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Author Topic: The promise (WMatsui) Chapter 16 - Can I still meet you? 18/06/2015  (Read 55681 times)

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Hihi! I'm new here, nice to meet you. I can't see you :P. So pls be nice to me.  :)  thank you for reading my first ever fanfic,  XD I hope it is good. :) And sorry for my amateur writing and my grammar mistaken. My English is not very very very good. So forgive me.  :(


"Let's go see the sunset together!" He said it with a bright smile on his face.

'okay....' I answered with a nod.

After school ended, the boy ran and left little Rena behind.

'Come on, Rena.Hurry up!' a boy shouted with a smile on his face.

'Wait for me' I shouted while running, as I run after his shadow.

He disappeared.

'Noo, where are you ? don't leave me alone' I shouted as I reach out my hand and cry.

I felt tears rolling down my cheek, I open my eyes. I realise I'm on my bed with my hand raise up.

'Why do I dream about it ? It has been 7 years' what I thought on my mind.

When i was young ,I was a shy little girl.

I never had any friends until Jun came into my life

 Jun is a smart kid, he is younger then me 2 years but we are in the same class since he skipped 2 grades.

He's my best friend and my knight, we did almost everything together.

We go to school together, we have lunch all the time, we always hangout at each others house since our house is few blocks away.

 We thought this will last forever, but who would ever thought things could happen and break us apart.

It has been 7 years, since he left. And now I'm a 2nd year high school student, I'm still a very shy and quiet girl in class.

 Barely have any friends.

I mostly spend my time at the library during lunch time.

Ever since Jun left, I haven't been good around people.

Jun, have you forgotten your promise with me?

-should I continue it?- :( sorry if is bad and boring
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Re: The promise (wmatsui)
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please continue!!!  :bow:
ah poor rena :(
i wanna know what kind of promise jun made
please update soon  :bow: :bow: :bow:

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Re: The promise (wmatsui)
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Please continue

Poor Rena

Iwonder what promise they made

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Re: The promise (wmatsui)
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you should continue this >w<

I want to know what happened

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Re: The promise (wmatsui)
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...... it looks interesting.......

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The promise (wmatsui) chpter one - Skip A Beat
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(Sayanee123) thank you for reading. :) I'm very grateful that you are looking forward to it! XD I'm happy!
(Kirozoro) thanks for reading it! hehe! Soon you will know. :) pls stay tune for more! ;)
(Abcari) thanks for reading it! :) I will continue, pls look forward to it!
(Minami-chan) thanks. glad that I sparks your interest :D

Not to disappoint people that look forward to this fac. Here is chp one. :)


Chapter one- Skip A Beat

Rena POV

-Whose heart, feeling all the loneliness. Whose love, only appreciate after losing it -

I wrote these lines down when I was thinking about you.

When are you coming back, Jun? I miss you.

What happen to the promise we made with each other 7 years ago?

You told me that you will be back for me and told me to wait for you for 6 years.

So we can finish the promise that we made together.

But now? I still believe you will come back for me.

Where are you, Jun? When are you coming back for me?



- Chase back the beautiful things that I have lose. Because of time different, who will be the one that remember each other?-

Rena, where are you ? How have you  been?

 I'm sorry, that I have break the promise I made with you  7 years ago.

But now I'm here, have you  forgotten about me? Where are you ?

I really hope nothing has change between us.

But I guess things can't stay the same as it was right? Everything is so different now.

I'm sure she has grown up and become a pretty beautiful fine lady.

Maybe Rena is the popular kid in school that everyone like.

Maybe Rena has a boyfriend now. A bitter smile appear on my face.

Maybe you weren't the same Rena that I once know.

All these assumptions appear in my thoughts.


Jun, Rena POV

-loving you more , it started after you left- Rena

-loving you more, it started after I left- Jun

-where are you , Jun?- Rena

-where are you, Rena?- Jun

- I guess it is time for me to leave you , and move on- Rena

- please wait for me, I will find you- Jun


Rena was walking to school, these thoughts appear in Rena's mind while she was thinking about him, Jun.

When she arrived at school, she stopped in front of the school gate. 

'Alrite !Today is a brand new day and a new semester, I will forget about him and move on' She said, and walked to her class with a bitter smile on her face.

The class has started , she walks to her place and prepared for her lesson.

The home room teacher walks into the classroom with a very handsome girl.
A lot of whisper go on in the class.

'What a handsome girl!'

'She is hot!'

'Gosh! She is pretty and hot at the same time!'

Rena had her eyes widened as she saw the girl

'Is that a girl? Are you sure? She look so handsome and the eyes are so pretty. More like a prince though' thought to herself.

' Class, please be quiet. Today we have a transfer student , please be nice to her' said the teacher.

' please introduce yourself'

'Hi! My name is Matsui Jurina, nice to meet you all' she said it with a big smile on her face.

'Matsui? Another Matsui? Same surname as me? The world is small huh. Matsui Jurina. Jurina, this name sound familiar. I heard it somewhere before.' Rena try to recall where she has heard that name.

' Matsui-San, since now we have two Matsui, can we call you Matsui-sama? Since you so cool! ' A girl giggle and asked

'Another Matsui?' Jurina asked.

The girl pointed at Rena direction, and make Jurina looks at Rena
'Long silky hair with  pale skin, she is so pretty, like a princess .' Jurina thought.

' Right, Matsui -san. You could sit next to another Matsui-san then. ' The teacher said with a smile on her face.

Jurina walk toward to Rena direction and sat next to her.

Jurina stare at Rena and that makes Rena uncomfortable, so she look at Jurina awkwardly.

'Hi, I'm Matsui Rena . Nice to meet you. '

'Renaaa-cchannn? ' Jurina stood up with a face that full of shock.

'!!' Rena got shocked cause of how Jurina react.

'Rena-chan?, do I know her?' Thought Rena.

Jurina realise how she reacted, she stay calm and sat back on her chair awkwardly.

Some girls in the class started giggling at Jurina because of the way she reacted. 'You are funny, Jurina!'  A girl said

Jurina blush and felt embarrassed

'H..ii , nice..eee to...oo.. Mee..eett y..ooouuu tooo.....' Jurina gathered all her courage.

' you are still the same, glad you never change.' She murmured to herself.

'Uh? Did you say something?' Rena ask.

'Errr.... Nope. You are cute that all.' Jurina calm herself down and say it with a smile on her face.

Rena's heart skipped a beat after heard what Jurina said.

'Did She just said I'm cute? Did I misheard it?'

(To be continue)

I hope you enjoy reading. :) thank you for reading it, I'm grateful  :bow:
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Re: The promise (wmatsui)
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So jun is a girl  :rofl:
Good story. :thumbsup

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Re: The promise (wmatsui)
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Its a girl! this sounds like a manga that I really like >w<

waiting for more :D

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Re: The promise (wmatsui)
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they meet while rena already move on :(
poor jun :smhid
are jun going to give up too?   :cry:
please continue  :thumbsup


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Re: The promise (wmatsui)
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Hahaa, nice one :D
Hey, it's still mystery. Was it Jun actually a girl, or Jurina actually a boy ?

Keep on writing. I wanna see how Rena realize that Jurina was Jun she knew :D

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The promise (wmatsui) Chapter 2 - Her secret
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Zita : THANKS.  :kneelbow:
abcari : REALLY?  :grin: THANKS FOR READING!  :kneelbow:
sayanee123 : HAHAHA. you'll see. :hehehe: Thanks for reading.  :kneelbow:
RenshuChan: em. I will break the mystery later on.  :grin: HAHA. thanks for reading.

Chapter 2 - Her secret

-lunch break-

Rena POV
I think I'll just sit here and have my bento.

I'm just to lazy to go to the library today, since I have no duty today.

I'm one of the library committee member. Wonder why Jurina-San kept staring at me, something weird on my face?

'Er.... Jurina-san? Is there something wrong with my face?' I ask

' Errr, there isn't !' She stuttered.

'umm. then What's wrong? Is there something on my face then? '

'No, no, there's nothing on your face, I am just wondering why is your face so pretty.. like an angel. Sorry, (*blush*) it is so pretty till I can't help it but to stare at it.' she smile .

I can't help it but blush like a tomato.She is so cute when she smiles.

Suddenly out of nowhere, a bunch of students came towards our direction.

Ignoring me as usual, they started their conversations with Jurina-san.

'Jurina-sama, why did you transfer here? '

'is it because of your parents job?'

'Where did you live?'

'You look so cool'

'Can I have your number?'

All the students seems to be interested in her.

I won't be surprise, she is pretty and handsome, at the same time, she is friendly.

I sat at my place (filled with interest as those are the questions that have been bothering me too) and listen to what she said.

'I used to live here when I was young, and now I came back alone to find my first love.' Jurina answered.

'Living alone? That's so cool!'

'Can I have your number?' A girl asked.

'Oh, I don't have a phone yet. I'm sorry maybe later when I have one, ok? ' she say it with a smile.

That smile that makes everyone melt.

'Kya! Gosh you are cool!' The girl said.

Jurina Pov
I lied.

I'm used to all this situation ,

people back in LA also crowded around me and asked me a bunch of questions.

Some of the girls asked for my number too back in LA, I gave it to them.

After that they kept texting me.

I have rejected a lot of girls too, but I sometimes wonder why they are still all over me even after I rejected them.

So this time, I'm not giving anyone my phone number , maybe someone special (looked toward Rena direction, a bitter smile appear on my face)

'Ahh, it seems that Rena doesn't remember me, have she forgotten about me?' I murmured

I know i broke my promise for I had promised to come back last year but I did not.

I knew that I should have came back last year as promised.

But something happen.

'What did you just say ?' A girl asked me.

'Eh?! Is nothing'  I smile.

Did I just say it out loud? Gosh, I hope no one hears me.

I have think of way to get close to her.

Rena Pov
I heard she said my name.

Nah. Why would she say my name?

I must have misheard it.

Without realizing it, I started staring at her.

She is the total opposite of me.

I mean, look at her.

she is cool, and pretty at the same time.

She said that she lives alone now, she must be lonely living all by herself.

Wait.. what's wrong with me, why am I so interested in her?!

I'm sure that this is just my curiosity towards a new student.

Our eyes met and I quickly take my eyes off her

Jurina POV
Was she staring at me just now?

Or is it just my own imagination?

But our eyes met.

I'll ask her whether we can walk back home together after school.

I want to know if she is still the same as before or did she change.

Either way I just want to get close to her.

-School ends-

'Rena-chan! Can we walk home together?' I ask her.

Rena POV
Rena-chan? And Why would the popular Jurina-San want to go home with me?

'Ummm..... O..k..ayy' I answer her

 I can't possibly reject her when she show me her puppy eyes can I?

She smile to me. gosh!She is just too cute.

'Rena-chan? Why are you blushing? Are you shy?' She asked

Before I can defend myself, a bunch of girls came toward to our direction .

'Jurina-sama! Let's go to the karaoke together!' A girl asked.

'Today I can't ! Cause I something to do. Maybe next time girls!' Jurina rejected them.

''s okay. Maybe next time then.' The girls sigh with a disappointed look.

'You girls go ahead and enjoy yourselves! ' Jurina say it with a smile.

The girls walk out of the class room leaving me and Jurina alone.

The classroom became silent, so I decided to break the ice,

'Did you remember you have something to do? You can go ahead first.' I told her.

'Ehhh. You didn't want to walk home with me?' She asked

'I want....(blushed) But .... Did..ddn't... You... say you have something to do? I over heard you when you rejected them.' I'm confused.

Jurina POV
She is so cute when she blush. It makes me wants to tease her.

I stare at her.

'Ummm, so you are paying attention to me?' I smirked

'.....' She blush, even more. She is just very cute.

'I do have something to do.' I said

'So we are not going home together then....? ' she look down to her hand and I saw her disappointed face.

'We are!' I smile

'The thing that I wanted to do is........ To walk home together with you.' I smile again

'.......' She look up to me and blush terribly.

'Can I ask you a question, Jurina-san?' She calm herself down and asked.

'Just call me Jurina, since I'm younger than you. Yes, you may!' I put up a big smile on my face.

'Younger? What do you mean? isn't both of us the same age?' She look confused.

'Oh! I didn't tell anyone about this. I'm two years younger than you, cause I skip 2 grades when I was younger. Please don't tell anyone about it! I just wanna let you know only!' I put my index finger on my lips and show the sign of secret and I winked to her.

Rena POV
Oh my gosh! She's making me melt!

I can feel my heart thumping faster and faster. Adrenaline was rushing throughout my body.

Oh gosh, please, dear heartbeat, I am begging you to slow down, please.

I shouldn't be reacting this way for her, but why am I?

And Secret? Between she and me? And she is younger than me??!!

She skipped 2 years, she must be very smart. What else is special about her? I wanted to know her more, she is so mysterious.

My face is blushing like burning red tomato with all these questions in my head.

'Okayyyyy.....' I try to look away so that she won't see me blushing.

'Haha, Rena-chan you are so cute. Let's go home shall we?' She asked.

I nodded.

(To be continue)

I AM SO SORRY FOR MY BAD ENGLISH.   :on freeze: :tama-wtf: I'm trying my best to improve on it. :mon sweat:
MERRY CHRISTMAS! :mon santa3:
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Re: The promise (wmatsui)
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Omg finally Jun(Jurina) has come back for Rena

But why when she was young she have Jun name?

Please update soon

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Re: The promise (wmatsui)
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Clever student :grin: J will get Rena soon. :rofl:

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The promise (wmatsui) Chapter 3 - I lied
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Kirozoro: hehe. Yes she is BAcK for Rena! :D well! You will find out soon.  XD
Zita: well. I definitely want them be together! They are just too cute together  XD 

Chapter 3 - I lied

-On the way back home-

Breeze of the wind can be heard, the glass was swinging side to side.

It was cold on the way back home.

There was an awkward silent between them.

Rena was wearing a cardigan and she was still feeling very cold.

she put her hand into her pocket to warm herself but it doesn't seems very effective.

Jurina noticed that Rena was feeling cold.

She took out her red scarf from her bag and wrap around Rena's neck.

Rena's face expression was shock and flashed red.

'W-hhh-a--' she was shuttering.

Jurina smiled and said 'I was guessing that you are cold, so I figure out my scarf can help you since I'm not using it.'

Rena blushed red. 'T-han-ksss' she said it with a small voice.

Rena POV
She noticed that I'm cold.

'Rena-chan, why are you so shy when you are around me? ' she asked me

How am i going answer her ?

Cause you are a popular girl and I'm just a nobody, I wouldn't think that you will reject the
girls, just to go home with me and you putting a scarf around me.

I just stay silent and looked on the ground.

Suddenly she bent down and look at me, her face was really close to my face.

I stunned and stopped.

'Sorry, sorry. I thought you were crying.' She said after realise she was too close to me.

Gosh. She is making my heart races really quickly , what should I do?

I didn't have this kind of feeling before.

I couldn't stay near to her, cause is like I'm under her spell.

'Is okay.' I try to stay calm and smile.

'Alrite! Shall we play a game then?' She asked me.


'Yeap! Let's do that! Is a question and answer game!' She show me a killing smile.

'O...k...aa..y' I couldn't refuse her after she show me that smile

'Then let's decide who start first with jan ken! '

1, 2, 3. Jan ken pon! I lose.

'Yay! I won!' She shouted like a kid. 'I get to ask you first'

'Rena-chan, why are you so shy around me?'

Are you kidding me? This question again? You are not getting over it are you?

" 'Im not shy.... just-tt Cause you make my heart beats fast and I don't know why.' I answered

'.....' She stay silent and gave me the look

The awkward silent appear again."

That's what I imagined, if I answer her the question with honest answer.

I pull myself back to reality and answer her.

'Because I am a shy person, especially to those that I'm not really close too'

I lied.

'Well! The game has just started, we can get to know each other by the time we get home' she smiled.

Is this why she wanted to play this game?

'Is your turn Rena-chan.'

There are so many questions I want to ask about her.

'Why did you choose to go home with me rather then going to karaoke with the bunch of cool kids?

'Cause.... I think you are much more interesting than them. I want to be your friend!' She answered

Me interesting? This is the first time someone told me that other than Jun.

A small smile appeared on my face without realising while I thought about Jun.

'What are you thinking?' She asked me.

'Is that a question? You sure you want to waste your turn just to ask me that?' I smirked.

'Eeee..... You are evil! That is not counted as one! I'll ask you a different question!' She pouted.

She is so cute.

Jurina POV
But I really want to know what is she thinking though!

Ahhhh!! She is such a meanie.

Maybe I should ask what does she like to eat.

'Rena-chan, what do you like to eat?' I asked.

'MELON PAN!' A big wide smile appear on her face.

So melon pan can make her so happy huh.

I'm jealous of it! I can't make her smile so brightly.

I am jealous of melon pan? W-hat am I thinking.

'My turn now! What's your favourite food then?' She asked

'My mom's spaghetti , is the best in the world! Next time when she comes back to Japan I'll call you over for some.' I smiled

'Okayyy.......' She smiled

Her smile just shorten my life, gosh!

Part of me is thinking that she should smile more and another part of me just want to keep her smile just for myself.

Is my turn now. What should I ask?

Ah! I will ask for her number, so that I can text her later.

I smirked to her

She looks scared a moment.

' my turn now uh! (I smirked.) I'm going to ask....... To exchange phone number!' I smiled.

'...... Why would you want my number when you don't even have a phone?' She asked

So she was listening to the conversation between me and the girls earlier.

'Who said I don't have a phone?' I took out my phone and show it to her with a smirk on my face.

 '.....' She is speechless

Rena POV.
Wh-at ? H-ow?

She said it when the girls asked for her phone number.

Why would she....

'I lied....' She played with her finger while she speak.

She lied.

'I doesn't want to give anyone my number.'


'But why do you want to give your number to someone like me?' I'm confused.

Why me?

'Cause you are special.' she show me a cat smile, and her cheek was a little bit pinkish.

I could feel my blood rushing upon my cheek. Gosh, I'm blushing red now.

Why am I special?

Jurina POV
You are special cause you are my first love Rena-chan.

You are special cause you make my heart races when I was with you.

You are special cause without you, my meaning of life will be nothing.

I never once stop missing you, since 7 years ago.

Maybe someday I will tell you, why you are special.

'Can we exchange number then? ' I show her my puppy eyes.

'S....ssss...u......r..e' she blushed

After we exchange number, without realizing, we have already reach her house.

What wasn't shocking that our house is actually just a few blocks away from each other.

'This is your house? My house is just a few block away' I knew her house was close to mine, since is my old house.

'Really??? Wow! It's like we are fated to meet huh.' She said with a smile on her face.

Fated? Now think about it! We are fated to be together.

Our house is so close together, we attend the same school, my first love was you.

'It seem so.' I smile.

'I have to go in now.' She smile.

'Alright, bye! See you tomorrow then, Rena-chan.'

Rena POV
Gosh! Why did I say fated? That was embarrassing.

Ahh. And she smile too!

Dump. Dump


She make my heart skips a beat , what's wrong with me?

'O...kay. See you tomorrow.' I blushed very hard.

After I close the door, I lean against it.

I put my hand right to my chest.

I felt my heart is going to burst any minute.

Gosh! Is no good to stay too long around her.

What am I feeling?

(To be continue)

All mistake is on me.  :sweatdrop:
thank you for reading.
Hope is not boring.  :sweatdrop:
Happy new year human being on earth!  :deco:
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The promise (wmatsui) Chapter 4 – the messages.
« Reply #14 on: January 21, 2014, 05:07:49 PM »
Hope you guys enjoy this chapter. sorry for the English. :sweatdrop:

Chapter 4 – the messages.

Jurina POV
After I saw her went into her house.
'YESH!' I jump and shouted, realizing that I shouted too loudly, I quickly closed my mouth with both of my hands.
I look around to see if anyone heard me.
I'm just too happy! I finally got her number!
Yeah!!!!!! I feel the wind brushing against my skin as I run towards my house.
This is the best day of my life! I'm just so happy.
'I'm home'
Of course no one would answer me since I am living alone, but is just my habit I guess.
I am just so happy now, and tired at the same time.
Oh right! I have to take a bath.
I was humming when I prepare my bath..

Rena, Jurina POV
'I wonder why she say I'm special to her.'
'Ahhh!!!! She made me fall for her even more now'
'Maybe she just wants to be friend with me only'
'Her gentle smile, made me crazy like hell!, I wanted to hug her so badly.
Splash! They dive their head into bathtub, trying not to think too much about it.


Jurina walks into her room and throws her towel aside after wiping her wet hair.
She lie on her bed and check her phone.

Jurina POV
Ahh~ is 9 now I hope Rena-Chan is not asleep yet.
I should send her a message then. I smiled


Title: good niteee~
To: Renamatsuixxxx

Hi! Rena-chan! (・◇・)/
I hope I didn't disturb you . (._.)
i just want to say good nite, Rena-chan(・ω・)ノ
sweet dream.
sleep tight, don't let the bug bite!(≧∇≦)
Don't miss me too much. Just joking. Hehe \(//∇//)\

Ps: you can dream about me



Sent! Hehe! I smiled like an idiot on my bed.
Kyaaa! Hugging my pillow and I scream into it silently.
I'm just too hyper now.
Rena-chan you are driving me crazyy!
How can I get you out of my head?
Bzz* bzz*
Ahh!!! The phone! It must be a reply from Rena-chan
I open the message without second thought, with a smile on my face.


Title: Good night.
To: Knightjurinaxxxx

Hello. Jurina (・ω・)ノ
I just came out from the bath,
I felt refreshing. o(^▽^)o
Alrite. Good nite
Sweet dream to you too. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ



Aww. Her message is so cute just like her.
I saved her message.
I fell asleep while thinking about her.
My head was so full of her.

This must be love.


Rena came out of her bath room,
Wiping her head with a towel while sitting on her bed.

Rena POV
Why is my heart beating so fast when I am thinking about her?
Uhh~ heart. Pls calm down would you?
Buzz* buzz*
Ah! Gosh! That scares me.
Who message me?
Haha. Knight Jurina. Why would she put that name.
She is so sweet and cute!
Wa-h-a---ttt, i...won't miss h-h-ee--r.
Dream about her.
I won't ............. Maybe.
Well. Good night to u too Jurina.
I cuddle my pillow and sleep.


A little girl wore a black oversize hoddie with jeans (dress like a boy), punches the boys on the floor. The boys are so scared that they ran away. 
“Jurina! You are awesome! You defeated them again.”
Little Jurina fought with the boys that bully her classmate.
Even though Jurina is still young, She has been taking martial arts ever since she could remember.
“I’ll protect you girls, don’t worry.” She show her cat smile.
“Jun. that what we call you from now on. Jun-sama. Because you save us, like a knight”
“Knight Jun”
“Jun? haha. Okai. I don’t mind.” Jurina show her trademark dimpled smile.

Jurina Pov
A dream.
I’m awake, I moved my hand toward my phone that beside my pillow and check the time. Is 5.45am.
I woke up 15minutes before my alarm ring.
I guess I should get up and get ready now.
I should drop by at Rena’s house and go school together with her.


Rena Pov
Ah! I woke up late. Gosh, why mama didn’t wake me up?
Bzz*  Bzz*
Who is it, text me in the morning.
I swipe my phone screen and check the message.
W-ha-t. Jruina wants to go school together with me?
I reply her, with a short note saying okay.
Ahhh, I better hurry up and get ready.
I’m late. Rush toward the bathroom and get myself ready.


"RENA! Jurina is here." Rena’s mom shouted to make sure Rena could heard it.
Rena rush down and saw Jurina at the door way waiting for her.
"Ah, morning. Sorry, I let you waited."
"Morning. Is okay, no worries."
“Rena, your breakfast and your lunch box." Rena’s mom said.
"Ah-h. I’m just going to have melon pan. Okay, thanks for the lunch box. I’m going now, let’s go jurina.” Rena said it while munching melon pan in the mouth.
“Haha. Did you woke up late? You seem very rush.”
“Yeah. I woke up late. I woke up just when I got your message.”
“really? That’s quite late.”
“All because of that dream.” I mumble.
“ Did you say something? “ jurina asked
“uh? Noo.” I gave her a smile.

The dream is just a flash back of rena childhood.

the next chapter is about rena's dream.
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Re: The promise (wmatsui) Chapter 4 – the messages.
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I wonder when Jurina going to tell Rena that she is Jun before

Please update soon

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Re: The promise (wmatsui) Chapter 4 – the messages.
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This is so cute! v(≧∀≦)v

I fucking love nail art.

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The promise (wmatsui) Chapter 5 - The puzzle of childhood.
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@kirozoro :It will be later on.  :sweatdrop:
@p-o-p-e-y-oppa : THANKS, I appreciate that.  :D Thank you for reading it.

I hope you guys enjoy this chapter. Sorry for the mistake.  :bow:

Chapter 5 - The puzzle of childhood.

All because of the dream.
I woke up with tears rolling down my cheek. I’m crying.
The flash back, the memories, makes my heartbeats in bitter pain.
Again, I cry.
Thinking back those memories, makes me miss him even more.
It just bitter even though I say I’ll let go of you, but I just can’t.

Flash back of the dream*

The sky was pouring rain, little Rena was in the rain with her boot and rain coat over her. Enjoying herself under the rain with a smile on her face.
A pretty kid with a boyish clothing, holding an umbrella walks toward her.
“Is it fun to play under the rain?” his sudden approach gives Rena a surprise.
Rena remain silent.
“Ah, I’m sorry. I didn't mean to be rude, I’m just curious. It seem that you are having a lot of fun.”
“Um-m. (She shakes her head) is alright. It is fun, I feel refreshing, as if all my problem flow out from my body together with the water. “
“Really? I should try it next time then, thanks” he shows his smile to Rena.
“Ww-elcome” Rena blushed after seeing his smile.

End of flash back*

That dream was one of my childhood memories that was buried in my head.
I still remember that dream happen during a summer holiday when I was still living at Nagoya.
Back then, I was only 11 years old.
Few months after that, I moved to Tokyo due to my papa’s work.
I transfer to Akb middle school. A place that is unknown to me.
I remember that is where I met Jun, the person that change my life completely.

Flash back*

10 years ago.

Knock* knock*
“Come in”
A tall woman with short hair, with a figure like a model came into the room.
“Mariko sensei, I would like you to meet Matsui Rena. She will be in your class from now on.” Principal Atsuko said.
“Oh, we have a transfer student.”
She turns her attention to me.
“Hello, Matsui-san. I’ll be your homeroom teacher from now on, you can call me Mariko sensei. Come with me now, I’ll bring you to your class.” She said.
I just nodded.
We reach the door of my class. She called me to wait till I was told to go in.
Mariko sensei went in and settled the class.
From the door way I could hear what she said to the class.
“Today we will have a friend who will be joining us from now on.” She said to the class.
I heard whisper among the student.
“New student? I wonder if is a boy or a girl.”
“Transfer student during the middle of semester? “
I was nerves and scared. I’m a shy person that doesn’t mix well with others. I don’t have any friends back in my old school.
“Come in” I heard Mariko sensei said.
My leg was frozen on the spot, I told my leg to move but it doesn’t want to listen to me as if it has a mind of its own.
Now I begin to panic.
“Ouc-ch!” Someone bumps into me from the back.
“Ahh… gomen. I didn’t mean to.” He said it and bows slightly to me.
“JUN! You are LATE” Mariko sensei shouted.
“Gomen!!! Sensei! I won’t do it again!” he said with his back facing me, so I didn’t really get to see his face.
“I hope you won’t, now go back to your sit.”
Somehow my legs can move again, I walk slowly into the class.
I could feel that the whole class turns their attention to me.
It made me nerves.
“Introduce yourself.”
“H-hello. My name is Matsui Rena, I’m from Nagoya.”
Whisper could be heard again. “She has the aura of princess around her.” “She is so pale” "Did she say Matsui?" “Look at her silky long black hair”
“Okay, quiet down class. Matsui-san, you can sit behind of Jun.”
Jun? Isn’t that the guy who bumps into me? I look over to his direction and met his eyes.
“Ah!” I remember him. Isn’t he the one that I met a few months before at Nagoya? Why is he here?
“ Is there a problem, Matsui-san?” teacher asked.
“No.” I shake my head and proceed to my sit.
I could felt that all the eyes were on me, and it make me felt super nerves.

Time pass fast, it’s already lunchtime now.
“Jun-kun. Are you free after school? Let’s hangout!”
“Nah, I will pass today. I have to go for my martial arts club later.” Jun rejected the girls, with a smile on his face.
“awwhh! Really? That's too bad then.”
He goes for martial arts club? That’s kind of cool. I over heard their conversation and slightly turn my head and look.
“Interested in Him?” girl sitting next to me said it with a smirked on her face.
“ Uh?” I look at her with a face of confused. What did she just say?
“haha, hello. I’m Kashiwagi Yuki. Just call me Yuki.” She flashed a genuine smile, she gives out a elegant aura around her.
“I’m Matsui Rena. Can just call me Rena.”
“So tell me. You interested in him? Matsui Jun”
“Uh? Matsui? Uh? No. I just met him, how could I-“ before I could finish my line.
“Anything is Possible.” She said with a smile.
“Yukirin.” A voice interrupted our conversation.
I look over and saw a girl with twin tail and neat bang hair called her from the doorway.
“Mayuyu~.” Yuki walks toward the door with a bright smile on her face.
Anything is possible huh?

A blink of an eye, the school has ended.
I was packing my book into my bag getting ready to go home and I heard whisper going on.
“That’s the new girl.”
“She is pretty isn’t she? Giving out the aura of princess”
“You’re right she is pretty.”
That’s weird I have never once heard anyone saying that I’m pretty or like a princess. I guess this is nothing like my old school.
I left the class and notices there is some boys are following me.
Or is it jus my imagination, cause I hope it is.
Is not my imagination, they are following me.
I begin to panic and lost track of where I am.
I heard some talk along the hallway, so I hid behind a pillar, hoping no one sees me.
“You sure? The new student is pretty and looks like a rich kid? Don’t you dare to lie to me.”
“Big brother, never once I dare lying to you. Is true”
I begin to tremble and scare. What should I do? Today is just the first day and this- happening to me.
“Big brother, I think I see a shadow behind that pillar.”
“Really?” “Come out little kitten, we won’t harm you”

I’m afraid and scared.
“I found you.” He said.
I was too afraid to look at him. He grabs my collar and asks for money and asking me to be his girl.
“ I d-on’t have much mo-n-ey on me-.” My voice is shaking.
“Is alrite, then you have to pay with your body then” he said.
He grabs my hands strongly and started putting his lips on my neck. I started to scream for help. But it was no use.
“You damn women, stop screaming!” He shouted angrily and he started to strip my upper clothes.
He was too strong for me to break away. His hands was holding onto my hands so tight, knowing is already is red in colour.
Tears started to flow down like river from my eyes. I keep on scream and kicking that guy hoping someone will come and save me.
His filthy hands were touching every crook and nooks of my body, his filthy breath was choking me and all I could do was whimpered and stared at him with blurry eyes.
“HEY! What are you guys doing there!!!” I heard a voice.
“h-elp. He-lp” asking for help, wishing that person could hear me.
“You piece of CRAP! How dare you touches the new student!” I heard loud voice saying it.
“J-UN! Big brother is JUN! Better go now!”
When they were about to run, it was already too late. Jun has already appear in front of them.
Spilt of a second, Jun’s fist landed at that big guy.
The big guy wasn’t fast enough to react then he fallback onto the floor. He tries to get up from the floor but fails.
The punch that Jun gives is too strong for him even though he is twice the size bigger than Jun.
The big guy doubled over in pain from the first blow but Jun wasn’t done yet.
He grabbed the big guy’s filthy arm that touches me and twisted it the wrong way until he could hear the guy screaming in pain.
“I’M Sorrryyyy, I won’t! I won’t anymore!” The big buy was crying in pain.
Jun sounded very mad.
After he let go of the arm, he send the big guy flying 5 feet away by kicking his gut really hard for the last time.
Jun quickly run toward me and grab me into his arm and pull me close to him. I was sobbing uncontrollable, and my hand couldn't stop trembling.
“shh. Is ok is ok….. Is all right now. I’m here for you.” He take off his jacket and cover up my body. My hands start clutching on his shirt tightly.
“I’m here. I’ll protect you.” he wrap he arms around my waist and carry me like a princess and afterward I vision went black, I pass out.

I woke up and realize I’m in an unfamiliar place. Where am I? I felt something warm on my hand, I took a look at it.
I was surprise that, it was Jun’s hand that was holding tightly onto my hand sitting next to the bed I was sleeping. I took a closer look at him, he was sleeping soundly.
“Thanks for saving me.” I said it with a low voice.
The horrible scene flashes back to my mind, tears starts forming at the corner of my eyes.
My sniffles woke Jun up and when he saw me crying, he had a concerned look on his face.
But it disappear in a second, he pulled me into his arm and gave me a warm hug whispering kind words into my ears.
“Is alright now. I’m here for you. I’ll protect you for now on” He gently pats my head with his hand. I felt protected like a princess somehow.
He broke the hug and looks me straight to his eyes.
“Let’s exchange number, it will be easier for me to protect you” I just nodded to agree to exchange number.
After exchanging numbers, I took a look at the time on my watch and realize it was already very late. Jun saw my face expression changes.
“Come. I’ll send you home now, its very late now. I’m sure your parents are worry.”
“is ok. I’ll tell your parents that you had a welcoming party with your classmate. I understand you doesn’t want your parents to worry about you.”
“….. Thank you.” I said it with a low voice.
He smiled. “Welcome. Princess”
“Princess?” I looked him with a confused face.
He took my hand and kisses it and look into my eyes and said. “Yes, from now on I’ll be your knight” he show me cat smile.
My face heated up and blushed bright red. My heart beats like a drum repeatedly.

What is this feeling?

Since we left the house, he has been holding onto my hand as if I’m a little child that will get lost once he let go.
“Um, could you tell me where is your house?”
“er…” I look around the house area and found it familiar, isn’t this place around my house area? That’s weird.
“I think my house is just around the corner.” I said.
“Eh??? Really???? Where?”
“Few block away?”
“Eh-h” His eyes went wide, he is in the state of shock. I found it quiet cute though.
We walk toward to my house and I pointed at my name plate at my house that written “MATSUI”
“So from now on, we are neighbor uh.” He flashes his smile again.
“I think so.”
Suddenly, the door of my house opened and my mom appeared with a face of worry.
“Rena-chan! Where have you been? Why have you not call us that you will be late?”
“…. Sorry. I have forgotten” I felt guilty that I made my family worry about me.
“Good evening, Matsui aunt. I’m so sorry that I’m the reason that she is late back home.” He bows to my mom and apologized.
“My my, May I ask who are you?” my mom asked.
“I’m Matsui Jun. I’m Rena’s classmate. Just now we were celebrating Rena’s welcoming party, that’s the reason why are we late. I am so sorry.” He told a lie for my sake.
He knows that I didn’t want my parents to worry about me.
Matsui? Same family name as me?
“Well, Jun-kun I’m grateful that you bought Rena-chan safely back home. And Rena-chan, next time remember to send us a message or give us a phone call telling you will be late home ok?”
“Yes, mama. I’ll remember next time.”
Jun realizes is time for him leave.
“Is very late now, I should be leaving. Good night Matsui aunt and Good night to you too, Rena-chan.
“Good night Jun be careful on your way home.”
Again, he smiled and waves his hand.


From that time on, Jun and I have become closer. We go to school together, we have lunch together, and we always hangout.
I found out that he is very smart and he skipped 2 grades. Therefore, He helps me with my homework.
And yes, he is only 9 year old but because of his mature face he doesn’t look like it at all.

He became my best friend, my knight and a person that cannot be replace by others.

I wish the day would never come, the day that Jun leaves me.
But sometime life doesn’t go the way you wanted.

Jun left me.

End of flash back*

“Rena-chan?” Jurina called
“Um ah? Yes?”
“Are you okay?” She asked with a face of concern.
“Yeah, I’m alright.” I smiled.

(To be continue)
Thank you for reading it. Peace out.
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Re: The promise (wmatsui) Chapter 5 - The puzzle of childhood.
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They should play that game more often.
Jun kun is so cool  :sweatdrop:
Thanks for update.

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OMg Jun is so cool, Junn even safe Rena ><

Can't wait for the nest ch

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