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Author Topic: [Dr. Watanabe x Nurse Kashiwagi Christmas Special] Under the Mistletoe (29 Dec)  (Read 195924 times)

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Re: [MaYuki Oneshot] Abyss of Memories (20 Oct)
« Reply #380 on: October 26, 2013, 01:23:13 AM »
I was contemplating, to comment or not to comment... because...

on one hand I am really impressed with the whole story even if it made me slightly depressed but I love it nevertheless

on the other hand my thoughts are so mixed on this that I am afraid I won't be able to properly comment at all...

And also, sometimes I am afraid that my comments are not good enough compared to these wonderful fics of yours..

and yet I respect you too much so decided to leave this randomness here

Just know that I always support you and your fics are the ones I read despite my mood or lack of time

waiting for Doc Watanabe Nurse Kashiwagi series~  :bow:
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Re: [MaYuki Oneshot] Abyss of Memories (20 Oct)
« Reply #381 on: October 26, 2013, 02:33:31 AM »
Seigus san! You make others author making their tragic mayuki! God! I had to prepare from now

And yeah miss our dr.watanabe,after seeing new dr.watanabe on janken,i kind of fall and fall more to this doctor

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Re: [MaYuki Oneshot] Abyss of Memories (20 Oct)
« Reply #382 on: October 29, 2013, 03:54:09 PM »
The next update for the Dr. Watanabe x Nurse Kashiwagi series may take a while as this is a very busy period for me at work. I miss them just as much as you so don’t fret! The next update will definitely come… it’s just a matter of when :nervous

I'm still waiting for this for like eternity now, I've seen the ghosts writers update at once today, but this... OwO
I only have a few hours before I leave... I'm betting my hours just to see an update  :nervous *waiting*

my hat is off. saluting.

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Re: [MaYuki Oneshot] Abyss of Memories (20 Oct)
« Reply #383 on: November 11, 2013, 04:48:46 AM »
Hi Seigus-san. I know.... this is a really-really-really late comment...
I read this OS 5 times, so I can really understand what's going on with Mayuki.  :P

Who did you think Takamina and co. were looking for at the beginning?

Honestly... I thought they were not looking for Yuki. I thought this was a story about 'Finding Mayu Mission'
Because you always wrote it in Yuki POV while she was looking for Mayu.
Where are you, Mayuyu?
I thought Takamina and the rest of her team wanna help Yuki to search Mayu.

Sae sighed, turning her attention back to the picture of her with Mayu and Yuki. It was a photo taken just before the last operation that Mayu participated in… before that incident happened.


Sae’s head shot up to catch Takamina’s guilty expression in the rear-view mirror.

“I should have listened to you back then and come up with a less risky plan,” the Captain spoke, remorse evident in her low voice.

Sae bit back a sob at the painful memory and squeezed her eyes shut, willing herself not to cry again.
Based on Sae's expression... I knew that something terrible happened to Mayu, but I didn't know what is it.
I was sure that Mayu was dead because of Sae expression. She won't that sad if everything was fine.

In the beginning of your OS, you already mentioned about "Aokigahara" and I didn't have any feeling about it.
“Did they find out where she went?”

Calloused fingers tightened their grip on the phone; their owner’s lips pressed firmly into a thin line.

But then........ I read Oshima case.
“Hello, Hayano-san. It’s Kashiwagi here. I’ve found a lady who has just attempted suicide in Aokigahara.........."
My heart melted.
At this rate, I still thought that the one who was searched by Takamina co. was Mayu.
But... after second thought, if Takamina co. already heard the news that the one who they're looking for is in Aokigahara............... *hesitant*
It can't be Mayu because on my quote above (about Sae), Mayu was dead long before Yuki went to Aokigahara.
I realized that they're looking for Yuki!!! And Yuki went there to suicide!!! :bleed eyes:


When and how did you realise Yuki wanted to commit suicide?

When I read:
How long have I been driving?
I had feeling that Yuki planned to do something, but at this rate... I wasn't realized that she committed to suicide yet.... I thought she only planned to looking for Mayu.

Your life is a precious gift from your parents. Think about your parents, your siblings and your children. Don’t keep it to yourself. Talk about your troubles. Contact the Suicide Prevention Association.

Mayuyu, did you think about me?
Oh... finally I had feeling that Mayu died because of suicide. :cry:

When I realized that Takamina co. were looking for Yuki (I already explained it above), I'm sure that Yuki planned to suicide.
Their dark emotions... the tension when Takamina co. looking for Yuki... Sae cried while she looked at the picture...... those factors made me more convinced that Yuki committed to suicide.


Ahhh... I'm not really good in english, but I hope you'll understand what I mean.  :P

This is the moment when I cried while I read your fic.
“I love you, Yukirin.”
“I love you too, Mayuyu.”
Yuki held the well-worn plush to her chest as tears leaked past her closed eyes, leaving hot trails on her icy skin.
Yukirin's memory makes my heart bleeding.
She answered her memory.  :mon cute:

I think that's all...
This fic gave me many inspirations.  :ding:

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Re: [MaYuki Oneshot] Abyss of Memories (20 Oct)
« Reply #384 on: November 22, 2013, 06:24:57 PM »
my hat is off. saluting.

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Re: [Dr. Watanabe x Nurse Kashiwagi Part 5.1] Too Close (18 Aug)
« Reply #385 on: December 15, 2013, 06:22:39 PM »
Hi everyone! It's been a while (what else is new :nervous). The year-end is always a hectic period for me in terms of work, events, Japanese exams (I passed!), etc. so I'm very sorry for the horribly long dry spell.

First of all, thank you very much for all the reviews and comments for "Abyss of Memories". They are very helpful whenever I re-analyse the plot and delivery of the story. I wasn't expecting to break so many readers' hearts so please accept my sincerest apology :bow: I really enjoyed writing it because it was something new to me. Researching Aokigahara, death and various suicide methods was a truly interesting experience. I was so engrossed in the tidbits of information that I discovered that my colleague was worried I would lose my senses and attempt suicide one day :sweatdrop: I have ideas for more dark MaYuki one-shots due to an urge to explore raw human emotions on a deeper level but for now, let's take a break from all that angst. Wouldn't want to ruin anyone's holidays. It's time for a more light-hearted dose of Dr. Watanabe x Nurse Kashiwagi! The next update should be up in a couple of days so please look out for it (that is, if anyone still cares about them after such a long time :nervous).

Before that, please allow me to reply to your comments for the previous installment :)

katekyohit: I wonder about Mario and Yuko too. They are the surprise pairing (if you can even consider them one) of the series. I always crack up whenever I write about them :rofl: As for MaYuki, they give me dangerously high blood sugar levels :bleed eyes: I glad you love their moments!

Chichay12: I'm sorry you have to wait so long for the next update :bow: Yup, Yuki is for Mayu but Ren has it hard. He can't just let go after being in love with Yuki for years. Let's hope he will finally move on soon.

affiber: I call this sex with clothes on :lol: I hope Mayu doesn't do anything to Ren that would land him behind bars! :O

imteedee: Yes, good job, Mayu :thumbsup Yuko is always awesome - both in fiction and in real life. Gotta love her dirty mind XD

Rena-chan Daisuki: Thank you for reading! The next update will be up soon. Hope you'd like it :)

olive29: Writing about Mayu gives me unrealistically high expectations of the men around me :banghead: I wonder what Mayu would do to Ren too... maybe he'd proclaim his secret love for Ren and convert everyone here to MayuRen fans! :w00t:

sakura_drop_: There's something quite appealing about Mario x Yuko... Idiot couple :P What kind of parents would they be though? And what about the kid? Baby troll with a potty mouth? :shocked

kurogumi: You are right about this arc focusing on the other pairings as well :thumbup MaYuki is pretty much set in stone so it's time to develop the others. Yeah, Ren was reckless (pretty crazy to be honest) to touch someone's future wife. You will find out where he went in the next update. Thanks for picking up on that little nugget about Mayu's past! I was hoping for someone to comment on that. Seeing how the real Mayu is an anime otaku (though she is more into Takarazuka now), I figured Dr. Watanabe should have a geeky side too but if he's into anime girls, that kind of ruins his character in the story :sweatdrop: A Sentai fanboy side would suit him more. And thanks to your comment, you gave me an idea for a prequel/side story, or heck, I may just explore his past in the main story! As you said, it'd give the story more life.

Minami-chan: You will have to wait till next year for the MaYuki wedding (2014 isn't that far away :P)! Blame my snail-like updating speed, no wait, curse my work instead! I think Mario and Yuko will be at each other's throat every day over how to raise the kid (not that they aren't already bickering now) :lol:

Yuki88: Will Ren be chasing Jurina? Or will it be the other way round? :pimp: Go Jurina! Get your man! And yeah, Yuko still hating Mario :rofl:

LoyalFlutist: Don't worry, I feel you. I want a Dr. Watanabe too! :bleed eyes: Ren had to release his years of pent-up frustrations somehow... and he chose to do it in a pretty suicidal way. If I were Mayu, I doubt I'd be so calm. As for Yuko, a squirrel will always be a squirrel :lol: I think she'd still be running around even if she was seven months pregnant.

mayuki_daisuki: I just had an image of a pervy baby on the loose! It will nuzzle the chest of any woman who hugs it :shocked:

kiruchi: MaYuki - the main cause of diabetes all over the world 8)

kurumi: Thanks! I guess the humour comes from everyday exchanges with my friends. That's pretty much how most of our conversations would go (of course, I have to tweak it to suit the characters in the story). With practice, you will certainly improve at writing dialogues so never stop trying! :rock:

Wmatsui22: Ren will get his punishment in the next update so perhaps that will make you feel better :nervous Haruna x PSP = OTP of the Year :rofl:

Tupi: No, the baby is not Mario's. The real father is....... Mayu! :shocked: Hey, why doesn't anyone ship MaYuko here? They have such an inimitable chemistry XD

Yuseichaaan48: As mentioned above, Haruna will marry her PSP and have awesome pixel babies!! :w00t: It's been four months since your comment. I hope you are coping well with school :)

airajasmine: Thank you for liking this story and welcome to JPH!P! :jphip:

gek geki: At least Ren made his move before Yuki got married :V Mayu's past will definitely be revealed one day. I'm already working out a timeline for that. We all know what went through Yuki's mind before they got together; it's only fair we delve into the enigmatic doctor's mind :yep:

rhin: If this series' main couple ever turns into MayuRen, you'd be the main culprit. I didn't continue the first and last scenes because our beloved doctor is an ancient prude :lol: Seriously though, I wonder when we will ever get to the wedding :nervous

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Re: [Dr. Watanabe x Nurse Kashiwagi Part 5.1] Too Close (18 Aug)
« Reply #386 on: December 17, 2013, 02:53:23 PM »
you update twice a year *note taken ah-ha- haha--ha---ha
my hat is off. saluting.

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Re: [Dr. Watanabe x Nurse Kashiwagi Part 5.1] Too Close (18 Aug)
« Reply #387 on: December 20, 2013, 01:31:04 AM »
 :thumbsup :thumbsup
We can wait your next chapter!!
have a nice xmas!

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Re: [Dr. Watanabe x Nurse Kashiwagi Part 5.2] Everyone's Insecurities (22 Dec)
« Reply #388 on: December 21, 2013, 07:17:30 PM »
A/N: Hi everyone! This was supposed to be up few days ago if not for the fact that Yukirin no Garter during the AKB48 Kouhaku distracted me. And after missing that prime period to update, work got in the way while my modem decided to die on me :nervous So here's the latest installment of the Dr. Watanabe x Nurse Kashiwagi series after a four-month wait. Thank you for your patience and I hope you will enjoy this update :deco:

Note: This is a genderbend story.


Everyone's Insecurities

“Are we really going out at this time? Didn’t you say you were exhausted?” Yuki asked, propping herself up on her elbows, still somewhat trapped under Mayu’s lazing body. A fresh blush blossomed across her already pink cheeks when Mayu nuzzled her neck, a hint of light citrus hooking her senses. How she loved his scent even after a long day’s work. He always managed to smell clean – with a hint of antibacterial handwash. As she wallowed in his comforting warmth, sharp teeth picked an unmarked spot and began dragging themselves along the flushed skin.

“M-Mayu?” squeaked Yuki when she felt a familiar burn sinking into her flesh. She flinched and tossed her head back from the welcome sensation. “You are going to leave another mark.”

“That’s the idea,” came the muffled reply. His hot breaths left sizzling tingles on the moist area. He raised his head when he heard a questioning hum but gentle fingers brushed his fringe aside, distracting him before he could reply.

“You need a haircut,” she remarked out of the blue. “It’s covering your eyes.”

“Hmm…” Mayu pursed his lips in thought, an eyebrow arching. “Should I bleach and dye it blonde too?” he quipped, deciding to play along with the random change in topic.

“No!” The vehement objection erased the rising smirk on his lips. “You’d look like a playboy. Black suits you best.”

He guffawed, deeply tickled by her superficial definition of a playboy. “If you say so, my lady.”

“It’s not funny! I already have enough headaches with the number of women lusting after you.”

“Well, no one’s good enough – except you. And I have enough trouble making sure other men keep their hands off you too.” Slightly calloused palms slid under her white blouse, pressing down on her smooth belly. “You are mine, Watanabe Yuki.”

Butterflies fluttered in her stomach upon hearing his surname attached to her given name. “We’ll never get out of the house at this rate,” she protested albeit half-heartedly, making no move to stop his roaming hands which were slowly but purposefully inching higher.

Mayu made sure that his eyes never left Yuki’s as his hands explored her lithe body. He adored the way she held his gaze, trusting him with everything she got even as she bit her lip in nervousness. When his thumb ran over a long protruding lump, she visibly twitched. No doubt, it was the scar that marked their fateful encounter years ago. He gave her a look and she nodded her head in response. No words were exchanged as he hiked her blouse up, stopping right underneath the curve of her breasts. Leaning down, he pressed his lips against the length of faint brown that marred her milky skin, pouring all his feelings into the touch. A soft whimper reached his ears as her body tensed, arching into his kiss.

“Don’t leave me.”

It was barely audible but she heard it.

“Mayu?” She resisted the heat clouding her senses and focused her attention on the man hovering over her. Even though he shook his head in hopes of dismissing the words he had accidentally blurted out, she didn’t miss the whirl of emotions – was it fear – behind his glasses. He seemed almost vulnerable, in fact. Staring at his taut visage, she noticed his strained smile and the absence of the confidence he displayed a few minutes ago. He hung his head low, allowing his fringe to hide the windows to his soul. She accidentally glanced past his shoulder, the collection of Super Sentai figurines across the room catching her eyes; a sudden realisation struck her.

“Come here,” she mouthed. She sat up fully and gripped his hand, dragging him to the TV stand. Though puzzled by her actions, Mayu entertained her by sparing the figures a swift glance – and blinked.

“What…?” He gaped pointedly at the figure of Mammoth Ranger. Yuki bit back a giggle at his incredulous expression. “This,” Mayu picked up his childhood hero and scrutinised its silly macho pose, “is ridiculous.” His words might be harsh but there was no hiding the smile that was tugging the corners of his lips. He raised the figure and poked Yuki’s nose with its tiny fist.

“I thought it looked too uptight all the time,” she replied with an innocent shrug. She took the figurine from him and returned the poking gesture on his cheek. “Just like you now.”

His eyes widened by a fraction while the playful smile on her face switched to reflect motherly tenderness.

“There’s no need to put on a strong front when it’s just the two of us, Mayu.”

She watched as something changed in his eyes but he was still reluctant to let his guard down. Clenched jaw. Lidded eyes. That’s my stubborn boy, she thought, sighing in mild exasperation. Reaching forward, she held his hand and gave a firm squeeze, peering at him with an indulgent gaze.

Narrow shoulders finally sagged a little. His voice was a near whisper when he spoke. “I just… don’t want to lose anyone anymore. It’s just too close, Yuki. So many times.”

She knew he wasn’t referring to their physical proximity. The fine creases between his eyes spoke volumes of the bottomless pit of fear that he kept hidden from everyone else.

I’ve made him think of his parents… again.

Yuki cupped his cheek and he leant into the touch like a lost child seeking for refuge. This is the real Dr. Watanabe - a man who appears calm, sensible and strong-willed… but with a heart made of broken shards of glass held together by sheer tenacity. And I’m guilty of coming this close to shattering it time and time again.

“I’m sorry, Mayu. I know I’ve been causing you worry.” It was hard not to drown in the rush of sorrow swirling in his dark orbs and she had to hastily blink away the tears threatening to fill her own eyes. “I know you’ve lost a lot but I want you to know that you will always have me… just like how this guy,” she waved the figurine lightly, “has been accompanying you since your parents left.”

She didn’t miss the quivering reflection of herself staring back at her.

“Togasaki-san has approved of our leave applications for next Friday,” she continued. “We can visit your parents and tell them the good news. You haven’t told them that you have proposed to me, right?”

Shaking his head, he said wistfully, “I wish they could have met you.”

“I’m sure they are happy for us… wherever they are now.” Wrapping her arms around him, she pressed their bodies together in a tight embrace. “Do you feel it? My heart beating.”

She felt a nod against her shoulder and his arms moving up her back to return the hug. “I won’t go anywhere. Like you said, I’m Watanabe Yuki.”

A chuckle rumbled deep in his chest, sending a jolt of vibration to hers.

“I like the sound of that.”

“So do I.”

His shoulders relaxed and the couple basked in each other’s warmth, appreciating the blanket of security that had settled over them.

“So…” Yuki broke the silence after a while. “Are we still going out?”

Mayu withdrew from the hug, sliding his hands down to draw slow circles on her waist with his thumbs.

“Of course. I still need to educate Ren-san about laying hands on you.”

Yuki jerked upon a firm squeeze on her hips. Looking up, she noticed her fiancé’s usual air of cool confidence was back. It brought relief yet she couldn’t help but worry about the fate that would befall her childhood friend.

Before leaving the house, she paused before the mirror near the door to fix her appearance. Her long tresses were unruly with ends sticking out at odd angles. Remembering that it was late and she simply couldn’t be bothered to make an impression – there wasn’t a need to, seeing that her favourite man did not seem to mind one bit – she tied her hair back in a fuss-free ponytail. A familiar face slinked up to her in the reflection and placed a peck on her cheek.

“So beautiful…”

She giggled girlishly before donning a mask of mock anger. “It’s so embarrassing to go out like this,” she whined, feeling the numerous love bites on her neck.

Mayu tugged his own shirt collar to the side. “Well, you aren’t alone,” he chaffed.

She shoved his head back. “You only have one.”

The doctor popped back at her side in a split second. “Then would you like to make a few more to even our score?”

“Stop getting distracted. If not, we’d definitely not make it out of the house tonight.”

With a lopsided grin, he took her hand gamely and led her towards the wooden door. “I was just kidding. Let’s go before Ren-san decides not to wait for us.”

As they walked towards the car, she noticed his grip on her hand was a little tighter than usual.



Ren nearly smashed his face against the marble countertop when a hand slapped his back. The stinging liquid went down his throat the wrong way, leaving him sputtering like a fish out of water.

“Whoa, easy there!”

The doctor wiped his mouth with the back of his hand as he frowned at the owner of the voice in between coughs.

“I could say the same to you,” he groused, face red from choking on his drink. “What was that for?”

Matsui Jurina, the occupant of the high stool next to him shrugged nonchalantly. The comely duo were currently seated at the bar of a cozy tavern in Roppongi.

“Sorry,” she said. “I was just impressed with what you did. I mean, kissing an engaged woman requires a lot of guts. I didn’t know you had it in you!”

Ren mumbled something incoherent under his breath.


“I said, don’t remind me.” Ren flicked his eyes towards his almost empty glass. He waved the bartender over. In a swift motion, the spiffy young chap dressed in a white shirt and black vest refilled Ren’s glass and handed it to him, but not before sending a coy wink his way.

Ren shuddered; Jurina laughed.

“It’s not funny.” He shot a glare at the snickering officer.

Jurina sidled up to him and whispered in his ear, “You are a walking gay magnet, Ren-san.”

He brushed her away none too gently. The alcohol in his system was making him a lot less tolerant than usual. Tipping his glass back, he swallowed a big gulp of the Russian vodka and squeezed his eyes shut as it burnt its way down and lit a fire in his chest. Exhaling loudly, he glanced to his side to find Jurina leisurely sipping her iced tea through a straw. His eyes narrowed.

“You said you’d accompany me and you are drinking tea?”

“Someone’s got to be sober to lug your drunk ass home,” she countered, the teasing twinkle in her eyes not missed by Ren. “And I’m underage.”

“Pfft. Right.”

She almost laughed at his deadpan expression. “Anyway,” she straightened herself and swivelled her stool to face him, “what are your plans?”

“What plans?” Ren tugged his shirt collar, his flushed skin a sign that he was feeling warm.

The vodka must be making his brain slow, Jurina noted wryly.

“What are you going to do after kissing Yuki-san?” she asked.

The question was like a bullet through his heart. Ren clenched his fist, recalling the fear in Yuki’s beautiful brown eyes earlier that day. I’m such a jerk.

“I will move on,” he stated quietly.

Jurina stirred her drink with the straw. The crisp clinking of ice was louder than it should have been when the bar’s music was being played just overhead.

“Does that mean I will finally get a chance?”

The air paused in his lungs and he snapped his head to the young woman. Her gaze was earnest, so much so that he found his throat constricting. From day one, it was no secret that she was attracted to him. She openly declared her affection for him on a regular basis but he never took her seriously because she always had an impish grin on her face – as though she simply enjoyed teasing him.

He studied her serious visage from the way her brows slanted downwards in a pleading fashion to how she was almost drawing blood on her lower lip. She was certainly a good-looker with her strong facial features and her vivacity made her a joy to have around. While Yuki was soft and feminine, Jurina was loud and spunky; they were worlds apart.

Ren shook his head. I shouldn’t be comparing them.

“Jurina-san… I…”

The wind chime at the pub’s entrance tinkled to life as the door swung open, revealing a slight man and a woman.

“Remember, don’t do anything rash.”

“I won’t.”

“Promise me.”

“Pinky swear.”

Ren spun around upon hearing the familiar voices but before he could utter a greeting, a powerful fist connected with his jaw. Caught unawares, he fell out of his stool and crashed into the next one. The glass in his hand plunged to the ground, shattering to pieces. Shrieks and gasps rang out in the small pub.

“Mayu! You promised me!”

Ren clutched his throbbing jaw as he inhaled sharply. Peeking open an eye, he spotted Yuki restraining a fuming Mayu from behind.

“Mayu-san! What are you doing?” Jurina bolted in between the two men, arms spread out defensively. The women’s exclamations were ignored as Ren and Mayu’s eyes met. Ren swore he had never seen the normally stoic Mayu so mad before. Suppressing a groan, he picked himself up and jostled past Jurina, earning a stupefied gape from her. He watched with an ache in his chest as Yuki tightened her arms around Mayu’s form.

“It’s okay. I deserve it,” said Ren with considerable effort. He wiped the blood on his lip with his thumb before taking another step forward. “Hit me all you want, Mayu-san.” He braced himself, truly believing that Mayu was going to grant him another punch from the way his fist tightened till his knuckles turned bone-white.

He was wrong.

All anger in the bespectacled man dissipated in the blink of an eye after Yuki whispered something into his ear. Mayu placed his hand over hers, looking positively guilty. “I’m sorry. I lost control. I’m fine now.”

“Really?” Yuki asked hesitantly. Mayu nodded and pried her hands off, moving to stand protectively beside her. That was when Ren noticed the glaring red spots on Yuki’s neck. His jaw tightened.

“Did you do that to Yuki-chan?” he questioned through gritted teeth.

Mayu followed his line of vision and answered, “Yes.”

A surge of fury bubbled within Ren at the apathy in Mayu’s voice.

“Are you even a man?”

Both Mayu and Yuki blinked.

And the tables were turned. Ren yanked Mayu by the collar till their noses almost mashed together. Though taken by surprise, Mayu curled his lips in distaste and all but spat, “You reek of alcohol.”

“Don’t change the subject,” Ren seethed. “If you are unhappy with what I did, you take it out on me, not Yuki-chan.”

Mayu frowned. “Huh?”

Afraid that fists would fly again, Yuki shoved her childhood friend away from Mayu. “Ren-kun, you are misunderstanding!”

“Don’t cover up for him, Yuki-chan,” growled the taller doctor before he turned to Mayu. “I’d expected better of you, Mayu-san. How can I trust Yuki-chan with someone like you?”

“You are drunk,” stated Mayu as he pulled Yuki behind him; he didn’t want her to be caught in the line of fire should Ren go ballistic. True enough, the other man pressed on.

“You marked her like some animal just because you were angry. What’s going to happen after she marries you? Are you going to hit her every day?”

“Ren-kun!” Yuki screamed, unable to stand all the baseless accusations he was throwing out. Her shrill outburst silenced everyone in the pub. When she realised all eyes were on her, her face burnt brightly and she shrank behind Mayu, trying to hide herself. An awkward pause later, she heard a soft snicker and promptly slapped Mayu’s arm. “It’s not funny!” she shushed her amused fiancé who wrapped an arm around her shoulders and drew her towards him.

“You do the funniest things,” he remarked, deepening her blush. Opposite them, Ren observed their interactions with a quizzical scowl. He was snapped out of his thoughts when Mayu addressed him. “Ren-san, as you can tell, there’s nothing wrong between Yuki and me. If there were to be any sort of domestic violence, the perpetrator would be Yuki.”

“Mayu!” Yuki’s eyes bulged at the accusation and she hit him again with a resounding smack.

“See?” Mayu grimaced.

On the sideline, Jurina was watching the turn of events with a large grin. And they deny being into S&M.

“And,” Mayu added, tugging his shirt collar to the side and exposing the maroon spot at the base of his neck, “you don’t think I’m capable of doing this to myself, do you?”

“Mayu, stop flaunting it. It’s embarrassing,” Yuki pleaded in a hushed tone. The thought of digging a hole and hiding herself in it suddenly seemed very tempting.

“So… you… did that, Yuki-chan?” Ren asked, his voice wavering a little as he began to feel stupid for jumping to conclusions. His only answer was Yuki burying her reddened face into Mayu’s shoulder.

“It was a mutual display of love, right Yuki?” The moment the words left his mouth, Mayu felt a sharp pinch on his forearm.

“I said stop it,” Yuki warned and pressed harder on his fair skin, rendering it red in a matter of seconds. Her fiancé merely laughed despite the pain.

Right… they are definitely in an S&M relationship,
Jurina mentally nodded.

“Yes, stop it,” Ren agreed. “You are making me jealous.”

Mayu cleared his throat. “So, now that we have cleared our misunderstandings, I would like to have a word with you. And no, I don’t plan on using my fist anymore,” he added when he spied Yuki and Jurina tensing up. His brow twitched as they exhaled in relief. Clearing his throat once again, he pointed his thumb towards the pub’s entrance. “Let’s head out for some air, Ren-san.”

Turning to Yuki, he pressed a soft kiss on her crown. “I’ll try to keep it short.”

As the two men exited the pub, Jurina found herself extremely intrigued by the way Yuki’s eyes trailed their backs.

“Who are you more concerned about?”

The question caught Yuki’s full attention. “W-What?” the nurse stuttered.

“You were staring a hole into both Ren-san and Mayu-san.” When she did not receive an answer, Jurina tried a different approach. “What is Ren-san to you?” She watched with interest as Yuki cast her eyes downwards. Deciding to give the older woman a bit of time to consider her question, Jurina ordered a lychee martini on her behalf and gestured for her to take a seat in a nearby booth. Now with both women sitting across each other, there was nowhere for Yuki to escape.

Yuki took a sip of her drink, believing that a little alcohol would ease the queasiness in her stomach.

“Ren-kun is like a brother to me. A kind and caring older brother figure,” she said quietly, feeling the fragile stem of the martini glass between her thumb and index finger. “But… I don’t know about now. Things feel… different.”


“I’ve never looked at him as a man before-”

“So he’s a woman to you?”

“No, no, no!” Yuki waved her hands dramatically, aghast at the wild guess. “I mean I treat him so much like a brother that I have never considered any sort of romantic feelings between us and that, well… I feel bad. It’s like I’ve neglected his feelings.”

Jurina hummed lowly in understanding.

“Then are you going to make it up to him?”


“You said you feel bad so doesn’t that mean you should reciprocate his feelings?” Jurina asked crisply, not bothering to sugarcoat her words. Chewing her lower lip, Yuki twiddled her fingers. Guilt seemed to be eating her up from the inside.


Though soft, her voice carried a staunch resolution and it was reflected in her eyes when their gazes met.

“I love Mayu.”

Jurina threw her head back in laughter. “What is it about him that he’s The One for you?”

A dreamy look took over Yuki’s features as she recalled everything she loved about Mayu. Jurina tried a series of methods – waving her hands, snapping her fingers, clapping – before the woman snapped out of her daze with a start.

“Sorry,” she mumbled sheepishly. A scarlet hue warmed the softness of her cheeks, making her look like a lovestruck teenager.

Jurina flashed a knowing grin and waved off her apology. “Don’t worry about it. Let me guess, he’s cool, handsome, and gentlemanly. In other words, the perfect man. And despite his thin frame and lack of height, he has a nicely sculpted body that is not overly muscular. I still remember wanting to touch his yummy toned stomach and sexy sca-”

The words died in her throat when an icy chill shot down her spine. The temperature seemed to have dipped by a good ten degrees or so. Is it the iced tea? The fine hairs on her nape stood on alert as though someone had aimed a gun at her head. She shifted her gaze ahead, one fearful inch at a time, and came face-to-face with the scariest smile she had ever seen in her life. Something about the way that the smile was not reaching Yuki’s eyes spelt danger.


The nurse’s smile grew wider; her eyes narrowed into menacing slits.

“You aren’t really happy… right?” Jurina gulped, suddenly feeling a very strong impulse to run out of the pub, but before she could make a move, a hand shot out and grabbed her wrist in a death-like grip.

“I haven’t talked to you about flirting with Mayu in Okinawa,” Yuki said, still smiling sweetly.

What is this? I can’t budge my hand! Does she have a superhuman alter ego? Where does her strength come from?

“You can’t still be angry about that. It was all an act. Remember I was doing undercover?” Jurina rambled on, trying desperately to defuse the ticking bomb before her.

“Yes, you were on undercover duty but,” Yuki tightened her grip on Jurina, “the flirting was real. I could tell.”

The young officer screamed for help in her head. All the training she went through in the police academy did not prepare her this. Her ex-cadet mate had mentioned a word of advice while they were shooting targets at the firing range: Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. He had cheated on his girlfriend then and paid the price for it when she showed up at his door with her bodybuilder brother. The heartbreaker’s black eye and busted lip lasted more than a week.

Jurina braved a peep at Yuki’s face and regretted it immediately. The glacial stare that pierced her very bones made her want to drop to her knees and beg for forgiveness. But if she pleaded, it was equivalent to admitting that she had had designs on Mayu and the possible consequences of that froze the blood in her body. Someone save me please!

“Hi there, beautiful,” a low and raspy voice interrupted, breaking the tension.

Oh yes, my prayers have been answered!

However, when Jurina saw a well-dressed man whom she had never met before – and it seemed like Yuki did not know him either, her joy withered.

“It sounds like the pub is playing a song just for you,” the man said to Yuki. Sporting a steep undercut with the rest of his hair slicked back and a well-shaven goatee, his appearance matched that of a self-assured playboy. Both women perked their ears and paid attention to the music playing through the speakers; they had been too engrossed in their face-off to notice the surroundings.

“Anta nya mottainai, atasha hontou nice body body body~”

They recognised the song as Morning Musume’s hit single “Love Machine”. The man reached for Yuki’s hand and brought it to his lips like a suave gentleman. “I’ll show you a good time if you’d show me your nice body,” he whispered huskily, dark eyes gleaming as he flashed his most charming smile at the lady who was holding back a cringe out of sheer politeness. Sure, he didn’t look half-bad; she would even say he was handsome with his evenly tanned skin, chiselled jaw and deep-set eyes but he wasn’t Mayu. Only Mayu could touch her like that.

A firm hand planted itself on the man’s shoulder, stopping him just as his mouth brushed Yuki’s delicate skin.

“You are right. She does have a nice body but it’s not for you to see,” Mayu’s phlegmatic voice sounded from behind the man. Swiftly, he reclaimed Yuki’s hand and stood in between them, advertently forcing the stranger back. “Sorry I took so long.” He smiled apologetically at Yuki, his presence calming her previously racing heart. She shook her head and leant against his dependable form.

“My apologies. I didn’t know she was taken.” The man changed his tactic in a heartbeat like a seasoned player. “Do excuse me. I was simply drawn to her beauty. Being a man too, I’m sure you know what I mean.”

Mayu merely stared at him, unblinking.

The man cleared his throat and turned to the silent Jurina. “How about I buy you a drink instead, pretty miss? You are single, I believe.”

Fingers curling, Jurina snarled inwardly. Am I some kind of substitute? Ah, I’m so jealous of Yuki-san. I want a protective boyfriend too.

Another hand landed on the man’s shoulder – the same one that Mayu grasped earlier.

“She’s with me.”

Jurina and Yuki’s eyes almost popped out of their sockets when Ren stepped into view. Yuki cast a questioning look at Mayu only to receive a wry hushing gesture. Jurina’s heart rate increased ten-fold when Ren put his arm around her shoulders. It was a casual wrap, unlike the loving hold that Mayu had on Yuki, but it was enough to burn the skin where his hand rested.

A click of the tongue was heard before the intruding man murmured, “This must be my unlucky night,” and left the group without another word. Once he was out of sight, Ren retracted his hand much to Jurina’s disappointment.

“Sorry about that, Jurina-san,” he said, scratching the back of his head rather gawkishly.

You should be sorry that you took your hand away,
she thought with a soft sigh. Throwing on a perky smile, she inquired, “So are you two guys done talking?”

The men exchanged glances before nodding. The astute curve of Mayu’s mouth was not missed by Yuki.

“Good. Let’s go then,” Jurina suggested, albeit a bit hastily. Her eyes darted to Yuki who was currently whispering something into Mayu’s ear. “I still have work in the morning,” she continued as an afterthought.

Ren raised his brows in surprise. “Didn’t you say you were off-”

“There’s been a change of plans,” Jurina cut him off and shook her head discreetly, hoping that he would get her hint to shut up. Thankfully, he caught on and agreed with her suggestion.

After the group left the pub, Mayu and Yuki watched Jurina toss a helmet towards Ren who strapped it on his head and then settled onto the pillion of her yellow and black motorcycle. The sequence of actions flowed with practised ease as if they had done it many times. Soon, the engine roared to life and they bade farewell to the doctor and nurse couple.

“It looks like Ren-kun is more comfortable with Jurina-san than I thought,” Yuki mused as the motorcycle disappeared down the street.

Humming in agreement, Mayu added, “I believe he is just in denial.” He turned to Yuki when he found her oddly silent and was surprised to catch her nibbling her bottom lip – a sure sign that she was bothered by something. “Hey, what’s wrong?”

“Do you think Ren-kun and I will ever return to how we were in the past?”

Mayu made slow circles on her palm as he pondered over the question. “You will.”

“What makes you so sure?”

“My instincts.”

“Are you humouring me?”



“You can’t rush it. If things still haven’t gone back to normal after a long while, I’ll make sure they do.”

“No more beating,” Yuki quickly reminded. “You broke your promise just now,” she mumbled with a pout.

“Sorry. Forgive me?” He leaned closer to peer at her with a winsome smile for good effect.

“Hmph… fine. Only because you did it for me but,” she wagged a finger at his nose, “no more.”

Hand snapping up, he performed a mock salute. “Yes, my lady.”

“Anyway, what did you say to Ren-kun?”

At that, her fiancé broke into a crafty half-smirk. “I told him that if he doesn’t give Jurina-san a chance, I would ask Yuko-san to introduce her gay friends to him.”

“You said that?” Yuki’s jaw dropped. “No wonder he took the initiative to protect Jurina-san from that man just now. You are evil, Mayu. You got him right at his weak spot.”

“You aren’t any more of an angel. I noticed Jurina-san’s fear-stricken face. You said something to her while I was gone, didn’t you?”

“I simply warned her about laying her hands on you.”

“Possessive.” He pinched her nose.

“You too.” She poked his cheek.

“Now… ” He drawled deliberately, taking one step towards her. “About your nice body body body…”

Her cheeks took on a rosy tint when his arms encircled her waist and his warm breath tickled her skin. “Are you worried?” she whispered, eyes twinkling playfully as she cupped his baby smooth face.

“I wonder about that…”

“Worrywart, it’s only for your eyes,” she assured, tracing the outline of his bottom lip with her thumb.

“Good,” he breathed, “because I can be a jealous man.”

“I know… and I like that.” She grinned and closed the distance between their lips.


The Honda motorbike slowed to a stop at the well-lit porch of an apartment building. Its pillion rider got off and removed his helmet, tucking it under his arm.

“Thanks for the ride, Jurina-san.”

The owner of the vehicle flipped up her visor. “Save the thanks. It’s not the first time I’m giving you a ride.”

“That makes me sound like an alcoholic,” Ren deduced abashedly.

“You will be one soon if you keep drinking because of Yuki-san,” her voice took on a warning tone despite sounding muffled behind her helmet.

“I won’t.” Ren sucked in a deep breath before releasing another shakily. He steeled himself for what he was about to say next. “Regarding your question back at the pub…”

Confused eyes stared back at him as Jurina tried to recall their earlier conversation.

“I… I told myself that I would give up if Yuki-chan rejected me after the kiss – which she did. After what happened just now, I am convinced that Mayu-san is the one for her. He will surely give Yuki-chan a good life… better than what I’d ever be able to offer her.”

“Ren-san…” Pain etched itself on Jurina’s face. “Don’t say that. You are so much better than you give yourself credit for.”

Ren laughed dryly. “Perhaps. I feel inferior to Mayu-san on so many levels.”

“Just because he’s got Yuki-san’s heart doesn’t mean you are not as good as him. He is an admirable man but so are you. You are giving up your own happiness in exchange for Yuki-san’s. That’s very noble of you.” Jurina turned her head to the side and mumbled, “I envy her so much.”

A heavy sigh escaped her lips.

“Jurina-san.” The way her name rolled off his tongue made her heart skip a beat. “Please take off your helmet and look at me.” Though utterly perplexed, she did as told, running her hand through flattened locks to smooth them out. He moved closer and she shivered when she felt his sombre eyes scrutinising every inch of her being. “I need some time to get over Yuki-chan completely and I’m not sure how long it’d take. It’s selfish of me to ask this, but… would you help me move on?”

Deafening heartbeats pounded in her ears as Jurina gawked dumbly at Ren.

“Ju… rina-san?”

“Call me Jurina,” she croaked, and mentally cursed her suddenly dry throat.

“Huh?” The blank expression on his face made her want to hit him for being so hopelessly dense. “Idiot.” She slammed her helmet into his gut. “Of course I would help you!” When she noticed that he was still doubled over in pain after a few seconds, she felt a tinge of guilt creeping up on her. “Gosh, how weak can you be?” She hopped off her bike and gave him a hand, yanking him to his feet.

“That was low. You hit an intoxicated man,” he protested, wincing from the throbbing ache in his stomach.

“Excuses. You are still weak,” she scoffed, rolling her eyes.

Ren chuckled, enjoying their lighthearted banter and feeling a tremendous weight off his shoulders. The forthright young lady never failed to make him feel better – even when she was putting him down.

“Then this poor excuse of a weak man shall be in your care.”

“Of course, weakling.” She punched his shoulder, her merry laughter joining his.

“Since we are both off tomorrow, do you want to catch a movie or something?” asked Ren softly, diffidence almost swallowing his words.

“Are you asking me out on a date?”

“If you want to see it that way then I guess...” his voice trailed off as heat rushed to his face, prompting her to kick his shin good-naturedly. “Ouch! You are as abusive as Yuki-chan.” At that, she kicked him again – harder than the first.

“Don’t compare us,” she chided. “That’s the first step to moving on. And be more confident when you are asking a girl out.”

“Yes, Ma’am!” He raised both arms in defeat. “Sorry about that.”

She burst into another round of snickers at his guilt-ridden face. “Loosen up. I was just kidding.”

“No, no, you are right. I shouldn’t have done that. Let me try again.” He stood upright and inhaled deeply. “Would you like to catch a movie with me tomorrow, Jurina?”

Shaking her head at his stubbornness, she replied, “You are so rigid but… I’d love to.”

A refreshing night breeze blew past, tousling their inky hair. The doctor gazed in fascination as Jurina tucked a few fluttering strands behind her left ear, the demure action highlighting her rarely displayed feminine charms. Her eyes were closed and for the first time, he noticed how feathery long her lashes were. After the wind died down, she opened her eyes and he faked a cough in reflex, embarrassed at being caught staring. She giggled at his dorky action while he rubbed the back of his neck with a nervous smile.

“So… I’ll see you tomorrow?”

“I already gave you my answer just now,” she teased.

“A-ah, that’s right. I guess it’s goodnight then.”

As he turned to leave, she pulled him back and planted a peck on his cheek. Startled, he gaped dumbly at her.

“Jurina… that’s… I…”

“Don’t worry. I’m not expecting anything in return… yet.” She winked and put her helmet back on. “Goodnight, Ren. I’ll be looking forward to your mail!” With that, she revved the engine and sped off into the night.

Hand touching the spot she had kissed, Ren allowed a small smile to lift the corners of his lips.


Two days later, Ren returned to work and was bombarded with questions about the awful bruise on his jaw. It was impossible to hide, considering how large it was although he was simply thankful that Mayu did not aim anywhere higher for it would be harder to explain a black eye. As he made his morning rounds, he massaged the deep purple area absentmindedly, hissing loudly when he pressed a particularly tender spot.

Mayu-san is a beast when it comes to Yuki-chan. Where does he pack all his strength? Or maybe I’m just weak. Even Jurina insists on hauling me to the gym on our next date.

“Fell down the stairs, Matsui?”

Ren snapped out of his thoughts and saw the towering Shinoda Mario walking down the corridor with his usual all-knowing smirk. As he struggled to come up with a reply, Mario beat him to it.

“Isn’t that what you’ve been telling everyone?” Mario halted before the emergency doctor with a click of his well-polished leather shoes. Leaning towards Ren’s ear, he lowered his voice, “That must have been some magical stairs. Only your face is hurt.”

Ren’s eyes widened. “You…”

The neurosurgeon grinned and straightened his back – at this point, Ren felt infinitely dwarfed. The close proximity magnified their height difference which, though wasn’t much, made Mario a lot more intimidating than usual. In the years he had worked at Akiba Hospital, Ren had never carried a one-on-one conversation with Mario; this was a first. He briefly wondered how Mayu could hold his own against the resident king of trolls. Then again, the vertically-challenged doctor’s nerves of steel more than made up for his stature.

“We are certified medical personnel. You aren’t fooling anyone.” The omniscient gaze cleaved through all of Ren’s defences.

“S-So?” Ren willed himself not to buckle under Mario’s imposing presence. “What does it matter to you anyway?”

An eyebrow arched in amusement. “Nothing. But maybe it does to the next person you see.” Without another word, the man sauntered off, leaving a baffled Ren to his own.

“What next person I see?” muttered Ren as he watched Mario leave. Does he derive some kind of sick pleasure from others’ discomfort? Scratching the back of his ear, he turned back to continue on his way only to lock gazes with none other than Yuki. The nurse looked equally stunned to bump into him. He gulped, totally unprepared for this and judging from her expression, so was she.



“Does it still hurt?”

The concern in her voice sent a wave of warmth spreading through his chest. “I’m glad,” he spoke after a while.


“I thought you wouldn’t care about me anymore,” he replied, eyes a little downcast.


A few seconds passed in awkward silence. Yuki began fiddling with her hands.

“I’m sorry about Mayu. He promised me he wouldn’t do anything rash but-”

“No, I should be the one apologising instead,” Ren stopped her before she could ramble. “I put our friendship on the line just to satisfy my own curiosity and I showed disrespect to both you and Mayu-san. Even a hundred punches are considered too light a punishment for me. I’m a terrible person.”

“Ren-kun…” Pain flashed in her eyes at the way he was admonishing himself.

“I should’ve been someone you could trust, yet I hurt you. I’m so sorry, Yuki-chan.” His clenched fist shook as his head hung low. Watery heat scorched the back of his eyes as he contemplated his next words. “If you don’t forgive me, I don’t blame you. I… I won’t get in your way anymore.”

“What are you saying? Are you going back on your word now?” The sharp retort caused Ren to snap his head up. Angry tears filled Yuki’s large eyes even as she bit down hard on her lip, trying her hardest to force her sobs back. “Didn’t you say… t-that you would treat me like… like in the past the next time we met? Why does it sound like y-you are leaving me now?”

“I…” Ren’s voice trailed off; he was too shocked for words. All along he had convinced himself that Yuki would never forgive him for the hurt he had caused her and she would be better off without him. But now, her tears were akin to a wake-up slap, telling him that he was hurting her even more by volunteering to step out of her life. Words failed him. He just wanted her to stop crying. Succumbing to instincts, he rushed forward and enveloped her in his arms, drawing her quivering body close to his.

“Sorry… sorry… sorry…” he repeated over and over like a mantra to salvage whatever he could of their relationship. The embrace brought back memories of their childhood when she would bury herself in his arms whenever she was frightened. It had been years since they shared a hug and he was grateful he still had a chance to hold her like this. She was soft, warm and sweet-smelling – just as how he remembered. After he came to Tokyo, she was already enamoured with Mayu and she relied even less on him after she got together with the younger doctor.

“You are like a brother to me. How can I not forgive you?” Yuki’s voice was muffled as she wept into his shoulder. “D-Don’t you ever say that again…”

“I’m sorry.” He tightened his grip around her trembling back. “I was stupid. I didn’t think of your feelings. I was so afraid that you wouldn’t want me in your life anymore that I wasn’t thinking straight.” Pushing her back gently, he felt a twist in his stomach upon the sight of her wet and flushed cheeks.

“You will always be my precious sister. I won’t ever leave you.”

Through the fresh cascade of tears that spilled down her face, he detected a faint smile and pulled her into another hug.

We’ll go back to how we were in the past. I won’t worry you again, Yuki-chan. I will move on; I promise you.


“I’m amazed you can watch another man hug your woman and not flip a nut.”

A certain pair of emergency doctors stood behind a wall as they watched the exchange between Ren and Yuki.

“It’s closure for the two of them,” Mayu answered matter-of-factly. He leant back against the wall, exhaling softly before opening his right hand and inspecting it. Tiny crescents dug deep into his bloodless-looking palm.

Yuko scoffed, “Stop pretending to be cool. You were nervous, weren’t you?”

Mayu paid no heed to the question and took another peep at the longtime friends. When he saw the genuine beam on Yuki’s face, he too, smiled.

“How I feel doesn’t matter… as long as she is happy.”

His companion groaned loudly. “You are disgusting.”

He pushed himself off the wall. “I’m heading back to check the wards. By the way, Shinoda-san dropped by the office just now. He put a chicken breast salad on your desk and threw away all your cakes.”

Yuko stared blankly at him before the words registered in her head.


“See you later.”

“Wait, come back here! Explain yourself!”

But Mayu simply waved a hand, his stolid façade settling over him like a second skin.


To be continued…

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hehe~ mayu gets distracted by yuki's body easiy~ :P
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I love lychee martinis! :heart:
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Yeeey!!! An update! Finally. Anyway I'm so happy that I'm speechless right now.
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This is my the first time to comment in your fic. I just want to say that I have enjoyed all the chapters. You are amazing Seigus-san. :on GJ:

For the current chapter, Mayuki is so intimate. :luvluv1: I can't get enough of their sweet moments and the hickeys. :luvluv2:

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Yuki being overprotective...ah, the black queen is back  :nervous Poor Jurina  XD Well, she will know now that it is no joke, the love of MaYuki towards each other and that if anyone tries to interfere...oh the dire consequences...  :rofl:

Ah, Ren warming up to Jurina...FINALLY, but his jaw!!!  :cry: Well, yes, he deserved it but my biased heart is hurting only from the thought he was hit...  :nervous And not realizing it's love-bite-S&M-marks, oh you dense Ren-kun :rofl: :rofl:

Oh Maritroll you....troll...  :nervous Well, at least Yuki and Ren reconciled and now the two are friends again, right?  :stuffed:

And...ohohohoho, Maritroll caring for the supposedly-pregnant-Yuko-who-is-probably-carrying-his-child, ah, so sweet~  :shy1: :shy2: :wriggly:

But I am 200% sure Yuko-sama's gonna snap at him  :rofl: (or maybe not?  :lol: ) I kinda imagine her going to him and yelling and he silences with a simple kiss and then says that a mother to be should take better care of herself, if not for her, then for the child. Or something of the sort  :nervous

Anyways, my MariYuu shipper heart (thanks to you, I ship them really hard  XD :wub: ) aside, I am so waiting for more wMatsui moments~!!  :wub: :wub:

I'll be patiently waiting for your next update, and CONGRATULATIONS ON PASSING JAPANESE EXAM!!! (I think I passed mine too, but I still am waiting for the results  :nervous )
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Re: [Dr. Watanabe x Nurse Kashiwagi Part 5.2] Everyone's Insecurities (22 Dec)
« Reply #396 on: December 22, 2013, 10:39:30 AM »
oooooo.. my God  :drool: :drool: i don't know what to say, seriously.
When i saw your update i was soooo excited. Like, really really excited  XD :P
Dat MaYuki moment was so sweeet, it feels like i'm getting diabetes :nervous I'm glad that Ren has move on from Yuki, yeah he should be with Jurina  :twothumbs
I can't wait for your next update,especially MaYuki sweet moment of course!! :thumbsup :drool:  :love:

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Re: [Dr. Watanabe x Nurse Kashiwagi Part 5.2] Everyone's Insecurities (22 Dec)
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that lovely mayuki  :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:
god!!! you gave me a heart attack!!
my heart exploded!!!!

mayu so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

look forward to your updates :D :D :D :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :twothumbs :twothumbs
mayuyu and rena is <3

mayuki and mayurena is my fav <3

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Re: [Dr. Watanabe x Nurse Kashiwagi Part 5.2] Everyone's Insecurities (22 Dec)
« Reply #398 on: December 22, 2013, 02:57:26 PM »
The only thing bad about this fic is the super long wait for the next update.

But that is also why it's so captivating.

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Re: [Dr. Watanabe x Nurse Kashiwagi Part 5.2] Everyone's Insecurities (22 Dec)
« Reply #399 on: December 22, 2013, 03:40:07 PM »
The only thing bad about this fic is the super long wait for the next update.

But that is also why it's so captivating.

Then let's wait six months for the next update :P

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