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Author Topic: Ren's Weird Fic : The Goosebump (23/23) - COMPLETED  (Read 62867 times)

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Ren's Weird Fic : The Goosebump (23/23) - COMPLETED
« on: September 29, 2014, 04:28:05 PM »
Hello... Long time no see. Umm, actually I have a story running around my head. This story is just weird for me, yet I wanna write it.

Anyway, I write it through my phone. So everything is no edit at all :lol:

I hope you will like it and please give a feedback so I can finish the story. LOL, I just need a courage to write again...


'Transfer Student' was just too common among high school. But heck, I got transferred too. There was nothing special behind it, I just wanted to move from my previous school. A needs of environment changes and a refreshment. Unreasonable you said? Whatever! I could do whatever I wanted to do, even for school. I studied wherever I wanted to, if I felt bored then I would just move. Easy right? My parents wouldn't yell at me about it. But they will when my sister said she wanted to move to her boyfriend's house. She was just another insane young girl I really wished to die. But she was my sister, I didn't really have a heart to do so.

I walked through the corridor with my new homeroom teacher. She was tall with her blonde hair dancing by the wind. She got a big chest I could say, and also those round ass... Wait, I'm not a pervert! Screw that!

I distracted my mind from watching her slender body and realized that this school building was very bright. The wide window glass on the side made the sun light brightened the corridor.

Ahh, finally we were arrived. Sensei opened the door and made the students who were running and yelling ran to their own seats. This was new for me.

"Good morning Sensei!" The whole class greet her.

"Good morning students," she smiles while answering the greeting.

"Good morning the love of my life~" there, a boy from the most front seat made his own greeting to the homeroom teacher. His wide, dimple-ish smile made the whole class responded with the 'Woohoo~' things. I tried to cover my laugh and I found it was interesting.

Sensei just laughed and covering her mouth, "Hai, hai. Good morning to you too," she smiled.

The boy touched his heart and leaned back to his seat and acted like he got a shot from the teacher. This guy...

"Okay class, you will have a new classmate start from today. Now please introduce yourself," she signaled me to stand right in the middle of class.

"The name's Watanabe Mayu, Yoroshiku onegaishimasu," I said then bowed my head.

"KAWAII~" the whole class squealing at me. Well, this one wasn't new for me. I got that a lot. I'm not trying to show off, but I just got that complimenting really often.

"CUTE GIRL DETECTED!" A boy yelled from behind.

"BE CAREFUL~" the boy from another corner said.

"THERE ARE SOME WOLVES LIKE TO HUNT CUTE GIRLS!" Another boy shout and made the whole class laughing.

My new class looked fun.

After sensei showed me my seat which was right beside the window, one girl in front of me turned around and introduced herself.

"I'm Takayanagi Akane, Yoroshiku nee~" she smiled.

I accept her hand and did a handshake and she informed me that she was the class representative. The girl beside me did the same and introduced her and her friend's name as Matsui Rena and Shimazaki Haruka.

Did that girl even give attention to the world?


In the other corner of school

There was a group of male students chatting and fooling around. The class wasn't start yet, so they just hanging out for a moment. A daily morning agenda.

But suddenly one of the boy felt a cold wind brushing his neck and started to shivering. The others looked at him and asked.

"What's wrong?" One of his friend asked.

"The goosebump," the boy answered smiling.

"You still believe at the goosebump thing? It's just an issue spreading among this school, you know that," the boy with his cool feature answered.

"But... One of us already prove it right?" One of the male with his rabbit-like teeth said.

"Who? You? Tsk, it was just a one of million event. Low possibility!" the boy said and fixing his glasses.

"No, this one is different!" He got a new goosebump. "I got a new one!" Then another goosebump. "THREE!" He yelled with his outmost reaction.

The cool guy facepalmed. "Because that pervert blow your neck, stupid,"

"Wh-" he turned around and locked his head between his arms.

"AAA IT HURTS! I'm sorry okay, I'm sorry..." He let go of his neck. "Geez,you got some strength too, huh?" He whined while fixing his almost-broken neck.

"Go train yourself and you'll get muscles and strength~" he said mockingly.

"I'll prefer read some manga though~" he stuck his tongue.

"Yosh! I'll go for it!" He pumped his hand on the air and still in that position for some times. His friends let him be and left him and his full of spirit state, literally.

When he realized, his friend already went to their own class.

"Tsk, you're no fun!" He whined and headed to his own class.

When he got into his class, he got a new goosebump. And he didn't find his stupid friend blowing his neck. He grinned and believing more to the goosebump.


So, it's just a nonsense story. Please give your suggestion. Should I continue this? But you have to know I'm just a crappy writer, and I can't write something too long. So please understand me ... XD

Oh, and guess the pairing~
And I don't know what's the perfect title for this story. If you can suggest... Please :bow:

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Re: The Goosebump - Guess The Pairing!
« Reply #1 on: September 30, 2014, 06:43:49 AM »
Gender bender MaYuki ?? but i prefer jurimayu  :P

and.. and.. and.. it was a great plot, i like the most when its come into slice of life story... its easy to read it.

hayaakuu !! next chapt !! XD

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Re: The Goosebump - Guess The Pairing!
« Reply #2 on: September 30, 2014, 09:20:44 AM »
Gender bender MaYuki ??

i thought of the same thing.. :dunno:

well, the first boy seem to sound like yuu..

interesting btw^^

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Re: The Goosebump - Guess The Pairing!
« Reply #3 on: September 30, 2014, 02:26:41 PM »

My first day went quite well. I got new friends. That was normal. I wasn't a freak or geek who couldn't make friends with others. I told you I could do anything I wanted to. My friends are Churi -the class representative who asked me to call her with that nickname instead of her real name, Rena -the shy but kindhearted girl, and the last one... I wasn't sure about it, but she didn't really give attention to me or maybe to the world, or maybe she was in a bad mood state or something? PMS? I totally lost track of her! Paru never smiled even once since I dropped my butt on my new chair.

And also when we were having lunch. Since we brought our own bento for lunch, there was no need to walked down to the canteen to get some. We just simply rounded a table and began to eat. And the chitchat began.

"How should we call you?" Churi asked as she started to open her bento. The same went with the others.

"Maybe just Mayu or whatever you like," I shrugged my shoulder as I didn't really urge people to call me some nicknames whatsover.

"Mayu-san, why are you moving here? I heard that you come from the most prestigious school, that Akihabara Highschool. Isn't it a dull to study in this average school? I myself, dying to wish that I could study there," Rena asked.

I laughed at her question. Really? A prestigious school? It was just a stupid school. What kind of school which made the students competing each other not with their brains but with their clothes, nails, perfume, cars. It was a stupid school.

"That stupid school should have been closed since a long time ago," I gritted my teeth as I remember those trashes lurking around the corridor with their clothes of richness. "Um, ah, I'm sorry with the bad words. I should watch my mouth," I scratch my neck nervously.

"Why do you say so?" Churi continued the question.

"I'll just tell you later. That school really give me a headache even just remember it,"

Our conversation didn't stop. As a newcomer, I knew this was coming. Being the source of information and being interviewed by the other. But something was tickling my mind. Paru didn't say a thing, didn't ask a thing and even didn't show any emotion. She just kept on eating her lunch slowly until the very last bit of it.

After finishing our meal, we sat back to our respective seat. But before Rena moved away, I grabbed her arm.

"Rena-san, what happen with Paru? Is she okay?" I asked her, whispering.

Rena just laughed at it,"No need to worry, that's her normal self. Seeing her commenting or even smiling is one of a miracle," with that she left downstair. She and the other two went to grab some drinks. But I just wanted to rest, so I just asked them if they could bring me mine also.

I didn't know what to do. So I just looking outside the window. There were a group of boys laughing and talking to each other. I spot one of them and blinked my eyes a few time.

Is that really him?


Meanwhile with the boys gruop

"Oi Airio, tell me how that goosebump working with you and your girlfriend? I want to know it so bad!" The tall guy with his incredible expression shook his friend's body and begged him about the thing.

"Urgh, you're noisy Yuki! I can't read properly!" The boy named Airio yanked Yuki's hands and continued to read.

"It's just manga! Please consider your pity friend over here, I just need you to tell me the story, please~" he locked his hands together and begged for Airio to tell him.

"Let me tell you one thing, and this one is the most important thing all over the world..." He made it sound dramatically.

"What is it? What is it?!" The curious Yuki eagerly waiting for his answer as he smiled widely.

"I got a goosebump," he said simply.

"Tsk, I know it!"

"And she got one too, at the same time when I get the goosebump," he said then walked away from Yuki as someone waved at him.

"You just need to find a girl who got a goosebump yesterday, simple," one of his friend in glasses said to him.

It was right! Yuki's head produced a light bulb and shining brightly. He got the idea how to find it.

"Oh, Yokoyama Yuji-sama~ Your idea is beyond fantastic. Thank you My Lord~" Yuki faked like he was from a kingdom and made the one who leaned his back on the tree rolled his eyes.

"And your act is beyond disguisting," he said.

"Shut up Jurio! I don't need your words!" With that Yuki ran back to the class as the bell soon would echoed in the whole building.

Jurio just shrugged him off and asked the other to went back to their class. The rest of them obeyed his word. He was looked like a leader of this small group. Maybe because his mature attitude, or rather cold? The other just respecting him much.

"Nee Jurio," Yuji called him as he answered with a hum and kept walking on the corridor. "There is a new girl transfered to our school. And she's from Akihabara High School. Do you know that?" He asked.

Jurio flinched at the mention of that school but he kept his cool walk since the other couldn't see him though. "Hmm, I don't know. Is that even important for me to know?" He faked a giggle.

"Who knows she is your old friend or maybe your current friend?" Airio said unsurely. He was just uttered his thought after all.

Jurio kept walking and shook his head,"I don't know, and I don't want to know," but then he stopped his steps as he found an incredible scene in front of his face.

"He's insane," Airio muttered.

"He's pathetic," Yuji added.

"YUKI!" Jurio yelled at the top of his lung. But Yuki didn't hear anything. He was busy yelling with a megaphone in the corridor with a stupid large paper hung around his neck that was written 'You got a goosebump yesterday? Come here!' large on it.

The three of them walked to Yuki's direction. Jurio with his fast pace came near him.

"If any of you or someone you know around this school got a goosebump yesterday, please contact me!" He yelled with the megaphone and once in a while he would handed a flyer to the students who passed him. "Please contact me soon~" he said with his wide smile.

Another people came and stopped in front of him. He handed the flyer and said the same thing. But then he went green as he saw the one he just handed his flyer to.

"What the hell Yuki?!" Airio suddenly threw his anger toward Yuki.

"Are you trying to make yourself funny?" The cold Yuji asked him.

"You suggested this earlier, right Yuji? And I just do the rest," Yuki answered nonchalantly. He thought nothing was wrong with what he had done. Maybe he could find the girl fast? He was just trying.

"Don't make yourself look stupid, Kashiwagi!" Jurio's voice was loud, loud enough to made people stared at him. His face and Yuki's face was in the same line and Yuki who was feeling humiliated by Jurio's words and attitude slammed the megaphone and also the large paper.

He pointed his finger to Jurio's chest. "You are no one to tell me what I will do, Matsui," he said in the lowest threatening voice. "Just go care about your own self rather than me!" He pushed Jurio after yelled at him then walked out from the scene.

Jurio too, left the scene straight to his class. And made the two left behind.

"Oh come on! You guys are not a kid anymore!" Airio yelled to both direction. He sighed.

Yuji just let them be and went back to their class together, since they were in the same class.


Finally my first day ended. I was spaced out almost at the after break class because I saw someone I knew from Akihabara High School. Or maybe I was just mistaking someone with him? But I really wish it was him, so that-

"Mayu-san, I'll go home first, see you tomorrow," Churi waved her goodbye. She went out from the class with a guy from the farthest seat. I followed their direction and saw that they were holding hands. I giggled at the sight.

"Do you want to join us, Mayu-san?" Rena asked me while Paru was stood there with her blank face.

"Ah no, thanks, I'll be fine on my own,"

After waving goodbye, the both of them walked away. There was Yokoyama-kun waiting at his table and followed both girls going home. And soon I followed the others to went home.

I walked alone at the corridor, well not literally, but I didn't with any of my friends. The other student from different classes also went home, but some of them were seemed to be heading to another direction. I supposed it was a club activity. I didn't like to join any club by the way. I just wanted to went straight home and did my homework and sleep and some manga and anime would help refreshing my mind.

Near the gate, someone passed me and he was the boy from the previous event. I was about going to call him but I didn't do so because I got a weird feeling and shivering all over my body. I got a goosebump. What was this feeling?! When I realized, I already lost him. I clenched where my heart located. Something strange creeping inside it.

Is that you?


Ah finally I get responses. It couraging me to write more. Thanks anyway! ^_^

And uh... How to say it, the pair haven't fully revealed yet :lol: Maybe you can wait a bit longer :(

Sorry for the boring chapter. Hope you like it. And please give reply to this story. Your thougths are precious to me XD

Sorry for the wrong grammar. Sorry for the short update. Please kindly wait for the next chapter!  ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

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Re: Ren's Short Fic : The Goosebump 1st Chapter - Gender Bender Fic
« Reply #4 on: September 30, 2014, 04:17:08 PM »
I like this! I like this! I like this! :pen_whirl: :on lol: :luvluv2: Who is the boy who Mayu recognized?  :gmon blonde: I hope it's Yuki but my feeling told me the boy is Jurio :mon whimper: he Airin? :mon misch:
I want it to be wmatsui and mayuki please! :mon pray2:

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Re: Ren's Short Fic : The Goosebump 1st Chapter - Gender Bender Fic
« Reply #5 on: September 30, 2014, 10:12:36 PM »
Ah, Jurio and Yuki fighting like that I hope they forgive each other  :mon sweat:
Hm, did Jurio go to Akihabara High school before? Maybe he knows Mayu :bigdeal:
Eh, Paruru why so quite? I think Yuji is the one that can make her smile and talk :mon misch:
Oh, who did Mayu get goosebumps from? Jurio or Yuki? :mon huh2:
Update soon~ :tama-heart:

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Re: Ren's Short Fic : The Goosebump 1st Chapter - Gender Bender Fic
« Reply #6 on: October 01, 2014, 12:06:07 AM »
whoooaaa !!! detta !! rensu-chan sughooii !!

the first chapt is very very nice.. thank you !!

and about the pairing.. still mistery !? hahaha

seems that mayu have a reason for exchanging her school... is she looking for someone ?? hehe interisting

and maybe jurina too ? .. but wait , rensu-chan... i'm sorry ,but ... jurio ? jurio, is that the jurina name ?? wkwk its little... you know lah

next chapt !!! cant wait !!!  :twothumbs

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Re: Ren's Short Fic : The Goosebump 1st Chapter - Gender Bender Fic
« Reply #7 on: October 01, 2014, 01:40:43 AM »
:w00t: Could it be ... JURIMAYU?  :shocked

 :drool: :drool: :drool:

Yuki, really?  :doh:

Why push my Jurio? (lol, im so biased.)  :nervous

Jurio, my bæ~  :inlove:
He is not in his usual fic personality as silly, puppy or even childish..

In here he is mature!  :shocked:

I could seriously imagine this as

Yuki = Kind of looks like Hikaru Yaotome

Jurio = Takaki Yuya ( in his black hair tho! )

Yuji = Ryosuke Yamada

Airio = Chinen Yuri (Kind of unlikely, but its cool)

HAHAHA.  :hip smile:

 :heart: :heart: :heart:

Arigatou RenshuSan for this fic :bow: :bow: :bow:

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Re: Ren's Short Fic : The Goosebump 1st Chapter - Gender Bender Fic
« Reply #8 on: October 01, 2014, 02:17:31 AM »
Ah, Jurio and Yuki fighting like that I hope they forgive each other  :mon sweat:

Hm, did Jurio go to Akihabara High school before? Maybe he knows Mayu :bigdeal:

Eh, Paruru why so quite? I think Yuji is the one that can make her smile and talk :mon misch:

Oh, who did Mayu get goosebumps from? Jurio or Yuki? :mon huh2:

Update soon~ :tama-heart:

yuki seemed to be rather short tempered (so does jurio)

i wonder who mayu got goosebump from?

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Re: Ren's Short Fic : The Goosebump 1st Chapter - Gender Bender Fic
« Reply #9 on: October 01, 2014, 01:43:07 PM »

The next day on the break time

My friends asked me to join them to bought some cool drinks in the quite sunny and hot day. Ugh, I couldn't stand hot. It was like my body was melting by the hot sun. I actually felt kinda lazy to lurking around the quite big building. I would get all sweaty and tired. Aaah I wanted to bring the air conditionaire everywhere if I could...

The canteen seemed really crowd by students. I almost lost if Churi didn't grabbed my hand. Then we sat at one of the table. And surprisingly, I saw Paru smiled. This was a truly miracle just like Rena said. And Rena beated me to asked her.

"Paru, you looked cheerful today. Something's happen?" Rena asked.

"Aaa, do you smell that? The smell of love," Churi playfully nudged Rena's and my arms.

Paru's face was all red, redder than the red, she might be explode if she get any redder. "A-ano... Yuji-kun..." She hid her face ang giggled.

"OMEDETOU~!" Rena and Churi yelled at their outmost happiness for their friend.

Paru shyly nodded.

"Tell us!" Churi said.


The previous event...

Actually Yuji-kun and I already knew each other since we were kids, because our fathers were collegue in their old company. We grew up together. Many things happened between us.

Last night, our family were having dinner in Yuji-kun's house. It wasn't special though because we often had dinner in each other's house with our parents. After the dinner ended, as usual Yuji-kun and I would help with the dishes. He wasn't shy even he was a boy to do the dishes. And I found it was always very attractive, cool.

"Paruru," He called me by my nick name, actually it was him who called me Paruru and I like it. It was really special for me.

"What is it?" I looked at him.

"How long will you put those scary face around people?" He asked seriously. Actually he was always serious. Too serious. And our parents even said that we were similiar to each other with our 'cold' face (?)

I actually kinda irritated at his statement. And I splashed the water to him.

"That's dirty!" He yelled.

"Serves you right," I stuck my tongue to him. He acted like he was about to get his revenge but he didn't do so. I know he never had a heart to do so to me. "It's my nature," I flatly answered and continued to wash the left dishes.

He giggled at my answer and continued to finished the dishes.

After that, he asked me to come with him to the small garden behind his house. We sat at the small fishpond. There were those fishes that you can find at the therapy places. We both put our feet inside of it.

The fishes made my feet ticklish. And I started to giggle and soon turned out to a laugh.

"You know Paruru, you look thousand times beautiful when you smile," he looked at me with his smile and it caught me off guard as I stopped laughing.

"Would you like to show your beautiful smile to the whole world from now onwards? For me?" His words made me stop breathing. He suddenly grabbed my right hand and held it firmly.

He everted his gaze toward the starry night, still having my right hand in his,"I really love your smile,"

"Just my smile?" I looked at him and made him turned his head to me with his wide smile.

He shook his head, "I love you," he leaned in closer and closer to my face and-

"KYAAA...!!!" Churi and Rena squealed. They hugged each other and I felt happy for her too.

"Mou~ already got a kiss... I want one too!" Rena held her cheeks dreamily.

Paru's flat face striked again,"Who said he kissed me?" The other let out and 'eh' with their questioning look. "He just whispered to me if I wanted to be his girlfriend. And I said yes,"

"Just like that? No kiss? Sheesh, I already wished there would be a kiss!" Rena spat. So they were just waiting for the kissing part.

"Congratulation, Paru," I said to her.

"Thank you Mayu-san," she smiled. Indeed she had a unique smile. And finally she didn't ignore me anymore. So we can chat normally like other group of friends.

"Why don't you ask him to eat with us?" I asked.

"No, we kinda dislike to open up in public," Paru shyly said. "And, he's actually only hang around with his group, along with Churi's boyfriend, also Matsui Jurio-kun," Paru explained.

Matsui Jurio?

I gasped at the mention of his name. So it was really him. He was really attending this school.

"Yeah, that Matsui." Rena gritted her teeth. Rena seemed irritated at the mention of his name. What happened?

"Oh come on Rena, just forget it. It was just an accident," Churi said.

Maybe I would ask about it later because the bell already rang.


Meanwhile with the boys

At the breaktime they always hang around the garden. But this time they were not complete. One of them didn't join in their daily activity.

"Both of you haven't make up yet?" Yuji asked with his eyes glued on his book.

Jurio who laid down on the bench lazily answered,"It wasn't my fault,"

"I didn't say it was your fault or his, both of you were at fault."

Jurio quickly stood up and walked away.

"Oi oi oi! Where are you going, Jurio? Jurio!" Airio yelled but ignored by Jurio who dashed inside the school building. "Ah, that punk. Always act as he wished," Airio frustratingly sighed.

Jurio walked to the school rooftop. He knew where to find his friend whenever he wasn't feeling well.

He walked to Yuki who was sat at the corner of the rooftop. He took a deep breathe. Yuji was right, it wasn't any of them at fault, it was both. And he knew he was childish enough to fired up by that stupid thing Yuki did.

As he got nearer Yuki, he heard something. Yuki was sobbing and sniffing. And it made Jurio wanted to laugh so bad. So he sneakily hugged Yuki from behind.

"Yuki-kun, I got a goosebump too yesterday, maybe we're soulmate like the issue said," Jurio said. He changed his voice and if it wasn't Yuki maybe that boy would believe taht it was a girl.

"Stop it, you idiot! I know you're Jurio! Let me go! You disguisting human!" Yuki tried to let his hand go but everyone knew who Jurio was. His strong grip and strength wasn't a thing to joke around. He tighten the grip and made Yuki couldn't breathe. "Y-you ch-choked me!" And finally Jurio let him go.

Jurio laughed really hard while seeing Yuki's state. His eyes was red obviously from the crying.

"Eew, you look like a girl, Yuki." Jurio made a strange face as if he was looking at the most disguisting thing.


Jurio put his right hand to Yuki's shoulder, "Hai hai, I'm sorry okay. About yesterday, I was just can't stand to see my friend desperately doing that stupid thing," Jurio said in his mature side. "Just tell us what we can help, we'll gladly help you, buddy. We're not friends for nothing," Jurio said calmly.

"Yeah, I know, I'm sorry too. I'm just jealous about Airio and Yuji because they already had a girlfriend. And you," he narrowed his eyes looking at Jurio. "Even you're single, girls always surrounding you,"

"But I don't like it though," Jurio shrugged his shoulder.

After their make up session, both of them headed back to their classroom. In the hallway, Jurio bumped into a girl and it made her fell on her butt.

"It hurts!" She hissed and then looked up at the one who made her fall. "Matsui!" The girl immediately stood up.

"What?" Jurio answered rather coldly.

"A princess," Yuki said and smiled widely.

"Who? This girl?" Jurio asked and pointed at the girl before.

"Don't point me with that filthy finger of yours Matsui!" The girl yelled.

"No, that one!" Yuki pointed at the girl behind. Her long hair which was in ponytail caught Yuki's attention. Jurio following his finger and looked.

"You," Jurio said under his breathe.

"Don't ignore me, you bastard! Apologize!" The previous girl still mad at him. But he ignored the her as his eyes locked for quite some times with the girl Yuki had pointed.

"Jurio-kun, long time no see," she smiled sheepishly to him.

"Mayu...yu," he said lowering his voice at the end.

"EEEH???" The other shockingly yelled in unison.


Reply for all:

Well, actually a love triangle has been really interesting for me recently. So I made JuriMaYuki here. But maybe JuriMayu will be the main pairing. I can't help with this pair >_< sorry if you don't like this pairing.

I will make some MaYuki scene and also oh-my-so-damn-precious wMatsui scene, later XD

About the boys, Yuji is Yuihan, Airio is Airin, and Jurio is Jurina. I tried to choose another non-mainstream name for them but ended up this way :lol:

And I don't read manga *I don't understand how to read one*, and I don't watch much anime so if this story or characters looked like one in manga or anime, I don't know, maybe I have a secret telepathy with the writer :lol:

A REALLY HUGE THANKS to you guys who read and give reply to this fic. This is just too much that I shed tears :')

Please kindly wait for the next story, I LOVE YOU READER!!! :*

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Re: Ren's Short Fic : The Goosebump 2nd Chapter - Gender Bender Fic
« Reply #10 on: October 01, 2014, 02:54:15 PM »
this is an interesting fic and i like the pairings XD 

thanks for the update :)

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Re: Ren's Short Fic : The Goosebump 2nd Chapter - Gender Bender Fic
« Reply #11 on: October 01, 2014, 03:49:14 PM »

so yuiparu (or rather yujiparu XD) is formed!

mayu and jurio seemed to be on good terms :roll:

cant wait to read the next! :thumbsup

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Re: Ren's Short Fic : The Goosebump 2nd Chapter - Gender Bender Fic
« Reply #12 on: October 01, 2014, 04:50:16 PM »
Waaaa 3p is the best! lol
Rooftop scene of JuriYuki same like yaoi scene. XD

Waiting for your update. ^^

My twitter: @kmkpc22

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Re: Ren's Short Fic : The Goosebump 2nd Chapter - Gender Bender Fic
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you did it right renshu-chan  :mon cute:


Hha there is nothing to be commented for this chapt  :mon star: splendid !!

next chapt... hurry !! cant wait !!

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Re: Ren's Short Fic : The Goosebump 2nd Chapter - Gender Bender Fic
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JuriMayu~ :mon star:
Aw, that YuiParu scene was so cute! :shy2:
Its funny how Churi and Rena just jumped to conclusions and thought that Yuji had kissed Paru :mon lol:
Good thing Paru is talking and being her normal self :hee:
Eh~ What's the history between Jurio and Mayu  :hehehe:
Update soon :k-thrilled:

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Re: Ren's Short Fic : The Goosebump 2nd Chapter - Gender Bender Fic
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It had been some weeks after I met Jurio in person that day. He looked different. He had that cold face and even acted cold toward girl. He changed.

My friends were nagging at me about the story between us, how we could know each other and looked quite close. I avoided their questions. It wasn't time for nostalgic things. And my friends let me go for some times but then came again to know the story.

This time, I really couldn't avoid it.

Our little group wasn't only for fun, we sometimes also study together when there were a few homework to do. I actually had no problem in study. I just helped my other friends. Yeah, sometimes they found some difficuilty and I never say no to help them.

"Nee Mayu-chan, where are you living? I heard that you live alone here," Churi asked me.

"Just in a small appartment. Well, yeah I live alone since I begged my parents," I smiled.

"Maybe sometimes we could study in your place?" Rena suggested.

"Of course, why not? But you better help me with the food. I'm not really good at cooking actually,"

"When will you tell us about you and Jurio-kun?" Paru suddenly asked with her puzzled face.

And they started demanding and nagging and forcing me to tell the story, again. I got no choice, finally I told them the story...

The history of Mayu and Jurio

It was my first year in Akihabara HS. All students came from high class people there, high class and low brain that's it. I didn't know how, but the President was a boy from the first year student. I usually found that a president should be from the higher class, second year or third year. And then I knew what cause it. He's the son of the owner of Akihabara HS. Matsui Jurio. The rumor said that his mother was a Latina so his name was actually Matsui Julio and turned into Jurio since his father was Japanese.

He was really annoying and using his parent's authority to rule the school as he wished. He was just a childish little creature I had ever met in my entire life. It was getting too annoying when he made the rule for himself that he didn't need to do any task, homework and even the exam.

And I, was the only one who dared to confront him and his stupid rule.

At the very edge of my nerves, I came to his class and facing him in person. I brought the paper where all his new stupid rule written. He was on his desk and surrounded by his female dogs. "I totally disagree with your rule!"

He turned his face to me. "Excuse me? Who the heck are you?" He asked with his smug annoying face.

"Watanabe Mayu from 1-1, and I hope you would re-consider your rules. Most of it just not fair to other students," I said.

He stood up from his chair and looking down at me, since he was taller than me. He folded his arms and talked in the most annoying way. "Well, Mayuyu my dear-"

"Huh? Mayuyu? Dear?" My ear shouldn't work wrongly but this stranger just call me with a nickname that was never exist! And he called me dear. I really hate it!

But he ignored me and kept going. "If you don't like the rule, you can walked out from the school. As easy as it sounds," he offered.

"Let's have a bet!" I suddenly said. I knew he didn't have a brain so I'll trick him with my brain.

He looked confused. But then asking about the bet. Nice shot!

"Let's make a simulation test about the subjects. Of 5 subjects, if you get only 1  subject's scores higher than me, you win. But if you don't, I win. And your rules will never be ran in this school." I said.

"Tsk, easy," he said full of confidence. "I'll date you if I win, and I'll confess in front of all students," then he laughed along with his dogs. I was kinda taken aback by his sudden offer. But alright, I'd follow whatever he plan.

"And don't even try to cheating," I said. "Only trashes who cheat while doing exams."

He nodded. We agreed to do the test on the day after. He asked the teacher to made the questions. I walked out from his room.

And the day came so fast. I came to his class where he and the teacher had waited for me. Soon the test began. Math, biology, social, Japanese and then English. I tried to look like I was in difficuilty and it made his smug smile appeared, so full of himself. Gotcha, I tricked him. Actually it was indeed very easy, maybe he asked the teacher to made the questions so easy that he could finish it? Who knows?

After finishing the test. The teacher checking on our answer sheets. Her face turned pale when she was about to announce the score.

"Wata...nabe-san, scores is... P-perfect. 100 on ev-ery s-subject," I was about to laugh when heard that. But then I turned my face to him.

"So, Matsui Jurio-kun, I win the bet," I said mockingly.

"Tch, I know that!" With that he stood up and dragged me to somewhere.

"Hey! Where are you taking me? Let go my wrist! You hurt me! Hey!" I yelled at him to let me go but to no avail, he even didn't hear me I guess.

Then he stood on one of the table at the canteen and clapped his hand to gain their attention. Everybody looked amused at it.

"Yesterday I make a bet, if I lose I'll stop the rules even before it begin. And on the addiction. I, Matsui Jurio, will date this girl," he said. He pulled my wrist and made me stood beside him. He bent down on his knees and held my hand.

"Wakatabe Mayuyu," he said.

"Watanabe Mayu!" I said.

"Whatever Mayuyu," he said. I facepalmed, he really bad at people's name. "Please go out with me," he kissed my hand and it sent ticklish sensation all over my body. After that he stood up again and finished the announcement and brought me outside.

"Why did you do that?!" I asked him while he was walking faster than me. But then he stopped and made me bumped into his back.

He turned around and faced me,"I'm a man, and a man never break his promise. I promised that to you and I did it," he said. One good thing about him, he was a gentleman even if he was annoying and stupid.

"Now that we're dating, what do you want from me, Mayuyu?" He asked. Folding his arm like he always did.

"I want you to change," I said to him. It gained his attention and he giggled. "What's so funny?"

"I will. What change do you want?" He asked again.

"Stop hanging around girls, it makes you look like a player, or rather sick man who wants to be a girl. Are you wearing bra?" I mocked him and he was just laughed at it.

"What else?"

"Don't be too cocky. I know you rich and handsome and all-"

"You admit that I'm handsome," he smirked. Really? Did I?

"B-but don't forget to study! You need something for your head too. That's all,"

"Okay, I'll do it. As a man, as your boyfriend," he said. I was left dumbfounded, slightly blushing at the fact that he called himself as my boyfriend.

"Oh, it's friday, tell me your address and we'll hang out tonight," he said and then I gave him my address. There wasn't any bit of hesitant to did that.

And the night came. He picked me up with his motorcycle. I didn't know that he could ride one. Isn't it illegal? We're still underage! But then I let it go. I hopped on his motorcycle and we off to somewhere. I was kinda shocked where he took me to.

"Ferris wheel? It's night. Isn't it closed?" I asked.

"Don't ask," he said. I supposed, he used his parent's money to rent this ferris wheel since we were the only one there.

The ferris wheel started to move very slowly. And it was killing me since it was just both of us on the cramped space. He looked at me, intensely.

"Stop looking at me, it's embarassing,"

"I'm recording your face," he said. Geez, was he flirting with me? "I'm gonna leave tomorrow,"

"Huh?" Leave? What did he mean?

"I want to change, like you want me to. And actually I didn't want to study there too. I made up that rules so that my father will angry at me and I will have the reason to leave. That place is not something you can call as a school. I made that questions as easy as possible for you, so you will win the bet," he said.

I stunned. Really? How could this annoying, childish and cocky person became this mature? I looked at him. He was really determined to leave the school. Just like me, he really didn't like the school. If it wasn't my father who asked me to study there I might have chose another school.

He looked out of the window, to the beautiful scene where all lights were on. But I watched him,"I will leave tomorrow, since already angry at me and that rules, also the ruckus I made today." he turned to face me. "Thank you for helping me and giving me the way."

I just nodded. Knowing that this boy would left by the next day made me somewhat sad. Despite I just known him only in 2 days and he already had to left.

The next day, I found a note on my table. 'Thank you Wakahase Mayuyu- Jurio,' it said. Even until the very end he never said my real name rightly. And I never met him after that day.

Churi and Paru seemed hugging each other. "Why it was so sad? You just met, just dating, and just separated. Short, too short!"

"You're not making it up don't you Mayu-chan?" Rena asked. Surprisingly she didn't look enthusiasted like she heard Paru's story.

"Not at all,"

"Why don't you come to him and re-united? You're still his girlfriend right? There was no broke up things," Paru said.

I just shrugged my shoulder and finished the story. After that I excused myself to went home.

Really? Should I talk to him?


"WHAAAT???" Yuki and his big reaction worked up. "You and princess?" He fired up.

"But it was just because of the bet," Jurio said.

"But you didn't break up with her though," Airio said.

Jurio just shrugged his shoulder.

"You're cool, handsome, surrounded by girls. But you're stupid! Stupid!" Yuki angrily chopped his head.

"Okay, okay, I'm sorry,"

The group sighed. "It's gonna be tough to win her heart," Yuki said, he lost his determination to win Mayu's heart.

"You like her?" Jurio asked Yuki and he just nodded. "Then make a move, you'll never know until you try," he assured him.

"Everyone always have a chance, Yuki," Yuji said without looking at him. Then he closed his book and walked to Yuki,"At this point, the possibility of Watanabe-san like Jurio is still 50%. Who knows you can decrease it and make her 100% like you?" He continued.

"I'm gonna make it, then. Boys, wish me luck!" Yuki said.

Yuji and Airio smiled at him, prayed for their best friend to get his love. But then Jurio butted in,"Did I tell you that I already kissed her once?" He asked with his flat expression.

"JURIO!!!" His friends yelled and tried to catch him as he ran as fast as he could to save his life.


So this is the third chapter. Sorry if it's short, and the boy's side story, too.

Reply for all:
Yeah, YujiParu is formed. I don't know if it's a good way for them united, but I can't help imagining Yuihan's serious face, and Paru's salty face :lol:

Yeah, Jurio and Mayu known each other since they came from the same school.

JurioYuki scene... Hey they're not Yaoi! They're Yuri! XD

Please kindly wait for the next chapter! Sorry for the mistake, wrong grammar, typo, hopefully you enjoy reading it. Please don't forget to leave reply. Your reply is really precious for me to keep on writing. And sorry for the weird story too.

Lastly... I LOVE YOU READER ~ !!! :*

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Re: Ren's Short Fic : The Goosebump 3rd Chapter - Gender Bender Fic
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yatta~ an update!

jurio last sentence was really messing with the guys, lol! :rofl:

actually, i found yuji's and paru's face seem as though they were arrange by their family instead of true love. but hey, i know they love each other~ :hip smile:

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Re: Ren's Short Fic : The Goosebump Ch.3 (JuriMaYuki GB-Fic)
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so jurina's mother was latina... :P hha seems good

whats that !! those last word from jurina !! fuuu~  XD

hee... rensu-senpai, you should put the story when jurimayu kissing !!  :smhid

wait for the next update !!!!  :twothumbs

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Re: Ren's Short Fic : The Goosebump Ch.3 (JuriMaYuki GB-Fic)
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The next day was Saturday. Our group was hang out together. The girls said they wanted to buy some clothes or maybe just window shopping. Since I didn't have anything to do, I agreed and we went to the shopping center.

I thought I was quite early as I arrived 15 minutes earlier. I just hated lateness and I hated if I make people waiting for me. But surprisingly, Rena beated me for it. I met her at a bench in front of the sopping center, eating ice cream, alone. I supposed she already arrived at least five to ten minutes earlier than me.

I waved at her and walked faster to her direction. She smiled widely,"You're early!" She said.

"I should have said that to you. You're early," I said then sat down beside her.

"I just can't help it. This is the first time. You hang out with us," she said energetically. It was so not Rena. The usually shy girl today looked so energetic and happy. Was it really because of the hang out thing, or was it more than that?

We chatted for some times and I bought an ice cream for me too. As for Rena, it had been her third ice cream. "I'm so excited that I can eat all ice cream in the world," she joked.

Rena touched my shoulder and showed where the other came. I was shocked. As they came nearer, I grabbed Churi's hand and brought her away from the rest.

"You never mention that you would invite the boys too!" I whisperly yelled at her, if that even possible.

"I must've forgotten to tell you that actually we always hang out together," Churi uttered innocently.

"What? I'm shy!"

"Just relax, they don't bite," with that said Churi left and said that we would go by couple. It meant Churi and Airio-kun will go together, and so did Paru and Yuji-kun. So Jurio-kun and Kashiwagi-kun were the two left. I walked slowly while thinking. Which one should I choose? Jurio-kun or-

"Princess~ let's walk around together~" there. The total stranger of them. Maybe it would be better than walking in awkward with Jurio-kun.

I nodded at him in agreement. He looked so funny with those stupid reaction on his face. Maybe he could cheer me up later.

Churi said that we could go wherever but at 5 o'clock we had to came to the first spot. I thought it was quite long time.

I looked at Yuki-kun's direction, he whispered something to Jurio-kun and then they smiled. Jurio-kun seemed like cheering him for something because he looked so happy with it. Then he walked to me, brought me to somewhere. If my eyes didn't trick me, I saw a glint of sad smile from Jurio-kun.


"Ugh! Why should I end up with you, cocky stupid creature!" Rena yelled at Jurio who still had his eyes glued on the direction where Mayu and Yuki walked. He sighed.

Everything for my friend's happiness...

"Oi! I'm talking to you! Don't ignore me!" Rena yelled, punching his arms and gained his attention.

He stared at Rena for quite a long time. Rena too locked her stare to Jurio. Jurio raised his hands and touched the corner of her lips,"Wh-what are you d-doing?" Rena blushed at his action.

"There's some cream left, Matsumura," he said.

"I'm not Matsumura! Matsui Rena!" Rena yelled at him. Chopping his head with full strength. At least for her, actually Jurio didn't feel anything.

"Matsushi Rena?" He asked.

"My Gods," Rena hit her forehead. Mayu-chan didn't lie, he really bad with people's surename.

"Ma-ii-ka Rena. Let's go," he said then left Rena.

Jurio walked fast but then caught up by Rena who asked him to follow wherever she went. "Ladies first!" She yelled at him.

Jurio just shrugged his shoulder and obeyed the girl. Rena brought her into a bakery shop. The smell of fresh bread filled Rena's nose as she quickly sat on the table and Jurio followed her. He sat in front of the girl.

Rena called the waitress. The waitress then came to their table and shockingly for Rena, the waitress ignored her.

"Jurio-kun," she greeted.

"Oh, Fushika," he smiled.

The waitress laughed,"It's Fujita Nana, Jurio-kun. So what brings you here today?"

Jurio started to talk to the waitress but then Rena butted in,"Hello~ I'm going to order~" she playfully yet irritatingly said.

"Oh, I'm sorry, your order please," she smiled to Rena. Rena ordered her favorite Melon pan along with milkshake. While Jurio just ordered a glass of coffee.

The waitress came again bringing their orders to the table. After serving the orders, the waitress talked to Jurio while hugging the small tray. They smiled and laughed, and it amusing to Rena since he never did the same to her. They looked like really close to each other. It was like a meeting-after-thousand-years of two friends.

They really took long time until Rena finished her bread and milkshake. Rena waited for a while but there wasn't any hint that the two person in front of her would stop their meaningless conversation. But then their conversation started to irritating Rena. She stood up from her seat and walked away.

"Oi! Matsu- Matsushita! Where are you going?" Jurio paid the bill and excused himself to catch the girl. "Maybe we can talk again later, err..."

"Nana, please remember people's name Jurio-kun," she smiled and saw Jurio's shadow disappear from her sight.


Yuki and Mayu's side

"So, princess where are we going to?" The excited guy asked me. My ear was kinda ticklish when he called me princess.

"Anywhere is okay," I stated as we walked side by side.

"Please choose any place," he said to me. And finally I decided to just walked around the shopping center and had some window shopping. Since I actually wanted to accompany my friends but ended up shopping with this guy.

The walk suddenly fell into silence so I broke it,"Anyway, how should I call you?"

"Oh, I'm sorry. I'm Kashiwagi Yuki, my friends call me Yuki, Princess Wakahase Mayuyu," he smiled in confidence.

I had nothing in mind but to laughed when he mentioned my name. Really? Ah, maybe Jurio told him my name and ended up it was the wrong one. He looked at me in questioning face.

"My real name's Watanabe Mayu, not Wakahase Mayuyu." I smiled at him. He looked rather awkward after hearing my real name.

"Ah, that Jurio is really stupid. Now he made me all embarassing in front of my princess," I saw him closed his eyes with his right palm. And I found it was funny. "I'm sorry, but Jurio always calls you Mayuyu," he scratched his cheek.

"No, it's okay, I know it must be him," I continued to walk. He was actually quite fun to hang around. He was once quiet but after some times he became talkative and never lost any topic from our conversation. But suddenly, his topic getting serious as his expression looked different.

"So Mayu-san, was it true that you and Jurio dating back in Akihabara HS?" He looked at me.

I was stucked. I didn't know what to answer. Were we dating? Or not?

"Technically, yes. But because of the bet, I don't think he really loves me," I uttered my honest. Right, I didn't even know what his feeling toward me. He just said that it was because he was a man and he just did what he promised.

"So that's it," Yuki-kun sighed. But suddenly he grabbed a hold of my hand and continued our walk. I felt my body all shivering by his touch.

What is this feeling?


Back to Jurio and Rena

Jurio ran outside the bakery shop and grabbed Rena's shoulder. "Hey! Why are you running away? You made me pay for what you eat!" He suddenly bursted out.

The girl didn't even turn to him and kept running away. Once Jurio could grab her shoulder once again, he turned the girl's body.

"H-hey, why are you...crying?" Jurio shocked. He was wondering what did he do to her and made her crying. But the girl didn't answer him. She just kept crying in front of him.

Jurio's instinct worked by itself and made the girl's eyes widden in shock. He held her body and made her head laid in his chest. Of course, Jurio was taller than her and her head was in the same height as his chest.

"I hate to see a girl crying. She will look really ugly. Please stop crying. I'm sorry if I did something wrong, okay?" Jurio said in his calming and soothing voice. He pampered the girl's head, but it wasn't helping, the girl's cry continued for some times.

"*Sigh* why are you crying even more?" He facepalmed. They were in the middle of the crowd but Rena didn't feel like it. She felt it was calming her down as her hand moved and circled in his waist feeling his warm radiated to her body.


After quite some times, me and Yuki came to the first place. I found the other two couples already there too. Remarking each corner as if it was their own corner. Those couples surely made me kinda envy. And then I looked at my hand, suddenly my face felt hot. Yuki-kun still held my hand. I was just unused to this proximity with a guy, count Jurio-kun out.

"Err, Yuki-kun, I think you can let go my hand now," I told him.

He looked at my face and then his hand,"G-g-gomen!!!" He let go of my hand and scratched his head. " Yaa, sorry for making you uncomfortable princess," he showed his funny reaction again. I chuckled and said to him that I was okay with it, where in fact it wasn't.

We came to the other and then Churi asking about Jurio and Rena. Right, I hadn't seen them since I and Yuki-kun arrived. Then I spot both of them walking from a direction. As they walked closer, I realized something from Rena. Her eyes were red and swollen. Was she crying?

"Sorry for making you guys wait. Matsumoto is the cause," he said as he put his hand on top of Rena's head.

"She's Matsui..." Churi said.

Jurio massaged his temples,"Hmm? Matsui? I heard that name somewhere-"

"That's your family name idiot!" The boys yelled at him and he just shrugged his shoulder. He never changed and it made me smile.

After that, we dismissed. We went home with our own group. We went to different directions. I stopped for a while and turned back only to see Jurio-kun stood and looked at me smiling sadly and mouthing something to me. My chest felt tighten. I clenched my heart and without me realizing, a single drop of tear fell from my eyes.

He averted his gaze. Even it was like in a flash, I could see his unhappy smile, then he walked away. So did I...


Ah, the fourth chapter's here.

What do you think? I hope it's good enough to you. Sorry if I'm not really good with story telling. I just write what's in my mind with my few vocabularies.

Sorry if Furuyanagi and Yuiparu is just addiction in this story >_<

Eh? Should I write the kissing part? Maybe later :on GJ:

YuiParu's love is pure, hahaha :D no parents involved~

See you next time :)

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Re: Ren's Short Fic : The Goosebump Ch.4 (JuriMaYuki GB-Fic)
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Jurimayu for first but change for mayuki for the end and true love yeah




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