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Author Topic: Renshu's Lame Fic - (WMatsui) School's Lunch Break Last Part UPDATE! (August 19)  (Read 17287 times)

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Yahooo !!! I'm back again. :jphip:
This time, I try to re-write my shots. I actually lost this draft somewhere, but I try to recall it and slowly making it again. My brain capacity is quite low, so maybe I can't finish this project sooner.  :panic:
Also, Jurina-sama's eyes problem makes me sad  :cry:
Anyway, I hope there'll be some kind people who will spare their time to read my lame story  :w00t:

School's Lunch Break

That day was just like another typical day for Matsui Jurina at lunch break. She always spent her lunch time at a beautiful sakura tree behind the school building. She has no interest to join many of her friends who came to the cafetaria and hunted the food there. She has no interest in eating any food other than her home made sandwich. She  sat down under the tree, enjoying everytime the wind blew  her short hair.

"Perfect ..." she mumbled under her breathe. Putting the earphone to her ear and enjoying the classic music from her iPod, she munched her sandwich and tried to hold her tears because of the tasty taste of the sandwich. She closed her eyes.

"What is that? Does someone call me? Hmm, maybe just my imagination" Jurina felt that there was someone calling her name. But because of the loud music from the earphone, she couldn't really hear it. So, she ignored it.

She just realized that it wasn't her imagination when someone tapped her shoulder that made her flinched a bit.

"You know, Jurina, you should stop using earphone. You'll lose your ability to hear if you turn the volume too high !"

That's her best friend who scolding her, Furukawa Airi. Her best friend, almost like her sister or ... hero. She helped Jurina in continuing her life. She always stood beside Jurina everytime she got trouble. When her parents involved on a big fight, when her parents decided to divorce, when everything happenned to Jurina that she couldn't bear anymore and she cut her wrist to commit suicide, Airi always be the one who safe her.

"Hey, come on ! The bell almost ring, you'll be late for the next class." She grabbed Jurina's hand and dragged her to her class. Again, Airi safe her. Jurina felt like really lost in her touch. Everytime the girl approaching her, the only thing she really wanted to do was embrace her.

Suddenly, Jurina stop in her track which making Airi turned her head in Jurina's direction. Jurina's head facing the floor. Her hand slipped from Airi's hand.

"Hey, what's wrong Jurina?" Airi felt something wasn't right at that moment. Her insticnt as Jurina's closest friend appeared. "Why? You're feeling sad? Something happenned to you? Or you feel sick?". Airi approached Jurina who stood still like a statue.

Jurina shook her head.

"Tell me what's wrong, I know there must be something. It's okay, I'm here." Airi said patting Jurina's head.

Suddenly, Jurina hugged her, really tight. Jurina sobbed in her shoulder.

"Thank you, Airin, for everything. And ..." Jurina hesitant, she wanted to say something to Airi. "I ... I love you, Airin," As she hugged Airi more tight.

"I know, Jurina. I love you too ..." Airi said smoothly and soothing Jurina's back kindly.

Tsudzuku ...

Hmm, kinda short, but I already use my full power while write it. I'm not really good in making good story  :sweatdrop:
Reaply please  :fap

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Re: Renshu-chan's Short Shots - School's Lunch Break Part 2
« Reply #1 on: December 14, 2013, 01:52:09 PM »
Aaaaah ... I forgot to tell you the pairing, right ?  :doh:
Well, you better just read and you'll know  :grin:
This is the 2nd part  :yep:

School's Lunch Break 2

Jurina walked on the corridor aimlessly.

Earlier ...

"I know, Jurina. I love you too ..." Airi said smoothly and soothing Jurina's back kindly.

"It's not like that, I mean it's ... It's a real love," Jurina facing Airin with her teary eyes.

"Then I'm sorry, Jurina. I do love you, as my best friend and my sister, nothing more nothing less. I'm sorry I can't accepted you feeling. But I hope this thing won't cause any ruckus for the two of us, nee ?"

Airi said that with her whole heart. She do really love Jurina, but in a different way like Jurina meant. And she knew she didn't love her like that. She saw a hurtful expression on Jurina's face. She couldn't help but feel slightly guilty too towards Jurina. But, she couldn't lie to her feeling though.

Jurina let out a big sigh. It's hard for her. Her first confession and her first rejection. But she had to be tough whatever happenned. Then she felt that Airi hugged her again  before loosen the hug for the second time.


"No need to be sorry, Airin. It's okay, I'm okay. I'm going to my locker first okay," Jurina said, she had to hide her true sadness from Airi before Airi caught it and started to worry over her again.

"Well then, don't miss your class,"


Lie. She didn't go to her locker and she skipped her class. She couldn't just appear with her red eyes. At least she had to wait until her tears stop flowing inside the toilet. And after loosing her eyes' ability in producing tears she walked around the corridor. She looked really down. But something caught her attention.

"Where's this smell come from? And what smell is this ?" her curiousity was answered by her growling stomach. "I guess, it's from the cafetaria, let's see what can we find there..."

She was right. It was came from the cafetaria. She knew it wasn't lunch break anymore. But her stomach can't wait anymore. Suddenly she felt that she didn't have enough lunch. And moreover, the smell really caught her stomach off guard.
"Hello there Miss red-swollen-eyes," A young lady greeted Jurina as she reached the counter table.

Being teased by the lady, she couldn't help but chuckling and answer the lady's tease.
"Was it that swollen Old Lady ?" Both of them laughed because of their mini skit.

"You know, the lunch break already over around 5 min-" her words were interrupted by Jurina's stomach growling sound. "Pfft, someone's hungry. So, what do you want to order?" The lady asked her nicely.

"I smell something good in front of the door, so let me order it too," Jurina said smiling. Then she went to the nearby seat.

On her side sat a girl with her pale skin, long raven hair and a small smile while she saw Jurina approaching the table. Jurina not really talking to the girl. But at least she knew that the girl was her classmate and someone sho shared the same family's name as her own. She was Matsui Rena.

Tsudzuku ...

Aaaah, short again ... I told you I can't make good story and longer part.  :banghead:
I hope you enjoy it though  :roll:

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Re: Renshu-chan's Short Shots - School's Lunch Break Part 1
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I see airin is Jurina hero and bestfriend

Poor Jurina she got reject

Please update soon

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Renshu-chan's Short Shots - School's Lunch Break Part 3
« Reply #3 on: December 18, 2013, 03:14:12 AM »
Yeaaaay ... Thanks for reading. Right, it's actually wMatsui, the goddess pair :D

Anyway, here's the next chapter. Hope you enjoy it.  :wub:

School's Lunch Break 3

"Sorry for the wait ~" the young lady said playfully to Jurina and the girl beside her then served what they ordered before.

"Thanks, Mariko-sama" a deep voice launched from Matsui Rena's mouth showing her gratitude to the young lady who worked in the cafetaria.

Jurina just mumbled a thanks since she just know the young lady's name from Rena's mouth. She then looking at a big bowl of fresh ramen in front of her eyes. Her stomach can't wait any longer, she better feed her stomach before it crying out loud and embarass her even more.

"Itadakimasu" Jurina said whisperly before taking a mouthfull of their ramen.

But then ...

"HOT ! HOT ! KYAAAAAA ! WATER WATER WATER !!!" Jurina yelled at the top of her lungs. She acted like her mouth was burn by fire, she got panicked.

Rena who sat beside her also flinched by the sudden event. She then run to the counter and asking something from Mariko then back to Jurina's seat.

"Here, drink this, you'll feel better," Rena looked concerned by Jurina's state.

Without any glimpse of hesitation she took the glass from Rena, "Ouch, it's hot too!" Jurina whined like a little kid.

"Trust me," Rena said firmly. Then Jurina drink the warm water Rena gave to her. Her eyes were teary by the hot sensation from both the ramen and the water. She breathed rapidly like someone who were catched by a pitbull.

"How's that Jurina-san ?" Rena who still sat beside her asked Jurina for the nth time.

"It's better, thanks Rena-san, you saved me," she's not exagerating it, she's being honest. If Rena wasn't there and give her the warm water, who knows how many glass of water Jurina would drink ?

Then Jurina went to the counter to talked to Mariko. Mariko felt slightly guilty by Jurina's state before, but she couldn't help to tease her.

"Why are you crying miss already-swollen-eyes ?"

"You know why, old lady," Jurina glared Mariko with an irritated look.

"Okay, I'm sorry. But it wasn't fully my mistake. You ordered the menu you never know before and never ask what it was," she stated. She was right, actually it's Jurina's mistake after all. "It was what Rena-chan ordered too. She love those super spicy ramen. And she come here anytime she's not feeling well,"

"Huh? Not feeling well ? Rena-chan ?" Jurina wondered inside her head. She wanted to know about this girl since Mariko told her half fact about Rena. But she wasn't going to tell Mariko though.

"As my apology, let me treat you the normal ramen. Just back to your seat, it won't be long," Mariko said and back to the kitchen.


Jurina ate her ramen silently while taking a small peek to Rena who was eating the super spicy ramen. It's a cute expression escaped from her face everytime she took a mouthful of ramen. Her face became red due to the spiciness. But no worries as long as she had the hot water in her hand.

"Wow, she's really something" Jurina thought.

Rena finished her ramen after struggling all the time she eating the ramen. She caught that Jurina was looking at her and turned red all of a sudden.

"Ano ... What's wrong Jurina-san?"

Jurina who got caught was just smiling at her and her cute expression. "No, it's just really amazed me. You eat that super spicy ramen that I gave up on the first bite" She chuckled just remembering her previous reaction. "I heard from Mariko-sama that you'll order this spicy ramen when you're not feeling well, is that true ? Mind to tell me why ?" Jurina who got curious spoke her thought.

No reaction coming from Rena. She just lowered her head, facing the floor.

"Umm, it's okay if ou don't wanna share it with me since we're not that close. But whatever your problem is, I hope you'll manage it," Jurina smiled to Rena and caught that Rena was smiling back to her.

"I'm grateful that you understand about my privacy," Rena said smiling to Jurina.

"But whenever you wanna share, I'll be happy,"

Tsudzuku ...

still, don't forget to read and leave reply.  :twothumbs

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Re: Renshu-chan's Short Shots - School's Lunch Break Part 1
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awww rena... I hope jurin help you about your problem

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Re: Renshu-chan's Short Shots - School's Lunch Break Part 1
« Reply #5 on: December 19, 2013, 02:58:42 PM »
A cute expression each time Rena eats the Ramen... I could really imagine that  :wub:
my forever Kami OTP which is starting to bloom again:

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Re: Renshu-chan's Short Shots - School's Lunch Break Part 4
« Reply #6 on: December 21, 2013, 04:38:37 AM »
Haruko : I hope so. But, let's just giving Rena-chan some privacy :D
Chroumia : Yep, keep on imagining, Rena-chan is really cute after all :D
Hello guys, thanks for reading it again. Thanks for the reply too. And here's the 4th chapter. Well, I post it though my phone. So I'm really sorry if there were mistakes and forgive my crappy grammar. I hope you guys enjoy it.
School's Lunch Break 4

It's been a long time since both Matsui Jurina and Matsui Rena met at the cafetaria. Both of them getting closer day by day. From the coincidence in earlier time at the cafetaria, they decided to go there every lunch time together. Jurina who used to be not really like eating other food other than her handmade or Airi's made or Airi's mom's made, now getting too much atracted by Mariko's made. She realized it after she felt that eating Mariko's food always make her feel happy. Or is it because Rena accompany her all the time ? She didn't know it either. Everything felt right.
"Okay student's that's all for today," the teacher end her lesson today as the sound of bell ringing through the whole school and it mean lunch.
After thanking the teacher, all students rose up from their seat to have lunch. Just like the two Matsuis.
"Rena-chan, let's go, Mariko-sama said she'll treat us today," Being all excited, Jurina approached Rena's table just to see Rena still busy with her belonging. "I don't really understand why you should take longer time just to put you belonging on your bag," Jurina who started to lose her patience said to Rena.
"Umm, nothing particularly, I just love to see it neat and tidy," Rena said as she finished what she had done.
"Such a neat freak, come on, my lovely stomach yelling every now and then begging for food," Jurina grabbed Rena's hand and dragged her to the cafetaria.
"I...need...air...Ju-Jurina, my lungs..." Rena said between her panting. Jurina knew this new close friend of hers is really weak. It means super weak. She just dragged Rena from her class to the cafetaria and the girl already loose her ability to breathe in normal way. Jurina laughed at Rena's state.
"Now you laughed at me *pant*" Rena tried to loosen her hand from Jurina's grip. But, Jurina was way too stronger than she thought.
"Uh oh. Sorry Rena-chan, I have to do it today. Because I can't wait what Mariko-sama made for the two of us," Jurina grinned widely at Rena.
The two of them then walk inside the cafetaria. As always, the cafetaria was full of students in every corner. Everyone enjoying their lunch happily with their friends. Laugh, yell and many compliment about the food they eat were heard everywhere. No wonder, it's the cafetaria's goddess chef Mariko. Everything she made always delicious.
"Hey hey hey, guess who's here? The soon-to-be-the-hottest couple," Mariko and her teases. She started to tease the two girl when she saw the of them getting inside the cafetaria hand in hand. Her smirk could be seen by Jurina and Rena. "So...How are you my favorite kids?"
"Enough with the chit-chat, I'm hungry, where's the meal you promised us to eat?" Jurina whinning like someone who never find anything to eat.
Rena just chuckled at the sight of Jurina's childish act. She already used to it since they became closer.
"Okay kiddo, just take a seat, I'll serve it to you,"
After taking a seat for about 5 minutes, Mariko served 2 plate of fried rice to Jurina and Rena.
"Err, what's so special about it Mariko-sama? It's just fried rice," Jurina said complaining about the food.
"You eat it, and you'll know it," Mariko said before back to the counter.
Jurina still wondering about the fried rice when actually Rena already eat it a while ago.
"Hey, you eat it before me Rena-chan," Jurina puted.
" I'm hungry, Jurina. And this fried rice is very tasty, come on, eat it, you won't regret every bite you took," Rena talked with her mouth full.
Jurina hesitated in the beginning, but then she eat it. "You're right, it's delicious !"
While they were eating, Rena realized that Jurina was scratching her body. She curious about it then she asked. "What's wrong Jurina? You keep scratching your body,"
"I don't know Rena-chan, it's itchy" Jurina said. Jurina stopped eating and keep scratching her body with both of her hands.
Rena looked confuse and worried about Jurina. She saw that Jurina's body became red after she scratched it. But then, something popped out her mind"Do you have any allergy, Jurina?" 
"Well, I have a bad allergy with shrimp, but-" before finishing her sentence, Jurina saw Rena dashed to the counter and talked to Mariko-sama.
"Were you using shrimp to your fried rice, Mariko-sama ?" Rena asked in a rush.
"Yes, it's the highlight for the food," Mariko answer smilingly.
"Crap! You should help me bring Jurina to the hospital, she allergy on shrimp ! Let's go!" Rena said to Mariko, almost like yelling.

Don’t forget to give reply :D

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Poor jurina..
Update pleasee :twothumbs

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Renshu-chan's Short Shots - School's Lunch Break Part 5
« Reply #8 on: April 29, 2014, 12:53:57 PM »
Huh, I actually feel bad about this story. I leave it without any update. I'm so sorry. I couldn't get any courage to write anything lately. My tasks just getting crazy.
Anyway, this is the 5th part. I hope someone would read it. (^_^)/

School's Lunch Break 5

"I'm so sorry ..." Mariko-sama said. That was the first time they saw her sorry and worry expression. Well, since it was her fault bringing Jurina into a mess condition.
"It's okay, Mariko-sama. Please help me call Airin that I'm being alright, I can't do anything now, hehee..." a wide grin imprinted in her face, but her hands just focused on scratching almost all part of her body.
"Okay, after this we'll go home, I'll send you guys home," Mariko-sama said and went out from the room while calling Airin.
Along the road home, Mariko and Jurina involved in a long interesting talks. Even she still scractching her body, Jurina could join the laughter along with Mariko. No doubts, she was a really great joker. But anyhow, there was someone who never talked, smile or any other reaction. She just simply sat at the back, looking at the heavy rain that pour that night through the window.
She really didn't move any slight bit since they went inside the car.
"Nee, Mariko-sama, what's wrogn with Rena-chan?" Jurina asked confusedly.
Mariko looked at Rena through the mirror, she confused too. After telling Mariko about Jurina's allergy at the cafetaria, she didn't talk at all.
"I don't know too, Jurina," Mariko shrugged her shoulder.
"Thanks for the ride, Mariko-sama," Jurina went out from the car and met Airin in front of her house.
Airin just bow and smiled at Mariko's kindness and show her grateful to her.
"Nah, I'm sorry about this too, Jurina," Mariko scratched the back of her head.
"Rena-chan, thanks for helping me today. You're really kind," Jurina said with her wide smile. Recieved nothing but a blank stare from Rena, she averted her gaze to Mariko. And gave a shrugged for the second time from Mariko.
"Uh... Well, I'll send Rena-chan home, so see you later, Jurina, Airin," Mariko bid her goodbye to the both girl, and could still see that Jurina scratching her body again.
After arrived home, or rather Airin's home, Jurina took a bath and changed her clothes. After treated her body, she then quickly went to sleep.
But no, she couldn't sleep that easy. She was wondering why Rena looked strange and didn't talk and giving any reaction earlier.
"Did I say something wrong?" Jurina asked to herself.
"Hmm, no, I didn't say anything bad to her. She looked fine while we were eating, so why?" Jurina thought about it deeply. She looked at the ceiling and stared at it intensely.
"Ah, sou da! She must be disgust at my appearance earlier. I even don't want to see my own self in that condition," she acted like she disgusted at herself, too. Yes, Matsui Jurina found the reason.
"This is your house, Rena-chan," Mariko announced to the girl who sat behind her.
"Rena-- Eh.. She fall asleep? She must be tired," then Mariko tried to woke her up by shook her body lightly.
No response.
Mariko shook her body a little harder than before. "Rena-chan," she called her name but still no response.
Mariko then about to shook her body harder, but her hand incidentally touched Rena's forehead.
"Oh my... I should stop working in the cafetaria and become a nurse," She let out a sigh.

Tsudzuku ...

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nurse mariko desu..
did mariko just poison everyone??  :scared:

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LOL Mariko-sama XD
what did u just do? hahahhaha

my poor wmatsui uwu)/

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Something wrong with the fried rice? Mariko can be a partime nurse now! Pls update more!
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Yes Mariko u should XD

Is Rena sick?!?

Update soon

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Hey, a miraculous update :)

Im not sure if you can say she will become a nurse, she seems to be more skilful at making people need a nurse than being one ^^

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i laugh a t that statement of mariko-sama XD

rena is sick :? :?

update pls :bow:
mayuyu and rena is <3

mayuki and mayurena is my fav <3

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Waaa I'm happy, many people leave reply ...

@kazutoryu : I guess she just poisoned Jurina, or maybe another person too? x_x

@koneki : she failed her food this time, LOL

@DC2805 : I don't know, I'm sure she just adding shrimp into her fried rice and made Jurina poisoned, :/

@kirozoro : Rena-chan is sick? Hmm, perhaps.

@senelcar : Yes, a miracle XD I agree, she shouldn't be a nurse then, LOL

@mayuxmatsuixmusic : I know right, she's going to be a nurse XD
Anyway, this story become weird. I don't know why, but you know my skill in write is still far far from good. I'm not sure I can make people liking this story, but I'll surely put my efforts in writing all story. Please don't get bored soon.
Here's the 6th chapter, enjoy...
School's Lunch Break 6

Matsui Jurina finally back to her normal condition and went to school again. She just missed a day but she already missed the school environment, or maybe another else.
Right after reached her class, Jurina found Rena already sat on her seat like usual. She was reading on a manga and munching her melon-pan.
"Ohayou Rena-chan!" Jurina greeted her cheerfully, as usual. But sadly she got a flat response from Rena.
Eeeh, is she still disgusted at me?
Soon the class started but Jurina's mind didn't focus on the teacher. She was confused with Rena's attitude towards her. She didn't mind if it was really because of her last disgusting appearance, but she thought her appearance already been perfect like usual, so why?
The bell rang, sign of the lunch break time started. Jurina was about to turned her gaze towards Rena's seat but it's empty. She had gone.
Strange, she usually fix her belongings almost like forever. But today she just leave like that? What happenned? Why is she avoiding me? Was my thought earlier right? Or is there any other reason?
Jurina kept on thinking and when she realized, she lost for about 10 minutes in her seat. She got back to reality because of her grumbling stomach.
She then walked along the corridor and headed to the cafetaria where usually she and Rena would had lunch together. It wasn't long, she just missed yesterday's lunch break, and Rena's attitude worsen her state.
Once she reached the cafetaria, she found her newly best friend sat on their usual spot and having a bowl of ramen. Jurina felt like punched in the face. Rena left her at class and grabbed her lunch without any word. But, yeah, she was avoiding Jurina that day, so it was surprisingly right in a way.
But Jurina was still Jurina, her curious and stubborn attitude brought her feets to Rena's direction. She surely would asking about Rena's reason in avoiding her again. Nothing mmuch, because that question was still a mystery as long as Rena wouldn't say it herself.
But before she reached Rena's seat, Rena already finished her ramen and stood up. She turned around and found the unmoving Jurina who stared at her. Rena averted her gaze towards another direction and walked away. Not even slight bit her face show any reaction, it was all flat. Just like the day when Jurina said thanks to her the day she went back from hospital.
Mariko found her last victim walked to the counter direction. She looked so down and making Mariko curious about this. She knew Jurina wasn't in a good mood, so she wasn't going to tease her that day.
"Hey, how are you? Have you been better?" Mariko asked kindly, like a mother.
"My allergy won't stay for too long. But I'm really sad today, Mariko-sama," Jurina laid her head on the counter's table.
Her mother-sense grew more. Mariko's troll-mode was switched off that day.
"What happenned? Mind to share?" Mariko asked calmly.
The uncheerful Jurina let out a long sigh, her face looked really sad that made Mariko almost lost her troll-mode forever.
"Rena-chan ignored me all the day, since morning, even until not-so-long ago. She walked away everytime I approach her. She didn't talk to me, nor looking to my direction, nor asking if I've been better. I'm really frustrated," Jurina explained.
"Did you do something bad to her?" Mariko asked.
"I don't know, but you know the day you got me to the hospital she was okay until you sent me home and she didn't answer me when I said thanks to her. She looked like a robot, no expression imprinted on her face, she didn't looking at me in usual manner too,"
The flash of that night's event went to Mariko's head.
Mariko asked for Rena's maid's help to brought her to her room. She had a fever that day. Mariko didn't know since when and how did she get a fever. She's not a doctor, even a nurse after all.
Mariko then stood up after brought her to her bed. But Mariko found she was struggling on her bed, she sweat a lot and made Mariko panic.
"Kami-sama, did my food this bad? I made two customers sick today, should I stop cooking from now on?"
"Eh?" the almost cried Mariko looked at Rena's direction.
"Eh? Again?" Mariko knew what it meant. The devil laugh could be heard coming from her. Her devil side has awaken by Rena's calling.
---End of Flashback---
"Just go for her, Jurina. She might have a reason why she's avoiding you today. A girl won't do such a thing without any reason," someone from the kitchen said in a very casual manner.
"Eh?" Mariko shocked.
"If you want to know the reason, then keep asking, sooner or later she'll answer your question anyhow. She'd tell you everything, so you just need to wait and prepare yourself for the answer," the tall woman said.
"Un," Jurina's face then brighten up, she felt motivated by the woman's word. She rose up and back to her class.
"W-wait, you don't wanna eat something, Jurina?!" Mariko half shouted to the girl who ran out from the cafetaria. She got no answer, Jurina already left the scene.
"Hey, since when did you become a motivator, Nyannyan?" Mariko asked.
The said woman just tilted her head,"Did I motivate someone?"
Now she's back, fool as usual.
"M-maa, just forget it," Mariko's pride fell. Her mother-sense was cut by her collegue who motivated Jurina in just 4 sentences.
Should I learn psychology?


Reply please (∩_∩)

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Oh wow but still dont know the reason why rena avoiding jurina

Please update soon it nice

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I hate you but because the update was too short!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Gek Geki : yeah, so do I. I don't know why she avoid Jurina too XD

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A/N : This one suddenly become too long. Maybe I was motivated by Koneki-san's words .... But LOL, thanks for the comments. Sorry for the lack update and bad grammar and bad writing skill. Anyway, please enjoy  :thumbsup

School's Lunch Break 7

Days became weeks. Jurina already did her best to ask Rena what was her problem, why she ignored Jurina. Jurina still didn't get any clear answer except her own thought.

Today, she sat again under the old sakura tree where she used to be stayed in her old lunch break times.

"*Sigh* Here's my real place," Jurina sat on the bench. Putting on the headphone.

Hmm, I'm kinda miss this place. Quiet, peaceful, like it used to be.

Jurina again, back to her old times. She lost her patience in demanding Rena the answer. She still ignored her. Came back to the old place, the old times, might be better. At least that was what she thought about it.

The old Jurina back again.

Today's sandwich was her best friend's made. Airi was always good at taking care of her. Her childish attitude, but sometimes she looked cool, and sometimes she would be like a horse. Airin already met all of her forms. Never did once Airin got angry at her. She was just really kind. More than a best friend could be.

That feeling came again.

But Jurina tried hard to clear her mind from anything. She brought her mind back to reality. Looked at the still-in-one-piece sandwich on her right hand. Taking another long sigh, Jurina bite the sandwich. There was something strange. So she took another bite. Again, she felt something really strange. She took another bites until the very last bite of her sandwich. But she couldn't get what feeling was that.

Was it the feeling of loneliness...?


Meanwhile at the cafetaria...

Mariko stood in front of the counter table. She folded her hands in front of her chest. She walked to and fro. Once in a while she would bring her eyes to roamed in every corner of the cafetaria.

She looked frustrated. So much burden. Her collegue then approached her.

"Why are you acting like that? It's so annoying," said the girl who sat on the seat while reading her favorite fashion magazine.

"Nothing," Mariko answered shortly.

Another same action was shown by the taller girl. She looked desperate about something, but she didn't share it to anyone, including her collegue.

"Hey, stop being stupid! What are you doing? It's really annoying!" the girl stood up and yelled. For some seconds she made all costumers looking at her direction.

"Nothing's wrong people, just go eat your food, okay... Heheee..." Mariko and her lame excuse.

Mariko glared at her collegue with a sharp look, but it seemed Haruna's eyes were more piercing than hers. "Explain," Haruna said.

"Look, I feel bad about Jurina-chan. She never come here anymore to eat. Moreover, Airi-chan told me that Jurina looked sad these past weeks. I'm sure there is something involving Rena-chan too," Mariko said. She looked so much troubled by this. She thought that it happenned since the day she made those two get sick.

Haruna didn't know what should she told her any problem solver, a tight hug maybe enough to washed away Mariko's worries. "Don't blame yourself. Why don't you just visit those two? Maybe you'll know something," she blurted out.

"As always, you help me with your surprising way. Thanks," Mariko kissed Haruna's cheek only to got Haruna's face redden.


The next day, it was Detective Mariko's investigating day. Since it was weekend, she visited her so-called client.

First she went to Jurina's house.

She knocked the door. But no one came out to open the door. She kept knocking the door for a few minutes. She then facepalmed looking at the doorbell.

"I should've used it in the first place," she sighed as she pressed the doorbell.

A few seconds later Airi came out to greeted her at the front door. Airi was quite surprised by Mariko's visit. But then Mariko explained her reason.

"Yeah, she's back like she used to be. She eat a little, only bring 2 slices of sandwich and eat them under the Sakura tree behind the school building every lunch break. I wish she'll find her apetites again," Airin said to Mariko. Airin was really thankful for her help and she was really counting on Mariko. She left Mariko in front of Jurina's room.

She knocked the door. "I'm sure there's no doorbell here, why is she taking a long time just to open the door?" Mariko thought.

But then after knocking for another times, there was a loud thud could be heard behind the door, following by a yelp by the certain girl.

"Jurina, open the door please," Mariko said.

Then the door flailed open revealing a messy Matsui Jurina in her pajama. Her eyes still closed as she yawned.

"It's 10 a.m for God's sake, why are you still on your pajama?" Mariko said irritatingly.

Hearing that voice, Jurina's eyes immediately openned in a bulge size. "Eh? Mariko-sama? Why are you here?" she asked. Suddenly her sleepiness gone away.

Mariko just smirked and pushed the girl inside her room.


"Where are you taking me to?" the now-already-dressed-in-nice-clothing Jurina asked as Mariko drove somewhere she never knew. She got no response from Mariko so she laid her body back to the seat. Somehow Jurina felt really new with the path they were taking. And not long after, Mariko stopped and asked Jurina to just wait in the car.

Jurina looked through the window that Mariko was waiting in the front door. It was quite a long time. She averted her gaze towards another direction and still questioning in her mind, wondering why Mariko came and made her wore nice clothes and taking her to she knew where.

After some times, Mariko got in her car and surprisingly brought two persons with her.

Jurina was frozen at the back seat since someone who openned the back door was someone she was yearning for answers all along.

"Mariko-sama, can-"

"Just get in," Mariko cut the girl's sentence even before she finished it.

"I can le-"

"Don't ever try to run. Sit," Mariko cut the girl's word again.

"Kojima-san--" she tried to ask for more help but didn't get anything but a small smile from Haruna.


Both girl at the back seat wonder where they were heading to. The road wasn't familiar to them. It was surely not a way to Disney Land or Mount Fuji. They have no idea but just kept silent since they were sat next to each other.

Mariko realized about their uneasiness, so she spoke up. "We're going on picnic today, my small family, hahaha," Mariko stated.

"Right, it's been a long time both of us haven't gone somewhere," Haruna added.

"Why bringing me and her?" both Jurina and Rena said at the same time.

"Whoaaaa, were you training to say that at the same time since beginning? Sugoi!" Haruna clapped her hand.

"No!" both of them said in unison again.

"Whoaaaa, again! That's cool!" Haruna stated.

Then the both girl leaned their body to the seat and still in the same time.

"Even the move!" Haruna was really amused by the sight.

The long ride continued with the two girls at the back seat kept silent and looking outside their respective window car. Once in a while Jurina would straighten her back  that caused her to change her position, but when she met Rena's eyes she would just back to the cute window near her. So dis Rena, once she tilted her sore neck and met Jurina's eyes she would just stared out of the window again. Or both of them just finding excuses to looked at each other? Who knows?

"Okay my baby, sweety and honey .... Get your ass off the seat  'cause we're here!" Mariko announced.

They went out from the car and looking their surrounding. Yes, they weren't visiting Disney Land, Mount Fuji or another places people would choose to spend their weekend. It was a large green grassy hill with some colorful flowers decorating the place. Indeed, a perfcect scenery and a sunny day for a picnic.

"Don't stunned too much girls, or you guys just don't want to prepare the things? Move!" Mariko sounded like a boss pointing and asking her staffs to work.

"Hai hai," they lazily answered. They just want to enjoy the scenery a little bit more after such a super long ride they had.

After that, Jurina helped Mariko preparing the place for them. Choosing the best position to enjoy the wind and the scenery. And finally they decided the place under a big tree where the perfect spot was.

Haruna and Rena brought the meals and drinks to the place Jurina and Mariko had choosen. While Haruna and Rena preparing the meals, the other two were playing and running  around the hill.

"They look like father and son, don't they?" Haruna suddenly broke the silence.

"Isn't it mother and daughter?" Rena raised her eyebrow to Haruna which she thought having a wrong conclusion.

"No, we're mother and daughter while they're father and son. Remember, we're a family," Haruna smiled to Rena which had a disbelief look on her face.

Again, the two didn't speak anything. After finishing the preparation, Haruna called the other two to join them.

"Mariko, Jurina-chan, come here and eat ~" Haruna yelled so the two would listen to her.

When the four of them finally gathered under the tree, Haruna let them eat the meals. Hearing their compliment was the most heart-warming moment for her. She smiled to the other girls eating her meals with such a pleasant expression.

"You don't eat any of these, Haruna-san?" Jurina asked looking at the older girl just watching them eating.

"Right, don't you feel hungry?" Rena continued.

Haruna looked at the two and smiled widely,"Finally both of you can talk like usual,"

Realizing Haruna's words, both of them turned into silence once again.

"What's happening to both of you? I didn't get why do you fight?" Mariko spoke. None of them dared to answer Mariko's serious mode. "Jurina? Rena?" Still, Mariko didn't get any answer nor a slight reaction from them.

"Jurina-chan, Rena-chan, Mariko and me here just wanted to help you two," Haruna gently put her hands on Jurina's and Rena's shoulder.

"I...I don't know, Haruna-san. I guess I didn't do or say any inappropriate things to her, but suddenly I got no response even I tried to talk to her and I gave up. I don't get what she wants all this long," Jurina stated. She didn't feel like to call Rena's name since that day she lost her hope to talk again to Rena.

Rena just went all quiet. She didn't fight back to Jurina's words.

"*Sigh* I'm not a love expert of something, but I know both of you are liking each other. Even until now, both of you would still steal some glances towards each other. But the two of you just to stubborn! I don't know how to help you guys, this is the last thing I could do," Mariko were a little bit pissed of them.

"Let's go home," Mariko then stood up and went to her car.


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