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Author Topic: [AtsuYuu] Best Friends -Chapter 2-  (Read 8369 times)

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[AtsuYuu] Best Friends -Chapter 2-
« on: November 05, 2013, 01:38:39 PM »
So, after reading sakura_drop_san's work, about the playah TakaMina, I suddenly felt the urge to write this and of course, after reading something on the internet, which I forgot where I got it, since well... privacy settings on the browser made me forgot XD I decided to make this.

The setting tells that some of the AKB members lived inside a big house, and were happily living together, well, except for one girl. The one who's the main focus of the story. So I bring you ANOTHER AtsuYuu work!

[WARNING]: This may contain cussing and also inappropriate words which are not suitable for the younger audiences.

[Chapter 1[

   There were two things which are going on in Oshima Yuko's mind at the moment. One thing is the fact that there were too many lovebirds in the damned house. I mean, seriously, she doesn't care if the lovebirds are doing it in their room secretly or anything, but one, they're in the friggin living room, and she means ALL of them, and second, they're ALL GIRLS. Yuko despises lesbians the most, though most people thought of her as one. The girl is straight, led a great life as an idol, and is, at the moment, enjoying the thrills of life. Except for the second thing she was worried about.

   The other thing, is about how she despises her best friend's lover from the bottom of her tiny heart. It is not really that hard to figure out that Maeda Atsuko, her best friend, and Takahashi Minami are dating, but what she despises is that Atsuko chose the wrong person to be with. Minami, is as one would call it, a player who plays with the girls' hearts. There were instances in the group when everyone joked with her, saying that she was a guy, but in truth, she is a girl! Well, that's to be expected.

   Minami would ALWAYS chase other girls behind Atsuko's back. There were some victims of the girl's charm, one of them being Yokoyama Yui, the girl's own kouhai, Minegishi Minami, the girl's best bud, and even herself! There's got to be wrong with her. When Minami was targeting Yuko, getting close to her and even touched her in weird places, Yuko gave her a disgusted look and of course ran off, leaving the girl to her own demise. There was a bunch of times which Yuko wanted to beat her up and even sometimes kill her, but alas, she couldn't. The smile of her best friend was something she needed to protect... even more than her chastity.

   It was no mystery that Maeda Atsuko is in fact, a weak and sensitive fellow, well, excluding the fact that she could cause everyone in the room to be silenced of fear from the raged Center girl. Oh boy, when Atsuko is mad, she gets personal. Cats will cry, babies will flee, dogs will meow and flies will crawl. Though in all honesty, her heart was easy to shake. When she gets mad, and at night, she would come to Yuko crying, saying that she was afraid that some people would hate her guts, and Yuko, being the kind best friend she is, would comfort her and sleep with her for the night. Just imagine what would happen if Atsuko knows that her best friend beat up her own lover. Well, of course, she would break, even crying while (lightly) beating up Yuko. And with no one to crawl to, Atsuko would go to cry in Minami's room. And HELL, there's no way Yuko would let that happen!

   Which leads back to why she despises the midget. Oh perverted midget, whom she isn't talking about herself, and who is actually making out with Atsuko right in front of the girl's best friend, Yuko. Yuko, at the moment, was on the sofa, watching television as the two lovers were at her feet, poking each other ever so lovey dovey, as Atsuko chuckles and Minami smiles (faked, is what Yuko wanted to shout out). And of course, sometimes when Atsuko wasn't looking, to focused on the television, Minami would turn around and stuck her tongue out at the slightly taller girl, mocking her of what she could do and the taller one couldn't.

   Man, how Yuko wanted to punch her in the face right that moment. Seeing the mock face of the midget was enough to ruin a whole year for her. When Atsuko turns to look at her lover again, Minami would smile oh so naturally and Yuko would have a disgusted face now and then. Looking to turn at her best friend, Atsuko would have a concerned look as she faced her best friend. "What's wrong, Yuko?" she asked, concern was in her voice and it made Yuko's anger subside in itself, knowing that her best friend was there. Just seeing the face of one Maeda Atsuko could turn Yuko's angered heart to melt into the warmness her best friend gave.

   "Yeah, what's wrong, YUKO?" and it turned back into anger. Minami mocked her again, and Atsuko did not realize of that fact. Yuko clicked her tongue, glaring at the midget, but when she looks again at Atsuko's concern-filled face, she sighed, patting the taller girl on the head. "It's okay, Acchan." it was always like that. At one side was the player who could hurt Atsuko at any moment, and on the other side, was the girl's loving friend who would do anything for her, comforting her and shaking off any of the girl's worries. "Ah, Yuko ignored me~" Minami pouted, and faked her sadness as Yuko only directed her words to Atsuko. Atsuko realized that her best friend was ignoring her lover and faced her best friend worriedly, "Is that true, Yuko?" she asked, with in all good intentions.

   Yuko could only force a wry smile, changing her attention to the other girls in the living room. Yuki and Mayu were at the corner, sharing a blanket together as they sang some song together. Though it looked like Mayu was the only one singing, and Yuki was red to her ears. Yuko could've sworn that there was somebody moaning Mayu's name in the room, but she decided to shrug it off as nothing. Yuko's over-perverted imagination could be so wrong sometimes. Or could it?

   There were also some other girls. Yuko's pet cat was sitting around the dining table, with the troll, Mariko. Haruna was currently dating Mariko at the moment even though Yuko treated her so lovingly. Well, Yuko actually did not mind a bit. Seeing that Haruna was happy with Mariko is already good. Not like Mariko is a bad person or anything. She could be very random sometimes, but that was nothing that Haruna couldn't stand.

   Two girls who shared the same last name was running around the house, Jurina chasing Rena, wanting to give a smooch or something as Rena ran for her life, shouting Atsuko's name. Well, not like Atsuko could do anything about that. She knew that Jurina loves Rena way too much and of course Rena did not mind the younger girl's perverse.

   Minami excused herself for a moment and left, leaving Atsuko who moved herself to the sofa, sitting next to Yuko and smiled. "So... what's really wrong, Yuko?" she asked, not any bit of remorse could be heard. Just a friendly chat between best friends.

   Yuko sighed and turned her gaze away from the taller girl. "Nothing, i guess." she then showed her one of a kind smile towards the younger girl, showing her that she was indeed, fine.

   Atsuko chuckled and her smile turned into a happier one. "Ah~ Being in love is sooo great~" she declared and then hugged Yuko childishly, as the older girl rolled her eyes.

   "Yeah, I'm pretty sure I realized that the moment you went all lovey-dovey with Takamidget." she teased and was hit on the arm with a light slap from the embarrassed Atsuko. She chuckled and then her voice turned a bit sadder. "Hey, Acchan." she said, calling the younger girl. Atsuko hummed in question and Yuko continued, "Er... Have you ever gotten a feeling that... that... you're... being... I dunno... cheated on?" she asked, nervously.

   It was of course, not as if the older girl was jealous. Oh hell no. She was as straight as the Eiffel Tower. She loves guys, not girls. So there was no way that she was in love with Maeda Atsuko. Not a slight chance. Never. Nu'uh.

   Atsuko's eyes widened in shock at the question which seemed a little too blunt to be taken too lightly. "Eh?! I dunno... But... Could it be possible that... you... know something I don't, Yuko?" she asked for confirmation, with slight fear in her voice as she asked the older girl, almost insecure.

   Seeing the insecure Atsuko, Yuko could not help but to regret from asking the way too blunt question and was lost as to what to do. Her cheeks blushed as she swallowed, nervously at that, and patted the girl again on the head, comforting her in any way possible. "Nah... It's... just a question." she forced a smile, though it looked a little sad.

   But that was good enough to fool Atsuko. The taller girl sighed in relief and her insecurity faded away, realizing that her best friend was only joking with her. She also smiled and hit the girl lightly again on her arms. Though she still feel somewhat panicked, on the verge of a heart attack from the joke. "Mou, that's not funny, you know~" she smiled, foolishly.

   Yuko laughed along, smirking childishly like a kid realizing his pranks was a success. "Haha, warui, warui." though her laugh, was somewhat weak, somewhat nervous.

   Atsuko realized it and looked at her worriedly. "Seriously, is something wrong, Yuko? Yeah, you're always blunt and all, but something tells me that you're hiding something from me, Yuko... And you know I despise secrets."

   The older girl gulped nervously, her cheeks flushed a bit red and her eyes became a bit watery, from being accused by her friend, though it was the truth. "It's nothing~ You don't need to worry, Acchan~ OF COURSE THERE'S NOTHING I'M HIDING FROM YOU, ACCHAN!" she said the last sentence a bit too loudly from nervousness, causing them to become the center of attention from the stares of the others.

   "Yuko..." Atsuko sighed, and just as she was about to dig deeper into the matter at hand, Minami came back from wherever she went and whispered some words to Atsuko which Yuko couldn't make out. But Yuko knew they were all lies. The tallest of the three chuckled and then followed Minami, being led by hand out of the room. Yuko looked a little sad, seeing the two leave her alone on the sofa.

   But just as the two was about to leave, Atsuko looked back, and smiled at her, soothing the girl's heart. Yuko smiled as well and raised her hands to bid farewell, but couldn't finish it because Minami also looked back, and smirked a mocking smirk at the squirrel girl.

   When the two left, Yuko laid down on the sofa and focused her attention on the ceiling, with the intention to just sleep it off. Inside her heart, though she did not want to admit such, she was actually thankful for Minami who saved her from being questioned more from her best friend, though it was all Minami's fault that she felt nervous in the first place for keeping secrets from her best friend.

"Sorry, Acchan..." she muttered and drifted into slumber.

[To be continued]

HOORAY FOR ANOTHER ATSUYUU FIC! :cow: :cow: :cow: Damn, I love this cow.
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Re: [AtsuYuu] Best Friends -Chapter 1-
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A friendship blossoming with the possible chance of.... yups :)
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Re: [AtsuYuu] Best Friends -Chapter 1-
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my hat is off. saluting.

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Re: [AtsuYuu] Best Friends -Chapter 1-
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 :cow: :cow: :cow: :cow: :cow: :thumbsup

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Re: [AtsuYuu] Best Friends -Chapter 1-
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cant wait more plzzzz^_^ :yossi:

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Re: [AtsuYuu] Best Friends -Chapter 1-
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Ashura-san, update this please??
It's been a while, you know xD
But don't mind me, take your time and bring the holy doly atsuyuu to the surface xD

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[AtsuYuu] Best Friends -Chapter 2-
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kuro, yups! XD Not just a chance~ You know how biased I am with le AtsuYuu~ :twisted:

imteedee, indeed. Another AtsuYuu for everyone's enjoyment!

Kazan, damn I love that cow. Let me join in! :cow: :cow: :cow: :cow: :cow: :cow:

mikaellitsa, as you wish! Here's another chapter after God knows how many months I left this hanging! And I seem to not recall you... AtsuYuu shipper?! OAO

atsukojiyuu, I sure took my time, huh? :lol: But anyways, here's another chapter of... well... angst.

   Forgot to update this. I was too busy with things (mostly having fun XD) that I neglected the chapter update. Curse my life, ey? Now onto le chapter update which might not be appropriate for the young ages!

[WARNING]: This may contain cussing and also inappropriate words which are not suitable for the younger audiences.

Chapter 2

   “Thanks for everything, Sae-san~” a girl thanked the slightly taller and tomboyish one.

   Sae only smiled and looked at the other inhabitant of her room. “Yuko, this is Aikawa. You’re goinna be seeing A LOT of Aikawa.” Sae had a warm smile as she looked at the older girl, Yuko, who was sitting on one of the beds looking at some magazine.

   Yuko glanced at the girl nonchalantly, only looking at her features like her face and her hair, after that, she gave a low growl at the tall ikemen. Sae took note of that growl meaning that Yuko saw her and was already fine with it. Then Sae led the girl outside. When she came back a few seconds later, she closed the door calmly and looked at Yuko.

   “And they never saw her again~” Sae jumped to Yuko’s bed, right in front of the older girl. “Wuzzap~”

   Yuko could only sigh at her friend’s antics. Sure enough, Sae was a swindler, just like a certain ponytailed girl she knew and despised. But even so, she could get along with Sae. Even though Sae is some type of playgirl, she only plays with a girl once for at most a day. Plus, Sae doesn’t usually play with girls except for when she sees a girl that’s in need of loving, unlike the ponytailed girl who hits on girls every second she has. “At least you’re better than Bakamina.” Yuko murmured under her breath, careful not to let the younger girl listen in, but to her dismay, Sae could hear her loud and clear.

   “What’s this? You’re hating on Takamina again?” Sae sounded somewhat amused at the older girl’s murmurs. Sae knows about Yuko’s hate for the said ponytailed girl and Yuko even always complains when the said midget gets close to her best friend and gets away with it, even though Takamina already is dating multiple women at the moment. “Still not happy coz Takamina stole your best friend~?” Sae teased as she got up, sat next to Yuko and puts her arm over the squirrel girl’s shoulder.

   Yuko glared at the girl next to her, causing Sae to let go of her and puts her hands in front of her in defense. “For the nth time, it’s not like I can’t let Acchan go! She’s my best friend! She’s pretty, funny, kind and elegant, far more than what Bakamina deserved! She needs someone caring by her side, not some swindler who’s having sex with other girls behind her back!” Yuko had her arms crossed, her eyes closed tight and her fingers tapping her arms as she reminisced about the things Takamina had done while Atsuko wasn’t looking.

   “Well, that’s probably coz you’re jealous. YOU, the one who played with a lot of girls even before I started. You’re Oshima Yuko, the 5 minutes! You managed to get a girl to agree to have sex with you with only one word! Nobody else can do that but you! You’re WAY worse that Takamina could ever hope to achieve!”

   “I’ve changed, Sae…” Yuko replied, as she looked outside of the window. Yuko had a distant look when she looked at the sky outside. It was something she always thought about. There was only one reason why she would change. All from one encounter.

   “For the better, I guess.” Sae plopped onto the bed next to Yuko.

   “Yeah… Hey, get off my bed and sleep on your own!”


   “Fuck.” Yuko cursed under her breath for the situation she was in at the moment. Right in front of her are two seemingly intimate lovers being o' so lovey dovey in front of her. Yuko could puke just from looking at the two but resolved not to because she doesn't want to vomit in front of her best friend. She didn't care about the shorter, ponytailed girl though. "Fuck this shit. I'm out." she cussed, got up and stormed out of the room.

   Atsuko glanced up to look at her best friend who was leaving abruptly. "Y- Yuko, wait up!" she called the older girl. "Where are you going?" she asked for confirmation..

   Yuko actually heard her but decided to ignore her this time. Being in a room with that swindler was something too much for her to take. More so said swindler was fooling with her best friend. She wanted to beat the hell out of the ponytailed girl. She wanted to just grab Atsuko and run the hell out but alas, she couldn't. So before she could do something that would make Atsuko pissed as hell, she'd just leave for the meantime. Before all hell breaks loose.

   She passed by her friends, and Sasshi, who was coincidentally there to talk with Takamina. When she stormed out, she earned a few curious looks from her friends. But hell, she didn't care. She wants to get the hell out of that place as soon as possible by all means.

   The brunette finally arrived at the yard of their living space. She was thankful that nobody was there. She was initially thankful for their Producer who lets them sleep in the same house, but seeing the situation at hand again, she had a change of heart. She would rather sleep somewhere else. Which is why she and Sae rented an apartment not far from there. More like it was Sae's persistence of wanting to play with Sayaka. Yuko knows Sae has a thing for Sayaka. Sayaka's a game changer for her but Sae would deny it to this day, more so making Yuko doubt the relationship the three has at the moment.

   She sat on a bench which the girls built so that they could sit around leisurely in the yard. She thought about many things, from her career to her friends. What always came to her mind, though, was the sad face of her best friend. She didn't want her best friend to be sad. She didn't want her to experience something so hurtful that she would be in such a mental breakdown. "That fucking Takamina just... FUCK THAT BITCH!" she cursed, messing up her hair in process.

   Everyone knows Yuko as someone so cheerful, fun, and all that goody goody stuff. But then the next moment, she would be pissed, annoyed, irritated, and throwing a pie at someone. The latter preferably. And that's what she feels at the moment. She wanted to seriously throw a pie at the girl. And God knows how much Yuko doesn't want to waste pie.

   Speak of the devil,...

   "Yo, Yuko." the eerie voice from the girl brought chills down on Yuko's spine. She could've sworn that she would puke at the moment if she wasn't too careful. Yuko looked up briskly to face the smug look of the Captain. There stood Takamina with a slightly creepy face, or so Yuko thought. Yuko's pupils narrowed as she looked at the girl. "What the fuck do you want?" she snapped already

   Takamina chuckled and took a step closer to the older girl.

   "Don't you chuckle at me, asshole! And get the fuck away from me!" Yuko yelled, taking a step away from the shorter girl.

   "Chill, Yuko. Your friend sent me here to check up on you."
   When Yuko heard that, her shoulders dropped slightly and her eyes softened a bit. She had a slight smile on her face when Takamina mentioned her best friend. But heck no! That was probably just an excuse the midget made up. Yuko wasn't going to fall for such petty tricks the midget thought up of! "Don't say my name so casually." Yuko mumbled between her clenched teeth.

   Takamina chuckled once again, causing the older girl to take a step back from her. Little did she know that if she stepped back more, she could slip on a banana peel which was left by a certain Team Captain. If she did step back more, that would've been a great comedy material. Too bad Yuko's not stupid... Or is she? "Tell me, Yuko-CHAN." Takamina emphasized the 'chan' for irritating purposes. "Why are you so mad at me?"

   Yuko clenched her fist in an attempt to soothe her anger. She then glared at the midget in a way which made Takamina squeal of excitement. "I'm older than you, asshole. Show some respect. Besides, you know damn well why I'm mad."

   Takamina had a smug grin on her face. "Could it be that you're jealous?"

   "Huh?! Why?!" Yuko raised her voice in defense.

   Takamina then smiled so innocently. Well, of course Yuko could see right through that smile. That not so innocent smile Takamina always had. "Oh I don't know~" Takamina dragged on quite a bit and then finally focused on the squirrel girl. "Of me?"

   Yuko mentally spat in disgust to the shorter girl's opinion. Seriously, what the hell is that midget even saying? "Me? Jealous of you? HAH! Never in a million years, Bakamina." she stopped for a bit to glare at the midget. "Besides, why the heck would I be jealous of you for?"

   Takamina continued to smile. "Maybe because you don't want Atsuko to be with me." Well, that part is true. "And you want to be with me instead?" HECK NO! That's definitely not true in the least!

   Yuko snorted. "ME? With YOU?" she can't help but laugh it off as some type of failed joke the midget would always spit out.

   Takamina shrugged. "Sure. You know I'm the Captain of the whole group. The girls are crawling to be with me. Look at Mocchi for example. Besides, Atsuko's just one of them. Well, she IS pretty,... Gorgeous, even. In fact- No! She's HOT!" Yuko could've sworn that she threw up in her mouth at that. "With her hot figure, her breasts. Yes, those breasts of hers... And that ass! Those lovely thighs, She's perfect! But... You know,. I find you very attractive as well." She said seductively, licking her lips as she eyed the older girl.

   "Fuck off, midget. I'm not someone you'd want to mess around with. Besides, I've never liked you, and I never will so fuck off and go to your Mocchi or whoever the hell you want." 'Just not Acchan' she left out that part in purpose. She doesn't want anyone else to have any ideas or something. She then smirked, stepping forward, causing the shorter girl to stir, raising her eyebrows in curiosity. "Or would you rather I'd beat the hell out of you?" Yuko smiled sadistically, raising her fist closer to the shorter girl's view, right between her eyes.

   Takamina whistled. "Aren't WE feisty?" she asked sarcastically. Before Yuko could react, Takamina has already grabbed her arms around Yuko's waist, pulling them closer. Takamina was shorter than Yuko, but she had a smug look when she looked up slightly.

   Yuko's face was really red. Not because she enjoyed this. Not in the slightest!

   "Don't touch me, asshole!" she yelled, struggling to get away from Takamina's grip. She shuffled to get away and even hit the shorter girl's back. But it turns to naught. Takamina was too strong.

   Even though Yuko was in a team of hellish training, Takamina was one of the Pioneers who had to endure the trainings a lot more than Yuko did. So she was far stronger than Yuko. Even though Yuko's abs are awesome.

   "I like feisty girls..." Takamina smirked devilishly and brought her face closer to the older girl.

   Yuko screamed in agony as the face of the person she despised the most out of the god forsaken country (She hated Bieber more, but never told Atsuko that) came closer and closer to her face. She wanted to just bite her tongue but decided against it. She doesn't want to leave her best friend alone with the midget. She closed her eyes with hatred in her guts and hoped, prayed even for some kind of savior to save her of the swindler.


   The midget quickly released Yuko, causing the squirrel-like girl to fall down because of the attempts to pull away from the girl. Yuko triumphed in her head and wanted to thank the savior in all her glory but when she looked at the savior, she cursed mentally. "A- Acchan?"

   Atsuko looked skeptical, looking at both her lover, and her best friend, who was still trying to make sense on the ground. The young girl took a step forward and then went to her best friend to help her up. "What's going on here?" she asked the shortest girl. "I came out here to check up on Yuko since I was worried about her and..." she thought about what she just saw and then looked at the midget's eyes seriously. "Why were you two... hugging?" Atsuko was not stupid. She knows that Yuko doesn't really have a close enough relationship with Takamina to the point where they would hug each other or some sort. Besides, she saw that TAKAMINA hugging Yuko. Not hugging each other. Yuko looked like she was trying to resist something.

   Yuko wanted to talk and just as she opened her mouth, Takamina talked instead.

   "Well, Yuko was really mad. I was trying to calm her down which to no avail. While she was still pissed, I hugged her in an attempt to calm her down." Man, that midget was a frightening opponent.

   Atsuko still looked skeptical as she glanced over at Takamina. "Are you sure?"

   Takamina answered with the most convincing face she could muster up, though it didn't convince Yuko. "Yes, I'm sure."

   The youngest girl still have doubts in her heart. She glanced at Yuko who was clenching her fist, her eyes furrowed. "Yuko, let's talk about this later, okay?" She then glanced back over to Takamina. "Are you sure you're sure?"

   Then with the most innocent smile that brought sparkles to the background, at least in Atsuko's eyes, she nodded with utmost confidence. "Yes, I very am sure that I'm sure, Atsuko."

   Though she was still in doubt, she decided to just trust Takamina for now. Besides, not like she'd do anything. She could talk to Yuko later on about the matter. "Un. I'll believe you, Minami." and with that from Atsuko, the shortest girl hugged the tallest girl ever so childishly.

   "Yup, I love you, Atsuko~" she said childishly which brought a smile to Atsuko's face.

   "Un." Atsuko smiled, her eyes glancing over at Yuko who still looked somewhat pissed. She decided to take her leave and question the girl later on. "I'll leave for now."

   "Okay, love you~" with that, Takamina brought Atsuko's face closer and kissed her on the lips.

   Atsuko accepted the kiss and then smiled ever so brightly. "I love you too."

   The scene really made Yuko want to just throw a pie at someone now.

   Then Atsuko left the yard to go inside the house, leaving Yuko and Takamina together in the yard. When Atsuko wasn't in sight, Takamina's childish look disappeared as she glanced at Yuko. Yuko glared back at her, challenging her. "I'm gonna tell Acchan what you just attempted to pull, later."

   "Nope. You won't."

   "And what makes you say that?" Yuko raised an eyebrow.

   Takamina sighed and then looked straight into the older girl's eyes. "Because Atsuko loves me. She loves me way too much. If you just went up and say that to her, that I cheated on her or so, she'd be devastated. You know just how much fragile Atsuko is, behind her tough exterior, which she just showed just now. You know that she'd be in a mental breakdown just from this. She might even kill herself."

   Crap. Yuko forgot all about that. She clicked her tongue in annoyance as Takamina had a triumphant look on her face.

   "This will be our little secret, right?"

   As much as Yuko wanted to protest. She couldn't. For her best friend's sake. For Atsuko's sake, she had to lie to her.

[To be continued]

   Pretty short... I think it's too short... T^T Oh well. Aiming for just 10 chapters or something. I can't go overboard since I've got loads of other fics to complete XD Anyways, here's the chapter! Will Atsuko know the truth of what happened? Will Yuko tell her the truth? Will Takamina ever get taller?! Oh well, drama~ drama~ So much drama~ It's like those weird spanish dramas. Weird... How did I even come up with this, anyways? I blame anime fanfics ._. They give me too much ideas to handle.

   Oh well, see ya later, folks! *vanish*

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Re: [AtsuYuu] Best Friends -Chapter 2-
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Ahh Yuko~~ :mon hanky:
i hate Minami in this fic and i want her to suffer in the end :mon kungfu: (Am i bad person, Right? :mon sweat:)

(I don't know if its a coincidence.. after Yuko announced her graduation and days later there's a rumor Acchan allegedly broke up with Kabuki Actor.)
AtsuYuu in real life :mon inluv: :on gay:
after i read about that rumor i think i more AtsuYuu now  :mon innocent:

And i want more AtsuYuu Fic.  :mon cute:

Can't wait for the next update~~ 

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