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Author Topic: Living in Emergency (LiER) ~Dec 24~  (Read 40875 times)

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Re: Living in Emergency (LiER) ~July 27~
« Reply #60 on: September 30, 2012, 05:21:06 PM »

I told you Ill bump!
me want this one!!
you ask me which fic right?
Then this is it!

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Re: Living in Emergency (LiER) ~July 27~
« Reply #61 on: October 25, 2012, 01:49:57 PM »
Ohgadz. Is it just me fangirling when Maeda Ami came into the story? Or that she was mentioned during the first or second chapter? Or that she's sisters with Acchan? No? Yes? Oh well. :bigdeal:

I-expect-slight-TakaYuko-now. LOL. If there was more TakaYuko in the world, I don't know if it would overpower my love of Atsumina or not, but... ... AGHHGKEHRJHR THISFIC. UGH. :heart: lol.

Jurina. You're one perfect pimp. Even taking it as far as to kiss a nurse too (although she doesn't know it :P ). Damn. LOL. I love the idea of Jurina, Rena, and Sakiko being siblings, especially since they have the same last name.

Come to think of it, their last name is the most 'common' of the 48 family, right? I could only count that they currently have 2 Takahashis, 2 Maedas, 2 Oshimas, 2 Watanabes, 2 Oyas, and uhm... etc. I can't keep up with all the members. :dizzy:

YAY-RENA-AND-KUMI. AND-NAKANISHI-YUKA. I was happy that Shimada Haruka was brought into the story too. But I thought I was going to die if I read that it was Shimazaki Haruka instead. ...I probably would. :depressed:

LolSasshi. I wanted to know more about those "rare cases" from her. XD

I have a growing love for you... :luvluv2: :shy2:


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Re: Living in Emergency (LiER) ~July 27~
« Reply #62 on: November 12, 2012, 08:19:44 PM »
I'm alive! Well sort of, been so busy with work and schooling all my brain can come up with is work related stuff soooooo I guess it makes updating this fic possible =P. Sorry for the long wait, I don't know if I'm starting to get a bit too technical and all with this story but ah well, its a good place for me to empty my mind  :twisted: 

I'll try to update the other stuff as well, been working on it but I want to get a bit more written before I post them... and.... I will be disappearing for a month of vacay. Not sure if I will get any writing done or if i will have internet so we will see.

**~ Special Thanks to HashirePomeranian for helping me beta this, and still waiting for your update to Contamination and God of Rock and TJBC!~**

Now the replies:
Pommie: I guess there isn't enough atsumina to bring in the comments and my writing scared people off haha. I think I'll have more about Yuko he next next update =p, as for Sasshi moments.... still thinking about them.

sakura_drop_: just calling me immoK is good, i'm getting to lazy myself to type out the full immortal too =p. hmmm maybe I should add more Rena moments, but I can tell you for sure she will have her light in the story later later.

Megumi: LOL funny is that is what we do to the rookie's here, pretend to be all serious and tell them how things are done then  laugh it off together.

Pandah: Thanks, glad you don't mind all the technical an medical stuff that is going on. To myself when I write this it seems easy to understand but then I know for others it can get very confusing.  Don't worry I won't just leave Yuko alone, she will have Takamina and Acchan to help her and who knows what will happen later.

Miaaaaaaa: Wahhh you did bump this hmmm a long while ago HAHAHAHA. So because you wanted to me update this one, guess what =) I will updatethis first.

Crossing Crossroads: Thanks for the comment, I didn't think this would be bumped and reappear on the first few pages. I just have to put Aamin in a character that will appear more then just cameo in the story cuz she is awesome Mayuge-bon~. LOL don't be so fast to decide on the pairings because life is unpreditable right?  :twisted:  Still waiting for the last Matsui to make her entrance but for sure Jurina will be around to cause trouble for the doctors and nurses hahahahaha. Can't help it she is only a kid =). I don't know about the others but I really refer Shimada over Shimazaki. Once I can think up more Sasshi's "rare case story telling moments I'll add them"

Living in Emergency: PAGE 7

         ~ Practice doesn’t make perfect, it brings permanence. Human’s are not made to be perfect ~

"Ahhh, so bored!" Sae complained lying on the couch in the respiratory department, holding the same magazine she picked up a few hours ago.

"Don't complain, it's nice to get some break time once in awhile." Miichan said from the desk while snacking on her sandwich.

"But we haven't had any calls since this morning." The energetic girl whined, missing the action and excitement their normally busy shifts bring.

"Say, I heard you know that new good looking young resident in emergency, heard you two went out for dinner together." Sasshi asked, looking up quickly from the computer to join in the conversation before turning back to the concert playing on youtube.

"WHAT! Where did you hear that from?"

"You’re overreacting, it's obviously true." Myao commented after just entering the room.

"You didn't even hear the question...."


*In Emergency*

"Mayuyu, you okay? You've been sneezing quite a bit today. Hope you aren't coming down with something." Dr. Aamin asked while still going over her patient's chart.

"I'm fine, I think someone is talking about me." Dr. Watanabe frowned.

"If you say so, but just keep clear of Dr. Matsui until her melon pan arrives, she's been in a bad mood since my sister and midgi-Mina decided they can't come in and need a cover." the young Maeda explained.

"Ah is that why she has this black aura surrounding her all morning?" Mayu asked, remembering how most of the staff has been trying to minimize contact with the dangerous doctor.

"I already called her sister and told her to bring in some melon pan. Those usually work and I really hope they would."

"Aamin! Are those charts done?!" The deadly voice transmitted throughout the department, bringing shivers down the spine for those who are waiting to speak with the owner.

"Right here, Dr. Matsui." With the speed of light, Aamin appeared beside the easily irritated doctor, showing her the charts for a sudden chart review of Aamin’s performance.

"Thanks." Rena said, realizing how snappy she is being while rubbing her temples to relieve the phantom ache she's been feeling all day.

*Some hour later*

"Good afternoon Hata-san.”

“Ah Jurina, here to visit your sister again?” The unit clerk, Sawako, asked pausing from deciphering the scribbles on the orders sheets.

“Aamin asked me to deliver some melon pan. Have you seen my sister?” Jurina asked. Since her last visit as a patient, Jurina developed a liking to the hospital and interest in this field of work. She would come often to visit her sisters and get to know the staff when Rena is busy.

“Hmmm I’m not sure. Akicha, have you seen Dr. Matsui?” Sawako asked the approaching nurse.

“I think she’s in the office." She replied, finally looking up from the chart she was reading. Out of reflex or safety response Akicha started to inch away from the young visitor. A flash of that incident once again appeared in her mind.

Sawako saw Aki's reaction and couldn't help but want to laugh, but being a professional unit clerk, she held it in and pretended to pick up something from under the desk. A few shaking and trembling moments later, Sawako straightened herself in the chair. Sawako found Jurina still standing there by the counter, spaced out looking across the room.

"Jurina? Dr. Matsui is in the office." She spoke up, trying to snap the girl back to reality.

"Hata-san, who's that girl?" Jurina suddenly asked.

"Which girl?" Curious as to who the girl is referring to, Sawako spun around in her chair in the direction Jurina is looking at.

"Oh that's...." She didn't bother to finish since the younger girl had already disappeared in a beeline towards the two young resident.

"Mayuge-bon!" Jurina shouted excitedly, hugging the taller girl. "Ah why are you so tall?" She pouted, having to look up to ask her question.

"Thank god, Juju we have been waiting for you to come save us!" Dr. Aamin returned the hug happily.

"Aamin, Aamin ,who was that with you just awhile ago?" Jurina asked looking side to side and behind the tall girl she is still hugging onto.

"With me? You mean Mayu? She is the new resident Watanabe Mayu." A confused Aamin asked, trying to stable herself from all the sudden movements caused by the koala still attached to her.

"Hmmm Mayu, where did she go?"

"To the lounge to get some water, why? .........Juju? Juri? Jurina!"  Aamin almost lost balance again when the koala suddenly ran off heading straight towards the lounge. In her mind, she thought of the best way to get even for being mostly ignored so Dr. Aamin made her way to the doctor's office to notify their lovely Dr. Matsui that there is melon pan calling for her in the lounge.

*In the lounge*

Dr. Watanabe stood there leaning on the back of the couch satisfying her thirst with a cup of water. The day has been busy and much more intense as Dr. Matsui made sure she stay on her toes, pointing out her flaws and things that could be improved. Of course she is grateful for all the constructive feedback but when they all come together like a landslide it is a little hard to adjust.


Her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of door opening and in poked a head looking around.

"Hello are you looking for someone?" Mayu asked not sure if she met or seen the girl before, she appears to be younger but Mayu can't be certain.

"Hi, I'm Matsui Jurina." Seeing the extended hand Mayu reacted like anyone would as a way for greeting.

"Watanabe Mayu, a new resident. You must be Dr. Matsui's ..." The young doctor wasn’t able to complete her sentence when she felt a tug on her arm causing her to lose balance.

“Chu ~ kekeke”

"MATUSI JURINA!" A roaring voice came from the doorway.

"Oops." Jurina quickly let go of the hand she is still holding, before had a chance to turn around, she felt intense pain tug on her ear and was then dragged out of the lounge.

"Ahhhh, Rena-chan ow, ow, ahhh."

"You are coming with me to Saki-nee." Rena said still dragging her younger sister by the ear, of course she made sure her melon pan is safely secured in her own hands first.

"Nooooooo, Rena not nee-chan, Aamin! Aamin! Save me!" The struggling Jurina begged as they passed by the emergency room where everyone watched the commotion. 

"Hmmm Mayu you okay? Did something happen?" Dr. Aamin asked when she found the girl standing still as a log in the lounge with one hand over her lips.


“Dr. Aamin and Dr. Watanabe stat to resuscitation bay! Dr. Aamin and Dr. Watanabe stat to resuscitation bay!” Hata Sawako’s voice came through clearly on the overhead kicking the two doctors back to reality.

“Abe, what’s the case?” Dr. Aamin asked as she watched the paramedics roll their patient in on a stretcher.

“Suicidal attempt, cutting and lost a lot of blood. The cheating girlfriend found her on the floor holding a knife and already bleeding out. The girlfriend reported the patient was still conscious when she found her but went unresponsive by the time we arrived.” The first paramedic, Abe Maria, reported while her partner help the nurse transfer the patient over to the hospital bed.

“Do we have a name? Any other medical history?” Dr Watanabe asked while she moved to assess the patient.

Maria took a look at their charting and answered, “Kashiwagi Yuki, female, previously healthy.”

“Thank you." the doctors replied before giving out some orders.

“Dr Aamin, we were able to insert two large IV’s on route, we started running some normal saline as well." The second paramedic replied after making sure the patient is secured with the nurses.

“Akicha, run another two liter of normal saline bolus from the IV’s wide open, insert another IV site if possible.” Dr. Aamin instructed.

“Yui can we get two units of packed red blood cells, and fresh frozen plasma, cross matched. She lost a lot of blood and will most likely need transfusion if hemoglobin comes back below 80." Dr. Watanabe added as Aamin moved to the bedside to do the initial assessment.

“Blood pressure is borderline, if the mean pressure drops below 50 then start some inotropes, if not let’s wait and see if we can fluid resuscitate her." Both doctors looked as each other and with quick doctor to doctor eye communication they nod in agreement to the plan they have set. With the immediate care plan set the emergency nurses moved around each other quickly getting everything set up and running.

“Hata-san, can you call Kuumin to resuscitation bay and do a set of blood on this patient, full lab work please." Dr. Aamin said to the unit clerk.

“Can we get a urine toxicology and screen as well?” Dr. Watanabe asked her senior as the idea came to mind.

“That is a good idea Mayu, Hata-san can you enter the order for urine toxic as well, there could be a possibility the girl took some drugs as well."

“Just make sure to monitor her fluid balance incase we overload her with fluid causing it to flood into the lungs and lead to respiratory failure." A happy Dr. Matsui came from behind the two young doctor’s causing them to jump from the sudden appearance.

“Good work both of you." Dr. Matsui finally gave them a compliment before leaving with her precious melon pans and a satisfied grin from being able to scare the little ones.



The distinct alarm blared overhead causing all the lazing RT's to suddenly jump to their feets.


"SAE! This is all your fault!" Minegishi, Sashihara and Miyazaki shouted as they quickly dropped what they were doing and ran out the door with Miyazawa Sae following behind.

"What's code OB?" She asked easily catching up to her running seniors.

"Obstetrics, pregnant mother in labour with high risk, all RT runs to them and decide how many need to stay after we arrive."


As they near the delivery room they can already hear the loud screaming and shouting that is typical of a mom in labour expect this time there is still 2 doors between them and the room. The volume of the screams of pain from the contractions escalated as each door opens for them to pass through. Sometimes they wonder why people would want to go through all this pain. It sounds 10 times worse than those being tortured or those horror movies.

"Haruu, Moeno? Did you bring her in?" Minegishi Minami shouted over to the two paramedics standing at the end of the hall right outside the room they are heading towards. Sasshi and Myao stopped outside the room to prevent crowding inside but staying within earshot so if needed they can be summoned. The other two ran into the room and straight to the warmer to make sure they have everything they need. Once they made sure the warmer is on, their respiratory equipment and suctioning devices are all set, they took a look around and ask the most important question.

"What happen? Baby full term?" The simple terms were shouted out towards the nursing staff making sure it can be heard over the screaming and thrashing mom.

"She just arrived by ambulance, full term, we found the baby with serious heart rate decelerations, worsening when she tries to push with contractions. Suspect the umbilical cord is wrapped around the neck, that's why... Haachan is holding the baby in place." One of the pediatric nurse replied.

After the nurse reported their findings both RT looked over to the mom in distress and sure enough at the end of the stretcher is a brave nurse, Katayama Haruka, standing there with her hand up....... holding the baby in place preventing it from being strangled to death. Sae turned back over to Miichan with eyes wide open trying to confirm what she just saw.

"Errm, what is your name?" Miichan asked the nurse that gave them the brief in attempt to change the focus as they wait for further instructions.

"Kasai Tomomi, one of the neonatal and pediatric nurses. Dr. Itano is on her way and will be here in a couple min, we are going to transfer into the operation room (OR) shortly when the room is ready for emergency caesarian section. chiyuu~"

"Sasshi! We are moving to OR, check the equipments there. We will stay with the mom." Miichan shouted over everyone towards the door then waited until Sasshi poked her head in and gave the okay sign. Of course there was also a second of surprise as she took in the scene.

"You did that on purpose." Sae said as a fact after seeing a smile grew on Miichan's face.

It didn't take long for them to move over to OR with the nurse hanging onto the stretcher, hand still holding the baby in place to prevent the cord from strangling this precious life. Miichan moved ahead to get in position beside the warmer waiting for the baby to be born.

*Dr Itano Tomomi’s POV*

"I'm Dr. Itano Tomomi and I will be in charge." I quickly introduced myself short and simple, before giving some instructions.

“Miichan you will be in charge of compressions and equipment, Tomomi I want you to tap me the heart rate and if need insert an umbilical line. Haachan you will be in charge of medication if needed."

I had to pause to read the name off the name tag before I could continue, “Sae you will be in charge of airway and breathing." All of this is to prevent any confusion later on when the baby arrives.

I check the clock waiting as I watch the time tick away slowly with the rest of the team. I can feel the tension begin to build up from the anticipation as each second that pass there is an increase chance that this baby won’t make it. The sound from the doppler clearly resonate each beat of heart rate it measures. Seventy, only seventy beats. I took a deep breath as this is the last stretch before the baby comes out. I can see the surgeon reaching in so any time now.

"Baby is out start the timer" That is my signal and as if someone press the start button, I took the newborn over to the warmer and within seconds I assessed the most important factors.

"No breathing, no muscle tone." I clearly called out what I see to the team as they dried her with some towels. I watched Tomomi flicks the sole a couple times hoping to stimulate some breathing efforts but no luck this time.

"Sae start breathing ventilation." I looked over to Tomomi who’s been working as me for a long time, without words she understand what I am asking her and started to tapping the heart rate for me to see.

"70 beats, heart rate is not rising, Miichan breathing tubes." I quickly got into position and took the tubes from Miichan then skillfully place the tube through the vocal cords and into the lungs. Thank god I practice my skills day and night back in the days, I always believed that practice only makes permanence and not perfect. No one is ever perfect you can only practice to make sure you don’t screw up as much. That’s why I believe in practice only makes permanence.

"Chiyuu~ Heart rate is below 60 now." Tomomi spoke up pausing her heart rate tapping alerting me that we should move onto the next step.

"Miichan two finger compressions, Tomomi I want that umbilical venous line, Haachan can you draw up some epinephrine for UV line. Remember 0.1-0.3mg only." It's already been 2 minutess since the baby is born and as each min pass there will be an increase chance of death or serious neurological problems, we are running low on time. If we lose the heart rate we will lose this baby within 10 minutes of that.

"Okay focus, coordinate the breathing and compressions, just like that. Good." From time to time I make sure to reconfirm what we are doing.

“Dr. Itano, this is 0.3mg of epinephrine." Katayama Haruka said as she passed me a labelled syringe.

“Doctor the UV line is ready for use."

Once Tomomi confirmed the UV line is in, I administered the medication quickly then watched the full resuscitation continue for at least another 45 seconds before prompting for another heart rate check.

“Tomomi what is the rate at now?” I asked in my mind I pray for this kid.
“75 beats doctor." She replied with a hint of bubbling joy.

“Good we are heading in the right direction, Miichan you can stop compressions. Sae keep breathing ventilation until the heart rate is higher than 100 beats per a minute (bpm).”

Within the next minute we watched the girl slowly make breathing efforts, weak but an effort is an effort. Her heart rate climbs steadily till it is over 100 bpm, but unfortunately her breathing isn’t able to maintain on her own without help. Otherwise her color, oxygen levels, heart rate and tone has now reach acceptable and sustainable levels.

After a couple more minutes when I am satisfied with the baby’s current state I decided it is time to take her to neonatal ICU (NICU) so we can closely monitor her in case anything else she needs more support.

“Heart rate is 124 bpm, breathing is borderline but showing improvements, oxygen levels look good, she is stable enough now, let’s take her to NICU so we can continue to monitor her, she might need some more breathing assistance so can one RT accompany us for the transfer.” I announced to the team.

Working with babies have always been very intense and satisfying when our efforts paid to allow innocent little life a chance to see the world. To me they have done nothing wrong, so to be finally able to take their first breath, see the first image and shout out to the world of their arrival is a blessing. The sound of their crying in a way is also the most beautiful sound one can wish for in a delivery room, the strength behind each cry is like a statement to the world they are ready to take you on. Sometimes I wonder why a baby covered in blood, in slime, in white sticky secretions can be the most beautiful thing in the world, but when I look at them there is just no words to describe how cute they are just like an angel.

“Congratulations you gave birth to a baby girl.”

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Re: Living in Emergency (LiER) ~Nov 12~
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Can I kiss you?  :shy1:

No, don't answer... just..


*still spazzing over the awesomeness*


*breaths in and out*

OMg, this was hella good!!! I love all the characters here, and your medical knowledge (considering the job you are doing) is predictable and really good!!

I love everything, so just please, update soon!!!

And update your other works, plz...  :luvluv2:
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Re: Living in Emergency (LiER) ~Nov 12~
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Oh, God.... this is very good. I've always have a soft spot for medic fic or manga, and to see it here... :wub:

Thank you for the amazing fic. I hope you can update soon.  :bow: :bow:

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Re: Living in Emergency (LiER) ~Nov 12~
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i miss you!
Finally you posted it  :P
even though you spoiled it to me
i still red it again  XD

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Re: Living in Emergency (LiER) ~Nov 12~
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Rawr! the immortal one here and replies for the ones that left me words keke  :twisted:

sakura_drop_: LOL sakura, do you need help with your breathing? I'll try to update this and the other stuff as soon as I can. I think I've been getting requests for an update for impulse

stv_wong: Thanks, glad there are people that actually read this cuz really think it's getting a bit technical and boring and hard to read especially when I take forever to update  :P

miayaka: Miaaaaaaa yea I finally posted but didn't expect you to read it again haha. Well you were asking for it to be updated so I thought I let you read first hahaha

HashirePomeranian: That's it? Well you and Yolo should make more turtle pans =P hahaha

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Re: Living in Emergency (LiER) ~Nov 12~
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Tomotomo please!!!!!
lol Jurina the demon kiss

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Re: Living in Emergency (LiER) ~Nov 12~
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Just Joining

Keep up the good work and looking forward to the next chapter

Thank you for the interesting fanfic  :twothumbs

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Re: Living in Emergency (LiER) ~Nov 12~
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ah i really enjoy this...great to see another update xD
i totally loled at the jurina and aamin part! haha
but yes...i feel like a melonpan too o.o

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Re: Living in Emergency (LiER) ~Nov 12~
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Kahem: Rawr!!!  :) hmmm TomoTomo..... maybe keke  :twisted: it's possible bwahahahahahaha. Yes Jurina seems to be having fun every time she visits the hospital... I wonder who is next  :shocked

cisda83: Welcome to jphip =), Thanks for reading and leaving me a comment   :twothumbs hope you will continue to like how the girls mingle in a hospital hahahaha.

Pandah: Pandahhhhhhh  :) yay it's nice to know you still follow this. I know i'm slow with updates so some people find it hard to follow cuz they forget what happens before and will have to go back to read everything but not everyone has time to do so  :P *guilty immok* haha There will never be a dull moment with Jurina around keke, *nom's on melonpan* I already have the next update written just have it sitting around waiting for beta then I will post

Thanks everyone for reading :) I'm still writing slowly just kinda disappeared on vacay for a bit and didn't have much time to sit and write.... but then the wifi here is =.= too LOL

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Re: Living in Emergency (LiER) ~July 27~
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thanks for update

I follow this fanfic.

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Re: Living in Emergency (LiER) ~Nov 12~
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It's almost Christmas! LOL Merry Christmas, so because I couldn't find time to write any Christmas special I'll at least update something  :P

stepk: thanks for reading, hope you like how this is turning out.

So I actually finish writing this when I was away on vacay during my rare free days but because I had a derpy wifi I didn't get a chance to post this.
***Thanks HashirePomeranian again for helping me beta this so it doesn't come out in messed up english***

Living in Emergency: PAGE 8

             ~ Don’t take health for granted, we care but we are not god. ~

“You’re finally awake."

I tried to open my eyes but the sudden rush of bright lights caused me to close them again. With my hand held above my face I slowly open my eyes again, allowing time for them to adjust. I look to the side for the person whose voice I heard as I started to become aware of my surroundings. Personally, I think it is a very cute voice to wake up to but that is the least of my concerns right now. At first I really thought I was dead but the light sound of beeping and familiar alarms told me otherwise.

“Emm where am I?” I asked, a question that I’m pretty sure I know the answer to but I need to confirm while my mind is still settling down from all the spinning.

“You are in Akihabara Hospital. Do you remember what happened before you lost consciousness?” The nurse standing by my bedside asked.

“I...” I remember very clearly why, it’s still fresh in mind. But I can’t bring myself to say what stupid actions I was about to resort to doing for such a stupid reason, for someone not worth the result.

I looked around to take in the surroundings, typical hospital emergency settings with drapes in between patient beds for a little privacy. The nurse beside me, she held a natural smile, not forced, not fake, it is that of someone who cares. Finally I look down towards the bandages wrapped neatly around my wrist; those wounds under the dressings will serve as a reminder of my stupidity for the rest of my life. A reminder of how I neglected the importance of life and how precious it is that each day should be a gift, not something that should be used to gamble. I have no right to give up. Compared to some of the people out there, I am very lucky to have what I have, just only a minor setback that’s all.

“Are you okay? Miss Kashiwagi are you feeling any pain?” The nurse asked again, I can hear the concern she has from just the way the question came out, the way her expression changed.

“I’m okay, Thank you, Thank you for saving me, Takajo-san.” I am truly grateful and I owe them my life for saving me.

“You’re welcome, we only did what is right together as a team.”

“Thank you.” I repeat once again.

“Kashiwagi-san, if there is anything you need please call me, I am your nurse for today.” She said. “You are still weak from the blood loss so please remain in bed.”


*Maeda/ Takahashi residence *

“TakaMini! Don’t worry, I will be here to watch over Yuko.” I said trying to get my stubborn best friend/housemate out of the house. “You have to go to work or Rena will rage. Aamin said even melon pan isn’t working anymore.”

I already knew this would be a difficult task so I took the time to prepare everything, pack her bags and lunch before working onto moving the body. Initially there was quite a bit of resistance and struggle but eventually she gave in.

“I guess you are right.” Takamina said after glancing back at the closed guest door. *Sigh* Take care of her while I am gone.”

“You don’t need to tell me that, I’m a doctor remember, the best of the best.” I joked, pretending to boast about myself while patting her head.

“Hey! I’m not a kid." she playfully swatted my hand away. “plus we all know I’m the best.” There we go, much better.

After what seemed like forever, I, Maeda Atsuko, have finally managed to complete the hardest task of the day: ‘Get Dr. Takahashi to work’ as my sister named. Since the night we found Yuko outside in the parking lot, Takamina has been taking time off to spend time consulting her friend. Normally I would fully support Minami but when she begins to neglect her responsibility as a doctor I can’t just stand by and watch. I understand that Yuko needs someone to be there for her, help her cope and transition through a challenging time in life. Personally I really want to help her as well so I came up with the plan to stagger our rotation so at least one of us can stay with Yuko.

“Yuko? It’s Acchan, I made you some rice porridge.” I said while trying to balance the tray of food as I knocked lightly at the door. It’s a new skill I learned after almost burning myself with soup last time.

I waited but when I got no answer, I gently opened the door and found Yuko sitting there on the bed, knees hugged to her chest while she stared out the window. I placed the tray down on the nearby table and walked over to the lost soul. I know we haven’t known each other for a long time, only meeting a few times through Minami during school days but from my memory each and every time I see her, she held a smile, a confident smile. There is also that playful smile when she is causing trouble in class, the perverted smile when she runs around in the locker rooms and the gentle smile she showed me when I was insecure with my abilities to live up to my families expectations. She was a very bright student if only circumstances didn’t sway her from her path but even so she never backed down from a fight, she never showed fear and never showed any weakness... until now.

“Yuko, I brought you something to eat, just a little, even if you just eat a little.” I said softly, hoping to get her attention. “Yuko, please?” I asked reaching out for her.

“Why did she have to go? Was it because of me? Was I bad so she left me too?” The way her words came out broke my heart. I pulled her in for a hug making sure she is secured tightly in my arms so she can feel my warmth and know she isn’t alone.

“Don’t cry Yuko, your grandmother doesn’t want to see you like this, she has always been very proud to have you as her granddaughter. It’s just her time is up so she has to go. She will never leave you alone, up above she will always be watching over you.”

“Really? Can she see me now? I miss her.”

“Of course, remember Yuko, your grandma will always live in your memories, never forget them and treasure the moments you’ve had together. Make her proud and live the rest of your life to the fullest. Show her the little girl she raised has finally grown up.”

After that Yuko started to eat, little by little she finished the bowl of rice porridge.

“Thanks Acchan.”

“You know that is the first time you called me Acchan.” I said with a smile, causing her to finally look me in the eye.

“Your words, you reminded me what I forgot. For my grandma I need to live on, she is watching me.”

I gave her another heart warming hug, happy that she is finally opening up to us. Just wait till I call Takamini and tell her the good news.

“Well it’s not like I can call you Takaman, you threw her out the door earlier."

I snapped out of my internal celebration when I heard her whisper that softly and I had to check twice but for sure it’s that smile, her silly smile!! Better yet she makes fun of mini too! Wait...

“You heard all that?” I asked remembering the embarrassing argument I had this morning. Those little minor details that we shouted at each other would’ve been best kept in the dark but unfortunately a third soul now shares the knowledge. 

“You two are loud you know, but really thank you, you and Takamina."

“Thank the mini yourself."

“Mini? Hahahahaha” For the first time we both laugh our hearts out, knowing Takamina will always be there to bring us laughter even when she isn’t physically around.


Shimada Haruka and Abe Maria stood by their ambulance outside of the hospital enjoying a couple of hot coffee as they watched the sky slowly darken after a busy day. After a day coming in and out of the hospital and driving around the city to serve those that needed the care and those that abuse the service, they finally get to settle down for a break from the busy life of a paramedic. In their minds they wonder if tonight will be a night where they can be off on time and not run overtime like the typical overworked paramedics.

People might not understand them, and don’t realize how valuable they are. Being the first to take a call to an emergency with minimal information then to be the first to arrive on scene and take immediate action to stabilize and act to preserve life. The stress and responsibility that comes with each time they are dispatched and the hours and time they have to work. When life is on the line there is no “Can it wait?” There is no “I’m on break.” because nothing is more valuable than life.

Teamwork is an important aspect of their life as they work in pairs with a partner, the time they spend together the trust that is required shows in the care they provide. So at this moment in time to Haruka and Maria, to be able to stand there and enjoy a cup of coffee is like a treat. It is also this habit of taking breaks outside the paramedic entrance by the main emergency entrance that occasionally saves a life that find their way to the hospital.



Shimada and Abe paused to look over to the car that suddenly pulled over outside the emergency entrance, out came two young men dragging a third out from the back of the car. The girl who started shouting for help came out of the driver seat screaming loudly alerting some of the staff from inside triage. Both paramedics quickly jumped into action as Haruu ran towards the group instructing them to lay the unresponsive young man on the ground so she can check for breathing and pulse. Just from appearance this young man looks pale and somewhat cyanotic with no muscle tone, part of the arm already start to appear mottled as well. Maria on the other hand ran to grab their stretcher to help transport the patient inside, the second she saw them drag another person out of the car she knew this is a serious case. When she turned around she found Haruu have already started CPR, so quickly and smoothly they shift the patient onto the stretcher and wheeled him in with Haruu riding on the stretcher to maintain compressions hoping to maintain blood circulations to the vital organs. Maria on the other hand started to manually ventilate the patient with a bagger and mask while a second paramedic team came over to help move them inside.

"RESUS BAY IS FREE!" They heard head nurse Kuramochi Asuka shouted as they rolled through the doors.

"Yui get the board under him, Akicha attract the monitors, Mizuki get ready to take over for Haruu. Have we called RT?" Dr. Maeda Aamin shouted over the busy bodies all getting in position in hope to save this young soul.

"Respiratory STAT to Resuscitation Bay! Respiratory STAT to Resuscitation Bay! "

Unfortunately for Aamin, Dr. Matsui is busy doing some procedure with Dr. Watanabe on the other side of the unit and Dr. Takahashi called and said she is running a bit late so she is left on her own to handle this case in the meantime.

"Sasshi here!" A voice shouted across the room as the body came running through the door.

"Sasshi, get stuff ready we will be intubating now." Dr. Aamin made her way to the head of the bed and waited for the lone RT to be ready with the breathing tube.

"How long since we took over and started compression? Yui can you start an IV and run it wide with normal saline, Akicha prepare epinephrine, Mizuki stop compression when I intubate and check pulse." Dr. Aamin spoke out loud and clear for everyone present to hear.

"I am ready to restart compression." Haruu said for everyone to hear.

"Dr. Aamin I'm ready, here is the laryngoscope." Sashihara Rino said while handing the lighted blade to the doctor, "I have the suction and breathing tube, let me know which one you want."

Aamin inserted the lighted blade into the patient's mouth, "Hold compressions and check pulse." She said without looking up, her eyes concentrated in looking for the vocal cords, upon spotting her target she lifted her free hand, "Sasshi, breathing tube. Mizuki, do we have a pulse?"

The process of inserting the breathing tube took only a couple second and its placement was confirmed quickly after listening over the lungs and abdomen area. "Size 8 tube at 24 cm, placement confirmed." Sasshi said for Mocchi to chart down the information. Satisfied with its placement Aamin moved out from the head of the bed to let their respiratory therapist take over the breathing aspect so she can concentrate on the big picture.

"No pulse, doctor!" Kuwabara Mizuki shouted over and above all the other sounds in the busy room. Shimada once again showed off her strong arms by quickly resume effective compressions while they waited for more orders.

"Aki one amp of epinephrine! IV if possible, do we have a line?" Aamin asked following the acute cardiac life support algorithm.

"IV is in and ready for use doctor." Yokoyama Yui shouted from her corner of the room.

"One amp EPI given." Aki shouted to Mocchi who is busy writing everything down to keep track of drugs and treatments given, especially to note when 3-5 min is up so they can repeat the doses of medication.

Time continue to count down as they repeated the cycle in hopes to restart the heart despite the unknown down time. Each minute that passed, their chances of success drops significantly. Within the 20 min they have had palpable pulses for a short period of time after they gave more drugs and fluid, but the pulse will slowly fade and Aamin is starting to lose hope and is unsure how to continue. If only
Takamina or Rena is available for some experienced advice and judgement, all Aamin know is that it is too early to give up for this young patient.

"Have you checked for cardiac tamponade? You can try to infuse epinephrine and vasopressin, it should hold the pulse and buy you some time." A voice spoke up from the side.

The sudden intrude of an unfamiliar voice caused everyone to look up, finding Kashiwagi Yuki standing slightly off to the side of the resuscitation bay in a patient gown holding onto her IV pole. She was peeking in from the side of where the curtains are drawn closer to her own hospital bed.

"I'm sorry Miss you can't be here." Mocchi spoke up as this is against the rule of confidentiality.

"Mocchi, Kashiwagi-san is an internal medicine doctor!" Takajo Aki suddenly spoke up remembering the history she read on her patient, Kashiwagi's chart.

"Wait! Mocchi let her in." Dr. Aamin said after thinking over what the older girl had suggested and what Aki reported, "She is right, start the infusion and can I get the ultrasound machine?"

"Kashiwagi-san are you familiar with using ultrasound for tamponade? I haven't performed that diagnostic check alone before." Aamin said in honest, as there is no room for mistakes and not the right time to make guesses.

"May I have some gauze?" Kashiwagi Yuki asked as she moved her hand over to pull out the single IV in her forearm so she can ditch the bulky IV pole and slip past everyone to the bedside.

"We now have a pulse." Mizuki said while she keeps her hand placed over the carotid artery so she will know if they lose the pulse again. Yui and Aki work at super speed to get the infusion started seeing how it takes a bit of time to prepare.

With skills and accuracy, Yuki demonstrated to Aamin how and where to place the ultrasound probe to look for any bleeding and tamponade around the heart, at the same time she checked the heart for activity to see it continue to pulse weakly.

"No tamponade." Yuki said as she passed the probe back to one of the nurses.

"What else can we do, doctor?" Dr. Aamin asked since she still lacked experiences for these situations.

"Let's go by the algorithm, looking at the reversible causes. We have ruled out tamponade." Yuki started her explanation of what they should do next.

"We have been giving fluid and started infusion so that should reverse hypovolemia if that was the problem." Aamin reasoned out as Yuki nodded for her to continue, "patient is intubated and oxygenated so the problem is no longer hypoxia, although that could've been a problem and may lead to anoxic brain injury."

"What about acidosis and hyper or hypokalemia?" Yuki brought up the next question for the younger doctor.

"I've given 2 amps of bicarb during the resuscitation cycle, but we haven't had any blood work or toxin screen done as he wasn't stable enough." Aamin told Yuki.

"Is patient more stable now? What else is on the list for reversible causes?" Yuki asked another question for the younger doctor to work out as she notices the patient appears to be stable at the moment from the drugs.

"We have a pulse now, airway is secured, blood pressure is temporarily stabilized by the infusions, and so we should get the screen and complete blood and metabolic works done then check for pulmonary and cardiac thrombosis." Dr. Aamin said while she waited for the experienced doctor to confirm her words.

"Komori call Kumi then CT, we need a stat CT head and chest scan." Dr. Aamin told today's unit clerk, Komori Mika.

"Good job Aamin. Thank you Kashiwagi-san." Dr. Takahashi Minami said from behind the two, causing them to jump from surprise.

"Takamina!!!" Aamin shouted in surprise then she remembered where they are, "Dr. Takahashi, about time you arrived, why are you so late?"

"I got here a while ago but you and Kashiwagi-san seemed to be handling the situation quite well so I stayed back to watch." Dr. Takahashi explained as she looked over the patient monitors and charts for what has been done.

"Do we have a history of what happened?" Dr. Takahashi asked Mocchi while she reviewed the resuscitation charting.

"Dr. Takahashi, we don't know the full story of what happened yet, the kid's friends drove him in and stopped in front of the entrance, Maria and I just happen to be taking our break so we started CPR immediately after seeing the state he is in." Shimada Haruka reported over to the doctor and nurses now that they finally have a bit of time.

"Doctor, according to the patient's address it would take them at least 10-15 min to drive here from home." Komori told the team as she pulls up the patient information to facilitate a proper admission with patient file to log all the charting and results of this visit.

Yuki excused herself back to her bed closest to the resuscitation bay seeing how the patient is now stable and the senior doctor has returned, so her expertise is not required anymore. Originally she debated if she should intervene from her bed while listening to the whole resuscitation but in the end she decided that at most they would just kick her back to her bed if they don't need the help. Now she is glad she decided to take that step and offer some of her experience and knowledge, being able to help made her feel that much more important to continue living on. She continued to watch nurses go in and out through the curtains to care for the patient while the two doctors go over what has been done and what else is needed to be done. In her mind Yuki thought poor kid, if only the friends know to call for an ambulance instead of driving him in. At least then they would be instructed to start CPR or wait till paramedics arrive to start CPR but by driving the kid in there is at least another 10-15 minute without blood circulation. Each min of early start of CPR would give the patient a better chance of survival but seeing how the treatment has been progressing there is a high chance of anoxic brain injury and he might not even live through the night.
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Re: Living in Emergency (LiER) ~Dec 24~
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yehey!!  :onioncheer:

finally you posted it!
because im spoiled by kira
me read it first nyahahaha

the Maeda/ Takahashi residence
that part~ thank you for making it kira nyahaha a scene of  my otp!
Merry Christmas!

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Re: Living in Emergency (LiER) ~Dec 24~
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This fanfic is very informative, had learned a lot of medical terms and knowledge from it, thanks so much for the updates too!!!  :twothumbs
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So they're living together :w00t:. The residence name is smexy 8)

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Re: Living in Emergency (LiER) ~Dec 24~
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Great Medical detail there...

Yeah... Yuko is alright now...

Can't wait to see what's going to happen next?

Thank you for the update.

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: Living in Emergency (LiER) ~Dec 24~
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I'm not an expert in medicine.. But the explanation and description of every information in there is very astounding~!!!! (I like science  XD XD XD )

I just thought, are you a graduate in medicine, that you know all of these?? It requires 10 years of study, not including in many specialty....

I will put this in my favorite fic list.... The other one who has the same genre is Amnesia (Cardiac Emergency)....  :lol: :lol: :lol:

Waiting for your next update...  :) :) :)
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Re: Living in Emergency (LiER) ~Dec 24~
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I was so excited while watching the first chapter!
though it's quite sad that Yuko's grandma left...
btw, all the knowledge, information and details are great!!
so real!
thanks for the fic, i hope you will continue it =D
it's an awesome one

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