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Author Topic: Time is good as gold - CH. 44(MaYuki) | 12/06/2021  (Read 109710 times)

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Re: Time is good as gold - CH. 43 (MaYuki) | 24/04/2018
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Omg you updating-  :onioncheer:
Gosh I forgot how the story goes, I guess I will read all of it again  :shy2:

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Re: Time is good as gold - CH. 43 (MaYuki) | 24/04/2018
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Woaw thank you, after all these years hoping for the next part... finally you comeback. I read this story in 2014 and it brings back so much memories. I know everything has changed, a lot of members have graduated, but mayuki will always be part of my life. I miss the old era,  :farofflook: i'm glad i still have an access to read all those legend pairings here :nya:
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Re: Time is good as gold - CH. 44 (MaYuki) | 12/06/2021
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"I can't believe we are already graduating." Sae let out as she looks herself in the mirror while Yuki could only think about what Yuko said.

Rena entered the room. "Oh Yuki chan, you haven't changed clothes." she said surprised waking Yuki up from her thoughts.

"Yeah.. Invisble to her as always." Sae murmured not believing that after all these years Rena is like that.

"Yes, I am going to change in a few minutes."

"No, we need to talk with sensei Yuko, come with me." Rena explained offering her hand and taking her with her.

As the walk the hall, they can see everyone being happy it was a great day after all, it was graduation.

The two entered to the teacher's room

Yuko and Haruna looked at the two girls

"What happened?" The two girls asked in unision worried.

Yuko got up from her seat " The principal doesn't believe me, so they are not going to investigate." she said embarrased

Haruna only sighed

"No way!" Yuki let out mad

Rena clenched her teeth "There's gotta be another way." she said

Yuko moved her head side to side. "They want to avoid a scandal so they are playing blind side." she answered clenching her fist feeling sad.

Haruna looked at her teacher having a hard time "I think i have an idea..."

"What is it? Tell me!" Yuki let out desperate knowing that she needs to clean the school because of Mayu.

Haruna looked at the two younger girls " I going to tell you where is their  hiding place so you guys have to take pictures and our..... files." she said with hesitation

Yuki and Rena couldn't believe it but thanked the girl


Acchan was eating a sandwich with coffee at the recreation area until some girls got closer

"Can I help you guys?" The teacher said with a fake smile.

"Can you give us your autograph?" THe three girls said happy as they hand their books.

Acchan smiled "Of course." she said and signed their books. The three girls said goodbye soon 2 more girls sat on her table.

"Don't understand what are you doing here but trust me it won't be pleasant." The two girls said smiling

"Girls Im having breakfast... Do not disturb me." Acchan said with a dark aura.

The two girls were intmidated and soon left the table

In Jurina and Mayu's room

"Did you really saw that? Why you didn't tell Rena? Mayu asked confused

JUrina sighed "Because she is Gekikara, she will be alright." she said feeling irritated

"You are being really stupid, that Airin girl is dangerous. What would you do if she does something bad to her?" Mayu said thinking about Yuki

Jurina felt bad about it, she didn't want to talk or see Rena but Mayu was right that girl seemed realled messed up and obsessed with Rena. "Maybe... Maybe I should go talk to her." she said leaving the room

Mayu kept reading online until somebody knocked her door. she got up and opened it only to find nobody.

"What the hell?" she thought to herself feeling pain in her chest, she closed the door and returned to bed

Once again somebody knocked her door many times scaring her.

Mayu only looked at her door not knowing if she should open up or not.




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Re: Time is good as gold - CH. 44(MaYuki) | 12/06/2021
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AN UPDATE!,   :heart:

I’m more a silent reader now, but had to comment for this nostalgic mayuki fic~
I hope Mayuyu will be okay, I wouldn’t open the door again if I was her.  XD
My kami-oshi is Mayuyu, and my oshimen is Oku Manami.

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