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Author Topic: Burdening Affection [AtsuJuri/AtsuMayu] -Prologue-  (Read 7935 times)

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Burdening Affection [AtsuJuri/AtsuMayu] -Prologue-
« on: March 03, 2014, 07:49:38 AM »
Okay... ANOTHER fic.
People who read my fics be like "What the fruck?! A new one even though he didn't continue and update his other fics?!" and "What happened to THAT fic?! WHEN WILL YOU UPDATE?!"
Oh well. This is coz I promised a certain someone that I'll create an AtsuHarem. Since AtsuHarem takes a lot of time to think about, I made a threeway. So it's Atsuko, Mayu and Jurina.
This will mostly be comedic with slight drama (except for the early chapters and endings) and I got this idea while watching How I met your mother, which will end this month... 9 seasons and we FINALLY found le mother lol
Anywho, this is about Players.


"Damn it all..."

   A raven-haired girl muttered as she walked the streets, alone. She was walking aimlessly without a care in the world. Her thoughts were only focused on one thing; one thing which she wouldn't know what to make off. She was thinking about her long time best friend and crush. She was thinking about Matsui Rena.

   For years, she had always done her best to win her best friend's heart and even though she did her best, Rena never once looked at her more than a friend. There were always times when her advances would seem childish to Rena. She's already 16, she would say and Rena would shrug it off casually. And now,...

"I can't believe you, Yuko..."

   Another one of their friends, Oshima Yuko. Yuko was always with them, keeping an eye on both of them. She always thought that Rena had some sort of affection towards the older squirrel. And just when she thought it was just her imagination, Rena broke out the happiest news ever. Yuko and her are going to get married! HOW COOL IS THAT?!

   Thus she was left alone. Alone from the Goddamn world. She wished she could just turn back time and sweep Rena off her feet. She wished she could kiss her casually. Kiss her like an expert. She regretted not doing so. She regretted ever thinking hat she have all the time in the world to make Rena fall for her. Reality proved her wrong, and that's why she's here, walking the streets without a single destination set in mind. She just wanted to get away from the place. Get away from her best friend. And... She might never think of going back.

   She then stopped after realizing that her tears were flowing out. She sobbed and then wiped her tears after sitting down next to a wall of a certain building. She never would have imagined she would be crying like this anymore. She promised herself that she wouldn't cry anymore; in front of Rena's tough exterior, she would never cry. But even so, there wasn't any Rena watching her now and even if there was,... she wouldn't give a damn. She'll cry if she wants. She'll love who she wants. She'll die... alone.

   Tears streamed down her face uncontrollably as she reminisced about the crush which she lost. She couldn't go back anymore. She couldn't look at her anymore. Sure, the girl is still alive, but to her, it's as good as never seeing her again. If she did, then all hell would break loose. She would do things which she herself couldn't comprehend. Sobbing her eyes out, she said her final goodbyes to the girl inside her head. To the older raven-haired which brought all the joys to her life.

   That was the first time...

   The first time she took her first step without the eyes of the ones close to her near her. She took that first step and stopped crying. Her face looking firm, she stood up and straightened her back. True. This isn't the damn time for her to be sad about it. She needs to move on with her life. Chasing an engaged woman? ABSURD! There is no way in hell she would do that!

   She shook her head took a deep breath. This time,...

   She heard laughter from all sort of people behind her, in the building she leaned on. After quite some time, she looked at the building; at the signboard which intrigued her.


   She muttered and read the sign silently. Realizing the meaning of it, she then had a creepy smile on her face. This was her first step. She wants to do it. She wants to be an adult. She entered the bar, a goal inside her mind. There's no telling what might happen to her, or what awaits her inside the bar, but she took that step. The step which would change the entire course of her life.


   All around her are people happily chatting and some, of course, making out. It wasn't the type of thing she had thought of bars at first. She initially thought they were weird, people beating each other up and some happily having sex with each other- Yes, she does know about sex. She's 16, for God's sake.

"Hmm... Kinda roomy in here." She mumbled as she walked to the bar.

   It was pretty neat. She thought it looked kinda like a cafe or some sort. Except for the two people in the back who were clearly making out. Well, who can blame them? Alcohol is doing what it does best. Making people have sex out of their minds. Also coffee. Coffee makes you do strange things...

   She shook her head to get rid of all the thoughts she was having and headed straight to the counter, though... she was asked out by two guys on the way. One of them was skinny but he has this amazing hair. The other was hot. Biceps not too big, tight V-neck, dashing blonde hair. But sadly, she turned them down and said that she's seeing someone there. Which of course, is unbelievable since... Well, why the hell would you meet someone you already know at a bar? COME ON!

   Of course she wasn't supposed to get into a man's pants. She'd be devastated. One because she doesn't really want to have sex at such a young age, the other being she suspects herself to be a lesbian. Or at least bisexual. Probably the former since she didn't actually give any boys she knew the googly eyes. Except for of course artists. Hot artists. Hot GAY artists. Yeah, in her mind she thinks that all Gay dudes are hot. She will be proved wrong. But that's another story. I'll get to that.

   Anyways there she was, finally seated at bar, looking at the bartender. The bartender was a girl, probably around her mid 20's. Really a young age. What was she doing behind a bar? Well, I'll get to that. She was a tall girl with short brown hair. Her model-like figure made her really famous among the bar's occupants. She has a smile; a creepy smile which made her want to storm out of the bar right that instant if it wasn't for her life-long dream of drinking.

   So she gulped and looked at the bartender with a smile on her face as well. Mama Matsui always tells her to greet people with a smile. And to also greet them back.  Brush her teeth, get to bed early, don't watch porn (which she later raised an eyebrow at her mother's odd rule) and the most repeated sayings, Nothing good ever happens after 2AM.

"Hello." she greeted the bartender after thinking long and hard about what to say and eventually she settled to the textbook greeting.
"Hey." the bartender smiled and then greeted her back.

   She read the name tag that was on the girl's apron, and there read 'Shinoda Mariko'. She memorized that name into her head and then casually smiled back at the bartender which caught her by surprise.

"Can I call you Mariko?" she asked.

   'Mariko', surprised by the sudden intimacy, thought the newcomer was gay at first but then chuckled at the silly thought.

"Only if you tell me your name." Mariko smirked and then rested her shoulder on the bar desk and her chink on her hands.
"Ah." she realized her mistake and then quickly set it straight. "I'm Jurina. Matsui Jurina."


   A girl, with long black hair slammed the glass of liquor to the table, surprising the other costumers near her. The girl next to her, shorter than her, also with long black hair, tried to calm the taller and somewhat older girl down. The taller girl glared at the shorter one and the shortie shuts up.

"Okay, I am not too drunk, Mayu. It's just that it's not my day. Plus, this is only like my 4th glass for the last 4 minutes." the taller one hissed, glaring at her counterpart with eyes which would terrify the ongoing bystanders.
"It's your 9th, Acchan. When you said you failed math, I didn't think it was THIS bad." the shorter girl rebutted and was smacked in the head by the taller one. "Ouch! I was just stating the truth!"

   The taller girl, 'Acchan', or her real name, 'Atsuko', pouted and had to refrain herself from doing anything more to the girl next to her since there were witnesses all around her. And she didn't want people to see how beastly she was. She needs to take care of her image.

   Drinking was obviously her favorite past time. She kept drinking and drinking though ironically, that wasn't even her standard drink counts. She would usually drink tens or more glasses full. Now because she seemed so bummed out, she didn't feel like drinking much. Her wingman, Mayu, of course knew the fact but when her best friend drinks more than 10 glasses in approximately less than 10 minutes, things were going to get ugly.

   Atsuko slowly plopped her arms on the table after figuring out that she had drank way too much. Surprisingly, she has a decent resistance towards alcohol and this was one of the nights she felt like drinking less. The reason she was this dispirited was unknown to Mayu and the younger woman knows that there was something clearly wrong with her beloved senior.

   The taller girl closed her eyes and didn't hear anything more the shorter one said. Mayu could only sigh at her senior's behavior and continue to drink as per usual.

   Usually on these nights, Atsuko and Mayu would be a team and fool around with women. It was always like that. Sometimes Mayu would be in the lead whilst Atsuko became her wingman and sometimes the opposite. Because of Atsuko's friendliness and Mayu's lady-killer smile, they always managed to get the girl's number and always managed to sleep with them (occasionally to Mayu but lately she's stopped sleeping with women for some reason) Now all that they were doing was nothing more than Atsuko resting her head on the table while Mayu drank some more liquor. Of course Mayu also loves the extravagant taste of liquor in her mouth, but seeing her comrade-in-arms moping around wasn't really helping.

   Suddenly there was a ring on the bell signalling another costumer came in. This time for some reason, Atsuko heard it loud and clear. For some reason the ring of the bell was more different to her than any of the other sounds that night. She couldn't keep in her interest anymore and turned her head towards the source of the sound which is, of course, a door. And God knows how much she wanted to spit some liquor out if she was drinking any at the time.

   The person who entered was someone with shoulder-length straight hair, wearing a hoodie and dark jeans. It was a mystery why because that wasn't really an attire for someone who wants to pick up guys with. The girl walked to the bar but was stopped by two men who were always eyeing cute girls in the bar whom Atsuko knows, since they were frequently at each others' throats. But surprisingly, the girl turned down the two guys and headed towards the counter after an apology or two towards the two grown men. Atsuko could swear she was grinning like a fool that time.

   The girl then sat on a stool and talked to the bartender whom Atsuko know well since they went to the same university. At the time, Atsuko already has her chin on her hands that were sitting on the table, grinning like a fool. Mayu saw this weird reaction from Atsuko and couldn't help but chuckle at the girl's behavior.

"How about you go there, Acchan?" Mayu asked, obviously with the intent to tease the girl about this later.
"Yeah..." Atsuko could only answer a nonchalant reply, not realizing the teasing smirk of her best friend next to her.


"Haven't seen you around here. How old are you?"

   The question coming from the bartender was something she never expected. Who the hell would just suddenly come up and ask how old they are?! She didn't prepare a suitable answer for that question and her brain wasn't functioning too well.

"I'm old enough!"

   Okay she managed to say that in a way which made Mariko raise an eyebrow in suspicion. Jurina mentally facepalmed herself at her mistake and told the older woman to shrug it off, which Mariko did not. Mariko became somewhat interested to find out about the said subject but once she saw the person who was coming over to their location, she smirked and decided to just watch and see from afar.

"Oh, I have to get some vodka for the young ladies at table 8 since our waitress is taking the day off. Now if you'll excuse me."

   Mariko walked away from Jurina and made her way to some table. Jurina felt confused to the sudden turns of events since when she looked at another table, there was already a waitress there. Why didn't Mariko just ask the waitress instead of going there personally? Plus, when did she even acquire a bottle of vodka?!

   Well, she was just about to find out why Mariko fled the scene.


   "I'm going in." Mayu smirked devilishly as she eyed the girl at the bar who was talking to Mariko.

   Mayu was interested in the girl. Well, she was pretty cute, not to mention tall, with that long black hair of hers. Everything Mayu liked in a woman. Well, except for the fact that the girl didn't have nice boobs. Or butt. The latter preferably. In all her years of chasing girls, she only managed to find one girl which fits all of her preferences, though the girl had already been married to a friend of hers, entering their circle of friends. Well, there was also another one whom she liked a lot.

"What?" Atsuko asked as she felt the sudden stare of the younger girl.

   Mayu only now realized that she was looking at her best friend the entire time. She shrugged it off and got up from her seat, aiming to go to the bar but a hand grabbed hers.

   Her face turned red; bright red at the sudden contact from another person. She abruptly turned around to look at the perpetrator who was smiling ever so brightly at the girl. Mayu's face was hot from just that one contact, though this has never happened to her by anyone other than the person mentioned. She bit her lip and looked at the person in question, Atsuko.

"W- What is it?!"

   Mayu bit her tongue, not realizing the redness on her face. Her heart beat faster than most of her one night stands (there were some scary ones... Like that one girl who has an aura of black... but I'll get to that later) and she gulped as she looked at the older girl.

"Sit down."

   Atsuko stated almost commandingly as she pulled the younger girl slowly to her chair. Mayu obeyed but in dismay to what was going on, she accidentally sat on Atsuko's lap, earning a chuckle from the older girl.

"I didn't know you still like to sit on your onee-chan's lap" Atsuko teased the younger girl's mistake and Mayu flushed redder than before as she realized what she had done.
"I- I'm not! And you're not my onee-chan!"
"Right, right~" Atsuko signsonged, hugging Mayu ever so comfortingly, causing smokes to come out from Mayu's already reddened ears if they were in some sort of manga.

   While Atsuko's tease came a little too long, Atsuko decided to end it here so that she could finish her action. She patted Mayu's head a number of times and placed the girl softly to the seat.

"I'll get the girl. I picked dibs." Atsuko winked at the younger girl.

   Ah, there's an interesting story to that 'dibs' theory. But that's for another time.

   Mayu calmed down and then glared at the older girl, but just as soon as she saw how serious Atsuko was, she backed off, knowing she can't win against Maeda Atsuko's persistence. Mayu shrugged and then smiled back, telling her to do as she pleases.

   Atsuko smiled back and then got up from her seat. She focused her gaze to where Mariko and the girl were talking and walked towards them. Mariko noticed what Atsuko was trying to do and smiled, telling her that she'll get out of the way, possibly to someplace where she could spy on the two. Atsuko knows how the olde girl's train of thought was. Mariko moved out of the way and left the girl alone. Perfect.

"Hello, miss." Atsuko greeted the girl.

   The poor girl almost jumped out of her seat thanks to Atsuko's sudden greeting. The girl looked at Atsuko alarmingly and greeted her back, with a wry smile though.

"E- Evening." she greeted.

   Atsuko took that as a sign of her having a chance. In one of her friends' speeches about girls and whatnot, she learned (or more correctly, FORCED to learn) that if a girl greets back, then she has a slight chance of nailing her. Well, Atsuko really wasn't planning on nailing her, but that's a start maybe.

"Maeda Atsuko. Stripper."
"Kidding~" Atsuko chuckled at the young girl's reaction and corrected herself this time. "Maeda Atsuko, Lawyer."

    Atsuko flashed a bright smile at the girl's direction which made the young girl blush madly. The girl gulped and then also proceeded to introduce herself.

"Matsui Jurina... Unemployed..." she decided to leave out the 'student' status for the moment.

   Atsuko sat on the chair right next to the girl and called the bartender, who was sitting on the table that she was on with Mayu moments prior.

'What the hell are those two doing?' she thought to herself as she looked at Mayu and Mariko looking at them.


"Oh crap she spotted us!"
"HIDE!" Mariko half-shouted as she pulled Mayu to the spot below the table.

   They sighed in relief as they managed to escape the stare of their friend.

"Wait, why am I hiding even though I have no reason to?" Mayu asked as she was struck with realization.
"Because you don't want Acchan to know that you're with me?"
"For the last time, I do not have feelings for Acchan." Mayu rebutted and playfully punched the older girl's shoulder.
"I haven't said anything about your feelings for her, but if you say that's not so, then it probably is so." came Mariko's logical reply.

   It was always like that. Mariko always played the cupid between Mayu and Atsuko, often joined by a few of their friends. She always suspected Mayu to have feelings for Atsuko, though there weren't enough instances where she thought Atsuko felt the same way. The lawyer was always like that. Hard to understand and always thinking and doing everything in her own pace, the 'my pace' kind of girl. Getting Atsuko to actually love someone would be quite problematic since Atsuko rarely shows her feelings to anyone. Besides, the first girl Atsuko ever dated and loved, betrayed her and went out with another girl; cheating on her. Getting Atsuko's feelings to finally resurface would be quite a challenge. But I dare say, Mariko loves the challenge.

   And that wasn't all. Mayu is also hard to crack. She has a tendency to shut away her feelings as well. Keeping it hidden while seeing the love of her life leave her to chase another woman. To her, being a lesbian wasn't really such a big problem even if she were to chase a straight girl. Her looks were already good enough and even Atsuko pointed out that Mayu looked quite handsome once she gets in the mood for it. And Atsuko rarely lies.

   The only problem for Mariko was that both of them wouldn't sit down quietly and talk to each other about their feelings and such. She was sure that if they did such then, there's a high chance that Mayu would confess her inner desires, her love for Maeda Atsuko in that moment. Then it would all just fall down to Atsuko whether she felt the same way or not.

"I think we've been down here long enough. Let's see what those two are doing now." Mariko suggested.
"Yeah." Mayu nodded and both of them got up onto the seats.

   When they looked at what the two were doing, they were just chatting normally. But for some reason, Mayu felt a sudden tug in her heart, like the organ that pumped blood to her entire body was being squished by a hand inside her chest. She didn't know what it was or how to explain it into words, but she knew that there was something; something bad in her heart that told her she didn't want this to happen. She didn't want to look at those two together, because if those two are together, then she knew. She knew deep in her heart something regrettable to Mayu would happen. She knew she would lose the love of her life. And she was right. That night, was the night which started it all. The night, where Maeda Atsuko, Matsui Jurina, and Watanabe Mayu's life would change dramatically.


   Atsuko focused her attention onto the young girl again, who was looking at her confusingly. Well, can't help being confused by a sudden stranger that suddenly talked to you in a bar at your first time, right? Not to mention she's friggin 16! Why was she even in the vicinity anyway? Then Jurina realized why she was there in the first place. She needed a drink, and the one who can grant that is probably the one that just hit on her; or so she thought was what Atsuko was doing.

"Mind if I buy you a drink?" Atsuko asked casually, not letting her smile fade away.

   Jurina gulped at the invitation but after thinking it through, she agreed and Atsuko called in the bartender, who was busy hiding herself with Atsuko's best friend. Thus she called in the waitress.

"Hey, Mii-chan~" Atsuko singsonged and waved at the waitress's back.

   'Minegishi Minami', better known as 'Mii-chan', was actually dating the bartender, Mariko and they worked together whilst making out sometimes when the costumers aren't full. Well sometimes they made out in front of Atsuko and her group but that's a given.

   Mii-chan heard Atsuko's call so she quickly finished up the costumers' orders and finally she went to the two's location. She looked at the girl her usual costumer was with and whistled teasingly. It wasn't uncommon for the lawyer to get a girl that cute but this time, Atsuko really nailed it.

"Hey waifu." Mii-chan joked.
"I'm not. Don't call me that will you?" the older girl hissed.
"Sure. Everybody already knows that you're my waifu though."
"Shut it, Mii-chan. Just take my orders for now."
"Roger. So what will it be today?" Mii-chan finally asked the question.
"We'll have some Martini"
"Wow I never would have thought that you're a lawyer."
"Even if I make a hella lot more money than you, Mii-chan, doesn't mean that I have to spend it unwisely."
"I'll take that as a compliment. Now where's the bartender?" Mii-chan only now noticed the bartender wasn't.... well, tending bars.
"She's hiding in that table over there with my best friend." Atsuko pointed at the table she was at.
"You know those stalkers. Stalking me since '05." said Atsuko as a matter-of-factly.

   Mii-chan could only sigh as she walked over to the table to give an earful to the two kids, though she'd have to admit that she wants to join in on the fun but still, she's working. So she could only drag Mariko to the bar and tell her to work seriously. Even though Mariko's the older one in the relationship, she's still a child inside. And such was why Mii-chan has second thoughts as of late.

   Jurina chuckled as she looked at the situation unfolding between the two lovers. Mii-chan dragging Mariko by the collar to the bar. In truth, usually Mii-chan would be the one who gets dragged away for doing something stupid but this time, Mariko had it coming. Atsuko looked at her side to see the chuckling Jurina. Both of them had a smile on their faces as Jurina looked at Mariko and Mii-chan whilst Atsuko looked at Jurina.

   Jurina finally realized that the older girl's eyes was on hers and blushed furiously. It wasn't that she had some sort of pleasure when somebody watches her or anything, but for some reason, when Atsuko was looking at her, she felt embarrassed for some reason; shy in fact. Jurina rarely feels shy at all even in the presence of her best friend and long time crush. Her cheeks turned red to her ears and she instinctively moved a little away from the older girl.

"W- What is it?" Jurina asked, stuttering.

   The older girl chuckled as if she saw two people elapsed together in front of her.
"You remind me of my best friend." Atsuko remembered a few minutes ago, Mayu stuttered the exact same way Jurina did. Not to mention her cheeks were red just like Jurina's was now.
"Eh?" Jurina muttered in confusion.

   Before Jurina could comment on the awkward situation; Atsuko staring at her and her staring at the older one, the drinks arrived right in time with Mariko who was giving Atsuko 'the look'.

   Now let me explain about Mariko's 'the look'. Usually one would know when their friend, comrade or lover is pissed when they give out some specific actions. In Mariko's case, it would be 'the look' she was giving now. Her brows furrowed, her teeth grit, her eyes burning with the desire to murder and the most evident of all-

"Was it so hard to wait longer, you damned f**ks"

   -her sharp tongue.
   By the way, she said 'folks'.
"In a scale of 1 to 10, how pissed are you?" came Atsuko's usual jokes.
"North Korean."
"Ouch." Atsuko quickly backed out and signaled Mii-chan to quickly fetch her lover before Mariko rips someone's throat, hers in fact.
"Mariko, mind accompanying me to the toilet for a bit?" Mii-chan asked the older girl
"Why should I?" Mariko spat out, giving a look of disgust to the waitress.
"Just follow me you dino."

   Mii-chan grabbed Mariko by the wrist and with all the strength she got, mostly from all those years showing off to her juniors in college by being the perfect senior though in reality she just loves kids, she dragged the nearly 170 cm-ish girl towards the toilet where they could talk in private. Jurina only looked at the scene dumbfoundedly, giving looks of curiosity towards the older girl next to her. Atsuko noticed the stare and shrugged it off as some sort of sketchy thing those two would do every now and then.

"So let's have our drink, shall we?" the older girl invited as Jurina focused on the drink on the bar.

   In front of Jurina was a Lemon Drop Martini, probably due to Atsuko's preference. She glanced at the older girl for a while and saw that she was drinking said beverage normally. She then focused her attention (or glare) at her own glass. She gulped her collecting saliva and grabbed the glass, slowly since she was still not confident about this decision of hers. Atsuko also glanced her way to look at how the girl's reaction was, though Jurina didn't realize the stare of the older girl. She braced herself for what's to come, finally going to become an adult.

   'YOLO!' she thought in her mind and took a sip of it.
   Just one sip was enough to almost make her spit it out.
   The burning sensation inside her mouth was unbearable for her, but she gulped it all down. Bad move. She coughed quite loudly from the drink and after, opened one eye in an attempt to soothe her throat. There she was, Atsuko holding a glass of plain water. You may be asking, what the hell was she doing with it and when the hell did she acquire it? Well, good question. Mariko already put the glass of water next to Atsuko's drink.

"Here." Atsuko passed the glass of water to her with a smile.

   Jurina abruptly took the glass of water and gulped it all down. She still coughed quite a bit after but it was better than before. After finishing the glass with a few gulps, she placed the glass on the bar. Atsuko soothed her back by caressing it.

"Sorry." Jurina apologized in instinct to the older girl.
"How old are you?" the older girl asked the question which she didn't want to answer.

   The young girl looked down to her feet and bit her lip, her fist clenched tight. It wasn't really the time to lie, right? It was better to just tell the truth. It wasn't like she was the only teenager that drank (or at least tried to) alcohol.

"16." Jurina answered in an apologetic tone.
"Just like I suspected." Atsuko sighed as she interlocked her fingers, placing it on the bar.

   When Atsuko heard the apologetic tone from Jurina yet again, she couldn't help but feel somewhat pissed at the girl. She reminded her of her own past. The past which she became a nobody. The days in school when she wasn't noticed by anyone. Anyone except her best friend.

"Usually, when teenagers went to a bar to acquire some alcoholic beverages, it would mean that they have a problem in their hands which they were facing at the time." Atsuko thought. "In our country, the Government doesn't allow those under the legal age of alcohol consumption, which is 20, to be present in bars. Though since the act went into law, there are a few states which doesn't prohibit such act." she bit her lip and looked straight into the young girl's eyes. "So mind telling me what happened?"

   Jurina told the older girl everything. From her crush, to the stories involving her. Atsuko listened intently to the younger girl's story and nodded a few times while listening to her. It took 10 good minutes for Jurina to finally finish her story and possibly 600 agonizing seconds for Mayu to wait patiently for them to finish.

   Mayu went from her usual womanly seating to a somewhat childlike one where she was on her knees on the seat, shielding herself behind it whilst her eyes wandered towards the two girls at the bar. She doesn't know what the girls were talking about but she sure wanted to. Being left by her best friend at the table wasn't really a good experience for her. Plus she never was a patient type.

   Now back to the table, Jurina finished telling the whole situation to Atsuko.
"I see..." Atsuko murmured as she placed her forehead on her hands, supported by the bar.

   Just from hearing Atsuko's tired tone, Jurina realized that she was boring her with all of the stupid situations she have went through. She got up from her seat and then, biting her lip, she sprinted off from the bar.

   Atsuko's eyes shot open as she realized the young girl was running away and shouted to her.
"Oi!" She shouted to get the young girl's attention but before she noticed it,

   The young girl has already left.

   Jurina walked around town yet again, this time really not knowing where to go. She failed drinking alcohol, she failed getting her love fulfilled, and thus, she failed life. She doesn't know what else to do. With a great sigh, she walked around, bumping with people here and there, but still, she didn't apologize. Why should she? None of the people there were looking at a kid like her anyway. They didn't care about her. Nobody in the Goddamn world cared of her existence.

   She then heard a buzzing sound in her hoodie's pocket. She then picked up whatever is inside it, a phone to be exact, and checked to see who was calling her. Her heart shattered in pieces as she looked at the name on her display screen- Rena.

   She threw the handheld device to the wall, smashing it to pieces as she shouted in anger. In rage, she stomped the already broken device over and over, making the already small pieces break into even tinier ones. The people around her lifted an eyebrow at the weird girl who was raging for God knows why but nobody stopped her. She was a kid. Kids were always like that.

   She spat out and then ran away from the scene, leaving behind people's curious looks and the only attachment she had with the person she loved.


   She was at the park, giving looks to the bystanders who passed by her. Why? Because they were all couples, pairs who played all lovey-dovey in front of her. She didn't know why she hated the people around her so much, was it because of jealousy, because she didn't get what she wanted? Or was it simply because she hated them from the guts? She didn't know. And God, she didn't give a damn.

   Sighing, she looked at the night sky. The sky which she loved when she was a kid. The sky of infinite possibilities, the unexplored world. But now, she hated it from the bottom of her heart. If the 'Sky is falling!' thing really does exist, she would have been overjoyed by the news.

   She then remembered about a few minutes prior. She didn't even know why she did such. She didn't even know why she would destroy the only thing connecting her to her friend who lived in another town. Well, it was actually her who escaped to this town from Rena. She couldn't stand being in the same town as her any longer.

   For some reason, a tear escaped from her eyes.
"Eh?" she realied the wetness in her eyes and attempted to wipe them, but...

   They just kept falling down. The tears didn't stop. All her bottled up emotions broke down again. She just cried a few hours prior but why was she crying again? She didn't know... but she doesn't hate it.

"How would I be able to forget you... I loved you... with all my heart..." she murmured in tears. "It isn't easy for me... It isn't easy for me to ferget about you... You are my everything, Rena..."

   With her head down, she cried with all her might...
"Hey." came a familiar voice.

   Jurina's heart skipped a bit as she heard the voice. She rubbed her eyes and tears away as she looked forward, seeing the silhouette of a woman in her 20's with long straight hair. She was the splitting image of the girl she knew very well.

"Maeda?" she looked dumbfounded to see the girl she just met, short of breath probably from running about. "What are you doing here?"

   The question from the young girl caused the older one to chuckle from it. She then caught her breath, standing straight while she looked right into the young girl's eyes. That moment, Jurina's heart raced faster than ever. Something about the girl caused her to be in a state which she couldn't control her heartbeat anymore. She couldn't breathe, she couldn't think and she couldn't even see anything other than the girl in front of her.

   A gust of wind blew slowly, causing the smooth, silky hair of the girls to sway by the wind. Atsuko gave an innocent smirk as she spoke the next words.

"I'm going to teach you how to live!"

   And that was the start of everything.


   Crack pair FTW!
   To those who are asking, (though I doubt anyone is) it is set in an alternate universe in an unknown country, much like Japan. Atsuko is a lawyer here. And the laws of that country, such as gay marriage, changed. But other than the things that I would mention, it's pretty much like Japan.
   Anywho, thanks for reading and I hope we will meet again one day if I'm still alive! *hides in a hole*
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Atsu-harem! FTW~! :twothumbs

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Hah, there are Mayu and Jurina, so ... I'll gladly read it (∩_∩)
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