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Author Topic: Living in Emergency (LiER) ~Dec 24~  (Read 40871 times)

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Re: Living in Emergency (LiER) ~Jan 31~
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Shi-chan: It wasn't that long.......... and I didn't make you wait a billion years! Plus the next update should be much faster then a month... at least for this one anyways.
Yes unfortunately Jurina and Rena are sisters in this one, but that doesn't stop Jurina from molesting... errr being friendly with everyone else when she does reappear in the story.
Haven't decided that yet.

Segius: Nah Jurina for sure won't be embarrasssed, its just sad that she doesn't remember collecting that kiss  :lol: I'll try to see if I can fit more of the RT team in the
story but I'm also trying to add in a bit of everything as well...(even if I really don't know the other bits as much as I know the RT stuff) I feel like sometimes I'm just making
things as I go HAHA. Let see hmmm Mayu first, I might be able to do that  :) I actually have no plans for this story, I just write as I go and go along as I write. All random and
spontaneous for most part.

*Did a quick update on the optional reading (Terms/Disease/Meds Index) in the front page for anyone who likes to scroll back. Look for the * those will be the newly added ones.


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Re: Living in Emergency (LiER) ~Jan 31~
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Acchan a doctor too??  :hehehe:  Me like!!!  :onioncheer: I wish for some love going on in this fic..  :mon misch:

Jurina so LOL.. but yeah~~  :mon lol:

I need more updates to see how the story and the characters connected to each other..  :mon determined: 

Ganbare brooo!!! update.. update... :mon blowhorn:

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Re: Living in Emergency (LiER) ~Jan 31~
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Flean: Hey bro look look I'm actually updating  :) Yup Acchan is a doctor with Takamina and..... you will see when times come bwahahahahaha. I wonder who I will manage to connect everyone together... who knows what I will decide to do when I have time to type up some randomness  :twisted:

YAY I'm updating before a month is up  :lol: Even got Pommie to check it before posting too  :twothumbs To top that, it's also double the length of my usual updates... still short compare to others but its a lot of words for me.  XD
Thanks for reading and all the thank you and comments I received.  :twothumbs

Living in Emergency: Page 4

            ~ Time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life~

“Good morning Oshima-san, I’m Dr. Shinoda, one of the intensive care doctors in this hospital. I’m glad to be able to sit here with you and talk to you about your grandma.” Mariko spoke slowly with one of her best smiles to maintain a positive atmosphere to start the meeting.

“As you already know, this is Kojima Haruna and she is the nurse assigned to care for your grandma today. Beside her is Oya Shizuka, the respiratory therapist that is scheduled in ICU for the next few days.” A quick introduction was made to make sure that Yuko is familiar with the present personnel before the important details were discussed.

“Good morning, please call me Yuko, Dr. Shinoda,” Yuko replied, “I thought Myao was taking care of my grandma?”

“Yes, Myao was in charge of your grandmother’s care for the last couple days, and she is not schedule to be back until tonight. It is a normal shift rotation that we go through, I will be here in ICU for the next couple days.” Shi-chan tried to simply explain their switch overs.

“Yuko, I assure you that our team of nurses and RT’s are the best and credited. Your grandma will be treated with respect and cared for as anyone and everyone else.” Mariko spoke up to reassure Yuko that her grandmother is receiving the best care available.

“Before I get into the details I want you to know that any decision of care we make today will not be limited by finance, if that is an issue please let us know and we will provide you with assistance. Do you understand? Finance is a concern BUT it should NOT influence or be used to direct care.” The experienced doctor made sure to emphasize her point, while maintaining eye contact, waiting for the nod before moving on.

“First I agree that your grandmother should be maintained and cared for with full medical management to the best of our abilities. What I would like to talk to you about is the full resuscitation in the event of another cardiac arrest.”

“What I mean by cardiac arrest and resuscitation is that in a situation where her heart stops we will try to restart her heart by physically pumping her heart with chest compressions,” a short pause of silences was given for Yuko to process the information as Dr. Shinoda illustrated what the compressions does with her hands, “so if this is the heart, each time we compress her chest it will squeeze the heart bringing blood to her body and attempt to restart these muscles.”

“For your grandmother, because of her age and her underlying complications and medical history, I believe that in the event where her heart stops again this process of pumping the heart to restart the muscles won’t be effective. All we will accomplish is possibly breaking her ribs when we start compressions.” another short paused was given as Mariko watch Yuko closely to make sure what is said is being understood.

“But, it worked didn’t it? Her heart came back when it stopped?” Yuko asked trying to understand.

“Yuko, you are aware that your grandmother had suffered from a heart attack that brought her into the hospital,” stated Mariko, after receiving a nod from Yuko she continued, “Are you aware of the other health issues your grandmother have?”

“I know she has diabetes and hypertension but everything happened so suddenly,” Yuko reasoned.

“Yes, your grandmother has diabetes that has not been properly controlled and her high blood pressure complicates her heart condition, this did not happen randomly.” Both points were reiterated to confirm what Yuko already know.

“There are 6 problems ongoing with your grandmother. First your grandmother’s uncontrolled diabetes which has caused her kidneys to not function. She only has one functioning kidney, but even that one is starting to fail. Her high blood pressure puts extra work on her heart and decreases the blood flow to her heart muscles. You are aware that she suffered from a heart attack leading in her heart muscles stopping for a significant amount of time, causing damage to those muscles. Finally you grandmother is still currently maintained on a breathing machine with a high amount of oxygen requirement and we are noticing a decrease in lung function.” Mariko continued to slowly explain to Yuko why further resuscitation will not be effective. For the next hour she slowly went through each body system to make sure Yuko understoodd the serious condition her grandmother is in. Throughout the full meeting, Haruna sat beside Yuko providing her with mental support and occasional assuring physical contacts and gestures to remind her that she isn’t alone.


*Elsewhere in ICU*

Today just isn’t a good day for Hiramatsu Kanako, ICU registered nurse with three years of experience. There was a sick call for the day and now ICU is short a nursing staff and on top of that, Haruna is stuck in a family meeting with Dr. Shinoda. Out of luck, Kanako receives 2 patients under her care, both not as sick as the rest of ICU’s population, but it doesn’t mean they are easy assignments. Her headache and frustration came from one of the 2 patients she is caring for. An elderly lady to be exact. This patient of her’s came in from a care home for elders; she was experiencing some chest pain and felt short of breaths last night. After connecting her to the monitor they found her heart in an atrial fibrillation rhythm. This is one of the common abnormal heart rhythms when a section of the heart muscles don’t contract properly and quivers instead, causing poor circulation to the body. For treatment, the doctor ordered for Amiodarone infusion, a drug given through the IV, that is only run through the ICU because it has effects on the heart rhythms. The last reason this patient is in ICU is because their hospital’s step-down unit is closed for renovation, so all patients are reassigned and trafficked into different units according to severity.

So recently here in ICU, the nurses are treated with the rare sight of an awake and talking patient, with demands. Earlier in the morning when Kanako first went to assess this patient, she already wanted to strangle her patient despite the smile she tried to keep on her face.

Earlier that day.

Kanako walked into the patients room and greeted the patient usual, whether they are awake or not. Hearing is said to be the last sense to go, so even if they are under sedation or not conscious, the patient might still hear what is said around them.

“Good morning, my name is Kanako, I will be your nurse for the day,” she said and gave her patient a bright smile, just like how they learned in school. A smile is the best way to establish a rapport with their patients. If the patient experiences a positive response, they are more willing to compile with their treatment.

“Go away, I don’t want students taking care of me! Go get someone older and more experienced!” The lady said in a rude tone.

“Ms Sadako, I assure you I am experienced as a nurse, I have been doing this for a few years now.” Kanako tried to reassure her patient, already feeling offended with what was directed towards her.

“Don’t lie, you people always say that so you can get more practice. I want a different nurse. Go back to school and practice for a couple more years before you come back.”

“Look, I graduated nursing school, passed my registration exam and have been working as an ICU nurse for 3 years now. You are under my care, we don’t have any other nurse.” Kanako said, her voice noticeably laced with a hint of anger.

Kanako is beyond pissed with this unreasonable patient of her. This isn’t the first time someone has mistaken her age because of her voice and appearance, neglecting her accreditation and certification.  Most patients and patient’s family that come to visit also think she is a student because of her appearance. Worse, some even think it’s “bring your kids to work day” and she is here with her parents to see how work is for them. In the back of her mind she can already imagine Ms. Sadako crawling out of bed and on the ground towards her with a list of demands. Definitely a nightmare, Kanako starts praying to god that she won't be seeing that in her sleep.

Present time

“NURSE!!! NURSE!!!” The shout resonated through the air of ICU. In the background, the tapping of plastic on the bed rails could be heard.

With a sigh, Kanako got up from her spot and headed towards the devil herself, hoping to cease the assaults that dare disrupt the peaceful atmosphere of ICU.
As soon as Kanako entered the room she was bombarded with a string of demands.

“Nurse, I’m thirsty go get me some water. I’m uncomfortable in this position, I need to be repositioned. And I’m bored, go find me some magazines or books to read. My hands are itchy! Can you take out this line?!” the patient listed while pointing at her IV.

“Let me get some help, then I will reposition you in bed, after that I can bring you some water and see if I can find you some magazines, the IV has to stay in.” Kanako said with the most pleasant tone she can manage.

After boosting and repositioning the lady, Kanako went to gather some magazines and water for her majesty. Today is really not a good day for Kanako, registered nurse with 3 years of experience. The minute she placed the items in her hand, she received new orders as if she just signed a slave contract.

“I’m hungry, order me some pizza, I want deluxe with thin crust.” The lady demand again.

“I’m sorry, this is a hospital not a hotel, we don’t do room service and we don’t do take out either. You are not allowed to eat outside food, your dietician has left strict orders for what you can have while you are in the hospital.” Kanako is more than fed up at this point. All day, she has been doing ridiculous tasks for this patient of hers. She is a nurse, not a servant. Maybe she should’ve just wore a maid outfit to work just to serve her queen in her royal bed.

“Those things on the tray aren’t food, I want real food, I need to eat or I will die.” The elderly lady argued.

“I’m sorry, that is all you are allowed to eat. When you get better and leave the hospital you can eat anything you want.”

“How am I going to leave the hospital if you horrible people are trying to starve me and not give me food?!?” said the irrational lady.

At this point, Kanako was ready to surrender. A part of her had the urge to go right up to the patient and strangle her to end the misery. Why did she even agree to do this shift trade? If only she never decided to help out another fellow nurse and just stick to her own working schedule, she wouldn’t have to deal with this.


“Thanks for coming, it was nice meeting you. I know you haven’t been working for a year, but your previous answers to my questions has shown otherwise. I’m quite pleased with your knowledge level,” spoke the manager of ICU.

“I would also like to ask a couple more personal questions to get to know you a bit more. Is that okay?” The manager waited for the sign to go ahead before continuing her list of interview questions.

“If you are not comfortable with the question, you don’t have to answer.
Now, why did you want to become a nurse and what was the reason for you to leave for a year of travelling after you graduated instead of diving into work like most graduates?”

“When I was young, I was diagnosed with cancer. I spend a lot of time in the hospital, this hospital to be exact. Under the care of Dr. Akimoto. I still remember he used to allow me to call him Yasusu.” Masuda Yuka spoke personally about her past that made her so passionate about her career and her life.

“I don’t remember a lot during my hospitalization, other than the fact that I was consistently there and had IV’s and injections everyday. I continued my treatment even after I was allowed to leave the hospital,” she paused to take a breath in, “I still don’t know why the cancer was able to completely heal but to me it was an experience that impacts me greatly, something that made me stronger. I almost died once before, but had miraculously recovered so I took a year off to travel and see the world while helping others that are in need. After a year, I believe it’s time I return to my home and start where I once was a patient, but this time I will be the one providing the care. It is my dream,” Her story ends here and out of the corner of her eyes Yuka swears she saw glitters of tears in the eyes of her interviewer.

“I am glad Dr. Akimoto personally referred you to our ICU but I will still have to ask you to wait for our call. There are other applicants that we have to consider and some still have yet to come for their interview. We will notify you by the end of the week, if you are hired.”

Yuka stood up from her chair, bowed then shook hands with the ICU manager of Akihabara hospital’s then proceed to walk out of the office. Once she closed the door on her way out, she let her breath that she didn’t notice she was holding, looking back at the plate written on the office door, Eguchi Aimi. Yuka never thought she could be so blown away by another female, but today proved her wrong. The minute Yuka stepped into the room she was taken back with what she saw. The young beautiful yet plastic looking manager of ICU, standing in front of a mirror at one side of the office, admiring herself. Not what you would imagine from a manager of a hospital’s ICU, one would think when the door opened that you would see a middle aged person in a suit sitting at the desk in front of a computer dealing with paper work. The smile on her face gives off one of those shining but fake feelings. During the time of their interview the perfect manager appeared to be very nice and friendly but Yuka couldn’t stop herself from getting this feel of evilness that lurks in the dark corners watching her every movement. Is this the reason why Sayaka had told her to be careful of the doll?

Making her way out of the hospital, Yuka headed towards a cafe near by the hospital where she had planned to meet up with Sayaka after her interview, to catch up on their old days. She still has to thank Sayaka and Uncle Yasusu for giving her some reference to apply to the hospital. It would look bad on her part for a new graduate to disappear for a year after graduation then suddenly appear out of nowhere with no references.


I wonder who will make their debuting appearance next?  :twisted:

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Re: Living in Emergency (LiER) ~Feb 8~
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Having an old demanding patient  :smhid poor Kanako
LoL Eguchi Aimi must really love herself... :rofl:
Masuda Yuka!!!! :bow:

So many characters that I'm jumping of joy!

Thank you for your update!
Arígatou!  :kneelbow:
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Re: Living in Emergency (LiER) ~Feb 8~
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Poor Kanako lol
I wonder why eguchi is always the bad guy xD


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Re: Living in Emergency (LiER) ~Feb 8~
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yeay!! finally got time to read your update~  :ptam-glow:

The young beautiful yet plastic looking manager of ICU
I LOLed at this... plastic looking Eguchi Aimi~  :wahaha: I feels sorry for her even she's not really exist..  :on lol: hahahaha..

So.. Kanako is also in this fic??  :dunno:  I wonder how the story gonna be, because it's too early for me to make any assumption right now~  :bingo:

btw bro.. I'm so envy that you can write all this medical stuff fic..  :badluck: maybe I should ask you to write a few scenes for me..  :hehehe: LOL..  and update when you can bro!!!  :onioncheer:

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Re: Living in Emergency (LiER) ~Feb 8~
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YAY after some search and hunt I finally rescue my thread somewhere on the second page. Barely alive I decided to give it a full resuscitation and it lives on for now.  XD Thanks for all the thank you and comments  :bow: :twothumbs

HashirePomeranian: Thanks for the Beta'ing  :bow: Yup that was one of those rare moments where you can laugh at the poor girl for being mistaken for being underage. Normally I guess people would like to look younger then their real age but I guess in this case it does get really annoying. It actually still happens to me .... and I've been working for a few years now....

Megumi: Yes many characters and there will be more to come, some will have more screen time then other  :twothumbs

kahem: Eguchi is always the bad one because she is the one and only who's feelings won't get hurt. Compare to the other members she is probably the best to use for these kinda roles.  :twisted:

Flean: THANKS BRO! Yea I had like 2 secs where I felt sorry for putting her there but then when I though about putting someone else in that role... her face came back up into my head  XD. Yes you raised a very good question... I wonder how the story is going to be..... I think from here on some of the stuff will be a bit stretched just to make it possible for AKB girls and the story. If everything goes normally then there might not be enough excitement.

Living in Emergency: PAGE 5


 “Where is she? She said she would be here.” said a disappointed Sae, while twirling her phone in her hand, occasionally checking the time on the screen.

 It’s already been an hour since her best friend was supposed to be here in that vacant seat across from her. Every time she looks up to see that empty chair it adds to her frustration. The waitress had already come by a couple times to ask if she would like anything to drink; each time Sae would refuse and just ask to have her water refilled. Despite being hungry, Sae really wanted to wait for her twin tower to be here so she continued to wait, ignoring her protesting stomach. The two of them have been buddies and bestfriends since back in their kiddie days; from what they could remember, it was always the two of them. The other kids felt intimidated by the two's height so they tend to shy away or make fun of their differences. Deep down inside Sae knew her twin wouldn’t ditch her at the restaurant all alone unless she has a good reason. Must be tied up at work. Hopefully everything is okay.

At the other side of the restaurant, another girl sat quietly at her table, seeming to wait for someone as well. She checked her watch a while ago before settling to observe her surroundings. It was a decent looking restaurant that emitted a pleasant and cozy atmosphere. The lights were set to a dim glow, but you could still pick out the designs on the wall if you looked closely. What caught her eye was the shiny black grand piano on the restaurant’s stage, set to automatically play an all too familiar beethoven piece. While enjoying the lovely music, she noticed another girl sitting alone at a table, constantly checking the time on her phone. Feeling sympathetic, Mayu suddenly had the urge to walk over there to keep her company.

“Sorry I’m late, I got caught in traffic, did you have to wait long?” came a voice, jolting Mayu back to real time.

She turned her head back to the seat in front of her just in time to accept the flowers and catch her late dinner date seat himself across from her. It was another one of her mother’s attempt to set her up so she won't end up old, wrinkly and lonely after she becomes a dedicated hospital workaholic. Being a doctor comes with a lot of responsibilities, the amount of time invested to care for each patient is really consuming. If you are not dedicated and motivated to help those that come seeking for assistance then you would be bound to fail.

“That's okay. I’ve only been here around 10 minutes. I didn’t know it was you that I was meeting for dinner tonight.” said a slightly surprised Mayu as she placed the flowers in one of the chairs at the side.

“You didn’t know? I tried calling your cell but you didn’t pick up so I called your home and auntie picked up. She said she would let you know about dinner. Congratulations in getting placed in Akihabara Hospital for your residency! I heard that was your first choice. Here, I have a present for you.” He took out a small wrapped present and slid it across the table to Mayu.”

“Thanks, but you didn’t have to get me anything.” Mayu carefully unwrapped the present and opened the box to see a beautiful necklace, with a silver ring hanging on it. Mayu stared at the ring for a bit before pushing it back across the table.

“Sorry, but I can not accept this gift from you.” Mayu said.

“Why not? Why can’t you give me a chance? Let me show you how much I care. Let me be the one that you can turn to when you need someone. Please believe me.” He said as he slowly moved his hand over to rest on top of her’s.

With his other hand he presented the necklace to her again, hoping she would reconsider. But Mayu stood strong to her first answer. Looking straight into his eyes, she removed her hand from his hold and pushed the necklace back across the table. Just as she was about to answer him with harsh words, she was interrupted by the sound of glass and plates hitting the ground.

“HELP!!! HELP!!!” The screaming of a woman could be heard throughout the restaurant. A small crowd was slowly beginning to form around a table a couple meters away. Mayu immediately got out of her chair when she spotted an elderly male holding his throat with one hand while waving frantically with his other, unable to make a sound. A few quick steps took her to where the choking man was, slightly bluish tint appearing at his lips and ear tips.

“Let me help you, I’m a doctor. Someone call for an ambulance!” Mayu quickly moved next to the choking man who quickly nodded his consent after hearing Mayu is a doctor.

Mayu repositioned her arms in front of the man's abdomen, right below the diaphragm, and performed a perfect abdominal thrust from behind the choking man. With both hands performing a hard compression into an upward motion, Mayu attempted to dislodge the piece of steak that migrated into the airway, making it impossible for the man to breath. After a couple tries, Mayu was still unable to dislodge the piece of meat that prevented the elderly and slightly overweight man from taking a long delayed breath. His face began to turn blue, to the point of becoming cyanotic. Just as Mayu readied herself to try again, a hand grabbed hold of hers and pulled the man out of her reach.

“Let me try, I’m a Respiratory Therapist.” Sae spoke up as she got into position for abdominal thrusts.

Mayu turned to see the taller girl she was watching earlier. With one smooth motion she executed the maneuver with such a force that you could almost see the man being lifted off the ground. After her second try a coughing sound could be heard from the man, but he soon became limp and unconscious in the girls arms. She quickly laid the man down on the ground, pulled out a pair of gloves from her bag, then checked his mouth for any signs of that piece of steak. After doing a finger sweep to double check, she repositioned his head to see if that would open up the airways.

“Is he breathing?” Mayu asked

“No, I think the piece of meat is still in there.” Sae replied. Mayu immediately started doing compressions hoping that the pressure in the lungs can be enough to dislodge that stubborn piece of meat and allow some air to pass through.

“Thats about 2 min, check for pulse while I check for the steak.” Sae said as she went straight to opening the mouth and looking for that piece of steak.

“I SEE IT!” said an excited Sae, she quickly did a finger sweep to removed the guilty piece of half chewed up beef. All the while Mayu rechecked for a pulse and breathing.

“He doesn’t have a pulse, I am continuing compressions.” Mayu said automatically.

“Yes, doctor.”

Sae repositioned his head to make sure the airway is clear. In the old days, they would be taught to give mouth to mouth in this kind of situation, but in the rise of a new era mouth to mouth is not necessary anymore. The two work diligently together, complimenting each other like they have always been working on the same team. No delays were made, their movements flowing with one another’s.

After a few minutes, ambulance sirens can be heard, followed by the clattering of the stretcher and sounds of rolling wheels getting louder as the clock ticked away. The paramedic crew quickly took over the resuscitation, one continued with compressions while another grabbed a breathing tube from their equipment bag. Normally in a situation like this, Mayu would be happy to intubate (process of inserting the breathing tube into the lungs) the person but her arms are tired from all the compression and she didn’t want to delay care as time is now crucial for the choking victim.

Once the breathing tube wass in, they connected a bagger to the tube and squeezed oxygen into the lungs. Mayu assisted in connecting the the AED (automated external defibrillator) after notifying the crew she is a doctor, Sae took over the airway part while the paramedics concentrated on compressing the heart to circulate the blood.

“Okay AED is charged and ready,” Mayu announced “I am clear, you are clear, everyone is clear, Shocking.” She declared as she looked to make sure she and everyone is clear, before pressing the shock button.

“Doctor we have a rhythm, and a pulse.” One of the paramedics stated as he checked the patient for pulse. “Lets move him to the stretcher and take him to the closest hospital.”

“I’ll come with you.” Mayu stated.

“I’m coming along too, I can watch the airway and breathing tube.” Sae added

“Glad to have you along. Let’s go. The closest hospital is Akihabara.” said the paramedic.

The minute everyone got loaded into the ambulance, the sirens could be heard sounding through the streets.

“I haven’t had a chance to introduce myself earlier, my name is Shimada Haruka.” said one of the paramedics sitting in the back with Mayu and Sae. “The one driving is Nito Moeno,” she continued while waving her hand towards the driver in the front.
“Hi, nice to meet you.” Moeno said while keeping her eyes on the road.

“My name is Watanabe Mayu, you can call me Mayu or Dr. Watanabe. I’ll be doing my residency at Akihabara Hospital.” Mayu introduced herself.

“Really? What a coincidence, I’m going to be starting at Akihabara Hospital too! Miyazawa Sae, I’m a Registered Respiratory Therapist," Sae said while making sure to maintain a steady breathing rate, pushing oxygen into the patients lungs with the bagger.

When the ambulance arrived at the emergency entrance of AKB hospital, they exitted the vehicle and pushed the patient into the trauma bay, where nurses and doctors were already waiting for them. As they transfer redthe patient over to their stretcher, Mayu approached the doctors to give them a report as to what happened at the scene.

“He choked on a piece of steak that occluded his airways. After getting consent, I attempted to do a couple abdominal thrusts but was unsuccessful. The RT over there took over and tried a couple abdominal thrusts, she was able to get the patient to cough a little bit but he went unconscious soon after. We started CPR immediately and was able to dislodge the piece of steak but he had no pulse so we continued CPR for another 5min before ambulance arrived. They intubated and stabilized the airway before transporting the patient here. No other issue on route. Patient was manually ventilated by the RT.” Mayu quickly and precisely reported to the emergency doctor before stepping out of the way for him to assess the patient.

“Sasshi, I want ABG’s after patient settles on the ventilation. We will transfer the patient to ICU after we stabilize and get a baseline.  Kumi, I want a full set of blood work done and a 12 lead ECG. Shawako, call radiology for a stat chest x-ray, I want to make sure the breathing tube is in the correct position. Mizuki, can you start an IV on the patient?”

“Ok, Dr. Aamin.” chorused through the trauma bay as everyone started on their task after Dr. Maeda Ami gave out her orders. Although Ami is still only a resident, she is well known by the staff as one of their ace doctors, trained personally by her sister Maeda Atsuko and Dr. Takahashi. She has been approved by the head of the department Dr. Takahashi to have the ability to self manage cases without requiring supervision.

Sashihara took over for Sae after setting up and connecting the patient to a ventilator. While Yagami Kumi, one of the laboratory technicians started gathering her tubes to collect blood for lab testing. Kuwabara Mizuki, another one of emergency's well known nurses, went to one arm, looking for a vein to start the intravenous line. At the same time Sawako is already on the phone talking with radiology for that chest x-ray the doctor wanted immediately.

Surprising the emergency team, Dr. S. Akimoto came walking into the unit to assess this ventilated patient who will need ICU's higher level of care shortly. It was her way of speeding up the process so the patient doesn't have to stall in emergency waiting. During the whole time she was assessing the patient, Sayaka could feel a pair of eyes glaring at her back. When she finished writing down some medication orders and admission to ICU orders, she turned around to come face to face with an upset Sae.

“Sorry Sae, I was caught up with a patient earlier. I didn’t even notice the time. I’ll make it up to you another time... Come on, you forgive your twin right?” Sayaka tried to worm her way out of trouble.

*Sigh* “You could’ve at least called to let me know. Then I would’ve actually ordered and ate. You owe me two dinners for anything I want, no objection.” Sae said. “Anyways, I guess you’ll be awhile. I’ll head home first.”

Once the patient was handed over to the hospital staff and stabilized, Mayu dug into her bag to find her cellphone so she could call a cab and let her parents know that she will be home late. She found her phone with no problem but she also found something that she didn’t expect to see: the small box containing the same ring and necklace from earlier. Seichi must have put it in her bag when he passed her while she was heading out to the ambulance with the patient. With a sigh, Mayu stuffed the box back into her bag. She will just have to deal with him another time.

"Dr. Watanabe, do you need a ride?" Sae asked as she watched the young resident search up for the number to a taxi company.

"Didn't you come in the ambulance with me? Where did your car come from?" Mayu asked, surprised by the invitation and the logic that she is already trying to solve.

"Oh, I just borrowed my friends car. She said she probably won't need it tonight seeing how this patient just came in." Sae replied while pointing at the busy doctor behind her in lieutenant general mode, giving verbal commands to the available staffs.

"Thanks for the ride then, Miyazawa-san," Mayu answered with a smile after a moment. It would cost her money and time to call and wait for the taxi.

"Call me Sae. Say, are you hungry? I don't think you've had dinner yet." the genki girl asked.

"How did you know? Were you watching me?" Mayu asked.

"Errrm.... I.... well...." Shocked from the sudden questions, words didn't seem to want to process properly for Sae.

"Lets go! I'm starving," The young resident said with a teasing smile as she started to head out the door. Oh, and please call me Mayu when I'm not at work,"

"Ok, so what do you want to eat?" The revived genking asked as she sped up her pace to match the young doctor.

*AKB - Extra*

There goes another day at Akihabara Hospital!  :) Hope it wasn't too boring for everyone............... *silence*

*check's for pulse*

"Oh no! we don't have a pulse!!!!"

*grabs the AED pads and stick it all over the bodies*

"charging! everyone clear! SHOCKING!"

....... "oops I didn't see your hand there on the bodies...."

"hehehe.... It wasn't me!"

*slips out unnoticed*

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Re: Living in Emergency (LiER) ~Feb 23~
« Reply #47 on: February 23, 2012, 09:20:21 AM »
Oh so it's Saemayu ^^

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Re: Living in Emergency (LiER) ~Feb 23~
« Reply #48 on: February 23, 2012, 09:23:00 AM »
Oh so it's Saemayu ^^

Iono  :twisted: who knows what might happen. All the characters haven't made their appearance yet.

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Re: Living in Emergency (LiER) ~Feb 23~
« Reply #49 on: February 23, 2012, 10:04:16 AM »
LOL WOOT~ Kira-chan is back! :D

YUKI? :D :D :D

omg no saemayu please... saeyaka :D

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Re: Living in Emergency (LiER) ~Feb 23~
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^ LOL, the last statement is what I wanted to write, hehe  XD

But really, Sayaka, WHY you didn't call... Now there will be SaeMayu because of your behavior...

I hope not  :lol:

Glad you're back with your awesomeness  :thumbup
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Re: Living in Emergency (LiER) ~Feb 23~
« Reply #51 on: February 23, 2012, 01:07:04 PM »
Mayuyu makes her appearance! But SaeMayu? I don't fancy the idea so I shall cross my fingers for Yukirin to appear soon and cross paths with Dr. Watanabe! XD

Go Akihabara Hospital!

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Re: Living in Emergency (LiER) ~Feb 23~
« Reply #52 on: February 24, 2012, 06:47:44 AM »
Shi-chan: Hey hey! Yup I'm back! sort of lol, hmmm I wonder what will happen with Sae, Mayu and Sayaka....and where is Yuki  :panic: keke  :twisted:

sakura_drop_: Yes blame Sayaka for the SaeMayu that is happening at the end, its because she didn't show up and left her twin tower there waiting all alone and starving! Plus it really takes a lot of energy to run through a full resuscitation with compressions so they must be so hungry that food is the most important!

seigus: Yes Yuki really need to make her appearance in this, it's not the same if she isn't there right keke. There are so many characters in this fic that there are many options to play with  :twisted:

anzai48:  :) I LOVE YOUR BODY SWAP CHAPTERS!!!!!! Oh right Yuki... hmmm I wonder how she will make her grand debut in this fic keke, to be honest iono what I'm going to do with everyone yet... I want to make Yuki appear soon too but I think I might update another fic first before coming back to this one. Just updated two chapter of this in the month. Sasshi-Miichan-Myao and you forgot Shi-chan keke but they will be the best combination ever next will be the Amina-Mizuki-Mocchi crew in emergency haha

Pommie: Ah right Seichi... the guy you named right? I can't remember if it was you or Lynx that gave me the name, but that guy is totally a cameo and will need him to reappear just so Mayu can properly dump him right  :twisted:

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Re: Living in Emergency (LiER) ~Feb 23~
« Reply #53 on: February 24, 2012, 02:36:10 PM »
seigus: Yes Yuki really need to make her appearance in this, it's not the same if she isn't there right keke. There are so many characters in this fic that there are many options to play with  :twisted:

Yes, it feels like something's missing if Yukirin isn't there with Mayuyu! Don't make us wait too long for Yuki's grand entrance! For some reason, I'm imagining a Dr. Watanabe and Nurse Kashiwagi combination. It'd provide a nice twist to their relationship O0

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Re: Living in Emergency (LiER) ~Feb 23~
« Reply #54 on: February 25, 2012, 11:43:46 PM »
What?! How could I miss your new update?!??!

Waaa! SaeMayu!
Sae is going to work under the same hospital as Dr.Watanabe  :nya:

Your fic it's so cool it's like daily life of doctors, paramedics etc but with AKB's totally awesome!
(I think I said it before I donno)
There are new girls popping up as a paramedic right?! Haruka&Moeno...

And Mayu dump that guy please!

Thank you for your update immortal_K-san
Just wondering who Yuki will be paired with?!

Anyway Arígatou!  :kneelbow:
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Re: Living in Emergency (LiER) ~Feb 23~
« Reply #55 on: April 02, 2012, 05:47:54 PM »
this is actually a really interesting fic :O
akb being doctors and all is just awesome!
this is different from the usual and it is also written so well!
i am totally impressed by all this medical stuff :P
cant wait for until your next update xD i wonder whos going to be paired with who :P

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Re: Living in Emergency (LiER) ~Feb 23~
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Dawww I had to go digging for this lol found it on page 6, it shows how long it took me to update. Immo's new speed of ants... or worst HAHA. Should've asked someone to just bump it for me but then people are busy too.

First to answer some comments from ancient times...

seigus: Hmmm Dr. Watanabe and Nurse Kashiwagi... that could be an option but I wonder when Yuki is really going to appear? This story will go on for quite I'm not even sure how I can end it, we are talking about hospital, doctors, nurses, and the 48 family... they can go on forever  :twisted: So much that can go on and so much to talk about really...

Megumi: I wonder would Sae and Mayu pair together for this or do I have other plans  :twisted: bwahahahahaha options and options. Yea I'm trying to integrate a lot of real case scenarios into this but then of course with a lot of edits and modifications to make it fit well and more interesting and less plain medical to put people to sleep haha. Don't worry I just need to find the perfect chance for Mayu to dump the guy.

Pandah: Thanks, this was meant to be different from the usual stuff. I originally wrote it more for my own entertainment but surprisingly I got more comments and hits then I thought. I was expecting to get people all bored with all this medical talk and all. As for pairings  :twisted: <-- look so evil  :twisted:

**Special thank you section for: HashirePomeranian who beta this before I release it without my lovely Engrish, I bet you I killed more then a handful of her brain cells  :P  I'm still waiting fo ryou to update God of Rock and Contamination!!!  :panic:**

Living in Emergency: PAGE 6

     ~Care with Dignity and Respect, voice your concerns without fear, it is your values and your beliefs~

*Intensive Care Unit - ICU*

“Yuko, are you ready?” Haruna asked from beside Yuko. Today is the day they have decided to finally terminally wean and extubate her grandma.

They met again in another family meeting to discuss her grandma’s condition, and the result of the neurology consults. Mrs. Oshima has been assessed and declared legally brain dead by two different doctors as per her request to make sure there are no errors in the overall assessment.

Dr. Shinoda and Dr. Akimoto were kind enough to take some time in explaining to Yuko what it means to be brain dead given that her grandma’s heart is still beating: an irreversible end of all brain activity due to the loss of brain oxygenation. So because her grandma suffered a major heart attack, the amount of time that her brain went without oxygen caused all functions to stop. Her body is only maintained by the technology of a respiratory ventilator and a temporary pacemaker in the heart.

As blunt as it may sound, their words were nothing short of true. The machines are just keeping her grandma’s body alive, and with all due respect, it is not the way it should be left. Yuko understood what they were saying but she needed a little more time, so together they agreed on a day, a time so that Yuko can have a bit more time alone with her closest and only relative left.

Walking up to the bedside with the support from the day nurse Haruna, Yuko bid her last farewell to the one that raised and took care of her.

“Bye grandma, rest well. Don’t worry about me, I can take care of myself now. Be at peace. Everything will be alright. I will miss you but I will never forget you and your love.” Yuko whispered into her grandma’s ears even though she couldn’t hear her anymore. With a last kiss on the forehead, Yuko stepped back and took a deep breath in, fighting the threatening tears.

“Okay I’m ready,” she gave the final signal and watched the respiratory therapists move over to the ventilator. One of her only wish is to be able to stay and watch her grandma go.

“Sae, do you want me to do this?” Miichan asked, seeing how today is only Sae’s first week of orientation shift and it seemed a little cruel to force her into the most dreaded task of withdrawing care. Given that it is still one of their responsibilities, Miichan liked to give new staff a choice to ease them into this part of the job.

“I’m okay, I can do it.” Sae said with confidence, not because she liked to do it, but because she understood the reason why it needs to be done and its inevitability. When all methods of preserving life has been exhausted, it comes to the point where end of life and comfort is more important, and continuing to maintain an already dead person is unethical and immoral. Sae believes that this is an important part of their job, to be able to preserve where appropriate but to also understand when to allow patients to rest in peace. Health care workers really aren’t cold blooded nor do they get used to seeing people die, they just understand the process and when it is time to let go.

“May you rest in peace, Mrs. Oshima.” With those last words, Sae turned off the breathing machine.

She then quickly moved over to cut the ties from the breathing tube, removing them from the lungs along with the oral gastric tube that was inserted into the stomach. Miichan was ready on the other side with a damp towel to clean Mrs. Oshima’s face one last time so she will look her best before she leaves. Kanako moved over to the monitor to turn it off, preventing it from seeking attention from anyone present; it will not be the focus of this important moment.

“Grandma!!!” Yuko sobbed into the arms of Haruna as her body lost its strength to stand. This is it. From now on she will be alone.

Haruna just stood there holding Yuko, letting her properly mourn while helping the girl dry her tears every so often. It really is a sad case and there isn’t anything else Haruna can do for the girl except hold her tight and let her cry. Everything else has already been arranged with the help of Kayo Noro, their in hospital’s ICU social worker. Noro has already help Yuko planned the funeral according to Yuko’s wishes prior to today so Yuko won’t have anything else to worry about at the moment. This is not normally the responsibility of social workers but Noro usually goes above and beyond to help family cope and assist them as much as she can.

*Some moments later*

“I’ll be okay, don’t worry about me,” Yuko said to Haruna as she stepped out of ICU into the family room, “I’ll be going now. Thank you for caring for my grandma.”

With that, Yuko walked out of the ICU and away from the place that she spent most of her last week.

“I hope she’ll be okay.” Natsumi said to Haruna as they watched Yuko leave.

“Matsubara! Your patient has been ringing for you for the last minute!” Miichan spoke with her outside voice which travels quite well across the unit to the ears of the two nurses.

“I’m coming, I’m coming,” Natsumi replied, sticking her tongue out at the annoying RT, who returned the favor.

“Kids, stop playing around. We have work to do!” Haruna reminded them. Of course the words coming from her mouth caused everyone else to stop what they are doing to check they weren’t just hearing things.

“What?” asked the confused Haruna.

“Nothing, let’s get back to work.” Dr. Shinoda spoke. Being the authoritative figure in ICU, her words were basically orders.


*Emergency Unit - ER*

“Arrrgghhh. I am so tired.” Dr. Takahashi spoked while trying to stretch her arms out to loosen those tight knots in her shoulder muscles.

“That was a pretty busy shift, patients just won’t stop coming.” Dr. Maeda replied as she started to pack up her stuff, ready to leave.

“Two more minutes and we’ll be free souls until tomorrow.” The two mature doctors high fived each other while they watched the second hand tick away to their freedom.

“Thanks for setting a good example for new staff.” A voice spoke from behind the two, causing them to slightly jump from their chairs. Being the unfortunate one, Dr. Takahashi ended up on the ground when her chair rolled a little off center.

Dr. Maeda tried her hardest to hold in her laughter as she watch her best friend rub her sore ass after getting off the ground. “Well Dr. Matsui, we are officially off duty since 5 seconds ago, so we’ll be leaving emergency and our new charge in your care.” Dr. Maeda or Atsuko answered, moving to take off her white gown.

“Come one Acchan, let’s get out of here before Rena starts another lecture.” Takamina said already halfway out the doors.

“That’s Dr. Matsui to you!” The sole emergency doctor of the day spoke firmly.

Dr. Matsui could only sigh, watching her two grown up collegues run out of the emergency doors. She knows that this is just the way they are, it’s their way of preserving humanity and relaxing after a stressful day. They become brats.... From the way they act to the way they address each other, everything changes. It’s like they have a hidden personality that appears the second they are off work and refuses to even answer if you call them doctors. But even so, everyone knows that they are still very reliable and can be professional even during their days off... they just choose not to be most of the time.

Rena lifted her hand to massage the bridge of her nose, hoping to relieve herself of the phantom headache threatening to appear. Finally deciding to ignore the two kids, she retreated back into the office to overlook the charting and assessment from their new resident. After reading the evaluations left by the other two doctors, they agreed that with some training and experience Dr. Watanabe will definitely be an asset to their department. In the near future, they hoped to have her self manage cases like Aamin.


*The Parking lot*

“Acchan! Hurry up, we are wasting precious minutes of our lives still stuck here in the parking lot right outside the emergency doors!” Takamina whined from the shotgun seat watching the second hand tick away on the clock.

“Shut up, if you complain again, I’ll make you walk home yourself.” Acchan said while she slowly adjusted her seat, making sure to take her time just to watch her impatient friend sit restlessly in the front seat.

Acchan took a couple more minutes to fix her mirrors before finally starting up the car, checked to make sure her path was clear, before pulling out from her stall. She got ready to book it and finally head home for a nice long shower before-

“Wait! STOP!” Takamina’s voice suddenly pierced through the air causing the car to come screeching to a halt.

When Acchan turned to investigate the sudden outburst, all she found was an empty passenger seat with the car door left ajar, the little body nowhere to be seen. Quickly, she looked up to scan the immediate area for the mini body finally finding it crouch down in the corner beside the hospital building. She took one quick looked around, checking to make sure there is no one else around, before getting out of the car and leaving it in the middle of the driveway. She was slightly, juuuust slightly concerned about the sudden actions by her best buddy who practically jumped out of the moving vehicle. As she moved closer, Acchan found another person sitting there on the ground with both legs hugged tight to the body, head down with long strands of hair flowing down the arms and covering the face. The sound of quiet sobbing could be heard coming from the individual which Takamina seem to be concerned and hovering over.

“Yuko, are you okay?” Takamina spoke softly while reaching out to the crying girl. Upon hearing the name Acchan, quickly moved to the their side.

“Takamina?” Yuko slowly lifted her head in the direction of the sound, visions blurred from her tears as she could no longer hold them in, knowing that she is all alone now.

“Shhhhhh. It will be okay.” Takamina pulled Yuko into a hug and let her cry on her shoulders. She had heard from Mariko that today was the day they decided to stop life support.

“I already miss her.” Yuko said in between crying and trying to breath.

Acchan could only watch at their side, feeling somewhat helpless as she is unable to do anything while Yuko cries her heart out. They knew each other back in their school days but Acchan wasn’t as close to Yuko as Takamina is, so it felt a little awkward to butt in during these crucial moments.

“She’s at a better place now and she will always be there watching over you,” Takamina said while she held the crying Yuko until the girl finally calm down. Eventually, the tiredness and emotional drain from the day’s events led the crying Yuko to fall asleep in Takamina’s arms.

“Acchan.” Takamina started, then paused to look for the exact words for her to finish her sentence.

“Hmmm?” Acchan waited patiently for Takamina to finish her question, already knowing exactly what she wanted to ask. They have known each other since they were little kids, afterall.

“We still have that extra room right?”

Acchan only nodded to the question as Takamina continued after seeing the confirmation.

“Do you think we can...”

“Come on little one, let’s get you two home and dried. We don’t want to have more sick little kids running around.” Acchan spoke, not waiting for Takamina to finish after feeling small droplets of rain hit her face. She walked over to the car, opened the door to the back seats and signalled for Takamina to carry the sleeping Yuko over.

“How did you know what I was going to ask?” The confused doctor asked, still on the ground holding the sleeping girl.

“Come on, I’ve known you since you were this tall.” Acchan purposely placed her hands at at her friend’s nose height, just to lighten up the mood before getting into the car. “Hurry, you don’t want Yuko to get sick too right? Let’s get home.”


*Late night in ICU*

A peaceful night in the hospital where patients were suppose to be sleeping to the soft beep of IV pumps, distant humming of life sustaining ventilators. This is when nurses sit quietly at their station with the sounds of flipping pages while they going over the medications and charts of their respective assignments.

Of course being in ICU, quiet has always been a forbidden word. This “Q” word is believed to be a curse, a jinx to steady working days or nights just like tonight. Soon enough, the usual peace got disturbed by the screaming and shouting from one of their rare awake patients, complaining of... not being giving any food. The young gentleman was admitted to ICU for close monitoring due to questionable seizuring activities, possibly caused by some unknown drug and substances. He is said to be healthy with only a history of bipolarity and depression.

“Where’s my food!?”

“Please calm down, we are getting you something to eat.” Rie spoke clearly, hoping to calm the lad before he does something dangerous.

“Here is some PB + Jelly Toast and juice.” Yuka came in with some snacks to buy them time while Kanako was outside on the phone with the patient’s family.

“That’s not food! I want to call my dad, he will bring me food.”

“We will call your dad for you.” Yuka told him.

“Lies! You people want to starve me, I haven’t eaten since this morning!”

“Please, someone is already on the phone with your father.” The charge nurse, Takayanagi Akane, came in to see if there is anything she can help with.

“LIES! Why won’t you give me anything! I’ll SUE YOU!” the patient said while trying to kick and punch at the nurses but failing due to his unsteady steps.

After standing there watching the scene play out, the lone RT in ICU decided it was time to speak up. Sasshi turned over to Kanako and said “Call security,”

“Mister, can you please get back in bed? NO, don’t pull on your  IV’s,” Rie shouted, worried that if they lose the IV access they won’t be able to give him any medication when needed and more importantly he might develop hematoma’s if not properly looked at.

“Shut UP! you are all Liars! LIARS!!! I just want some food!”

“We have some toast here for you until your dad gets here, can you please get back into bed?” Yuka now tried the nice approach to see if maybe, just maybe he will listen.

At this time the security team comes running into ICU. Between the couple of them, they successfully directed the patient back into bed before placing hard restraints. This did little to calm his nerves and he continued to scream and shout, pulling at his IV’s and tugging at this now restrained arms and legs. Seeing how he is getting a bit out of control, they decided to add the chest belt to hold him down. It’s the only way they can keep him in his bed and prevent him from harming the staff. During the time of wrestling him back into bed, his dad arrived and was escorted in to see if he would be able to calm the kid down. But even his dad wasn’t able to work his magic anymore. The young patient just seemed to get more and more restless, agitated and aggressive towards everyone.

“Dr. Akimoto said we can give him some Ativan to see if it will work.” Kanako shouted from outside after getting off the phone with the doctor.

“He pulled out his IV so we don’t have any access to give him the medication,” Rie pointed out.

“We will hold him down for you, just give it to him.” Nakanishi Yuka said from the bedside while she put her security training to use and placed a firm grip on the patient, with her partner Yamamoto Sakaya on the other side doing exactly the same thing.

*a few mins later*

Patient has now recieved a couple dose of Ativan with no effect on him. He continued to be very aggressive and began swearing at everyone present.

“You F*******, A******, Stupid asians! Taking up all the jobs in the country, I’ll sue you all! I just want food!”

“Your dad is here with food for you but you have to calm down first,” Masuda Yuka said from outside the room, her voice lacking the life she started her shift with. It’s only her first shift after orientation and already she is blessed with such a lovely night.

“I am calm you F*******, B*****. Let me go!”

“Let’s move him to the corner room so he won’t be as disruptive” Akane suggested after looking at some of the other patient and family members that are at the bedside with their sick love ones.

“I need to go pee, LET ME GO! I need to go do the bathroom,” the patient continue to shout as his bed got wheeled over to the room in the corner.

“You can use the urinal, you can’t get up to the bathroom.” Sasshi told the patient as she checked to make sure all the straps on the restraints are secured, she doesn’t wanna get murdered for provoking the patient.

“I can’t go like this, I need to take a shit!,”

“You will have to use the bedpan.” Rie said as she sat there, trying not to laugh at the situation. It’s not nice to laugh at the poor guy but it was kinda funny at the moment and getting quite entertaining.

“What bedpan, I can’t use the bedpan, it’s against my religion! I can’t shit upside down!!!!”

With that statement, both security guards doubled over and started laughing so hard that it began to hurt their stomachs. The nurses faired a little bit better as they tried to hide their face behind their charts while sounds of giggling through to everyone’s ears.

“You come back here and unlock me! I have rights, and I’ll sue you! You will all lose your job and end up on the streets!”

“This isn’t a hospital! I want to see your credentials! You are all illegal! ILLEGAL!! THIS ISN”T A HOSPITAL!”

“LET ME GO!!!”

“Think he will break the bed?” Sasshi asked.


“Maybe...” Rie said and with one quick moment she closed the sliding door to the room to get some barrier to muffle out the screaming a little.

“Does this kind of stuff happen often?” Yuka asked.

“Of course not. These are just rare cases.” Akane tried to assure their new staff.

“What are you talking about?” Sasshi suddenly said, “What about the patient we had that ripped apart his own central line and was trying to shoot us with the blood that pours out from it?”

“..... Sasshi.”

“Or the  suicidal patient that threatened you with a plastic fork because she was convinced we were aliens and out to ruin her plans.” Sasshi continued, obvious to the looks Akane was giving her.

“Oh oh, then there was the one that kept trying to bribe us with food from his lunch tray, hoping we can help him escape from the hospital.”

“Sasshi,” Rie placed a hand on Sasshi’s shoulders hoping she will catch on and stop before Akane rage flips her to the ground.

“Then there was...” Sasshi paused after finally noticing the deadly glare she was getting from the charge nurse, “Ah look at the time, it’s time for my break. I’ll call Shi-chan to come in here and cover me.” Sasshi said quickly before running out of the ICU.

“Don’t listen to her, those are just only a few incidents we had here since Sasshi has started working. That’s like a handful out of all the cases we deal with daily.” Rie told Yuka with a smile while she watched Kanako try to calm their head nurse so that Sasshi could live another day.


Those RT's what troublemakers LOL, I think I gotta start making up a long list of names before I forget where I cast the akb/ske girls.... I might start running out... gotta preserve them more and not kill everyone off I guess haha  :twisted: I wonder what will happen next. Choices and choices, so many cases to choose from.  :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
 :twisted: <-- just love this

I like to thank everyone for reading this story and all of my other works as well, I'm not dead.. I'm just very slow with updating that's all...

~ImmoK <--- (it really sounds like I'm OK  :lol:)

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Re: Living in Emergency (LiER) ~July 27~
« Reply #57 on: July 28, 2012, 09:08:38 PM »
I love this update, immoK-san (can I call you like this? It suits you  ;) )

Poor Yuko-sama, lovely Atsumina, too little Rena-sama, and the last segment  :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
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Re: Living in Emergency (LiER) ~July 27~
« Reply #58 on: July 29, 2012, 12:10:55 AM »
 :shocked Sasshi you're making it worse for the rookie :rofl:

Yuko  :cry: I know how it feels *pat *pat  :catglare:

Thank you for your update!
ArígatoU! :kneelbow:
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Re: Living in Emergency (LiER) ~July 27~
« Reply #59 on: July 29, 2012, 05:40:43 AM »
you're a great writer so everybody loves your fics  :thumbsup
mm some people like medical stuff since it gets really intense! but now i fear for my otp D: look at that evil face!  :O

ahhhh yuko! :( my heart my bleeding heart! so sad :( she has nobody left! her only family is now gone  :cry: i got all teary
lucky takamina found her or else she might stay there all night crying D: and then she'll freeze to death during the night!

but LOL at that patient ! i literally laughed out loud during that part  :lol: and sasshi unintentionally scaring those poor nurses.... :smhid

thanks for the great update  :D
and immok indeed does sound like im okay  :P

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