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Author Topic: After Majisuka Gakuen - Chapter 12 13/08/2012  (Read 56871 times)

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After Majisuka Gakuen - Chapter 12 13/08/2012
« on: December 27, 2011, 05:26:36 AM »
Hey, everyone  :mon yoyo: I was re-watching both seasons of Majisuka Gakuen, and some fics. i sort of had a dream, of what if after they graduated.  :mon sweat: One was a danso?:mon misch: Will was forced to become a guy?  :mon headbang:   
Not really sure where I'm going here but whatever.  :mon exhaust: Hope you like it. If not i'll stop or delete it.  :mon surr:

Table of Contents
Prologue (Below)
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
New Year Special
Chapter 4 Part 1
Chapter 4 Part 2
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Chapter 11 Part 1
Chapter 11 Part 2
Chapter 12


“Ha~ It’s already been a year.” A tall pale skinned man said.
“Yeah, even though we’ve known each since childhood.” A short female said.
“I still can’t believe that you used to be one of Majisuka Gakuen’s 4 Queens.” Another shorter female said.
“Yeah, the fact that it already been a year since I graduated from there seems surreal, like it still hasn’t set in. You know.” He turns and faces the two short females.
“I know, but what’s more surprising is the change that came after.” The shorter female said taking a sip from her coffee.
“Yeah, I know what you mean, and as having to leave the Rappapa members behind.”
“Well, at least I didn’t fake have to my own death. Like you two.”
“Hey! You helped remember!” Both females yelled.
“Hey! I just did what was asked of me. Besides you won’t stop bugging me with those puppy dog eyes of yours until I agreed to help you.”
“So, have you talked with anyone from Rappapa?”
“No. Not since graduation.”
“Okay, enough of that we need to go to work.”
“What?” the male said.
“But we still got half an hour.”
“Yeah, you do. But I have to go to the police station cuz I’m getting a trainee. And she especially asked to be trainee by me, the young detective.”
“Okay, we’ll see you later.” The man said waving bye to the shortest female.
“So, what do think her new trainee will be?” The female asked the male.
“Female! Definitely female.”
“I totally agree. Anyways, why have you changed so much?”
“What do you mean?”
“Oh come on! You used to be one of the big 4. And you’re like a trained puppy.” The female said in a sad tone.
“I don’t know. Maybe cuz there’s nothing interesting or fighting. Back in school there were fights every single day with other yankee school, but now that we’re adults.”
“Now that we’re adults, we can’t do what we want. Btw you get your inheritance today at 9:30am, right? ” the female said.
“Yeah, well let’s get going. I wanna stop being a guy and go back to being a girl.”
“Yeah, I still can’t believe the condition your family left was for you to become a man for a year.”
“Yeah, but at least it wasn’t something like having to marry some pervert.”
“Hey, was that a gap at me?”
“No. Anyways let’s get going.”
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Re: After Majisuka Gakuen [still thinking about da tittle] Prologue
« Reply #1 on: December 27, 2011, 06:08:43 AM »
I want more of it. Post next chpt please. Thanks

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Re: After Majisuka Gakuen [still thinking about da tittle] Prologue
« Reply #2 on: December 27, 2011, 06:59:10 AM »
Another multishot fic from you?
You're several times more sophisticated than i7! :w00t:     (well... did you catch that?)

Right now I still envy you for that ideas overflowing, though you aren't sure with where this story is going.

About the prologue, still can't comment much of it. Still waiting till another piece of idea is flowed in the next chapter. :D
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After Majisuka Gakuen [still thinking about da tittle] Chapter 1
« Reply #3 on: December 27, 2011, 08:34:00 AM »
Sydney W & aruka Thank you for your comments. I now sort of know where this fic is going.

here's the first Chapter. And I know my mind is sort of 'sophisticated' and sort of twisted,  :mon sweat: but that helps alot when it comes to writing. Hope you like it.  :mon mischief:

Chapter 1

Aki-p Law office
“Hello, Mr. Aki-p.”
“Hello, Ms. Oshima and Mr. Matsui. I see you’re here to claim your family inheritance.”
“Yes, Mr. Aki-p. I have already completed the condition set by my family.”
“Correct, you have. Now, if you will please read over these papers and sign them after reading them carefully.”
“Yes, thank you.” He began to read the papers of inheritance. “Um, Mr. Aki-p what is this about taking custody of someone?”
“Oh, that. Well the thing is that your parents were taking care of your cousin when her parents died. And since you are now the only family she has, I thought you could take custody of her. Now if you don’t then I can just put her in …” Before he could finish, Ms. Oshima interpreted.
“No! He’ll take custody!”
“What?! Why?!”
“Cuz you’re the only family she has and vice revesa.”
“You’re right, okay I’ll take custody of her. There. All the papers are signed.”
“Great! Now here is the information about your cousin. And now all your family’s inheritance is yours, but you have to stay a man the rest of your life.”
“What?! I thought it was only for a year!”
“No, that was to see if you were capable of being a man and since you are, you get the inheritance. But if you stop and go back to being a girl I’m force to take everything from you. Sorry that’s the condition your family put.”
They left the lawyer’s office.
“Ah, great and here I thought I could finally let my hair down.”
“Yeah, but it seems you can no longer be a girl. So why not just cut it off?”
“Good idea, since I have to live as a man for the rest of my life.”
“Beside, those wigs you use are starting to stink and they look way to fake to be real hair anyways.”
“Yeah, so how about we go to a salon & spa?”
“Yahoo~ Hey, what you waiting for?”
“How the hell can you be so energetic? What are you, the energizer bunny or something?”
“No! Now let’s get that hair of yours cut.”
They enter the salon & spa place.

Police station detective building
“So, Chief? Who’s this trainee I’m suppose to train?”
“Oh! Detective Keibuho.”
“It’s Detective Takahashi Minami, Sir. How can you keep messing up my name?”
“I’m truly sorry, Detective Takahashi.”
“Anyway my new trainee?”
“Oh, yes. She is waiting in your office. I think this will be a pleasant surprise for you since you already know her.”
“Huh?” Minami replied confused.
“You’re dismissed.”
With that Minami leaves the Chief’s office and enters hers. There she see a young female looking at the photos around her office.
“Hello? And you are?” Minami speaks startling the girl.
“Huh? Ah. Ah! Hello Detective Minami. Long time no see.”
“Maeda Atsuko? What are you doing here? And where’s my trainee?” Minami asked confused.
Atsuko giggles at Minami’s questions. “You’re funny Minami.”
“Hey, I’m being serious.”
“Silly, I’m your trainee and new partner. Please take good care of me.”
“EHHH?!” Minami says with her fail expression.
“Hey! You’re supposed to say, Pleasure to be working with you or something nice. Not EHHH?!” Atsuko pouted cutely at Minami.
How the hell did this happen? I thought she was studying to become a nurse not a detective. Wth did I do in my past life? Well I did pretend to die leaving her behind, but she doesn’t know that, does she? Wait! But that’s me current life. Urgh! Ren you idiot! You jinx me. “Sorry it’s just that it surprised me that’s all. I hope we can get along.”
“Great! Now what do we do?”
“Oh, please assist me in reading and looking over these files and afterwards write a report on them.”
“What? No going out and looking of bad guys?”
“Atsuko, you’re in the detective field not the police force. Here we read files, solve them and write reports then read other reports and make sure the case was solved and not just passed over. There are times that we get to go out and search for the criminals but it’s occasionally , but there are time that we must get involved by going undercover and solving them that way, but that’s rare and I mean really rare.”
“How boring.” Atsuko deadpanned sitting on the desk next to Minami’s.
“Then you should have become a nurse or something that dealt with blood or violence.”
“No, this is fine. I like working with you.”
“Then stop complaining and do your job.”

After leaving the Salon & Spa
“Wow, you look hotter with your new hair cut than with those fake wigs.”
“Yeah, but don’t you think I look like a Buddhist priest. Like Ikkyu-san?”
“Naaahhhh~ you’re very handsome. In fact I’m not the only one who thinks that.”
“What? What do you mean, Yuko?”
“Look behind you.”
He turns his head to face where Yuko’s pointing and sees many women staring in his direction. “What are they staring at?”
“You, you idiot. They’re all staring at you and undressing you with their eyes.”
“Oi! I don’t roll that way.”
“Well Ren, too bad since YOU ARE NOW LIVING A MAN’S LIFE. You have to seem and act interested in women, even though you’re really female.”
“Okay, I understand that but I don’t have to do it all the time. Besides I wonder if I can get married and have kids.”
“Well it says here that you can, but if you do get married you have to marry a woman cuz you’re a man.”
“Ah man, can’t I just get the guy to cross-dress and become a cross-dressing couple?”
“No, it says she must be 100% female.” Yuko says showing Ren the bolded and underlined text.
“Ratz! Anyways let’s drop that and go onto my cousin. What’s her name?”
“Matsui Jurina. It says here she attends. OHMYGOSH!”
“What? What’s wrong?”
“Ren, she attends Majisuka Gakuen and is the current President of Rappapa!”
“What? But Center’s the Pers…wait! Let me see her photo.”
Yuko passes him the picture that’s attracted to the file.
“No way~ She’s my cousin? Well that does explain a little of that personality of hers.”
“Wait, you know her?”
“Yeah, she’s the one I told you about.”
“You know the one that broke the door down and challenge Maeda and then wanted to fight with me, but I didn’t see any point in fighting her.”
“That disrespectful runt?”
“Yep, that’s the one.”
“Wow, she’s definitely your relative.”
“Yep, now let’s go pick her up.”
“…Um maybe you should pick her up alone, since you-know.”
“Huh?” Ren said confused. “Oh, I totally forgot about you being dead and all.”
“Yeah, well I’ll see you at home.”

TBC..... ( if you want me to)  :mon bye:

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Re: After Majisuka Gakuen [still thinking about da tittle] Chapter 1
« Reply #4 on: December 27, 2011, 08:44:08 AM »
Wowowow!!!! Yuko and Mianmi are not dead??? And Ren has to be Ren for her whole life????
Awesome continue!!!!!!

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Re: After Majisuka Gakuen [still thinking about da tittle] Chapter 1 dec. 27
« Reply #5 on: December 27, 2011, 09:12:35 AM »
YES! This is the type of after-majisuka fic I wanted to read! And yay~! You're writing it!!! HOORAY!!  :twothumbs Please do continue! It's interesting because Yuko and Minami are not dead! And Center as the president! WOAH! I wonder what will happen next?
Had a withdrawal, so now I'm planning to fall in love with the couples all over again

\(^ - ^)/
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Re: After Majisuka Gakuen [still thinking about da tittle] Chapter 1 dec. 27
« Reply #6 on: December 27, 2011, 09:53:51 AM »
Another Majisuka fic?! I'm in!!! :lol:

Lololol! This is so interesting~ I knew from the first sentence of your prologue that it's going to be Rena/Ren.
But wait, childhood friends? So Gekikara, Yuko and Minami had a past together, huh? Really excited to see how the three ended up in that strange predicament as they do now.

And about Ren wanting to get married and having kids... She shouldn't worry about it much. I'm sure it won't be that hard to achieve. In fact, she only needs to look around *cough*Black&herkid*cough*, and she'll get her instant family.  :lol:

Update soon!

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Re: After Majisuka Gakuen [still thinking about da tittle] Chapter 1 dec. 27
« Reply #7 on: December 27, 2011, 12:07:53 PM »
Woah! This seems so interesting!!! XD
Minami and Yuko didn't die :) and Ren have to be Ren all his life :lol:
Acchan becoming a detective to work with Minami~ :wub:
I would love to read more of this :D

Thanks for the Update :thumbup :thumbup
Please Update Soon :mon cute: And other of your fics too XD
I love them all :inlove: :twothumbs

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Re: After Majisuka Gakuen [still thinking about da tittle] Chapter 1 dec. 27
« Reply #8 on: December 27, 2011, 05:52:03 PM »
@ kahem- Thank you for your comment.
@karomuwi-Thanks. I was also dying to have someone write one, but since It was taking too long and I was inspired by the drama. I just had to do it. Hope I don't fail.  :badluck:
@gekikarabuACE- I get what you're saying. *cough*Black&herkid*cough* But I might add a little twist to that.  :mon cweepy: Maybe. Not sure yet. But you did read my mind.
@Yagami.Rai- Thank you. I'll try to update all my fics as soon as I can.

Thank you everyone for your comments. You encourage me to continue. I'll update as soon as I finish my work for school. Hopefully, I'll update Chapter 2 by today.

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Re: After Majisuka Gakuen [still thinking about da tittle] Chapter 1 dec. 27
« Reply #9 on: December 27, 2011, 10:50:49 PM »
 :panic: This is a must continue! :scolding:

Majisuka Gakuen in a way it should be.... :nya:

Waiting for your next!

 :kneelbow: Arígatou!
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Re: After Majisuka Gakuen [still thinking about da tittle] Chapter 1 dec. 27
« Reply #10 on: December 27, 2011, 11:13:45 PM »
WOO~!! Takamina & Yuko didn't die~

Rena become Ren forever~

Jurina her cousin?!

Please update soon~

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After Majisuka Gakuen [still thinking about da tittle] Chapter 2 Dec. 27
« Reply #11 on: December 28, 2011, 02:50:11 AM »
As promised. Chapter 2. Thank you everyone for your comments.

Chapter 2

After separating from Yuko, Ren walked to Majisuka Gakuen. While waiting for Jurina to get out of school. He walked around and noticed many things had changed since his graduation. For example the school was clean and fixed up, it no longer looked the way it looked, and all the students were in their classes not fooling around or anything but studying and paying attention to the teachers. WTH? When did these yankees start wanting to learn? Were Ren’s thoughts as he unintentionally dumped into the principal, Nojima Yuriko.S***! Ren thought to himself.
“Hello, I’m the principal, Nojima Yuriko. And you are?”
“Hello, sorry for the intrusion, I’m Matsui Ren. I was just looking for my cousin Matsui Jurina, she’s known as Center.”
“Oh, so you must be her new guardian.”
“Yes. I’m her new guardian. Btw wasn’t this school supposed to be the strongest & greatest  yankee school?”
 “Yes, and it is. It’s just that the new Rappapa doesn’t want stupid uneducated students who can’t fight. So they up-graded by making them all attend class, fix the entire school so it look presentable, add fight classes for those who don’t know how to fight and to improve their fighting, and have organized fights within the school.”
“Wow, that’s one hell of an up-grade.”
“I know right? I’m glad Watanabe Mayu, well she’s known as Nezumi convinced me.”
The mouse? Well she was always good at starting things. Well at least she’s using it to for the school instead of against it. “Oh, that’s great. Um, I think I’ll leave now, bye.”
“Wait! Why don’t I take you to Jurina’s class?” Yuriko graded Ren’s right arm and clinged onto him tightly.
Ren’s thoughts: Ah! Gross! She’s pressing my arm against her chest! I feel like puking! She’s like old enough be to be my grandmother! OHGOSH! I wanna puke! No! Ren, man up! You’re a man and man like this, right? But it’s sooo~ gross. OHMYGOSH! I think she has chest hair! Urgh! Her breath stinks! What has she been eating! Need to separate! (note: only 1 min has passed by.) “Um excuse me, but why are you clinging onto me?”
“Oh? Sorry.” Yuriko does a girly embarrassed gesture.
Gross! Can I kill no scratch that I meant beat the hell out of you! You disgusting woman! No wonder it’s an all girl school, the boys wouldn’t want to be sexually harassed by this thing.
“Okay, this is Jurina’s class.” Yuriko said stepping into the class. “Ahem! Ladies, I’ll like to introduce this young man who has come to pick up our Center.” She announced.
Wait! WTH! Why are you making an announcement! I just wanted to take a look at her class not be introduced to it. Damn you! Now I have to walk in and officially introduce myself. *sigh* what a pain in the butt.
“eh?” “Someone came to pick Center up?” was heard from the students inside. “Impossible! I don’t have anyone to pick me up! I live alone!” Jurina yelled getting up from her seat.
“Please come in.” Yuriko said waving her hand for Ren to enter. Once he did all the girls in class were fangirling over him.
“Hello, I’m Matsui Ren and I’m Jurina’s older cousin. Thank you all for taking such good care of her.” Ren bowed towards the class.
“Hey! Who are you! I never met you in my life!”
“OI! That’s true but my parents have been taking care of you since that happened. And now since my parents are gone, I have been given custody over you so you’ll be living with me cuz I don’t feel like sending you money to rent some place.”
“What?! I have to live with you?” Jurina yelled. The girls around her were more than willing to switch with her.
“Yes, little cousin. Now get your things, we got a lot of catching up to do.” Ren said leaving the class with Jurina following closely behind.
They were now out the school gate.
“Hey! Wait up!”
“Oh, so have you calmed down?”
“Yes, I’m sorry for the way I acted back there. It’s just surprised me.”
“Yeah, you’re not the only one.”
“What do you mean?”
“I thought I was the only member of the Matsui family left until I went to receive the inheritance I found out that my parents were supporting you. So I decided to take you in instead of putting you in some awful place.”
“What do you mean the only member of the Matsui family?” Jurina asked confused.
“Jurina, you and I are the only living members of the Matsui family.”
“But what about Aunt and Uncle?”
“Both my parents died two years ago. Our family lawyer was the one supporting me until my gradation and sending you money.”
“but, but” Jurina was starting to tear up. Ren pulled her into a tight hug.
“It’s okay. You still have me. Just let it out. I promise you’ll feel better.” Jurina began to cry onto Ren’s chest, those cries became sobs until she completing let everything out.
“Ren, you were right. I feel much better now.” Jurina smiled at Ren who smiled back.
“Okay, how about we get home.”
“Un. But promise to never come to school like you did today.”
“No need to ask. No way I wanna be harass by that thing again.”
“Principal Yuriko.”
“hahaha. I feel sorry for you. Haha”
“Hey if you feel sorry then don’t laugh! Haha”

Back at the detective building
Minami and Atsuko are having lunch.
“Hey, Atsuko.”
“Yes, Minami?”
“It’s comfy.”
“Oi! I aint a chair! Now get off!” Minami tried pushing Atsuko off but the girl wrapped her arms around Minami’s neck.
“No~” Atsuko replied cutely.
Damn! Her body is pressing onto my body and it feels nice. No! Minami, focus! You can’t turn into a pervert. But it feels sooo~ good. If I were a guy, I would totally….
Her thoughts were interpreted by phone in her office ringing. Of course Atsuko pick it up and answered.
“Hello? Chief? Yes, this is Maeda Atsuko. Yes, I’ll pass you to her.” Atsuko passed Minami the phone.
“Hello, Chief. Yes. Yes. Yes, I understand. I’ll be on my way!” She bolts right up dropping Atsuko in the process. She turned to Atsuko. “I need to handle some business. Please continue with your work and have it completed by the time I return.” She leaves the room.
Atsuko’s thoughts:Damn! I was so close. Damn Chief! But why does she give the same feeling I got with my Minami. Is it possible she’s her lost twin sister? Well they are the same age.

At Ren’s Residence
“Welc…Oh it’s just you Takamina.”
“Hey! Is that the way to treat a long time friend?”
“Oi! We’re like family, so I don’t have to be nice to you and vice versa.”
“Anyways, why are you home so early?”
“Oh, I got handed a special case.”
“That’s great what’s it about this time?”
“I have to go undercover. But I need reinforcements.”
“Oh, why not just get your men from the detective unit?”
“I can’t.”
“Why not?”
“There are some that are corrupted; besides I need a special unit.” Minami looks at Yuko with a scheming smile.
“Oi! I don’t like that smile.”
“Yuko! You owe me!”
*sighs* “Fine, I’ll help.”
“Good, I also need you to gather the other Rappapa members.”
“what? I said I needed a special unit. And since the members are all strong and have special abilities that can help me solve this, plus they’re not connected to the police force.”
“What? It’s not a big deal.”
“Oh? So you don’t mind me telling Atsuko that you’re the same Minami from her past. Who’s supposed to be dead?” Yuko retorted.
“Ok, I get your point, but still they’re the only people that can help.”
“Okay, how about having Ren smooth them into knowing you’re alive and have him also explain to Atsuko about me.”
“That’d be great if REN WASN’T A MAN NOW! No one knows him.”
“Ratz! I forgot. Maybe he can dress back as Gekikara?” Minami asked hopefully.
“No can do.”
“If he does that, he’ll lose his inheritance. He must live the life of a man for the rest of his life.”
“Oh, that sucks.”
“Yep, anyways let’s get diner ready for our new family member.”
“Did I forget to tell you. Ren has taken custody of his cousin?”
“Yes, you didn’t tell me.”
“Anyways, let’s get diner started.”
Minami and Yuko started diner but ended up ruining it due to their argument about which one was taller. The food burned. How this argument began is a mystery. Most likely Yuko was teasing Minami cuz she couldn’t reach the very top drawer but neither can she. They were both rolling on the floor wrestling each other when the door opened.

TBC…. (thank you for reading. Comments are much appreciated.)

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Minami being perv ;D
Yuko and Minami small argument at the end is funny

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Oh Atsuko didn't lose waste time hehe

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An argument about which one is taller? LOL

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Yea!! Update!! XD

LOL Ren being harassed by the principle :lol:
Acchan sitting on Minami's lap :wub:
Takamina and Yuko's argument about who's taller is so amusing :twothumbs

Thanks for the Update :thumbup :thumbup
Please Update Soon :mon cute:

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Wow! This is so interesting~
Happy that Takamina and Yuko didn't die yet :D

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After Majisuka Gakuen Chapter 3 updated dec. 29/30
« Reply #17 on: December 30, 2011, 03:13:04 AM »
Thank you to MESS, gekikarabuACE, Shiro, kahem, RenaChii, Yagami.Rai, anzai48, caecus for the thanks yous.
Sydney W, kahem,  RenaChii, Yagami.Rai, anzai48, & caecus: Thank you for your comments, they encourage me to write.

Hope you enjoy. Sorry if it's too long. forgot to say Happy New Years to all of you.

Chapter 3

Ren and Jurina reach the house and open the door.
“WTH?! YOU’RE DEAD!” Jurina shouted as she spotted Yuko, but stayed quiet once she realized her position.
“Um, we’re sorry for interrupting you. Bye!” Ren said pulling Jurina out the door and closing it behind him and running away.
“Wait! It’s not what you think!” Both midgets yelled.
“Minami! Get the hell off me!” Yuko yelled at Minami who quickly got up and run to the door with Yuko right behind her.
“Ren! Wait, it’s all Yuko’s fault! I swear!” Minami yelled as she chased Ren and Jurina.
“What?! You were the one on top of me! How’s that my fault!” Yuko shouted passing Minami and tackling Ren to the ground.
“You started the fight, squirrel!”
“Midget!” Yuko got up from Ren and charged at Minami.
“You’re a midget too!” Minami said wrestling with Yuko.
“Yeah, but I’m still taller than you.”
Jurina stopped and helped Ren get up, and looks at him confused. He explained everything to her and she agreed to keep quiet about the two midgets, he did not tell her about himself. After a while of watch the two Ren spoke. “I think we should stop this war 0.5.”
“Yeah.” Jurina replied grading Minami to separate them. Ren got bitten by Yuko while separating her from Minami.
“Itai!” He smacked her hard on top of her head. “What was that for?”
“You bite me! Now I got to go get rabies shots cuz of you.” Ren deadpanned making them laugh.
“Okay, I’m sorry I bite you.”
“Good, now no more fighting understood, or else I’ll have to beat some sense into you.”
“Yes, we understand.” All three girls shouted and saluted Ren.
  “Okay, let’s go home.”
It’s been a month since then. Minami has been busy doing research for her special case as well as finding the other members of Rappapa with Atsuko’s and Jurina’s help (well the ones that are good fighters). Yuko doesn’t know what Minami is planning and Ren has no idea what’s Minami’s special case is about, but doesn’t care as long as it doesn’t involve him in anyway. He’s too busy working, managing his companies, creating detector programs that warn him when there are illegal actives taking place and watching over Jurina.
“Hey, Ren can I ask you something?”
“Sure, anything little cousin.” Ren said sitting on the sofa next to Jurina.
“Instead of being my cousin, can you be my brother?” Jurina asked a light blush on her cheeks.
“OGMYGOSH! Did you hear that! Jurina wants you as her LOVER!” Yuko exclaimed running into the living room.
“No! You perverted squirrel!” Ren and Jurina yelled.
“She said BROTHER! NOT LOVER! B-R-O-T-H-E-R as in brother!” Minami shouted smacking Yuko on the head.
“Geez, Yuko where did you get lover from?” Jurina asked.
“She has a prevented mind, so don’t pay any attention. Anyways, Jurina I’d love to be your older brother.” Ren smiled at Jurina.
“Yay~” Jurina jumped up and hugged Ren.
“Okay, so let me get this straight. You asked Ren to be your brother instead of cousin. Not lover but brother?” Yuko asked.
“Yes, brother.”
“Okay.” Yuko said disappointed.
They all glared at her and yelled. “Ecchi!” “Hentai!” “Perv!”
“What? That’s my nature.”
They heaved a heavy sigh shaking their heads.
“What’s your nature to beat up people?” Ren asked.
“Anyways Ren, I need your help for my special case. Yuko already agreed to help me, Acchan and Jurina have been helping me find the other members of the team.” Minami said sitting across Ren.
“Sure, I’ll help. Wait, Acchan? As in Maeda Atsuko?”
“Wait! Acchan?! Wait! What do you mean by finding the other members of the team?” Yuko asked.
“Oh yeah Acchan from Rappapa, and to answer Yuko, I found some of the old members of Rappapa and they all agreed to help well except Black.”
“What?!” Ren and Yuko shouted.
“Don’t worry, they all know that Yuko’s alive and I explained why she did it.”
“What? And they aren’t mad?”
“Well Atsuko and Sado are. They’re pissed!”Jurina said.
“haha, too bad for you Yuko.” Ren laughed.
“Oi! You just agreed to help her too.”
“Oh, I changed my mind. I don’t want anything to do with this.”
“too late! You’re helping!” Yuko yelled.
“Anyways it’s not like they’ll recognize you.” Minami said. Jurina is confused to why she said that.
“What do you mean recognize him? Have they met before?”
“Huh? No it’s just that he used to hang with me a lot back then.”
“Oh, well that’s understandable. Sorry but I got to go. See you Ren-nii, Yuko, and Minami!”
“Be careful!” the three shouted.
“Okay, now here’s the information on the team.”
“Hey! I’m not helping!”
“Ren, two words.” Minami said in a calm voice.
“Raw meat.” Yuko deadpanned.
“Fine, I’ll help but no making me do sexual advancements towards anyone.”
“We can’t promise that.” Both Yuko and Minami whispered.
Minami laid out files with the members for the special case.

File #1
Kojima Haruna
a.k.a: Torigoya / Harunyan
Job:Massage parlor. She’s the # 1 Massagist, she’s the only employee that gets both men and women customers.
Skills: Not very athletic, sort of an airhead but very scary when angered. She’s able to look into your past, fears, and desires which she uses to destroy you mentally by saying one simple phrase or word. Great at seducing men.

File #2
Shinoda Mariko
a.k.a: Sado / Marichan
Job:Head nurse; she’s a much respected nurse. She does not like to lazy around like most nurses. She has improved the nurses’ performance since becoming the head nurse. She works in one of the best hospitals in Japan. (note: when stressed, she punches a wall making a hole in it. It scares anyone who’s around.) Her nurses fear her.   
Skills: Above average in athletics, she’s a great fight. Never backs down unless your boss tells her (note: her boss is and always will be Yuko).

File #3
: Itano Tomomi
a.k.a: Shibuya / Tomochin
Job: Working as a model for Matsui Fashion magazine. She’s one of their top models. She has learned to work with people. She’s mostly partnered with Kasai who’s also one of their top models.
Skills: Very strong fighter. Strong eyes which can sometime scare others. Loves to fight and design clothes. Not as much a hot head as she used to be, now she’s more understanding.

File #4
Oshima Yuko
a.k.a: Just Yuko
Job:: Personal assistant to Matsui Ren, the owner of the Matsui businesses. She advices him on life, sometimes gives her opinion about business plans and informs him when illegal actions are being done.
Skills: Very fast runner and strong fighter. Good at acting.  She may be a member of the flying squirrel family. Loves to fight, but thinks things through before jumping in (Most of the time.)

File #5
Maeda Atsuko
a.k.a: Acchan
Job:Minami’s partner. New detective finds being in doors and reading and writing reports all day long boring.
Skills: Strongest fighter so far. Good at getting Minami into tight spots. She’s somewhat of a tease towards Minami, and great at acting.

“What the hell?” Ren said.
“What’s this about getting you into tight spots?” Yuko asked confused.
“Nothing! Just keep reading!” Minami held back her blush.

File #6
Kasai Tomomi
a.k.a: Ookabuki / Tomomi
Job:Working as a model for Matsui Fashion magazine. She’s one of their top models. She’s cute and sexy at the same time. Tomochin’s partner in modeling.
Skills: Strong fighter, fights with open palms. Good at getting Tomochin into and out of tight spots. She somewhat clings to Tomochin whenever she can. (note: a less perverted and taller version of Minami.)

File #7
Takahashi Minami
a.k.a: Takamina
Job:Youngest Detective to solve many unsolved cases. She is the most trust among all the other detectives. She’s given the hardest cases to solve.
Skills: Strong fighter, very fast and smart. Mistaken as a man sometimes which helps her in her missions. She is Ranked #1among the female detectives and police officers to be the perfect boyfriend. Sort of a big pervert but doesn’t show it as often as Yuko.

File #8
Kashiwagi Yuki
a.k.a: Black
Job:Working mom. She works at a Supermarket as a cashier, takes care of her 2 year old son (Reki).
Skills: Strong fighter, very fast, taking care of her son and smart but she doesn’t like showing it. She has a great body even though she already had a kid. Her movements are like a blur to her opponents. Very quiet and hard working, she like darkness, comes and goes without people noticing her presence, good night vision.

File #9
Matsui Ren
a.k.a: Gekikara
Job:The owner of the Matsui businesses takes care of his younger cousin Matsui Jurina. He sometimes helps Minami in solving cases. He’s very intelligent but would rather but up a dumb and innocent front. He listens to Yuko’s advice sometimes (when it’s not about sexual advancements towards someone), doesn’t like it when people try and do illegal deals under his name or businesses. (Usually beats those people near death.)   
Skills: Very good with computers and programming. Prince Charming type: tall, pale skin and dark hair, he’s just missing the horse part. Strongest, most violent and craziest fighter in the group, fast, and take hits very well. Doesn’t care if he gets hurt, but when it’s someone he cares about that gets hurt, he unleashes the nightmare within him (Joker which is way crazier and more violent than his Gekikara form). Loves to fight, used to bit his nails to taste the blood but stopped cuz Yuko and Minami threaten to feed him raw meat for a month.

“Hey, why is Ren’s the longest?” Yuko asked upset.
“I thought you said Black refused.” Ren asked confused.
“She did, but we really need her for this.” Minami said.


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