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Author Topic: Samurai Princesses: No way out (Part 2) [ON HIATUS]  (Read 58048 times)

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Samurai Princesses: No way out (Part 2) [ON HIATUS]
« on: February 01, 2014, 04:00:31 AM »
A collab with me and Comertez-san. Yoroshiku~

Long ago, in ancient Japan, when the Sun Goddess and Moon God were at peace, an evil darkness named Maou awakened to darken the world.

The Sun Goddess' most powerful warrior, the Tiger King, was the only one able to match the Maou Dragon's power, but he could not be defeated alone.

To seal the Maou's power, the Moon God gave his soul to four chosen princesses and transformed them into Samurai Warriors.

Using the magic of the Moon and Sun, the Tiger spirit and Moon soul defeated the Maou Dragon King and banished him to the Underworld.

However, the legends wrote that on the longest day of the hundredth year, he would return to shroud the world in eternal night.

And now, our four princesses shall awaken once more, in new reincarnations, to relive their legend again.

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Re: Samurai Princesses: The Legend Begins
« Reply #1 on: February 01, 2014, 04:12:02 AM »
Woooooo .

Interesting ~ .

I'm really curious who will be the princess ..
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Re: Samurai Princesses: The Legend Begins
« Reply #2 on: February 01, 2014, 04:27:05 AM »
I winder who is the Sun god and Moon god

Please updatesoon

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Re: Samurai Princesses: The Legend Begins
« Reply #3 on: February 01, 2014, 04:54:23 AM »
I'm the type that inadvertently insults people while praising them,
so read to the end before sobbing on how mean I am:

my first thoughts:
- Well, this is kind of cheesy, but at the same time, I really enjoy these... I wonder, who are the members?????
- I get the feeling that the members'll only be in the main AKB... (since you two~)
- Fantasy ftw!
- My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic ~ Princess Luna (as a friend of mine always says: don't judge~ :3)
- Ru-san, you must be overloaded with work somehow...
- Nyan~ overall, I'm looking forward to more~!

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Re: Samurai Princesses: The Legend Begins
« Reply #4 on: February 01, 2014, 05:31:52 AM »
Oooohhh... Another Action-fic... Lemme read it....

Waiting for your next update....  :) :) :)
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Re: Samurai Princesses: The Legend Begins
« Reply #5 on: February 01, 2014, 10:57:25 AM »
Interesting... like a super heroes story

Can't wait to find out who are they princesses?

Who would be the enemies?

What kind of troubles are they going to come across?

Thank you for the nice prologue

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: Samurai Princesses: The Legend Begins
« Reply #6 on: February 01, 2014, 07:40:21 PM »
I want to read this story now.
Please hurry. :grin:
So many questions in my head.

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Re: Samurai Princesses: The Legend Begins
« Reply #7 on: February 02, 2014, 05:51:37 AM »
Woo, It's a interesting story, I want to read right now. Please hurry :D

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Re: Samurai Princesses: The Legend Begins
« Reply #8 on: February 02, 2014, 06:47:06 PM »
already "notify" this fic  :heart: :heart: :twothumbs
48G FTW. Yoroshiku.

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Samurai Princesses: The Awakening (SAYAKA - The Water Samurai)
« Reply #9 on: February 03, 2014, 03:36:01 PM »
Note: There will be four prologues to introduce each character.

Enjoy! :heart:

Prologue - The Awakening (Part 1)

SAYAKA -- The Water Samurai

A woman with a strong structure. Sharp eyes, defined jawline, finely sculpted muscle. A goddess with exceptional beauty beyond compare, and a warrior with a heart that could never waver.

She was the Samurai Princess of the Water Element, "Kai." She was smart and very precise with her movements of the sword, and never lost her target. She never lost her cool and was, in a way, very manly.

However, when she did not fight, she had a family of her own to take care of and protect.

Brave yet kind, strong yet caring, the epitome of the Samurai and a Princess at heart, even though she wasn't born in royalty.

Now, in Okinawa, her newest incarnation rules as the head Samurai to the Imperial Palace. And, yes, once again, she was the only girl, but some could barely tell from her masculine complex.

Her name; Sayaka Akimoto.


Sayaka Akimoto's POV

I unsheathed my sword as my opponents circled around me. As my eyes closed, I centered my energy and released all my tension.


As they approached me, I gripped my sword tight and started my attack.

I stopped one sword with just the tip of my blade and threw it into the air, causing it to fly in the air and land on the ground. Spinning around, I blocked off my opponents attacks and stopped him in his tracks.

I heard a yell from behind and quickly turned the man around to knock the two of them to the ground.

"You're going to have to be a bit faster for me..." I chuckled under my breath.

I turned my head and saw one last opponent standing behind me, his sword tightly held in his hands.

Only one left...

I was ready to attack, when...


When I looked, I saw General Takahashi leaning against the wall, slowly clapping her hands. She had a slight grin on her face and she hid her eyes under that hat of hers.

"Very well down, as usual, Akimoto."


"No wonder the title of 'Leader Samurai' goes to you." she smiled as her hand waved off my last opponent and walked towards me.

"Thank you very much for your compliment." I answered as I bowed to her and sheathed my sword.

"Don't be so stiff to me, Akimoto." laughed off the General and pat my shoulder. "Come, let's have some tea in my office."

She headed me off from the open ground towards the corridors before eventually arrived at her office. She pointed me to sit as her other hand waved off the servants to get some tea.

"So.." began General Takahashi as she sat followed by me. "I've been wondering about who's going to replace me one day if I were to retire. And it seems I found it.." she smiled towards me before sipping her tea. "You are the perfect candidate for it, Akimoto."

"You praised me to much, General." I bowed again before sipping my warm tea.

"Hey, you deserved it." she said lightly before sipping her tea again. "But now, I have a mission for you." she put down her cup and the look on her face suddenly went serious.

I automatically also put down my cup and edged closer.

"There have recently been some disappearances in Okinawa. And not just that, but there have been many killings and animal attacks in certain sections of Japan." She unraveled a map and pinpointed some areas where the attacks took place. "It started out small, but eventually, local security couldn't even take care of things."

"So you want me to check it out."

"I'll alert the other palaces to be on high guard. I want you on patrol tonight."

"Of course." I bowed down in front of her and took the map in my pocket.

"You will leave tomorrow morning and send me reports from your hawk. We can contact each other with that." said General Takahashi. I turned and about to head out when suddenly she called me again, "Akimoto. Whatever is going to happen, I'm here for you." she said all the sudden.

"Yes ma'm." I saluted to her and threw one of my rarest smile before heading out of her room.

Then I remembered that I left my gauntlets in the office, I cursed lowly and turned back to the office. The office door wasn't closed properly and before I could knock on it, the voice of General was heard from the room.

"Are you sure she's the one?" asked General's voice sounded anxious.

"Takamina, how many times I heave to say it again to be clear?" asked another voice. My eyes widened, it was the sound of Kojima Haruna, the Imperial Fortune Teller. "Something is going to happen to her tomorrow!"

"Is it good or bad?" asked the General again.

"I don't know, my concern is right now is that whether you've told her or not." answered Kojima.

"I haven't." answered Takamina.

"Takamina!!" scolded Kojima. "Now how is she suppose to know her real fate then if something were to happen to her tomorrow? Akimoto Sayaka's real fate as one of the Legendary Samurai Princ-"

"Shhhhh!" I heard the General hushed. "We can't talk about it out loud here!" she whispered angrily. "Someone is listening to us."

My eyes widened wider realizing that the General might heard me. I rolled behind to one of the stone pillars nearby and made it just in time before the General blasted the door open. I froze and dared not to breathe nor to peek. The General is known very well for her sharp eyes and hearing abilities, I prayed silently so she won't hear me. But luckily, she doesn't. And Kojima was on the time to leave.

"Fine, I'll tell her tonight!" said the General in the tone of defeat.

"You better, Takamina." warned Kojima before she left. The General took a deep breath and walked back in with the door closed behind her. I sat there in silence, thinking what I heard before. The General was hiding something from me and so is Kojima. I took a deep breath and rethought about what I heard so far, something about "Legendary Samurai."

"I'll find it out later.." I whispered to myself and stood up from my hiding spot. My gauntlets can wait, because I knew now it's not the best time for me to visit General Takahashi.


That night, I was circling the grounds as I kept guard of the palace entrance. My eyes darted around, keeping good watch, and every sound I heard made me more alert.

Looking out of the corner of my eye, I saw some kind of shadow move quickly from the darkness.

"Who's there?!" I ran in the direction it went and saw strange footprints on the ground.

The grass was burnt, smoking, as if it was hit with acid, and there was this black blood-like liquid staining the grass like ink.

What could've done this?

I heard a growl from my right and saw the shadow move once more, into the palace.


I hurried and found the footsteps leading to the training room. I slowly approached the end of the black stained path, and it disappeared right at the entrance to the room. Taking slow, careful steps, I looked around to try and find the creature invading.

As I stopped in the center of the room, I looked carefully and didn't see any black ink anywhere.

Then, I felt my foot step on something round. I looked down and saw a small, blue orb on the ground. I knelt down to pick it up, then, an amazing shock of wind was released and the energy around the room changed.

I unsheathed my sword to protect myself and was about to slice the orb, but as the tip of the blade touched it, it glowed brightly and the orb's light wrapped around my blade. It started vibrating madly in my grip, and in my panic, I shut my eyes tight and quickly closed it back and everything went back to normal.

As my eyes opened back up, I saw that my sword's cover had changed from normal. As I took it off and revealed the metal blade, I saw these strange markings carved into it that weren't there before.

And, more importantly, the blue orb was now at the end of the handle.

But, how?

Before I could react to what just happened, I heard a low growl and smelled something rotten. Something that smelled like it was dead.

When I turned, something that seemed like a giant black lizard covered in black ink charged at me, emitting purple smoke, and had glowing red eyes staring right at me.

Before I could even see its full figure, I snapped my eyes shut in fear and swung my sword, cutting it in half and killing it. A high-pitched scream echoed in the room and I saw the strange creature vanish in smoke and the black ink melt on the floor, leaving the acidic residue and horrid scent.

I covered my mouth, looking at my sword stained in the black blood, and it didn't burn. It cleanly slid off and dripped off the silver metal, burning a hole in the floor near my foot.

"Ite!" I took a step back, cautiously aiming my sword around the area in case someone was watching me.

I heard a creek from the wood floor, and when I swung my sword around, I stopped as I saw it was the General I almost sliced, behind her was the Fortune Teller Kojima.

"General? Kojima-san?"

"Akimoto... did you...just kill that?"

"Sayaka-chan, your sword..!"

I pulled back my sword and put it back at my side, bowing to them. "I'm so sorry!"

"You killed a demon, and the ichor didn't burn your sword..." Takahashi sounded after a long silence.

Demon? Ichor?


"Did you see a small crystal orb in here, Sayaka?"

"Wha-?" I was about to ask what was going on, but when I looked down at my sword, I couldn't help but feel confused as to what was happening. "I did... It's right here." I held up my sword and showed them how it had changed.

Haruna gave her a serious glare. "Takamina, it's time to tell her."

"Tell me what?"

Takahashi sighed out and took off her hat, looking at me with this serious change in her eyes. It was different from normal; it was more serious than normal.

"Sayaka..." she rarely calls me by my first name. Only when she's serious does she do that. "You are one of the Samurai Princesses."


"Now how is she suppose to know her real fate then if something were to happen to her tomorrow? Akimoto Sayaka's real fate as one of the Legendary Samurai Princ-"

A Samurai Princess? What is that?

"I'm a...what?"

"Come." Haruna gestured to both of us.

She led us down through dark corridors, turning left and right before eventually arrived in front of a big red door. Haruna pushed the door which automatically clicked open, revealing a big hall lit by candles.

The room was big as the throne room and in the middle of the room stood a pile of sticks mountained up high into the ceiling, on the walls were hung many beautiful paintings and calligraphy, many ancient scrolls lied open on the floor, and the most magnificent of all was the large hole above the pile of sticks which revealed the beautiful night sky dotted with silver stars.

"This room is called The Room of Fate. I used this room for my work as fortune teller," explained Haruna as she circled the wood pile. "For many years, my ancestors would use this room for most of their work, serving the royal family to foresee and told what fate has in store for them and the country. And now..." she grabbed a torch from a nearby fire holder and glanced at me.

"Your fate shall be told by me." she finished her sentence and threw the torch to the pile.

A big flame blazed up high, staggering me back. But Haruna stayed where she stood before, her mouth muttered some prayers and her eyes were closed. Green mists swirled around her, making her robe and hair floated in the air. The flame danced on the pile, this time images started to shift from the flame.

"Long ago, in ancient Japan, when the Sun Goddess and Moon God were at peace and balance.." Haruna's voice echoed loud and clearly. She opened her eyes and staggered me back again with her eyes which glowed in white. Not only that, when she opened her mouth, it also glowed in white. I shifted my sight again to the flame, this time the flame showed two blinding figure stood side by side.

"But then an evil darkness named Maou awakened to darken the world with misery and despair. His awaking has caused many to fall to their deaths and suffered under the riot he had caused..." this time a big dark figure shifted, making the flame suddenly turned to black.

"Only the Sun Goddess' most powerful warrior, the Tiger King, was the only one able to match the Maou Dragon's power." Haruna continued on and the flame showed another big figure in blinding light, facing on the dark figure. "but Maou was so strong that he could not be defeated alone by the Tiger King." Both figure then clashed to each other and created a a splitting fire where one side was bright and the other one was dark.

"To seal the Maou's power, the Moon God gave his soul to four chosen princesses and transformed them into Samurai Warriors.." this time the first figure appeared again and four circles of light shot out of her hand towards four different figures. As soon as the ball reached them, they glowed in bright light.

"Using the magic of the Moon and Sun, the Tiger spirit and Moon soul defeated the Maou Dragon King and banished him to the Underworld." the four figure then were faced with the big dark figure. Together, the four clashed to the incoming darkness, creating a big plume of flames to ceiling. After it settled down, the flame slightly grew weaker and weaker before eventually blacking out by itself.

I looked back at the fortune teller, her eyes were closed again and the mist vanished into the air. Her hair and robe fluttered down, so did the fortune teller herself.

"Haruna!" called Takahashi as she ran towards Haruna and caught her just in time. "Are you alright?"

"I'm fine, Takamina.." croaked Haruna as she slowly opened her eyes back which has turned back to normal. "Just a little tired. But most importantly.." she glanced at me with a cautious eyes.

"You will meet the other three of the chosen Samurai Princess, Sayaka." she said lowly. "Everything will be tested, your strength, endurance, loyalty, and heart. All will be tested as you meet your allies and enemies. Dangerous path awaits as you and the other destined Samurai Princess journey down to the day where the Legend shall repeat again..."

I held my head, gripping my sword as I swallowed down all the information.

"So...what's going to happen to me?"

"Tomorrow, when you leave Okinawa, you will be exposed to the Maou's demon minions. You will have to be extremely cautious." Takahashi pulled out something in her pocket. It was a red eye mask. "Wear this so no one knows your true identity."

I nodded and took the mask, wrapping it around my head onto my face.

"You look beautiful, Sayaka-chan!"

"I'll get you your proper uniform before you leave. Haruna, I'll leave her to you." Takahashi left us alone, then Haruna and I went back to my room.

"So, Kojima..."

"You don't need to be so formal, we're the same age. Just call me Haruna."

"Haruna, this mission..."

"It's definitely not one to do alone. You actually have been chosen very well."

"Eh? What do you mean by that?"

"The four Samurai are represented by the four elements, depending on their personality. You were chosen with water, and I think that suits you well. Sayaka, I know you can do this, but even if you can survive on your own, you'll need the other three to defeat the Maou's more powerful minions."

The four Samurai Princesses... I'm water, so that leaves earth, fire, and wind.

God... this is happening so fast, though.

I guess I don't have a choice. I need to be careful, who knows what could happen to me now.

Takahashi came in with a kimono folded up in her arms. It was a light blue kimono patterned with blue wave-like markings to look like water, and a navy blue belt supported by some magenta string. There were small blue and light pink flowers on it and it felt like silk against my skin.

The two girls helped my change and I tied up my hair in a velvet dark blue ribbon.


"You look just like a princess, Sayaka."

I smiled softly seeing my reflection in the mirror.


The next morning, before anyone else woke up, I sheathed my sword onto my waist and headed out.

I took one last look at my home. This palace, where I was raised from my youth for so long. I could remember, the life I had before this. I never met my mother, I only had my father and my brother. My father took care of us in our life of poverty, and my brother trained me to be strong. Eventually, my dad succumbed to death and me and my brother went our separate ways.

I wonder how he's doing. He's been in the Japanese Army now, fighting the war, but all I can do for him now is pray for his safety. I haven't seen him in so long, I can only imagine what he may look like now. How much he's grown since we were kids...

It seems silly, doesn't it? Even though he's younger than me, he had to protect me, his older sister. I was actually very weak, long ago. I couldn't fight for myself. But then, he helped me, when I was fragile and timid, he made me stronger and more out-going.

"Sayaka." I heard Takahashi's voice that broke me from my deep thoughts.

"General... I was just about to leave."

"I know, but..." she reached into her pocket for something. "I have a present from you... it's from your brother."


I took the small box and saw a note on it. He wrote it.

"Sayaka, I hope you're living your life happily. Keep fighting and do your best for me, Nee-chan.  -Ryota"

"Ryota..." I opened up the small purple box and found a beautiful sapphire necklace in the shape of a butterfly. "It's beautiful..."

Takahashi took it out and wrapped it around my neck. It fit perfectly and dangled against my collar, I put my hand over it and felt my heart beating over it.

"Good luck." she said to me one last time before leaving.

As I turned back around, I wiped a single tear falling down my face and put the mask on. Then, holding my sword tight, I headed out into the darkness, ready to face whatever came my way.

To Be Continued
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Re: Samurai Princesses: The Awakening (SAYAKA - The Water Samurai)
« Reply #10 on: February 04, 2014, 12:33:52 AM »
Wah i wonder who is the other 3 samurai princess

Please update soon

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Re: Samurai Princesses: The Awakening (SAYAKA - The Water Samurai)
« Reply #11 on: February 04, 2014, 12:41:26 AM »
Woh! So cool~!
I wonder who's the next princess~
just love to read alot of fiction story

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Samurai Princesses: The Awakening (AYAKA - The Earth Samurai)
« Reply #12 on: February 10, 2014, 03:30:07 PM »
Minna-san, konbawa~
This is Cometerz48 bringing you the next prologue for this collab fic with Ruka Kikuchi-san. Would like to thank Ruka-san for checking and fixing up my grammars~


Prologue - The Awakening (Part 2)

AYAKA -- The Earth Samurai

A beautiful young lady wrapped in an elegant satin robe, embroidered in gold threads and precious stones set on her silky hair. Her figure and eyes was small but the loss she had and the responsibility she’s shouldering right now wasn’t compatible to it. Now with fate laid it’s hands on her, the dark rounds on her eyelids shown how much it gained her stress.

Gentle and quite as the mountains in Edo region, she spent her time mostly on books and knowledge for the preparation to become the next holder of the throne. Not knowing that one day fate would make her become the Samurai Princess of Earth Element “Riku”.

Nor she’s brave or strong, but the love and the care for her family and the people of Edo were big enough to overcome her stress for sometimes. But once it doesn’t her sanity broke down into what people around her might fear.

All that she loves, that she cares, she can feel slipping away.

So young and yet the time for her to crowned has come. Her father had died before she could even be a woman like her mother whom struggled fighting the endless pain of a mysterious disease.

Her name; Ayaka Umeda.


Ayaka Umeda's POV

“Hime-sama.” a voice called from behind me. I was so occupied with the scroll I’m reading until the voice called out louder. “Hime-sama!”

“Ah, yes!” I yelped in reflex due to the loud call and dropped my scroll.

I sighed and picked it up from the floor and then looked up to meet my Teacher’s grin. “Master Noro..”

“Hime-sama, you’re quite early today.” praised Master Noro Kayo, before she settled down next to me. “I was wondering for how long I’d have to wait for you today since you always come late to lessons, but it seems that my imagination is rejected today.”

“I’m sorry for being late yesterday.” I apologized and bowed to her. It’s true that I made her wait quite long since I woke up late.

“So, what’s with the early routine today then?” asked Noro before she stood up to dust up the board.

“I couldn’t sleep last night.” I answered truthfully as I got out ink and brush from a linen bag. “I just can’t.”

“Hime-sama, not sleeping for the whole night isn’t good for your health.” told Noro as he put down the board duster. “Is there something that’s bothering you?”

“Well…” I sighed. “I’m just thinking about my father, Master. He’s been away for so long now and my mother’s health is getting worse too..”

“Don’t worry about the Emperor, Hime-sama.” smiled Noro. “He’s a very strong person and he loves this country so much that he goes to the front line to fight with our men as well. Your mother is a strong person too, despite your father’s absence, she still can managed the kingdom well.”

“I don’t know...” I sighed again. “I just miss him so much…”

“Ah, Hime-sama..” pouted Noro before she embraced me. “If you need someone to talk to, I’m here for you.”

“Thank you Master.” I said before letting her arms go and bowed to her slightly. She replied my smile and bow down as well.

“Now,” she went back to the subject. “we’re going to learn something light today. No need ink and brush, since we’re not learning literature or calligraphy today.”

“Then what are we learning?” I asked with  furrowed brows and put back my ink and brush.

“We’re going to learn,” Noro grabbed a nearby ornament, a katana. Long and sharp enough to behead someone, just like my father’s. “about Samurai Legends.”

“Samurai Legends?” I asked again.

“Yes, legends about Samurai.” answered Noro as she swung around the sword. I knew Master Noro has gained her title with knowledge about well.. Everything including calligraphy, sword mastering, archery, and even flute blowing.

"What kind of legends?"

“Well, to begin with..” she then took a seat in front of me and urged me to edge closer. “There is one Legend called The Samurai Princess.”

“Samurai Princess? Is it the one about the Moon God gave part of his soul to a princess in order to work together with the Tiger King to defeat a darkness called Maou?” I asked my teacher. “I think I’ve read it before off somewhere..”

“As expected of you, my princess.” Praised Noro with a smile. “Well you are correct, my lady. But did you know that it’s not just one princess? In fact, it was four princess that received the Moon God’s soul.”

“Four?” I scrunched my eyebrows. “I thought it’s only one.”

“No, my Lady..” chuckled Noro. “There is four to represent four different element of life. There is Water, Earth, Fire and Air.”

“Ah, so that’s how it is...” I nodded. “But why are we learning this, Master? I mean it’s just a legend.”

“Sometimes, the word 'legend' itself actually lives on, my Lady.” said Noro cautiously that I started to tensed up. “The reason I’m telling you this is because I’ve heard that there is a prophecy that says this Legend will repeat itself again.”

“Repeat? You mean, there will be these 'Samurai Princesses' and 'Maou’?” I asked shockedly.

“Yes, Hime-sama.” nodded Noro. “It is said that it will happen when a daugther of Edo Kingdom take on the throne of Edo.”

My eyes widened, I’ve been learning about my family tree as the Edo royal Family. And none of the dirrect bloodline has a daugther before I was born.

“Yes, my Lady.” nodded Noro. “It will happen in your time one day. You will become the empress of Edo since you are the first candidate to replace your father’s position on the throne of Edo. I want you to know all about this so that one day, you can support these princesses in order to defeat Maou.”


“This is important, my Lady.” warned Noro. “No prophecy again has came out since that was spoken out about five decades ago, when your grandfather was on the throne. But only the palace knew about it, because it may caused a great panic through the country later on. Since no prophecy came out again, the Emperor and his ministers were worrying about the future for the country if that were to prophecy were to overcome. They’re afraid that it might be the end of Edo.”

I didn’t spoke at all. I was silenced by my teacher’s words, it was as if the burden on my shoulder has just been added. Another responsibility for me, Princess Umeda Ayaka of Edo. The next in line for the throne...

“My lady, please do not take it too deep yet.” Said Noro. “There’s still time for you to learn to be a good ruler, my Lady. And I will be there for you if you need guidance.”

“Thank you, Master.” I spoke softly to the big lady. Giving her a thin smile, but still burdened.

Noro smiled again in reply, “You can take a break now, Umeda-sama. Have you eaten your breakfast yet? You looked quite pale.”

“Ah, now that you reminded me!” I slapped my forehead. “I haven’t actually..”

“My Lady, you didn’t sleep and didn’t eat your breakfast. Please manage yourself well, your health is important for your life now.” Said Noro worriedly.

I smiled again, this is what I like the most from my teacher. She took care of me very well and listen mostly about my problems like my mother’s sickness and my father’s absence.

“I will soon.” I promised. “After I finished reading this scroll though.”

“Hime-sama...” warned Noro lowly. Her glare successfully terrified me.

“Fine, I’ll get my meal now.” I announced in defeat. I stood up and walked out of the room, watching my teacher’s smile before the door closed up.

Instead of heading to the dining room however, I turned my heels towards another place that I wish to visit right now; my mother’s room. My mother fell ill from what to be said a rare disease by the healers. She would coughed blood abruptly when her coughing starts to attack, not only that she would also have a difficulty in breathing and fainted out for a while.

I arrived at my mother’s door finally and knocked it softly before coming in.


“Mother..” I spoke softly and approached my mother.

There she was, lying on the bed with bottles of weird colored potions on her bedside. Her beautiful face was pale and thin, I knew it was so different than the one I heard from my father long ago before he left for war. The disease has taken her health away, but not her willingness to rule the country on my father’s absence.

“Aren’t you meant to be with Master Noro now?” asked my mother as she softly caressed my cheek. “Don’t tell me you skipped her lesson or something.” She said suddenly and pinched my cheek.

“Itte!” I yelped and rubbed the red skin once she let it go. “It wasn’t like that. She just let me have an early break since I looked pale in her eyes.”

“Really?” asked my mother as she edged closer to me and sat up. “Well you do look pale, what’s wrong honey?”

“I’m fine.” I replied shortly. “I’m just missing father, that’s all.”

“Oh, honey...” she pouted and hugged me just like what Noro did a while ago. “It won’t be long, Ayaka. Once the war ends, he will be back. Now I heard that we’re on the winning side, I’m sure it won’t take long..”

My mother’s comforting smile healed my worries a little, making me able to smile for a moment.

“Ah, that reminds me that I’ve got something for you..” shifted my mother. But then she started to cough again and I knew she’s not meant to move at all from her bed.

“Don’t force yourself!” I strained her. “I’ll get it for you; just tell me where it is.”

“It’s just on my table right there.” She pointed at me to a box sitting on top of her desk. I quickly approached it and brought the box to her.

She then opened the box slowly and carefully and picked up an object inside the box.

“That’s beautiful..” I gawked in awe to the object.

It was an oval shaped mirror with a porcelain edges and handle, decorated in jewels and fragile flowers from colored crystals.

“It’s my first gift from your father.” smiled mother as she turned the mirror in her hand. It is said that it can show who you really are, deep hidden in your heart, all will be shown in the mirror. “It’s something that’s quite precious to me since it’s hand down from your ancestors.”

“Wow..” I couldn’t stop gawking at it. “What do you see yourself in that mirror?”

“I saw myself as a happy woman, I suppose.” answered my mother simply. “Which what I am now. Why don’t you try it out? I’m going to give it to you anyway..”

“Really?!” I asked in excitement and got it answered by mother’s nod. “Thank you!” I took the mirror from her offered hand.

“Go on.” urged my mother.

I nodded and raised the mirror to my face, what’s shown in the mirror wasn’t exactly what I expected. I saw my own face, my eyes looked sharper somehow, there are scratches on my face and a gash by my left cheek. I touched my own left cheek and found it alright and smooth, no gash.

“Well, what did you see..?” asked my mother.

“I saw--“ my voice was cut off suddenly by the sound of my mother’s door being opened. I glanced back and saw Noro rushing in. Her face was red and she was gasping as if she just had a good amount of running. Despite that, I knew something had happened. Her eyes were telling me everything, fear and regret..

“I apologize for interrupting, my Lady and my Queen..” bowed Noro. “But a news has arrived from the front line..”

“What happened?” I asked huskily. But then I regret for asking it, if it’s Noro that comes with news from the front line, it’s got to be about my father.

“The Emperor, my Lady..” said Noro. “The Emperor is dead.”

"What?!" I said in my panic, gripping my small compact mirror tight. "Father is..."

"I'm so sorry..."


I ran towards the body laying on the floor, wrapped up in a bloody, white sheet. When I unveiled it, I saw my father's face, bloody and beaten. He was the most pale white and stone cold to the touch. His locket hung on his neck, completely covered in blood, I snatched it and stare at the crimson object.

I clutched my head, crying on the ground. I can't believe he's gone...

Just imagining it now, being out there, with all those people being killed so ruthlessly....


Then I had realized... all of this can end... Everyone was going to die soon. My family had been slipping from their grasp, and are dying. I can just die and go to Heaven with them.

Such a thought made me laugh...

"I should... just die! ...Haha.... Hahahahaha... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!"


"Everyone's leaving!!!" I said as I laughed and cried. "I should just go with them!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!"

"Ayaka, don't say such things!"

"Everything in this world shall always come to an end!!!!"

I pounded on the ground, when I realized... the locket was still in my hands. And now, it was broken. The glass shattered in my hand, blood flowing from my palm, and the beautiful rhinestones and gems scattered on the floor.

Realizing what happened, I returned to my sanity and turned to my mother. "Mother, I'm so--" But, she had fainted, her hand tightly clutching her chest. "Mother!"

I knelt against her bedside, crying on and on.

Everything, yes, was coming to a tragic end...

"Ayaka Hime-sama, you must take the throne of Edo now. You are the only one left."

Looking up at the servant, I wiped off my tears and said, "I can't. I'm not ready."

"Don't worry. You will have us to support you."

He is loyal...

I nodded.


“Hime-sama.” I turned back, it was Noro standing by the door. “There is someone who wished to see you.”

“Who is it?”

I asked. Noro opened the door wider, revealing two figures standing next to her.

“Atsuko..” I whispered. “Ami..” It was none other than my cousins, Maeda Atsuko and her sister, Maeda Ami.

“Ayaka..” said Atsuko before rushing to me and hugged me tightly. “I’ve heard what happened. I’m so sorry..”

“It’s alright..” I bit my lips. I’ve heard those words for thousands of times already since my father’s death, from the ministers, relatives, and neighbor kingdoms. “Where’s your mother?” I asked them.

Atsuko and Ami’s mother was my father’s younger sister, she wasn’t capable to have the throne since my dad is the first child and the first child would always inherit the throne. So instead, she married off with a high General of us, General Maeda whom died first before my father’s death.

“She’s with your mother.” said Ami bitterly. “We’re here for your coronation, Ayaka Hime-sama.”

I didn’t say anything nor responded to that statement. The thoughts of my coronation have been burdening my mind since all the servants, ministers, and guards have sworn that they will support me after my father’s death.

“A leader might have followers that protect him, but a leader also have a job to protect their own followers too..” my father’s words chimed in my mind. I remembered that evening before he left the palace to go to the front line, the day he told me that I’ll be his successor for Edo.

“My Lady, the coronation will start in the evening after the sun is down.” Informed Noro after the Maedas left the room. I’ve been keeping my teacher so close to me since the incident that happened on my father’s death, she’s been on my side almost the whole time now. I even told her to sleep with me, securing from the endless burden on my shoulder.

“Master Noro..”

“Yes, My Lady?”

“How is my mother?” I asked her quietly. It’s the first time I brought the conversation about my mother since I terrified her three days ago. I just don’t have the guts to check on her yet, I was scared that she’d knocked down again.

Noro smiled weakly, “She’s alright now my Lady. Why don’t you visit her now?”

I considered her words for a moment before nodding off. I walked passed her as the door closed up behind me, heading towards my mother’s room. My palm felt sweaty as I clenched it tightly, the trip felt so fast that now I have arrived in front of her room. I knocked it softly before pushing it forward.

My mother was there, sitting up on her bed, looking at the horizon shown by the window on right side of her room. Noticing someone has appeared in her room, she glanced and met my eyes.

“Mother…” tears started to swelled out as I rushed towards her. The woman of my life then welcomed me with opened arms and hugged me so tight. I couldn’t help not to break into tears. “I’m sorry.. I’m so sorry…”

“Ayaka…” whispered my mother to my ear as she caressed my hair pushed me from her arms so that she could stare into my face. “It’s alright.. Now it’s not the time for you to be in tears, Empress of Edo.”

“But I’m not ready yet…” I blabbered. “It’s still two more years before I could attend my ceremony.”

“Ready or not, it’s your fate now as Empress of Edo.” stated my mother. “Protect Edo, my dear. Protect it in any way you can and the whole Edo will protect you.”

I nodded and hugged her tighter before Noro could call me back to my room.


The gongs have vibrated through the palace’s ground, signaling the time of coronation has come. From a small window, I could see many has gathered for the ceremony. Ministers, honor guests, and advisors. The Maeda family was among them, standing by the coronation altar since it’s for family relatives.

“My Lady..” Noro’s voice by my side. “It’s time.”

I nodded to the woman who’s going to accompany me to the throne, the new imperial advisor; Noro Kayo. Noro smiled and signaled the door to be open.

The day lights burst in to the room, ignoring it, I stepped out with my chin up high and eyes straight forward. Beside me was Noro in her imperial advisor robe and a katana hung on her waist. My eyes were fixed towards the altar where my mother, the Maedas, and priests are waiting for me. My own robe felt heavy on my shoulders and it’s pocket felt heavy too since I decided to brought my mother’s gift, the mirror.

But those two things would never beat the heavy burdens I’m going to carry out soon..

The walk was done in slow motion, but finally I arrived at the altar. The procedure was to have me sitting down on the throne first before the priest would speak the blessing and oaths before then put the crown on my head.

It was a complete silence from the walk to the moment the crown was to be put on my head. But before I could sat down on the throne, a loud hiss was heard on my side.

“She whom will face an undeniable fate..”


I turned towards the noise and Ami walking towards me with her face completely covered with her own hair. Atsuko was right behind her, tugging her sister to pull back.

“Ami!!” she urged her sister. I glanced back at Noro and gave her my questioned look, the lady just shrugged and approached Ami.

“Lady Maeda, please do stay back during the coronation.” Stood Noro between Ami and I.

Ami strangely released a giggle, a scary one that would chill anyone right to the bone. “And let the whole world engulfed in darkness? Would you really like that, Samurai Princess of Earth?”

“What?” I finally released my voice for the first time since the coronation started. The crowd bellow started to buzzing up, hearing Atsuko’s words. The priests and my mother started to look uneasy.

“Ami, stop all of this craziness!!” spoke Atsuko as she shook her sister’s shoulder from behind.

“Maeda Ami, stop all of these nonsense at once!” spoke Atsuko’s mother, Lady Maeda, with a serious face. “We are in a royal ceremony!”

Ami, ignoring all of those reactions, kept on. “Yes, Umeda Ayaka. You may have a kingdom to protect, but your fate goes on and won’t be able to be denied. Choose, your kingdom or the whole world. Because Maou will engulf both of them in darkness if you and the other Samurai Princess don’t stop him.”

What is she talking about? Am I actually..?

“Your new fate starts, now.” said Ami before she fell forward to the ground. The crowd suddenly burst into loud noises, everyone buzzes about Ami’s statement.

“Ami!!!” yelped Atsuko, trying to catch her. But luckily, Noro was able to catch her first before anyone could.

“She’s alive, but her pulse is weak.” pronounced Noro with Ami unconscious in her arms, she turned back to me. “My Lady?”

I was too stunned to speak now. I looked at my mother, her expression was unreadable. Tears formed up in her eyes as she covered her mouth in disbelieve. In the crowd’s noise, I couldn’t hear a single thing clearly and no one bothered to hit the gong to silence the crowd.

But then, a shriek was heard on the far side of my left.

I turned and saw Lady Maeda staring up what’s in front of her. A huge bear in black fur was standing in front of her, it’s red eyes looked down on the woman as it releases snarls. The size of the bear was bigger than any bear I would see in the Edo Forest, bigger than any other creatures that I’ve ever seen.

“Mother!!” yelped Atsuko. But before the girl could reach her own mother, blood splattered on her face. Her mother’s blood.

I was too stunned to watch Lady Maeda’s body fell to the ground after the bear swooped it’s talons to her. The crows went wild as they tried to escape for their life, guards and soldiers blend in, trying to force their way in.

“Maeda-san, no!!” yelled a guard blocking Atsuko from coming any closer. But soon later, Atsuko experienced another shower of blood when the bear swooped it’s talons once again to the guard’s back.

Atsuko, too stunned to say any words, stare up at the bear. Covered in bloods, she screamed. The bear raised it’s talons again over her, but before it could pierce her, Noro’s sword sliced the bear’s hand first.

The bear roared in pain as dark liquid oozing out from the cut, the drops of liquid sizzled to the ground as if acids on paper. I snapped out from my stunned state and pulled out Atsuko just in time before she could experience the dark liquid reaching her.

“Take them to a safe place!” I yelled to the approaching guard and pushed Atsuko towards them. Atsuko looked at me in the eyes, I knew she was terrified. I glanced back at my mother, I saw the same expression as well. “Take all of them to safety!” I yelled to them before leaving Ami, Atsuko, and my mother to their hands. Ignoring the yelling from everyone, I rushed towards Noro whom was busily dodging the bear’s one and only talons left.

“My Lady!!” yelled Noro, noticing my approach. “Stay back!!”

Ignoring my advisor, I rushed closer until the bear could see me. Anger has taken over me now, my anger towards the bear, towards those who killed my father, towards the creature whom killed Lady Maeda, and especially towards the fate that has decided to make my life much more difficult..

“OI!!!” I yelled to the bear. I picked up a rock by my feet and threw it to the bear’s left eye, it hit perfectly and gained his attention. “YOU WANT ME? THEN COME AND GET ME!!” I yelled for the first time since my father’s death. All the things that happened recently, gave me a new strength to do such action.

I turned back and started running as soon as the bear leapt towards me. I ran as fast as I could without thinking about anything or hearing anything. Noro’s yell was little beyond the bear’s angry roar. I ran and turned just in time towards the corridor surrounding the coronation ground before crashing into a wall. A big rumble vibrated under my feet, indicating that the bear has crashed into the wall, I peeked behind and saw cloud of dust around the area and soon the bear started to focus on the chase again.

I pulled out the mirror from my pocket and threw my robe off, lightening my body for the chase. I ran as I kept the mirror steady in my hand so that I could see the bear behind. It’s eyes glared in frightening shade of red, indicating how angry it is.

I was angry too. So angry and frightened that I didn’t see an incoming ball of bright orange light heading towards my face. By the time it’s just inches from my face, I closed my eyes and raised my mirror to hit the ball away, but instead of feeling the glass breaks into pieces, I felt a tug from the moment the ball touched the mirror. The mirror vibrated like crazy in my hand, so powerful that it vibrated through my bones.

I opened my eyes just in time when I heard Noro’s yell and the bear’s roar. I was gasping from the experience and glanced to the mirror in my hand. The mirror looked same as before but a orange orb was attached to the end of the handle and created a twisted green vines on the handle like I’ve never seen before.

What happened..?

But before I could answer it, the bear has successfully overcome the guards and fixed it’s eyes once again on me.

I scrambled up and started running again, I felt a new energy rushed into me. As fresh as the air of the forest, it felt good and making me relax even though I was running for my life. I jumped over the fence and went back to the coronation ground, it was already empty except for some guards and soldiers.

That’s it, I was tired of running. Instead of running towards the guard and begging them to protect me, I turned towards the empty coronation altar. I signaled all the guards to move away from the scene since the bear was coming. As soon as I reached the altar, I turned back and saw the bear just a few meters away rushing in a killer speed.

I felt a tug on my guts and put out my right hand in front of me, I stared at the incoming bear in anger. I willed all of my anger into my hand and all the sudden a loud crack was heard from the ground. One of the bear’s leg broke the ground where it landed and soon the ground surrounding the bear broke and created a huge pit under the bear’s leg. The bear struggled but the harder it struggled, the bigger the pit becomes. And soon, the bear fell into the pit with a loud roar.

No one spoke for a moment, neither am I.

“My Lady…” I heard Noro from bellow me and stare at me with those unbelievable eyes. I put down my hand and soon finding my self stumbling forward and the world spinning in my eyes.



My eyes hazily opened as I woke up in an unfamiliar bed. I wasn't at the palace anymore, but somewhere else.

"My Lady..."

I looked over and saw Noro beside me, and on my other side was Atsuko, asleep as she knelt down next to Ami in her bed.

"Master Noro, what happened?"

"You collapsed..."

I looked in my hand and saw I was still gripping the mirror tight. I remembered everything so clearly. The coronation, Ami's sudden outburst, the bear attack. It played through my mind like a movie.

"My Lady, I'm so sorry..."

"Noro, what's going on? What happened to me back there?"

"Hime-sama... you're the Samurai Princess of Earth, Riku."

I held my chest, remembering what had happened when I fought that bear. I also remembered my reflection in the mirror. Is that really who I am? Or maybe, who I was?

There's still so much I don't understand...

"Where are we then?" I asked her as I put down the mirror carefully on the table beside my bed.

"A safe house in the outskirt of Edo region, my Lady." answered Noro. "Your father built this house when the war erupted. He build it just in case if one day the palace is taken over by the enemies."

"My mother!" I jolted up. "What happened to her? What happened to my mother and the throne?"

"After you were out, your mother instructed me to take you, Ami, and Atsuko away to the safe house. She understood that it's your fate now as a Samurai Princess, that you can't possibly take the throne now."

"Then who's going to take it?" I asked her again.

"Your mother, my Lady." informed Noro. "My Lady, you have a bigger responsibility now as a Samurai Wariror."

"But.." I blabbered. "But, I don't know a thing about Samurai! I don't even know how to a swing a sword and how am I suppose to be a swordman?! And most importantly, I don't have a sword!"

"Your mother gave me this before we left, my Lady." said Noro handing me a long wooden case. "It is for you to take on your new destiny as a Samurai Princess."

I laid the wooden box on my lap and opened it carefully. Inside, a long Katana was sheathed and decorated with carving of a tiger on the case. The Katana felt cold in my hand as I took it out, it wasn't very heavy nor it was light. I unsheathed the sword and studied the blade, I could see a reflection of myself.

On the blade, there was an ancient text written on it that I couldn't quite yet read.

I sheathed the sword back and took out a folded orange fabric from the box. I unfolded it and looked at the orange kimono patterned with green vines swirling on the fabric, the belt was dark green in color and it comes with an orange string to support it. The fabric felt soft in my hands as I ran my hands on it.

"It's beautiful.." I whispered in awe, gazing at the gifts.

Noro smiled weakly, "Come, I'll help you put it on."

Then my teacher helped me putting it on silently. Once she was done, she took a step back and studied me.

"Beautiful as always my Lady.." whistled Noro. I turned around to the mirror and saw my own reflection on the mirror. My hair was tied back in a single braid, leaving my kimono completely exposed on the back. The color of the Kimono blended well with my body as well as the sword on my waist.

"Ah, don't forget this." said Noro with my mirror in her hand. She tucked it into my pocket and smiled. "Are you ready for the journey, my Lady?"

Confused of her words, I asked, "What journey are you talking about?"

"You can't stay here, my Lady." said Noro. "You must find the other Samurai Princess and work together with them to defeat Maou. What Lady Maeda said before isn't a joke, my Lady. Maou is rising and the legend of Samurai Princess shall be repeated again."

"But... But..!" I looked around in confuse. "How about Atsuko and Ami? How about my mother? How about you?"

"I was ordered by your mother to protect both of the Maeda now. The priest presumed that Ami was taken over by a dangerous spirit and should be terminated immediately. There's no one in the Maeda family left now except for her and her sister to protect her. And we cannot argue about the decision of the priest so your mother told me take the three of you to the safe house."

"Then what if the priest found all of you? All of you might be killed!"

"Do not worry my Lady." smiled Noro weakly. "I have a friend from another kingdom, one of your father's acquaintance. I've sent her a letter from my falcon to her and told the situations here and hopefully she could get us to safety before the priests found us."

"Then how about you?"

"I'm staying, my Lady." stated Noro once again. "I will do my duty as a protector of the Maeda Sisters."

I rushed to her and hugged her tightly, I sniffed on the jasmine fragrance of her hair, giving me a slight calm way of departing.

She hugged me too as she caressed my hair, "You will be alright, my Lady. I believe in you. Everyone believes in you, your mother, Lady Maeda, the whole Edo believes in you."

I pulled back and stared sadly at my teacher. She whom taught me everything from boring laws to exciting calculations, she who would listen to all my problems, she's my first friend I ever known..

"Here." she handed me a traveling bag and a dark hooded cape. "Inside, you'll find some supplies for the next coming days and some money. There's also some scrolls on sword techniques that I managed to pack in, I want you to practice it my Lady. Remember, practice makes perfect. Don't be shy to ask for help when you met the other Samurai Princess, the four of you will have to help each other out in order to defeat Maou."

She opened up the hooded cape and put it on me, "Your identity must remained secret, my Lady. The whole Edo would be looking for you and us as fugitives, so please do not do anything that might attract much attention." she finally locked in the last button, and finally, she pulled out a green eye mask and tied it around my head to cover my eyes, "and lastly please be safe, Hime-sama.."

"Master Noro.." I said. I took a step back and bowed to her, my last gratitude for all of her dedication to me and the palace. "Thank you so much, Master..."

"Good luck, my Lady." smiled Noro and bowed back to me.

I walked out of the room and took the last glance at the sleeping Maeda sisters. I headed to the verandah and looked at the early morning sky, the sun has not risen yet but I could see the white line beyond the horizon already. I turned back and waved at my teacher before finally setting my first step towards my new destiny.

To Be Continued

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Re: Samurai Princesses: The Awakening (AYAKA - The Earth Samurai)
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I can't wait to find out who the other two Samurai Princesses are ! XD ... anyways, thx for the cool update ^ ^
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Re: Samurai Princesses: The Awakening (AYAKA - The Earth Samurai)
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Well, I could predict that Sayaka and Ayaka would be there...
but I wonder who the other ones are...

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Re: Samurai Princesses: The Awakening (AYAKA - The Earth Samurai)
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Ayaka is one if the samurai princess

I wonder who goingto be next

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Re: Samurai Princesses: The Awakening (AYAKA - The Earth Samurai)
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Air and fire are left and the locations of ancient Japan of the two others should be interesting with their stories
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Re: Samurai Princesses: The Awakening (YUKA- The FIRE Samurai)
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Hello ho~ Back from my long hiatus!!!!!

Man, been keeping eyes for the forum but haven't write much anymore since school projects made me occupied boringly.. Now tossing them aside, I'M BACK!!

Would like apologize to Ruka-san for delaying the fic so long (Hontoni gomenasai, Ruka.. *bowed deeply*) and of course to all of you too for leaving the thread for so long, nee~

Enjoy the next prologue~

Prologue - The Awakening (Part 3)

YUKA -- The Fire Samurai

An average girl with tough life ahead of her, but the smile on her face never wears off as the sweats of her hardwork always drenched her clothes, so does the love for her family.

The warm Takoyaki always fill her mind as her spirit keeps on fighting on the means to make her family’s life better. No wonder that one day she would be known as the Samurai Princess of the Fire Element "Hinata".

Casting off the dusts, sweats, and dirt, the girl is a beauty and symbol of hardwork for anyone around her. Especially for those who shares the same interest as her.

Carrying baskets of local produce, she hopped around the market day and night, sunny and rainy day, freezing winter and blazing summer with the same smile on her face. Locals would always see her happily hovering in Takoyaki or Ramen shop on her breaktime.

Her name; Yuka Masuda.


Masuda Yuka’s POV

“Oi! Needing a box of carrots here!!”

“Where’s the cabbages I ordered yesterday?!”

“A sack of garlics here please!”

The voices of food vendors cook roamed in the early morning of the market. The market opens up early to welcome all sorts of citizens, from hungry locals to region distant travelers. It sells up from raw fresh local produces to steamy hot breakfast meals.

But I’m not dashing through the market for any of them, I was holding a squeaky wheel barrows filled with fresh vegetables and herbs. I ignored the sweats that I've produced in the early morning and kept on going as I scanned through the market.

“Aye-aye, here you go, sir! A box of carrots!” I exclaimed when I stopped and dropped the box of carrots in front of one food vendors. The owner smiled and thanked me after he inserted some gold into a little fabric sack that I held out to him.

I dashed off again and dropped down carts of cabbages in front of a store.

“Here you go, Mam, green cabbages of the local region.” I grinned as I watched more gold from the lady of the store.

I pushed my cartwheel in an insane able speed, luckily, no one is in my way since it’s early in the mornings where people might be still cowering under their blankets and mucking around on their bed. I don’t have time for any of them being honest, I wouldn’t be up early in the morning if it weren’t for a dream for our family.

The dream was simple, but yet, so hard for my family to reach it. It was none other than having a restaurant of our own. It was my father’s ideas actually to opened up a restaurant, my father was great cook and took the responsibility of the family meals since his wife fell ill and died after giving birth to his third child.

I sighed in relieve as soon as I dropped the last order for today, a sack of garlic for an udon vendor. I was just straightening my stiff neck when I stopped and smiled to the one dropping the gold inside my money sack.

“Ohayou, Sato-san.” I greeted the girl with my trademark smile.

The one greeted was scowling however, “Thank you for the garlic, Masuda,” she said shortly.

“What’s with the cold gratitude?” I asked her with a frown. “Oh, come on, Natsuki! We’re friends aren’t we?”

“Correction: We USED to be friends, Masuda Yuka.” said Natsuki as she crossed her arms. “Until you took the boy that I liked.”

“Oh, that?! That was ages ago, Natsuki!! It wasn’t me who was chasing him, it was the other way around!” I denied my childhood friend.

“Still! You knew that I liked him, Yuka!” yelled Natsuki. “Oh forget it, why am I talking to you? Why don’t you go back now and get that puny dream of your dad started!”

I clenched my fist, “Don’t you dare mocking my dad, Natsuki!” I growled lowly.

Natsuki smiled smugly, “Make me, Yuppai.”

“That’s it!” I yelled in anger as I lunged towards her, successfully pinching her soft cheek with my fingers. “Take that, damn it!”

“Oh why don’t you take this!!” yelled Natsuki as she pinched my ear with her fingers. I could feel the throbbing pain on my ear, by I shut my mouth from the temptation to yell in pain and instead kept on pinching her.

“What is going on here?!” boomed a voice from inside the store.

A round lady came out from the store, she was wearing a cotton apron over her clothes with some sauce smeared all of it. We both froze, still pinching each other, and turned to the lady.

“Ah, it’s both of you.” chuckled the woman as she smiled widely. “You both still playing with each other, I see?”

“We’re not.” answered Natsuki straight away as she pulled back and let go off my ear. “Just a ‘friendly’ long time pinch.” She wrinkled her nose.

I dust off my ears with a frown to Natsuki and bowed to Natsuki’s mother.

“Good Morning, Mrs. Sato.” I greeted the lady.

“Hello and good morning, Yuka.” Nodded Mrs. Sato. “Thank you for the garlic, just in time to be added to the stock.”

“You are most welcome, Mrs. Sato.” I nodded.

Mrs. Sato smiled, “Well, aren’t you sweet? Why don’t you come in and have some meal now? I bet you must be hungry.”  she offered.

“Mother!” scolded Natsuki unhappily to her mother.

“Not a word, Natsuki.” Said her mother as she silenced her daughter’s complain.

Seeing how unhappy Natsuki looked, I smiled thinly to the lady. “Sorry, I think I’ll pass. I need to get back home soon to prepare for my siblings’ breakfast.”

“Well, why don’t you just take it with you then?” offered the lady again. “Natsuki’s sister, Sumire, has been crying for some Takoyaki and I think we made too much batter for it. I think you could help us finishing it off would you?


“Takoyaki?” I asked with a smile. Takoyaki has always been my favorite food, those beautiful pieces of octopus swimming in the melting batter inside the golden brown balls, topped with dried seaweeds… Swirling taste on my tongue each time I bite into it. “Sure!” I took the offer. Natsuki sighed in exasperation and wrinkled her nose.

“Great! Wait a second, I think my husband just finished up the next batch.” said Mrs. Sato. “Darling, could you bring a box of them here?” she called for her husband.

“Aye, aye, darling.” said Mr. Sato arriving with a box in his hand. His eyes widened when he saw me and smiled, “Ah, if it isn’t Miss Masuda. I should have known who would like a Takoyaki in the early morning like this!” he exclaimed happily.

“Good Morning, Mr. Sato.” I bowed to him. “I’m sorry to disturb you in early morning like this and thank you for the Takoyaki.” I said upon receiving the Takoyaki from him.

“No problem, dear. It’s us who should be thanking you for dropping the herbs we need everyday.” smiled Mr. Sato. “Right dear?”

“Ah, that’s right. Which reminds me..” said Mrs. Sato as she started to rummaged her apron pocket. “You and Natsuki haven’t been hanging out with each other in a while aren’t you?”

“Things change, Mother.” Replied Natsuki shortly as she scowled her face. “We just don’t do that anymore.” She glared at me.

“Well, I think it’s time for you to start doing it again.” stated Mrs. Sato as she pulled out a flyer from her pocket and handed it to me. “You know girls like you must’ve interested in your own fate don’t you? I heard that there’s a new fortune telling stall opened up in the market a week ago, the fliers have all the details there, so why don’t you both checked it out together?”

“A fortune teller?” I asked as I read through the flier, the location isn’t very far from the store.

Natsuki rolled her eyes.

“Since when you believe in fortunes, mother?” she sighed.

“Because I don’t believe in one, I thought you both might want to check on it for yourself.” She frowned upon her daughter.


“Just why is it have to be with you?” asked Natsuki unhappily as we walked on the market road.

“Hey, don’t blame me! It was your mother that wants us to check on it.” I answered back.

It was lunch break and I have finished my afternoon shift already, so I picked up Natsuki from the store and walked together towards the new fortune telling stall. And so far since we started walking, none of us have made each other happy.

I threw my head to the other side so I don’t have to see her as I fiddled with my locket that was hanging on my neck.

“You still have that locket?” asked Natsuki beside me.

“Yup.” I answered shortly without looking at her.

The locket was made by my grandfather and was given to me when I was little, when Natsuki and I were great friends. It was a small oval sized metal with some red precious stones carefully planted to it, it was so delicate that I always kept it close to me.

“How long has it been, eh? Twelve years since we fought over that thing?” asked Natsuki.

“Eleven, to be exact.” I corrected.

“Whatever. You know when I came home, my ear was like blue from your pinching.”

“Hey! My cheek was blue too for a couple of days thanks to your pinch!”

For a moment, we were facing each other in silence, for the first time in a while I saw her face up so close from me. I watched her round eyes staring into me and it seems the other way around also happened. Suddenly without any warnings, we both burst out laughing. It was a good laugh, her laugh sounded like crunchy roasted peanuts, light and cheerful in the same time. It was a laugh that I missed so much from her.

“Man,” said Natsuki still giggling. “What was that? A staring contest?”

“Seems like it.” As I wiped a tear from laughing too much. “Ah..” I looked up.

“What’s up?”

“We’re here.” I pointed on a store’s name board. “It’s the fortune teller stall.”

I slowly pulled back the curtains and saw a young girl sitting at a table. Her hood was hung low so I couldn't see her eyes, but I did see she had strange markings on her face, and on her hands.


“Uhh, hi...” I said nervously as we all stepped in. “Are you... Nonaka Misato-san?”

“Yes. Are you here to see me?”

“Yeah, uhh, we saw your flier and thought we should come down and have a look. W-would you mind reading us?”


She stood up from the table, then walked over to Natsuki and waved her hand above her head, then stopped at a certain area.

“Hmm....” the teller had a smile come up her face slightly. “Your future lover is not very far away from you.”

“Majide?!” Natsuki stood up and cheered with joy.


“Eh? However?”

“I sense some chaos in your family. Something is setting off the balance.”

“Haa?! Are you saying I have an unbalanced family? What the heck does that even mean?!”

“Now, now, Natsuki, calm down...” I said as I patted her shoulder and backed her away from Misato-san. Natsuki crossed her arms and pouted.

The fortune teller giggled softly, and then it was my turn.

When her hand hovered over me and our eyes met, I saw a change in her. It was the first time I saw her eyes, and there was fear in them. I saw the marks on her start to glow white and she started screaming, covering her ears and falling backwards, up against a wall.


“KYAA!!” yelped Natsuki in panic, tugging my sleeve. “Do something, Yuka!!”

“I- I guess those marks on her are linked to her powers, they glow white whenever there's a strong psychic presence…” I mumbled in stunned.

“Whatever! Just do something!!” urged Natsuki.

I switched my brain around and decided to grab her flying fist which just smacked a nearby vase. Despite her thin arm, I can feel powerful force she has which was making it difficult for me to hold her still since she’s struggling.

“Misato-san, get the hold of yourself!!” I told her loudly. But the fortune teller kept on struggling in my hands before eventually released her last scream then collapsed.

“Whoa!” Natsuki was just in time to grab a hold of Misato-san’s body before it hit the ground. The glowing light from her tattoos has faded away.

“She’s still alive right?” I asked huskily as Natsuki tried to find her pulse.

“Of course she is, baka!” said Natsuki. “But her pulse is very weak somehow..”

“..yokatta…” I leaned on a nearby wall. “What on earth made her scream anyway?”

“Well she started screaming when she tried to read your fortune…” mumbled Natsuki as she slumped down beside me. “Probably something horrible that she saw from that..”

“Does it means then that something real bad will happen to me?” I asked.

Natsuki shrugged, “Hey, don’t ask me. Ask the fortune lady here.” Pointed Natsuki to Misato-san who’s lying infront of us.

Awkward silence then was implying in the air after that and before I eventually broke it with a curiousity.

“She was screaming pretty loud right?” I asked.


“How come no one came? I mean, if someone is screaming, shouldn’t anyone from outside hear it too..?”

We looked at each other’s eyes as if we just noticed the same thing and ran for the curtains. The market was a complete silence as if it was midnight. But the sun was still up high, then what’s with the silence?

“Yuka, look!” said Natsuki as she ran to the nearest stall. She approached it and tried to yanked a lady who’s leaning against the countertop.

“Is she okay?” I asked.

“No, she’s…” wrinkled Natsuki and moved her head close to the woman’s head, “Sleeping?”

“Huh?” I moved my head to the lady’s head to and heard her snoring. “What the..?”

“And look!” exclaimed Natsuki while pointing around. Many people were also in the same state as the lady. Even an old grown man who’s lying on the ground was rolling around as he stuck a thumb into his mouth.

“Okay, that is not cool..” I stated. “Why is everyone sleeping anyway..?”

“Mom. Dad. Sumire!” Natsuki started running back home.

“Natsuki, wait!” I exclaimed as I ran following her. Not only several that were sleeping as we passed the streets, but it seems that everyone is sleeping after all…

We arrived in front of The Sato Noodle House and Natsuki went straight in followed by me. I could tell she was panicking her whole live out.

“Mom! Dad! Sumire!”

“Go look for Sumire, I’ll look for your parents in the kitchen.” I told Natsuki. She nodded and took the stairs.

I went to the back, the kitchen. Mrs. Sato was just snoring up beside the countertop where a half chopped onion was lying beside her, I quickly then dragged her out of the kitchen to the dining room and lied her there. I went back in to the kitchen and went further back to the store room and found Mr. Sato was lying on top of the flour sacks. I did the same to him as his wife.

“Natsuki!” I yelled to the stairs. “Have you found Sumire?”

I heard several running steps and saw Natsuki’s face was teary. “I can’t find her anywhere! She’s usually with my little cousin, Amina. But I can’t find both of them!”

I looked around frantically tried to find the two kids. But just as I did, I suddenly heard the sound of laughter from the back door. As if we knew what was it, Natsuki and I dashed for it.

I kicked the door open and found the two kids were playing on the grassy ground at the back of the store. Natsuki ran up to them and hugged both of them tightly.

“Thank Gods, you guys are okay..” she started sobbing.

But Sumire and Amina was just smiling and laughing as if nothing happened.

“What happened to you guys?” I asked them as I pat on Amina’s head.

“Snakie was strolling around then everyone go sleepy-bye~” said the four year old Amina.

“Snakie?” I scrunched my eyebrows.

“Un. Snakie~” Sumire pointed towards our back.

I turned my head and stunned. There behind us, a five foot tall snake was hovering over us. I could recognized it’s head shaped like a cobra and every scaled of it’s own were black and shiny. Except for it’s eyes, red and swirling?

My instinct kicked in and saw Natsuki’s eyes was dreamy like already as she stared up the eyes. I put my hands around her back and shook her hard.

“Natsuki, don’t look at it in the eyes!” I hissed at her ears which somehow worked.

“Huh..? Nan-“ she seemed to recover but when she looked at the snake, I covered her mouth just in time before she screamed.

“Snakie~~” Amina and Sumire was smiling and waved at the snake as if they just met a new friend.

The snake hissed in return but stared at me very intently. I gulped.

“When I count to three, grab Sumire and Amina then run as fast as you can. I’ll disturb it.” I instructed lowly on her ears.

Mumbles of protest was coming out of her while her mouth is well covered by my hand.


“Mmmm!!” protested Natsuki.



“Three!!” I pushed her out of the way just in time before the snake’s muzzle hit the ground between us. I got up and ran as quickly as I can. I looked back and saw the snake was hissing towards me and start sliding it’s heavy black body chasing me. I vaguely saw Natsuki running towards the other way around as she dragged Amina and Sumire at the same time.

I smiled in relieve. At least one problem is solved. Next: the giant snake.

I dashed towards the street quickly and carefully not to step on any of the sleeping people. I could see the snake was moving behind me, for a snake that big it was moving quite fast.

I tried to scramble my brain together, what’s the weakest point of being a snake.

Weasels! My mind exclaimed.

But then I looked back at the giant snake as I kept running.

There’s no way there is a weasel that big enough for that snake.

While my mind was racing everywhere, I didn’t realized that I’d soon find myself slammed into a set of wooden frame used for constructions. I was thrown back and landed hard on the ground.

Groaning, I opened my eyes slightly and saw a red light on top of me.

Since when the sun is red? I questioned briefly before the red light hit my chest.

I suddenly felt a huge force upon my chest, shaking me up from the bones. It was son tremendous that I felt my throat hurts from screaming because of it. But then eventually it stopped and I was gasping for air.

“What was that?” I sat up as I gasped for air into my lungs. The air felt warm somehow, warming my chest with such a tingling sensation.

I looked to my chest to see any injuries, but none of what I was expecting was there. I saw a faint glimmering red from my locket hanging on my neck and saw golden bronze, flame like curves circled around red and yellow gems on the golden surface and a strange writing carved behind the locket. There was a single ruby red orb in the center, glowing brightly.

“What is happening…..?” I asked myself.

A loud hiss from behind surprised me. I looked back and saw the snake’s giant tail was impaled by a  bunch of sharpened bamboo from the construction frame. The snake swished it’s wounded tail then and I caught the view of the bamboo’s sharp edges were sizzling as black blood oozed on it.

Acid? I looked up at the hissing pissed snake.

The snake’s attempt worked since the bamboo got thrown back from the tail and crashed into an oil lamp hanging on a pole. The glass broke and it’s fire started to lick at the black substance on the bamboo.

An idea came across my mind as my eyes scanned for another oil lamp just like that. I looked at the snake’s wound without looking at it’s swirling eyes, it’s still too small.

I grabbed a bamboo nearby and saw it’s sharp edge. While the snake was still occupied in pain, I stabbed it’s throat with the bamboo. Black liquid splattered out and splashed to my outwear sleeve, I yelped and took off the piece of clothing before it ruins my arm. The snaked hissed loudly as it cried in pain. Without looking at it’s eyes I could tell he’s about to kill me soon.

But before I could feel any sets of fang jammed into my body, I heard the snake hissed again. This time, pissed than ever. I opened my eyes and saw someone standing by the creature’s stomach and stabbed it’s stomach. I was stunned to see the strange tattoo hand on the sword’s handle.


“Well, don’t just sit there!” she exclaimed. Her face was still pale but she dug the sword harder into the creature’s stomach.

I nodded and run up to her, we stabbed the creature harder with the sword.

The creature was struggling and swishing. Then, it’s heavy tail suddenly hit both of us back and crashed into a wall.

“Ugh..” I tried to shake off the dizziness. I looked over and saw the black blood was everywhere now, puddling around the giant snake.

“Hurry..” I looked over to my side and saw Misato-san lying helplessly. I saw the black acid sizzling on her chest, she must’ve received the tail’s attack directly to her chest.

“Misato-san!!” I was about to run up to her, but she signaled me to continue what we started before eventually closed her eyes.


I looked over to giant snake. It was hissing, squirming, and crying in pain. It’s red eyes weren’t so intimidating anymore, as if all it’s power has no longer effect on me. I stare at it’s eyes with all my might, demanding it to disappear forever for it’s trouble caused. Hatred and all other feelings were warming me up, flickering in my chest.

And without any oil lamp, the creature suddenly burst into flames.

I was taken back in shocked as the fire started eating out the giant snake. The acidic black blood completely works like fuels, burning it along with the snake. The creature released a cry and hissed as flames erupted along it’s body. The flame wasn’t red nor orange like what normal ones should looks like, it was blue and I could feel the heat on my face.

But I watched it all until the snake decided to give up and died as the flames were eating it out. Then it was all over, leaving trails of smokes and hisses from the remaining black acid.

As if the fire died, my chest felt a total coldness as if the warmth disappeared. The air felt cold and before I knew it, I was plunged into darkness.



“Yu-Yuka!” I heard a faint call on my right. But I can’t see anything.

“Yuka!!” I heard the call getting louder. I opened my eyes slightly, letting the lights into my eyes.

“Thank God you’re okay!” exclaimed Natsuki, hugging me tight.

“I told you she’ll be alright.” said a voice. I turned and saw Misato-san with bandaged up chest and her robe covering it slightly.


“You did it, Samurai Princess of Fire.” she smiled.

“Samurai what??” I asked. Did she just say…

“Samurai Princess of Fire.” stated Misato-san again. She gave me a thin smile, “One of the legendary four Samurai Princess.”

“Is this some kind of a ‘wake up’ joke?” I asked the fortune teller. I looked at Natsuki then, “Or am I still dreaming?”

Natsuki pinched my cheek.


“Did that hurt?”


“Then, it is not a dream, Masuda Yuka.” said Natsuki simply. “Please continue, Misato-san.”

“Erm, right..” she said awkwardly. “First of all, sorry for screaming earlier. That’s what would happen when I felt a strong presence when I tried to see their future. My tattoo here.” She showed her tattoos which weren’t glowing anymore.

“They’re like my connectors to strong presence. It absorbs the presence a bit before then I could see the fate completely. That’s why I blacked out after the tattoo glowed in process, I was seeing the presence as II blacked out.”

“What did you see then?” I asked.

“I saw you standing among the tops of building, looking down among the enemies in front of you. Together, you and the other three elements of Samurai Princess will face many enemies from those who truly hunts you and those that were hidden. All of them would eventually lead you to one and only Mao, the darkness itself.” said Misato-san sharply.

“Three other elements?”

Misato-san nodded.

“Water, Earth, and Air. All of you were scattered across the country, chosen by the Moon Goddess herself to repeat history.” She turned her eyes to her tattoos then, “Long ago, Maou took over the world and plunged it into total chaos and despairs. The four Samurai Princess helped the Tiger King to defeat Mao and locked him for thousands of years.”

“And now Maou is back?”

“Yes. The creature you saw earlier, it’s probably one of his creation. Made out of pure hatred and darkness, and assigned to hunt down the ones destined to be the new Samurai Princess.”
“Then does it mean-“

“We don’t have much time, Masuda Yuka.” Said Misato-san clearly. “You are the new Samurai Princess. Part of the Moon Goddess has touched you clearly and given you it’s power. Can’t you feel it?”

“You mean this?” I reached for my locket. It felt warm in my hand as if it was listening for the whole time.

“Come now.” said the fortune teller as she tried to get off the bed. She grimanced in pain in doing so.

“Carefull! Those wounds...” said Natsuki.

“It’s fine. The ichor only burned off some skin, but... it never reached my heart.” said the other girl quickly and walked over to the door. “You’re in my house by the way.” Then she signaled us to follow her.

“What happened to the market then?” I asked Natsuki. “Your parents? Sumire and Amina?”

“They’re fine. They can’t remember anything and were a bit dizzy after waking up. It seems that snake was controlling them.” Answered Natsuki. “Wow. Can’t believe the world is in your hands now...”

“Part of it.” I corrected her. “Make it into a quarter of the world, I’m not the only one.”

Misato-san stopped in front of a wooden cupboard. She opened it and pulled out a thin long wooden box along and passed it to me.

“My father gave it to me. He was also a fortune teller and he told me one day I would met a person that deserved this and change the world with it. And I know now that it’s you.” She said.

I opened the box and found a long steathed Katana. The cover was red with a golden dash of an animal, I took it out and found myself stunned looking at the animal.

“A Phoenix.” Said Misato-san. “A legendary animal associated with fire. Symbolizing immortality with the hope that the world’s peace stayed immortally.”

“It’s beautiful..” said Natsuki.

I unsteathed the sword and saw strange writing on the blade, carved out beautifully.

“And this will also help.” Said Misato-san handing Natsuki a bunch of fabric. “Can you get this on her, Sato-san?”

“Sure. Come on, Yuppai.” She pulled me towards the changing room.

There she changed me into a set of kimono, the fabric was soft tingly against my skin. It was patterned with red and orange flames and the base was white. It comes along with a red belt and a white string to secure it neatly.

“Sumire would definitely be jealous of you.” Stated Natsuki with a low whistle. “It’s perfect on you.”

“Thanks.” I looked at myself in the mirror. Natsuki was right, it’s a perfect fit.

“You would need these on your journey.” Said Misato-san coming in with a bag and black hooded cape. “You must find the other Samurai Princesses. They would share their knowledge with you about sword mastery I bet.”

“And your identity must remain a secret. Mao’s puppets are lurking everywhere and anywhere, it’s important that they don’t kill you first or the other Samurai Princess. Use the black cape the whole time as you travel, conceal you well in darkness.”

“Ah, I forgot about this!” exclaimed Natsuki as pulled out something from the package of fabric earlier. “This will cover you more..” she tied a golden yellow eye mask to my head.

“There..” she dusted off my clothes a bit and looked at my eyes. “She’s ready to go right?”

“Yep. It’s night now and it seems Mao haven’t heard about the news of his creature was killed yet. You should leave before he could reach you.” Said Misato-san.

Natsuki hugged me tight and kissed my cheek, “I’m sorry for the past five years not talking to each other nicely..”

“I’m sorry too, Natsuki..” I said. “Would you take care of my dad and siblings? Tell them what happened..”

“I will..” she said. “Take care of yourself, Yuppai.”

I chuckled and headed for the door. The night was chilly but the warm locket on my chest warmed my body enough. I stepped into the outside world and eventually started walking down a new life among the leaves of the forest, leaving my old life.

To Be Continued

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Yay a fire princess has appear

2 more?!? To go?!?

Update soon

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Oh God lol you finally updated, heh.

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