. She just looked at Yuko, not knowing what to say. The older girl just sighed, before walking back towards the classroom.
But once again, Miichan decided to pull her as she spoke. “There’s some people kissing in the classroom.”

This time, there was a sound of truth. Yuko stopped and looked at her as she laughed. “We can just take our bags and they can continue afterwards.”

Miichan sighed as Yuko continued walking, before stomping her feet to make the ones in the classroom hear them coming. She stared at Yuko in defeat, who smiled at her victoriously before trying to take a good look at the ones kissing.

As they stopped right in front of the classroom, the smug smile immediately faded from Yuko’s face. She stared through the windows, letting her brain process what was occurring inside. Her eyes were wide open, and tears formed in her eyes, blurring her vision.

Miichan looked down onto the floor, knowing how much pain was being felt by the older girl beside her. She looked up at Yuko, before touching the girl’s shoulder as a sign of comfort. She felt Yuko stiffen and tremble under her touch.

“Y-Yuko.” Miichan croaked, trying to get the girl to look at her to see whether she was alright. Although she knew that Yuko’s heart broke into shards.

Yuko ignored her friend’s call, and shakily grabbed the knob of the door. She turned it slowly, and walked in. Miichan watched her friend walk towards the two figures, almost stumbling down as her legs lost their strength to keep her standing.
“W-What’s going on?” Yuko’s voice croaked.

The sudden speaking caused the two girls to separate from each other, and look at the arrivals in surprise. The girl who had chestnut, medium-length hair stared at Yuko with widened eyes; guilt was evident in her face. Yuko stepped a bit closer towards the two, before letting out a shaking breath.

Tears started to drop from her eyes, but she was too taken aback to even notice. “W-why…”

“Why did you…” she asked, directing the question to the girl who was looking at her with tears. “How could you do this to me?”

The girl who had long, brunette hair looked at her without a word. Miichan glared at her, hating her for the first time they have ever been friends. She stared back at Miichan, with a look that looked like she was pleading. However, Miichan was not planning on helping her cover up anything.

“You ask Yuko to come meet you for what reason, Haruna?” Miichan demanded in a calm voice, yet terrifying voice.

The brunette-haired girl flinched at the directed anger given by the short girl, before turning to Yuko. “Y-Yuko…Listen, I was—”

Miichan saw Yuko clench her hands into a ball, as she interrupted Haruna. “—I’m seeing things!”

She turned, and ran out of the classroom. The three girls in the classroom looked at each other, until Miichan spoke. “Go after her, Haruna!”

The said girl looked at her; hesitation was stopping her from standing up from the desk. Miichan growled and pointed at the door that her friend just ran out of, and repeated her order.

“Don’t just stand there! Go after her!”

Miichan watched the chestnut-haired girl motion Haruna to stand up, and the girl did. Haruna walked towards the door but not after passing by Miichan, stopped her by grabbing her wrist tightly. “We’ll talk after this.”

Haruna nodded before running out of the classroom, leaving the two girls. Miichan turned to look back at the other girl, and walked towards her. “You knew how much Yuko loves Haruna.” she said.

“But why did you have to do that?!” she demanded, slamming her hand on one of the desks’ surface.

The girl flinched at the sound and looked down to the floor as Miichan came nearer to her. “Why did you kiss Haruna, Mariko?!”

Mariko raised her head, and locked eyes with Miichan’s. She opened her mouth to answer, but closed it back the moment she realized that she had nothing to say. Miichan sighed, before sitting down on one of the chairs. She covered her face with her hands, and sighed again.

What the hell is happening? she thought to herself, as she started massaging the temples of her forehead.

End of Flashback

The sight of Mariko crying in her mind made Miichan snap back into the present. She looked at Haruna, who was now standing right in front of her as she wiped away the trail of tears on her face.

“Thanks for listening, Miichan.” Haruna thanked her, and gave a smile.

Miichan returned the gesture, and stood up. Dusting away the dirt from her butt, she looked at Haruna. “Where are you going now?”

Haruna put her right hand on her nape and sighed, as she answered the shorter girl. “Probably home.”

“Yuko’s gone anyway.” She sighed, staring at the direction, where the car that Yuko was probably in, went through.

Miichan nodded at her, and Haruna sighed once again. The heavy burden she had before has now faded, thanks to her best friend. Then winking at the younger girl, she said in a playful manner. “Shouldn’t you be going back to Mariko?”

Miichan arched her eyebrow.

“She must be missing your kisses.” Haruna chuckled, before walking away with her hand raised in a manner that shows her leaving.

Miichan chuckled to herself, before shouting at Haruna as she saw the girl go inside her yellow Lamborghini Gallardo car. “I’ll tell the Atsumina couple that you’ve gone home!”

Haruna honked the car’s horn, and drove out of the hotel through the same direction Yuko and Sayaka went through. Miichan took a breath as she thought to herself.

Forgive for me for what I’m about to do, Sayaka.

To Be Continued…

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the anticipation.


Haruna's going after them!
Even after the kiss scene, and Yuko having her heart broken, I'm still rooting for Haruna. She admits that she's sorry, and it's been ages since the event happened. Everyone should move on, and Kojiyuu should be together.  :P
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 :otomerika:Nyan nyan u need to win her !!!!! Kojiyuu FOREVER :otomerika:
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The Atsumina couple is now happily married eh? Well, I'm happy for the both of them. But it seems like Takamina is still distracted to her wife's seductiveness and sexiness, LOL we all know she couldn't stop herself from drooling secretly when Acchan starting to act all naughty, and all she can do is gulped and call her friends to help her stop her wife LOL  :lol:  but that didn't help her either, why is she trying to call her friends for help when her friends wanted the same thing? LOL  XD  trolling, teasing her with sex jokes made me laughed, that is probably one of the easiest way to make her blushed to death HAHAHA what a weak captain we have here eh?  :lol:

LOL Mariko still has her sadistic side of her, i felt pity for Miichan after her girlfriend smacked her really hard  :smhid ....but DAAAMMNNN! MariMii making out like a boss in front of so many guests on their friends' wedding, wow! :w00t: And they didn't even care if they're watching them kissing passionately in the corner, damn! What's with that public display affection girls?! LOL but it's fine, still hot as hell, wew!  :on_hot: I want more keke  :P

Well about Sayaka's case, i really understand her for pushing Haruna away from Yuko. Of course, as a close friend, you don't want your best friend to get hurt again after those horrible heart breaks she had in high school....and SERIOUSLY THAT FLASH BACK MADE ME REALLY MAD LIKE HELL!!! WTF ARE YOU DOING HARUNA?!?! :scolding: SO SHE INTENTIONALLY CALLED YUKO TO MEET HER UP IN THEIR CLASSROOM SO SHE WOULD WITNESS THAT SHE'S MAKING OUT WITH MARIKO?! DAMN I WANNA SLAP YOUR FACE SO HARD, HARUNA!!  :mon slapself:

This girl  :mon exhaust:  ... this girl will always be a coward  :smhid  well keep doing it Haruna, you will live a miserable life for sure....  :smoke:

I'm getting depressed about this story  :err:  Haruna still has a long way to go before getting Yuko back to her.....right, Karomuwi-san?! RIGHT?!?!?!? LOL there will be more angst and shocking scenes right?!?! I know we both wanted it  :mon misch:

I enjoyed reading this whole chapter and i'm glad you updated this after so many years! lol You broke your promise, karomuwi-san!  :smhid But it's okay, you wrote a very long chapter this time anyway, that is totally fine with me, well , for now... cause i want the next chapter so bad!!  :panic:

NEXT CHAPTER!! NEXT CHAPTER!!! I'll be waiting, Karomuwi-san! THANK YOU  :kneelbow:
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oh oh oh this is totally getting intense karomuwi-san!
totally cant wait for whats going to come next :O they've both hurted so much and totally need each other in their lives ...GO MIICHAN FOR WHAT SHES GOING TO DO and what she does best :P hahah but MariMii is just so cute as well making out without a care in the world xD
and takamina is so dead for ruining her wife's dress :P its gonna be a LOOOOONNNNG night for them  8)

thanks for the long update  :thumbup will be waiting for the next chapter  :twothumbs
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marimii moment are so <3

poor yuko...kojiharu really broke her heart..

please update..i wonder why yuko changed and why she can't remember she loved haruna..
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Marimii is just awesome....

But I really do wonder about yuko when miichan saw her with sayaka and think she drunk and haruna said yuko feeling dizzy i just hope she not badly sick or anything. ahh maybe i'm thinking too much.

Both yuko and haruna are really hurt but somehow i pity yuko more...
(and haruna as much as i love you,you deserve to get hurt and suffer for what you did)

even if i said that karomuwi-san  I WANT  A HAPPY ENDING STORY^^

Please update soon
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Firstly, sorry for this belated comment. Just been through the same reason you've mentioned in your comment (not your latest comment, but the previous one) in ohayou-san's thread for several days. So without further ado, let's start...

AKB48のファンサービスのショー (AKB48 no Fansabisu no Sho) Episode One: The case of Player Mii
This story cracked me up with all its unseriousness (I thought this was gonna be a serious case, but I was wrong. It's my fault anyway, I didn't take a look at the title before starting reading this :lol:). Speaking about Myao, the annoying behavior (which you've been apprehensive about) actually fitted her so you could relax. However, I'm sure the most interesting character in the story was none other than the... judge! XD I bet it would be almost every AKB fan's dream to have an uncle like Akimoto-sensei. I even want it too! This judge certainly made me jealous! XD XD

Episode One... so I can expect for Episode Two, Three, etc.?

[AKB48] Series of (Un) Love - (Un)Selfish Love{Sequel to (Un)Requited} Chapter 2
MariMii really had the talent of making a scene. :lol:
But still, even after one very long chapter, Sayaka's reason behind her 'controversial statement' was still yet to be revealed. That's the very piece of mystery I've been craving for its answer. Yuko's flashback already shown the reason of her breakdown, but I really want to know Sayaka's point of view about this. Seriously, I'm really curious.

I'm glad Miichan decided to break her own promise to Sayaka. I can only rely to her now for breaking the left mysteries.
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These two songs for the the next update that I have posted. ^^ So please enjoy the next one even though it's a disappointment for me

This song is for the first one that was played.

Drive Myself Crazy Cover (NSYNC)- Joseph Vincent & Passion (

This one is for the second one. ^^ (
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@oist: Hmm~ Well...I want KojiYuu to end up together as well...but... hmm~  :smhid Not sure with how I made Haruna act. I mean, if it was in real life, I would hate her. BUt since this is a fic, I'm going to do some stuff. ^^

@saeyukilover: Let's all root for Nyan Nyan!

@haruhi16: T-thank you. :kneelbow: But no.  :smhid YOU'RE the GENIUS! You twisted Yuko's personality in Vampire Ice Princess! It’s really good! ^^ And yep! Takamina won't be able to stop her wife's attacks! Ahahaha~ And she's really easily seduced!  :lol:  MariMii....tsk tsk tsk. No shame in kissing! HOWEVER! I do not disagree with their kissing! And Haruna's so cruel, isn't she? Calling Yuuchan to see her making out with Marichin... tsk tsk tsk :smhid :smhid BAD girl. And I'm really sorry about breaking my promise. :kneelbow: I'll try to really make up for lost time. ^^

@Pandah: Let's see what Miichan intends to do. ^^ Though...this chapter is *ahem* never mind. I'll just say that this chapter is a bit of a disappointment for me.

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@Chuppachup: Don't worry! I can assure you that Yuko ISN'T sick! ^^  :D And I'm glad that you pity Yuko more! I wanted Yuko to be pitied. So...let's see what my mind do. I'm not sure if this is going to be a happy ending, as well. That's why I wrote it with (Un)  :nervous

@aruka: Ahaha, I know just what you meant! So I'm extremely happy that you managed to comment!  :D And yay~! My first comment about AKB48のファンサービスのショー (AKB48 no Fansabisu no Sho)! Since no one has commented about it, I thought that it was a fail.  :cry: But then! Your comment was a compliment!  :bow: :bow: :bow: And I'm really glad that you said that Myao was alright. Phew!  And yeah! Maybe you can ^^ I'll udpate once an idea enters my mind! But I think that it'll be updated as soon as someone maybe you recommends any form of fan service. ^^
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Chapter Three

As she turned the wheel to turn the car to the left, Haruna heard thunder roaring from afar. Quick, small drops of water came down onto her car’s screen, making it hard for her to see. The mist around the city was not helping as well. Hoping that she can at least see the road in front of her, she switched the windshield wipers on.
The rain was a curtain, covering everything that was in front of the car. It was so cold, that even her screen started to become foggy. She switched her headlights on, but it only gave her a few meters of sight in front. Knowing that Tokyo was a busy city, she would casually honk the horn to warn others of her coming their way and prevent her car from colliding with another.

The constant thudding of the rain against her car’s roof was slowly starting to irritate the brunette girl, making her face form a frown as she tried to keep her mind off the stupid noise. She was able to keep it from ruining her face, but when her car had to come to a stop due to the traffic light turning red, she sighed out in frustration.

“Stupid rain.” She mumbled to herself, as she honked the horn.

Her honking— along with the others— seemed to have fallen on deaf ears as she found herself stuck on the same spot for more than five minutes. Usually, traffic would keep cars on their spot for two three minutes, but it seems that due to the rain that has befallen the drivers, it would take them even longer than that.

Feeling bored with waiting, she started looking around for her iPod. She had thought of listening to some music she had saved in it, to keep herself from going mad with the constant noise her ears kept on picking. Turning her body, she started rummaging through her bag as she tried to search for that certain piece of electronic device.

However, after a few minutes, she gave up. She had already turned the bag inside-out, and still has yet to find her iPod. Thinking that she must have left it at home, she decided to just listen to whatever sounds her ears catch— which was the noise she wanted to hear the least.

Tapping her fingers on the window, she started making a rhythm that was far better than the messy beat the rain was making. She had her nape leaning against her seat as her the other tapped to her heart’s content, giving her a comfortable position that made her quite sleepy.

Knowing that it was best to stay awake in traffic, she widened her eyes and stretched her body. It worked— and she was once again— bored. It must have been several minutes when the traffic light last turned green, and Haruna was still stuck on the same road. Although she has pressed the accelerator a few seconds ago, the car only moved an inch.

She was a bit further up to the roads that crossed one another, but there were still several cars in front. If she was to calculate how long she was going to be able to make another turn towards her desired path, it would be around an hour.

Stupid rain. she mumbled to herself once again, groaning as she hit her head against the cold window.

She was stuck in traffic without her music— the only thing that keeps her sane, at times like this— and the rain has started to become worse. Along with that cursed rain, the temperature has dropped to the minimum level. Haruna started rubbing her skin with her warm hands, hoping that she’d at least get any form of heat.

She lowered her air condition, breathing out a thick vapor of air as she started realizing that it was in the middle of November. Ugh…And wouldn’t it be great if it snowed? she sarcastically thought to herself.

Kami-sama seemed to like playing a prank on her, because that was what just happened. When Haruna took a glimpse out of her window, she saw several snowflakes drop onto the wet ground. You have got to be kidding me. she scoffed.

She began to pout when she heard several honking of the horns, and sighed to herself as she leaned her chin on the leather cloth of her wheel. She began to groan and moan as she thought about how unlucky she was. Why doesn’t she have a radio in her car or something?!

“Wait,” she sat up, “I DO have a radio.”

Realizing that, she turned to her stereo and switched it on. Several statics from stations could be heard, and she groaned. Great. Oh great! She’s stuck in the middle of the traffic, without her iPod, and now her stereo won’t even play a single Japanese song!

Is today some kind of Kami-sama’s prank on me? she thought inwardly, exhaling out the air from her lungs through her nose.

Annoyed, she hit the stereo, causing some of the buttons to be accidentally pressed. The stereo stopped its static noises, and silence formed. Haruna looked at it with anxiety, thinking that she has broken the only possible device that can take away her boredom.

“Please. Please be alright.” She prayed, clasping her hands together as she stared at the piece of car equipment.

Her heart almost jumped in glee when she suddenly heard a voice coming out from the stereo. She sighed in relief, and leaned against her seat once again as she listened to the woman speaking. However, after a second or two, she furrowed her eyebrows.

The woman wasn’t speaking in Japanese, but she had an accent of one. Her voice even seemed a bit familiar, but Haruna couldn’t place her finger at it. Just then, her eyes widened and she slapped her forehead as she came to a realization.

Of course it wasn’t familiar to her!

It was an English station! she groaned at her own stupidity.

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“And now we’re going to play an NSync song sung acoustically by Joseph Vincent & Passion.” The woman spoke with fluent English, but Haruna was able to understand it perfectly.


Wanting to drown her ears into the song that was going to be played, she turned up the volume. The moment she heard a guitar being plucked, she leaned her back against her seat as she closed her eyelids to feel the music’s feeling even more.

Lying in your arms~
So close together~
Didn't know just what I had~

Nice song. Haruna thought to herself as she opened an eyelid.

She continued to listen as the sing progressed on, closing her eyes tightly when she heard the next lyrics.

Now I toss and turn~
Cause I'm without you~
How I'm missing you so bad~

Was it just her or was it that the lyrics seemed to be making her feel guilt?

Where was my head~
Where was my heart~
Now I cry alone in the dark~

Kami-sama hates me. She thought to herself as she gave a groan.

The lyrics were really hitting her. It was perfectly stating the feelings that Haruna was feeling all these years.

I lie awake~
And I drive myself crazy~
Drive myself crazy~
Thinking of you~

Now thinking about it, she really was driving herself crazy all these years. She would constantly think about the shorter girl, and how cruel she was.

Made a mistake~
When I let you go baby~
I drive myself crazy~
Wanting you the way that I do~
(Wanting you the way that I do)~

She had made a mistake of letting Yuko go. It was the ONE certain mistake she was sure she had ever made.

I was such a fool~

Haruna can’t help but nod to herself, as she heard the lyrics.

I couldn't see it~
Just how good you were to me~

She was too blind to even notice how much she had hurt Yuko after she chased the shorter girl. She never gave a second to think about Yuko’s feelings, only thinking about herself selfishly.

You confessed your love~
Undying devotion~

Yuko confessed to her under the cherry blossom tree. She had confessed eleven years ago, when they were in their freshman year.

I confessed my need to be free~

Yet, Haruna just shouted at her how much she wanted Yuko to stop liking her. She wanted to be with Mariko, without being sent disapproving looks by the other students.

And now I'm left~
With all this pain~

She was dying from the inside. Guilt was eating her, and no matter what she tried to do. She can’t stop thinking about Yuko— her broken-hearted face— and the guilt would just start the pain all over again.

I've only got myself to blame~

Even if she want to blame Mariko along with herself, she knew that it was her fault overall. She led the shorter girl on, making her think that she had a chance when Haruna was already ‘in love’ with Mariko.

I lie awake~
I drive myself crazy~
Drive myself crazy~
Thinking of you~

Now leaning back onto her seat, she began to replay the image of Yuko’s crying face nine years ago.

It hurts. Haruna thought to herself as she clutched her chest through the expensive suit.

Made a mistake~
When I let you go baby~
I drive myself crazy~
Wanting you the way that I do~
(Wanting you the way that I do)~

She was going mad with the guilt in her chest and mind. But she felt that she deserved it, and continued to let herself bask in the pain.

I deserve it. she continuously rant in her mind, clutching her chest even more.

I drive myself crazy~
Wanting you the way that I do~
(Wanting you the way that I do)~

It was driving her mad. Seeing Yuko after all these years, it took off the heavy feeling from her chest. But after she remembered Yuko crying during the wedding, the heavy feeling came back— only this time, even heavier and more painful.

~o~ ^o^ ~o~

The moment the song has finished, Haruna opened her eyes and found herself crying. Her tears had managed to drench the chest part of her suit, and her hands were trembling as they held the wheel.

“Stupid traffic won’t move!” she growled to herself, wiping away the hot tears dripping onto her face.

The song has finished, yet she was still in the same road! What was wrong with today— tonight—?!

”And now, we’re going to play a song covered by Jason Chen.”  The woman’s voice interrupted her mumbling, making her stare at the wet windshield.

Haruna’s ears perked the moment she heard the piano playing. Turning her head to the stereo, she furrowed her eyebrows as she began to wonder why the song seemed so familiar. As the song continued, her eyes widened in realization.

This song…Yuko sang it. Haruna thought to herself.


It was the same song that Yuko had sung during their music festival in school. It was when Yuko sang alone in the middle of the stage as she played the piano, a few weeks after the short girl found her and Mariko kissing in the classroom.

Rain just won’t seem to fall.~

Nodding to herself, she started saying to herself how certain she was that this was the song Yuko had sung.

But you don’t seem to care at all.~

It never occurred to her once, but this song was certainly meant for Haruna. She just knew it deep inside her heart. It was during the talent contest that Yuko had sung this, and she was staring into the brunette’s eyes all the time.

I’ve been waiting patiently, for your love to come to me.~

The lyrics struck Haruna hard. She was so stupid to have led on Yuko! She shouldn’t have hurted her that much, even though it was just a game to the tall, brunette girl.

Sitting alone, in my misery.~

How long has Yuko stayed in her house, refusing to come to school? she pondered.

A week and a half?

Two weeks?


Now, all I feel is pain.~

Haruna sighed, and hit her head hard with her hands. She didn’t have to count the number of days it had taken Yuko to go to school. She already knew— after Yuko has left— how much Yuko hurted.

And I refuse to keep playing this game.~

“Yuko left Japan.” She said out loud.

A game my life belonged to you.~

Why did she play with the shorter girl’s feelings? She treated Yuko like a toy, playing and leading her on.

Now you leave me black and blue.~

Haruna didn’t have to replay the hurt look on Yuko’s face nine years ago. Just thinking about what the brunette had said to the shorter girl was already painful for her to remember. Imagining the look…would just kill Haruna.

Dying inside. Can’t get you out of my mind.~

Yuko must have wanted to kill herself. Haruna thought sadly.

She had a certain feeling that Yuko wanted to kill herself, since Haruna herself tried to end the painful guilt by doing several stupid things.

How can you just break my heart and say goodbye?~

She can’t believe how she let Yuko ran out of the school crying. She just stood there by the cherry blossom tree, letting the word ‘goodbye’ linger in her mouth.

You told me that you love me baby, so tell me why…~

Haruna lied to her, telling her that she had the same feelings as Yuko. Well, not really told her, but in a way she acted. She was sure that Yuko had thought that the taller girl reciprocated her feelings.

…said I’d win you heart…~

She told that with a serious face to Yuko, who nodded her head as she said that she’d do anything.

…If I make your dreams come true.~

She was only joking, but the shorter girl took her seriously.

So I betrayed myself, to be the ‘man’ for you.~

Yuko did all sorts of stuff to prove to Haruna her love. She declared it in front of the whole school. She sent flowers every day to Haruna’s desk. She placed love letters in Haruna’s shoe locker every day. She made bento every day for Haruna to eat.

So why am I still by your side after all these lies?~

She tried to talk to Haruna every day, but the tall brunette always had an excused. She tried to make it seem like the incident the day before never happened, but Haruna would just snap at her to leave.

And why does it still break my heart to see you cry?~

She saw Yuko crying from the back of the classroom as she stared at Haruna, who was crying about her dead mother. Haruna saw the pain on Yuko’s face, but never bothered to comfort her like how Yuko comforted her.

All I want is for you to have a perfect life…~

Yuko sang the line as she stared at Haruna, with tears in her eyes.

Even if you’re not mine.~

Yuko had bitten her lower lip after that, as if trying to prevent her tears from falling in front of students.

My heart has only one regret.~

The singer was now singing in Chinese, but Haruna perfectly understood the meaning of the song. She still remembers what was being projected onto the wall by the projector as Yuko sang the song. Thinking about it, Haruna began to really understand that Yuko was trying to tell her that she regretted ever loving Haruna.

And that broke her heart. It made the guilt and pain in her chest grow even more, making her head and heart throb painfully. (End the song here.)

Haruna turned the volume down to the minimum level and leaned her forehead onto the wheel as she cried her heart out. She couldn’t take it any longer. She could no longer keep the hot tears in her eyes, and the painful guilt was too much to take.

The pain was too much for her to bear.

“Why won’t the stupid traffic move?” she cried out in frustration as she started honking her horn continuously.

The rain was preventing her from getting to her destination; the only place where she could shout out all of her problems.

Just then, her phone rang and interrupted her crying. She looked around her car, trying to figure out where the sound was coming from, and realized that it was coming from her suit’s pocket. Flipping the phone open, she didn’t even try to see the caller as she mumbled out a croaky greeting.

“H-hello?” she sniffed.

“Haruna?” the voice asked, sounding concerned. “Were you crying?”

“N-no.” she lied, stuttering.

Twirling the locks of her air— a habit she does when she’s lying—, she then answered. “I just sneezed from the cold.”
She lifted the phone away from her ear, as she looked at the screen and found out that it was Miichan. She titled her head to the side as she tried to think of the reason why the girl was calling her after talking with her just an hour ago.

Realizing that Miichan wasn’t speaking, she coughed and made a sneezing sound. The acting must have sounded real because after a few seconds, Miichan started to speak once again.“Anyway, can you send me Sae’s number?”

Haruna arched her eyebrow, as she wiped her tears and snot away with her handkerchief. “Why?”

“Just…” Miichan paused, “…needed to ask her about her job.”

Haruna sighed and started going through her contacts, searching for Sae’s contact information. She was wondering why the younger girl needed to ask Sae about her job, since Miichan never took interest in anyone’s job except for hers.

“There, I sent it.” Haruna informed, clicking the option ‘send’ on her phone.

A second passed, before Miichan spoke. “Thanks, Haruna!”

Haruna mumbled a ‘welcome’ and closed her phone when Miichan hanged up. She sighed, and looked in front of her. The rain has now receded and the light has finally turned green. Waiting for the cars in front of her to move, she honked her horn once more.

When there was a wide gap between the car in front and her car, she pressed the accelerator. Now out of the road she cried on, she started driving towards her other favorite place where she wouldn’t get cold: Home.

~o~ ^o^ ~o~

She sighed happily, and smiled to herself as she put the electronic device in her suit pocket. She had no idea on how she was going to help the cat-like girl before, but after pacing back and forth by the water fountain, an idea managed to enter her mind.

Walking through the hallway, she started humming a song happily. If the first stage of her plan works out, then the rest would be smooth sailing. Haruna would get the girl, and her girlfriend won’t feel guilty about hurting Yuko any more.

I’m the best! Miichan thought to herself with a smile, swinging her arms to the side.

Seeing a familiar face on the way to the reception hall, she stopped. She raised an eyebrow, and walked towards the person leaning against the rails of the balcony. Once she was an arm’s length away, she patted the girl on her shoulder and flashed a smile.

“Rena-chan, what are you doing here outside the party?” she asked the raven-haired girl.

The said girl turned her head around, and faced the younger girl. “Oh, Miichan.”

“I just wanted to cool my mind off from the drinking atmosphere happening at my area, inside.” Rena answered after her greeting.

Miichan moved nearer to her, and started leaning against the rails as well. Looking up at the starless sky, she then sighed and looked at the girl beside her. “So there are no stars out tonight, huh?”

“It must be raining somewhere.” Rena said, as she nodded he head and smiled.

Miichan nodded back in agreement, before looking back out into the outside. She kept her mouth shut, knowing that the girl beside her prefers to have a quiet companion. But Miichan was NO quiet companion, and the girl herself knew that.

However, not wanting to go back to the reception hall, she decided on staying along with the older girl. Everyone at her table might still be teasing the newly wedded couple— Takamina, to be exact—, and she wanted a break from the teasing.

I’ll let her suffer from the others’ teasing. she thought to herself with a smile.
And besides, the girl beside her might be able to help a few unanswered questions about Yuko. Sure, it might take a few persuasions or some sort of friendly vibe to make her talk, but Miichan was in no hurry to go back into the party. She just wanted to have a talk about Yuko, who was Rena’s cousin.

“Say,” Miichan started to say, breaking the silence that has formed between the two of them. “When did Yuko return to Japan?”

She stared at Rena, who was still looking outside. Watching the older girl tuck in a strand of hair behind the shell of her ear, she started thinking how regal Rena looked like at the moment. As the girl opened her mouth to answer the younger girl’s question, Miichan stared at her intently.

“About two weeks ago.” Rena answered, taking a deep breath of the good-scented, evening breeze.


Miichan bit her lower lip, trying to stop herself from bombarding the older girl with questions piling up in her mind. She needed to make it look like she was just casually talking to the older girl, instead of trying to asking her like a reporter.

“I thought she just came back today.” Miichan laughed, as she scratched her head.

When Rena arched an eyebrow at her, Miichan added. “Because she might have arrived from the airport, and got delayed because of traffic.”

“Oh.” Rena nodded her head in acknowledgement, before answering one of Miichan’s silent questions. “She was just late because of her work.”

Miichan looked at her straight in the eyes, trying to act like how she normally did. “So, what does she work as?”

“A fashion editor.” Rena replied shortly.

Miichan ‘aahed’. She always knew that the girl had a good sense of fashion, so becoming an editor wasn’t really a surprise. However, Miichan really thought— along with everyone else— that Yuko would become an actress, since she was one of their school’s greatest actresses. To add to that, she was the drama president from ever since she was a first year.

“So…” Miichan started to say, as she fidgeted in her spot. “Does she…Have any boyfriend?”

“What?” Rena looked at her, almost shocked by the question.

Miichan scratched her neck, as she waited for the older girl’s answer. However, her question was answered by a question in return. “Do you like her?”

Miichan blurted out a shocked ‘what’, before shaking her head profusely. She didn’t mean it that way, and even though she likes Yuko as a friend and finds her quite pretty, she already has Mariko. Putting up her hands in a surrendering manner, she then laughed. “No! No. I just want to ask for a friend.”

Rena stared at her, before nodding. She must have understood that it was Haruna who Miichan was talking about, since she sighed and stared at Miichan seriously. As she did, Miichan felt some of her hair stand up as she found herself locking eyes with the older girl.

“Miichan, please don’t do anything.” Rena told her.

A flag of worry rose in her head, and she felt herself sweat. She still needed the question to be answered, and being found out before having it answered might prevent her from getting any answer any further. Deciding that it would be best to pretend that she had no idea, she looked at her confusingly.


However, it seems that Rena saw through her acting, and crossed her arms as she started to stare intently at Miichan. The way she looked at her was a bit scary, making Miichan gulp. As Rena narrowed her eyes at the younger girl, Miichan felt her throat go dry.
“Yuko suffered a lot because of Haruna-san.” Rena told her, her stare unwavering. “It would be bad for her to have Haruna-san in her life again.”

Miichan looked at her, continuing her act of innocence. Seeing how Miichan was determined on acting, she took in a deep breath and spoke in a very calm voice. “Because of that, as her cousin, I’m asking you to please tell Haruna-san to stop talking to her.”

Miichan opened her mouth but before she could even speak, Rena added. “Or even go near her.”

What is it with her and Sayaka telling Haruna to back off? Miichan thought, feeling herself frown.

“It has been nine years, Rena-chan.” Miichan reminded her, as she herself crossed her arms. “Haruna has deeply regretted everything.”

Rena sighed and shook her head, making Miichan look at her with a frown. “Yuko… suffered ten times more than Haruna-san.”

“She was the one who got hurt. Not Haruna…san.” Rena told her, feeling her taste go bitter as Haruna’s name rolled off her tongue.

“But Haru—” Miichan started to say, only to be interrupted by Rena’s aggravated sigh and shaking of the head.

“—Your friend played with my cousin’s feelings.” Rena reminded her, her voice going slightly up.

It was obvious how much she was trying to keep herself from speaking above her normal voice level as she continued to keep taking deep breaths. She was tapping her feet, making a rhythm that Miichan can’t help to tap her feet along with. “She led Yuko on.”

“I understand that, but Haruna loves her—” Miichan started to say once more.

“—But love is not like that!” Rena cried as she stomped her feet, stopping the rhythmic tapping.
Miichan saw the older girl closing both of her hands into fists as she trembled. A nerve seemed to have popped in Rena’s forehead, and the girl could be seen flushing red with anger and annoyance. It started to scare Miichan a bit as she saw the reddish color covered the whole pale, white skin.

“Love is not easy.” The red-faced girl told her.

Miichan nodded her head, “I know but—”

Rena stopped her with the raising of her hand to Miichan’s mouth. “Let us say that Yuko still has some feelings for your friend.”

“It still doesn’t mean that they CAN be together.”

Miichan scoffed. What did Rena meant by that? Of course Yuko and Haruna would be together if that was the case! Haruna already loves her, and the only one who everyone’s waiting to answer her was Yuko! If Yuko still had some any sort of feelings left for Haruna— except hate and anger— then Miichan had nothing to think about!

“They CAN be together, Rena.” Miichan told her.

Rena sighed and clenched her fists tight. Miichan could clearly see that Rena was trying to make her understand something, but she won’t be able to know it if the older girl didn’t tell her about it. The only way to make her say it, was to ask it straightforwardly. “Why do you say that they can’t be together?”

“Well? What is it?” Miichan asked.

Rena was now looking at her, looking almost hesitant to answer the question. The way she was looking, and the way she was scratching her head was making Miichan curious. It was making her so curious that it was driving her mad to hear the silence envelope the two of them.

“Tell me!” Miichan begged.

“It’s just some sort of example! Yuko has no feelings left for you friend!” Rena told her, looking away from the girl’s eyes.

“But—” Miichan tried to say, only to be silenced by the girl’s sharp glare.

She wanted to know the reason why. But she won’t know it by letting Rena hesitate to answer her. Rena was already looking like she was ready to blurt out the answer, but the girl was hesitating because of something Miichan didn’t know. She needed to know the reason why.

For her curiosity.

And for her friend.

Just then, an idea entered her mind and she sighed mentally, determined. She needs to make Rena angry, to make her slip on some of her words. But the question was…how?

“The two of them can be together!” Miichan told her stubbornly.

Rena argued back. “They can’t!”

“They love each other!” Miichan pointed out.

Rena sighed, frustrated. “Love’s complicated! It’s not always happy endings!”

“What about the Atsumina couple?” Miichan asked. “They’re happy!”

Rena stopped her mouth from opening and looked down to her feet. She was silent, annoying Miichan as the constant tick-tock of the clock drove her mind mad.

“Not everyone can be happy.” Rena mumbled, almost inaudible.

Luckily, Miichan was able to decipher the words. Looking at the girl who had her head down, she titled her head as she tried to think of the reason why Rena was being so stubborn in saying that Haruna and Yuko won’t end up together happily.

“Why do you say so?” Miichan asked, lowering her voice to the same level she used before she asked the ‘boyfriend’ question. “Why?”

“Because…” Rena looked up at her, straight into her eyes as she sighed. “Things are complicated.”

“Then make them less complicated!” Miichan told her, annoyed.

“It’s not that easy!” Rena gritted her teeth. “Even if you and Haruna try, it’s useless!”

“Why?!” Miichan cried, almost pulling her hair as she asked.

“Because!” Rena told her, stomping her foot to the ground as she cried.  “Just because!”

“Tell me, so that I can make it less complicated!” Miichan begged.

She wants to make Haruna happy again. She wants Haruna to wear that smile she always wore when Yuko was still in Japan years ago. And she wants to stop Haruna beating herself up for something that has happened several years ago!

But then, that almost seems impossible with how Rena and Sayaka were acting. The two people closest to Yuko the most, were disapproving of the possible relationship that might occur between Haruna and Yuko. And speaking of Rena, the girl was trying to walk away from Miichan by walking back towards the reception hall.

But, no. Miichan was not going to let her walk away and leave her questions unanswered.

She needs to feed her curiosity.

She needs to help Haruna.

And she needs to bring Yuko and Haruna back together!

Miichan walked after the girl, and grabbed her by her right wrist. She started pulling Rena back to the place they talked a few seconds ago, and pinned Rena against the wall with a loud thud. The sound worried Miichan for a second, but the worry was instantly replaced by curiosity.

“Tell me.” Miichan ordered.

“Tell me why you and Sayaka are so against Haruna.”

Rena looked at her, straight into the eyes. Her gaze was not faltering, and her eyes had this sort of anger in them. Her anger was proved to be true, when she snapped at Miichan. “Why do you try?!”


“Why do you keep on insisting that Yuko and Haruna can be together?!” Rena demanded.

Miichan answered. “Because I want Haruna to be happy!”

“But you don’t even care about my cousin’s feelings!” Rena scoffed, and pushed Miichan away from her.

“I do care about Yuko’s feelings!” Miichan argued.

“Yet you keep on insisting that Haruna should be with her!” Rena argued back.

Miichan looked at her, struck back by her words. Rena was right. She kept on insisting that Haruna and Yuko could be together. But she never asked herself to think about Yuko’s point of view.

The girl was hurted badly years ago, by Haruna’s stupid act. She was there with Yuko, when she saw Haruna kissing Mariko. She was also there when Yuko ran out of the classroom, with tears dripping down her face.

“You keep on saying that Haruna and Yuko should be with each other, when you know nothing about what my cousin had to go through!” Rena spat.

She pointed a finger at Miichan, and yelled at her accusingly. “You know nothing!”

“Do you think that they’ll still be able to be with each other?!” Rena asked angrily. “Do you think that Yuko will still want to be with your friend?!”

“She was hurting so badly that everyone around her wanted to help her erase Haruna’s existence!” Rena cried.

“She EVEN thought that it was her fault that Haruna got mad!” Miichan looked at her in surprised, as the words hit her.

She didn’t know that. She didn’t know that Yuko blamed herself, even though it was clearly Haruna’s fault.

“You people know nothing!” Rena scoffed.

She breathed in, trying to calm herself as she continued. But her anger has risen, and Miichan could clearly see how mad Rena was.  “You try and butt into other people’s businesses!”

“But no one ends up happily!” Rena said, enunciating every word with anger. “Even if they have mutual feelings!”

“No matter how much they want to be with each other,” Rena closed her eyes. “They can’t be with together!”

“It’s the painful truth.” She mumbled, shaking in anger.

“Do you understand?!” Rena cried, hitting the wall beside her angrily.

Miichan was looking at her, speechless. She had no idea what to say to the older girl. She wants to keep telling Haruna that the possibility of happiness between Haruna and Yuko was possible, but the girl seemed to mad with her persistence that Miichan decided to keep her mouth shut.

“No one will approve of the relationship.” Rena mumbled.

Miichan was looking at her fists, and saw how white Rena’s knuckles were. It seemed that Rena was clutching her hand so tightly, that blood was unable to flow into it. She was shaking with so much anger, that it was almost making Miichan guilty.

She just wanted to help. She just wanted to make Haruna happy. Was that so wrong?

“It will just hurt her feelings.” Rena sobbed, dropping onto the ground.

“No matter how much she wants to be with her, it’s just impossible.”

Rena sniffed, and Miichan was just standing to the ground. She was paralyzed. She has never seen Rena cry. Seeing the girl, —whom she has always seen with that polite smile of hers— cry in front of her, was just…Heart-breaking to watch.

“Why is it impossible?” Miichan asked softly.

“Everyone will just disapprove of it.” Rena sobbed harder. “They’ll say that it’s disgusting.”

Miichan’s eyes widened. That…was the reason? Because love between two girls were taboo? But wasn’t that removed years ago by the present?

Same-sex relationship and marriage was approved by the government, making Japan a free-willed country. she thought to herself.

“If the others knew about the relationship…” she saw Rena bite her lower lip, as the older girl looked up. “…Everyone will say how revolting it is.”

“Rena…” Miichan walked towards her, wanting to pat the girl’s shoulder for some reason.

She knew how much her grandparent’s made a disgusted face when Miichan introduced Mariko to them. It was so painful that she almost died right on the spot. Even though Yuko’s parents were dead, Rena’s parents took her in. And Rena’s parents were strict, so it was understandable how Rena wants to stop Yuko from being outcasted by the family.

Like what happened to her.

Just as she was about to pat the girl’s shoulder, a hand grabbed her wrist, stopping her gesture. Miichan turned, and found Matsui Sakiko, Rena’s older sister, holding her wrist.

“S-Sakiko…chan.” Miichan stuttered the girl’s name.

The girl let go of Miichan’s wrist, and stared at her intently. The stare made Miichan step back, and let Sakiko help Rena up. She watched as Rena wiped away her tears, before looking at Miichan.

 “Let’s go, Rena.” Sakiko told her, turning her away to face the door of the reception hall.

As they walked, Sakiko turned her head and greeted Miichan with the bowing of the head as she spoke. “Hi, Miichan.”

Miichan uttered a greeting back, and started walking behind them. She kept her distance between the two, not wanting to make anything seem awkward when the three of them enter the room.

~o~ ^o^ ~o~

The moment they entered the room, Miichan heard a familiar energetic voice call out the puffy-eyed girl. She looked up and saw Matsui Jurina, the youngest out of the three sisters, ran worriedly towards the two Matsui sisters.

“What happened?” Miichan heard Jurina ask.

Sighing, she decided to move away from the three. Jurina was a kind girl, but Miichan didn’t want her to get angry. It was already scary to see Rena’s annoyed face. And even though it was brief, the stare that hid Sakiko’s glare was scary as well.

She was already managed several steps away from the three Matsui sisters, but she still managed to hear Rena call her. Turning around, she saw Rena walking with the two girls towards their seats. As the girl sat down, she motioned for Miichan to stare at her lips as she mouthed some words.

“About…your question for… Yuko having a boyfriend…”Miichan squinted, as she tried to make out the words being mouthed to her.

Her question was finally going to get answered!

Squinting, she tried to make out the next words that the girl mouthed, only to have her eyes widen in surprise and shock as the words processed in her mind.

Yuko has a fiancé.

To Be Continued…

Yuuchan has a fiance! How is Haruna going to win her back?
And will Yuko take her back?
The reason for why Sayaka and Rena wanted to keep Haruna away, has finally been revealed!

Thank you for reading!!! Byebye~! :mon bye: :byebye:

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Post by: ohayou on April 10, 2012, 11:40:46 AM
SAY WHA-????!!!!!! :shocked

Yuko has a fiance???!!!!  :panic: Who is this person!?


Poor NyanNyan....  :cry:
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Post by: kahem on April 10, 2012, 01:51:23 PM
Ahhhhhh!!!!!! I'm like Miichan I want to know why!!!! And who is Yuko's fiance?!!!
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OMG an UPDATE! SPAZZ*  :panic:

So it started about Haruna who stuck in a traffic, and lol Kami-sama surely played a prank on her, poor her XD ..and daaang that two guys who just made a cover of Nsync's Drive myself crazy are really good, i fell in love with their voice. :wub: You just made me a fan of these guys, karomuwi-san!  :wub:

Jason Chen :heart: I love him! I watched all of his videos on YT and it was all good.  :thumbsup .... and yeah those two songs were totally hitting her  :smhid

Well, back to the story, Oh Miichan has a plan on her own to fix this mess eh? But it looks like she still has a long way to go before she could make those two made up  :smhid

When Rena was getting mad when Miichan keep on insisting about the two getting back together, all i can imagine is a very mad Gekikara  :mon curtain:

Okay, honestly, the last part really shocked me. I was like "WHAT! YUKO HAS A FIANCE?!" I really pulled my hair in frustration!  :angry: but LOL i didn't know my mom heard me and she look at me strangely, she asked "You okay?" LOLOL, well yeah sure i am mom! but my OTP is NOT OKAY  :(

THANKS FOR THE UPDATE KAROMUWI-SAN! I can't wait for the next chapter! Please update soon as you can  :kneelbow:
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And one more thing! Who's Yuko's fiance?!?!?!  :dunno:

Even if he's a good looking guy or a nice one, i would still vote for KojiHaru for Yuko! KOJIYUU FOREVER  :onioncheer:

and to that still unknown fiance, BURN IN HELL!!  :mon mad:
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Ah things are getting interesting.

I wonder since Rena was getting all riled up if there's something in store for her down the line. coughrenairincouh
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gahhhh i was so happy you updated but then i was dreading the end of the chapter D:
i havent had a chance to read it through with the music since its night right now...dont wanna disturb so i shall re-read it in the morning with the music :D but but harunas so heartbroken  :cry: argh i want to give her a cuddle but then shes untouchable :(

the matsui family totally wants to kill miichan now D: but all she wants is for haruna to be happy but then yuko has been hurting so much! i dont know what to think anymore..this is making me sad  :(

gahh i was so startled when i read that yuko has a fiance! i totally just sat up in my chair and gasped out loud ! CAN I KILL HER FIANCE? yuko can only be harunas and haruna can only be yukos D: this does not work! murder the fiance! *cough* im totally calm...

well thanks for the update :) and im hoping it'll be a happier chapter next time....*crosses fingers* RENAIRIN FTW (sorry lol this has got nothing to do with this fic)
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 :cry: rena is a bit scary :( !!!
:angry: and what!! Fiance??

No way!!! Yuuuchan would always be for nyanyan  :wub:

Am I right or am I RIGHT !!! :)

By the way I love ur story.... Pls update soon :)   :bow: :bow:
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nooo mu kojiyuu..

at leat dont happend  the thing that i thought.. i think that yuko have a terminal disease and for that can be together.. but its not the case...

come haruna fight for your wifey...
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oh my god..reading the last chapter made my heart ache..poor yuko (HARUNA! YOU WERE SO CRUEL TO YUKO!!!).i was shock when i read that yuko now has fiance..but,if her fiance can make her happy,i don't mind..after what haruna did to her,yuko deserve happiness..

i want to know who is yuko's fiance..maybe sayaka? LOL
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Here's the next update! The comments are at the end!




Actually, my plan worked for making myself guilty after opening this thread. Right now, I want to rewrite and edit some parts of my R.A.Y fic, since after I reread it.... I find it a bit disappointing. My plan for that said fic, is to reedit it, to make it longer and sadder and write it onto a new post. So this thread is going to have two posts of each chapter of that fic until chapter four since chapter five has still yet to be posted.

I want to ask you guys whether you want me to post a re-edited version of R.A.Y or just re-edit it though I think that the new re-edited version will be better

I'm really sorry for trolling on you guys ( :lol:). For my Oh My Dolly! fic, or O.M.D for short, I will update it as soon as you guys have given me your answers for R.A.Y and I managed to post the edited one, or the new edited version (I'm confused. They sound the same, that's why.  :lol:) There's still no news for AKB48 Fansabisu No Sho, so yeah.  :sweatdrop:

Ok. Comments time!

@ohayou(-san): Ah! The author— who used to be one of my Top #2 authors and became my Top #1 author— has commented on my fic!!! *squeals in delight and faints*  Thank you for commenting, Ohayou! ^^ And now onto my repy! Yes. *nods* Yuko-san has a fiance. Even I was surprised with what I've written. It was supposed to be a boyfriend at first, but then "Fiance would make it much more dramatic" was what I thought. And look! It did became dramatic! YAY~! As for the person's shall be kept as a secret for now....  :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: It can be a girl since I didn't say it was a boy OR a boy since I never said it was a girl either  :P And will you burn him/her if she/he was possibly one of the AKB48 members?  XD And one more thing. I hate what Haruna did to Yuko though it was my fault for making her do that  :lol:

@kahem: Miichan, you have to wait.  :P And that's going to be kept as a secret. ahahahaha~

@haruhi16: Wow! Two comments!  :thumbup  :twothumbs And the guy without the guitar is Joseph-san~  :heart: I'm glad that I made you a fan. ^^ And yes! JASON CHEN IS A GREAT SINGER!!!! I love him, his covers, and his ORIGINALS!!! And now I shall talk about the fic. haha. She has a VERY long way to go unless ths sadistic author just writes down that an asteriod hits the earth and everyone dies, then the story will end.  :lol: Who is Yuko's fiance? Hmm~ :dunno: I dunno~  :P He/she, who is it I wonder?  :lol:

@Kid_Alpha: coughrenairincoughmightcoughbecoughpossiblecough  XD

@Pandah: I loved the last part. Ahahaha~!  XD  hmm~ A hug, huh? Maybe I should....*ahem* just wait and see~ *winks* And yes. The Matsui Family...*shivers* scary. Anyway, I have a question. Do you know who Sakiko-chan is always paired up with in AKB48? And NO! You can't kill the finace. I'll do the killing instead.  :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: He/she shall die after he/she is married to Yuko!!!  :lol: Joke. MAYBE~? And RenAirin....I have a question. Why are they so popular?

@saeyukilover: Yes. Fiance. Thank you for the love~  :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: And I shall... as soon as many replies have been given to the question I've written above.

@Haruko: Terminal disease, eh? But if that happens....Yuko will die and no happy ending. Right?  :twisted: Should I do that then? Ahahaha~  :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

@yukofan: Yes! Finally! Someone who agrees with me that her Fiance can make her happy!  :thumbsup And CAN be Sayaka. Or maybe NOT. Who knows? Me. :P Ahahaha~  :lol:
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...and here you are again, trolling your avid readers in your fic.  :smhid
LOL as what i expected, i know you're going to write more dramatic scenes and all~ TSK, What a sadistic person you are, karomuwi-san~  :smhid  but you know we both love it anyway  ;)

Well, i want you to post the new re-edited version of R.A.Y 'cause you're making me curious about this. As what you've said, it will be better if the re-edited version will be posted instead of re-editing it (LOL i'm also confused about this editing and stuff, it really does sound the same  XD )

.. So i edited this comment 'cause i have to add my raging emotion about this fiance who just came up with the story  :angry:, cock blocking kojiyuu is not a good idea BROTHA!
But i was wondering, why am i getting mad with these characters in this story? It's not their fault for causing all this mess anyway! I should start strangling the author of this fic  :twisted:
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yo!~ i have come to reply to an imaginary update! LOL
hmm for RAY you can post your re-edited version i guess :) so there wont be much work...i think  :huhuh

im actually not quite sure who sakiko is usually paired up with..but for some reason i keep thinking its nonaka misato or maybe to me they both look like a pair LOL  :P cos they seem really close imo  :D

booo D: can i at least strangle the fiance or beat them into a bloody pulp? LOL  8) KILL THE FIANCE AFTER THEY MARRY YUKO? NOOOOOOO ill just be so devastated if that marriage ever goes through   :bleed eyes:

and i actually have no idea why renairin is so popular..i only sorta recently found this pairing so cute and adorable! or maybe its just me liking those perverted chars *cough*yuko*cough*airin*cough*...i actually never really liked the wmatsui pairing (much) for some weird reason ..its not that i dont like jurina but they seem more like sisters to me x.x
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But then we still love you for it, for some reason. :lol:

And will you burn him/her if she/he was possibly one of the AKB48 members?

KAROMUWI-SAN! ARE YOU HINTING SOMETHING THERE???!!! *gets ready chainsaw and all other pain-inflicting equipments*

But yeah, I hated what Haruna did to Yuko as well, BUT THAT IS NO REASON TO MAKE YUKO MARRY SOMEONE!?!?!?!?
Anyway, that's moi rage.

Now, I, personally, would suggest you re-post the edited version, just because, you know, I've never read it xD
Really~ And I want to read it, but I'm really too lazy to go look for it :lol:
Please don't kill me!
But yeah, re-posting would be good, or you could edit it,
and then make me go look for it or something.
Either way, I'll get to read it so, it's allllll up to karomuwi-san.

P.S. And since when did I become your top 1?
I-I-I-I am truly flattered...
BUT, I don't deserve that spot, number 2 was waaaaaay above what I really am already.
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Karomuwi-ssi!! Seriously you're brilliant writer.. #worship
I just found out about akiba family today and finished it in one day, and know this heart-breaking and tear-jerking story..
You're so goooddd! :D
I'll become your fans now~ LOL
And yes, I love the way you troll, remind me of an epic snsd fanfic writer at soshif!ed. :p

Poor yuko!! :'( huaaaaaa.. Haruna is so... *3/:$.@}x¥v>a
Kissing mariko-sama in front of yuko is unacceptable!! She's too cruel to have yuko.
And thx for making me yuko fiance. #whatAmISaying?
I promise, I'll make yuko happy. :D
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Grrr.. Troll author is just gonna troll..  :smhid
and haters just gonna hate..  :bigdeal:

Oh my, Yuuchan has a fiance already??  :stoned: Oh noooooooo!!!!!  :on speedy:
Now, Karo-chan, would you be kind enough to update and tell us who's Yuuchan's fiance, please?  :wriggly: Or else...  :shifty: Hahaha.. Just kidding..

Awww..!! MariMii is just sooooo adorable!!!  :luvluv1: I'm hoping I can see more of their ehem time together (well you know what i mean  :mon ignore: ) they romantic time always tend to bring me  :on bleed: :mon blood:

This is getting more and more interesting.. Now, I'll silently be waiting for your updates on this story, as well as the others too..  :on drink:  :bow:
Title: [AKB48] Series of (Un) Love - (Un)Selfish Love{Sequel to (Un)Requited} (04/1)
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@haruhi16: Ahahaha~  :hiakhiakhiak: I wanted to do some trolling to inspire myself. So...yeah.  :hiakhiakhiak: Sorry 'bout that. And yes... I want more angst! What can I say?  :bigdeal: I love making my characters suffer. Most of my characters in my other non-AKB fics all died  :lol: And yes. I know that even you love sadistic events. Though I should say that you should have made Haruna suffer more in T.O.E! She deserves it!!! But didn't make her suffer terribly  :angry1: Therefore...  :ding: Prepare for ultimate suffering in SoUL Haruna!!!  :mon evillaff:
And no!!! *runs away from Haruhi-chan* :mon runcry: Don't strangle meeee~  :mon curtain: If you do, I shall do some stuff! *fails at threatening*

@Pandah: Well, since I'm not familiar with Sakiko-san and Misato-san, I shall do a twist. ^^ You might be surprised with who I'm going to make Yuko's fiance as...  :mon noprob: Ahahahaha~ Just wait... And yes. Can you please tell me more about Airi-san? Rena-sama seems so hooked up on her, and as someone who's biased about Rena-sama, I want to make a fic of them both. So... RENAIRIN~! :mon fyeah:

@Ohayou(-san): I'm sorry Ohayou-san. I really respect you that I can't lose the 'san'  :mon whimper: <------- I LOVE THIS!!! ( :lol:) Anyways...I'm still loved~ Hooray~!  :mon angel: I shall refrain myself from trolling then if that's the case. But then...I can't promise anything.  :P And I love your rage~! I wanna rage about Rena-sama too! How could you?! How could you make that bruised eye girl 'talk' with Rena-sama! :mon kungfu: Jurina-chan!!! Kick their butts!!! (I also love that icon!!! I can't get enough of these icons!!!)  And I won't kill you yet You still haven't finished your yeah...  :nervous  But you can't do anyting about it! I am one of your avid readers, fans, followers, and worshippers! I SHALL WORSHIP YOU AS A NUMBER #1 AUTHOR!!!! well...That's moi rage.  :mon fan:

@bochang:  :mon innocent: Aww~ You're making me feel good about torturing the characters~  :mon rush: Should torture them more then~ Ahahaha~ And finished that fic? It's a bad, isn't it?I found the previous chapters really bad. or is it just me and my negativity? And yay~ A fan!!! Now I can fan away the heat~!  :on_hot: :hiakhiakhiak: I'm sorry. I fail at jokes. :mon cry: And a SONE!!! WOAH! YAY~! A fellow SONE!!! Annyeong! ^^ You are right? Right? *looks suspicious* And ah! Is that a request I see?  :glasses: Bochan-ssi...would you like to be killed by KojiYuu fans?  :mon star: I can do some twists if you want...  :mon dunno: But better prepare your will if I accepted your request(?).  :hee:

@lollita90: Ahahahaha~ Yes. Yuko has A FIANCE!!!  :mon lol: And I shall keep that as a secret for now.  :mon butt: Ahahaha~  :lol: As for MariMii...ummm...  :mon POd: I might not be able to pass the expectation. I'm not goot at those stuff yet I'll ask *ahem* Haruhi-chan about it.

A/N: For some reason, I used too much of these monkey icons and such. Such in a fun mood.  :whistle: And WOAH! My replies are so long! And I even managed to update a day after T.A.F (The Akiba Family)! Am I getting faster or is the world getting slower?  :mon lol: *sigh* I can't make jokes. I should try harder! YOSH!!!  :mon suspect: Laugh as you read my note.  :mon huh2: You guys laughing?  :mon dunno: Hmm~ Still not, eh? Then why not this!  :mon evil: LAUGH!!! OR ELSE!!!  :mon fierce: ARGH!!!  :mon surr: I surrender! You guys aren't laughing! *sigh* That leaves me to my last resort...  :mon nyah: I. SHALL. TROLL. YOU.  :mon blblbl: Anyways! Enough of that! Onto the story!!!

Chapter Four

The slamming of a car door echoed throughout the basement, followed by the car’s clicking sound of being locked. The lights hanging from the ceiling emitted only enough light to let her see a few meters in front of her, making her use her phone’s light as a flashlight to watch where she was walking to.

Seeing a huge light coming from the far end of the basement, she walked towards it, knowing that it was the elevator. As she neared to the elevator, she started twirling the car keys in her hand and sighed as she craned her neck to the side.

Hearing her own neck cracked, gave her a good sensation that made her want to crack her neck to the other side. But knowing that if she does, she would get a cramp and she would have to keep a warm cloth on it, which she really hated even though the temperature of the air was as low as zero degrees.

Upon entering the elevator, she put her keys back into her pocket and pressed the first floor button. The doors closed and elevator music started to play, making her relax and lean against the walls as she started tapping her fingers on the metallic rails.

The doors opened after a few seconds and she walked out, walking straight towards the exit door of the car hotel. Once she was out into the cold, she shivered and wrapped her arms around herself to form any form of blanket as she headed towards the house her late parents gave her.

She walked towards it as fast as she could, mumbling curses at the cold weather before rummaging for her keys to enter her warm abode. Once she managed to get the keys out and into the lock, she bursted through the door and slammed the door shut hard as she threw her shoes into the rack.

Dashing to the bathroom, she removed several parts of her suit. The snow has melted on them and its coldness has reached her skin, prickling her nerves with their cold sensations. The moment she was inside the bathroom, she took off her last remaining piece of clothing and wrapped herself with a thick bathrobe.

She shivered once again, and debated whether she should just go to bed or take a hot bath to calm down her cold skin. Choosing the latter, she switched the taps on and made sure that the heater was on its maximum level of hotness.

Walking out of the bathroom, she then started to prepare her clothes to get herself into once the bath has finished. She took out the warmest and thickest pajamas she has and laid them upon her queen-sized bed, before going back to the bathroom.

Seeing that the water was now flowing off from the tub, she gladly removed her bathrobe and jumped into the boiling water. Once her skin made contact with the water, she hissed and jumped back out. Sighing to herself, she lowered the heater and allowed a few liters of cold water enter the boiling tub.

“Guess I deserved that for setting the temperature on its highest level.” She mumbled to herself as she ran her hands through her messy hair.

Deciding that the water was better to enter at that moment, she switched the tap off and this time, checked the water before jumping in. She sat down and sighed with a purr as the warm water engulfed her cold skin, leaning against the warm, graphite tub.

“Thank you cold weather!” she sighed, before cleansing the dirt off her face with the water.

~0~ ^o^ ~o~

She sighed as she exited the bathroom with a fresh and clean body. Her head managed to dry during the whole time, since she never really washed it that much. Her skin was no longer sticky and cold like before, and was now as smooth as a baby’s.

She has already managed to get into her pajamas as well, since she decided to get them and hang them on the rails beside the tub when she got out of the bathroom to get a towel to dry her hair with. Jumping on the bed, she sighed and ran her hands on its soft and fluffy blanket.

She missed her bed during the party, since she was practically standing the whole time. Her back started to ache and all she wanted was to drive back home to get some good night sleep, but her desire to look at the girl she has missed and had not seen for the past nine years made her endure all of those.

“Yuko.” She breathed out the name, before closing her eyes as she tried to remember the face she missed.

Her hands raised and she started tracing the girl’s face into the air, imaging her beautiful brown orbs and rosy lips. She sighed and smiled as her mind flashed her Yuko’s smiling face, when the said girl watched their two friends get married to one another.

“Yuko.” She once again breathed out, this time with a sad sigh.

She started to remember what Sayaka told her hours ago, and that popped the bubble she was longing to keep. The way the girl glared and looked at her with disgust, as if she was an experiment that has gone wrong, made Haruna’s stomach churn.

She sat up, and sighed. Does Sayaka really hate her that much? Does she hate her that even the sight of her made her smile turn into an instant frown whenever Haruna tried to move closer to Yuko?

“Has she not forgiven me?” Haruna asked out loud.

Though she knew that it was not Sayaka whom she needed to get forgiveness from, what the girl thinks of her as Yuko’s best friend matters. She knew that Yuko always preferred friends over any relationships, and Yuko leaving nine years ago to prevent herself from ruining Mariko’s and Haruna’s relationship was a proof of that.

It was a proof that Yuko will stay away from her if Sayaka tells her to.

And that scared Haruna. It scared Haruna so much, that she was terrified to even let Sayaka look at her shadow. She had to hide from the two, and that seemed to have made Sayaka test her by letting her stare at Yuko from afar, which was really hard for the brunette since all she wanted was to hug the short girl as much as she could.

Being away from Yuko, but being in the same room was slowly killing her. It made her heart ache at the thought that she was unable to be with Yuko even though she was so close, and she was forbidden to because the short girl’s best friend forbade her to.

It was frustrating!

But Haruna can’t do anything about it. She knew that it was the reason that she won’t have any good reason to say if Sayaka asks her in front of the whole crowd. The thought of Sayaka doing that sounded close to impossibility, but knowing Sayaka— who would do anything for her friends, especially Yuko— she would humiliate Haruna without any hesitation.

If someone asked her whether she was a coward for being scared of being humiliated, Haruna would say that she was not a coward. She really wasn’t. The only reason why she didn’t want to take that risk was due to the reason that some of her company workers were there in the party.

She is Kojima Haruna, the Top #1 model in the whole country. She has a huge career to take care of, and a reputation to always look after. Her juniors always looked up at her with respect for being as professional at any time.

Critics always gave her problems and scandals almost every single day, and to be humiliated because she just wanted to be close to Yuko would make an uproar rise with her popularity. There is a proof that there would be a major uproar and scandal, if the reason for her getting humiliated got out.

Her scandal with Top# 2 fellow model Shinoda Mariko

Everyone knew that the two of them were close, and that made everyone curious why the two top models never got together. Haruna— being impatient and careless that time— announced that she already dated Mariko. And that announcement almost caused her, her downfall.

The critics started saying that she only dated Mariko to make sure that she was ahead of the girl, and that made the companies cancel the contracts they had formed with her. It was another mistake she regretted, but it was nothing compared to the mistake she had made before.

Hurting Yuko.

~o~ ^o^ ~o~

“Don’t just stand there! Go after her!” Miichan cried to her.

Haruna looked at Mariko, asking her whether the girl would be alright with being left with the fuming girl once she  runs after the Yuko— who had just ran out of the room with tears falling down from her eyes. When she received a nod, Haruna stood up and walked towards the door.

But just as she was about to make any more steps towards the door, the Miichan stopped her by grabbing her wrist. Haruna felt the pressure being inflicted on her wrist and looked at the younger girl, wanting to find out why she was gripping her wrist.

When she looked at Miichan’s face, she saw the girl glaring at her dangerously, as if wanting to tear Haruna’s head off from her shoulders— which scared the older girl, a lot.

“We’ll talk after this.”

The voice that Miichan had was like cold ice slicing her skin. It was cold, sharp and uncharacteristically Miichan’s, making Haruna nod at her obediently like a child. A second passed, and Miichan let go of her. Haruna looked at Miichan’s brown orbs to see whether she was allowed to leave, and saw anger and coldness in them. The look terrified her, and she dashed out of the room.
When she was out, she started looking around her. She looked through the windows, and saw Yuko running down the third floor stairs. Scared that Miichan would kill her if she found out that Haruna never ran after Yuko, she started running. But as she was running, Miichan’s voice echoed throughout the hallways.
“You knew how much Yuko loves Haruna.”

Haruna ignored the indescribable feeling in her heart the moment the words were processed by her brain, and started running down the stairs. As she leaped from step to step, Haruna saw Yuko running down the second floor stairs, making her fasten her leaping. She dashed down the second floor stairs and the first, just in time to see Yuko coming out into the campus.

She sighed and ran after the girl with a speed she never really used for sports. When she was at arms’ length from Yuko, she stretched her legs and managed to stop the girl by grabbing her arm. She felt the girl stiffen under her touch, and it was not long that the girl tried to run once again.

Haruna stopped her once more, and turned her around forcefully. She was tired of running from the fourth floor, and this girl in front of her wanted to run some more?

“Just how much energy do you have?” Haruna asked her as she looked at the ground, panting. “Do you have the same amount as Sae’s?”

Haruna waited for an answer, but none came. Wondering why, she looked up and saw tears streaming down Yuko’s face. Haruna sighed and ran her hand through her hair, waiting for the girl to speak up. She didn’t know what to say, and she had no plan on starting the conversation.

She knew that Yuko wants her to start explaining for the reason she called the shorter girl watch her kiss with Mariko, but she had no idea on how to start it. It was never part of her plan.

She didn’t even plan on running after the short girl. All she had planned was letting Yuko witness the kiss between her and Mariko, before letting the shorter girl run out of the school. She thought that everything would go well, until Miichan came into the picture.

“Why?” Yuko croaked, making Haruna look at her.

“Why did I call you just to let you see me kiss Mariko, is that your question?” she asked; coldness in her voice was evident.

When she saw Yuko hesitate to nod, Haruna scoffed as she turned her gaze away from the short girl and onto the cherry blossom tree that stood beside the two of them. She didn’t want to the bearer of bad news to Yuko; since she has seen others get insanely mad in this similar situation.

“I want to stop your advances towards me.” Haruna answered, a second later. “That’s why.”

Yuko looked at her with eyes that held disbelief in them, and told her. “I don’t believe you.”

“Don’t you get it?!”Haruna sighed in frustration, and stomped her feet.

She glared at the girl in front of her, and pointed a finger at her. “I made you come after school, to watch me kiss Mariko!”

“I don’t believe you!” Yuko stubbornly told her.

Haruna scoffed at her. “Are you an idiot?”

“Are you stupid? Blind? Clueless?” Haruna sneered at her.

She enunciated the words slowly and clearly. “I. Don’t. Love. You.”

“I never reciprocated your feelings! I don’t even like you!”

Yuko’s eyes started pouring out more tears, and Haruna scoffed at her. She crossed her arms, hoping that her words were clear enough for the shorter girl. How many times must she tell the girl to get away from her? How many more times must she tell the others that she has no feelings of love or whatsoever for Yuko, except annoyance?

“I don’t—” Yuko started to say once again, only to be stopped by Haruna.


The slap made Haruna’s palm tingle, and she moved her hand to her side. The slap has stopped Yuko from speaking the same words Haruna heard before, and Haruna sighed in relief. She hated hearing the same thing over and over again!

Staring and glared at Yuko, she then spoke words that made the shorter girl flinch from the impact it made to her.

“This is NO dream, Yuko.”

Haruna growled. “Believe it.”

“This is REALITY.” Haruna stood up straight and clenched her fist. “This is real life!”

“So deal with it! And stop telling yourself that it’s not true!”

Yuko was stiff and she wasn’t moving, making Haruna have the desire to slap her once again to stop the girl’s trance. But she knew that a slap once was enough, and a second slap was no longer needed. She never wanted to slap the girl, but Yuko just needed to realize what Haruna was trying to tell her.
“Has the words finally sink into your brain?” Haruna coldly asked.

Yuko looked at her with hurt in her eyes, and nodded. Haruna saw the girl’s cheek redden, and she started to worry whether she did it too hard. Yuko was slowly moving her right hand to her right cheek— the cheek where Haruna slapped her— and touched the swollen area.

“Why Nyan Nyan?” Yuko sobbed, looking at her with pleading eyes.

“Because I’m tired.” Haruna answered her, sighing along. “I’m tired of being nice to you, and it’s leading you on!”

“Does Nyan Nyan hate me?” Yuko asked; fear was clearly in her voice.

“Yes.” Haruna replied. “I hate you. I despise you!”

“I despise you for being annoyingly beside me all the time! And I hate you for making Mariko stay away from me because she thought that you and I were going out!” Haruna shouted.

She knew that she was spewing venom at the shorter girl, but she didn’t care. She was finally able to tell the girl the anger she had bottled up in her chest. She was finally able to tell Yuko without any care whether someone would see them.

Why didn’t she do this any sooner?

“Nyan… Nyan’s in love with Marichin?” Yuko said, almost in a daze.

“Yes! I LOVE her. And I HATE you!” Haruna said through gritted teeth.

She didn’t really hate Yuko, but the words bursted out from her mouth and she can’t seem to stop spitting out words that she was sure hurted the shorter girl. The sudden freedom of speaking what’s on her mind and chest has been finally given to her, and she was not willing to let it go.

“Nyan Nyan, please don’t hate me.” Yuko pleaded, taking a step to try and touch Haruna.

But the other girl swatted her hands away with disgust and looked at her with anger. “Don’t touch me!”

“You’re a pervert!” Haruna cried at her, taking a step backwards. “And whenever you’re near me, it bothers me!”

Yuko had her hand stretched out, too shocked to place it beside her. She looked at Haruna and hot tears continued to form on her face, though she has finally stopped crying.

“Nyan—” she started say.

“— Don’t call me with that stupid nickname!”

Haruna interrupted her, and stomped her foot to the ground hard. She hated hearing that nickname the shorter girl made for her! It made her sound like an annoying cat! And she despises cats!

She looked at Yuko with unwavering eyes. “Listen carefully.”

“I LOVE Mariko, not you. I WANT Mariko, not you. I NEED Mariko, not you.”

“Do you understand?!” Haruna cried at her.

Yuko was clutching her shirt, as if trying to tear something apart. She looked at Haruna bit her lips. Her legs were trembling, and she was shuddering badly. Haruna noticed how the short girl seemed to have difficulty breathing, but didn’t bother to ask whether she was fine. Instead, she looked at the cherry blossom tree beside both of them.

“I-I’m sorry.” Yuko sobbed out.

“I’m sorry. I-I thought that Nyan—” Haruna turned to her, making Yuko stop and choose her words carefully.

“— Haruna likes me back.”

“I thought that Haruna likes me back because she agreed to go on dates with me, and she said that she liked me back when I asked her.”

Haruna scoffed and laughed out cruelly. “Dates? You kidnapped me and forced me to go! I had no choice because I know that you won’t stop asking me if I don’t agree!”

“I also said that I liked you back to shut you up!” Haruna sighed in frustration. “I can’t bear hearing your voice any longer that’s why!”

“It’s even more irritating than Kasai’s strawberry voice!”

That made Yuko look at her in shock. She closed her mouth, and looked down onto the ground. Haruna saw the shorter girl’s hands clench into tight fists, and noticed how Yuko’s legs stopped trembling. Instead, she seemed like she was trembling with anger.

Yuko’s knuckles were white, probably from the tight clenching she was making. Her breathing suddenly became rapid, and the taller girl saw Yuko grit her teeth. Getting worried about Yuko and thinking that she was hyperventilating, Haruna walked towards her.

But just as she was about to place a hand on the shorter girl’s shoulder, her hand was swatted back with a smack. Yuko snapped her head up and locked eyes with worried ones.

“Then why?” she spoke, and Haruna felt that there was a hint of anger in those words.

Yuko took a step towards Haruna before continuing. “Why didn’t you tell me straightly? I can understand if you told me to stay away.”

“But why did you give me hope?! Why did you make me think that you were in love with me?! Why did you made me make a fool of myself?!”

Haruna took a step back. The words that Yuko lashed at her was whipping her. It was making something deep in her heart grow. Haruna didn’t know what it was, but she wanted it to go away. She wanted the feeling to stop, and she wanted Yuko to stop looking at her with angered eyes.

“Why did you make me waste three years on you?!” Yuko cried out in anger.

“Y-Yuuchan.” Haruna said, hoping that by calling the girl with the nickname she adored would calm the girl down.


“I hate you.” Yuko murmured, but Haruna heard it perfectly clear.

She suddenly felt a pang of pain in her chest, and her breath stopped. She clutched her shirt and tried to breathe properly, but something seemed to be blocking her airways, making her gasp for air. The words managed to pack a punch that left Haruna gasping for air.

“I hate you!” Yuko shouted and this time, it rang in Haruna’s ears.

She watched as Yuko walked backwards with her angered eyes blazing red at Haruna, unwavering. Haruna tried to remove her hand from her chest, but the pain was still there and it was more painful than before. She started panting harder, trying to figure out why she was being so affected by three mere words.

Looking up, she saw Yuko by the school gates. She tried to walk towards the shorter girl, but her legs gave up and she dropped to the ground. She watched as hot tears streamed down continuously from Yuko’s eyes, and saw Yuko crying out and sobbing.

She was about to turn and leave the school, but she decided to look at Haruna one last time to give her one final message.


~o~ ^o^ ~o~

Haruna sighed and groaned to herself as she lay back down onto the bed. She started hitting her head, hating herself for doing such things to the girl who loved her through thick and thin. She ruthlessly and selfishly hurted the girl, treating her as if she was just a toy.

“I’m such an idiot!” Haruna cried to herself, turning her body and hitting her head at the bed.

She really was, and she knew it. She knew she was an air-head, but she never knew that she was THAT stupid to let go the only person who loved her without anything in return. She was stupid to let go and hurt the only person who took care of her selflessly, and loved her as if she was more important than anything else in the world.

Yuko treated her like a treasure that she was lucky to have found.

Yuko treated her as if she was a goddess.

Yuko treated her as if she deserved to be loved like others despite her selfishness.

And Yuko loved her truly.

“Why am I so stupid?!” she cried to herself, screaming at the pillow she managed to grab from the head of the bed.

After a minute, she calmed down and sat up. She looked around the room and smiled as her eyes were surrounded in pictures of her and Yuko.

No one else, but her and Yuko.

“It’s so ironic that I want her back after telling her that I didn’t want her.” She laughed to herself, before crying and sobbing as she remembered the painful words the short girl shouted to her.

“She hates me!” she sobbed, punching the pillow in hope that her depression would go away with the action.

Unfortunately for her, it didn’t work. Haruna sighed out in frustration and hit the door with the pillow. She screamed once again, and cried. Why did everything have to be too late?

Turning to her desk, she reached for a stuff toy that always made her smile. It never failed in making her forget every horrible things and events, and she hugged it.

“Pandah, how I wish that your master never waited that day.” She said to the lifeless panda stuff toy.

“If she didn’t, I could probably have never hurted her and still have her to this day.”

She stopped and titled her head to the side as she hugged the stuffed panda close to her chest. “But then,” she started. “I wouldn’t have known my real feelings.”

Realizing that, she groaned and lay back down on her bed. Why was her life so complicated?!

Sighing, she started petting ‘Pandah’. She was glad that she never threw the stuffed panda. If she did, heaven knows that she would have gone insane without it. It was her friend, and the only one she could confide in. She has told it all her secrets, and it was the most important thing next to Yuko.

“Pandah.” She said the toy’s name, before falling into a sleep that she really need.

Two days later

Walking to her office with a doughnut, coffee, and several files in hand, Haruna grumbled about how troublesome it was for her. The elevator in the building was broken, and her office was located at the very top of the amazingly tall building.

She was a model, but with that much to walk in heels was just too much. Even a professional model like herself would end up slumping as they walked out of from the emergency exit. She was glad though, that she was the only person using the top floor.

Now she could take off those painful high heels, and just soak them in her foot massager!

Opening the door, she threw the files down onto the couch located in the middle of the room and placed her doughnuts— along with her coffee— on top of her desk. She turned to the files and was about to take them, when it suddenly fell onto the floor— messily.

“Need help?” a familiar voice asked along with a chuckle, making the girl turn her head.

“Ah, Miichan.”

Haruna smiled and nodded, letting the younger girl take the messy papers from the floor as she sat on the desk. She had thrown her high heels at the door, and was now sighing in relief as she took out the foot massager she had expertly hidden under her desk.

“I always knew heels were evil.” Miichan laughed, passing Haruna the organized files.

Haruna thanked her and placed the files inside her drawers, before motioning the younger girl to take a sit on the soft couch she had. Miichan gladly took the offer and plopped herself on the couch, with her feet up on its arms. She rested her head on her arm, and looked at Haruna with a smile.

“So,” Haruna sat down by her desk, before turning to her best friend. “Where’s Marichin?”

Miichan shrugged her shoulders, and heaved a sigh. “My girlfriend’s at another photo-shoot.”

“Ah.” Haruna nodded in acknowledgement.

The older girl did tell her that she won’t be able to use the phone during work time, and asked her a favor to tell the younger girl about it. Haruna was glad that Miichan went straight to her office, since her phone was playing pranks on her by not allowing her to make any calls or send any messages.

“You know the deal, right?” Haruna asked.

Miichan nodded. “I’m glad that your office is right across Marichin’s”.

Haruna nodded in agreement. It was true. Mariko’s office was right across the street, giving Miichan the advantage of resting in Haruna’s office whenever her girlfriend was out for shoot. It also gave Haruna the chance to find out what was happening in her rival’s building— though Miichan’s really good at keeping them in the bag.

“So, what do you want to talk about today?” Haruna asked, taking the coffee in hand.

Miichan sighed, and sat up on the couch.


Haruna looked at her friend with an arched eyebrow, and placed her coffee back down after taking a sip. She leaned against her comfy chair, and scratched her head. Miichan was here to talk to her about Yuko— the girl whom she was desperately avoiding?

Though it was not hard to avoid her, since I haven’t seen her ever since the wedding. Haruna thought to herself.

“Well…” Haruna scratched her head once again. “What about her?”

“I’m pretty sure that you’re dying to see her again.” Miichan told her, with a smirk.

Haruna sighed, and stood up from her chair to stare out of the windows. She didn’t need to be told about that. It has only been two days, yet Haruna felt like it was five years.

“So what if I am?” Haruna asked her, crossing her arms as she turned to Miichan.

“It’s not like I can see her.” She pointed out. “Sayaka’s probably with her 24/7.”

Miichan chuckled to herself and nodded in agreement. The two of them knew just how protective Sayaka was over Yuko, and the girl’s threat was still vivid in Haruna’s mind.

“I know where she works.”

“And?” Haruna asked, knowing that there was another thing coming.

“Sayaka won’t know.”

Haruna snapped her head instantly to Miichan, interested with what her ears managed to pick up.

“Seriously?” she asked.

Miichan nodded, and Haruna couldn’t help but smile. Sayaka not knowing about her meeting with Yuko? That definitely sounded interesting.

“Wait,” Haruna sat back down by her desk, and looked at Miichan with her chin leaning against her hands. “What do you mean by Sayaka not knowing about it?”

“Well, Sayaka works for Takamina.” Miichan pointed out, and Haruna nodded.

“I know that.”

“Ask the girl for a favor.” Miichan told her, wiggling her eyebrows.

Haruna furrowed her eyebrows together, and looked at Miichan. What does Takamina have to do with Sayaka not knowing about anything? And what favor should she ask the midget so that she could see Yuko?

“It’s not like I can ask her to keep Sayaka busy with work so that I can see Yuko without any disturbances.” Haruna told her, still not getting that what she had just said was the favor that Miichan was trying to point out.

A second passed.

Haruna stood up and clasped her hands together, when the realization hit her. She started jumping up and down in excitement, before jumping on Miichan to hug her. She enveloped the younger girl into a tight bear hug, and squeezed the breath out of Miichan.

“You’re a genius!” she cried, twirling the younger girl around.

She added, the moment she let go of Miichan. “I can kiss you, Miichan!”

“Ew! No way! My lips are only for Marichin!” The younger girl told her with a disgusted face, as she pushed Haruna’s face away from hers.

~o~ ^o^ ~o~

Two girls peeked out from a corner of the place, before taking their heads out of sight. The person they were looking at was paying for her meal, and was about to see them when she started walking towards the exit. Fearing that they would still be found out with the place they were currently in, they rushed to a line of people by a café.

Paying the complaints being thrown at them from the back, the two girls peered at the girl who just exited the fast food restaurant. They waited for a few seconds before getting out of their hiding place,— which made the café’s customers extremely glad— and followed the unsuspecting.

“Tell me why are we following her again, instead of meeting with her properly?”  The taller of the two asked to the girl wearing a black sunglass.

The girl wearing the black sunglass turned to the long-haired girl and smiled, before pointing at the girl they have been spying on for the past hour. “You’re going to show up in front of her, and sweep her off her feet.”

The taller of the two scoffed at the plan, and crossed her arms. She thought that she was going to meet the girl face-to-face as soon as possible, but ended up spying on her instead. She sighed and started pinching the bridge of her nose, before looking at her comrade as she smacked her forehead.

“What am I? A guy?” she asked with a hiss.

“You can dress up like one, Haruna. That would make her not slap you the moment she sees you.” The shorter girl suggested, only receiving a smack on the head as a reply.

“Forget it! I’ll try to find a way for her to make me her model!”

She started to walk the opposite direction until she was stopped by her friend, who has grabbed her by her collar. She hissed in pain as the collar pressed up against her skin— bruising it—, and turned to the shorter girl with a sharp glare she had managed to perfect after years of spending time with her.

“Miichan!” she growled, caressing the reddish mark on her skin.

Just then, the said girl pushed Haruna into the street. Haruna— having no time to react— fell to the ground and. She stood up from the floor and was about to scream at Miichan when a car started going straight at her, bringing her knees to jelly.


The car stopped, and Haruna dropped to the ground. Her heart was no longer in her chest, and was now in her throat. Her face was pale white, and her lips were trembling. Miichan almost killed her! That girl she called as a best friend tried to kill her by pushing her into the street!

She heard a slamming of a door, and looked at the direction with dazed eyes. When she turned her head, her eyes widened and she gaped in awe, taken back by the beauty of an angel in front of her. The angel was now beside her, and helped her stand up.

When she was on her feet, she almost dropped to the ground once again. Fortunately for her, she was caught in time by the beautiful angel. She jerked back the moment her skin made contact with the angelic girl’s skin. She had felt a jolt of electricity run through her body and all she wanted was to bask in the girl’s warmth.

“Haruna-san? Are you alright?” the angelic girl gently tapped her face.

“You look so pale and your eyes have dilated.” She stated, slinging one of Haruna’s arms around her smooth skin. “You must have been so shocked.”

Yuko grunted as she helped Haruna stand up. “Let’s go get you checked out.”

Haruna mumbled an incoherent ‘yes’ and she gulped nervously, as the scent of the girl’s shampoo hit her nose. It was making her lose her mind. Yuko’s hair has a mixture of the smell of French fries and cherries, making Haruna’s nose senses go haywire. Her stomach grumbled and without realization, she started to lean her head on the girl’s shoulder.

“Yuko.” She mumbled as she closed her eyes, letting her heart continue its fluttering in her chest.

“Hmm?” the angelic girl hummed, sending vibrations through her neck and to Haruna’s face. “What is it?”

“You smell nice.”

Haruna’s angel chuckled before opening the passenger’s seat, gently pushing the taller girl into the seat. Watching the shorter girl close the door after making sure that Haruna was comfortable, Haruna smiled thankfully at her. Smiling back, Yuko then walked to the driver’s seat and started the car.

Haruna felt Yuko’s gaze on her and felt her face burning, making her lean her forehead against the cool window glass. Once her senses told her that it was safe to look at Yuko without being caught, Haruna peeked from her seat and saw Yuko casually taking worried glances at her.

The realization that Yuko was worried about her, sent butterflies in her stomach and she clutched her chest as she started feeling her heart thumping faster. Her throat started to dry, and she felt her body tremble from the constant glances she was receiving.

She cares. Haruna thought to herself with a smile.

But just then, a part of her mind stopped her mind’s shouting of ‘hooray’ and spoke to her with a cold demeaning voice. She only cares because she almost ran you over, idiot.

The voice made Haruna's eyes snap open. The suddenly jerking her body made, sent her forehead in contact with the hard glass. She groaned and her hand instantly went up to the bump that has formed. Just then, her skin and inside melted when she felt Yuko’s warm hand touched the swollen part on her forehead.

The car has stopped and they were behind a car that was waiting for the red traffic light to turn green. Turning her gaze from the traffic lights to the girl who was gently touching the bump, Haruna saw Yuko with a slight frown as she inspected it.

“That must have hurted a lot. It’s so swollen.” She stated.

Haruna nodded. It was true that it hurted but as soon as Yuko placed her slender fingers on it, the pain magically disappeared. Though it was still slightly tingling from the contact it made with the glass, Haruna was sure that pain was far away from what she was feeling.

“Pain, pain go away~!” Yuko sang, making patterns on the air.

She placed her index finger onto her rosy lips, before touching the bump with it. Taking it away from Haruna’s skin, she smiled as she tilted her head to the side— which Haruna really adorable. She gave the dimpled smile that Haruna hasn’t seen for nine years, and patted the taller girl’s head.

“Has the pain gone away?” she asked in a childish voice.

Haruna nodded; a tint of pink covering the area of her cheeks. When Yuko returned her gaze back to the car screen, Haruna leaned her head against the window once again as she gazed lovingly at the girl driving beside her. She watched as Yuko pout whenever a car would overtake the car they were in, and chuckled quietly to herself.

Closing her eyes, she returned to the same position that led her forehead to get its bump. She was hoping that she would get another bump, hopefully somewhere near her lips. She smiled to herself and squealed inwardly, letting her fantasies fill her mind.

Just then, she felt a vibration from her pocket but decided to ignore it as she opened her eyes to continue her loving gaze on the girl she missed. Let her co-models search for her frantically. She didn’t care. She can always return to her job, but this…

This moment was something she might not be able to return to everyday.

“I wish to stay like this forever.” She sighed to herself, quietly to make sure that it was not heard by the shorter girl.

This moment was one of those events that Haruna wished would never end, but she knew that it was impossible. She was just lucky that it was Yuko who almost managed to run her over. Weird how I want her to almost run me over every single day. she thought to herself.

She wouldn’t mind if Yuko actually runs her over. She would even like it more if the shorter girl runs her over— but not kill her—, because she had a feeling that the girl would take care of her, like how she was doing now. Speaking of the girl, she was currently driving towards the path that Haruna knew was headed to a private hospital she goes to.

~o~ ^o^ ~o~

“Hello?” she heard Yuko speak on the phone, but kept her eyes closed.

“Yes, it’s me Oshiriri-chan.” She chuckled. “No, I didn’t get into an accident. My friend almost did though.”


The word made Haruna’s heart clench painfully, but she decided to let it go. She was willing to let things start slowly, and let it develop into something that Haruna fantasied for years. If Yuko wanted to call her as a friend, Haruna had would have nothing against it.

It was definitely better being called a friend, rather than being called an ex-friend or any other names that a person would have called someone like her if they knew what she had done to Yuko.

“I won’t make a mistake this time.” She swore under her breath.

She was willing to be friends with Yuko by starting from scratch. And she was definitely willing to wait for Yuko no matter how long it takes her. Let it be three years, four years or even longer. She will definitely wait for Yuko no matter how long the girl wants her to wait!

“Okay.” She heard Yuko say with a laugh. “I’ll wait for you at home. Tell me more about this girl of yours when we meet.”

She heard Yuko flip it close, and opened her eyes. She looked at the shorter girl, before sitting up straight as she tilted her head to the side.

“You can drop me at my office.” She said, turning her head to watch the familiar stores they passed by.

Judging from how they were going, the car would be directly in front of Haruna’s and Mariko’s offices in a few minutes. When the other girl looked at her and shook her head, Haruna arched an eyebrow. Where was she going to get dropped then?

As if reading Haruna’s mind, Yuko cleared her throat and looked at the taller girl every now and then as she drove past the girl’s office. “You’re going to pay my unclean house a visit.”

“Really?!” Hearing that, Haruna couldn’t help but lean towards Yuko in excitement.

The other girl looked at her with a dimpled smile, before laughing as she patted the exited girl’s head once again. With how she was being petted, Haruna couldn’t help but feel like Nyan Nyan— Yuko’s cat. Remembering about the animal that she was nicknamed after, Haruna couldn’t help but have the desire to ask.

“Is Nyan Nyan going to try and get in between of my breasts again?” Haruna asked jokingly.

Yuko laughed back, before looking at her. “Maybe, if she was still here.”

“What?” Haruna asked, not getting what Yuko meant.

The shorter girl’s lips pursed, and she sighed. Then looking at Haruna with saddened eyes and a smile that held nothing but sadness in them, she spoke.

“Nyan Nyan died four years ago.”

The words left Haruna speechless and it made her want to wipe away the tears that was slowly starting to form in Yuko’s eyes. The vulnerable state that Yuko was looking in, made Haruna’s heart feel like it was being torn away from chest over and over again.

“I-I’m sorry.” Haruna told her, not knowing what else to say.

Yuko waved her hand at Haruna, and smiled. “It’s fine.”

Though the girl said that it was fine— and said that she was as well—, Haruna knew that she was far from fine. The cat was one in a million— or was it billions with the population that cats had? —, and Haruna has never felt so close to a cat before.

She always despised cats but after getting to know the cat she was nicknamed after, she couldn’t help but fall in love with it. It has the same personality as Yuko, and it was as adorable as its owner.

Leaning close to the sniffing girl, she wrapped her arms around Yuko’s neck and brought the girl’s head down to her shoulders. She felt Yuko stiffen from her touch and started panicking about whether she had taken it too far with the touching but then, the shorter girl relaxed into her touch.

Yuko leaned against Haruna’s shoulder, and the taller girl managed to get another whiff of the cherries from the shorter girl’s hair. She patted Yuko’s shoulder, and sighed as she mumbled an apology for letting her remember the dead cat.

They stayed like that— while Yuko was driving and fortunately, they didn’t crash— for some time, before Yuko pulled away to Haruna’s dismay and wiped the small teardrops from her eyes. She flashed a thankful smile to Haruna, before focusing back with her driving.

“Now,” Yuko told her with a new energetic smile. “Let’s go to my house, shall we?”

Haruna nodded in response, and Yuko accelerated. As they drove through the streets, Haruna looked up at the sky and mumbled a silently.

“I hope that Nyan Nyan is fine there in heaven, Kami-sama.”

Turning her head, she found Yuko smiling and started wondering whether the girl heard her. She never asked as she decided to let it go, and leaned her head against the seat as Yuko assured her that they were nearer to the shorter girl’s house.

After a while, they pulled up in front of a humble house. Haruna stared at it and admired its beautiful designs, not completely surprised that Yuko lived in such a beautiful abode since she knew that the girl has great taste. Haruna started to get off the car, but Yuko stopped her and told her to wait.

She did, and watched as Yuko got off. Not knowing what the shorter girl would do, she watched as Yuko walked to her door and opened it up. Yuko offered her a hand— which Haruna gladly took— and slung the taller girl’s arm around her smooth neck once more.

Blushing, Haruna decided to look away and hide the pinkish cheeks she had. They started walking towards the house’s door, and that was when Haruna decided to do something that she had always wanted to do ever since Yuko left nine years ago.

She stopped their walking, and motioned for her to stay on the spot as she ran to the front of the house. Yuko stared at her, wondering what the taller girl was planning.

“Yuko?” Haruna called the girl’s name, cupping her hands around her mouth to let it reach the said girl’s ear.


Haruna fidget on the spot and played with her fingers before coming to a conclusion that she should continue what she had planned on doing. She took a deep breath and looked at Yuko that she hoped has portrayed the sincerity she wanted to show. Then looking at the shorter girl, she smiled lovingly.

“Welcome home, Yuuchan.”

To Be Continued…

A/N:Woah…This chapter ended like this! What the! I never wanted to end it like this! *sigh* And after that horrible flashback I made for Haruna, :err: I fail at this. :on cloudeye:  But oh well… :bigdeal:  I guess my second Top #1 pairing deserves a break. And hahahah~ Pandah-san did you enjoy the gift I made for you? I hope that it kind of made you happy a bit, too have Harunyan hug you. I’m sorry if it kinds of failed. :depressed: And let us mourn for Nyan Nyan (the cat) and my dog. It has been four years, so I wanted to include my dog in this as a tribute. I miss you Chao Chao :gyaaah: *AHEM* Anyways~

Thank you for reading!!! Byebye~! :mon bye: :byebye:

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yeayy! update!!!  :onioncheer: arigatou karochan!!  :kneelbow:

aww finally, Haruna got to be alone with Yuuchan!  :tama-apeshit: even though what Miichan did almost killed Haruna  :mon wtfmm: Luckily, I'll forgive Miichan this time.. Thanks Miichan!!  :twothumbs

The loneliness that Haruna feels made me feel the pain too. It hurts so much.. I hope Haruna will finally get back together with Yuuchan..  :gyaaah: Wonder how will she react when she knows about Yuuchan's fiance, and what will she do about it..  :badluck:

can't wait for next update!!  :ding:
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thx for the reply and new updates! kekeke
just say that you're a sadist. LOL

you!! what you've done to yuko TT.TT
you're too cruel.. (or nyannyan)
poor yuko.. hiks hiks

Ne~, i'm also a sone since 2009. kekeke my bias is sunny because she's so cute. but then i saw AKB and.. damn, they're all cute!!
and i become a wota now.. LOL

yes! i'm ready to face anything to save yuko~ i've prepared my will if i don't survive from KojiYuu's shipper LOL

waiting for another suprise.. i think you'll trolling your reader again. LOL
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 :w00t: :w00t: :w00t:
its an update! and i got to be hugged by THE NYAN NYAN! one of my dreams have come true  :D :D THANK YOU KARO-CHAN FOR THE GIFT!  :thumbsup
and lets mourn for the losses of our beloved pets *nod nod*

ooh..i wonder what kinda twist you're planning on making with sakiko-san and/or misato-san   :P
omg dont tell're gonna make sayaka as yukos fiance?!  :shocked that will be just...just... *speechless*

OOH YES A RENAIRIN FIC PLEASE I WOULD LOVE YOU FOREVER!  8) hmm well...what is there to say about airin apart from the fact that shes an otaku, a good drawer, a good singer, an adorable dork and a creepy pervert  :D oh and shes just beautiful and sexy  ;) she also loves frogs....what else i dunno i cant think of anything o.o assignments are messing with my head *dies*

omg reading that flashback ......i was screaming in my head WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO YOUR SQUIRREL HARUNA? how can you be so cruel  :cry: i wanted to cry too at how they both ended up so hurt over this  :( AND MIICHAN! WHY YOU TRY TO KILL THE CAT BY PUSHING HER ONTO THE ROAD?! that is definitely very dangerous...luckily yuko is a pro driver and stopped in time  :thumbup

but but wow....haruna is practically acting all lovey dovey all over yuko :O yuko must be wondering about how much she has changed! and that 'Welcome home, Yuuchan." is so sweet!  :twothumbs            (and it'll be so terrible if somebody like maybe her fiance decides to open the door and is like WTF ARE YOU DOING? *rages* lolol)

thanks for the update   :cow:
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eh!! Haruka.. you dont deserve my yuuchan...

Aww god.. i never hate haruna so much like now.. i understand sayaka now.. if somebody do that to my beloved friend.. mmm  i gonna be so mad from her..

but but but its my kojiyuu couple so.. haruna you NEED to fight for yuko´s love.. doesnt matter what happen .. ok.. if you do that i can forgive you..

awww amazing fic keep going :D
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Woah! An update!  :twothumbs

But before anything else, i want to unleash my raging emotions first karo-chan!! WTF!!!!!  :scolding: Haruna's flashback made me punched my door so hard!  :angry: and yes, i accidentally hurt myself because of this! I got a slight bruise on my index finger, OUCH! OMG Look what you did to me karo-chan  :(

Damn that tsundere! How could she be so cruel?!  :( Those words definitely hurt Yuuchan  :cry: Stupid Haruna is STUPID  :angry: Well, she deserved this! .... and she deserves to suffer more! MORE HURTFUL SCENES KARO-CHAN  :twisted:

Hm, Miichan is so eager to make these two get back together again~  :smhid Well, it's not that easy Miichan. Your stupid friend need to suffer more!   :twisted:   Miichan is indeed a clever girl, without her, maybe Haruna wouldn't be able to see Yuko again after the wedding.  :smhid

So KojiYuu finally meet again.... okay even though i hate Haruna so much in this part, i won't deny that they really look so cute together in the car scene  :wub:  .. but I wonder how would she reacts if Yuko announce to her that she's already engaged  :(


..and hey genius author! don't you dare escape, you still need to cure my hand!  :smhid
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OMG this hit me straight in my heart. I did my best to not cry T_T
I like Miichan's plan hehe
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OH MAI GAD! my poor yuuchan..i hate haruna so much..she doesn't deserve yuko's love..

you're a genius genius that i do not want my otp to be together in this fic..
Title: R.A.Y (The re-edited version) Prologue (04/17)
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The post for the re-edited version of R.A.Y is on the first page. Click the link below~ (

Oh! And can someone please tell me how to make the links shorter? Like make it into those shortcuts without showing the real URL? It's a bit troublesome, and messy. And I want to make things neat for you guys! So pwease?  :on ksweat:

@lollita90: No problem, Izzy-chan! ^^ True...Miichan did almost kill her...But didn't Haruna say that she wanted to be ran over by Yuko more and every single day?  :lol: And about the fiance....Maybe this author already killed him/her off?

@bochang: Ok...I'm a sadist. Done. ahahaha~!  :hiakhiakhiak: And I wanted to do that to Yuko really. I mean...I want my characters to suffer cause I'm a sadist, remember? And I've been a SONE since 2008! The year when the Ice Princess debuted! So...  :glasses: you're oshimen there is the Aegyo Queen? I'm not surprised! She holds the 2nd rank after Jessica-ssi! And yeah! I mean...when I saw AKB48 and SKE48 last year I was like hooked up! I decided to take a break from being a SONE to becoming a fan of them. I can't say that I'm a wota yet... I feel like I'm not worthy enough to call myself that. I should support them more! AND really? Okay then...But I can't promise that you'll really become Yuko's fiance...Since I already made their engagement *ahem* nevermind. ^^

@Pandah: Glad that you like it. ^^ And I'm really glad that you made your name into Pandah, Pandah-san! It made it easier for me to choose how I was going to get you hugged without getting you beaten up by our cat.  :dunno: As for the twist...Just wait for it...For a long time!  :hiakhiakhiak: As for the RenAirin...It's still undergoing some...stuff.  :dozing: <---- this mught explain it. Ahahha~ And can you give me an example that makes her a creepy pervert? And one more thing. Please don't expect much from the RenAirin fic. It might surprise you. and Haruna should really start being lovey-dovey does T-ARA's lovey-dovey dance to her Yuko. And as for her Fiance opening the door...I might/might not write that. After all....The two needs a break, eh?

@Haruko: Glad that you realized how much Sayaka hates Haruna. ^^

@Haruhi16:  :mon ouch:  :mon yell: :mon pray2: I'm sorry for making you hurt your finger. :kneelbow: But then...YAY~! Success! Haruhi-chan got mad! It means that I did a good job at making Yuuchan suffer! Mwuahahahah  :twisted: And suffering...  :mon evillaff: :mon fan: This is JUST the beginning. Though not much *ahem* can't let any hints go out there!  :P And whaaa? Genius author?  :mon mischief: I'm liking the sound of that! Thanks!

@kahem: Glad that it made you almost not cry. ^^

@yukofan: HOORAY~! Hate Haruna-chan more! only in this fic! And thank you for the compliments! HOWEVER! Since I'm a genius writer like you said....I therefore tell you to continue your fic! The I Wanna Be With You[/i] fic. When I saw what you wrote, I wanted to continue my abandoned fic. So like me...YOU SHOULD NOT ABANDON your fic. ^^ So good luck with the inspirations! Your avid reader (MOI~) and your other readers want you to continue! ^^
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You should use this format to make the links look short, this is what I do with mine in the first page of my collection.

[*url=link]-Name of whatever the link should be named-[*/url] (just erase the * since if I typed it without it, it would....erm, turn into a link.)

BTW, I want to see an update on RAY, hahaha, I mean, what would happen after it. I've been following this thread because of RAY, although silently, sorry? Anyways I'm itching to know the next part of it since its about three major girls graduating, and one of them are already graduating now, is this already a premonition of what's to come? ""ORZ
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you were serious about doing a re-edit? * o* dlkf;sdlfksdf. *speechless*
it's been a while since I actually lasted read RAY. It would be nice to read the old copy of it
then read the re-edit one so it can be compared. Unless there was not that much of a change.
Beside the plot and all. And it's not a stupid idea karomuwi - san. :< Hnnn. Don't know what to
do? I'm not too sure how you're planning to flow the story but this is just my thoughts:
Like rumors being spread around about Rena's graduation. And someone close to her believe it
is a false rumor that was created to pressure Rena to graduate because of envy, maybe? The
person tries to comfort Rena without knowing the position she is actually in. And blah blah blah...
Sorry sorry. My train of thoughts got kind of lost. ;;; In middle of class. </3
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okay,anything for karomuwi-san..LOL..i'll update the fic as soon as i can..the problem is not about's about time..this month,every 48 hours i only have 6 hours of free time..and i use that precious 6 hours to take a rest/sleep..

thankyou for motivating me to write again *cry of happiness*
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Uwaaa! I didn't saw the re-edited version of R.A.Y later on. :err:
Renaaaaa! :pleeease: urgh...want....more....
So it seems that Rena had the same trouble as Yuko&Acchan eh?

The re-edited version is good the old one was will it just end like this?
So definitely I  want moar update of R.A.Y!
But no need to hurry Karo-chan you have like 2 or 3 more fics (if I remember it right) that  I truly :drool: over.
So which ever you update I'm good.

Thank you YOU wonderful author!
ArígatoU! :kneelbow:

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*gasp* omg ive been so busy the past few days i havent been able to come and comment! i actually didnt sleep at all last night and stayed up for 31hrs was death *cough* right shall stop talking about myself LOL

irl my friends actually call me pandah cos ....i dont even know apart from the fact that im cuddly lolol  :lol:

lol good thing i could be made into a stuffed toy or else...yeah i really wonder how i was gonna even get close to her without being beaten up by her or yuko in the future ROFL  XD

thats alright :) take your time! i shall forever wait for the renairin fic!  dw anything written by you is awesome :D and the fact that its renairin will just make it even more awesome than it already is  :twothumbs :twothumbs
i havent had a chance to really search up anything but i remembered this entry ( ( this pervert is just ...*facepalm* i reckon this tumblr is pretty good for some renairin stuff :P

haha yeah i agree they need a break from all the hurt...SOME LOVE IS NEEDED ~~ :yep:

AND FOR THE RE-EDITED R.A.Y FIC! its super duper (<-- lol wtf?) they have all decided to graduate :( my heart is bleeding

THANKS FOR THE UPDATE! (now on to commenting your other fic  :D)
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@Sieka: Thank you for the help! :kneelbow: And I sure hope not! I would just die if Rena-sama graduates!

@altoids: Well, thank you for the suggestion! ^^

@Yukofan: ah~ Well, that's great to here! I'll be waiting for your update then! It's alright if it takes you a long time, I'll wait for it patiently! ^^

@Megumi: And yeah, I re-read it and like I said was disappointing for me. So...that's why I made a few changes here and there...maybe a LOT of changes.  :lol: And yeah....if I count all of my written fics...I have six. Lol. Wow. I shoud updata some of them!

@Pandah: Cuddly, Pandah~! I want a hug~! Lol. And you compliment me too much! I don't write awesome stuff. I just write. XP And thanks for the link! Becuase of that, I've become a RenAirin shipper! It makes me want to take a break from W Matsui, but I think that I'll just make several stories that wil have RenAirin. And I love the vid where Airin said 'Rena, I love you!' it made me like....Kyaah~! So cute! Thanks for the link! ^^

Chapter One of R.A.Y (
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KARO-CHAN!~~ *glomps* (hows that for a hug?! ITS AWESOME ISNT IT?  :D)

hoho its not too much  8) if its awesome then its forever awesome!   :thumbsup

YOSSHA! *fist pump* another renairin shipper  :twothumbs
woooo more stories with renairin in it *does a dorky dance* gonna totally go and celebrate! with some yoghurt LOL haha i was just laughing at airins face! and how serious it was! rofl she was totally speechless  :lol:....but its a great effort for a sudden confession xD lolol ahh~ shes just so cute  :D

ahhh! the oshiri sisters are at it again haha yuki fell prey to their hands  :lol: but but how can haruna be so cold to yuko D: nuuu my kojiyuu !!  :bleed eyes: yuko is hurt how can you think she was pretending haruna?! *pulls out hair* gahh why are the members acting all different towards them D: even takamina is avoiding acchan! what is this blasphemy?! oh at least the three musketeers have each other :) calms my pained heart at least

and acchan is going to announce her graduation! are the other two going to as well? or are they going to announce on the days that they planned? hmm so many questions and no answers....yet hmm hmm *rubs chin*

hooray for the three musketeers!! THANKS FOR THE UPDATE!  :thumbup

p.s i think you double posted chapter 1 in the same post  :nervous
Title: [AKB48] Series of (Un) Love - (Un)Selfish Love{Sequel to (Un)Requited} (04/24)
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@Pandah: Yeah! AWESOME!!!  :on chew: Really had to glomp me, huh? Ahahaha  :hiakhiakhiak: I mean...she was trying hard to look serious! And also that video about her being unable to meet Rena-sama's eyes for more than 3 seconds! It was so funny! I basically killed the replay button! LOL! RenAirin is so cute! It's so cute that I wanna do something to the W Matsui pair in one of my fics!  :twisted: And thanks for telling me about the re-post! I was a bit in a hurry back then!

A/N: This for me. I had a hard time...Because the previous chapter of (Un)Selfish love was too cheesy! I needed hurt to feel more alive!  :dozing: That's why I tried to end this chapter with some more problems and that it'll be easier for me to write the next chap. (like T.A.F! I wanted to skip this update to start on that chappie, but this had to come first...because this might go on HIATUS) And now~ Onto one of my disappointed updates!

Chapter Five

“Welcome back, Yuuchan.”

Silence formed between the two of them, making the cold atmosphere colder and awkward. The girl who spoke the words still had her hands cupping her mouth, while the girl who heard them looked at her blankly. There was no words spoken for the several minutes that came after the ‘welcome back, Yuko’, and it was keeping the two from entering the warm abode.

“Uh…Thanks?” Yuko laughed, as she scratched the back of her head a while after she realized just how cold it was.

The shorter girl’s voice snapped Haruna out of her trance, and caused her to realize that she has been standing in the same position for more than five minutes. Covering her face, Haruna sat on the front porch and let a huge tint of pink to spread throughout her face.

She couldn’t bear to look at the shorter girl straight in the eyes after what she had spoken. It was far too cheesy, and so random. She didn’t even have a good reason to do that! Why did she even think of that! Why did it cross her mind and why did she have to do it?!

“Haruna?” Yuko called her name, when Haruna began to pull her hair.

The said girl remained to keep her eyes averted from Yuko, who just spoke with a gentle smile on her face. “That was sweet.”

“Thank you.”

Haruna looked up and found herself next to the girl who almost ran her through with a car, and smiled. Sighing in relief, she began to thank the girl for saying the right words. She was far too embarrassed to look up and meet Yuko’s gaze, but the girl’s sweet voice and thanks made the embarrassment disappear instantly.

Scratching her head, Yuko patted Haruna’s head gently as she chuckled. The gesture made Haruna pout, since she wanted to be hugged or at least kissed on the cheeks. However, having Yuko pat her like how she used to do whenever Haruna was crying in the past, made her smile once more.

The smile however, was replaced instantly by a pout when Yuko pinched her cheeks and squealed. She began to move Haruna’s face side to side, and chuckled to herself as she kept massaging the taller girl’s face. Just to make Haruna pout even more, Yuko pressed Haruna’s cheeks together— making her look like a fish— and laughed.

“Aww~! You’re so cute when you pout!”

Haruna asked, with her face still being played with. “Cute?”

“Un.” Yuko nodded as she gave Haruna her signature dimpled smile.

The dimpled smile made Haruna smile for a bit, since smiling with a face of a fish was a bit difficult. Just then, Yuko removed her warm hands on Haruna’s face and stood up. The sudden lost contact made Haruna’s hair stand up, and she shivered as she watched Yuko taking out the house keys from her own pocket.
Turning to the door, Yuko opened it and motioned for Haruna to stand up. The taller girl sighed and stood up, only to fall back down due to the slippery wet floor. Yuko must have thought that Haruna fell down due to feeling dizzy, and helped the girl up by wrapping her arms around the taller girl’s waist.

“Come on.” Yuko said to her as she helped Haruna enter the house, not noticing the blush that Haruna failed to hide.

They started walking into the living room, and it was not long when Yuko turned to Haruna and started taking the taller girl’s coat off her body. The sudden contact of Yuko’s warm hands on her cold skin made the taller girl stiff and paralyzed to the ground, before looking at the shorter girl who now almost had Haruna’s coat off.
“W-w-what are you doing?!” Haruna cried, as she leaned away and tried to keep the coat on while her face turned beetroot red.

Yuko looked at her blankly, not knowing why the taller girl was being so flustered about. But then, realization dawned upon her and she smacked her forehead as she backed away. She had her hands raised up, almost looking like she was surrendering while she shook her head furiously.
“NO! I don’t mean it that way!” she cried.

Haruna looked at her, as she bit her lower lip. “Really?”

“Yeah.” The shorter nodded, before pointing to the heater’s controller. “I just wanted to help you take the coat off because the heater’s on.”


Haruna looked away from the girl’s eyes, ashamed that she thought of such indecent stuff when the shorter girl was just trying to help her out. As Yuko mumbled to her about changing her clothes and getting Haruna some food, the taller girl sat down on one of the soft couches without taking off her clothes, thinking deeply.

Maybe she should stop seeing Yuko as Oshima Yuko from nine years ago. Stop seeing the girl as Oshima Yuko, the girl whom everyone known as the most perverted girl in high school, and the girl who always tried to do something to her.

Taking a glance at the shorter girl from the corner of her eyes, Haruna saw Yuko walking up the stairs to probably get to her bedroom, before hearing a soft slamming of a door. Haruna looked down to her feet, feeling the guilt trying to erupt from her chest.

Ever since she has seen Yuko, the girl has never done a single perverted thing to her or anybody. It was really unfair for Yuko to have Haruna judge her because of whom she was nine years ago, because the Yuko from nine years ago compared with the Yuko at the moment, is so different from each other.

It was surprising to see, but Yuko has really matured.

And her maturity was making Haruna miss the old her.

Not that she hates the new ‘Yuko’. It was actually pleasant to have Yuko act in a mature manner, and have her seem more caring and lady-like instead of acting like a perverted middle-aged man. It made Haruna see her in a new light and become warmer towards her, instead of how she used to be.

But I really miss the old Yuko. she sighed to herself, when she saw Yuko coming down the stairs and went into the kitchen without giving Haruna a glance.

Sighing to herself even more, Haruna started beating herself for being so stupid. She shouldn’t really have acted that way! She even lost the opportunity to let Yuko come nearer and allow Haruna to smell her sweet alluring scent!

And with how she acted, Yuko would surely keep her distance from Haruna.

I’m so stupid! Haruna cried inwardly, before hitting her forehead in anger several times.

Just then, she heard the sound of footsteps from the kitchen and when she turned, she found Yuko carrying some drinks along with two slices of strawberry cake. Haruna stood up and offered to help Yuko, but the shorter girl waved her hand dismissively and motioned for Haruna to sit once again as she gave the reason that Haruna was the guest.

When she placed the tray of food and drinks down onto the glass table in the middle of the room, Yuko turned to the taller girl and found her still wearing her coat. She sat down across Haruna, making the taller girl feel really guilty and sigh.

“Aren’t you feeling a bit hot, Haruna-san?” the shorter girl asked her, as she handed Haruna one of the plates.

“A bit.” Haruna bit her lower lip, before looking straight into Yuko’s eyes as she continued to speak. “I want to apologize for how I acted.”

“That’s fine.”

“No!” Haruna cried to her, a bit too loud that it made Yuko’s eyes bulge out in surprise.

Haruna repeated the word in a softer voice this time. “No.”

“I want to show you that I’m comfortable around you, and that I don’t think of you as a pervert or anything.”

Yuko’s eyebrow rose up and she stared at Haruna, watching the taller girl make her way to her side. Haruna sat next to Yuko and placed the shorter girl’s hands on the collar of her coat, before staring into the girl’s eyes with such intensity that it kind of made Yuko flinch and lean away, feeling a bit uncomfortable with the sudden closeness between the two of them.

“W-what?” Yuko asked the taller girl, when Haruna nudged her.

“Take my coat off.”


Yuko stared at her blankly, before looking away from the taller girl. She motioned for Haruna to stand up in order for her to take the coat off easier, and cleared her throat as Haruna smiled at her. Haruna had a nagging feeling from the back of her mind, about her being a bit too straightforward and how Yuko was being uncomfortable, but the taller girl pushed them aside and waited for the shorter girl to take the coat off.

She turned and tucked the hair behind her ears, before looking at Yuko and smiling at her. The shorter girl decided to get on with it and took off the coat inch by inch, and managed to get the coat almost off. Just then, to Yuko’s dismay, the coat’s zipper got stuck on the girl’s bra strap and the moment she tried to take the coat completely off from Haruna’s body, the bra strap broke.

D-did she do that on purpose? Haruna asked herself, not knowing on how to react.

Fortunately for her, Yuko reacted by moving as far as she could from the taller girl. She had her hands flailing around and she was crying out some words that Haruna couldn’t understand. Her face was beetroot red, and her mouth was gaping close and open.

“Haruna-san!” Yuko cried as she dropped to the ground with her hands covering her head. “I’m so sorry!”

The said girl looked at the girl cowering by the corner, and furrowed her eyebrows. Has she been that violent and harsh to the girl nine years ago for her to still act like she was going to be hit at the moment? That thought made Haruna bite her lips as sadness started to overcome her.

“W-why are you cowering like that?” Haruna laughed, as she walked nearer to the shorter girl while trying to hide the pain of seeing Yuko so afraid of her inside her chest. “Come on, stand up.”

“Y-you’re not going to hit me like what Sayaka said?”

“Hit you?” Haruna looked at her blankly.

Yuko stood up, and faced her. “Sayaka said that—”


The sudden ringing of the doorbell made Yuko stop midway in her sentence. She turned to the direction of the ringing and started walking towards the door, where a small figure was standing behind from. Haruna knew that it was someone small, due to the translucent glass of the door and wore her coat as she took her bra off.

She put the laced bra inside her bag quickly and peered over Yuko’s shoulder when the shorter girl turned the knob of the door. When the door was fully open, Haruna saw a girl in a pig-tailed hairstyle hug Yuko tightly as she squealed.

“Oshiriko-chan!” the girl cried, as Yuko laughed and twirled her around.

The twirling the two did almost caused the shoe rack to break when Yuko accidentally hit the pig-tailed girl against it. After checking whether it was alright, they continued with their twirling and managed to make it to the living room without any further damages.
“I missed you, Oshiriri!” Yuko cried, before planting a kiss on top of the girl’s head when they fell on the couches.

The one called ‘Oshiriri’ hugged Yuko and the two started to cry about how they missed each other, while inserting in one of their cries that they’ve already seen each other several days before. As she watched the two, Haruna began to wonder who the girl was.

She was sure that she has seen her, but she couldn’t place her finger on it. When the girl took a quick glance at her, Haruna smiled and waved at her. She was sure that has seen the pig-tailed girl before, but she really couldn’t figure out when, even though several images have been flashing in her mind.

“Ah, Haruna-san!” the pig-tailed girl suddenly cried the taller girl’s name, before standing up and inspecting her head. “I heard from Oshiriko-chan about your head and how she almost ran you over.”


“I’ll be your doctor,” she smiled as she took out some white spectacles and wore it. “Watanabe Mayu at your service!”

“I’m sorry, but I’m sure that I’ve seen you before. Have we met by any chance?” Haruna asked her, as they shook hands with each other.

“I was your kohai in high school, and I went to the Atsumina wedding.” Mayu reminded her, before adding a little information that helped Haruna remember her instantly.

“Jurina introduced me to you guys.”

Ah, she’s Jurina’s girlfriend! Haruna snapped her fingers, before smiling widely at the girl.

She started to make a mental note on paying attention to details. Though, the reason that she wasn’t unable to remember Watanabe Mayu was because she was busily staring at Yuko, who was standing next to Mayu and Jurina that time at the party.

“So…” the younger girl said as she took out a stethoscope from her a bag—which Haruna never noticed when she entered the house— and placed the scope on the taller girl’s chest.

“Breath.” The young doctor instructed, and Haruna did as she was told.

When Mayu didn’t remove her scope on Haruna’s chest, the taller girl decided to breathe in and out a few more times. The two of them stayed in that position for a minute or two before Mayu leaned away from Haruna and turned to Yuko, who was looking a bit worried.

“Her breathing seems to be fine, Oshiriko-chan.” Mayu assured her— making her sigh in relief— as she took out small hammer and started hitting Haruna’s knees. “Her nerves seem to be reacting well.”

“That’s great to hear.” Yuko smiled at her friend.

Mayu smiled back and stood up to search for the bump on Haruna’s head. She started to mess the taller girl’s hair in order to find it. Once she managed to find it, she started touching it several times and looked at Haruna for any reaction of pain.

Seeing that Haruna seems to be fine, she started putting back her stethoscope and small hammer into her bag. Then turning to her good friend, she spoke. “The bump on the head is no longer swelling, and if I may say…”

“…You were exaggerating about what you told me.” Mayu chuckled.

“I thought that she’d be bleeding and such.”

Yuko laughed sheepishly as she scratched the back of her neck, and it was not long before the two started to laugh. As the two laughed, the tallest of the three watched them with a blank expression. She wanted to laugh along with them, but they were laughing about her bleeding and to laugh about that was a bit…disturbing.

The moment their laughing session ended, Mayu decided to eat some cake and took the plate that was meant for Haruna. Haruna cried out, making Yuko slap the younger girl’s hand away as she shook her head. The slapping of the hand made Mayu pout at the shorter girl.

Haruna chuckled to herself quietly as she watched Yuko scold Mayu for taking the cake, before she stood up and said that she’ll just get another slice of cake for the young doctor. Mayu stuck out her tongue and tried to take a bite out of the cake, but Yuko stopped her by slapping her head.

“Just wait for your slice!” Yuko scolded, before walking to the kitchen.
When Yuko was out of their sight, Mayu sighed and turned to Haruna as her face turned serious. She began to stare at Haruna, making the taller girl lean away as she started to feel less comfortable. She felt even more uncomfortable when the young doctor hardened her stare.

Is she going to blame me for Yuko scolding her? Haruna thought to herself when Mayu snuck a glance at the kitchen.

Her question was left unanswered and she began to feel like calling Yuko back, with just how intense the stare Mayu gave her. The younger girl looked at her for a while, before looking to the direction of the kitchen and shouted to Yuko.

“I want two slices of your cake, and the macaroni you made last night!” she said.

Yuko shouted back to her with a laugh. “Sure! It might take a bit though, but I’ll try to hasten the oven!”

“Take your time! I’ll talk with Haruna while I wait!”

Talk? Haruna gulped.

Once she finished speaking, Mayu turned to Haruna and the hard stare returned. She stood up from her seat and sat directly in front of Haruna with an unwavering stare. She leaned nearer and placed her chin against her intertwined hands whilst turning her stare into a glare.

The glare became so intense and suffocating, that Haruna was sure it could’ve killed her right on the spot if it was possible. Haruna fidgeted in her seat and tried to look away, but her eyes would always find themselves staring back into Mayu’s brown orbs.
“What do you want from my friend?” Mayu asked with a voice cold as ice.

The coldness in her voice made the older girl flinch back a bit. What made her afraid of the girl at the moment was the growling she did afterwards. The surroundings around the two started to grow cold and suffocating, that the only thing inside Haruna’s mind was to call Yuko from the kitchen.

Unfortunately for her, she couldn’t find her voice at the moment.
“I’m sure that Sayaka-san told you to stay away from her and threatened you.” Mayu said as she lessened the intensity of her glare, and leaned back against her seat.

Haruna asked her nervously. “Are you going to tell me the same thing?”

“No.” Mayu sighed, before tapping her knees in a rhythmic pattern “I’m not going say that.”

Mayu took a deep breath, before looking at the direction of the kitchen. With how she kept on glancing at the kitchen, Haruna was sure that Yuko had no idea of what was going on. She was also sure that Mayu wanted Yuko to know nothing about it.

It took her by surprise though, with what the young doctor said to her after she glared and stared at her like she was a disgusting person.

“I’m going to let you see her and talk to her.”

“What?” Haruna looked at her, dumbfounded.

Mayu sighed and started massaging the temples of her head. “I’ve never seen Yuuchan act so freely around people like you.”

“That’s why,” Mayu stared at her. “I’m giving you my permission to see and talk to her.”

Haruna’s face lightened up, and she jumped in glee inside. To Yuko, Mayu was not only a great friend. She was someone whom she trusts dearly, and to have her permission was like getting a ‘pass’ from Yuko’s parents. So the only person I need to gain approval from is Sayaka. Haruna thought to herself, happily.

“HOWEVER,” Mayu’s glare returned and she intertwined her hands together.

Mayu closed her eyes, before opening them to increase the intensity of her glare as she spoke. “Hurt her like you did before, and I’ll make sure you suffer.”


Haruna nodded, but the shorter girl seemed to doubt her. She must have not been showing that she understood Mayu through her expressions, and that made the younger girl to come nearer to her in a dangerous approach. She grabbed the older female by the collar of her coat, and hissed.

“I will use any resources to humiliate you. I will not only bring your reputation down, but I’ll make sure that you will NEVER be able to show your face to the public.” The shorter girl growled.

She tightened her grip on the girl’s collar when Haruna said nothing, making the taller girl let out a cough when she felt the tightening of the clothing against her neck. Haruna started to feel her heart beating fast as Mayu started to look at her with a dangerous glint in her eyes. “I’m sure that you’ve heard of what I can do?”


The said girl’s eyes widened and she leaned away from Haruna. Yuko had suddenly come out of the kitchen with the food Mayu requested for in hand, and she was now looking at the two girls with a curious expression. Mayu had turned Haruna around, and had her hands on the ends of the taller girl’s sleeves.

“Sheesh, Haruna-chan!” Mayu chuckled, as she hit Haruna’s back gently. “You should take the coat off!”

The girl’s sudden change in personality took Haruna aback, making her look at Mayu with a blank expression as she was unable to form anything expressive. The threatening aura Mayu had a while ago, had disappeared into thin air as if everything that has happened a while ago was just a dream or some sort of hallucination.

“Ah, Yuuchan,” Mayu pretended to have been surprised with Yuko’s presence.

She pulled the coat from Haruna’s body gently and with utmost care, before continuing to speak with a smile. “I can’t help but notice how Haruna-chan kept the coat on even with the heater on. That’s why I decided to help her take it off.”

“Ah~” Yuko nodded at her with a smile, as she poured the younger girl a drink. “That’s so kind of you, Mayuyu!”

Yuko patted the girl’s head before sitting down on one of the couches. Turning to Haruna— who was looking a bit pale, she asked. “Did you enjoy yourselves while I was busy?”

“Well, I enjoyed the talk I had with Haruna-chan.” Mayu smiled at her friend, before sending a knowing smile to the taller girl who was almost as pale as a sheet of paper.

“You enjoyed it too,” Mayu titled her head to the side with a smile so cute.

“Didn’t you, Haruna-chan?”

Haruna looked at the girl holding her arm tightly, and wondered if Yuko could see how blue and purple her skin was turning into. How could the girl smile at her as if she wasn't threatening her a while ago? Haruna thought to herself, as the younger girl kept on digging her nails into her numb skin.

“Y-yeah.” Haruna agreed, almost reluctantly.

Mayu smiled, before patting Haruna’s head like a pet she has managed to tame. When Yuko smiled at Haruna, the taller girl can’t help but wonder to herself if the shorter girl knew about Mayu’s great acting skills and her deadly grip.

“Haruna-chan,” Yuko said after a minute or two, when Mayu made her way over to the shorter girl’s side like a child. “What happened to your arm?”

The shorter girl pointed at the spot on Haruna’s arm, which Mayu was holding onto a few seconds ago. Haruna looked at the culprit—who just narrowed her eyes at the taller girl— before smiling meekly to Yuko as she gave a dismissive wave.

“J-just accidentally scratched it a bit.”

When Yuko arched an eyebrow, Haruna added quickly. “I have long nails, that’s why.”

“Are you sure you’re alr—” the shorter girl started to say, when the youngest of them all interrupted her by hugging Yuko whilst she was in the midway of her sentence.

“— anyway, Oshiriko-chan!” Mayuyu tugged Yuko’s sleeves, before continuing. “I wanted to tell you about the girl I bumped into a few days ago!”

Yuko looked at the taller girl to see if she was alright, but the taller girl just gave her another smile. Mayu was starting to whine about not being given Yuko’s attention, making the shorter girl pat her on the head as she smiled at the young doctor. “Alright, tell me about it.”

Mayu started to talk about a raven-haired girl she managed to bump into during the Atsumina wedding, whilst Haruna ate her cake in silence. Her hand kept on shoving the cake into her mouth to show that she was eating, but she was unable to get a clear taste of the food.

Her body was there with the two girls but her brain didn’t really process the words they were saying. Haruna was currently thinking of a way to get out of the house, with an excuse that could help her seem less suspicious about being intimidated by the young doctor.

And it seemed to have put her into a trance.

When she realized that she had no cake left on her plate, she looked around and saw something shimmering against the light in the room. She discreetly took out the object and found it to be a phone, making her almost jump in glee.

She kept her eyes glancing to the two girls talking as she set a fake call to start in a minute, making sure that she would not be caught. When she managed to set the schedule up, she sighed and looked at the two as she tried to make herself look very relaxed in her seat.

However, her relaxation started to falter as time passes her by slowly. Every five seconds were like minute, and it was driving Haruna mad with the waiting she was doing. She wanted to get out of the house now, and she needed to breath in some air that has no threatening aura in it.

“Haruna-san, would you like some more cake?” Yuko asked her all of a sudden.

She said, almost too loudly and desperately. “No!”

“I mean, I’m already full.”

She didn’t want Yuko to leave her alone with the young doctor once more, and give the younger girl another chance to grip her skin tightly. Her skin was already feeling quite numb from the cold, and to have her blood form on a spot would certainly affect her modeling.

Taking a deep breath, Haruna smiled at the two girls and motioned for them to continue their conversation as she assured Yuko that she was really full and fine with just listening to them quietly. She wanted nothing else but to find a way out of the house.

Just then…

Aitakatta! Aitakatta! Aitakatta! YES!~

The sound of a ringing phone echoed in Yuko’s humble abode, making the two girls conversing stop their chat and turn to Haruna, who was smiling at her phone almost thankfully. Sensing the looks being sent to her by the girls who sat across from her, Haruna lowered her head as she apologized about interrupting their conversation.

Though she really set the call on its highest volume to let the other two notice the ringing.

Haruna flipped her phone open and pretended to talk to one of her co-workers. She started to talk about how she was at a friend’s house and she was pretty busy at the moment, before adding a bit of annoyed remarks to no one in particular when she pretended to have heard about something bad going on at the building.

“Ah,” Haruna looked at the two girls staring back at her, before standing up and placing the phone back into her pocket as she wore the coat back on. “I’m sorry, Yuko. But I have to leave now.”

“Do you want me to drive you to the building?” Yuko offered, which Haruna declined politely.

“I’ll just walk. It’s not far from here and besides,” she pointed to Mayu. “You have a guest.”

“Well, okay.”

Haruna started to walk towards the door, when Yuko started to clean up the mess on the table. The taller girl was about to turn the knob of the door to open it, when she was stopped by Mayu’s voice calling out to Yuko, who was currently in the kitchen.

“Oshiriko-chan!” she called out, “I’ll accompany Haruna-chan until she hires a taxi, okay? I’ll be back!”

“Okay! Be careful!”

Mayu smiled towards the direction of the kitchen and skipped to Haruna, who was now almost out of the house. She smiled at the taller girl, and the two of them started to walk out of the house. Haruna was wondering what the younger girl wanted, and started to think that she was going to apologize when nothing happened to her after they walked out of the gate.

Unfortunately for Haruna, that wasn't the case. As soon as they made a turn by a corner, Mayu pushed Haruna against the wall and leaned her face nearer to the taller girls— though she had to tip-toe. She stared straight into the taller girl’s eyes, before narrowing her eyes.

“I hope that I make this clear, Kojima Haruna.” She spoke, almost with venom as the taller girl’s name rolled off her tongue. “I’m giving you my permission to talk and speak with my friend.”

“But hurt her mentally or physically, I will not hesitate to ruin your career. Just a slight drop of tear from her eyes with you as the cause, and you’ll suffer my wrath.”

She pulled Haruna away from the walls before pushing her onto the cold ground, before she asked. “Do you understand?”

Haruna nodded and stood up. All she wants is a second chance to be with Yuko. She wants to be with Yuko and love her properly this time. She doesn’t have any intention of hurting the girl she has hurted before once again, and she was willing to show it to everyone.

Mayu started walking past her to get back to Yuko’s house, but stopped the moment she was about to turn by the corner.

“Just a reminder for you, Kojima Haruna” she said as she crossed her arms. “I’m a doctor, and I can make you disappear without a trace.”

“I might sell you to the black market, throw you into the sea, or even burn you alive.”

Haruna stood frozen to the ground, scared with how Mayu was calming telling her the possible ways Haruna would suffer the young doctor’s wrath. Coming from a younger girl, those sounded pretty much unrealistic. But Haruna knew how Mayu was.

She’s a serious girl and means business when she threatens.

“Do I make myself clear, Kojima Haruna?”

Haruna nodded. “Yes.”


With that, she turned by the corner and left Haruna standing alone in the street. Haruna heaved a sigh of relief, glad that she was finally free from the suffocating atmosphere of Mayu’s. As she started to walk towards the direction of her office, she flipped her phone open as she remembered about seeing a message she was unable to read.

You can thank me later by treating me to lunch.

“Right,” Haruna said to herself, as she flipped the phone close.

“Time to get back at Miichan for almost killing me.”

To Be Continued…

I blame my previous chapter for this lame update. If only I never wrote that sweet scene!!!  :frustrated: Oh well,  :bigdeal: Just gotta have the characters to suffer more then.

Thank you for reading!!! Byebye~! :mon bye: :byebye:

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D: what did sayaka tell yuko about haruna?! AND DOCTOR MAYU HAS APPEARED! although she has a dark side to her which yuko somehow doesnt know about  :wth and it seems like yuko is oblivious to the things around her ..i dunno it seems like she just recovered from a tragic accident and is someone who is really fragile right now (okay so maybe she had her heart broken literally into a million pieces and mentally she is scarred so shes like this now)

gahh! mayuyu has hurt haruna! and somehow haruna seems like shes in danger from mayuyu and sayaka wanting to practically kill her  :O
this doctor...totally belongs to a mafia with the way she threatens LOL somehow im actually more frightened of what sayakas gonna do if she finds out that haruna is seeing and talking to yuko  :panic:

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Yay, updates!

I realized that I haven't read chapter 4 yet, so I did, and here are the recollection of my thoughts..

Oh god, Haruna...  :panic: That's a really mean and impulsive thing to say. Makes me understood more about why everyone basically hates her in this story lol. The Kojiyuu interaction bit is really sweet and awkward, great stuff there.

For chapter 5..
I kind of really want to see Mariko appear somewhere and help Haruna out, since  almost everyone threatens the crap out of her. I feel like Yuko is being understood by others, while Haruna isn't. Maybe Mii-chan does understand her, a little bit, and is hesitant to fully help.

Ahh. I'll be waiting for the inevitable drama that will ensue when Sayaka finds out about Haruna and Yuko's meeting. Hey, Sayaka can't blame Haruna since it was Yuko who took her to the house...
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wow wow mayuyu you are so.. dangerous..

But why haruna dont say nothing... say to everybody that you gonna fight for yuko.. dont let that they say horribles things to you.. come on be brave.. and say it aloud " ILOVE KOJIMA HARUNA AND GONNA FIGHT FOR HER DOESNT MATTER WHAT HAPPEN" OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT :D
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I almost thought that at last KojiYuu will be together..
But.. Mayuyu.. TT.TT
She's so scary.. The cyborg has spoken..

So haruna didn't wear any bra until the end of the chapter?
I though mayuyu will grope haruna if she notice haruna didn't wear any bra when haruna being examined by her. LOL but it turns out mayuyu giving so many threats to Haruna.. TT.TT
Don't kill haruna, mayuyu!

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shiriri-san and oshiriko-chan <3 oshiri sisters are so cute..
mayuyu's character is so awesome..i love when she threaten haruna..even the shiriri-san can be scary too LOL..

I want sayaka vs must be so intense LOL
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Wow, Mayuyu surely is scary  :mon curtain:
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I'm glad you updated karo~chan! I'm looking forward for the next chapter! Nice chapter btw  :twothumbs
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OMG Mayuyu is really scary! But it makes thing more interesting hehehe
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Okay! Since I'm a bit stuck on R.A.Y , SoUL and AKB48 No Fansabisu No Sho...Let's play a game!

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As for the fanservice fic, I managed to get permissions from two great people! And 2nd ep shall be updated soon! (a LONG soon!) I'll stop being sadistic and a I'll tell you that the girls will be playing a game. may be a bit disappointing.

Anyway~! Onto the comments!

@Pandah: Yeah, I think my left button's dead now. :hiakhiakhiak: Airin looks so cute when she said that. Lol! Let's just say that Kami-sama wanted something to happen when the bra strap got caught.  :lol: As for fragility, can't Yuuchan be fragile wthout the thought of being in an accident? That's the VERY reason why her getting into an accident is NOT the reason for any of these happenings. Accident and amnesia is TOO mainstream. And you probably noticed how much I try to twist plots. As for Sayaka...Hmm~ Let's just keep her out of the picture for a while. Haruna needs time to spend with Yuko-san. And she has her own troubles to take care of.

@oist: Well, I tried to make sure that she's hated in this fic. It's always Yuko who gets blamed for almost every KojiYuu fic. Mariko will surely make an appearance of course. They've dated before after all.

@Haruko: Well, our little Kojipa is too scared because two people have threatened her. XD

@smarty0821: Thank you. I thought that I had disappointed you guys. Phew! As for the have to play the game first!  :P

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A/N: one mentioned about the certain hint I left in the chappie huh? Some...pairings-to-be have been revealed. Hmm~ I think I hid it too much.  :twisted: Oh well~ :bigdeal: you guys will just have to get the pairings and story titles correct!
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i love your kojiyuu fic,i hope you'll update next chapter about kojiyuu soon
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i vote for (un)dying love! and the pairing that i want is....
TomoHaeJin! LOL
forget about what i say. LOL

i want to be suprised so, i don't want to predict it yet. hohohoh
i'm a guy.. so.. i can't helped it. LOL
no, but im my mind oshiri sister are pervert! LOL so mayuyu maybe do something like that. LOL

Ah! Btw i just finished reading akb no fansabisu no sho!
It's quite amusing. LOL
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MariMii.. Troll couple..
Poor takamina. She became the victim. LOL
Will looking foward to the next chapter~ :D *wink*
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(Un)known love.. for Wmatsui?
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Mayuyu is scary~  :mon curtain:

(un)Dying Love~ WMatsui?~  :mon dunno:
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cuteness to the max! omg i think i killed the replay button again with that green peas video!! i think i internally squealed every time i watch it LOL plus grinning like a maniac  :nervous

oh yes kami-sama wanted something to happen! lol
ah yes..the twisting of the twisted plots is definitely twisted  8) oh phew at least sayaka wont be killing a cat anytime soon  :P

lol why must you make this so hard for me! this game.....i dont even know which one to pick and which pairing....cos all i ever want to read are kojiyuu and renairin fics LOL and marimii just for the lols xD

ill go for.....(Un)Dying Love AND FOREVER KOJIYUU! which i know is not right LOL
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lol, i dunno.   :nervous
I can pick two right?

(Un)Faithful Love - MayuJuri
Judging from the way Mayu threatens Haruna, we could be having bloodshed for unfaithful actions. And, well, that's fun to read about, no?  XD

(Un)Known Love - RenAirin
lololllololl. Since it's an 'unknown' love, so it hasn't been mentioned right? RenAirin is my current obsession right now, so I'll go with them..
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Undying love, KOJIYUU.

LOL bias XD Looking forward to your new updates karo~chan. <3
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I love the way you write Karomugi-sama :heart: :thumbup

the fics are great! :thumbup :love:

thanks for your hard work :love: and i'm looking forward to the next chapter :heart: :roll:
ALWAYS KOJIYUU!!!!!!!! :lol: :lol: XD XD YAY!

I'd love the KojiYuu Undying love and Forgiving love :thumbup
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It's really interesting. Keep up the good work. :)
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@songbac: Thank you. :kneelbow: Here's your update, song-san.

@bochang: ahaha~  :hiakhiakhiak: No.  :smoke: There is no such pairing, oppa~ :P I shall update AKB48 No Fansabisu No Sho after a few decades~ :hiakhiakhiak:

@Kamen Knight: Hmm~ Maybe? But then...Will the pairing be W Matsui? :hiakhiakhiak: Request denied~ :on drink: You can guess again, if you want. ^^

@pen-pen-chii: Hmm~ W Matsui...for (Un)Dying Love? :glasses: Request Denied~ :on drink:
 You can guess one more time, if you want. But the votes shall remain the same. ^^

@Pandah: ahaha~ Of course. Haruna's suffering should be slow...and painful.  :kekeke: Well...since there has been too much W Matsui and I'm feeling a bit of a troll, there MIGHT be RenAirin or not.  :hiakhiakhiak: You can guess again, Pan-chan. ^^

@oist: Hmm~  :glasses: :hiakhiakhiak: Request Denied~ :on drink: You can guess again, if you want. ^^

Haruhi16: Mou~ Haru-chan! Don't be so biased! and here's the update, since you said that SoUL was one of your favs. :hee:

YuuMitsuaki: Haha, mugi-chan... Ahh~ :on drink: I'm remembering my fav character in K-ON now. Mugi-sama~ Thank you for liking it, I'm glad that you do. ^^ And here's the next update.  :hee:

TakaminaBG: Thank you. :kneelbow: Maybe you should play the game? You just might get it right. :hee:

A/N: So... all of the requests have been denied. :hiakhiakhiak: Oh my~ Is it really that hard? Hmm~ :glasses: Maybe I should give a hint or something. Well, here's the possible couples that might be in the SoUL fics.

W Matsui
W Tomo
MeetanXTomo (no idea what their pairing name is, sorry~)

So there~ Those are the pairings that you have to choose from. Keep guessing guys~ You MIGHT just get it right. :hiakhiakhiak: Do take note that the fics will be focused on the several couples, and they're related to (Un)Selfish in a way that the events happening in the fics are happening at the same time as (Un)Selfish. Anyway~ Onto the next chapter that might give some hints to you guys. Or not.

Chapter Six

Making sure that not a snowflake was left on the bottom of her heels, she wiped her high heels once more on the carpet laid out in front of her office door. When she tapped her heels each on the wooden floor and heard the sound she wanted to hear, her right hand reached out and grabbed the cold metal knob of the door.

Turning it, the door opened and she walked in while taking off her coat, never noticing the other presence in the room. Once she hanged the coat onto the stand made for her jackets and coats, she then turned her head and found herself staring back at a short-haired girl.

“Hey.” The short-haired girl greeted, before motioning to her legs that were now up on the couch’s arms. “I just made myself comfortable.”

Haruna arched her eyebrow and crossed her arms, before walking to her chair to take a seat as she asked the older girl a question. “Why is it that whenever I arrive at my office, I always have guests waiting for me instead of the other way around?”

“Because you always take a long time to reach the room, and you tend to leave the door unlocked.” The older girl told her, as she sat down properly with a straight body posture.

The younger girl smiled at her sheepishly for forgetting to lock her office door, and scratched the back of her head as she gave a laugh. Mariko laughed along with her, after a while until Haruna decided to stop their laughing fit by asking the older girl a question. “So what does my rival wants with me?”

“Nothing.” Mariko replied quickly, obviously taken aback by the word ‘rival’. “I just wanted to see a friend.”

She laughed and smiled at Haruna, who just arched an eyebrow at the response she received from the older girl. Seeing that Haruna was not nodding and saying ‘ahh’ to her, Mariko knew that the younger girl sensed what she came to the office for.

After all, Shinoda Mariko never comes to a rival’s office without a reason. Never has she paid Haruna a visit without any reason or a friendly visit, no matter how close friends they were to each other. For Mariko, to visit someone during work hours meant she has business to take care of.

And since it was still ten in the morning, it was definitely business hours.

Haruna continued to stare at Mariko, as if waiting for her to go on with talking. She had felt that the word ‘but’ was trying to escape from Mariko’s mouth, and seeing how Mariko’s smile waver from her stare, she was sure that there was something for her visit.

Intertwining her fingers together, she started to tap the surface of the table and waited for the older girl to open her mouth and start talking. A few minutes went by without any word spoken by the two rivals, and silence was starting to deafen them.

Unable to take the deadly silence, Mariko sighed in defeat and looked at the younger girl with a tired smile. She must have been smiling widely for the past five minutes, and even a model like her tends to get tired of it. Taking a deep breath, the older of the two then opened her mouth to speak.
“I actually need a favor to ask of you.” Mariko admitted, before walking to the chair located in front of Haruna’s desk.

Mariko played with her fingers, before grabbing the intertwined hands of the younger girl with her own two hands, started pleading. “Please, Kojiharu!”

“It’ll save my life!”

“Well,” Haruna looked at her.

Wanting to keep her image safe, as well as let Yuko know that she was still single, Haruna removed the older girl’s hold on her hands, just in case an employee or paparazzi enters the room and sees them. If they were to ever be seen holding hands in a secluded room, another scandal was surely to break out loose.

“Alright.” She said.

Mariko nodded at her thankfully, before leaning against her seat as she started massaging the temples of her head. Sighing, she then reminded the younger girl. “You know that my contract with my fashion editor has already expired, right?”

“Yeah.” Haruna nodded, before motioning for her to continue on speaking.

Mariko sighed, as she began to tap the desk’s surface with her nails whilst tapping her foot on the floor nervously. “Well, I have a new editor that I just signed a contract for a year with.”

“And what does that have to do with me doing a favor for you?” Haruna asked, wondering what the older girl wanted from her.

Slumping against the chair, Mariko looked at her sadly before answering her question. “It’s a guy.”

A guy? Haruna stared at her friend and scratched the back of her head, before letting out a sigh.

No wonder she’s so worried.

Leaning against her chair, she started thinking to herself quietly on whether she should still accept in helping the older girl. Her silence made Mariko anxious, and started tapping her feet onto the carpeted floor. She was now biting her lower lip, hoping that Haruna would still help.

The younger girl knew perfectly what Mariko wanted to ask of her, and she wasn’t sure if she should do it.

After all, to lie to her best friend who has been trying to bring her and Yuko together…seemed a bit unfair for Mariko’s girlfriend. It was perfectly understandable why Mariko would want her to keep it a secret from Haruna’s best friend, since Miichan had a huge jealousy issue when it comes to Mariko working with guys.

Her jealousy almost caused Mariko’s company to close down.

“Look,” Haruna started as she sighed whilst massaging the temples of her head. “Why don’t you just tell Miichan, that you can’t only work with girls?”

Mariko sighed depressingly and covered her face. She had tried to tell that to her girlfriend several times before, but it always ended up badly. Wanting to let the younger girl that it wasn’t possible, she spoke with sadness evident in her voice. “I tried to tell her that before, but all we always ended up getting into a fight.”

“And have make-up sex afterwards.” Haruna added, making Mariko look at her and give a laugh for a brief second.

Mariko told her, “I really need this guy to work with me.”

“This fashion editor is from overseas and if I let this opportunity pass me by because of my easily jealous girlfriend, I will never live it down.”

“It’s so complicated, Marichin.” Haruna told her, before adding with a sad smile. “I’m not sure.”

Her reply made the older girl cover her face as she let out a sob. Haruna bit her lower lip and sighed once more, since it was practically breaking her heart to see Mariko so torn with her career and love life. However, Haruna wasn’t sure that it would be best if she helped the older girl.

If she was to ever agree in helping out Mariko, she would be betraying Miichan. It was practically impossible to hide something from the younger girl, no matter how hard anyone tries to. And once Miichan finds out that Haruna decided to help Mariko, it would surely cause a fight between the two of them.

But if she doesn’t agree, Mariko’s job would be in jeopardy and she would feel REALLY guilty.

“Can’t you ask someone else to help you?” Haruna asked her, in a voice that almost sounded like a whine.

Mariko shook her head, and answered. “Miichan plans on helping you, which means that she’s going to spend time with you.”

“Then you could have just kept it to yourself, so that I won’t feel guilty.” Haruna whined, hitting her head against the desk.

Mariko sighed, and laid her own head on the desk’s surface. “I might go insane if I don’t tell anyone. Besides, I trust you.”

“Miichan trusts me as well!” Haruna cried at her, before hitting her head against the desk once more.

The two girls sighed in unison, before hitting their heads against the surface of the table several more times. They had no idea on what to do; since the younger of the two was clueless on what she should decide. While the older one was feeling depressed, as well as dejected.

Just then, the door opened and two girls came walking in. The sound of footsteps made Haruna look up to see who it was and gave a wave of the hand to the newcomers, while Mariko sat up straight and looked at one of the girls in surprise. Standing up, she made her way to the girl she was staring at before hugging her tightly.

“Tomo~mi!” she cried, before letting go of the said girl.

She smiled, and motioned for the three of them to take a seat by the couch in the middle of the office. “When did you come back to Japan?”

“I came back yesterday.” Kasai Tomomi replied to her, before standing up as she took out a cup of Starbucks coffee and gave it to Haruna.

When Haruna took it and gave her a thankful smile, Tomo~mi went back to sit on the couch with the other two girls and started talking to Mariko. Deciding to join them since it was her office they were all in, Haruna made her way towards the three girls and sat down next to Tomochin— aka Itano Tomomi— who came in along with Tomo~mi.

“I can’t believe how much you’ve changed!” Mariko cried at her, before scanning her from head to toe.

Realizing how she liked the girl’s figure, an idea entered her mind. She started rummaging her pocket for her cards, before handing one to Tomo~mi with a smile. “Come check out my company if you’re interested.”

“Thanks.” Tomo~mi said to her as she took the card, before putting it on the coffee table in the middle of the room.

“But I already have a job.”

“Oh?” Mariko said, as she tried to maintain her smile even though she was very much disappointed.
“She’s working for me.” Haruna laughed, as she watched Mariko’s smile turn almost instantly into a pout the moment the brunette’s words left her mouth. Sipping from her drink, she then added. “Ever since she came back, which was JUST yesterday.”

“You work fast, Kojima.” Mariko threw a pillow to her as she narrowed her eyes at the said girl, who just gave her another laugh in return.

“What can I say?” Haruna shrugged her shoulders, before continuing on speaking. “I was lucky to see her first.”

Standing up, she then motioned for Tomo~mi to do the same. When Tomo~mi stood up, Haruna placed both of her hands on the younger girl’s waist-line and showed the perfect figure that the girl had. Smiling, Haruna turned to her rival and spoke. “With such a figure, I just couldn’t let her fall into your hands, Shinoda.”

“Sheesh, you two are sounding like Tomo~mi’s a product.” Tomochin grumbled to them, crossing her arms across her chest as she did.

Hearing what her fashion designer just spoke, Mariko couldn’t help but chuckle to herself as patted the girl’s shoulder before poking her cheeks. She rarely sees Tomochin acting like this— ever since she had a fight with a certain someone— and decided not to let it pass her by.

“You don’t have to be jealous, you know.”

“W-what?!” Tomochin cried at her, looking at her with a gaping mouth before gritting her teeth at her boss as she growled, “I am NOT jealous!”

Wanting to let out more of her bottled sadistic side, Mariko smirked to herself and placed her own hands on Tomochin and smoothen the piece of clothing to show the younger girl’s figure. When she did, she tried to stifle her laughter and cleared her throat.

“You seem to be gaining fat lately, Tomochin.”

The words struck Itano Tomomi— who very much despised the word ‘fat’—, causing her to give an intense glare to the older girl. Looking around for anything to use as a weapon, she saw a pillow lying on the couch and threw it at the older female. Unfortunately for her, her boss expected the attack and dodged the ‘weapon’ with ease.

That seemed to have made the fashion designer even more annoyed, and started throwing the remaining pillows on the couch. Soon, the entire office had pillows lying around and two girls playing a tag of chase. One of them held two pillows in hand, while the other held her heels to prevent her from getting caught.
As the game of chase commenced, two girls watched with great interest in what the outcome would be. Would it be the fashion designer stopping after realizing how childish they were? Or would it be the model stopping after realizing that her feet were now brownish due to the dust they have collected.

“Shinoda!” Tomochin raged, stopping to catch a breath while watching the said model look at her from across the room.

Mariko’s head now had beads of sweat, but she wasn’t panting as hard as the younger girl. Her breathing was also fine, and her face had a huge smirk that irked Tomochin to the fullest. Guess that it’s Mariko’s win. Haruna thought to herself, as she took a sip from her cup of coffee.

But no.

Mariko still wanted to play with her fashion designer.

Haruna laughed to herself, while Tomo~mi watched the raging girl try and catch the eldest amongst the four around the room. When Mariko ran out of the room with Tomochin right behind her tail, the two remaining girls started sipping the rest of the coffee that Tomo~mi brought from her early break.

“Thank you for giving me the job, Haruna-san.” Tomo~mi thanked her, smiling and tilting her head to the side as she did.

Haruna smiled back, before waving her hand dismissively. “It’s fine. And just call me Haruna, without the formalities.”

“I look forward to working with you, Haruna-chan.”

Haruna offered a hand to the younger girl, and smiled. “So am I, Tomo~mi.”

Tomo~mi took the offered hand and shook it, smiling as she did. When they let go of each other’s hand, Haruna popped up a question she has been wondering ever since the girl came back to Japan after almost four years. However, just before she was about to open her mouth and ask the question that has been encircling around her head for the past several minutes, Tomo~mi asked.

“I heard that Tomochin is working for Mariko-san.” She said, before taking a sip from her coffee. “What does she work as?”

“A fashion designer.” Haruna replied to her, as she stood up from her seat and threw the used cup into a trash bin by the door.

Tomo~mi nodded without a word and drank the remaining contents in her cup of coffee, before walking to the same trash bin and throwing it away. When Haruna took a seat on her own chair and watched Tomo~mi pick up her purse to prepare going back to work, Haruna cleared out her throat.

“Can I ask you something, Tomo~mi?” she asked, making the said girl turn her head to face her.

When Tomo~mi nodded her head, Haruna asked. “Why is it that you’re no longer saying ‘Chiyuu~’ at the end of your sentences?”

“Just a curious question.” Haruna added, so that the younger girl won’t be offended in anyway.

Tomo~mi laughed, before answering her with a smile on her face. “It’s because I find it really childish.”


“If that is all Haruna-chan, I’ll take my leave.” The younger girl said, before walking out of the door when Haruna kept her mouth shut.

“Just you wait, SHINODA!”

Haruna chuckled to herself when she heard Tomochin’s voice echoing throughout the hallways, and even managing to reach her room. Smiling to herself, she took a file piled up on her desk and started typing something out onto her laptop.

Tomochin must have really missed her. she thought to herself.

~o~ ^o^ ~o~

“So, why did you have to bring Haruna HERE?!” the young girl asked with her arms crossed across her arms, while watching the brunette-haired girl putting the dried dishes back into the cupboard.

“Mayuyu, she was hurt.” The brunette-haired replied with a sigh, before walking into the living room with the young girl following right behind her. Seeing the disapproval look on the younger girl’s face, she added. “I just can’t leave her in the middle of the street.”

“You didn’t have to bring her to YOUR house.” Mayuyu pouted, as she sat down on the couch inside Yuko’s living room.

Yuko heaved another sigh, and stared at her best friend. What was it with this girl wanting her to bring Haruna to someplace else?  Then putting her hands onto her hips, she asked the girl a question as her eyebrow arched up while she crossed her arms. “Well, what did you want me to do?”

“I can’t just let a friend go back to the office, after receiving such a shock.”

Mayuyu stomped her feet after hearing her statement, and almost pulled her hair into different directions. Sighing and even smacking her forehead, she cried to Yuko, “Yes, you could have!”

“Mayuyu, stop acting like a child.” Yuko sighed, before massaging the temples of her head.

She was getting a headache from the girl’s outbursts, and the argument was not even worth it. What was wrong with bringing a friend to your house, after almost getting them killed by running over them? Can’t the young doctor understand that it was just due to a good deed she felt that she had to do?

Apparently, the young doctor didn’t see eye to eye with her. Yuko watched as Mayu stand up from beside her, before pacing back and forth in front of her. The girl’s continuous movement made the headache she was feeling to worsen, and caused her to feel the whole place turning upside down.

“Why should I?!” the girl asked her.

“Mayu,” Yuko sighed once more, before looking at her with a tired expression on her face.

She doesn’t want to waste her breath explaining the feeling of need she gets whenever she does something wrong, and not when she was already feeling tired. She didn’t know why, but the headache suddenly came the moment Haruna and Mayuyu left the house.

“Just because she hurted me years ago, doesn’t mean that I can’t forgive her.” She said, before almost letting out a pained moan as she felt her head throb.

“She stole away your boyfriend!” Mayuyu cried at her, making her flinch away.

Yuko let out a groan, and looked at the young girl. “Mayuyu, that was years ago. Besides, I don’t even remember what he looked like.”

The girl’s shouting was really doing her no good, and she might just collapse if the doctor doesn’t stop. Struggling to watch the girl without letting her notice the pain she was feeling, she sighed. Mayuyu was stomping her feet on the ground at the moment, and it was so loud that Yuko felt the whole place shake— which was due to her headache.

Sensing that she wouldn’t be able to sit up straight any longer, Yuko moved her body and laid her body on the soft couch. Trying to hide her eyes away from the dazzling light in the ceiling, Yuko covered her eyes with her whole arm as she sighed.

She struggled to keep her head from feeling the throbbing pain. “Look, can we just not talk about it?”

“Please?” she asked, with a hoarse voice.

Hearing the scratchy word coming from her best friend’s mouth, immediately made Mayuyu stop her ranting. The young doctor turned her head and saw her best friend lying down while showing a pained expression on her face. Worried, she quickly knelt beside the girl and started pressing some acupuncture points on Yuko’s head.
“Does it hurt?” she asked.

“Hmm.” Yuko nodded, before wincing once more in pain.

Mayuyu looked at her guiltily and made a beeline for the kitchen; to get some stuff she knew would help ease the pain Yuko was feeling. Quickly taking out a bowl and pouring in some cold water, she took one of Yuko’s used towels and started washing it with hot water to get rid of the germs that were probably in it.

Once she finished, she went back to Yuko’s side and started wiping the beads of sweat from the older girl’s forehead using the handkerchief she haven’t used. Seeing how there was no longer any sweat and feeling Yuko’s temperature rising, Mayuyu damped the washed towel into the cold water and pressed it against several parts of the girl’s head.

“Thanks, Mayuyu.” Yuko told her with a weak smile, as she stared into the girl’s brown orbs.

Mayuyu sighed, and pressed her finger against her friend’s lips. “Shh, just rest.”

The young doctor carefully tapped the wet towel against the girl’s forehead, making sure that each and every skin would be covered. Seeing a familiar scar on the girl’s head, Mayuyu bit her lower lip and started tracing it. It has faded over the years, but it was still visible once the hair covering it was moved.

“When did you last go for a check-up?” Mayuyu asked in a soft voice, making sure that she won’t bring the girl any more headaches.

This has happened so often years ago during her time with the older girl in the US, so she perfectly knew what she should and shouldn’t do. Not only that, she was the one who sewed the scar when the girl came to the hospital with Sayaka and Rena.

Yuko mumbled to her, as she took the girl’s tracing finger off the scar. “Three years ago, maybe?”

“You should go to my hospital,” Mayuyu said with a sigh, turning her head to focus on the towel she was damping wet once again.

Tapping it once more onto the girl’s head, she then spoke softly. “We need to make sure that your head is fine.”

“It’s fine.” Yuko told her with a sigh.

Seeing that the girl’s face was now relaxed, Mayuyu threw the towel into the bowl and started massaging the girl’s head. It was something she always made sure to do whenever this happened, to help the nerves in the older girl’s head to relax even more.

“Just have some minor headaches, that’s all.” Yuko told her, as she smiled from the pleasurable massage.

Mayuyu scoffed at her, before flicking her forehead in annoyance. “Right~”

“And you think that I didn’t see you walking like a drunk two days ago?” she asked, crossing her arms as she stared at the older girl.

“Hey!” Yuko cried at her, before touching the spot where she was flicked at. “I drank too much wine and accidentally added some vodka.”

The pain she was feeling a few minutes ago has not disappeared as if it didn’t even occur, making Mayuyu sigh in relief. But the girl’s condition two days ago continued to worry her, making her look at the Yuko with a questioning expression on her face.

“Just go to my hospital.” Mayuyu told her after a while of staring between the two of them.

When Yuko nodded obediently, the young doctor sighed and stood up from her spot. Walking towards the kitchen, she carried the bowl and put it onto the older girl’s sink, before walking back to the living room. Sitting down beside the girl once again, she sighed and started caressing the older girl’s head.

“I need to make sure you’re not getting a tumor in your head.”

“I won’t die, Mayuyu.” Yuko laughed, as she rubbed the flicked spot on her head.

Her headache has now ceased to exist, but there was a new pain she was feeling. Fortunately for her, the pain was bearable and not as painful as the one she had felt before. Turning to the girl beside her, she then smiled to assure the girl of how sure she was about her statement.

“It’s better to be safe than sorry, Yuuchan.” She uttered.

Drying her hands with a tissue, Mayuyu sighed and told her with a bitter smile. “One of my patients had the same thing happen to her.”

“And?” Yuko arched an eyebrow, wondering what the young doctor would say.

The young girl started tapping her chin ad pursed her lips as she started thinking out loud to herself. “Hmm~ What was her name again?”

“Ah!” she cried all of a sudden after a few seconds, snapping her fingers along.

“Her name was Oku Manami!”

“Maachan?” Yuko asked in shock, to which the young doctor nodded her head in reply.

The same girl who was so healthy when I last saw her, has the same condition as me? Yuko thought to herself, finding it hard to believe. It was actually really hard to, since the young girl was so healthy that she never got any kind of sickness the whole time Yuko knew her.

“Yeah,” Mayuyu nodded.
Sighing sadly, she added. “She died.”

“When?” Yuko asked, completely taken aback by the news of her junior’s death.

“Three years ago.”

Yuko stared at her friend in silence, not knowing on how to react after receiving such shocking news. She knew about the girl and even tutored her in some subjects, when she found out that Maachan was set on studying in Harvard years ago.

During the time the two girls spent together, Yuko found herself taking a special liking the girl more and more like a sister. In fact, she treated Maachan even more like a sister than she does to Mayuyu, which made the young doctor stop talking to her for a week.

“Maachan was such a nice kid.” Yuko sighed sadly, before leaning against the couch.

It was really hard to believe, even more since Mayuyu told her that Maachan had the same thing happen to her and die. No wonder Sayaka was so against in almost everything I do. Yuko thought to herself, as she remembered being scolded by the older female the moment she tried to carry her heavy luggage when she came back to Japan.

Mayuyu nodded in agreement, before saying with a sad sigh. “Well, no one expected that she’d even get brain cancer and die so quickly.”

Yuko saw the girl getting all teary-eyed, making her bite her lower lip as she tried to think of a way to make her smile once more. Patting the young girl’s head, she told her with a confident voice while caressing her back and rocking her back and forth. “Well, I’m perfectly healthy.”

“Just…” Mayuyu looked at her, before grabbing her hands as she pleaded. “Visit my hospital, okay?”

Yuko nodded at her, making Mayuyu smile a bit and hug her tightly as she whispered. “I don’ want to lose you, Oshiriko-chan.”

“I won’t die, Oshiriri-chan.” Yuko assured her with a pat on the head, before leaning her head against the younger girl’s own head.

She sighed and closed her eyes, as she spoke. “I will get married and live happily.”

“Yeah, and you have to be my maid-of-honor at my wedding.” Mayuyu told her with the sticking out of her tongue, when she removed herself from the older girl’s hugging.

Yuko asked with a chuckle. “And may I ask who you’re going to be wed to?”

“That girl I met!” Mayuyu told her with a huge smile.

“You don’t even know the girl’s name, and you’re already talking about marriage?” Yuko asked in disbelief, before laughing to herself.

“Of course!”

“Mayuyu,” Yuko sighed, as she patted the said girl’s head. “Just because you and Jurina broke up, it doesn’t mean that she won’t be the one you’ll be marrying.”

“Besides, you two just broke up a week ago.” She added, before tucking a strand of hair behind Mayuyu’s ear.

The young doctor frowned as she crossed her arms, and asked with narrowed eyes. “What are you trying to say, Oshiriko-chan?”

“Give her a chance, Shiriri-chan.”

“Jurina is such a flirt!” Mayuyu suddenly cried at her, making Yuko stare at her in surprise.

Chuckling to herself, Yuko made Mayuyu sit on her lap and started rocking her from side to side when the young girl did. She started combing the girl’s black hair with her hands, while listening to Mayuyu’s ranting about the reason for breaking up with Yuko’s cousin.

“I can’t believe that she went out for dinner with her sister’s co-worker!” she cried, stomping her feet onto the ground.

“Who?” Yuko asked, not really surprised since she had known that Jurina was a bit of a flirt.

Mayuyu sobbed. “Takayanagi Akane!”

“Churi?” Yuko laughed, before patting the young girl’s head.

To hear that Jurina actually went out with the girl was kind of surprising, and Yuko can’t help but pity her best friend. She has heard from the eldest of the Matsui sisters about how much Jurina preferred older girls. Though many situations proved that fact, Yuko has seen how much Jurina enjoyed being with her best friend.

Wanting to make the two get back together, she nudged Mayuyu and said to her. “Then, shouldn’t you be trying to get Juri-boy back?”

“Why should I?” Mayuyu pouted as she gave a scoff.
Yuko smirked at her. “Well, those two dated once.”

“What?!” Mayuyu cried as she jumped up from Yuko’s lap in total shock.

She started gaping, and cried out in disbelief. “She said that I was her first!”

Wanting to give the younger girl a push, Yuko debated on whether she should add the information she knew. It would hurt Mayuyu’s feelings, but it might make the girl run to Jurina and regret the break-up. The two really suited each other, since they have been together for almost five years.

“They’ve dated for like…” Yuko tapped her chin, before smiling at the younger girl.

“…Two years and ten months.”

Mayuyu frowned before crossing her arms, as she exhaled a huge amount of air from her nose. Looking at her best friend, she bit her lower lip and replaced her frown with nothing but sadness. Seeing the expression being given to her, Yuko stood up and patted the girl’s shoulder as she pushed her towards the door.

“Go to her.” She said, before smiling while tilting her head to the side.

Mayuyu nodded at her, and said with a determination. “I will give her a piece of my mind!”

Yuko sweated a drop but knew that even though the girl was acting like that way, things might get better. Once Mayuyu finished speaking, she opened the door and ran out into the streets without any care for the red light. Yuko had to shout at Mayuyu several times to make sure that the girl notice the passing cars, and sighed in relief when Mayuyu managed to reach the other end of the street safe and sound.

When Mayuyu waved at her, Yuko waved back weakly and watched the young girl run towards the nearest train station. When the girl was out of sight, Yuko closed the door and walked back to the living room. Arranging the couches, she saw something unfamiliar behind the pillows.

Picking it up, she realized it as a business card. She sat back down and started reading about it, once the word ‘fashion’ was seen on the top portion of the card. As she read on, she realized that even though she was working at home, she wanted to work in an office.

“Sakura Fashion and Model Company?” she read out before continuing on to read the name of the person in bold letters.

Kojima Haruna.

“Hmm~ Maybe I should check this out.” She said to herself.

It had perked her interest and she was starting to get bored with working at home. Sayaka told her not to work outside, but being home all day long was just a bit too much to bear. She wasn’t someone who had a condition that makes her stay at home.

She was perfectly healthy, in fact.

Typing out the company’s number from the card, she cleared out her throat and started waiting for the anyone to answer the call. Several seconds passed by and Yuko was about to hang up, when the call was answered the moment she was about to press the ‘end call’ option.

“Hello?” Yuko heard an unfamiliar girl’s voice speak.

Yuko spun the card on the surface of the table, and asked the other person on the side of the call. “Is this Kojima Haruna-san?”

“No, this is her secretary.” The girl cleared her throat, and started speaking to her formally. “Can I help you?”

“I saw Kojima Haruna-san’s business card, and I got interested in working for the company.” Yuko replied.

The female on the other end of the call asked her, “Which one of the modeling departments are you interested in? Lingerie? Gowns?”
“Ah…Not modeling.” Yuko said, sweating a drop as she remembered about her height.

It was actually sad, since she wanted to be model once. But when she received the news that she couldn’t become one because she was a little bit too short, she decided on choosing anything in the fashion course. Realizing that she hasn’t been talking for the past minute, she cleared her throat.

“I actually want to apply for the position of fashion editor.”

“Fashion editor?” The secretary hummed, and Yuko started to hear some shuffling from the background. “Well, you’re lucky. We’re currently looking for one at the moment.”

“Can you please tell me about yourself?” the secretary asked.

Yuko hummed, before informing the secretary. “Well, I graduated from Harvard University from the United States.”

She heard a hum, and continued on. “I got a Master’s Degree in Fashion, and I also have worked for a well-known company that sent me to several places like London, Paris, Korea and US.”

“That sounds very interesting, but can I ask why are you interested in working for our company?” the secretary asked politely.

Yuko smiled to herself, before speaking. “Well, I just came back after nine years from the US, and I decided to permanently stay in Japan.”

“Well, with what you’ve told me I can confidently say that you’re already hired. You can come and meet our CEO with your papers.” The secretary told her with an evident tone of happiness in her voice.

The secretary started to say, “You can come in anytime, Miss…”

 “Oshima.” Yuko answered, when she realized that she hasn’t given her name yet.

“Well, it’ll be a pleasure to work with you. I’ll be looking forward to meet you, Oshima-san.”

Yuko spoke a word of thanks and hung up. Sighing to herself, she remembered the reason why she came back to the country. It was the only reason why she returned, since both of her parents were now dead. And it was the main reason why she wanted to meet up with everyone after such a long time.

Standing up from the couch, she headed to the stairs leading to her room and stopped by in the middle. She started tracing her finger on one of the picture frames she had set up, and smiled to herself after pressing her lips to the picture.

At that very moment, she started to hum a familiar wedding tune and walked up towards the balcony of her bedroom. When reached the wide balcony, she sat down by the rails and flipped her phone open. Pressing the speed dial button for the person she intended on calling, she started waiting for the call to be answered.

“To what do I owe this lovely princess, for her to bestow upon me a call?” A guy asked in a voice that made Yuko swoon, once she heard him speak.

He just never stops being so sweet. Yuko thought to herself as she giggled to herself quietly. Her boyfriend always called her sweet things that even though they’ve been together for such a long time, she can’t find herself getting tired of hearing him talk to her in such a formal manner.

Yuko smiled to herself when the guy asked her, “Did the apple of my eye miss me so much, that she just had to call me for the 5th time this afternoon?”

“Well yes, kind sir.” Yuko admitted shyly, before adding a giggle as she started playing along with him. “This princess that thou hast been dating missed thee so much, that being unable to hear thy gentle voice makes her queasy inside.”

She heard him chuckle, and the two of them started laughing out loud. Not wanting to disturb others, Yuko went inside her bedroom and plopped herself onto her Queen-sized bed. Once she was comfortable, she started speaking. “My dearest prince, I need to tell you something!”

“What is it, princess?” he asked with a laugh.

She cried to him happily. “I’ll be working today, and I just got interviewed!”

She heard another chuckle coming from him, and smiled to herself. Her prince started to tell her how proud he was of her, and even told her that once his work was finished, they would talk non-stop. Just then, he added when he remembered about her inability to stay still at a place.

“I knew that you’d be bored with working alone and at home, Yuuchan.” He told her, and Yuko could almost imagine his warm, loving gaze on her.

Adding with a laugh that made Yuko pout, he spoke. “I’m actually surprise that my Yuuchan managed to last two weeks working at home.”

Yuko started to tell him about how terrible it was to work at home, and having no one to have a talk with. As she continued on exaggerating about her horrible time at home alone, he listened to her and even agreed to some of what she had said.

He started to laugh at her exaggerations, and the two started to forget the fact that he was still working and. What made them come to realization was the interruption of one of his co-workers shouting in the background, telling him to drop the call and work.

“Don’t worry about it, Yuuchan.” He told her with a laugh.

“He’s just jealous that I’m calling you.”

The two of them laughed, and Yuko started hearing the third wheel shouting at her prince even more. Looking at the clock, she realized that his break has just finished and that calling was forbidden at the time. Biting her lower lip, she asked him while twirling the locks of her hair.
“Am I keeping you from your job?”

She heard some more shouting, but he just gives a laugh as he replied. “Not at all, Yuuchan. It’s just that THIS guy, feels extremely jealous.”

Yuko laughed to herself and made a mental note to talk to her ex— whom she was sure interrupting their calls . It was actually one of her favorite things about her prince, since he doesn’t have any bad feelings towards those whom she has dated before him. It was also a good thing, since her ex was her prince’s best friend and co-worker.

“But he just keeps on telling you to hang-up.” She told him with a sad sigh.

When she heard another shout coming from her ex, she told him with an energetic voice, “You should work now.”

“Don’t worry, Yuuchan.” he assured her. “I’ll call you as soon as work finishes, okay?”

“Okay, take care.” She said.

She heard a loud kiss from her prince, and blushed to herself. When she didn’t utter a word, he chuckled and spoke. “Take care, Yuuchan.”

“I love you.” Yuko whispered, though she had no reason to keep her voice down.

He whispered back to her, “I know, but I love you more.”

And with a laugh, he hangs up. Yuko waited for a few seconds to pass by before flipping her phone close to make sure that her prince hanged up and wasn’t just waiting for her to hang up on him since it was one of their games.

“I won.” She said with a laugh, before closing her eyes as she snuggled against her pillows.

It was just eleven-thirty in the morning, and she was sure that taking a short nap right before lunch would wake her up in time to visit her new office. Smiling to herself, she began to drift off into the land of dreams and started dreaming of the day she was asked out by him.

Her handsome prince.

To Be Continued…

A/N:Well, that was surely lousy update, huh? I’m sorry, guys. But anyways! I think that answered one of the mysteries you guys had in mind! So…Yuko’s fiancé is a GUY, and not really Sayaka. :hiakhiakhiak: Well, it seems that I also revealed some of the characters I’ll be doing the series on since there haven’t been any correct predictions except for the couples. I decided to be less sadistic and give you guys some hints. Well…I’m not just going to give out hints all the time, alright? Haha~

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Results: Some (not going to tell who or how many~ 'Some' can refer to one, or two or maybe even three  :P) got the pairings right, but not the series. And as for (Un)Dying Love....I shall not update it. Since I plan on finishing it the last.'s one of the major/minor pairings.
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TomoxHaeJin is exist!
(at least in my fics. LOL)

LOL at Tomochin and Mariko-sama LOL
Mariko-sama, don't tease my princess too much or i'll do something bad to you..  :pimp:
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and i get the bad feeling about scar on yuko's had.. Maachan died?! OMG! what?

i hope Yuko will be alright.. don't kill her, hime-sama!!
but it'll be a more tear-jerking story if you kill yuko..
it'll be a tragedy.. hohoho for her fiance or NyanNyan.. Love it so much~ #i think i'm a little bit sadistic too. hohoho

hmmm.. who's this guy..
calling yuko, his princess..
and such a dramatic bastard..
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whatever! I'm still happy reading this chapter!
and i'm reading it in the middle of the personality class! LOL
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thank you muwi, for updating in a risky time. LOL

waiting for the other fics too. hohohoh
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Well, yeah, i am really biased when it comes to akb pairings in fanfics, but i do like some other pairings aside from KojiYuu, Atsumina, etc.
To the pairings you've just posted above, it would be cool if you make the MariMii couple as the new pairing in your upcoming fic. I do love these two, even though this couple is not that popular like kojiyuu and atsumina, i would still love to see and read more about them. Well, you know, for a change.. we all know Kojiyuu and Atsumina couples are too mainstream now a days, i would like to read a fic where the non-popular couple are the main characters.
Well, this couple had a big impact on me. Since these two are trolls and funny, it makes me want to read a new story about these two and i'm sure it's going to be a laughable story :) . Well if you do want to add some dramatic scenes, it'll be fine. Since you're good at making angst story, i know you can do it well. :)
I really hope it's MariMii! I would definitely follow and read the story!  :D

Onto the new chapter....

I feel sad for Mariko, i know she cared about her girlfriend Miichan, but she also needs her job for her financial needs! So what if her new editor is a guy?  Mariko is not the type of a girl that would like to flirt with her new editor! LOL I can sense that she really loves Miichan so much, if not, she should have broken up with her after what Miichan had caused her! Well, i just hope that Miichan will soon realize that there's nothing to be jealous about and just fully trust her girlfriend.
So Tomo had stopped adding Chiyuu at the end of her sentence, well, i'm sure Tomochin has an explanation for that  XD since Tomochin hates childish people, i'm sure she wanted Tomo to grow up and act like a woman.
Mayuyu surely is one of the characters that are blocking Kojiyuu to make up. Well, i understand her anyway. If i was her, at first, i would give Yuko a nonstop scolding for bringing kojiHaru to her house,.. but as what Yuko have said, PAST IS PAST, people should move on and just be happy of what they are or what they have now.  :)
AND OMGGGGGG, who is this guy?!?! ALL ACTING SWEET TO YUUCHAN!! :shocked He sounds really handsome and a nice guy! I just like the way he talk to Yuko like a princess, it's so sweet  :wub:  and Yuko calling her Prince is just......omg! What am i saying!! I WAS ABOUT TO SHIP TO THESE TWO, BUT! BUT! BUT!!! HOW ABOUT KOJIHARUUUUUU  :shocked LOL Okay i totally forgot about KOjiharu after reading the part where this guy was talking to Yuko, it's just really....sweet! They sound really comfortable with each other and Yuko seems to be in love with this guy as well  :shocked

Now i need a serious talk with you Karo~chan, is this going to be a KojiYuu or what? Though i love this kind of idea, but what should Kojiharu do to win her back?! IT SEEMS IMPOSSIBLE!! It looks like Yuuchan had totally forgot about Haruna and she didn't even talk about her feelings towards her anymore! WELL I NEED YUUCHAN'S POV!! GIVE IT TO ME NOWWWWWW!  :angry:

THIS IS SO CONFUSING!!  :frustrated:  but i like what you did there anyway :P

Great chapter karo~chan!  :thumbsup
Now i can't wait for you to update the next one! PLEASE UPDATE SOON AS YOU CAN  :panic:

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I can sense Tomotomo!!!
Yuko seems so happy but I want her be with Kojiharu. So, the guy have to leave lol
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WHO THE HELL IS THAT GUY??!!!!  :angry: :angry: :angry:
Yuko is not for you!!! :bangchair:

Please UPDATE!!!!!!! :mon mad:
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OMG!!1 this fic is woooooooooow... so many things happen.. Kojimaaa fight for your squirrel..

I love mariko character :D and tomotomo yeah...

Jealousy micchan is fine for me...

But yuuchan disease make sad T_T... and that FIANCE GUY.. I HATE HIM SO MMUCH::
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renairin renairin *continues chanting* LOL
boo knew i got it wrong! UNFORTUNATE LOVE FOR KOJIYUU OR RENAIRIN THEN?! *prays*

oh wowowooww! MIICHAN YOU JEALOUS GACHAPIN! poor mariko...she only gets to work with females hahaha wow i wonder what miichan did to almost get the company closed down :O

aww tomo~mi doesnt say chiyuu anymore :( chiyuu is so cute though~ hahah jealous tomochin is funny as always :)
mayu loves her juri so much shes gonna go win her back!

but ehgueahgiuearh yuko! what lies has people been telling her? what im so confused....haruna stole her ex boyfriend what? what ...her past memories what??  :? :? :? yukos sick? tumour? cancer?  :O im so lost D: NANIIII KOREEE?!?!!  *dies*
BUT WHAT FIANCE! OMG WHAT IS THIS I CANT STAND THIS SWEET TALK! LOL need to spew *blarghh* can only take the squirrel sweet talking to her beloved cat! no other!
OMG IS HER FIANCE RIKU?! LOL but arghh  :bleed eyes: my soul has left me

thanks for the update ..........dont know what to feel *rolls*

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@bochang: lol. Sky is falling? Hmm~ That suddenly gave me an idea for a new fic. But...nah~ :bigdeal: I already have six fics to worry about. haha
eh~ Yuko-san die? Hmm~ That's not so bad. But then...She's my second oshi in AKB, after Rena-sama.

@haruhi16: well then...I'm sure that once I've managed to finish Kojiyuu, I'll work on their version. ^^
and who says that it WILL be W Tomo? XD I want some Meetan X Tomo. :hiakhiakhiak:
And like I said. These couples might NOT end up. So who knows~! (me!) :hiakhiakhiak:
AS for the fiance...I might make him someone NONE of you would expect. Or just make him into someone like who Pan-chan guessed. :hiakhiakhiak:

@kahem: Kahem-san...It might NOT end up as KojiYuu, you know. XD

smarty0821: hmm~ Why can't Yuko be with him? =3= Haruna treated her harshly, and even made her watch her kiss with Marichin. = w=

@Haruko: how about berserk Miichan? Hmm~ That might be fun. :hiakhiakhiak
And Yuuchan's disease...I said that I wouldn't make her have a disease or die...but the temptation was far too much! So...yeah. Who knows if she'll die?
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@pandah: Hmm~ sah? :bigdeal:
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A/N: I'm sorry for such a delayed update. School will start in two days...And I'm trying to get this vacation hangover. TnT Anyway, thank you for the messages you guys sent me! The decision has been made! And I shall reveal the position in which the fics will get posted! Some of you got correct BUT I won't tell you who did. After all~ where would the fun in that be? XD
Anyway~ Since some of you never guessed for some couples....I'm going to push that forward or maybe write it at the same time as this one.
So... here's the result!

Chapter Seven

“ Help me~!

She slapped her forehead for the nth time that day, turning the white skin as red as a tomato. Her friend had just cried at her, asking for her help in getting up when she was perfectly capable of standing up by herself. It would have made her laugh at the sight she was currently looking at with her friend crawling on the floor oh so dramatically, but due to the fatigue that has decided to catch up to her, she only slapped her head once more.

Giving a disbelieving look at the crawling girl, she sighed and started wondering why in the world she was friends with her. All she wanted to do was to search for a certain brown-haired guy, who had asked her through a letter he had letter placed inside her shoe locker, to meet up with him.

And this girl currently crawling in front of her, was just being a drag.

“Patience, Yuko.” she voiced inside mentally, hoping that taking quick shallow breaths would somehow prevent her from slapping her forehead again, or slapping her friend’s forehead down onto the ground. “Patience.”

As she took in several shallow breaths, an idea formed inside her mind. It would be mean of her to say such thing, but the girl who was holding her back from meeting the apple of her eye was staring to seem deserving for such thing. Deciding that it would be a good thing to try whilst taking away certain words like ‘fat’, she formed a smirk with her lips, knowing how much it annoyed the other girl most of the time.

“You know,” she started, letting her voice trail out to the younger girl before continuing with a teasing tone. “You should try to lay off the desserts.”

As she had expected, the statement she had made irked the younger girl, causing her to sit up on her own and pout whilst crossing her arms across her chest. The look that was being given to her, made the shorter girl laugh evilly inside as she started enjoying the rare expression being given to her by her friend, Minegishi Minami.

“I’m too tired~!” the girl who was also known as Miichan, stubbornly replied to her.

The whine in her voice made the older girl arch an eyebrow, causing the other to cry out at her. “I’m not fat!”

“I didn’t say that.” Yuko smirked even more, amused that the girl was the one to say what she had made sure not to mention.

Wanting to make the girl scowl as payback for burdening her, she chuckled and started walking ahead of Miichan again. Her mood has slightly gone up due to the teasing she managed to do, and she was no longer feeling tired as before. Without turning, she continued on walking and spoke.

“I just told you to lie off on the desserts.”

She heard a groan from behind, and smiled to herself when several steps followed suit. Within a few seconds, a familiar taller figure was beside her, causing the shorter of the two to smile slightly. Her plan worked well, and now she knew what she had to do in order for Miichan to stop lazing off.

As they walked whilst looking through the windows of several rooms, the sky outside turned from blue and clear, to a cloudy and yellowish one. It was after school and everyone has gone home early, since it was the last day of the weekdays.

The only reason why the two of them were still walking around in the empty school was because of letter sent to her by a certain Satsuki Saito. It contained the information about needing to meet him after the bell has rung, and to meet somewhere inside the school.

“I just wish that he told me where to go.” she thought with a sigh.

Just then, the girl beside her decided to break the serenity that has formed in between them by slinging her arm around Yuko’s neck, and crying out dramatically. “Why did you have to ask for my help?”

Stopping, Yuko stared at her and scoffed. SHE asked for the girl’s help, who was practically known as the laziest person in school when it comes to stuff like this? What was she? An idiot?

“Seriously, this girl…” she mumbled to herself as she continued to walk on ahead, deciding that it would just be huge waste of her time to stay and argue with her.

Some stomping of the feet was heard, and Yuko knew that she was still being followed. She sighed and kept thinking about the happiness she would feel when she has finally found the guy she has been searching for hours. It was hard since the girl beside her was practically moaning about the soreness in her feet, but all she could do was to roll her eyes in hopes that Miichan would finally get the hint that she wanted to walk in silence.

Unfortunately for her, the younger girl continued on with her whining, and this time added a monologue about her fatigue. Unable to take it any longer and hoping to keep her sanity with her to prevent herself from messing up in front of Saito, Yuko sighed and turned to her.

“Go home. I’ll accompany you next time to that new pastry shop.” She said, before fastening her steps and search.

A second passed and it wasn’t soon when only a single person’s footsteps could be heard. Yuko sighed in relief, thinking that she has finally ridden herself of a burden. Unfortunately for her, Miichan had no plans on going home by herself. She walked quickly to the shorter girl, and spoke.

“Maybe he’s gone home.”

Yuko sighed to herself as a voice from the back of her mind agreed to the younger girl’s statement. That thought has crossed her mind several times, but having her crush send her a letter JUST to see him made it disappear as fast as it would come to her mind.

Wanting to show the younger girl how much she trusted the tall brunette in staying just to see her, she turned to Miichan before looking away and ignoring the possible statement. She hasn’t been able to spend as much time as before with Saito, since she was always busy with the Drama club and their college applications.

Speaking of her college applications, she needed to ask him which college he planned on entering. Their classroom teacher has given an Oxford application to Yuko but she immediately turned it down, knowing perfectly well that the slightly airheaded guy would have a hard time in getting into the school.

~o~ ^o^ ~o~

“Why are you refusing this opportunity, Oshima-kun?” her teacher asked, with a sigh and disappointed shake of the head as he placed the application back into the brown envelope.

Smiling as brightly as she could, Yuko thought of a lie as quickly as she could. “I actually want to choose between going to London and America.”

“America?” her teacher raised a brow. “You mean, Harvard?”

“Yes.” She nodded.

She patted herself on the back for thinking of such a great lie, and smiled ever so brightly at her teacher that sat on a chair with a blank expression. All of a sudden, the blank look was replaced by a wide smile, making the student look with worry at her teacher.

“That’s a good thing then.” he told her with a sigh of relief.

She looked at him in question, wondering what he meant until he took out another brown envelope and handed the papers inside it. Taking it with both hands, she let her eyes read the sentences in the paper and found herself looking wide-eyed at it.

“It’s an application form for Harvard.” her teacher told her, confirming her suspicion.

Her mouth was shut as she was unable to utter any more lies, since she was completely taken aback by the sudden change of things. How could an application form from such a school arrive to her school? It was completely surprising, since she have never sent any application form to Oxford OR Harvard.

As if reading her mind, her teacher smiled at her while intertwining his hands. “The Principal decided to send your exam scores to both of the schools, since he kind of have a feeling that you won’t do it.”

“It’s such a rare opportunity, Oshima-kun.” he said, before placing his hand on her shoulder as he stood up. “To actually have two such tremendous schools asking you to study abroad.”

“B-but…” she was dumbfounded.

She never planned on going abroad and getting separated from her Saito. It was all too sudden. Her teacher asked her to come to his office for her college applications, and just casually tells her to leave everything she has come to love?

“Don’t let anything stop you from fulfilling your parents’ dreams.” her teacher told her, reminding her of the promise she had made to them in front of him.

Clenching her hands into fists, she gritted her teeth to prevent her from blurting out anything she would come to regret. After all, the man was just trying to tell her to go after what many would have wanted. The thing was… She really didn’t want to go anywhere but Japan.

“I…I’ll think about it.” she replied a second after.

~o~ ^o^ ~o~

“He told me that he wanted to tell me something earlier this morning. He can’t have gone home.” She said with a smile, hoping that it was enough for Miichan to stop making her have such thoughts of Saito leaving.

After all, why would Saito want to see her? Not only did he give her a letter inside her shoe locker, he also spoke to her without any hint of annoyance in his voice. That really was weird of the older guy, since everything that comes out of his mouth would be ‘Yuko, you pervert!’ or ‘Get away from me, you hentai!’.

“Wonder what he wants to talk about.” she thought silently to herself.

Hearing a sigh from the younger girl, she continued to walk with her signature dimpled smile on her face. It masked away the worry she held deep inside her heart, making her thankful for being a member of the great Drama club. If there was one thing she learnt the most, it was pretending to feel something else and masking away the pain or worries.

She had no idea why she had this nagging feeling at the back of her mind, telling her to stop tiring Miichan and herself for someone who always pushed her away, even though it was just a joke. It was making her feel something heavy on top of her chest, and it felt so burdensome that Yuko made a decision instantly.

“Let’s go home.” She said with a sigh, turning to Miichan who seemed to be in a deep thought. “I’ll just ask him about it tomorrow.”

Walking back from where they passed, Yuko started to head back to the classroom with a slightly disappointed look on her face. She was really looking forward to meeting up with Saito but since the boy was nowhere to be found after doing several rounds in the school, there was no point in wasting time any longer.

“Why didn’t Saito tell you to meet him at a specific place anyway?” Miichan asked her on their way back to the classroom to get their bags.

Shrugging in response, Miichan pouted and kept quiet, probably to think about the several reasons why. As she did, Yuko sighed and tried to remember if there were any certain locations written in the piece of paper she read a while ago.

Just then, Miichan sighed and leaned against her, causing both of them to stumble several times. It also occurred while they were by the stairs, making the older of the two push Miichan playfully with a laugh. “You should lay off the desserts!”

“I’m not fat!” Miichan cried at her, glaring playfully as she did.
When she started to tickle the shorter girl, Yuko started walking ahead of her as fast as she could while crying at her. “Ugh! Get away from me!”

However, instead of following what was told to her, Miichan merely smiled at her and slung her arm around the shorter girl’s neck after managing to catch up with her. “But you love me.”

“Gross! I only love my dearest Saito!” She cried whilst scrunching her nose, and giving a light punch at her.
The two began to laugh, and they started swinging both of their arms back and forth as they walked up the stairs to go to their classroom. Seeing how Miichan was enjoying herself in skipping, Yuko soon followed. However, what first turned out to be a skipping game, ended in a sprinting race.

They started to run as fast as they could, mocking the other as they did. Once they have reached the fourth floor, they ran towards the last curve to get to the classroom, with a smirk on each of their faces. Giving a playful push, Miichan made Yuko slowdown in fear of falling onto the ground face on.

Turning to Miichan with fake anger, she cried. “I can’t believe you’d try and push me!”

The younger girl only stuck out her tongue and gave a mischievous smile, before running away when Yuko tried to grab her. Dashing around the corner, Yuko ran as fast as she could to catch up with her with the thought of getting back at her for pushing her by the stairs.
“That’s right, you better run away! Because once I lay my hands on you, you’re dead!” Yuko threatened, though it seemed that her threats had no effect on that Gachapin look-alike.

All she heard was some laughing coming from the younger one, and even a tune being hummed. With how they were both acting, it was pretty much obvious how they were enjoying themselves in this tag of theirs. Slowing down a bit to catch her breath, Yuko allowed Miichan to get a few steps ahead of her.
She was about to laugh and call the game off when she saw Miichan reach out to grab the knob of the door, before stopping almost with a great big halt. Smirking, she began to think of a way to get back now that she had her. But just before she could take a giant leap at her, she was faced with a look that had fear evident in their eyes.

“Is she really scared?” Yuko laughed mentally, enjoying the look she was receiving.

Ignoring it, as well as the nagging feeling at the back of her mind, she cried happily the moment she was at arms’ length away from her. “Ha! I’ve got—”


A hand was slammed into her mouth, muffling the continuation of her sentences. Her wrist was grabbed, and she was quickly pulled away from the classroom to the stairs they just ran by. After a while of being pulled, Miichan finally let go of the hold she has over Yuko’s mouth, causing the older girl to shout at her in irritation.

“What the heck?!”

Another hard slap was given to her mouth, turning it instantly into a pinkish color. She growled at the culprit, only to be ignored as if it didn’t matter to Miichan. Taking the girl’s hand off her mouth, she cried at her a bit softer this time. “That hurts!”
Quickly walking away, Miichan went to take a peek through the window as discreetly as she could. The action that she was doing caused the curiosity gauge inside Yuko’s mind to rise up to a higher level. She started walking towards the peeking girl, only to be pulled back to the stairs once more.

She gave a confused look without uttering a word, fearing that her already-reddish mouth would turn blue or purple after having another slap to it. The younger girl just sighed, before staring deep into her eyes and speaking in a very serious voice.

“Let’s just come back for our bags tomorrow.” She said.

Arching a brow, Yuko asked. “Why?”

She gave an even more puzzling look, hoping that it would somehow make the younger girl answer the questions that were forming inside her head. It worked, though the answer given to her wasn’t the one she was really expecting. And the answer only came when she started to run towards the classroom after being able to get the girl’s strong grip off her.
“There’s a thief inside the classroom!”

Hearing that sentence instantly made Yuko stop in her tracks, only to turn and give Miichan a look that clearly states ‘are you seriously kidding me?’. She has this huge disbelieving look on her face as her expression, to show how much she knew of the truth that there couldn’t be a thief inside.
“What would a thief steal in there?” she asked, crossing her arms as she walked towards Miichan with a scoff. “A desk?”

The younger girl only shrugged her shoulders in response, before nodding her head furiously once the words were processed by her mind. Sighing as she shook her head at the younger girl, Yuko started to walk back to the classroom.

Much to her dismay, Miichan seemed to have taken a huge liking in making her feel physical pain. The said Gachapin look-alike has pinched her by the ear, and pulled her towards the stairs for the third time that day, making her groan in pain as she did.

“Okay, I lied about that!” Miichan admitted, before insisting as she easily ignored the cries of pain the older girl was making. “But we should just come back tomorrow!”

Growling, she flicked Miichan’s forehead and managed to stop the girl from pulling her right ear out of her head. She narrowed her eyes at the girl who stood in front of her, before crossing her arms as she waited for Miichan to explain the truth.

Miichan merely looked at her, unable to think of any other lie that wouldn’t seem pathetic, causing the older girl to heave a disappointed sigh. After she did, she walked towards the classroom with her instincts on high alert in case Miichan tried to make her cry in pain again.

Miichan did try, but Yuko managed to get out of whatever grip the younger girl was planning on doing to her. Unfortunately, she was pulled back to the stairs by the collar of her school shirt and before hearing a statement that mostly seemed truthful.

“There are some people kissing in the classroom.”

Laughing at the truth that has finally been revealed, Yuko sighed and told her with reassurance. “We can just take our bags and they can continue afterwards.”

And with that, she started walking to the classroom with a new interest; to watch the couple who decided to stay after school just to make out privately. As she neared the classroom, she heard some stomping coming from the younger girl, causing her to look almost victoriously whilst Miichan stared at her in defeat.

She stopped by the windows and turned her head to see who it was, through glass without any difficulty. However, as she watched, realization came to her and the smug look on her face was instantly replaced by an emotionless expression that she never knew she had.
She stared through the windows and watched a girl and a guy kissing passionately with one another, as she allowed her brain to process what was occurring inside. It wasn’t soon after, when her eyes were wide open from the shock whilst tears formed in her eyes and blurred her vision.

She didn’t have to turn to find out who touched her at the shoulder, knowing fully well that it was Miichan who had tried to prevent her from seeing the scene that was occurring right in front of her. As the younger girl continued to place her hand on Yuko’s shoulders, she stiffened and trembled.

Her heart felt the most painful thing in the world, breaking into shards of glass that made her heart bleed even more. The throbbing pain in her head was caused by a voice that continuously told her to tear her gaze away, but her brain refused to listen and made her eyes stay and watch.

There was this indescribable feeling she was feeling everywhere. It felt so painful, that it was making it difficult for her to breath and stand. Just inhaling a single breath was painful enough to send liters of tears forming in her eyes, no matter how shallow it was.

“Y-Yuko.” Miichan croaked, trying to get the girl to look at her to see whether she was alright.
Yuko ignored her friend’s call, and shakily grabbed the knob of the door even though her mind was screaming at her not to. Turning it slowly to the left, she pushed the door open and walked in whilst trying not to drop onto the ground due to the shock that she has received.

Her legs are slowly losing the ability to stand, making her stumble and fall as she neared the two with small steps. Her lips were dry as her throat, but her eyes were ready to rain several more liters of tears. A huge lump in her throat prevented her from speaking out the words she wanted to say, but when she finally found the voice to do it, she croaked with a hoarse voice.

“W-What’s going on?”

The moment the words left her mouth, the couple who were passionately making out in front of her separated from each other as fast as lightning. They were now looking at the two new arrivals, completely taken aback by the sudden visit.

Yuko breathed in slowly to try and stop the tears from falling as she stared at boy, whom she have been looking around the school for several hours. She tried to open her mouth to speak the girl’s name who was sitting beside Saito, but the widened eyes and guilty look on her face prevented Yuko from doing so.

Stepping a bit closer towards the two, she let out a shaky breath as she asked without any care for the tears that has already broken down the dam that kept it back. “W-why…”

“Why did you…” she asked, directing the question to a certain Kojima Haruna who was looking at her with tears slowly forming in her eyes. “How could you do this to me?”

Then turning to Saito, she noticed how he merely looked at her without speaking a word, and that made Yuko’s heart ache. It was as if…he didn’t care about being caught in the act of kissing Kojima Haruna— Yuko’s other best friend.

Just then, Miichan’s voice broke the trance that Yuko was starting to enter. She asked in a calm voice that has a hint of demanding in it, making the two girls in front of them flinch back in slight fear. “You ask Yuko to come meet you for what reason, Saito?”

“Y-Yuko…Listen, I was—” Saito started to say, turning her gaze from Miichan to the said girl.

The short girl only gritted her teeth whilst clenching her hands into tight fists, before crying out loud. “—I’m seeing things!”

And with that, she ran out of the classroom as her heart felt like breaking into several more millions of glass. It was too painful to witness. The image of the loving look that Saito had on her face as she kissed Haruna was flashing in her mind repeatedly, whilst the scene of the two with locked lips continued to play over and over again.

“Get out of here.” her inner voice told her, helping to block away the painful images that flashed repeatedly in her mind.

Yuko nodded to no one in particular and fastened her steps. It didn’t take her long enough to run down the third stairs, since she was practically leaping from step to step. The fear of falling didn’t even cross her mind, as the pain helped to mask it away.

“Run, Yuko.” the voice kept on telling her. “RUN!”

And that was she did. She dashed through the long stairs of the third floor and managed to get her feet onto the second floor stairs, making the voice keep quiet for a while. The adrenaline pumped through her veins as fast as her blood, making her a bit light-headed from it.
The running she was currently doing ended up in calming away the pain she was feeling in her chest, and caused the numb feeling to disappear. Her breath has slightly ran out of track, causing her to slow down with her running as she jumped from the stairs of the first floor and landed on the floor that headed to the shoe lockers.

Panting heavily, she staggered to her own locker and took out her shoes. Her hands were shaking terribly and her heart beat hard against her chest, making it painful to even take slow and shallow breaths. Once she has changed her shoes, she started to jog towards the gate.

Just then, a hand grabbed her by the arm, causing her to stop almost instantly as she smelt a familiar smell that invaded her nose. Knowing that it was none other than Saito holding her, she stiffened under the touch and tried to run away in fear of breaking down in front of him.

Unfortunately for her, she was stopped once more and was this time forcefully turned around to face him, causing for her eyes to lock on the boy who was currently looking down at the ground panting hard. As she did, she couldn’t help but have a smile creep up to her face as she thought happily about how much Saito ran just to catch up with her.

“He likes me more than Haruna!” she cried gleefully inside her mind, completely forgetting the fact that she had just witnessed him kissing the long brunette a few minutes ago.

As she cried in happiness in her mind, tears suddenly started to fall from her eyes due to the feeling that has overcome her whilst she watched Saito try to catch up with his breathing. She kept her mouth shut as she stared at him, who still looked handsome even though he was almost drenched in sweat

“Just how much energy do you have?” he suddenly asked through his pants, surprising her enough to take her out of her trance.

“Do you have the same amount as Sae’s?”

She tried to answer given to her by her crush, only to find out that she has lost the voice to do so. All she wanted at that very moment was to hug Saito and say how much she loves him, but some kind of force stopped her from doing so. Her mind was screaming something at her from the back of her head, but it was ignored as she watched Saito run a hand through his hair, totally mesmerizing her.

She wanted to compliment the taller of the two for looking so perfect, but remembered that she had lost her voice due to being caught in a trance. Closing it, she smiled and tried to tell the voice in her head to stop talking, who just answered her with more shouting.
“Why?” she croaked out loud; suddenly gaining her voice back when she asked the voice why it was screaming non-stop at her.
The blurted out question made him look up at her, misinterpreting the question for him. Yuko tried to tell Saito that she was just talking to herself internally, only to be interrupted by the boy’s question in return with a voice so cold, it felt like an icy blade had cut the upper part of her skin.

“Why did I call you just to let you see me kiss Haruna, is that your question?”
“Let me see her kiss Haruna?” Yuko repeated the question in her mind, confused by what the guy standing in front of her had meant.

It made her heart ache seeing how cold and distant Saito seemed to be looking at her, making her hesitate to make a gesture. Reluctantly nodding her head, she tried to hide away the confusion and pain that have been built up inside of her.

Just then, some ringing of the bells was heard; the very same ringing that she would hear whenever something bad was to be expected or occur. It even grew louder the moment Saito scoffed and turned his gaze away from Yuko, to the tree that stood right beside them.

It made Yuko think that he was about to say something that would inflict some pain to her, scaring her a bit with the short silence that has formed with them. A second passed, and that certain feeling was proven to be true when Saito answered her with an even colder voice.
“I want to stop your advances towards me.”

“I told you.” a voice from the back of her head said to Yuko.

Yuko stared at him, who only added with a sigh. “That’s why.”

The voice was now starting to talk, telling her that it was time to face the music and get on with her life. It made the pain that has disappeared from a while ago, to come back once more with an even more unbearable pain that stunned her senses.

It all felt like a dream and a horrible one, to be exact. A dream that made everything around her seems like an illusion, untouchable yet real enough to make her feel pain. It made her feel like she was drowning in nothing but a sea of complete serenity that had sadness and pain mixed into it.

Looking at Saito with a disbelieving look in her eyes, she tried to search for any hint of humor in his eyes. It disappointed her to realize that there wasn’t any, and when Saito continued to stare at her with those cold emotionless eyes, a painful stab to the heart was felt by Yuko.

She said in a voice that almost seemed pitiful. “I don’t believe you.”

“Don’t you get it?!” Saito asked as he sighed in frustration from the statement that Yuko has spoken, pulling his hair whilst he stomped his feet to the ground hard.

Flinching from the glare she received from the boy of her dreams, she tried to reach out for Saito’s hand to calm him down only to be stopped by the pointing of the finger and angry cry by the brown-haired. “I made you come after school, to WATCH me kiss Haruna!”

“I don’t believe you!” Yuko stubbornly cried, not wanting to believe the words being spoken by the guy she loves.

It all seemed surreal and unbelievable for her to take. And she started wondering why in the world Saito would want her to witness such a painful thing, knowing that it would give a painful blow to the shorter girl. The result of trying to deny the boy’s statement, only made him cry out in anger even more.

“Are you an idiot?” he asked with a scoff.

Adding a sneer, he then asked. “Are you stupid? Blind? Clueless?”

The boy’s questions and mocking sense of tone brought nothing but pain to Yuko’s heart, stabbing her repeatedly with its cold sharp blades. The cut that the boy’s made with the painful words were so deep, that Yuko was sure it scarred her enough to drain her heart of its blood.
To make it worse, Saito decided to add salt to the wound by enunciated the following words slow and clear. “I. Don’t. Love. You.”

“I never reciprocated your feelings!”

The boy’s following words left her soul fragile, when Saito cried with a scoff. “I don’t even like you!”

That certain sentence was enough to knock the air out of Yuko’s lungs, leaving her completely breathless. It left her sobbing, as her tears started running down her eyes without any sign of stopping. To make it worse, the look of happiness on Saito’s face, made Yuko think that he was very much enjoying the pain he was inflicting upon her.

“I don’t—” she started to say once again, wanting to mask away the pain by pretending that she never heard the boy’s words a second ago.


Her eyes widened in surprise, completely surprised from the tingling sensation on her face that was delivered to her by none other than the boy she loves the most. It stopped her in the midway of the sentence she has repeatedly several times, silencing her instantly.
Her eyes were staring right at the tree beside the both of them, away from the boy’s face. Her hearing has toned down and it seemed to be blocked by the deafening silence in her mind, but she was still able to hear the sigh of relief that escaped his mouth.

“This is NO dream, Yuko.” Saito said to her with an even harsher voice, making her flinch back in fear of getting slapped once again.

A growl was heard from the boy’s mouth, which was soon followed suit by his voice. “Believe it.”

“This is REALITY.”

Yuko merely blinked at the sentence delivered to her by Saito, still paralyzed on the spot from the slap she had received not so long ago. The tears have finally stopped dripping due to the shock the slap had brought her, leaving her face tear-streaked and left to dry.

“This is real life!” He told to her firmly.

Then crying out in pure irritation, Saito added. “So deal with it! And stop telling yourself that it’s not true!”

A pregnant paused formed.

“Has the words finally sunk into your brain?” he coldly asked.

Looking away from the beautiful sight of the cherry blossom tree, she turned and focused her dazed eyes onto the boy who slapped her. Tears threatened to fall once more from her eyes when she locked gazes with the him whose eyes seemed to have gotten colder, reminding her of the slap she had received.

Moving her right hand to the tingling spot in her face, she touched it to check whether it all happened or she was just dreaming. When she touched it, she felt the swollen area and the slight pain, slowly waking her up to realize that it was the truth.

“Why Nyan Nyan?” she sobbed, almost like a whisper.

“Because I’m tired.” he answered, before sighing as he continued. “I’m tired of being nice to you, and it’s leading you on!”
The voice from the back of her mind told her to ask a question, making her tremble in fear when she did. “Does Nyan Nyan hate me?”

“Yes.” Came a quick reply.

Saito added angrily. “I hate you. I despise you!”

“I despise you for being annoyingly beside me all the time!”

“And I hate you for making Haruna stay away from me because she thought that you and I were going out!” Saito screamed.


The girl’s name continuously rang in her mind, only to be blocked by the voice from the back of her head. It spoke to her, reminding her of the times she found Saito and the brunette girl laughing and seemingly comfortable with one another.

It reminded her of how she pretended not to notice and ignore it, even though a voice from the back of her head was already screaming at her. It made images of the two hugging each other when they won first place at a fashion contest the two joined, before making the scene of the two kissing appear.

Dazed and numbed, she asked. “Nyan… Nyan’s in love with Haruna?”

“Yes! I LOVE her.” he confirmed, before adding with gritted teeth. “And I HATE you!”

The words struck her hard, making her tears filled up her eyes with the threat of falling down any moment. Biting her lower lip, she tried to get her feelings of love to him. When it the cold look refused to disappear, she took a step closer towards Saito and lifted an arm to try and touch his arm whilst she pleaded.

“Nyan Nyan, please don’t hate me.”

The words seemed to be ineffective, since Saito swatted her hands away in disgust before looking at her with nothing but anger in his eyes. “Don’t touch me!”

“You’re a pervert!” he cried at her as, taking a step backwards.

“And whenever you’re near me, it bothers me!”

With her arm still reached out, Yuko tried to retract it to her side and failed. She was far too shocked to do so, as the words of the cold prince echoed endlessly in her mind. Her sobs have stopped, as she tried to tell the voice inside her head to stop telling her in giving up her love for the boy who stood right in front of her.
“Nyan—” she started say, wanting to say that she could stop being perverted and assure her of the skin-ship she planned on lessening.

The boy never even gave her a chance to continue, interrupting her with an angry voice and scowl on the face. “— Don’t call me with that stupid nickname!”

Stomping his feet hard to the ground, Saito stared hard at her, making her retract the hand that was stretched out to touch his arm. The short girl stood staring at him, hurt by the fact that he refused to be called by the nickname she gave to two dearest living things in her life; her cat and Saito.

Staring into the boy’s cold and unwavering eyes, she kept her mouth shut as Saito spoke. “Listen carefully.”

“I LOVE Haruna, not you. I WANT Haruna, not you. I NEED Haruna, not you.”

“Do you understand?!” he asked in an angry cry.

The three words that were enunciated for her to understand, caused something inside her chest to shatter and stop abruptly, making her clutch the shirt she wore over it. The pain was too unbearable, making her yearn to tear it away from her body and throw it someplace far away.

She had bitten her lips hard, cutting the soft skin and making some blood to slowly seep out. She felt her legs tremble as she tried to keep herself standing on the spot, while her upper body shuddered as she tried to breathe properly. Her lungs and heart seemed to have stopped working, bringing nothing but difficulty to her.

“I-I’m sorry.” Yuko managed to sob out, as she watched Saito turn her gaze away from her and onto the cherry tree beside them.

“I’m sorry. I-I thought that Nyan—” she started to say; only to receive a sharp look from the boy she loves and remembering that Saito hated the nickname she gave to him. “— Saito likes me back.”

“I thought that Saito likes me back because he agreed to go on dates with me, and he said that he liked me back when I asked him.” She said, trying to remind him of the times they have spent together in hope that it would somehow change Saito’s mind about everything.

Unfortunately for her, it was not well received and was only giving a cruel scoff and laugh in return. “Dates?”

“You kidnapped me and forced me to go! I had no choice because I know that you won’t stop asking me if I don’t agree!” Saito cried at her, narrowing her eyes as she did.

“I also said that I liked you back to shut you up!” the boy sighed in frustration, before crossing his arms as he cried. “I can’t bear hearing your voice any longer that’s why!”

“It’s even more irritating than Kasai’s strawberry voice!”

Yuko stared at him in complete shock; taken aback by the sudden addition of the girl she was slightly annoyed with these past few days. Closing her mouth shut, she stared hard at the ground as she tried to bottle up the anger that was starting to boil inside her.

Hearing the boy’s harsh words did not make it any easier, making her clench her hands into tight fists while her breathing came back properly. She was trembling in anger, remembering the fact that Saito dared compared her voice to such an annoying one that caused almost everyone to hate Tomo~mi.

She was unaware of how her knuckles had turned white from the clenching she did so hard, and the gritting of the teeth she was currently doing. Her breaths started to come out ragged, as hot tears started to break the dam she had built up with her resolve.

She heard a few steps towards her that came from boy who slapped her, making her look up with angry eyes. She realized that he was now stretching out a hand to place on her shoulder, making her swat it away with a loud slap as she thought of the hatred for Saito that has now erupted.

“Then why?” she asked, unable to hide the anger that was boiling inside of her.
Taking a step a forward towards Saito, she continued with gritted teeth. “Why didn’t you tell me straightly? I can understand if you told me to stay away.”

“But why did you give me hope?! Why did you make me think that you were in love with me?! Why did you made me make a fool of myself?!”

He took a step back. Continuing and wanting to let out the pain that she bottled deep inside, she cried out in anger at him. “Why did you make me waste three years on you?!”

“Y-Yuuchan.” he called her name, hoping that by calling the girl with the nickname Yuko adored would calm the her down.


“I hate you.” Yuko murmured as sobs slowly escaped her mouth.

Gritting her teeth even more, she glared at him and took a step back as she shouted out loud. “I hate you!”

With blazing eyes of anger staring right at him, she walked back without wavering. Saito was now looking down at the ground, probably shocked from the slap she had given him after everything he had told her. Turning, she started running to the school gates as she wished for nothing but to escape the place.

As she did, hot tears streamed down continuously down from her eyes. She was sobbing hard and was whimpering as her heart threatened to stop pumping after receiving such painful happenings. As she was about to step outside the gates, she turned and looked at him.


~o~ ^o^ ~o~

She sat up from her bed, with her forehead completely drenched in sweat. The painful throbbing sensation from earlier came back once more, and it was doing a great deal of damage to her sight. Clutching her head with both of her hands, she started whimpering as she tried to take quick shallow breaths.

“Hnnngh.” She gritted her teeth, clutching her head even harder as the pain refused to go away.

Just then, the pain stopped and disappeared as if it never even came. The fashion editor merely took several breaths as she tried to gain focus of her sight. Her room was tilting from side to side a while ago, whilst being blurry enough to prevent her from distinguishing which was which.

“That’s the second time this week.” She sighed, massaging the temples of her head as she tried to stand up from her bed.

Ever since she went to the wedding of Takamina and Acchan, she had two strange recurring dreams of the past she had completely forgotten about. Not only did she have a recurring dream of the past, but the headaches that would followed suit once she wakes up.

For the first time after seven years, she never had these strange happenings to her. Perhaps it was because she came back to the place she once hated, or the fact that she met the girl who seduced the person she used to love the most away from her?

“I should take up Shiriri’s advice.” She mumbled to herself, before hauling herself up with the help of her desk chair.

Turning to the clock on the wall, her eyes widened and she smacked her forehead. She had completely forgotten to eat her lunch! No wonder she was feeling strange! She was on her way to eat lunch when she accidentally met up with Haruna, and slept after eating a slice of cake!

“Should I eat or go to the office?” she asked no one in particular, once she realized that the sky would soon darken.

Sighing, she then decided on getting something to eat on the way to Haruna’s office and headed to the bathroom to freshen herself up. After an hour of getting ready, she got into her car and started heading to Haruna’s office, which was really just several blocks away from her apartment.

Parking her car, she got out and went to the lobby with a file of papers in hand. The moment she entered the room, she saw several pictures of Haruna modeling along with other models. She stared in awe at how the tall girl looked extremely sexy and beautiful while being cute in others.

“Oshima-san?” a woman in a black dress walked up to her with a clipboard in hand.

Turning, she smiled and nodded her head in confirmation before following the woman to the elevator after being motioned to. It didn’t take long for them to reach the level where Haruna’s office was located, before the woman led her to a room that looked quite extravagant.

“She’s waiting for you inside, Yuko-san.” The woman informed her, using the name that the shorter girl requested her to call her with.

Nodding with a thankful smile, Yuko grabbed the handle of the door. “Thank you, Hana-san.”

And with that, the new co-worker turned the knob and entered the room. But just as she did, a pillow was thrown right at her face, causing he to freeze right at the spot. The pillow was plump and stayed right where it was aimed at, causing her to blink several times into the soft surface as she tried to process what had just happened.

“Hey,” a voice spoke, sounding almost disappointed. “You’re not Mariko.”

Taking the pillow of her face, she smiled apologetically at the girl who was peeking from behind the couch. “I’m afraid I’m not.”

“Wait, do I know you?” Yuko suddenly asked when the girl stood up whilst dusting her skirt off.

The question caused the other girl to look up at her properly before smiling widely as she made her way quickly to Yuko, and engulf her in a huge hug. The gesture she had received made Yuko arch an eyebrow before hugging the taller girl back with slight hesitation.

“Yuko!” the girl cried before moving away, as she took in the figure of the shorter girl. “Wow! You look amazing!”

“Uhh…” was what the complimented girl could utter, completely lost on how to react with the girl who seemed to know her pretty well.

Realizing that she needed to remind the shorter girl who she was, she crossed her arms across her chest as she posed in a way that she was sure would instantly make Yuko remember. It took the fashion editor a few seconds before realizing who was in fact standing right in front of her.

“Tomochin!” she cried, before hugging the said girl tightly.

Letting go, she started to jump up and down along with the other as excitement ran through their bodies. “I’ve missed you so much, Yuko!”

“Oh my god,” Yuko breathed out, as she noticed something. “How long has it been since we’ve met?”

“Four years ago. Why?” Tomochin asked, while the two of them stopped their jumping.

Yuko tilted her head to the side and clicked her tongue. “I don’t know. It just looked like you—”

“— Oh come on!” Tomochin cried, sighing in slight irritation even though there was humor evident in her eyes. “Can everybody just stop mentioning that I gained a bit of weight?”

“I wasn’t going to say that, you know.” Yuko smirked, crossing her arms as she watched the ‘fat’ girl plop herself down onto the comfy couch.

“Oh yeah?” Tomochin narrowed her eyes at the shorter girl who remained standing. “What were you going to say?”

“I was going to mention how much you’ve grown THINNER, and that it was such a waste of you not to have been a model.” Yuko told her, with the rolling of the eyes that followed suit from the girl who was now slouching.

Tomochin leaned against the couch, whilst motioning for Yuko to sit across her as she spoke. “I’m going to ignore the sarcasm, and pretend that you just complimented me.”

Yuko merely laughed, before looking around her as she took a sit. The owner of the company was nowhere to be found, and the short girl couldn’t help but have her curiosity rise from the missing CEO. Turning to the girl who was now checking her nails, she asked.

“Where’s Kojima Haruna?”

Tomochin looked up from her nails, and shrugged in return as she replied. “She went out to send Mariko to her office across the street, and talk the troll’s Gachapin girlfriend.”

“Apparently, Troll and Gachapin are having a lover’s quarrel or something.”

“O-okay…” Yuko dropped a sweat as she watched Tomochin talk so casually, as if she wasn’t even worried or anything about her friends fighting.

“By the way,” Tomochin sat up, finished with checking up on her nails. “What are you doing here in Kojipa’s office?”

Yuko smiled at her, before showing her the file that she held in her hand. “I’m going to work here as the new Fashion Editor.”

“Really?” Tomochin asked her and got a nod in return from Yuko, causing her to beam widely before hugging her tightly. “That’s great!”

Yuko smiled back in return before hugging her back. The two of them have been close friends since high school, and even worked together during a fashion project in London.

Just then, the door opened and revealed the girl whom Yuko was searching for. She turned her head and stood up to greet girl she would soon be working for. When she lowered her head and uttered a greeting, she was given a look of surprise.

“Yuko?” Haruna blinked.

“What are you doing here?”

Yuko gave her the file she brought along with her, and smiled. “I’m the new Fashion Editor.”

“I hope you take care of me.” She bowed.

Haruna’s face lit up instantly, before she grabbed the shorter girl’s hand and shook it almost severely due to the happiness she was feeling. Yuko shook her hand back, whilst her left hand went to the back of her head as she felt a sting, probably from a mosquito.

But unbeknownst to her, it was caused by the slight tearing up of the scar she had received from the incident. The inside of the scar already opened up to the size of a needle’s hole, and a nerve had started to bleed. The blood slowly seeped through the small opening, and small specs started to flow down her neck.

To Be Continued…

A/N: So yeah…It ends like this. I’m sorry. I actually wanted to write some more, but this is taking more time than expected. And this chapter really isn’t that great. Anyway, there’s a huge reason why this chapter is like this. You can refer to Haruna’s flashback in Chapter Four, I think? The questions might be answered once I update a few more chapters? And there’s going to be an arrival of someone who plays an important(?) role in this. Who knows? It just might be Yuko’s prince or Miichan’s rival in love.

Thank you for reading!!! Byebye~! :mon bye: :byebye:

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and the end is nearing.. i think.. a new tragedy will be unfold.. LOL
so what will happened to Yuko? Will she die? :3

UPDATE! FAST! or i won't write any smutty YukiRena. LOL JK
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OMG!!  :shock:  So it's like Yuuchan had an accident and had an amnesia! AND THE SAD PART IS, SHE FORGOT WHAT HAD REAL HAPPENED BETWEEN HER AND KOJIHARU!!! THIS IS SOOOOOOOO  :frustrated:
So her friends told her some different stories about her love life before, WHYYY!!! WHY DO THEY HAVE TO DO THAT!?!? THEY'RE SO SELFISH!!!  :scolding:

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OMG!!  :shock:  So it's like Yuuchan had an accident and had an amnesia! AND THE SAD PART IS, SHE FORGOT WHAT HAD REAL HAPPENED BETWEEN HER AND KOJIHARU!!! THIS IS SOOOOOOOO  :frustrated:
So her friends told her some different stories about her love life before, WHYYY!!! WHY DO THEY HAVE TO DO THAT!?!? THEY'RE SO SELFISH!!!  :scolding:


Yeah i think that.. someone says Yuko a false story.. why? because that person want that yuko hates haruna...

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so,yuko had the wrong memory *i'm shock*

awww..yuko's prince was so sweet..i approved yuko and her boyfriend..

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Chapter Eight

"Well, here's your office." The tall brunette said with a smile, placing both of her hands on her hips as she gave the room a good look.

The walls were in the color of light pink, with mixtures of different light colors that made everything seem so lively and fitting for a girl like Yuko. It was a good thing that she decided to use the colors she preferred on the room, instead of using dark colors like what Tomochin wanted.

"It's great." The other girl in the room said with a huge smile, taking in every simple detail her eyes could remember.

Though it had no fancy designs like what top fashion companies had, the simplicity of the environment brought a huge smile to the brown-haired girl. She always wanted a room designed simply, and yet comfortable to the eyes in a way that it shows how fashionable and creative the company she was working for.

Taking several steps from the middle of the room the table located by a huge windown, Yuko started running her fingers along the edges of the well-made stationary with her eyes closed, enjoying the smooth surface her hands were feeling.

All of a sudden, her actions were stopped with a halt the moment her hands caused something made out of glass to fall onto the carpeted floor with a thud. Opening her eyes, she saw an empty picture frame lying by her feet.

Bending down, she took it in her hands and stared at it for some time. The tall brunette merely watched her from across the room, wondering the sudden halt in the girl's excited actions. Her eyes found themselves staring at the picture frame, making a brow rise up from her smooth face.

"Haruna," Yuko suddenly spoke, looking at the said brunette without an emotionless expression on her face.

When the said girl looked straight at her in the eyes, she tilted her head to the side and gave a small smile as she asked, "Did you know that putting a picture frame of your loved one on top of your desk will bring bad luck?"

The short girl's question out of the blue caused Haruna to furrow her eyebrows together, as well as tilt her head to the side like what Yuko had done not so long ago. She started searching through her mind for any smart answer to give to the girl, only to find herself frowinng in discontent when nothing came to mind.

Pouting, Haruna then shook her head in manner that would have normally made the past Yuko squeal about how cute she looked like, if it wasn't for the fact that she had no memories of the past between the two of them.

The one who asked the question let out a small laugh, before tracing the designs on the frame with her index finger.

"Why do you say so?" Haruna asked the girl with a curious glance, tilting her head to the left side this time.

Yuko looked up and tapped her chin, letting out a small hum before replying. "They said that the relationship won't go well."

"I don't get it."

Haruna gave her a pout while at the same time, having a confused expression written all over her face, making the short girl smile gently at her before starting the explanation for the question she knew the answer to.

"Hmm..." she started, tapping her chin as she continued on. "They said that seeing the person you loved all the time at work would just bring pain."

"A-ah...I-is that so?" Haruna asked, suddenly feeling uncomfortable with the bringing up of the word 'pain' in their conversation.

It was because the moment the word pain entered her cat-like ears, memories of the past that she has yet to forget started flashing right before her eyes like a film set on replay. It caused her eyes to widen as the guilt that she has been unable to remove from her chest, to come back in haunting her with an even more painful throb.

Staring straight into the girl's eyes was not helping as well, since the look Yuko had at the moment was suddenly mixed with the different expressions that haunted Haruna's dreams every night. It was not a pleasant sight to see, though it was caused by nothing but the tall brunette's own imagination.

Feeling the pain and guilt ten times more painful, she tore her eyes away from the girl and focused her sight on something else that might help in numbing the throbbing pain deep inside of her. Unfortunately for her, her eyes decided to troll her by making her find herself staring once more at the girl.

With a pained expression written all over her face, the brunette watched Yuko place the frame back onto the surface of the table gently before sitting down on the office chair, and turning herself around like a child who has found a new toy to play with.

The sight of Yuko being childish in front of her, reminded Haruna once more of the past when the shorter girl used to act that way most of the time. It reminded her of those times that came before she shattered Yuko's heart into millions of pieces, bringing a smile to form on her lips.

"Wow." Yuko suddenly stopped the turning of the chair and stared at the transparent window, enjoying the view that she was able to take in with her eyes.

The sky was slowly starting to turn dim. The clouds that were in colors of grey and black hinted the coming of a heavy downpour, bringing the thought of getting cramps in the middle of the night to Yuko's head.

The thought of waking up with a painful cramp caused the brown-haired to wince, and that wasn't left unnoticed by Haruna, who was staring at her intently without intention. Somehow misunderstanding the wincing made by Yuko by thinking that it had something to do with her, she then focused her eyes on the picture frame before taking a few steps to her it into her own pair of hands.

"Is that the reason why our relationship ended horribly?" Haruna unconsciously mumbled, the moment she held it in her hands.

Yuko hummed in question, yet never turning the chair around to face the taller girl. "Hmm?"

Though her mumbling was soft, it managed to catch the attention of the shorter girl, who then decided to stop staring at the window and turned to face her. Just then, seeing the taller girl in front of her brought the reminder of how Haruna was her boss.

Feeling slightly guilty for not giving the respect Haruna should have received from her, Yuko immediately sat up and motioned at the couch for the girl to sit on. The brunette, however, remained her focus on the frame.

Yuko tilted her head to the side, tucking a strand of hair as well whilst she watch the taller girl with a curious look on her face. "Is she thinking about something?"

Her boss seemed to be so engrossed in staring at the frame, making Yuko feel like the girl's eyes would somehow manage to bore a hole right through it. Without a word, she stood up and went to Haruna's side.

"Haruna-san?" Yuko lifted her arm to tap the girl gently on the shoulder, only to end up stopping when she felt something jelly-like fall from her neck and onto her upper back.

Looking up, she tried to search for any hole that might have had some sort of jelly substance dropping from it, only to find a well-made ceiling. She shrugged and then concluded that it must have been her imagination, before lifting her hand to the back of her neck to give it a little scratch as it suddenly felt itchy.


A squishy sensation was felt by the short girl, making her furrow her eyebrows together as she started pressing and squeezing the slimy thing at the back of her neck. It was sticking to the fingers she was using, making her give it a slight pull as the curiousity of finding out what it was, came over her.

"What in the world..."

Her eyes widened in shock and horror, the moment she pulled the slimy thing from the back of her neck and raised it in her line of sight. A squishy line of redish substance was stuck to her thumb and index finger, making Yuko wonder why something like that was sticking at the back of her neck.

"Don't tell me..." she muttered, before letting her left hand find the spot where the redish substance was found.

Feeling through the small hair from the back of her head, she started panicking. This has never happened to her before, but seeing it from several TV series and medical shows made her wonder if it was actually occuring.


She gulped, stopping the search the moment her fingers found themselves on the same spot where the scar could be found. Biting her lower lip, she ignored the slight stinging sensation that she was feeling from the touch and immediately placed both of her arms down before turning her look on the tall brunette, who was still pretty much engrossed in staring at the frame.

She needs to go to the bathroom and check whether what she suspected was true; if the scar has opened up. Quickly tapping the taller girl on the shoulder, she cleared her throat and formed a smile.

"Haruna-san?" she asked, making the said girl look up from the frame and turn her gaze to her.


"Thank you for showing me the way to my office." she said with a smile, trying hard to mask the anxiety she has at the moment.

Adding up, she said. "Haruna-san is the CEO of this company, so she probably has lots of works to do."

"That's why I think that Haruna-san should go back to her office and let me do everything on my own."

The brunette looked at her with a blank expression, debating with herself internally on whether she should stay for a little while longer to make sure that Yuko would be able to adjust herself in the new surroundings, or leave as what the girl had requested of her to do.

Sensing that the girl was having a hard time in choosing, Yuko took the initiative and started to push Haruna towards the door gently. "You probably have to do lots of paperwork, Haruna-san."

"B-but..." the taller girl pushed her hands against the edges of the now-opened door, looking at Yuko with concern. "I can do that later-"

"I insist, Haruna-san!" the shorter girl shouted, forcing herself to continue on wearing the smile until she had managed to get rid of her boss.

The taller girl just looked at her in surprise, blinking her eyes several times as the voice that Yuko used on her remained ringing in her ears. Seeing how the shorter girl's smile seems to be faltering, Haruna heaved a sigh and allowed herself to be pushed out of the room.

She then turned to Yuko and held a hand against the door to prevent it from closing, and spoke. "Just press the button on the phone if you need any assitance from me."

"I'll promise you that you won't hear any call from me, Haruna-san." Yuko said to her, gritting her teeth as her head started to feel like something was hammering on it.

She was about to close the door on Haruna, but the taller girl stopped it again and gave her a smile. "It's fine to bother me from time to time, Yuko."

"Really, Haruna-san." the shorter girl said through clenched teeth, still trying hard to keep her smile. "You need to go and start on your papers."


"Oops," Yuko said, pointing at her watch. "Looks like break has ended!"

And with that, she slammed the door shut, leaving Haruna staring at it with a sad expression on her face. With a heavy sigh, she walked away and went to her own office, which was located on the far end of the hallway.

Unbeknowst to her, Yuko was leaning against the door with ragged breaths. She winced in as she tried to lift her head, feeling the painful sting. She started taking quick, shallow breaths to maintain her breath intake, making her way as slow as possible to her table.

Once she was sitting down on the chair, she took out a bottle of pills prescribed for her to drink by Mayuyu. Gulping it down along with some water, she then laid her head on top of the cold surface of the table, closing her eyes for a while, hoping that by the time she opened them once more, the pain has resided.

The short girl stayed in that position for quite some time, until the stinging ache that has spreaded a while ago, has finally ceased to exist. Feeling better and refreshed, she stood up and stretched herself, remembering the advice given to her by her American doctor.

Once she had finished doing so, she went back to her chair and started on the work given to her. She began to read slowly and thoroughly along the files that was stacked on her table, allowing her brain to remember every single detail needed for her to make an editorial report and such.


"Ahhh..." she stretched her entire body, spreading her entire body on the surface of her table.

Several hours had passed since she first started working at Haruna's company, and let's just say that it was a bit easier than her previous job at New York. The only thing that made it hard and difficult was the details and information, along with the different articles that she has to cover.

Leaning back against her chair, she started to massage her temples. She had turned her chair to face the scenery outside her windows, allowing the beaiutiful lights of Tokyo to captivate and mesmerize her.

"Yuuchan?" a knock came on the door, followed by the sighting of Oshima Yuko's previous model, Kasai Tomomi.

Turning her chair, Yuko smiled. "What's up, Chiyuu?"

"It's time to go home." the long brunette said with a smile in return, pointing at the watch on her wrist. "Wanna grab some dinner?"

"Dinner sounds great." Yuko told her, standing up as she began to clear up her messy desk. "Just let me fix this."

Quickly classifying the files from her notes and edited reports, she placed them neatly inside the drawers of her table. She took her coat from the coat hanger and slung her designer's bag on her shoulder, before following her good friend to the hallways.

"So, how was your first day of work?" Tomo~mi asked, taking glances at Yuko every now and then as they made their way to the elavator.

Entering the the said elavator, Yuko sighed wearily. "Quite tiring."

"Well, make sure not to stress yourself out." Tomo~mi laughed.

Yuko let out a chuckle and crossed her arms. "What about you?"

"Oh, just did some modelling thing." Tomo~mi told her, giving a dismissive wave of the hand as she exited out of the elavator the moment it had reached their desired floor. "The usual."

"That sounds...equally tiring." Yuko laughed,

"By the way, Chiyuu." Yuko said, catching the said girl's attention as they both entered the car.


"Do you still have that specialist's number?" Yuko asked as she started the engine of her car.

"I still do." Tomo~mi replied, before tilting her head to the side as she looked at Yuko with a curious expression on her face. "Why?"

"Can you give it to me?" the short girl asked as she made a turn with the wheel to drive them out of the building. "I have a friend asking for some help."

"She has this condition wherein she would have memories of the past appearing in her dreams; memories that she has no recollection of." Yuko said with a nonchalant shrug of the shoulders, not wanting to let the younger girl get a whiff that it was herself she was actually referring to.

"She told me that she would also have blood trickling down from the scar every now and then." Yuko added, trying to maintain her composure as the guilt in lying grew. "And it's really worrying her."

"And I presume that you suggested your doctor?" Tomo~mi asked.

Yuko only nodded, glad and relieved that the younger girl had no knowledge over the fact that she wasn't informed that she has ever gone to a specialist like that. The doctor that the two of them were referring to was a person who specializes in medicine and anything that was connected to the brain.

Since Sayaka told her that she was well enough to stop seeing the specialist that Yuko has no memory of, the short girl decided that the best way to get herself checked-up and possibly treated, was to find the person who saved her from near-death.

"Yeah, I did." she nodded.

Tomo~mi gave a curt nod and took out her phone, making Yuko smile to herself as she tried to calm her fast-beating heart from giving her a possibility of a heart attack with the way it was pumping so quickly.

"Here." Tomo~mi sent a message containing all of the doctor's information, including the address of the building.

Yuko gave a word of thanks as she felt her phone vibrate almost instantly. The younger girl beside her only smiled, and the two started another coversation that did not contain anything related to the possibility of someone dying, lightening up the atmosphere inside the car as they drove to their favourite restaurant.


"So, have you heard that Miichan and Shinoda-san fought?" Tomo~mi asked as she ate a spoonful of Okonomiyaki.

Raising a brow as she ate one, she shook her head. "No."

"Well, it seems that Mariko has this new editor." Tomo~mi said as she chewed her food. "And you know just how Michan easily gets jealous right?"

"Uh huh, go on."

"It seems that Miichan apparently tried to humiliate the new guy by making him turn out as a pervert in front of everyone." Tomo~mi let out a chuckle. "She even tried to make him quit the company by pretending to be the CEO."

"Miichan needs to seriously stop getting so jealous over Mariko's co-workers." Yuko sighed, shaking her head as she wiped away the oil from her lips.

Tomo~mi nodded in agreement. "Yeah, and I heard that the guy she tried to humiliate was a big-shot from the US."

"I also heard that Shinoda-san actually had to sacrifice several projects just to get him for the company."

"So, what happened?" Yuko asked as the two of them handed the bill over to the waiter. "I bet that Mariko's fuming mad."

"Oh, she's wasn't just mad." Tomo~mi said to her. "She broke up with Miichan."

"No way."

"She did!" Tomo~mi cried. "Shinoda-san even slapped her after finding out that Miichan tried to punch the poor guy!"

"Maybe the new guy was hitting on Mariko? She could have just done that because he was being rude you know." Yuko defended, not wanting to allow her friend be labelled as a jealous girlfriend so easily. "Miichan must surely have felt that he was trying to hit on Mariko."

"She would never punch a guy just like that." Yuko added.

Tomo~mi raised a brow at the confident statement given to her by the older girl. "Have you actually heard what happened the last time a male editor came to work for Shinoda-san?"

Yuko shook her head. "No."

"Miichan reported him to the police, saying that he was rapist." the bruneete informed, taking a sip from her iced tea before carrying on. "She even had his house set on fire."

"Those are probably rumors." Yuko said with a dismissive wave, unable to believe that such a lovable girl such as Miichan could do such a thing. "She wouldn't have gone off that far."

Tomo~mi shook her head and sighed. "That's just the thing, Yuuchan."

"She actually set his whole apartment on fire."

Yuko frowned at her. "Where did you hear all of these nonsense?"

"From Tomochin."

"As in Itano Tomomi, the Fashion Designer?" Yuko asked.

The younger girl nodded her head, standing up along with Yuko after receiving the receipt from the waiter. The two girls started heading towards Yuko's car, which was fortunately parked right on front of the carpark, continuing on with their conversation.

♥ Suika BABY ~  ♥
 ♥ Sekai de ichiban suki da yo ~  ♥
 ♥ Mizumizushii sono egao ga suki da ~  ♥
 ♥ Suika BABY ~  ♥
 ♥ Mabushii taiyou no shita de ~  ♥
 ♥ Kagayaita kimi wa manatsu no MADONNA ~  ♥

Yuko's phone suddenly rang, making the two stop talking as the short girl tried to take the call that interrupted them. Flipping her phone open, Yuko unlocked the doors of her car, allowing her and Tomo~mi to enter it.

However, she was momentarily stopped the moment the person's words from the other end of the line, processed inside of her mind. "What?"

"What do you mean?!" Yuko suddenly cried, making Tomo~mi turn and look at her curiously as the panic on the older girl's tone was not left unnoticed. "Where did she go?!"

Tomo~mi could only stare at the older girl as she muttered a curse under her breath, looking stressed and frantic as the seconds passed whilst she speak with whoever it was on the other end of the line. A few seconds later, the short girl flipped her phone close and entered the car quickly.

"What happened?" Tomo~mi asked as she closed the passenger's door.

Yuko ignited the engine, answering her once she started to drive out of the place quickly. "Miichan's missing."

"And Sayaka says that she just might do something really stupid."

To Be Continued...

A/N: Well, it seems that I might start the other SoUL series, since I've already done this part and I'm starting to lose some inspiration due to enormous amount of school work.
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At last you've updated this fic  :w00t: i'm freaking tired of waiting for this fic to update but i'm glad you update  :twothumbs:  so for the story, Miichan is missing?!?! Hope she won't do anything stupid....  :cry: please update
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omg what happen with miichan.. and yuuchan.. what happen to you im really worried about this
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OMG! You updated!  :nya: I was waiting for this!  :farofflook:

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Onto the new chapter...

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I am happy that Haruna is really eager to get Yuuchan back to her life, i hope she'll win her heart again this time and do the right thing and never break the smaller girl's heart again ..... BUT I KNOW IT'S IMPOSSIBLE FOR THIS TO HAPPEN- FOR NOW 'CAUSE KARO~CHAN IS A SADIST SO SHE WILL STILL BE ENJOYING BREAKING OUR HEARTS FOR THE NEXT FEW CHAPTERS. SIGH*  :mon exhaust:

And for the MariMii couple....WHAT THE HELL MIICHAN?!  :shock: I just couldn't imagine Miichan doing something really terrible to that guy, it's kind of shameful for Mariko's side for what she had caused so i totally understand Mariko for breaking up with her...... but still  :smhid

Well, i was thinking maybe that guy threatened Miichan and told her that he's going to steal Mariko away from her....?  :dunno:  Well.....  :bigdeal:

NOW YUUCHAN NEEDS A DOCTOR!! SHE'LL BE FINE! Everything will be fine!  :on drink:

Thanks for this update, karo~chan! IT'S A GREAT CHAPTER! (AS ALWAYS)
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No Kojiyuu in the end? I'm going to cry T_T
OMG!!! Miichan is scary!!!
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Couple: SaeYaka
Song: My Immortal by Evanescence

I'm so tired of being here ~

What's the use anyway? I don't have any good reason to go on. No one to be with me. No one to take care of me.

No one me

Suppressed by all my childish fears ~

Everywhere I look, I see nothing but her.

Every shadow reminds me of her.

Every sound reminds me of her.

Every scent reminds me of her.

I can't stop thinking of her.

I can't stop loving her.

And I couldn't stop being scared that I'll die if she doesn't come back.

And if you have to leave ~

But that's what you wanted...

To leave me.

Is it because you couldn't stand being with me anymore?

I wish that you would just leave ~

I can't stop myself from feeling this pain...

...So please just leave me

'Cause your presence still lingers here ~

Because all I think of is you.

My dreams, along with the pain...

...Consists of you

And it won't leave me alone ~

Why won't it?

Why do I have to suffer this badly?

All I did was love you.

You, and only you.

These wounds won't seem to heal ~

After all these time...

All those moment we had together...

Do they mean nothing to you at all?

This pain is just too real ~

It's hurting me...

Killing me deep inside...

It still hurts so much even though it's been so long.

There's just too much that time cannot erase ~

All those times I have spent with you...

So many memories I made with you...

Do they mean little to you?

When you cried I'd wipe away all of your tears ~

I was there for you to confide in...

To comfort you...

To love you when no one did...

When you'd scream I'd fight away all of your fears ~

When you had no one else, I was there.

Did you forget what I did then?

Did you forget how I bravely tried to protect you...

Even when I was completely outnumbered?

And I held your hand through all of these years ~

So, why did you leave?

Why did you have to hurt me?

Why did you toy with my feelings?

How could you use me and toss me aside like how they did to you?

But you still have ~

But despite all of the things you did...

All of those years you made me ache...

All of those years you made me suffer and miserable...

You still have...

All of me

You used to captivate me ~

Why do I still care?

Is it because with your smile, all of my anxiety disappears?

By your resonating light ~

Because of your energetic smile and beautiful face?

Now I'm bound by the life you left behind ~

They are completely intact in my mind.

And everything I say...


Think of...

Reminds me of you.

Your face it haunts, my once pleasant dreams ~

Do you know how many sleepless nights I've had?

How many times I woke up crying...

Begging for you to come back...

Just to love me again?
Your voice it chased away, all the sanity in me ~

Just to hear your voice would be probably be enough.

Probably enough... to bring back the sanity I've lost.

The same sanity that you yourself drove away.

But then...

These wounds won't seem to heal ~

And having you back would just mean opening them up...

This pain is just too real ~

 ...making me feel the same pain that I've grown accustomed to.

There's just too much that time cannot erase ~

So much pain and suffering for me to deal with again...

I've tried so hard to tell myself that you're gone ~

And it took me such a long time to get over you...

But though you're still with me ~

Memories of you failed to leave.

The happy and merry times remained.

Along with the pain and suffering you caused me...

I've been alone all along ~

Thanks to you...

I'm now like this.

Thanks to you...

I don't trust anyone to give my heart to.

Because I'm afraid.

When you cried I'd wipe away all of your tears ~

I won't forget those times...

When you'd scream I'd fight away all of your fears ~

I'll make sure to remember each and every one...

And I held your hand through all of these years ~

To remind me of the reason why I came to hate you...

...because after all these time

You still have all of me

To Be Continued...

A/N: And that has been the first prologue for another Series of (Un) Love fic. I'm currently trying to finish the next chapter of T.A.F, but that may take long. I'll try to update fast though, after all, I managed to get this done. Sorry about that guys.
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Chapter Nine

“Where are you?” she anxiously muttered to herself as she scanned the bustling streets of Tokyo.

Her fingers kept tapping at the wheel, showing just how worried she was at the very moment. Her eyes would dart from left to right, scanning each scene carefully to make sure that she does not miss the figure of her good friend.

“Miichan…” she muttered to herself, biting her lower lip as she let out the nth sigh that hinted of her anxiety.

Talking to no one in particular, she spoke. “Where are you?”

Earlier on the phone


“Yuko…” Sayaka spoke in a grave voice, causing the younger girl to instantly zip her mouth as she wait for the black-haired to continue on speaking.

“…Miichan’s missing.”

Yuko froze to her spot as she remembered the latest news about the break-up between Mariko and Miichan. Her breathing suddenly became as heavy as the atmosphere between her and the older girl, who only continued to speak.

“What?” she muttered in shock.

The words that left the older girl’s mouth did not manage to enter through the brown-haired’s ear as fear managed to creep up to Yuko and cause her to block out anything else. She started to feel a dreadful feeling coming, and the passing seconds did not help to ease it at all. Neither did the following words that her brain was able to process despite the shock and trance that she was in at the moment.

“-she left a note in her house that says nothing but goodbye in it.”

That caused her to snap out of her trance, and soon she was wide-eyed. Her brain has processed the words and the meaning even further, which resulted in Yuko clenching the poor device tightly as she cried at the older girl on the other end of the line.

“What do you mean?!”

Not even giving a second for the older girl to give her reply, Yuko demanded. “Where did she go?!”

“I don’t know, that’s why I called you.” Sayaka replied as she gave an exasperated sigh, obviously upset with the current events occurring. “Just help me find her, and give me a call if you manage to.”

Without another word, the black-haired dropped the call and left Yuko to stare at the beeping device in her hand. The brown-haired muttered a curse under her breath and entered the car through the driver’s side, slamming the door and instantly inserting the car key to start the engine.


Yuko leaned her elbow against the cool window, breathing in the cold air that was caused by the low temperature made by the air-conditioner in her car. The car that she was driving has yet to move an inch, which might have something to do with the practically opaque curtain of rain that has been enveloping the whole city ever since she dropped Tomo~mi off at a street filled with bars.

The younger girl was convinced that their good friend, Miichan, might pay a visit to one of the bars, considering that it was how people like them would normally do whenever something unpleasant happened to them for the day.

Remembering what the said girl told her when they went out for a friendly drink before, Yuko muttered to herself. “Knowing Miichan, she’d prefer to be at a quiet place.”

“But where in Japan can that girl be?!” she cried to herself, hitting her fist against the window.

Hissing in pain, she started to regret about her action as well as not giving a call to the younger girl when she arrived at her office. It was a wishful thinking, but if she had called then, she might be able to find out where Miichan was located before she went missing.

“Miichan…”she called out to no one in particular.

She was hoping that somehow, whatever it was Miichan had in mind would be held back until Yuko was able to find her. With what Sayaka had told her about the younger girl writing a note with nothing but the word ‘goodbye’ written in it, bad thoughts couldn’t be helped but enter through her mind.

“Yuko, you better find her before she does something stupid.”

The words that Sayaka told her after calling once more to check if the missing girl was finally found, kept on ringing through the brown-haired’s ears. This caused Yuko to tighten the grip that she has on the wheel, and pressed down hard on the horn several times to alert the cars in front of her before closing her eyes and leaning her forehead against her hands.

"If I were Miichan, where exactly would I go?"

She kept that thought encircling around inside her head, letting out a few sighs every now and then. Whenever she thinks of a place, the brown-haired would then shake her head as realization about the girl going to that place would be at a minimum level.

"Miichan..." she sighed, probably for the nth time that night.

Just then, her eyes snapped open. She instantly lifted her head up high and started tapping her fingers, as well as her feet. She was anxious to press her foot down onto the accelerator and drive to the location that she thinks Miichan might be at the very moment.

“But at this rate, I might not be able to reach her soon.” She muttered to herself, mentally cursing the traffic enforcer that has accidentally caused an accident to happen after having the traffic lights to go off.

Letting her eyes trail down to the compartment, she thought. “I need to find her, but I can’t do that if I’m stuck in this stupid traffic.”

Closing her eyes, she looked away and opened the compartment to take out a familiar siren that her good friend Sashihara Rino of the Detective Department has accidentally left in the car after getting herself sent home due to a drinking party held in her office.

“Forgive me, Sasshi.” She mumbled, lowering the glass of her window and placing the siren right on top of the car’s roof. “But this is an emergency.”

Looking behind her, she quickly pulled her arm back in after pressing the switch on the siren, causing a loud sound to suddenly come out from it, startling the girl herself, as well as alerting the rest of the drivers.

As she had hoped and expected, the traffic enforcer noticed the loud siren and made a path just for her to pass. Taking the chance, she pressed hard on the accelerator and left the other honking cars to find an opportunity to get out of the heavy traffic.


The rain eventually fell even harder, making things even more difficult for the brown-haired, considering how her sight seemed to have lessened its clarity. Fortunately for her, when the drops of rain came down even harder, she has already arrived.

Getting out of the car, she jumped out into the rain and tried to open the umbrella that refused to open. It took her a few seconds to realize that it wouldn’t even matter if she did open it because the rain was being moved by the strong wind from almost every direction.

Tossing the broken umbrella to the side, she rummaged the inside of the passenger seat for an extra jacket. Once she has managed to get her hands on it, she started running off to the beach, battling against the strong force of the wind as the thought of losing her best friend kept encircling inside her mind.


She looked around. “Miichan!”

“It’s me, Yuko!” she cried.

When she heard nothing, except for the raging wind, she inhaled a large amount of air and screamed out loud. “MIICHAN!”

“WHERE ARE YOU?!” she shouted, ignoring the prickling sensation the rain was having on her skin.

She continued to walk by the beach, letting herself be soaked by the harsh and cold rain without any second thought of going back to the car and waiting for the weather to get better. The waves roared loud and terrifyingly, startling the brown-haired as well when the waves managed to reach her feet despite being several meters away.

She cried, her throat feeling the scratchy sensation after a few minutes has passed her by. However, the wind only silenced her shout, and deafened her with its tremendous loud roar. Not a single word could be made out due to it.

“Miichan!” she cried, her eyes widening in horror and fear when she saw a glimpse of a familiar scarf floating on the water near her.

Running towards it, she picked it up and instantly started shouting the girl’s name even louder, to the point that her mouth would seem like it would be ripped off as it made contact with the harsh rain. She threw the scarf to the side and started scanning the water, covering the front of her face from the rain to help her in seeing better.

“Miichan?” she muttered, slightly closing her eyes to a slit the moment they managed to catch sight of something floating on the water.

Eyes widening, she instantly rushed towards it and started swimming against the strong current. The salty water would smash against her face, making her cough out the water that her nose and mouth would accidentally take in.

But despite all that, she continued to swim and was finally rewarded for her efforts. Grabbing the heavy body, she lifted the girl’s head up and started slapping it slightly, hoping that it would wake her up.

When Miichan didn’t, Yuko decided not to wait for her to do so and began to swim back to the shore, dragging the heavy body behind her. It took almost all of her energy to get the two of them to a spot where the water wouldn’t reach them.

“Miichan.” She said as she laid the girl down on the wet sand, slapping the said girl’s face a little bit harder this time. “Oi!”

“Wake up!”


The beeping of the machine filled the air, breaking the silence and tranquility that has enveloped the girl inside the room. She had her head buried in her hands, lifting it up every now and then to take a peek at the sleeping girl that lay on the hospital bed in front of her.


The door suddenly bursts open, startling the said girl and causing her to take her eyes off the girl on the bed. Standing up, she muttered a greeting to the new arrival and walked to her side, right by the bed.

“How is she?” the black-haired asked, not averting her eyes from the sleeping figure in front of her.

Rubbing the side of her head, she replied with a sigh. “She’s fine.”

“She just needs some rest, that’s all.”

Sayaka sighed in relief and touched the sleeping girl’s arms seeming afraid that if she didn’t, all her worries would refuse to cease. The moment her fingers made contact with Miichan’s pale and slightly cold skin, the black-haired closed her eyes and gripped the younger girl’s hand.

“I thought that we’d be too late.” Sayaka muttered, her voice shaking.

Yuko placed a hand on the older girl’s back and patted it soothingly, letting a relieved sigh to come out from her mouth at the same time. Her heart clenched at the sight of Miichan’s slightly bruised face and pale features.

“It’s a good thing that you made it in time, Yuko.” Sayaka told her, turning to the said girl with a warm smile on her face.

Giving a nod, the brown-haired returned with a small smile. “Yeah.”

“By the way,” Sayaka slightly frowned as she placed a hand on Yuko’s shoulder, taking notice of the wet fabric that she had her hand on. “You should go and get changed.”

“You can’t get sick.”

“I’m fine, Sayaka.” She sighed, taking the girl’s hand off from her shoulder as she stared back at the girl in front of them. “And it’s Miichan who we should be worried about.”

“You’re right.” The black-haired sighed in agreement, taking a sit down by the bed after tucking the younger girl to make sure that she wouldn’t feel cold.

Knock. Knock. Knock.


A familiar voice caused the two girls to turn her heads to check out whether their guesses were right, and sure enough, it was. A smile appeared on each of the girls’ faces as Mayuyu came walking into the room in her doctor attire.

“How is she doing?” the young doctor asked, taking the stethoscope from her neck to start her hourly check-up on their friend.

Yuko sighed. “She still hasn’t woken up.”

“Well, she seems okay.” Mayuyu said, taking out a small flashlight from her pocket. “So, there’s no need to worry.”

“When do you think she’ll wake up?” Sayaka inquired.

Biting the inner wall of her cheek, Mayuyu calculated. “Hmm… I’d say tonight or tomorrow.”

“That’s good.” The two older girls sighed in relief, earning a smile and a pat to each of their shoulders from the young doctor.

“Yuuchan, you should go have a warm shower and change.” She said, staring straight into the girl’s eyes with a message hinting that she should do as what has been recommended.

Getting the message, the brown-haired gave a sigh and nodded her head in compliance. She turned to Sayaka and reminded her to give her a call if Miichan were to ever wake up whilst she was gone.

“Well then, I’m off.” She said, turning her back at the two girls and getting out of the room.


A few days have passed since the drowning that Miichan had attempted to do at the beach during a huge storm, and it was very fortunate that she has finally woken up after lying on the bed unconsciously.

Right at the moment, Yuko opened the door to her room and found Sayaka with her arms crossed over the other. As the brown-haired walked closer to the two, she started to notice that the eldest of the three, apparently had a huge frown on her face.

“Hey,” Yuko spoke, hoping that by doing so, she would somehow help in easing the atmosphere between the two girls. “I’m glad that you’re awake, Miichan.”

The moment her voice was heard by the two girls, the heavy atmosphere that seemed to have enveloped the two girls was finally lifted off, replacing it with another that was better and easier to breathe in.

“Hey, Yuuchan.” Miichan greeted as she smiled weakly.

Placing the purse she held on the table, Yuko took her by the hand and asked. “How are you feeling?”

“Feels like my bones have been broken, but other than that, I’m doing well.” She replied, earning a frown and a sigh from the eldest.

“She has been insisting on getting off the bed.” Sayaka said wearily, rubbing the temple of her forehead as she did. “She wanted to talk to you.”

Yuko raised a brow. “Talk to me?”

“I wanted to thank you.”

Miichan nodded at her and gave a warm smile. “You saved me from making the biggest mistake of my life.”

“Now I realize…” she stopped for a while, blinking several times to prevent her tears from flowing down her slightly pale face. “…that I shouldn’t have been so blind to ignore the signs that she has been cheating on me.”

The bedridden girl looked at them with tears ready to overflow her eyes, forcing herself to give them a smile. Seeing that Miichan was trying her best to make it look like she was fine, Yuko mentally sighed and smiled back in return.

Placing a hand on the younger girl’s head, she started patting it. “It’s alright now, Miichan.”

“We’ll never leave you.” She added with a smile, earning a sniffle from Miichan.

This time letting out an audible sigh, she enveloped the younger girl into a tight embrace, wanting to show her that she was not going to go anywhere. That made the girl that she held in her arms to finally let down the barrier that she had been trying so hard to keep up,  causing the tears to flow down her face.


“She’s finally asleep, huh?” Sayaka asked, giving a small smile as she watched the brown-haired tucking a thick strand of hair behind the shell of Miichan’s ear.

Returning with a smile, she nodded and sat down. “Yeah.”

The two girls let out a sigh in unison and stared at the sleeping figure in between the two of them. Seeing the girl’s calm and sleeping face brought some warmth to their souls, relieving them that she was alive and no longer in distress.

“She looks so peaceful and innocent.” Yuko said, smiling to herself as she began to caress the girl’s hair. “I want to protect her.”

“You’re not the only one, Yuko.” Sayaka told her, crossing her arms across her chest as she stood up.

Standing by the windows, she stared out into the open and kept her back facing the brown-haired. Yuko noticed this and looked at her, waiting for the older girl to start speaking about whatever it was that she had in mind.

“Yuko…” Sayaka started, still keeping her eyes focused on the scenery outside the window. “I don’t want you to ever mention that girl’s name.”

Yuko raised a brow. “Mariko?”

“I said not to mention her name.” Sayaka sharply spoke, snapping her head to face the startled brown-haired. “Don’t even let me find you or Miichan with her.”

Walking towards her, the black-haired clenched her hands into balls tightly. “Miichan should not be reminded of the events that took place, understand?”

“Yeah, I do.” Yuko nodded at her. “But don’t you think that it’s a bit too much?”

“I mean, she’s our friend-“

Sayaka interrupted her with a growl. “That girl’s not our friend!”

“I don’t have friends who hurt and break hearts of those who love them!”

Yuko stared at the black-haired in shock for the first few seconds, before clearing her throat inaudibly. The older girl does have a point in not wanting to let Miichan remember the events or spending time with the Mariko, who caused the younger girl’s desire to take her own life.

But to say that she’s not their friend any longer?

“I understand where you’re coming from, Sayaka.” Yuko told her, standing up and walking to the said girl in hope of minimizing the noise level of their voices in the room.

Letting out a sigh, she accidentally blurted out. “But Mariko’s not like Sae—“

“—Don’t you dare mention that name to me!” The black-haired interrupted with a growl, her eyes sharp and dangerous as a newly-sharpened dagger, startling the younger girl and making her back away slightly in fear.

Pointing a finger at the brown-haired, she took in a quick and huge breath to calm herself down before speaking. “Make sure to keep that vile girl away from Miichan, because if I see one teardrop on our friend’s face…”

“…Hell’s going to break loose.”

With that, she dropped her arm down to her side and walked out of the room, leaving the brown-haired alone with the sounds of her heels clicking on the floor echoing inside her head. Rubbing her closed eyes, Yuko started to pinch the bridge of her nose and began to wonder what she should do now.

Now that Miichan’s plan to propose seems to have been cancelled.

Several Days Later…

After staying at the hospital for a few more days, Mayuyu has finally given her permission for Miichan to take her leave, as well as be allowed to return to her work. Since Sayaka has been sent by Takamina to take control of the branches in Europe whilst she stays in the States, the black-haired figured that she wouldn’t be able to look after Miichan, thus ending up entrusting her to Yuko.

The brown-haired agreed without any second thoughts, and began her plan of trying to get the younger girl to forget about Mariko, even if it would be just for a day or two. Thinking that fun would make her forget the pain, Yuko instantly bought two VIP tickets for them, knowing fully well that Miichan’s day lightens up whenever she goes to the amusement park.

“Can we try that?!” Miichan exclaimed, jumping up and down excitedly as she pointed at the rollercoaster.

Looking up, Yuko gulped and started counting the number of turning and such that the ride they would have to go through if she ever agreed. “T-that?”

“Yeah!” Miichan nodded, grasping at her hands tightly as she looked into her eyes with a pleading look in them. “Please?”

Yuko sighed. The two of them have been going on lots of extreme rides for the past four hours, and yet she still wants to continue on? What kind of stomach does that girl has? A stomach meant for a cyborg or something?

“Please, Yuuchan?” Miichan pleaded, giving a slight pout. “You kept on saying that we’ll ride this once we’ve ridden every last exciting ride, and we’ve done everything!”

“Fine.” The brown-haired agreed, knowing that she wouldn’t be able to change the younger girl’s mind no matter how hard she tried, thought thinking deep inside that she would soon regret the decision of not trying.


Her guess was right on, and it somehow made the brown-haired wish that she was wrong. At the moment, she was sitting on one of the benches near the bathroom, covering her face with both of her hands as she tried to prevent herself from puking out the food she had for dinner.

Right beside her was Miichan, who kept on looking at her with worried eyes as she noticed how the brown-haired seems to be trembling, as well as look extremely pale. Wanting to at least try and take her out of her misery, Miichan started patting her at the back.

“Do you feel better now?” she asked, though it was pretty obvious that she wasn’t.

Closing her eyes to prevent herself from seeing her surroundings twist and turn in her vision, Yuko forced herself to give a nod. “Y-yeah.”

“Maybe we should go home now.” The younger girl suggested, a hint of guilt could be heard from her tone.

She has been with Yuko for at least an hour, and the girl has yet to look like she was back to how she was before she rode the fastest rollercoaster in the country. “Sayaka’s going to kill me if she learns that you got sick because of me.”

Giving a shake of the head, the brown-haired gave a weak smile. “Don’t worry, I’m fine.”

“Besides, we still haven’t ridden the Ferris Wheel.” She added, taking a deep breath afterwards.

Miichan only raised a brow at her and gave a sigh. The brown-haired has finally stood up from the bench and was now giving her that signature smile of hers, hoping that she hasn’t completely ruined the mood and fun for Miichan.

The staring continued on for a few seconds before finally being broken by the younger girl, who began pulling Yuko by the arm to start heading towards the direction of their next ride.


“It’s so beautiful.” Yuko thought to herself as she looked out of the window, staring at the lights of the city from below. “I feel like I want to stay here forever.”

Turning to the girl sitting across her, her smile fell. She suddenly felt a quick tug on her heart the moment she saw her friend looking out of the window, with tears forming in her eyes and a few falling down from them.

“Miichan…” Yuko softly spoke, alerting the said girl and causing her to turn away as she tried hiding away the evidence that she was crying.

The older girl stood up and quickly sat next to her, placing an arm around her shoulder as she hugged her whilst caressing her hair soothingly. “There, there.”

“I wasn’t crying.” Miichan told her, though letting out a few sniffs afterwards.

Yuko sighed. “I know.”

“You were just sweating from your eyes.” She smiled, earning a small chuckle and light punch from the girl beside her.

Miichan wiped the trails of tears from her face. “I don’t sweat.”

“I’m just…” she bit her lower lip. “…angry at myself.”

Yuko kept her silence, waiting for the younger girl to continue on with whatever it is that she had to say. After all, with just that look in her eyes, she knew that those weren’t the only words she would hear from her.

“And sorry because I kept on remembering the times the two of us spent here.”

Yuko raised a brow in question, but uttered nothing in return. The younger girl has turned her head away from her and though she was tempted to ask for the reason why, she concluded on remaining silent and patient.

“You probably think that I’m pitiful, don’t you?” Miichan asked, letting out a forced laugh before replacing it with a sad expression on her face.

Facing Yuko this time, she sighed. “Don’t worry, even I think that I’m pathetic.”

“I mean… I tried to kill myself.” Miichan scoffed. “I feel so stupid for not realizing that she has been cheating on me on that douchebag.”

Yuko stared at her friend, feeling sorry that she was unable to say anything at the moment to make her feel a little better.  She knows nothing about Mariko’s side of the story, and maybe it was all due to a misunderstanding.

She opened her mouth to ask what happened between the two girls and how their argument started, but that was kept on hold when she saw the tears forming in Miichan’s eyes once more. If she asked how everything started, it would surely cause more pain for her.

“I’ll meet you at the exit.” Miichan suddenly told her, standing up all of the sudden.

Not waiting for the older girl’s reply, she walked out and left her. Yuko could only sigh to herself. There was no point in trying to go after the younger girl. She’ll just have to wait for Miichan by the exit, and hope that when they meet, she’d be able to make her feel better.

She started heading towards to the entrance and exit of the amusement park, letting out a few sighs here and there as she began to mentally scold herself for bringing the younger girl to the place. She should have remembered that it was the most favored place by Miichan because of Mariko.


A voice coming out of nowhere suddenly called her, making the said girl to turn her head. She started looking for anyone familiar, but then concluded that it must have been another person who had the same nickname as her, since she couldn’t see anyone she knew.


Her nickname was called out once again, and it didn’t even take a second or two for the girl to turn her head due to the sudden hug she has received. The person who called her name was hugging her so tightly, almost squeezing the air out of her.

Struggling to take a breath, she turned and ended up being wide-eyed when she found out who it was who called her name before, and was currently hugging her. It was none other than the person she had thought she wouldn’t meet until her wedding.


To Be Continued…
A/N: Well, that was surprising, wasn’t it? Ahahahahaha :hiakhiakhiak: Well, Yuko’s boyfriend has finally arrived to town~! YAY~! Well, I wonder what would happen next. I mean, should I spoil it? Hahaha. What will Haruna do if she hears that Yuko has a boyfriend, and it’s none other than the person she went to the amusement park with? Hahahaha That’s a wonderful scenario. Mwuahahahaha!
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Finally an Update :w00t:  save spot for a comment later 8)


So MariMii broke up... and Miichan wants to commit suicide :smhid ... good thing Yuko arrives and save her :D.... Honestly I don't like Sayaka's character here.... I mean come on what's up with her :angry: first on KojiYuu now on MariMii this girl has problems I tell you that... maybe Sae has something to do about it (need to check on her past  8)).... and the biggest shock for me is Yuko's boyfriend has finally showed up... oooohh :fap can't wait for the next chapter on what will Haruna do about this will she and Yuko be together??... Anyways thanks again for the Update :twothumbs
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OMG!! Miichan's trying to kill herself??!  :panic: :panic:

Good thing Yuko save her at the right time  :mon squee:

Yuko is like a superhero~ :mon lovelaff: so loving it!!

But wait...Sayaka and Yuko trying to make Miichan forget Mariko??!! that can't be!! It should be a happy ending for them!  :mon annoy:

Oh and I read that there is between Sae and Sayaka... :mon cigar:

But the BIGGEST REVELATION for me is Yuko's Boyfriend has arrived in town!! OMG  :banghead:

Can't wait for the update :mon fyeah:
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After how many months of waiting, finally! YOU UPDATED!  :w00t:

I really miss this story. Ya know I've been waiting for this story to update, because this is like one of my favorites so i was kinda sad when karochan didn't even showed up here in jphip  :( ... and I also miss the author of this story ya know~  :( sigh*
But i'm not mad, i was thinking maybe Karochan was just busy on her studies, schedules and other activities in her life so......I totally understand her.  :)

Onto the new chapter.....

OMFG! Miichan tried to kill herself?! FOR REAL?!  :shocked :shocked That was horrible!  :smhid
But I felt like there's something wrong with this one, i'm sure Mariko didn't even know about this at all, i'm not saying this because I'm on Mariko's side, it's just that they still don't know what had real happened yet! They didn't even tried to call Mariko to explain her side! I'm sure this was just all misunderstanding. :smhid
Miichan was saying that her girlfriend was cheating on her, right? It wasn't mentioned here that Mariko did cheated on her. Maybe someone planned this all up! I really smell something fishy on this one :angry:
I know Mariko loves Miichan so much and she's always really worried about her, she really do care about her.  :(
But...but..... Miichan should have never done that! It was scary ya know! Suicide is seriously not a joke and i'm really against with it!  :smhid

So Sayaka wanted Miichan to move on and forget Mariko without even hearing the other girl's side? Not good. She's also really scary. :smhid
Now this just answered my questions.... Sayaka was the one who made stories so she'll have the reasons to tell Yuko why she should move on and forget about Haruna   :smhid :smhid

...and OMG! KUU?  :shocked :shocked! He's Yuko's fiance? LOL okay i honestly wasn't expecting that!  XD Now i can't wait to read more!  :w00t:
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yey! and i managed to finish all your kojiyuu chapter and my emotions are really on a roller coaster! :oops:

and you're making me start to hate Sayaka now~~ :nervous manipulating memories isn't good ~~ tsk tsk!!

i can't wait for the next update! please update soon!  :kneelbow: :kneelbow:
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Update pleasee~
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unfortunate love mayuki or kojiyuu
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@riderchick: Hmm... I see. Well, it makes me glad that I was able to make you hate Sayaka. Maybe through her, more revelations would come up? I'm not sure.  :err: I know that I once said that I will update Sayaka's own fic, and I haven't even written the first chapter.  :fainted:

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@haruhi16: I'm really sorry about making you wait until now, Haru-chan. :kneelbow: School really did took a huge toll on me, and I kind of had some thoughts of just leaving the story unfinished. :sweat: It was thanks to you and the other readers' comments that pushed me to get out of my block and write an update. Sorry bout that, Haru-chan.

Okay, it seems that you've noticed that there's something wrong with the situation. That's my Haru-chan! :on GJ: Anyway, I'm glad that you mentioned how Mariko loves Miichan. It made me want to emphasise on that point, which pretty much helped me finish this chapter.  :farofflook:

YAY!!! Haru-chan's my saviour!!! :onioncheer:

As a reward... maybe I should give a hint? Though... you're already aware of the fact that Sayaka's the one with all of the answers. :sweat: Hmm... Fine. Kuu's not the &@!^&$

@freakymonday:  :dunno: :farofflook: Thank you for reading this fic! I'm really happy that you liked it Monday-san! Even more when you said that it drove your emotions on a rollercoaster ride! I'll definitely make you hate Sayaka even more! (wait...what?) I'm just kidding! :P

@Tam_atsu: Here's the updated you wanted, Tam-san. Enjoy~

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A/N: How many months have passed since I've last updated this story?  :sweat: Sigh... I know that I've probably apologized about procrastinating, and I'm really sorry about it. Truthfully, even though you guys were giving me some great reviews, I'm still lacking in the inspiration area. Maybe it's because this story is supposed to be angsty or sad (a different type from what I'm used to write). Still, you guys helped me get back onto this story because of your reviews and requests for an update. Thank you so much!  :on speedy:

Anyway, onto the update!

Chapter Ten

“Kuu?!” Yuko shouted in complete surprise, her eyes widening.

She stared at the young man in front of her, gaping at him as she continuously blinked her eyes, trying to figure out if the guy she had her eyes on was real, or some sort of illusion that her mind had made for her see.

Loosening the hug he had enveloped her into, he cried her name. “Yuuchan!”

Nope, he was no illusion and the brown-haired knew it from the very moment that she was hugged by the black-haired. He was emitting the warmth of his body despite the thick blue jacket that he was weather, overpowering the cold surrounding.

Crying her name once more, he grinned widely and turns her around. “Yuuchan!”

He was laughing heartily by now, choosing to ignore the stares that the people passing-by were giving to them. After a minute or two of continuously turning her around, he stopped and grabbed her by the shoulder, blinking his eyes as he tries to blink away the dizziness. When he was finally able to do so, he stared at her with a serious expression on his face.

Seeing the guy scrunch his brows whilst staring at her, Yuko knew that he was trying to figure out what seemed to have changed in her, something that he would usually do whenever they’d meet— even if they just met the previous day.

Flashing that signature smile of hers, Yuko began to pose for him and chuckled as Kuu played along and started taking imaginary pictures of her. The two of them continued to play like this until Yuko grew tired of trying to stand on the tip of her shoes for her to look taller, grabbing Kuu by the hands afterwards as she started jumping in glee.

“I thought that you’d be here on the week before the wedding?” she asked, punching his arm playfully.

Kuu winked at her. “I wanted to surprise you, Princess.”

“Mou~” Yuko blushed in response whereas the two people— who came along with the black-haired to the amusement park— cringe to themselves. “I’ll call you ‘Prince’ if you continue to do that!”

Grinning widely, Kuu started calling her with the royal title, obviously enjoying the reaction he kept on receiving from the brown-haired. At the same time, the two people who came along with Kuu remained standing on the same spot, watching the two of them flirt with each other.

They were staring at Yuko and Kuu with a curious expression on each of their faces, obviously wondering to themselves about the type of relationship that the two have with each other, especially a certain brunette named Haruna.

“Who does he think he is to hug her that tightly?” Haruna angrily thought to herself, forming a scowl on her face as she continued to watch the two interact with each other.

Much to her annoyance, Kuu hugged Yuko once again, making her nose flare up in anger as she glared at him, trying to shoot imaginary daggers through her eyes in hope of actually hitting the target. Right now, all she wanted to do was run up to them and pull the brown-haired away from Kuu, but her feet remained stuck, preventing her from doing so.

“I’d never thought they knew each other.” Mariko stated, noticing the glare that her best friend was sending to the oblivious guy.

Haruna gave a curt nod in agreement, clenching her hands tightly as she tried to calm herself down, clearing her throat to get the attention of the two— who seemed to have completely forgotten about their existence.

When that didn’t work, the brunette gritted her teeth and muttered some incoherent words under her breath. She became acquainted with Kuu because of the short-haired beside her, who was as equally clueless with the situation as her.

She actually came to like him because of his friendly nature and charming talks, but all of that seems to have been replaced by jealousy and anger the moment he cried out the brown-haired’s nickname— the same nickname that only Haruna was allowed to use before— and hugged her.

After clearing her throat loudly for the second time, Haruna called the black-haired’s name with a dark aura. “Otawa-san.”

The sudden loss of formality through their names caught the black-haired’s attention, making him turn his head to the direction of the voice and finally coming to his senses that he had been too caught up in his little reunion with the brown-haired.

At the same time that he did, he found himself staring right at Haruna’s smile. Noticing how her smile seemed to be forced at that moment, Kuu decided to ask her about her health and whether she was feeling well.

His question never got answered after Yuko locked eyes with Haruna’s own brown orbs, making a warm smile make its way to the brunette’s face, replacing the dark aura that she was emitting just a while ago.

“Hello, Kojima-san.” Yuko greeted, formally greeting the person she currently works for.

Haruna’s brows twitched. “Kojima…san?”

It earned a slight annoyance from the older girl, disappointing her when she came to realize that the brown-haired has actually decided to act formal with her despite them being out of the office. She even called her by her surname despite being told to refer to her by her first name.

Why was Yuko acting so formal with her all the time? Can’t she act the way she was before— before Haruna made that stupid mistake of toying with the brown-haired? Her formality was bringing such heartache to the brunette, who found it uncomfortable to have the well-known talkative girl around, yet have the surroundings as silent and cold as the time Yuko left.

“H-hey.” Haruna greeted back awkwardly, swallowing back the words that she was so tempted to say.

Her awkward greeting caused silence to envelop the four of them, making Mariko sigh to herself as she shook her head discreetly, knowing how affected Haruna was with the brown-haired. She’s been with Haruna for so long that she knew how the brunette would run to her crying, the moment they are alone.

“I heard that you started working for Haruna as her new Fashion Editor.” She said to Yuko with a smile on her face. “It’s a shame that I didn’t manage to get to you first.”

The smile that the brown-haired had on her face suddenly fell, replaced almost instantly with a nervous and panicked expression. Kuu raised a brow in question after hearing Mariko’s statement, staring afterwards at Yuko with a hard look on his face as he release her once again from his hold.

Not liking the look that she was receiving, Yuko turned her body and faced Haruna completely, trying to avoid locking eyes with the black-haired in fear of getting questioned. This earned a frown and a crossing of the arms from Kuu, who obviously didn’t like what he had heard.

“Yuko…” Kuu spoke, calling the younger girl with her first name— a sign that he was completely serious right then.

At this point, his voice sounded almost too serious for the brown-haired to take, making her move even more fidgety. When she saw how narrowed to a slit his eyes were, she lets out a nervous chuckle before turning back once more to Haruna to ask for the reason why she had come to the amusement park, hoping to divert the attention away from her.

Despite being confused with the way that she was acting, Haruna still answered her question with sincerity, slightly glad that the brown-haired’s attention was focused on her instead of the person who came along with her.

At the same time, Kuu has yet to remove that hardened expression on his face, earning some curiosity from Mariko, who was keeping silent all the while. Haruna noticed this as well and smirked to herself, enjoying that it was the black-haired’s turn to be jealous because of Yuko paying her some attention.



Kuu had started to call the brown-haired, but was midway interrupted by someone else who seems to have been coming from quite a distance. The four of them each turned their heads to figure out who the owner of the voice was— finding out that it was none other than a certain raven called Miichan.

Judging from the expression that she had on her face, it seems that Miichan has yet to realize that the girl that Yuko was helping her to forget about was currently around. It was only by the time she was right beside Yuko did she notice it, making it far too late to run away.

“Miichan…” Mariko uttered her name, her face still having that pokerface of hers that prevented any one from knowing what was going inside her mind.
Ignoring the call of her name, the newly-arrived girl grabbed Yuko by the arm and started heading towards the exit of the park. She babbled to Yuko about nonsensical things to prove that she wasn’t the least affected by the presence of her girlfriend— the cause of her desire for suicide.

But despite all of her efforts to act that way, the brown-haired knew better. Yuko saw how her smile disappeared the instant her eyes landed on Mariko, filled with longing and pain that the younger girl was desperately trying to hide in order not to worry the brown-haired.

Yuko knew that it would be bad for them to stay longer with the other three, especially with how recently the younger girl tried to drown herself in an attempt to stop her pain. With that in mind, Yuko allowed herself to be pulled.

She was secretly glad that Miichan had arrived at the right time and prevented Kuu from saying anything against her working in Haruna’s company, saving her from embarrassment and questions from the said brunette.

Involving herself with Haruna, was a sensitive topic discussed over and over again when she was in the States with the older boy. She had been lectured by Sayaka and the black-haired, talking about the same reason that made no sense over and over again, making it sound quite an earful whenever she’d hear it.

Just as she was about to release a sigh of relief, she felt someone grab her by the arm, halting her and Miichan in their tracks. When she turned her head, she found herself staring back into Kuu’s serious expression that clearly states how he wasn’t going to allow their conversation to end just like that.

She opened her mouth to try and explain that having a conversation at the moment was not going to be the best situation, but right before she could even do so, she hears a loud smack at the same time that she was released from Kuu’s hold.

Yuko stared in shock as Miichan pushed the black-haired to the ground after getting slapped, frozen to the spot. The younger girl was now pointing her index finger at him angrily, glaring at him intensely.

“Don’t you dare touch her.” She growled.

Meanwhile, Mariko and Haruna had just arrived to the scene, running towards them with a shocked expression on each of their faces after witnessing the slap that had occurred before them clearly, startling them.

Looking at the younger girl in confusion, Yuko started wondering to herself why in the world the younger girl did that to someone that she had just met. She wasn’t given enough time to think though, since Miichan has once again started pulling her towards the exit, leaving the other three.

All that Yuko could do as they leave was watch helplessly at the sight of Kuu’s bleeding lips and dirty light blue shirt. The desire to stop walking and question the younger girl to figure out the reason why she had done that grew, yet the brown-haired kept her mouth shut and entered the car, allowing herself to be driven off to who knows where Miichan wanted to go.

“Well, that was awkward.” Haruna stated as she remained staring at the direction that the brown-haired has gone off to.

Turning her head, she found her best friend helping the guy who had caused a spark of jealousy in her. She didn’t mean to, but the moment she found her eyes locking with Kuu’s, a scowl appeared on her face and she walked towards the two people with clenched fists.

“I want to apologize for that person’s behavior.” Mariko said to the black-haired with a disapproving look on her face.

Kuu gave a small smile and a dismissive wave in return as he replied. “It’s fine.”

“This isn’t the first time she did that anyway.” He added with an awkward laugh, though Haruna could sense some bitterness in it.

Miichan just slapped him. She should feel sorry for him, but to be honest, what she was feeling was far from pity. In fact, she felt that he really deserved it. If it weren’t for Kuu hugging the brown-haired, then maybe Haruna would have pitied him.

“I’m sorry.” Mariko suddenly sighed, lowering her head.

She had her eyes open and staring at the ground she was standing, yet the two could clearly see that tears were forming in them. Haruna knew that despite the poker face that her best friend had previously, seeing Miichan actually made her day complete.

Why couldn’t the younger girl see how much Mariko loves her?

If she was Miichan, she would forget all those rumors that she has heard about without any hesitation. The younger girl was completely lucky when it comes to love, unlike her. The older girl was known for disliking any sort of lovey actions, yet Mariko did them just for Miichan.

Yet, the younger girl still accused her of having an affair.

She turned down a wonderful opportunity to study in the States just so that she could be with Miichan, and despite how she prefers to be alone after work, Mariko kept allowing the younger girl to visit her in the office at any time.

She had done so many sacrifices just to be with Miichan, yet the younger girl instantly decided to break up with her because of a guy whom she suspects that Mariko was cheating on her with. Why couldn’t she see how lucky she was to have the person she loves, loving her back?

How can someone be so stupid?

“Marichin…” Haruna looked at the short-haired with sad eyes, sensing the pain that she was trying to hide.

Together with Kuu, the brunette stared at Mariko with worry on each of their faces, making her look up a second later at them with an apologetic smile. She lets out a forced laugh before smiling at them sadly.

“Thanks for trying to cheer me up, you two.” She sighed. “I really appreciate your effort, but maybe the best thing that can help me is to be alone for now.”

“Mariko—” Haruna started, but the short-haired quickly interrupted her with another chuckle of hers, along with a dismissive wave.

“—it’s fine, KojiHaru.”

She assured. “Don’t worry about me.”

Kuu gave a curt nod before walking out of the amusement, with the other two girls following right behind him, already preparing to return back home despite arriving at the place just recently.

During this time, Haruna made sure to keep an eye on whatever expression her best friend had on her face, though knowing better that it would be of no use to her since she was never successful in deciphering what the older girl was thinking.

It was funny how time changed the two of them.

At times, Haruna couldn’t recognize Mariko or even herself. Everything that they had come to learn about each other seemed to have dissipated into thin air since they were so different from the people whom used to be.

“Where are you going, Mariko?” the brunette asked the said girl, raising a brow when she saw how the older girl was not entering Haruna’s car.

Mariko gave a small smile. “I’m just going for a breather.”

“Want me to accompany you?” she offered.

Mariko rejected the offer politely and motioned for her to get into her car, telling her that she would just give her a call once she had reach home. Convinced by this, Haruna switched on the car’s engine and uttered her goodbye to Kuu and Mariko.


Haruna sighed wearily as she enters through the door of her apartment, eager to get away from the cold air from as quickly as she could. She started complaining about how today was the coldest day of her life, whining to no one in particular as she sluggishly made her way up to her bedroom.

Despite the painkiller that she had taken earlier on, her head was still aching. Thinking about what would have happened if she turned the wheel to chase after a certain black-haired did not help, since she could think of several scenarios that could have happened.

It was a good thing that she didn’t.

She probably might have blurted out words of anger, showing just how jealous she was of how close Kuu seemed to be with Yuko. It was something that the brunette hopes that the shorter girl would never come to witness, considering how Haruna becomes violent sometimes.

She sighed.

What should she do in order to get closer to the younger girl? She can’t possibly ask Kuu to set up a date for them to talk to each other, since... well, Haruna no longer sees him as a friendly acquaintance.

Kuu— in her eyes from now on — is Haruna’s rival for Yuko.

Anyway, asking Kuu to set them up is completely out of the question. Haruna sat on the edge of her bed after placing her bag by the night table, tapping a finger on her chin as she started pondering to herself.

“Work?” she asked herself, forming a pout later with her lips.

Using work as an excuse to get closer to Yuko probably wouldn’t work well, since Haruna was already kicked out of the brown-haired’s office. She may be yearning to get closer to the shorter girl, but the thought of getting kicked out of Yuko’s office once more despite being her superior would be too much for Haruna to take.
But then, that seems to be the only way to get to her.

In the office, she would deal will less obstacles. Sayaka hates her gut too much to even pay a visit for the past nine years, so there’s no way that she would try to get inside. Mayuyu’s probably busy with being the new director of the hospital.

Now the problem left is… how is she going to talk to her? Should she act like nothing had happened between the two of them before? Would that work?

The brown-haired doesn’t seem to have any ill feelings harbored for her, considering how she actually decided to start working for Haruna despite their past. Unless, she’s plotting some evil plan to destroy Haruna’s reputation and ruin her entire life.

“That can’t possibly be.” She laughed, giving a dismissive wave at the mere ridiculous thought of it. “I should limit the number of dramas I’ve been watching.”

Alright, so she’ll just act the way she needs to depending on the situation. Moving on, she needs to think about what she should do with Kuu. Haruna reminisced about the hug that he initiated in the amusement park, concluding that he is quite close to her.

And their closeness is not in the brotherly-sisterly manner.

Judging from the loving gaze that Haruna noticed him having, the brunette could definitely sense that there was more than friendship. He’s most likely harboring feelings for her, but is unsure on what he should do.

“But what if he’s a suitor?” she gasped at the thought, shaking her head as she tried to push the negative thoughts away.

Plopping herself onto the pillows, she started thinking about the possibilities of the black-haired courting the apple of Haruna’s eye. If he had confessed to her, then it’s a high possibility that Yuko didn’t reject them, since she DID return the hug he initiated.

“Argh!” she cried, clutching at her hair in frustration. “Maybe I should call Takamina and ask her for some advice.”

Thinking that it’s the best idea, she got up from the bed and took her bag, letting it drop beside her after she sat back down. She started rummaging through the contents of the bag, grunting afterwards when she was unable find the particular object as quickly as she had expected.

Right when she found it, she carelessly threw the things that she had taken out of the bag to the side, and lay on her back. She dialed her close friend’s contact number and waited for her call to be picked up.

“Is she doing something?” Haruna muttered to herself after several seconds of continuously hearing the phone ring.

Feeling that her call wouldn’t be picked up and that she might be disturbing the short girl from something important, Haruna ended the call and sighed. She threw the phone somewhere in the room, disregarding the thought that it might get broken in the process.

Switching the light on the top of her night table, she closed her eyes and took a deep breath, letting weariness to lull her to a sleep that she so-desperately needs.

The Following Day

Yuko opened her eyes and found herself frantically searching for a certain someone, remembering the events from last night. When she realized that she was not alone on the bed, she relaxed and lay back down, staring at the sleeping figure beside her, who remained unaware of the brown-haired being awake.

Sighing to herself, Yuko started caressing Miichan’s black tresses with her fingers, staring at her facial features with a motherly smile on her face. She thought about the events that the younger girl had to encounter recently and sighed, feeling sorry for her.

Despite the peaceful expression that Miichan currently has on her face, a few trails of tears on the girl’s face could be seen. The younger girl’s puffy eyes were evidence of last night’s crying session that she had with Yuko.

“Miichan…” she softly said the black-haired’s name, caressing her mane once more when she saw the younger girl form a pained expression on her face.

It was painful to witness her best friend suffer and cry because of her break-up with Mariko. If there was a way to ease her from her pain, the brown-haired would surely do it without asking for anything in return.

“But I never expected this from Mariko.” She muttered to herself disappointingly.

Despite being able to barely recall the short-haired from her memories, Yuko has been told that Mariko was a good person by several people, including Miichan. At this point, she’s uncertain of it because the person who spoke highly of her was in so much pain.

“Is love really that painful?” she wondered.

Even though she remembers every single detail of her break-ups, she can’t remember the time she was in the same situation as Miichan where she would cry her heart out, begging for the pain in their chest to stop.

Just thinking about it already seems foreign to her. If pain was really part of loving someone, could that possibly mean that she’s not really in love with him?

“I hope that’s not the case.” She wished, biting her lip as she thought about it.

Just then, something vibrated from underneath her pillow, making her retract her hand and lift the soft object up for her to get it. Staring at the screen, she saw Kuu’s name flashing, along with the amount of missed calls and text messages that she had received from him.

One by one, she read the messages and their contents filled with exclamation marks, making her pinch the bridge of her nose. Like she had thought, each and every one of them was talking about the issue of working for Haruna.

As she read on, she was completely certain that she could perfectly imagine the expressions that Kuu had on his face as he typed down those messages. She was sure that his brows were knitted together, and his face would scrunch every now and then.

“Why are they so adamant with me working for her?” she asked no one in particular, letting out a sigh afterwards.

It wasn’t like she had planned to actually work for the brunette when she first came back to Japan. Actually, if there were any other fashion companies that she knew off other than Mariko’s and Haruna’s, she would have tried working for them.

“Ugh…” she groaned, feeling a headache coming.

Blinking to somehow ease off the pain, her hands instantly flew to each side of her forehead, massaging them in a circular motion, wondering why she has been experiencing these headaches recently despite taking the pills that Mayuyu has prescribed to her.

“Yuko?” Miichan yawned, scratching her sleepy eyes with a hand.

Ignoring the throbbing pain in her head, Yuko forced a smile at her and started caressing Miichan’s black mane once more, trying to soothe the younger girl back to sleep. After a few strokes, Miichan’s eyes fluttered close.

Seeing that she was successful in lulling the younger girl to sleep, Yuko carefully got up from her bed and tied her hair into a bun, heading straight for the kitchen afterwards to make a breakfast for each of them.

Knowing that she has to finish preparing their meal before her headache starts making anything impossible to do, she cooked as quickly as she could. She drank some cold milk and damped her entire face with a towel soaked in icy water afterwards, hoping that it would help her forget any stressful thoughts.

A few minutes passed and her headache fortunately receded, allowing her stand on her own feet without relying on any of the furniture to. Smiling to herself in satisfactory after tasting the meal, she started setting the table.

Now, all she has to do was wait for the younger girl to wake up and come downstairs to take her breakfast. Though it would be easier and quicker for her to wake the black-haired up, it would be quite rude of her to suddenly interrupt Miichan’s sleep after bawling her eyes out until four in the morning.

Deciding to make use of that free time to do whatever she wanted, she sat by the television and started flipping through the pages of one of the magazines that she has written when she used to work in the States.


Yuko felt some vibration coming from her pocket, interrupting her in the middle of her relaxation. Placing down the magazine back on the coffee table, she took out her phone and lets out a long weary sigh once after looking at the screen, throwing it to the end of the couch after she had done so.

Laying her head on one of the armrests of the couch, she covered her eyes with her arm, suddenly feeling tired after seeing a certain black-haired’s name flashing on the screen. He was calling her once again.

Usually, she would pick it up without any feelings of annoyance or hesitation. So what was the reason for these feelings coming up now? Could it be because of that slap that she has seen Miichan give to him? Or perhaps…

…It was what the younger girl told her?


Yuko bit the inner side of her cheek in worry as she stared at the younger girl in front of her, letting her mind think of a certain black-haired despite seeing Miichan’s action of crushing the soda can in her hand, making it bleed.

The scene of Kuu getting slapped by the younger girl sitting beside her was still playing in her mind, driving her partly mad as she remained clueless to the reason why. With a sigh, she turned her attention back to the younger girl and handed a wet cloth whilst trying to see if the younger girl was in any mood to be questioned.
When she saw that there was no longer a frown on Miichan’s face, she took a deep breath and opened her mouth, only to be interrupted by the younger girl the instant she tried to let out a sound.

“You must have been surprised with what you’ve witnessed.” The younger girl pointed out.

Yuko nodded her head in reply, staring afterwards at the black-haired sitting across the kitchen table with her hands gripped tightly into balls. She wasn’t showing any form of expression that would help the older girl figure out what was going in her mind.

“Can I ask you a favor, Yuko?” she asked.

Yuko nodded.

“Please help me hunt that guy down and kill him.”

Yuko’s eyes widened from complete shock, obviously taken aback by the younger girl’s unreasonable request. Her surprised expression was noticed by Miichan, who placed the bloody cloth down onto the table.

Instinctively, Yuko backed away when the younger girl lifted her hand to reach for her. However, Miichan was faster and managed to grab her by the hands without any hints of what was to happen right then.

“Please, Yuko.” Miichan begged.

Yuko speechlessly stared at her best friend as she kneeled to the ground, uncertain on how to react with the way the younger girl was acting. Well, how could she? Miichan just asked her to hunt Kuu down and kill him!

She took a deep breath and tried to calm down the younger girl. “M-Miichan—”

“—I’m begging you!” the younger girl cried, loosening her hold off Yuko’s hands as she broke down crying.

Retracting her hands to her chest, Yuko watched as her best friend cried in pain, feeling useless and angry with herself for not being to do anything. She doesn’t want to do what Miichan had requested, especially when he has nothing to do with the break-up between the two.

“Miichan…” Yuko bit her lower lip. “…I can’t do that.”

“Why can’t you?” her best friend asked in frustration.

Yuko took a deep breath and stared at the younger girl, hoping that by doing so, she would be able to express how serious and insane the question was. “You shouldn’t involve others, when they did nothing wrong.”

“That’s unfair!” Miichan cried at her, startling the older girl with her sudden outburst.

What came out from the younger girl’s mouth afterwards completely took her by surprise. It made her forget every single word that she planned on speaking, leaving her speechless as she stared at the girl in completely surprise.


“It’s so unlike of him.” She muttered under her breath.

The mere sound of it already seems far from reality, yet Miichan kept on insisting that he did it. But that couldn’t be possible, right? After all, it was Kuu they were talking about. Her Kuu. They’ve been friends for more than nine years, forming a deep bond with each other throughout all those years.

However, she can’t just pretend not to hear the younger girl’s words no matter how much of a lie it seems. This was the Miichan after all— the same girl who has never spoken a lie about anything, despite knowing how it would affect her.

On the other hand, it was still the same girl who exaggerates the truth and over-reacts with whatever situation, complicating it to the point that she gets others involved and hurting them in the process despite those very people being innocent.

“What am I going to do?” she groaned, propping her chin on the arm rest of the couch as she started to ponder to herself.

The younger girl had warned her not to trust the black-haired completely, yet Kuu was one of the few people whom Yuko consider important to her. He was someone who she could confide in, and was one who practically saved her from killing herself after getting bullied in Harvard.

“Maybe I should give him a call.” She tapped her fingers on her leg.

She hasn’t heard his side of the story after all. Maybe if she talked to him, it would clear up all the misunderstanding that he had gotten into with Miichan. Yeah, that doesn’t sound like a bad idea. She just hopes that he doesn’t avoid her questions by asking her about the reason for working for Haruna.

Yuko sighed.

Her morning was already stressing her, and the headache that she was able to get rid of was starting to come back because there was this trouble between her two friends, and she has no idea how she was going to start fixing it.

“What are you thinking about so deeply in the morning?” a voice suddenly came from behind, startling the brown-haired who was so deep in her thoughts.

The brown-haired opened her eyes and sat up before turning her head to the girl that she has been waiting for to wake up, smiling as she stood up to give a pat on the younger girl’s shoulder. Instead of answering the question, Yuko ushered her to the dining room to have their breakfast.

The black-haired only raised a brow as she sat down from across the older girl, wondering if she was having those headaches that Sayaka had previously told her about. Sensing this, Yuko smiled at her began a conversation about nonsensical things, which fortunately made the younger girl forget about the question.

The two girls ate their breakfast with Yuko continuously trying to mask the pain that she was currently feeling, thinking that the younger girl has had enough of problems to think about at the moment.

Just a day had passed after the incident that Yuko had witnessed, yet her mind was already driving her partly mad from thinking about the possible reasons why, unable to come up of anything despite spending the entire night thinking.

Several Days Later

The smell of coffee filled the place as Yuko’s break commenced. She was currently having her break for the day, relaxing off her eyes and mind through a coffee break that she desperately needed. Just as she was sipping her drink, she heard a conversation from her back.

“Nee, Himura-chan.” a girl that Yuko could distinguish as Nana, whispered to her fellow co-worker. “Have you heard?”

“Heard about what, Nana-chan?”

“The reason for Shinoda-san’s break-up.” The girl stated.

“Ah~ That one?” Yuko heard the ‘Himura’ girl hum in response. “Yeah, I know about it.”

The brown-haired chided herself for trying to eavesdrop on someone else’s conversation. However, her curiosity got the best of her right when she heard about Miichan and Mariko’s break-up, something that wasn’t much of a secret.

“I can’t believe that Shinoda-san would actually cheat on her girlfriend and sleep with her editor.”

Yuko stiffened, dropping the paper cup that she was holding in her hand and gaining the attention of the two girls who sat away from her. Turning her body to the direction of her fellow co-workers, she rushed to them and grabbed Nana by the shoulders.

“W-what did you say?” she asked, shaking the younger girl. “What did you mean by Mariko sleeping with her editor?”

Nana looked at Himura before staring back at the brown-haired who was shaking her, almost looking like she was afraid to speak any further. However, when Yuko heard no response and began to tighten her hold on the younger girl, Nana spoke.

“The two of them were seen together coming out of Shinoda-san’s apartment for several consecutive days.” The short-haired stammered, letting out a sigh afterwards when the older girl released her from the hold due to shock.

Himura added. “And apparently, they were seen making out in Shinoda-san’s office by her girlfriend.”

“That’s a lie.”

Himura and Nana looked at each other before staring at the girl before them. Yuko was currently clenching her hands into fists as she looked at the ground with a shocked expression on her face, allowing her bangs to cover her eyes.

“Kuu would never do that.” Yuko told them, still not lifting her head up. “He’s not that type of guy.”

“He’s not like that.”

“O-Oshima—san?” the two girls uttered, looking at her in concern when she began to tremble.

All of a sudden, the brown-haired lifted her head up and stared at them with angry eyes, scaring the two girls and making them back away in fear. Yuko started walking towards them as she clenched her fists even more.

“You’re all making up those stories!” She cried at them, running off back to her office afterwards, coming to realize what she had just done.

Just as the door slammed, Haruna came out from her own office with a curious expression on her face before coming to stare at the two girls, wondering why two of her employees looked so taken aback when there doesn’t seem to be any reason for them to.

“Get back to work, you two.” She instructed before getting back to work, muttering under her breath about how she kept on catching those two gossiping.

Propping her chin on the top of her palms, she sat by the desk and sighed in disappointment. She came out of her office after thinking that she had heard Yuko’s voice, only to find out that two of her employees were having their break.

Closing her eyes, she lets out a sigh once more and massaged the temples of her forehead effects of staying up late starts to take a toll on her. Several days have passed since the incident in the amusement park and she has yet to ask the brown-haired about her relationship with Kuu.

The guy had admitted to be in a relationship with the brown-haired, during the time the two of them met by chance at the mall just recently. But despite the confession, Haruna was in a phase of denial and refuses to believe him unless she hears it from the girl herself.

“He could be lying.” She assured herself.

Or he could be telling the truth…

He looked so serious when she asked about his relationship with Yuko, and Haruna felt like he was mentally stabbing her through his eyes. Despite this, Haruna continued to question him about Yuko and their relationship stubbornly, ignoring the menacing aura that he was emitting.

“Yuko and I met in college.” He stated, narrowing his eyes at her as he continued to speak. “We’ve been together ever since then.”

“Oh, I see.” Haruna nodded.

Kuu’s eyes narrowed even more as he stared at her. “I don’t understand why you’re questioning me.”

“I’m just curious about her, that’s all.” Haruna told him, sipping her juice as she tried to keep herself from showing any signs of jealousy.

Kuu raised a brow at her. “May I ask why you’re curious?”

“Well, let’s just say that she and I were very close in high school.” She sighed, mixing her juice with the straw.

Kuu scoffed and crossed his arms, staring at the brunette with disbelief in his eyes. “You were close?”

“Yeah.” She nodded, choosing to ignore the irritation that she was feeling.

He chuckled. “That’s actually sad.”

Looking at her with a mocking expression, Kuu propped his chin atop of his palms and smiled, raising a brow a second later before innocently staring at her as he spoke words that fueled her gauge of irritation.

“Yuko never mentioned anything about you.”

That statement gave such a huge blow to the brunette, causing her to drop the cup of juice that she was about to drink from. Her expression and action earned a smirk to form on Kuu’s face— a clear sign that he was satisfied.

Standing up, the black-haired took his coat and gave a curt nod to her before walking away with his hand waving back at her with the smirk still in its place. Haruna muttered a curse under her breath, clenching her hands tightly whilst forming a scowl, her face hardening as she remembered the mocking expression that the editor had.

“That guy seriously pisses me off.” She growled, crushing the can of soda that she had in her hand as she came back to the present.

Gritting her teeth, she stared at the door and imagined it to be the black-haired that she was despising so much. When she successfully managed to picture the guy in front of her, she aimed the crushed soda can and threw the soda can with an angry cry, slamming her hands back down to the desk afterwards.

“If she’s seriously dating that guy, I’ll be damned to know that I lost to him.” She muttered angrily under her breath.


Yuko was pacing back and forth in her office by her desk, biting her thumb as she anxiously thought about the situation that Kuu has gotten himself into. The information that her fellow employees had told her earlier on continues to haunt her, replaying over and over again in her mind.

Whatever the two girls had told her previously couldn’t possibly be true, right? They had to be rumors. That’s right. Nana and Himura were known as the Gossip Queens in their company, and truths were bound to get exaggerated.

Besides, Kuu’s not the type of guy to sleep around with people, especially with the knowledge that they are already dating somebody. In fact, he did not sleep with her. That is why Kuu, sleeping with Mariko after recently arriving to Japan, sounds quite far from reality.

“That’s right.” She inhaled, calming her nerves. “Kuu may act like a player or a ladies’ man, but he’s not like that.”

“Don’t believe them, Yuko.” She advised, slapping her cheeks with her hands in hopes of helping her gain control of her thoughts.

Nodding to herself, she talked herself to take a seat on her chair and work on the latest project that she has to write about for the company. It irritated her when she was unable to type a single paragraph consisting of two sentences because of the problem left unsolved.

Even if she believes that Kuu was innocent, what about Miichan?

The younger girl doesn’t know him as much as Yuko does. She might not give him a chance to prove himself innocent of the claims that others had made— about him sleeping with Mariko and staying in her apartment for several days— since she already requested to hunt him down.

The younger girl would probably destroy his reputation without batting an eyelid, completely bent on having her revenge for being the cause of her break-up with Mariko.

“Maybe I should call him.” She said to no one in particular, rummaging her bag for her phone.

She still couldn’t help but remain anxious despite trying assure herself that there was no need for worrying. However, deep down inside her, there was this assumption that she was completely surprised.

She was doing a good job of staying neutral to both of them, right?

“Who am I kidding?” she scoffed.

Even she was having trouble believing who was right. If what Nana and Himura had told her was true, then Miichan has the right to be angry with Kuu. On the other hand, if the younger girl had somehow misunderstood the situation by believing the rumors of Kuu and Mariko sleeping together, then Yuko would be in the wrong for not even trusting the guy.

“This is so complicated!” she cried, clutching her head as she started finding herself returning to her frustrating train of thoughts. “Who am I supposed to side along with?!”

“I can’t just wait for Miichan to make her move!”

Bolting up from her chair, she started dialing Kuu’s number in her phone, resuming the pacing she had been doing throughout the entire day. Her thoughts were being a huge disturbance to her work, preventing her to fully concentrate on the project that she was supposed to be finishing off by now.

“Please don’t answer.” She muttered under her breath once she heard the ringing.

It would be bad to interrupt the older boy in his work because of such thoughts, right? No one would be glad to hear being accused of having an affair with their boss because the person, who was supposed to be supporting them, actually believes that they had done something wrong.

Besides, the brown-haired has no idea how to start the conversation once her call has gone through. They’ve practically known each other for at least ten years, meaning to say, Kuu would immediately know that something was off.

Yuko never calls anyone without a reason, which was quite troublesome for her at the very moment, considering how her mind was all juggled up and not a single lie could be formed. Her inner Yuko was telling— screaming, to be exact— at her to just hang up and make up some sort of excuse that she had accidentally pressed a button.

To her dismay, right before she could put the phone away from her ear and end the call…Kuu picked up the phone. Hearing him yawn in the background caused the brown-haired to halt with the pacing, stiffening in the spot when Kuu asked the question that she was begging God not to be asked.

“What’s with the sudden call, Yuuchan?” he asked.

When she didn’t utter a reply to him, his tone turned more serious and he asked. “Yuuchan, what’s wrong?”

“Well, I was just wondering if the rumor about you and Mariko sleeping together was true. You see, I just had a little chat with my fellow co-workers, and they told me that you’ve been seen staying in Mariko’s apartment for several days.”

Yuko inhaled.

“I’m just wondering if you’d actually betray me and Miichan, since I already gave you a heads-up that Mariko was dating my best friend. But of course, you couldn’t have done that. I just want to hear from you directly that you never did sleep with her, since even I am having trouble trusting you at this moment.”














“Yuuchan?” Kuu called her name once again, bringing her back to the real world.

Right, she would never say something like that to him since that would make her seem like an insensitive jerk that has trouble trusting him. And it’s not like she wouldn’t say that— which she knows is an extremely bad idea. She’s too much of a coward to even let the first sentence come out of her mouth.

“Yuuchan, are you there?” he asked, sounding concerned more and more by the second.

His concerned tone instantly made her feel guilty, making her think back on the reason why she even bothered to give him a call. Biting her lower lip, the feeling of distrust quickly dissipated into the air.

“S-sorry.” She stammered, smiling into the phone afterwards. “I was just lost in my thoughts.”

Turning, she sat back down on her chair and leaned against it, twirling a pen with her fingers as she continued her conversation with the black-haired. When Kuu gave a light laugh in response to her statement, she lets out chuckle.

“Anyway, where are you?” she asked, tapping the pen on the desk as she glanced at the clock on the wall.

“I’m at home.” Kuu replied, and the brown-haired could imagine right then that he was smiling. “Why do you ask?”

Humming, Yuko answered. “I just want to know if you’d like to have dinner later at my place.”

“Sounds tempting…” he told her, making her smile.

However, his words afterwards made her drop the smile. “…But I can’t.”

“What?” Yuko raised a brow, surprised that the black-haired actually refused her offer for the first time. “But why?”

Kuu sighed. “I’m doing something.”

“Well, if you want I can go over to your place—”

“—NO!” he interrupted immediately, startling the brown-haired by his tone.

He inhaled deeply and apologized, speaking in a calmer voice. “I’m just occupied with something at the moment, and I have something to do.”

“I really want to have dinner with you, Yuuchan.” He told her. “Trust me, I really do.”

Yuko lets out a disappointed sigh and muttered an ‘oh’ to the phone, her vibrant smile and mood instantly gone the moment he began to explain the amount of work that he has to do in order to make the deadline.

“Maybe some other day, Yuuchan.”

“Fine.” She huffed, smiling a second later as relief came over her.

Now all she has to do was make Miichan realize the same thing. It may not seem like it to others because of the way she acts, but Yuko knew that the tall girl was seriously in love with the younger girl.

Just as Yuko was about to open her mouth to utter an apology and tell the black-haired about the reason for calling him, she suddenly hears a girl’s voice coming from the other side of the call. It was faint, but the brown-haired was certain that it was not Kuu’s voice.


Yuko narrowed her eyes to a slit and turned up the volume, making sure to listen for any other sounds coming from the other line. Kuu seems to be occupied in conversing with whoever it was with him, and Yuko was certain that he was trying his best to cover the phone in order to prevent the brown-haired from hearing anything.

Fortunately for her, the black-haired was not covering it completely or properly, allowing her to listen and hear the two people on the other side quite clearly. By now, her brows were knitted together as she tried to figure out who the girl was.

“No way!” Yuko cried in surprise, bolting up from her chair.

Was her ears messing with her? Or did she really hear what she thought she heard? It must be impossible. That’s right. There’s no way that could happen. Kuu heard her speak and asked. “What’s wrong, Yuuchan?”

“I-I just realized that I need to submit my work now.” She stammered, clenching her hands tightly as she tried to calm her nerves down.

Kuu seems to have bought her lie since he started chuckling, telling her to stop missing him and just finish her work. Yuko bit her lower lip and asked the black-haired once more, wanting to be certain before she makes a move.

“You said that you were at home, right?”

“Yeah, why?”

“Nothing.” She lied, adding an excuse to prevent any suspicion from arising. “I just want to remind you not to forget to eat.”

And with that, she uttered a goodbye to him and hang up, ending the call without hearing what the black-haired has to say in response. Placing the phone down onto her desk, she propped her chin on one of her hands, letting the other massage the side of her forehead.

The headache has returned once more and was being a bit more painful than the previous one, irritating her as the time passes her by. She was obviously stressing out, and thinking was definitely not helping her at this point.

Why did things have to be more complicated? She was already relieved of the problem just a minute ago, and now it came back. It almost seems like it was haunting her, taunting her to make a move or else she would suffer from headaches if she were to turn a blind eye on this.

Letting out a sigh, she sat down on the desk and tapped her fingers on the surface, pondering to herself. She could be imagining things. There’s no way that was true. Maybe Kuu was watching some movie or TV series, which could explain the reason for the female voice.

“There’s only one way to give me a peace of mind.” She muttered, grabbing her car keys and phone before walking out of her office.


“Please let me be wrong.” She wished, biting her lower lip.

She was currently sitting in her car, staring at the house right in front of her as she anxiously tapped her fingers on the wheel, ignoring the calls that she has been receiving from Haruna. Before leaving the office, she had asked the brunette for a certain girl’s location, which to her dismay, was currently unknown.

“Damn this.” She growled as she took her car keys and got out of the car, quickly making her way to the house that she has been staring at for almost an hour.

Taking a deep breath, she inserted the key that Kuu had given to her into the keyhole. It was given to her by the black-haired before she had left for Japan, saying that she might need it just in case she was unable to find an apartment to stay in.

When she successfully unlocked the door, she slowly and quietly opened it, not wanting to alert the black-haired and get her into a mess despite being well-prepared to give the excuse that she has thought of.

It seems that spending an hour in the car has given her plenty of time to think of an excuse if she were to get caught, which she hopes wouldn’t happen, since she plans on checking and leaving quickly after proving her suspicions wrong.

By this time, she had managed to infiltrate almost every room in the house without catching a glimpse of Kuu, which means that the bedroom was the only place left to check. Walking up to the room, she stopped by the door and prepared to knock, wanting to give a surprise to the black-haired.

After seeing how Kuu’s shoes were found in the shoe rack along with the sight of the living room in a mess, Yuko was certain that the black-haired wasn’t lying about being at home. She felt relieved that she hasn’t seen any heels along with it, making her scold herself mentally for suspecting the older boy.

Turning the knob of the door, she smile widely and prepared herself to give a hug to the black-haired even if he was sleeping, wanting to surprise him and maybe give a kiss on the cheek as a reward for not betraying her trust— even though she actually suspected him.

Pushing the door open, she opened her mouth to let out a happy cry and prepared to launch herself at the sleeping black-haired, planning to tickle him until he wakes up. She never thought that her smile would drop and her eyes would widen in complete surprise when she walked in, catching Kuu kissing someone whom Yuko had suspected as the woman from the other line.


She breathes out the black-haired’s name in shock, dazed by the sudden sight that her eyes had latched themselves upon. The two figures kissing on the bed has yet to notice her presence, obviously caught up in their making out session.

Yuko had to utter the words ‘no way’ in order to make them stop kissing and turn their heads to the brown-haired, who obviously startled them judging from how they jumped back in surprise. The three continues to stare at one another without uttering a word, unable to form any coherent words due to the shock that each had received.

Yuko was the most speechless one of all. Well, who wouldn’t be? There right in front of her was Kuu, wearing only his shorts. Right beside to him was the one whom he has been passionately kissing, wearing just a bathrobe.

Even though she had suspected of this happening, she never really thought that she would be actually witnessing it with her eyes.

Because it was none other than Mariko.

To Be Continued…

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Chapter Eleven

“Yuko, this isn’t what it looks like.” The black-haired said as he nervously ran his fingers through his hair.

The shocked expression that was completely apparent on her face quickly changed to an emotionless one. There were so many emotions running through her, making it quite hard for her to know what she was supposed to be feeling.

“I swear to you, Yuko—”

“—isn’t what it looks like?” she scoffed.

Yuko’s eyes narrowed to a dangerous slit as she stared at the two figures on the bed, uncertain on how to explain this situation that they have found themselves trapped in. “How could you say that to me, Kuu?”

“You were practically shoving your tongue down her throat!” she cried angrily.

“And you’re still telling me that it’s not what it seems?”

“I knew you were capable of lying, Kuu!” Turning around, she shouted over her shoulders. “But I never expected you lying to me of all people!”

With a hard slam, the brown-haired shut the door and walked down the stairs in a huff, leaving the occupants inside. Despite knowing that it won’t actually do anything, Yuko stomped her feet as hard as she could on the wooden stairs as she made her way down, hoping that it would help her.

She was boiling deep inside, and she knew that she needed to lessen the anger that she was feeling. Her doctor and friend advised her not to overwork herself or cause too much stress, but with what she had just witnessed, stressing herself out doesn’t seem farfetched.

“Yuko, wait!” The said girl heard her name being called from behind her.

However, unlike the other times where she would turn her body with a huge smile on her face to greet Kuu, she kept her head staring in front of her and continued walking away. She was far too infuriated with him, and every memory that she had shared and made with him had just disappeared.

All of it has now been replaced by that one certain scene that she had just come to witness.

The image of Kuu kissing Mariko— her best friend’s girlfriend— just kept on replaying over and over in her mind, effectively blocking away any thoughts and sounds.

She was only brought back to the real world by the black-haired, who came running after her in his shorts. Grabbing her by the arm, Kuu stopped her from walking out of the gate and turned her around.

“Yuko, please listen to me.” The black-haired begged. “If you’ll let me explain—”


“I don’t want to hear any more of your lies, Kuu.” Yuko told him.

Scoffing, the brown-haired rubbed her forehead. “And here I was, being guilty and all because I was having second thoughts.”

“I was suspecting you of having an affair with Mariko— my best friend’s girlfriend!” She stared at him. “And those rumors that I’ve been trying to shut out and end in the office…”

“Yuko, please—” Kuu started to beg.

But the brown-haired only interrupted him once more with a very cold stare. “Tell me, Kuu.”

“Those rumors that I’ve been hearing…Are they all true? Is Mariko having an affair with you? Is she cheating on Miichan? Did you sleep with her? Did Miichan catch the two of you in the act?!”

Kuu kept his eyes on the ground, obviously finding it hard to look at her.

Yuko scoffed disbelievingly. “So they were true after all.”

“And you still had the decency to smile at me, to make me believe that my best friend was lying to me…When it was actually you who was lying to my face?!” Yuko pushed him hard. “How could you break my trust just like that?!”

“What were you trying to prove, Kuu?! Tell me!”

The black-haired kept his silence, his head still lowered. Yuko turned around and tried to fight away the tears that were threatening to spill. When she lost the fight, the brown-haired wiped her tears away furiously.

“Yuko, are you—”

“—don’t you dare say my name.” Turning at him, Yuko glared. “You don’t have the right to say it or ask me if I’m alright.”

She clenched her hands tightly. “I don’t want to see you, hear from you, or even have anything to do with you.”

“Whatever remains between us is over, Otawa.”

Without another word, the brown-haired walked out into the street and got into her car. She didn’t bother to spare him any glance before she drove off, too miffed and occupied with wiping away the overflowing tears.


“How could he?”

“Hey, you’re back early.” A voice snapped her out of her angry thoughts.

Yuko walked into her apartment with a smiling Miichan to greet her. If it were any ordinary day, a greeting would have left the brown-haired’s lips the moment she hears any greeting from the other girl.

However, with everything that had happened, Yuko found herself tearing up. Seeing this, Miichan couldn’t help but replace her smile with a look of concern, shocked to see her best friend near to tears.

“Yuko?” she reached a hand out.

She was barely able to touch the older girl when Yuko suddenly dropped her bag and enveloped her into a hug. Not knowing what was making her act that way, the only thing that Miichan did at that moment was hug her back as she gently lowered the two of them onto the floor when Yuko’s legs gave away.

“H-hey, are you alright?” Miichan asked worriedly.

The brown-haired started to tremble in her hold, making the younger girl act all flustered as she helplessly watched her best friend break down in front of her. Thankfully, instincts from the past came back to her in reaction to the familiar scene happening.

As Yuko sniffed and sobbed wordlessly, the younger of the two rubbed on her back in circles and hummed, hoping that it would help to soothe her in some way. Fortunately, the brown-haired managed to calm a bit within a few minutes of soothing silence.

“I’m sorry.” Yuko sniffed as she pulled away.

Wiping away her tears, she looked down on the floor. “It’s you who’s hurting, yet you’re the one who’s comforting me.”

“Hey.” Miichan lifted her chin up and smiled at her. “That doesn’t mean that I can’t be here for you when you need me.”

“And whether you like it or not, you’re stuck with me.” She scratched her head. “I mean, I’m stuck with you.”

The two girls laughed, lifting up the atmosphere that Yuko’s crying and the rain outside have caused. With the same smile on her face, Miichan stood up and offered a hand to the older girl, who took it willingly.

The dark-haired started swinging their hands to and fro. “Come on, Yuuchan. Let’s raid your fridge to feel better.”

“Food’s our best friend, after all.” Miichan smiled.

As the two girls walked into the kitchen, Yuko debated with herself about telling the younger girl of the scene that she had come across earlier that day. But with how cheerful and happy Miichan was at the moment compared to the previous days that have passed, the brown-haired doesn’t think that she has the heart to break the news to her.

“It’s probably for the best if I keep it to myself.” Yuko thought inwardly.

It’s not that she still wants to protect Kuu from Miichan. She can’t help but think that keeping it from the younger girl would stop her from hurting. And as the dark-haired’s best friend, it was her duty to make sure that she was happy all the time.

Throwing away all her worries even for just that day, Yuko hopped onto her seat and hummed happily to herself as she watched her best friend rummage her fridge for food. She watched in bemusement as the younger girl placed most of the food onto the table.

“Don’t tell me we’re going to eat everything?” Yuko raised a brow at her.

Miichan only grinned as she hangs an arm around the older girl’s shoulder. “Of course, we are!”

“Food is the gateway to a person’s heart, after all.”

“Well, if you say so.” Yuko sighed as she already started making plans to hit the grocery later that night to restock her food.

Miichan beamed at her and started to mincing some onions for their first meal. The older girl didn’t bother asking where she managed to find the apron that the brown-haired had been searching for forever when Miichan suddenly appeared in wearing an apron.

Miichan told her with a smile. “You’re going to love this new recipe I just made, Yuko!”

“Can I assume that it’s edible?”

“Yuko!” The younger girl chastised. “How dare you question my culinary skills?!”

“I’m none other than the great Minegishi Minami, the one that brought back the bacon when I joined that international competition!” She cried in exasperation. “Why would Minegishi Minami the Awesome, make something inedible?”

Yuko merely laughed at the girl, finding it hilarious that her best friend hasn’t changed despite all those major achievements. Right at this moment, Miichan had a spatula in her right hand whilst using a kitchen stool to step on with her feet.

If it weren’t for the plastic bag that the younger girl has on her head as an alternative for a chef’s hat, Yuko would have believed that this girl in front of her was one of the greatest chefs in the entire world.

But then again…

Appearances CAN be deceiving.

“I expect you to kneel and kiss my feet after tasting my newest recipe, Oshima!” Miichan pointed the spatula at the brown-haired with a huff before turning back to mincing the onions.

The older girl merely smiled at her playfully in return. “Whatever you say, oh great Minegishi.”

The dark-haired smiled back. Placing a whole chicken on top of the table, Miichan began to rub some butter on its skin, along with the onions that she had just minced. As the younger girl worked her magic, Yuko watched in fascination.

There was a determined look written on the younger girl’s face— something that she only sees whenever Miichan’s in the kitchen. Her aura had completely changed from outgoing and flighty to a mature and serious one.

It was almost breathtaking to watch for Yuko, considering how rarely she sees the younger girl act this way. She knew that Miichan could be mature and amazing when she wants to, but to actually see her in action was something that she has never expected.

“You’re kind of cool, Miichan.” Yuko smiled.

“Kind of cool?” The younger girl gave her a glance before turning back to the food. “Now, you’re just hurting my feelings.”

The brown-haired chuckled. “I’m being serious here, Miichan.”

“When you touched the knife, it’s like you’re a completely different person.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment.” Miichan laughed.

Yuko poked her tongue out at her. “It’s a compliment, silly.”

“Well, you made it sound like I could be psychotic killer or something.”

Yuko shrugged. “Well, that doesn’t seem far from your usual self.”

“Hey!” The younger girl cried out indignantly. “I’m not psychotic!”

“Do you remember what you’d do whenever we have to slice a frog for Biology class?” Yuko raised a brow.

Miichan stopped to think and the brown-haired swore that a mischievous glint was seen in the girl’s eyes as memories of their high school life flashed back in the dark-haired’s mind. However, her smile turned to a look of worry when she noticed how the knife in Miichan’s hand was pointed at her chin, in the same manner that she would have her hand under her chin whenever she was thinking.

“The knife, Miichan.” Yuko lowered the younger girl’s hand and heaved a sigh of relief when it was finally away from her friend’s neck. “Anyway, do you?”

“Why wouldn’t I?”

“I still remember the first time we became partners.” Miichan laughed, unaware of the fact that she could have died if she slipped accidentally or had done something that would have made the knife pierce her throat.


“I instantly knew then that we were meant to be best friends.” The dark-haired smiled at her.

Yuko laughed. “How does getting thrown out of class make you think that we were meant to be best friends?”

“Well, you stayed with me even after that.”

“True.” Yuko nodded in agreement,

“And…” Miichan placed the chicken into the oven. “…you didn’t freak out when I accidentally spilled the frog’s blood on you.”

“Then you actually helped me prank the entire class.”

Yuko chuckled. “Do you still remember that look on everyone’s faces when we placed the dead frogs in their bags?”

Miichan beamed at her. “Of course, I’ll never forget that one!”

“It was one of the best times we’ve had in Biology!” the two girls cried in unison.
Miichan waved a finger at her. “But that doesn’t make me psychotic.”

“That doesn’t, but laughing as you slice a living frog’s stomach open isn’t normal.” The brown-haired told her.

Miichan huffed. “But that’s the reason why I laughed most of the time.”

“Everyone else is so freaked out whereas the two of us are just slicing our frogs casually. Their horrified expressions made me laugh!”

“Well, you scared the heck out of everyone whenever you laughed as you sliced the frogs.”

“Who wouldn’t laugh at a frog that farts as it gets sliced into two?” Miichan crossed her arms across her chest. “It went pururut~”

“Any sane person.”
Miichan narrowed her eyes at the brown-haired during a pregnant pause, not wanting to make the defeat obvious. At the same time, Yuko was looking at her with a playful expression on her face, obviously enjoying the little banter they were having.

“I’ll get you back, Oshima,” The dark-haired told her before turning around to resume preparing the ingredients. “So, how was work?”

Yuko’s smile instantly dropped as she froze to the spot. Her eyes quickly averted themselves away from the girl in front of her, fearful of what the younger girl might ask if they lock gazes with one another. It was something that she has always loved and hated about Miichan. The dark-haired always seem to know what was troubling her.

“Did Kojima-san do something?” Miichan asked, noticing the sudden change in the older girl’s mood.

Yuko forced a smile, just in case the dark-haired decided to turn around. “No, I didn’t even see her.”

“Oh.” Miichan continued to chop the onions. “So, she didn’t say anything to make you cry?”

“What?” Yuko stopped smiling and stared at the younger girl in confusion. “Why do you think that she’ll say something to make me cry?”

Her best friend sighed. “Nothing in particular.”


The said girl turned and placed the knife to her side, sighing to herself before looking directly into the brown-haired’s eyes. “Yuko, I just don’t want you to get hurt.”

“What’s with everybody worrying about me getting hurt?” Yuko asked exasperatedly. “I’m not as fragile as you guys think!”

“First it was Sayaka, then Mayuyu. And now, you!”

“What’s going on?” Yuko stared at her, begging her with her eyes to answer the question. “What are you guys not telling me?”

The brown-haired kept her eyes locked with Miichan’s, not wanting to relent and have herself going crazy at night as she tries to figure out what the reason was. It’s been nine years since she has last since her classmate. In fact, she has no recollection of the girl whatsoever.

So why were they acting like Kojima Haruna had a huge impact in her life? Why do they keep on telling her to stay away from the brunette, when the model has done nothing wrong but being kind towards her?

“Well, Miichan?” Yuko looked at her expectedly. “Say something!”

The younger girl merely sighed. “Nothing.”

“She did nothing, okay?” The dark-haired smiled. “It’s just that…you never really trusted her in the past.”

“It’s quite shocking that you wanted to work for her.”

Miichan ruffled Yuko’s brown hair with a smile. “Don’t think about it too much, okay Yuuchan?”

The older girl narrowed her eyes suspiciously, obviously not believing her best friend. But after a minute or two of staring at Miichan’s smiling face, Yuko couldn’t help but let out a sigh and raise both of her hands in surrender.

“Fine, I believe you.”

Miichan’s smile widened and Yuko couldn’t help but do the same. The dark-haired always seem to infect her with her smiles and laughter during times like these. It makes things look like nothing even happened.

“Why don’t you go take a bath as I cook this?” Miichan suggested, showing the older girl her unfinished product.

Yuko smiled and took her bag as she walked out of the door, commenting about how tired she was. She was extremely glad that Miichan didn’t try to push the subject as to why she came home upset, even though the subject concerning her boss rose into question.

“Do you want me to set the bath afterwards?” Yuko shouted as she climbed the stairs.

Miichan replied back as loudly. “No, I’ve already taken a bath earlier.”


Miichan heard the older girl’s door slam and sighed. Placing the knife aside, she wiped her hands on her apron and took out her phone from the pocket of her shorts, instantly pressing the second person on her speed dial.

“Hello?” A voice from the other side of the line greeted, sounding quite irritated.

Miichan sat down on one of the chairs and stared at the door where Yuko had just walked through. “She came home crying in my arms.”

A pregnant pause.

“Did she tell you what it was about?”

“No.” Miichan shook her head with a sigh. “When I asked if it was related to Haruna, she said that it wasn’t.”

“Do you believe her?”

“I don’t know.” The dark-haired admitted. “Maybe?”

She sighed.

“She’s starting to question me.” Miichan leaned against the table. “I almost slipped about Haruna earlier.”

“I know it’s hard, but it’s for her own good.”

“I don’t think I’ll be able to keep this up if this goes on.” Miichan rubbed the temple of her head. “I feel uneasy with this.”

“I’ve never kept anything from her.”

A sigh was heard. “Don’t worry, I’ll be there soon.”

“I just need to deal with a nuisance here.”

“Miichan!” Yuko suddenly shouted, startling the said girl. “I forgot my towel! Can you please bring it to me?”

The dark-haired yelled back. “Okay! I’ll bring it in a sec!”

“I need to go.”

“Keep an eye on her, Miichan.”

“Don’t worry.” She sighed. “I’m not going to let Kojima Haruna hurt her again.”

“Not when I can stop it.”

“I’m depending on you.”

“I know.”

(end of part one)

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(part two)

Yuko shouted for Miichan once again, making the dark-haired click the ‘end’ button with a sigh before placing it back into her pocket. Standing up, she headed for the laundry room and took a fresh towel for the brown-haired.

She quickly climbed the stairs to hand it to the older girl, not wanting to give her a chance to suspect her. She doesn’t want to risk anything for their friendship, not when Yuko’s all she has left in the world.

Meanwhile, as the dark-haired worried about how she was going to keep her best friend from getting hurt without hinting that they were hiding something from her, a certain brunette was walking towards her car.

It was awfully cold today, but it was nothing compared to the previous days where even a few minutes outside her warm office was unbearable, which makes the tall girl wonder why she seems to be sneezing quite a lot.

“Somebody must be talking about me.” She sniffed as she stopped by the car. “Or I just caught a cold.”

Sliding into her seat, she started the engine and drove off. The sun has yet to set all the way down, which meant that traffic wouldn’t start until an hour or so, giving her the time to leisurely drive around town and maybe even stop by for a drink or two.

She was planning to wait for Yuko, maybe take a chance of asking her for a drink. But it seems that the brown-haired decided not to come back after all, and it’s not like Haruna can reprimand her for doing so, considering how they have agreed in the contract that Yuko will be having a flexible work schedule.

“I really should have thought things through.” She sighed as she carefully made a turn to the left.

If she hadn’t given Yuko a flexible work schedule, then she could probably use the excuse of having the brown-haired buy her a drink or a meal whenever she decides to pull the disappearing act on her.

Oh, alright. She sucks in planning things. But she’s not worried, considering that she has a lot of time and chance to take the brown-haired on a date. Sayaka and Mayu have gone off for a seminar somewhere she doesn’t care about, hopefully far away enough for her to make a move.

Now all that she has to worry about is that dumb Otawa Kuu.

She doesn’t want to break Yuko’s heart, but she has no idea how in the world she could get the two of them to break up. If the brown-haired is still the same girl that Kojima Haruna has fallen for, then it’s most likely that Yuko won’t break up with him, unless he does something incredibly stupid, like she did.

“Okay, brain.” Haruna frowned as tightened her hold on the wheel. “You’re supposed to be helping me.”

“You’re not supposed to remind me of my stupidity.”

“But someone needs to remind you that you’re stupid, stupid.”

“Can’t you stop being such a jerk to me?” Haruna narrowed her eyes. “You’re MY brain.”

“Sorry, Nyan Nyan. I own you, not the other way around.”

“Great… I’m talking to myself.” The brunette muttered under her breath, cursing her brain silently for being too smart for her own good.

Why can’t her brain help her think of a plan instead of going against her? Shouldn’t it be doing what she wants? She is after all the one who controls her brain, despite being completely useless without it.

“I’m must be going mad.” She said to no one in particular, shaking her head a second later as she tried to concentrate on her parking her car the moment she realized that she has arrived at her destination.

Satisfied with her parallel parking, the brunette got out of her car and started heading for the building across the street. She was just about to push the door to get inside when it suddenly opened by itself.

“Welcome to Chokoron Cafe!” a girl wearing a maid outfit greeted cheerfully, startling the brunette out of her stupor.

As the bell signaling an arrival of a customer chimed, Haruna stared wide-eyed at the girl that pulled her inside, uncertain on how she would act. The girl was wearing the usual maid outfit, only this time, extra accessories of cat ears and tail could be seen.

If only she didn’t have this crazy smile on her face, Haruna would probably squeal from the cuteness of the outfit as she was forced to sit by a table. The brunette watched as the younger girl whipped out a notepad from her pocket, ready to take her order.

Smiling, she asked. “So what would you like?”

“Yagami Kumi!” a voice suddenly shouted. “How many times do I have to tell you to stop scaring the customers?"

Haruna turned her head and saw a familiar face. “Jurina?”

“Haruna!” the raven-haired beamed, quickly engulfing the older girl into a tight hug. “I had a feeling it was you when the bell rang!”

The brunette laughed as she hugged the younger girl back, sitting as she gestured for Jurina to do the same afterwards. “Why do you say that?”

“Well, you always seem to come in whenever there’s no customer.” The raven-haired told her.

“Oh, I hope that Kumi here didn’t scare you.” Jurina quickly added, remembering about the girl standing by her side. “I don’t know what would happen if my most loyal customer stops coming by.”

“It’s fine, Jurina.” The brunette smiled, easing Kumi’s anxiety. “She’s new, right?”


Haruna turned to the new girl and gave a smile. “I wish you all the best in working under Matsui Jurina.”

“Hey!” the raven-haired pouted, hitting her on the arm playfully. “I’m not the bad!”

“Why don’t you go get Haruna here some chamomile tea? And get the chocolate caramel cream pie.” Jurina told the girl, who only gave a curt nod to the both of them before leaving.

Turning back to the brunette, Jurina placed her chin atop of her palms and looked at her curiously. “So…Anything special happened?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, you stopped coming by ever since…” The raven-haired’s sentence trailed off as she stared at the older girl, uncertain on whether she should say something.

Haruna raised a brow in question. “Ever since when?”

“Well…” Jurina heaved a sigh with closed eyes, looking at her straight in the eyes afterwards. “…Ever since Yuko-san came back.”

“Did…Did something happen?”

“You can say that.” Haruna lets out a quiet chuckle.

Looking up at Jurina, she sighed. “I received some talking from Sayaka.”

“She didn’t do anything, right?” the raven-haired asked, her eyes scanning the older girl’s skin for any bruising.

Haruna laughed. “No, of course not.”

“She’s not that type of person, Jurina.” She smiled. “I just got told to stay away from Yuko, that’s all.”

“Other than that, I received the same threatening from both your sister and your girlfriend.”

“Neesan and Mayuyu?” the older girl looked at her bewilderedly.

Nodding her head, Haruna sighed and looked at her pitifully. “Why are you surrounded by scary people?”

“Are you a masochist?”

Jurina scoffed in disbelief and pointed at the older girl with an exasperated expression on her face. “I’m not a masochist!”

The two started laughing, wiping away the tears forming in their eyes for the several seconds that followed after, breathing in air as much as they could when they soon found themselves gasping for air.

“Remind me to come here whenever I need to laugh for no apparent reason, Jurina.” Haruna smiled at the raven-haired, who only nodded her head in reply.

She opened her mouth to start asking about how she should ask a certain fashion editor out when a wonderful aroma filled the air and caused the older of the two to close her eyes. As the delicious scent started getting stronger, Haruna opened her eyes and found herself staring at Jurina’s Cheshire smile.

“What?” The brunette asked, blushing when she realized that she was caught.

The raven-haired merely smiled and shook her head. “Nothing.”

Haruna looked at her with confusion written all over her face, which was quickly replaced by a famished expression Kumi came back with a tray. As the girl placed her food and tea down in front of her, Jurina took out her phone.

“Looks like I need to get going, Haruna.” The raven-haired sighed as she stood up. “I’ll leave you in Kumi’s care.”

“I can take care of myself, Jurina.” The brunette laughed as she watched the younger girl take out her car keys from the counter.

“If you say so.” Jurina nodded at Kumi with a smile. “You know the drill.”

And with that, the raven-haired walked out of the café, leaving the two alone with each other. Feeling slightly uncomfortable with someone watching her as she eats, Haruna turned to the new girl and smiled.

“I’m alright, Kumi.” She assured. “Why don’t you go and take a break?”

“But, Jurina-san said—” the younger girl started to say.

“—Don’t worry, I won’t tell her.”

She kept the smile plastered on her face as Kumi stared at her, uncertain on whether she should do what the older girl suggested. She didn’t know if she should stay because of Jurina’s orders, or go and take a break.

“Kumi, do you know what’s Jurina’s golden rule is?” Haruna asked, knowing exactly what the younger girl was worrying about.

The black-haired nodded her head and recited. “The customer is always right, unless they are perverts, Pedophiles, an enemy or rival of Matsui Jurina, Watanabe Mayu during her period, or mainly Kashiwagi Yuki.”

The brunette stared at Kumi with bewilderment, amused that Jurina actually made her memorize such a long and unreasonable rule. Adding to that, the last time she came by the girl’s café, the golden rule was only ‘The Customer is always right’.

“When did Jurina change that rule?” she asked.

The black-haired began to ponder on the previous events that caused her boss to change such a sensible rule to something…unusual. But before she could even think any further, Haruna smiled at her.

“You know what? Don’t answer that.” She sighed. “Knowing Jurina, that girl can have any reason.”

“Anyway, you should go and take a break. You don’t have any reason to disobey me because I’m not her girlfriend or her sister’s girlfriend for that matter. And I’m not on my period.”

Watching Kumi hesitantly make her way back to the staff room, Haruna sighed and took the cup of tea. She brought the cup near her nose and inhaled the scent of her chamomile tea, smiling unconsciously.

Taking a sip, her eyes widened in surprise. She quickly brought the cup down to the table and stared at it in bewilderment, taken aback by its taste. Her eyes instantly went to the room where Kumi went in before going back at the cup of tea that was right in front of her.

“How…” she brought the cup back to her lips and sipped, humming in appreciation as the hot liquid made it down her throat.

Not wanting to finish her tea before she could even take a bite out of her food, Haruna placed the cup back down and took her spoon. With a small piece of the chocolate caramel cream pie on her spoon, she took a bite and chewed.

Her breath hitched and she froze to the spot, an unreadable expression was written on her face. Then, as if nothing happened, she went back to eating and drinking her chamomile tea, unaware of being watched by Kumi.

“You should stop watching her like a stalker, Kuumin.” The girl behind her sighed.

“I’m worried, Non-chan.”

“About what?” she asked.

Kimoto Kanon watched as the older girl turned to her and sat by the chair, an obvious look of anxiety written all over her face. Sighing, she made her way to Kumi’s side and sat down, rubbing her back in circles.

“I knew that I never should have experimented with the food!” the older girl cried as she buried her face into Kanon’s neck. “What if she tells Jurina-san?”

“What if I get fired?” Kumi bolted up and started pacing back and forth, her hands clutching at her head as she started muttering to herself about the things that might happen.

All of a sudden, she turned to Kanon and hugged her tightly. “I’ve only been here for a month, Non-chan!”

“What will Rena-chan say if she finds out what I did?” she cried.

The younger girl sighed and patted her on the back, silently letting Kumi sob into her shoulder. She knew that saying anything at this moment would do nothing, waiting for the moment that the older girl is finally calm so that she can assure her that she has nothing to worry about.

“What am I going to do, Non-chan?” Kumi hiccupped. “Why did I do that?”

The younger black-haired sighed. “Because Kuumin is an idiot.”

“Non-chan!” Kumi pouted and pulled away. “You’re supposed to be make me feel better—”

“—But it’s alright, because I love Baka Kuumin.” Kanon interrupted as she enveloped the older girl into a tight hug, not giving any hint of letting go any sooner.

As the older girl relished in the warm hug of her best friend, all of her worries dissipated into thin air. She started caring less of the situation that was happening right outside the room, too busy with enjoying the sweet smell of Kanon’s hair.

Meanwhile, the girl sitting outside the room had stopped eating and was currently leaning against her chair, her spoon being casually moved by her fingers. She stared at her food with a blank expression written all over her face, though a smile would appear every now and then.

“Nee, Nyan Nyan.” An all-too-familiar voice called out to the brunette, making the said girl look up from her plate of food and turn to the energetic girl sitting across from her. “You should try mine!”

Eighteen-year-old Kojima Haruna stared at the brown-haired blankly, shaking her head afterwards when she realized what the younger girl was trying to do. She may be an airhead, but she was not stupid when it comes to these types of scenarios.

It’s delicious, I promise!” Oshima Yuko assured with her signature smile.

Haruna looked at her blankly. “No.”

“Now, stop staring at me and finish eating your food.” She said as she resumed to eating her own order.

Yuko merely sighed and placed her chin on her right palm. “But I like watching Nyan Nyan eat.”

“You look so cute whenever you chew.”

Haruna coughed out a blush and made sure to avert her eyes from the younger girl’s brown eyes, not wanting to give her any chance to tease her of actually flushing from being flattered by her. It’s Oshima Yuko for heaven’s sake.

“What is it this time?” Haruna sighed for the nth time that day when she could still feel a pair of eyes watching her every move.

Yuko started fidgeting with her fingers, her eyes diverting from the brunette’s eyes and food. “W-well…”

Haruna shook her head at the younger girl’s actions and went back to eating, only to slam her spoon down on the table when the brown-haired didn’t cease her fidgeting. The way her eyes would lock on Haruna and her food was starting to bother the older girl, and she doesn’t know if she could take any more of it.

She asked exasperatedly. “Yuko, do you want to taste my food?”

“I’m feeling full already, Nyan Nyan.”

“Then that means that you don’t want it.” The brunette told her, lifting the spoon to take the last bite of her cheesecake.

Yuko’s eyes widened and she quickly grabbed the brunette’s wrist. “No! I’ll eat it!”

Opening her mouth, she ate the last bite of Haruna’s cheesecake and sat back down, chewing the food with a smile. Haruna watched the younger girl and shook her head, knowing better than o comment about it.

“It’s delicious, Nyan Nyan!” the brown-haired told her.

The brunette rolled her eyes and smacked her on the head. “I know that, idiot.”

The younger girl pouted and leaned back against her chair, taking a bite off of her own order. When the dessert touched her tongue, Yuko couldn’t help but squeal as the slight bitterness of chocolate and sweetness of caramel filled her mouth.

“Oishi!” she hummed in appreciation, before taking another bite.

Haruna sipped her jade tea, unknowingly smiling to herself as she watched the younger girl chew her food and squeal as quietly as she could whenever she would take a bite off of her cream pie. There’s no chance in hell that she would ever admit that she actually found the brown-haired cute.



“Nee, Nyan Nyan.” The younger girl sighed in content.

Haruna raised a brow at her as she placed the cup of tea down. “What?”

“Don’t be jealous.” The brunette looked at her in confusion. “I think that I just fell in love with another.”

“Isn’t that right, my delicious chocolate caramel cream pie?” Yuko gushed as she raised her third plate near to her face.

The older of the two girls rolled her eyes and lowered her head down immediately when she realized that they were gathering attention from everyone in the café. She resumed drinking her tea with her left hand hiding her face, too embarrassed with the girl in front of her.

“Why did I have to come here with you?” Haruna muttered under her breath, rubbing the side of her head as a headache started.

Despite being spoken almost in a whisper, the younger girl’s ears picked up the sentences and she placed her plate down. Taking the hand that was covering the brunette’s face, Yuko looked at her with a smile

“Because Nyan Nyan loves me.” Haruna stared at her with a blank expression. “And it’s our second year anniversary!”

Ignoring the eyes that the brunette has narrowed into a slit, Yuko picked up her own cup of tea. She sipped as the girl in front of her muttered some incoherent words to herself, enjoying the taste of it.

“Why are you so happy drinking your tea?” Haruna asked, finally stopping the murmuring that she had been doing when she noticed that doing it won’t actually matter, considering how the brown-haired expertly tunes out whatever she says and does.

“It’s the most wonderful drink in the world.” Yuko put her cup down and traced its designs, a genuine smile playing upon her lips. “It helped me through the tough times.”

“How can tea do that?” Haruna looked at her skeptically.

“It’s the same way as hugging a teddy bear whenever you’re sad, Nyan Nyan.” The brown-haired wrapped her hands around the cup. “Besides, it reminds me of my mom.”

The frown that was etched all over the brunette’s face instantly disappeared as realization came over her. The first time she met Yuko’s mother, it was during one of their ‘dates’ when the younger girl brought her over and introduced her as her future daughter-in-law.

It was quite embarrassing, considering how she almost strangled the brown-haired right in front of her own mother. However, despite meeting her for the first time, Haruna instantly took a strong liking for the older woman. She was extremely kind-hearted and treated the brunette as if she was her own daughter, caring for her as a parent than her mother ever did.

Whenever she looked at the older woman, Haruna would always see Yuko, despite the opposite personalities that the two have. Yuko’s mother was warm and comfortable to be with even though silence fills the air, whereas the brown-haired could never last thirty seconds without uttering a word.

The only thing that Yuko seems to have gotten from her is that way that she grows on people. Yeah, even though Oshima Yuko was like a perverted old man that would never let an opportunity pass her by to harass Haruna, the brunette somehow misses her when she’s not around.

That’s why when the brunette heard the news of her passing away, Haruna locked herself up in her door room and cried herself to sleep for a week. That was also the only time she ever saw Yuko break down.

But that doesn’t mean that she likes the brown-haired or anything. Heck. She can bet that it’ll take hell to freeze first before she ever starts liking this perverted girl in front of her.

But thinking about it now, it seems that hell has already frozen. It’s either that, or she was just too much of an idiot to even realize her growing feelings for the younger girl.

“Guess that it’s the latter.” The brunette thought to herself as she took the last sip from her cup.

She never really cared about what she ate, but ever since that day when she woke up and realized that Oshima Yuko was never going to return, everything she does and eats has to do something with the younger girl.

Going to the places where Yuko took her out on dates would warm the brunette, and even though it’s only temporary, the loneliness inside of her disappears. Somehow, doing so makes her feel as if the younger girl never actually left and that everything was back to the way it was, only this time around…Haruna actually reciprocates.

Sure, the first time she tried to do it in a public place, she got mistaken for a mental patient and was instantly taken to the nearest asylum. Haruna can probably say that Yuko leaving actually scarred her and left her near to the point of insanity.

She didn’t apply for any of the colleges or universities that she was well-qualified for, too depressed with the way things were. Truth to be told, she actually went back to the asylum on her own and stayed under everyone’s radar for a whole year, finding the silence comforting.

Her sudden disappearance was probably the reason as to why she and Mariko broke up. Well, it was either that or how the older girl noticed Haruna’s true feelings during the times whenever they would go on dates.

The brunette didn’t mean to offend the taller girl, but whenever they went out, everything that leaves her mouth always had something to do with a certain brown-haired. Like that time when they ate in a restaurant, Haruna would comment on how Yuko would squeal about how delicious it was and even spoon-feed her despite her protesting.

Everything was Yuko this, Yuko that. And much to her surprise, Mariko never spoke up about it. Not even once. That is why when Haruna suddenly realized that she was in love with Yuko, she ran away to the asylum, too ashamed to face the older girl.

It’s quite funny actually.

She went to the asylum to get away from everything, spending a year trying to forget how she hurt Yuko and replaced it with memories that she made with the brown-haired, only to be brought back to reality when Mariko suddenly came by.

It seems that when the doctors found out that Haruna was only depressed and not mentally insane, they instantly called up the first person in her call log, which was unfortunately the last person that the brunette wanted to see.


Haruna looked up from her interwined fingers, her eyes widening in surprise when they locked on the standing figure by the door, obviously taken aback. Right there in front of her stood none other than her girlfriend, Shinoda Mariko.

The brunette looked back down at her fingers, her eyes discreetly watching the taller girl make her way towards her. As Mariko sat by the white bed, she lets out a quiet sigh, pretending that the older brunette wasn’t even there.

“Haruna,” the older girl started as she placed a hand on the said girl’s shoulder. “It’s time to go home.”

“I don’t want to.” She replied stubbornly.

Mariko sighed at this and retracted her hand to her lap. “Everyone has been worrying about you ever since you disappeared a year ago.”

“I just don’t want to go, Marichin.” Haruna bit her lower lip. “I’ve never felt better when I came here.”

“But this is a place for people who are…Well…disillusioned, and you’re not one of them. You don’t see things that aren’t there or talk to yourself. You’re not traumatized by anything that should. You don’t belong here, Kojiharu.”

Mariko lifted the younger brunette’s head and looked at her straight in the eyes. “Please stop running away, you’re only hurting others and yourself even more.”

An expression of shame formed on Haruna’s face as she processed the girl’s words. She has to admit that even though she managed to escape from the pain of the outside world and relish in her illusions, the harsh reality always seems to find a way to get to her.

“Marichin… I want to tell you something.” Haruna sighed, clenching the sheets as guilt bubbles within her. “I—”

“—I knew about it, Kojiharu.” The older brunette interrupted.

She added with a smile. “You’re not really good at lying or acting.”

“I’ve known, even before you did.” Mariko cupped her cheeks. “That’s why if you really want to make it up to me, please don’t throw everything away.”

“She may not be here any longer, but we’re here. Please don’t forget that there are people who still care about you. You don’t have to be my girlfriend, because no matter what stupid things you do, it’s my job as your best friend to clean up your mess.”

“But how will you help me clean up the mess I made with Yuko?”

“Well for starters, I have to help you get back to being the girl she fell in love with.” Mariko stood up and pulled the sheets off. “Now get your butt out of the bed and get changed into something more desirable.”

Haruna chuckled to herself as memories of how the older girl had to drag and force her to get back to the life that she had run away from. The days that followed her after she left the asylum were hard, and so did the months that came by.

She missed a whole year and it was like stepping into another world when she came back. Everyone was happy for her and welcomed her back with open arms, but there were also several people that looked at her with disgust and hate in their eyes.

Actually, now that she’s thinking about it… Sayaka never said anything to her back then. But she didn’t really have to for the brunette to figure out that she was hated by the older girl. Just from the way her surroundings would feel cold whenever they meet was enough proof.

She wanted to go back to the asylum after being faced by that, as well as several other hard situations, but Mariko would always make sure that she was rooted to the ground. The older brunette played a huge role in bringing some of the ‘old’ Haruna back.

Mariko made sure that she didn’t apply for just any university and got her into one of the good ones. And it wasn’t only her who helped her get to where she was now. With help from Takamina, not only was she able to become one of the top students in her class, she received one of the highest honors in her university.

Her close friend, Maeda Atsuko, asked her parents to become her sponsors when she planned on starting a clothing line as she modeled for one of their products. Besides that, she was successfully able to reach London with the help of Tomochin, who had decided to partner up with her in order to get the $1.8 billion dollar deal with Calvin Klein.

That is why when she thinks about how she can repay any of them for the help that they have given her generously, nothing comes to mind. After all, how can you repay someone who stayed with you despite of how you treated them and their friend?

As she thinks of the past, she can’t help but feel like she had taken advantage of them.

Even now, she still feels that way. After all, she never did anything special or worth mentioning about to have such great friends. Maybe her father was right. She IS lucky. She just doesn’t know that she is.

But if she really is lucky... Is she pushing her luck too far by going after something that she had lost? Something that she took for granted? Someone who loved her, cared for her, and stood by her even when Haruna pushed her away?

Or is she just being too greedy for wanting too much?

Haruna sighed as her mind bombarded her with questions. It seems that she ended up going back to the questions she has left unanswered, as well as staying at Jurina’s café longer than she had actually planned.

Standing up, she went over to the counter and left her payment under the ledger along with a note thanking Jurina for the wonderful food and tea. Looking at the room where Kumi had gone into, the brunette added some compliments, telling the younger girl that her new recruit did a job well done with the preparation and that she was a keeper.

Once she was done, she wrapped her coat around herself even more and braced for the cold dusk, her eyes closing once she was out of the warmth of the café.

“Looks like another cold night for me.” She said to no one in particular as she walked hurriedly to her car.

To Be Continued…

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Poor Yuko... What's going to happen with her relationship?

Haruna was told not to come near Yuko

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Did they want to cheat on thier respective partners?

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I justwanna yuko and harun together is all
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Are the fanfics still being continued?  :? :? :?
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