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Author Topic: THE ROYAL VAMPIRES - chapter 8 (WMatsui, Mayuki, Atsumina) 30/04/2016  (Read 16442 times)

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Re: THE ROYAL VAMPIRES (Wmatsui,Mayuki Atsumina) Chapter 2:Sleeping beauty
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I like the pic, senpai... the fangs are amazing...  :lol:

And the sleeping beauty awoke after consuming Mayu's blood, right? Is the sleeping beauty a vampire?? :? And is it Yuki? Since she's acting like a mother to Mayu.

I love vampires!!! :mon bat:

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Re: THE ROYAL VAMPIRES (Wmatsui,Mayuki Atsumina) Chapter 2:Sleeping beauty
« Reply #21 on: September 09, 2015, 05:09:31 AM »
 :jphip:Sorry for not commenting... You updated!!!!! Can't wait to know who was the sleeping beauty!!!!! Update soon!!!!

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Re: THE ROYAL VAMPIRES (Wmatsui,Mayuki Atsumina) Chapter 2:Sleeping beauty
« Reply #22 on: September 09, 2015, 07:51:00 AM »
wow your fic is amazing, I really love it  :inlove: :inlove: :twothumbs

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Re: THE ROYAL VAMPIRES (Wmatsui,Mayuki Atsumina) Chapter 2:Sleeping beauty
« Reply #23 on: September 09, 2015, 07:00:27 PM »
woahh... it's great!!! i don't know why i forget about this fic  :fainted:
btw where's rena? did i miss something? maybe i should read it again
i'm happy that you're not give up
i will support you!! :onioncheer:

-sorry for my bad english, still learning with uncle Sae :hee:

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Re: THE ROYAL VAMPIRES (Wmatsui,Mayuki Atsumina) Chapter 2:Sleeping beauty
« Reply #24 on: September 09, 2015, 07:33:24 PM »
Ooh~ Mayu woke up a sleeping vampire princess.

And is that... Kojiharu? Maybe. X3

And, yes, I wanna see Rena. Perhaps as Gekikara. OwO

Please update soon!

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Re: THE ROYAL VAMPIRES (Wmatsui,Mayuki Atsumina) Chapter 2:Sleeping beauty
« Reply #25 on: September 11, 2015, 07:24:02 AM »
Wow,,, this fic is really amazing

i have a question,
The sleeping beauty?
Is that yuki??
I'm very curious now :banghead:

Please update soon :bow:

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Re: THE ROYAL VAMPIRES (Wmatsui,Mayuki Atsumina) Chapter 2:Sleeping beauty
« Reply #26 on: October 17, 2015, 10:28:02 AM »

Hello guys im back sorry for late don't be mad XD

Did you guys miss me?Thanks for the comment and feedback


Black_cold: Hey don't kill me  im to young to die. And yes jurina is with Annin

@Tong99826 yeah to many things to be found and you will find everything slowly slowly xd Atsuko!!! Damn it I forgot about her.

 @Crunchycream: well I know jurina loves kissing but that doesn't mean in every fiction she will be cute puppy everyone have their own Style stop eating duck and some chicken or vegetable xd you need health brain.

@niineechan : glad to hear that my pic didn't went unnoticed xd you will find out later about sleepy beauty.

@Key17: since you are here you didn't forget it and yes I will never give up

@Riku Kikuchi : yeah there will be geki and battle xd

@Redtya_sas : well I can say your answer is yes.

Everyone thank you because of my bad network I can't reply other guys comments but no worries as my time net will fine I will reply you hope you enjoy also don't forget to poll.

Chapter 3 I hate you Alpha   

The Loud noise of knocking door startled everyone in the silent abandoned house.

As Dance pull the knob. Fully opened the main door, Micchan rushes inside and end up falling on the ground in front of Shibuya who were comfortably sitting on her brown chair while polishing her nails. Shibuya raised her head and glanced at Micchan who were having a hard time catching her breath. The color drained from her face, she was shaking madly like the ghost was chasing her.

"What happen??" Shibuya raises her eyebrows.

"W-Werewolf tried to kidnap me!!" She stutter. "B-but a girl saved me!!" Micchan calmed down.

"Any idea why??" Shibuya asked shortly, Micchan shake her head.

"But there was something strange! The girl who saved me was not an ordinary girl she was a vampire and more than that she was a ROYAL VAMPIRE!!!" Micchan said absolutely shocked.

"How does she look a like??" Asked a figure as she walked out of the dark room.

Micchan quickly stands up and bowed her head in 90 degrees. "G-Geki-Sama!!" Micchan stared at the floor too afraid to look at Gekikara face.

"You didn't answer me!!" Geki walked a couple inches closer to Micchan.

"S-she had long raven black hair and pitch red eyes contrasting with her pale snow white skin and pink lips!!" Micchan rubs her neck nervously.

Gekikara smirked as she played with her fingers. "You may go!!" saying this she walked back to her dark room.

Micchan glanced a bit at Shibuya, walked toward her and sit on the chair beside her. "What should I do now? Werewolf and hunters following me!!"


I walked to my apartment while kicking some random stone along the way, I waved goodbye to the stone as I reached my cheap apartment, as always I climbed from the window and enter inside the apartment, ultimately welcomed by the warm and delicious smell of food as I was inside.

Took a moment for me to realized that I'm not living alone anymore because I saved by……..wait I forgot to ask her name, what should I call her??

I put my school bag in the closet, taking off my uniform and wear my blue pajama, as I finished dressing I walked down to the kitchen and saw her preparing dinner.

Without making any kind of noise I slowly sit on the mini dining table and stares at her sexy back, she got nice ass, I giggled at the thought of touching her smooth butt. I wonder how does her body feel since she isn't human.

"What is so funny??" I snapped back to reality and looked at her while smiling sheepishly.

"You are sexy!!" I covered my mouth with my palm as I realized what I said. She blushed slightly and placed delicious food on the mini dining table.

It's been a while since I eat something healthy and delicious. I miss real food. I always end up eating instant noodles but today I will eat till I become full. I thanked her and start eating.


"Sorry beta, we lost her!!" The underlying bowed her head and apologized.

"WHAT!!are you joking, you can't even capture human and you call yourself wolf??" The beta glared at him.

"I'm sorry!! He bowed again.

Beta kicked him on his leg making him groan in pain. "GET LOST AND FIND HER, DON'T SHOW ME YOUR FACE UNTIL YOU BRING HER HERE!!"

Beta tugged in her hand inside her jacket pocket and took out her phone as she hears the phone ringing."Hello! What's up Alpha??"

"Electronic bill is up beta! The country sure trying to kill poor citizen like us." The Alpha giggled.

"Hmm!! -_-///"

"Hahaha, I'm joking beta, so give me the good news. Did you bring her??" Alpha asked hopefully.

"I'm sorry but not yet!!" Beta apologized knowing that how much Alpha wanted to meet her but her stupid underling always make her disappointed.

"Hmm…OK...try to make it fast!!" Beta can sense sadness in Alpha voice.

"Un... don't worry we will bring her tomorrow for sure!!" Beta ending up the call and sighed heavily. "Look like I don't have any other choice." She murmured to herself.


Kawaii Rine cleaning and sharpen her weapons, she disappointed because she can't save Micchan when werewolf attacked her. "I can't believe that I let them hurt micchan, I feel ashamed of myself for being the high-class hunter but let the enemy hurt my victim."

"Don't blame yourself, Rine, it's wasn't your mistake beside she is fine, so cheer up!!" Annin rubs her shoulder.

Rine sighed, she grabbed her jacket and went outside to catch some fresh air.

Annin shook her head and glanced at Minami who were playing with the red bottle. "What is this??" She tries to take it but Minami slapped her hand and put the bottle in her pocket. "Nothing," Minami replied shortly and walk toward her room.

Annin shrugged. "What's with all of them? Why I feel like they hiding something?"


As always Jurina walk in dark and silence alley to search for her victim, there isn't different between vampire and Jurina. they all walk at the night and search for their victim and kill them.

Suddenly Jurina eyes catch a vampire who were walking not far away from her, she smirked as she found her victim. Jurina rubbed her hand together to warm them and rushed toward the Vampire in full speed, the vampire shocked as she sensed an unwelcome attack coming toward her. she get annoyed and spin kick the hunter before she can attack her.

Jurina didn't saw that coming and next thing she knew was she were flying in the air, her back landed harshly on the ground making her groan loudly in pain, she felt a sharp pain in her stomach where the vampire have kicked her.

After few minutes later she comes back to reality, Jurina quickly stands up after recovering from the pain and looked around but there was no one.
"What was that??" She thought, in her life she had met all kind of vampire and fought with them but she never saw this kind of vampire who didn't even took a second to knock her out, was that Royal vampire? Or pureblood vampire?

Her movement was so fast she can't even read it, she felt so weak and disappoint, she was always the stronger one, no one can beat her that easily, not even her captain Yuko.


It's been one week since Yuko and pure-blood vampire become friends, every night they sit at the mountain top and watch the beautiful view of a city and talk about random things.

"So tell me how did your day went on? The pure-blood vampire asked without making eye connect.

Yuko looked at the beautiful pure-blood vampire lady and smiled. How can this lady be so beautiful that make her lost in her beauty, Yuko thought and studied her beautiful face. She had beautiful blue eyes, that make everyone fall for her. Yuko glanced at her cold hand that were on her lap, Yuko reached and touched her hand softly, she trailed her fingers up over her shoulder and went on her neck, she continued until her fingers touched her cold yet soft cheeks.

The vampire didn't move or glanced at Yuko, she just enjoyed the beautiful view of the city and warm hand of Yuko, she closed her eyes as she felt Yuko fingers on her lips, but she snapped out as she felt the sharp smell, she stood up and looked around her following the smell.

"What happened??" Yuko asked confused.

"Royal vampire!!" She replied as she keeps walking were the Royal vampire smell coming from.

As they appear in the sense, they saw Royal vampire standing on the air. her wings were out of from her shoulder and she floating around like a ghost, Yuko gulped.

"ROYAL VAMPIRE!!" she shouted.

Royal vampire looked down at them and slowly landed on the ground and walked toward them.

That's when Yuko saw that. She has dark gray eyes, she shivered. The pure-blood vampire bowed her head in respect.

The Royal looked at them then smiled, before Yuko could say anything, she throw red bottle toward Yuko who caught it safely.

"Drink this!" She winked at her and flew away into the dark sky.

Suddenly the SPTdex beeped somewhere startling the girl, she tug her hand into her pocket and took it out, her eyes automatically widened as she read the information.

1 supernatural identified

Species: Royal Vampire

Type: Dragon

Threat: high

Her jaw dropped. "R-Royal vampire!!"

Micchan Pov

I carefully walked back to my home. I was afraid, afraid if they try to kidnap me again. I have no idea why they wanted to kidnap someone like me, I'm not rich nor have special ability, then why??

As I reached my house, I felt something strange, I saw black Jeep near my house, I got afraid if it were werewolves Jeep!! I shook my head from negative thoughts and knock on the door while still eyeing on the black Jeep.

As the door open, my mother come out and looked at me confused, I smiled at her and try to get into the house but she blocked my way.

"Who are you!!" She asked.

"Huh!!!" I blinked. "Mom, what kind of joke is this??" I waved.

"Mom!!" She got confused. "Wrong address!!".Saying this she shut the door at my face leaving me dumbfounded.

Suddenly I heard the Jeep door opened, a handsome person comes out and walked toward me, it didn't take me too long to realize that he is the werewolf. I growled at him as he comes closer to me.

"What did you do to my mother??" I give him the deadly glare, only if glare can kill, he would be dead now. He just chuckled. "I brainwashed them!!" My eyes widened in shock.

"W-what did you say!!" I stuttered.

"I brainwashed them because you were not coming with us so I have to do something. I brainwash your family and every friend! I'm sorry about that but I didn't have any other choice." How can he say something like that calmly? He put his hand on my neck before I could react, he injects me making me lose balance and fall on the ground, slowly letting the darkness engulfed me.

Normal pov

Micchan blinked, she felt as she had been sleeping forever. She opened her eyes and found herself staring at the ceiling, she sat up and explored the area around her, she couldn't look around much because she was in the closed room while both of her feet being chained, She cursed as she remembers what had happened.

"Is she awake!!" She heard familiar voice following by the sound of the door opening. She immediately flung herself back on the floor and squeezed her eyes shut. She heard footsteps of more than one person coming in.

"No beta, she is still sleeping." Reply the girl. "Alpha will be so happy!" The girl giggled.

She heard some footstep going opposite of her location. She figured out they were leaving. After some minutes later, when she didn't hear anything she sat up and looked around. Her eyes widened as she found handsome person stare at her with the smirk plastered on his lips.

"You awake princess??" He smiled and walk toward her. Seeing his evil smile, Micchan can't help but wish to Jab at him until his face become rotten and he will never able to show his handsome face to anyone.

"First of all, I'm very sorry about that, you know I really don't want it to end up like this, but I didn't have any other choice. The hunter and vampire were near you, we can't kidnap you so I have to do those." He apologized as if saying sorry could bring everything back.

"What you want from me?? Why have you kidnapped me you filthy monster." Micchan growled at him.

"Well, because you are our Luna."

"What??? what kind of nonsense is this?" Micchan shocked.

"This is true, you are Mate of our pack Alpha." He smiled. "I want you to forget your past life and start a new life as Luna."

"What??Are you KIDDING ME!! YOU ******** WHAT YOU THINK YOU ARE??HOW DO YOU WANT ME TO START MY NEW LIFE WITH SOMEONE ************ LIKE YOU!!!" Micchan screamed making the wall shake.

Suddenly they hear something explode, a wolf comes running inside the room with the horrible look. "The hunter is here!! We need to get out from here, you take Luna we will handle them!" She said. The beta nodded and glanced at angry Micchan.

"We need to get out from here!!" He said to her and unlocked her chain, as Beta trying to hold Micchan She grab his hand and bit so hard making him yelp in pain, he growled to avoid the pain and hold her in bride style. Micchan starts crushing and punching on his chest, as soon she felt something soft on Beta chest, she realized that actually Beta is a girl.

"LEAVE ME ALONE YOU BASTARD!!YOU FILTH MONSTER!! Let the dragon eat you, let the vampire suck your blood you bitch you **************." Micchan continued with her endless curse, Beta sighed heavily as she found the girl hard to handle, she didn't have any other choice but to knock her again and take her to the Alpha.

Sae pov

I took Miichan back to the mansion, I approached Alpha who were resting in her room, as she saw me she fall off her seat, I giggled at her funny expression, she glared at me and told me to be quiet, too afraid if we will awake sleepy Luna in my hand, she took her away from my hand and take her to her room. I felt very happy, finally, Alpha find her queen, she is happy or will dying from happiness.

I sit outside the Alpha room waiting for Luna to wake up, waiting because I knew she going to curse and fight with Alpha when she awake, which is probably bad news.

Alpha will never like to meet Luna after that long time, knowing she hates her.

As some hours passed, I hear loud noises coming out from the Alpha. I gritted my teeth thinking how dare she yell at my Alpha? Few minutes later, the door open and Alpha come out with a sad expression, I knew that she got hurt from Luna action, but she trying to hide it and stay strong.

"Don't be sad Alpha, she is just scared and nervous, after few days later. She will start to love you."I cheered her. Suddenly, Kimoto kanon approached us.

"Alpha what will we do with the hunters, they keep attacking us??" She asked.

Alpha nodded. "Leave this to me, I will handle it!!"

Hunters Pov

As they got information that Werewolves were the one who kidnapped Micchan, they took their weapons and run toward werewolves place.

Rine keep punching at the window angrily. "How can this happen!!" She growled.

Annin cleaned her crossbow and placed all the arrows in her bag, her expression was serious, she won't going to let them hurt Micchan.."We will save her!!"

Takamina, Yuko, and Jurina were calmly sitting in the back doing nothing. 'Ugh, they didn't even let me drink the blood.' Yuko said in her mind.

Takamina keeps playing with her silver Ring sword. 'How I'm going to fight with werewolves!!' She thought.

'Only if they were vampire, I don't want to fight with wolf's.' Jurina shrugged.

As the white Jeep stopped in front of the old building, they jump off from the Jeep and rushes toward two wolves who were guarding the main door.

Takamina spins and pierces her Ring sword at their neck, resulting of blood splash as their head got cut and fall on the ground.

Yuko run inside the building, she looked all around it but find no one, she walked to every room searching for Miichan, until she reached the last room, she groaned and punched the wall. Suddenly she heard the creepy laugh. She looked back and meet with the pair of red glowing eyes. Before Yuko can even react, the girl slashed the sword toward her.

Yuko jumps forward and blocked it with her Raspier, the girl spin kick at Yuko stomach making her flew and hit on the door, the girl laughed and slashed her sword at Yuko.

Yuko quickly jumps over her head and Pierce her Raspier on her back but the girl spins and manages to injure Yuko stomach. Yuko groaned in pain and placed her hand on her stomach to stop the bleeding.

"Yuko!!" Takamina rushes toward her. The girl winked at Yuko before jumping out of the window. "There is no one!" Takamina said as she approached her. "Are you okay??" She shocked as she saw Yuko bleeding.

Yuko nodded. "I think they already leave this place before us, let's go back and ask Megumi if she knew where their mansion is."

Takamina nodded. "Let me help you!"

"It's okay, I can walk!!"

"I can't believe that you let them hurt you!!" Jurina gives Yuko deadly glare.

"This isn't important now!!" Rine said while cleaning Yuko wound. "They took Micchan and we failed in our duty!!"

"Of course, we will fail if we continue staying with loser like them!!" Jurina hissed.

"What you mean by the loser like us! Stop looking down on us!!" Takamina glared. "You are no better than us."

"Yes, I'm better than all of those weak bunch, you guys can't even fight probably, I feel ashamed being with you guys!!" Jurina slammed the table.

"Jurina stop it!!!" Annin ordered.

"Who the hell you think you are bitch, ordering me like my mother!!" Annin's eyes widened. "J-jurina!!"

Before someone can say anything Megumi office door opened and Alpha come out, she smiled at Megumi before going to her way. Megumi clapped her hand to take their attention. "Guys the mission is canceled…..." Before she can continue Rine cut her. "What you mean by mission canceled, what will happen to Micchan??"

"Nothing will happen to her because she going to marry Alpha." She grinned. "Thanks for the hard work you can rest now."

Jurina hissed and walk toward her room, Slamming the door loudly. Annin looked at everyone before walk outside to take some fresh air.

Takamina and Yuko sighed heavily while Rine runs after Annin.

Micchan pov

I open my eyes lazily, I startled as I saw a handsome face only a few inches away from my face staring at me creepily, I pushed the annoying person, looking around the room and then back toward the smiling person, It didn't take much to realize that I've been kidnapped by monsters.

"Hello, the sunshine." She smiled widely. I took a pillow beside me and start hitting her with it. "Hello to my ass!!" I throw the pillow and jumped on her, as we start crawling on the ground, I bite her neck so hard that making her yelp in pain but to my surprise she didn't scream but let out a sexy moan.

I froze as I heard her moaning. Did she enjoying my bite?? I quickly stand up and kick her stomach, she groaned and glared. I'm not afraid of her, I want to kill her, she took everything from me, she is a selfish person and I will never give myself to her.

"Get the hell out of my side!!!" I yelled at her, she seems hurt but I don't care and keep giving her deadly glare, she stood up and walk away from the room.

I sighed and run my hand through my hair, the tears start flowing from my eyes. I hide my face in the pillow and start crying.

After few hour later, I heard some knocking on the door but I choose to ignore it and continue laying on the bed. The door opened and the maid comes inside, she bowed her head and put some clothes on the table.

"It will be dinner time soon, you must get ready for it." She smiled. I ignored her and close my eyes.

"Please don't make this hard for me and get ready." She seems disappointed. I sighed again and get up from the bed. I took the clothes that maid had brought for me and walk toward the bathroom to change them.

I quickly changed into black T-shirts and blue jeans. I looked at myself, reflecting the mirror, my hair, and my face seem messy, I splash water on my face and tied my hair in the ponytail.

I walk out from the bathroom and sit on the empty queen size bed. "Where did I got stuck? God, please help me, what should I do??" 
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That Mariko-sama pict. LOVE it!! :thumbup :wub:
Is Mariko the royal vampire?? Or is she the Alpha?? arrghh.. I'm curious... :frustated:

U took a long time.. I'm not mad, I'm ANGRRRYYY....
I thought u've been sucked into the land of fantasies and will never come back, senpai... :on lol:
And LOL for your advice to Creamy, :lol: Yeah, stop eating ducks, Creamy. They're your partners in crime. :D Just eat Takoyaki instead.. :grin:

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YAAAYYY!!!! thanks for updating!!
mariko-sama is the alpha, right?
jurina.. you need rena-chan!
looking forward for burageki fight and flashback!!

-sorry for my bad english, still learning with uncle Sae :hee:

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Thanks for the update Taro-sama

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What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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CHAPTER 4 The sleeping girl and the Thief

 Yuko tugs her hand into her black warm coat, she sighed heavily, making the smoke come out from her mouth. it's been a week since she drinks the blood that Royal vampire give her, but she didn't feel any changes.

She continues to walk while looking at the ground." what happen to us??" She wondered. "Why do I feel sadness had engulfed us?? I want to go back!" While walking carelessly, she bumped into someone and groaned.

"Watch where you walk!!" she glared at the person.

"I'm sorry!!" She bowed.

"You.…..!!" Yuko shocked as she pointed her finger at the person's face. "You are that thief!!!!" Before Yuko can even attack her, the person runs away at light speed.

"Stop there you moron THIEF!!!"She screamed and run after her like the mad person.

The thief continues running while cursing, suddenly she found her cousin house, she jumped on the window and enter the room.

Yuko growled and followed the person into her cousin house. The thief groaned and enter in a room where she found her cousin who was changing her clothes, her cousin blinked and screamed loudly causing the house shake.

Suddenly Yuko and the thief felt someone grab the back of their clothes and slam them against the wall.

The two of them groaned loudly while holding their back. "What the hell!!" Yuko shrugged and glared at the thief, avoiding the pain she jumped at the thief and tackle her.

"How dare you show your face after you ruined our life you bitch!!!"

"I'm sorry!! Please forgive me. I needed the money so I didn't have any other choice!!" the thief replied.

Mayu coughed loudly making them startled and look at her confusedly. "This is my house, not a battleground!!" Mayu said while folding her arm against her chest.

The two of them smiled sheepishly and stand up while cleaning dust off from their clothes.
"Hello, my lovely cousin." The thief waved.

"Hello, it's been long time Shasshi!!" She waved back.

"Try to explain what's going on??" The sleeping beauty asked while glancing at them.

Yuko inched toward the sleeping beauty and glanced at her from up to down. "You look familiar??" She asked while trying to remember.

The sleeping beauty placed her two hand in Yuko shoulder and leaned closer. "And you smell familiar too." She chuckled.

Yuko eyes widened, she gasped. "Y-You are the daughter of king Kashiwagi??" She almost screamed in joy. "I can't believe I'm standing in front of princess Yuki, my grandfather used to talk a lot about you."

"I also can't believe that the leader of the powerful clan from Oshima is standing in front me," Yuki smirked.

"What are they talking about??" Sasshi whispered to Mayu.

"How the hell I supposed to know??" Mayu whispered back.

"Well, how about you guys sit in the living room while I make tea?" Mayu suggested.

"Sound good!" Sasshi clapped her hand and walked downstair.

"You know I really wanted to meet you before the war happens, but I had bad luck." Yuki chuckled, Yuko can feel sadness in Yuki's eyes.

"I'm sorry!!" Even though Yuko don't understand what she trying to say, but she can understand everything she was saying have something do with world vampire war 2.

"So what happened with you guys??" Yuki asked.

"Hmm..." Yuko title her head aside.

"What about Takamina and Shibuya??"

"Takamina is fine, but I don't know about Shibuya!!" Yuko didn't want to tell her truth because she didn't want to make her sad. Even though she has no idea how she know Takamina.

"I'm sorry that I was not able to fight with you guys because of my father!!" Yuki looked at the floor.

"No, it's okay we can understand, don't worry beside all of us are fine." Suddenly Yuko felt thirsty she pour water in the glass and gulp it in one shot. Yuki chuckled. She stood up and walk to the kitchen after few minutes later and come back while holding the glass of blood and offered to Yuko.

"Bloodthirst only go by blood, not by water." She smiled. Yuko eyes widened. she glanced at the glass and back at Yuki. Yuki smiled and nodded.

Yuko took the glass and stared at it. She reach the glass, put it near her mouth and sniff it, she gets more thirsty as she smelled blood, quickly she bring the glass close to her mouth and drink it in one shot without any problem.

She looked amusedly at Yuki, not  believing that she has become a vampire. Yuko jumped happily. "Yeah I have become a vampire!!Yahoo!!" Sasshi and Yuki looked at her weirdly.

"Eh, I thought you hate vampire??" Sasshi raised her eyebrow.

"Aren't you already a vampire??" Yuki scratched her head.

Ignoring Yuki, Yuko glared at Sasshi. "We still have unfinished business." She grabbed her collar and drag her outside.


It's been a week since Micchan lives with the werewolf, she still didn't speak much with them, whenever Alpha approach her she always ignore her and act cold toward her since she can't yell and beat her, she isn't powerful like them and if she continues beating Alpha, Alpha will become angry and kill her.

She misses her school, parent's and her vampire friends. She wondered why Geki didn't come to help her. Did she also forget her or she doesn't care about her? A drop of tear fall of from her eyes slowly. Suddenly a warm hand approached her and wipe her tear with her thumb.

"Only lonely people cry alone, you have me. You can always cry on my shoulder, I won't mind wetting my clothes with your salty tears." Alpha forced smile.

Micchan ignored her and looked away at the mountain. Alpha hugged her from behind, no matter how much Micchan hate her she always feel protect and comfort around her.

"Tomorrow I set our engagement party, everyone will be happy to meet there soon will be Luna, see you later." Alpha kissed Micchan and walk away.

Micchan hissed and punch the wall angrily. She is trapped and there is no way out for her.


"Hey Mayuyu, mind telling me what's going on with your life? Sasshi asked.

"I remember seeing you got dragged by Yuko??" Mayu raised her eyebrow.

"Well, I managed to escape." Sasshi giggled.

"Why is she after you??"

"Well, it's the long story." Sasshi scratched her arm nervously

"Make it short, besides, I'm free all day." Mayu picks popcorn and starts munching while staring at her.

"Well.…….do you remember when my mother is sick and our father run away after taking the big amount of loan." Mayu nodded. "After that I needed money so I started to steal, but no matter how much I steal I didn't get a large amount of money, so I attacked hunter camp and steal their silver weapons and sell them. Mayu eyes widened, the popcorn falls from her hand.

" What will you do now?I bet they will kill you!!"

"I know, but at least, my mother is fine. Now tell me about yourself." Sasshi asked curiously

"Well, I… saved by sleeping beauty." Mayu played with her fingers.

"What did you mean by that.………wait d-did you perhaps awaken the rumored sleeping beauty??" Sasshi coughed popcorn. Mayu pats her back and nodded.

"OMG, are you insane?? Do you know what kind of trouble you put yourself in!! What if she killed you."

"Well, she didn't and I'm fine and she is a nice person, she always treats me well." Mayu giggled.

"Don't walk into her trap Mayuyu, do you think she helping you free?? Let me tell you something, sleeping beauty never helped anyone before and whoever try to awake her will never be able to see tomorrow sun, the second thing is if she saved, that mean she will ask something in return." Sasshi sighed.

"What can she get from someone like me??" Mayu questioned.

"Well, for that I think I don't know, but she can ask anything." Mayu become scared, she has no idea what kind of problem she put herself into, she got saved by loan shark but now stuck with this mystery girl who is a vampire more than the Royal vampire.


"Good morning hunters!!" Ohori greeted them as she enters the kitchen. She makes toast and pancake for herself.
"What's wrong with you guys??" She asked while sitting on the dining table next to Yuko who give her a forced smile, Yuko was holding her chair arm tightly like she is in some pain.

Ohari raised an eyebrow at Annin who were glancing at Jurina. "Did you guys fight??" She questioned.

"Thanks for the meal." Jurina wipes her face with the napkin and walks away.

"Don't worry, just a couples fights." Takamina smiled awkwardly.

"More like break up the fight!!' Rine whispered and sighed heavily.

Ohari nodded. "By the way guys, Alpha invited us to her engagement party so get ready at night."

Yuko shrugged and walk toward the library, she pushes open the door and walk inside. she walked around it until she reached an old closet. she looked at the book at the old closet and start searching for Royal vampire history.

When she found it, She took it and clean the dust with her shirt sleeve. She sit on one of the library chairs and start reading it.

The last Royal vampire family




Yuko eyes widened as she saw Oshima and Takahashi picture, it look a lot like them.

Yuko flipped the page and start reading about them. 'Oshima-clan is the strongest vampire with whom devil itself was afraid, no one dares to challenge them and everyone was afraid of them if someone can beat their leader. it was only Kashiwagi daughter, Yuki or black. But sadly they never get a chance to fight and the war breaks down.'

Yuko flipped to next page.

'Takahashi-clan is the third strongest vampire after Oshima, she wasn't strong as Oshima but strong enough to kill 20 werewolves in only a half second. Whenever Takahashi and Oshima meet, they always end up fighting roughly. they never get along, but they together were the good friend. They can give their life to save others and this is how Oshima died, she died while saving Takahashi.

Yuko shrugged and flip next chapter. it was white, nothing were written on it. she flipped another chapter and another until she reach at the end of the book page where it's written in black ink The Dragon vampire


"Where is shibuya??" Geki asked while roaming around the dark room.

'I wonder why her  room is always dark!!.not like she is black.' Dance thought and stared at Geki. "She went out," She replied sadly.

Geki approached Dance and give her spicy melon-pan. "Wanna cry??" Dance shake her head. "I'm tired of crying, not like Shibuya would come back to me and love me." Dance looked down on her shoes. Geki patted her shoulder.

"I know your feeling!! Don't give up." She smiled weakly.

"By the way, Alpha send her engagement party and invited us ." Dance give her letter.

"Seem fun." Geki chuckled. "By the way, how about you kill Shibuya girlfriend, and then she will be all yours!!" Geki winked and walk away leaving Dance confused.


Sae knocked on the door lightly and enter into the room, she smiles at the maid who getting Micchan ready for her engagement party. Sae gives a signal to the maid, to leave them alone, they bowed and walked away leaving Sae and Micchan alone.

"Look, I know I'm the bad person and I did something horrible to you and I'm sorry about that, I didn't have any other choice. I can't see my Alpha being sad and upset, so please don't do anything stupid and accept your fate, become our Luna and enjoy your life, you can get anything you want, money, car, mansion everything, just give us one sign and we will put all the world on your feet, you have money, guards kingdom and a person who loves you more than anything and can give her life for you, so please accept it. This is all I wanted to say." She bowed and leave the room.

Micchan sighed heavily while wiping her tears. "Once you break the glass you can't return it like before, I will never forgive you guys, I will take revenge from all of you, I will make all of your life like hell." Micchan clutched her fist angrily, even her sharp nails enter her skin making her hand bleed.

"Are you ready my love??" Alpha asked softly as she peeked in through the door.

Micchan quickly wipes her hand with tissue paper and nodded. "Yes!!" Alpha smiled and walked toward her, she put Micchan hand on her elbow and give her best smile ever. "Let's go, everyone waiting for us"

Yuko entered into the Mayu house through the window and glared at Shasshi who were covering behind Mayu. Yuko hissed at her and walk downstairs, she searched for Yuki and found her in the kitchen readying dinner for everyone, Yuko cleared her throat and sit on the chair while staring at her back.

"No need for clearing your throat because I already had smelled you before you even try to sneak in the house." Yuki smiled. Yuko nodded. Yuki washed her hand and dry them with a towel, she sits front Yuko and stared into her eyes deeply.

"I want to tell you something." Yuko played with her fingers nervously. "I'm not Oshima, I'm Yuko."

Yuki nodded"I know!!"

"You know??" Yuko raised brow

"But you are Oshima."

"No, I'm Yuko my first name is Oshima, but I'm not her." Yuki holds Yuko hand and squeezes them gently. "You are Oshima  the leader of the Oshima - clan, your smell is same as hers."  Yuki pat her shoulder and went to prepare dinner.

"Do you know anything about dragon vampire??" Yuko asked. Yuki looked at her and shake her head. "They don't exist, they used to before, they meant to protect vampire spices from witches and demons, why you ask?"

"Just like that," Yuko remembers the Royal vampire who gives her blood had same wings as Dragon.

After the dinner, Yuko went to an Alpha Mariko engagement party while Sasshi playing some games and Mayu washing dishes with Yuki.

Mayu keeps stealing glances at Yuki and thinking what in the world did you ask from her, she has nothing to give her.

Without thinking, Mayu asked her. "Ano, sleeping beauty what did you want from me??" Yuki raised the brow at a question. "I know that you didn't save me in free." Yuki smiled and dry the last plate.

"You are smart." She chuckled. Yuki puts the plate on the table and leaned dangerously. "I want your blood," She whispered   

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THE DRAGON VAMPIRE?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

WHO IS THAT?!?!?!?!?!!?!??!?!?!?!?!!?!

(I kinda want it to be Geki, but... >_<)

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There's even a dragon vampire??? Cooolllllllll ><
But Poor Mayu , your blood are Yuki's xD
Update soon~
Oh wait, micchan please just accept alpha T-T

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Hello guys I'm back ~

Did anyone miss me?Look like no.

Well first of all I want to thank all of you for supporting me and leaving thanks and comments I'm very happy and blah blah blah blah.

Here is the update please enjoy and don't be mad or angry with me I'm working hard, you guys also keep reading hard XD

Chapter 5 Battle with Gekikara 1

Gekikara pov 

I watched Micchan and Alpha Mariko appear on the stages, everyone clapped and cheered for them, they look great together, but Micchan doesn't want to be mariko's mate. As our eyes meet she smiled, so I smiled back, I stepped closer to her. 

"Congratulations Micchan." Her smile faded. "I'm sorry Micchan I know you want me to help you, but I can't do that, I can't separate mates away from each other, I'm sorry." She nodded and forced a smile. 

I don't want to see her hurt expression anymore so I left the place and roamed around the hall.

I smirked as my eyes meet with hunter's who were looking around the hall with amused expression. Well this is what happen when humans enter supernatural mansion. I keep walking until I find silent and dark places. I leaned my back at the cold wall and looked at the ceiling. 

Suddenly, I heard some voice so I followed it and found two hunters talking, one of them had long hair while other one had short one. 

"Jurina, please don't do this!! I love you, I always do, we can fix it, I can do everything for you." The long hair girl said sobbing. 

"You are really annoying Annin, stop bothering me, I don't need you anymore, you were nothing for me more then a toy." The girl named Jurina replied annoyed. Annin looked at her with her tears eyes. She slapped her and walk away. 

"Stupid humans!!! They never understand anything about love." I sighed. 

"Really!!" Someone said from behind, I glanced at her and smiled. "Yeah." 

"What are you doing here?" She asked worriedly. Wait!! She worrying about me?? "Roaming." I answered

"You shouldn't be here, if the hunters saw you, they will harm you." She said sadly. I chuckled. "I'm Royal vampire, I can't die that easily, it took so much to finish someone like me."

"Still!!" She looked at the ground. 

I smiled and rub her shoulder gently. "Don't worry about me Minami, beside you must drink the blood that I gave you." She nodded. 

"I need some time, it's nice to meet you…." She paused for few second. "Queen." She bowed and walk away. 

Queen!!! It never suit me, I'm not a queen. Well, whatever. I thought of walking around the hall again as I saw someone watching me, I glanced at her, she is same hunter who tried to attack me, but sadly she failed, I smirked at her, she replied with a glare, I chuckled, she seem interesting. 

"Queen, what are you doing here??" Yuko asked shocked. I sighed. "To kidnap you." I smiled evilly at her.

Her eyes widened, I giggled at her funny reaction, she remind me a lot of her......... "congratulations, you have become a vampire." I winked.

"Yeah, thank you for helping me." I nodded. I looked back at the short hair girl who were walking out of the hall. I glanced at Yuko back. "I have to go, take care and try to stay away from humans for while.
Without waiting for yuko answer, I chased her.

I found her sitting beside the big swing pool, I stepped closer to her. "Enjoying the view??" She jumped from my voice and glared at me, she quickly tugged her right hand inside her leather jackets pocket and took a silver dagger. I chuckled, she really have no idea who the hell I'm. 

"Do you really think you can kill me?" I stepped closer to her. 

She laughed. "I know that I can kill you." I shake my head. "You have no idea, how powerful I am, you can't defeat me." 

She growled and clinched her first. "Are you challenging me?"

"There is no need for me to challenge you, because you didn't able to dodge my kick few day ago." I smirked, her eyes widened.

"That was you??" She checked me up to down. "I will see you again, and that time I will make sure to sent you far away from the world." 

I nodded. "I will wait for it." 

"I'm Nobunaga." She reached her hand for shake. 

"Gekikara." I take her hand and kiss her knuckles. Making her blush, she cleared her throat and walk away. I giggled and open my wings that were hidden on my back and fly up in the dark sky, I bet if someone saw me they will run away.

I keep roaming around the city until a familiar scent hit my nose, its her, I growled and followed the scent until I reach the place..I saw her.

Normal pov

"Are you sure you are ready??" Yuki asked worriedly 

Mayu nodded. "I own you a lot, so I should pay you back."

Yuki gentle brushed Mayu hair from her neck, she opened her mouth letting her white sharp fang pop out, she inched closer and tug her fang into Mayu bare neck letting red liquid flowed in her mouth, Mayu screamed in pain and clawed her shoulder at first but slowly the pain turn into pleasure, she moaned.

Yuki stopped drinking and lick the wound, making it disappear, Yuki placed Mayu on the bed and kiss her forehead. Walking to the rooftop, she began to transform, her eyes glowed, her aura start spreading all over the city making dark clouds covers the sky, suddenly her red eyes meet with dark grey eyes, she shocked and blinked her eyes countless time, as she come closer to Yuki, Yuki backed off slowly, not because she was scared, but she had no idea if it's real or a dream. 

"D-dragon vampire??" She whispered as the vampire landed only a few feet away from her while smiling.

"Hello Yuki!!" She said. Yuki raised her eyebrows, as soon her smile hit her nostril, drop of tear fall of her eyes.

"R-Rena?? Is that you??" Yuki reached and tried to touch her but Rena slapped her hand away.

"I'm Gekikara, Rena is dead, she is dead on the day you sell her to your brother." Rena growled at her.

"W-what are you talking about? " Yuki asked absolutely confused. 

"Don't act like you don't know, you by yourself handle me to your brother, you played with me, you BETRAYED ME!!" Rena yelled the last part. Without giving her time to react, she lunged on her and tackled her on the ground, they crawled all over the roof, Yuki tried to dodge her and throw her away, but Rena was stronger then Yuki, Rena grabbed Yuki throat and squeeze them hard, Yuki struggled into her grab and kicked Rena on her stomach, Rena giggles and free her hand from Yuki throat, Yuki coughed rubbing her neck. 

Without giving Yuki time to recover, Geki jabbed Yuki on her face, resulting Yuki nose and lips to bleeds. She were breathing heavily.


Yuko growled and knocked the door, after a few minutes later the door open, Mayu raised her brow, her eyes widened as she saw Yuko bleeding arm.

"What happen to you?" Mayu asked as she leads Yuko into the house and shut the door behind.

"They find out and trying to kill me." Yuko replied as she shifted herself on the chair.&nbsp;

"Poor you!!" Yuki offered a glass of blood to Yuko.

"Yuki what happened to you??" Yuko pointed at her lips and neck. "Where did you get those bruises from??"

"Old friend!!" She replied simply.

"Seem like we are on the same boat!" Yuko laughed.

"Shut up!!" Yuki glared at her, but Yuko continues laughing. Shasshi come downstairs and looked at them confusedly. "Did you guys fight?"

"Kind of." Yuki replied and sit beside Yuko. Suddenly they heard knocking voice,&nbsp; Yuko jumped and hug Yuki. "How did they find out??"

"I will take a look." Mayu said and walked to the door, she pulls The knob and open the door. "How can I help you?"

"Is queen here??" The girl asked. Mayu raised brow. "Queen??who are you guys?"

"Vampire." Another girl replied. "We want to meet the queen we know that she is inside we can smell her."

 "Please wait a minute." She closed the door and walked back to the living room. "Some vampires asking for a queen."

Yuko and Yuki glanced each other and nodded at Mayu, Mayu went back to the door and bring them into the living room, as their eyes meet Yuko and Yuki they put their fist over their heart and kneeled on one knee as respect. Shasshi and Mayu blinked.

"How can help you??" Yuki flooded her arm.

"Your majesty, my name is Meada Atsuko and I'm searching for my girlfriend who were also attending in the war with Miss Oshima." Short hair girl replied while staring at the floor.

"What's your girlfriend name is??" Yuko asked, somehow the Atsuko look familiar to her.

"Her name is Takahashi." Atsuko replied and looked up at Yuko. "Miss Oshima where she? Is she okay?" She asked with hope.

Yuki licked her lip nervously and looked at Yuko.

"She is fine." Another vampire appears from behind and bowed."I apologize for the behavior your majesty, but as I heard that you are back, I decide to meet you, Queen Rena already had given them their blood, they will be getting their power and memory soon, there is no need to worry about."

"Why she didn't kneel like them?" Sasshi whispered to Mayu.

"How the hell I know, I didn't read history." Mayu whispered back.

"Your majesty, please excuse me." She smiled at Yuko and flies away through the window.

"Your majesty, my friend Atsuko didn't have any place to Stay, if it's okay can she stay with you?" Daruma asked. Yuki looked at Mayu then back at Atsuko and nodded. "You guys can stay with us."

"Wow, since when our house become vampire castle??" Mayu glared at Yuki, who winked at her making Mayu blushes. "Well, since I own you a lot, I don't mind." She rubbed her arm and walk toward her room.

"You guys can stop kneeling, it's awkward." Yuko suggested. They stand up and clean the dust off their clothes.


Rena slammed the door of her apartment loudly and rush to the kitchen, she opens the fridge and took out a gallon of blood and drink it in one shot.

"Geki-sama what happen??" Dance asked and looked at her neck. "Did you get beaten?" Her eyes widened. Rena wiped her mouth with her shirt sleeve. "Bitch bit me!!" Her eyes were glowing an from. "She will pay for it." Rena throw the empty gallon on the dustbin and walked to her room and slam the door behind, she took a shower and wear black Pajama, after drying her hair she lay on the bed and stared at the dark ceiling.

"Hey kid, you are okay??" The lady leaned close to girls who were hugging her leg and crying. The girl didn't reply and keep crying. The lady reached her hand patted the girl head. "It's okay, you are safe now, no one can hurt you." The lady took the girl into her arm as if she were pieces of feather not human. The lady took her into her castle and asked one of her maids to clean her and give her some clothes.

The maid did as they told, after half hour, the girl approached the lady and smiled widely. The lady smiled back and kiss her forehead. "You hungry??" The lady asked, the girl nodded. The lady giggled and took her to her big dining table that were full with delicious food.

The girl jumped happily and start eating, the lady chuckled at her reaction and wiped her dirty mouth with napkin. The girl blushed.

"What is your name??" The lady asked as she watched her eating.

"R-Rena." She replied shyly.

"Your name is beautiful like you." Rena blushed hardly. "What Is your name princess?"

"Yuki, you can call me Yukirin, how old are you?" Yuki brushed Rena hair gently.

"F-fifteen." Rena blushed as Yuki continues playing with hair. "So Rena I don't want to ask about your past life, if you don't have any place to stay you can stay with me as long you want, this is your house, nobody can touch you." Yuki kissed Rena cheeks, making her blush more, Yuki giggled as she watched Rena face become like a tomato.

The tear start flowing off Rena eyes like a river, she hides her face into the pillow and continue sobbing.

Dance sit down on the floor near the Rena's room door and hugged her chest, hearing Rena sobbing voice broke her heart and she start crying too.


Jurina removed the large stone away from the cave and enter into the cave as she put the stone back on the place, she lighted the cave with her torch and walked downstairs to the underground and smiled at Milky who were working on the computer she didn't seem happy.

Jurina approached her. "What happen??"

Milky looked at Jurina angrily and hand her SPTdex. Jurina took it and look at the screen her eyes widened as she read.

2 supernatural identified 

Species : Royal Vampires 

Type : Dragon and normal

Threat : high

Jurina jaw dropped. "D-Dargon!!! What is dragon vampire??"

"I have no idea there is no information about it, I've been searching about it since one week." Milky sighed heavily as she shut her laptop.

"What will we do now??" Jurina sit beside her.

"Sayanee making Nuclear virus that will vanish all of them and our country will be clean from them." Milky smirked.

Mariko pulls open the door and smiled at Micchan who were staring at beautiful mountains through the window. Mariko tiptoed and give her surprise hug. "Good morning my sun shines, did you sleep well."

"Yes." She replied simply. Mariko tight her hug and kiss Micchan neck. Micchan close her eyes in pleasure, but she controls herself.

"Can I go there??" She pointed at the mountain.

Mariko looked at mountain, then back to micchan and nodded. "Get ready, we will head to the mountain." Mariko said to her beta.

"I want to go alone." Micchan suggested. Mariko frowned. "Don't worry, I won't run, you can send some bodyguard with me." Mariko looked at Micchan emotion less eyes and nodded. "Anything you want my love." Micchan smiled weakly. "Thanks."

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Geki is the dragon vampire!! Wow..
And she has a history with yuki. Interesting!
Jaa... 48 is about skinship

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YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :w00t: :w00t: :D :D

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flashack flashback, i want flashback~

-sorry for my bad english, still learning with uncle Sae :hee:

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Hello guys I’m back sorry for late, also I like to thank for everyone who leave comments and thanks, I’m so glad to have you guys even though jphip seem dead nowdays and I would like to stop writing but I can’t do that I will complete this fic no Matter what happen.

Chapter 6 It’s just the beginning

“I found the letter on the door, seem like someone want to share something.” Rine open the latter as she shifted on the chair. Everyone attention turn toward her as she starts to read the letter loudly.

It’s about the time, when the beautiful world of yours will be destroyed and ruled by us, don’t make things difficult for us and surrender yourself, we all know you have no match for us, especially when we have your lovely captain, you have one week to decide LIFE OR DEATH??

Your worst nightmare

Rine hand falls on the table, her face become red from anger, it can’t happen, they aren’t ready for this, hunters falling apart, they aren’t stronger like before, everyone leaving them. Takamina punch the table angrily, while Jurina stayed silently at her place and stared at their boss Ohari.

“We can’t win this time!!” Rine whispered,She covered her face with her palms.

“We can’t give up.” Ohari said. “We can’t GIVE UP!!” She stands up and looked at them angrily. “We will fight with everything we have.” She said in her boss tune.

“How??” Rine asked softly.

“With help of all supernatural spices. We will ask them for help, we have no other choice.” Jurina nodded, knowing they don’t have any other choice.

“We will ask help from Yuko.” Saying that Ohari grab her jacket and put it on.

“What?? You want us to work with bloodsucker??” Jurina growled. “We don’t have a choice, THE WAR IS COMING FOR ANYTHING SHAKE.” Ohari glares at her and leave the house.Jurina sighed, everyone followed Ohari.

Micchan pov

I smiled while Riding on a beautiful white horse, it’s been while since I went out and enjoyed the nature, I’m glad that annoying Alpha didn’t follow me here, but she sends some scary bodyguard who keeping eyes on me, I hate being watched all the time like I’m some kind of prisoners.

I can’t sit here and do nothing, I have to fight for my freedom, I won’t give my life to those monsters.

I hummed as I ride my horse and climb on the mountain, inhaling and exhaling the warm fresh air, I looked at the sky and smiled, somehow I start to love the place, the mountain is beautiful, no wonder why they live here.

Suddenly I heard large howl, I stopped my horse and looked around myself, I saw my bodyguard come running toward me while saying something, I felt someone coming from behind, I froze in my place, too afraid to move, I felt something jump on me making me fall of the horse and hit the ground, the last thing I saw before blacking out the large gray wolf had pinned me to the ground.

Alpha Mariko

It’s been three hours since Micchan left, my heart keeps pounding loudly, I should go with her, but again, I don’t want to make her feel uncomfortable, so I send some bodyguard with her.

“What if something bad happens to her??” My wolf said to me. I rolled my eyes on her. “You really not helping me.”

“I’m not lying, I can feel it, like something bad will happen.” She replied.

I jumped as I hear howl, even though it’s far away from our town, but with my Alpha power I can hear it clearly. After a few minutes later some guard comes running to my office, one of them was injured.

“A-Alpha they took Luna!!” As the painful word comes out of his lips I howled loudly making everything shake.

Quickly I shifted in white wolf and jumped out of the window and landed on the ground, I rushed to the place while following my Mate scent. “I can’t let them touch me Mate, I will KILL ALL OF THEM, I WILL KILL THEM.” I keep running until I reached at the place where they took her, I sniffed the ground and looked around, she is gone, they took her, they took my Mate, they took my life.

Sae pov

Alpha sends all her best warriors to search for Luna. I shifted in my wolf form and sit on the top of the highest mountain in our town looking all around the town with my sharp green eyes.

I can’t believe that someone have enough guts yo touch our Luna, I wonder who they are!! Our pack is a third stronger pack in the Japan, rogues and terrorist never show up here, if someone can attack it will be only one pack ‘Red Rose pack’ their Alpha is a cousin of our Alpha but they never get along. But from what I heard that their alpha is too busy searching for her Mate, so there is no way she will have time for this.

But her bitch Beta Ami is probably won’t sit tight and watch us enjoying our freedom.

Suddenly my eyes caught the black wolf chasing white wolf, I smiled as I saw a black wolf trying her best to catch white wolf.

I giggled at their cute reaction, I bet they are mate’s, Wait!! Isn’t this white wolf Mariko sister!! OMG the black wolf is ‘Red rose pack’ Alpha. What they hell she doing at their territory??

I banged my head on the rock. What in the world is this?? How will Alpha react when she found out about them??

Suddenly sweet human scent hit me, I looked around and jumped down off the rock and followed the scent.

After walking a few minutes I reach at the spot where the beautiful human lying on the ground, I walked toward her and sniff her, she was sleeping or collapsed, because she looks injury and weak.I shifted back to human form not caring if I’m necked, I hold her strong body on my back and took her to the pack doctor.

Salt pov

I’m bored!!nothing to do, I lay on the soft grass while enjoying the waterfall.

When will I find my mate? I tensed as I heard branches moving voice, I stood up from my place and looked where the voice come.

“Show yourself!!” I yelled. White wolf comes out behind the rock, as our eyes meet my wolf start yelling ‘MATE,MATE,MATE.’

OMG I can’t believe I found her. I grinned, stepping close to her, but she moved her head away and walks away and hide behind the tree.

Eh! I tilted by head aside. ‘Look like she wants to play hide and seek.’ My wolf smirked.

I shifted into my black wolf form and chased her. She grinned evilly as she me coming toward her.

She runs away clumping on the mountain.

Damn, she is fast! I followed her with my Alpha speed.

I saw her tail vanished in the sunflower garden. I moved my paw faster and faster, sniffing her scent in the air. Suddenly she come from behind and lunged at me. She bit my neck playfully and run away again.

I stand up and shake my body cleaning the dust away and followed her. I found her sitting near the lake. I giggled and slither toward her before I can jump on her, she jumped in the water, while swimming she reached at the other side of the lake. She  smirks at me as she walks to her home.

I groaned and lay on the ground.


I opened my room and walked in, I take off my clothes and throw them in the washing machine, taking a towel with me I walk to the bathroom to shower. After a hot shower, I dry my hair and wear my clothes.

Someone lightly knocked on my door.

Enter!! I yelled. The door open, my Ami comes inside she bowed her head and looked at me with fear.

What you did this time??I asked combing my hair.

“I……k-kidnapped Mariko Mate!! She shutters looking at the ground.

“Y-You DID WHAT???”

Mariko pov

It’s been two days and yet no information about my Micchan, I spend three nights and two days searching for her, but got no sign about her, as the sky swallowed her or earth eat her.

There were  bags under my eyes due to lack of sleep, my body feels tired and lazy, I can't do anything other than thinking about her.

As I keep roaming around the forest while sniffing, her scent hit by the nose, I jerked my head up and followed the scent. As I reached the spot, my eyes widened as I saw my worst enemy holding my mate in bridge style, I growled at her, before I can react, Salt put Micchan down on the ground and held her hand up in the air ad Surrender sign.

  I quickly run to her and hold Micchan in my arm, as her light, warm body connect with mine my muscles relaxed
I brushed her hair from her forehead and kissed her head.

I growl at Salt. " I apologize for my beta behavior, she kidnap her without my permission, I'm not that weak to use my enemy families against them, when I need something I walk by myself and take it." Salt gives low bow and walk on her way.

I Hissed and took Micchan to the pack, I enter my room and placed her light body on the bed, I looked at her body to make sure if she was okay.

I growled as I found bruises on her stomach and on her back. "Those bastards hurt our mate!!" My wolf hissed. Suddenly I felt movement, I looked at Micchan as she opens her eyes and screamed. I quickly hug her and start whispering sweet words.

As I felt she stopped struggling I lifted her chin up with my thumb, our eyes meet, as soon she felt she is  safe, she hugs me tightly and start sobbing. I hugged her back and rub her  back.

"Shh, you are safe now, no one can hurt you, I'm here, I will protect you." I stroke her hair gently.

After a half hour crying, she falls asleep, carefully I lay her on the bed and put the blanket on her, I kissed her head and walk out the room.


Yuko Pov
After long training I came back home through the window, well you ask why we come through the window when someone build door for some reason? Because jumping through the window make you look cool and it's easy to get in the house and you can peek someone getting dress without being slapped.

Anyway, I took a shower and dry my hair, suddenly I heard voices coming from the downstairs, I throw my towel on the bed and walked downstairs, where I found Sasshi being choked by Rine and stabbed by Takamina deadly glare.

For a few minutes I forget that we aren't friend anymore, it  reminds me our old time together, I giggled at their childish behavior.

"ENOUGH!!" Jurina yelled, making everyone jump. "Killing her will not go to bring our captain back, no matter how much I want to kill her, I can't do that, besides, we don't have time to care about the past." Wow I never knew Jurina have this side, she had grown up. I smiled and approached Ohari.

"Why are you guys here??" I asked. Everyone turn their head toward me, they throw their most deadly glare ever, I wonder how much time they had killed me in their head, I gulped and smiled sheepishly while covering behind Yuki.

"Okay, stop glaring and let's get at the point." Ohari ordered. "We are in trouble and we need your help."

"What kind of help??" Yuki asked.

"We got a letter today, send by witch queen Miho, she comes back, also she held our Ex-captain as hosted." Hearing this my blood start boiling. My eyes start glowing even my fangs start to pop out. "I will kill them." I hissed.

"We can't win this time that easily!!" Ohari stared down at her shoes.

"What you mean we can't win??" Sasshi asked as she rubbed her red neck.

"We don'thave enough power, in the past we got saved because we had a strong captain Akimoto Sayaka, even though we win the war Sayaka held as hosted and all that because of your fault." Rine explained as she glared at Sasshi. "If only you didn't steal our weapon, we can win toward them without losing our captain, now they have her and going to use her against us."

"We can't let them win." Yuki agreed.

"When is the war??" Mayu asked.

"She gives us one week to surrender or they will attack." Ohari replied. Everyone gasped in the room. "Oh no!!"

Suddenly Meada come into the house and tensed as her eyes meet Minami. "Minami!!" She whispered. "Is that you??" She steps closer to her. Minami felt unfamiliar feeling, she looked at Meada and felt like she know her since long time ago.

Takamina stood from the chair and walked toward Meada who happily hugged her, suddenly everything become blurry, Minami fainted and collapsed in Meada arm.

Minami pov

I found myself standing in the wooden house while starring at familiar girl, she was sobbing while hugging her leg. I moved toward her and sat beside her, I rub her back gently.

"Atsuko!." I whispered her name sweetly. "Please don't cry!!" She looked up at me with her eyes full of pain and fear, she hugged me and sobbed. "Don't cry! I will come back for you, I will come back."

"Lets run away? Lets leave this place? Let's go where no one can find us and we live happily??" She asked. I looked into her fearless eyes, no matter how much I wish to run away and hide somewhere, I can't do it, I can't leave my friends alone to die and run away like losers. Shake my head. I stand up and walked to the kitchen I took the cup and pour water in it, then I took a knife and cut my wrist with it dropping blood in the water cup, then I licked my wrists healing my wound, I mix some herbs in the water and walked back to Atsuko. I handed the cup to her and smiled.

"Drink it." Without questioning, she took the cup and gulp it down. Her eyes start to feel sleepy, she looked at me, I gently caressed her cheeks and kiss her lip. "I love you." I whispered as she starts to feel dizzy and fall on my shoulder, letting darkness engulf her forever, I hold her bridge style and place her body in the safe place.I placed last kiss on her forehead and smiled bitterly.

Normal Pov

"ATSUKO!!!" Minami screamed as she jumps off the coach and fell on the ground making loud thud voice. Her eyes weren't normal anymore, they were glowing red, Minami had drunk the blood that were given by mystery girl as she heard about the war. Everyone looked at her worriedly, but as soon they saw her red eyes, hunters face turn into angry one.

"WHAT THE HELL??? Jurina growled.

"How in the world you guys becoming a vampire??" Rine tilted her head. Yuko shrugged and smiled at  Minami, who Jumped at Meada and tackled her into a bear hug, the two birds start crying and kissing each other unstoppable.

Jurina grabbed Yuko wrist roughly and glared at her."What's going on??" She asked. Yuko smiled and vanished in inhuman speed.

Yuki sighed as she walk out the house and found herself staring at Rena who had victory smile on  her face. Two of them keep staring at each other until Rena open her wing and flew far away in the dark sky.

After little thought Yuki open her wings and followed Rena, Yuki haven't fully recovered yet so after falling, curshing on the ground, she finally reached at Rena place, she landed on the ground roughly, her body were hurting like hell, she groans in pain and glared at Rena, who have huge smirk plastered on her face.

"I really want to punch evil lips of you!!" Yuki hissed.

"Aww, did I make famous queen mad??" Rena said playfully.

With one move Yuki pinned Rena at the wall and hissed at her, Yuki felt amused how strong Rena Muscles are.

"Like what you touch?" Rena smirked as she felt Yuki hand touching her arm. Yuki hissed again, she inched dangerously closer to her ear and whisper. "Don't forget that you always come to my room at midnight to sleep on my strong arm, since you always hunted by scary dream, you can't sleep alone, being you a dragon vampire didn't change anything, you.are.always. little. me"

Rena growled, she pushed Yuki away and jumped on her tackling her on the on the ground,  Rena pinned Yuki hand above her head. "You will pay for it!!" She hissed

"For what??  For taking care of you and guarding you all the night?"

"For selling me to your brother, for making me monster in purpose to safe your annoying spices." Rena gritted her teeth in anger.

"I NEVER do something like that!!  There was war going on and for your safety I have to send you away from the Japan."

"It's just an excuse bitch." Rena hissed and showed her white fang, she leaned her lips into the Yuki bra neck to bite her and drink her delicious blood. Yuki shivered as Rena hot breath touches her.
"Don't!!" She whimpered. "Please!! I don't have much blood." She closed her eyes, hoping Rena to back up.

"Why should I care? Beside isn't, it's unfair, you tasted my blood, but I hadn't tasted yours??" Rena licked her neck.

"I will let you drink mine when I have enough blood in me."

"Oh, and when will you have enough blood in you??" Rena release her and sat up on the ground beside her.

"When I will drink more." Yuki chuckled. Rena glared at her, she stood up and cleaned the dust off her clothes.

"I wish if you didn't save me at that day." Saying this she open her wings and fly away.

Yuki stared at the space where Rena was stood minute ago, she felt as someone stab her heart with silver digger.

Mariko pov

After kidnapping accident Micchan changed into a different person, she starts to spend more time with me, sometimes she surprises me with a hug or kiss.

Whenever I show up, she will attack me with a bear hug. But whenever she does this I feel like she is forcing herself to do it, I never feel sparkle when she kisses me and hug, she is hiding something.

"Mariko~"Miccahan wrap her warm arm around my hip and hide her face in my back, this tike I felt little sparkle, I can feel it that she isn't forcing herself and enjoying the feeling.

"Let's go to d-date!!" Micchan whispered.

"Sound good, I know a good place that, will you love." I smiled.

"No, I'll take you one of my favorite places that I saw today." She releases the hug. I moved toward her and looked at her guilty eyes. What is feeling guilty about??

"Okay, let me get dressed first." I kissed her head and walk to our room. After getting dressed and putting on light makeup, I walk out the mansion. Micchan were already standing near the gate waiting for me.

I smiled at her and replied with a forced smile. "Let's go!!" She nodded and take the lead. In case if something happens, I linked my beta and told her to follow us with some warrior.

Micchan hold my hand as she takes me little far away from our pack.

"W-we arrived!!" She spoke nervously. I looked around us.
"Micchan! Why you did that??" I asked, feeling hurt and betrayed.

"W-what you mean??" She scratch her arm.

"I can smell them!!" I whispered. Slowly she steps backward,  Suddenly the gray wolf jumps out the tree and growl at me, show her teeth. As soon Micchan disappear from my side, I  found myself surrender by wolves.

"Why you did that??"


If you guys have any idea how you want Micchan and yukirena end up don't shy to share it xd


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