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Author Topic: My Short Fanfictions || LIPS TASTER [WMatsui] Epilogue! 04.24.16  (Read 79818 times)

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Re: Friendzone to| A Wmatsui Oneshot|
« Reply #100 on: October 13, 2015, 12:59:37 AM »
*Friendzone to*

This one is cute too~~  :shy2: :on gay: :on gay: :on gay:

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Re: My Short Fanfictions||LIPS TASTER [Wmatsui] Chapter 4 Updated! 10.11.15
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Aaaaahhhhh finally lips taster update
Thankyouuu so much
Soo, i'm waiting for the next wmatsui moment

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My Short Fanfictions & OS collections||Blue Rose [Wmatsui] {OS}
« Reply #102 on: October 17, 2015, 05:37:21 PM »
Hey guys I'm back with an OS, a dare from ChrunchyCream :mon zoom: :pig realmad: hopefully you like it! As usual, sorry for errors~ :cow:
Ps, this OS inspired by a short story from my country and the story was in my native language book.
Thanks for the comment on my previous post, Lips Taster chapter 4! See you later minna-san~ :mon rush:

Blue Rose

The wind was frozen in Rose Room, a hospitalization room in an hospital in Sakae. On all-white bed, Rena is lying frozen in the time that was becoming immobile. She did not dare to count how many times the clock has passed number twelve, close to death that soon will pick her up.

The doctor has predicted her age is one month left due to worsening leukemia and the only thing she was waiting from her best friend is a blue rose. Yes, blue rose, not red rose or white rose, and only one, not a bouquet or a basket.

But, is blue rose ever exist? Her best friend, Jun, actually doubted it. He only ever saw red rose, white rose, and yellow rose. Three of them grow and blossom in his house garden. How about blue rose? He was not sure. Blue flowers that he had seen before were just orchid and carnation, even the color was not exactly blue but purple-bluish.

"Are you certain there is blue rose, Rena?" He asked when he was visiting her.

"I am certain. I had seen it."

"Not in a dream?"

"Nope. In a park but I forgot where the park was. Seemingly in Nagoya..."

Jun was silent. His eyes radiated doubt and it was captured by Rena. "Find it, Jun. Don't hesitate. Only it that I want from you as my last request. Please find it with love." Rena tried to assure him.

Therefore, with love, Jun goes to find a blue rose requested by his best friend. He immediately went towards parks in Nagoya and explored all corners. Did not find it there, he then explored all parks that belong to florists and flower sellers. On the top of that, he also went in and out cluster area and real estate, checked every garden and park there. For days he asked people everywhere to find a blue rose.

"Where I can find a blue rose? I need it!" He asked a University of Tokyo student through call, his best friend from high school, the smartest in their high school aback. His name is Watanabe Mayu.

"Are you kidding? If you search it even until the edge of the world you won't find it."

"But...Rena had seen it."

"It must be a paper flower."

"Don't joke, Mayu! I'm serious...her age is two weeks left, only one blue rose that she wanted from me for the last."

"If there is literally none, how?"

Jun became limp after hear the answer. He realized, nobody will never be able to find something which never exist, unless God create it suddenly. Nevertheless, how he assure Rena that blue rose never exist except in dream?

================================ x ====================================

Jun sat pensively on a bench at the city park. He swept his gaze to all corner of the park—an activity he had done for countless times to the point he gets bored of it. He is still hoping he can find a blue rose there or a miracle that bring out a blue rose in the middle of the grass at the park occurs. Isn't God almighty? If he says 'happen' accordingly 'will happened'. Why don't I beg to him? Jun thought.

"God, with your might, please blossomed a blue rose in front of me right away!"

He suddenly shouted at the same time standing, clenched his fists to the air and looked up to the sky. Not long after that, a poor little girl wearing a shabby t-shirt and disheveled pants, approaches and sits next to him.

"Sumimasen, can I ask for a help?"

"What can I help you?" Jun sits back on the bench.

"My house is in the other prefecture. I'm afraid to go back alone, afraid will get lost..."

Turns out the poor little girl is blind. Jun pitied her because her family did not accompany her whereas she can't see. He wants to help but he has not found the light for his problem. Dizziness attacked him. The thing called dilemma is happening to him now, he doesn't want to add more problem yet he feels bad if he refuses. He lets out a sigh.

"Do you wanna go home now?"

"Yes yes! Please accompany me until I reach my home."

The dizziness becoming more painful. The blue rose is still on searching but now suddenly a poor girl came asking for accompany. This is the most horrible thing happened in the entire of his life...the problems are giving too much pressure. Although like that, he does it patiently.

"What did you take to go here?"

"I took train. I was from Akihabara and wanted to go home but I missed the stop. So please accompany me till home. I'm afraid I will miss it again.."

Jun accompanying her by train to her house. As they had gotten inside the train, passengers have filled all the seats. Well, fortunately there is only one seat left. Jun guided the little girl to sit. They had little conversations regarding her whereabouts. Another fact revealed that she is an orphan. Jun pitied her more. He decided to help her sincerely and not half-heartedly cause of that.

After a few minutes, finally they arrived at the next prefecture. When they get out of the train, the sun already set. The girl takes him to the East and then both of them entered an alley. Every time Jun asked the address of her house, the girl always pointed to the east. That bring them to the edge of a small river. At that time, unconditionally Jun saw a bunch of plants with blue flowers blossoming. Were these flowers blue roses? Jun wants to make sure.

"Please wait a while."

Hurriedly Jun ran towards the plants. After he got close enough, he bursts into happiness. The flowers which blossom are truly blue roses! Without wasting any more time, he immediately knelt down and joyfully plucked a few petals, not forget to mention inhaled its scent passionately. The scent of the flowers were overpowering like the scent of expensive perfumes.
As Jun is lost in the world of joy, suddenly was heard the voice of little girl.

"Onii-san, here is your money, I return it back for the train charge. I put it here okay. I leave now."

Jun immediately swiveled his head to the source of her voice. Surprisingly nobody is there except a rag sac placed. He looked around for the little girl at the edge of the small river, turns, T-junctions, and crossroads to no avail. Strange, that girl disappeared just like that, he thought. He felt a bit curious. His mind kept guessing who is the girl that brought him to this place and disappeared in sudden? Was she the God-sent to grant his wish a while ago? Jun smiled as he felt very grateful at the moment.

After the blue roses on his hand, the only thing that comes to his mind was immediately bring the flowers to his best friend who was dying in the hospital. He purposely pick cab to go there. In Rose Room, Rena was in a coma. Her hand infused by red blood, oxygen mask covered her nose, her eyes closed hue pale. Only both of them in the room. Anxiously, Jun approached and whispered to her ear.

"Rena, do you hear me? I have found the blue rose that you requested. Here, I bring it for you."

Rena opened her eyes and slowly her hand moved to take the oxygen mask off her nose. "Where is the blue rose, Jun?"


With her right hand, Rena reaching for the blue rose. Succeeded, she put it in front of her nose and inhaling its smell. Unexpectedly her face hue become fresh.

Curiosity is haunting Jun hence he asked. "Why did you want a blue rose?"

"Because you are like a blue rose, hard to find and hard to reach." Rena smiled bitterly.

Jun somehow could get the meaning of Rena's smile. He smiled also but a happy one. "If I'm a blue rose then you are a red rose."

"Hm? Why?"

"Because you are so beautiful, my love, and the opposite of the color of blue. The first two words, I think you know the meaning already. The last word, your personality is opposite with me. Despite of that, it can't stop me from loving you. I love you, Rena. More than a best friend."

Tears began to form in the corner of Rena eyes. She positioned herself to sit and hugged him tightly. Jun did the same to her, tears had rolled down his cheek without she knows. Even so, Jun tried to be unnoticed. They embraced their loved one for quite a long time. One of them, who is Rena, pulled away first but she then sticked her lips onto Jun's. It was just a short kiss though. Rena laid back on the bed and held the blue rose on her chest.

"This flower will heal me. This flower is what I seen in dream. This flower has to be from heaven. Fortunately you could find it, Jun. Thank you so much. Now I will eat it."

Rena literally eat the blue rose. She ate its petal one by one. A moment later, with her lips formed a smile, slowly she closed her eyelids. She sleeps while clutching the remaining blue rose petals.

If you're a rose
Let me see you here with my own eyes
Even if that flower was to wither and fall
all of you is dear to me

These tears that pour forth
I won't wipe them

If this is love
How about we close our eyes forever
And on the mirror of memories
Let our feelings be reflected?

I'm fine without ever having you, and know the fact that we're not destined together.
At least my love is requited. I'm beyond happy, Rena.

Now as the red rose had gone, the blue rose can't touch her, feel her, reach her anymore. Emptiness attacking his heart.

A/N: so yeah, it's an angst :nervous sorry if it is not sad. I'm bad at making sad ending story :bow:

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Re: My Short Fanfictions & OS collections||Blue Rose [Wmatsui] {OS}
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Re: My Short Fanfictions & OS collections||Blue Rose [Wmatsui] {OS}
« Reply #104 on: October 17, 2015, 05:57:16 PM »
Though sad, it's beautiful.
Visit my FFs:
We Love the Hospital! OS (Mayuki + Wmatsui) + Omake

The Foreigner Husband and The Traditional Wife (Wmatsui)

[Short OS] "Puppy" Love (Pairings: JR + YH)

My Little Brother Can't Be This Cute!

Derailed - OS featuring Aya x Nao

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Re: My Short Fanfictions & OS collections||Blue Rose [Wmatsui] {OS}
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"Because you are like the blue rose, hard to find, and hard to reach." :farofflook:
But, Rena.. :gyaaah:
And that song.. :fainted:

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Re: My Short Fanfictions & OS collections||Blue Rose [Wmatsui] {OS}
« Reply #106 on: October 17, 2015, 06:35:54 PM »
Oh no ! My Wmatsui heart ....
thank you for make os wmatsui
But i hope u will make os wmatsui happy ending haha
btw u're my favourite author :)

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Re: My Short Fanfictions & OS collections||Blue Rose [Wmatsui] {OS}
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Its hurt :( my little heart its hurt inside, its make me remember the sentence of Rena :( "you're not wmatsui amymore, you're matsui jurina":( i miss rena so much
WMatsui in my heart <3
Kamaoshi : M.Rena

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Re: My Short Fanfictions & OS collections||Blue Rose [Wmatsui] {OS}
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Touching (┯_┯),well I'm a guy with a quite sof heart so I cried,good angst koyuhan  :fap

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Re: My Short Fanfictions||LIPS TASTER [Wmatsui] Chapter 4 Updated! 10.11.15
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"Jurina...p-please hold on. I'm sorry..I'm sorry..."

"I hate it when you cry..." Jurina shushed her. His hand moved to Rena cheek. "Remember this...I love you and..I will never ever cheat behind you, Rena.."

The next thing occur, Jurina closed his eyes, his hand fell to the side. A denial scream escaped out of Rena mouth...


WHUTT?? NOOOO, J!!!  :bleed eyes: please save him author-san, you know rena couldn't live without him  :bleed eyes:

Anw, great fanfic, please keep continue~  :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: My Short Fanfictions & OS collections||High and Down [Yuiparu] {OS}
« Reply #110 on: November 02, 2015, 03:34:49 PM »
To someone, I keep the dare promise although I said I won't since I'll make a collab fic with your OTP in it. Here it is.
Based on true story.

High and Down

She was smart at speaking, she is different, there is a different feeling when Haruka saw the girl. Arose in her mind an idea that the girl is a clever student, both in lessons and organizations. Smoothly and very good, the girl expressed her opinion when their class into group of counter against seniors for a debate. Still it is also clear in her memory that seniors implied admiration toward her. Haruka sure, that girl will easily pass the selection to be part of the student council if she wants to join. This was reinforced after graders chose her to be the head of the class.

Those things happened when Haruka had just set foot in high school. She was fortunate to be accepted in the school near her home so she does not have to take a train or a bus to get there, enough to ride a bicycle or walk. When it was student orientation period, she did not immediately get a lot of friends. Only a student who came from the same junior high school who are in the same class with her. However she was quite relieved there was still someone she knows. During orientation, she simply only be with that friend from the same junior high school, her name Sashihara Rino. Haruka introvert personality caused her not easily make friends, during the introduction of school she was more silent and so on until the debate day with seniors of the student council is in sight. Topic of debate is seniority and seniors were so smoldering agreed on seniority at the school.

Haruka thought she was not going to give opinion but she was wrong. After seeing the girl, named Yokoyama Yui, she found the courage to speak her mind. From the beginning Haruka annoyed with their opinion that allow violence to teach juniors how to be a good student. She raised her hand and then stood up . Curious stares of the students was neglected.

"In my opinion, seniority in a violent manner is not true. Seniors should teach his/her juniors in a good way, as you teach your younger sister/brother at home. The teacher once said that the school is a second home and the teachers are second parents for students. From these statements it is clear you are our second brothers/sisters as well. Therefore, you should also consider us as your second younger siblings. After all violence has no benefit, it will only cause problems and we would not be good if notified roughly because our psychic will be disrupted."

Haruka sat back in her chair with a heart beat very fast. She does not expect she could say her opinion like that. Unconsciously she glanced at Yokokoyama Yui. The girl nodded in silence, smiling. Haruka did not want to get too confident but it would not hurt to think that Yui agreed and was pleased with her opinion isn't it? After seeing the sights she felt unknowingly happy.

The days in class 1-A passed quickly. Haruka experienced bad and fun events. It makes her knowing the characteristics of her classmates. There are students who only utilizing their friends—she called the people are parasites, some humorous, some otaku, there is genius, and much more. First, she began to close with two friends who sit in front of her. They are the otaku, Watanabe Mayu and Itano Tomomi the fashionista. Later, she got to know more people, among others; Kawaei Rina who sit next to Yui, Kizaki Yuria the genius, Matsui Rena the tsundere, and Iriyama Anna who is friendly. They all ended up being often together and Haruka got a new nickname from them which are Paruru and Ponkotsu. She received it without a matter.

Haruka can know Yui more as they and their close friends spent a lot of time together. Somehow when nine of them gathered, Yui will choose to sit next to her. They also often talk only two of them. Even when Haruka entered a club, Yui also entered the club that was once invited by her, even though at that time she was not really inviting her for real. Not forget to mention, sometimes Yui will take her home together. Over time, Haruka began to feel the seeds of love grow in her heart. Yui natural friendly to everyone and her sweet smile have made her fall in love. Her feelings be filled by such small behavior of Yui's. She felt special.

Unfortunately Haruka realized that Yui is friendly to everyone. Not only was she who had sat next to her and talk alone with her, she may enter the same club because she wanted to, may also someone had gone home together with her. Therefore, she is aware, there can not be a special place in Yui's heart for her. Haruka tried to move on after realizing it. Until one day, came the unexpected moment.

"Paruru, let's go to another school festival together."

Haruka POV

I will not refuse because...I wanted to go with her. We and our close friends went to somewhere before but I want to go with her again. I paused for a moment to look like I was thinking then a few seconds later I nodded.

"Oh, I only took one friend from another class. You go with me ok? I'll pick you up." She revealed that smile, a smile that I really like. "Ps, do not tell the others if we go. They are really noisy you know, right? For once I want to go quietly." She let out a chuckle. Her eyes are crescent-shaped when laughing, as usual, and that's one out of other thing that I like from her.

I waited a few days until the day of the festival. Feels long, I really can not wait for that day. about this? Why do I still feel the sensation of heart pounding when I was with her? That means I failed to move on?

Normal POV

Haruka's waiting is finally paid. The festival day has came and now here she was, sitting behind in a motorcycle driven by Yui. A vibrant beating heart is the result of the imagination of the events that will happen. So right, girls who are in love always imagining romantic things. They arrive at the school who seems somewhat far from their school. Visitors also have filled the school a lot. Haruka and Yui confused where to go first but the haunted house immediately caught their attention. Yui bought tickets and they were both waiting in line. While waiting, they talked a lot of things. It was an opportunity for Haruka to know Yui deeper.

After waiting quite long, finally it was their turn to enter. Because Yui bought the silver tickets only for two people hence only two of them entered it. Inside, the ghosts scare them into action. They were shouting and approached Yui and Haruka. Haruka usually not afraid of haunted house rides but this time is an exception. These ghosts touched her arm and her hair. She closed her eyes, the ghosts makeups are very spooky plus they shouted. Haruka is very scared.

"Don't be afraid, Paruru. Come through here, calm down ok?"

Yui hold her wrist. Haruka was so scared, in reflex she gripped Yui arm and hid her face in her arms. Haruka heart beat very fast, either because ghosts or because Yui who surprisingly hug her while still walking. They made it through the ghosts near the entrance and throw a sigh of relief. Unfortunately, they did not longer relieved. They just walk a little more inside and found a ghost lying on the floor, blocking the way to go deeper. Haruka again to fear, how to get past the ghost?

Again Yui be her savior. She goes first. As expected, the ghost touched Yui feet. Before Yui fully pass the ghost, she has held the Haruka arm. Therefore, Haruka could pass the ghost though she eventually became limp after being touched and got yelled by the ghost.

"You okay? Soon we will come out. Don't be afraid, Paru."

Haruka could not see the expression of Yui but afterwards she felt warmth on her hand. Yui held her hand tightly. Their hands attached until they finally got out. Indeed, it makes Haruka forget her determination to move on...

One year later

They are not in the same class. Nevertheless, their classroom are adjacent. In the minds of Haruka, she was grateful because this will make her easier to move on. Unfortunately, again, she failed. One day, a good friend from the same class and from the same club tell that Yui likes her. Of course Haruka did not immediately believe. She needs proof not speech. Steadily, her friend tells her talking experience with Yui. She asked without preamble does Yui like Haruka then answered by flushed cheeks and ears. Her friend was also demonstrated their conversation through LINE which is proof that Yui likes Haruka. Still, she wants the immediate recognition from Yui herself.

Her wish had been answered several days later. Yui send messages via LINE.

Yui: I'm sure you already know from your friend, Shimada. She has told, hasn't she?

Haruka: Told about what? She told me things.

Yui: I'm sure you know...

Haruka: Well...

Yui: Well I'll open the card now. First of all what do you think about me?

Haruka:'re different and has a charm that is hard to explain. You're also friendly to everyone.

Yui: Okay. For my opinion, I think you're cute, quiet and unique your nature.
       The opinion of each other is complete. Now the second question.
       How to react if you know that I like you?

Haruka paused. She was very nervous.

Haruka: If I answer, you will know my feelings. What if the question was reversed?

Yui: Okay. My reaction is happy to have a friend who can understand well each other. * Grinning emoticons *

Haruka: So...?

Yui: Yeah I like you, Paruru. Since the first class.
       How do you feel me?

After reading it, Haruka could not help but feeling happy. She smiled broadly as she typed answers. Finally the day that she was waiting to happen already here.

Haruka: I like you too, Yui. And since first class also.

Haruka already know what will happen next. She deliberately locked the cell phone and briefly immersed herself in bed, wants to recall the words that Yui has sent repeatedly. Not long secondly, the vibration sound of the phone forced her to get out of her happy world. Haruka with heart beating rapidly, opening the LINE message from from Yui while closing her eyes. She wanted during the opening of her eyes, something that she expected will happen like in the movies. With some difficulty, she managed to open the message. Slowly she opened her eyes...

Yui: But I don't want us to date..
       There are some things that I worry about, Paruru.
       Sorry I cannot....

The phone released from her hands.
So that's how it feels like falling from a high place heading down quickly.
Tightness fulfill her chest cavity.
When they feel the same way
Why they could not have each other?

The End

A/N:clichè? Yeah
       sad ending? Maybe
       broken-hearted? Yeah
       Nonsense? Probably

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Re: My Short Fanfictions & OS collections||High and Down [Yuiparu] {OS}
« Reply #111 on: November 02, 2015, 03:48:06 PM »
meanie  :catglare: ,good story btw

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Re: My Short Fanfictions & OS collections||High amd Down [Yuiparu] {OS}
« Reply #112 on: November 02, 2015, 03:59:21 PM »
What the bell??!! AArrghh.... My YuiParu....!! :banghead:
Yui is PHP... [Well, I don't know how to say PHP in Eng]
And... I think you mistook 'Shimazaki' as 'Shimada', Koyumi-chan..

Yui: I'm sure you already know from your friend, Shimada. She has told, hasn't she?


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Re: My Short Fanfictions & OS collections||High and Down [Yuiparu] {OS}
« Reply #113 on: November 02, 2015, 09:02:01 PM »
Lol! Yui is a jerk! Just kidding but playing with her emotions like that... Tsk tsk.
Good tho!  :thumbup

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Re: My Short Fanfictions & OS collections||LIPS TASTER [WMatsui] Chapter 5
« Reply #114 on: December 15, 2015, 05:14:51 PM »
Hey minna-san I know I'm currently on hiatus (although I didn't make announcement about it but you can see my status on my profile :nervous ) and here I am, updating my fic. Well somebody rather force beg me to update this so...yeah~ I hope you like it, sorry for crappy grammars and typos.
Ps, I think I can update if I have holiday or free day. So let me make it clear. I'm hiatus for 2 years to focus on my grade :D please wait for me~

@ChrunchyCream: thanks son 8)
@niineechan: PHP in eng is a person who gives fake hope XD nope I didn't mistake Shimazaki as Shimada. Yui asked Paru whether her friend who is Shimada has told Paru about Yui's feeling :)
@rosask45: ikr :lol: thank you! :D

Chapter 5

What has happened? What have I done?

Why everything looks black and white now? Why everything sounds vaguely?

The sound of footsteps sounded noisy in the hospital corridor. People were seen more panicked than usual. They walked hurriedly toward a room, pushing a gurney occupied by someone. A portable oxygen mask attached to his mouth. On the other hand, outside the hospital, a crowd of people trying to break into for anxiety of the condition of someone they idolize. People in black and some security guards were trying to block them with difficulty. Back again to the hospital, the someone who is lying on a gurney has now entered the operation room. Some people who followed the nurses as they were pushing the gurney to the operation room had been prohibited from entering the room, including someone who is very concerned about the condition of the person. She is Matsui Rena. She had no choice but to wait and continue to pray for the safety of her boyfriend who protects herself. The incident was recorded clearly in the mind of Rena. Jurina final touch before he closes his makes her eyes welled up as she replayed the incident.

Fortunately Rena is not alone. Her manager immediately notified to come after Jurina was hit by a car. Not to forget, the producer of Rena and Jun also came. They look unhappy. However, Rena did not want to think about it for now. She dissolved in her own mind and also undergo what is referred to as 'empty'. Her mind was in chaos, happy memories that have been passed along with Jun comes out of nowhere and then suddenly disappeared, replaced by the memory as they fight. It continues that way and happen repeatedly. She feels sad but she did not feel it. The feeling is very strange, isn't it? It continued for two hours until the doctor come out. Rena manager aware of her state now therefore she initiative to ask how Jurina's condition first.

"His condition is critical at this time. His head was pretty much bleeding and the bone of his right hand is fractured. Let's hoping he would immediately pass this condition. I excused myself."

Right after the doctor left the operation room and several nurses move Jurina to the hospitalization room, the producer of both sides management walk toward Rena. Producer of Rena crossed his arms over his chest. "What is this, miss Matsui? Why did this happen?! You do not feel thankful whereas we've allowed your relationship!"

Producer of Jurina added. "And the management of Matsui Jurina have to pay the cost of accident! Not forget to mention, after these masses will demand an explanation. We must exert  bodyguards in order to keep him safe. You think it spends a little?!"

"I'm sorry if I'm presumptuous but...Ms. Matsui also is not fine. Please understand her."

Rena manager does not have the heart to see Rena who just got a disaster gets pressured after that. She knows very well how the nature of the woman she used to deal with her work schedule. Rena is a hard worker but behind the graceful figure and a hard worker, she had a fragile personality. Luckily producer of both sides did not comment further, and they go away with heavy sighs.

"Rena, why don't you go inside and see Jurina's condition?" The manager rubbed her shoulder gently.

"I...don't know how to see him myself after that incident..."

"Oh come on Rena-chan. Jurina would soon regain consciousness after he feels that you visit him. I'm sure he would actually be sad if you do not see him."

"But it was fault."

Unexpectedly, her manager slapped Rena right on the cheek, hard enough to make her aware that she had to face it all with unruly. Rena widened her eyes, not ready of the coming of the slap. Her hands slowly up and rubbed her cheek that has now changed color to red.

"Rena-chan listen, if you like this continuously then the problems you face will not be over! Jurina need you now!" The manager stared into the eyes of Rena, trying to convince her that everything will be okay.

Rena finally nodded though a little doubt was visible in her eyes but she walked toward Jurina's patient room. Jurina is lying with a bandage wrapped around his head, as well as his right hand. An oxygen mask attached between his mouth and nose. Rena slowly approached Jurina as she noticed how pale the face of her lover. She walked to the left side of the bed and grasped his hand. No word come out of Rena's lips because her mind was in disarray. The TV which is located on the table in front of the bed distracted her. She turned on the TV, intending to forget all that has been going on for a moment and fill her mind with new things. Unfortunately just when the TV is turned on, the channel which appear is broadcasting news about celebrities.

'Matsui Jurina, a model that is being engaged in the world of acting got into accident recently. From the resources we get, Matsui-san was chasing his girlfriend, Matsui Rena, on the roadside. It seems Matsui Jurina protects her from being hit by a car. Were they having a fight at that time? Recently, we also get a surprising picture. The photo shows Matsui Jurina shared a hot kiss with a model, Iriyama Anna. Is this the cause of the accident? We tried to get information but it's hard to meet them—'.

Rena hastily shut off the TV. She could not hold back the tears any longer. In the room were just the sound of sobs and heart detectors can be heard. Rena weeping in silence, she did not want to disturb Jurina's sleep even though she knew it would not happen because he is in his critical condition. Rena's hand grasped Jurina's hand back as she squeezed it a little. After crying a few minutes, Rena finally got the courage to speak out.

"Stupid Jurina. You never say you love me even when you asked me to be your girlfriend, you were just asking whether I want to be your girlfriend. You made me hesitate, Jurina. That's why when I saw the photo I was very jealous. are very stupid. If you do not love me...why did you sacrifice yourself..." Rena spoke to him alone, the tears returned and formed a river on her cheek. "The accident was entirely your fault Jurina. Baka baka baka!" This time Rena shook Jurina's body, grabbed Jurina arms, hides her face on it and cried uncontrollably.
"Jurina, I'm sorry...I beg you to wake up. you."
---------------------- x -----------------------
Two weeks later

"I was amused, Annin."

"Why? Don't be naughty to me or I'm going to ignore you for a month."

"Oh can you do it?" A guy smiled mischievously. "Thanks to me, the gossip has found the bright spot. You should thank me."

"Thank you Mr. Genius," Annin snorted. "But you forget I'm also working to resolve this gossip."

"Yes, Anna you are wise as usual and you did it smoothly, too. His career was already destroyed now. Thanks to you." The man chuckled.

"Well, it is a reward for him. He did things like that to until Jun got hurt and tainted my image."

"Wait, you're calling that playboy with his name?! So...your relationship is that close, huh? And what the hell is your last sentence, do you hate the picture of our hot kiss session was revealed to the public? Fine I leave now."

"Wait! I do not mean that for the sake of God. Jurina is my junior and our relationship is limited to close friends only. Besides, I call him with his front name to avoid confusion when he and his girlfriend meet me. Last about the photo, there will be time for me to show our relationship to the public. You know I'm still under contract, right, Yuria?"

The guy name Kizaki Yuria sighed. "I understand. But what's your excuse for the press conference later?"

"I would say it was you."

"Eehhh? You said there would be time to show me to the public."

"Yes, and later was the time. Today my contract ends." Annin smiled with satisfaction. "I take my leave first, Yuria. See you soon." She pecks her boyfriend's lips and then go somewhere to give someone the latest information. She was sure, the person will not watch the news because the news constantly talking about the person and her boyfriend who is still unconscious.

In hospital
Rena POV

Jurina already passed the critical condition but he is still unconscious. Does he become like that because the job make him have less sleep so he is asleep long now? It's been two weeks and I'm still here waiting for him, without seeing the outside world, without hearing the outside world. I was determined I would like to be the first to be seen when he awakens later. Actually, I still do not know the truth of the photo and it is still jammed in my head. I would like to eliminate  but it's just very difficult to do so. I believe with Jurina but doubt keeps haunting me. If only Jurina conscious now, all doubts and this strange feeling would disappear instantly by his explanation...

I held his hand that was not bandaged with my left hand while the other hand rubbed his head gently. My eyes scanning his handsome face. I miss his smile, his eyes, his laugh, his kiss, all of him. I desperately want to hold back my tears from pouring out of my eyes. I do not want to cry anymore, I have to be strong. Jurina always protect and be a helper when I slumped. It is my turn to do this to him now.

Suddenly a knock on the door returned me from my train of thoughts. Someone shows itself in the doorway, someone who I thought would not come. I try to resist the turmoil in my heart. It feels my chest. I carved a smile with awkwardly when the person formed a smile to me. What is Iriyama Anna doing here? She...she was the cause of my fight with Jurina. If it wasn't because of her, we would not fight, and this accident would never happened! Rena calm should be able to control your emotions. I clear my throat before breaking the silence.

"Good afternoon, Iriyama-san."

"Good afternoon. Just call me Annin and may I call you Rena?"

"No problem. Please sit down." I pointed to an empty chair near the TV. There was silence for a moment between us before she opened her mouth again.

"I want to tell you that the photo was edited by a photographer. The photographer hates Jurina because aback, he asked for an autograph for his sister who is a fan of Jurina but Jurina went away and hurriedly got into his car. In fact, Jurina was not being cocky or something but he rushed for an awaiting important job at that time. Unluckily the photographer was already hate him. The persons in the real photo is my boyfriend who is not from entertainment industry and I kissing in my birthday party last year. If you don't believe, I have the real photo in my cell phone. A friend of mine who photographed the photo accidentally uploaded it to her social media and the photographer got the photo from there. He wanted to drop Jurina's career. I'm sorry this all happened because of me and I called Jurina by his name not because of anything. It was to avoid confusion to call when you're together. Do you understand now, Rena?"

I was silent. I do not know what to comment about it. I do not know what to answer. Somehow I feel empty. The photographer...why was he so cruel? He did the dirty way and its impact not only Jurina got into accident but I and Annin are affected too. I do not understand, people are so complicated.


Again I snapped back to reality from my mind. "Ah sorry could you know all that?"

"Me and my boyfriend work together to uncover crimes by way of setting him up. First, my boyfriend asked someone to check the authenticity of the photo. Second, I met the photographer and got him drunk. When he was drunk he told me everything. We had a recording of his voice, CCTV camera footage, and the original photo."

"Wooowww Annin you're really great. I do not know what to say but...thank you for proving that Jurina honest."

"Thank you and equally, Rena. That is the reward for someone who tried to deal with me," Annin smiled but the smile seemed to indicate the devil in herself. She's really an unexpected cool beauty.

"By the way, Jurina truly loves you, Rena. He told me everything about you when we went to a coffee shop after the photoshoot. You know what? He came home late because he just couldn't stop telling about you. He found it hard to describe you in words. You're amazing, he said. I know from that act, his love is pure towards you.

Annin smiled warmly. Astonished is the only word that can describe my state at the moment. I was speechless. The only thing Jurina did to me frequently is just kiss me. I thought he only wants to claim my lips, play with me like playboys do, and after that tell the world that he broke someone's heart for the nth time. Those things haunting me as I saw the fake photo. I was too fast to judge him, I was the one who stupid, not him.

"Oh I have to go now for the press conference. You should see the news, Rena. The photographer's career was already destroyed and your revenge already avenged. Say my hello to Jurina after he awakens okay? Bye."

I nodded and waved to her. Annin advised me what should I do and she was right. News were busy talking about the photographer that has been fired from his job. He reportedly also be tried for violating the law on defamation of a person. Annin detonated a bomb for him in return. Now I know, do not arbitrarily do anything to her because she can do anything. I shake my head thinking about it.

Once satisfied to see the news on TV, I refocused my attention on Jurina. The last time, I slapped Jurina when he wanted to comfort me with kiss. I will give it as a form of apology now. Slowly I opened the oxygen mask that covering his mouth and close the gap of my lips on his. Finally our lips met. I kissed him for a few seconds with my eyes closed. On the sidelines of the kiss I murmured.
"Jurina I love you..."

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Re: My Short Fanfictions & OS collections||LIPS TASTER [Wmatsui] Ch. 5 (15.12.15)
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Sis...ur so cruel leavin it like that..tho i grateful that u updated..but still...u left it hanging..gahhh..and ur gonna be gone like..2 YEARS...2 YEARS for heaven sake..2 years is such a long........really long lifetime...i shall criess with all my heart now..=='...all emotion come out ..with the stories..the ending part...and even u did told us before ur gonna be on hiatus...i still cant contain all of my emotions...duhh..i feel like im gonna bang my head over and over and over again...oh well..*sigh

Moving on..thanks to anna for clearing ju name with all the stupid scandal that the photographer made...take that ur cruel.helpless lifeless lolicon brother..."He shall be sentenced to death"....and next, i shall fangirling a bit...about how finally all of their problem manage to be solved without blood war/fight...and would u please look at Rena captured Ju lips and speaks out her feelin...i was like..awwww *dies from happiness..and wow..thumbsup..hat off saluting for havin cats live..look who still alive and hanging around...ju finally many days ju in coma?? gosh..where the last part when ju voice call rena name...(if it is..cause i was thinkin maybe u gonna be trollin us like makin the one who call rena is her manager or something..and if it like that..i shall pinch ur cheek hard)..*cough..continue on..if it like will be such a teary moment...*snatch lot of tissue from the half empty tissue box...

and..i respect ur decision to put urself in hiatus for 2 YEARS..should i replayed it back..2 YEARS..for ur studies....*pat ur shoulder*...such a good student...u already growin up to be one fine girl...ur foster daughter ..ur uncle..aunty..grandmother..grandfather..gone+dyin husband will be proud a lot of u..and im too..very proud of ya..keep up the good work...xD

Lastly..GANBATTE WITH UR STUDIES SIS..will be waiting for ur return with lot of cries..tissues..cookies.gums
...teas..milk...coffees..and others things that can make me wait for ya

Ps: and im really serious..the hanging part make me wanna really..really bang my head and kill somebody now
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Re: My Short Fanfictions & OS collections||LIPS TASTER [Wmatsui] Ch. 5 (15.12.15)
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I am very happy this update, but I'm more than happy if you finish this fanfic before you hiatus. but thank you for the update :)
I hope Jurina's will soon recover and return intimate together with Rena
Lips taster so interesting story i like it

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Re: My Short Fanfictions & OS collections||LIPS TASTER [Wmatsui] Ch. 5 (15.12.15)
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mama in law... U DIDN'T TELL ME THAT IT WILL BE A HANGED UP ENDING   :catglare: ,but good chapter anywho :v ,arghhhhhh when will u update again  :catglare: ,and when we begged u to update u just went to your dinner date ? :v ,not to mention with your affair lover :v ,I'll forgive u since there is WMatsui moment,anyway...this fic made me miss elf :v

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Re: My Short Fanfictions & OS collections||LIPS TASTER [Wmatsui] Ch. 5 (15.12.15)
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I am very happy this update, but I'm more than happy if you finish this fanfic before you hiatus. but thank you for the update :)
I hope Jurina's will soon recover and return intimate together with Rena
Lips taster so interesting story i like it

I agree with you kumabear san, I hope you finish this fic then go on your hiatus author san. It's really killing us (readers) inside if you keep this fic hanging hahaha lol
Thankyou for your update  :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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||Short Fics||Is It Good or Bad? [Rena x Jurina x Annin]
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Hey guys I'm back! I'm having free class when I post this so yeah XD Okay I know I should update Lips Taster but this story keep popping in my head. This story supposed to be two or three shots. Let's just see...
Okay! Enjoy this story, as usual sorry for grammar mistakes and typos ;)

Is It Good or Bad?

There is no all-good thing in this world. Something must have its good side and bad side itself. I wonder if what I have done were good? All this time I always obey my parents will although their requests were not purely I like sometimes. For the sake of my own good, I was willing to do their order. My parents are strict when it comes to bad things but they are kind enough. I guess they are average as parents. Like I said above, they are one out of million examples in real life, they have good side and bad side.

Currently I'm still finding my own path and the answer of good or bad. As I grow up, I decide to live by my own at the same time realizing that both goals of mine. At first my parents bombarded some questions to me; my purpose, the place I will stay at, will it disturbing my studies or not, how I maintain myself, et cetera. Fortunately I could assure them as I said I decide to move near my college. The last question they asked to me was how my relationship with my girlfriend will be going if I move. Oh yeah I almost forgotten her.

Iriyama Anna—as known as Annin—and I were dating for 2 years already. My mother absolutely chose her, claiming she will be a good soulmate for me. She was so sure about it. Annin is a pretty smart mother-like type girl. Again, like I said before, for the sake of my own good I started this relationship. To be honest, I have no feeling toward Annin. I didn't feel the sensation of heart pounding whenever we spend time together. But still, we keep going. In addition of that I'm trying to love her.

Days passed by I moved to Tokyo, the capital city of the country where I was born at. The city—where I lived before which is Nagoya—compared to Tokyo, Tokyo looks more crowded than Nagoya. As expected from the capital city. I walked around the city to memorize new places despite I study here I was not visiting some places during my free times. It causes my vision and brain to conclude that all of them are still unfamiliar.

After satisfied, I go to my new home, a small apartment located in the corner of the city. I basically like serenity thus this apartment corresponding my category, quiet and quite far from the center of the city. As I arrived in front of my apartment at evening, the key belongs to my apartment door was inserted, turned around the key hole, and then I can see the things inside. The interior, the furnitures, the wall color, all of them are not bad, not my taste either. In the middle. I stepped inside to have a clearer look. The best thing I could see is my bedroom, painted in green pastel which is my favorite color, a big puppy soft toy placed on my bed, and lastly there is a glass window in front of my working desk. I think this is not a bad new home, is it?

When I was staring outside the window, my phone rang indicating a call is receiving. The caller's name displayed on the screen and it's written 'Iriyama Anna'. I sighed before picking up the call. "What is it?"

"Have you arrived?"

"Yeah." I have no desire to talk with her at this time, honestly.

"Okay, take care sweetheart. I love you."

"Hm, love you too."

She hung up first. I bet she doesn't want to waste her study time. What a bookworm girlfriend I have. If we get married I imagine the worst scene where she reads book all day and doesn't give a damn about the house and our baby. I chuckled slightly. My stomach growls in sudden as I glance at the clock. I pat it and chuckle once more. This is the time for a new journey to discover one or some good restaurant to eat, I think? I headed to bathroom to clean myself first. Finished with bathing I put a simple attire. A white t-shirt with a quote "I wanna be young forever" printed on it, a grey varsity with black strips on the sleeves and J letter on the front right top, denim pants, and finally a pair of red converse sneakers finishing my dress up. I didn't miss my wallet and earphone (just in case it's boring there). This time I won't bother to bring a purse or small bag, I simply put my wallet and earphone inside my jeans pocket.

I was about to step outside my apartment but my phone rang again. Immediately I answer the call without seeing the caller.

"Heyho my cheery kouhai! I heard you moved out to Tokyo, is it true?"

I recognize this voice! "Sae-san! Yeah I moved to Tokyo. You're also here right?"

"Un! What brought you here?"

"I attend Tokyo University and I decide to move near there so it'll be easy to go to class" I grinned.

"I see I see. Anyway are you free now? I held a birthday party~ Come here!"

"I want to meet you but...Sae-san everything here is still new to me. Can you describe me the place in general? After that you text me the address. Is it okay?"

"Okay no problem! The place is a club bla bla bla bla...."

A club she said? Suddenly a flash of memory appeared in my mind. It was a time on Saturday night when my parents and I had dinner together in our house. For my father who is a businessman, it's a routine for him to go home and spend time with his little family every weekend. Rare right? Usually someone became a businessman won't have time to go home, only care about his pile of works. My father is different. Every weekend he taught me not to smoke, consume drugs, go party to the club, be friends with rebel, wear a limited-of-cloth outfit, and many more. Every time he taught me those, he always squints his eyes and shot a piercing look. if I go to the club for real? He will kill me for sure!

"Jurina you still there?"

Great I didn't pay attention of what she said! "I'm sorry Sae-san. know my parents are strict right? They won't be happy if their daughter go to club..."

"Oh come on Jurina you are an adult now! You've turned twenty. It's no harm to go clubbing. I promise there is no wine, vodka, and any other alcoholic drink for you. I just want to meet my special kouhai in my special day. Pleaseeeeeeee?"

I rubbed my temples in anxiety. What should I do? It's been a while since the last time I met Sae-san. I really want to meet her but out of my expectation the place we will meet is a club. In the other line I could hear she begged to me once again. Ugh she insisted...okay I guess it's okay to go there as long as I don't touch alcoholic drinks.

"Okay Sae-san—"


In reflect I put away my phone from my ear. This habit of her could make ears deaf for God's sake! I waited until she finished screaming joyfully then I put my phone back. I made a sound of clearing throat. "Have you calmed down? Geeezzzz I almost lost my hearing ability you know?" I giggled as she boo-ed me. "I go there now but you promised there will be no alcohol. If something bad happen, you take the responsibility okay? Please describe me the place once again, I wasn't listening because I was at a trance of time ehehehe..."

With that, Sae-san described the place and texted me the address. I hope this decision has no bad after effect. I hope this is a good decision.

=In the club=
=9:30 PM=

I have met Sae-san, she has changed a bit though her smile is the same old one. After she graduated from high school we lost contact until today. I have no idea how she got my number but well it's not important as of now. I gave her a bear hug like I used to do then and like she used to do she ruffles my hair as payback. We kept our position like that for a few minutes, if it wasn't her friend who stop us I'm certain we will not break the hug. The next thing we did, Sae-san ordered a glass of orange juice for me. Thank goodness she is a woman with her words.

Unfortunately my presence here began to unnoticed as Sae-san have fun with her fellow college students. I tapped my index finger on the table repeatedly kind of feeling the boredom approaching. My head turned right and left searching some fun. I found nothing because people here mostly are dancing, drinking, drunk, and some making out publicly. Of course it's a BIG NO to join them, my life is at stake if do! My eyes caught a sight of a back door next to women restroom. Probably I could play games in my phone or listening to music at the back while waiting Sae-san to finish. Luckily I bring my earphone so without thinking twice I walked to the back door.

The view when the door has opened was a slender figure of woman in her twenties wearing a mini black one piece sitting on the ground. A half-burned cigarette flanked between her index finger and middle finger, near her lips covered by red lipstick. She gripping a glass handle which is containing red liquid. She has long raven hair and fair skin, looking contrast with her dress. Unconsciously I stared at her, mesmerized by how relaxing and peaceful she looks. Suddenly her gaze turned to mine revealing a pair of beautiful doe eyes. My body went stiff and I felt awkwardness engulfing me. What is this thump inside my chest? It seemed won't stop instead the pace of the thump grew faster as she stood up and coming to me. What is this burning feeling which radiate from my cheeks? She stopped right in front of me, inhaling her cigar after that blew out the smoke.

"I'm not in the mood to do that thing right now. Back off." She broke the silence.

She made me puzzled. "Huh? What do you mean?"

"Don't act all stupid, everybody here know if someone comes to me means that person gives him/herself to me, to do some fun."

"Huh...? but I'm not coming to you. I come here because I thought this is the place where there is no loud music, drunk people, dancing people, alcoholic drinks, or...people making out. Looks like you've occupied this place first so okay I back off now."

I was about to leave but she makes me paused. "Why you came in the first place? You came to a club certainly you will find those you said. Don't tell me you are underage and sneaked in because if you are I'll call the bodyguards to drag you out right away."

She released the tiny-left piece of the cigarette down, stepped it with her glamour high heel, and then took out a cell phone from the back pocket of her dress. Is she serious?! Hurriedly I'm reaching for her phone but my bad estimation causing me slipped. The unexpected thing occurred which I bumped on her body, she couldn't hold my weight, she lost her balance, and we both fell to the ground, me on the top of her. My cheeks flattered as I'm realizing how close our faces are. I felt those thumps back to me as I'm thinking just one push would close the gap between our lips.

"You're quite interesting. A paradox. Just for your info, I like people who can capture my interest."

I was right, just one push would close our gap and shockingly it literally happens. Her hand pushed my nape and without asking further more I felt something soft pressing against my lips. She snaked her arms around my neck. Somehow she deepened the kiss not forget to mention the kiss becoming bolder. I don't know why body responded her game itself as if this kissing thing is not a surprise, as if we are a long lost couple who used to do this kind of thing. In fact this is my first kiss but she had stolen it easily. I'm kissing her disbelieve.


I flinched and backed away as my phone rang loudly. I saw the caller's ID, written with four big letters. It's my mama! Without further ado I quickly answer the call while walking steps away from her and the door, so mama won't hear the faint voice of the music inside. The person who had stolen my first kiss gets up. Her gaze following me intensely. I try to ignore it.

"Good evening mama. What is it?"

"Good evening my daughter. How is it going there? Have you eaten dinner?"

"Y-yes mama...I'm currently studying, can I hang up?"

"Hmm...well then. Talk to you tomorrow. Take care, eat and rest properly okay?"

"Okay, good night."

I pressed the red phone symbol to end the call. My mouth exhaled a relief sigh because mama didn't aware of my quiver voice. As I'm turning back I jolted because the person who kissed me just a while ago suddenly standing in from of me, staring deep into my eyes. My heartbeat increasing again. Does she put a spell on me? Why my body keeps acting odd? I diverted my gaze to avoid hers but still I took one or two glimpse at her.

It's happening like that till I saw her bleeding hand. I grabbed her hand panicky and examined it. There are three broken pieces of glass struck her hand. Apparently when we were falling she still holding the glass, when her back touched the ground the glass fell as well and shattered into pieces, her hand which holding the glass before fell hard on the ground where the broken pieces were spread. I get rid of shards of glass out of her hand slowly. A clean cloth is nowhere to be found at this place so I use my t-shirt to wipe her blood.

"Was it your girlfriend or boyfriend?" She asked out of blue

"Nope, it was my mother."

"Are you dating someone?" What is her intention of the question?

"Yeah but I don't love her." Why my tongue answered that honest to a stranger? She even did not ask whether I love Annin or not.

"My name's Rena. Your name?"

"Matsui Jurina."

"It's getting late you know, you don't go back to your home?"

I stopped my activity to see the time. This is bad, it shows eleven o'clock now. I dashed inside the club, leaving Rena without saying anything to find Sae-san. But to no avail, Sae-san has gone. I'm looking down feeling frustrated. I don't remember the way back home from here. My mistake because on my way I was not paying attention and marked a few checkpoints. I cursed myself.

"This is bad, it's impossible for me to stay a night here, isn't it?" I talked to myself while face-palming.

"Then, how about stay at my place? You haven't finished healing my wounds too."

I turned to the source of the voice which belongs to Rena. Her hand on her hip while her wounded hand hanging in front of my face. For a moment I looked at her silently. I'm observing her whether she has good side or bad side now. Her question has two meanings, firstly she is truly offering her place as a kind human being. Secondly she acted kind whereas behind it she is taking opportunity. I'm observing her through her eyes but I'm confused because her eyes show emptiness though her lips flashed a smile. I nodded in agreement in the last. That's how I met Rena.

Rena smokes.

Rena spends almost all her time in the club, drinks red wine, her most favorite of all alcoholic drinks.

Rena has a big lust.

Rena doesn't show it but she does lewd thing secretly, to do some fun, to clear her stress.

Overalls, she is a bad girl.

Rena is a kind-hearted person.

Rena is caring and tender.

Rena is a tsundere

Rena doesn't show it, she only show her smoking and drinking sides.

Overalls, she is not that bad.

======================== X =========================

Rena said to me two weeks later. "I wonder why I ended up like this. Do you know? In the night I always think to change but the next day I keep the same. I simply want to be ordinary but it seems I'm not destined to be like that."

"Be weird. Be random. Be who you are. Because you never know who would love the person you hide..." I answered as I embraced her naked body.

"You're just too kind." She spoke out while leaning her head on my bare chest.

"You think so? My parents always teach me to be kind and to help people who need it. I always obey them. It's one of my weaknesses and realize that people frequently use me because of that."

"Don't let people treat you like a cigarette who only use you when they're bored and step on you when they're done. Be like a drug, let them die for you."

"For me, you're a drug," I smiled. "Starting from today I try to be a drug as well."

Now I know what was those thumps inside my chest. It was my pounding heart.
Now I know what was the burning feeling which radiate from my cheeks. I was blushing.
Now I know she is my first love.

It's kind of funny.
My parents warned me about the drugs in the streets but never the one with brown eyes and a heartbeat.
So, is this good? Or bad?

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