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Author Topic: Love is blind (UPDATED) [03/29 I'm sorry guys...]  (Read 44634 times)

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Re: Love is blind (UPDATED) [04/30 Chapter 3 - Tough life]
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 :shocked   OOH! F##k  :shocked   

Poor Eri T^T   :cry:

I Feel so Sad for her ... well Continued Plz *W*

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Re: Love is blind (UPDATED) [05/10 Chapter 4 - Breaking the ice]
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O-hayou gozaimasu~

Did you all sleep well? I actually didn't sleep at all yet, I wanted to finish this chapter as soon as possible and come up with an update XD

Minna-san~ I also want to tell you that my updates won't be that speedy as they had been before anymore, since I've started to work again and when I'm coming back home, I'm just happy to see my bed XD But don't worry, I always have a notepad with me at work so I can go on writing on paper!

Anyways here is chapter 4! Enjoy~


NOTE: Sorry for possible grammar/spelling mistakes

Chapter 4 – Breaking the ice

In that night I just couldn't fall asleep. Now matter how hard I've had been trying to fall asleep, after counting one-hundred sheeps and tossing and turning in bed, I finally gave up. I was way too agitated. I couldn't get my mind off of Eri. We had been sitting there for an hour as I let her cry freely in my arms. She told me about how she lived all alone in her house and that a person in charge dropped by every now and then to check on her. Her daily routine consisted of sleeping, eating and studying. Damn, I really wanted to do something for her. Something, that would make her forget about all the terrible things that happened in her past.

I wondered how Eri had been able to deal with this pain all on her own since she never had someone to talk about it. I really looked up to her for gathering the strength to move on even though her past life had been a complete mess. If something like that would've happened to me I'd probably killed myself. I sighed and threw the blankets back, making my way over to the window sill and sat down. My thoughts were revolving around Eri as I stared into the pitch-black night, watching stray cats scurrying across the untraveled street. I wondered if Eri was already asleep or if she had a hard time with falling asleep just like me.

What the... Reina, that's none of your business... stop thinking about her. Don't think of her beautiful face and those alluring lips and the way the wind plays with her hair... SERIOUSLY!!! REINA!!

I shook my head to get rid of those thoughts as I got up from the window sill and started my notebook. Maybe some surfing in the internet would clear my mind from thoughts of... her. While the loading screen on my desktop appeared, I turned on the small lamp on my bedside table. A soft beeping sound from my notebook announced that I've received a new e-mail. Who the heck was sending me an e-mail in the middle of the night? I clicked the small envelope button which opened the message and... my heart stopped. Out of all people I knew I've never expected  that this girl would send me an e-mail. What did she want from me all of a sudden? I gulped as I started to read.

Dear Reina,

how are you? How are things in Tokyo? You're probably surprised about me sending you an e-mail. Without any further ado, I'll tell you the reason why...

I had been thinking about you... a lot! I keep on thinking back about the time you and me had been a couple and the more I thought about it... the more I started to miss you. Breaking up with you and letting you go was the biggest mistake I've ever made... because now I know that you were the best thing that ever happened to me. You can't imagine how much I want you to be back in my arms... how much I want to kiss you... how I long for your touch, even though we never got that far...

Anyways, I'll be in Tokyo this weekend to see my friends band performing an open-air concert. I thought maybe you and me could go together... walking hand in hand like we did when we were a couple... I believe the two of us will be so lost in each other that we even won't realize the stupid philharmonic concert next to us drowning the heavy guitar beats out... which I hope this will not happen, since I can't stand orchestra music.

Tell me where and when we can meet and I will be there...

I look forward to see you


P.S.: Remember when I said that I never really loved you? That was a lie... I really do love you... that's why I broke up with Tetsuya...

I stared at the screen in disbelief. She had been thinking about me? Breaking up with me was the biggest mistake she'd ever made? And she wanted to see me? What the heck was going on? Hanako had been the one who told me that she never loved me with the most serious expression I've ever seen. If she really had loved me like she was claiming now then why did she leave me for her stupid ex-boyfriend? Oh no, I wouldn't let myself getting tricked by her. Not again. Probably things with her boyfriend didn't work as well as she had imagined and now she thought she could have me back. But she was wrong... she was so damn wrong, she... wait... I started to read the part with her coming to Tokyo again and suddenly it clicked in my head. That was the idea! Well... I guess I wouldn't mind to see my ex-girlfriend again. I needed to tell her something.

~~~ ~~~

I barely couldn't keep my eyes open at school. I had been sitting in front of my notebook the whole night to organize everything for the weekend and now I was tired as hell. The teacher went on with his lectures and said something about the upcoming test, but I barely heard him as I rested my head on my arms, feeling tiredness taking me over. I yawned and closed my eyes. Just as I was about to fall asleep, I felt Aiko poking me into my arm.

„Reina! Don't sleep now“, she whispered.

„Shut it, Aiko and stop being a pain in my neck.“

„I'm just trying to help you...“

„I don't need your help.“

„What did you do anyways last night to be that tired?“

I lifted my head and looked at her with an annoyed look on my face. Why did she have to be that curious? That was another point why I would never fall for a girl like Aiko... I didn't like people who were always questioning everything.

„How often do I have to tell you to mind your own business?“

„I'm just worried about you.“

„I'm fine, Aiko-chan... there's nothing to worry about.“

„But you've been like this... since a few days now.“

„Like what?“

„All... spaced out and now you're even sleepy.“



„Shut up.“

„Mou, Reina~“

„Tanaka-san! Minazuki-san! Why are you two always talking in private?“, the teacher asked.

„Uh... sorry, Aiko-chan asked me if I'm okay...“, I answered quickly.

„Aren't you feeling well, Tanaka-san?“

„Uh... no, I... Sensei, can I go home?“

„Is it that bad, Tanaka-san?“

„Y-yeah... my stomach hurts and I feel like... throwing up any minute...“

„Well then, go home and rest. Don't forget about the test tomorrow.“

„Hai! I'll study as hard as I can“, I said as I got up and grabbed my books.

„Get well soon, Tanaka-san.“

„Thank you.“

I bowed to the teacher and glanced at Aiko who looked at me with her mouth agape. I suppressed the urge to laugh, her expression was way too funny and somehow I knew what she was thinking right now. That I was a sneaky girl who just knew too well how to get away from a boring everyday school life.

~~~ ~~~

I was surprised about the size of the university as I walked through the hallway. It wasn't like how I've always imagined a university would look like. Plants decorated the hallway to my left and right. How was Eri actually able to negotiate her way through the many hallways? Was someone leading her or did she memorize it just like the way from here to her house? And also... was she the only one in her group who wasn't able to see? I walked over to a big picture that was hanging on the wall in a golden frame, showing all the professors that were teaching at this university. Wow, so many people who where teaching students about music. I wondered which professor would be in charge of the class Eri was sitting in right now. I looked at the clock hanging on the opposite side of the wall with the picture. In about twenty minutes Eri's class would be over. All I had to do now was finding the auditorium.

I leaned against the wall next to the door and listened to the orchestra music that came through the wooden door of the auditorium. I caught myself humming to the repeating melody, swaying my head from left to right. Actually that kind of music wasn't that bad and I started to understand why Eri liked that music so much, it really was soothing. Once again I glanced at the clock and suddenly my heart beat quickened as I found out that it would be only three more minutes until Eri's class was over. I took a deep breath to calm myself down. Why was I so nervous anyways? I was just visting Eri who probably wouldn't have more than only five minutes before the next class started. But actually it didn't matter to me if we only had five minutes or less, I just wanted to see her... to hear her voice.

The sudden sound of the bell ringing slightly startled me and tore me out of my thoughts about Eri. Soon the door next to me opened and I watched some students walking out of the auditorium, talking to each other. It seemed like they were all still in posession of their ability to see. So Eri was the only one...
The stream of students slowly subsided and still no sight of Eri. I started to panic slightly and checked the room number. It was the right one, I had been looking at the room division and the checked the names of the students who would attend the course. Eri should be one of them.

„Oh, hello. Are you a new student?“, a female voice asked me and startled me.

„Uhm, no... my name is Tanaka Reina“, I introduced myself and bowed to the woman, „I'm looking for someone...“

„And who is that?“

„Her name is Kamei Eri... the list on the bulletin board told me that she would attend to this course.“

„So you're looking for Kamei-san, I see. Well, she's still in the auditorium.“

„Thank you“, I said and bowed again before I walked into the room.

I smiled as I spotted her in the first row, gathering her books. One of them slipped off the table as she moved her hand over it to get her white cane. I walked over to her and picked up the book, giving it into her hands.

„May I help you, young lady?“, I asked.

„Reina? What... what are you doing here?“, Eri asked me, a look of surprise crossed her face.

„I'm not stalking you, if that's what you think!“

„That was actually not what I'm thinking,“ the girl giggled, „but don't you have to be at school?“

„Well... actually... yes... but I... told the teacher that I'm not feeling well and... he sent me home.“

„So why aren't you at home then?“

„Because I feel fine and... I wanted to check on you.“

„Eh? Why?“

„I was worried about you and... I wanted to know how you feel after... your breakdown yesterday...“

„Oh, Reina...“

„So... how are you?“

„I'm fine so far... thank you“, Eri replied and slowy got up.

„Sorry, you're... probably in a hurry...“

„Oh, no I'm not. The last classes are cancelled, the professor is sick.“

„I see... so that means... you're going home now?“


„Oh... well then... I won't keep you from that“, I said and made attempts to go.

„Reina... wait!“


„Would you... join me and... have a coffee?“

„I... if I'm not annoying you...“

„I wouldn't ask you if you were annoying me, silly. I... I really enjoy your company“, Eri said and smiled.

„I would love to accompany you, Eri.“

~~~ ~~~

„So you liked the orchestra music?“, Eri asked, tracing her finger along the cap of the paper cup she was holding.

„Yes, it was actually pretty good. I never thought that orchestra music could sound that amazing.“

Eri giggled, causing me to smile. She sounded so cute when she was giggling.

„You're cute when you're smiling or giggling...“, I said as she got me once again.


„Uh... n-never mind...“, I stammered, quickly thinking about another question to change the subject, „what... what do you like so much about orchestra music?“

„The sound of the instruments playing together in a perfect harmony, sending out the message of the composition.“

„Eh? Message of the composition?“

„Each composition, each song has its own message. You can express your feelings through music. It doesn't matter if you feel sadness, anger, happiness or love... you'll find a song for all of your emotions.“

„Wow, you really know a lot, Eri.“

„Well, it would be bad if I didn't knew that after one semester of studying“, Eri replied and softly laughed.

„True...“, was the only word I managed to say while my eyes were litteraly glued on her again.

I liked the way she was laughing. I totally respected and looked up to her for still being able to laugh and gathering the strength to live on after she went through hell in her past. That was something what really attracted me to other girls. I've never liked those kind of girls who where whining about every single unimportant event in their life, annoying people like me to death.

„You're doing it again...“


„I can sense your eyes on me.“

„Oh... I'm... I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be rude...“

„No, it's okay. I was just wondering why you're looking at me.“

„Well... I...“, I stammered, taking a deep breath, „I just can't take my eyes off of you.“

„Oh... that's...“, Eri said, slightly lowering her head. Was she blushing?

„Uh... yeah...“

„And... why can't you stop looking at me?“

„Eri... you're...“, I sighed, pulling all my courage together, „you're a very pretty girl.“

„Do you think so?“

„Yeah, of course! I wouldn't say something like that if I wouldn't mean it.“

„I... I don't know what to say...“

„You don't have to say anything, Eri. I just... wanted to point that out and... explain why I can't stop looking at you.“

A few moments passed, neither of us dared to say a word. The situation was awkward and I mentally slapped myself for telling her something like that. I totally ruined our conversation we had before and I probably confused her with my statement, she kept on playing with the cap of the paper cup. But I just couldn't help it, it was the truth and I couldn't deny that Eri was a very attractive young woman. I sighed and leaned back, staring at the sky. I watched the clouds chasing each other, changing their shapes in the wind. Suddenly something sneaked into my mind. Something important I've almost forgot about.

„Eri, what did you plan for the upcoming weekend?“, I asked, finally breaking the silence.

„Not much... why?“

„I'd like to take you with me.“

„Eh? Where?“

„I won't tell you.“

„Why not?“

„It's a... surprise, okay? So would you come with me on saturday?“

„Sure... if I'm not putting you out... I'd be happy to come with you.“

„GREAT!“, I exclaimed, causing Eri to flinch, „oh... sorry. I didn't mean to startle you.“

„It's okay“, the girl said and smiled, „but... can't you just give me a small hint?“

„Let's just say... it's something I'm pretty sure about that you'll like it.“

„Mou, Reina~ That's not a very useful hint, you know.“

„I know~“, I giggled as she puffed her cheeks.

We sat in the park for another two hours, enjoying the warm sunlight while we were talking to each other. Eri still tried to steal an answer from me about the upcoming weekend but I remained silent. It was so cute to watch her pouting in a playful disappointment after I told her that she wouldn't get an answer until saturday. I couldn't remember when the last time had been I was laughing so much. Eri never failed to make me laugh or amaze me and I really enjoyed every single minute with her. The more she was around me, the more I wanted to be near her as much as I could. But... why did I feel like this? Once again I was there, asking myself thousands of questions.

Why was Eri on my mind constantly?

Why was the sound of her voice still echoing in my ears even though we've parted from each other hours ago?

Why was her smile always distracting me when we were talking to each other?

Why was she always the last thought before I was falling asleep and the first one when I woke up? 

Is it possible that... I... No! Stop it, Reina! You've sworn to yourself that you'd never give your heart to anyone else again.

No matter how nice that girl seemed to be, no matter how well I was getting along with her, no matter how much she cared for me... I just couldn't allow myself to develop feelings for someone.

I... don't wanted to love anymore...

To be continued...

That's it for chapter 4, chapter 5 has just begun~ I hope that it turned out well and that you liked the chapter though. Let me know what you think~
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Re: Love is blind (UPDATED) [05/10 Chapter 4 - Breaking the ice]
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I just couldn't allow myself to develop feelings for someone.

Oh Reina... you already did XD!

Will they go to that concert on saturday ?
I hope they won't meet that Hanako-girl...

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Re: Love is blind (UPDATED) [05/10 Chapter 4 - Breaking the ice]
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I guess I have a little hint about what she's gonna do with Tanako...

Mmmm... yeah xD

God!! She knows she's HOT!

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Re: Love is blind (UPDATED) [05/10 Official Love is blind Eri pic]
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Minna-san, konban wa~

Thank you for reading and all your comments! It really makes me happy and with your comments I know that it's worth to go on writing... I mean... why bother and write a story if no one's interested to it XD

Anyways, I'm not coming up with a new chapter (don't worry, I'm already working on it~) but I finally have an official fanfic picture of *drumroll*


I admit that I'm so totally not good with Photoshop, so I'm happy that I could at least edit Eri's eyes!

A very special thanks to kawaii_beam! (on H!O) for doing the last parts on the picture. Thank you a lot, nee-san~

Well, yeah... for everyone who wanted to know what Eri looks like in my story, especially since she's blind... here you go! As you can see I took a picture of the Shouganai Yume Oibito PV. Why? Because she looks stunning (like she always does XD) and it kinda fits my story... remember, Eri is a student at a university!

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Oh man, it's bad that I think it's so cute that Reina can't get her mind off of Eri. XD WTF?! Hanako, the bitch who broke Reina's heart?! :tama-mad: Hope she gets a piece of Reina's mind if they really do meet up. Aww, she couldn't sleep at all, huh? :lol: OMG AIKO SHUT UP!!!! :P I'm pretty sure she means well but damn....annoying! :D AWWWWW! She went to go see Eri~~~ :wub: Holy....DATE!!!!! :w00t: I find it kinda funny that Reina's constantly staring at her and Eri's like :huhuh But oh yes, she is gorgeous~ *gasps* Is Reina gonna do what I think she's gonna do....? :w00t: TAKE THAT, HANAKO!!!! :lol:

And great picture, Kame~ kawaii_beam did a great finishing job!

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Chapter 4 – Breaking the ice
:mon spit:

Well now...ooooooooooooooooooooooookay. :?

Putting aside the whole "Eri factor", one can't help but wonder just whether or not this is legit. On the one hand, if the ex's email is for real, then she probably only initially broke up with Reina (external influences/pressures notwithstanding) because of her own insecurities about being in a GF-GF relationship. If, on the other hand, it's not...then I really hope that Reina smacks her around.

However, now remembering the "Eri factor", if this is for real then the ex just might have to learn what it's like to mess up and to have to deal with the consequences of it.

Oh Reina, despite your best efforts...the heart wants what it wants. You can't really help that. :yep:

JPH!P :heart:'s kuro808, Fushigidane, ChrNo, Jab & marimari. Always.

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Yes, I'm back and you'll get another chapter. Uhm... no, there will be still no Hanako in this chapter... actually I wanted to come up with her in that chapter but then I've decided to focus on Aiko a little bit more and... well you'll see.

I hope you still like the chapter though and enjoy reading~


NOTE: Sorry for possible grammar/spelling mistakes

Chapter 5 – Denial, Confusion, Realization

I couldn't concentrate onto the test. Thoughts of Eri filled my head and instead of thinking about japanese history, I was wondering what she would do right now. Listening to the lecture of the professor? Still wracking her brain as she tried to figure out what I had been planning for tomorrow? I could feel a silly smile growing on my face as I imagined her face, her lips pursing into that cute pout she had shown yesterday after I told her that I wouldn't give her another hint.

„Time's up. Please pass the tests forward“, the teacher said, causing me to snap back to reality.

„EH?“, I exclaimed, looking at the clock.

„Is there anything wrong, Tanaka-san?“

„Uh... no... never mind...“, I replied, quickly scribbling down the answer to the last question.

„So would you please pass your test forward?“

„H-hai“, I replied, passing my test to the girl sitting in front of me.

The bell rang, announcing the beginning of the break. I stretched and yawned before I got up, walking towards the door. Suddenly I felt someone grasping my wrist. I turned around, ready to yell at the person as I looked into Aiko's eyes. Her serious expression caused me to blink a few times in confusion and suddenly I realized that she hadn't been talking to me since that morning.

„What... do you want?“, I asked, trying to free my wrist from her grasp but my attempts to do so failed as she tightened her grip.

„I want to talk to you.“

„About what?“

„In private.“


„Please, Reina...“

„Well... first let my wrist go! I can't stand it if people are touching me without my admission.“

„Oh... sorry...“, Aiko replied and slowly loosened her grip on my wrist.

„Thank you!“

„Can we talk now?“

„Whatever...“, I said and sighed deeply.

~~~ ~~~

„What is it, Aiko-chan?“, I asked her as I sat down in the grass underneath a tree, happy about the cool shade.

„You weren't sick yesterday, right?“, she said, sitting down next to me.

„So what?“

„So what? Reina, you skipped the classes!“

„Actually... no, the teacher sent me home.“

„Yeah, he sent you home! But you weren't at home!“

„Thank you mom but... where the hell did you pick that up?“

„Because I saw you in the park!“


„You were sitting on a bench... with a girl.“

„Wait... how do you know? Did you follow me?“

„I did! And you know why?“

„No but I'm sure you're going to tell me in a few seconds.“

„Reina, could you please stop acting so nonchalant for once?“

„And could you stop to poke your nose into things that are none of your business?“

„I was worried!“

„You worry too much!“

„What if someone else would've caught you?“

„Then I'd have had a good excuse.“

„Like what?“

„Geez, Aiko-chan! You start to annoy me...“

„Reina... I...“


„Who... who was that girl...? Is she the reason why you are like this lately?“


„You're so absentminded and you're always in a hurry after school's over! Is that girl the reason?“

„Aiko-chan... what are you talking about?“

„Just tell me, Reina! Is she the one?“

„Which one?“

„The one who captured your heart!“

„W-what?“, I stammered, feeling my cheeks burning as a blush crept into them.

„Is she the one you love?“

„I...“, I mumbled and gulped before I went on, „I... don't love her! She's just a friend!“

„A friend who seems to get a lot of your attention...“

„What the hell is your problem?“

„Never mind...“

„Aiko-chan... you're confusing me.“

„You're confusing me too, Reina! A lot!“, Aiko said before she got up and quickly walked away.

I sat there, totally lost. First she had said that she needed to talk to me and now she just walked away? What was bothering her so much that she had to act like that? Seriously, I started to so not understand her. Why had she been talking about Eri 'being the one'? I... wasn't in love with Eri...

~~~ ~~~

„The tests turned out very well“, the teacher announced as he handed back the tests, „some of you still need to study a little bit more... Tanaka-san?“


„You did a really good job. I wish I could've given an A to you though.“


„Your answer to the last question was wrong. The emperor of the Showa era was male and his name was Hirohito“, he said, handing me back my test.

Yay, I've had a B at least and that even though I hated the dry subject japanese history. My eyes wandered down to the last question and my heart skipped a beat as I read the name I've written down there.

Kamei Eri

„Well, I hope you all study more in the term after summer break. Remember that your finals are coming up, so please make sure to work hard. Thank you for the good work so far and enjoy your summer break.“

Just as the teacher had finished his sentence, the bell rang announcing the looked-for beginning of the summer break. I quickly gathered my books and jumped up from my seat. From the corner of my eye I could see Aiko looking at me, shaking her head. I sighed and for a brief moment I thought about talking to her but I've decided otherwise. I really wasn't in the mood to argue with her even more and also I didn't wanted to explain myself just because I was seeing Eri every day. For now it was way more important to me to see Eri again.

~~~ ~~~

My heart pounded against my chest as I could see Eri sitting on the bench. She had her eyes closed and seemed to enjoy the warmth of the sun. I slowly walked over to her, feeling nervousness taking me over just like the last few times I had been spending time with her. But why? Why was I always like this when she was near me? Why was my stomach tingling with each thought of her? Her lips formed a smile when I sat down next to her.

„Hello, Reina.“

„Hey, Eri.“

„Happy that you've finished this term?“

„Yeah, I'm glad that it's over.“

„How was your test?“

„Not bad, I've got a B“, I told her proudly.

„Congratulations, Reina“, Eri said with a smile on her lips, distracting me again.

„Actually... it was not that hard“, I replied, staring at her lips.

REINA!!! STOP IT! It's rude to stare at her like this! Remember that she can sense your eyes on her!


„Y-yes?“, I replied, my eyes shot up to hers.

„I really look forward to tomorrow.“

„I'm glad to hear this. I hope you will like it.“

„Well~ Maybe you could give me another hint and I'll tell you if I like it.“

„Eri“, I giggled, „I won't tell you where we're going tomorrow. It wouldn't be a surprise anymore if I told you about it.“

„It was worth a try~“

„You're a sneaky one, do you know that?“

„No, not until you told me.“

Both of us started to laugh and once again I felt so comfortable being with her, the sound of her laugh was heartwarming. I was really happy about her acception to my invitation and I barely could contain my pleasant anticipation.

„Oh, Reina~ What a coincidence to meet you here“, a very familiar voice said, causing me to flinch.


„What are you doing here, Reina?“, she sheepishly asked.

„I could ask you the same!“

„I was just taking a walk in the park in order to get home“, Aiko replied with a smirk.

„Yeah, right...“

„Reina... what's going on?“ Eri asked, her expression obviously confused.

„Nothing. I'll be... right back, okay?“

„Where are you going?“

„I'll just need to talk to my classmate. It won't last long“, I reassured her and gave her hand a gentle squeeze.


„Yes, Eri?“

„Take care, okay?“, she whispered, putting her hand onto mine sending sparks through my body with the gentle touch of her hand.

„I will, don't worry“, I whispered back and got up.

I grabbed Aiko's wrist, dragging her with me. After I made sure that Eri couldn't hear us I stopped and released her wrist, glaring at her. I was more than furious about her sudden appearance, I knew that she just wanted to check on Eri and me.

„What do you think you're doing, Aiko?“

„As I told you... I just took a walk in the park.“

„Don't you take me for a fool!“

„I'm not!“

„So why are you here then?“

„I already told you!“

„Aiko... stop telling lies!“

„Why do you think it's a lie?“

„Because your house is in exactly the opposite direction from here! You never crossed this park to get home! Why the hell did you follow me?“

„Never mind!“, Aiko said and turned around, making attempts to go.

„Aiko! Wait!“

„Why should I? I'm annoying!“

Oh geez, now she caused a scene on me referring to our conversation back at school. There it was again. Another reason why I would never fall for girls like her. I failed to see why I had to explain myself over things that were actually none of her business. And now she tried to get away with it. But not this time. I wanted to know why she acted like she did now. Aiko started to walk away slowly as if nothing had happened.



„I want answers!“

„Answers? You? You're kidding, right?“

„Do see me laughing?“, I asked, my voice thick with sarcasm.

„No...“, Aiko replied, lowering her head.

„See? I'm not kidding!“

„Reina... I don't understand you.“

„EH? Why? I wasn't the one who didn't respect your privacy! I should be the one who has the right to say that.“

Aiko sighed and stared onto the ground, kicking some pebbles away.

„You don't see it, do you?“

„See what?“

„Reina, seriously! Are you blind?“

I flinched at the word. Blind. I immediately had to think about Eri who was sitting just a few inches away, totally confused. I had to get back to her as soon as possible.



„What's wrong?“

„Aiko-chan... the girl sitting over there... is blind.“


„So?? Damn, Aiko! She'll never be able to see again and you're speaking out the word as if it wouldn't be a big deal!“

„Oh, I see... now you want to tell me to never say that word again, because your girl is blind?“

„I'm just asking you to be condsiderated of her blindness!“

„Why? It's not my fault that she's blind!“

„I know that but it's not like she chose to lose her eyesight either!

„Why are you reacting so... aggressive?“

„Because it's rude towards her!“

„Reina... I would understand it if it would be your fate to be blinded... but not if it's someone else's fate.“

„Aiko, she's my friend! Eri had a very hard life in her past and so much things happened to her. I look up to her for being able to go on with her life even though her past was all messed up!“

„And you commiserate with her so much that you have to spend most of your time with her!“

„Eh? No! It's not like that! I'm not with her because I'm taking pity on her.“

„So why then?“

„Because I enjoy spending time with her! I've... never met a girl like her before.“

„Reina, what's so different about her? Oh I know... she's blind!“

„Aiko, don't you dare to make fun of her!“

„Ohhh~ You're getting all protective.“

„You know what? Just shut up and go, leave us alone! I'm tired of your acting!“

„I'm not acting, Reina!“

„You do! You're insulting a girl whose fate is hard enough and you don't even know her!“

„And you don't see what bothers me!“

„Tell me then! What bothers you?“

„Can't you see that... I need to know what she means to you because I...“

„You what?“

Suddenly Aiko took a step forward and the next thing I knew were that her lips pressed onto mine. My eyes widened in shock and my head told me to push her away, but my limbs didn't obey to the command. Aiko broke the kiss and looked into my eyes, which probably were filled with a mix of confusion and anger from before.

„I love you, Reina!!“

I was speechless for the first time since that conversation – well, more fight – had started. Aiko loved me? Since when? She never mentioned anything about being into girls. Was she even sure about her feelings or was it just a simple puppy love? My mind was reeling and I couldn't think straight. Aiko totally caught me off guard with her sudden confession.

„Take your time to think about it... message me... if you've decided“, Aiko said and with that she walked away.

Take your time to think about it? What? There wasn't anything to think about nor a decision to be made. I already knew that I didn't feel the same for her. For me there was nothing more than friendship. I never would fall for her and even less after she had said so many rude things about Eri.

Eri... OH DAMN, ERI!!

I quickly turned around and ran back, hoping that she still would be there. After all I kept her waiting for too long and judging from her expression before, she had been afraid that I wouldn't come back just like the people who didn't keep their promises. A sigh of relief escaped my throat as I could see her still sitting on the bench. Once again I felt that tingling feeling inside of my stomach as I took in her beautiful appearance. My heart beat quickened when she turned her head into my direction as I slowly approached her. Her smile melted my heart in an instant and my knees went weak at the sight of it. What was it about her that made me feel this way?

Stop to act the fool, Reina... you already... know why... even Aiko realized it.

Yeah, I already knew why she made me feel like this. All the time I had been denying it... telling myself that it wasn't true and that it was just my imagination. In those times I started to believe in my feelings, I scolded myself for giving in and took a step back as the painful memories of my last relationship overtook me. I was torn between friendship and love, wrong and right, unsure about what I should do. My feelings for Eri were growing stronger each day and I had to admit that a part of me wanted to be with her. But I was afraid of breaking our friendship and losing her with only three little words that would change everything.

I love you.

To be continued...

Well, that's it for chapter 5. I hope you liked it, please let me know what you think~ Stay tuned for chapter 6!

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Ouch, this is gonna get messy for Reina. She's got an ex who wants her back, massive feelings developing for Eri, and now a love confession from another party. TanaKame deserves a some peace and quiet. :o I've got a feeling the surprise she has for Eri isn't gonna go all that smoothly either. *eyes ex*

Looking forward to the next chapter! :)

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oh my...
poor reina  :lol:
I really feel sorry for her!
but it's funny for some reason  XD
I'm already looking forward to a big catfight
eri will maybe not take part in it... she doesn't seem like that kind of girl... but aiko and maybe reinas ex  :D?

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Chapter 5 – Denial, Confusion, Realization

Oh mang...don't tell me Aiko-chan suddenly has green eyes? :?



„You did a really good job. I wish I could've given an A to you though.“


„Your answer to the last question was wrong. The emperor of the Showa era was male and his name was Hirohito“, he said, handing me back my test.

Yay, I've had a B at least and that even though I hated the dry subject japanese history. My eyes wandered down to the last question and my heart skipped a beat as I read the name I've written down there.

Kamei Eri

„You don't see it, do you?“

„See what?“

„Reina, seriously! Are you blind?“
Oh crap...:O

Ooooooooooooooh crap.  :shocked

„Can't you see that... I need to know what she means to you because I...“

„You what?“

Suddenly Aiko took a step forward and the next thing I knew were that her lips pressed onto mine. My eyes widened in shock and my head told me to push her away, but my limbs didn't obey to the command. Aiko broke the kiss and looked into my eyes, which probably were filled with a mix of confusion and anger from before.

„I love you, Reina!!“

„Take your time to think about it... message me... if you've decided“, Aiko said and with that she walked away.

Take your time to think about it? What? There wasn't anything to think about nor a decision to be made.
Why am I suddenly thinking of the movie "Fatal Attraction"?
:mon scare:


JPH!P :heart:'s kuro808, Fushigidane, ChrNo, Jab & marimari. Always.

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Great chapter
Yeah =D I knew Aiko felt in love for Reina ^^
she was really "blind" ^^"
but that situation it's funny and know she know that she LOVEs Eri <3 <3 <3 <3

Can't wait to read u next chapter.
I'm looking forwar for the "Date" and "the fight for Reina's Love" ^_~

keep ur work and Ganbatte~~~

NOOOOOOoooooooo T.T
I will be late..... >_______<
Like I didn't hear it, like I couldn't hear it.... I shouldn't have heard your love in the first place

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Reina's so sprung. XD Hmm, Aiko seems pretty jealous. I think she wants Reina all to herself. :lol: OMG she wrote Eri's name?! :rofl: Aw, TanaKame! :wub: Aiko's such a bitch, foreal. It's one thing to be all annoying and "clingy" but she crossed the line with making fun of Eri like that. :thumbdown: If she was trying to appeal to Reina, she just did the opposite. I knew it, she likes her too. Reina's so popular. :P I'm glad she's not denying what she feels for Eri anymore~ :grin:

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Oh man, poor Reina... First an ex, then Eri, and now Aiko. I hope things go smoothly with Eri and the surprise, but I have a feeling it won't... :(

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Great fic! I am really enjoying this story! :k-inlove:

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Ooh! ... I was really sad for Aiko  :-\  I understood her situation...  :(
but thinking now ... She's crazy ¬¬' ( well, not crazy XD , or yes? O_O?)
Hanako? She was Reina's girlfriend ... ¬¬ I don't like her =_= ...
I only want Tanakame  :heart: as all
Chapter Plz I really like your Fic   :oops:

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  • ...shiawasekai...
I find the story so refreshing  :yep: Love it  :twothumbs

Looking forward to the next installment, and I hope soon  :grin:

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*comes out from lurking*

I don't comment on fan fics anymore (heck...I don't really post on here much either), but I just wanna say that this fic is awesome. I've read these 5 chapters through a number of times now, so I'm hoping you'll update with a new one soon. Please *begs*

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:twothumbs  AWESOME FIC!!!!

Blind Eri is really nice and mature but still dorky at the same time XD

Yankii Reina showing her sweet side  :wub:

Yankii will be waiting for an update!!!

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Re: Love is blind (UPDATED) [06/08 Chapter 6 - A summer night's symphony]
« Reply #39 on: June 08, 2009, 12:27:33 AM »
Minna-san~ Konban wa~~

Finally it's done!! I've finished chapter 6!! YA~~Y!!! Well, I'm sorry for making you guys wait, but I'm kinda busy at the moment since I have to work and also because I'm planning to go to America this summer, so I'm busy with all the paperwork and the stuff I have to do before I can go there.

Anyways~ This chapter is my longest so far, since I've promised to bring Hanako up X3

Okay, without any further ado... enjoy chapter 6!!


NOTE: Sorry for possible grammar/spelling mistakes

Chapter 6 – A summer night's symphony

For the hundreth time this evening I putted on another shirt and eyed myself in the mirror. A huge pile of clothes gathered on my bed. Skirts, jeans, shirts, tops... almost my whole closet was thrown onto the bed as I tried to decide what to wear tonight. I glanced at the clock that was standing on my bedside table and felt nervousness taking me over as I noticed that I only had two hours left. Two hours before I would meet her in the park, ready to take her onto our date. Date... was it even a date?

*knock knock*

„Come in~“

„Hi, Reina“, my mom greeted me as she entered my room.

„Hi, Mom.“

„What are you doing?“

„I'm trying to figure out what I should wear tonight“, I replied, taking off the shirt I was wearing and sighed as I threw it onto the pile.

„Oh, why?“

„I'm going out.“

„With who?“

„None of your business.“

„Your new girlfriend?“


„What? Why can't I ask my daughter if she has a new girlfriend?“

„As I already said... that's none of your business“, I replied and walked over to my closet.

„Fine... but if it's no one special, why are you bothering with choosing the perfect outfit?“


„Reina, that's not an answer.“

„Ever had the idea that I don't want to tell you who it is?“, I snapped.

„I'm only interested in your life. After all you're still my daughter.“

„I know...“

„It... is a girl, right?“

„Don't worry, mom. Guys are still not attracting me.“

„That's not what I meant...“

„What is it then?“

„I just noticed you've been smiling a lot lately.“


„It makes me happy to see that you're able to smile again.“

I smiled and sat down next to her. My mom had been there for me after Hanako broke up with me. She was the one who held me in her arms, the one who had been comforting me and wiped away my tears, telling me that Hanako never deserved me. Suddenly I felt bad for snapping at her. She only wanted to make sure that I was alright. I couldn't remember when the last time was I had been talking to her about the events that happened in my life.

„Her name is Eri...“


„The girl... I'm going out with tonight... her name is Kamei Eri.“

„Oh, not Aiko?“

„EH?? AIKO?? NO WAY!!“

„Why? Aiko seems to be a very nice girl.“

„Yeah... she seems to be a nice girl. But since she knows about Eri, she's completely freaking out and all bitchy.“

„How come?“

„Because she said that she fell in love with me.“

„Oh, Reina. You're quite a player“, my mom said and giggled.

„Mom, I don't know what's so funny about that.“

„Well, it seems like a lot of girls fall for you.“

„They don't...“

„And what about Eri?“

„I... don't know...“

„Eh? Why do you not know?“

„I... just think that... she's probably totally straight.“

„Did she ever mention a guy?“

„Only her dead brother...“

„Oh... I'm sorry...“

„It's okay. Eri is a fighter, that's what I know for sure. Life's been messing with her a lot and still... she lives on.“

„Say, Reina... did you actually tell her that you like girls?“

„EH? NO!“

„Why not?“

„I... I can't tell her, mom. I don't want to risk our friendship only by telling her that I'm into girls.“

„Do you really think she'll turn her back on you for being honest?“


„What I want to say is... it's more likely that she's going to turn her back on you if you're not telling her the truth. And also... how will you know that she's not interested in you too if you don't know how she thinks about the fact that you like girls?“


„Come on, Reina. Give it a shot. Usually you're not a girl who gives up that easily.“

„I know but... I really don't wanna lose her, mom. Eri is... special and different from the girls I've ever met... she's... very precious to me.“

„I see that.“


„You're totally beaming since you've started to talk about her.“

„R-really?“, I asked, feeling a blush creeping into my cheeks at my mom's statement.

„Yes. You like her, right?“


„Oh no, Reina don't deny it. Be honest to yourself.“

„I... love her...“

„So if you're sure about how you feel for her then you should take the opportunity of this date. You'll never find out if she returns your feelings if you're being a coward“, my mom said and got up, „oh and by the way... the shirt you had been wearing before looked very good on you.“

With that she gently kissed my forehead and walked towards the door. She was about to leave as I held her back.



„Thank you.“

~~~ ~~~

I nervously fiddled with the hem of my shirt and bounced my legs up and down, as I was sitting on the bench, waiting for Eri to finally show up. According to my cellphone's watch, she was already ten minutes too late. I didn't know what I was supposed to think of that. Somehow an uncomfortable feeling rose inside of me. What if Eri only agreed to come with me out of courtesy and she actually didn't plan to join me at all? Was she really like every other girl who agreed first and then ditched me? No, it couldn't be... oh please don't tell me that I got fooled again. Not by...


I snapped out of my thoughts at the sound of Eri's voice and relief spread throughout my whole body. So my fears about Eri ditching me had been unsubstantiated. I turned my head to look at her and was about to say something but the words got stuck in my throat at the sight in front of me. Eri wore a black silken dress that caressed her perfectly shaped body, accentuating her womanly curves and her beautiful brown hair was braided into a bun. I gulped as I slowly got up, taking in her graceful appearance. The way Eri looked was exactly what I've always imagined if someone was talking about an elegant lady.


„Sorry for being late... I've been losing track of time while I was getting ready.“

„Don't worry. It... was worth the wait...“


„Y-you look... amazing!“

„R-really?“ Eri shyly asked and a soft blush crept into her cheeks.

„Yes. I've never seen a more beautiful young woman before.“


„W-well then... shall we go?“

„Sure, let's go“, the girl replied and smiled.

Once again I could feel my heart beat quickening and a pleasant shiver ran down my spine as I carefully linked my arm with hers. I really enjoyed being so close to her, it made me feel so secure but also nervous and excited. My heart pounded against my chest vehemently as the soft skin of her hand made contact with mine. If Eri only knew what that simple touch of hers caused within me...

~~~ ~~~

„Thank you, Reina“, Eri said with a smile on her lips as I carefully guided her to the seat, helping her to sit down.

„Don't mention it, Eri“, I replied, taking my seat next to her.

„Where are we?“


„I know“, the girl giggled, „but where exactly? I can hear the voices of many people.“

„You'll find out in a few minutes, just be patient.“

„You still don't want to tell me?“

„No, you'll get it when it starts.“

„So I shall stop asking“, Eri said in a playful way.

„It won't take too long until you'll find out.“

„Okay then, I'll be waiting.“

„Good“, I replied, taking a deep breath.

„What's wrong?“


„So why are you shaking then?“

„Eh? I-I'm not shaking.“

„You are... I can feel it.“


„Are you cold?“

„N-no, that's not it.“

„What is it?“


Suddenly a male voice started to talk and echoed over the place through the speakers, saving me from replying to her.

„Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the annual open air orchestral concert with the title Orchestra Beneath The Stars – A summer night's symphony. Please enjoy the orchestra music performed by the Tokyo Philharmonic orchestra, conducted by Omachi Yoichiro-san.“

Applause roared through the rows and grew even louder as the mentioned conductor appeared, bowing to the audience. Yoichiro Omachi wasn't the youngest anymore, from what I knew he was already in his late seventies but he was still famous for his amazing conducting skills. The applause slowly faded and soon the air was filled with the sounds of timbals, violins, violas, trumpets and flutes, playing together in a perfect harmony.



„This... is...“

„I know, Eri...“

„But... how...?“

„Let's just say... I did some research on the concert and I thought that you might like to go and listen to it...“

„Oh, Reina... that's... I don't know what to say...“

„You don't have to say anything. Just enjoy the music.“

„Thank you, Reina... for everything“, Eri whispered, leaning her head onto my shoulder causing  sparks to shoot through my body.

~~~ ~~~

The last sound of violins and timbals faded, announcing the end of the concert and I decided to wait for a little while before getting up and making our way to the exit as I watched the people practically pushing each other on the stairs. I don't wanted to get us into the crowd and get pushed around by people who were in a rush to get home. Also I was afraid of that something might happen to Eri, since all the other guests seemed to not take care of each other. It made me wonder why they came here in the first place if they were actually in a hurry. A soft touch on my arm caused me to jump and I turned my head to see that it was Eri's hand. My eyes lingered on her hand for a while before I lifted my head and my heart skipped a beat as I found out that Eri's face was only a few inches away from mine. I gulped when my eyes met hers, a shiver ran down my spine. Even though I knew that she wasn't able to see, I felt like she would look right into my soul. Her gaze was kinda insistent and the hazy grayish-white color of her eyes made it even more intense. I tried to force myself to look away but I piteously failed, her eyes totally got me.



„Thank you for taking me here“, Eri said, a smile appeared on her face.

„Y-you're welcome. I hope you enjoyed it.“

„Yes, a lot. I've heard about this concert, but I've never thought that I'd be able to come here and listen to it. How did you get that idea?“

„Well, a friend told be about the concert and since you're studying music I thought it would be interesting for you“, I replied.

„Oh, Reina... that's very sweet of you. And I'm sorry that you had to listen to it too just because of me...“

„Eh? No, Eri... I really enjoyed the music too.“


„Yeah. I totally got interested in that music genre... thanks to you.“

„I'm glad to hear that.“

„I realized that you were right.“

„About what?“

„About the individual messages of compositions... I guess I was able to figure some of them out.“

„Oh, that's great.“

„Well... wanna go home now?“

„Yes, let's go.“

„Okay so... may I take you home, young lady?“

„Reina~“, Eri giggled, „you're acting funny again.“

„Yes or no?“

„Yes, please. And on the way back you could tell me what you've been figuring out on the compositions.“

„Sure... but only if you tell me if my thoughts had been right.“

„I'll try to.“

„So, let's get going now“, I said, taking Eri's hand and helped her up.

„Uhm... Reina?“


„I'm glad that... it was you who took me here...“

„T-thanks, Eri...“

Eri sweetly smiled at me, gently squeezing my hand causing my heart to beat faster and my stomach to tingle. Just because of that simple, innocent gesture that was probably only meant to emphasize what she had said just now. Still... her remark was making me kinda... proud.

~~~ ~~~

„I really liked the way the violins and timbals were playing together. It was so powerful.“

„Wow, Reina... seems like the concert totally drew you in.“

„Yeah, it was. I've never thought that such kind of music would catch my interest though...“

„I'm glad it did.“

„I should listen to it more often from now on... maybe it even helps me studying for my tests after the summer break.“

„You could try and tell me if it worked.“

„Does it help you?“

„Yes, a lot.“

„So I'm sure it will work.“

„Eh? Why's that?“

„I don't know... somehow I have a feeling that it will.“



„You're... strange sometimes“, Eri giggled.

„No, I'm not~“

„It wasn't meant in a bad way... you're... cute strange and that also makes you... even more interesting.“

„Y-you think so?“


„Eri, I...“


I flinched and froze in place as I could hear someone calling my name. The voice of the person who had just adressed me sounded awfully familiar to me. Oh no, please don't... out of all people existing, was that girl the last one I wanted to see. Not now... not when Eri was with me. I slowly turned around and my heart stopped beating for a second as I looked right into her face.


„Reina, what are you doing here? I thought you were sick?“

„Maybe I was... maybe I was not. Why do you care?“

„You know exactly why! I wanted to see you!“

„And who told you that I wanted to see you too?“

„I know that you wanted to see me!“

„Now that you mention it... uhhh... no.“

„Don't lie to yourself, Reina!“

„I'd lie to myself if I said that I wanted to see you.“

Hanako glared at me. I literally could read the enviousness on her face. She obviously did not like it that I wasn't reacting the way she wanted me to. What the hell had she been expecting? That I would run into her arms and start crying like a little girl after I told her how much I had been missing her? Was she really thinking I would just forget about what she had done to me and came crawling back to her? Wow, could a person be even more wrong?

„Reina...“, Eri whispered, her soft voice caused me to snap out of my thoughts, „is everything alright?“

„Yes, don't worry... we'll be moving on soon“, I whispered back, gently squeezing her arm.

„Oh, I see“, Hanako said as her gaze wandered over to Eri, „that girl is the reason why you don't want to see me.“

„What are you talking about?“ I asked her, even though I knew what she was driving at.

„Who is she?“

„I don't know why I should tell you!“

„Come on, Reina. I'm just interested in your new life“, my ex-girlfriend said and took a few steps closer.

„My life is none of your business“, I snapped at her.

„What's your name, girl?“, Hanako asked Eri, causing her to jump at the sudden appearance right in front of her.

„I... I...“, Eri stammered, slightly lowering her head and I knew that she was trying to hide her eyes by doing so.

„No need to be shy. I just want to get to know you.“

„Hanako, stop it!“

„Come on, Reina. Where did you leave your behavior? Why don't you introduce us to each other?“

„Because I don't want you to inject your poison into her! Leave her out of all this, that's a thing between only you and me!“

„You're getting pretty protective towards her... right, girl?“

„Shut up, damn it!“, I growled, instinctively pulling Eri closer to me as Hanako took another step towards her.

„See? That what I meant...“

„I don't care about what you mean or not, just leave us alone!“

„Oh... you want to spend time alone with your new girlfriend? Say, Reina... did you actually tell her about us? About the time we had together when we were a couple?“

„Hanako, I'm warning you...“

„G-girlfriend? C-couple?? Reina, what is she talking about?“, Eri asked me, the tone of her voice bespoke confusion.

„Don't listen to her, Eri...“

„So your name is Eri, huh? I see... and she really didn't tell you about us?“

„T-tell me what?“

„You've been denying our love, Reina? Well, that's not very nice.“

„There is no love anymore between us! My love for you died a long time ago!“

„Stop acting like a fool, Reina! I know that you still love me and you know that too!“

„NO I'M NOT!“, I yelled, feeling my whole body tremble with anger.

„Did you at least tell her about the reason why you had to move to Tokyo?“, Hanako asked a self-pleased smile on her face.


„You didn't? Wow, you're hiding a lot from her... if I were you, Eri I would wonder why.“

„I-it's okay... she doesn't have to tell me if she feels uncomfortable with it.“

My ex-girlfriend blinked a few times, slightly taken aback. She totally did not expect that kind of answer from Eri. I knew that Hanako actually had been planning to get Eri furious about that I hadn't been telling her about Hanako and the reason why I had to move to Tokyo. Well... her plan didn't work out and now it was my turn to put on a self-pleased maybe even a triumphant smile. Even though it was kinda mean, I just couldn't help it but feel amazingly pleased to see Hanako losing all along the line.

„Reina... can we... go now?“, Eri quietly asked, slightly tugging on my sleeve.

„Sure... there's no need to stay here any longer. Let's go, Eri.“

„WHO THE HELL ARE YOU TO TELL HER WHAT TO DO?“, my ex-girlfriend barked at Eri.

„HANAKO! LEAVE HER ALONE!“, I snapped back.

„Say, Eri do you actually know with what kind of girl you took up with? Haven't you seen the meaningful gleam in her eyes since we were talking about our love that is still connecting Reina and me?“

„I... I didn't see... anything...“, the girl standing next to me replied.

„Hanako! One last time... SHUT UP!“

„What? Are you afraid of her finding out that you're still addicted to me?“, Hanako asked and looked at me before her gaze wandered over to Eri, „Reina is only using you to make me jealous! Come on, girl. Look at her and I bet you'll see what I mean.“

„I... I can't...“

„I'm just trying to keep you from a broken heart! Look into her eyes! You'll see that there's no love for you“, my ex-girlfriend teased.

„I... I want to look into her eyes but... I can't...“

„Why not? Afraid of that you see what I've told you?“

Eri sighed and lifted her head, the dim light of the street lamps shone onto her face. Hanako gasped as she finally was able to see what the meaning behind Eri's words was. She stared at Eri in disbelief, her mouth agape. For one brief moment, I've thought I saw a hint of guilt in Hanako's eyes but what she said next made me see once again that she was the devil in person.

„Are you serious, Reina?“, Hanako asked, a smirk on her lips.

„What do you mean?“

„You've really decided against me for a...“, my ex-girlfriend paused and looked at Eri with a deprecative gaze, „blind bitch? How pathetic!“

„HOLD YOUR TONGUE, HANAKO!“, I yelled, feeling my jaw clench and my muscles tensing.

„Well, Eri... I guess you'll never be able to look into those beautiful brown eyes of hers. Too bad... because you're missing something.“

„Hanako? What's taking you so long? We want to leave“, a female voice called after her.

„I'm coming“, my ex-girlfriend called back, looking at me, „it was nice to see you again, Reina... you'll see... you'll come back to me.“

With that, Hanako turned around and left, leaving me trembling in anger. I glanced over at Eri who had lowered her head again, the expression she had right now tore my heart into pieces. Suddenly I felt like an idiot and extremely sorry for having her standing right in the middle of that feud between Hanako and me, especially because she had nothing to do with the whole events that happened back in Fukuoka. I sighed and covered my face with my hands. A thousand thoughts ran through my mind and most of them were rather... disturbing. What if Eri would turn her back on me after what happened... after she heard that I was actually hiding something from her. Great... Hanako just messed up everything. She'd better not cross my way again or I'm going to...



„Are you okay?“

„I am... but I can ask you the same...“

„I'm fine... I was just... worried about you.“


„I thought that girl would... lay a hand on you.“

„Don't worry, Eri... I won't let her and also... I'm strong enough to defend myself.“

„That's good to know...“



„I'm... I'm sorry...“

„For what?“

„For... all this...“

„You don't have to be sorry... you didn't even know that she was here.“

„Eri... I actually knew she was here...“

„What? So... what she said was true?“, Eri asked, turning her head into my direction, the tone of her voice sounded... alarmed.

„No! No, let me explain it... Hanako was the one I got the idea from with the concert... she had been sending me an e-mail, asking me to meet and go with her to the rock concert her friend had been performing not far from here. She had been mentioning that there will be the orchestra concert also...“

„Why... didn't you go with her to that rock concert?“

„I... I rather wanted to be with you...“


„Yes. I've never intended to meet Hanako here... and I've never thought about using you to make her jealous... all I wanted was... to spend the evening with you... that was everything that mattered to me.“

„Oh, Reina...“

The next thing I could think of were Eri's arms around my neck, holding me close in a tight embrace. It took a few moments before I started to realize what was going on but as soon as I did, I could feel my face heating up as I blushed and I felt like my heart was about to burst inside my chest. Thousands of butterflies were fluttering around inside of my stomach, causing my whole body to tremble. I hesitatily lifted my arms to wrap one of them around Eri's waist while I placed my other hand onto the back of her neck to return the heartwarming gesture.

„Reina... since you've stepped into my life... I feel like I can do everything... spending time with you really means a lot to me... and I want to thank you for that... thank you for being there for me“, Eri softly whispered.

„I'll always be there for you, Eri... now and forever... you don't have to walk your way alone anymore...“

„You promise me that?“

„Yeah... I promise.“

Time stood still as we held each other in that tight embrace, neither of us seemed to want to let go. On that evening the moon remained the only witness of this romantic moment between Eri and me, silently approving the beginning of a new chapter in our lives made by the promise, as it shone down on us with its gentle, pale light.

To be continued...

And that's it for chapter 6... I hope you all enjoyed reading and it was worth the wait. Stay tuned for chapter 7
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