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Japanese / Re: Kyoka Shibata 柴田杏花
« Last post by muppet on Today at 04:54:57 PM »
Kyoka san is really lovely in this PV from Sakura Shimeshi

さくらしめじ「スタートダッシュ」Music Video

   "Say aahhhh~".

   "Mi-miyuki...We're in the clubroom. P-people staring...". Sayanee said with a flushed face.

   Milky frowned. "Why? Are you ashamed dating me infront of our senpais".

   "N-no. It's not... "

   "Say ahhhh~". Ignoring Sayanee's, Milky still wants to feed her lover. Sayanee gave up. Even it was embarrassing witnessed by her senpais, it was better than having her beloved angry at her.

   "Ohhhhh, you two are so CUTE~!". Squealing Yuki on her seat.

Yuko who still not knows about those two witnessed the scene unfold with a clueless face.

   "Am I missing something here? ".

   "Ah forgot to mention, Yuko-san not there that day. So you probably still not knows about this. Finally, our SayaMilky here finally took their step to a relationship  more than friends! ". Announced Yuki, smiling.

   "SayaMilky?!!". Sayanee shocked with such an unfamiliar but somehow sound familiar name. On the other side, Milky seemed pleased with it and shakes Yuki's hand thanking her for the new name.

Yuko suprised with the news but later congratulates the newborn couple ," Really?,  congratulations you both. Ahh~ Can't believe I missed the news".

Yuko was grinning, but being an observant person, Yuki noticed something off with it. Yuko that she knew will makes a fuss about this and teasing the two nonstop. But seeing Yuko only stops there raised a curiousity in her. "Yuko-san. Are you alright? ".

Yuko flinched with the question. If that came from Mariko or Takamina, she probably will not be surprised, but coming from Yuki, the new student,really caught her off guard. Later Yuko let out a fake chuckle. "I guess ".

Haruna continue sobbing.She was sitting on the edge of the bed with her head on her knees. She didn't dare to looked into her lover's eyes. Yuko must be angry at her for keeping it a secret, but the most frightening thing if she saw a disappointment in Yuko 's black orbs.

'Nyan Nyan '

Yuko watched it silently. She knew, in that moment, no matter what she said will never reached Haruna making her felt better. She will only makes it worse if she tried. Done treating her injured girl, she took all the equipment she used and walked out from the room without uttered any words. Later a sobbing came. 

Yuko got off from her seat and went near Yuki. She ruffled the girl's head. " I am touched. Are you worrying about me? ". Continue messing the princess's hair with her cheeky grins. Ignoring the protest from the said girl.

   "Where's Yuihan by the way? "


Yui gazing at each pictures carefully. Admiring the quality of it. She not a professional, but she not blind to not noticed how pretty the picture taken.

   "Who captured all these?".


   "I bet it was you. Judging from your rude behavior when we first met, only you can took this wonderful art".


Yui plopped down on nearby seat. Send a sharp glare. "Are you serious gonna ignores me all day? ".

A piece of paper passed to her.  Yui read it a loud. " If this can makes you leave,.. The answer is yes". Yui put it back on the table. "You the only girl who ever testing my patience ".  Yui got up and snatched the thing that had became the other's girl attentions away.

Paruru tried to reach it but Yui skillfully dodged it. Paruru gave her famous glare towards the intruder of her personal space. Only to be replied by a cheeky grins from the vice-president.

   "In the many places in this school, why oh why you are here?!!". This was a first time Paruru lose her cool. Yui really testing her limit.

   "Finally! You are talking to me".

   "That's not the point. Answer me. Why you always bothered me wherever I go??!! Are you my stalker now? ".

   "If that what it takes, to earn your attention. I gladly to be".

   "Wha-? ". Weird with respond, Paruru puzzled.

   Standing with a serious expression ever,gazing into Paruru's wavering eyes, Yui said, " I'll get straight to the point. Shimazaki Haruka, I am interested in you. ". Paruru tried to find if this was a joke but only seriousness she can saw. "That's my answer. How about you? ".


   "....Um..., Shimazaki-san?..."

   "Hmp.. There's no way I'll be interest in my stalker".

Snatching her camera back,  Paruru entered the printing room leaving Yui alone outside.  Closing the door, Paruru leaned on it. Her hand on her chest, feeling her heart beating rapidly. The room was dark, but Paruru swear she can witnessed her redden face from the mirror inside.

   "Haaaaaaaaaa~ Give me a break ". Exhausted, Acchan flopped down on the couch. Laying on it with her eyes closed.

   "That's a long sigh coming from you". Takamina entered with a drinks.

   "Minami ~". Acchan pouted. Ugh too cute. Without been told, Takamina already can read what Acchan wants from her, she knew it was bad for her heart, she afraid if she can't controls her desire, but an upset Acchan is the last thing she wanna see.

Putting the untouched drinks on the coffee table, she took the empty space beside the young actress, Acchan quickly embrace the smaller girl leaning her head on the other's girl head. Nuzzling her nose inhaling Takamina's sweet scene. Fortunately for Takamina, Acchan can't saw her blushing face right now.

   "I am tired. With all the media things. They never give me a break. Our agency already explained everything about the rumor of that picture but they still asking questions. They will not gonna stop until they reach the juicy stuff".

   "Can't blame them. It's their job.For someone who working in almost the same business as them, you must understand this".

   "I know, I know. But it's just,... I can't got my freedom at all. I understand their position, but come on, give me some slack would them? Sometimes I have been thinking quite a lot, if, just if I never accept their offer becoming an actress, maybe my life right now would be more easier. The only thing I must do is studying. I also can get a spend more time with you and the others.No media, no camera, no paparazzi". Acchan tightening her embrace around Takamina's waist. Her head Now leaning onto Takamina's shoulder. Takamina ruffled the girl head slowly. This comforting Acchan more.

She's right. If only she not an actress, maybe I have more courage and hope in us. But... "This is your happiness, you like this job, am I right? ".

   "I love it. If I can turn the time, I still choose to do this job". Muttered Acchan.

The living room became silent. Takamina didn't had work today, so did Acchan. Both of them took this chance to bonding their almost crumble relationship before with spending the evening in Takamina's apartment. The good this was there no one at home that day so they got the house all to themselves. 

A small whimper came from besides her, it was Acchan's sleeping. She must be cold. Takamina wrapped her arms around the dozing off Acchan in hope it can warmth the other girl. When the last time we like this without worries of other matters? If,if only I don't fall for you, I don't have to worry about losing into my desire, if, if only I never know about your feelings towards me, I don't need to be a clueless girl. I am such a bad person.


H!P Crapola / Re: The Official Ranking Thread
« Last post by Stryfe on Today at 04:04:51 PM »

H!P rankings, main acts + kss (settings)

Oof some painful choices in there. Left out the rest because it's pretty much just everyone tied at 44  :P
Haruna san - you look Mahvelous!

Japanese / Re: Hinako Sakurai 桜井日奈子
« Last post by muppet on Today at 03:27:18 PM »
Hinako knows she will pass an important milestone soon

As she strides confidently on her path

See you real soon...
Yui Yokohama goes like this when
she thinks about Hijiri Tanikawa

AKB48 チーム8 横山結衣x谷川聖
Yui Yokohama goes like this when
she thinks about Hijiri Tanikawa

AKB48 チーム8 横山結衣x谷川聖
The Official J-Music Artist Threads / Re: (Group) Ebisu Muscats
« Last post by ball7 on Today at 02:23:27 PM »
Japanese / Re: RaMu (ラム)
« Last post by muppet on Today at 01:09:24 PM »
RaMu san!
六万 views+ を

To celebrate, RaMu attempts to
draw with her お尻

Fun Times!

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