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Author Topic: Daily Life of MaYuki Family #57 [NatsuMado,JiiNatsu,ChiiNatsu,AoNatsu] 09/28/22  (Read 152191 times)

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I HAVE FALLEN IN LOVE WITH THIS STORY!!!!  :smhid XDDAMN!!! THE LOVE FIGHT BETWEEN Natsu, Madoka, Jiina, Chiichan and Aoitan is epic! :panic:  :bow:I want to see who will get Natsu in the end  :nervous :thumbsup
Just leaving traces anytime I want. I guess i'm acting as a silent reader and informant.
I live under a rock but come out only for the girls.^^

I guess I have a lolicon side of mines;;;;;screw it. I am weak for lolis indeed

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Yurin here
It's been 5 years I think since the last update.  :dizzy:
I'm really sorry guys oTL please forgive us.
It's been a roller coaster ride these past years, but I hope everyone of you are fine and healthy!'
Just want you all to know that I'm really happy after reading your personal messages and comments. I'm touched  :'(
I'm really thankful from all of you.

So without further ado, please enjoy
Let us know what you think :)

54 - The Yearning

As the class started, Natsu keeps on staring at Madoka from behind

Natsu's mind: Is this really okay? Do I really have to distance myself from you Madoka? I don't want to hurt you anymore. But I don't know if I can really distance myself from you Madoka

Natsu just keep on staring at Madoka from behind and doesn't pay attention to class

At lunch, Natsu is with Jiina

Natsu's mind: Should I message her? Will she even bother to respond? Will she get mad?

Jiina: Natsumi try this * about to feed Natsu but she noticed Natsu is staring at her phone*
Jiina: Natsumi..... Natsumi....
Natsu: Ah! Sorry! Did you say something?
Jiina: hmm.. Are you waiting for a call? You keep on staring at your phone
Natsu: Ah hehe no. Hey that's looks delicious lemme have some :)
Jiina: *suspicious* hmm. here have some of this sausage
Natsu: uwaah this is delicious!

Jiina's mind: What are you really thinking about Natsumi?

Afternoon class

Madoka is surrounded by her classmates and Iichan is beside her, they are discussing about the activity that was given to them

Natsu's mind: She looks happy without me. Am I really just a burden to her? Hmmm.. her best friend Izumi looks like she cares a lot about Madoka. *sigh* But I want to be with you too Madoka. *reached her phone* messaged madoka*

from: natsumi
subject: hey
Maa-chan, can we talk?


Madoka reads the message but hides her phone again and just continued talking to her classmates and Izumi

Natsu's mind: She read it but didn’t even bother to reply :< does she really hate me that much?

from: natsumi
subject: Please
Maa-chan, please talk to me.


Natsu's mind: hmm she doesn't take out her phone now ugh.. this is frustrating Madoka.. why can’t we be just like before  :'(

After class, Natsu was suppose to go the newspaper club but she told her senpai that she’s still not feeling well.

Jiina: I'll accompany you going home :)

Natsu still starting at her phone.

Jiina: Natsumi?

Natsu: Ah! No need, I can go home alone. *faint smile*

Jiina: But you’re still not feeling well right? *worried*

Natsu: :) don't worry I'll message you immediately when I get home. I don't want you to miss the club activity, it will be the your first day as an official member right? Don't worry about me :)

Natsu's mind: Sorry Jiina, I just want to be alone right now

Jiina: Uhm are you sure?

Natsu: Yes yes.. go now :) *pushing jiina*

Jiina: Hmm okay message me okay? *kissed natsu*

Natsu: un

Jiina: I love you Natsumi

Natsu: un.. love you too..  I'll go now *small smile*

Jiina's mind: She's being cold to me today and she keeps looking at her phone. *sigh* I'll ask her next time. I'll give her space for now.

Natsu didn't actually went straight home, she was just walking randomly until she noticed the ice cream shop where she and madoka first bumped at each other that made them both be covered in ice cream

Natsu's mind: he- we really started in bad terms right madoka? you were ordering and demanding me to say sorry to you because of the ice cream hehe

after awhile her foot brings her to the place where they went to karaoke with chiichan and aoi

Natsu's mind: I remembered that day when aunt Rena told me you don't have many friends and you were always alone, I'm really concerned about you, you know? I don't want you to feel lonely that's why I really wanted to be your friend and I'm relieved that you got to be friends with my friends too
*sudden pain in her chest* I'm sad Maa-chan, I don't want us to be like be apart....

then she saw the cafe where madoka always bought her chocolate cake

Natsu's mind: heh who would thought that you are sweet and thoughtful ne? I really appreciated it that time when you gave me a cake after my practice for the dance competition. *sigh* wherever I go it reminds me of you maa-chan

Natsu decided that she will just go home and sleep.

When Natsu arrived home she keeps on thinking about madoka

Natsu's mind: It sure is lonely going home alone hehe *force smile*

She went straight to her bedroom, but as soon as she opens the door everything reminds her about madoka being there

Natsu: *sigh* I keep thinking about you maa-chan. *she walks towards the bed and lay down, notice the bear madoka left* ah natsu-chan you miss her too right? Well I don't know if we can be with her again. *Sigh* *hugs the bear* 
Maa-chan I can't stop thinking about you, this is really frustrating. We are in the same classroom but I can't even go near you. tsk. Why didn't I notice that I was already hurting you so much. ugh! baka natsumi! *rolls over and she smells the scent of madoka in her bed*
Damn it! *grabs her phone and message madoka again*

She's typing I miss you but she pause.

Natsu: *delete what she typed* throws her phone* WAAAAAH! I can't stand this anymore! *sniff* Maa-chan *sniff*


Sakura and Natsu is eating dinner at the dining table

Natsu: *thinking if she will ask sakura if she know about where madoka live*
Sakura: Nee-chan!
Natsu: ah- y-yes?
Sakura: What's bothering you? Did you and jiina-san had a fight?
Natsu: huh? no we didn't
Sakura: so what's bothering you
Natsu: I -uhm
Sakura: madoka-nee-chan?
Natsu: ????!!!!
Sakura: As i thought, you know nee-chan, I'm really mad at you
Natsu: eh?
Sakura: Don't eh me! You lied to me, to us, about Jiina plus you hurt madoka-nee-chan's feelings
Natsu: wait! you know?
Sakura: I'm observant you know. I know madoka-nee-chan likes you. i know you want to know where she lives now but I will not tell you
Natsu: But sakura-chan ..
Sakura: what? you don't like her back, right?. you will just hurt her more
Natsu: but ..
Sakura: but what?! you love jiina-san right ? then just stop insisting on trying to talk to madoka-nee-chan, if you really care about her, don't be selfish and just let her be.
Natsu: *sigh* sakura-chan, i can't stop thinking about madoka. its feels empty in here *touch her heart* i am hurt too you know? yes, i know i hurt her and being near her will cause her more pain but this situation is really frustrating. I don't want it to be like this. I just want us to be just like before
Sakura: Nee-chan, do you have feelings for madoka-nee-chan?
Natsu: huh?! I-uhm
Sakura: Tell me nee-chan, why did you really got back together with Jiina-san?
Natsu: *thinks carefully* I still love her that's why, even if it hurts to be the one who was left hanging I do still love her
Sakura: Really? Or you are just blinded by the thought that Jiina-san was your first love and you just wanted answers why she left you?
Natsu: She left me because of her family saku-chan, she doesn't have a choice. but she’s trying her best to be with me again
Sakura: She always have a choice nee-chan. But she choose to left you without a single word. Are you feeling guilty that after finding out the real reason why she left that's why you choose to be with her again?
Natsu: I really felt bad to be mad at her, and the timing, I decided to moved on but she came back
Sakura: Nee-chan, do you really love Jiina-san?
Natsu: Of course I do!
Sakura: But why are you acting like that towards madoka-nee-chan ?
Natsu: Maa-chan is important to me
Sakura: As what?
Natsu: *can't answer*
Sakura: Nee-chan, I think its best if you sort things out first before you try to talk to madoka-nee-chan again.

That night natsu is in deep thoughts as she lays down on her bed and cover her head and closes her eyes images of her and madoka came crashing to her mind

Natsu: *whispers* I miss you Madoka

The next day

Jiina: Natsumi.. about later lovetan-senpai said we are needed in the student council meeting for the upcoming event
Natsu: *not listening*in deep thoughts*
Jiina: Natsumi *holds natsu's hand and squeeze it*
Natsu: ah yes?
Jiina: What's the matter?
Natsu: hehe nothing i'm fine
Jiina: are you still not feeling well?
Natsu: ah no -no i'm okay don't worry :)

Two people was about to pass them by, its iichan and madoka talking to each other happily and they both has boxes on their arms

Natsu: *notice the two*pricking pain on her chest*

Madoka: ah- *tripped and the boxes fell over*

Natsu is about to go to madoka to help her but Iichan immediately help her and carry all the boxes

Jiina's mind: Is she the one she's thinking about?

Natsu's mind: Right.. Izumi is right beside you now.

Jiina: Natsumi?
Natsu: Let's go *immediately walks away*

Jiina: Natsumi wait!

Madoka: *glances natsu secretly*

Madoka's mind: This is for the best Natsumi

- Student council meeting

Chiichan: okay, so as you see at the end of the month the middle division will be here in our school. the theme of the event will be a masquerade ball for the Halloween celebration. we just need to set up the venue and all documents needed has been approved. The middle division student council will go here as well starting by tomorrow to help us out.

Sakura: yoroshiku onegaishimasu, we are excited to be part of this event. My schoolmates and I are excited to meet their senpais. We will do our best to help out. *bows*

Lovetan: The newspaper club will cover the event, we have Natsumi here to take the photos, also there will be a contest at the event. There will be a scavenger hunt. Who ever find the hidden item can get  a chance to dance with our selected people. I will now announce who are the people we selected.

Lovetan: From the middle school,
      - tsukiashi amane and sakura
      From our school
      - chiichan, madoka and jiina

Chiichan: eh?! Why I'm included? That's not part of our meeting last time O_O right Aoi?
Aoi: :P I'm sorry chiichan *peace*

Lovetan: You’re becoming popular to our middle schoolers and this will boost the relationship between our kouhai and us
Chiichan: But senpai---
Loveten: No buts *cough* anyway all of you can also join the scavenger hunt, except for me and sakura. Sakura and I will be the one in charge of hiding the item. We will not tell yet whose items represents who so it will be a surprise but the clue here is that it represents that person

Natsu's mind: if I can find it will I be able to talk to you? *in deep thoughts*  but how about Jiina?

Jiina: *Wink* I know you will find mine :)

Natsu: o-of course I will *faint smile*

After the meeting,

Sakura: Nee-chan I'll go ahead
Natsu: Do you  want me to escort you?
Sakura: I'll be fine nee-chan, you still need to finish the tasks assigned to you right?
Natsu: I can do that tomorrow

Lovetan: What about tomorrow natsu?

Natsu: *gulp* Nothing >_<

Sakura: *laughs*  :
Jiina: Uhm, I can escort you to the gate if you want sakura-chan
Sakura: *looks at jiina* Okay, we will go now nee-chan, thank you for having us *bows to other members*

Natsu: Jiina *worried*
Jiina: I'll be fine :)
Natsu: hmm okay

 Jiina’s minds: I don’t know what’s bothering you natsumi, it looks like your looking for someone the whole meeting. *sigh* But don’t worry I will do my best to be an understanding girlfriend and to be close to your sister
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Re: Daily Life of MaYuki Family #54 [NatsuMado,JiiNatsu,ChiiNatsu,AoNatsu] 09/2022
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#55 Give it all

After the meeting and the others went home, the remaining people in the meeting were Chiichan, Aoi, Lovetan and Natsumi.
Aoi: I’ll go ahead now too chiichan, lovetan-senpai
Natsu: Aoitan I’m here too (╯•﹏•╰)
Aoi: *ignores*
Natsu: (ᗒᗣᗕ)՞ mou … 
Aoi: *chuckle* just kidding Nacchan  I’ll go ahead, Okaachan is waiting for me at home
Natsu: *pout* okaay :< take care Aoitan
Chiichan: Take care Aoitan
Lovetan: Maybe I should get going too as well, I badly need my beauty rest, I’ll leave the rest to you two
Chiichan: We’ll take care of this :) take care on your way home
- As the two people walks out the meeting room, there has been a long silence between the people who are left behind
Natsu: Ano… Chiichan, how are you?
Chiichan: I’m okay Nacchan *continue in signing the documents in front of her without glancing at natsu*
Nastu: It’s like we been apart for a long time
Chiichan: *stops what she was doing and look at natsu* Nacchan…
Natsu: Chiichan, I’m sorry
Chiichan: For what?
Natsu: I know I have been a very bad friend to you, I’m sorry for not noticing your feelings too
Chiichan: Nacchan..
Natsu: I- uhm I’m really sorry for everything I’ve done. For not telling you about Jiina coming back. For hurting you. I just want to tell you that I don’t want to lose my best friend too
Chiichan: *faint smile* You know Nacchan, its hard to realize that you are falling for your best friend and when it happens you can’t really do anything about it because you value the friendship you have with that person so much.  And its hurts so much to keep it.
Natsu: Chiichan….. :<  I’m really sorry….
Chiichan: I know you are together with Jiina again, and I’ve already prepared myself for this. That if the day will ever come you will have someone again and its not me. I will understand and will support you. Because you are my best friend Nacchan. Even if it hurts, I will support you, that’s how much I love you Nacchan. *tear drops*
Natsu: Chiichan…*speechless*
Chiichan: *wipes her tears*chuckles* You don’t have to worry about me Nacchan, I understand. I just need time to heal.
Natsu: Should I distance myself from you too? :( I don’t want Chiichan to be hurt again because of me.
Chiichan: I just need time Nacchan. *faint smile*
Natsu: *frustrated*about to cry* I’m scared Chiichan, I’m scared that I will lose you too
Chiichan: *hugs natsu tightly* I’ll be always here for you Nacchan. *rubbing natsu’s back*
Natsu: *crying* madoka… madoka told me she loves me too *sniff*
- Jiina was about to enter the room who was so excited to tell Natsu about what happened between her and Sakura when she heard what Natsu said and hide behind the door
Natsu: She broke off the engagement and she moved far away from me. She doesn’t even talk to me anymore. Even if we are all in the same room I can’t talk to her because Jurina-san said that I should stay away from Madoka . It hurts Chiichan…
Chiichan: *pricking pain* What do you mean it hurts Nacchan?
Natsu: It hurts here *touch her heart* It hurts that I can’t go near her, it hurts that I can’t talk to her. It hurts to be apart from her. Even my mind is so disturbed that I can’t think straight.  It hurts like hell that she’s avoiding me. I just want us to be back to the way we were before.
Chiichan: *trying her best not to cry as well* Nacchan… do you have feelings for Maa-chan?
Natsu’s mind: Even Chiichan asked me if I have feelings for you Maachan? Do I really have feelings for you now? But I still love Jiina, I don’t want to hurt her. They both are important to me. Jiina and I just got back together.
Natsu: *paused* I- I don’t know Chiichan, I don’t understand what I’m feeling right now all I know is I miss Maachan so much.
Jiina fixes herself and enters the room with a big smile pretending that she doesn’t hear anything and that everything is okay. As Jiina enters the room, both Chiichan and Natsu are startled.
Jiina: Hello, Chihiro-san, Natsumi. I’m back. Sakura-chan and the other members already left safely. Ah, where's Lovetan senpai?
Chiiichan: S-she said she will go home too.
Jiina: I see :) Do you need any help Chihiro-san?
Chiichan: I’m okay Jiina-san.
Jiina: How about Natsumi? What can I help you with?
Natsu: *trembling voice* I - uhm - we can s-sort the items to be used tomorrow.
Jiina:: :) okay then, let’s do this!
Jiina’s mind: I do trust your love for me Natsumi, but if you are really developing feelings for Madoka-san I’ll do my best to make you fall in love with me again. I will do everything. I’ll give it all until there’s nothing left to lose. I will fight for us.
- Meanwhile, Madoka was supposed to be at the student council meeting too but because she can’t bear to see Natsu with Jiina, she decided not to go and luckily her best friend invited her to their apartment.
Madoka: mou.. iichan should just waited for us (◡︵◡)
Chiizu: Iichan said that she’s just needed to do something first at home, that’s why she go ahead first
Madoka: Hope she’s telling the truth.. mou..  (︶︹︺)
Chiizu: *chuckles*
- After awhile they arrive at Iichan and Chiizu’s apartment. Chiizu opened the door for Madoka, as she enters a music plays
Authors’ note: Please play this song:
Madoka notices the red roses petals scattered around the apartment
“Would you let me in?
Put your guard down
Let me make you smile”


”Give me just a night for the real thing
Let me show you how to really be happy
Maybe fall in love
I could be the one
I could be the one
To show you lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-love”

Madoka: *gasp*cover her mouth*
“Lo-lo-lo-lo-love's got me singing
Ha-ha, maybe I'll laugh about it later
But for now I'm feeling just a little bit crazy
One, two, three
I'm diving in the deep and holding my breath
Will you take my hand?”

Iichan appeared with a bouquet of flowers in her right arm, walking slowly towards Madoka. Iichan’s hand is trembling and she’s anxious what will happen next but she wanted this. She wanted to show Madoka how she feels towards her. Madoka on the other hand is confuse of what’s happening
“I know you're freaking out
See your hand shake
What you thinking about?”

“What's on your mind? What you feeling like?
Maybe I can be the girl that can make it right
I could be the one; we could fall in love”

Iichan: Madoka, I don’t know where to start and I’ve been practicing this over and over again. But now this is happening and just by looking at you now makes my mind blank. But I want you to know that I love you Madoka, I love you in every way. I love you more than I have ever found a way to say it to you.
Madoka: Iichan.. *speechless*
Iichan: I know, this might be bad timing but I can’t hold it any longer. I can’t bear to see you crying. It hurts me too. I know you are just starting to forget about her, but if you could just see me too, I am here for you Madoka. And always will be. I will do anything for you.  I will not force you to love me back but please let me show you my love for you Madoka. I want to be the one who will hold your hands, make you smile and walk by your side. I want to be your everything. Do you understand? I’m here and I’m not going anywhere anymore. I want to love you, each and every piece of you.
Madoka: *hugs iichan* I-I can’t give you any answer yet but thank you. Thank you Izumi.
Iichan: I’m always going to be here loving you with everything Madoka. *hugs back tightly*

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#56 Pictures

A few days passed by, Natsumi kept questioning herself about her feelings toward Madoka. Her sister’s words strike her mind, does she really love Jiina. Does she love her like before or just blinded by the thought of continuing their past love because she thinks they are meant for each other. She felt Jiina’s love for her is true and she appreciates Jiina’s effort approaching her friends. But why does she feel like there is something missing? Her love for Jiina does exist, it flows, it moves like rapids through her veins it bursts but occasionally fades within the day. And that's the hard part of it. Why does she feel that way?
Another day starts, Natsumi is on her way to Jiina’s house, minding her business until she overheard a group of people talking. She doesn’t usually like to mind other people’s business but she heard Madoka’s name.

Schoolmate 1: Madoka-sama and Izumi-san look good together!
Schoolmate 2: Oh! I know what you mean! She likes a prince to Madoka-sama, so gentle and kind *squeal*
Schoolmate 3: They sure don’t like just best friends, but even if they are just best friends how can you not fall in love with someone like that?
Schoolmate1: Yes that too, oh falling in love with your best friend ~  that sounds so romantic!
Schoolmate 2: Izumi-san is so caring towards Madoka-sama she even waits for Madoka-sama to finish practicing at the music room she waits so patiently and even brings her food

Natsu’s mind: tsk. I do that too you know there’s nothing special with that

In their classroom, Natsumi is focused on watching the two. Her eyes are fixed and focused.

Iichan: *kissed madoka’s cheeks*
Madoka: *blushed*

Natsu’s mind: (#`Д´) What the hell? Izumi-san seriously?!  Do you really need to do that in front of everyone? And you Maa-chan you just allowed it?! TSK

At lunch, the Iichan and Madoka went outside the room hand in hand

Natsu’s mind: This is getting annoying

After class, Natsumi was called at the newspaper club

Lovetan: Ne natsu, I have a job for you
Natsu:  ( `ε´ ) mou but why am I the only one who you keep on giving assignments to? I’m not the only member here you know
Lovetan: oh stop complaining natsu
Natsu: mou ( `ε´ )
Lovetan: Anyway, I want you to get information about Izumi-san from your class and Madoka
Natsu: what's with them? *getting annoyed*
Lovetan: Well there's rumors about them dating and I want you to confirm or at least get a glimpse of them together

Natsu's mind: what dating?! No way! Madoka loves me so impossible (-_-)

Natsu: Nah that’s not true, their just best friends
Lovetan: Oh really? Did you even talk to madoka-san about it?
Natsu: Ugh..It’s just rumors senpai so I would not do it (-_-) *really pissed*
Lovetan: heh- how sure are you?  Or are you jealous ? *grins*
Natsu: Why would I?! Can we just find another issue to produce for the newspaper club
Lovetan: Well, Madoka-san is very popular because of her piano skills and whoever is getting close to her gives a lot of interest for her fans club
Natsu: Wait? Maa-chan has fans now too?
Lovetan: Yeah, and they are pairing madoka-san to izumi-san, they are calling them IiMado
Natsu: lame
Lovetan: So you are really jealous, huh I see…
Natsu: I am NOT!
Lovetan: Anyway you don’t have a choice, other members already agree to it and you need to cover it
Natsu: *sigh in defeat*
Natsu’s mind: Fine then! I will prove to you all that their just best friends and nothing more (-_-)
So as days go by, Natsumi is stalking the two.Watching their every move. She takes photo of them secretly
Natsu: *takes a photo of iichan, madoka and with their other classmates happily talking* heh normal
Natsu: *zooms the photo where iichan is so focused looking at madoka* gets irritated*
After a few days of stalking the two, she really is getting annoyed thus making her in a bad mood everyday.
Aoi: Nacchan, what’s wrong?
Natsu: (-_-) I’m just really tired *staring at madoka and iichan*
Aoi: Hmmm..
Classmate 1: Aoi-san.. Ano..we noticed that you and Izumi-san are friends. Can you introduce my friends from the other class?
Aoi: Ah sure :) Iichan would love that
Classmate 1: Oh thank you! *go to their other classmates*
Natsu: (-_-) why are Aoitan friends with her?
Aoi: Iichan is really nice you know..
Natsu: tsk..
After class, Natsumi is just staying in their classroom and too lazy to go to her club activities. Iichan and some classmates are there too.
Classmate 1: Ne Iichan, are you and madoka-san really just friends? for a best friend you are too touchy *laughs*
Classmate 2: Yeah you even wait for her
Iichan: All you do for love (´꒳`)♡

Classmate 1: So it's true?? You two are dating?
Izumi: Well, maachan gave me a chance, it's a wonderful feeling to fall in love with your best friend. (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡
Natsu’s mind: You're kidding……..*sudden tightness in her chest*
She decided to go to the club, luckily there is no one there because all members are so busy helping the student council.
Natsumi sat in her seat and got her laptop. She transferred all the photos in her memory card to her laptop. While she does that, she looks at the photos that she has captured. There are photos where  Iichan carries Madoka's bag, holding Madoka's hand, even bringing her food, feeding her, caresing Madoka's hair, hugging Madoka from behind and the worst part is Madoka just let everything do it to her. She hates it.
Natsumi chooses a photo where Iichan is looking at Madoka lovingly while caresing Madoka’s cheeks to be printed. As the printer finishes its task Natsumi gets the photo and stares at it.
Natsu: Damn it! *tores the photo into pieces throws at the trash can*
She sat back and searched for a folder in her laptop
It’s a collection of photos she took while she’s with Madoka. These photos of Madoka are when Madoka is sleeping, enjoying the company with their friends, spending time together with her family and Madoka’s family, Madoka’s birthday and so much more. All of these photos are happy memories of Madoka and her.
Natsu’s mind: *Sigh* Maybe I am really jealous

After a while Lovetan went to the club room and noticed Natsumi was there.
Lovetan: Oi Nacchan, your topic is the only one left for editing. Where's the photo and information that you’ve gathered?
Natsu: I didn’t get any. *bites lips*
Lovetan: hmmm .. *walks slowly to natsu and immediately gets her laptop*
Natsu: hey!
Lovetan: So what’s this? *Showing madoka’s photo*
Natsu: *silent*
Lovetan: You really are jealous aren’t you? *puts down natsu’s laptop at the table* Does Jiina already know about this?
Natsu: *silent* bites lips*
Lovetan: *tapping her forehead* Nacchan, it's okay to be true to yourself, it's not bad to be selfish sometimes. I know what you and Jiina have been through, but if you start questioning your love for her I hope you do the right thing. Either way there is still someone who is going to be hurt, and it will hurt you too but get the one who you think is worth the heartache.

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Looking forward to the next update author-san. NatsuMado endgame onegaishimasu  :cry:

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#57  Strife

A few days before the halloween event, Chihiro and Haruppi are at the quadrangle
Haruppi: Chiitan! ヽ(•‿•)ノ we've finished setting up the lights
Chihiro: Hi haruppi *faint smile*
Haruppi: hmmmm…  Let me help you with that *gets the chairs*
Chihiro: eh?
Haruppi: Are you still thinking about what happened last time?
Chihiro: *nods* But don’t worry I’ll be okay. Also you should rest too, you know? You are always helping me.
Haruppi:  But I want to help Chiichan to finish her duties as soon as possible so that we can go and eat dinner together. ٩(^◡^)۶
Chihiro: But we already went out yesterday though 
Haruppi: (^^ゞBut being with Chiichan makes Haruppi happy and I like being with Chiichan!
Chihiro: *blush* I like being with Haruppi as well *whisper*
Haruppi: Really?! (´つヮ⊂)
Chihiro: *blush harder*
Haruppi: *giggle* Anyway, let’s finish this! So I can spend time with Chiichan alone  (ノ^∇^)
Chihiro: un! *shy*
Haruppi: By the way Chiichan, I’m always here for you, you know that right?
Chihiro: T-thank you Haruppi
Meanwhile at the cafeteria, Aoi and Iichan were assigned to get the bento meals for the student council and volunteers

Aoi: Iichan thank you really for volunteering, it's a big help!
Iichan: hehe it’s nothing (⁀ᗢ⁀)
Aoi: Lately you've been really energetic. Did something happen?
Iichan: Well, you see I already told Maachan what I feel
Aoi: Eh? Really? What happened next?
Iichan: She hasn't given me an answer yet, but I’m willing to wait until she falls in love with me :)
Aoi's mind: Does maachan plan to move on? I better talk to her.
Iichan: Ah ~ I’m really happy (⁀ᗢ⁀)
While the two are on their way, Jiina approaches them.
Jiina: Hello Aoi-san, Izumi-san, did you need any help?
Iichan: Ah - sure
Aoi: No.We are good
Jiina: Uhm Aoi-san can we talk ?
Aoi: Sorry but we still need to do a lot of things
Jiina: Please. It will not take that long. 
Iichan: Aoitan, I’ll carry that *gets the box of bentos from aoi* don’t worry i’ll handle this *glance at jiina and nods*
Aoi: *sigh* okay
They went to one of the classrooms where no students were inside. 
Aoi: What do we need to talk about?
Jiina: I’m sorry.
Aoi: …
Jiina: Aoi-san, I know how important Natsumi is to you, your her cousin and I hurt her so much when I left
Aoi: You sure did.
Jiina: Please let me explain, things in my family are really complicated, they set me up with someone I don’t love. I don’t  really mean to hurt Natsumi and it hurts me too. I’m really trying my best to make it up to Natsumi.
Aoi: But you choose to leave her alone without any word. You know how much you damage her? She can’t eat, nor sleep. She keeps waiting for you until you come back. You know how hard that is?!
Jiina: I-I’m really sorry.I promise I will do better now.
Aoi: No Kojina-san. She’s getting better now and plans to move on, to move forward! Nacchan is trying her very best to move on, then you come back? *trying not to cry* Are you playing with her feelings?!
Jiina: No! I love her! I really do love her! Please believe me.
Aoi: If you really love her, why choose to hurt her like that?! It’s not like you will just leave your toy  and go back when you want it to!
Jiina: Then give me a chance to prove it to you and your friends that I really love Natsumi
Aoi: You are hurting my friends too! I don’t trust you Kojina-san. Your words are not enough.
Jiina: *crying* Please, just give me a chance to prove it.
Aoi: Sorry Kojina-san but I think this conversation is going nowhere. I will go now. I still need to do a lot of things. *clench her fist*
Jiina: *hurt and frustrated* O-okay. T-thank you Aoi-san for you time
Jiina is hurt badly and all she wants to do is to see Natsumi to get her feelings better. She went to the newspaper club and caught up with Natsumi and Lovetan there.
Lovetan: Oh- speaking of hmm *notice her eyes*
Natsu: *Immediately get and close her laptop*
Lovetan: I will leave you two, please close the club room after.
Jiina: Y-yes senpai *sniff*
Natsumi: *notices jiina’s eyes* A-are you okay? Did something happen?  Tell me. *worried*
Jiina: *hugs natsu tightly*  I’m better now I just need to see your face *lean her face in natsu’s neck*
Natsumi: *feeling guilty* Please tell me.
Jiina: Hmm *shakes her head and wipes her tears* It’s nothing. I promise. *faint smile* Are you done with your tasks? Do you need some help?
Natsumi: I’m done. Do you want to go somewhere else? What do you want to do? Tell me.
Jiina: Can we eat crepes?
Natsumi: Sure. Anything you want. *feeling guilty*
Natsu fixes her stuff and puts it in her bag. They went to eat crepes on their way to Jiina’s apartment. Natsu tries her best to cheer up Jiina and puts all her attention only to Jiina. She feels guilty, she feels unworthy for Jiina who is trying her best to make it up to her. But at the back of her mind the real reason she feels guilty is that she knows something is not right, she feels like she’s not loyal to Jiina. She’s already committed to someone but something is still missing and that is Madoka. That night when Natsumi got home, she thought carefully of what she should do. Does she need to tell Jiina about what’s bothering her? What will Jiina feel? Does she need to tell her about Chihiro and Madoka’s confession? Does she need to tell Jiina that she loves her but something is still missing? Does she need to tell Jiina that she is confused right now and feels guilty about it? A lot of things are going on in Natsumi's mind but she’s concerned; concern of what will happen; concern that whatever her move she will hurt Jiina; the person who loves her. The person who is now disobeying her parents and runs away  just to be with her. But she also thought of what Madoka would feel. Will Madoka hate her more? Will Madoka talk to her again? Will there be a chance to fix their relationship with each other? She doesn’t know what she really needs to do.
The next day after class, Madoka is in the music club. She is sitting on the piano stool trying her best to practice for next month's competition because it will the finals and she hates to think that even in piano she might lose to Jiina in that competition.
Madoka: *sigh* I can’t focus. I keep on making mistakes *looks around and notice the chair where natsu always sits while she’s waiting for her*
Madoka: *sigh* gets the necklace on her pocket and stares at it*  Natsumi…
Suddenly aoi show up at the door of the music club room
Aoi: Ma~do~chan :)
Madoka: eh? Aoitan? What are you doing here?
Aoi: Just visiting my friend :)
Madoka: *smiles*
Aoi: Did you already decide where you will hide your card ? There's only one week left!
Madoka: I haven’t decided yet. You look excited about the event
Aoi: Yep! A lot of our kouhai will be there. By the way maa-chan how are you?
Madoka: Eh? I-im just fine
Aoi: How about you and iichan?
Madoka: *blush*
Aoi: Iichan told me
Madoka: eh?  What did she tell you?
Aoi: About  you two. Are you really planning to move on?
Madoka: I actually don’t know what should I do Aoitan, I don’t want to hurt Iichan. I can’t give her any answer yet. 
Aoi: Do you still love Nacchan?
Madoka: I-uhm
Aoi: Are you really going to let her be with Jiina?
Madoka: Natsumi loves her Aoitan.
Aoi: I still love Nacchan and yes they are together but I cannot accept it
Madoka: …
Aoi: It will be better if chiichan or maachan will be nacchan's girlfriend.
Madoka: I don’t get what you wanted to say Aoitan.
Aoi: Nacchan only sees Aoi as her important cousin and friend. She treats me like Saku-chan. That's what I think. It hurts me to accept this but after Jiina  talk to me, I would rather push my closest friends to be with Nacchan. My closest friends that I trust and will never hurt nacchan.
Madoka: Aoitan…
Aoi: I know it's hard to turn down iichan, but it will hurt Iichan more if you will give her hope and yet you still love someone else. The truth is, the time I told Nacchan I love her I turned it into a joke, and even everytime  i give her a hit about it , when I look into her eyes I know she will never love me back like what I wanted to. So please maachan at least try to put up a fight for it.
Madoka: uhm
Aoi: Good luck on your practice maa-chan! I will go now.  Please think about it, okay?
Madoka: *nods*
Aoi's mind: This is for the best.
After their talk, Madoka is in deep thought and stares at the necklace again.
Madoka: I think I know where I should put my card.
Morning of the event, Madoka is at the music room. Hiding her card. Upon her hiding her card, someone shows up, it's Jiina.
Jiina: Ah. Good morning to you Madoka-san
Madoka: G-good morning too
Jiina: Are you hiding your card here too?
Madoka: I'm still thinking where will I put it.
Jiina: I see. *approaches the piano and hides her card*
Madoka: I will go now Jiina-san.
Jiina: Madoka-san, before you go,
Madoka: uhm yes?
Jiina: *looks at madoka firmly* Do you have feelings for Nastumi?
Madoka: *shocked*
Jiina: I know you are friends with her and if you ever really have feelings for her, please stay away from her.

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OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!! Reading this all over again, Natsu is making my blood pressure go up once more

No offense Jiina, but im starting to get frustrated with you too =_=)

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