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Author Topic: Acceptance 5.0 (AtsuMina) - COMPLETED  (Read 13789 times)

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Re: Acceptance 3.0 (AtsuMina)
« Reply #20 on: November 19, 2014, 07:47:05 AM »
Now thinking back about it, I have a feeling Atsuko actually just wants to test Takamina's jealousy and her own feelings at the same time, but more on the former.

WE HAVE A WINNER!!!!!  :onioncheer:

That's exactly what I wanted to project in this story xD

I love the story. But, I dont know.. I really want to see Acchan gets jealous because Minami with the other member. That will be interesting. Waiting for next chapter
And sorry for my bad english. Lol

Don't worry, Jealous Atsuko coming next!  :glasses:

thank you for commenting  :on GJ:

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Acceptance 4.0 (AtsuMina)
« Reply #21 on: November 19, 2014, 07:58:21 AM »
Thanks to Rain-san for keep me amused so I could finish this chapter!

After this one.... Maybe there will be another one, maybe it will be the end. I'm not sure!

Leave comments xD It is so rushed and unedited so, I'm sorry if you find any errors!  :depressed:

Also, thanks to everyone who read this story!

Enjoy~ .... or not....  :sweat:


The rehearsal extended for a few hours more, as I was trying to get rid of the thought of Atsuko being with that guy again, even after weeks of their date. I was really feeling frustrated and angry. But I just couldn’t say anything. We just couldn’t…

-I think… we should… stop now… Minami-san… - A voice said distracting me from my thoughts.

I looked around and I saw all the members on the floor. I looked up at the watch on the wall and I was surprised when I saw the hour. We’ve been here, practicing for more than 8 hours, non-stop. I couldn’t believe that I didn’t notice the tiredness on the members’ faces, and I felt a bit guilty. I agreed with the instructor and I apologized with the members for not noticing their physical state. They said that they understood and that they didn’t blame me. I bowed at them as they left the room, until I stayed alone there. I sighed and I sat down on the floor, I scratched the back of my head and I looked up.
We’ve been busier than before. Especially me and a few of the most popular members, and yet, I couldn’t stop thinking about her. Maybe, and just maybe, if I could be brave enough and tell her that my answer was positive. If I just… I sighed again.

-It’s too late now! – I said to myself – She has someone else already and I just can’t walk in and just… ugh…

I decided to keep dancing and try to forget about her, at least for a while.

It was 6pm when I finished with one of the many recordings of that day. I had a few hours to myself before going to another studio for another TV Show. As I was saying good bye to the staff and other people around, I heard my phone rigning. It was a message from Atsuko.

“Are you busy right now? I feel kind of bored. I’m about to eat something. Have you eaten yet?”

How is that she knows the exact time to call me or text me? Like, is she spying me or something? Certainly, I haven’t eaten since last night dinner and now, at the mention of food, my stomach growled.

-Are you coming, Takamina? – Said Miichan

-I have something else to do – I replied – I’m sorry! I will see you later!

I waved to all the members in the changing room and left as I replied to Atsuko to give me the name of the place she was in right now.

-How do you do that? – I asked as I sat right in front of her.

-Do what? – She asked me confused.

-You know … that timing of calling me and then I’m suddenly free and closer to wherever you are and… Are you stalking me?

She looked at me with a confused face for a couple of seconds before bursting in laugh. I frowned, I was being serious though.

-How can I be stalking you, since, I practically don’t know where you were? – She giggled – I’m just arriving from overseas and decided to eat something and I wanted some company, so I called you.

-Why didn’t you call your boyfriend? – I said quite harshly.

Her smile instantly disappeared and I knew that, once again, I said something I shouldn’t. We only looked at each other for a while, until the waiter came and asked for our orders.

-If you didn’t want to come, you should had just say it – Atsuko said in a very neutral voice and I knew she was very angry.

I was jealous earlier and also stressed by all the amount of work we had the past weeks. I couldn’t stop my brain on time.

-It’s just that, I look more like your boyfriend than your friend, you know? – She looked at me as she placed the spoon down on the table and looked at me quite surprised, I was feeling brave, and stupid, so I continued – You already have Onoe-san, who I bet will have more free time than me right now. Why don’t you just call him and spend more time together?

Atsuko then smiled, and don’t be fooled, when she smiles like that, it means she’s utterly angry.

-You’re right – She started saying – I’m sorry for not taking in consideration that you are always busy. You’re right; I should spend more time with my boyfriend than with just a friend. Thank you, Takamina.

She then grabbed her purse and left me there, alone.

I knocked my forehead with the wooden table and groaned. Great Minami, just great.

-We still can make some changes in the arrangement, right? – I asked to the staff member.

-I think we can do something about it, but I have to ask first – she said.

I nodded and she left. I sighed, which apparently was my new habit; I pushed any different thought away and started checking the schedule for the day.

I looked around and, after seeing the tired faces around me, I decided to call for a break. I grabbed a bottle of water and started drinking the content quite fast. I felt more tired than usual; perhaps it was because now, apparently, I can’t seem to sleep well. I was thinking about that day, I will be lying if I didn’t feel hurt. Not because she’s not trying to fix this, but because I was the one who caused all this, and I was the one avoiding her. Scared of her wanting an explanation or a confirmation, all I do now is to wonder if I should call her or not; if I should just go to her apartment and ask for her forgiveness, not only about my words, but for everything else.

A pair of arms wrapped around my shoulders from behind and for a moment, I wished it was Atsuko. But the real owner of those arms started nibbling my ear.

-Stop it, Mocchi – I said calmly.

I was used to her attacks, that didn’t make me feel less embarrassed though, but it was so normal now, that I didn’t even fight against her. She giggled, as usual.

-I missed you, Captain – She said in a rather sexy voice.

-I am not your captain anymore though – She giggled again.

-Oh, should I correct that and say Sou-kan-to-ku instead? – I could feel her smiling against my nape and I shivered.
-Ju-just stop, Mocchi. I’m not in the mood right now.

She took my chin with one hand and softly made me face her. She was smiling, not in a pervert way, like Yuko, but somehow, it made me feel relieved seeing that expression of hers, after so long. It reminded me of the old days. When Atsuko would come to the dressing room right when Mocchi was harassing my ears and with a very dangerous tone, she would suggest Mocchi, to leave me alone.

I giggled. More because of that memory than because of the way she was sniffing my ear. I was about to tell her to stop again, when a voice interrupted us.

-Could you please, get away from her?

She froze in her place, her eyes opened bigger than ever and she gulped. It was as if she had seen a ghost, all pale and without moving.

-Should I repeat myself?

Faster than ever, Mocchi jumped away from me, and I was relieved that she did. I sighed and I looked at the person who saved me, I wanted to thank her for making her go, but the words didn’t come out. Maeda Atsuko was in front of me, just a few meters away from where we were rehearsing with a really dark aura. One would think that Yuki was the most dangerous person to piss off. But in reality, if you ask me, Atsuko is always above everyone; even above Mariko-sama’s craziness. And, honestly, I would prefer an angry and sarcastic Yuki than an angry, cold and sadistic Atsuko.

She then walked towards me; I wanted to run, but where could I run to? The older members knew better to step out of her way; they knew that that aura she was emitting wasn’t her idol aura. Some of the youngest members wanted to greet her, but the other members stopped them before they would taste Atsuko’s rage. This was my opportunity to apologize, to explain things to her. But obviously, if I did that, I wouldn’t be Takahashi Minami.

I reunited all my strength and braveness, from heaven knows where, and I put that “Captain” mask I always used when the members weren’t listening. The serious side of me came out to play, and the scared me, didn’t know if I could deal with such hell it was approaching at every step Atsuko took.

She didn’t wait to be near me to start talking – yelling, mind you.

-Why haven’t you called me or texted me?! – She asked – I’ve been waiting for you to apologize and an explanation!

-Could you lower your voice? – I looked around, all members from the sister groups and the staff were looking at us with curiosity and fear – We are in the middle of work.

-Oh, so now your work consists in letting Mocchi do things to you? Wow! How AKB48 got from Idol work to harassing! This time you guys did it! – She laughed sarcastically.

Behind me I could heard Miichan’s voice telling everyone to leave us alone. Great Miichan, Atsuko is here to murder me and you are just making it easier to her. What a great friend you are, Miichan! I got distracted for a second there and when I went back to reality, I had Atsuko a few centimeters away from me.

-First was that NMB girl with the blue hair, then it was KojiHaru and now is Mocchi? What the hell, Takamina?!

Woah! Did she just call me by my nickname again?

-It wasn’t Momoka-san first. – I said to myself – Since the beginning was Kojiharu, then Mocchi and then Momoka-san. Ah, and don’t forget about Nako-chan…


Oh, crap… I didn’t say that out loud… did I? My failing face appeared. I didn’t know what to say and what to do. My automatic mode acted by itself before understanding what I was doing.

I turned around, grabbed my bag and looked back at her.

-Look, Acchan – I said her nickname with poison – Why are you here? You made everyone go when we didn’t finish rehearsal. I have work to do and I don’t have time to talk about childish stuff. Why don’t you wait after rehearsal or when I have some free time and then we will talk?

She looked at me, disbelief in her face. I was trying not to break that mask of seriousness I had, but deep inside, I was so damn scared. She opened and closed her mouth a few times, a gesture she always did when she didn’t know what to say and was in the middle of a rant.

After a few minutes in silence, I sighed.

-I will go now. Please, next time you want to talk call me first – I started walking towards the dressing rooms, sweating and hoping that this was the end of the conversation today.

-You’ve been ignoring me… - She said. She said it in a low voice, but loud enough for me to hear it, and it made me stop. That voice, I knew that tone very well – I’ve called you, many times. And you never answer or call back.

-I’ve been busy, okay? – I said, feeling guilty because in fact, she was right.

-Could you please drop that excuse already?! – She yelled – Just tell me why you are ignoring me already!

-I am not ignoring you – I said calmly –I’ve been really busy lately. I haven’t had time to call you back I always arrive home at 3 in the morning just to try to sleep for a bit and then wake up at 6. I saw your calls, I wanted to call you, but I kept forgetting about it.

-Stop, lying! Why don’t you admit it already?! Why don’t you grow up already?! Oh, wait! I forgot! You will never grow up more! – Atsuko said with sarcasm.

I frowned, did she just…

-What did you say? – I stared at her, I really hated when people messed up with my height.

-You heard me

I walked the few steps that separated us and with an angry expression, I faced her, daring her to repeat her last words. She didn’t look away; she had that insane and wild look on her eyes. As weird as it sounds, I also missed that expression; that expression that was part of a warning, part fear. The demanding and yet scared way of looking.

She leaned down, near to me as possible, and I didn’t move an inch. If this was a challenge I will never back down.  Anger, jealousy, stress, tiredness, love, and many other feelings passed from her eyes. But, I realized way too late, that all those feelings weren’t Atsuko’s. Her eyes were mirroring my own feelings flashing on my eyes.

And that’s when I felt it and the bottle of water slipped from my grip.

The sweet taste of her lipstick and the soft feeling of her lips against mine; I didn’t closed my eyes. My heart was pumping faster than ever before and my head was spinning. I could felt myself giving in to my own feelings of love, but then a face flashed before my eyes.

The Boyfriend.

I grabbed Atsuko’s shoulders and I was about to push her away, when someone else opened the door.

-Oh! Sorry for interrupting you! – I pushed myself away from Atsuko fast and looked at the person who interrupted us –more like saved me. – You can… you know… keep doing whatever you were… doing…

-It is not what you think it is, Haruna! – I said feeling scared. Haruna giggled – It is really not what you think!

-Sure… - She said and waving her hand she was lost from our sight.

I gulped; I didn’t dare to look at Atsuko. I didn’t even dare to move my body an inch.

-Onoe-san and I… - She said breaking the silence.

The boyfriend again, I was done with this and that man and Atsuko.

-You know what? – I said interrupting her – I don’t care anymore. Go to him and do whatever you want to do. I don’t want to know about it anymore. – I crouched to grab the bottle I had minutes earlier and after grabbing it, I looked at Atsuko – I’m your friend, not a toy you can tease and then leave. I can’t stand this anymore. I’m sorry, Atsuko. But… I really can’t keep doing this.

Her acting skills were so good. She just looked at me with a blank expression. I didn’t see any sort of guiltiness or sadness, not even anger. If she just had done something, slapped me or yelled at me again… And if I just had seen what that new expression meant, I would not been feeling guilty hours later.

One month. One month without knowing anything about her. One month feeling like a total jerk, thanks to Haruna and Miichan of course, they where the first ones to notice my sudden change and, after they practically tortured me, I told them what happened with Atsuko the other day.

Haruna was angry at me and even punched me a few times while Miichan just laughed and told me “what a jerk”. That was exactly what I needed.

-Why don’t you just go to her house and apologize? – Miichan suggested when we were heading to our respective apartments after the radio show that night.

-Right now?! It’s too late, I can’t! – I said

-Not right now, idiot! I mean, someday.

-Like later – Added Haruna

-And just apologize. – continued Miichan.

-She’s angry. You know her and she will just be the cold princess she is! She won’t even look at me!

-Well, you deserve it, you know?! – Both said at the same time.

It’s been, another month and no messages and no calls. I was feeling more and more guilty about what I said and Miichan’s words resounded on my head.

Arriving home, I left my bag and my shoes on the entrance, I walked barefoot towards my room and without turning the lights on I sat on the edge of my cold bed. I sighed and glanced to the small desk I had. I walked towards there and I grabbed the newspaper from months ago.

Dated with the day after our fight at the theater, in the front page I could read, even if I couldn’t see it quite clearly, “BREAKING NEWS: MAEDA ATSUKO AND ONOE MATSUYA. BREAK UP!”

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Re: Acceptance 4.0 (AtsuMina)
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(It's leave, not left :v wahehehe)


(Here it is~!)



I hope I inspired you! /slapped :mon cry:

(I did, right? :dunno:)


So our lovely Goddess decided her true feelings eh? :hehehe:

Remember the part you sent me? I read it again, and I couldn't help it but I smiled but I felt the sadness at the same time. :depressed:

The lonewolf48-san! I hope Takamina will do something so that she's going to win Acchan~. :dunno:

Takamina! You better do something girl! :mon geek:

Thank you for the update! :mon bye:

I will wait for the next update and that OS~ :gmon bang:
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Re: Acceptance 4.0 (AtsuMina)
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I hope I inspired you! /slapped :mon cry:

Oh, yeah. You will really kill meh... so.... /runs away/


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Re: Acceptance 4.0 (AtsuMina)
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fuck, I wanted to be first, but shit  :angry:

I too will have to come back and leave a comment later because it's late at my place and I need to sleep for school...

I will tell you though that I have many conflicted feelings!!!


So I came back to write an official review, but I just don't know what to say... I hope things will get better for them :twothumbs

Wow calm down or you're gonna scare lonewolf-san away lezperv XD. I think the reason she/he came up with that idea was because that would make Takamina's situation less heart-wrenching and Atsuko's actions less hateful to us readers. Atsuko did get jealous though, also in the way that you suggested, only that the reason for it isn't what you would have come up. I'm fine with this because Atsuko's actions in your fic really give me a hard time interpreting her true intentions behind it or siding with her :nervous.

Lol, I actually know lonewolf from tumblr, so we're good. It may lessen Minami's heartbreak and Atsuko's hatefulness, but now it makes Minami seem like a jerk. I can't say I like seeing my Minami being the bad guy here, so I guess I would prefer heartbreaking over this haha
I'm completely fine with the way it was twisted, don't get me wrong, I'm just surprised that it wasn't the way I depicted.
About my fanfic... well I hope Atsuko action will be clearer in chapter 6 :)
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Re: Acceptance 4.0 (AtsuMina)
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Wow calm down or you're gonna scare lonewolf-san away lezperv XD. I think the reason she/he came up with that idea was because that would make Takamina's situation less heart-wrenching and Atsuko's actions less hateful to us readers. Atsuko did get jealous though, also in the way that you suggested, only that the reason for it isn't what you would have come up. I'm fine with this because Atsuko's actions in your fic really give me a hard time interpreting her true intentions behind it or siding with her :nervous.

So lonewolf-san, do I get any rewards for being the winner (and no, the new update doesn't count XD ). And you know that I would prefer if you keep writing another chapter after another and so on 8)

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Re: Acceptance 4.0 (AtsuMina)
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I really like that part, when Acchan come in to practice room and her scary oura..he..he..  :D
Takaminaaa, why you fail some much... and you should read newspaper more often.. :grr:

Acchan, why you can't just tell to Takamina the true, about your feelings.. you will kill here with your attitude.. poor Takamina..  :farofflook:
Please update soon the next chapter.. and good luck to writing them..  :on GJ:

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Re: Acceptance 4.0 (AtsuMina) little explanation and quick replies
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Quick replies because I'm tired xD


BUT first thing first. I think some people are a bit confused with the plot, so... I'm gonna do a real quick explanation.

In short Acchan accepts and is aware of her feelings for Minami. She openly says that she loves her and she wants to be with her for the rest of her life. She was the one that suggested Minami to live together, but it was actually our Bakamina who said NO. Since I'm doing this from Minami's point of view, we do not see the other side (Acchan's) but, I think we all can guess how she feels for the way she acts. Her reason for Dating Onoe in first place, was made out of anger. YEP, SHE WAS ANGRY AT MINAMI WHO "SUGESTED" THAT SHE SHOULD EXPERIMENT OTHER KINDS OF LOVE WITH OTHER PEOPLE, and she just wanted to make Minami jealous. She indeed likes Onoe as a person. She enjoys her time with him and all, but she never loved him the same way she loves Minami.

That's the reason why she always calls Minami, to whatever event she has with Onoe. To make Minami jealous. But as you see, that didn't work too well in the beginning.

Everything said.... I hope you understand a bit more of "Acchan' side"  :sweat:


@ChibiRine: since you already killed meh there won't be more updates.  :imdead:

@lezperv: Lol, better luck next time xD

I TOTALLY USED ALL YOUR IDEAS!!! If I remember well, you wanted a jealous Acchan. Done! Also Minami's ignoring her. Done! Maybe because I'm not writing Acchan' POV that's why some people don't realize how affected Acchan is. But she is affected and she actually wanted to tell Minami PERSONALLY that she broke up with him.... but of course our Takamini didn't let her....  :cool2:

You suggested Mocchi since the beginning, so that, not my fault! Again, from Acchan' side, she was VERY angry, especially because she saw ALL the images and interviews, where Minami said that she "loved" certain girls. And then, she dumped le bofriend.

SO, as you can see.... I USED ALL YOUR IDEAS  :cool1:

MINAMI IS NOT A JERK!!!! She is just slow...  :err: And was stressed and you know that we can act a bit harsh when under so much pressure.... Besides, she then regretted it and felt like shit afterwards so!!! And I'm glad that, apparently, I don't kind of stick to the "standard" plots   :kekeke:

@Tanchan: Don't worry, dear reader. I was killed by ChibiRine already. And as lezperv says, we are best buddies know each other so, don't worry xD

The reward is the last update... Since I don't know when I will be able to feel in the mood with so much work on me right now. Even my vacations are on the line if I don't finish with work....OTL

I know what you would like it though! I will post another story (one-shot) as a reward!  :hee:

@black_maa: /whispers/ Actually poor Acchan xD but yeah, don't worry. Bakamina feels so sad for the words she said to Acchan.  :hiakhiakhiak:

And Thank you! SOON!!!

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Re: Re: Acceptance 4.0 (AtsuMina) little explanation and quick replies
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@lezperv: I don't find Minami a jerk at all. Like Lonewolf said, she's just slow  XD- the usual Minami in almost every Atsumina fanfic.  I look forward to your chapter 6 by the way.
@lonewolf: I'm not worried, that post was just for fun XD

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Acceptance 5.0 (AtsuMina) - Last Chapter!
« Reply #29 on: December 21, 2014, 09:37:40 AM »

After many things happened in my life, a lost, too much stress, too much work and absolutely no will to write... Finally I wrote this last Chapter of this not planed fic!!!

I won't say many things, just that I'm sorry for any mistakes, I really just re-read it once! I'm lazy okay?! Don't complain!

Now, Go ahead and Enjoy it! Or at least try xD

Leave your reactions xD I really enjoy them~~  :twothumbs

-I’ve been thinking… - Oshima Yuko stopped eating and looked at me- Maybe it’s time…

I couldn’t face her, not yet; I wasn’t even sure about my own decision and even if I already had discussed it with Akimoto-sensei, I still felt like I wasn’t ready.
After Atsuko’s breaking up news and many months of silence from her part, I really thought about it. Maybe, and just maybe, it was time to graduate myself. But I wasn’t really sure. The younger members were not ready, yet the older generations, only three of the first generation was left, only three.

-Are you sure about it? – Yuko asked me.


I was being honest, I never liked to talk about this with someone, except maybe Akimoto-sensei, but I felt this necessity to say it, to someone; and there was no one better than a graduate and a friend.

-He said that if I’m ready then I just should follow my heart.

-And your heart, what does it tells you?

I smiled.

Looking at my reflection on the mirror I noticed deep marks under my eyes from my lack of sleep. The mirror showed me the reflection of my tired a face. I sighed. I looked at my phone and I unlocked it; in the screen a simple yet constructed message was shown. I added the number I wanted to send it to and then pressed the button. The answer arrived a few seconds later while I changed my clothes, it was also simple.

I asked for a day off, I told the manager that I needed this day for an important meeting. I wasn’t lying, I was tired and I wanted to sleep but I really needed this time to talk with someone; with her. I walked down; I didn’t want to rush myself. I was trying to feel everything around me while I headed to her apartment.
For some reason, the day was brighter than ever, the usual cold wind of November, it wasn’t so cold. It was just perfect. If I have to use a word to describe it, I can’t think of any other word than perfect.

I grabbed a cab, with a cap on my head, barely anyone knew it was me; in the past though, people recognized me, but as I said, for some reason no one did. I told the driver the direction I wanted to go and I looked out of the window.

The cars and the people outside were so busy and loud, the normal routine of their lives, something so rare in my eyes. I could see some tired faces as well. This stress and this pain wasn’t mine alone, I smiled. Not because I was glad that other people could feel pain but because it reminded me that I wasn’t alone.
The travel to my destiny was slow, the traffic jam of that day was heavy, I was glad again. I remembered that day, the “meeting my boyfriend” day, I grinned. It was like this, the traffic and me thinking of many questions, many answers, many talks and many topics; and all that thinking just to be forgotten at the exact second her face was in front of me.

I was weak, she made me weak. It was always like that. She is my strength and my weakness. I sighed again.

The car stopped right in the front entrance of the building. After paying and getting out of the car, I couldn’t take another step; I was afraid, suddenly the fear of the unknown overpowered my courage and all my body wanted to do was to turn around and run, as far as I could, run away from there. I closed my eyes and swallowed the knot in my throat. I was Takahashi Minami, the same Minami that always walked ahead even if she was unsure of the future.

Walking inside the tall building was really nerve breaking; I never expect it to be, if I’m honest. It was just a building. It was a meaningful building. I chuckled. The way up to the exact floor was slow, for some reason, the time seemed to go slowly than ever, as if telling me that I still could regret my decision and just turn around and forget about all this.

It’s funny how our minds work during our biggest decisions, during the hardest times and even during our most joyful moments. The painful and long way to the top; the fast and hectic schedules of the top and, then, again the slow ending of everything; it is funny how our mind works indeed.

Without noticing I was right in front of the door. I wasn’t really sure of what should I say, a simple “Hi” or something along the lines of “I’m sorry for being a jerk”? Which one could work best?

Finally, knocked the door with my knuckles and waited. Maybe it was the longest waiting of my entire life. It felt that long. The door opened slowly and in front of me, there was the person I wanted to see.

We looked at each other for a moment and then I smiled. All the words I thought earlier disappeared. She had that effect on me. We really never needed words, we only had to see each other eyes and we knew.

The body seems to remember way better than the mind. Memories were powerful, yes. But there were memories of the mind and memories of the body. I missed her touch for so long, that when she launched at me, after I went in and she closed the door, I felt like crying; I got goosebumps and tears started falling from my eyes. I hold her in my arms as if my life depended on it; and just maybe my life really depended on it; of having her like this.

She rubbed her nose near my neck, barely touching it, and it made me sigh.

-I missed you… - she whispered.

I caressed her hair so slowly, feeling every strand of her longer hair. She hugged me tighter, maybe to make sure that I was there, maybe to encourage me to say something, maybe because she didn’t want to cry. Many ideas went to my head, apparently a new habit of mine, but I only could reply with the same exact words.

-I missed you too, Atsuko.

She pulled away slightly, just enough to look at my face and smiled. It wasn’t a sad, tired, relieved or acted smile; it was just her smile, the one that only showed when I was with her, my smile.

And I’m not gonna lie, I kissed her. So sudden, so not like me, that she froze on the spot. It was the first time I kissed her and now I understand why she liked to do that. The feeling I had from seeing her like that, shocked and surprised, it made me giggle.

I left her lips and looked at her, still giggling. I never planed that kiss, she was just so cute and I was just so glad to see her that my body acted by itself.
-We need to talk – I said a few seconds later.

She was still surprised, she nodded automatically, but I knew that she was still affected. I giggled again and grabbing her hand I pulled her with me until we sat on her couch. I left her hand once we were seated next to each other and I looked down, again trying to choose my own words.

She waited patiently; she didn’t move nor said anything. She just waited.

And I couldn’t help but start crying.

-Did you apologize? – Miichan asked me the next day.

I stopped reading the script in my hand and looked at her; she was expecting something, maybe a “No, I couldn’t” or a “Yes, now we are back as friends” or something. I simple smiled and continued reading.

-That’s so unfair, Bakamina!! – She yelled – I demand an answer!!

I laughed.

Both, Miichan and Haruna were so persisting about what happened that they would use any excuse to actually ask me about it, but I really didn’t wanted to talk about it. It was so personal, and yes, too embarrassing, just remembering about it made me blush.

It didn’t happen anything out of the extraordinary or something wild, as maybe Miichan was thinking, since she mentioned a few times already. It was just so us, so normal, that it really wasn’t that relevant. Yet I knew I had to tell them someday.

I grinned; they needed to suffer for calling me jerk for days.

We were in the middle of the practice when Akimoto-sensei appeared and called me for a talk. These days it was weird to see him around that I noticed the tension that fell on the room. I apologized to the members, left a few orders I wanted them to follow, told the captains that they were in charge and I left. I didn’t change my clothes, there was no need, I knew what he wanted to talk about and I had my answer already.

-And then? – He said first once we were inside his office.

-I will stay for a while – I said firmly- I am not ready to leave.

He smiled. He always knows my answers and what I would do. Was I really that predictable?

-You can’t date, that’s the rule – He said while looking at me from behind his desk.

I smiled.

-I will not date a man, sensei – I said and he laughed – I will not make it public either.

-Good. – He turned his chair and sat on it – I never expected anything better than that.

I laughed and bowed.

I left his office and went back to the practice room. I wasn’t really ready to announce my graduation yet; I wasn’t ready to leave the group; I wasn’t ready to take that step, but I was sure and ready to follow my heart.

And my heart had a name, her name; Maeda Atsuko’s name.


-Are you going to tell us what happened? – Miichan asked for the… I don’t remember what time in days after that – And why that old man wanted to talk with you so suddenly?

I looked up from my meal, they really were persistence and I couldn’t even enjoy my katsudon in peace. I sighed.

-Okay, okay – I saw how Miichan’s face went from frustrated to delight in less than a second and then Haruna placed her phone back on her purse – Listen carefully, okay? – They nodded – Because I will just say it once.

Atsuko hugged me until I stopped crying, I don’t really know if it were minutes or hours already, but when finally I calmed down I looked at her. I wasn’t really ready to leave the group, my family, my all. But then again, here I was in front of this person that was also my all, this person that I wanted to be with forever.

-I can’t… - I sobbed- I can’t… Atsuko… I’m sorry…

For some reason we could understand each other without many words and, after saying those words, she hugged me tighter and started crying too.

-I know… I know…

She then cupped my cheeks and made me look at her, she was crying and yet she had the most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen on her face. She nodded. She approved my decision. And that’s all I wanted from her. She placed her forehead on mine and wiped my tears, I was clinging from her shoulders, trying to stop my own tears, but I really couldn’t.

-I know… - She whispered and kissed my forehead – I know… - She repeated and kissed my cheeks- I know… - This time she kissed my nose – I know…

The kiss that followed that was so slow and so soft that, for a moment, I thought that it wasn’t real. Her lips barely touched my own lips and it made me sigh; in part, it was a frustrated sigh and in part a relieved one. But I really just couldn’t stop myself from what happened next.

I moved my hands from her arms to her face and I pulled her down. My lips wanted to die in her lips, tasting them, kissing them.

-I love you – I said between kisses- I love you…

It was the only word that my mouth and mind knew at that moment. And Atsuko cried as she kissed me back.

It was desperate and urgent. I desperately wanted to pour all my feelings for her on that one kiss that I literally attacked her without letting her breathe. She pulled me down on the couch, still kissing me, and…

-And you two finally did it! – Miichan yelled out of the blue.

All the eyes in the restaurant looked at our table, Haruna slapped Miichan’s head while blushing for the sudden attention we got and I covered my face with one hand.

-You had to scream, right? You just had to… - I sighed.

Miichan rubbed the spot where Haruna’s hand landed, but didn’t apologize. She instead looked at me expectantly.

-No, we didn’t – I said defeated.


-Because there was no need to do it! That’s why! - Again everyone looked at us and then I lowered my voice – We just smiled after that and hugged each other until it was time for me to leave. – I looked at both, what? Kids? I wonder what these two are – That’s all, happy?

Haruna nodded and Micchan growled.

-I wanted some more action you know? – Miichan said a few minutes later, as I continued eating- Like, you know, wild sex and all.

I almost died, my food got stuck on my throat and I started coughing.

-I’m gonna kill you, Miichan – I warned her after I gulped down my whole glass of water.

Miichan pulled out her tongue and Haruna laughed.

“Acceptance: ‘Sometimes we want what we couldn’t – sometimes we love who we could’” I remember reading that somewhere… But I forgot.

And now I accept it, I love Maeda Atsuko and nothing will change that.

dah end!

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Re: Acceptance 5.0 (AtsuMina) - Last Chapter!
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Miichan is so bold.
The ending somewhat shows Takamina's personality.
Discovering the wonders of your vague imagination.
Taeny, Atsumina and SayaMilky <3

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Re: Acceptance 5.0 (AtsuMina) - Last Chapter!
« Reply #31 on: December 21, 2014, 12:42:55 PM »
Mangoooooooo! :mon cry:

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! :depressed:

And to think you're one of my favorite person, hu-waw! :mon zoom:

You never failed to leave us, your readers, craving for more AtsuMina :mon inluv:

Oji-san! Are we going to expect that scene, or what? :dunno:

Thank you, for inspiring me! :mon thumb:

I inspired you! So we're even!

Will wait for your new works! :mon bye:


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Re: Acceptance 5.0 (AtsuMina) - Last Chapter!
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i want wild sex too

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Re: Acceptance 5.0 (AtsuMina) - Last Chapter!
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So great... such an interesting OS

Minami at last ready to give her everything to Atsuko...

Thank you for the OS

Can't wait to see more Atsumina story

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: Acceptance 5.0 (AtsuMina) - Last Chapter!
« Reply #34 on: December 25, 2014, 08:09:14 PM »
At least, they both are together..  :nya:
It was good story.. I really like it..  :hee:
I hope, there will be more this kind of stories..  :)
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Re: Acceptance 5.0 (AtsuMina) - Last Chapter!
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To everyone who read it, THANK YOU.

And to all who commented, Thank you too!


Mangoooooooo! :mon cry:

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! :depressed:

And to think you're one of my favorite person, hu-waw! :mon zoom:

You never failed to leave us, your readers, craving for more AtsuMina :mon inluv:

Oji-san! Are we going to expect that scene, or what? :dunno:

Thank you, for inspiring me! :mon thumb:

I inspired you! So we're even!

Will wait for your new works! :mon bye:

i want wild sex too

Maybe, and just maybe, I will write that scene  :glasses: :hiakhiakhiak:

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Re: Acceptance 5.0 (AtsuMina) - Last Chapter!
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Thank u! Thank u so much!
your story is lovely! i really like it!
Minami stop with AKB and go to your Atsuko! ....
At least they are together somehow ^^!

hope to see you again! and thx again for this beautiful story!

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Re: Acceptance 5.0 (AtsuMina) - Last Chapter!
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Nice story  :twothumbs

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