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AKB48 Fanfics / UZA Chapter 2: To Shine
« Last post by MaruMaru01 on Today at 03:51:32 AM »
UZA Chapter: To Shine

“Well, welcome to the UZA theater and congratulations for making the final cut of what it takes to get here. As Takamina has said earlier, I am Matsui Jurina and I am one of the stagemasters for the theater.” Jurina declared, rising from her chair and moving to the front of her desk.

“We are -” Sayanee tried to express her and Rena’s joy upon joining the theater, but was cut off.

“Happy to be here?” Jurina questioned and grinned when she gained a nod from the two. “As one would be, the 48 group is well known, but many know the true stars are hidden in ‘UZA’. Only the best of the best in the 48 group can enter, but there are those special exceptions who are here without being part of the group. Tell me,” She leaned on her desk and a serious countenance graced her face. “Do you believe you are one of those extraordinary stars shining every night on the stage.”

There was silence, then one spoke up.

“I can be...” Sayanee answered, and Jurina could tell she had more to say. “I may not be anywhere near the level of those performers now, but I believe as long as I keep trying and improving, I can become one.”

Jurina only looked at Sayanee without a blank look on her face, but after a moment, she grinned.

“That’s the honest and earnest spirit I was hoping for. You truly are what I expected and I tell that there’s more I can expect from you.” She then looked at Rena. “And what about you?”

“....” Rena was just quiet and hesitant to actually answer, she didn’t know what she should even say.

“You should just answer the way you feel.” The young stagemaster said, noticing Rena’s dilemma.

“....” Rena stared at the stagemaster then looked down. “Truthfully, no. I don’t think so.” She looked at Jurina again, who only waited for her to continue. “There’s nothing particularly special about like everyone here, I don’t really think I deserve to be here.”

The Stagemaster only looked at Rena, then glancing at Sayanee. She stood tall and walked towards the bookshelf in the corner of the room and retrieved a small yet intricately decorated box. Walking back towards her desk without looking away from the box.

“Tell me, do you think diamonds can be formed from nothing but air.”

“...” The two were confused and just answered. “...No”

“Would you believe me when I tell you that with enough pressure and blinding and burning lights, something beautiful and precious could be created from practically nothing.” She pulled two diamonds out from the box. “I believe the same can be done with people, someone like you who thinks nothing of yourself could be turned into something that shines and strong.” She set the box on the desk and threw the diamond to the two who caught.

“Until the day you become diamonds yourself, keep this as a reminder of what you aim to become.” She returns to her seat and as if on cue, Minami arrives.

“I suspect you are now finished.” Jurina nods, “Then I shall take over, and I’d like to remind you, she’s waiting for you.”

“If you see her again, please tell her I have some things to attend to and I’ll make my way to her when I finish.”

“Understood, then I shall see you when the show begins.” Takamina bows and begins to lead the two out of the room. The three exit and Takamina speaks, “I am going to introduce you to everyone before the show begins. And those treasure, make sure to take of them.”

The two nod and make their way to stage.

To be Continued....
AKB48 Fanfics / Re: JuriMayu OS World and more....
« Last post by MaruMaru01 on Today at 02:53:41 AM »
HELLOS to everyone who's ever been on this thread and read the fanfics here. I actually am MaruMaru101, but forgot my password and email for the original account so I just made a new account. I still do have the unfinished drafts of some of the stories I posted here and when I finish them I'll post them. Well, see you until I update.
Korean Shibal / Re: [TV] Produce 48
« Last post by muppet on Today at 02:30:30 AM »
Finally! BoA is shown her propers by this vocal team,
and the arrangement and performance of
Meri Kuri is wonderful!

PRODUCE48 [6회] ′행복을 부르는 보이스′ 첫눈ㅣ보아 ♬메리크리 @포지션 평가 180720 EP.6

Have rewatched that^ performance several times - it was an amazing group performance

Meri Kuri is a widely loved song in Japan, listen to these fans at BoA’s concert from several years ago (2005ish?):

[HD] BoA + Fans - メリクリ
Nice song for a five member group, plenty of camera time for each member!

YouTuber Momosu Aki has clipped the song by itself from the full tape

Nice job as emcee, Sakurako!

And in the MV preview!

What a Team!

こぶしファクトリー「きっと私は」【ハロ!ステ Edit.】
Pairings YOOOOOO!! / Re: Rikamiko
« Last post by oaxiac on Today at 01:06:07 AM »

Checkpoint 37: at last!
Techi has decided to leave aside his fears and try to be happy with Neru.
I guess this is the beginning of a lot of problems, but I love being together.

Coffee Courage Plus: It's not a couple that I like, but I do not dislike it either.
Actually, I started to follow Keyakizaka thanks to: Tokuyama Daigorō or Dare ga Koroshitaka ?,
so I have small sequels of that Risa x Neru.

About the survey, I prefer to separate the topics, but what you decide will be fine.
AKB48 Fanfics / Re: [OneShot] STREET LAWYER WATANABE (HvsV season 3)
« Last post by anzai4648 on Today at 12:16:58 AM »
I said I won’t update this, but the poll said so, so I will try to update one chapter.

Lawyer/detective/action/mystery theme in dramas and TV series are my favourite so far. And there are several good Japanese doramas about law. The one I like the most is Legal High (it’s more like comedy though).

And due to my love for law-theme and legal thriller novels, this update will be a bit John-Grisham-ish (or not, because I’m just a beginner).

And here I introduce a new character, Sawajiri Erika, with whom Watanabe Mayu had a kissing scene in a Japanese historical drama. She is also a very famous actress. I really love her performance in 1 Litre of Tears, and she has become my most favourite Japanese actress ever since.



Tokyo. April 2017.
Inside one of the tall skyscrapers in the city, a dozen young people, males and females, were sitting anxiously in the lobby. Some of them were having a small talk with each other, while some others were busy typing something at their handphones, and some others were just silent. They all wore formal outfits that has been ironed very carefully, with no wrinkles and stains.

In front of the lobby was a meeting room in which a job interview session was being held today.

“Interviewee number 7, Watanabe Mayu!” the receptionist announced the name of the next person.

Seeing there was no reaction from those young people, the receptionist repeated the announcement.

“Watanabe Mayu! Is there Watanabe Mayu here?”

A young female with a cute, flawless face abruptly stood up and raised her hand.

“Ah, sorry! That’s me! Sorry!” she said with an awkward smile. And then she mumbled something, scolding herself for daydreaming right before her job interview session.

The young female entered the meeting room, and was met with three persons: two males and one female. Mayu could recognized all these people in an instant.

“Good morning, Watanabe Mayu san. We’re going to interview you today. Please take a seat and suit yourself. Don’t be nervous,” said the male person who was sitting in the middle.

“Thank you,” said Watanabe Mayu. As she sat quietly on her chair, she studied the three persons in front of her.

“I am Masato Sakai, to my left is Sawajiri Erika, and to my right is Sakurai Sho,” said the person in the middle, smiling at the nervous Watanabe. They were very famous as lawyers and had a huge media exposure for the past five years. Mayu knew everything about them and had been following every legal cases they’ve been working on. These three people had also reached the peak of their career by becoming partners within less than 10 years. Masato Sakai, 43 years old, specializing himself in international/crossborder law. Sakurai Sho, 35 years old, was a corporate tax lawyer. While Sawajiri Erika, 33 years old, was a civil rights lawyer, and also an activist for human rights.

“I’ve heard a lot of you from newspapers and TV.” Mayu said, trying hard not to be nervous around these famous people.

“Yes, I believe most of you should already knew about us. And Watanabe san, we have read your resume and found it to be very impressive. A graduate from Tokyo University School of Law, the best student of the year. A member of the student government body, academic team, and debate team. You also joined arts club, and engaged in volunteer work and community services. That was very colorful, Watanabe san,” said Sakai, smiling at the young girl.

“It’s also very rare for a female student to reach such an outstanding academic performance in the field of law science. You know, even I couldn’t do that, back in my college,” Sawajiri spoke, also with a smile which was more like a smirk.

“Anoo…” Mayu was flattered. “...thank you.”

“Well, I think you’ve already secured your position in our firm. Don’t be too nervous, Watanabe. Just relax. We’re not going to interview you, we’re just going to have a little chit chat to get to know more about you,” said the other person named Sakurai.

“And also to give you information about how things work in our company, the basic salary, the career prospect, the culture, and such,” said Sakai.

“Watanabe-san, do you have a family? Tell us about them,” that was the first question coming from Sakai.

And it wasn’t the kind of question that was expected by our young heroine. She was more of expecting questions that revolved around her motivations, ambitions, plans for future, etc.

“Oh, my family….I don’t have a family now. My parents and my older brother had died in an accident, 7 years ago. And since then I’ve been living with a relative. I still have grandparents from my mother side, but we rarely get in touch. They live in Hokkaido.” Mayu explained.

“So you’re an orphan, but you still manage to graduate from law school despite of that.” Sawajiri said, showing a sympathy.

“Yeah, I worked hard. And I have a huge support from my relative.” Mayu said.

“I see. And who is this relative? Is he, or she, staying with you here in Tokyo?” asked Sakai.

“Yes, she is staying with me. She’s been working part-time jobs to support me while I was still in the university. She also acted as my guardian when I was in high school. We’re so close like sisters,” Mayu answered with her brows furrowed, wondering why the interviewers had become a little bit too personal with their questions. But then again, being a lawyer is a personal job. A happy lawyer with a happy family means a productive lawyer. And a productive lawyer means more money for the law firm.

“She must be very happy and proud of you, now that you’ve graduated and become lawyer.” Sawajiri said. She stared directly into Mayu’s eyes, causing the later to become nervous again.

Sawajiri had an exquisite beauty, with reddish duck lips that even sexier than Tomochin. She was very smart and sharp like shark, inside and outside the courts. The way she dressed, the way she sat, the way she spoke, all her gestures just spelled out ‘smart is the new sexy`. With her daring personality, she often made controversial statements in the media. She’s the epitome of the ‘love her, or hate her’ kind of person.

And Watanabe wondered if she would become someone like her in the future. Would Yuki like it if she change into someone like Sawajiri Erika?


“Huh!?”   Crap. I’m dozing off again.

“Oh yes, yes, she is. She’s very happy and proud of me. In fact, she’s the main reason for all my achievements so far. She has been a great support to me. And I’ll be nothing without her. So now all l want do is, make her happy.”

(Oh no! What did I just say? Did I talk too much?)

Sawajiri let out a little smile. This cute, Cyborg-like, young female had perked up her interest. She wanted to know more about Watanabe Mayu.

“You’re single. Do you have a boyfriend or fiancee?” asked Sawajiri suddenly.

“What!?” Mayu almost choked herself.

What does this question have anything to do with the job interview?

“Uh, no, I don’t have a boyfriend.”

“A girlfriend then?” asked Sawajiri again, causing the poor little Cyborg to actually choke herself this time.

(WHAAAT!!!??? Should I answer that?)

Before Mayu could answer, Sakai went to interrupt them, saving our little Cyborg from further embarrassment.

“Sawajiri-san, please, don’t tease her like that. Look at her. Red as tomatoes.” Sakai said.

“Yeah, Sawajiri. You can tease her later, after she becomes your apprentice,” added Sakurai.

Sawajiri let out a chuckle.

“Alright, sorry. Let’s get back to the topic,” she said with a mischievous grin. While Mayu couldn’t help but staring at Sawajiri with a disbelief look in her eyes.

“Tell us about yourself, like your strength and weaknesses.”

“I am a hard-worker. I only spends 4-5 hours to sleep everyday. I can work under peaceful environment as well as stressful circumstance. I can work individually, and I can also work in team. I enjoy arts, books, mangas, and movies. I never drink alcohol. I don’t smoke and I don’t do drugs. My main weakness is sport. I am very bad at sport and physical activities. I’m also a bit stubborn.”

“Okay. And what is your motivation to choose law school? Why do you want to be a lawyer?”

Now this was the question that Mayu had prepared the answer. She was about to say something related to justice, moral codes, big salary, etc. But after being teased a lot by Sawajiri, she suddenly changed her mind, and wanted to play along a bit.

“My default answer would be for the justice, moral codes, and big salary.” Mayu said in a calm, composed tone. “But actually I never thought of becoming a lawyer. Ever since I was a child, I have dreamed to become a doctor, but unfortunately the medical school was too expensive for me. And then I wanted to be a police officer, but my sister, the relative with whom I’ve been living together, decided that I wasn’t suitable for that job. She then beaten me up so badly in order to make me change my dream job. Not long after that, one of my friends was arrested and sent to prison. And then I think, why not become a lawyer so that I can defend my friends whenever they’re in trouble, which happens quite often. I mean, them being in trouble, that happens quite often, hehe. So here I am now. If my sister didn’t beat me up that day, then I would’ve been a police officer, instead of lawyer, today.” Mayu said nonchalantly.

“Oh.” The three interviewers had their mouth agapes upon hearing Mayu’s long story.

But soon their bedazzlement then changed into a burst of chuckle.

“Hahaha! Seriously, Watanabe san? You really are interesting!” Sakai and Sakurai laughed.

Sawajiri also let out a little laugh, but after that Mayu could feel Sawajiri’s eyes piercing right into her.

“Okay, now let’s continue to our next issue. Every lawyer must specialize themselves in more specific field. So, have you already chose one, Watanabe?” asked Sakai.

“Yes. I want to be a criminal lawyer.”

“Criminal lawyer? Are you sure? Because it’s--”

“Not sexy, I know,” said Mayu.

“Then why did you choose it? Why not tax law or corporate law? Those fields bring more money than criminal law. And besides, criminal law is usually not a popular choice amongst female lawyers. Are you sure you can handle it? Dealing with the worst of people, criminals, drunk people, drugs dealer, gangster, Yakuza? I have to ask you once again, what is your motivation, Watanabe san?” asked Sakai.

“Well, I just find it’s more….thrilling,” answered Mayu.

At that moment, with the corner of her eyes, Mayu could see Sawajiri licked her lips, and staring at her more intensely.

Nonetheless, Mayu ignored the stare and continued. “Of course, I am also interested to study tax law, corporate law, and other fields. I believe that being a specialized lawyer doesn’t mean you cannot learn other areas. I think I am going to go for a general practice lawyer. But my first choice will be, yeah, criminal lawyer.” Mayu delivered her words with a full confidence.

“Well, I just hope you’ve found your calling then.” Sakai said.

“So that was our interview today. Congratulation for being accepted in ‘Nagashima Ohno & Tsunematsu’ law firm, Watanabe san. We are proud to say that we are very selective, we only accept five fresh graduate every year. And being in the top-tier, you’re clearly our first choice. You will work here starting from next week. And now we will explain the basic salary. For a fresh-grad junior associate, the annual salary will be 18 millions yen, plus bonuses. After two years, it will be 20 millions yen, plus bonuses. And after ten years, if you work very hard, you’ll become a partner like us. I won’t tell you how much our income as a partner is, because it depends whether you want to be an equity partner or non-equity partner. But I can assure you, you can be a billionaire before you reach 45. Then you can decide whether you want to retire at that age, with a huge money to burn, or you want to continue working and bring more money into your life, so that you can secure the future of your grand, grand, grand children in your family.” Sakai finished his long explanation, and waited for Mayu’s reaction.

Knowing Mayu’s background and how she had lived in poverty during her school days and college days, these interviewers knew it exactly that Watanabe Mayu was hungry for money.

The young lawyer herself, at that moment, could only froze upon hearing the mentioning of her salary. Of course she knew it already that working in one of the biggest law firm in Japan, surely would bring her a lot of money. But to be hearing it with your own ears, listening to your bosses as they mentioned your salary, it would gave you a totally different sensation.

(Holy sh*t! Eighteen millions yen per year. One million five hundred thousands yen per month. And that’s only the beginning! Holy f*cking sh*t!)

The interviewers looked and smiled at each others, as they knew exactly what was on Mayu’s mind.

Mayu was already imagining herself with a lot of money to burn, by time she reached thirty, forty, fifty, and so on.

(I can’t wait to see Yuki’s face when I’m telling her this!)

Sakai then continued, “You will work as associate at this main office. But occasionally, you will be tasked to assist our overseas branch office in New York and Singapore. How high is your TOEFL/IELTS score?”

“I have 6.5 for IELTS and 105 for TOEFL.”

“Well, then it won’t be a problem for you to work abroad. We’re also planning to open a branch in China next year, so it will be a good benefit for us if you can learn some Chinese,” Sakai let out another smile.

(Oh yeah! New York, Singapore, China, I’m coming! And Yuki must come with me too! Woooohoooo~~~ This is gonna be so much fun!) Mayu’s inner self started dancing in joy.

The interviewers then continued explaining several other things to Mayu. But from here on in, the rest of the interview wasn’t so important for Mayu, as she was already flying in cloud nine, imagining herself and Yuki doing all those stuffs they couldn’t do in the past, going on vacations all around the world, buying all those fancy dresses, riding fancy cars, living in luxury penthouse, etc.

Finally, after a long time, after a long struggle through long hardships, Watanabe Mayu’s dream has come true.


A red sports car was spotted driving out from the parking basement of a condominium complex, somewhere in Tokyo. The road today was crowded since it was a busy hour, but it didn’t seem to affect the happy mood of the car’s driver.

The driver was a young female with a smug look and ikemen face, and cladded in a grey Givenchy suit. She turned on the CD player, and soon found herself humming to the songs, the newest album from one of her favorite band AAA, Way of Glory.

It only took 20 minutes of driving from her penthouse in Minato-ku, to her office building which was located near the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building in Shinjuku-ku. Most people preferred public transportation such as buses and subways, but it wasn’t an option for somebody like her who needed privacy more than other people.

She was the CEO of several big companies. She was Matsui Jurina, or Lord Matsui Jurina, as she secretly called herself.

Jurina’s appearance was still like a 15 years old girl, however, she managed to make her appearance look older and more mature, by using a small portion of Eguchi’s aging control substance, and also by regularly changing and upgrading her wardrobe.

After becoming the CEO of many companies left by Akimoto Yasushi, Jurina’s life style had changed into a luxurious one. She bought an expensive condominium, namely the Park Court Akasaka Hinokicho Tower Ward, located in Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo. She’s been living there together with her partner, Matsui Rena. The condominium was 44 stories tall and 200 sqm. It had a small, private indoor swimming pool so that Jurina and Rena could swim anytime in a broad daylight, without worrying over the sunlight. It also had a larger open swimming pool at the rooftop, a gym / fitness centre, a spa and a salon inside the building.

Jurina also had three ultra-luxury cars in her private parking lots, which she used for different occasions depending on her mood. First, there was the red Honda Acura NSX, a two-seats sports car. And there was the most expensive one, a Rolls Royce Phantom Black Edition. And lastly, Jurina’s most favourite was a white Lamborghini Aventador.

As for today, she was riding on her red Acura.

At 9 AM she arrived at her office; a 20-stories tall building with a futuristic design. Her shiny black shoes echoed all along her way from the parking lot in the basement to the main entrance of her office building. Inside the building, the floor had rugs.

“Good morning, Matsui san.” the receptionist at the lobby greeted her with a smile. She was a young woman, who had just been newly recruited in Jurina’s office.

“Good morning, Aoi. And how many times I must remind you, that you should call me Jurina. Just Jurina. Everyone here calls me that. No need to use formalities with me.” Jurina said, giving her best smile to the new employee.

“Okay, Jurina san. I’ll try to remember that.”

Jurina nodded and continued heading to her room at 15th floor.

On her way she meets two employees, a male staff from marketing department and a female staff from finance department. Jurina had been seeing them talking in private a few times while other people’s not looking, and she suspected these two persons have been dating secretly.

“Good morning Shigeru, good morning Ayame. It’s nice to see you two together,” Jurina said with a wink.

“Good morning, Jurina,” they greeted her back in unison. And Jurina could see them blushing a little.

As Jurina continued strolling down the hallway, she met a janitor who was busy cleaning the floor and carrying out trash bags.

“Aaah...Naoko san, good morning! I have something that I forgot to give you yesterday~” Jurina turned into a happy puppy once she met the middle-aged woman who’s been working as a janitor in this office for more than 10 years.

“Good morning, Jurina! What is it?” asked the janitor, letting out a wide smile.

“It’s an Anpanman Figurine Set for your son. I’ve promised to give him this as his birthday gift,” said Jurina as she took out the figurine from inside her bag.

“Oooohh….Thank you Jurina, why are you so nice? You’re such a good person. Kosuke-kun will like it very much. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome, Naoko san.”

The janitor was very happy.  No one had ever treated her so well like this before, except Jurina. This young CEO had given her the biggest appreciation, even to a janitor like her.

Jurina continued walking again, feeling even more happier than she was when she woke up this morning.

Jurina met several other people amongst her many employees. She greeted them with their first name, and was greeted back with her first name too.

When Jurina started working here, the first thing she did on her first day was trying to change the culture in this office to be more friendly and warm. She initiated calling her employees in the first-name basis, and insisted they must called her ‘Jurina’, without all those formalities. Jurina was very good in remembering people’s names and faces. And that made her become easily popular amongst her employees.

After taking the elevator, Jurina arrived at her room, and was greeted by her secretary. A young woman with a round, thick spectacles.

“Good morning, Betty.”

“Good morning, Jurina. And stop calling me Betty. I’m not that ugly,” the secretary said with a frown.

“Of course not, Miki. What I mean is, just like Betty, you’re very pretty with glasses, and you’re even prettier without glasses.”

“Hm, really? Oh why, thank you Jurina,” Miki said smiling.

“Your welcome, Miki.”

(Jurina’s right. I’m pretty. I’ll try wearing contacts next week). Miki thought.

“And oh Jurina, this is your schedule today. You have meeting with your stakeholders at 10 AM. And after lunch, you will have meeting with our business development managers. And lastly, a meeting with our tax lawyer at 4 PM. I have prepared all the documents and materials for you.”

“Nice! Thank you Betty, I mean Miki! You’re a really my life-saver, really!” Jurina said and gave the secretary a hug and a kiss to the cheek, which surprised the later a bit.

Even in the office, Jurina was still a kissing monster. And fortunately for Jurina, she was the boss here, so nobody could ever complain about her antics. Not that everyone would complain anyway. Then again, who wouldn’t love being kissed by someone as charming as Jurina?

After attacking her secretary with hugs and kisses, Jurina went to her desk to study the materials for her meetings today. She was an extremely busy person and she had to learn and do everything fast.

And after being a CEO for 4 years, Jurina had proven herself to be very capable to handle her huge business kingdom. She was almost as capable as Akimoto Yasushi, the previous owner of this kingdom. She had a smart brain, leadership, sharp intuition, strategic thinking, and willingness to take risks. Plus, she also had something that AkiP did not have: her warm and friendly personality.

Matsui Jurina, once a thief and a mugger, now had fulfilled her dream to become a lord. A long time ago, 150+ years ago, Jurina had made a promise to someone who was very dear to her. Someone who wore a lovely eyepatch, and was very good at using bow and arrows. Someone with whom Jurina had promised to stop being a mugger and to settle down in Nagoya.

And now, long after that person had died, Jurina finally fulfilled her dream to become a lord, in a modern world.

(Akane, can you see me now?
I’ve become a lord now, Akane.
And I’m doing this all for you. Just for you.
Even though you’re not here anymore.

If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have lived today.
If you hadn’t come back and saved me in that battle, I wouldn’t have achieved this dream today.
Our dream.

Arigatou, Akane.
Thank you for everything.
I will always remember you in my heart.
And I know that in your heart, I will always be your prince.

And now let me say this, Akane.
Farewell and goodbye to you.
I will never forget you.
My lovely eyepatch girl.



“Here we are, Ladies. We have arrived at your destination,” said the taxi driver as he stopped his car in front of a huge apartment building.

Yuki stared at the building, her face was full of doubt. “Mayu, I’m not sure if this is the right address.”

“Well, if you’re worried so much, let’s just ask the ojiisan.” The person who was sitting next to her in the passenger seat just shrugged.

“Ojiisan, are you sure this is right address? Could you please check it again?” asked Mayu to the taxi driver.

The taxi driver read the piece of paper on which Mayu had written down her destination address. He then checked the address of the building in front of them through a GPS.

“This is the right address. I am very, very sure of that.”


Mayu then paid the money to the taxi driver. And both girls then got out from the car. The taxi driver helped carrying their luggages and belongings to the entrance of the apartment building.

Mayu and Yuki then entered their new apartment, which was located on the 18th floor. They had two big luggages and two small luggages, along with several backpacks and duffel bags.

Standing of the door to their room, Mayu emptied her pocket to find the key.

And as soon as they entered the room, the both girls were in awe as they witnessed the interior of their apartment.

The apartment was fully-furnished. It had 2 beds, refrigerator, sofa, table, integrated electric stove, dining table and chairs, washing machine, cloth-dryer machine, big television set, computer table, free Internet wifi, etc. The size was 2SLDK which was made for a couple, or a small family with 1 or 2 children. 2SLDK means 2 bed rooms, 1 Storage room, 1 Living room, 1 Dining room, and 1 Kitchen. Although it was much smaller than Jurina’s luxurious condominium, but it was definitely larger than their old apartment which only had 1 bed room and no storage room. Their old apartment was so small, that if someone farted in one room, the other person in the other rooms would hear and smell it LOL. There was no privacy at all.

And so now, looking at their new apartment, Mayu couldn’t help but feel excited. Her mouth formed a wide croissant smile. She took Yuki’s hand and dragged the older girl around to explore the other rooms.

“What do you think, Yuki?”

“Hm. I like it. It’s very...spacious. And comfortable too….”


“....But…” Yuki paused for a moment. “Mayu, isn’t this a bit too expensive for us? Can we really afford this? I think it’ll be better if we choose a smaller one, and not wasting your money for something like this.” Yuki said, not feeling happy.

“Don’t worry Yuki, this only costs 20% of my monthly salary. This is a good bargain, Yuki.”

“Yes, and 20% of your monthly salary is equal to twice of my monthly salary.” Yuki said, rolling her eyes.

“Hmm….If my salary is X, and your salary is Y, then 0.2*X is equal to 2*Y. If X is 1.5 million yen, then how much is Y? Wait, let me think….”

“Oh, cut it out already! This isn’t a Math quiz!” Yuki frowned impatiently.

This Cyborg can be annoying sometimes, and not to mention, this Cyborg also likes to brag about how smart she is.

“Okay, okay~ You know I’m just kidding. I apologize if it was a bad joke. You know I suck at being a clown.” Mayu laughed at herself, thinking she was funny as hell when in fact she was not.

"Anyway, you don’t need to worry, Yuki. We have everything now. There’s nothing to worry about,” Mayu said with a reassuring smile.

“I know. I just...I don’t want you to do all these things for me.”

“What? Hey, who said I’m doing this for you!? No, you’re wrong, Yuki. I’m doing this only for myself.”

“Oh, really?”

“Yes! Yes! I’m doing this only for myself!”

Yuki rolled her eyes.

“What? You don’t believe me? Well, I’m telling you, I love spacious!”

“Tckk, you know what, Cyborg.” Yuki came closer to the younger girl, and put herself just a few inches in front of Mayu.

And then, with their faces being so close at each others, she whispered, “You’re so sweet. I like it. So thank you, for everything.”

Yuki then gently put her lips upon Mayu’s lips, giving the later a sudden but gentle kiss.

Mayu was in a frozen state, but only for a short moment. She quickly recovered, and she frowned.

“Stop calling me Cyborg, Yuki. I’m not that flawless, little Cyborg anymore. Now I’m an adult. A smart, mature, suave lawyer. I’m a devil’s advocate.”

“Alright, Mr. Devil’s Advocate. I won’t call you Cyborg anymore. Happy now?”

Mayu nodded, giving out her signature croissant smile.

“I’m hungry. What are we going to eat now?” Yuki asked.

“Hm...Do you wanna to go out? Oh wait, I have a better idea. Let’s just call a delivery. How about something fast like pizza or okonomiyaki? I’m so hungry I want fast food and fast delivery. Do you want to select the menu?” Mayu asked as she browsed an online delivery meal from her smartphone.

“Anything is fine for me,” the older girl said and then went to drag her luggage into the bedroom.

Mayu then ordered a lot of pizzas and okonomiyaki.

A few minutes later, Yuki walked out wearing something more comfy.

While Mayu was busy setting up the TV channels and the wireless Internet connection. Mayu then opened her backpack and took out a pocket of DVD case. Singing happily to the tune of her favourite anime soundtrack, she inserted a DVD into the player. And soon she was drawn into her own little world. The room now was filled with Mayu’s cheers and merry laughters.

Yuki stared at Mayu, feeling amazed and amused at the same time. A moment ago, this young lawyer declared herself as an adult; smart, mature, and suave. And now she already came back to her original self, a little child and otaku who was crazy over animes and mangas.

Not knowing what to do, Yuki then decided to leave Mayu in her little shell, and went to the balcony to enjoy the view. It was Saturday after all, so they had nothing to do other than procrastinating in their new, cozy apartment.

The apartment had a wide balcony and a lot of glass doors/windows, giving them much lighting from the sunlight and beautiful view of their surrounding. The apartment building was also located near a park where children could play anytime. Watching children playing, it was something that Yuki liked very much. There were times when she was distressed upon having too many stuffs on her plate, and then she would just go to the park and play with the children. Just like Mayu, sometimes Yuki also wanted to be a child again. Young, careless, and free. Far away from troubles and sorrow.

Not long after, the delivery food arrived. Yuki and Mayu ate pizzas and watched movies together in the living room. Another delivery from a transport company also made an arrival at their address, delivering a lot of cardboard boxes containing Mayu’s stuffs, such as books, mangas, toys, figurines, cosplay costumes, etc. The transport company helped people moving in and out from one place to another.

After finishing their meal, they unpacked their luggages and made a list of what they’re going to buy on the afternoon. Since their apartment was already full furnished, they only needed to buy a little more stuff like cooking utensils, cleaning supplies, and foods supply to fill their refrigerator.

And that night, they spent their night just like a newly married couple, having a hot, passionate moment in their new, spacious bedroom.

Sorry I just can’t make a smut scene.
I’m not good in writing smut.
Please use your own imagination.

Next day, Mayu asked Yuki to go shopping again.

“Yuki, let’s go shopping again today,” Mayu said suddenly.

“What are we going to buy, Mayu? We already shopped yesterday. I don’t think we need to buy anything again for now.”

“I still have a lot more in my list. Come on, Yuki. Let’s explore this area.” Mayu took Yuki’s hand and dragged her out without a warning.

Just come with me, Yuki. Let’s explore the world together. You and me.

“Mayu, wait! I’m still in my loungewear! I need to change first!”

“No need to change, Yuki, hehe~”

I’m going to give you all the love in the world. All the diamonds and the pearls. Anything you want.

“Oh, I know where we’re going. You want to buy me some clothes, right?”

“Yes, and other things too.” Mayu said.

’Cause you have given me everything, Yuki.
You have saved me and protected me, in every way that a person can be saved and protected.

Soon they found themselves inside a fashion store.

Mayu grabbed a lot of fancy dresses, fancy skirts, gowns, shoes, boots, hats, bags, accessories. And she forced Yuki to try wearing each one of them, much to Yuki’s protest.

“Remember, I’m your boss now, Yuki. Just do what I say.”

And now it’s time for me to pay you back.
Though I don’t think I’ll be able to ever pay you back.
So tell me what do you want, Yuki?
What do you like?
I’m going to give it all to you.

Yuki could only frowned, unable to protest any further.

Yuki then began the embarrassing process,  trying all those clothes on, one by one. And everytime Yuki walked in and out from the fitting room with a different cloth, Mayu squealed like a crazy fangirl because Yuki was just too beautiful and stunning.

And it was very rare to see Yuki wearing dresses like that. In fact, she never wore girly clothes like that before, not in her lifetime. For an orphan like her, a village girl with no money and always facing constant dangers in daily basis, fancy clothes was not Yuki’s thing.

And finally, at the last fashion store, Mayu made Yuki wear something like a wedding dress. Yuki came out from the fitting room, with her cheeks blushing so red like a tomato.

“Wooaah….Let’s buy this dress. And I want you to wear that dress as we’re walking home today.”

“What!? No, Mayu! Please no! I can’t...I can’t wear this.” Yuki said as she turned around quickly, wanting to get back into the fitting room again and take off that dress.

But Mayu grabbed her hand and stopped her.

“Why? Why can’t you wear that?”

“I just can't. This isn’t for me.”

“But I think it really suits you.”

“No...I mean...What if, what if we meet a bad guys in our way home, then I will have to fight them, but I can’t, because I’m wearing this fancy clothes!”

Mayu just gave a stupid look with her face before she smiled wide again.

“Oh Yuki, just for one day, please stop thinking about those bad guys. There are a lot more good people in this world than bad guys. These worlds are actually full with good people, if only you care to look deeper. Stop focusing your mind to those bad guys, and start paying more attention to the good people! This is our lucky day, there won’t be anyone harming us today. Trust me, Yuki.”

Yuki was stunned upon hearing Mayu’s words. Never had she heard something so optimistic and inspiring like that before, much less coming from Mayu’s mouth. Where did Mayu got her wisdom from? Yuki was puzzled.

“Okay, I’ll wear this, Mayu,” Yuki finally said.

“Good. And don’t worry, if we ever meet bad guys today, I think you still can fight even with that dress.”

“No way.”

“It’s true, Yuki. I saw them in movies. Action movies. Two sexy women wearing sexy dress, fighting each other. It looks so cool and funny in the movie.”

“And you should know that those things only happen in movies, right?”

“Yes, but what if we’re actually living in a movie too, right now, Yuki?”

“Huh? Living in a movie? What are you talking about? I don’t understand.”

Mayu smiled. “What if our life is just a movie? What if the world that we’re living in, is just a fiction? What if there is someone out there, writing a story about us? What if we’re just some characters in mangas, animes, or novels, or fanfictions?”

“What kind of riddle is this, Mayu? Are you saying that we’re not real?”

“Yes. What if we’re not real, Yuki?”

Yuki seemed to be thinking hard, but then she just sighed and shook her head. ”Well, I’m not sure whether we are real or not. But one thing I know for sure is this.”

Then Yuki stepped closer and made a sudden bold move. She took Mayu by her chin, and then, staring into those eyes, she claimed Mayu's lips and kissed her Cyborg passionately.

"Mmmpphh...Yuki...stop it. The shopping attendant is staring at us..."

"It's okay. Just let her be." Yuki said as she pulled Mayu closer and prolonged their kiss.

Mayu was quite surprised because Yuki had never kissed her in public before. Yuki always preferred to have their kiss in private place, when nobody's watching (except that one time when Yuki boldly kissed Mayu in front of Sasshi the Invisible, back then in the girls' apartment in Shizuoka).

Despite feeling awkward upon having a stranger witnessing their kiss, Mayu eventually responded Yuki's kiss with the same amount of passion.

And when they broke their kiss, they were smiling at each other.

“Now, that one, Mayu, is real. Our kisses are real. And what we had last night, and many other nights, those are real too.”

Mayu could only frozen.

And hopefully that answer was enough to satisfy Mayu’s hunger over some philosophical, mind-blowing question she recently had in her mind.

"Now, Mr. Watanabe, would you please escort your lovely bride home?" Yuki said playfully with a wink.

Mayu smiled wide.

"Yes, let's go home now, Mrs. Watanabe." Mayu said as she took Yuki's hand, kissed it, and hold it like a gentleman before they walked home together.



The door of their apartment flew opened as Watanabe rushed hurriedly inside and panickedly locked the door.

Her face displayed horror and turmoil. And she was panting heavily, probably from running all her way home.

“Mayu, what happen?”

“I….I think I’m being followed. Somebody’s following me, Yuki.”


“I don’t know! They’re wearing black suit!”

“They? How many people?”

“Two, or three….I’m not sure…”

“Okay, calm yourself down first. Breathe. Drink this.” Yuki instructed as she gave the trembling woman a glass of water.

After several minutes, Mayu calmed down.

“Now explain it to me. Is this related to your work?”

“I--I think so, Yuki. I’m currently working on this money-fraud case. And one of our key witness died suddenly….”

Yuki frowned. “And?”

“His sister gave me this, today.” Mayu said as she took something out from her briefcase.

It’s a flashdisk.

“What’s inside it?” asked Yuki.

“I don’t know. I haven’t seen it.”

“Let’s see then.”


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Which one do you want me to prioritize?

And please kindly give your comment/advice/critics here.
I will appreciate it very much.

P.S.: Sorry for not giving you the smut. You know I am really bad at it. I like thriller/action more.

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