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Author Topic: RAPPAPA: Lost and Find - 3.1 ~ Aug 4  (Read 106154 times)

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RAPPAPA: Lost and Find - 3.1 ~ Aug 4
« on: July 12, 2011, 12:13:10 AM »
Decided to edit this message here since what was initially written here doesn't really apply anymore other then my english is still just a bad as ever.... I am thinking of going back to fix it all up... actually I'm going to see if i can get someone to go back and beta them for me since I obviously can't tell what's wrong.  :nervous

So here my First and still ongoing AKB fic, Majisuka inspired and based story running on my randomness. I basically write whatever comes to mind and I see this running for a long while but to make it easier to read I separate them. The whole story will revolve around the Rappapa members and unless mentioned all other girls mention will just be normal girls that our Rappapa members meet.

ex. Sae is not Gakuran  XD
     Jurina is not Center  XD

The first part Rappapa Supreme will follow after MG 1, and Undercover continues after the end of Supreme. Black IN White on the other hand goes back to before MG to explore what the drama never showed us. Black IN White is a prequel that follows Yuki before she enters MG and how she met the others. 

Hope it doesn't disappoint everyone. I also decided to add an index to make it easier to skip to the next reading. Thank you everyone.   :mon beam:

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Re: Untitled Part 1
« Reply #1 on: July 12, 2011, 12:23:44 AM »


Gee. Well detailed on describing each scene!

I couldn't give a title yet cause I don't know what sort of storyline you got in your hands. :]
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Re: Untitled Part 1
« Reply #2 on: July 12, 2011, 06:15:48 AM »
yeah!!!!!!! majisuka gakuen 3!!!!  :on woohoo:

I couldn't give a title yet cause I don't know what sort of storyline you got in your hands. :]

Like AAAice said, need to know ur story-line first...

Please update soon....  :bow:

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Re: Untitled Part 1
« Reply #3 on: July 12, 2011, 09:01:56 AM »
What the....?!

You're writing the script for Majisuka Gakuen 3 right?

This is fantastic! The details are great! keep up the great work! 8D

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Re: Untitled Part 1
« Reply #4 on: July 12, 2011, 10:10:16 AM »
Yeah~ It's Majisuka 3~!!  XD

Please update soon~  :cow:

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Re: RAPPAPA: Supreme - 2
« Reply #5 on: July 12, 2011, 10:41:48 PM »
Thanks for reading, here is the next part, I'm almost done with the story once I finish it, I will update faster  :)  I wanted to make sure I can finish the story before posting it, so it doesn't die and stay hanging forever  XD

RAPPAPA: Supreme - 1

“I see it” said a girl with her hand on the head of one of the gang underlings.

“Which way?”

“In the basement to the left, the office is there.” she pointed in the proper direction before she felt a breeze brush by, the spot that was occupied now emptied.

“Wait for me” she whined as she dropped her pointing finger.

“Let's get this over with” a shorter girl with a pink jacket push pass her, heading towards the direction of the main office.

“Haha Haaahaaa hahaha.” the owner of the voice started walking ahead while holding her neck with her head slightly tilted to one side, laughing as she move down the hall. The bodies littered on the ground cannot stop from shivering as the sound ring through the halls.

“Thanks Torigoya, I’m glad Yuko-san was able to help you control her.” The tallest member of the group said before gracefully walking down the hall, making sure to step on as many bodies as she could with her heels. She was rewarded with painful shrieks all along the way.

Torigoya quickly ran to catch up to her comrades.


Black glared at the monitor waiting for the files to finish transferring, has no one ever told their boss his computer is a piece of junk that runs as fast as those slugs under the sun.

“Can’t you make it go faster? Here let me do it!”

“Shibuya, you'll just break it.” Torigoya stated with a smile while she played with her jacket sleeves.


“What are you laughing at” Shibuya glared at the girl standing in the corner biting her nails, with an eerie smile.

Sado just watch the drama unfolds while playing with her kendama. With a smooth motion she swings the ball up and catches the ball on the spike.

“Transfer complete, let's go.” Black stood up and the group head out of the underground lair of one of the local gang.

As they head down the path they came, they notice the absence of the bodies that were there moments ago. Cautiously they continue towards the exit where they found their path blocked by a mob all holding onto different sorts of weapons, from pipes, bats, wooden swords, toilet plungers and scratch sticks?

Sado raised her eyebrow after seeing the choice of weapon some of them were holding,   then shook her head after a quick scan through the crowd.

“Those are the ugliest color and cuts I’ve seen ever. Who would dye their hair rainbow...” Shibuya just can’t take the sight anymore, clenching her fist ready to make a move.

“Look what we have here, hey pretty why don’t you just come with us? We will show you a good time” one of the guy said as he stepped up in front of the rest of the mob, while gleaming at the girls with a lecherous smile.

“Oh we will show you a good time.” Sado said and with a flick of her hand, she gives the rest a signal and 3 bodies flew pass her heading for the mob.

“Haha.haahaaha hahaha” Gekikara started to laugh, while sending a punch into the face of the guy who spoke earlier. “hahahahahahaha, ne okotte iru?” she smiled as she continue to punch the guy in the face, not missing a beat. Her laugh getting louder as she sink another punch into the bloody face.

“Sado, take this to Yuko-san. We can take care of things here.” Black moved up beside Sado, handing her a memory stick before joining her the other 3 Queen’s in a contest to see who can take the most out.

Sado ran out into streets and disappeared into the dark, they have finally got the last piece of information they need, she must hurry to Yuko and Maeda.

*Back in the warehouse*

The mob is starting to get thinner and thinner as bodies start to drop like flies, Torigoya with her back to Shibuya while Black and Gekikara stood back to back, carefully watching the remaining gangsters surround them. The weaker of those has already been taken care of, they just need to finish off the left over.

“I’m surprise you chicks are able to do a number to my men, but you won’t live to step out of this place. When I’m done with you, you’ll wish you were dead.” One of the guy snared as he stood behind the rest of the men left standing.

Everyone become silent as Black started to recite her death sentence for the men’s, while reaching up to touch the cross she wears on her neck, her last word ring into the empty warehouse. As the wind picked up the last vibe, they girls jumped into action, punch after punch, their fist hit the hard flesh and bones of these good for nothing gangsters. If you listen carefully you can hear the crack of bones as they stomp on some of the fallen ones. Black side step to evade a flying punch coming at her while favoring her left side. One of them got lucky and landed a hit when she was distracted by her many opponents.

Gekikara continue to advance at her prey not even bother to dodge the punch, she just giggled then slam her fist into the guys face knocking him right out. Her face is splattered with blood but you can’t tell if those belong to her or those lying at her feet.

Siren’s can be hear getting louder as they finish off the last of the men, the stood up as straight as they can manage, footsteps can be heard getting closer and closer. The girls just stood in the middle back to back as they are too tired to move. They looked around at the 50+ bodies lying around them, they smile as they slowly descend to a sitting position leaning against each other for support.

At this time a team of police piled into the warehouse, pointing their firearms around before stopping at the girls in the middle. Quickly they formed a circle around the girls, before the made way for someone obvious of higher ranking.

“Who are you and what business do you have here? Who did this?” he asked made a motion to the bodies on the ground.

“They were weak.” was the only thing Shibuya said as Gekikara just giggled very quietly, Black looked up but didn’t say anything, while Torigoya just looked confused, and not paying any attention to what’s going on.

“Captain, we found 50 kilos of cocaine along with some crystal meth and Ketamine in the storage in the back.” a couple officers approach the captain.

“Call forensic here, I want this place checked. We will take those four into custody and I want everybody here identified with their files on my desk.”
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Re: Untitled Part 1-2 (12/07)
« Reply #6 on: July 12, 2011, 11:00:28 PM »
Yo! You have to send this to Aki-P! So he has a better thing to make for Majisuka Gakuen 3. xD

Seriously, I'm speechless again. I can totally imagine all the scenes.

Next please!  :pimp:
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Re: Untitled Part 1-2 (12/07)
« Reply #7 on: July 12, 2011, 11:07:49 PM »
@AAAice: I think Aki-P prefers story-lines where he can fill the cast with only his 48family girls  :lol:

I'm trying to finish the whole thing today, since I have to go back to work tomorrow  :banghead: no more vacation...sigh

RAPPAPA: Supreme - 2

Sado ran up the stairs to their hideout, all the way up to the top, she knocked on the door calling for someone to open the door. “Yuko-san! Maeda! open the door.”

The door open but not who she expected, in front of her is the short inspector, that they see quite often nowadays. “Takahashi-san, why are you here?”

“I was informed you girls went to gather the last of the evidence.” The captain said while she used her finger to pushed her glasses up slightly back into place.

“Sado, where are the others?” asked Yuko who was standing a few meter away, worry written all over her face.

“We got ambushed by a mob, they stayed behind while I came here as fast as I can” Sado said still a little winded from the run. She quickly handed the memory stick to  Takamina, who quickly booted the info into her laptop.

“With the info from before and this, we have all the evidence we need to put those guys behind bars for good. Those good for nothing trash, selling drugs and abducting kids and...” she started blabbing to no one in particular when she suddenly stopped. “Huhhhhh!”

“What?” Yuko and Sado asked at the same time.

“Seems there is a file for undercovers in the police force too, that guy must be stupid to keep a file of them.” she just shook her head as she smiled. “now we can take those out too.”

“Yuko! Takahashi-san!” Atsuko came running out from the room and straight to the T.V, she quickly flipped it on to the news. “Look”

“Earlier tonight, the police busted a gang hideout and seized 50 kilos of Cocaine along with large amount of crystal meth and Ketamine. They also found a few kids locked in the basement with signs of drug influence. Four suspect has been arrested on scene, members of the injured gang members have been shipped out to surrounding hospitals due to injuries from what appears to be a gang fight....” as the reporter continue to report the case, Atsuko turned to face the other members in the room.

“What should we do? We have to get them out of there!” Atsuko said with a stern look of serious in her eyes.

“I have a plan, but I will need your help. I need you to buy me time, so I can talk to the chief superintendent, we need to pick out all those traitors in the pack.” Takamina said as she signal for the three girls to get closer.


The four heavenly queens of Majisuka Gakuen each sat in one of those dark interrogating rooms, alone listening to the officer as question after question but made no efforts to answer, with the exception of occasional giggles from Gekikara. After few hours of interrogating and not a word from the girls they end up putting them into the same room with four chairs. Mainly due to the lack of available rooms to interrogate the rest of the gang members, slowly arriving from the hospitals after treatment.

Captain Nogami, frowned as he watch the interrogating session behind the glass, they haven’t done a single thing other then sit there. He begin to wonder if they can talk, but he clearly remember the one in pink speaking.

“Captain Nogami, we found the information on these girls.” Said one of the officers as he pass the folders over.

After carefully reading the information he enter the interrogating room.

“Itano Tomomi” Nogami said as he looked at the girl in pink jacket aka Shibuya, she just looked up slightly towards his direction.

“Kashiwagi Yuki” he turn to the girl in black and white jacket. Black looked up at him while her hand went towards her cross but said nothing.

“Matsui Rena” Gekikara’s hand just went to her neck as she stretch her head to the side and let out a quiet laugh. “hahahha”

“Kojima Haruna” his eyes landed on the girl with the red jacket half dropping off her shoulders. She just turned her head to look at him and smiled before she turned away again.

“You four went to Majisuka Gakuen, and are known as the four heavenly queen of Rappapa. No records of graduation, poor attendance, long standing fighting records. Matsui Rena, send to reform school for violent assault and a few near killing situations. I will definitely give it to you four to be able to take down all those men. Now tell me why are you there? What were you doing in that office room in the basement? Why did the gang go after you?”

Nogami continue to question the four girls over and over. Results from forensic haven’t found any trace of them from the drugs they confiscated, there were also no trace of them near the storage room where the kids were discovered. They only found trace of them down the hallways leading to the basement office where a broken computer lies along with a few other smashed decorations.


Next morning, bright and early Yuko and Sado are seen heading towards the local police station to release their friends, both sporting a smirk as they gracefully walk through the doors. Yuko was wearing a simple white t-shirt that has the words “Maji no imi wo oshiete yaru yo!” imprinted in the front, a black jacket with a eighth note design made with crystal beads on the back and black shorts with boots. Sado wore her usual fur jacket with black t-shirt and skirt with her favorite heels.
It is a wonder how they are able to walk into the station and straight to where captain Takahashi told them to find the girls. Is it really that easy to walk around a police station without getting questioned? They look ahead to the doors that lead them to their destination.

“Oh-Haa! Oh-Haa!” Yuko announced herself as she walked into the room while waving to the tired officers there. Sado trailed behind her with a smirk but didn’t do anything to stop their energetic leader.

Everyone present suddenly became alert of the two intruder.

“Who are you, why are you here?” one of the closer officer asked.

“I am here for my queen’s!” Yuko said as she glared at the officers in sight, causing some of them to stumble back a step. One of them pulled out his gun to point it at the two of them and like a chain reaction they became the target to every gun present in the room.

“I won’t do that if I were you.” Sado said calmly, she took out a small device from her pocket and held it up for everyone to see. “If you dare make a move, I will denote the bomb we planted around the station.”

“Drop your gun’s and slide them to the middle.” one by one all the guns end up in front of the girls, Yuko took them and drop them in one of the trash bins in the far corner of the room away from everyone. Once all firearm has been accounted for, Yuko stepped up again.

“Release my girls!” She demanded.

A door to one of the room opened and one by one they walked out. First was Shibuya with her hands in her pocket as she walked towards Yuko, you can see the corner of her mouth slowly coming up to a smile. Black followed with her arms crossed, she looked towards Yuko and Sado and gave a nod in their direction. Gekikara walked out with her hand on her neck, she started to giggle at first then it became laughs that got louder until the officers all shudder to the sound. Last was Torigoya, she had her jacket hanging loosely on her while she happily swing her arms to the side when she saw Yuko. “Yuko-san! I’m home.” Torigoya waved and ran to Yuko’s side.

The four queens, stood in their position beside Yuko, while Sado stood towering behind Yuko. They stood there watching Yuko stare intently at the officers before a smile creeped up on her face. They know that look, it means trouble but at least it isn’t directed at them. Sado sighed at the back, they have to buy time for Maeda and Takahashi-san but she hope Yuko don’t overdo it.

“Let's have some fun,” Yuko smiled before grabbing one of the officer that she recognize from the pictures in the files, she pushed him into a kneeling position then grabbed a black permanent marker from the desk and started doodling on his face.
After a few minute Yuko finally took a step back to admire her artwork.

“Ahh Tori, Tori” Torigoya pointed at the chicken Yuko drew on the cheeks, she pass the marker to Shibuya before stepping back to give her room to place her markings. After they were done with him, he had the word “baka” across his forehead, a cross on one side, moustache and a line that extends from the top of his forehead down to his chin and curves back up until it ended in his nose, with the marker sticking out from there?

Yuko lifted her leg to kick the guy on the chest causing him to skid back a few feet before falling face first on the ground. Suddenly a squad of armed officers rushed into the room with captain Takahashi following in the rear with another girl with glasses beside her.

“Captain Takahashi, be careful they have bombs planted around the station,” captain Nogami warned.

“Arrest them.” Takamina signed her team into action and immediately the officers rush by the girls and went to the traitors they were shown from the files.

“Hey, what’s going on? Let me go, you got the wrong person.” the injured officer struggled to break free.

“Takahashi! What is this?” Nogami shouted as he watched two of his men being restrained by the squad officers.

“They are spies from Kudo gang, we successfully infiltrated their system and obtained all necessary data”

“….” Nogami just stood there speechless, he was working with spies all along.

“Hey, are you girls ready to go? We have one more place to go.” Takamina smiled at the girls that are leaning against the desk.

“Let's GO!” Yuko said as she threw her fist into the air.

“Let’s go Maeda-san,” Takamina turned to the girl beside her and nodded, “Captain Nogami, bring the rest of your men” she said before heading out the door with the girls and her squad in tow.

“Where are we going?” Nogami asked as he signal the rest of his men to follow after they retrieved their guns from the trash.

“To finish what they started.”
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Re: Untitled Part 1-2 (12/07)
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ehhh gangsterz!!!

man the 4 queens went to jail   :lol: just for a day o.o

they're out , officers scared of yuko  :rofl:

eh no more vacations :(
Still shipping them early pairs. 1st generation ftw!

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Re: Untitled Part 1-2 (12/07)
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Forget the others let him go with the Rappappa rebirth!

What?! That must be tough eh? Trying to finish the story. Screw work!  :angry:
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Re: Untitled Part 1-2 (12/07)
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Wow action fics are very rare, let alone good ones.

This is awesome, thanks!

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Re: Untitled Part 1-2 (12/07)
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I wish, have to work to be able to support my addiction  :lol:

Losing money to Aki-p....

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Re: RAPPAPA: Supreme - 3 (12/07)
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Here is the next part  :)

RAPPAPA: Supreme - 3

Sado and the four queens got into one van while, the two captains, Yuko and Atsuko entered another. They sped towards the last warehouse, to meet the boss once again.

“We have already sent out teams to each of Kudo’s hideouts and safe house, they should be arriving at their destination as we speak. When we arrive, make sure your men does not open fire. This warehouse has a large amount of combustible and explosive substances, any loose sparks can cause the place to blow up.” Takamina explained to captain Nogami as she brought out a map and some diagrams to show him the landscape and design of the warehouse.

“How are we going to contain those thugs if we can’t open fire?”

“Leave it to the girls, they can handle them, they have some favours they are waiting to return. It is because of them we finally obtain all these evidence that will keep them behind bars.”

“They will pay for what they did to Erena.” Atsuko whispered as she kept her head down with her fist clenched tight at her knees.

“Maeda, we will let them know why never to mess with Majijo and Rappapa.” Yuko said as she looked into Atsuko’s eyes, determined.


Kudo scrambled to shove the cash in is safe into a couple duffel bags, just 1 min ago he got a call from one of his lackey that their sites are being raided. Kudo tried to ask for more details but the line went dead. He knew something isn’t right and he need to leave immediately and hide. He ordered the rest of his men on site to be on look out while he came back to this office to destroy any important documents.

As he was zipping up his bags he heard the sound of cars pulling up outside the warehouse. He quickly stood up and ran out the doors hoping to be able to make it out before he is surrounded. As he near the back door he notice a few police cars stopped a few meters away with police officers starting to file out of the cars. Quickly he made a turn to head for the door on the opposite side. The open door that leads outside was suddenly slammed shut, and the garage doors from the side lifted up. Kudo was blinded by the sudden flood of light, he arms tried to block out the offending light. When his eyes adjusted he saw seven silhouettes standing there. He can tell they are female but can’t make out their faces as the sun shine brightly from behind them.

“…….. “

“Hey Kudo!”

“Haha haahaaahahahaha, I’ll kill you!”

“Come here, Kudo!”


“Hope you prepared your funeral.”


Kudo looked at the girls in front of him and grimaced. “I knew you girls were up to no good! All those reasons to join us were lies.”

“Take out these traitors!” he signalled for his men to take them down as he took a step back. The girls with the exception of Atsuko rushed forward to meet the mob head on. Captain Nogami and Takamina finished briefing their team on their situation before they turned to watch from behind Maeda.

The battle is obvious one sided, these girls are taking on full grown men like they are made of tofu. Black weaved through bodies and took down another two with a kick and a left hook, her speed so fast that it seem like an illusion if not for the fallen bodies. Torigoya and Shibuya worked together and slammed two thugs together head to head, and slowly their bodies slid down to the ground. Gekikara advance towards the thugs as they begin to back away from her, her laugh getting louder as she gets near, with quick steps she closed the distance and stomped on one of the guys chest throwing him a meter back flat on his back. She then slam anyone within arm reach to the ground then jumped on one started to hammer his head to the ground a few times before moving on.

Sado and Yuko are together at one end fighting back to back, Sado gracefully strikes at her enemies with perfect precision, from her you can feel the elegance emitting from her as she stood tall in her fur jacket. Yuko jump kicks at her opponent then follows with a right hook and left jab to the guys face, then turns to stomp on another immediately after. She held a smile on her face during the whole time, like a child that was rewarded with candy for being good. She comb her hand through her hair before looking up. “This is fun! HaHA”

Kudo watched his men drop like flies, one by one, knowing things aren’t turning out right, he try to make a run for it. He turned around ready to make a full dash to the doors but no matter how hard he pushed his legs he didn’t seem to be able to move from his spot. He looks behind to see Yuko holding the collar of his shirt, he finally clued in why he felt like he was choking.

Kudo was pulled back into the center, his eyes stopped and focus on the girl still standing by the garage entrance. Even before he had a chance to react he felt a kick to his rear, causing him to stumble forward.

Atsuko ran up to Kudo and kick him square in the chest, pushing him back to Yuko. Yuko grabbed him again and swing him towards Sado. Sado brutally slammed her knee into Kudo’s stomach before pushing him away back towards Atsuko. She grabbed his shirt collar and delivered punch after punch to his face. The rest of Kudo’s lackeys can only watch their boss beaten to a pulp by a few high school girls.

When she finally let go of her hold, Kudo’s body lost all its support and dropped to the ground, he thought it was over but, life had more planned for him. Atsuko walked up to his body to kick him a few times before she dropped down to start punching him again. She wound up to deliver the final hit but found her arms stuck. She looked up to see Yuko holding her wrist in place.

“That’s enough, you’ll kill him, let the police deal with him, he has to pay for what he did, dying is too beneficial for him.”

Takamina took that as her cue and signal for her squad to move in and secure the area. She looked over to captain Nogami and saw he was still frozen in place.

“You look like you just seen a ghost.” Takamina chuckled.

“I think I’m going to be sick,” he glanced at the amount of blood on scene in front of him and almost regurge his breakfast back up. Sure he has been to crime scenes and seen a lot of bloody action but these girls are insane. Not only did they take on a mob of full grown men, they were actually enjoying it… especially the black one with the creepy laugh.

“Weak, lets finish up here, still have a long day. Have to finish the reports for this undercover operation.” Takamina said before heading into the warehouse.
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Re: Untitled Part 1-3 (updated 12/07)
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Wow! He's been centered by Yuko, Sado and Maeda!  :pimp:

Yes, Gekikara is insanely real!

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Re: Untitled Part 1-3 (updated 12/07)
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i feel sorry for the Kudo dude  ^^"
Still shipping them early pairs. 1st generation ftw!

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Re: RAPPAPA: Supreme - 4 (updated 12/07)
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A quick update before I head to work, if time permits maybe I can try updating again later tonight during my break. Thanks everyone for liking the story.  :cow:

RAPPAPA: Supreme - 4

*Atsuko's POV*

After all that we were taken back to the station and placed into one of their holding cells, I don’t know how long we’ve been here but it seems like a long time. No one came to talk to us, or ask any questions, they just left us here.

I don’t mind, it gives me time to think but from the look of it Yuko is ready to die from boredom, I wonder how Sado and the others deal with their energetic leader. Either way, I am in debt to them, if not for them I won’t be able to clean up the streets, for Erena, I know you are disappointed in me Minami, I failed you again but I will work harder to live my life seriously.

It all started at the end of my first year at Majisuka, after Yuko appointed me as her successor, I never really gave it a thought, my goal was to become a nurse but as it seems life never goes the way you plan. Surprisingly Yuko started to get better after the ceremony, it was miracle as the doctors called it but seeing how she is back to her own self again I was really happy and ready to step back into the background.

I still remember the day our principal told Yuko the truth, they only present her with a graduation diploma because they know she was sick and it was her last wish. Since she is better now, she will have to repeat the year with the rest of them for being absent for most of her school year. Sado decided to stay by Yuko’s side and volunteered to retake the year along with Torigoya, Shibuya decided to join in the fun and stay in school to avoid working in IT like her mom has planned out. Gekikara didn’t have a choice since she missed out most of the year as well. No one really know why Black stayed back but we all know the strong bond of Rappapa can’t be taken lightly. For another year the great Rappapa will watch over Majijo.

Things were going smoothly until…

It was the first time I met Captain Takahashi, she looks so much like Minami, I found out later her name was also Minami. She came to the school and headed straight to the principal's office. Not long after, I was summoned to the principal’s office too along with Yuko and Sado.

They asked us a lot of questions, they all revolved around Erena, I couldn’t understand until they finally reveal to us that Erena was found unconscious in a back alley, beaten and violated. It was in the area where Kudo’s gang are active, at the hospital they ran tests and found a mixture of poor quality drugs in her. They tried to save her but she was too far gone it was because of the all the drugs. Those impure quality drugs with mixture of harmful substances in her blood damaged her brain and mentality; in the end it killed her. I was shocked, but when they hand me a letter they found in her room for me, I felt so weak, I didn’t even realize I was crying until my tears started to wet the piece of paper I was holding. [Sorry, I don’t hate you ~Erena]

It was all Kudo’s fault, if not for his drugs Erena won’t be gone, I swear he will pay for his crimes

I begin to skip class, to go hunting for any trace of Kudo, I went out to clean the streets, I took down any thugs that got in the way. Yuko and Sado eventually found me, they figured out what I was doing and decided to help.


Takahashi Minami, captain or inspector of the police squad with lieutenants, sergeants and officers under her command. She might be young and short, standing at a few head short of her squad, but that doesn’t make her lacking in any way. She climbed up the ladder quickly after joining the force; with her intelligence she was able to crack some difficult cases that they had just about deemed unsolvable. Still with all those solved cases under her belt there are officers out there that look down on her, in no way can a “little girl” be suitable for captain, she should just go home to her parents and go to school like kids her age, they don’t take her seriously.

Said captain has been in her office since returning from the warehouse, to finish up her report for the case. She has been rooted there for hours trying to get everything done.

“Let see here, I think I have everything in order, nothing is missing.. Okay all done.” She lean back into her chair, arched her back and stretch her arms high up to loosen some of her muscles.

She went to summit her report, then head back to her office to brainstorm up ways to reduce any possible charges placed on the girls for the assault and damage they have caused to those useless guys. They are really a good bunch of kids, just not your typical teenagers. They can be violent, aggressive, quick to throw in a punch and get into fights but really, you don’t see many with bonds as strong as these girls, even through rough times they still stand together.

*Takamina's POV*

I spend the next hour looking through files and documents, normally I won’t care so much but for some reason this time it’s different, I can’t bare to imagine Atsuko in jail.

“Wait when did she become Atsuko... but Acchan does have a nice roll to it…Nonononono I’m wasting time, got to figure this out before chief calls me into his office.’ I quickly slap myself on the cheeks before straighten my thoughts back to the documents.

“Argh this is so frustrating!!” I threw the files on the desk before dropping back into the chair.

“Why do I even care what happens to them? I should get back on track with my other cases.” I picked up one of the cases that have been asking for attention.

Okay pretty simple, witness asking for family protection, family of three, parents and kid in high school. Wow smart kid, so young and already in high school.

“This isn’t even a difficult case, why did they pass it on to me?” I continue to read the reports and realize this case has already been passed through every other squad. The officers have trouble keeping up with their young escort, she refuse to have bodyguards follow her around and has found and identified each and every undercover they placed around her.

“I wonder…”

*Knock* *Knock*

“Come in” I look up to see who broke me out of my train of thought.

“Captain Takahashi, the chief is looking for you.”

“Okay, I’ll head over now.” I stood up and straighten my clothes, then took another glance at the file I was just reading.

“I guess it’s worth the try. Nothing to lose right.” I smiled and picked up the file.

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Re: Untitled Part 1-4 (updated 13/07)
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 :cry: :cry: Erena died i see  :cry:

then that served Kudo right -.-

Don't think taka,just do it  :rofl:

That kid is really genius then   :shocked
Still shipping them early pairs. 1st generation ftw!

Editing in progress ~ T's and J's
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Re: Untitled Part 1-4 (updated 13/07)
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I wonder who is that person in the file.

Augh, how can you write so smooth?!  :banghead:
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Re: Untitled Part 1-4 (updated 13/07)
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THIS IS LIKE MAJISUKA 3 ... I LOVE EVERYTHING...I THINK U SHOULD HAVE WRITTEN THE 2nd season than AKI-P...since youre scenarios is way better than him...but it doesnt I hate it, actually like both seasons and w're lucky that he decided to make the sequel....    OK enought with that...... finally MAEDA IN ACTION, and shes like  IN BERSERKER MODE, THAT WAS SICK!!!!!!!!!!! SHE SHOULD HAVE KILLED THAT kudo dude.... PLEASE KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK AND UPDATE SOON!!!!

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Re: RAPPAPA: Supreme - 5 (updated 14/07)
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A quick thank you to everyone that left me thank you's: AAAice, Tejinashi, RenaChii, immo, jehovachiabi, yukofan, blughise, anoni2.
Alright here is the last section to part 1 as promised, before I head to sleep away my day.... just to got back to work tonight  :(
Who knows maybe being at work will suddenly give me ideas for more one-shots  :lol:

RAPPAPA: Supreme - 5

*Sado's POV*

I look up when I heard the gates open, an officer motioned for us to follow him. I stood up and shake the laziness out of my limbs before following Yuko-san and the rest out of the cell. We were led to a conference room and told to sit and wait.

Seems like we have been doing a lot of that lately, I wonder if they are going to press charge on us, I mean we did send a truck load of people into the hospital even if they deserve it.

“Sado, what is going to happen?” Torigoya asked. I can only shake my head to let her know my answer.

“Sorry to have you wait, it took a little longer then expected.” Takahashi-san said as she walked into the room with a file in hand. She quickly took a seat at the table beside Maeda.

“They are going to charge us for assault.” I spoke to break the silence.

“Yes, well no… I mean because of the damage done, we will charge you for assault but if you agree to assist us then we can compromise.” Takahashi-san looked up to make sure she has all of our attention.

“If the charges go through then all of you will hold criminal records with possible jail time or have to pay fines.” She paused.

“I spoke with our chief and was able to come to a compromise, if you can help us with another case in exchange you will be sentence to community service, no criminal records and no fines, in exchange you will receive a small living expense while you are active in the case.”

“Is that even possible?” Maeda asked in disbelieve

“You are saying if we agree to this, they will basically take back all charges.” I asked again just to confirm, I wasn’t hallucinating.

“Yes, that is exactly what it sounds like.”

“Let’s hear it before we decide.” Yuko-san said, now paying full attention to what Takahashi-san has to say.

“Sorry, you will have to commit to it before I can disclose the details,” she apologies. “I’ll give you some time to think about it, I’ll be back with some drinks,” she got up and walked out of the room.

The room was quiet after she left, I looked around the table and everyone was deep in thought. To be honest this offer is like bait, too good to let go but knowing it’s a case it can’t be good. What should I do, if I end up in jail or even just a criminal record then that’s it, life is pretty much over. At least this way, we can have a chance to start over after everything is over, plus they provide living expenses. Most of us are already digging deep into our finances we are going to run out soon.

“What do you think, Sado?” I turned to look straight at Yuko-san.

“I will do it, we have nothing to lose really.”

“I will do it too.” Maeda said quietly, while holding her scrunchies in her palm.

“Okay then I’m in” Yuko-san smiled and looked around at the other members then reached beside her to hold Torigoya’s hand. Torigoya looked up and smiled “me too”, Black only nodded but didn’t say a word. Gekikara was half biting her nails, sporting her rare genuine smile, not one of those creepy ones she uses to scare everyone away. “In”

“Do I even have a choice?” Shibuya asked.

A few minutes later Takahashi-san came back with a handful of bags with drinks and food for us. I didn’t notice I was that hungry until I saw the food.

“Sado, you are drooling.”


“Just Yuko is fine, you girls have to stop calling me Yuko-san, makes me sound old.” She replied before digging into the bento boxes.

“Yuko-chan, Geki took all the melon pan!” Torigoya whine to Yuko as she watch Gekikara quickly devour them while guarding the bag full of melon pan in her arms.

“Here have some of mine,” Yuko pass over one of the many bento’s she grabbed.

“Yay, chicken teriyaki!” Torigoya happily biting into the chicken.

“Takahashi-san, we have decided, we will do the case.” I said before digging into my curry katsu bento box.

“Alright, I’ll start explaining while you eat. It’s like this…………


“SO why are we doing this again?”

“If we back out now, Takamina might get in trouble.”

“Oh, so it is Takamina now”

“There is no fashion at all in these uniforms; I wish I can alter mine”

“Come on lets go, we don’t have all day, the gates are going to close and if we don’t hurry, you will get locked out”

“OMG! You can talk!”

*giggles* “Lets go.”

“You actually sounded normal for once”

“That’s mean!”

They walked through the gates that reads "Zakura Shiori Gakuen "

As noted above, I think you can guess there will be a Part 2, which is partially completed, still need to work some parts into the story... I don't really write in order so I actually wrote the some scenes before I figured how to use them..... and will need to put together some side-stories to make it work  :P

I hope part 2 turns out well, since I didn't write it in order................. I wrote the middle before I started the beginning of the fic.........

Also if anyone would like to give the fic a title, feel free to make any suggestions anytime  :kekeke:
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