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Author Topic: [Majisuka Gakuen] A Place Called Home - Epilogue: Home - COMPLETED  (Read 26946 times)

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Re: [Majisuka Gakuen] A Place Called Home - Part 6: Family
« Reply #40 on: July 30, 2016, 08:01:36 AM »
A super insane Gekikara smashing another yankee's head in the ground and you said she is still a baby??!
But well. I can stop grinning while imagining a cuddler Gekikara XD
And Yuuko! You're the man here! You beat Sado who is taller than you! XD

Now gonna wait their day in Majijo~
Thanks for the update, Kei-chan!^o^/
I'm a hardshipper of many pair! lol

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Re: [Majisuka Gakuen] A Place Called Home - Part 6: Family
« Reply #41 on: July 30, 2016, 11:46:38 AM »
It's gekikara, no one can blame you hehe
Oww.. she is cute.. baby geki  :D
I can't wait for majijo, but i will wait  ;)

-sorry for my bad english, still learning with uncle Sae :hee:

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Re: [Majisuka Gakuen] A Place Called Home - Part 6: Family
« Reply #42 on: August 01, 2016, 04:56:26 PM »
Geki is too cute  :hip smile:
I was giggling like crazy when i imagine her being the baby.

i'll wait for your update
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Re: [Majisuka Gakuen] A Place Called Home - Part 6: Family
« Reply #43 on: August 15, 2016, 03:45:18 AM »
You have created one cute Gekikara  :luvluv2:

Lol "created" sounds like you're the one that gave birth to her.  :wahaha:

Well anyways, giving Yuko the "mother" role, I don't think anyone in Rappappa can fit it besides Yuko.  :hehehe:

Yuko would be the cheerful mom,

Sado the overprotective father,

The cool oldest daughter Black,

The "I don't really care much." second-oldest Torigoya,

The always mad and has bad tastes second-youngest Shibuya,

And the cute psycho youngest daughter Gekikara

Or something like that? Sorry, it's just my imagination running wild again...  :shy2:
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Re: [Majisuka Gakuen] A Place Called Home - Part 7: Start
« Reply #44 on: August 20, 2016, 12:51:17 AM »
I'm back! Did ya miss me? XD Nah just kidding~

So ya, it took a bit but I wrote what I call the second arc of APCH, and it turned out a lot...longer, like a LOT longer than I anticipated :nervous To give you an idea, Arc I was about 14K words, Arc II is about 18K, jeez and I was just planning like another chapter or

Alright total: 11 Parts + Epilogue

Enjoy! Leave some feedback or anything you thought of while reading I don't care what you say :P

@Genkikid: I'm pretty sure Yuko wouldn't care if Gekikara was insane or not (Yuko's a little crazy herself lol) Umm cuz Majijo is the strongest, and enrollment, well, the same as everyone else (Idk how yankees even get into school and then turn it into a full on yankee school *shrugs* it's not very reasonable in the first place haha ask Aki-P :P) And I'm just not going to address that, my version of MJSK is a bit different (altered) than the actual lol (aka I forgot but just pretend she drops out and re-enrolls with Yuko)
@DarkHeart: Yaaaasss Gekikara is totally a kid to me bc her mom didn't teach her anything :smhid But then with Yuko she finally learns and grows up like how she is in MJSK 2 :) And not insane all the time lol XD Thanks! It was a nice trip :) and thanks for waiting~
@Ruka Kikuchi: Gekikara IS adorable! That cinnamon roll Matsui Rena~ XD Here's the Majijo takeover!
@junchan: Well ya, haven't you ever seen babies pounding their rattles and toys on the floor? It's the same idea XD :nervous but with another person's head ahahahahaha XD I tried to make her so cute cuz she is! and innocent too :P Yuko wears the pants, nuff said :lol: Thanks for waiting!
@key17: Right? Don't blame me it's Gekikara she's a special exception XD Haha thanks for waiting~
@yocelin17: Haha baby Geki~ She's just too cute imo XD Thanks for waiting~
@rindg: Hehe thank you Rin-chan~ :) Lol if you wanna consider it 'giving birth' since they're my characters?...Nah that sounds so weird :lol: That's really how I see Rappapa as a family. They've each got such distinct and strong personalities but they work together which I love XD But wait...if they were really a regular modern family...everyday life...oh god ANOTHER IDEA TO ADD TO THE LIST I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR THIS :panic: :lol: :lol: :lol: :nervous (and with pairings of course--*slapped XD)

Arc II

Part 7: Start

Now it was spring again - a time for new life, new beginnings. Yuko was determined. What was her intention you ask? Well it was simple.

Yuko was going to turn the entirety of Majisuka Gakuen on its head.

Step by step, she literally did just that. And what I mean by that - is she literally climbed up one stair step at a time, knocking girls on their asses as her queens followed (knocking the ones that kept trying to get up back on their asses).

The day started off as normal as possible, the only difference being that the six of them now had to wear school uniforms under their signature jackets when they got up in the morning. Black was the first to awaken (she had a weird habit of getting up at the crack of dawn) and sped through knocking on all the large bins’ doors, a loud clanging sound that woke every occupant instantly.

Not all of them really got up that quick though.

Though it was hard, Yuko groaned and rolled off her futon, half-awake and only realized she had done so when the soft fluffy bed suddenly turned into hard metal floor, the cold giving her the shock of the morning.

“What the f—!”

“Yuko! Get your ass out of bed! If I have to get up so freaking early then you do too!” Sado’s angry voice resounding throughout the place.

“Tch...She’s probably all pissed ‘cause she didn’t get her beauty sleep...” Yuko muttered as she groggily got up. Then all of a sudden she felt dizzy and couldn’t see straight, stumbling to lean against the wall as another weak spell hit her.

Damn it! This is not the time...

Yuko knew she couldn’t let the others find her like this, especially not Sado. So after a moment to recover, taking a deep breath, she slapped both her cheeks and stepped out of her room, her face set. Nothing was going to stop her, not now.

“Took ya long enough.” Sado greeted her from the recliners with a yawn. “What time is it anyways?”

Yuko took her own seat, trying to stifle her own yawn and blaming Sado for contaminating her. She was having enough trouble staying awake as it was and yawns were contagious!

“It’s 7 in the morning.” Black replied, also seated in her own recliner (people sure liked to toss furniture on the side of the road in this town) with her book open in her hand.

“What?! Why so early?”

“So we won’t be late.” She answered simply.

Sado gave her a look that said ‘Are you kidding me?’. “Isn’t this a yankee school? It doesn’t matter if we’re on time.”

“I asked Black to wake us up.”

And then Sado turned that look towards Yuko.

“I plan on taking the top. Today.” Yuko said, eyes staring straight ahead as if she could see something no one else could.

“Wait, you want to take the top in just one day? Have you even considered if there are strong opponents? I know we’re here to back you up, but you shouldn’t push yourself too hard, Yuko.”

Sado was just worried for her like always and Yuko appreciated that, however, it didn’t mean that she wouldn’t try to live life to the fullest. She was serious in her decision. “I know...but pushing past my limits keeps me from getting bored.”

“Yuko?” Something in her eyes was scaring Sado.

“She’s just making sure we’ll have enough time to clean up the trash. Right, Sado? I mean, I’m sure even you can take on at least a couple small fry right?” The mocking tone could only belong to one person.


Shibuya merely smirked as Sado turned to glare at her. So early in the morning and the two were already going at it.

“And how the hell did you wake up so easily? I thought you were a lazy bum.” Sado taunted.

“Shut up. If anyone’s a bum around here, it’s you.” Shibuya pointed at Sado’s face. “And as for your question...” Then her face fell as she looked away, lost in thought. “I guess old habits die hard.”

Silence followed and Yuko hurried to break it. “Well let’s get going, I don’t like waiting around.”

They all stood ready to head to school, when Black pointed something out. “Torigoya and Gekikara are not here.”

“What? Well where the heck are they?”

“Don’t tell me they’re still sleeping.”

Honestly, it should’ve been expected from those two.

Yuko ignored Shibuya and Sado, making her way to Torigoya’s quarters. She knew—that without a doubt—Torigoya was still sleeping.

“Black,” She called, “I leave Gekikara to you.” Then a gust of wind blew past and Yuko was sure Gekikara would be up by the time she was done.

Once inside, she was greeted with the sprawled still figure of Torigoya still in bed, her covers not even over her and snoring away soundly. Then Yuko took a deep breath before... “IF YOU DON’T GET UP RIGHT NOW I’M GONNA GROPE YOU!”

It was quite effective as Torigoya’s eyes snapped open and she scrambled to her feet (though whether she was actually awake or not remained a mystery). Yuko nodded in approval, grabbed her collar and proceeded to drag her outside where the others were waiting.

“Alright! Let’s go!” She shouted enthusiastically, not a care in the world that she was dragging a half-naked Torigoya behind her the whole way there (luckily Black was smart enough to grab the girl’s uniform for her to change into later).

The walk wasn’t too long, it was mere moments before the six of them walked right onto the property of Majisuka Gakuen, the courtyard littered with trash greeted them along with a group of yankees with oddly glittery gold eyebrows.

“Hey Sado, you think they’re like the gatekeepers or something?”

Sado quirked an eyebrow, not sure if Yuko was joking or not. Then Yuko grinned at her, which did not clear anything up at all, however before Sado could formulate a response, the said group got up from where they were squatted in the middle of the yard and headed towards them.

“Ah well it doesn’t matter anyways~”

Yuko cracked her knuckles and stepped up, the rest of them lined up in a row behind her and ready to fight as soon as even a single person flinched.

“So, you gonna let us pass?”

She thought she’d try asking first, and well, if that didn’t work then there was always the backup plan, which she would actually prefer. It would take less effort and time, since they were almost late for class and Yuko didn’t want to be late on the first day, not on an important day like this. For now she would obey the rules, but come tomorrow after Yuko became the new top, then she would make her own.

The leader of the golden eyebrows (as far as Yuko could tell) got right into her face and tried to glare her down, but Yuko just beamed wider.

“I guess that means Plan B then~”


Five minutes later, Yuko and her family had made it inside the building without a scratch, while the group with the glittery eyebrows was littered with scratches, as well as their groaning forms littered all over the courtyard.

“Which room is it?”

“How am I supposed to know?”

“Weren’t you the one who was in charge of getting us enrolled?”

“I just grabbed the papers. You guys forged your own signatures so don’t go pinning anything on me.”

The six of them strolled down the hallways, occasionally kicking aside a few stray yankees but most had made way immediately seeing them (they had all seen the fight go down out front from the classroom windows and none wanted to end up in the same way).

“Forget that, why the heck didn’t you save some for me, Black? I was just itching to bust some heads and Yuko-san told the both of us to do it.”

“Speed is of the utmost importance, the slow falter and lose themselves on the path of righteousness.”

“Is that a jab at me?”

“Just shut up, Shibuya. It’s better that way.”

“Ha? I dare you to say that again, Sa—”

“Ah! Is it this one?”

“It’s a first year classroom right?”

“Good enough then. Let’s go in.”

They filed in one by one, scaring the teacher up front as every single head in the room turned towards them, all choosing one up front to glare at. The other ‘students’ were there already since school had started, sitting haphazardly in groups of desks that had been kicked together, most sporting wild hair styles with neon highlights and all of their uniforms modified in some way. Yuko and them were just a bit late due to some...traffic issues, but it gave them a chance to introduce themselves to their new class.

“Torigoya hurry up! Quit spacing out!”

Torigoya, who had been staring absentmindedly at a bulletin board out in the hallway, immediately jumped at the call and rushed inside, past Yuko who had been waiting for her. The rest were already inside and glaring the whole class into submission.

Standing in front of the blackboard, on the left were Shibuya, Black and Sado, from the right were Torigoya and Gekikara, leaving a space for Yuko where she stepped up a moment later. When she did, then everyone’s attention turned to her.

She shouldn’t have been so intimidating with her small stature, unmodified uniform (except for a chain hanging from her hip), and really she just wasn’t really scary looking like Sado or Gekikara, but nonetheless something about her caught everyone’s undivided attention as they all stared at her and her alone, waiting for something to happen.

Then Yuko grinned, like she always does. But for those who had never met her before, it was the most terrifying thing they’d ever seen. Most transfer students, especially first-years, either cower in fear or say nothing at all, hoping to get through the day without incident.

But not Yuko.

Because Yuko was Yuko and she knew she was strong, her confidence drew them in, and being strong meant she would be targeted. But that’s exactly what she wanted, what she looked forward to.

There was a team from their own class, a group of freshmen dressed in leather jackets that sat in the back and Yuko saw them, finding them a bit different from the rest. A brass band needed lots of members after all, and Yuko wouldn’t mind a few extra faces to help her out in ruling the school.

“Follow me if you want to become the strongest...” She began, staring directly the gang in the back. “And for anyone who wants to challenge me...” Yuko eyed everyone across the room one by one. “I’ll be waiting outside.”

What happened next would be taken down in the history of Majisuka Gakuen. A group of 30 yankees, all well prepared for a fight with pipes and bats even, came to meet her outside in the courtyard. But not a single one was from Majijo, no, the students of Majijo wanted to put Yuko in her place but they had been beat to it.

Yabakune had wandered in at just the right time, and Yuko put on a show.

She singlehandedly defeated every single last one of them, laughing through it all.

She wouldn’t let her queens help either, and yes I do mean queens because right then, Yuko was put in her place indeed - at the top of Majijo as the President of Rappapa – the most elite fighters that reigned at the top. And of course Sado became her Vice President while Black, Torigoya, Shibuya, and Gekikara became the Four Heavenly Queens.

Not many wanted to challenge her after that.

Now don’t get me wrong, there was a good reason why that incident was recognized as Yuko’s ascent to the top.
To make it official, they still had to defeat the current top and do it properly...but there was just one little issue. Majijo currently had no President of Rappapa to defeat. The last one had graduated with the last batch of third-years and Majijo was in need of a new teppen. A second-year, who was now in her third-year, had wormed her way into Rappapa somehow back about a year ago and was looking forward to taking the top easily with her senpai out of the way (she hadn’t been strong enough to defeat her properly) but now she had the way clear with a good chance.

That is, until Yuko came along.

Yuko heard about her, found her, and beat her in the blink of an eye. The girl landed a solid punch on her cheek, feeling cocky, but she didn’t know that Yuko had let herself get hit as a sort of test. And then Yuko grabbed her fist, twisted her arm in a painful angle and flipped the girl right over her shoulder, ending with her own fist in front of the girl’s face, never delivering the finishing blow.

Everyone in the school knew the third-year candidate was weak, but they only saw how weak she was after paling in comparison to Yuko’s strength. Rappapa was always strong, the strongest in the school, but she took it to another level. Then there was no doubt now, Yuko was the new, undisputed top of Majisuka Gakuen.

Some tried their hand at it, ambushing her on her way up the staircase, but not a single one reached her—her new queens made sure of that.

But this was only the beginning.

Everything started from here.

A new Majijo under Yuko’s lead, and she would change it to become the number one school in the district – as the strongest, toughest, and the most serious.

From now on, Majisuka Gakuen would learn a new meaning of what it meant to fight.


It wasn’t easy, actually it was quite hard, but Yuko managed to shake off Sado and the others. She told them that she wanted some fresh air—by herself. They protested, Sado didn’t look convinced at all which made Yuko gulp, but eventually they let her out on her own while they hung around school a bit longer, cleaning up some trash as they put it.

So Yuko strolled down the streets, those oh so familiar streets where she first walked as she escaped to live at the warehouse—but now she was going back. Yuko wasn’t afraid of being contained there anymore though, at first she avoided it all costs, never wanting to go back, but now she wasn’t afraid. She had her family to back her up.

They’re so overprotective though~

Yuko chuckled, breathing in the cool outdoor air on the way to her regular check-ups. The air was always better outside, whether it was hot, cold, raining, snowing or just a nice sunny day like today (though a bit chilly). Yuko never liked to be stuck inside and kept the window of Rappapa’s clubroom open every day. She was a free spirit that couldn’t be contained, not anymore.

I hope she works today. I haven’t seen her in a while~ She’ll definitely be surprised to hear that I’m the top of Majijo now. Yuko smiled at the thought.

Little did she know - that person she was looking forward to seeing – she wasn’t working today. Nor would she ever work again.

A/N: I wanted to keep with the idea that Yuko meets one new person per part...oops just ignore that coughcough LOL XD but let's just pretend she meets Majijo in this part and the school itself can be that 'person' :)

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Re: [Majisuka Gakuen] A Place Called Home - Part 7: Start
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So this is how they get their start at Majijo~

Also, I love how Yuko threatened to grope Torigoya to wake her up. XD

I wonder what will happen now~ >w<

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Re: [Majisuka Gakuen] A Place Called Home - Part 7: Start
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It's beautiful, Keicchan...  :mon hanky:

That's what you call high school debut! I guess I should pick a fight with everyone I see and take control of my school too huh?  :mon evil:

Yuko would be like :mon unsure: "If you want a fight, come and get it." She'd be just that kind of person. Communicating with her fists? THAT IS ART!

But then... You can't help thinking about how this would end...  :mon cry:
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Re: [Majisuka Gakuen] A Place Called Home - Part 7: Start
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Yeayy!!Majijo no teppen totta!!! Majijo's teppen is already in Yuko's hand!!

Who's that person Yuko's wanting to see? Is the people Yuko meet along through the story arcs are the MG 1 cast?

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Re: [Majisuka Gakuen] A Place Called Home - Part 7: Start
« Reply #48 on: August 20, 2016, 10:50:38 AM »

Yuko is finally Majisuka's teppen!  :onioncheer:

And with Sado and the four Heavenly Queens no one will be able to reach her! (Until Majisuka1's storyline begins but I still believe Yuko would have deafeted Maeda if they fought). :hehehe:

Thank you for this new chapter, it was awesome like always  :kneelbow: :byebye:

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Re: [Majisuka Gakuen] A Place Called Home - Part 8: Purpose
« Reply #49 on: August 26, 2016, 04:24:40 AM »
Hi little late cuz I have a lot of hw from school :(

@Ruka Kikuchi: Yes as far as I see it lol. And right? Junchan brought up groping and I was like why not? XD
@rindg: Ah Rin-chan~ Thank you very much :) Haha good luck taking over your school! Don't forget to be BA at the same time XD Lol Yuko is totally like that XD and ya...
@Genkikid: Teppen Tottande! Or wait she just did lol :P Hmm you'll find out here who that is, but as for who she meets I'll let you read. No spoilers~
@DarkHeart: Finally right! :lol: And ya I think the same, Yuko totally would've won against Maeda, she tied(?) with Sado after all, and Yuko's even stronger. Haha you're welcome :)

Part 8: Purpose

Months passed and things quieted down after the frenzy that tore through the school with Yuko becoming Rappapa’s President. The whole school had been buzzing every single day about their new teppen being so strong, it wasn’t hard to guess that many people still tried to challenge her, but none of them could really even be called a ‘challenge’.

Rappapa used to be made up of just the teppen of Majijo and her group, whoever was in it. But with Yuko’s rule, it became that not just her was recognized as the strongest, so were her queens – and that’s how they were dubbed the Four Heavenly Queens. Anyone who wanted to fight Yuko had to go through them first. But thanks to that, Yuko grew more and more bored with no one to fight.

If she was lucky then a few Yabakune girls would go after her (Majijo had a long standing rivalry after all, Yuko heard it was something that went back to the first top and boy issues or something) but no one was a match for the demon.

“Go on ahead Yuko-san, we got this.” Sado called over her shoulder. The four queens were currently ‘cleaning up the street’ as they put it, which basically meant kicking around some trash (small-fry from other schools) on their way home and Sado was just watching, not lifting a finger because she didn’t have to and played with her kendama instead.

Yuko just sighed and left, there was nothing for her to do anyways, they were too weak so might as well let her queens handle it. Not that they would let her get involved anyways. It was some kind of hierarchy all of a sudden, only those who got past her queens would have the honor of fighting Yuko, the rest weren’t worth her time and those days where Yuko used to fight alongside them had long disappeared. She was feeling awfully lonely lately and especially bored.

“Man~” Yuko scratched her head. “Even Sado calls me ‘Yuko-san’ now, it used to just be ‘Yuko’.”

Taking a detour, she made her way down to the docks, the sun setting behind the ocean waves and casting an orange glow on the waters. She stopped to admire it for a second, occasionally finding scenes like that quite refreshing, like a perfect moment that lasted literally for a moment.

Yuko appreciated these scenes for their lack of permanence, she should enjoy it while she could was her motto. ‘Forever’ wasn’t an option, especially not for her. She had to make her time worthwhile.

As she rounded a corner, Yuko started hearing telltale sounds of fighting and she got excited. But it was quickly extinguished as soon as she saw one girl in the midst of them, kicking all their asses.

Well there goes my fun.

But she didn’t feel like going home just yet, her queens were all still out fighting so it’d just be Yuko home alone, bored, nothing to do, sitting around and staring at the wall like an idiot. Plus her mind would wander towards things she didn’t want to think about. She would feel sad and depressed and lose her energy so she wanted to avoid facing it just yet. Therefore, she stayed and watched, crossing her arms and leaning against the wall comfortably as the show went on.

The girl was strong, and young too. Neck-length black hair and a uniform from one of the middle schools that was splattered with blood (none of it hers), and she piqued Yuko’s interest just a tiny bit. The way she fought was extremely aggressive, almost all offense and no defense, as if she was completely confident in her skills—too confident. It bordered on cockiness. Perhaps she had never lost.

Then someone needs to teach her a lesson.
Yuko thought in amusement.

The fight was over not too long later and the girl stood panting, catching her breath and refusing to fall in exhaustion after beating all those people without any help. She almost reminded Yuko of herself, back a long, long time ago.

“Hey. Who are you?”

Reminiscing on a time when she hadn’t met the others and lost in thought, Yuko didn’t notice when the girl had turned her gaze over, or how she was glaring at her so intensely. Her eyes were almost burning. Yuko had never seen anything like it.


“See ya later~” And so Yuko turned tail and ran, ignoring the shouts from the girl and just sprinted all the way home. She knew the girl would be too tired to catch up, and Yuko was really fast, the fastest person she knew and had never lost a race (except maybe against Black). The girl would be too tired to properly mess with today, and Sado would surely scold Yuko if she got home too late, so she ran and ran, laughing at nothing in particular but knowing that she had found something amusing to kill her boredom for a while.


The second time Yuko met the girl, it was just the next day and Yuko knew it was coming. She felt that if she went to the docks again then she’d find her there, just a gut feeling but Yuko always trusted her gut. She wasn’t exactly looking forward to it, nor was she expecting much, but it was better than lazing around doing nothing. Yuko liked to be active.

She made it all the way to the harbor, the sea waves lapping at the concrete before she met her.

“Hey! Are you from Majijo? You ran away too quickly yesterday.” Someone called out and Yuko turned to look at them lazily.

“Oh it’s you.” She said without a hint of interest. “You’re a middle schooler right? Shouldn’t you be heading home by now?”

“Are you mocking me?” The girl started walking up to her. Yuko wondered why the girl was approaching her, though she knew from the girl’s attitude and the way she carried herself that she would try to chase after Yuko after yesterday. She also wondered how that girl even recognized Yuko from that distance because it took her a good minute to actually come over. And when she did, Yuko gave her once over then promptly turned on her heel.

“Well bye~”

“Hey! I just got here and you’re running away again?”

That made Yuko scoff, “I am not running away, kid.”

“It looks like that to me.” She taunted, eyes challenging. It seemed she always looked like that.

“Jeez~ Just because I’m not fighting you doesn’t mean I’m running away.” Yuko rolled her eyes, turning back and sticking her hand in her pocket. “Is that how you see everyone who refuses to fight?”


She sighed. The girl answered too quickly, too simply, and definitely too confidently. “What’s your name, kid?”

The girl frowned in annoyance, staring off into space somewhere below Yuko’s face and her short black strands fell to cover part of her eyes, which she then pushed back with a run of her hand – exactly like Yuko does. “Quit calling me kid.”

“What you don’t like that? Then how ‘bout brat? It fits better~” Yuko teased, earning a twitch in the girl’s features.

“Shut up.”

“Then tell me your name and maybe I’ll stop calling you ‘kid’, kid.”

“...My name is Center.”

Yuko scoffed again in amusement. “That’s a pretty presumptuous name.”

“Are you going to keep mocking me or are you going to fight.” Center’s level of irritation was rising steadily, clenching her fists. She was known not to be very patient, nor does she like being underestimated.

“Nah~” And Yuko plopped down, legs swinging off the edge of the docks and her arms behind her propping herself up.

Center was caught off guard. “Wha—”

“Why don’t you tell me your real name, kid? ‘Cause I’m sure as hell not going to call you ‘Center’.” She didn’t even look at her, just stared off into the waters with a small smile.



No one moved or said anything for some time, Yuko didn’t turn to look to see if she was still there, but she was sure Center was. Center was going to leave that easily.

Eventually she heard a sigh, and another body sat down next to her, another set of legs dangling off the docks.

“Jurina. Matsui Jurina. I don’t go by it though.”

Yuko grinned, “Well then, nice to meet you Jurina~”


The last time they met, was again the next day, two days after the first. They hadn’t spoken much the day before, just sat there in comfortable silence watching the sun set. Then they went their separate ways moments later, as soon as the sun set, never promising to come back but both did, and both knew the other would as well.

Because they hadn’t spoke much, Yuko still hadn’t told the girl what she wanted to either, Jurina still needed to be taught a lesson while the latter was just curious about Yuko’s entire existence. Why she wouldn’t fight Jurina, how strong she was to being going to Majijo, or even her name. Yuko hadn’t even mentioned her name.

“Yuko-san, where are you going?”

Yuko was sneaking out of the warehouse when Sado caught her. The members of Rappapa had gone home early today, most of them lounging around in their own rooms and Yuko tried to take the chance to sneak outside. But Sado had noticed Yuko’s disappearance the last couple days even if the other queens hadn’t.

Yuko froze on the spot, turning around slowly and saw Sado standing in the middle of the room. “Ah...Sado! Hey, I was just going out for some fresh air, just a walk to stretch my muscles ya know? Haven’t fighting lately so I don’t wanna get rusty and all~” She tried to play it off, stretching her arms to exaggerate her point.

Sado quirked a brow. “A walk? So you’re going to fight? If you just said so then we would’ve come with you.”

“If I told you then I’d never get to have any fun right? You guys keep babying just ‘cause I’m the top or something.” Yuko vented. “Nothing’s changed. I’m still me so I don’t get why you won’t let me fight.” She pouted.

Sado tensed, realizing that Yuko was truly upset about the topic. “I’m sorry.” She bowed sincerely.

Yuko groaned. “See? This is exactly what I mean! When did you start treating me like your superior? You used to challenge me in arguments all the time! What happened?”


“Forget it, it’s not a big deal really.” And Yuko walked through the door.


She froze again.

“...Just come back safe alright? Bandaging your injuries all the time is a pain in the ass.”

Then Yuko smiled. She’s like my wife or something. Though Sado couldn’t see it because Yuko’s back was to her, so she just replied with a wave of her hand. “No worries, I’m just going to teach this brat a lesson.”

Like before, she strolled down to the docks freely, kicking at stray rocks on the streets. But unlike before, now there was a person already there, her back facing Yuko as she sat at the same spot waiting.

“Hey~” Yuko plopped down next to her. And when she got a frown in response, that’s when she noticed the cuts and bruises on the other girl’s face. “Shouldn’t you get that treated? Bet it hurts like hell.”

“...Are you worried about me?”

She picked up a hint of teasing in the girl’s voice, finding it amusing that Jurina was starting to show another side of herself. “Ha! You wish~”

But Yuko was worried, though she didn’t really know why, but she had already started considering Jurina like one of her own, like one of her little family yet not exactly. Jurina was some kid Yuko picked up on accident (though isn’t that how she met all the others?) but she was different. Yuko had a feeling Jurina wasn’t alone, just a little...lost. Yuko wanted to help, teach her like she was doing with Gekikara, like a sort of mentor. She did see a lot of her past self in this middle schooler after all.

“Why do you fight?” She randomly spoke up.

“Huh? What kind of question is that? I’m a yankee you know.” Jurina found the question a bit ridiculous.

“I don’t know, just felt like asking~” Yuko shrugged. “Like you probably fought today, not too long ago, how did it start? Why?”

Jurina found her questioning suspicious...but it couldn’t hurt to answer...right? “They were pissing me off, so I started punching.” A shake of the head made Jurina’s frown deepen. “What? Are you trying to teach me something? I don’t need your damn help.”

“Nah~ It’s just...someone taught me once—what fighting is really about I mean.” Yuko looked wistful, a bit sad and pained, staring off in the distance so it made Jurina’s anger fade a bit and turn into curiosity.

“...And what did they say?”

A small smile lit up Yuko’s face, a memory from not too long ago resurfacing.

And after remembering this, Yuko started to find her resolve again little by little. Yeah...she wouldn’t be sad anymore, she’d keep living—seriously, just like they always said.

“Hey, why’d you quit fighting?” Yuko asked. She was sitting in a break room in the resident wing of the hospital (even though she ran away, she wasn’t about to throw her life away and still returned for check-ups and medication every once a while). She got a raised eyebrow in response.

“Are you seriously asking me that? You know I’m here to become a nurse right?”

“Well yeah, but you’ve got to have reason for wanting to become a nurse. And I don’t see why you can’t fight and study at the same time.” Yuko shrugged.

The short girl with the side ponytail sighed and put down the clipboard, taking the seat next to Yuko. A break would be fine and she hadn’t seen her old friend in a while. Both of them stared out the window. “That’s kind of contradictory isn’t it? Hurting people and healing them at the same time.”

“I don’t fight to hurt people.” Yuko felt a little provoked by that. They were both yankees, they should both understand their code.

“I didn’t mean you did.”

“Hm.” Yuko grunted.

“...I’m serious you know.”

Yuko turned to look at her. “...Yeah. I know.”

“I want to help people.”

She could only sigh, then tried to smile and lighten the mood. Yuko hated when the air got heavy. “Well you’d better study hard! Obaa-chan doesn’t like slackers!”

The slightly shorter girl laughed. “You’re right~ She hates weak-minded people.”

“Yeah~ So I’m kinda glad you’re sure on your decision. I mean, you seriously didn’t hesitate at all to quit fighting and become a nurse.” Yuko mused, finding the other girl’s conviction amusing—not that Yuko wasn’t like that herself.

The two had met through ‘Obaa-chan’ who was a neighbor to the ramen shop where Yuko worked. Every morning, she’d say hi to the kind old lady and eventually was introduced to her granddaughter, who also happened to be a yankee. It was only a coincidence that the same granddaughter chose to become a nurse and work in the same hospital where Yuko came.

“Listen Yuko, if you ever want something, then you’d better be serious about it. Don’t hesitate.”

Yuko scoffed, she didn’t need someone else to tell her that – and that was another point where the two were alike (besides their heights). “Yeah yeah~ You don’t need to tell me that, Minami. I know.”



“I wish I could keep fighting.”


“But well, I’m a baka you know, I can’t do two things at once.” Minami joked. “Maybe some people can do both, and take both of them seriously. I wish I could, but I don’t think I can.” She looked a little sad, and a little wistful, but Yuko couldn’t tell who or what she was thinking about. She muttered under her breath, “Maybe I’m being selfish to keep her from fighting...”

Yuko just barely heard it, but knew not to say anything and chose to snicker instead. “You’re right, you are a baka, Bakamina~”

“Oi! Is that all you got from my speech?!”

“What speech? You call that a speech?!”

Minami started grumbling under her breath again, something about killing a certain squirrel for giving her that stupid nickname.

But even though Yuko always joked around to lighten the mood, it was just so people would enjoy themselves instead of being sad. Yuko was actually serious all the time—more than anybody. But you wouldn’t know that if you weren’t her friend.

Each of them were lost in their own thoughts and the only sounds were of the occasional cough from a patient or the buzzing of the lights.

“Why do you think people fight?” Yuko wondered out loud. She just said that she didn’t fight to hurt people, so now she was thinking what did she fight for? Maybe her friend had an idea, she was always spouting stuff about ‘seriousness’ anyways.

It took her a second of consideration before responding, and Yuko got even more than what she wanted as an answer. “For me, I think...”

“That hurting one another isn’t fighting. People fight to discover something precious, so I think that’s why people keep fighting all the time.” Yuko turned to Jurina. “To discover what that ‘something precious’ is.”

“You’re kidding.” Or that’s what Jurina would usually say, what she wanted to reply with, but she found herself saying something else. “And what is it that you fight for?”

“My friends. My family actually, they’re a bit more than just my friends.” Yuko answered so surely and Jurina wanted to know how she came upon that answer.

“Why? You fight for others then? I don’t see how that works.”

“Eh you’ll get it someday~” Yuko patted her head like a child.

“Hey! Don’t pat me like a kid.” Jurina growled, swatting the hand away. “Why the heck are we even talking about this anyways? I don’t even know you!”

“Oh yeah!” Yuko just seemed to realize that. “So for the record, my name’s Yuko. Just Yuko.” She mimicked Jurina’s introduction.

“Great. Now I have a name to call the crazy lady that started spouting nonsense at me when I tell other people about it.”

That earned an honest laugh from the other, Yuko’s sides heaving as she chuckled to her heart’s content. Though Jurina just watched her with that same deadpan expression like ‘Is she serious?’

And when Yuko finally stopped, she immediately shot up and stretched. “Alright that’s enough sentimental crap~ I gotta get home before Sado puts my ass on a platter.”

Who’s Sado?

“See ya around, kid.”

“I told you to quit calling me that!”

But Yuko already started walking away, humming some tune to herself. And only when Jurina thought she was gone for good did Yuko speak up again and break Jurina out of her thoughts. “And Jurina? Don’t worry about it too much~ I’m sure you have a good purpose for fighting too, whether you realize it or not.”

That only left Jurina with more questions but she knew Yuko wouldn’t answer them. However, when she really, truly thought about it - she did have a good purpose for fighting, beyond a simple reason as beating someone up because they pissed her off.

She fights for her friends...

In the long run, that wasn’t just a reason for one single fight—it was a purpose. Something that she always fought for in every battle. And Jurina could think of one person that she would like to always protect above anything else, someone she wanted to protect from everything else. What she didn’t know was that she had her purpose all along (or that Yuko saw her the other day, hanging out with another girl in the same uniform. But instead of a yellow cardigan, that girl wore a gray hoodie with the hood down for once).

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Re: [Majisuka Gakuen] A Place Called Home - Part 8: Purpose
« Reply #50 on: August 26, 2016, 06:12:56 AM »
This chapter, pretty meaningful.  XD

I already got the same feeling form when I watched Majisuka Gakuen, that there was something more than punching each other. There was a reason or a purpose like you said behind it, but actually seeing it in text form like this, it explains a lot more.  :)

So Minami and Yuko knew each other huh? She used to take or currently takes Yuko's medical checkups and all that.

And now we see scenes between Center and Yuko.

It's funny how she's connected to everyone like this. From what I know, she's probably the one suffering the most but she just doesn't want to show it. Or maybe she doesn't even realize that she's suffering.

I mean we all know about Yuko's illness and we know that there's no cure (yet?), but then she has the strongest and biggest heart out of everyone. It's honestly very heart-warming and bittersweet.

Now now, you got me thinking pretty deep about this, Keicchan.  :lol:

Good Luck and thanks for the update!
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Re: [Majisuka Gakuen] A Place Called Home - Part 8: Purpose
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So Yuko knows Minami and Center .... That actually explains so much!  :bingo:

She helped Maeda in Majisuka Gakuen 1 and I think we only saw Center in one scene. Maybe Yuko-san knew who Maeda was from Minami and maybe Center didn't try to be teppen because she respected Yuko-san to much!  :ding: :hehehe: :nya: :imdead:

Sorry, I got too excited. :kneelbow:

Anyway I loved this chapter like all the chapters before it and I really like the way you connect some of the characters with Yuko-san.   :on GJ: :byebye:

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Re: [Majisuka Gakuen] A Place Called Home - Part 8: Purpose
« Reply #52 on: August 26, 2016, 05:36:27 PM »
It was Minami!! And now Yuko met Center!! Each characters are connected to each others through Yuko. They don't know about it though.
Now I'm excited to know whom Yuko will meet and connect without them knowing. I'm wondering if Daruma is one of them whom Yuko will connect :nervous

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Re: [Majisuka Gakuen] A Place Called Home - Part 8: Purpose
« Reply #53 on: August 28, 2016, 03:59:43 PM »
I already miss two parts?????
I'm sorry, Kei-chan :kneelbow:

For part 7~
Well. Finally~ A school life~
Pretty ridiculous for meh XD
And thanks for that great line from Yuko! I LOVE THAT! XD XD XD
I guess I can use that for waking up my friends here. lol

Part 8~~~
This part quiet 'serious'. lol
Poor Yuko~ She must be hate those changes in her life since the queens treat her as a superior *sigh
And I thought that middle school girl is Atsuko.
Why you dont try make Jurina as one of Yuko's 'family'? Along with Nezumi, maybe~
But then, that gonna change the story, right? lol
And Minami????? She is Yuko's besties???
Is she die here? Or not?

Thanks for the updates, Kei-chan~
So sorry for the late comments T0T
Gonna wait for the next one!\^0^/
I'm a hardshipper of many pair! lol

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Re: [Majisuka Gakuen] A Place Called Home - Part 8: Purpose
« Reply #54 on: August 28, 2016, 05:28:46 PM »
Yuko and Jurina meet~ >w<

I wonder if this is how things got started for Center wanting to take the top? ^_^

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Re: [Majisuka Gakuen] A Place Called Home - Part 9: Solitude
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So I think that Yuko and Minami are pretty alike, and so are Maeda and Sado.

For example, Minami told Maeda once, "Live seriously and don't hesitate. I hate a weak-minded Atsuko." Or something along those lines.

And Yuko, while she was in the hospital, grabbed Sado by the collar. "Stop hesitating. I hate when you're weak-minded."

Which makes me think that maybe the two could've met and had a talk at some point, but really this is just my imagination going wild lol :P They have a lot in common tho, even the fact that they both di--*slapped

@rindg: Ah thanks, I'm glad you agree bc this is how I saw it :P And I think the timeline fits if Minami was studying to be a nurse then Yuko would already be in Majijo so I added that in there~ What I like about Yuko is that she's accepted her fate, and just keeps going. She knows she's suffering but that won't stop her from living her remaining time, nor does it keep her from abandoning her friends and Majijo (like at the graduation) Haha I made you think deep yes! LOL XD
@DarkHeart: Right?! If they knew each other then that would make so much sense haha. Well there had to be a reason why they didn't until the second season, I mean they were already first years back in Majisuka 1. LOL everything goes back to Yuko XD
@Genkikid: Haha ya they don't know it but Yuko connects them all :P But you'll just have to see who's next~
@junchan: Nah take your time bud~ I know you're busy and reading's just for fun anyways~ Lol ya the school life, I don't really have any idea how it actually happened so I just had to make it up XD LOL would your friends wake up at that? :lol: I didn't realize it before, but Rapappa really respects Yuko a lot, adding -san after her and Sado's name. Nuuuuu Jurina can't be in her family because she's not alone get it? :P And Minami...I hinted at that already XD Yuko was sad about something right? When she went to the docks to clear her head and kill her ya, there ya go.
@Ruka Kikuchi: Hmm perhaps~ We'll never know :)

Part 9: Solitude

A year later, when Yuko was at her highest, Majijo at its strongest, she suddenly collapsed. It wasn’t uncommon, but it was the first time she let it happen in front of others. And luckily or unluckily, it was only in front of Rappapa. It about stopped the hearts of the Four Heavenly Queens. Especially Sado, who knew of Yuko’s condition but not of how bad it had really gotten.

Sado had insisted on carrying Yuko to the nearest hospital (which happened to be the one Yuko had stayed in during her childhood, and just when Yuko thought she was free she found herself right back) since Yuko refused to let an ambulance be called. How would it look if the teppen of Majijo was suddenly carried off in an ambulance? Definitely not good for moral, rumors would spread like crazy then other schools would make their move. No, Yuko was not about to let that happen. Being the top meant she led everyone, she set the example, she protected them. She would not let herself fall so easily.

So she kept it hidden, like she always had. She never told anyone about how her condition was (even though Sado kept pestering her about it). And after a day of check-ups, she went back to school like nothing happened. Just standing outside the clubroom’s entrance, Yuko could tell everyone inside had downcast faces. Unlike the usual bickering and rowdy bunch they were, she could hear nothing but silence and she scratched her head.

“I fall over one time and it’s like the end of the world to them...” Yuko muttered under her breath. Then she sighed and let her hand drop. “Well better get in there before they die from depression or something.”

Rappapa heard the footsteps, but the sound didn’t really register in their occupied minds. Normally they would’ve jumped right up and beat whoever dared come up the staircase, but they were anything but normal right now.

“Yahoo!” Yuko hopped inside, “Yahoo yahoo~”

The familiar voice snapped everyone out of their slumps. “Yuko-san!”

“Hey I’m back~” She went straight over to the golden armchair and sat, sinking into the familiar cushions. It seemed like the others still hadn’t gotten over the initial shock of her return though, so she smiled, “What are you all moping around for?! I’m fine aren’t I? C’mon let’s go have some fun~”

And without waiting for a reply, she got back up, dashing out of the room again.

“Let’s kick some ass!!” Her voice fading as she got farther away, her footsteps pounding down the stairs.

Silence once again overtook them in the clubroom for a brief moment, before Sado finally chuckled. “Well, you heard her. Let’s go.”

And they all followed Yuko once more.


Sado kicked a girl in the gut, sending her flying onto her back before stumbling around a bit herself. She had no time to rest as another girl’s fist brushed by her face, having dodged in the last second but her own balance thrown off and she ended up bumping into another person behind her. Not to worry though, it was an ally.

“Haha...This is fun~ Just like old times, right Sado?” Yuko tread her hand through her bangs, pushing them up and back out of her face. Then she raised her fists. “I’ll leave my back to you.” She declared.

They stood back to back and faced their own opponents – a group of Yabakune yankees that never knew when to quit.

Sado smirked, “Same here.”

Each letting out a battle cry, they leaped into action. “GAAAAAHHH!!”

Yuko blocked a punch and grabbed the girl’s shoulder, kneeing her in the stomach before tossing her aside quickly to catch another’s leg who was trying to roundhouse kick her. “Nice try.”

She shook her leg trying to wrench from Yuko’s grasp but Yuko just grinned and pulled harder, making the girl involuntarily hop closer where she then got a fist to the face and fell like a sack of potatoes.

“Come on! You can do better than that!” Yuko shouted before cracking her knuckles menacingly and turning to her next set of opponents, who were currently glancing at each other in fear.

Meanwhile, Sado chuckled at Yuko’s behavior. It never ceased to amuse her how Yuko was so energetic and spirited when it came to fighting. But she didn’t look, she never looked back while fighting because she knew Yuko would watch for her.

As she was thinking this, Sado was also punching a girl with one hand and the other gripping her by the collar, but it seemed she was already down for the count so Sado stopped. With her now free arm, she grabbed another yankee who was stupid enough to charge her head on and tossed the two together, watching as they tumbled one atop the other. Sado smirked, “Thought you could sneak up on me?”

One girl who seemed to be smaller than the others quietly snuck around behind Yuko and raised a pipe above her head, planning on ending her with that dirty trick as she was busy fighting two others and wide open. But Sado merely tucked her hands back into her coat pockets and front kicked the assailant right in the hip, the pipe hitting the ground with a clang.

“Like I said, it’s not that easy to get the drop on us.”

The attacking girl hadn’t noticed as she was too focused on her task, but all of her buddies had fallen, giving Sado the chance to catch her breath real quick and see the attack coming from a mile away. Seriously, what kind of yankee was she if she didn’t keep track of her own comrades? And they were all small-fry too. Since she was so weak it would’ve been suicide to attack by herself, and it was.

“Oh you’re already done? Dang and I was hoping for some more entertainment~” Yuko grumbled, running her hand through her bangs again in habit. She was sitting on the stomach of some poor girl that had tried to tackle her earlier, then Yuko had punched her in the throat and leaped on her for another round of punches on the face (just imagine a flying squirrel demon descending upon you, again, that poor girl).

“Maybe next time.” Sado said, and rolled her eyes when Yuko looked away.

“Meh I guess we gotta get home anyways.”

“The queens are probably worried.”

“Isn’t that just you? Ya big worrywart.” Yuko quirked an eyebrow with a sly grin, which Sado just returned with another eye roll.

“If I didn’t worry then you’d be dead already.”

“On the contrary, I think your worrying is slowly killing me.”

“It’s pretty late now.” Sado looked towards the pale blue sky, the sun hadn’t completely set yet so it was still somewhat bright out.

Did she just ignore me? But Yuko just shrugged before getting up and starting the trudge home, arms swinging by her sides and Sado falling into step next to her. They had wandered pretty far from both the docks where their home resided or their school. Yuko had gotten too excited and ran off chasing trouble so of course Sado had to watch over her or else Yuko would do something stupid—correction, something stupid again—Yuko always did something stupid in pursuit of her so-called ‘fun’.


“Wh-What is it?” Sado stuttered in surprise after the sudden shout. Yuko had stopped walking and had her hands on her head with her eyes clenched shut. Sado immediately grew worried. “Are you oka—”

“I forgot the damn milk!”


“The milk!” Yuko shouted emphatically, like it was obvious or something, though Sado couldn’t tell exactly what was obvious. “We gotta go buy milk! We’re out of it.”

“...You’ve got to be kidding me.”

“No I’m serious.” Yuko blinked innocently. “Why do you think I ran off right after school?”

“...” Sado chose not to comment anymore. If she let Yuko know she was worried then it’d just enforce the idea Yuko had that Sado worried too much. Though in Sado’s opinion, it was Yuko that didn’t worry enough.  She sighed, “I’ll go buy some. You just get home already.”

“Ehhh but I wanna go too~”

Sado pinched the bridge of her nose. Yuko was currently twisting her upper body back and forth, her arms swinging the same manner as she pouted at Sado like a child. “I swear you’re worse than Gekikara...”

“Hehe thanks~”

“That’s not a compliment.”

“It’s not?” Yuko tilted her head.

“Please stop acting like a child, it’s disturbing.” Sado frowned. “And yes, it’s even more disturbing than Gekikara.”

Yuko laughed merrily, happy that Sado was joking along with her a just a little bit. It didn’t happen often so she’d take what she could get. “Alright fine~ I’m just messin’ with you.” Then she patted Sado on the shoulder. “Just hurry and get some milk already. I’m tired so I’m going on ahead. See you back at home~”

And so she waved goodbye as Sado made a run to the store for some milk, though she didn’t know why Yuko suddenly wanted some milk so bad. Yuko was so inexplicable sometimes, but that’s what made her interesting, Sado smiled at the thought.

When Sado was out of sight and hearing distance, Yuko turned around and called out. “Okay you can come out now! No use in hiding I won’t bite or anything~!...I think.”

“So you knew I was here.” A voice spoke from Yuko’s right. A figure leaning against the lamp post that seemed to just materialize out of thin air.

“Wow you must be pretty skinny if you can hide behind that streetlight~” Yuko commented, taking in the girl’s appearance. She was small in stature, donned in a school uniform with a red hoodie over top and a black backpack, lips upturned in a sly grin. She looked awfully familiar too. “So what do you want?”

As much as Yuko wanted to mess around a bit, maybe tease the girl or fight her (either way worked) she didn’t have the time to. Sado would be home soon and would probably have an aneurism if Yuko wasn’t there first. Out of all of Rappapa, Sado was closest and cared about Yuko the most, which she really did appreciate. And it wasn’t that the other queens didn’t care, they did a lot—Yuko knew that, just Sado went overboard in her opinion.

Though seriously, if she didn’t get home Sado would literally pop a blood vessel, probably her aorta to be honest, and Yuko just didn’t want to deal with that.

“Oh nothing~” The hooded girl took slow deliberate steps closer and passed by Yuko. “Just wondering how strong your queens really are. I mean, everyone saw you fight so it’s obvious you’re meant to be the top. I heard all the rumors, everyone’s talking about it, ‘bout how you took the school in one day.” She smiled saccharinely. “But what about the rest of Rappapa? They can’t be weak...can they?” Turning towards Yuko with that last question, her dark eyes seemed to glint eerily.

“Nah~ They’re not weak. I fought each of them myself and it was the best time I ever had.” Yuko reminisced on old times, smiling at each fight. It had brought them together to be a family and Yuko loved fighting for that. “But you’re right, let’s have an all out brawl to find out! Yeah then I get to fight everyone!” She grew more excited by the second, eyes shining. “That’s a great idea~” Yuko slapped the girl on the back just like she did earlier with Sado, and almost made her trip over herself.

“Wh-What?” Was it really that easy? No one ever agreed so easily like that. Especially yankees, they’d always threaten the girl with violence first before they fell into the palm of her hand... Why was this one different?

But then the hand on her back suddenly gripped her shoulder, very hard. It hurt a lot, and she didn’t like pain in the first place, preferring to let others do the dirty work a.k.a. fighting. And Yuko leaned in, bringing her voice down to a deeper, more serious tone. “But don’t think you’ve won. We won’t fall that easily, remember that.” And then she released her, Yuko grinning like it never happened, “Still, I almost forgot so thanks for reminding me...Nezumi.”

Nezumi’s eyes widened. She knows me?

Yuko heard a lot of rumors (because she fought so many people from all kinds of schools, even her own), and one of them happened to be about a certain mouse and a cocky brat wanting to take over Majijo as soon as they entered. Big words coming from a third year in middle school, she hadn’t even entered Majijo yet but Yuko would welcome her when the time came. But Nezumi didn’t know that Yuko knew that.

“And a piece of advice.” Yuko looked at her straight. “Live seriously. Whatever it is that you want, because I don’t know what that is, make sure you’re chasing after it seriously.” She was still grinning, but her eyes had changed – they were strong, intense, and unwavering. “Take a page from your friend’s book. She seems to take everything too seriously.” Yuko chuckled.

But Nezumi scoffed, finding the statement ridiculous but also glad that Yuko brought it up as a sort of escape from the previous situation where she didn’t know how to react. “Could you be talking about that idiot? The one with the cardigan. She’s just my pawn, nothing else.”

“But she doesn’t seem to think so.”

“Because she’s an idiot.” Nezumi had decided long ago that Center was an idiot among idiots for reasoning (since she couldn’t figure out why Center was so...well, Center), and a yankee among yankees, but not in the good way.

Yuko just kept smiling and it was creeping Nezumi out. Usually she was the one that had the creepy smile so this unnerved her. “But I never even mentioned who your friend was, yet you assumed it was her without even asking.”

“...” Nezumi was always alone, always have been always will be. She knew that. She didn’t need stupid things like ‘friends’ since they would inevitably betray her eventually, but not if she betrayed them first. So Nezumi preferred it this way. She had a home in solitude and she had accepted it. Nevertheless, she still felt uncomfortable and started walking away as nonchalantly as possible, she had to get away, because Yuko was like Center – another existence she couldn’t understand, couldn’t beat.

But Yuko didn’t stop there. “And even if you deny it, she thinks of you as her comrade. She believes in you.”

Nezumi froze. That’s why it was perfect, it worked out so well that why did she suddenly freeze up? “I...don’t care.”

Then she did was she does best - she turned tail and ran. Nezumi just walked away. There was no point in arguing anymore because she would never win - she knew that too - not against herself.

A/N: And that's how Majisuka Gakuen 2 got started lol :lol: But if you're interested in reading Center and Nezumi's backstory, I wrote and OS that fits into this timeline. It's called Pick Your Battles

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Re: [Majisuka Gakuen] A Place Called Home - Part 9: Solitude
« Reply #56 on: September 03, 2016, 01:09:12 AM »
Ohoho the mouse has been connected.... and she's getting a bit flustered  as she can't win over Yuko even in a talk battle

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Re: [Majisuka Gakuen] A Place Called Home - Part 9: Solitude
« Reply #57 on: September 03, 2016, 02:23:45 AM »
Love the SadoYuko back-to-back. Paying homage to the drama, eh? x3

And Nezumi is there too~. The little mouse met Yuko, and she was so cute, too. ^_^

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Re: [Majisuka Gakuen] A Place Called Home - Part 9: Solitude
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So Yuko meets Nezumi too......She seriously knows EVERY character in the show!  :OMG:

Well, that's Yuko-san for you.  :bingo:

And I literally died laughing at the "just imagine a flying squirrel demon descending upon you" :onioncheer:

Do you think Yuko-san was the first person that made Nezumi doubt that Center was just her pawn?  :dunno: :byebye:

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Re: [Majisuka Gakuen] A Place Called Home - Part 9: Solitude
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Finally! I can comment without missed 2 updates!~

Yuuko???? I know I have to feel sad with her sickness, but she being 'Yuuko' just too hilarious. lol
I can imagining Sado and Yuuko have some 'fun' and thats sounds 'fun' for me XD Too bad I cant do that kind of 'fun' here. lol
Nezumi, stop being a tsundere!-,-

Thanks for the updates, Kei-chan!
Gonna wait for the next!\^o^/

I'm a hardshipper of many pair! lol

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