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Author Topic: Kuro's Unusually Weird OS/SS/FF/CS HKT request part 2  (Read 54144 times)

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Re: Kuro's Unusually Weird OS/SS/FF/CS HKT request
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“I heard there are two new students coming into the school.  They’re friends.”

Matsuoka Natsumi stared up at the sky when she heard the news and turned over onto her knees, sweeping off the dust from her skirt.  The moody teenager had grown into herself as being the one who acts awkward towards others.  She wasn’t into boys nor really was into anyone but the woman standing by the door stood with a smile upon her face, forcing the smirk upon hers.

“Chihiro… why is that good news?”  Natsu asked with her narrowing eyes.

“I’m president of the third year class.  You shall at least listen to me once in a while and not mop over who you couldn’t get.”  Anai Chihiro scolded as Natsu rolled her eyes.  “You are not going to do that to me again.  I want you to have at least have someone else as a friend.”

“You’re good enough.  You listen to me.”  Natsu snarled.  “I’m curious because you are making me so what’s the names?”

“Moriyasu… Madoka and Motomura Aoi.”  Chihiro read off the paper and folded it back into her pocket.  “I just saw them from the office.  Aoi is really cute.  I know you like cute girls~”

She admitted to that fact but she was also too conscious to be compared to them and aiming for Madoka seemed into enter her mind as she pondered over the girl’s appearance.  The question was to think about why Chihiro would tease about Aoi and not Madoka.  Everything came into her mind as the bell rung in the distance as she picked up her bag and followed the president down to the floor level where the swarm of people swerved around her to their homerooms as the two eased in to the two females standing in front.

“Hello, I’m Motomura Aoi.  It’s pleasure to meet you guys.”  She said with a wide smile as the next girl stepped up firmly with an erect pose.

“I’m Moriyasu Madoka.  Thanks.”  She said quickly when Natsu noticed the empty seat in front of when Aoi pointed over to the seat and took it while her friend took the one near the window.

Natsu noticed Aoi being the cute one with the wide grin and being cheerful as she took out her supplies but turning away she saw Madoka with her notebook and black pen, twirling in her hand.  Her eyes were on the board as she scribbled down as quickly as it was placed onto the board.  Naturally she felt Aoi to be better suited but it seemed too easy to deal with the happy-go-lucky female.  She turned to Madoka and noticed the flawless skin with the long, black hair as she turned to see Natsu focusing on her before turning back to the board.

The bell rang as Aoi turned from her seat and smiled.  “I’m Motomura Aoi.  You can call me Aoitan.”

“Ah Aoitan!  I’m Matsuoka Natsumi, you can call me Natsu and that girl with the smile aiming towards the others is my friend Anai Chihiro.  You can call her Chiichan when you whisper to her.”  Natsu smirked as Aoi pranced over behind the girl’s ear and saw the president shake with the rest laughing at her when Aoi returned back to her seat.

She saw the glare from the president and shrugged her shoulders.  Natsu turned back to her book when the shadow came upon her and glanced up to the slender-bodied female with the intense stare being returned to her as Aoi peered upwards.  Natsu didn’t sense the fear from Madoka as Aoi did but standing up to her she saw Madoka’s lips twitched.

“Don’t play with her feelings.”  Madoka stated.

“It was just playing with my friend.  That’s Chihiro and Aoi wanted to say her nickname into her ear…”  Natsu explained as the eyes were coldly staring back at her.

“One more time.  Don’t do it again.”  Madoka warned before returning back to her seat with a book in hand.

“I don’t know what happened to Madoka.  She is usually quite playful but I found her to be quite introverted as of late.  Our families have known each other for years and I thought it was the move that bothered her but she always rejected that reasoning.  I wondered if I could break the spell someone has over her.”  Aoi explained when the next teacher popped in to the next lesson in their day.

Natsu knew that the aura felt different but wasn’t afraid to worry about such things but Aoi’s words hit her as a plea for her to help.  It was a challenge to calm Madoka down if Aoi was being concerned also to find that Chihiro was probably wasn’t paying attention to the problem at hand with the efforts of the cheerleader being by her friend.  Chihiro was quick to turn back but being away from her was a bit difficult to always return with class.  She waited for the next bell for the lunch period and walked up to the front.

“Kodama!”  Natsu snarled.  “I need to speak to Chihiro… alone.  You can have her for a bit later.”

“Hai!”  She answered, walking away with Chihiro glancing up.

“Aoi is cute… although Madoka has been watching her like a hawk.  So if you want to be friends with her, you have to watch out.”  Natsu warned.

“Thanks for telling me…”  Chihiro forced a smile.  “You seem rather bewildered by her.”

Natsu knew a retort would brush away that fact but Chihiro knew a bit more that if she was aiming for Aoi, it would be hard to be committal between them.  She liked Aoi but something was arising that Aoi wouldn’t be hard to satisfy when she saw the two walk past her.  Her eyes turned towards Madoka before turning back to the president.

“You’re going to do the usual outing with new students, right?”  Natsu asked.  “I want to go with you.”

“Hmm… are you going for Aoi?”  Chihiro narrowed her eyes.  “That wouldn’t be fair on me.”

“I would like to speak to both of them.”  Natsu responded swiftly.  “It’ll be comforting if you have someone by your side.  Kodama would be a plus if she didn’t have to practice for the upcoming meet.”

Natsu knew Chihiro would have brought the cheerleader for these occasions but with the schedule being packed for the next month, it was obvious to bring the next person in line although probably the least expected person.  She played off the fact that Aoi had pleaded to her and if she was going to make a move upon the challenge she was about to face, Chihiro had to be blinded by the fact that Aoi was probably more for her than Natsu herself.

“Okay, you won’t be trying to work around something right?”  Chihiro smirked.

“If I dared tried, you can personally kill me.”  Natsu smiled.

The knowledge of the new student meetings were more for to get them accustomed to the school and was usually scheduled within the first week.  Natsu left the scheduling to Chihiro as she ventured off to the cafeteria, seeing the girls around waving back to her as she noticed Madoka following Aoi in the line.  She withdrew herself from the area and turned to the vending machine for a juice before returning to the room with the rest of them heading out to lunch.

She rested her head upon the table, glaring at the bottle.  It wasn’t Natsu not like having friends but in many ways she was standoffish towards others.  She was warm to people but rarely talked to them with a smile.  It felt like nerves would take over her before even considering a conversation, having gone wayward at time between others.  Aoi was upfront but Madoka seemed to gather her attention and was focused to not make Chihiro look bad but also to comfort herself into setting.

Hearing the bell, she drank the last bit of the juice and placed the bottle aside.  The teacher rushed in and started the lesson with the others filtering into the room, comforting themselves with the sun’s placement into the room.  Natsu sat and looked down at her notes.  It felt unusual that she needed a distraction but writing down the lesson felt different than just staring out into space and ask Chihiro for her notes.  Aoi’s scent lingered in her nose with the three classes and the occasional turn to see the girl smile brought a sense of happiness into her life.

Natsu escaped out into the hallway with the final bell and walked up to the usual place of solitude to not be part of the rush going home when Chihiro tugged on her skirt.  “Hmm?”

“Tomorrow.  Lunch time.  The homeroom.”  She responded with a smile.  “I know you like to be friendly with the cute ones but also try to be their friend, okay?”

“Sure.  I’m going to hang out here for a while.  Kodama is escorting you home?”  Natsu asked.

“She is busy for now.  I’m going to go home by myself.”  Chihiro answered.  “I’ll wait for you to clear your head.”

Natsu was left to consider that a day would have to pass by to play it out but Chihiro stood behind her as she wrapped her arms around the woman’s waist.  “Everyone has been talking about Aoi.  It may be weird that we can talk to them.”

“Madoka is interesting too.”  Natsu breathed.  “Let’s head home.”

“Hayai~” Chihiro moaned.

“I feel different right now.  The head is jumbled and no way around it.”  Natsu explained as she grabbed her bag from the gravel.

The night was being swamped with the thoughts of tomorrow and finishing the homework with little problem, Natsu grew concerned that Madoka would protect Aoi like a mother and prevent her.  The pleas echoed in her mind before she managed to get her eyes to close to only open to the sun peeking through the shade.  It was the timing of everything as she rolled out of the bed and felt the cold floor beneath her.

She knew the time.  The winter was horrid to her with the clock and walked into the bathroom to shower and rushed out into the room to dress up as she saw Chihiro at the door.

“Don’t we have school?”  Natsu asked.

“Well… I was thinking of passing it up since Aoi is with me.”  Chihiro pointed to the girl as Natsu scratched her head.

“Madoka isn’t feeling well… so I would consider to help her out.  She feigns sickness well.”  Aoi smiled.

Natsu narrowed her eyes towards the two as they looked at each other.  She pondered to why they were glaring back at her and shrugged her shoulders.  She followed the two to the apartment where Aoi led them to the apartment complex as she searched through the key ring and opened the door to the room.  Aoi showed them into the apartment as they noticed the white walls, barren of items as she glanced at her phone.

“Take a seat on the couch.”  Aoi pointed to the furniture as she dialed the number and headed to the other room.

“Why did you agree to it?”  Natsu sighed.

“I’m the president!”  She reasoned.  “I had to visit Madoka.  As for you… I have no excuse.”

Natsu closed her eyes as she heard the doorbell ringing throughout the room as Aoi came over and pranced over to see the figure with a jacket on and her long, straight black hair tied up in a ponytail.  Bringing her in, Chihiro stood up and pressed her hand upon the head when Aoi tugged at the sleeve before leaving Madoka in the room with Natsu as they stared at each other.

“Were you dragged into it?”  Madoka groaned.

“Chihiro is the president.  What else could I do?”  Natsu explained, watching her take a seat next to her.

“Aoi always does this but she talked to you and then Chihiro had met her at the convenience store, I guess you were sleeping…”  Madoka rolled her eyes.

“I could see why you always protect Aoi for.”  Natsu sighed as she pressed her hands up to the cushion, propping herself up.  “I have to report I’m tardy.”

“You don’t have to…”  Madoka breathed.  “I’m not feeling well.”

“I have to take care of you…”  Natsu deadpanned.

“Aoi ranted that I was being overprotective because of what had happened the day we left to go to the school.  I don’t blame him either but I’m not great at being myself.  Honestly, I have to be Aoi’s sister most of the time because she’s fickle and is a crybaby even though she’s older than I am.”  Madoka explained, closing her jacket.  “I have to chase them away but meeting Chihiro, they managed to hit it off and when I called in sick because of her.  She brought you over and said that you would be suitable.”

“I’m not the type to care.”  Natsu forced a smile.

“Aoi must have taken Chihiro into her room… I’m not surprised by that but you don’t seem fazed by my warning.”  Madoka brushed her hair back, exposing her forehead.

“I need a friend.”  Natsu said under her breath.  “Maybe a little more since Aoi took Chihiro away…”

“I can’t believe we are two in the same.  Although Chihiro looks more adult than you do.”  Madoka theorized, grabbing Natsu by the collar.  “You do have nice lips.”

“What exactly happened?”  Natsu breathed before she felt the warmth coming from her partner.

Natsu felt her chest stop.  She wanted to speak out against it but Madoka holding her close made her melt as she moved to the couch and pressed up to her body, falling onto the cushion.  She pulled back before Madoka presented a smile and Natsu moved back to the warm lips, tasting the fresh strawberry lip gloss upon her partner’s lips as she counted in her head the time.  It was forever after twelve when she managed to peel off her lips.

“I told him I like girls.”  Madoka whispered.  “Aoi never knew why I cried that night.  I want to keep it that way because I never developed a crush on a person but last night… I dreamt of you finally kissing me.”

“Honestly…”  Natsu breathed.  “I couldn’t accept Chihiro as much as I should but you seem suitable enough for me.”

The two walked out with their hands clasped as Aoi was sitting up to see Chihiro on the bed.  The president shot up seeing the two with their hands intertwined.

“That was fast.  We haven’t even…”  Aoi spoke when Chihiro forced her upon the bed.

“Rarely, I’ve seen Chiichan like that.”  Natsu commented.

“I’m hoping I see more of that.”  Madoka smirked.  “Aoi being happy.”
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Re: Kuro's Unusually Weird OS/SS/FF/CS HKT request part 2
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part 2

Natsu couldn’t assess the amount of time they had spent together but it was going onto three months with the constant reminder from Chihiro and Aoi.  Madoka melted from her stance earlier and opened up a bit to let Natsu into the realm of hers.  She found many things that were quirky about her although her height stood out compared to Natsu as they held hands going down the hall.  Natsu found herself in relief of many things with Madoka’s even headed approach but piano drew the line although she tried to stay up for the recitals with little chance of reviving herself after it was done.

To Madoka, it was fine.  Natsu was a bit reclusive in her status although the interest level came when they went for clothing for winter stuff.  The thought entered her mind that they were both third year students and her form was partially filled out before the break and was due by the time they got back to school.  Natsu pondered over it as she saw Madoka pop out with a tan winter coat with Natsu’s eyes turning towards it.

“It looks… nice.”  Natsu said softly.  “It looks beautiful on you.”

“What’s wrong?”  Madoka sighed.  “Is something on your mind?”

Madoka drew closer to the elder female and took a seat next to her, leaning her head upon the shoulder.  Natsu felt the weight but grew dispirited to what she had on her mind.  It felt like a wound had developed and desperately wanting to cover it up upon revelation.  Natsu tensed up and turned.  “It’s nothing.”

“Just tell me.  It’s at least important that I know what’s up.”  Madoka breathed.

“Just next year… what are we going to be doing?  I haven’t thought about life after school.  College seems fine but I also want to do other things as well.”  Natsu confessed.

“I see… I know I have an offer on the table but I stay in Fukuoka for one but I applied for another in Tokyo.”  Madoka informed her.  “The thing is my parents are set upon me moving forward in my career as a pianist.  I know Aoi has been trying for colleges in Fukuoka.”

“Chiichan had hers set a while back and she was planning to stay here but in meeting you… I hadn’t thought about what I should do.”  Natsu sighed.

“Honestly, I think you should take on something more.  I won’t be here forever to deal with your moody responses.  Maybe an older person could help you with something.  I can’t help you there but if you come across something you like, you should go for it.  I’ll support you.”  Madoka smiled.

Natsu smiled back although with the words, she shook it off for a while, giving her chance to think about it although many times just a general education would seem to be enough.  The knowledge seemed to carry her along but maybe in the arts that she could strive upon but in every area she found many thing that were holding her back as she tried to work around the issues by going into the café and having tea with cake as the waitress seemed to catch her attention.

“You’ve been serving me for these past few days… do you guys have another opening?”  Natsu asked as the female turned to the back to the sign.

“We can teach you.”  She showed a toothy grin.  “I’m Riko.  What’s your name?”

“Matsuoka Natsumi.  Nice to meet you.”  She smiled as Riko brought her to the back.

The thoughts seemed to quell in her mind that maybe temporarily she could take the job and worked on her plan.  Chihiro was busy with children during her part-time job so it felt different not speaking to the others for the rest of the break and returned with a new sense and wrote down for general studies as a brief plan to get out of the situation.

Time sped through as they went through everything and the time on the tests split the four apart but the brief time they spent together had brought the future between them to a reality when the thought had brought them back to the time as they turned to the indoor recreation center nearby with the pool that they could spend a bit of time together.  Madoka had enough money to split the rooms for them as Aoi and Chihiro had their room while she got a room with Natsu and sought the privacy they couldn’t receive for months.

“I heard you got admitted.”  Madoka smiled.  “Congrats.”

Natsu smiled back towards her as the thought turned back to what had peened over Winter break.  Madoka had been mum about it since the application and audition process led her to miss school for some time but was able to bring homework along for a few days only to return out to Tokyo for another audition a few weeks later.  Natsu felt indifferent as the thought came by as she placed the ear upon the wall.

“Hearing them making out?”  Madoka smirked.

“They’re playing around.”  Natsu curled her lips.  “What about you?”

Madoka tilted her head, revealing the matter at hand but Natsu grew ready for it but time seemed to freeze for the moment as she laid upon the bed.  “I have to hear back from the Tokyo school but Nagasaki also got put into the mix.  I have family there and they’ve been listening into the recitals awhile back and want to get an audition from me but I haven’t placed a time for them because of school.”

“Nagasaki, isn’t too bad…”  Natsu pondered.

“My mind isn’t set upon anything but I spent enough time to decide that I wanted to know how you would feel if Tokyo accepted me.”  Madoka spoke as Natsu jumped onto the bed.  “Would you be angry?”

“I guess not.  You’ve comforted me about my decision but it’s up to you on how you feel about taking anything but it’s our relationship.”  Natsu explained as she turned onto her back, feeling the lips press up to her.

“I’ll make sure that it won’t go away.”  Madoka whispered.

The silence seemed deafening as the pent up emotions seemed to burst between them.  Natsu had let the emotions go that she was ready for anything and Rikopi being open about the job had always brought a sense of openness to say that she was in a relationship with Madoka.  Natsu molded her hands around her body and never let go until they found themselves in each other’s arms again when the knock at the door awoke them from the peaceful slumber.

“You two had fun?”  Chihiro swayed her eyes as Natsu answered the door.

“You guys didn’t?”  Natsu returned the glance.

She knew they probably did and turning back to see Madoka arose from the bed had brought a sense of nostalgia back to the day they finally got their feelings portrayed after the supposed sick day.  Natsu knew time was short and with everything else upon the horizon, it wasn’t the time to forget everything upon her mind.  The day had ended with just hanging by the pool with them just splashing around before taking their night stay.

Natsu spent the night just thinking what she would do if Madoka had left.  She wouldn’t move on quickly but the time seemed to seep by as she wrapped her arm around the female and closed her eyes for good once she felt ready to consider what would happen if she had moved on.

The results were in as Madoka had gotten all three acceptance letters.  Natsu returned from her job as she ventured to the room where her parents sat with her as she stared down all of them.  They accepted Natsu as a friend of Madoka with little proof it was actually intimate between the two when she placed her finger upon the one in Fukuoka.  The weeks since the outing, Natsu felt compelled that she would leave as from before but she was staying for the time being as Natsu hugged her and pecked her on the cheek.

It felt completed with everyone still in Fukuoka with the only thing left being graduation.  All were saddened by their other classmates parting and with Haruka taking her talents to Tokyo.  Chihiro shared a hug with Natsu and Chihiro before heading to the separate areas.  Natsu felt Madoka’s hand for once before being sent to their areas a few seats apart as Aoi sat next to Madoka.  Natsu nodded that fate had proceeded to keep them together but it was something that she didn’t want to take for granted.

In everything, she hadn’t thought about what had happened over that time.  She felt truly blessed by everything and going through each of the names, it had brought pride into everything and the comfort of the friends smiling back at her brought the most out of everything in hoping that it wasn’t going to end.  At least for a while
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