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Author Topic: My Short Fanfictions || LIPS TASTER [WMatsui] Epilogue! 04.24.16  (Read 79819 times)

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Re: WMatsui || What Should I Do? [OS]
« Reply #80 on: September 23, 2015, 06:34:07 PM »
Thats reallly short koyumi-chan.. :bleed eyes:
I still can't grasp most of the stories,.
But its great :twothumbs

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Kojiyuu slight Atsumina || Diamond For Her [Birthday OS for Haruko!]
« Reply #81 on: September 26, 2015, 08:42:08 AM »
Yo Minna-san I'm back with an OS. This time is Kojiyuu though XD it's hard to make the stories since I always make stories with my lovely parents pairing, Wmatsui :wub: but because I want to give present for Haruko-nee, I tried my best to make this! Once again Happy Birthday~~!!! :on BDay: :on BDay: sorry it took me 2 months to finish this :kneelbow: hope you like it and sorry for errors~

Diamond For Her

"Give my toy back, idiot!!!"

"This is mine you ugly!!!"

A child with a big ribbon on her head began to cry. Even so, she insisted to look tough. She wiped tears from her eyes and glared harshly at her twin sister. "Well, whatever you say!" She stepped away from the playroom. Her destination is the park near her home. Every sad or quarrel with her twin sister, she will ended up in the place. The red swing has always been her silent friend when she was sad, this time also accompanied by a faithful. She wiped the remaining tears. She is  trying not to sob.

"Hey Takamina, you're fighting again with Yuko?" A pretty girl with shoulder-length hair appeared in front of her while she was down. She did not flinch at all. "Takamina, you know, you always can tell me your problem."

The little girl smiled warmly just in time Takamina looked up. "Acchan, Yuko took my toy. And you also know that she does not like One Piece..."

"Luffy Action Figure, was that the thing she take?"

Takamina nodded. Acchan was sitting on the swing next to her. Smile has not been erased from her lips. "And I always knew that you were going to give in. I think that such an attitude is so cool!"

Takamina face brightened instantly upon hearing the words coming out of her childhood friend, Maeda Atsuko or familiarly called Acchan. The girl knew well the twins, Takamina and Yuko, even knowing the fact that they both were actually not twins. Takamina and Yuko were born from different mother, Yuko was born earlier from the first wife of his father but her mother died when she was  just a little tot. While Takamina birth of his second wife. The origin they are called twins began when they grown up as kids. Everyone who saw them always say if they were twins. Because tired to explain that fact, their father decided to introduce them as twins to the world.

Their personalities are very different. Contrary to one another. Yuko is childish and selfish, even though she was older than her sister. Takamina is mature and always succumb to her sister. Well, each of them has advantages and disadvantages. Yuko  is nice to everyone and quickly get along, other than that she likes to help. Takamina is not too happy to hang out, her closest friend is Acchan only but a helpful nature also exists in her.

One day, they had a terrible fight caused by Yuko's properties that will not budge. In the event it was also revealed that Yuko always want to take all that Takamina has. That's because her mother, whose figure never encountered had not been there for her. Her mother has taken forever. She felt injustice because her sister's mother is still there. Hearing this, Takamina understood and embraced her sister. From that day they had never quarrel again even they are closer. After adolescence they went in the same school with Acchan also from junior high through high school. Unfortunately, they think the problem between them is over but it's just the beginning.

Both sisters turned out equally love their childhood friends, Acchan. She was lovely to both of them so it's very difficult to judge which one she liked. Yuko is a confident child. She is very confident Acchan also like her because at the time they entered the school festival and haunted house together, Acchan holding her hand. Takamina did not participate at that time because  she is busy with the cafe, which was held in her class. Yuko was very happy that day.

Sometimes the expectations do not correspond to reality.

A week later, Yuko saw Acchan and her sister holding hands. She also heard from students that they've been dating. Takamina confirmed it after school to her. Knowing and hearing the truth.... Yuko felt stabbed in the heart. Sore and hot, that's what she felt. Her first love was unrequited...

And since that day, Yuko considers her sister as a rival.
--------------- X ---------------
"Gosh, Yyyuuuuukkkkooooooo help me with all the fileeeeessss. I...I do not know what else to ddddooooo."

Several years have passed. Yuko have grown up now and work in one of the leading fashion company. Thanks to a broken heart in the past, she was keen to learn in high school and as a result gained a pretty good job. Well, life does not always run smoothly. There are hurdles that she faces, one of them which is working double as much of her work. Why? Because the boss is very sloppy and well how to say...the boss is not smart. In addition she is a quitter and will certainly pass the job on poor Yuko. She had just worked a week but feel wanted to resign...

"I'll help after I was finished with the paperwork clothing design, Kojima-san!" Without switching from the documents, Yuko replied.

Kojima Haruna, she is the boss at the company where Yuko venture. As mentioned earlier, she is not smart. Yuko also confused how this stupid people could become the boss. She also is odd, told employees that they should not need to be formal. They are should just call her with Kojiharu, Harunyan, or Nyan Nyan. So weird! The last thing that makes Kojima Haruna as the most unique boss is she never called employees with family name, first name directly (even so, Yuko still call her formally and politely). However, Yuko was thankful that her boss is not grumpy and very very kind. Coupled with her good looks and...big breasts and sexy ass. Now, Yuko is having dreamy thought of her boss. If only she could have her, certainly Takamina is defeated.

"Yyyyuuuuuuukkkkkooooooo," Kojima Haruna whine. "Why are you daydreaming?? Come help meeeeeee."

"Ww—WHUT??! I-I'm coming boss!"

One more tiring day passed by Yuko.
--------------- X ---------------
At the evening

"Yo midget, why with the gloomy expression?" Takamina greeted her sister who is leaning on the counter.

"Yo midget," Yuko heaved. "I am very tired."

Takamina nodded and shouted loud enough for someone who was in the kitchen cafe thus the person could hear it. "Atsuko, make Yuko's favorite drink, please!"

Has become their habit to call midget each other because their height is fairly short. Atsuko even higher than them. Yuko sighed once again as she rests her chin. She still could not believe that her sister has been married to her childhood friend, Acchan. They opened the cafe and work together. Has entered the first year they were married. So romantic.

"What makes you tired, midget?"

"Oh stop midget, I'm taller than you."

"Yeah just a bit," Takamina rolled her eyes. "Answer me."

Yuko wants to say that she was exhausted due to the boss but the desire to beat her sister returned. She did not know why, whether because her sister had been married to her first love so she jealous? In her mind, Yuko is having war with her own mind for not doing it again. Unfortunately, she failed. "Well, my girlfriend was really troublesome these days..."

"EH????!!!!" Acchan who had just come in with a glass of Yuko's favorite beverage along with Takamina gasped. "Since when do you have a gf?! You never told this to us!" Takamina asked rather scream.

"I'm busy so always forget that I'm going to tell it..."

"Since when???" Excitedly Atsuko asked.

"Ett ..." Yuko was thinking hard to pick a false date joint of she and her boss start dating. Ugh! She felt like disappearing from the world. 'What a fool I was, lying like this just to feel better than my sister...argh this will only cause trouble!' Yuko rubbed her forehead. Our AtsuMina couple just exchanged stares at her  reaction.

In the end, Yuko said that she has been dating after entering the workplace. Well that's not entirely a lie because after she was hired, she did feel something strange when meeting with the boss. At that time, she speculated that it was only lust but she does not know. Our squirrel do not yet know the real thing.

Bad things ensued. Takamina requested her to bring her girlfriend here so that she and Acchan can view and comment.

Unfortunate today, Yuko.
--------------- X ---------------
The next day, without guessed by Yuko, her boss asked her to go to an elite mall. Unexpectedly, the boss went shopping, leaving her job stacked. Of course it makes Yuko upset and surprised at the same time. Upset because she was sure the jobs would be given to her. Surprised because she simply leaves her job and go shopping. The only words that came to her mind now is: what da hell...

Yuko is waiting for her boss at lingerie shop, not far from the shop there is a jewelry shop. She decided to look around. Arriving in front of the store, her eyes fixed on the latest models diamond ring on display in a glass next to the entrance of the store. The diamond ring is so beautiful. Suddenly she wanted to buy the shining thing...but to whom? She did not feel like wearing it. Yuko is too focused on her mind so she did not realize her boss was standing next to, following what she does which is looking at the diamond ring.

"Yuko what's up? Do you want to buy it?"

Yuko snapped. "Ah! Since when Kojima-san is here?"

"Mou...I told you do not be formal with me. Call me Kojiharu, Harunyan, or Nyan Nyan!" She pouted.

"No buts! If you do not do it I will fire you."

"OK! Uh..." Yuko was debating with herself which name should she choose. She likes Kojiharu but Nyan suits her, that name sounds cute and has the airhead image. "....Nyan  Nyan..."

"I am happy now!!" Nyan smiling so hard after that. Yuko astonished because this is the first time she sees her boss smiled wide and happily. In an instant the smile disappeared to be replaced by a cute expression. "I wish someone would buy me the diamond ring ..." She pouted cutely.

"Not meant sassy, ​​but Nyan Nyan, you're the boss and sustainable. You can buy it yourself right?"

"You're right, Yuu-chan. But the person who bought it for me definitely romantic~ maybe I will marry the person immediately if it is really happening."

Yuko doesn't reply. She was determined to buy the diamond ring. Determination was somehow feels so strongly, to the point Yuko wanted to work more to earn more money. Somehow she missed on a heap of work belonging to her boss. She wanted to do all of that, not tomorrow but right away. Strange. The boss is always odd and even gave him an odd effect...
--------------- X ---------------
It has been 5 months since the incident and during the same Yuko looks like a zombie. Determination to buy the diamond was still in her. Is that feeling arises only because she want to beat her sister? Sometimes she asked herself but after thoughtful, she may not be doing this if she wants to have Nyan Nyan. She might not want to be willing to work all out until she looks like a zombie. She could have her boss with classical ways and if that fails she could ask for help from her boss to pretend to be her girlfriend, at least to come to Takamina's cafe. Moreover, the boss is a good woman. She believes Nyan Nyan would not refuse if  she asks for help.

Need I tell also that during 5 months Yuko refused all Nyan Nyan invitations to shop or mall. Yes, since the incident somehow her boss like to invite her to  go shopping. But the circumstances do not allow, Yuko must have enough money soon. She has promised not to have fun before buying the diamond ring. Actually, she felt bad to her boss because every time she refused, Nyan Nyan would look sad. She was smart enough to cover it with a direct way to smile and go. Ugh! It feels Yuko wants to revoke her entire hair. She felt very tired and frustrated. She wanted to give up but to stay a little longer she would be able to buy that diamond ring...

Finally after struggling and keep fighting, she managed to collect the money! Kojima Haruna, the good-hearted boss also gave bonus. Yuko face becomes fresh again. After work she certainly did not waste any time. She immediately went to the store where the diamond ring was sold and displayed elegantly. Her Starry-eyed looking at the ring which is still in its original position. She bought it without further ado. After the ring was hers, Yuko felt all the weariness she felt lost. She intends to give this tomorrow in a fancy restaurant near her office. That night, Yuko sleep peacefully.

Tomorrow Night

Long silence engulfing them. Haruna could not stop tilting her head side to side. Yuko can not stop her queasiness. Her heart was beating very fast. Faster than the beating when she won the first marathon race. Yuko made wonder once again.

"Yuko, what do you want to talk about? Didn't you bring me here because you want to talk about something?" Haruna tilted her head cutely. In the minds of Yuko she screamed why her boss look so gorgeous and funny at the same time tonight ...(; ̄O ̄)( ̄O ̄;)


"Don't tell me you want to stop working. Am I not good? Too spoiled because often pass my jobs to you? Less sexy? Answer me Yuuukkkoooo."

Yuko literally face-palmed for the latter. According to her, Haruna is sexy enough to the make her day. "No! I ... I want to give you something."

Yuko finally can muster courage. She pulled out a ring box out of her bag and handed it to Haruna. Haruna initially did not understand why Yuko handed her a box. She thought the box contained a letter but then she thought the letter might not be fit in the small box. She opened the box and....her eyes widened, does not trust her own eyesight. Her gaze moved from the diamond ring to Yuko who blushed.

"You...bought this for me? Why?"

"Because I love you, Kojima Haruna." Yuko continued. "I do not know since when but..when you said you want someone to buy this ring for you, I was determined I should be able to buy the ring for you. I want to make you happy and look at your happiest smile, the same smile when I call you Nyan Nyan. I know I was an employee in your company and should not do this but I can not stop this feeling."

Haruna moves to the seat next to Yuko and hugged her very tightly. A happy tear fell from her eyes. For several minutes they remained in that position until Haruna took off her arms, weeping. According to Yuko, even she sobs look pretty.

"I love you since the first time we met, Yuko. I think you've got something different and it lure me. I actually already know that you will give this because I saw a paper titled 'Diamond for KH! Fighting!' I am sure KH is me  because no one else have the initials except me in the company. I think you're also very cool while working diligently to be able to buy it. I'm very happy."

Lucky they sit in a corner of the restaurant and the place was not too visible by other visitors. Secretly they share a kiss there. The  diamond ring embedded on Haruna ring finger perfectly. Yuko felt her life was much better and she felt very very happy. Finally our squirrel have found her new love and moved on.


"Minami, look! Isn't that Yuko? She was with a woman."

"Hm? Where...OH MY GOD! They kissed!"

"So she is Yuko's girlfriend...why she has not introduced her to us?"


"Hey Minami answer me! What are you looking at to stare so?!"

"That...that girl is oppai...see Atsuko, Yuko is roaming her body.."

Next thing was heard a hard smack sound.

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Re: Kojiyuu slight Atsumina || Diamond For Her [Birthday Present for Haruko!]
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OMG! This is a really lovely fic :D, you are amazing!! :D thank you so much I just love it!! :D and that final atsumina scene hahaha was really funnny, thaks kiddo!

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Re: Kojiyuu slight Atsumina || Diamond For Her [Birthday Present for Haruko!]
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I really like this kojiyuu os....


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Re: Kojiyuu slight Atsumina || Diamond For Her [Birthday Present for Haruko!]
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aaaahhhh ~ nice fic!!!!  :mon lovelaff:
i like it!! so lovely  :mon inluv:

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My Short Fanfictions||LIPS TASTER [Wmatsui] Chapter 3 updated! 09.30.15
« Reply #85 on: September 30, 2015, 05:39:57 PM »
Chapter 3 of LIPS TASTER is out minna-san!!! I'm so sorry I took long time to update this :kneelbow: this chapter is dedicated to the ducky author, ChrunchyCream who rushed me to update this fic soon and kuroblack_29~ Not just dedicated for them but also other readers who wanted this chapter~ Er...I didn't plan to make this chapter like "this" >\\\< the reason I update long was because I blush easily when making their moments. Hontou ni gomen minna-san >\\\< FYI this fanfic has 7 chapters~ Enjoy and sorry for errors as always! :D :D
Ps, to ChrunchyCream, you made me not study AT ALL for Math test tomorrow :shifty: well just kidding hahahaha screw that test. I won't get good score for Math anyway :on cigar:

Chapter 3

Rena POV

"What a surprise!!! The drama just started but look what we have here."
"Indeed. We must confirm whether the photo is true or fake. There are already many comments in social medias about this photo. Certainly all of the comments demanding for explanation from both parties, Matsui—"

What is that irritating voice? It ruined my peaceful sleep! I did not planned to wake up early today because I don't have early shooting for the drama. Thinking about the drama, an image of last night event popped in my mind. That...that kiss (>\\\<). The cause of we are dating now, Jurina and I. Heat start its trip from my body going up to my cheeks. Oh mind, stop it I just woke up! I do not want to be sinned since morning! Talks about wake up, the irritating voice that was not supposed to be my alarm is still there. My eyes shot open. The voice was from the television but I did not remember I turn it on last night. Don't tell me...a ghost did?!

I immediately get up and sit on my bed. Panic and worry were filling my head but soon those replaced by question mark. A figure was sitting on my sofa while watching the news on TV. It seems the person has noticed that I had woken up because he turned his gaze to me. That charming one has it except my boyfriend Jurina! Wait why is he here?


"Good morning, Rena~" I was cut by his greeting. Well I don't mind though.

He stood up from the sofa and went to my bed. Without warning, telling, even my permission, he kissed me passionately. Yep passionately. Ugh this guy, I expect it is just a peck on the lips for a morning kiss. He went deeper and more passionate hence I closed my eyes. My heart races, butterflies tickle my stomach, once again heat comes and roams my body, oxygen is starting to run out of my lungs.


I struggled hard to say it. Finally and fortunately he stopped.

"Sorry I just can't prevent myself anymore. You stunningly had turned me on you know." He grinned. I slapped his arm playfully while lowering my head. The latter words make me blush terribly.

"Chotto, how did you enter my room?"

"Thanks to the receptionist. I tell her that I am Matsui Jurina and want to visit Matsui Rena. Guess what? She passed me the key without further ado and blushing. Must be one of my fan~" He grinned ear to ear. "Hmm Rena-chan, you should get going. Your management and my management are gathering in your management building. They called us a while ago."

What's with his expression? He looked anxious. "Is everything alright? You seem—"

"Everything's alright don't worry. Come on you had better hurry up. I brought you bread for breakfast."

He cut my sentence again. Because of that I puffed my cheeks when I was walking to bathroom. I dislike if someone moreover my boyfriend hides something from me like I can't keep the secret. You will see the angry Matsui Rena, Jurina! I shout it loudly in my mind as I take a shower.
We are in the car with silence surrounding us at the moment. Jurina did not turn on the music player this time. When I was about to turn it on he grabbed my hand saying don't interrupt this comfortable silence. Comfortable he said? It was uncomfortable for me! Anger that had cooled down a little has came back cause of his strange behavior. I decided to ignore him and opened twitter instead. First thing that I see is notifications. Wow I got a lot of mentions from fans...huh? Why they seem furious? Jurina name was also mentioned. Well, probably they were jealous because I got to play a drama with him. I closed the notifications and went to Japan trending topic. Huh? Jurina and I just started trending. I clicked the trend and I furrowed. Many fans posted tweets about photo. What photo? I'm scrolling down to find the photo. To my horror the photo...the photo was me and Jurina kissing in his car! Who had taken the photo?! Ugh I understand why Jurina looked anxious. Managements called us, it must be to get our explanation according the photo.

"We have arrived." Wow Jurina opened the car door for me. I did not realize we have arrived. Was I too focused on the photo?

We get inside the building hand in hand. Despite he knew that dating someone in entertainment industry is prohibited, he doesn't care. Knowing this make me love him the more. As we are inside the lobby, the receptionists greeted us. They told us just go straight to the gathering room. Slowly my heart rate increasing. I am worry about the contract. If I date someone, the contract will end no matter what. The same for Jurina's contract with his management.

Surprisingly we do not go the the gathering room right away. He brought me to the restroom. Once more he surprised me. His lips crashed with mine and I was pinned. The kiss was short but still causing sensation of heart pounding. "Rena, listen to me. I know you had seen the news from twitter right? We will get through this without breaking our relationship." He assuredly said.

"So it is true that our managements called us for explanation..."

"I don't know but isn't it obvious? After the news reported, my management called me."

"Jurina...I am a bit scared..."

He cupped my cheeks. Our faces are adjacent. "As long as I am here, no one can make my Rena worry or scared okay? Believe in me." Before we got out of restroom he pecked my lips. I smiled, he literally is a kissing monster.

After that we go to the room. The heads of each managements released dark aura when we just entered the room. They are looking at us deeply. The first one who voiced is the head of my management. As usual he is straight to the point, mentioned the shocking photo. Then the head of Jurina's management demands for explanation. As expected. Jurina answered bravely and confidently that we are dating. The head of his management warned him about their contract and that we had broken the rule, the rule which we can't date someone if we have contract with the management.

"We know but you can't just stop someone's feelings with contract! Please, let us explain to the fans first. If they don't allow our relationship as lovers, we will say to them that the photo was just a misunderstanding. That we were practicing the kissing scene that's all." Jurina replied.

Jurina successfully got their agreement! They were hesitant but let him be anyway. He bowed ninety degrees to express his gratitude. I followed him. The last thing we must do is to get fans' agreements. It's not easy so we must try our best! On the way to our shooting place, Jurina told me his opinion of how to get their heart. First, we should not comment of it and act like something never happen. Secondly we act lovey dovey during the shooting like take selfie together or share our moments together to social media. Third the last, we wait for a week or so to see their responses. If it good we will tell the truth, if contrary we will say that the photo where we were practicing the kissing scene.

A week later
On the shooting place

We purposely did not see their responses for a week, just posted our pic and moments and then log out our social media if we did not post these. Today is the time. I kind of nervous to open my twitter. While Jurina, he keeps it cool when signing in to his blog. Hmph! Doesn't he afraid that they will give negative responses?! I looked away to open my twitter. Baka Jurina!

I have signed in to my I just need to touch the notifications button. Too afraid to open the trending topic. I counted one through ten to calm myself and my thumping heart. we go...I touched the notifications button and what I see next is making me...

"Well done, Rena-chan~ now we don't have to worry about our contracts and the managements." Jurina kissed my right cheek. Yeah! Their responses are positive! We got a lot of shippers, too. I read their mentions one by one. Tears began to form and fall cause happiness filling my heart. They said we are so cute and they don't mind our relationship. Jurina hugs me lovingly and so I hug him back. Myself can't hold the tears from falling anymore.

"Jurina, we...we succeeded." I said between my sob.

"Yeah. Now we won't be bashful when doing the shooting right?" He winked.


The next thing I know our lips attached to each other. This kiss shows gentleness, love, and sweetness since he kissed me softly. Unconsciously I pull him closer. No words can't describe my feelings now.

Our moment disturbed when a staff calling our names, it's time to take the films. "If you think it's over, you are totally wrong. We will continue, Rena."

Uh-oh the kissing beast inside him has arose.
Tonight I will stay at Jurina's apartment. Unfortunately it was a bad decision. Now he is standing in front of me and...h-he is stripping! Slowly he unbuttoned his shirt revealing his sexy abdomen and those packs...oh no he is approaching me who is sitting awkwardly on his bed.


My heart is like to explode anytime soon. My body undeniably becoming hot especially on my cheeks like I was boiled. What can I do is only looking away. "Ju-Jurina...isn't it too fast for us to do that thing? (¬///¬)"

"I don't care. What I want is you."

He jumped to me when I was off guard. S-somebody please help me!!!

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Re: My Short Fanfictions||LIPS TASTER [Wmatsui] Chapter 3 updated! 09.30.15
« Reply #86 on: September 30, 2015, 07:34:50 PM »
Hot.... hot why is so hot here, my face is boiling like rena :")
WMatsui in my heart <3
Kamaoshi : M.Rena

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Re: My Short Fanfictions||LIPS TASTER [Wmatsui] Chapter 3 updated! 09.30.15
« Reply #87 on: October 01, 2015, 12:44:10 AM »
Koyuhan hontou ni gomen for making you skipped your study  :bow:  :bow: ,and I DID tell you to study first  :catglare: ,well it's math anywho I know perfectly how that feels,meh good chapter btw,don't easily blush...

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Re: My Short Fanfictions||LIPS TASTER [Wmatsui] Chapter 3 updated! 09.30.15
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These  :peace: story's are so perfect keep it up. Bye bye


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Re: My Short Fanfictions||LIPS TASTER [Wmatsui] Chapter 3 updated! 09.30.15
« Reply #89 on: October 01, 2015, 02:53:33 AM »
i will help you rena-chan!!!
well... i wont help you, i'd like to see what will happen next :kekeke:

-sorry for my bad english, still learning with uncle Sae :hee:

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Re: My Short Fanfictions||LIPS TASTER [Wmatsui] Chapter 3 updated! 09.30.15
« Reply #90 on: October 01, 2015, 06:49:07 AM »
Next next LOL
I hope i wanna see rena chan jealous
Tsunderena or rena chan jealous so cutee

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Re: My Short Fanfictions||LIPS TASTER [Wmatsui] Chapter 3 updated! 09.30.15
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That was amazing... thank you for this chapter.

But KIDDO you need to study!!!!

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My Short Fanfictions||Throne [Wmatsui] [OS]
« Reply #92 on: October 03, 2015, 07:11:32 PM »
This is a dare from a sadist author namely ChrunchyCream. Do you know minna-san? I have one more dare to make smut for lips taster!!! :imdead: :imdead: So sadist right? I make this in rush because I must post and finish this dare today :gyaaah: sorry for the crappy story...
By the way, I reply your comments for the previous chap of lips taster below! :hip smile:

@vickystar: hot? Hehehe turn on your AC or fanning yourself muahahahaha XD I have to admit, my face was hot too when I make the chapter :nervous
@ChrunchyCream: eh you told me to study first? Hmmm I don't remember XD well, screw Math! It has passed anyway :stuffed: You already know I easily blush when it comes to sweet or daring moments -__-
@Ne_Okotteru: thanks! I will keep it up so stay tune :D
@key17: don't help her, just let her be "eaten" by our Jurina :kekeke:
@purnamazaki: I'll grant your wishes~ :on asmo: XD
@Haruko: your welcome~ :cathappy: I'm not a kiddo |( ̄3 ̄)| and don't worry it has passed~ I'll focus on my lat paper on Monday ;)


I have no doubt when I said that thing was the most horrible thing I have ever saw. Positive, it says. Based on the red line on its body which is now lying helplessly on the tile. My mind rewinded the scene when his hands, his touch, his breath, his husky voice whispered, all the lewd things he did, these were playing clearly as if I was watching a movie. Though these were fake. He has a girlfriend already...and he did these only to wreak his lust. It was obvious he never loves me the same way I do toward him. What am I? Just a friend, a former worker in the company he is leading. Questions kept haunting me. I think I am gonna insane. How can I raise a child when I merely can take care of myself. Tonight I cried unstoppably while thinking about it. I try to distract myself by being lost in the past. I remembering the good times we had, his smile, his gentle manner, and many more.

The time when we first met, I finally believe the words love in first sight are exist. I was accepted to be the secretary in the company hence we often work together as he is the CEO. The reason he accepted me was kind of lame. He said, it was because we have the same surname. A CEO accepted me just because I have a same surname with him is reckless, I thought. Well actually It was a joke, he told me I am a hardworking person and quite smart. He flashed me a smile after told me so. The first smile that could melt me. I wish I could kiss that sexy duck-shaped lips. Sadly, that lips doesn't belong to me. It had kissed someone else's lips. Accidentally I saw it.

His name is Matsui Jun, a 24 year-old.

As my mind recalled our first time meeting each other I suddenly feel emotional. I want to end my life right now, right here. My foot dragged me to the kitchen to grab something sharp. A knife would do. I took it and then walked toward the balcony. Aback, I told myself that I will die at the place that I love. The balcony is one out of many places that I love because I usually see the sparkling stars from there. Simply beautiful yet cause excitement through my veins. I'm getting ready after I taken the last glance at the stars. I stroke my tummy softly as tears flowed down.

"Baby, I'm sorry I'm such a bad mother. I'm sorry I can't let you see the amazing world but I promise..." I stopped midway because I sobbed hard. Finally after be able to calm down a bit, I continue. "I promise we will see the heaven together. Which is way greater than the world...and I'm sorry you can't see your father and feel his arms around you. We can see him later in heaven if you want.."

I positioned the knife in front of my tummy and closed my eyes.
Sayonara world and specially Jun, my love. I never got the chance to confess but hopefully you realize it when we made our baby.
I'm ready now. I bring the knife up and with speed I bring it down to my tummy.

But I felt nothing. No pain. Instead I felt a strong grip on my wrist. Immediately I open my eyes and find Jun looking at me worriedly.

"Rena what are you trying to do?!" He snatched the knife and threw it somewhere.

I could not reply him because I am depressing the fact that he doesn't love me but we had done a wrong thing. I cried even harder. Surprisingly he embraces me tight. After a couple of minutes I managed to restrain myself and answered his question. "I...I want to..end my life..."

"I will not allow you to do that." His tone was frightening.

"Is that a warning to your secretary, Matsui-san?"

"It is a warning but not to my secretary. It's to Matsui Rena. Beside, we are not in the company why do you call me formally? Listen, Rena," He cupped my cheeks and looked straight into my eyes. "I don't want to lose you."


There is a break between us. He looked away. His cheeks somewhat show tints of red, is he blushing? No way. But his reply is on the contrary with my thought. "Because the person in front of me had been throne in my heart. The palace will die if she dies because nobody can replace her."

I widened my eyes in disbelief. He has a girlfriend, is this a kind of joke? "Jun you have a could you say so?"

"Huh? I don't have any."

"But...I saw you kissing with a woman..."

He didn't reply me moreover attach our lips in sudden. I can only widened my eyes but soon he demands for a reply so I kiss him back. He pulled me closer and our kiss went more passionate, he bit my lower lip hungrily thus I gasped, opening the access to my cave. He inserted his tongue then began infiltrating my mouth. My hands are gripping on his shirt because the sensation is so...I moaned. Out of oxygen forced him to stop. He breathlessly said, "It was just an accident. The woman loves me and she is an extreme person, kissed me to confess. I don't love her, you can ask my best friend if you don't trust me. She is my friend since high school for your info. She suddenly came that time."

I'm relieved. "I see. came here suddenly too. So that means the thing we did just now is just an accident?"

"Of course not, I really love you. I came here because your friend, Takayanagi-san informed me that these past few days you threw up quite many times. I know what that means, our baby inside your tummy now." He smiled happily.

Unexpectedly he bent down in front of me and took out a ring box. He opened it, looking at my eyes lovingly. "I came here to propose you, too. Matsui Rena, will you spend the rest of your life with me and our baby as my wife?"

Without thinking twice, I accept his proposal in joy. Finally my love is requited. He stroke my still-flat tummy and once again kiss me. Under the starlight, I imagine our happy future.

So how was it Chy? Are you satisfied? :catglare:

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Re: My Short Fanfictions||Throne [Wmatsui] [OS]
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Yes I am,now. Let's continue our game :hehehe: :hiakhiakhiak:

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Re: My Short Fanfictions||LIPS TASTER [Wmatsui] Chapter 4 Updated! 10.11.15
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Heyho minna-san. Finally done with this chapter. Now I can exhale a relief breath~ :stuffed: for you who asked a slap for Jurina and the jealous Rena, here for you~ Enjoy and sorry for errors!
Now let me finish my homework, see you later~! :cool1:


Normal POV

After three weeks of the dating incident and its mess, the drama almost reach the peak and so our actor and actress can relax a little bit. Let's see what they are doing now~ Author flies to Jurina's apartment, stops by the window, and then peeking to see what is going on inside. The window connected us to his bedroom. Guess what? Author can't find Rena. Only Jurina who is he doing? He is standing in front of the wall and his back is facing the window. Something is not right so Author try to comprehend what is going on. Author gets inside. Turns out Rena is there! She was pinned on the wall! When Author looks at Jurina, there are flames inside Jurina eyes which will "burn" or rather give Rena the "hot" anytime soon. Rena on the other hand just let what her boyfriend pleases. According to her, nobody can stop him after the beast had arisen. A sigh escaped out of her nose. 'I did not do anything yet the beast appear...really what's happening with him.' Rena thought.

"Say you love me, Rena."

Jurina demanded huskily. His eyes stared at the almond-colored orbs of Rena's. Their noses were touching hence Rena could feel his warm breath upon her lips and downer. Her heart beating crazily as Jurina lips getting near to hers. No, Rena is not ready yet! She replied to prevent him also to calm her heart.

"I love you Jurina. Can you get off me now?" She stared into his dark brown orbs with flat face on. Uh-oh those become darker after she said so.


He clashed his lips with Rena lips and immediately bit her lower lip to open the cave, the arena for the "battle". No need to wait long Rena opened her mouth. Her tongue was ready to meet with her opponent. Finally their tongues facing each other, Jurina's approached first and attacked Rena's. They had a rough battle to take the winning as the dominant. Between their battle session, Rena hands went up to find something to be gripped. She found something silky and soft which is Jurina hair. Who cares about he will hurt if she pulls it. Blame him at the first place because he initiated this kiss thing.

Rena literally pulled it hardly when Jurina won the battle, went down to her milky neck, kissed and bit, left a few of hickeys. He was pinning Rena with only his right hand while the other hand seeking for an activity. It found one which is caressing her flat abdomen. The hand is naughty. It went upper to unclasp something annoying that is covering Rena breasts. Rena wants to protest but she lets out a moan instead. Her hands finally could break free and moved to Jurina shoulders, pushing him as the sign he must stop. Jurina didn't budge and kiss her lips back. More passionate. The hand which gripped Rena hands before, now wrap her waist. When Jurina almost successful to unclasp her bra....


His phone rings thus he stopped and got off of Rena.

"Damn phone! Whoever is calling me, I'll kill the person!"

He cursed before see the caller ID. In fact, the caller is from a famous photographer named Watanabe Tetsuo. Jurina gulps and takes back his words.

" calling?" Rena breathlessly asked. "Why are you...not pick it up right away? Don't tell's your affair girl..." She squinted her eyes while trying to catch her breath.

"Of course not! This is Watanabe Tetsuo calling!" Jurina finally pick it up. "Good morning, Watanabe-san. Is there anything that I can help you with?"

"Good morning, Matsui-san! I have a photoshoot for you today, this late afternoon at 3. Come to XX building. I'll text the address to you."

"Alright, Watanabe-san. May I ask you something?"

"Yeah sure. What is it?"

"Is this personal photoshoot or the other way?"

A laughter can be heard on the other line. "You'll find out later."

"Ah...I see. Thank you for the information, Watanabe-san." Jurina replied trying not to sound sarcastic.

Jurina turned around after pressed the end call button to see his girlfriend leaned against the wall with that super-cute-expression-that-makes-heart-quickened. It's strange how little things that Rena does could cause such effect. He wanted to kiss her again but doubt she will like it. This morning he had kissed her seven times, six on the lips and one on the cheek. Wait it was eight if you add the kiss they shared a moment ago.

"J, why are you staying silent?"

No no no this is bad. Whenever Rena calls him with that turned Jurina on badly. This time it is not fail either. Jurina could not help but to approach her with lust win over him, again.

"Honey, wanna take a bath together?"

Rena had to nod if the condition is like this, Jurina called her 'honey' that means she must obey him...


At the XX Building

Jurina gaped because his senior in modeling is here and she will be his partner for the photoshoot. Iriyama Anna her name, known as cool beauty. Face-palmed was what Jurina doing. The photographer, none other than Watanabe Tetsuo just told him the photoshoot is for Weekly Playboy magazine. They did not waste time anymore as Jurina had arrived. Watanabe Tetsuo leads them to pose this and that. Some daring photos are included. The first daring pose, Jurina had to unbutton his shirt and reveal his chest while Anna staring at him, her hands on his nape, and biting her lips. His heart was pounding due to nervousness. Her stare was so intense. Fortunately it did not happen long, thanks to their professionalism.

The second daring pose, Anna's shirt was wet—her undergarment was visible, she posed sexily on Jurina lap, he was sitting on an elegant sofa. He could feel her wet hair tickling his cheek and bare chest. During the pose his mind suddenly think of Rena. How if she sees this later on the magazine? Imagined Rena's reaction sent chill down his spine. He recalled a scene of Majisuka Gakuen drama staring Rena as Gekikara, the fight scene of her and Maeda. It makes sense why the director chose Rena, an innocent cute pretty ladylike woman to take the crazy pyscho role. Actually she has that scary side. Three weeks dating her, Jurina had seen that side of hers whenever she jealous. Well of course she did not act crazy like in the drama but the aura was the same. Anxiety started haunting him.

"15 minutes break!"

He snapped back to reality as the director declared it. Now he can exhale a relief sigh. But...wait why his senior did not get up and still sitting on his lap? He wants to ask her but afraid since she is his senior. Her head suddenly resting on his chest. Wtf?!

"Please stay a little while. It's so comfortable you mind?" She asked almost whispering.

"I-I don't mind."

Silence spreading around them. The photographer and other crews had gone out so it was only them in the room. Although so, Jurina can't stop feeling anxious. The moment when paparazzi taken a photo of him and Rena kissing...he doesn't want to get any more gossip. He cursed himself of being unable to get off from his senior. "You're so kind, Matsui."

He jolted a bit cause of surprise. "Ah...thanks, senpai."

"No need to call me that. Just call me Annin."

"Okay..Annin. Just call me Jurina, too."

She nodded. "I'm jealous of your girlfriend. She has a kind boyfriend like you and I think you two are so sweet together."

"Ahaha..." Jurina laughed uneasily. His senior somehow keeps complimenting. "Our relationship is not always smooth and sweet for your info."

"Really? I want to hear more then." She got off of Jurina. "After I change my clothes okay?"

"Okay. In return you should tell me your love life also." He grinned.

After Break

They continued the photoshoot well. It does not feel awkward, maybe because they had shared and talked about their loved one at break. Therefore they start to know each other better. Unexpectedly the photoshoot end faster. Annin asked Jurina out for a cup of coffee. Impolite if he refuse it moreover they just talked a while ago. He nodded to Annin as the sign of agreement. They went to the coffee shop nearby, ordered coffees and desserts, and chitchat. Apparently they chatted too long. Jurina just realized it as he saw the time, it was already 9 PM. Annin realized the uneasy looks on her junior face.

"Let's go home, shall we? Waiter," Annin called a waiter who is standing near their desk. "Please bring me the bill."

"Annin, let me pay for us."

"Nope, Jurina. Just take me home and we are equal." She smiled.


He took Annin to her house which incredibly huge. He was astonished but soon he realize how stupid he was by staring at Annin's house and not open the car door. He rushed to get out of the car then open the door for her. Annin thanked him so did Jurina for the coffee. After bid goodbye to Annin and her presence is no longer seen, Jurina immediately gets inside his car, starts the engine, and drives in speed. He stopped at bakery to buy melonpans for his beloved girlfriend. Excitedly he drove back home with a bag of melonpan for her. Some minutes have passed, he finally arrived at his apartment to see Rena sleeping soundly on his bed. He smiled and thought, 'This girl, she must be tired waiting for me.' He walked towards her, sat on the edge of his bed, silently admiring her cute sleeping face, and then he decided to join leaning on. Before call it a day and go to slumber, he kissed Rena forehead and embraced her.


The next day is a normal day for our couple. They don't have job so they go out for a date. Unfortunately, the lady luck was not on their side. After the date at the afternoon, they went to Jurina's apartment. Rena decided to stay a night there. The weather is hot and Jurina is sweating a lot so he took a bath right after they arrived. He finished it some minutes later, came out with only towel covering his private area. His hair is still wet because he did not dry it yet properly. The view when he came out is Rena who is looking down while sitting on the bed. Her back is facing him. What happened with her? Jurina does not say anything, goes to the cupboard, wear a black sleeveless t-shirt and a short. He approaches Rena after done.

"Rena, doushita? You are unknowingly quiet." His hand held her chin up to show her face. She looks...sad? Jurina nearing his face to kiss her lips. In his mind, he was sure the kiss will make her happy. At times it usually worked.

Jurina closed his eyes at the same time getting closer to her lips. Almost reach it but shockingly he felt a sting of pain on his cheek. She slapped him. He shot his eyes open. Rena is crying silently...she looks pissed. Puzzled of that, Jurina asked her once again but Rena kept quiet. She unlocked her phone and gave it to him. His eyes widened. There is a photo of him and...Annin kissing?! On the photo they kissed passionately. It was obvious by looking at Annin who was hugging "him" tightly. But it was not him! The last time they met, they just bid goodbye normally. They didn't hug or something. In the coffee shop, they just chatted, no more!

Rena sobbed. "I-I," sobbed once more. " came home that were with her...and did it..." She sobbed even harder.

"Rena, I can explain—"

"You don't need to do that! The photo is more than enough to explain!" Rena stood up. She covered her face with both of her hands. Jurina follows what she did. He wants to hug her, comfort her, but the circumstance is not suitable he thought.

He tried to explain again. "Don't you believe me? Okay I did go out with her but we just bought coffees and chatted. No more no less! Why do you believe the media more than me?!" Unconsciously Jurina raised his voice volume up. That gotten Rena's anger.

"Because you are a playboy! Do you hear me?! A playboy! I shouldn't believe you since the beginning!" Rena also shouted as she answered.

"What?! This is crazy. Stop it, I don't want us to have a fight like this!"

"You started it! I know, I know it. You date me just because you want to taste my lips, am I right? Since I never kiss someone before and won't ever accept a movie or drama with kissing scene on it. Yeah so you'll be known as the first person who taste my lips." Rena faced him. Sadness was clearly visible on her expression. "Let's end this. Good bye."

Rena runs out of the apartment. Jurina has no choice but to chase her. They are chasing each other until the road. Many people see them curiously, confused, surprisingly, some of them gasp and capture the rare moment of currently popular actor and actress chasing each other on the road. They thought, is this a kind of shooting or something? Jurina's fans are screaming his name. He ignored it, just focus on catching Rena because she is his priority. He almost get her wrist when they are at the edge of the crowded road. Rena is hopeless so she foolishly cross the road, doesn't care about a vehicle coming to her way. Jurina saw it and quickly brought her into his embrace to protect her, let his body be her shield...


Rena shut her eyes tightly. She was ready for the incoming pain but it never happened. She felt warm arms around her slender body...and heavy breaths on her neck. Jurina! She turned around. His hair is still wet but this time it was not wet cause of transparent liquid called water but red liquid...


"Re-Rena...are you okay?" Jurina asked with eyes half-opened and hoarsely.

In fast motion, Rena gets up to sitting position, lifts his head carefully to her lap, she caresses his cheek gently. "Jurina..." Tears formed on the corner of her eyes.

"Don't cry...honey..."

Without they realize peoples surrounding them. "Someone or somebody please call an ambulance!" One of them ordered. Rena looked at them pleadingly. Luckily some people calling the hospital. She turned back to Jurina.

"Jurina...p-please hold on. I'm sorry..I'm sorry..."

"I hate it when you cry..." Jurina shushed her. His hand moved to Rena cheek. "Remember this...I love you and..I will never ever cheat behind you, Rena.."

The next thing occur, Jurina closed his eyes, his hand fell to the side. A denial scream escaped out of Rena mouth...


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Re: My Short Fanfictions||LIPS TASTER [Wmatsui] Chapter 4 Updated! 10.11.15
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Jurinaaaaaa T^T,Koyuhan don't send him to the hospital  :catglare: , good update anyway thanks~

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Re: My Short Fanfictions||LIPS TASTER [Wmatsui] Chapter 4 Updated! 10.11.15
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No..................!!! :tantrum:
Jurina, please be safe.. He will. he will. *convincing myself* :mon determined:
The photo was edited??, Annin is suspicious.. I Love bad Annin tho~~ :hee:
Keep it up, Koyumi-chan... :cow: :kneelbow:

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Re: My Short Fanfictions||LIPS TASTER [Wmatsui] Chapter 4 Updated! 10.11.15
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Jurina has to be okay. Rena needs him.

I can't believe that Rena thought that Jurina would cheat on her  :banghead:

I hope Jurina's ok.

I can't wait for the next chapter and keep up the good work. Bye bye :peace:

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Re: My Short Fanfictions||LIPS TASTER [Wmatsui] Chapter 4 Updated! 10.11.15
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noooooo my wmatsui heart! :tantrum:

-sorry for my bad english, still learning with uncle Sae :hee:

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Aaaaaaaaahh~~ what's with this cute OS  :shy2: I love it  :nya: keep writing!!!  :on GJ:

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