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Title: THE ONE IN MY HEART Chapter 21(Multipairing) 7/7/2018
Post by: JurinaN on December 23, 2017, 06:07:41 PM
Hello everyone..It has been awhile.It has been a long time since I posted anything in here. There are so many fanfic that I had neglected.I hope this new fanfic I write I can finish it. By the way, Mayu's graduation hit me pretty hard and since then I have been doing Mayu's marathon.1 or is it 2? days left for her theater graduation. I hope I can be strong to handle it....


At park, there was two young girls sat on a swings without exchanged any word or looking at each other. No single soul around them that moment. The long haired girl was looking down the whole time.Her bangs covered her face but it was clearly she gonna cry anytime soon.Meanwhile the other girl who has a short hair had a guilty expression on her face. A rings of cellphone disturbed the silent.

After hang up the call, the short one started talking. "My mother called me,told me to go home now and help them with the packing".

"...When will you move away?" asked the other girl without looking at her friend.

"Tomorrow.My father have to report to his new work place sooner than expected".

Scoffed. "We don't even have a day".She said sadly.

Her friend hop down from her swing and kneeled before her. She cupped the sad girl chin and raised it to looked at her in the eyes. "Yukirin, it's not like I'll go away forever and disappear in your life. I will come here visit you during holiday and write a letter or an email to you. I also will call you if my parents allow it. Well not like they can success in stopping me from calling you,so please don't cry. When you cry, I also want to cry. Don't torture me Yukirin" .

The girl called Yukirin wiped her almost falling tears. "Fine but promise me, all the things you had just said, you will gonna do all of it. I don't want our friendship to end just like this".

Her friend smiled. "Of course. I promise you".They made a pinky swear to seal the promise. Before the short haired girl went home, Yukirin gave her a a snow shaped necklace.

"This is?! "

"I want you to keep it. You know I really treasure this necklace a lot,the same like I treasure you as my best friend. This way you can't broke our promise because you have something which is mine. So please wear it the next time we meet. "

"...Thank you, Yuki".


"Yukiii!!! If you don't get down now you will be late for school! ". Mrs. Kashiwagi shouted from downstairs.The 16 years old Yuki checked her appearance for last time before ran downstairs.

"How many times I must told you to stop running running when you walk downstairs. I swear one these days, you will hurt yourself."Her mother scolded her only daughter behavior. Yuki ignored her mother's scolding and went to peck her father cheek and took her bento that her mother prepared for her. "And where do you think you're going young lady,  without eating your breakfast ".

"I am not hungry mom. Bye mom, bye dad".She kissed he mother's cheek before ran out from the house.

"That girl. Already 16 but still don't act like it. Where did I go wrong in raising her?". Looked at her husband. "Wait, you are! ".

"Me? "


Yuki walked down the street while humming some song. In her head, she imagined how her new school will be like. Will she got new friend or not? Can she blend in well with the others or will she be back to her past self,a lone wolf.Her father got a new job in Tokyo and because of that, her family had to move away from Kagoshima and this forced Yuki to left her friends and place that holds many memories from her childhood. Even so, she still look forward in making new friends and memories here.

A pink movement caught her attention. She smiled when she identify it was a cheery blossom petals. Both sides of the road she walking down to has Sakura trees lining up. She enjoying the scenery and around her she can saw many walking students whose wearing a same uniform as her. By that, she knew she headed in the right direction.




All the screaming and ruckus from behind her catched all the student's attentions including Yuki that slowly turned to look behind her only to saw a bicycle with three figures on it speeding toward her direction. Just in time,someone pulled Yuki strongly and saved her from becoming a victim to that bicycle. That bicycle uncontrollably ran passed them before went to the side of the road and kissed the pole making quite a commotion.Students gathered around to helped them got up from the ground. After made sure they were okay and nothing serious,their continue their walk again.

"Are you alright? ". The saviour  asked the-still-shocked Yuki in her arms. Yuki looked up to her saviour only to found it was a girl with a short boyish hair-cut staring at her.They got locked in each other's eyes.  For a moment Yuki felt a weird sensation in her heart but quickly it vanished after she realized the position they were in. Yuki pulled herself away from her saviour's hug and nodded. Her face became red from the embarrassment. The other girl chuckled, found Yuki's reaction quite cute. "Thank you for sa-saving me, but....",she pointed to the three figures whose in the mid of cleaning themselves with a painful groans escaping their lips.

Yuki's saviour only remembered about them after Yuki told her and quickly went to checked up on them. "Yuko, Takamina, Mayu, are the three of you alright? ".She asked worriedly.

"Did we look fine to you, Sae?".Takamina, the girl with a ribbon on her head gave a respond using a harsh tone.

"Woah,woah ...Relax girl. It's not my fault you are in pain now. Besides, I was not the one who rides a bicycle with three people on it. That's crazy, I tell ya".

"It was not like I wanted to in the first place. This all is this squirrel 's  fault".Pointing beside her.

Yuko who getting her bicycle up from the ground startled. "Me? "

"Yes, you are! This all not gonna happen if you didn't set your alarm wrong and dragged me and Mayu to rides a bicycle with you after convinced us we are gonna be late for school. Not just me, you also got Mayu hurts!"

Sae laughed while Yuko only grinning like an idiot without showing a single guilt.Takamina ready to continue her scolding but stopped when someone called Sae's name from afar.

"Oi Sae! What are you doing? We got a meeting this morning. Hurry up! "

"Ah.Almost forgot about that.  Well see you at school Takamina, Yuko, Mayu. And for you princess, it was nice meeting you and I hope there will be the next meeting between us. Be careful on the way .Bye~".Sae ran toward her waiting friend.

Yuki blushed by what Sae just called her. "Princess? Did she just called me princess? ".She watched Sae retreating figure with a strange feeling inside her chest. Suddenly, a pair of hands grabbed her oshiri from behind. She let out a shrieked and slapped the hands away.

"Wow, yours are big but still can't compare to my Nyan Nyan but your slap... (whistle) just like her".Who again?

Yuko made her second move to harassed Yuki's chest next but Takamina quickly grabbed her and dragged her away from Yuki. Yuki sighed relieved.

"Yuko! How many times did I already told you to stop touching others girl assets without their permission. Do you want me to report to Nyan Nyan about this sexual harassment of yours?! "

"Not fair. You using Nyan Nyan against me!This called cheating midget! "

"Look in the mirror before you said that, you in the same position as me. Midget! "

"I am still taller than you"

"It doesn't change anything that you also a midget"

"Yes it does! "


Yuko, Yuki and Takamina looked to the source of the voice and saw a panting police man there, gasping for an air.

"Who's that? For some reason, I got a feeling I have seen him before"

"Owh  Takamina you forgetful girl. That was the same police who shouted at us to stop and chased after us earlier. "

Takamina and Yuko went silent. Both of them looking at each other 's eyes, exchanged a signal without a single voice and for next second, both of them flew away  from the scene. Startled with the girls's actions, the police man started chasing and yelling after them again. The remaining students in that area looked at the scene with a weird face. Yuki confused but regained her composure back.

"They already gone",Yuki said.

"Huu~Thanks".A hoodie girl got out from behind Yuki. She already noticed the police sooner than her friends, she quickly hide behind Yuki after that. Thanks to her small body and Yuki's height, the police didn't noticed her presence at all.

Yuki analyzing the girl in front of her. That small girl wearing a hoodie that did a good job in covering the head and a tiny bit of Mayu's face.Even so Yuki still can saw this girl before her is a cute girl with a cute voice. Yuki hope she can saw the girl named Mayu entire face but she knew it was useless thanks to the hoodie.

Mayu noticed Yuki 's gaze toward her.It made her uncomfortable and bothered by it."What? " she asked slightly embarrassed but in the other hand Yuki found it adorable. Yuki got a soft spot for cute things after all.

Giggling."Nothing."When Mayu walks, Yuki noticed something wrong. "Ano.. Are you sure your legs alright? Your walks are kinda funny"

Mayu looked down at her knees and quickly covered her knee with her left hand.She also turned her back toward Yuki "Un.I should probably go now, I still need to drop this thing at it's place."Referring to Yuko's bicycle.

"Oh, okay. Bye~".Yuki  bid Mayu farewell. Mayu rode the bicycle away but not before bid her farewell to Yuki too.

Yuki looked at Mayu worriedly. Mayu looked like she had a hard time pedalling the bicycle. Shrugged it off, Yuki also made her way back to school because she still needed to attend to the principal's office.

2-B Classroom

The classroom was hectic and noisy as ever when there was no teacher around with a girls's voice. Takamina, Yuko, Sayaka and Sae was talking about Sae and Sayaka  upcoming basketball competition after summer holiday. Acchan and Mariko was talking about new clothes with the other girls while Haruna busy playing her game with Miichan beside her watching her playing. At the back near a window, a long black haired girl secluded herself from the chaotic her classmates made.A watch of hers became her attention,when her counting reached 0, Umeda Ayaka that on watchout today came running inside the classroom alarmed everyone inside about the sensei was coming closer.

All of them hurriedly back to their respective seat and sat like a proper lady should.Teacher Kimura came inside and following him was a new girl student. All of them was in awe of how beauty the student is. Long straight black hair, white fair skin and dark brown orbs,how they cannot but describe how perfect she looked. Yuki smiling when she heard the whispers of compliments her new classmates gave her. She already used to this kind of compliments back at her old school. Her eyes wandering around and halted when eyes meeting Sae's and immediately blushed by Sae sudden wink. Sae satisfied with the reaction Yuki gave her.

"Okay okay quiet please.I understand your excitement but please spare the poor girl so she can do her introduction".With that, all noises died down.Looking of how calmer it has became, the teacher signaling Yuki to start introducing herself.

"Good morning everyone. My name is Kashiwagi Yuki. All of you are freely to call me Yuki. I was from Kagoshima but because of my father's job, we need to transferred here,Tokyo.Nice to meet you and please take care of me".She bowed. And welcoming applause came after that.

"Quiet down please. Okay Kashiwagi-san, you may sit beside Matsui-san. Matsui-san please raise your hand so Kashiwagi-san here can know you" ordered the teacher. Matsui?.A hope showed up inside Yuki's heart.

The long haired girl at the back beside a window that gave a same princess aura as Yuki raised stand up from her seat and raised her right hand. A smirk plastered on her lips seeing Yuki's funny reaction after saw her. When Yuki saw the familiar face, she without further notice ran toward the person she has been missing so much and crushed the pale girl with a bear hug.

"Woah Yuki be careful. You're not light as a feather".Rena scolded her friend but at the same time replied the hug.

"You're Rena right? Matsui Rena right? "

"The one and only"

"I miss you so much"

"Me too.I-I also miss you Yuki. But can you please let go now, you're choking m.. me".

"Don't wanna. I hadn't seen you for a long time and the first thing you want is for me to let go of you?.. No way, since when you became this selfish? ".Still ignoring her friend request.

"And since when you became this childish?".

Yuki didn't made any attempt to move from her spot but later pulled away."Wait a second, I thought you will be attending high school at Nagoya to live with your parents,.. so why and how you're here at Tokyo? "

"I cancel my plan to attend school there last minute and came to conclusion that I am old enough to live on my own and be independent. My parents was a bit strict about is at first but later realized they can't hold onto me forever".

"And tell me about this never came into your mind? I already texted you a month ago about my transferred here, but you just keep silent about this? How cruel you can be Rena".Yuki pouted, slightly irritated of how Rena didn't told her anything.

"Sorry sorry. Forgive me please".Rena begging cutely. Yuki only whispered 'Baka'.

"Ehem Ehem.Kashiwagi-san ,Matsui-san, you two know each other? "

Yuki and Rena only realized that they had became a center of attentions of their classmates. All of them was staring at her. Sae in her seat looking at them suspiciously.The sight of that two princesses bothered her a bit. Meanwhile the others was in disbelief to saw how their ice princess(Rena) can talked friendly with other girl.

Because of how embarrassed Yuki was ,Rena decided to answered the question. "Un, we are friends. We studied in the same school before".

"Is that so. So I hope you don't mind I put Kashiwagi-san under your care because from how it looked, you two sure are close. But please, we still in the middle of class so I need you to keep your chit-chat for later ".

"Yes sensei".Both Yuki and Rena got to their seats. When their eyes locked to each other, they let out a silent giggles.


The bell rings.All lesson came to stop and the students freely to went out enjoying their rest time. After the teacher got out, half the students surrounding Yuki inviting her for lunch.

"I am so sorry. I will follow Rena wherever she go to have lunch".All the inviter's eyes turned to Rena.

"Sorry but I already promised Acchan to have lunch with them today. So excuse us".She took Yuki's hand and dragged her away from the crowd to Acchan's group that already connected their tables together. Yuki sighed relieved,grateful Rena was there to save her.

"Hi Rena-chan. Here sit beside me".Acchan offered the empty seat beside her to Rena. Yuki took a sit beside Rena.

"You brought the new girl with you."Miichan said. Yuki politely bowed.

"Don't be too formal Yuki-chan. We already met this morning. So relax. We all are friends here Yuki-chan. Oh hope you don't mind me calling you that,or perhaps.. you like the to be called princess instead ".Sae smiling flirtery.
For the third times today, Yuki blushed again.

Hearing Sae words alarmed Rena and this made her grabbing Yuki's hand under the table. Yuki startled a bit with the touch.

"Rena? "

"Sorry. Just don't want you to fall into a wolf's trap".Rena said glaring at the genking girl.

"Wolf's...trap? "

"Ahahaha... Nice joke there Rena.We don't have a wolf here, our school don't allowed to bring pet to this school after all.".Miichan interrupted, put a stop to Rena from making things awkward. "By the way, I am Minegishi Minami but please called me Miichan because I share a same name with Takamina. Member of Newspaper Club so if you got some interesting news, please inform me about it "

"Okay Gachapin,me next. "Interrupted a girl with a short brown hair. "I am Shinoda Mariko, a member of this school drama club. If you didn't know, one of our school protocols is all of students need to participated in club activities unless if you have a job outside like Acchan here.That's why if you are interested in acting, you can come to me so I can register you".

"Is that true? "Yuki turned to Rena. Rena replied 'hun', too engrossed in her melonpan. "I didn't know"

"Now you know.Akimoto Sayaka. Nice meeting you " said a serious looking girl.

"NyanNyan, stop playing with your game and introduced yourself".Miichan pulled the game device away from Haruna. Haruna tried to retrieved it back but to no avail. "Fine. Kojima Haruna. Now give it back".Haruna confistcated her game back.
"Sorry, she's a good girl, but when it comes to her game she become like this".

Next is a short black haired girl. The girl gives such a familiar vibe to Yuki. Ever I seen her before?
"Maeda Atsuko or better you can called me Acchan".

TING! "Maeda Atsuko as in Maeda Atsuko?! The actress?! Sugoiii. Never I ever imagined I'll befriend with that Maeda Atsuko".

"Just calls me Acchan like everyone did. I am just a normal girl when I am at school ". Yuki nodded to Acchan's requests. Still can't got over her amazement.

Slide~Their class door opened revealing two girls. One with a hoodie and the other with a camera hanging around her neck. Mayu and Paruru entered the class and heading toward Yuki's group. Sae was the first one to noticed them.

"Mayu and Paruru. Hello! Want to join us? "Sae invited the two kouhai energetically.

Mayu gave her a cold shoulder and went to her subject. "Miichan-senpai, Sashi-senpai request your attend inside the classroom now. "

"What?!! But I still didn't finish eating yet"

"Don't care. Just shove it all in your mouth. You are Gachapin after all ".

"Meanie".Miichan pouted. Mariko snickered.

Yuki remembered Mayu as the one she saw this morning.Something white around Mayu's left knee caught her attention. Her body moving on its own to kneel before Mayu. Mayu took a step back but got prevented by Yuki's hand that holding her leg.

"Yuki, what are you doing? ".Rena tried to stop her friend from making fun upon herself. Miichan, Mariko, Acchan,Sae,Sayaka,Paruru and Haruna also surprised. Haruna even stopped playing her game.

"That incident from this morning, you're injured".Yuki said looking up to Mayu's face. In that position,Yuki can saw Mayu entire face and didn't knew why but she became more worried for that younger girl well being.

"I already treated it. "respond Mayu. She didn't want to made a fuss about this little thing.

"This not called a treatment. You doing it in a wrong way. Also you're hurts so you need to rest not became someone researcher. You're coming with me to the infirmary, NOW and I DON'T take no as an answer. "Yuki's statement made Mayu shut up even if she want to fought back.Yuki dragged Mayu out. with her.

"Did Mayu-chan just.... "

" dragged out without making a protest? Yes Acchan, she did".Miichan finished Acchan's sentences and answered her.

"I didn't know Yuki could be like that"commented Sae. Seeing this new side of Yuki,there spark of curiousity and excitement inside her.

"Trust me. There's more of her you didn't see yet" Rena pointed it out.

To be Countinued

Sorry if this is too long. I will try to shorten it next time.

Title: Re: THE ONE IN MY HEART ( Chapter 1)
Post by: four4four on December 24, 2017, 04:03:41 AM
That scene between Yuki and Rena during the self-introduction is hilarious.  :lol:

Looks like this is going to be a MaYuki pairing. Please tell me I'm right.  :drool:

Looking forward to see the updates.
Title: Re: THE ONE IN MY HEART ( Chapter 1)
Post by: Minami-chan on December 24, 2017, 11:58:43 PM
Good introduction
With desire to read the next chapter.
Title: THE ONE IN MY HEART ( Chapter 2)
Post by: JurinaN on December 26, 2017, 03:50:06 PM
I just finish watching Mayu's last stage. Even though I said I will send her off with a smile, I still cried in the end. My eyes also still red from all the crying.Hope no one noticed it... Enough with that,here the next chapter...


After Yuki succeed in dragging Mayu to the infirmary. They got inside only to found it was empty. There was no sign of that school nurse inside the room.

"Looks like the nurse isn't here today. I guess I get back to my class".Mayu sneakily tried got away but Yuki fast enough to catched her.

"No can do. If the nurse aren't here. I be the one to treat you. Now get inside".Pushed Mayu inside and lead her to sat on one of the infirmary 's beds.

"What?!".Mayu looked at Yuki in horror.

"Don't give me that look. I was a health committee back then in my old school".

"That's different.You don't have medical license. What if you kill me in the process? "

"And people keeps calling me overreaction Queen. It just a knee. It can't kill you. Now stop being a baby and sit here like a good girl".Yuki left Mayu a bit to gather all things that she needs to took care of Mayu. After got what she wants, she kneeled before Mayu and opened Mayu old bandage around Mayu's knee, she saw that place still covered in blood and she figured Mayu must treated this in hurry in order for anyone to not found out about this. The treatment finished along with a lot of hissed sound coming from Mayu.

"And done.. This is what you called a treatment. "Yuki felt proud looking at her handy work. Mayu couldn't respond because she holding the pain of her throbbing knee. "Next time, I beg you to not follow Yuko-san idea anymore. The idea for three people riding on the same bike is the stupidest thing I had ever heard. That Yuko girl are crazy and for you and Takamina-san got along with it was the stupid thing to do. "Scolded Yuki.

Mayu looking at her strangely before whispered, "Black Marimokkori".

"Huh? "

"I said Black Marimokkori. You only know us today but already brave enough to called us crazy and stupid. I presume you're not pure as white as you looks. Furthermore, when you surprised, your eyes went wide like Marimokkori. Don't blame me if I start calling you that in the near future. "

"CHOTTO MATTE KUDASAI.. I am not black, I am not Marimokkori neither. I don't have that kind of erection".Refused Yuki. Her face already went red from embarrassment been called that.

"The bell will ring soon. Better go back to class".Mayu got up with Yuki supporting beside her and both of them went out from the infirmary.

"So you're sneaky in changing topic. Oh.,,because we already in the name topic, we still didn't introduce ourselves properly right? I already know your name from this morning is Mayu and name tag said Watanabe. It's not fair if I am just the only one know your name, so let me properly introduce myself. The name is Kashiwagi Yuki, call me Yuki and from the color of the ribbon you're wearing, it's Yuki-senpai for you".

"Kashiwagi..... Yuki".

"Yah,that's right. Something wrong with my name? "

"I think Black Marimokkori more suited. Kashiwagi Yuki, your real name are far different from your true personality. How would you like it if I recommend you to change your name? ".Teased Mayu.

"Seriously we still in this topic? Can't you just give up and forget about it? ".

"I don't know what 'give up' means.Its not written in my dictionary ".


After Class

"You're amazing Yuki. You succeed in earning my respect! ".Rena excitedly said to Yuki who walking beside her. School was over and by coincidence, Rena and Yuki's house is in a same direction.

"What for? ".

"You succeed in making Mayu-san did what you told her to do. No one can order her around just like you did. Even Yuko-san who are close with her had a hard time in doing so.Not only that, dragging her to the infirmary is a big achievement because she hate hospital or a place that looked like it".

Yuki nodded. Didn't gave a thought about it.

"Haaa~.Well enough with that, any news about 'her'? ".Asked Rena.Yuki's smiled dropped immediately after hearing Rena's question. Without mentioning the name,she already knew who is it. Judging from Yuki's face, Rena already knew the answer to her question."So what are you gonna do about it? Are you still gonna wait for her, or you know, forget about her? ".

Yuki silent for a moment before finally gave her answer that she already thought months ago about this unrequited friendship of her. "I guess it's finally time for me to move on. I guess a long distance friendship is not gonna work out in the end. After she left, she didn't keep her promise at all. No call, no letter and the visit during holiday she talked about, only a dream. I am tired of waiting,Rena".Yuki looked up to the blue sky. Mesmerizing all the memories of her and her childhood friend together that she still remember. Rena looking at her friend sadly. She knew how precious that childhood friend to Yuki, and knew how Yuki will forced herself to forgot about her childhood... only saddened her more. "If you ask me if I angry Rena, no I am not... Just dissapointed ".

"If that is your real choice, just follow it. As your bestfriend, I am here to support you".She glancing behind a bit and looked forward again. She patted Yuki's back. "I'll support you".


Yuki reached her home. Without greeting her mother inside the kitchen, she flew upstairs to her room and threw herself on the bed after shut her door tightly. She closed her eyes and Rena and her conversation earlier came to her mind. She clenched her heart, a sound of her heart broken to pieces,she can felt and heard it clearly. It was hard for her to said those words, she also struggle months ago making that decision of her. She herself knew, deep down inside her, there still a bit of special place for her. First love, it is not an easy thing to forget about. It need time. I wonder how long the time I need for me to get over her?

Knock knock

"Can I come in? " heard her mother from outside.

"Yes.I didn't lock the door ".

Her mother got inside but surprised seeing her daughter. "Yuki, what happened? You're crying. Did someone bully you at school? ".Yuki confused a seconds, wondering what her mother was talking about when she realized she had been crying without her noticed it herself. She hurriedly wiped it off.

"I am tired and sleepy that's all".

"Okay".Mrs. Kashiwagi didn't buy the lame excuse but she didn't want to push her daughter over. If her daughter didn't want to talk about it, she also didn't want to hear it. She sat on the bed beside her already sitting daughter. "How was school today? "

"School are nice. I think I can blend in without problem. I also making new friends. Oh also, guess what? Rena also there and study in the same class as me! ".Yuki excitedly told her mother.

"Really?! I miss her so much. Next time invite her here. There so many things I want to talk to her".

"Alright, alright. Next time I will ask her".

"Good. Okay now I have some work that still not finish yet. Make sure you change your uniform first before it got all wrinkled".Later Mrs. Kashiwagi went out to continue doing her housework.Yuki smiled, thanking her mother silently. Talking to her mother made her cheer up a bit.

To Be Countinued

Sorry for the short fic, but I didn't feel well this moment. I will continue this later when I have a free time.

Post by: Minami-chan on December 26, 2017, 11:29:04 PM
You're right.
Mayuyu's graduation today has been very hard. I do not know how AKB48 will be able to move forward, now that all its original Kami7 is gone.

Thank you very much for the new episode.
Title: Re: THE ONE IN MY HEART (Multipairing)
Post by: JurinaN on January 20, 2018, 05:23:39 PM
Hello everyone!! ~.It has been a long time. With the school start and all, I have been getting busier. I also need to prepare for a camping next week and competition next month so I can't update often. I also in my senior year, so I need to do extra duper best if I want to go to a good university. Okay enough with the babbling, let's start the story....


It has been 2 weeks since Yuki transferred to Akiba All Girl Gakuen.Because of her good looks and her relationship with some of the popular students like Acchan, Haruna, Mariko and Rena, she quickly gained her popularity and now has her own fan club. She admired by students in that school. Yuki also suprised with her own popularity in girl school. She always can be found with her bestfriend Rena but today Rena can't accompany her in finding a perfect club for her because she had club activity to attend to so right now, she wandering alone aimlessly inside the school.

Yuki POV

So far,I didn't have any interested in a clubs that I already visited. I am not very good in sport and I am not that smart neither so I seriously confused now. Haaa~Why the school need to have such a rule 'every student need to participated in club activity'. So troublesome, if I knew this sooner I already search for a part time job so this school can complain about this matter.

I passed by the courtyard,I can see basketball club are practicing. I watched them and immediately recognized Sayaka and Sae are there in many. Both of them looks cool especially Sae-chan. She looked more handsome and charming when she play basketball. I doesn't realized I stared her too long until a voice beside me interrupted my staring.

   "Miyazawa Sae from class 2-B.An ace of basketball team,a genking person and totally popular with girls. Are you perhaps interest in her,Kashiwagi-san?". I look at her confused of who she is and how did she know my name. I think she know what in my mind because she start to introduce herself.

   "I am Sashihara Rino from class 2-A. I also a vice-president of this school newspaper club. That was how I knew about you. You're quite popular for a new student and standing here in front of you right now, I can see why is that. Not bad, maybe I'll send one of my kids after you next time. I hope a lot of juicy news from you".She said and winked sending a shiver down my body.

   "H-huh? What did you meant?".

   "Don't mind me. So back to my question, are you interested in Miyazawa Sae? ".Sashi lift her eyebrow and grinned.

   "W-w-what make you say that? There's no way".I quickly denied it. I can felt my face and ears getting hotter and hotter.

   "Really? You're blushing though. I don't mind if you like her but just to remind you,Sae is really popular in this school. She has her own fan club that ready to kill you in any moment if you make your move on her". Sashi pointed toward a group of girls that yelling 'Sae-sama' or 'Sae-chan' nonstop. And what the heck, they also made a banner of their love waving it around enthusiastically. I gulped. Okay, I agree with this weird girl beside me.

   "Sashi-senpai, here the picture you requested yesterday. "

   "Ohoh, thanks Mayu-chan".When I heard the familiar name I turned to take a look at the new arriving girl.Mayu let her hoodie down and I so damn right when I said how cute Mayu is. With the twintails, her cute level increased more.

   "Hmm.. Good good. I didn't made a mistake when I recruited you this year. As expected from my best kid".Sashi said after checked all the pictures.

   "Can I go home now? My job for today already finished.I have something important to do ".

   "Meet your beloved anime?Sure you can. See you tomorrow Mayu-chan".

Mayu walked past me and leave the scene. I wonder if she didn't noticed me. But glad to see she walked just fine, that's meant her injury already recover. I also didn't saw any bandage around her knee earlier. Sashi excuses herself because she has something to do and when I thought I will continue my journey alone again,somebody stopped me.

'Such a cute girl' was what I had in my mind after I saw her. She shorter than me,has a long brown wavy hair and a milky white skin. She smile and took my hand inside hers.

   "Found you".

   'Huh? '

   "Miyuki! ".

That yells totally attracted ours attentions. I saw a short black haired girl marching toward us from behind me.If I didn't saw her wearing a skirt, I totally will mistaken her for a guy because of her boyish looks. "How many times I must tell you to stop grabbing peoples!You didn't want to cause any weird perspective toward you right. ".That boyish girl said after she reached us.

   "Look Sayaka! I found her. She perfect right? ".The girl named Miyuki let go of my hand and went to hugged the girl named Sayaka arm. Sayaka sigh.

   "Did you already ask if she already join a club yet?".

   "Nope. But she a new student,there's no way she can be in any club.Right?".She asked me with a pleading eyes. Ugh..Too cute, she hit my weakness. I nodded to her happiness.

   "See, I told you she perfect. This is our chance. "

   "You totally used you ability to seduce her. Totally no!If she wants to join, she must join with her will and not forced".Sayaka turned toward me and bowed. "I am sorry Senpai, this girl here lost her screw,that was why she acting like this.Don't mind her".

   "I am not a cyborg. Mayu-chan is the cyborg one".

   "At least Mayu-san still clever than you".

Milly pouted. "I am also clever,you know".

   "Ano excuse me".That attracts the girls attentions. "Both of you know Mayu-chan? ".

   "Of course we do. I am her cousin, Watanabe Miyuki. Feel free to call me Miyuki or Milky. This chin girl beside me is Yamamoto Sayaka. Be careful with her,or you will get stab by her chin".

   "Want me tell your grave number for your preference to make it easy for you".

   "So you already know Mayu-chan. This make thing easier ".Milky ignored Sayaka death statement and hold my hand. Before I knew it, I already got taken away to run to where I didn't know wheareabout. Sayaka yelling at us but the girl in front of me totally ignored her and continue took me running.

After all the running, we finally stopped in front of the door that written student council on the sign. I gasped for an air. Like I said, I am not really athletic person. Even though her body smaller than mine, the girl before me sure is strong.

Milky opened the door."Tadaima!! ~Oh. ".My jawdropped,my breaking hitched from seeing the scene unfold inside the room. Before me,Yuko and Haruna are making out with Haruna laying on top of the president's table while Yuko on top of her hovering the girl below. They looks like want to eat each other face.

Milky closed the door. My heart beating faster and did someone raised the temperature? Sure hot in here. Milky opened it again and this time the scene already change to... a normal one. Yuko and Haruna already sat on their own desk and acting like nothing happened few seconds ago. I can see Haruna's shirt was buttoned wrong and the messy clothes sure gave it away.

   "Good evening Milky,Yuki-chan." Yuko greeted us with a smile but we know behind those smile, she cursing us for interrupting her smexy time with her dear Nyan Nyan.

   "I brought a new member with me!!! ".Milky announced it cheerfully without an glint of guiltiness. 'Wait..what did she meant by new member? '

   "Eh Yuki-chan?You interested in student council. You should have told me inside the class".Haruna said while looking at me.


   "Ohoh. This is interesting. I can't disagree with the reputation you got".Yuko also shared her thought.

Milky send a smile toward me. No don't smile. Since when I agree to this. I must make things clear sooner. Become one of members of student council never in my mind before,I need to refuse.Before I did have any chance to say anything, Yuko slammed her desk.

   "I have already decided. As a student council president, you Kashiwagi Yuki, officially become a new member starting today!".Haruna and Milky clapped.'No,don't clap'."Ah now I need your sign here".Yuko handed me the application paper.

Looking at the paper inside my hand. 'You got to be kidding me'.

   "Wait let me think,.... You now is a student council member, officially? ".Rena asked still in disbelief. "I know you forced to be in club because of our school rule, but student council?You never failed to surprised me Yuki".

   "I never intended to. That kouhai named Milky really got me. I can't believe she easily tricked me to became a member. I didn't got a chance to refuse after I saw how happy Yuko-san and Haruna looked."

   "No surprise there. After all she Watanabe Mayu-san 's cousin.She got some sort of magnet that pulled people into agreeing with her demand".

   "I don't understand. What's her relation with her being Mayu-chan 's cousin? "

   "Ah I forgot you're new here. You still didn't know Mayu-san well to know she is more tricky, sneaky and dangerous to deal with than Miyuki-san. She always got something up her sleeve. That's why she got called Nezumi".

   "But Mayu-chan looks cute and innocent. How can that angel become more terrifying than her cousin? "

Rena scratched at the back of her neck. "What came into your mind when you saw Miyuki-san for the first time?".

   "Cute".Answered me shortly. But later realized the meaning behind Rena's question. Rena gave me a smile. "I really need to stop judging the book by its cover".Said me to myself.

   "Why is that? ".Someone whispered to my ear. I retreated myself back almost fall but a pair of arms quickly catch me prevent me from falling. "You really need me to save you everytime, don't you? ".Sae who caught me throw a genking smile. I pulled myself back with a redden face. My face must looked ridiculous just now. Sae only grinned while Sayaka smile at us. Rena suddenly got a hold of my hand. I didn't mind it though.

   "Did your practice already over? ".I asked them.

   "Yup. We're on our way to get some ice cream now. How about you two join us? " .Sae said.

   "That's great! ".I immediately accepted the invitation. Since I came her, I never had a chance to go out anywhere with a friend because Rena busy with her club and I didn't had a courage to invite someone else. So why not take this chance?

   "Yuki gomen. But I need to hurry home. I got something to do".Rena said to me before hurriedly took her leave before I got a chance to say anything.

   "Ah. I also remember that my relatives come by today so I need to run an errand for my mother.Next time okay".Sayaka also took her leave.

   "Eh, Sayaka?! This is weird. She never refuse free food before. This relatives of her must be important if decided to pass this chance. Looks like it'll be just two of us, Yuki -chan? ".Sae said looking at me. The gazes of her eyes makes me looked away. This is bad for my heart.

We went to a truck ice cream near the park and lined up waiting our turn to order. To not make thing awkward, we shared our today story.

   "Eehhhh..So in the end, you still didn't refused and become member?".

   "Un. I didn't have a choice. Furthermore, it make things easier because I also didn't have any club that I interested in first place. So I just went along with it".

   "You can join our club if you want".

   "Trust me. Me and sport didn't got along well".

   "I can teach you if you want. It's not that hard if you keep practicing and know how it works".

   "Easy said than done".

   "So is this rejection? ".

   "So what are you order, miss? ".The ice cream vendor asked us. We too engrossed in our conversation that we didn't know that we already up next.

   "Vanilla please".I ordered.

   "Give me chocolate and vanilla. But the chocolate must be at the bottom while the vanilla at the top. "

   Miss listen carefully. I want chocolate at the bottom while vanilla at the top. Got it? ".A little girl ordered with a bossy attitude.

   "Fine fine I heard you,little kid. So bossy",complained the ice cream vendor but still did what the little girl wanted.

   "That's not nice speaking with adult like that. You will make him angry".Little me said to my friend.

   "But if I didn't said like that in that tone, they will not care about it Yukirin. "My friend  pouted. "I like my ice cream that way".

   The sweet yet painful memory of my childhood friend came back.The way Sae ordered her ice cream trigger back the deep memory inside me.

After received our cream and pay it, of course Sae-chan the one who paying, we find a bench to sat at the park. Kids running around the park,playing with their friends of family. The scenery brought a smile to my lips.

   I turned to Sae and giggled. "Sae-chan, you got a cream near your lips".I told her.

   "Is that so. How careless. Nee , how about if you wipe it for me? ".Sae brought her lips near my face. My eyes seemed can't look away from her lips. It looks inviting. I gulped almost fall for the temptation but a familiar feeling came again.

   "Slow down when you're eating.The ice cream won't run away. Look, there an ice cream near your lips".

   "Wipe it for me Yukirin~".Said my friend cutely.

   "You have a hands,don't you? Wipe it yourself. "

   "Yukirin meanie. I want Yukirin to do it".

   "You're being childish ".I blurted it out accidentally. When I realized what I had just said, I cover my mouth.

   "I may be mature outside but doesn't mean I am mature inside. Here I already wiped it off myself".Sae pouted.

I laughed but I think Sae noticed that I am faking it.

   "You okay?You seemed off".Her concern gazes piercing inside me makes me guilty. It supposed to be happy outing between friend but I ruined it.

   "It just... You kinda resemble my childhood friend. "

   "Does that mean this childhood friend of yours can play basketball? ".

   "Un. Very good".

   "Where is she now? ".Sae question caught me off guard. A painful feelings raising inside me. I quickly regained my composure because I knew I will cry any moment if I didn't hold it.

   "Gone".I answered. "Never seen her again after she and her family moved away.We kind of lost in contact since then".

   "That childhood friend of yours, is she really important? ".Sae asked again. This time I feel there something weird in her tone.

   "Very. You know Sae-chan, she is my first friend. When I was a kid, I am not a friendly person or pretty neither. I wore a big glasses made me looks like a nerd. So no one want to befriend me. The boys also always bullied me. I thought I'll be alone forever until she came. One day when I sat alone looking at the kids around me playing with each other with a longing eyes, she came up to me and gave me a book later sat beside me. I was totally confused that moment,I didn't know what to do. She noticed I am not reading it and said 'you don't like book. I didn't bring anything else with me today. If you like game, I can bring it tomorrow' .When I heard what she said, I feel so happy,..finally I have a friend that I always wanted. Since then, we always together.She also protect me against bullying. I think this the reason of why I can't forget her easily. "A tears fell from my eyes. Sae saw it and immediately brushed it off with her thumb.

   "Don't worry Yuki-chan. From now, let me replace her. Let me be the one to protect you and take care after you. So don't be sad anymore. The Yuki-chan who is sad, it's not the one that I like. "



   "Otsukaresama. I'll be going first, see you all tomorrow".Takamina bid her coworkers farewell and exited the family food restaurant she had been working her part time job. But then a figure appeared before her making her shocked and let out a long scream.

   "Takamina!! You okay out there?! ".came a worried shout from her coworker behind the door.

   "Ye-yeah. Fine, just fine. A cat came out".she shouted back to the worried coworker.The coworker gave a sigh before return back to whatever activity she did before.

   "So now I am a cat? ".The figure had one hand on her hips.

   "What are you doing here Acchan?.It's almost dark. It's dangerous to be here in the alley at this hour ".

   "I know I know. My work finished early, I want to have dinner together with you.It has been a long time since we spend some time together.You still not had dinner yet right? "

   "I'll eat when I get home".Takamina started walked away.

   "But I am hungry. Can you accompany me, Minami? ".Acchan said with an usual tone when she wanted something. That tone was one of Takamina's weakness so how can she refused this girl.

   "Haaa~I'm full".

   "Sure you are. I wonder why people called Miichan is the glutton one while there is someone who more glutton than her standing beside me".

   "Mou~I heard that Minami. It's not my fault if I was hungry. But I can say the same for you, you refused my invitation earlier but who was the one who finished 3 bowls of Katsudon".

   "That's.... ".Takamina can't said anything because it was the truth. She refused Acchan's offer but she the one who ate more than her.

   "Ne, Minami. "Acchan's face turned serious. "Why are you avoiding me? ".

Takamina already knew this question will come sooner, she already prepared of it. "I am not. I have been busy with part-time making me have no time to enjoy myself. And even I already quit student council last year, Yuko still pestering me to help her out with student council's tasks.It doesn't help neither when I became our class president. So it was not like I am avoiding you ".Takamina explained without stuttering but Acchan knew Takamina better, she knew Takamina was lying.

   "Can I believe you? "

   Takamina flinched hearing Acchan's words. She didn't want to answer it, she don't wanna lie anymore to Acchan, but her mouth betrayed her because she spoke another lie. "Yes you can. Believe in me, your best friend. "

Acchan didn't said another word,only looked at Takamina's face, analyzing her.

   "It's already late. My house near here. You can call your driver right? I'll take my leave now. See you tomorrow at school. Dah!".

Takamina left. Acchan standing at the same place without moving an inch from her place. She clenched her fists and teeth. Inside her was burning with anger. "Liar".She whispered to no one.


   "Ah Miichan, I told you not there".

   "Shut up and let me do it"

   "B-But.. ".

   "Shuush. Relax babe".


   Miichan groaned. "Who's the hell coming in this middle of night? "

   "Don't ask me. I didn't pushed the doorbell. Miichan, go see who at the door".

   "Why me? "

   "It's your house. It's weird if I am the one who open the door".

Sigh. "Fine. I am coming! ".Miichan shouted to the visitor behind the door.She put her console game down to took a look who visited her this late of night,dared to interrupted her game night.

Miichan opened it only to found Acchan there standing alone.

   "Acchan? What are you doing here?  Come inside. "Miichan hold Acchan and took her inside to the living room where Sashi still with her game.

   "Hi Acchan. Whoa! What happened? You look like a crap. This is not how an actress supposed to look".Sashi paused her game when saw how horrible Acchan state was in. Her hair was a mess and there also a black circle under her eyes from all the crying. The ruined make up didn't helped neither, it made Acchan looked like a ghost."Did Takamina finally reject you? ".Sashi assumed joking.

   "Sashi. This is Takamina we're talking about. There's no way she can reject my waifu. Don't be stupid".Miichan waited Acchan to made her next comment but Acchan only stayed silent and hung her head down. She looked like she gonna cry again. "No...way".

   "I was right?!!!! Takamina really rejected you. You, Maeda Atsuko?!!!".

   "Acchan,you must be joking. That Takamina?. Oh My Gosh, did the world finally came to an end?.Is this the sign?!!".

   "No, calm down. I didn't confess... yet".Hearing that, the situation calmed down a bit.

   "So what exactly made you cried and showed up in front of my door? ".Miichan sat on the coach while Acchan sat beside her. Sashi also paid attention to Acchan, already forgetting the game that still not finished yet.

   "Takamina have been ignoring me and gave me a cold shoulder ".

   ".......Just that? ".

   "Took you long enough to realized it. "Acchan and Miichan stared at her."What? I said the truth. It's pretty obvious to me. Last year, you and Takamina stuck like a glue to each other making you inseparable but now, the glue already gone and both of you start playing chase cat and mouse ".Sashi made her point. Miichan nodded.

   "I don't get it. Why so sudden, she act the same towards everyone except me. She lied to me. Just because of how busy she is, she can't makes that as an excuse to avoid me. I am also busy with my job but I still make a time for her".Acchan huffed,crossed her arms on her chest.

   "I seriously don't have an idea what she have in her mind. But a conversation may will make you feel better. Sashi,make a room for another futon and screw the game.We got a long night and long of girl's talks. "


Sky almost dark. Milky and Sayanee was on their way home from school after finished the duty of student council. Milky was busy with her cellphone giggling now and then. Sayanee who walked beside her getting irked everytime Milky let out a giggles. She tried to took a peek but Milky's did her job quite well in covering the screen from her view. Another giggles and it was enough to made Sayanee snatched the cellphone away.

   "Heiii! I am reading that".Milky protested and tried to win her cellphone back but to no avail because Sayanee 's was more faster than her. "What do you want? "

   "Why you did that? "

   "Did what? "

   "Because of you, Kashiwagi-senpai got forced in joining student council. ".

   "Is this why you took my phone away? Seriously Sayaka".Milky gave her friend a questioning looks.

   "Ju-just answer the question! ".Thanks god the place they was standing now a little dark, or else Milky can saw how red Sayanee's cheeks was. 'What a stupid topic to brought up Sayaka. Stupid jealousy, making me do stupid things'

   "Fine. I don't think Yuki-senpai cared that much because she didn't made any attempt to protest earlier. Also, she was the one who said she didn't have any club she interested in. So why not take this chance? And it's alright, she know Mayu-chan, that means she's Mayu's friend. Mayu can handle it if Yuki-senpai ever complain to her which I think never will come".

   "Poor Mayu-san to have such a stupid troublesome cousin. Oh another question, why Mayu-san is the smart one among you two and you is the stupid one? "

   "Knock it off Sayaka. Can I have my phone back? ".

   "That depends on.... "

Bzzz, Bzzz

   "Oh a message. Give it back"Milky took her phone back and checked the new arrived message. "Looks like we need to exchange our goodbye here. My boyfriend asked to meet him right now. "

   "At this hour! It's getting late and dark now. It's dangerous for you to be with a man alone".

   "Don't be a kid.He won't do anything harmful to me. I trust him. If you still worry about my safety, I'll text you my address later. So if anything happen, you can run to rescue me. Okay?Now I gotta go. Tell  Mayu I'll be home late tonight. Ja nee!  "Milky then ran off to met her boyfriend.

   "Miyuki, MIYUKI....and there she goes. Well... I am just her nobody. I don't have any right on her".

Her phone suddenly ringing. Sayanee took it and answered the call. "Yes, Yui?..... I am on my way home now..... My voice isn't weird. Maybe I caught a flu or something..... You're outside now?Wanna go grab a bite..... Yeah.. Yeah... Mm-hmm".


Mayu reading the paper inside her hand carefully to not missed any word that might be important. The sky getting darker outside but it didn't bother her because there no one who will be angry at her if she got home late. Well except for her annoying cousin that will be asking nonstop of her whereabout until she finally got her answer. But she can handle that. Her reading got interrupted when someone kicked her leg lightly under the table. She looked way from the paper and gave a questioning look toward her companion.

   "Mayu-san,did the newspaper club didn't have any interesting things going on now? ".Paruru asked while playing with her camera.

   "Nope. With the Atsumina topic got hold on for now, there's nothing interesting to write about. Sashi really go wild waiting for Takamina-san and Acchan got together. And now with Takamina-san avoiding Acchan ,our club worried and currently discussing if we want to call therapist for Sashi because I think she will lose it soon. Thanks gosh for now, Miichan is the one who take care of her.But why so sudden Paruru, I thought you like it because you didn't have to running and chasing student with me again ".

   "I am just bored. Much better chasing people than doing nothing."Paruru took a sip of her drink before countinuing, "But I don't understand. It's clear for people around them that they care for each other deeply, it's none other than a mutual why they don't be honest about it and put a stop to bother other people with their romance problem?".

   "It isn't easy as you said. You don't understand the feeling of loving someone, the feelings of being afraid to lose them, because you have never fallen in love before".

   "So,have you? "

   Mayu smile with a hidden meaning that Paruru can't understand. "Who knows".

   "What kind of answer is that? ",not satisfied with Mayu's answer.

   Mayu didn't replied, she simply looked out the window where the sky already turned dark, a street lights already on and many passing car by. No knew what she had inside her mind, no one, not even Paruru.


Finally finish~too long.Took me hours to finish typing this all.


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Chapter 2
Of course only Yuki can control Mayu. XD
So it's not going to be a MaYuki pairing? :(
Who is this friend though? :?

Chapter 3
Yuko and Haruna in the student council room. 8)
Is Sae Yuki's childhood friend? :?
Takamina, what are you doing??? :banghead:
Poor Sayanee, Milky doesn't have eyes for you. :(
What is Nezumi thinking? :lol:

Looking forward to your next update.
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Just some random thoughts:
  -I wonder what’s on Mayu’s mind?
  -I feel like something must have happened in the past which caused Yuki’s childhood friend to just disappear like that.
  -Poor Sayanee :( Milky open your eyes already haha
  -Yuki don’t fall for Sae’s tricks hahaha
  -I need to know more about Mayu hmmmm

Thanks for writing!
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Nice story!  :D
I wonder when jurina came out hehe  :lol:
Waiting for next updates!   :cow:
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The student council campaign coming up, being one of the candidates I need to pull myself together.the upcoming competitions didn't help neither.But oh well...

For the readers whose has been following this story,I thanks you all, I can't update often so please bear with me. You must be wondering who is the main pairing of this story right?  :bow: Sorry can't tell you this moment. My thoughts change over the time so I still not fixated yet, but please continue to support me..


Yuki POV

'The Yuki-chan who is sad, it's not the one that I like'

Ugh, what she meant by that? It won't stop bothering me since then. Is she... No Yuki snap out of it. She maybe didn't meant anything by that. Yes, she said it only to cheer me up. So why did I feel a little sad thinking about it.

My steps stopped when I reached my destination. 'Student council' was what written on the door. Today is Monday, the day when I will officially meeting all members and introducing myself. My hand halted when I was about to turned the knob, the image of the previous scene of intimate KojiYuu flashed through my mind. Debating to open or not the door.

   "Ano.. What are you doing Yuki-chan? Standing in the doorway? "asked tickled of whispers near few inches near my ear. Being a reaction queen I was, I jumped and covered my left ear turned to the source of the whispered. Yuko-san was standing innocently near me with Haruna behind her giving her a curious looks.

   "I thought you two already inside".

   "Hello to Earth Yuki-chan. We in the same class. We got out together. You're the one who bolted out from the classroom before we had a chance to asked you to walk together.So can you explain how Haruna and I can be at inside? You think I got some kind of teleportion power or something? If that's true, I want to teleport to Paris with Nyan Nyan so we can have our honeymoon there or maybe Hawaii so I can see Nyan Nyan in biki-Ack! Owwieee... "

   "Stop with your dirty mind Yuuchan  Let's go inside shall we? ".Haruna opened the door wand walked inside. Thanks god Haruna is here, I so do not need hear Yuko-san rambling about her pervy stuffs.

End Of Yuki POV

   "So Yuki, you already met Sayanee and Milky last Friday ".Sayanee raised her hand greeted her while Milky waving hello to Yuki. "....but you probably haven't meet Yuihan. Let's introduce ourselves properly this time. Start with the president, I am Oshima Yuko your classmate, NyanNyan is mine so back off!! ".Yuki shocked with that introduction but petrified when a loud smack sound came after that.

   "Thank you Kojiharu-senpai. For the last time,stop using that introduction when you want to introduce yourself, Yuko-Senpai. Oh my god, I think my respect level toward you decrease everytime I see you".the girl with a black neck-length hair said. Yuko looked terrified and went to hugged the girl's leg saying 'don't don't don't ' later got pushed by that girl herself. "My name is Yokoyama Yui. I am Ist year student and student council vice-president. It's nice to meet you Yuki-senpai ".

   "Hi Yuki-chan. Kojima Haruna~desu."The introduction so simple, so like Haruna.

   "Student Council's treasure,  Yamamoto Sayaka from class I-B and this girl beside me who Senpai already knew is Watanabe Miyuki, same class as me and a hentai-troublesome-annoying girl unlike me".

   "I am not a hentai-troublesome-annoying girl".Milky stated facing Sayanee. Sayanee also facing her.

   "And there they are. Before a war erupt, can someone kindly please stop these two over here".Yui massaged her temple.

   "I can do that! ".Sashi bursted inside.

   "Oh, it's just you Sashi ".

   "What kind of respond is that, Yuko-san?. I just stopped this two childhood friend here from fighting".

   "Correction:was.We went to a different middle school and lost contact since then".Milky said earning a huffed from Sayanee.

   "And why you show your face in front of me again? "

   "And why you suddenly become grumpy like an old man? "

   "Okay both of you stop it. We got a new member here, please be nice to each other".Taking a role of vice-president,Yui stopped the two from further argument. "Sorry about this two. It's a familiar sight everyday. They got lot of things in the past. "

   "Oh we meet again transfer student. What are you doing here? ".

   "She our secretary from now on".Yuko explained.

Yuki's ears perked up hearing the word secretary.

   "Wow, a secretary. You really make you way to the top huh, transfer student. You have a lots of guts inside you, like it. I really need to send my kid after you".

   "Chotto Matte, secretary? Since when? ".

   "That's the funny story Yuki-chan. You see, our secretary graduated last year. So yeah, the position is empty. But Milky said you agreed to it".

   "I never–.."stopped seeing Milky gave her an awkward smile and a peace sign.

   "Told ya, she bothersome and annoying.You didn't see her pervert side yet ".

   Milky gave a sharp glare to Sayanee.

Rena cleaned up her things and changed her hakama to a school uniform inside the changing room. Done with it, she closed her locker only to found her clubmate staring at her.

   "What are you staring at? ".

   "Nothing. Just want to say good work today",answered Airin. Airin opened her locker started to change while Rena gave her a questioning look and crossed her arms against her chest waiting for the real answer. "Fine. I just wanna ask what has been bothering you, you kinda lost yourself in there and almost hurted our kouhai with your wooden sword. "

   "Nothing. Just tired".Lied Rena.

   "Owh Rena. You really misunderstand me right? Don't give me nothing because I know it was not nothing. That lame excuse you used everytime you tried to hide something from me won't work this time. As far as you know me Rena, that was how much I know about you ".

   "You got me. But can we don't talk about it. I am not in the mood ".

   "Fine if you don't want to tell me. I respect your request. Sooner or later, I will figure it out myself. In the mean time, stay out of trouble, shall we? I don't want to hear you got dragged to the principal office because you injured another student. Again".

Rena chuckled. "I try".Took her bag, she left the changing room.

   "I already warn you Rena!".Airin shouted not sure if Rena heard her or not. She shook her head. "I am seriously worried for her".

Rena on her way to student council room to invited Yuki to went home together but halted when she saw the familiar figure with the one she despite the most was laughing and giggling on the corridor. Her legs dashing toward them but luckily for the two, someone collide with Rena stopping her rage.

   "Woah Rena,hang on. What's with the rush and what's with your face? Wipe that expression right now, you looked like a killer".Before Rena could answered back, Takamina darting her view to SaeYuki and understand immediately. "Mm-hmm, still stuck on the past I see".

   "What about you Takamina-san".Takamina's eyes moved to Rena's again. "Still being a coward? ".It came harsh, but Rena really not in the mood right now.

Takamina let out a fake laugh. Later, grinning unfriendly "I see.We all have our own problem to deal with. "

   "How about we keep our nose far from each other business, shall we? ".

   "I like that better".


Sky already turned orange outside. Almost everyone in the school already left except the guards, still on duty teacher and still unfinished business students. And one of them happened to be our school vice-president, Yokoyama Yui who took her senpai duty today to check all the classrooms.Already finished her duty, Yui bid farewell to the teacher and excused herself to went home after a tiring day. The lights already on and Yui was sure only she the remaining student still wandering inside the school. Making her way to to the stairs, a sound of piano suddenly broke the quietness on the Ist floor where the music room located.

   "Are you kidding me? It's this late already. Who else is here around this time? Can't they make my job easier with following those rules? ".Yui marched toward that room but nearer she got, the more chill she felt.Her body got a goosebumps and her surrounding suddenly felt too cold. Her heart racing rapidly. All the story about a hunted music room playing inside her head making the situation became even worse.

A trail of cold sweat running down from her forehead to her chin later fell to the floor.The piano sound already stopped but as a vice-president, it was her responsibility to checked it and made sure nobody still lingering around that time. Her hand already on the door, after gather enough courage, she slides it open only to found......... no one.The piano left opened but was no sign of anyone there. Yui didn't knew if she should felt happy or not. Slowing down her breathing, she closed the piano and closed down the curtain of that music room. Didn't had enough time to calm down, a hand touched her shoulder from behind.

   "Hey there".A gust of whispers said.


   "Hahahahahaha.... ".A familiar laugh came after that. Yui who already on the floor with her shaking knees, send a glare toward her still laughing friend.

   "I didn't know Yui is a scaredy-cat. Uhuhuhuhu~ghost..hihihihihi".Mimicking a ghost voice.

   "Not funny Sayaka".Yui got up angrily and sended a flying kick to Sayanee's bum.

   "Ouch.It was a joke. It's rare to see you scared. You should have seen your own face. Damn it, I should record it earlier".

   "I really want to punch you right now, Sayaka but let's go out from here first. This room give me a creeps".Yui walked outside first followed by still grinning Sayaka.

Walking to the exit of the building, Yui felt something missing. She looked for it but still didn't saw it. "Sayaka, where is Milky?Didnt you two always went home together ?".

   "Ugh, you said her name".Sayanee's joy mood dropped instantly. Yui had 'what did I do?' face on her right now. "Her boyfriend. Picked. Her. Up. For. A. Date".answering gritting her teeth.

   "Date? At this hour".

   "That's what I said!But she ignored me saying it was fine and she will be okay. Not only that, she also told me to tell Mayu-san she will be home late,again.You know how fearful Mayu-san can be. The last time I did as what Milky's requested, she really mad when she heard it. Even though it was not directed to me, I can feel her daggers stabbed me. It was like Milky send me into a hell that she supposed to be in".Sayanee ran her fingers through her hair with frustration. ""Sometimes I wonder what am I to her.Friend?Classmate,or someone who become a bother to her daily life. She treats me like I am nobody".

Yui hated seeing that sad expression on Sayanee's face. She knew how much Sayanee loved and treasured Milky. She understood. It made her felt useless because she can't did anything to helped her friend. She stopped,grabbed Sayanee's shoulders and turned her to face her in the eyes.

   "You have me. I'll always be here when you need me,Sayaka".


Yui released her holds, feeling awkward. Turning her gazes somewhere. "That's what bestfriend are for,right".

Sayanee's lips curled into a smile. She pulled Yui into a hug. "Thank you",she thanking in a small voice. Yui felt her face redden but still replied the hug. Enjoying the warmth of her bestfriend. "Because you're my bestfriend, will you accompany me in telling Mayu-san about Miyuki? ".

Yui broke the hug. "Absolutely I don't want another nightmare ".

Sayanee pushed Yui away."Some friend you are".She walked away leaving Yui alone.

   "Heiii, wait for me ".Yui catched up with her friend. "But damn Sayaka, I never knew you could play a piano. You should teach it to me sometime. I am envious of you".

   "Piano? "

   "Yeah, the piano that you played inside the music room to scare me. The rumor about the ghost of music room, you almost made me fall for it".

   "Yui, I never played the piano".

   "Ha?! ".Yui looked at Sayanee. Standing with disbelief.

   "It's true that my intention was to scare you but I was not hiding in the music room, I hide downstairs waiting for you to walked down the stairs so I can surprise but you suddenly turned around and made your way inside the music room. I never enter the room before you did, and I swear I never touched the piano. Just like you said, I only know how to play a guitar,a piano? Never tried it before. Whatever you heard before you saw me, that wasn't me, Yui".

   "Is this some kind of your prank again?I will not fall for it this time".Sayanee shook her head. "So who–Oh my god! ".A chill running down both of their spine. Their faces turned pale.

   Both Yui and Sayanee exchanged a look before turned to look at the school building behind them. There standing by the opened curtain of music clubroom was a black shadow of a woman looking at them with a blank eyes, a creepy smile waving at them. Yui and Sayanee awkwardly waved back with a forced smile. A gust of strong wind gutted their body and Sayanee felt a presence getting near them.


   "Shush. Don't say anything. Ready..... Run!!!!!! ".

At that shout, both Yui and Sayanee sprinting running for their dear lives while shouting and yelling. The figure on the window stopped waving and slowly disappear into a thin air. Without a force, the curtain closed itself.

The next day

Yuko stared at the two empty desk in front of her with a furrowed eyebrows.

   "Weird. Where's Yuihan and Sayanee? They never absent before. "

   "Sayaka called me said she having a cold".stated Milky. "and I heard from my homeroom teacher that Yuihan also caught a cold".

   "Both of them? At the same time? Is it already it's time of that season? ".Yuki spoke out her curiousity.

   "Something fishy is going on here.What did they do last night for them to caught a cold? ".A pervert smile creeping into Yuko's face but vanished after Haruna smacked her head. "Stop thinking pervert Yuuchan",scolded Haruna to her squirrel. "But NyanNyan, it is suspicious... ".Yuko pouted. Yuki smiled seeing the lovers's antics. She already kinda became used to them. While the other person inside that room found some unpleasant feelings raised inside her after heard Yuko's remarks.

   "There's no way, right? ",Milky asked to no one.

To be Countinued


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I'll wait for you as long you intended to finish this fanfic, cuz i rather waiting than see a good fanfic didn't get finished

That ghost in the music room who is she!?  :shocked and I can see milky is jealous fufufu :on drink:
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Rena, you don't have to be jealous of SaeYuki. You just have to sail RenaYuki before anything happens. :lol:
Poor Yuihan, thinking it was only Sayanee until she realized that Sayanee doesn't play piano. XD
Milky are you being jealous? You should just claim Sayanee for yourself. :P
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Ding Dong Ding Dong

   "*cough *cough*.Coming~".Heard a sound of running footsteps from inside before the door opened.Sayanee looked at her guest slightly surprised and confused at the same time. "Milky?"

   "Konbawaa. I come to visit~So,let's see... ".Milky invited herself in."Areee? No one here? ".Titled her her head when she found no one inside the house except Sayanee.

   "Okaasan still at work,Sayu at her friend's house doing some project. "(Sayu is her little sister).

   "Eeehhh~Ah,Sayaka.What are you doing here? You're sick, you supposed to stay in bed".

   "And who was the one made me get out from my bed again? ".

   "Hai hai~You become grumpier when you are sick, did you know that? ".Milky pushed Sayanee inside Sayanee's bedroom and pushed her to lay down on the bed. Too weak to respond, Sayanee only obeys Milky and made herself comfortable but still her eyes on wandering Milky. Milky was looking through Sayanee's things on top of the desk until her eyes fall to a frame of Sayanee and her younger self. The photo was taken when they were still in elementary school. Her fingers tracing the frame with a soft smile plastered on her lips. "It has been ages since I came here. Maybe around 2 or 3 years ago? Our friendship did waver when we attend different middle school.This room didn't change at all. So do you".

   "And who's fault is that? But you sure are right. Unlike me, you change a lot, well mostly from your appearance ".Sayanee remembering their childhood memories with Milky.

   "I become cuter, aren't I? ".


   Milky chuckled. Typical respond from Sayanee. "Nee Sayaka... ".Her eyes still on the photo. "Yesterday, you're all healthy and fine. So what did you do last night making you sick today? Yuihan also called in sick today.You're with her, right. What did both of you do? ".Milky asked with curiousity in her voice.

   "We got home pretty late last night,from school. Well, blame the cold. I guess this is what you get if you wears a thin clothes".Explained Sayanee. She had to lie. She was not sure if Milky believe her if she told the truth and even if she did, she doesn't want her to freaked out hearing the story. She knew well Milky can't stand a horror thing.

   "Only that? Nothing else? ".

   "Un. "

   "Yokatta~."Milky didn't knew why but she thought it was the best thing to said. Hearing Sayanee's answer made her relieved for some reason she didn't knew about.

   "Did you say something? ".Sayanee who picked up of Milky's mumbling asked back. Milky shook her head later showing her innocence smile again.


Mayu who currently watching her favourite anime in the living room heard the front door been opened and closed. The humming sound and smiling Milky caught her off guard and makes her staring at her cousin weirdly. Milky greeted her before made her way upstairs to got inside her bedroom. Mayu glanced at the clock on the wall. '8.15 p.m?That's rare. After she got herself a boyfriend she always came home late until 11 p.m.So what's change her today? '.Decided to shrug it off, her attention was back to television again.

Milky unbuttoned her uniform with a smiling face. Spending her time talking and joking with Sayanee really freshen up her mind and made her bubbling with happiness inside.Before, whenever both of them met at school, what they did only quarrel but today, chatting without any argument erupted between them  made Milky realized along the way she really did miss Sayanee. But later her face changed to frown, this afternoon memory came back. It was true she visited Sayanee because of worried and wanted to knew her condition, but what pushed her to did so in the first place was the awful feelings inside her. Yuko's bluntly remarks made something inside her flipped. The words turned on something inside her. And whatever it was, Milky didn't like it one bit.

2 days later

Yui was looking through the files when she felt her chair got kicked lightly. Yui throw a questioning look toward the culprit beside her. Saw that she got Yui's attention, Sayanee signaling Yui to leaned toward her a bit. Clueless with her friend's actions, she only did so.

   "Don't you think Milky has been acting weird lately?".Sayanee began whispering.

Yui glanced to the said girl. Milky was chatting with Yuki. She doesn't found any change to that cheerful girl. Milky only being herself. "Like what? ".

   "...I don't know. "

   Sighing, she patted her friend's shoulder. "Maybe you're just overreacting with this".

   "I..I...guess so".Her eyes wanders to Milky.

BAMMM!!! The door bursted opened revealing a smiling squirrel girl. "Enough with the chit-chat. Time to get serious everyone! ".Yuko said pumped her hand to the air.

   Yui glared to that squirrel president. "Where in the world you have been, Yuko-Senpai? We have so much works to do and our president vanish to played around harassing the girls".

   "Woah Woah woah,Yuihan. Don't create a lie. I have Nyan Nyan and she's the only one I need. The others can go wherever they wants. I don't need them.......Maybe".The last part she said it in a small volume. "Like I said, it's time to get serious. I brought our helpers to help us surviving this papers hell ".

The members looked at each other before simultaneously their attentions changed to Yuko, giving 'who? ' looks. Before Yuko continued any further, an arm throw her aside.

   "What she meant by that is us".Said the small girl with a ribbon. Beside her, there a hoodie girl standing while chewing a gum.

   "Takamina-san,Mayu-san ".Yui voiced surprised seeing her respected Senpai and a girl from neighboring class that she trusted as much she trusts Takamina.

Sayanee also stood up following her friend. Believe or not, she also admired Takamina and until now still amazed with Mayu capacity of brain. "Both of you will help us? What about your work? And your club? ".

   "The exam are near so my boss gave a days off so I can focus on my study. About club, Mayu got permission from Sashi to rest for a while until the exam over".

Haruna stretching her arms. Her arms felt like want to torn off from her body from writing too much. Being a student council isn't easy as it looked. With Mayu and Takamina, their job getting easier.

Takamina walked toward Yuki. She reached out her right hand. "I never properly introduce myself before even though it has been almost a month since you came here. I am Takahashi Minami. You can call me Takamina like everyone else did".

Yuki happily accepted the handshake. "Kashiwagi Yuki. Just Yuki is fine".Yuki and Takamina pulled their hand back. Yuki's eyes changed to Mayu who stayed silent this whole time and greeted the younger girl only to got a cold nod as respond before Mayu took her seat beside Yuko's desk,immediately did what Yuko had assigned her to do earlier.

Yuki stayed frozen at her place.In disbelieve.The Mayu that she had greeted earlier was not the one who she had talked to at infirmary. After that day, she never talked to that younger girl again because she didn't had a chance too. She only saw her from a far when that younger girl had PE class at yard or when she ran around doing her daily routine as Newspaper Club member. But there was no reason for Mayu to treated her in such a cold way.

   "Mayu,respect your senpai".Mayu got a scolding from Takamina.

   "Shiriri-chan, look what you have done to Yuki-chan. You left our Kashiwagi-san here in a shock state. Bad Mayu-chan ".

   "Thank you Yuko-san, Takamina-san. Really, I am fine".

After Takamina and Mayu came helped, the works finished one by one faster than they expected. With this, maybe they can do this.

As a new member  of that club, Yuki struggling to did all the works with all the countinuing mistakes. Became a secretary was a bad idea after all. But thanks to Mayu,half of her works got taken care by her. Speaking about Mayu, Mayu's cold behavior still bothered our Yuki after all. Milky who is Mayu's cousin only sat beside her. To not catch any unwanted attentions, she pulled Milky sleeve lightly to got her attention. It worked.

   "Sorry for the bother. I only want to ask, what happen with Mayu? It was the first for me to saw her like that? ".

Milky sighed. ""Honestly, I am the one who should ask that. Did you somehow made her mad with you?".Milky asked whispering.

   "No, what did you take me for? I never and will ever made her angry. The only day where we had been talking was the day when I transferred here. Since then, no more talking",whispers Yuki back.

   "What? So you two are not close in the first place?... I meant, Miichan said you drag her to infirmary without receiving any protest  from her,that was why I presume you two are close. Mayu hates infirmary".

Yuki remembered Rena also said a same thing last time. "Why Mayu-chan hates hospital and infirmary so much? "

Milky bites her lower lips. She looks nervous and unsure. "I can't tell you the whole reason,it's not my place to tell and Mayu hates talking about it. But you can say she has a bad memory of hospital.And that was when, we lose the real Mayu.She much worse than this but thanks to a certain girl, Mayu began to opened up a bit and changed for a better. But it still not enough to get her back to being her old self".

   Yuki speechless. She wanna ask more but seeing how depress Milky became, she knew it was her time to back off. Mayu just sitting in front her, to engrossed in her works to noticed anything else. 'I want to see the real you, Mayuyu. Is she still there,or is she not? '.

Yuko looked at her watch.There still not much works left but the skies getting darker, it was better to put a stop here and continue tomorrow.

   "Okay everyone, enough for today, it's time to go home. I don't want you get home by a night time and get an earful from your fuming mother. ",announced Yuko getting a relieved sighs from the already tired members.

   "But it's Yuihan's duty today to lock up all the rooms before go home",reminded Haruna.

   "Ah! You're right NyanNyan. Good luck with that Yuihan".She pats her kouhai's back. Yui face already pale. She asked a help from Sayanee but Sayanee ignored her and pretend she never saw the looks. Her face also pale. Yui gulped.

Takamina noticed it. She knew how there many horror rumors regarding this school. Yui scared expression must related with her absence days ago. She must had countered with one of the ghosts from the rumors. Pitying her kouhai, she decided to step forward. "Yui, leave the job to me and Yuko. You are free to go home".

Yui face found her light back while the person beside her looked at Takamina with horror. "You can't be serious. You wanna help, you do it alone. Don't count me in".

   "I don't ask for your agreement".

   "Boohoo. You're no fun Takamina".

   " 'Kay then. We go home first. Bye".Yuki, Milky,Sayanee,Mayu,Yui walked out from that room, ready to went home. Haruna also picked up her bag and this went noticed by Yuko who saw it and stopped her girlfriend.

   "Where are you going, NyanNyan? Didn't we promise to go home together".

   "I take it you're going to be late. I am afraid of ghost. Mariko's practice will over soon, I'll walk home with her today. Goodbye ".Haruna said with 'my pace' and followed others.

Yuko's jaws dropped. Takamina that watched the whole scene snickered, then patted her friend's back.


The members just got out from student council room countered Rena and Sae in the hallway with Sae tried to made conversation while Rena giving her a cold shoulder.Mayu was the first one to noticed them. She made an annoyed face and rolled her eyes. 'More people more merrier? Well,...not for me. Yuki greeted her friend and invited them to walked home together.

Near the gate, Yui bid them farewell because she need to stopped somewhere else before going home.Milky's phone buzzed in her pocket blazer forced her to took a look at it. Her fingers faster typed the keyboard before closed it and put it back.

   "Who is it? ".Sayanee who walking beside asked. She already knew the answer but she still wanna asked.

   "My boyfriend.He want to meet".

   "Well, you're not going? Mayu-san is here, you can ask permission from her".

   "I am a bit lazy today".She throw a playful smile before skipped forward. Sayanee left dumbstruck. But she can't denied she felt happy about it.

Milky tackled her cousin,hugging Mayu's neck from behind. Mayu knew it was pointless to fough back so she let it be. "So where to? We got many people today. It's unusual, we gotta use this chance to go out doing something ".

   "Milky's right. How about we go to this sweet cafe. There this cafe that opened  recently and there lots of my fans were talking about how delicious the sweet there. We gotta try it",suggests Sae pumping up with the idea going out with everyone. It means more time with Yuki.

Mayu's ears perked up hearing the word 'sweet'. Yuki noticed it because she kept watching the younger girl all this time. Rena ready opened her mouth to refused but Yuki kept a tight grip of her right arm making her unable to move from the spot. Rena knew if she forced more, the black side of Yuki will came out so she shut her mouth.

   "Pass. You and everyone else can go".Mayu said flatly to Milky,escaping herself from more trouble.

   "Aw c'mon Mayu. Your cousin want,everybody else join, and your friend's eyes also sparkling since she heard the word 'sweet' ".Sae tried to convince Mayu to joined them.

Mayu blinked. 'My friend? '.She yelped, there was Paruru  beside her. "Paruru, what are you doing here? No,.since when you are here? At least say something to let me know you are here. Don't suddenly made your entrance like a ghost. I hate creepy things".

Ignored Mayu's rambling, she took out an envelope from her bag. "Sashi-senpai wants me to give this to you".She handed it over. "She really mad when you didn't showed up in meeting today".

   "Wait a minute, I thought Sashi-senpai  give you a break? Are you lying to us? ".Milky raised her eyebrow waiting for some sort of explanation.

   "None of your concern",said coldy. "Thanks Paruru". Thinking for a while ".Nee Paruru,.... Up for some sweet?  ".

Yuki's group entered the cafe with Sae leading them. Except for couple seats, all the other tables has four seats so Yuki's group divided by two and sat on separated table.Lucky for them.,there two empty tables beside each other. They sat with Yuki, Sae and Mayu in one table while Sayanee, Milky, Rena and Paruru on the other. Paruru and Rena clicked so well together because they share the same thing in common, melonpan. Milky and Sayanee also chatting in their own world. Meanwhile, on other side Mayu felt like a third wheel between Yuki and Sae. She also regretting agreeing into sitting one table with these two. Obviously to others, these two here is flirting with each other. Mayu had a feeling Yuki didn't knew what she was doing but Sae, oh she sure knew very well and maybe this was all her plan from the very beginning. 'I wish I can sit in one table with Rena. Atleast, we can talk about anime'.A waitress came took their orders and left after that. Paruru gave an odd looks.

   "Since when you like sour thing? "

   "Depends on my mood, I guess".Mayu answered Paruru.

While waiting,the tortured on Mayu continues again and this time she stopped the boredom from growing with playing with her phone. She look annoyed and happy at the same time when she got replied from the other person. But someone decided to stopped her little fun.

   "Right Mayu? "

   "Huh what? "

   "You didn't heard what we're saying just now? "

   "Not at all".She turned off her phone and put it back inside her pocket.

   "We're talking about how genius you are. From the story I heard from Yuko, thanks to you Takamina made it through to this school entrance exam. I tell you, Yuki-chan... This kid a real genius! ".Sae patted Mayu's head roughly.Mayu slapped it away, annoyed. Lucky for Sae, Mayu covered her head with a hoodie or else, she will face her wrath for ruining her bangs.

The waitress came later bringing their orders. They all ate and enjoying it. Mayu surprised with the ice-crean she ordered, it tastes so good and this ice-cream now officially entered her favourite foods list. Later, Sae excused herself for a toilet. Unlike Yuki, Mayu didn't mind it and continued enjoying her sweet. Yuki payed full attention to the younger girl in front of her. With her arm supporting her chin, she continued watching the cute girl without taking her eyes off from her.

   "Mayu-san,you got some ice-cream near your lips".Paruru pointed it out.

Mayu made an attempt to wiped it off but a hand already beat her into it. Yuki herself does not realized herself since when she lunged forward and used her finger to wiped it off before asking permission first. Mayu sat frozen,gazing into Yuki's eyes.So did Yuki, she stayed in the same position while staring inside Mayu's captivating eyes. There some kind of electricity flowing through their bodies with the simple touch and Yuki can felt her chest getting warmer and the sound of her heartbeat beating rapidly. Her face flushed red so did the cyborg girl. No words can describe what they felt and the world seemed stopped for them. On the other side, Milky was staring at her cousin and and her senpai with her mouth continues enjoying her sweet nonstop. Treating this as some kind of romance drama. Sayanee's mouth hanging open viewing the rare scene. Rena and Paruru watched it with amusement and interest. Sae came back in the wrong time only to saw the scene unfold in front her.

Yuki became the one to broke the eyes contact."G-gomen. It's a habit of mine. I always do it for someone".

   "It''s okay. No worry".Mayu grasped her bag."Milky, time to go home".

   "Ehhh... But my sweet".

   "Just shove it all inside your mouth".

   "Hell ,I am not a Gachapin for you to ask me do that".

   "Come on, I buy you some snack on the way home".

   "Really? Demands accepted. Come Sayaka". Pulling Sayanee's sleeve.

Three of them walked out from the cafe.More than snack, the other Watanabe more interested in knowing the meaning of the moment earlier.

   "Mayu, what just happened? Never say it was nothing because it was far than nothing.I don't know about you but me,Sayaka,Rena-senpai and Shimazaki-san sure feels something going on there.The pink aura that surrounded you two that moment... Kyaaa! Where's the pink petals when you need them?! ".Looking around.

   "It's not a romance! ".Mayu raised her voice."There's no way, after all.... ".

Milky and Sayanee sharing a look then looking to the other Watanabe who was looking up to the sky with a blank face.

Student Council

   "Yuko, where's the key? ".Takamina asked.

   Yuko that was sitting on top of her desk pointed at Yui's desk. Takamina turned to that desk and searching among the scattering mountain paper.

   "Acchan".Takamina's hands abruptly stopped working.She faced Yuko with a stern glare.

   "If this about her, I demand you to stop".

   "And I wouldn't. No matter how many times you ask me to. I'll not stop.Ever".Yuko hop down from the desk.She stood near Takamina. Replying the glare. No more playfulness, only seriousness in the air inside the room. "You're not the only one who tired of this. Everyone did. Me too. You never imagined how many times Miichan called me saying Acchan in her house, she had been crying again. She hurting inside. Stop toying with her feelings, she's a human just like you. You know how she feel about you and I sure you feel the same, so please I beg you...Let's put a stop to this pointless drama. Time for credit".

A silence came haunting the room. Yuko afraid what Takamina going to say next but later shocked hearing Takamina broke to a fit laughter. Minute later, the laughter died down. Takamina took a step forward. "Let me ask you something, Yuko. Who was the one that started all this drama? Who was the one that decided to became an antagonist in this story, Yuko?!! Not me! Not Atsuko! You are!! These all wouldn't happened if you didn't brought Kojiharu inside in the first place... This all wouldn't have happen if you didn't... —"

   "If I didn't avoided Acchan's confession! I know Takamina, I know! I am the one at fault here and I apologized for that".Tears started welling up."But I did to save our friendship. Back then, your position much harder than me. You need to support your family and at the same time the position of a president really burden you out. You said it was okay, but you can't fool me. In order for you to not broke down, you need Acchan more than I need her. You need her to support you. That was why I chose to broke Acchan's heart because I figured you will be there for her. But.. But now it's different, if she really turned to hate you, I am afraid I can't stop her from hating you".

   Takamina quite again. Yuko tried hard from preventing her tears from spilling out. Her shoulders shaking uncontrollably. A keys sound came. Takamina already found it. "I never ask for your sacrificed...Yui's duty, I'll do it. Alone",then she headed out.

Yuko slumped down to the floor.Later,a sound of sobs echoing  inside the room.

Kashiwagi Resident

The television switched on but that person didn't even watch it.Instead becoming an audience, the television was the one who became the audience to her puzzled face. An image of Mayu re-appeared again. 'First Sae-chan, and now Mayuyu... Because of this two, I... '.

   "Yuki.. Yuki.. Yuki.!".Her mother's voice brought her back."What you're thinking until you can't hear me calling for you".

   "It's complicated, kaasan".

   "It's normal for teenager to gone through this phase. This is the only way for you to become an adult. Mostly when it comes to love".Kashiwagi-san took her only daughter's hands. "Figure out your feelings first, before you makes your choice. Because sometimes, the feeling you accept is the true, probably not the truth one. "

   "What are you saying? "

   "Just an advice from your kind hearted mother ".

To be countinued

Sorry I am still new to a writing. I really need to improve my writing and knowledge in English.


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Milky ended up asking sayanee fufufu.
Mayu and takamina helping student council!
hee~ mayuki has a moment again!  :shy2:

I'm waiting for your next update jurinaN San  :deco:
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Oh wow a lot of drama is going on.

Sayanee and Milky's weird relationship.
Mayu having changed after some sort of event involving the hospital.
Mayu, Yuki, Sae, and Rena(?) love square.
Conflict between Yuko and Takamina.
Takamina avoiding Acchan.

I wonder how this will all get resolved. :?
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Midterm already over. Just like any other exams, no.1 spot got taken by Oshima Yuko again while Takamina,Miichan,Haruna and Yuki barely passed it. To celebrated this, Yuko like always came up with an idea. So,that was why everybody in student council room right now. Fortunately for them, the room has enough space to fits them all.

   Yuko climb the president desk ,staring at everyone inside the room. "Okay everyone. You all must have been wondering why you are here today. The answer is simple. To celebrate our success ,we're going toooo.. SUMMER TRIP!".She announced loudly while clapping her hand. Everyone went quite for a bit before erupt with cheering. Only some people though.

   "We're going? Don't tell me its a sea? ".Exclaimed Miichan excitedly.

   "PIN PON. 10 points for the Gachapin".

   A hand raised to the air. "But where are we going to stay? We don't have enough money to make a reservation at the hotel".Sayaka said,worried about the expenses for the trip.

   "Do not worry.I already asked someone to lend us her villa. And she said Okay. Furthermore,we got to stay and eat for free ".

   "Oohhhhhhhhhh".The room hyped up with Yuko's announcement. Only few people whose troubled by it.

   "Minna, gomen! ".Takamina suddenly apologized and bowed to everyone surprised. "My boss asked if I can fill someone shifts during this holiday and I said yes. Hontou ni gomennosai".She apologized again.

   "Booo Takamina. You destroying our fun. Look the mood changes now caused by you. -10 for you, Bakamina! Acchan gonna pissed off when she hear this ".Yuko pouted but later her expression soften. "Well we can't do anything about. After all work is work. "

   "If so, count me out too from this plan of yours. I need somewhere to go this holiday".

   "Shiriri-chan.. ".The teared Yuko looks at her Oshiri sister in disbelieve.

   "Sorry Yuko-san. Me too".The taller pale girl dared raised her hand after saw Takamina and Mayu.

   "Rena-chan. I trust you".Looking at the three, she pointed at them. "How dare you all betrayed me after all we had gone through together! ".Yuko stomped beneath her.

   "Yuko-san! Stop, you're gonna destroyed the desk if you continue any further ",begging Yui. "And make that four. My family will go visiting our hometown. So yeah,count me out".

   "Actually... Me too. All my vacation days already been planned. I can't disappoint my sister.She looked really happy when she plans it for me".Sayanee also refused the invitation.

Yuko's mouth open wide. Can't believe there many people whose back out from her perfect plan. After all she went through to convinced Tomochin to let them use her villa. It almost became pointless.

   "Ah by the way,drama club have practice during this whole vacation".

   "Mariko-sama, not you too!!! ".

At the same time,

   "Aaannnnddd..... Cut. Nice wrap guys. Acchan you did well today like always",said the director.

Acchan smiled politely.Three staffs running toward her while bringing her chair and water. Acchan sat down gulping some water down to her thirsty throat. The fan did its job in cooling down Acchan sweaty body. A make up artist clean her sweaty face but she dismissed them. Her hand reached out her phone and her fingers quickly slide the unread message opened.After read the content, a sad smile plastered on her beautiful face. Engrossed in her delusion, a screeching noises beside her woke her up.

   "Who's that from? Your boyfriend? ".

Acchan shook her head. "No it wasn't. I don't have a boyfriend, Matsuya-san".

   "Hnnnn... It such a waste for pretty girl like you to not have someone to spend this entire holiday with".The co-actor said to her.

   "How about Matsuya-san,for a man like you, you must already taken".Acchan was too tired to respond exactly to the man beside her, but she didn't want disrespectful towards her Senpai.

   "Sorry to disappoint you. But I still single. But not ready too mingle".Matsuya throw a flirty smile."How about this Maeda-san, I am free tonight. How about some dinner? It's on me".

Acchan didn't knew what was going on inside her head to said 'yes' to the invitation instead saying 'no' like she always do to other men.

———————2 weeks passed by~~

Reached their destination, wasting no time all of them already in their swimsuit and jumped to the sea. While Miichan, Sae and Sayaka were playing inside the water, Acchan and Tomochin resting themselves under umbrella while sipping juice.

Later, a raven haired girl walking towards them shyly. "Ano,....".

Tomochin and Acchan turned to took a look at the girl and immediately praising the said girl. Yuki put on a white milky colored bikini and it was a first time she wears such revealing outfit. Sae who saw from a far gawking at the raven girl. Her eyes can't took off from that majestic seducing alluring body. A dirty images entering her mind.Sae gulped. Later her delusion destroyed when a ball flying hit her face. A laughter erupt and Miichan and Sayaka high-five each other.

Seeing how red Yuki had became, Acchan decided to stopped her teasing. "Sorry, sorry. So what did you wanna ask about,Yuki-chan? ".

   "Ettooo, I didn't see Yuko-san anywhere. Aren't she the one who came up with this vacation".

   "Speak about that,.... "

Screeechhh~An unfamiliar car suddenly parked catching everyone attention away. Sae,Miichan and Sayaka stopped playing and went near to see what was going on. Later, from the driver door, a squirrel came out grinning at them."Eeeehhhhhhhh!!!!! Yuko???!!!! ".

   "Hihihihi... You can't start the party without Oshima Yuko.By the way sorry for the wait, got some business to taken care off".

The passenger seat opened,revealing Watanabe inside.

   "Eh Milky-san, you came? ".Yuki tried to find the other Watanabe but seeing nothing.

   "Of course. There's no way I'll miss this fun like my cyborg cousin. Speaking about her, we tried to kidnapped her too but when I enter her room this morning, she already gone. She must have learn from the past where I put a sleeping pill inside her drink so I can brought her to the trip. No doubt she read our plan. So impressive. We try to bring Rena-senpai, but she already in Hakama and holding her wooden sword. It's terrifying, so we back out last minute for safety purposes".

   "Too dangerous.Gekikara's wrath is not a play thing".Yuko gazes at the girls infront her with approving look. "Nice. The bikini suited you all, especially Yuki-chan. I know about your nice oshiri, but never thought you has a nice body as well".Yuko smile turned to pervert grin. Yuki quickly covered her front and backing away from that pervert squirrel before she did something to her.

Bang bang bang.A banging sound sounding. It came from the bonet. The others except Yuko and Milky stared a the car weirdly. "Why can't that girl be patience for awhile. Should give her a sleeping pill instead".Yuko excused herself and doing something at the back. A muffling sound can be heard and the next thing was Yuko thrown to the ground with a rope in her hand. Milky quickly hide herself behind Yuki. From the bonet, came out a fuming Takamina tried to strangel Yuko.

   "Takamina? Didn't you supposed to be at work right now? ".Sae said surprised with Takamina present.Not only her though, everyone also the same.

   "I was on the way there until these TWO OVER HERE abducted me on the road, tied me up and throw me inside the bonet! ".Takamina head lock Yuko. "What do you have to say in this hah? My boss gonna fired me if I don't show up".Her tone more calmer than before. She let Yuko go who desperately catching an air before kneeled down depressed.

Yuko patted Takamina's back. "I am not that evil. I already appointed someone to fill your position during this whole trip".

Takamina grabs Yuko's collar. "Who? ".


Someone POV
   "Thank you for coming. Please come again, dear customer".Bidding the customer farewell, I let out a sighs. Lucky them, unlike me who trapped in here inside this costume. That Yuko, better she bring back what she promised me.

   "Takamina's replacement, we need your help here".

   "How many times I must told you guys, it's Sashi. Sashihara Rino".

End Sashi POV

Yuko blinked. If it was Sashi, she did not need to worried at all. After all, it's Sashi. "Someone trustworthy. Just forget your work for awhile and enjoy this holiday,Bakamina".She stepped further from Takamina went to search for a particular cat girl. "Where's Nyan Nyan? ".

   "She didn't told you?She can't come, said something about wanting to watch Mariko-sama practice",answered Miichan.

Yuko blinked. A moment later, she dashed toward the car but the Twins Tower fast enough to caught her and dragged her away. Driving without a license, it's a crime after all.


Haruna POV

I watched the practice with admiration toward the actress on stage. It was so astonishing and pulling myself in. I dried my tears using handkerchief and put it back on inside my pocket. The performance over and Mariko, the lead actress walked down the stage and took a sit beside me. The water inside her hand almost finished by her and I can clearly saw a sweat running down her pretty face. I took out my handkerchief and hold it out.She gave me a [/i]'really'[/i] face because she already knew I used it earlier but because didn't had a choice and I knew she hated it when her body sticky with a sweat, she took it and used it.

   "It's fascinating. Your performance. When the drama play include you Mari-chan, it never bored me".I praised her. I look at the outfit she wearing and the title on the script book. "Romeo and Juliet. This is the play you will represent later at school festival? ".

Mari-chan drank a gulp of water again before answering ,"That's what they want. I am just a member, not a club president or advisor of this club. But honestly, I want something more challenging, something that I never experience before. To try new things, always makes my body tingling with excitement. But the problem is, even I don't know what I want".Confessed her to me. I kinda understand her. Everyone must desired something in their life, just like me."so Kojipa, What about you? I got a feeling you have been running away from that squirrel ".

Mari-chan really knew me well. "You're not wrong. I kind of... Avoiding her this moment".

   "The question is, why Kojipa? "
   "I seriously didn't know myself. I just feel that I need to".

   "You didn't know but still did it. Wow! You're really an airhead".She tease me. Usually I will pouted but now, I only laughed, agreeing with her.

End Of Haruna POV


   "Come on Yuko, cheer up".Miichan comforting her friend by side-hugging her.

   "What's the point of me being here. That Stick Godzilla took her away from me! Huaahhh NyanNyan! ".

   "Lovey-dovey. They must being doing that right now. Or worse–....".

   "Knock it off Takamina,stop making things worse than it already is. Yuko this is NyanNyan we're talking about.She's an airhead,she may didn't knew what cheating means".

   "Ano, actually an airhead is the most who got high percentage cheating with her partner because she clueless and didn't got an idea what she have been doing".Yuki said. Yuko wailing got more stronger. Takamina high-five the cluessless Yuki who didn't realized what she just did.

   "Thank you very much Yuki. You're not helping. Don't listen to her, she don't get any idea what she saying".Miichan sighed. "I am suppose to have fun playing in the sea right now, so why did I need to take care of this squirrel ".

Takamina POV

After had my revenge, I leave the squirrel and Gachapin behind and strolling the beach. I let the water touched my bare foots and enjoying the sound of sea. A voice of nature, like it was speaking to me in a small voice. It has been a long time since I feel relax without any stress like this, maybe I should thanks Yuko later. Tired from the walking, I sat down on the sand didn't mind if my pants got dirty with sand on it. I closed my eyes savouring the moment of peacefulness. Not a moment later, I sense a presence near me. The calming aura that person brought, my heart knew it was her.

   "Acchan",I whispered her name.

Acchan sat beside me, looking to the sea. I gazed at her, she really pretty. So irresistible. Her red bikini enough to make me blush and have dirty imagination but I quickly dismissed it. Don't want to do anything weird. If only, I am not a coward, if only, I deserve you. We must together by now. But it's impossible. After all, I am not like you, Atsuko.

   "This is nice".She said suddenly.

I replied with 'hun'. She turned her head toward me. Looking into my eyes. When the last time I saw her eyes like this, as expected, her eyes like a drug to me. It keeps pulling me over and over again. Maybe it's time for me to stop hurting her. I know with this decision of mine, I will end up hurting her later but it's better than see her hurting because my act toward. Until the time she said the three words to me, let me be selfish and treasure this moment.

   "Atsuko",she flinched. "I am sorry for acting like a bastard since the beginning of this year. I want to make up for it. Let's start.. from the beginning ".I smiled. Her eyes became teary and with a nod, she accept my hand and shook it. Maybe, this is for the better.

End of Takamina POV

It was midnight, all the girls was sleeping like a log,too tired from the playing and too full from the dinner. It was quite and peaceful until someone sat up, gasping for an air. Sweat running down her face. The image of her nightmare haunting her, she carefully walked out from the room,not wanting to disturb Milky's sleep.

She splashed the water onto her face tried to made the image disappeared. After cooling down a bit, Yuki went to a kitchen and drank a glass of water.A footsteps sound perked her ears up and she spun around to find Sae standing near the kitchen doorway.

   "Nightmare? ",Sae guessed from how pale and miserable Yuki face was.

Yuki put the glass down. She nodded. "I dream about my childhood friend".

   "Wanna share? Maybe it could help you relax ".

A flashback of her dream flashing through her mind. Where her childhood friend sat on the swings hours from morning till night, under the bright sun and under the cold of the night. Alone without no one by her side. No one came, not even Yuki because she already moved away. A sobs of that small girl haunting her mind.'Yukirin, why won't you come? I wait here for you. Did you forget about our promise? Yukirin, why, why, whyyyy you didn't come?! '.Yuki snapped awake. Sae still there, waiting for the answer. "No. I am better now".

   "Oh".A disappointment clearly can heard from her voice. Yuki felt guilty, when she knew she the reason for that expression. But Sae recovers quickly and tempted Yuki to follow her. Yuki hated to made Sae dissapointed again so she go with Sae's demand.

They walked far away from the villa, Yuki shivering from the cold but it was worth it when she saw how beautiful the place. Sae had brought her to a cliff. The scenery of late night ocean from there took Yuki's breath away. Yuki looked up to night sky only to find a starts welcoming her there. She felt like she could reach it, sparkling and shining before her head. A happy giggles escaped her lips. All her worries and nightmare vanished when the night wind brushing through her skin.

Sae beside her was smiling looking at the beauty she had crush on looking peaceful and calm all because she brought the girl here. She felt proud and happy. Yuki's trembling shoulder noticed by Sae. Sae face-palmed,how can she be stupid dragging Yuki outside when Yuki only wears a single layer on. Sae took off her jacket put it around Yuki.

   "Ho-how about you? "

   "I am okay. I already used to this ". Sae said with her usual genking smile. The same smile that has captured Yuki's heart for first time.

She admitted she has a little crush on Sae since the first time since that girl saved her from becoming a victim Takamina, Yuko and Mayu. She met many people already but only Sae success in attracting her attention. Maybe because she has some kind of familiar aura around her.   

   "Yuki-chan, can I ask something? ".

   "What is it? "

   "Do you like someone right now? As in crush,or love? ".

   "N-No. I don't ". She lied.

   "So there a chance for me".

   "Huh? Did you say something? "

   "N-No. Nothing ".

Deep silent fall between them but even with that silent, they enjoyed it because of each other company.

To be Continued


At two different place but  same time

Mayu just got on a train when her phone beeping signaling a new email arrived.
Rena just wanted to close her locker when her phone beeping signaling a new email.

Mayu opened it only to blushing brightly after saw the content of that email.  Someone standing beside her yelped panicked when she saw blood running down from Mayu's nose. Mayu hurried said she was okay and wiped the blood off. 

Rena yelped suprised after saw the content. Her face flashing red. Her sound earlier earning a weird look from other club members in the dressing room.  Her friend Airin asked what happened and tried to see the content but Rena quickly closed it off brushing saying it was nothing. 

"Oshiriko-chan /Yuko-san, you're dead meat when I see you".

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Uh the answer is Yuki's bikini?  :dunno:
So.. there's a chance haruna cheating? Or it's just some simple couple problems? :mon huh2:
Its seem yuko is dead in the next chapter, gekikara wrath is terrifying after all  :kekeke:
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Hahaha its so funny...
Hope mayu and rena will come join a vacation
Hint: white? maybe yukirin's panties
Who is yuki's childhood? She had little crush on sae or mayu  :dunno:
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Summer trip!

Acchan, why'd you say 'yes'?
Poor Sashi, having to take over for Takamina.
Haruna, why are you trying to avoid Yuko? :?
What does Takamina mean when she says 'start from the beginning'?
Yuki you need to make up your mind. :(

Yuko is gonna feel the wrath of Nezumi and Gekikara. :lol:
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I am so sorry! :bow: I suppose to update this story every end of weeks but I need to focus on my exam. Next week there will be two subjects left so I don't know if I can update.But I try my best to..


Since the night of the summer trip, Yuki and Sae relationship became even more closer than before. They always hang out during summer together,sometimes with the others too if they were not busy.

Today only both of them walking around the mall. Yuki gazing the dress infront of her with a sparkling eyes. Sae as her companion only stood watching her with amusement seeing this side of excited Yuki.

Yuki reached out to took a white dress but at the same time, someone also did the same thing as her. Their fingers touched and quickly Yuki retreated hers back. That person beside her was a woman wearing a cap, mask and black glasses. Seeing it from up close, Yuki recognized the familiar face.


That woman silenced Yuki using both her hands. She made a 'shuush' gestures and Yuki nodded understanding. Sae who saw it from afar decided to interrupted thinking someone was bothering Yuki but halted when she recognized Acchan.

   "Acchan?What are you doing in those?",Sae questioned feeling weird.

   "Oh hi Sae-chan, fancy meeting both of you here. I must keep a low profile. It was hard walking around without wearing a disguise ".Acchan said after removing her hand from Yuki's. Yuki sighed relief. She almost lose her breath there.

   "Talk about being an actress".

Suddenly someone entered the scene wrapping his arm around Acchan's waist. "Your friends,Atsuko?".The new intruder asked.

Sae and Yuki gawking when the saw the man face. One Matsuya,the raising and popular actor. 'Atsuko? ' Sae squinting her eyes toward the couple.

   "Yes. They are my classmates. This is Sae".Pointed to still suspicious Sae"..and this is Yuki".Pointed to still speechless Yuki.

   "Nice meeting you both.Onoe Matsuya",the actor stuck out his hand for a handshake. Yuki and Sae gladly replied it. Well, only Yuki. Sae forced to do it. She don't want to made Acchan looks bad. "Atsuko, are you done here? We still got a place to visit ".

Acchan nodded. The couple excused themselves and went out from the store still in their disguises.

   "Wow".The only word left Yuki's mouth.

   "I get what you feels".Now, how I tell Takamina about this? .Still standing watching the store entrance.

Unbeknownst to them, Mariko, Miichan and Tomochin snuck out from the the same store chasing the celebrity couple. But Miichan halted a moment to captured Sae and Yuki pics before followed the two Hehehehehe, hot news. My lucky day, kill two birds in one stone.

That evening,

Yuki on her way back alone after her outing with Sae.She humming a song while doing so. She felt so happy.

Not too far, a small figure leaning on the wall, panting hard. That person face was red. Her vision was blurry,can't see anything infront. That figure succeed in getting Yuki's attention. The next thing Yuki knew she dropped all her shopping bags when the figure collapsed on the side of that road. Yuki kneeled down to helped the girl. Yuki can seen the girl face better now and she became even more panicked when she realized it was Mayu. Mayu unconscious. There were no sign she will woken up soon.

Forgetting her dropped belonging and tired body, she lift Mayu up using a bridal style.To her suprised,Mayu body was light as a feather. She made her way to her home in hurry.


Mayu slowly opened her eyes, the first thing she saw was an unfamiliar ceiling that not belong to hers. A vanilla scent capturing her nose. Sitting up on the bed, she scanned the room with her eyes and assumed whoever that helped her was a girl, judging from the things and decoration of that bedroom.

   "Ah, you awake".Yuki said after saw Mayu already conscious. "Glad you are okay. You suddenly collapse and made me worried sick of you. You should take care of yourself better, you got a heatstroke from summer. Here a medicine, it'll helps you to lessen your headaches ".Yuki gave pills and water to Mayu.

Mayu still shocked to seen Yuki but she took it and ate it. But not before mumbled a thanks to the older girl. Soft smile plastered on Yuki's face seeing the younger girl. She noticed Mayu's skin a little darker than she remembered, no wonder she can got a heatstroke.

   "Why are you so kind to me? ".Yuki didn't expected that question from Mayu.

   "Is there a reason I shouldn't? ".

   "....I treated you cold before".

 A chuckle. That was what Mayu got in replied. "I don't mind it. It's your personality, it's not easy to get rid of it. Cause I know, in your heart you are good girl".

   "You barely know me. Many people suffered because of me in the past".Mayu said still in her cyborg expression.

   Yuki pulled Mayu into a hug, surprising the cyborg. Surprisingly, Mayu didn't refused. She stayed silent and enjoying the warmth Yuki gave. Yuki on the other hand, felt it was the wise thing to do. She hated seeing the expressionless. She wanna made that younger girl smile.

   "But it's all in the past. What matter the most is a present... And, you're right. I only know you existence when I transferred here,we also rarely speak. But for some unknown reason, I got a feeling I already know you since long time ago. I wonder why".

Their moment interrupted when Mrs, Kashiwagi called them downstairs for dinner. Mayu quickly broke the hug, reached for her phone on the desk beside Yuki's bed. 7.30 p.m.She groaned.

Yuki chuckled. "You heard my mother. Let's go before she decide to fetch us up".Yuki helped Mayu got up and lead her downstairs by holding her waist, afraid Mayu fall while walking.

Mayu saw an older woman wearing an apron who looked like an older version of Yuki were setting up the table. The older woman gave a warm smile to her. "Mayu-chan, right? You are so cuteee".While pinching Mayu's cheeks.

   "Okaasan stop it! You're hurting her. Can't you act normal infront of my friend".Yuki dragged Mayu from her mother torturing. Yuki's mother pouting earning a rolled eyes from her daughter.

   "Well take a sit".Three of them took a sit and started eating their meal. During the dinner, Mrs.Kashiwagi asking Mayu questions nonstop. She also telling Yuki's childhood story only got a protests from Yuki in return. The dining table filled with laughter. Mayu also laughed seeing the mom-daughter 's antics. Yuki who payed attention to her, secretly smile seeing Mayu's happy face. What is this fuzzy feeling inside her?

Because it was almost late at night, Mayu forced to sleepover there by Mrs, Kashiwagi even though many times she already refused to.

Back from shower and after put on a pajama of Yuki's who was a little bigger for her, Mayu entered Yuki's bedroom only to found the older girl laying on the futon on the floor.

   "Yuki-senpai, what are you doing? "

   "Drop the Senpai. We're not school right now. By the way, I am getting ready to sleep".

   "Okay. So why on the floor. It should be me there".

   "No way! I can't let a guest sleeping on the floor. Furthermore, you're still sick. You should take the bed".

   "I am already fine. You take the bed, and I take this".Mayu snatched the futon from Yuki making Yuki rolled on the floor.

   "Ouch. Heiii! ".Yuki pouted, glaring at Mayu. In return, Mayu did the same not giving up. Yuki sighed. "We're weird. Most people fighting for a bed, not for some futon".Yuki stood up. Mayu smiling because she knew she already won. "But you know, why we didn't sleep together on my bed? ".Suggested Yuki.

Mayu jaw-dropped. "Huhhh?! ".Didn't expected the bold proposal from Yuki.

   "Well,my bed can fit two person in it. I don't have a bad sleeping manners. So,.. don't worry, I won't kick you out from the bed".

   "No".Mayu refused. She tried to lay her futon back but a force suddenly pushed her laying on the bed. She can't got up because Yuki was on top of her pushing her down with a grins.

   "Ara, is Mayuyu blushing? So cute. Oh, I hope you don't mind me calling you Mayuyu".

   "C-can y-you g-get off from me? ".Mayu tried to maintain her cool but it was hard to did so with the still grinning Yuki on top of her. Oh my god, I can see her cleavage!!

   "Nope, I won't ".A groan from Mayu. "Unless you agreed to sleep together with me".

   "F-fine! Now, get off".Mayu practically pushed Yuki away. Yuki only laughed knowing she won. She lay herself beside Mayu.

Mayu rolled her eyes. Never knew the older woman had a stubborn side as well. Buzz.. Buzz.. An email came. Mayu reached out for her phone and opened it. It was Sashi. The content made her eyebrows furrowed. She typed a few words before closed it back.

   "Ne Yuki......Yuki? "Seeing no answer, Mayu took a peek at the older girl only to found her already sleeping. Mayu smiled. The woman looked so peaceful in her sleeps.She can't remembered what time she fell asleep, the only thing she remembered were she fell asleep while admiring Yuki's beautiful face.

A rays of sunlight slipping through the space of the bedroom 's curtain. Illuminating the room with a light. Too bright for her eyes, Yuki woke up from her slumber only to frown at the empty space beside her. Mayuyu?

She gone downstairs and headed to kitchen only found her mother busy doing dishes
"Okaasan, where's Mayuyu? ".

Without turning her back, she answered ,"Ah, Mayu-chan? She already went home. Seriously Yuki, you need to learn wake up earlier even though it's holiday. Be a good daughter and help your mother".Yuki turned,to ran away from her mother's rambling.

She got back inside her bedroom and noticed an unfamiliar paper on her desk. She took it and read the content.

'Sorry for not waking you up and left without saying goodbye. You looks peaceful when you're sleeping making me not dare to awaken you. Thank you for the hospitality and saving me. I am grateful for it.

It was just a simple note,but enough to send a big smile to Yuki's face. Yuki folded the note carefully before placed it inside her drawer. "Well, better hit the shower".

Mayu eyeing the girl beside her. Her favourite show totally can't distracted her mind right now from focusing on Milky who put her knees up and rested her face into them on the sofa.

Her cousin has been acting weird since she came home from Yuki's. When she entered the house this morning, she expected herself to got bombarded with questions of why she didn't came home last night, but all she got was nothing and silent Milky. It worried her.


   "Nee Mayu-chan"

   "Hai? "

   "I think.... "


   Milky POV

   "Ne, Akira-kun. Let's go there".I pointed at one clothes store that captivated my eyes.But the boyfriend of mine only complaining he don't want to carry my bags later and said that I already had many clothes to begin with. I pouted. If the one who with me was Sayaka, she never denied my request. She also gladly became my carrier without me asked her to. Saying she don't trust me that I will slip and dirtying all my new clothes later, but I knew she only worried if I get tired and fall from carrying many things. Such a tsundere.I giggled.

   "What are you giggling about? "

   "I just remember my friend Sayaka".

   "That girl again ".

From his tone, I knew she dislike the idea of me thinking about Sayaka. I wonder why?

   "Can't you stop seeing that girl".Morethan a request, it sounded more like an order.

   "Why? "

   "Just do it. I don't like it when she near you. She took you away from me"

   "Aren't you overreacting about this? Me and Sayaka just friends. What's wrong with it?!".I demands an answer but nothing. He only gave me a cold shoulder. Okay, I had enough. "Listen, whatever you wants,I always tried my best to fulfil it. You prevents me from talking to other boys, I follow it. You always got mad when I came a bit late for few minutes on our meeting place, you accused me cheating on you meanwhile YOU! You never said sorry when you made me waited for an hours for you. I just be patient with your possessive behavior. But this time, you crossed the line. You don't have a RIGHT to tell me, who I shouldn't hang out with, especially when it comes to Sayaka! ..From now on, our relationship is over. Goodbye".I turned my heels wanting to leave far away from that crazy now ex of mine.

But he caught my wrist and pulled me hard onto him. He roughly kissed me on public while saying a possessive word that I am his possession and I can't run away from him. I try to fought back but to no avail. Everyone around me just standing watching, too afraid to interrupt.I don't know when I started crying. I feel so disgust with this.


That ex of mine slammed the hard ground. A protective embrace wrapping my body. I did not need to see who is it because from the scent, I already knew who is it. I cried hard on her chest.

She tried calming me down and brought me to another place where there no people. "It's okay Miyuki. I am here. If that jerk attempt something toward you, I'll protect you from him. I promise".Sayaka kissed my forehead hoping it'll calm me down.

Amazingly, it worked. I starts to feel calm. But that weird feeling came again. The tingling sensation inside my stomach, the fasten beating of my heart and also the warmth spreading through my chest. I am afraid it it, but why, why I didn't dislike it?

End Milky POV .

End of Flashback

   ".....I am in love with Sayaka.What I should do Mayu, I am afraid".


So what do you guys think?


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   "Tadaima!!!!!!!! ~ Did you miss me?  School ~ School~ No place better than school~...".Yuko shouted happily while doing a round of butt dancing infront of the school gate. Students whose passed her only gave her a weird look. Some of them also taking a pictures of their pervert president.

Unlike the hyper president, the hoodie girl behind her showed uninterested looks with the whole thing.

   "What's with the grumpy look Shiriri-chan. It's a new term, come on show some energy of yours. You makes your big sister sad  :cry: ".Mayu ignored the older girl. "Heii, listen to me! ".Still no changed, Yuko gave up. "But that Bakamina.... "

   "Yukooo, Mayu-chan! Ohayo".

   "Ah Acchan, Mariko, oha! ".Yuko greeted the duo back. Mayu only gave a slight nod.

   "Ara, a grumpy Mayu in this morning? Mayu-chan must hate school, Huh? ".Acchan pinched the cyborg 's cheeks. There no protests from the cyborg because Mayu knew it was useless to fought against the actress. Acchan let go a moment later, she can felt Mayu getting annoyed.

   "This is weird. Where's Takamina? ".Mariko asked noticed the missing of the other midget.

   "No idea. She didn't showed up, so we went here without her".Acchan looked dissapointed hearing Yuko's answer. She really looked forward to seen the other girl because she didn't had a chance to during this whole holiday thanks to her busy schedule. Mariko who noticed patted Acchan's back to reassured her.

Four of them made their way inside the building and can't helped but to noticed the students gave them a weird looks and a whispers. Yuko, Mariko and Acchan getting confused while Mayu stayed calm and emotionless.

A ruckus can be heard after they entered, Yuko being a curious girl ran towards it.

   "Why they are staring at you? ".

   "Me?! ",Acchan pointed at her face. "What did I do? ".

   "Yeah, that's what I wanna ask you Acchan, what did you do? ".Yuko who just returned grasped Acchan's arm and pulled her to a crowds whose still busy looking at something. "You all,move!".Students made way for Yuko and the others. "This! Can I get an explanation for this?! ".

Acchan looked at where Yuko was pointing at only to gawk.At the bulletin board, there a newspaper that had Acchan face on it. But she was not alone, beside her,stood her co-worker Oneo Matsuya.They were holding hand. Acchan remembered that moment, this picture got taken during summer holiday. Mariko just arrived at the scene and quickly sighed, she knew who the culprit who did this. She never noticed Miichan were taking pictures of those two.

Mariko averts her eyes somewhere else and became interested with the other fresh news. 'New Popular Couple Has Been Born? ' ,'The Player Finally Settle Down? '.There also this title, 'Kagoshima Princess Got Taken.Fans live in misery'. Mariko shrugs. Never thought the player and the new princess had something between them. 'They did a good job,..that Newspaper Club'.

Bruk! Bag dropped to the ground. The new arriving Yuki stared at her news with her famous Reaction Queen plastered on her face.

Yuko gulped.That club should change their name to Paparazzi club if the things they brought only gossip. "Mayu". She called out to the younger girl, one of the club members. No respond. "Ma.. Yu? ".There no trace of the cyborg anywhere. "Where the heck she ran off to? ".

The shocking news attracts all students attentions. Even the teacher also eavesdrops whenever they heard something about the news. As expected, Yuki, Sae and Acchan got bombarded with questions. All day, Yuki face were red while Acchan tried her best to clear up the misunderstanding. On the other hand, Sae was happy with the attentions and gladly answered all their questions. Of course she told the truth, there was no way she elaborated the story or Yuki will killed her.

A tall black haired girl was marching somewhere with a stern looks on her face. Students got the message and didn't dare enough to approached the fuming princess. Reached the destination,she banging the door loudly.

The door that written 'Newspaper Club' on it opened. Miichan who hiding herself all day meeting eyes to eyes with Yuki who emitting a black aura from her body. 'Black!'. Before Yuki could said anything, the door slammed closed right infront of her face. Lucky, the door didn't hit her perfect face. Realizing the girl hiding away again, Yuki kicking the door while yelling to the occupants inside the room to opened the damn door. She didn't care the stares she received from other students.

10 minutes later, she got tired and gave up. When she turned in order to left the place, her eyes meeting with Mayu eyes that standing not too far. The younger girl had a bun inside her mouth and already stopped chewing when she saw the evil grins Yuki gave her.

"Hi, Yu-Yuki".

"Oh, it's Yuki-senpai for you now. Ma~yu~yu".Yuki smiled strangely.

Mayu gulped. 'I am doomed'


Acchan sitting on a bench with her head facing down. The evening sun above making her feels hotter and sweaty but she didn't have a damn about it. Alone. No students around her.She actually at her secret place right now, that located behind an old church building near the school. The place full with roses with different colour and she always ran here whenever she felt like wanted to escaped from this world. Away from her trouble, busy life. No one dared enough to came here because in order to reached this place, you need to passed a dark tunnel first. Because of some rumor,people afraid to came there,well except Acchan. Because the one who caused the rumor of a bloody high school girl ghost was her. Someone mistook her for a ghost. Blame her school uniform with spilled ketchup on it. But thanks to that, she owns the place for herself... Well, not really.

   "Thought you will be here".

   "Takamina? "

   "You really uses this place for a good use. Glad I ever introduced this place to you".Takamina sat beside Acchan.

Acchan knew it was a golden chance for her to clear up the misunderstanding. "Takamina, listen. Me and Matsuya-san, there's nothing between us. He only my co-worker in my new drama. To get into our characters better, the producer suggested a play date to improve our relationship. That was why we did it. It was only for a job.. You need to trust me.I-I never knew the o-others were spying o-on us. I swear! ".Tears spilling from Acchan's eyes.

   "Hey, hey,,.. Don't cry. Take a deep breath. Okay, just like that".Takamina comforted Acchan. Acchan leaned her head on Takamina's shoulder. A scene of Takamina, she inhale it. It was one of her favorite scenes. "You don't need to explain anything to me. I already knew about it before, the girls who got your explanation explained it to me.They sure are busy,even though they only an outsiders".

   "T-They did? ".

   "Un.I was angry because you didn't tell me you're going out with someone".

   "....Only that? ".Acchan pushed Takamina, looking at the shorter girl eyes trying to find something in it. 'Why, why I can't read her like I always did? ' .Takamina back to her original self, she never avoiding Acchan again, but something was missing that made Acchan can't understand the girl before her.

Takamina stood up. "Well, I got job to attend to. See you tomorrow Acchan".Takamina bid her farewell. Acchan sitting confused.

   "Yuki, let's go home together! ".Sae said to Yuki after catched up with the Raven girl.

   "Ano, Sae-chan. Don't you think we need to separate for a while until the rumor died down? ".

   "Why? Are you discomfort being with me? ".Sae flashed a hurtful looks.

   "N-No! It's -it's not like that! Just.. ".Yuki denied it. She don't wanna made Sae hurt.

   "So, what's the matter? If you worried it might bothers me, don't be. I am okay with it".

Yuki paused. Sae was right. 'It should makes me happy of what others think about us, so why I feel weird about this?'.

   "Yuki".Someone called Yuki.

   "Rena! ".She happily jumped and hugged her bestfriend. Rena were busy today so Yuki don't got a chance to talked with her at all. Seeing a happy Yuki, Rena smiled and patted the girl head. Only to frown to seen Sae there."What are you doing with this playgirl? ".Squinting her eyes.

   "Hello too Rena. Oh,and hi Airi".

Yuki just noticed an unfamiliar girl was standing beside Rena this whole time. She never seen this girl before, and she sure she was not one of her classmates. "Who is this? ".

   "I am Furukawa Airi. Student from class 2-A and also Rena's friend from Kendo Club.Just call me Airin".The unfamiliar girl introduced herself.

   "Kashiwagi Yuki. Rena's friend from middle school".

   "Yeah, I know about you. Rena talked about you a lot. Trust me, almost everything about you I already known because of this Melon pan lover here".

   "Stop it, Airin". Rena always became embarrassed whenever Airin teased her about Yuki,but not today. Sae's presence affecting her mood.

   "Owh Rena, I never knew you love me that much. You should have told me".Yuki continued the teasing while wrapping her arms around Rena's neck. Rena blushed with her bestfriend 'S gestures. Airin smirked. Sae falsely coughed to brought back the two girls from their own world. Yuki released the hug. "How about we go home together? ". She suggested.

Sae frowned then smiled after heard Rena rejecting the offers. "Sorry Yuki, I want to, but, me and Airin gotta go somewhere buying something ".

   "Is that so? ".Yuki pouted. "Can't be helped, maybe next time".

   "Jaa nee ".Rena and Airin excused themselves, but not before Rena gave a last glare to Sae. 'She seriously don't want me to be near Yuki, Huh'.

At the same time,

Yui relaxing herself with laying on the grass under the evening sun above. Even with the sun shining brightly above their head, the sports club on the courtyard and field still did their best practicing. It quite a restful sight for Yui the vice-president of student council.

Click, click.A camera shutter. "You're in the way",said the girl who covered the sun. Yui only can saw the girl shadow.

   "Excuse me? ".

   "I said, you're in the way".Said the girl again with impatient.

   "Huh? ".Dumbfounded Yui uttered.

   "Are you dumb,or what? Step aside".

   "There still many other spaces here.Why I need to move my body to other spot. Why can't you? The view still the same no matter where you capture it".

   A sound of clicked tongue. "This is why I hate talking to people who don't understand the meaning of an art... For someone like you, yes. But I am a photographer.Quality of my pictures is my top priority. So move, before I kick you away".

Yui forced herself to followed the rude girl demands. After standing up, she can seen the girl features clearly. Shimazaki Haruna, class 1-A, member of photography club and a friend of Watanabe Mayu. She never talked to this girl before, never thought the girl can be a rude person.

Paruru started to taking pictures. Yui didn't realized herself that she was staring at the girl. After satisfied with the pictures she took, Paruru made her way to left the place.

   "My name is Yokoyama Yui. I just thought it was best if you know my name ".Yui face-palmed. She didn't understand why she did that. Paruru went silent a bit before continued to left the place. But something she said before ringing through Yui's ears

   "For someone who holding a vice-president position, you're quite a dumb".

Watanabe Resident

Mayu sitting on the couch with uneasy. She can't focused on the television. Her eyes always glanced at the clock on the wall of living room.


Mayu facing down looking at the floor while hearing Yuki scolding. Even though she was not the one who took the pictures, she still involved with the processed making that newspaper. So Yuki gave her an earful now.

But something went wrong when Yuki paused, Mayu looked at where Yuki were looking and saw a familiar man near the gate became the attention of the crowd. It caused quite a ruckus because man who doesn't had relation with the school got prohibited from entering the school ground unless they got a permission.

Mayu saw Milky and Sayanee approached the man from neighboring school. Sayanee looked pissed,while Milky looked... scared? The man saying something to Milky and pleading to her. It took a while but Milky nodded. Milky said something to Sayanee, Sayanee looked more furious and with a heavy steps she left the place. Milky took out her phone.Mayu's phone buzzing later.
'Mayu, please bring my bag home. I'll get home late tonight '.
Then Milky left with the man.

'Isn't that her ex? '

End of Flashback

   "Tadaima".The front door opened.Like any other day, Mayu never replied to it.

Milky took a step on the staircase but quickly a hand prevented her. "Ouch!".She hissed.

   "What happened to your arm? ".Mayu examinating Milky's bruised arm.

   "My ex asked for a chance again to continue our relationship, but I refused him".

   "So he did this to you?!! Son of a bitch, where is he? Tell me. I am so gonna beat him up".Mayu dashed toward the baseball bat beside the front door,in full mode to killed someone.

   "Mayu, it's okay. I slapped him few times already. So put the bat down".

   "Not enough. He deserves more than that. What kind of man dared enough to lay a finger on a girl. Such a coward".

Milky smiled sadly. She took the bat from Mayu's hand and throw it somewhere away from Mayu so Mayu can't grabbed it again if she went berserk.

   "So what are you gonna do now? That bastard, you already got rid of him. The next step, are you gonna makes a move on that Yamamoto girl? ".

   "I don't know Mayu-chan. I spend my night thinking if she will accept my feelings or not. If she does accept it, did I deserve her.Someone like me, there's no way I can have a chance to be with someone as pure as Sayaka".


   "I wish I can be strong as you, Mayu. You brave enough to keep all the feelings to yourself. You acts normal outside,.. but hurting inside".

Milky gave a patted on her cousin's back. Mayu gazed at her cousin retreating back. 'Wish to be like me,huh?Impossible'.



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Chapter 7:
Acchan?! What are you doing?! :banghead:
Yuki saving Mayu. :heart: Sorry Sae, but I have to ship MaYuki.
Milky you've finally come to your senses. :wub:

Chapter 8:
Uh oh, those pictures are going to cause a lot of problems. :(
Oh Mayu, you are way more than doomed. :twisted:
Waiting for AtsuMina. :cry:
Quick Rena! Protect Yuki from Sae! XD
Ahhhh, salty Paruru. :P
Milky! Just confess already! :banghead:
What is with Mayu's last comment? :?
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Yeah~exam was over. Last Thursday, my graduated seniors 's results has already been announced. You can said it was bad because it didn't reached our school's target making the teaches dissapointed. Being a senior this year, the teachers gonna be more strict to us from now.

Well, let's move on:


The next day,

   "Saya–ka.... ".Milky squinting her eyes watching the views unfold infront of her with annoyance. All her bubbly feelings earlier vanished into a thin air after she saw her Sayaka surrounded by girls from other class. Must be her fans. And since when Sayaka became hers?!

   "Oh, Miyuki".Sayanee greeted the new arrived girl with a grins.

   "Milky-san, wanna join us? Sayaka's singing voice really beautiful ".One of the girls said. The latter didn't knew she only made Milky more annoyed hearing the girl calling Sayanee with a friendly gestures.

   "No, I am fine.I got work to do".Milky replied faking a smile. The girl's didn't noticed it except for Sayanee who already known the girl longer. "Sayaka, Yuko-san has been looking for you.She wanna discussed something related to student council ".

   "OK. Gotta go now minna~bye". Sayanee placed the guitar she had been holding down and ran out outside to chased the other girl.  "So where's Yuko-san? In the student council? ".

   "Don't know". Answered Milky coldly without slowing down her steps. The steps only became even more faster.

Already lose her patience with Milky's strange behavior, Sayanee decided to grabbed the girl arm an pulled the latter towards her. The pulling was too hard making both of them stumbled sitting on the floor. Lucky there was no students on the corridor that moment. Milky tried to get up but got pulled back by Sayanee.Sayanee lifted Milky's chin forcing her to looked at her in the eyes.

   "What's up with you? Since the beginning of school, you have been acting strange towards me. Did I do something wrong,.. Or is that bastard dis something towards you?! I swear I'll kill him!".Sayanee cursed the guy. Her hold loosening, Milky took the chance to back to her own too feets. Her lips curling into a smile seeing the furious Sayanee. 'Yes he does. He makes me realise how much important you are to me. Of how much, I love you'. A blush creeps onto her face. Milky quickly left the girl worried for the girl to seen her blushing face.

   "The princess left you, you're not gonna chase after her? ".

   "Yui. Even if I do, she never gonna tell me about it".Sayanee reached out both her hands to Yui. Yui took the hands and pulled her friend up from the ground. Sayanee bid her farewell and left Yui standing alone

   "I don't know how those two can be so oblivious to each other's feeling".

   Yui headed to the back of the building. To her usual place only to saw the same girl from yesterday also there today with her camera.

   "I know you are here".

The latter startled from Yui's voice. She never expected to saw the vice-president anymore. At the same place at that.

   "Are you stalking me now? ".

   "Nope. Where's you get that ridiculous idea. This is where I usually spent my free time if I was alone ".Yui said and taking a seat on the grass beside the ponkotsu girl.

   "Well, sorry for disturbing your precious time. I'll be taking my leave now.Excuse me". Paruru stands up.

   "But I don't mind, to share this place with you, Shimazaki-san ".Yui looked at the girl with a warm gazes.

   Paruru darted her eyes somewhere and sat back,but this time she took a few inch away from Yui. Yui didn't mind it and just let the girl be.



   "Hehehehehe...come here,you little soft thing".Yuko ran chasing the girls around the changing room. The girl's quickly saving themselves by running from their pervert president .

   "Yukoooooooo!! ".A shout from Takamina .She attempted to stopped Yuko's assault to their classmates .

Haruna only took a glance at her girlfriend behavior from the mirror inside her locker. She didn't made any attempt to stopped it, only can watched it with bitter smile.

   "Haruna, what's happened to your arm? ". Yuki asked with a hint of panicked in her voice.

Haruna covered it fast. "I bumped onto a door. Nothing big".

Yuki inauspicious agreed with the lame excuse. But not Mariko, that kind of excuse didn't enough to convinced her. She quickly put on her PE shirt and stopped Haruna from undressing. Haruna titled her head confused.

   "Yuki, can you please tell sensei that me and Kojiharu will be late attending her class". Before Yuki could respond, Mariko already dragged the cat-like girl out from the chaos room.

   "Mari-chan. Itai-yo".

   "Ah gomen".Mariko released her holding and slided open an empty classroom door. "Get inside".

After both of them got inside the classroom, Mariko quickly closed the door to prevent anyone from seeing them. The gazes from Mariko made Haruna's fidgeting uncomfortable.

   "I wonder why you're wearing a long sleeve even in this hot weather. I thought you just become your airhead self, but I never figured there's more to it".
Haruna only can stared at the ground with guilt.She knew, just from Mariko's voice that Mariko were angry at her from keeping it a secret. "That girls... Is this the reason why you have been distancing yourself from Yuko?! I can't believe you have been keeping this from us, from me, from Yuko! How would she reacts if she found out about this? "

Haruna flinched. "Ple–please,d-don't tell Yuuchan. I don't want her to do something reckless that might put her in problem situation ".Pleading Haruna. Tears streaming down her eyes.

Seeing the pitiful sight of her friend,Mariko can only sighed with frustration. She hated it when she needed to kept things secret from other. "Since when the girls begin to bully you?".

   "Since last year. Yuuchan become a president caught many students attentions to become her fans.The leader of the groups is one of the girls Yuuchan had rejected".

   "Since last year?!! And you have been keeping it since then? ".Mariko 's tune raised again. "So why now?If you has been holding it back since last year, what makes you suddenly avoiding her this year?".

   "Mako-chan. They said if I don't do what they told me to do, they will hurt Mako-chan. I can't dragged my sister into this. But I also don't want to break up with Yuuchan.. *hiks*hiks*..I love her".Haruna slide down sitting on the floor.

Mariko throw herself into Haruna to embrace the crying girl. "Oh Kojiharu".

BAM! .Yuko landed a blow to the wall. Her fist became red, and so her eyes,filled with anger.

"Those girl, how dare they hurts my Nyan Nyan. Unforgivable ".

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Man miyuki, u can just flirt with sayanee and everything can goes smooth.
I smell love seed between yuiparu :luvluv1:  :deco:
w...who.. WHO DID THAT TO HARUNA THOSE GURLS  :scolding:
Yuko go and revenge Ur nyannyan! :scolding:
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Post by: four4four on March 17, 2018, 03:07:37 PM
SayaMilky, come on! Realize each other's feelings already. :banghead:
YuiParu must become a thing. :wub:
Yuko, go beat up those girls! Don't let them hurt your girl! :angry:
Title: Re: THE ONE IN MY HEART Chapter 9 (Multipairing) 17/3/2018
Post by: JurinaN on March 18, 2018, 03:36:12 PM
From Last Chapter

Yuko POV

   Still wrestling with Takamina, I saw Nyan Nyan and Mariko went out from this changing room just the both of them. All the negative thoughts came into my mind, what if my speculation about them is true, what if Nyan Nyan truly cheating on me with that stick?! No no no no no no...NYAN NYAN!!!!!!!!!!!

   Escaped from Takamina, I followed them from behind and saw them walking into an empty classroom. Didn't want them to noticed, I only eavesdrops them from outside.

   "Mako-chan, They said if I don't do what they told me to do, they will hurt Mako-chan. I can't dragged my sister into this. But I also don't want to break up with Yuuchan... *hiks*hiks*...I love her".

   My fist landed on the wall beside me. Hearing NyanNyan's confession makes my blood boiling with anger. That's the reason why Nyan Nyan have been distancing herself from me. I never noticed a thing. She's looked happy around me, but inside she's hurting. To become the one who doesn't find out sooner, I am a failure as a girlfriend.

   "Those girls, how dare they hurts my Nyan Nyan. Unforgivable ". Forgetting the throbbing pains on my right fist, I leave from there.

End of Yuko POV


   "KYAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!Sayaka-sama, kakkoiii!!!". Squealing the girls from the bench. The owner of the name only can waves back shyly from all the attention she had been getting. The teasing from her classmates didn't help either.

   "Sensei, what's those girls doing here? Isn't this a class time now".The unhappy jealous girl asked her PE teacher.

   "Well, those girls didn't have class right now, rather than letting them roaming around the school and caused trouble, it's better if they are here, right? ".Answered the teacher casually. He not troubled by it, unlike the student beside her who continues pouting hearing the teacher's replied.

Milky ignored the girls and continued looking at her crush who gave her best in playing basketball. Even this just an ordinary PE class. Milky not an athlete person, she rather sitting doing nothing just looking at her classmates playing than joining them jumping running around chasing after one ball. It looked so tiring and probably worn her out if she played it.

Sayanee was so cool in her eyes. Her serious gazes making Milky full of excitement. She thought she gonna had a full redden face if that kind of eyes looking through her soul. The sweat also made Sayanee looked sexy, and if Milky looked carefully, she probably can seen through the white shirt into Sayanee perfect abs. She squints her eyes,hoping to seen it.

She lose focus in her surrounding because the next thing she seen was just black and the last thing she heard was peoples calling her name.

After school

   "Ugh, ouch, my head. That ball got me really good".Milky who just conscious rubbed the sore spot on her forehead. Next time, made sure to not standing close to a court if you not a player.

   She felt something holding her right hand when she tried to say up on the bed. 'Sayaka? '. Sayanee was sleeping peacefully with her head on the bed where Milky occupied while her other free arm supporting her head to made sure she feels comfortable. Milky chuckled softly seeing the rare sight.

   When the two of them met, they always bickering with each other and only stopped if someone got between them. So it was rare for Milky to seen a peaceful Sayanee and not a grumpy annoying Sayanee who always find a way to argued with her.

Her fingers brushed against Sayanee's skin. Admiring the girl in her sleep.
She never noticed how and when the sleeping girl successed in stealing her heart, but the only thing she knows is, "I love you, Sayaka".

   A tug.... Was what she felt on her right hand that Sayanee has been holding onto. The latter woke up slowly from her position, staring into Milky's widen eyes.

   "S-Sayaka?.... S-since when...? "

   "I guess when you were touching my face. You know I don't sleep well unless I am laying on a bed".

   "S-so, did you? ". Sayanee nodded. Milky 's expression dropped. She never meant for Sayanee to heard it. She must felt disgusted by now. She removed her hand from Sayanee's, wanted to left the place as soon as possible. Her eyes felt warm, she hold it. She don't want to looks pitiful infront Sayanee.

   "Where are you going? ".

   "Away from you".

   "Why? "

   "Because I don't want to hear rejection from you. Not you Sayaka. This is the first time my feelings for someone is strong like this, I don't think I can take your rejection. So please, let me go". Milky said it all without looking at Sayanee.

   "No way! ". Milky felt herself got pushed onto the bed. Sayanee was on top of her, with her bangs covered half of her face. She tried fighting back, but the grips on her wrists became even more stronger with each struggle she made. "Sayaka, what are you doing, let me go".

   "No way, not after I know about your feelings. All these times, I always thought this feeling inside will never got replied from the one I am hoping for . There's a moment I wanna give up, but there also a moment when I just wanna stole you away from that exes of yours. But the friendship between us prevents me from doing so, I can only hope for your happiness . So.. There's no way I can let you GO!! ". Sayanee looked up. The tears on her eyes, it affected Milky so much.She never realized how hurting her friend was from all her actions talking about boys in front of the woman who in love with her. 'I am such a fool. I desperate searching for my prince in a shining armour that I never realized it myself that the person I have been looking for just in front of me this whole time'.

   "Gomen Sayaka. Gomen".

   "Miyuki". Whispered her softly the name of the girl who laying under her. Sayanee brought her lips closer and closer until it touched with the other girl lips.The soft kiss turned into a passionate one. Sayanee bit Milky's bottom lips making the girl moan and Sayanee took the chance to explore the girl's mouth. Both of them fighting for dominance. The air-con in the infirmary was not enough to cooled down the temperature of the two girls who busy making out.

   "We came here because we're worried, but I think it was not necessary anymore. Looking at how it turned out ". Commented a voice that not belong to the two.

   Sayanee quickly separated herself from Miyuki. The both of them only can looked downward avoiding the stares from Yui, Yuki and Mayu.

   "Can you two atleast locking the door before making out?! I seriously need a surgery for my eyes after seen the hot scene earlier". Said Yui again. Yuki nodded embarrassed.

   "Shut up, shut up. It's not my fault if you all came uninvited".

   "Oh wow, how bold Sayaka. I never knew that got yourself a girlfriend can makes you become bold. It's a good thing Yuko-Senpai are not here, or you two will be teased to death by her".

   "M-Mayu ".Milky looking at her cousin who had a stoic expression on her face. Yui, Sayanee and Yuki realized about it, the silence came haunting the room. Sayanee gulped nervously.

Mayu took a steps forward until she standing face to face with Sayanee. With a swiftly move, Sayanee's collar got yanked forward by that small girl. The others gasping suprised with the event. Mayu glared into the girl eyes.

   "You're lucky she loves you. Make her sad, you die". Mayu let go of Sayanee then went to patted her cousin's head before walked out from the room. Yuki followed the younger girl out not before congratulating the newborn couple.

It took several minutes for Sayanee to translate the whole words, before a sigh of relief escaped from her mouth.



   "I–itai". Haruna holds her left arm that collide with the wall behind her. Not enough with that, the pusher grabs Haruna's hairs and pulled it backwards. Tears started forming, Haruna struggled only to got slapped by another comrade.

   " I warned you to stay away from Yuko-sama. Or things become more horrible for you. But no, you ignored my warning, and you dared to reported this to Yuko-sama. Coward! ". A kick flying to Haruna's abdomen. The cat-like girl coughed. The fours girl snickered seeing the pathetic looks of their president's girlfriend.

Haruna mumbled something. "Hah?! I don't hear you, speak louder!". Ordered the leader by kicking Haruna again in the same spot. No one can heard them that moment, because they had club activity to attend to, so the toilet was vacant for them to used it.

   "N-ne-ver...I...te-tell h-her. S-swear". It was hard to spoke without stuttering after the damaged on her body.

   "Liar.So how did she knew about us Huh? Of course you're the one who reported this to her.!!". The leader sharply stated before continues to damaging Haruna's body with her legs. Her three friends later joined them together.

Haruna can only curled into a ball, enduring all the pains she received. Her body began to felt numb, a red liquid trailing down from her lips,her vision became blurry. She tried to hold herself from fainting on the spot, but her eyelid became heavier every kicks she received. The numerous laughs from her bully only reminded her of how pathetic she was. Can't do anything. 'What did Yuko saw in pitiful girl like me? '.

A hit sound perceived Haruna's ears. But strangely, the pains from the hit not landed on her body. A groans came, but not from her. It was from her bullies. From the blurry vision, she can saw a shadows of her bullies on the floor and also near the wall. They looked terrified of something. Infront her, there another shadow that back facing her.

   "I told you didn't I? To never went near Haruna ever again". 'That voice?!! Yuko! '.Haruna moves her body but gave up because it was only increasing the pain on her body.

   "I don't understand, why her? Why that woman? I am better than her, I am rich and obviously I am more prettier than the useless woman at your back!! ".

   "DO NOT CALL HER USELESS! In my eyes, she's the prettiest woman I've ever met, she more kinder and better than you. Money?Go to hell with that. The one you supposed to torture was me, because I was the one who rejected you.Not her, she got nothing to do with this. And to answer you, if you in love with someone, do you truly need a reason for it? ".

The girls went silence. Yuko kneeled down and picked up Haruna's body in a bridal style.


   "Shuush. It's okay. Everything alright now. Sleep tight".Before Yuko left the toilet, she gave glare towards the bullies. "This is my last warning, there will be no forgiveness for you all next time".


Thank you for the ones who have been reading my story. I really appreciate it. Hope you like it.

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SayaMilky, finally. :wub:

Oh wow, Yuko. :shocked
Honestly, I was expecting her to basically destroy all of the girls that were bullying Haruna.
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Aish those bully, haruna more perfect than u that's why yuko chose her :bingo:
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   "Say aahhhh~".

   "Mi-miyuki...We're in the clubroom. P-people staring...". Sayanee said with a flushed face.

   Milky frowned. "Why? Are you ashamed dating me infront of our senpais".

   "N-no. It's not... "

   "Say ahhhh~". Ignoring Sayanee's, Milky still wants to feed her lover. Sayanee gave up. Even it was embarrassing witnessed by her senpais, it was better than having her beloved angry at her.

   "Ohhhhh, you two are so CUTE~!". Squealing Yuki on her seat.

Yuko who still not knows about those two witnessed the scene unfold with a clueless face.

   "Am I missing something here? ".

   "Ah forgot to mention, Yuko-san not there that day. So you probably still not knows about this. Finally, our SayaMilky here finally took their step to a relationship  more than friends! ". Announced Yuki, smiling.

   "SayaMilky?!!". Sayanee shocked with such an unfamiliar but somehow sound familiar name. On the other side, Milky seemed pleased with it and shakes Yuki's hand thanking her for the new name.

Yuko suprised with the news but later congratulates the newborn couple ," Really?,  congratulations you both. Ahh~ Can't believe I missed the news".

Yuko was grinning, but being an observant person, Yuki noticed something off with it. Yuko that she knew will makes a fuss about this and teasing the two nonstop. But seeing Yuko only stops there raised a curiousity in her. "Yuko-san. Are you alright? ".

Yuko flinched with the question. If that came from Mariko or Takamina, she probably will not be surprised, but coming from Yuki, the new student,really caught her off guard. Later Yuko let out a fake chuckle. "I guess ".

Haruna continue sobbing.She was sitting on the edge of the bed with her head on her knees. She didn't dare to looked into her lover's eyes. Yuko must be angry at her for keeping it a secret, but the most frightening thing if she saw a disappointment in Yuko 's black orbs.

'Nyan Nyan '

Yuko watched it silently. She knew, in that moment, no matter what she said will never reached Haruna making her felt better. She will only makes it worse if she tried. Done treating her injured girl, she took all the equipment she used and walked out from the room without uttered any words. Later a sobbing came. 

Yuko got off from her seat and went near Yuki. She ruffled the girl's head. " I am touched. Are you worrying about me? ". Continue messing the princess's hair with her cheeky grins. Ignoring the protest from the said girl.

   "Where's Yuihan by the way? "


Yui gazing at each pictures carefully. Admiring the quality of it. She not a professional, but she not blind to not noticed how pretty the picture taken.

   "Who captured all these?".


   "I bet it was you. Judging from your rude behavior when we first met, only you can took this wonderful art".


Yui plopped down on nearby seat. Send a sharp glare. "Are you serious gonna ignores me all day? ".

A piece of paper passed to her.  Yui read it a loud. " If this can makes you leave,.. The answer is yes". Yui put it back on the table. "You the only girl who ever testing my patience ".  Yui got up and snatched the thing that had became the other's girl attentions away.

Paruru tried to reach it but Yui skillfully dodged it. Paruru gave her famous glare towards the intruder of her personal space. Only to be replied by a cheeky grins from the vice-president.

   "In the many places in this school, why oh why you are here?!!". This was a first time Paruru lose her cool. Yui really testing her limit.

   "Finally! You are talking to me".

   "That's not the point. Answer me. Why you always bothered me wherever I go??!! Are you my stalker now? ".

   "If that what it takes, to earn your attention. I gladly to be".

   "Wha-? ". Weird with respond, Paruru puzzled.

   Standing with a serious expression ever,gazing into Paruru's wavering eyes, Yui said, " I'll get straight to the point. Shimazaki Haruka, I am interested in you. ". Paruru tried to find if this was a joke but only seriousness she can saw. "That's my answer. How about you? ".


   "....Um..., Shimazaki-san?..."

   "Hmp.. There's no way I'll be interest in my stalker".

Snatching her camera back,  Paruru entered the printing room leaving Yui alone outside.  Closing the door, Paruru leaned on it. Her hand on her chest, feeling her heart beating rapidly. The room was dark, but Paruru swear she can witnessed her redden face from the mirror inside.

   "Haaaaaaaaaa~ Give me a break ". Exhausted, Acchan flopped down on the couch. Laying on it with her eyes closed.

   "That's a long sigh coming from you". Takamina entered with a drinks.

   "Minami ~". Acchan pouted. Ugh too cute. Without been told, Takamina already can read what Acchan wants from her, she knew it was bad for her heart, she afraid if she can't controls her desire, but an upset Acchan is the last thing she wanna see.

Putting the untouched drinks on the coffee table, she took the empty space beside the young actress, Acchan quickly embrace the smaller girl leaning her head on the other's girl head. Nuzzling her nose inhaling Takamina's sweet scene. Fortunately for Takamina, Acchan can't saw her blushing face right now.

   "I am tired. With all the media things. They never give me a break. Our agency already explained everything about the rumor of that picture but they still asking questions. They will not gonna stop until they reach the juicy stuff".

   "Can't blame them. It's their job.For someone who working in almost the same business as them, you must understand this".

   "I know, I know. But it's just,... I can't got my freedom at all. I understand their position, but come on, give me some slack would them? Sometimes I have been thinking quite a lot, if, just if I never accept their offer becoming an actress, maybe my life right now would be more easier. The only thing I must do is studying. I also can get spend more time with you and the others.No media, no camera, no paparazzi". Acchan tightening her embrace around Takamina's waist. Her head Now leaning onto Takamina's shoulder. Takamina ruffled the girl head slowly. This comforting Acchan more.

She's right. If only she not an actress, maybe I have more courage and hope in us. But... "This is your happiness, you like this job, am I right? ".

   "I love it. If I can turn the time, I still choose to do this job". Muttered Acchan.

The living room became silent. Takamina didn't had work today, so did Acchan. Both of them took this chance to bonding their almost crumble relationship before with spending the evening in Takamina's apartment. The good this was there no one at home that day so they got the house all to themselves. 

A small whimper came from besides her, it was Acchan's sleeping. She must be cold. Takamina wrapped her arms around the dozing off Acchan in hope it can warmth the other girl. When the last time we like this without worries of other matters? If,if only I don't fall for you, I don't have to worry about losing into my desire, if, if only I never know about your feelings towards me, I don't need to pretend be a clueless girl. I am such a bad person.


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Sayaka entered the gymnasium with her practice clothes already on. Her steps halted when infront of her there was Sae and Mayu discussing about something that she can't heard from the distance. Realizing her presence in the place, the conversation immediately stopped, Mayu excusing herself leaving the two.

   "Rare to see both of you together. What kind of favor you asked this time? ".

   "Just some advice. I won't tell you. It's a secret". Sae took one ball and tossed it to Sayaka. Sayaka fast catched it and thrown it into the net. The ball went in without much problem. "As expected of our captain!". Stated Sae, cheering. "This is why you were chosen to lead this team instead of the third year". Sae ran to get the ball back.

Sae's back of shirt drenched with sweat. Her face looked flushed from the still summer heat. Few of empty bottles laying around on the floor outside the ring. Sayaka face-palmed. Such a stubborn girl. " What I told you about resting?".

"Awwww, come on Sayaka. Cut some slack would ya? The competition just around the corner. We must revenge our loss last year". Ignored Sayaka,  Sae keeps continuing dribbling the ball around. Jump there and there throwing some shoot in hope it will go in.

   "If you get sick, don't tell that I didn't warn you before". Gave up persuading the energetic girl, Sayaka turned her back wanted to leave the place.

Sae stops her activities and facing Sayaka retreating back. "Sayaka. I think I'll confess".

Sayaka halted.

   "To Yuki-chan".

Silence fall between them. "......You really not joking this time... ".

   "Un. I am serious about Yuki-chan. I want her to be my girl. Mine only. Unlike the others, only Yuki-chan can makes me feels this happy. When I am with her, times seems to stop, I can't think anything else beside Yuki-chan. That's why, after the competition, I'll confess ". Sae said determined with her words.

   "Before that,make sure you not gonna fall sick and ruin our competition later. Like you said, we must revenge our loss. Remember? ".

   "Ay Ay Captain ". Making a saluted pose. Sae grinning.

Night,  Kojima's Resident

Yuko knocked the front door, only for it to opened revealing a middle age woman smiling warmly at her. Greeting both of Haruna's parents, Yuko flew upstairs to Haruna's room in mind. It was not a first she came her being Haruna's lover, the house already engraved in her heart. So it was not a trouble finding which one Haruna's room.  When she almost reached the door's knob, the door flew open by itself which suprised her. Mako who just made her way outside also suprised a bit seeing Yuko there,standing. Covered from the shocked, Mako gave the older girl a welcome but also a sad smile. Without further notice, Mako left the older girl, to not interrupt the coming conversation. Taking a deep breath,  Yuko entered the dark room and closing the door behind her. From the bedside lamp, Yuko can saw a figure curled up like a ball with the blanket hovering her weak body. The figure still not notice the presence of the other girl inside with her.

Replaying some courage words inside, Yuko made her move to get closer Haruna and put her hand on the girl's arm. " Haruna". Whispered Yuko. Despite her given name being mentioned, the said girl still silent and unmoved from her original position. Yuko crawled into the bed. Her arms wrapping the around the girl from behind pulling the girl into a hug.

   "Haruna ". She whispered again. This time with much feeling than before. A tremble, that was what Yuko felt coming from the cat-like girl. "I love you".


   "You're the only one that I love, Haruna".

   "...Stop this. Please stop saying 'I love you' to me". After few minutes waiting, Haruna finally respond to Yuko. But it was not a reply Yuko had been waiting for.

   "Is this about the girls? Are you finally scared to be near around me? Because you knows only bad things come if you didn't leave my side?". A hurtful voice escaped from Yuko's lips.

Knowing she had hurts her lover with her harsh words,  Haruna turning her back to facing face to face with her almost crying lover. Yuko always faked her crying in school making the girls already immune to it, but right now,Haruna realized how sad her squirrel girl is because of her. A guilt creeping inside her heart.

   "N-no! It wasn't like that! I never ever would ever think like that. Even if those girls threatenend to kill me, I never leave your side. I love you so much, that thought of leaving you already hurting me so much inside". Haruna exclaimed. Tears already rushing down wetting the pillow beneath her. Yuko also the same.

   "So what is it, Haruna? Why, why you avoid me? ".

Haruna bit her lower lips.Not sure to tell or not, what have been bothering her. A grip on her hand, reassures her to comtinue. "The thing I am afraid of, is not the threat from the girl. I am just scared, what if they were right, about me didn't deserve you. You are from a wealthy family in Japan, you're popular, you're good in studying also sport, you also the leader of student council. While me, I am only someone who hide in your shadow. I got accepted in student council because you are there. If not because of you, I'll never can attend the same high school as you, Mari-chan, Acchan,Miichan, Tomochin, Sayaka and Sae-chan. It seems like, I only take advantage of you so far". Avoiding eyes contact, Haruna looked elsewhere.

Yuko smiled. "Baka. I know you're stupid, an airhead, but I never thought it can be this bad". Yuko went top of Haruna. With one arm supporting her to not Haruna felt her weight, while her other cupping Haruna's chin forcing her to look directly into her. "I love you. Did you knows what those words meant?... All things I did for you is because I love you. Is it wrong to helped the girl you love. I don't need you to be rich, I don't need you to be popular, smart, clever, athletic. I love you for who you are. You are my cat girl who I found on the tree. Please don't change who you are just for me, for you to looks suitable in other's eyes. Because for me, you're the prettiest, amazing, sexy girl in the whole universe that I can't trade even if for a whole world. I love you Haruna. I am so damn crazy in love with you". Yuko captured Haruna's lips.Start moving slowly.

Haruna closed her eyes.Let her girlfriend took the leads." I love you, Yuuchan".

Savoring the kiss. The kiss between them,there no lust in it. Yuko pouring everything into the kiss to let Haruna knows how much she loved the girl. The kiss taste sweet and salty caused by the tears. Haruna pulling Yuko's head closer with her. To deepen the kiss more. In the dark room,only a sound sound of lips clashing to each other can be heard. Also a sweat pants from the girls.

Outside the room, three figures were eavesdropping the whole thing from outside.

"Can't believe Yuko-neechan can be so sweet", said the smallest girl.

"Your neechan didn't makes a wrong choice in choosing her partner",said an older woman.

"Yeah yeah, and we well be dead if they found out we were eavesdropping them this whole time", said an older man. He not to fond hearing her daughter making out with someone. He likes Yuko, but he still can't get over her baby girl already stolen from him. His wife and daughter ignored his remarks, he shooks his head. "Such a gossip girls".

After the kiss, Yuko fall asleep in her lover's arms. Too much drama these days, the only thing she wants is to rest together with her lover. Haruna who still can't fall asleep kissed her lover forehead before unwrapping her embrace from the sleeping girl. She took her phone and dialing someone's number.

   "Tomochin, remember your offer before?....I accept".

To be Continued

Please give some thought about this fanfic so I can make it better in the future

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Wow two episodes in a row-  :shy2:
Hmm... About your fanfic, I think it's good enough well that's what I think, I don't know bout the others opinion but I love it.
Good job! I hope you finish this fanfic! :on GJ:
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   "I wanna quit student council ".

The chaotic room turned into a silent grave after Haruna's suprised sentence. Too silent even you can heard a pin drop in that room. Yui, Sayanee, Milky, and Yuki waiting and waiting for 'I am joking ' from Haruna but none came.

   "Eeeehhhhhhhhhhh???!!! "

   "Haruna-senpai, you're joking right? ".

   "Y-yeah. I-it ca-can't be. This is too sudden".

   "Gomen, but I am serious this time". Haruna said determined. Yuko seemed paralyzed in her seat, looking at her lover. She thought it was already okay between them, they already discussed before  so she can't read what in Haruna's mind for her to made this kind of decision. Did she fail in convinced Haruna about them? What kind of words she needs to use to makes Haruna has faith in their relationship?

Knowing what in her lover's mind, Haruna walked slowly to Yuko before grabbing the girl's hand. "Don't worry, I have no intention to break up with you. Like I said, I love you too much even to think about it", reassured her to her lover. Haruna's words and action made Yuko relax a bit. "Actually two weeks ago, Tomochin's uncle offered me to become his model after hearing about me from Tomochin. At first I wanna refuse but after a lot of thinking, I decided to accepts his offer. That's the reason why I wanna quit. I don't think I can manage in doing two jobs in the same time".

   "A model?! That's unexpected coming from you, Haruna-senpai ", said Yui getting an approving nod from Sayanee.

   "But I am not that suprised, after all, Kojiharu-senpai is a beauty. Everyone know that. Not to mention,  So it's not that weird if many agencies want you to become theirs", continue Sayanee. Praising Haruna in the process. Milky beside her pouted. "Itai Itai Itaiiii yo!". Sayanee rubbed her swollen cheek. Milky pouted became even bigger and she looking elsewhere ignoring the confused stare from the short-haired girl.

Forget about the couple, Yuki continued, " But I thought you said that entertainment business is not to your like. So, why? ".

   "Nyan Nyan, you don't need to force yourself. Don't do what you don't like". Knowing her girl well enough, Yuko thought Haruna forcing herself for them. Haruna never liked a model thing before. In middle school, there many agencies offered modeling to Haruna but she refused them all for a reason that she don't interested in it. For her sudden change,this must related to their relationship.

The cat-like girl shooks her head. "It's opposite. It's true I did this so I can update my status level a bit so I can stand beside you. But,the bigger reason is, lately I found myself getting attracted to clothes. This is my first time I has interest in something beside gaming, so I wanna give a chance to this in order to improve myself".

Yuko tried to find a lie in Haruna's eyes only to met with seriousness. Yuko nodded approving the decision much to Haruna's glee. Haruna turned to her now-ex-clubmate only to witnessed them staring at her in horror. Titling her head to Side, puzzled by the given reaction.

   "Who are you? What you had done with our Haruna-senpai /Kojiharu-senpai /Haruna-chan?".In unison.


Akiba All Girl Gakuen was in noisy surrounding. No matter where you're facing, you can witnessed with your own eyes the sweating students of sport club everywhere practicing. On the field, gymnasium, dojo and school ground.

In the midst of noise, one girl was seen walking around supervising the clubs. Stopping time to time scribbling something on a paper before continued her walk. Wiping the sweat off her forehead, she looked up to her a glazing of sun burning her and others skin. Worried she might collapsing from the heat, she took a sit at nearby bench to swallow some water she brought together.

   "Someone answer me, why in the hell did I do this? ". She asked to no one.

   "Because you're substitute in my place for a meanwhile ",answered a taller girl that just showed up from nowhere.

Takamina almost spit her water out because of the sudden appearance. "Oi Nyan Nyan! ".

Giggling, Haruna sat beside the small girl without a glint of guilt.
"This all your fault, okay? .So stop laughing before I shoved this bottle in your mouth".

To not make the girl mad further, she stopped. "Gomen gomen. But how Yuuchan convinced you to help with student council's duty?".

   "Apparently she asked someone to switch place at my work. Again".


   "Haachoo! ". Rubbing her nose. "Hah? Did someone talk about me? ".

   "Oi, fill-in place girl, we need you in the kitchen ". Said one worker.

   "It's Sashi! How many times I must repeat my name before you can remember?!  ".


   "I wonder who's the poor girl".

   "Not care". Quietness fell between them. Only a clear sound of students and cicadas fill the atmosphere. Takamina gently breath closing her eyes. "I heard you will become a model. That's surprising coming from you, considering how shy you about it".

Leaning her back on the bench, "I guess people change,when they're in love. I decided this for me, but I can't deny I also do it because of Yuuchan".

   "Ehhhh... I hope I can be as courageous as you.In this kind of thing".

Haruna debated with herself a moment, with the thought of helping her lover's bestfriends, she braven herself to touched this taboo topic she never payed attention to before.


A sigh. 'Even you Nyan Nyan? '.

   "Aren't we facing the same kind of problem with our romance lives? ". Haruna started the conversation.

   "Huh? ". Widening her eyes, she faced Haruna who at that time facing a sky above. The words, there never a person who said those words before. Yuko also never know what kind of dilemma that stopping her from confessing to Acchan.

   "Society really scary. If not because of Yuuchan, I may already long give up in our relationship. I am not strong, I know maybe in the future there will be more hurdle for us both, maybe one day Yuuchan may give up in fighting for us,..Honestly,  I am scared if the day came,  but there still more time,before that day came, I want to continue believing in us. Believe in Yuuchan. Have faith in her". Turned to Takamina. With a serious gazes unlike the usual Kojima Haruna, " Why don't you try the same? ".

   "Try the same, Huh?.Maybe Nyan Nyan's right. I am too paranoid in this that makes me only can predict a bad outcome till I forgot,that hard work always pays off in the end. Maybe if it is me and Acchan, maybe we can go through this. Together". Smiled.For the first time since she realized her feelings for Acchan, Takamina blooming such a beautiful smile for the first time.

   "A-Ano.. Takamina-san! ".

Responding to her name, she turned to faced Kuramochi. Kuramochi was playing with her fingers, fidgeting there and there looking nervous.

   "What is it, Kuramochi-san? ".Kindly asking with a smile. Kuramochi looked stunned, she tried to said something but whenever she tried opening her mouth there no voice came out. "Kuramochi-san? ".

Frustrated, finally Kuramochi yanked Takamina's necktie forward before clashed their lips together. Takamina immobilized in place, her brain can't prossesed everything what was going on. They stayed in that position until a sound of something dropped on the floor perceived their ears. Takamina only turning to facing an empty corridor. A shining object attracts her. She got closer to it and found it was a designed hairpin laying on the floor.

'This looked familiar '


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 :jphip: Aaarrgghh.. it'll be another misunderstanding!? Takamina!!!  :banghead:  :banghead: :banghead:  :panic:
and please more atsumina  :wub:  :bow:
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@arfi: I'll try to. But for information, this story will focus more in main pairing later which is Yuki and........? The other pairings only an extra in here.


Acchan making her way outside the school to get ready for her photo shoot  this evening. Suddenly, Acchan remembered that she forgot something and quickly ran back inside the school building to retrieve the missing item. She got inside the changing room and rummaging through her locker.

   "Where is it, I know I put it here. Aha! Found you.I have no idea what am I suppose to do if I lost you",said her examining her hairpin which she forgot after she changed for a swimming class. The hairpin is important to her. It was a birthday gift from Takamina. Moreover, Takamina designed it herself. So, she treasure this so much.

Getting out from the room, Acchan caught a glimpse of Takamina at the end of corridor. She ran after her, but what she seen only breaking her heart more. Witnessing Takamina kissing someone else, it was like a nightmare for her.

Feeling herself getting suffocate,she ran away from the scene ,dropping her hairpin in the process.

Tears streaming down her eyes, she heard herself being called but she chose to ignored it. She don't want to met anyone at that moment. Reaching her empty house, she ran towards her room, shutting the door and immediately cried her eyes bawled out on her bed.

'It's painful. Too painful in here'. Clenching her chest.

At that moment, her door got opened by someone. She turned around to found Miichan there looking at her sympathetic. With her friend presence, her cries getting even louder. Miichan launched herself to pulled the girl into a hug soothing her down with a gentle words.

Miichan didn't had an idea what was going on, but when Acchan ran passed her earlier crying, she knew something was wrong. The only thing she can do right now is only to calm her broken friend.


The next day,

Acchan didn't came to school to everyone's worries. It was normal for Acchan to skipped school because of her job, but not without a permission. Yuko being a detective she is,decided to confronted Miichan because she can smell something suspicious.


   "Yu-ko?.. ". Miichan gulped seeing the shorter girl infront her who pining her on the wall right now.

   "Miichan~".Smile sweetly with her dimples shown. "You know something, right? "

   "I.. I didn't know what you're talking about ". Averting her eyes from Yuko's.

   "Don't lie. Being a professional in newspaper club, it's weird if you don't know a thing.So, tell me! ".Miichan still shuts her mouth. In order to not let out the information . "Fine....". Yuko withdraw much to Miichan relief. "You can say goodbye to your baby". Threatening Yuko, showing Miichan favorite camera.

   "SINCE WHEN–....?"

   "Still refused to speak? ". Brought the camera closer to a window.
(NOTE:They inside the student council room, student council located at 3rd floor).

   "Do-don't you dare... "

   "Or what?... What you're gonna do? "


   "F-fine. You win. I tell you".

Smirking. "Go ahead".

   "I don't know the detail, but from Acchan's mumbling yesterday.....apparently, she saw Takamina and Kuramochi kissing on the corridor ",told Miichan to Yuko.

Widening her eyes, Yuko seemed can't believe what she had heard. "This is a joke".

   "I wish it was. But man, that was the first time I saw a depressed Acchan. She can't stop crying and mumbling nonsense. If you look at her, she like a broken doll that abandoned by her owner".

Tightening her fist, Yuko stormed out from the clubroom.

   "My baby! ". Catching her camera before it fell to the floor. Looking for some scratch and found none, she sighed relieved. Later face-palmed. "I just start a war between those two bestfriend".

Marching towards 2-B, her classroom, bumped everyone who stood in her way to her destination. Slided the door opened with a loud thud, she found her target near teacher's table looking at her weirdly.

Before Takamina can asked something regarding her behavior, her face already met with Yuko's fist. In no time, Takamina already kissed the ground holding to her right cheek.
Girls inside screaming with horror seeing their school president punched their class president.

Takamina paralyzed in her spot, looked up to Yuko's pissed face.

   "Come on Bakamina. Stand up! ".Demanded Yuko. Already ready with her bawling fists.

   "Yuko, calm down. What's happening? Why you attack me",asked the confused Takamina.

Ignoring the question, Yuko attempted to land a kick in Takamina but this time Takamina already predicted about it later rolled to the side dodging the kick. She stood up.Still feeling confused.

Instead saying words, Yuko continue tried to land a blow but none hit the target because Takamina fast enough in dodging thing.

Frustrated with the lack of respond,Yuko finally lose it. "What are you doing, Bakamina?!! Fight me seriously, you useless-coward-midget girl!!!!".

Takamina still confused with her friend's behavior but she knew it was pointless standing there doing nothing besides dodging because she knew sooner or later, Yuko's blow finally will land on her.

Accepting her friend's demands, Takamina finally bawling her fists. Yuko who saw this smirked.

Their fight continues and this time more fierce. Both of them already received many blows from each other. The class became chaotic with a few broken table and chairs laying around. It turned into a battle field.

Many students already gathered outside. Yui,Sayanee,Milky,Paruru and Mayu watched the scene with horror. Teachers came tried to stop the fight from going on before more will injured by their reckless behavior.

After a lot of struggle, finally it took 10 students and 4 teachers to calmed the situation down.

   "WHAT'S THE MATTER WITH BOTH OF YOU?!! Are you crazy!?!!!".Yui snapped. Her appearance looked like a mess after stopping the fight.

   "I DON'T KNOW.ASK THAT CRAZY SQUIRREL OVER there! She the one who started this all".Pointed Takamina with her eyes because both her hand got held by Ayaka, Sae and Sayanee.

   "ASK ME? Why don't you ask yourself to what you had done to Acchan! ".

   "I didn't do anything! ". A confusion creeping inside Takamina. Her anger earlier slowly decreasing.

   "Liar. You broke her heart by kissing Kuramochi! ".

Takamina eyes widened with realization. 'The hairpin! '

All eyes now on Kuramochi, the trigger of this fight. Kuramochi hide herself behind Akicha.

   "So all this stupid fight only because of love?!.Kids these days, what are they thinking, honestly",one of the teachers said pinching his forehead. "Bring them to the principal! Student council's president and and a class monitor. You two in a big trouble, especially you Oshima-san".

The two got taken away to receive their punishment. Milky, Sayanee and Yuki paused the students to get back in their own class. Haruna watching her lover worried for her well being. A hand placed on top of her shoulder.

   "It's gonna be okay".
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That evening,

Staring into the orange sky, both Yuko and Takamina sat silently beside each other. There were distant between them. Ignoring stares that they received from everyone inside the park. Most the time, Takamina will weirdly out by it, but right now the situation is a little different, the bruises on their faces sure attracts many unwanted attentions from everyone who happened passed by.

The deep silent broken by Yuko,she apologized for her harsh actions earlier. "Sorry for punching you. When I heard the story about you and Kuramochi...I just, can't control myself any longer. You know how important Acchan to me". When Yuko dismissed from principal's room, Sashi met her at the toilet and explained the real story to Yuko. Since then, Yuko had been guilty.
(NOTE: Don't ask me how Sashi knows the story that everybody don't. She just knew, being a member of newspaper club)

   "But I don't regret,after all you deserve it. You had been hurting Acchan for months now... Accept it as punishment for you to get determined ".

   "Gee... Thank you so much". Rolled her eyes. Her right hand keeps touching her bruised face. "Without your 'advice ', I can manage it myself". Staring into distance, "I think I'll confess ".

Eyes widened, Yuko starred open-mouthed her midget friend.

   "Maybe I'll end up getting reject by her,after all what I had done. But I still will continue this... ".

Yuko's lips curls into a smile. A relieve and proud smile.'About time for this drama to end. It's time for credit'. Yuko punched lightly Takamina's shoulder earning a groans. "Ah gomen. I forgot I hit that place before".


Student Council

Milky humming a song while doodling in some sheet. Whenever her drawing done, she looked at it proudly, before took another sheet continue doodling on it.

A hopeless sigh that had been repeating for countless times, she ignored it casually. A pulse already formed on another person forehead. Reaching her limit, she banged the desk making a loud sound echoing inside the room.

   "If you can't concentrate, just leave please. I can handle this by myself". Yui said in lower tone. Didn't want to acted aggressive infront the childlike girl.

Milky pouted. "It's not my fault. I never handle this many paper before. How can you and Yuko-Senpai stand all these? ". Pointed at stacked up papers.

   "With patience ". Answered Yui simply. 'Why she the one got appointed as vice-president temporary?'.

Because of the huge mess her senpais had caused today, Yui appointed by principal to became a temporary president until Yuko suspended position time ended. Which is until the end of this year. Luckily for Yuko, she and Takamina didn't got suspended from school because it was the first time they caused problem. Only Yuko lose her position temporary because she the one who started it according to the witnesses.

So Milky took the position as the vice to Yui's distress. It's not like she hated her or anything, but she not that close to the other girl to begin with. With SayaMilky in the past, it's makes things more awkward because the girl she cooperate with was the one whom hurted her best friend. So, it's natural for her to feels like this, right?

   "Yuihan... "

   "W-what? ".Too deep in her though, she didn't realized how close the other girl is now. Looking at the girl's eyes, now she know why many can't resists her. She felt herself got pulled in by that attractive swirling orbs. 'So this is Warukii's'

   "I know you must hate me for what I had done to
 Sayaka. The only thing I've done to her is only breaking her heart more and more. But even so, she still kind to me". Holding both of Yui's hands. Yui felt uncomfortable, but she let the girl finished. "I promise, I'll take better care of Sayaka. I'll never hurt her again. So, can you stop hating me?.. I want to have a better relationship with my girlfriend's best friend. Can you? ".

Thinking for a moment.... "Fine. Just don't make her sad any longer. I got my hands full with job, don't have time for your love couple drama ".

A huge delightful smile blossoming in her face. Can't contain her happiness, she throw her arms around the shocked president, hugging her like there no tomorrow. Yui tried to resists against the forceful hug, later gave up. 'Oh well. Might as well bonding with my bestfriend's girlfriend'. She replied the hug back.

Or so she thought, until a cough voice separated them. Standing near the entrance is none other than Sayanee, smiling wryly at them. Glaring at their still linked hands. Yui pulled her hand fast. She swear she seen a glimpse of ponkotsu girl smirking behind Sayanee.

   "It''s not what you think".

   "Y-yeah. We can explain.. ".

   "5 minutes. I am not too fond someone hugging my girlfriend,you see".

Two days later

Acchan already woke up from her despair. When she came to school, many people gossiping about the event that took place two days ago. She felt troubled thinking she was the one made two of her bestfriend's fighting against each other. She also heard the truth explanation from Miichan about what she saw was just a misunderstanding. Even so, she still can't faced Takamina after knowing this whole time, Takamina already knows her feelings to her, but decided to avoided it. She felt hurted inside.During school time, she avoided Takamina at all cost only spending time with Haruna, Mariko, Tomochin and Miichan.

Acchan just finished her filming when a mail she received from Yuko ordered her to came to this one place. Following the address given, her manager dropped her at the exact location. Awaiting Acchan is a small amusement park filled with attractions inside. The weird thing is, none of the attraction seems moving and there no a single soul inside the amusement park. Creepy, what she thought .

   "This is weird. I never know there an amusement park exist here. I swear this just an empty place before". Looking at the sign. SQUIRREL'S HEAVEN. "Definitely I am right". Taking out her phone, she tried dialling several times only to got the same replies from mailbox. "Where the heck that squirrel go? ".

She tried dialling one more time but she stopped midway when her name being called. "Acchan.. Acchan... ".The voice sounds familiar but somehow she can put it on where she heard it before. She followed the calling voice only to found it was a projector.

There were Takamina, Yuko and a little version of her playing. Little Takamina was the one that calling her. From their kindergarten self, turned to elementary and later middle scholar. Now, there was only Takamina and Acchan inside the video. This taken during their first year in high school. During the whole last year, Acchan noticed she has been spending alot of time with Takamina than Yuko. The video ended. There no video of them this year because of Takamina's distancing herself.

Watching the whole video, Acchan finally realized something she never seen before. All the times, Takamina's eyes reflecting affection towards her, since they still in elementary school.Acchan also the same, but her affection not for Takamina, but Yuko.

   "Atsuko.. ".

A familiar voice came from behind. Acchan turned around facing Takamina dressed in a man's suit. A chuckle left her mouth. Reminded herself whenever she forced Takamina to do danso. "Minami... ".

Takamina took steps forward until she standing infront of Acchan, gazing into the girl who she loved. Her hand find itself into Acchan's hand,pulling it near her lips before kissed it. Acchan's face flushed from the rare gestures.

   "I am sorry....Sorry for all things I have done to you. I know you are hurting when I avoided you, gave you a cold shoulder, and also.....pre..pretending to not know your feelings towards me. I keep reminding myself that I am not good enough for you... That people will judge us if we are together.... Unlike you, you have everything that people wants, while me.. I have nothing to be envious about.. ". Acchan tried opened her mouth, wanting to said something, but Takamina stopped her by pressing her finger to Acchan's red lips. Takamina's lips trembling, a tears streaming down her eyes. "But that's not the truth. I don't give a damn of what people say, the thing I am afraid of is... if one day, we're together, you'll leave me for someone else. Before you develop feelings to me, the one you truly love is Yuko. But when you got rejected, you turned yourself to me. The thing inside you right now... ".Pressing Acchan's chest. "Only exist because you were lonely, you got no one to love, you can't love who you truly desires,... that's why, your heart chose me. I am only a replacement Acchan. One day, when you found someone, I am afraid if you'll leave me for him or her. Someone who doesn't need to be Yuko's substitute. I may be strong outside, but my heart is fragile as a glass that can break any moment..."


   "I know you're not that cruel. I know you won't do something like that. But I..I ca...can't help it. Gomen, gomen, Hontou ni gomen... ", said her repeatedly. She just like a broken machine.

   "BAKAMINA! ".SLAP! "Pull yourself together! How many times I supposed to repeat, that you and Yuko are different... Yes, Yuko was my first love and always been.Nothing can change that. But you're the one I love right now.. So you need to make sure, that you'll never let me go...".Put her palm on Takamina's cheek. Gazing at her with a loving gazes. "...Understand?". Not waiting for Takamina's answer, Acchan kissed Takamina.

Takamina too shocked to replied,when Acchan pulled back,Takamina pulled her in and kissed Acchan passionately. All her buried desires, she poured it all into this one kiss. Tears streaming down from both their eyes, not tears of sadness, but happiness. This is what they had been waiting for so long. Finally, it's time to close the curtain and gave a credit to the audiences.

A crowds cheering, clapping for the newborn couple. Acchan separated herself from Takamina witnessing the crowds of familiar face surrounding them. Yuko was filming with a grin in her face, Haruna gave a thumb up, Miichan launched herself to Mariko crying her eyes out from happiness, Tomochin tried to hide her tears behind Tomomi her girlfriend, Sae and Sayaka jumping around excitedly, Milky hugged Sayanee, Yuihan clapping beside Paruru, Sashi busy getting a pictures and Mayu standing with a cyborg expression but her hands clapping controlled by Yuki behind her.

   "Let me guess, you're the reason why this park existed in the first place". Turning to Yuko.

Smiling sheepishly. "Yeah. But I got help from TomoTomo too in terms of money. It's hard to convinced my father about this. The idea of this grand confession made by Mariko, the video's Paruru and Shiriri-chan and everyone else helping in setting and decorating this place".

   "Thank you everyone. Honestly thank you". Bowing Takamina. She felt really grateful for what her friends had done for her.

   "Don't worry. Just don't break Acchan's heart in the future, Bakamina".

   "I won't Yuko". Answered Takamina seriously.

Satisfied by the replied, Yuko nodded. "Okay everyone. Because we already here, it's a waste if we don't enjoy ourselves to the fullest! How about a ride". Suggested Yuko earning an approval by everyone. Calling the temporary workers,all the rides has been activated. All of them ran happily like a child forgetting for a moment they is a teenager.

   Next,is my turn. With a loving eyes,Sae looked at Yuki who at that time forcing Mayu to get on the ride with her. Mayu who noticed this looked down..

To Be Continued

. Starting next week I'll be busy with my exam so I'll update as fast as I can.

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Yuihan don't get too close to Milky! :shifty:
Sae going to confess!!! Yuki reject her plz
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yaayy!! finally atsumina :heart:   :deco:
yeah sae you better confess to yuki soon!!!  :nervous
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@Rhythm : About your last sentence, we will see in the following chapters.

@arfi: Of course you can, I like you calling me that better.

Here is a special chapter of our AtsuMina and KojiYuu couple.


Yuko, Acchan and Takamina has been friends since their kindergarten days. Both Takamina and Yuko always fighting for Acchan's affection making them both always competing against each other in almost everything. Both academic and sport. Being excellent in both study and sport,of course Yuko who always wins in the end, while Takamina loses in every single competition even though she always the one became a challenger.

But Acchan is a nice girl, so everytime Takamina loses, she always hugged Takamina in order to comfort her. She also scolded Yuko that making fun of Takamina everytime she wins, Yuko always pouted and thinks it was unfair for her even though she the one who win. Seeing Acchan taking care of her and scolding Yuko, always manage to brings a smile in Takamina's face. This was the only time she can gains all Acchan's attention without got interrupt. Pathetic,right?

Their routine escalated to elementary school. It was during 6th grade when Takamina fully realized her own feelings to Acchan. Since then, everytime she close to Acchan, her heart beating rapidly and her face always red when Acchan touched her. She also became more protective of Acchan and scare all her suitors with Yuko's help... Yuko never knew her feelings, she always thought Takamina did all those thing because the suitors is a bad guys or not fit enough for Acchan. That Takamina loves Acchan never crossed in her mind.

During their 1st year middle school, Yuko become famous quickly after she joined many sports and defeating the senior. This makes our Yuko become a big pervert, harassing all the girls. Takamina who in student council needed to scolded the squirrel almost everyday to drops her pervert habit,only to get Yuko becoming more aggressive.

Yuko's change brings displeasure to our princess. Takamina noticed a change in Acchan's face whenever she saw Yuko harassing the girl. Acchan's happy go lucky mood turned sour everytime girls flocking around Yuko.. hugging her.. touching her. Decided not to mind about it, she shrugged it off. But each days passing by, it brings curiousity within her.

So one day,

   "Atsuko,... Do.. Do you like Yuko? ".

   "Eh?! ". Acchan's face turned into a scarlet red.

Witnessed her bestfriend reaction, Takamina already knew the answer to her question. A fake smile, she gave to other girl. Gently caressing her hair,  "Don't worry. I am not gonna tell her. I am rotting for you". It isn't a lie. Yes, she love Acchan more than anything else, but... Your loved one happiness, is yours as well, right?  So she don't feels regret about it.

Making the biggest smile ever, Acchan launched herself to Takamina, hugging the latter. "Thank you, Minami! ".

How can I confess if you smile like that, Atsuko?... Consciously or not, you always step ahead of me, Yuko. Aaahhhhh~ so this is the feels of broken heart  .

Their year escalated to second year. It was a middle of summer when Yuko noticed something seemed off with her bestfriend's attitude towards her. She turned to her other bestfriend for opinion.

   "Ne Takamina". Poking the smaller girl who busy writing. " Do you think... ". Looked around for a bit to made sure the said girl not near them. "...Do you think Acchan has been acting weird lately? ".

   "How so? ".

   "Well.. She has been acting like my fangirls". Thinking carefully. " She made bento for me, giving me sweet she made at cooking class or home, scaring the girls away, throw all my love letters and gift I got, and.. Ah, when there a girl clings around me, her pout become bigger and her eyes become scary.. Ugh, I wanna erased that unsightly image from my head".

During Yuko explaining how Acchan was, Takamina's hand can't stop twitching. The pencil almost broke if she don't realized it sooner.

   "What do you think? "

   "Maybe she like you ".

   "Like?.. I like her too".

Takamina face-palmed. How can this squirrel so dense?. "Not like that stupid, I mean in romantic way. She has feelings for you". Takamina stated.

Yuko gaped for a moment before burst into laughter. "It's.. Impossible. Bakamina, Bakamina... This is the best joke you have made so far. Try better and nickname of 'fail midget' not yours anymore ". She said that in her laughs.


   'So she knew something about this'.

Yuko tried so hard to not slapped her face that moment. She knows Takamina hidden feelings for the princess, so how she cannot notice the princess romantic feelings for her. Standing infront of her right now, is none other than the princess Maeda Atsuko. After gathered enough courage, she confessed her feelings to the squirrel making the squirrel frozen on its place.

   'I gotta do something! I can't betray Takamina! '.

   "Hontou Ni Gomennosai! ". She bowed. "I can't accept".

The declaration successed putting tears in Acchan's eyes.

   "Why?.. Did you like somebody else? ".

   "It's Um.... How to put this.. ". Eyes wanders around looking for some idea. She knows Acchan is not a type to give up easily. The only way to made her give up is when Yuko having relationship with someone. Her sharp ears heard a groans, a groan when someone just waking up from her slumber. In the corner of her eyes, she saw a girl up on the tree stretching. What a weird girl.

   "Actually I am going out with someone. She's here, so gotta go now". Dashed away.

Huh? . The strange girl who just made her way to the ground startled when some squirrel girl suddenly hug her.

   "Have you been waiting for me? ". Yuko snuggle closer towards the mysterious girl.

The girl gave a 'who are you' face.

   "Please just follow me. I need your help". Whispering into the girl's ear.

Seeing how desperate Yuko was, the girl complied. "Un of course. The only one who can makes me wait, is just you my~
. Pinching Yuko's nose playfully with the seductive voice.

'MAMAMIA!!! Her voice makes me turn on so much!'.

Acchan who witnessed the scene ran away from there. It was too much for her to handle. Yuko wants to chase after her but decided not to,... she will only hurt the girl more.

   "Are you sure you're not gonna chase after her? ". The unknown girl asked. Yuko's eyes tell how worry she was.

Yuko shook her head. She broke the hug. She wanna thanking the mysterious girl only to dumbfounded when she saw the girl. She didn't payed attention before ,but the girl before her is tall, has brown straight hair, a kissable lips, a perfect cat-like shaped ears, big oppai and more, a nice oshiri!  In short, the girl is hot. And more importantly, Yuko ideal type of girl.

Yuko fall into her fantasy world, not too long, because the mysterious girl woke her up from her dreamland.

   "Ah! Sorry!  How rude of me, I am Oshima Yuko". Extend her hand.

The girl accept it. "Kojima Haruna. You can call me Nyan Nyan like everybody does".

Nyan Nyan~

   "So what you're gonna do now? Maeda-san is not someone that can give up easily ".

   "Wait! You know her?! "

Chuckle. "My friend knows her. I never meet her properly before. Don't worry".

A relieve sighs came from Yuko.

   "I honestly don't know. But,in the meantime, can I ask your help to be my fake girlfriend for awhile until this issue done? ".

   "Didn't I already agreed from the start, when I help you to trick her". Smiling.

 Yuko stunned. How gorgeous this girl can be?

   "OI NYAN NYAN! ". A Gachapin like girl called Haruna from a far, waving her arms energeticly.

   "Time for me to go. See you next time,Yu~ko".

Yuko watched the retreating back,still frozen on its place.

   OH MY GOD! I just got myself a fake gorgeous girlfriend.

PART 1 Finished


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My next exam will be next week. So I took this free time for an update...


   THE NEXT DAY,  the school was in uproar after Sashi brought in the news. The newspaper sold off well that day. Students congratulates the newborn couple nonstop. Even their classmates wanted to throw a party for it, ....but it was so exaggerated so they decided to drop it, and congratulate it like a normal person. Takamina was so happy and touched by it, no one judging her for being with the popular girl, furthermore, all of them already knew they were going to end up together and already prepared themselves for it.

Now our AtsuMina on a date in Shibuya for the first time as a couple. Being the 'man' in this relationship, Takamina was the one who planned everything for today.

Following the recommend in magazine she had read before,  Takamina took Acchan in this one cafe that popular for couple.

Acchan was enjoying her cake and drink, while Takamina debating with herself if she should hold Acchan's inviting hand that on the table. She was too embarrassed to do it.

   "Nice choice. But I don't recommend this cafe for a date. Too many straight people here. Many don't judge, but some are".

   "Yuko!  What are you doing here?!". Takamina shouted irritated after seeing the squirrel girl sitting with them.

   "Not so loud Bakamina. You're attracting too many unwanted attentions. See? ". Referring to people whose giving them a weird stare.  "By the way, I happened passed by until I saw both of you in here. So why not joins you two, it has been a long time since the three of us". Yuko finished her talk and begin to sip Takamina's drink.

   "We don't need you here". Takamina took her drink back.

   "Shuush Minami. Let her be. She has been lonely since NyanNyan busy in her model life".

   "But Acchan, this was supposed to be our-... ".

   "Awww Acchan, you're so sweet. Unlike the other girl". Yuko stole Takamina's drink again. This time plus with the cake.

   "It's okay Yuko".

Takamina sits back grumpily and tried to order another, but there was too many people ,no one among the waiters listened to her calls. She gave up, she only can stared frowning at her drink and cake finished by Yuko.

   "So, where next? ". Yuko asked after finished her fills.

   "You can't be serious! ".


   "Fine! ".Takamina sit back.

   "There is a clothing store I wanna go".

   "And that will be our destination. Come Acchan". Yuko grabbed Acchan's and pulled her out.

   "Heii!.. Who gonna pay for these?! Yuko,come back here you squirrel! ".

But Yuko and Acchan already disappeared from the view. She diverted to the cashier and knows she must be the one to pay for this or she can't leave the cafe. My poor money. Stupid Yuko.

   Takamina catch up with the two and followed them into a clothes store. Yuko and Acchan picked a clothes they interest in and tried on it.  Takamina can only stays quiet seeing her girlfriend got stolen by her bestfriend. Unconsciously,  she the one who become the third wheel. Both the girls ignored her and rejected all her opinion, she also become a carrier for them. But she lose her patience when the store clerk said Acchan and Yuko is a sweet couple and it was not only the worst, Yuko and Acchan not denying it even a bit and only laughed it off.

Throwing the bags on her hands, she dashed away from there. Not apologizing for the ones whose she crashed into.

   Arriving at the empty park, Takamina kneels and sobbing herself. She don't knows if this was a revenge, but if so,  she kinda deserves it.

An arms suddenly pulls her into a hug from behind. From the perfume, she knew who was it.

   "Sorry. I was the one who invited Yuko today. We wanted to revenge you for what you did in these past months, but it looks like we hurt you so much .Once again, I am sorry ".

   "It's okay. I know I kinda deserve all this".

Acchan went infront of Takamina pulling her to stand up. " I promise for our next date, it'll only between us".

Takamina nodded. " Where's Yuko? "

   "She went home. She send her apology".

Takamina smiled. She pulls Acchan nearer her, touching their noses together. Acchan knew what Takamina wants, and she moves forward touching their lips together. It was so sweet, even how many times they had kissed since yesterday, Takamina still don't get bored and becomes more addicted to Acchan's sweet lips taste. It was so addicting.

Pulling back to catch a breath, "I love you", whispered Takamina.

   "I love you too".


   Two girls walking down the stairs. One with a pigtails and one with her freely untied long hair. They were avoiding sea of students in their way. The older one keeps blabbering something, but the younger only nodded.

Catching the lack respond from the other, Yuki pouted. And an idea came to her mind.

   "Ne Mayuyu, I am carving for some sweet, how about catch some ice cream? ".

The word 'ice cream' like a magnet to Mayu. Mayu's ears perked up, and that was when Yuki shows her victory smile.

   "Want some? ". She whispered seductively to the cyborg's ear.

Mayu nodded.

   "What are you waiting for? Let's go". Yuki pulled Mayu into running.

   "Sl-slow down".

After dodging every students, Yuki urgently forcing Mayu to change her shoes fast. The latter rolling her eyes seeing the impatiens girl.

   "Yo Yuki-chan, Yo Mayu". Sae and Sayaka came.

   "Hi too. Going for practice? ". Asked her after saw the ball in Sae's hand.

   "Yup. How about you watch our practice today? ", invited Sae.

   "I am sorry Sae-chan. But I got plan with Mayuyu".

   "Mayuyu? ", Sayaka wonders with that nickname.

Sae diverted her eyes to Mayu.

   "Don't worry exactly. I forgot Milky asked me to run an errand today. So I can't go with you Yuki-chan ".

   "What? ". Yuki dumbfounded with the sudden change of event.

   "You heard her. Let's go now Yuki-chan ". This time, Yuki got dragged by Sae. Yuki only can looked at Mayu while got dragged.

Sayaka giving Mayu a suspicious look before tailing the two.

Mayu sighed. It's for the best, right? .


   "Good job everyone. Keep up the good work,we gotta win this time. See you all tomorrow. Dismissed! ".

Got release from the coach, Sae ran to where Yuki is. Yuki handed a bottle of water to the genking girl while congratulates them for their hard work.

  "Ne Yuki-chan. Let's walk home together".


Bid their farewell to others, both of them started to walked home together. It was time for them to partway but Sae offered to accompany Yuki until she reaches her house. At first Yuki refused, but the latter not giving up until Yuki gave up.

   They stopped infront of Kashiwagi Resident. So this is where she lives. Noted.

   "Yuki. I got something to tell you. So after the competition, can you wait for me".

   "What is it? Can't you tell me now? ". The thing Yuki displeasure the most was when people kept secret from her. It was killing her inside.

   "Nope. Later. I promise. Now go inside". Sae pushed Yuki towards the door before ran from there. She left Yuki hanging curious with what Sae wanted to tells her.

Unbeknownst to them, there a shadow watching their exchange from the dark. " Ehhhh~Never know Yukirin can be such a beauty when she grow up". Her lips curling into a smile before she walked away, still with the smile plastered on her face.

   "I can't believe I told her Mayu! ". The girl on the other line shouted excitedly.

   "First, don't shout. You're hurting my ear,dumbass. Secondly,  are you a super a dumb or what?!. It was a perfect chance for you to tell her, right there. And being a coward at the last minutes, how disappointing ".

  "Well yeah. But I still did a great job, wasn't I? "..

   "If the full score is ten, I give you 2".

   "Better than 0......Thank you Mayu, I don't know how to thanks you enough for helping me".

   "Just....... Don't makes Yuki sad if she accepts you".

   "I swear with my life. Never ever I'll make her cry. I guarantee ".

Mayu hang up the call. It was a night time, the wind from the balcony makes her body colder. But she felt refreshed by it for some reason. Maybe, it related to her cold heart that getting colder each days. Staring into distance, she thought nothing. Only the silence of night as company.

To be continued

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Mayu you are so dump why you let sae get a chance to confess yuki :(
Good luck for your next exam author-san  :rock: :rock:
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thanks for new chapter JurinaN-chan  :mon lovelaff:
it will be saeyuki first  :deco:  :deco: you can let mayu with yuki later  :kekeke:
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First of all, good luck for your exam
Second, I got hooked by your fic and it’s so nice
I wonder how Mayuki and Sae story would turn out
Atsumina finally are together as well as saya milky
Now it seems only to be Mayuki left or is it going to be saeyuki?
For sure I’ll wait patiently for the next update
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   Sae passed through Umeda's defence, catches the ball on the way, dribbling it with goal in her mind... The opponent tried to block her with all their might, but it was not easy to stop the ace,and before they knew it, Sae already throw the ball into the net later the whistle sound signaling the practice end there.

   "Okay everyone. That's it for today. Make sure you get enough rest tonight for tomorrow. Dismissed! ". The coach said.

The girls leave one by one, relieved they can go home earlier than usual. Unlike one girl, the dribbling sound echoing again in the almost empty gymnasium. The coach and Sae looked at each other before Sayaka signs the teacher she be the one to talked to her friend. The teacher left them after that.

   While Sae dribbling, Sayaka ran passed her and stole the ball in the middle.

   "Aw come on Sayaka. Give it back! ",whining Sae.

   "Nope. No more practice today. Time to go home. I don't want you to risk your health. Tomorrow is an important day".

   "I know. I also need to win this. That's why practice is the thing I need at this moment. I don't know how to face Yuki-chan if we lose". The last sentence was pointed to herself, but Sayaka heard it loud and clear.

Bewildered,that was what in Sayaka's stares. " That's the reason. All this hard work is for Kashiwagi-san,not for the team".

   "Wait, what? "

Sayaka drops the ball onto the floor,she leave the place immediately. "Just don't forget to clean up this place", was what Sae heard before the girl vanished from behind the door.


   "That's the only reason you called me out in this middle of night? ". Mayu looked at the older girl annoyed. They were inside the 24/7 hours store right now, after Mayu got a call from Yuki asking her to met her there. Yuki nodded, sipping the bubble tea in her hand. "Look Yuki-chan, yes, I know Sae-senpai longer than you, but it doesn't mean I know what inside her head. And for your remembrance, we're not in the same grade".

   Yuki nods, Mayu made the point. Apparently, our beautiful gorgeous Kagoshima princess just confronted Mayu to asked her thought after told her what Sae said to her yesterday evening. That thing seriously messed with her head. Knowing Mayu, she must knows about this. Of course our cyborg girl knows, but there was no way she let the cat out of the bag. It was Sae's job, not her.

   "Why you don't asks Rena-senpai?".

   "Welllll.....I don't know why, but I can sense Rena dislike Sae-chan somehow".

'Can't be helped, after all Rena-senpai hates player the most. Currently, Sae include in that,
thought Mayu.

   "So the only thing you can do now is to wait until tomorrow, when she tell you". Yuki nodded again. Pouts clearly can be seen on her cheeks. Mayu laughed inside, how can this girl be more cute than this?


Ring Ring Ring

   "Ugh, shut up". My hand reaches for the alarm then turns the annoying thing off. I get up from my bed only to feels something wrong with my body. My vision is blurry, I almost can't see anything in front. When I make my step, my body seems didn't have energy and weak. Fearing for the worse, I dashed to get the thermometer inside the bathroom only to groaned seeing the result.

   "Great. Just great. Out of all days, why must I got fever today! ".

No time to waste, after cleaned myself and ate some medicine, I quickly went to school. It was hard for me to go there in this kind of condition but oh well, competition is my top priority.

On my way to changing room, I encountered Takamina, Atsuko,Yuko,Haruna,Mariko,Miichan,Rena,Yuki and few others. They all encourage me, surprisingly Rena too. I thought she hates me. The smile radiant Yuki,really put my energy to to highest level. I bid them farewell to enters the changing room.

   "Here. Put this on quick". Umeda placed my basketball uniform beside me on the bench I was sitting on. Giving my thanks, I quickly change to it.

I saw Sayaka, but the odd thing is, she never looks into my way even though I called her for many times. I am not a patience person, with the fever get to my nerve as well, consciously, I grab the girl's hand only to get shoved aside.

Our interaction must catch the other girls attention because after that, the room went silent all of sudden. When I thought the awkwardness will continue, the teacher came giving her speech then let the us go when it almost time for competition.

When us entered the gymnasium, many people cheering supporting us or the opponent. From my vision, I saw Yuki sitting with the others, cheering loudly for us. Our eyes met, unconsciously my feets brought me to her. She quite suprised, witnessing how her eyes widened. People around her went quite. Takamina and others too,wearing a confused expression.

   "Wait for me, Yuki-chan ". I said then jogged back to the team. I stealing a glance back, witnessing Yuki got teased and questioning from others. I chuckled.

   "Yosh. Time to get serious".

The whistle sounded again. The opponent scored another goal, again. The opponent supporter cheering even louder while ours shouted us encouragement. This is our final round, whoever win this,is the one to get the title as a winner. But truthfully I must say, the opponent really strong. It was hard for us to score a goal. Currently, they lead by 3-1.

With my condition not at my best, I tried to catch the ball mid-air only to get crushed by someone. My head spinning again. 'No no. Not now '. The person who crushed onto me got a warning, she must do it intentionally.

My junior, Erena pulled me up, asking if I am okay. I lied,saying I am okay. The game continue. 5 minutes left. Now the opponent still leading by 3-2. My condition getting worse, from afar my teacher gives me disapproving looks. I ignored it,and tried to help Sayaka who currently holding the ball.

But I think I already reach my limit when my legs collapsed to the ground. Later, my body followed. I can't move. People looked with horror. I saw Sayaka stood there shocked, still with the ball inside her hands. Before I know, my eyelids feels heavier then everything went black.

End of Sae POV

Yuki sitting staring at the floor beneath. Mayu came sat beside her. Seeing the older girl's condition, Mayu consoles her with patting the Yuki's head in hope it will makes her feel better. This was the only thing she can do. An arms wrapped itself around Mayu's waist. Yuki placed her head on Mayu's shoulder seeking for more comfort. Her unused hand sneaking around Yuki's waist, hugging her while the other still patting the girl head.

   "Don't worry. In no time she gonna be back to her usual energetic self". Mayu tried to made the situation lighter.

   "I know. It's just.... I don't know how she gonna react if she learn that they lose the game. It must makes her depressed".

Mayu said no more. Because Yuki made her point. Sae may look strong outside, but she just fragile inside. Everyone does.

   " Ne Mayuyu".

   "Un? ".

   "I tried to turn blind eyes all these time. But I am curious, remind me so much of her. At first it was Sae-chan , but now.. the more I know you, the more I feel you're familiar. Did we ever met before? ".

Mayu's expression looked calm as usual, for Yuki's suprised because she expected the younger girl to flinched or something. Before she can asks for more, " Kashiwagi-san! Sae already up. But she don't look good and ran away. So I beg you, please go after her. You're the only hope ", begging Sayaka panting.

   Yuki immediately stood up but she hesitated. Her eyes diverted to Mayu. Mayu also stood with her.

   "What are you waiting for? Go". Mayu's voice was so soft. But Yuki immobilized in her spot, right that moment, Mayu's mask disappeared, Yuki can seen in Mayu's eyes,sad and lonely. She felt it was a wrong action to left Mayu there. She knows Sae important but, why her heart told her the opposite?.  Seeing Yuki still in the same spot, she pushed her. "Go! ". The harsh voice startled Yuki and before she knew it,she already ran to find Sae.

Yuki looked at the girl everywhere until she encountered a student who told her she saw Sae went behind the building. Thanking the girl, Yuki dashed there with all her might.

   "Yuki-chan ". Sae frozen seeing the girl she crush on were there standing in front of her panting.

   "Why you ran away? ".

   "I can't face the others. I disappoint them. I went running around saying we're gonna win, but now, it was just like I have a big mouth. If only I listened to Sayaka, we probably win the game".

Sae looked so depressed. It was opposite like her usual self. Yuki hugged the girl and patting Sae's head, the same thing Mayu did for her earlier. The action calmed Sae down somehow. When Sae was a playgirl, she the one who always comforted others but,it was a first time she being comforted.Her mind went blank. Her ears can perceived what Yuki saying anymore. Sae broke the hug, earning a confused gazes from Yuki.


   "You're really different from other. You're the only one who can makes me feel like this ". She grab a hold of Yuki's right hand and placed it on top of her chest, where her heart is. The heart beating so fast, Yuki finally understood what Sae gonna say next.

   "I love you.Yuki".

Sae kissed Yuki.


   "Well, looks like this is the end. I am happy for you, Yukirin". Mayu who witnessed everything from behind of a wall turned her gazes to the snow pendant inside her hand. "Looks like I'll never give this back to you as I promise ".

   "Oh! What do we have here? A cyborg! ". A newcomer said.

Mayu stared at the girl. "What are you doing here? ".

   "Mariko-sama invited me to watch the game. Too bad though, Sae-senpai 's team lose. But.. ". Looked behind Mayu. "...she gonna be okay,I suppose. After all, Yukirin is there to comfort her. Right, Mayu-chan? No...., Yuchan".

"Hi my name is Yuchan.Nice to meet you, Yuki-chan! ",little Mayu cheerfully introduced herself to little Yuki.

   "But,... is this okay for you? ". Concern can be sense in her eyes for the smaller girl.

   "Hopefully, I can accept it over the time. Your loved one happiness, is our self happiness as well,... right?".

   "Will you not regret this? ".

   "Of course I will,

The black short haired girl smile, showing her cat-like smile.

To be Continued

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woahhh.... nice chapter as always
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and Jurina now comes to view
Hmm... will I see Wmatsui too later on? I hope so
I can't wait how the story of Mayu, Yuki and Sae will turn out to be
I will patiently wait
update soon~
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Woa sae kiss Yuki  :shock: :shock:
Is this mean mayu is single... :cool2: nah now way im here for mayu
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Mayu POV

   It has been few days since the basketball competition, and the day when I lose Yukirin completely to other person's arms. I reach out my hand to the blue sky. Thinking if only I wasn't a coward, maybe...just maybe, there's still a chance for us. Probably. My lips forming a weak smile. Recalling the day when I met her again. In this school.


   "Kashiwagi... Yuki". I mumbled the name. It has been a long time since I uttered the person's name. Since the day I gave up, I never daring enough to uttersthe said person name out loud again.

   "Yah, that's right. Something wrong with my name? ". The person beside me asked. I look at the transfer student thoroughly,..this person standing beside, there was no way she can be Yukirin. Yukirin supposed to be at Kagoshima this moment. Also, she completely different from the Yukirin that I knew. Although I admit there's a bit resemblance between them. But it must be some coincidence. Its so much bless to be true.

Entering my classroom, Paruru gave a curious look. I only waved slightly before went to my seat on the back row near the window. My favorite spot. Lovetan who sat in front me starts rambling about some gossip she got during recess. I wasn't paying attention to it. My mind full about the new girl. For some reason, it keeps bugging me. I know I need to find the answer after this seeing how  distracted I was during classes.

The moment the bell rings, I dashed out from class without saying a proper farewell to teacher earning a few curious looks from students that I passed into on the hallway.

'Student Council '

It was the only place I can get my answer. I opened the unlocked door, find no one inside which a relief for me. Starting from the cabinet full of document of the students of 2nd year, I rummaged through it making quite a mess.

The door behind me clicked opened and a gasps came after that. Yuko stood there startled by the room condition. It looks like it just got ran by hurricane.

   "Mayu-chan, what the heck??!!!!!! ", she screamed out. Can't blame her. If I was in her shoes, I'll do the same.

   "Not here",mumbled me quietly. "Oshiriko-chan, where's Kashiwagi Yuki's document". I stood up, facing her.

   Still in daze, she replied, "Yuki-chan?. There inside my drawer", pointing to her president desk.

I quickly pulled out the drawer and took out the document,placed it on top of the desk. I began opened it and read the whole content of this person named Kashiwagi Yuki. The more I read it, the more I can't believe myself. My fingers tracing the words one by one. Yuko must noticed how shaken I was when she stared questioning me with her panic voice. Instead of telling her, I quickly flew out of the room with my right hand clenching into my chest where my heart lies.

For the first time in 6 years, my heart began jumping with joys. My stomach doing a flip-flop so many times, causing a huge smile that I thought I never can made again. Students who witnessed this side of me must freaked out by now. For the first time since I live in Tokyo, this is the first time my cyborg heart began to make a rhythm again. And this all, thanks to a girl named Kashiwagi Yuki.

Leaving from the school ground, the corner of my eyes caught a pair of students walking down the road at my left. There she are, with Rena-senpai. I ran to catch up with them. I called her name, but the distance too far, I fasten my pace. I never been good in running.

Suddenly the stopped. Me too. They were talking about something. And I got a feeling it was me they were talking about. What is it, I wonder.

   "So what are you gonna do about it? Are you still gonna wait for her,or you know, forget about her?". I heard Rena asking. I took some distant from them but enough to hear their exchange.

I gulped. Yukirin stayed silent a moment before continues, little did I know, her answer gonna broke my heart. "I guess it's finally time for me to move on...". Deg. "..I guess a long distance friendship is not gonna work out in the end. After she left, she didn't keep her promise at all. No call,no letter and the visit during holiday she talked about,only a dream. I am tired of waiting,Rena".'No Yukirin, please, I have a reason '. "If you asking if I angry Rena, no I am not... Just dissapointed ".

   'Just dissapointed... Just dissapointed.. Just dissapointed '.

For the second time, my heart died. It's a lot worse than she hating me. Rena-senpai  turned her head around, and just in time, my body pulled to the other side hidden. I look at the person, finding it was Yuko.

   "Shhh.. You can cry on me", just she said that, she placed her hand at behind my head and moved me slowly onto her chest for me to lean on her. My trembling fingers touched my cheek, since when did my tears fall?

Chuckled hopelessly, thinking,guess cyborg also can cry huh?

End of Flashback

I rather she hates me, though. Than her dissapointed in myself. I failed as her friend.

Yukirin, maybe it was better if we never crossed each other path from the start.

Or maybe,a bit better, if I never knew who you are that day.

Guess I must blame Yuko for this,huh.

   "My predicament are right. You must be here", such a familiar voice voiced from behind. I get up from the floor I just laying on earlier to look at the intruder. "Come on, class is about to start", said Jurina.

Without saying anything, I went toward her following her out of the  rooftop. While walking ,my eyes only staring bore at her back until at the some point, I whacked her head, hard, earning a painful groans from her. Her groans just like a puppy got hit by her master.

She throw me her famous puppy eyes. Got none from me. "Why are you here? And what's up with that uniform? ", pointing at the uniform she wearing that so so so much similar to the one I am wearing right now. "Don't tell me you stole it? ".

   "WHAT?!! No!  I am a new student here. Jya Jya surprise!! ". She opened both her arms,giving me her cherish grin. "This was the reason why you should never skip a morning class. By the way, my seat beside yours".

   "Great, just great. From now on, my peaceful high school day lives officially destroyed ". I massaged my throbbing temple.

   "Heiii that's horrible thing you were saying there! You make me sound that I am so bad and hard to taken care of". She pouting. During 60 seconds, all the horrible memories caused by her fell upon me flooding into my brain like a movie. I raise my brow. "And this wouldn't happens right now, if you would never trick me choosing a high school opposite from yours! ".

   "I did it for my sake. The only happiness for me, is for you to away from my life picture",said me Emotionless.

   "Mayu-chan!!! How can you be so cruel!?!! Stop behaving cold toward your own girlfriend!!!! ".

   "Girlfriend? "

A voice that definitely wasn't ours repeating Jurina's final word. Jurina turned to looks at the owner then formed an 'O' shaped mouth. Don't tell me...

   "Mayuyu, you have a girlfriend? ".


End Of Mayu POV

To be Continued
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"Mayuyu, you have a girlfriend?"

Oh God.. who is that? Yukirin?
Interesting still waiting for next chapter 👍👍
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From my prediction :glasses:
This past episode the only one that call mayu, mayuyu is only yukirin  :glasses: :glasses:
So it probably yukirin.

Anyway thank you again for the nice episode jurinaN San  :twothumbs
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   "Mayuyu, you have a girlfriend? ".

Jurina and Mayu stood in awe, not expecting the appearance of the other girl. The warning 5 minutes bell already rung earlier.The
third floor corridor Jurina and Mayu were in now already empty with every students already in their own respective class or still on their way to it to prepares themselves for afternoon lesson. Never they thought there were still a single soul remained at the moment near them. Unfortunately for Mayu, that person was the girl who Mayu has been avoiding for the past days.

Yuki piercing gazes on her asking for a reply she avoided it. Just looking or talking to the older girl only brings her more pain than she already has. At Yuki's side, Yuki pondering why the younger girl avoided her eyes and refused to answer the simple question. For unknown reason, it made her heart clenched painfully. Mayu's face when she ordered her to find Sae after the competition flashing through her mind. 'Did I make a wrong choice?...Mayuyu, look at me', Yuki thought hopefully. 

Jurina who has witnessing the awkward scene decided to took the matter in her own hands and step forward to Yuki to lessen the tension that already forming in the air.

   "Hello! ". She greeted the older girl cheerfully with her usual energetic tone. It succeed in diverting Yuki's attention from Mayu to her. "My name is Matsui Jurina, I am a transfer student who just entered today. Mayu's classmate and her bestie. Nice to finally meet you in person, Kashiwagi Yuki-senpai ", Jurina properly introduce herself,not forgot to added a little smirk in the end when she pronounced Yuki's full name.

Yuki felt it was a little odd for Jurina to know her name, but chose to not payed attention to it. Seeing how friendly Jurina was,  she pop out the question again only this time it was for Jurina. "Are you Mayuyu's girlfriend? ".

Jurina hold herself from showing out her smirk. The reaction of the older girl caused a spark of excitement inside her.  "Mayuyu, huh. It's such a cute nickname. Maybe I'll call her that too~". Rather than answering, she tried to ticked off the older girl a bit to prove her theory. It worked. It made Yuki's blood boiling a bit, but she tried to play it cool. Sensing Yuki not gonna erupt, Jurina continued. "We have been together since our 1st year in middle school. We always got put in the same class, sitting beside each other and going through things together a lot. Basically, you could say that I know Mayu more than Yuko-Senpai,probably,maybe more than her own cousin, Milky.So can you guess now, Yuki-senpai, me and Mayuyu ,what are we?". Jurina smiled, her eyebrow raised waiting for reply.

Somehow, Yuki feels that this new girl provokes her in some way. It was hard to not feel irritated by this smug punchable face before her. Black only needs a little more push to surfaces, Jurina on the other hand became excited like a puppy sensing the black aura surrounding Yuki.


   "Iiittaiiiiiiiii!!!! ". Jurina rubbed the sore spot on top of her head. Mayu just hit her head to stop her from provoking Black any longer. Mayu knew how scary Black was, and she rather hadn't seen it.

Although it was hard, Mayu faced Yuki and explained everything to her. "Sorry about that. This puppy here is Mariko-senpai's cousin, she likes to prank people just like Mariko-sama. And to answer your question, we're not a couple. She's not my girlfriend. That was one of her jokes she pulled on you. Once again, sorry Yuki-senpai ". She bowed.

   Yuki sighed. Thanking Mayu for butt in the conversation, or she may lose control of herself. 'C'mon Yuki, put yourself together. She's only a kid '.

   "Boohhhhh, you destroy the fun cyborg. I just wanna ask her what she think of us. If we look like a couple or not". Jurina pouted, launched herself on Mayu rubbing their cheeks together.


Using her remaining strength, Mayu succeed in pushing Jurina off her. But it was too much force that Jurina can't balance herself. Mayu reached her arm out in order to helped the girl but it too late. Jurina shut her eyes expecting a pain from the impact but the pain never came rather she collided with something before fell on it. Surprisingly, it feels soft and... warm?

She lifted herself up away from whatever beneath her. When Jurina opened her eyes,she was sure she stopped breathing for seconds gazing at the beautiful doe eyes who staring at her back looking as suprised as she was. Jurina gulped. The pale fair skin ,long raven hair with a cute bangs and the catching swirling brown orbs, Jurina wondered if she was seeing an angel right now. Her eyes divert to the angel's lips, staring at it. Unconsciously she licked her lips. Jurina not know what came over her, like she just bewitched with some kind of invisible magic, her body moves on its own,her head leaning closer to her destination before felt a surge of electric running through her body.

'Oh god', that was what passing Mayu's and Yuki's mind that moment. Until......

'PAK!!!!!! ' , echoed in the deserted hallways.

   "Ouch Ouch Ouch....", whimpers Jurina everytime the cold cloth touched her redden left cheek. Mayu rolled her eyes, she stopped. Jurina looked on the mirror that provided inside the infirmary to witnessed her still swollen cheek. "Its still red. Take some times for it vanish to properly", voiced Jurina. Her left fingers running down her left cheek checking the damage that had been done to her pretty face.

   "Basically, it was yours fault. You fell on top of her, sorry for that because I was the one pushed you, but it doesn't meant you need to kiss her. I am impressed Rena-senpai managed to hold herself back there, or not, you probably got beaten to pulp already".

   "Heiii!!!! It was just spur of moment", retorted Jurina. In more calm voice, she continues, "Honestly, I also can't explain what happened back there,it was... something mystical!! There an urge inside my body whispered for me to kissed her. That was the first I desperated to kiss someone so badly".

Memories of Jurina kissed every girls in old school came back. For nth times, such a familiar words repeated by Jurina as an excuse for her improper doings. Whenever the puppy caused trouble, she became the one fixed it.  Mayu didn't know how many times she saved the puppy, it was risking life situation for her. . 

   "I fed up with the lame excuse you put on everytime you kissed a girl who was not yours to begin with. Come on Jurina, everyone in our old school know that you're player. Remember the first time we met, you even tried to pick me up", said Mayu throwing her arms in the air. Jurina scratches her not so itchy head. Embarrassed with the past. Mayu was the first person who ever rejected her, truthfully. Maybe, that was the reason of why she stuck together with Mayu. Unlike others, only Mayu brave enough to knock some sense inside her. "Just please keep your horses together. I don't want another headache. Come, let's go back to class", said Mayu before step out first leaving Jurina still sitting on one of the infirmary beds. Jurina chuckled slightly. Yeah, maybe Mayu cold towards her, acting all annoyed whenever she presence, but it doesn't mean she never care about Jurina's well being. That was one of things, why Jurina liked Mayu a lot. 


Rena bang her locker shut startling the members inside. All of them further they distance from the furious Matsui Rena. A furious Rena, meaning Gekikara. And the thought of the alter ego of the Ace enough making them shivering in fear for their dear life. Tani Marika, a favourite kouhai of Rena pushed Airin her senpai forward. Airin struggles, she also scared of this dark  side of Rena, but more members kept pushing her from behind. When she thought she done for, Rena already left the changing room. Relief for her life, she shot daggers towards the younger members behind her whose smiled sheepishly avoiding an eyes contact.

Rena marched out from the main entrance of the school building still with flames in her eyes. Nobody dared enough to crossed path with the school famous Gekikara queen. In her mind, there an image of Jurina. Rena stabbed it with all her might. 'How, how dare she!! That was'. Her fingers touched her lips. There still lingering warm of the younger Matsui there.

Coming out of nowhere, an arm tangled itself around Rena's left. Caught of guard, Rena ready to punished whoever it was, but halted when saw it was Yuki. The warm of Yuki's smile enough to calm her down.

Yuki poked Rena's cheek. "Are you still angry about the kiss? ", asked Yuki.

   "Shushhh. You don't need to say it outloud. The school didn't need to know about this matter". Rena silenced Yuki. Turning her head back and forth from left to right, afraid if someone overheard Yuki, especially the hungry wolves from Newspaper Club. Imagine the whole school knew about the earlier accident will affect her in many ways. She know who Matsui Jurina is even before she met her. There a rumor of a new girl who transferred in 1-A , junior class. Airin's girlfriend was the one who told her during recess time. Seeing how the girl and others fangirling over this new student, Rena knew it will cause an uproar if they knew the incidentally kiss. An increase of haters was the last thing she needs.

   "Awww, little Rena is shy. Cute~". Yuki squeals pinching the other girl's cheeks. But sensing the mood of the other worsen a bit, Yuki stopped and cling her right arm back around Rena's left arm. They continued their walk. " But Rena, I am surprised you didn't pushed sooner. You always a quick reflexes person ".

Rena's feets stopped moving. Stayed frozen in ground. Yuki who realized the latter,also stopped her legs, turning her body to look at her friend. Too her suprised, Rena's face red as tomato. With a steam out from her ears.

   "Rena? ".

'Yuki's not wrong. Why I didn't.. '.

Sae just walk out from the building after came back from staff room when she saw Rena and Yuki not too far. Her athele legs fasten catch up with the two. Instead doing her usual greeting, she made her presence noticed by wrapping her arms around Yuki's waist from behind startling the girl. The little display of affection from Sae earning quite an attention from other students who still on the school ground. Some of them squealing over the couple and some taking a picture (SaeYuki's fans) as momento. There also silently crying in the back.

   "Hi", whispered Sae near Yuki's ear. 

   "Hi too", replied Yuki, giggling a bit feeling ticklish with Sae's warm breath on her neck.

Rena's mood dropped sour with the lovely mood. "No PDA,please. I'll taking my leave first".

   "Eh Rena, let's go home together ",invited Yuki. She felt bad to let her own friend walked alone. 

   "And become a third wheel? No thanks. I so do not need to see what you're gonna do next,or hear about it. See ya". With that Rena took her steps to left the two lovebirds.

But in the middle sea of students standing on the school ground, her doe eyes catched Mayu standing in one of them looking straight at the couple she just left earlier. Her face shown no emotion at all. Their eyes met. There was pity in Rena's eyes for the younger girl. Mayu was the one first broke the eyes contact. Shoving her hands inside her pockets, she left the place waiting no more.

To be Continued



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This is a nice update.
An unexpected kiss for wmatsui, this is so nice
I couldn’t wait to see more interaction of the two of them
For Mayuki, it’s a bit sad that Mayu couldn’t tell Yuki about the truth
I wonder what was keeping Mayu from contacting Yuki
I’ll patiently wait for the update
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   'Such a peaceful afternoon'

   Was what our energetic puppy here thought. While waiting for next class to starts, Jurina taking this time exploring her new school. Along the way, there many excited noises disturbing the silent whenever Jurina passed them. Being a player she was, Jurina throw some winks and kiss for her fan girls as fanservice. Dear lord, hope the infirmary has enough beds for the victims.

   Or what Jurina's thought, her relaxing afternoon completely destroyed when Yui and Sayanee appeared before her sprinting toward her. There a piece of paper in Yui's hand.

   "MATSUI!!!!! ", roared the cat loving girl, aka student council president.

   "Yabai", murmered Jurina, then sprinting off avoiding from being catch by the two girls.

   Successful in running away, finally Jurina can stops catching her breath. Feeling exhausted Jurina sat leaning on the tree hoping to catch some rest when a disturbing noise from branches annoyed her. She looked up finding a cute blue bird panties above her. That was when she realized there a girl on the tree.

   Rather than weirded out by it, she find it amusing.

   "What are you doing monkey girl? ", voiced her out.

   "Aahhhhhhh!!! ". The girl startled with Jurina's voice, she lose her holds and stumble falling from quite a height.

   Jurina's quick reflexes told her to catch the girl, and she did before the girl kissed a ground beneath her.

   "Th-thank you,and sorry for troubling you", the girl expressed her gratitude and apologies. Her cheeks a bit red.

   "No worries. I can't let such a cute girl fall, aren't I?". Jurina winked to the girl that still in her arms. 'Oh, she become redder. Interesting '. Jurina let the shy girl down on the ground carefully. "So, may you answer my question? What are you doing up there? It's not such an everyday sight seeing a girl climbing a tree while talking to no one".

   "I am talking to my friend.. My bird friend". The girl emphasize the last word when Jurina throw some questioning glance. She bit her lips. 'She must freak out by now. Talking to some weird girl '.

   ".....Interesting. Bird girl, huh".

   "W-wait, aren't you.. freaking out by what I just said. I meant, I talked to someone who aren't human".

   "So what? Everyone have their own things. Don't let people judge you for who you are. That's the thing I hate the most in this society. People always discriminate others, but not themselves. So disgusting". Jurina made a truly disgusted face thinking about it. "By the way, I am Matsui Jurina. And you are..?". Extended her hand.

   Feeling astonished by Jurina's words, she accepts the girl's hand. Shaking it. "Takayanagi Akane. Second year student from 2-A".


   At some neighborhood, there were three figures walking down the road. Their heads keeps turning back and forth looking at the name plate each houses owns. Far in front, there a line figure standing staring at the most biggest house, no a mansion in the neighbourhood.

   "Oi, Gachapin, what are you gaping at? ", Mariko, one of those three figures admonished the stone girl.

   "We were from same middle school", she mumbles something. "I know she from a rich family,  but I never thought....that..thatshe this RICH!!!!! ". Her arms flailing at the mansion before her.

Mariko turned looked at it. Her eyes diverted to the name plate, almost having a heart attack after. Yuki and Rena behind her also having the same reaction as her. 'Now I understand what Kojipa worried about. If was her, I totally feel the same'.
"But how can that pervert looking old man having a luxury life as a princess? ", uttered Mariko in disbelief. 

   "That's rude!".


   "Oh Rena-chan, Yuki-chan, you came!. Come inside, the others already here", invites Yuko.

   The five of them entered the mansion with Yuko leading them to one of the rooms. Opening the door, the room occupied by a big LCD television, many kind of consoles game, sofas, a big coffee table and other things that made them in awe. Takamina, Acchan, Haruna,already inside making themselves comfortable.

   They gathered circling the round coffee table. With Yuko - Haruna - Mariko - Miichan - Acchan -Takamina - Rena and lastly Yuki between Rena and Yuko.

   "So what's the occasion? It's rare for you to gathers us like this", Takamina decided to voiced her curiousity.

   "Not too mention, you forbid us from telling this gathering to Sayaka and Sae", this time was Mariko. The others stay silent waiting for answer.

   "Didn't all of you notice there something odd about them?".

   "Odd? Sae and Sayaka? ".

   Yuko nodded.

The girls flashback their memories.


   "Ne Yuki-chan, let's go home together". Sae shows up beside Yuki's desk.

   Not looking, Yuki who still busy with her stuff nodded, later realized something. "How about Akimoto-san? ".

   Sae flinched. "N-not today. She's busy with something. Just the two of us".



   "Sayaka-san, what are you doing here? ", Rena asked to her classmate who standing in the doorway earning quite an attention from the students inside the dojo. To calm them, Rena volunteered herself to asked the basketball captain.

   "Nothing. Just watching".

   Rena raised her brow. "Sae-san not with you? ".

   Sayaka shakes her head. Feeling dejected.


   Takamina, Acchan, Mariko, Miichan, Haruna, Sae and Sayaka were eating lunch together. Unlike usual, the Twin Towers didn't spoke to each other at all. Thinking it was the lingering effect of their loss, their shuddered the odd.

   "Nope". Answered them unison.

   Yuko bang her head onto the table. "Some friends you are".

   "Okay. Let's just say they were fighting for real. What we're gonna do about it? ". Miichan looked at Yuko.

   "They never fought before. So it's hard to say if they will apologize or not", Mariko said.

   "Not too mention, Sae-san a hardheaded one", commented Rena.

   "From Sayaka's personality, she must debate with herself right now if she wanna apologize or not", Takamina said. Haruna nodded. Her right hand playing with Yuko's hair.

   "This is hard", mumble Acchan,clings to Takamina's arm.

   Yuko grin mischievously, giving them a bad vibe about this. "That's where we come in".


Saturday Evening

Yuki and Sae on a date in amusement park. They were holding hands and Sae literally dragged Yuki everywhere that sparked her interest. Poor Yuki, unlike Sae, she was not great in sport which she find it was hard to kept up with the energetic goofball beside her. Sae was so excited today, because for the first time, Yuki invited her somewhere, alone, with no others around. It was like a blessing ,for all these time, Sae the one who always invited Yuki outing. Not the other way around.

Unbeknownst to Sae,there many pair eyes that watching both of them from a far. Some of the owners even put on a weird disguise to his themselves. The truth was, it was part of SaeYaka Reconcile Plan made by Yuko during the gathering in her place. Yuki in charge of inviting Sae to this amusement park so the plan can work out.

   "Okay. Step 1 successed. Now where is Sayaka? We can't start this plan without the other main actress". Takamina looked at Mariko and Milky.

   "Yuko texted said they already here. So we only need a right time to act", Mariko replied. Using a walkie talkie, Takamina sent this information to other groups. There a bit of talking between her and Acchan, it will only progressed further if Mariko didn't snatch it away.

   "Heiii! ".

   "This the reason why we can't put couple in the same team. Knowing Acchan who is childish, she may pleading you to have a date here abandoning the mission. Knowing you who can't RESIST her, you probably let her have her way toward you. And there's no way  I let you two off the hook and leave this mission to us and make us all suffer alone", stated Mariko.

   "Heiii. We're not that bad!".

   "Hah!Tell that to my hand. I don't want to hear such words from a person who skipped class several time since she got into relationship only to be found inside her secret spot with her lover making out like there's no tomorrow". Mariko rolled her eyes. Takamina looked down ashamed. It was truly the most embarrassing thing in her life when Yuko burst inside the garden taking a pictures of them before ran spread it around the school. Thanks for that, the lovers punished by their homeroom teacher. "Seriously, the more you are together, the more you become alike with the KojiYuu couple".

   The sky turned dark. Sae and Yuki were tired from all the rides they ride on earlier. That was when Yuki got a text from Yuko. For a highlight of this date, Yuki pulled Sae to Ferris Wheel. Sae looked so delighted with Yuki's behavior. While waiting for turn, Sae tugged Yuki's hand that inside her, to catch Yuki's attention.

   "Yes, Sae-chan? ".

   Sae pecked Yuki's cheek. Yuki blushed slightly from the gesture of ikemen girl beside her.
   "What was that for? ". Touching her cheek.

   "For today..and everything ".

   "Sae-chan ".

   Yuki bit her lower lips. There bitterness inside. Knowing how happy Sae was, she can't helped but felt terrible. Sae thought she did this to deepening their bond, but it was only a facade, it was all Yuko's idea. If not for plan, Yuki never thought she will ever invited Sae out somewhere. It was always the other way around.

   Not long after, it was their turn. But rather than both of them entering together, Sae got pushed by Miichan and Takamina inside while Yuko got out from gondola. Without Yuki, the Ferris Wheel continues rotating again.

   "Sae? ". Familiar with the voice, Sae looked above from the ground seen Sayaka there sitting looking at her puzzled. "What are you doing? ". Sayaka helped the genking girl to stand up.

   "That was my line".

   "I was with Yuko until you came in".

   "Well, I was with Yuki-chan ". Answered her short. The air around them became awkward. They were sitting avoiding each other. It was better to stay silent until the Ferris Wheel stopped. But the thing was, 10 minutes already passed by, but there were no sign it gonna stop anytime soon. 'What the hell?!'.

Beneath them there quite a ruckus going on inside the controller room. Yuko was sitting inside handling everything while Takamina, Miichan, Acchan, Haruna, Mariko, Sayanee, Yui, Tomochin and Milky keeping the workers away.

    "Oi! Let us pass! You damn girls! ".

    "That's not a toy. Quit playing with it! ".

    "Aww come on, relax. I'll pay for this later. In the meantime, let us do what we want to do", shouted Yuko.

    "Sashi,are they done yet?! ", Takamina turned looking at the girl sitting with her equipment on a table.

   "Not yet. They still don't speak to each other during the whole ride", reported Sasshi. Paruru there beside her managed the listening device. Actually, they secretly put mini microphone on both Sayaka and Sae without their notice. The Ferris Wheel will never stopped until they finish their little problem.

   "Now I am scared of Newspaper Club", Rena who standing beside her spoke out. "How you manage to purchase all these things? ".

   "We have our way". Rena knew the girl not going to revealed further so she stop asking.

   Paruru who silent this whistle time finally spoke something. "I have been wondering, this was supposed to be SaeYaka plan. So why those two are there as well? ". Her eyes focused on one of the gondola.

   "I wonder". Sasshi and Rena also looked up to where Paruru's attention was.

Inside another gondola

   Mayu was literally cursing everyone else. Never thought it will ever came, where Yuko betrayed her. The trust she has on the older girl disappeared the moment where the midget pushed her inside one of the empty gondola and the worst part was, Yuki later thrown inside the same manner as her as the Ferris Wheel began to move.

   Same as SaeYaka, Mayuki also not spoke any words since. They sat silently opposite each other. Mayu didn't know what to say, while Yuki actually nervous being put together with the younger girl in this small space. Biting her lower lip, Yuki finally opened up conversation after getting enough courage.


   "H-Huh? ".

   "Did something wrong to you? ", Yuki asked the question she has been meaning to ask this whole time but didn't get a chance to. Mayu stupefied, no, not because of the question, she knew the question gonna come, but what caught her off guard was,... Yuki was crying.

To be Continued

Okay everyone, that's all. My hands are hurting from typing. Gonna post the next chapter soon. It's holiday, so I took this time to update as many chapter as I can. Only if I don't get writer block.



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   ... Yuki was crying.

   Mayu literally went panicked seeing the love of her life crying because of her. Getting up from her seat, she stood in front Yuki stroking her head in action to calmed her. Yuki's arms made its way around Mayu's waist with her head leaning on Mayu's stomach. This gesture seriously uncomfortable for Mayu, but pushing the older girl away was the last option in this kind of situation. To balance herself,her left hand against the wall glass behind Yuki while her other hand still on Yuki's head, stroking her. This gesture always made Yuki calmed in the past. And it still have the same effect now. Yuki's tears immediately stopped.

   "I am sorry,for letting you see this side of me. I was always a crybaby back then, now I guess I still do", whispered Yuki,enough for Mayu to heard her words. Mayu smirked. Nostalgia hit her the moment Yuki said that. Loosen her holds, Yuki looked up into Mayu's eyes, piercing with warm gazes. "Why? Tell me".

   Mayu took a step back, making Yuki completely lose her holds onto her. Staring outside the window, the scenery outside took her attention. Slowly went back to her previous seat, she told Yuki one of the reason to Yuki's question.

   "To give some space to you and Sae-senpai. Every lovebirds need some space after they got together,right? I only fulfilling the request without being mention. I don't think Sae-senpai will be happy if I stick around you two and interrupt your private moment", Mayu explained, the floor beneath her her became her interest. Yes, Yuki still not knows her identity as her childhood friend, but Mayu knows, no matter whoever she was, Yuki still can read throughly her.

   Unexpected with the outcome, it weirded Mayu out as Yuki were laughing at her. Furrowing her eyebrows, Mayu now worried about the girl's mind.

   "Baka", uttered Yuki as she flicked the cyborg forehead. "Now I understand why they keep teasing us whenever Sae-chan and I were together. I thought it was only a joke among you guys, never I know that you all believe those rumor". As Yuki said that, she hold her stomach trying to stifle her laughter that about to erupted again.

   A clueless Mayu staring back at her. Still can't registered Yuki's words.

   "You said you're smart cyborg, but you still don't get this simple thing? ". Waiting no further, Yuki finally said it herself.    "Mayuyu, me and Sae-chan we're not going out".

   "What? ".

On another gondola

   The Ferris Wheel that still continues rotating, Sayaka and Sae began to felt funny in their stomach, and it was not a good sign at all. Finally at some time,

   "I am sorry", Sae blurted out.

   Sayaka's eyes widened, truly not expecting an apology words at all from the short-haired opposite her.

   "I know you're mad,if only I heard and did what you advise me, probably we will never lose the game in the first place, and me troubling the team that day, I feel guilty about it. Once again, I am truly sorry! ". Sae bowed.

   "......It's only a half".

   "There's more? ". Sae straighten her back. Eyes meeting to the other.

   Sayaka nodded. "I don't mind you likes Kashiwagi-san. But I do mind, the effort you gave in basketball only for her. It makes me angry. Knowing how little us to you".

   "It's not like that! ", retorted Sae. " Basketball, everyone in it, is precious to me! All the practices I had made, it was all for us. So don't said that you all mean little to me. Because you're not! ".

   "I know. Maybe, at that time, I let the pressure shallowing my well being. Me too, I am sorry ". After the talk, they laughed together. It was such disbelieved they let this little misunderstanding got between their friendship.

Meanwhile the others

   "..Me and Sae, we're not going out".

   "Eeehhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!????? ".

   All Mayu's and Yuki's conversation has been heard by the others. Oblivious to Yuko's secret plan, Sasshi also has put mini microphone in Mayu's hoodie following Yuko's order. Thanks for that, they clearly heard the confession.

   "That's a lie! Absolutely a lie!! ", Miichan shouted, not taking the news quite well. Never her information has been wrong before.

   "But, aren't they never declare they are going out with each other to us? We just assumed everything since we know Sae-chan confessed her love", Acchan pointed out.

    "How about you Rena? Did Yuki ever tell you anything about them". Asked Takamina to the one who most close with Yuki.

    "Well,.. no".

    "So was Sae got rejected or what?! ".

    "Shuuush. She going to explain now ", Sasshi silenced them. All ears on the speaker.

Back to Yuki and Mayu, the cyborg completely shocked with Yuki's past sentence. Her cyborg brain loaded every alphabets, registered it many times, to made sure she not hearing thing.

    "That's not a funny joke you got there, Yuki-senpai ". Something inside Mayu almost snapped. How dare Yuki tried to hid her relationship from her? She only turned her heart worsen. "I saw both of you kissed! And I know you are in love with her. Stop lying ". Without her realizing it herself, she raised her voice against Yuki. Yuki didn't budged.

    "I am not".


    "I love you, Yuki".

    Yuki felt Sae's warm lips against hers. It was too sudden, it stunned her. But after awhile, she began to move her lips. Sae smirked against the kiss, too much happiness to contained, she deepen the kiss after feeling Yuki's respond. Too much pleasure, Yuki almost moaned, until there a flash brought her back to reality. She strongly pushed Sae off her. Breaking the kiss.
    "Yuki-chan? ".

    "Can..can you give me a time?".

    "Why?!! I thought you feels the same as I do".

    "Please". Yuki begged Sae.

    Noticed Yuki desperated expression she never seen before, she nodded understanding. Even though she wanna pushed things further she knew there a line where to stopped. And now Yuki drawing that line. Things only worsen if she continues. 

End of Flashback

    "Wow", amazed Mayu. So all these times, it has been a misunderstanding.

    "The reason of why Sae-chan close with me for these past days cause she want to stole my heart. Making sure the answer I will give later is the one she desires ".

    "You don't love her? ".

    "Love is a big word, Mayuyu. Yes, I like Sae-chan. But my like for her is not equal to love. For me to love someone, it takes time. But, you're not wrong, I do have crush on Sae, but it's too soon for us to date each other. I want to know her better first".

    Finally, the ride stopped. Yuko and Takamina immediately got punished by Sae and Sayaka the moment they got out. Thankfully, the others punishment never came because they needed to ran away from team of guards that had been called to handle their rebel against the workers.

    Escaping from the guard, all of them laughed together. Sayanee and Milky were holding hands, Yuko as usual clings to Haruna like a koala immediately got pushed away by the girl,  Acchan also the same but her girl not do what Haruna did to Yuko but blushed from shyness, Mariko and Miichan bickering about the listening device in Sasshi's arms while Sasshi stopping them from snatching the device away and Paruru,Yui also Rena further on behind tailing the others while chatting. Sayaka patted Sae's back, gave courage to the girl. Sae grinning, then went to Yuki's side putting her arm around the girl's shoulders. Yuki smiled.

    From behind, Rena's and Yuko's eyes on the trio in front them. Where Sae walking at Yuki's right side and Mayu at Yuki's left side chewing some gum with earphones in her eyes. Both Sae and Yuki were chatting, sometimes, Yuki will pulled the younger girl in the same pace as them if she saw Mayu walked faster or slower.

    "Now the question is, who's the one in your heart, Yuki-chan? ", whispered them to themselves.

To be Continued

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Wow.. just wow..
Now you make me curious on how things will go on after this as Mayu sort of knows that Yuki and Sae wasn't a couple
I wonder if Mayu would start making a move or not
Can't wait to see your new update
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   The upcoming cultural festival created a festive mood around the students of AKB Gakuen. It was what the students always has been waiting for every year. No matter where you looked to, you will saw stalls and posters everywhere. The building also became more colorful than before, thanks to the art students, whose putting their efforts in painting it after given the permission from principal. These was the days where students can did what they wanted that against the school rules in another normal day. Instead of studying, the classes given the permission to used the school times for planning and making everything for making this upcoming festival successful.

   For her first time celebrating festival in her new school, Yuki amazed with all the activities of the classes and clubs. It more merrier than in her old school. Well, it was Tokyo after all, so no suprised there. Putting on student council arm band, Yuki proceed to checked on everything, listed it, and made sure there no problem with the preparation. It sure was tiring, but she felt pumped up doing it. After everything okay, she made her way to visited the school dojo searching for her bestfriend. She encountered Airin, Airin pointed at the dressing room and that was where Yuki final destination would be.

   But what greeted her, totally out of her league. Bowing several times, she immediately closed the door leaning on it.

   "DON'T LEAVE ME HERE! ", came from inside.


   Feeling embarrassed, Yuki did not dared to looked up to her bestfriend face. Rena there stood beside looking ashamed. Finally, she opened her mouth.

   "It's not what you think".

   "Sooo, what happened? ".

   Rena sighed.


One hour ago,

   "So Airin, how is it going with your girlfriend? ". Rena asked still busy cleaning the equipment.

   "Good. What's with that question ", Airin raised her eyebrow.

   "Nothing. I just heard some stuff from kouhai that your girlfriend close with this one girl. And I heard the girl is a charmer. So, I am just wondering ".

   "Everything perfect, really. I already met the girl once, and I totally like her. She's fun to be with, even she a kouhai. Now I see why she so popular. Maybe, you can hook up with her".

   "Are you crazy?!! ", shouted Rena. Turning her body around to faced her friend. Looking at her like she was some kind of space creature. "Did not you heard me that she's a charmer? You knows I hated player the most. And what did made you think I swing that way?!".

    "So now you're telling me that you're a straight? Wow Rena marvelous ", Airin said sarcastic. "So made Kashiwagi-san? Is she actually a boy in disguise? ".

    "That was all in the past. Now I saw her as my sister that I need to protect from".

    "It doesn't change the fact that you ever loved her before. By the way, I am not saying you swing that way, but both ways. Bisexual. I mean, your first crush was a boy from kindergarten ".

    Rena ready to retorted back. As she hates losing. But someone beat her to it.

    "What are you talking about? ",a girl with birdie face came asking innocently. "Hi my frog prince".

    "Hi my cutie birdie girlfriend ". Airin hugged Churi's waist,then giving a peck to her lips.

    "Hi Rena-chan ".

    "Hi Churi".

    "What are you doing here? I told you I'll come back to class later".

    "I miss you", muttered Churi, earning a squeal from Airin of how cute her girlfriend was. "Owww,I miss you too",nuzzled closer to her girlfriend neck. Rena looked elsewhere. A bit hurt feelings hit her right on her heart. "Oh, I brought my new friend. I think it's good for Rena-chan  to meet her".

    "Well, okay. I'll be glad to", Rena tried to sound happy. It was exactly troublesome for her to met a stranger.

    Churi called her friend in, and the moment Rena saw her, she totally regretting saying those words. 'No.I am not glad to'. Throwing some invisible daggers to a cheeky smiling Jurina. Jurina smiling at her.

    "Hi, Jurina.Nice to meet you again".

    "Hi too, Airin-senpai.And it's a pleasure Rena-chan ".


    "Rena-chan? Wait! You two knew each other? ".

    "NO! /YES! ".

    Rena growled at Jurina who in returned send her a grin. Airin protecting Churi beside her, afraid if Rena lose control went berserk, even though she didn't got any idea what was going on between the two Matsuis. Tension in the air.

    Rena changed her hakama into the school uniform growling in the process. When she in the middle buttoning her button, there presence she sensed inside the changing room with her. She turned her body around only to got smashed against the locker with both her sides trapped within the arms.

    Jurina stared at Rena's flustered face, grinning when it got redder. Her eyes downcast to Rena's still unbutton clothes, gulping when she saw the older Matsui put on a black bra. Unconsciously she bit her lower lip. The event in the past will repeated again, if only Rena didn't voiced out.

    "Get.Off. Me".

     The sly grin back to Jurina's face. Her eyes met Rena's eyes. A staring battle start. "No can do... You See Rena-chan, you're the first person who slap me in the face after a kiss. It never happened to me before".

    "Heh. Glad to be your first. And don't call my name without my permission".

     "I so do not need the permission. I do what I want, and I get everything that I desire".

     "But not me. I am not an easy person".

     "I know. But just wait. Let's see until the end. Who's gonna win. By the way,.. ". Jurina's right hand trailing down between Rena's chest, Rena tried hard not to moan and tried to pushed the younger Matsui off, but the younger too strong. She took both Rena's wrists in her left hand pushed it up against the locker. Jurina's knee in the middle of Rena's tights. Jurina leaned closer to Rena. Only a few inch apart before their lips met. "I know I am gonna win. After all, you're only a lonely soul Rena. I saw in your eyes, that you longing some affection whenever you saw couples interactions around you. Sooner or later, you will beg to me, for me to give you what you heart desire. Anytime, anywhere. I don't care. Just say those words, and I'll give what you wanted". Each sentences, Jurina getting close to her destination. Rena already weaken in her arms.

But that was when Yuki came, shattering all Jurina's intention. Rena regained her senses back, immediately pushed the girl off and ran after Yuki.

End of Fashback

    "It's her game. Don't worry. I am not gonna let that brat have her way with me", said Rena. She didn't told Yuki the full story, only where Jurina started acting strange towards her.
    "If you said so. But if something come up. Tell me, I'll help you".
    "Please Yuki, I so do not need to see you went Black to everyone ", joked Rena. Both of them giggling.

    Something caught Yuki's eyes. That something was everywhere, and girls that passed by them kept talking excitedly about it.

   "Ne Rena. Is it just me, or I saw many girls kept talking about Mayuyu".

   "Oh. That. Mayu-san really getting more popular whenever the festival comes".

   "Why is that? ".

   "How to put it. Well, this sounds crazy but it's the truth. Actually, our school has a tradition whenever the festival days comes, there will be a special club re-alive during those days. That special club named 'Danso Club'. It created by our past alumni few years back, in reason for help the girls didn't die from loneliness. It's absurd. I know", explained Rena. Yuki nodded.

   "So what does this Danso Club thing related to Mayuyu's sudden popularity?".

   "Mayu-san loves anime related. And danso one of those. So she must gonna participating in the special club event.  I heard from Yuko-san that Mayu danso before at her middle school making her popular. I saw her pictures, and I swear they are not kidding. She really Ikemen in her danso form. Because most of the girls came from the same middle school as her, it's not a surprise if there fans among them".

   "Oh". Yuki's eyes looked at the crowd of girls fawning over Mayu's picture. Something creeping inside her. She dismissed the thought quickly.


   Over with Jurina, she clearly smiling like an idiot everytime she imagined Rena's earlier face. 'If only that giraffe didn't come, we must already..... hehehehe'. A certain fantasy running wild inside her mind. She already reached the juicy thing when someone decided to put a stop to her imagination with slamming her head with a crumpled newspaper.

   "Ouch! Owie".

   "Thanks Mayu". Takamina faked coughed. That earned attention from Jurina. "Basically, you all already know why we're here today, right? ".

   "Actually, we have given a mission to takes an undergarments of every students in this scho—!!!!!Ouch!!!! .That's seriously hurt. Why you smacked me with your bag and not newspaper?!! ". Yuko pouted.

   "Thanks once again, Mayu". For a second time, Takamina faked a coughed again. "Back to the main topic, as we already know, this school has tradition where every festival comes, the Danso Club will be active again during those days. So as the members elected to be a member of this special club, I wantball of us to think an event we gonna hold this time".

   "How about a danso cafe? ", Nakanishi Yuka a third year from class C suggested.

   "No way! We already did it last year. We need to spice things up", earning disapproval from Oya Shizuka from third year class A. 

   "How about drama? ", came from Kumi, a second year of class A.

   "With all boys in it? Are we gonna make yaoi drama? ", denied Maeda Ami, a first year from class B.

   "We also need to make a script if we want to make a drama. It's bothersome. After all, we still need to participate in our class and club event", said Muto Tomu, a first year from class B. Sayanee and Yui beside her nodded with their classmates reason.

   "This is harder than I expected ", sighed Takamina. After hearing few more ideas been thrown at,then always managed to got denied by others.

   "A-Ano, h-how about a fashion show? ", suggested the usual quiet Ikoma Rina a first year from class C. 

   "Fashion Show? ".

   "Y-yeah. W-where we did some danso with the clothes we chosen on our own".

   "That could actually work", Takamina nodded. Everyone seemed agreeing with it.

   "Nice idea, Ikoma-chan", Yuko gave a thumb up to the kouhai.

   They resumed discussing the whole event. During the discussion, Mayu didn't pay attention at all. She only nodded whenever someone asking for her opinion. Her right hand kept twirling the pendant hanging around her neck hidden behind her uniform. Jurina noticed this but decided to saved it for later.


Watanabe Resident

   Mayu stood in front the mirror. Undressing herself, revealing her white milky body bit by bit. After her fully naked, the scars hidden behind her clothes this whole time finally revealed. Scars made from the tragedy caused by her selfish childish self.

   "You're the cause of my son's death! Don't you dare come near here! "

   "You cursed child! Because of you stubborness, my brother and his wife dead!".

   "How could you?! They was your parents!!! ".

   Mayu reopened her eyes. Her eyes stared blankly at the mirror.

   "Yukirin". Her hand reached to the snow necklace, putting it closer to where her heartbeat was, she closed her eyes once more time. This time, playing all her memories of her dear childhood friend.

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It seems that Mayu has hard past and now I sort of know the reason why she couldn’t meet Yuki but still, I want to know the whole story
I can’t wait to see the reaction of Yuki seeing Mayu in danso
And... Jurina and Rena relationship progresss is something I couldn’t wait to see
Update soon, author
I’ll be waiting :)
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I seem to miss some chapters :err:
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   It was another hectic day for our student council president, Yokoyama Yui, strolling around the school to made sure the festival preparation processing well. Not too mention, the transfered student still not within her grasps. AKB Gakuen has rule where all students who attended this school needed to joined at least one club, except for those who has a valid reason for not to. Sadly, our charming puppy, Matsui Jurina decided to broke the rule by not joining any club like she supposed to. This causing our president and her treasure, Yamamoto Sayaka hunting her down.

   Walking along the school ground, Yui proceed to the danso event stage where the preparation still ongoing. This special club event will be the highlight of festival before the fire bon and fireworks during the last day, second day of festival.

From where she stood, a certain puppy didn't escaped her eyes, Jurina was standing near the stage and she let her guard down. It was a perfect timing to ambushed her, but chose not to. Just for today, she let her off the hook.

   "Rare to see you alone. Where's Watanabe-san and those fans of yours? ", asked her after near enough to the said girl.

   "Oh. President! You're not going to catch me today? ", beamed Jurina. There was no fear in her eyes,like she knew well the other party will never succeeded in capturing her. Yui nodded, confirming she not going to play ran and chase today. She too tired for it. Jurina grinned. "I told the girls to leave me alone today because I don't have time to ease their lonely soul. As for Mayu, she lazying around inside the infirmary. This kind of crowded event displeasure her", Jurina answered Yui's question.

   "That girl... ". Yui do not further things more or did something about it. Though she only knew the existence of Watanabe Mayu this year and barely spoken to her, she already knows enough how Mayu was. Meddling with the cyborg's business only brings nothing but misfortune for her. Let's just hope she not gonna back out from her participation, prays Yui.

   But went further to infirmary, she must hated the festival so much, was what inside Jurina's mind.

On another side

   "Oohhhhhhhh!!!!!!! ".

   Everybody in class awed by Yuki's appearance in maid outfit and black cat ears as decoration on her head. They decided to do Maid Cafe for this festival after came up went through many plans. It was simple, they knows, but hey... Don't misjudge the power of Maid Cafe!

   "And there's our proud maid from Kagoshima. Wow! Yuki. You nail this off, we're gonna be hit for sure! Attracting people no longer a problem", Miichan nodding, proud of her handy work. For this time, Takamina the class representive let Miichan did the lead this time as she so excited doing so.

   With eyes all on her, Yuki felt a pang of shyness hit her. Backing away, she hid herself behind her sole protecter, Rena for some cover. This little scene only made people blush further of how cute Yuki was being that moment.

   "Okay, okay, enough. We got work to do. Get those hands moving, quick! ". Takamina clapped her hand. Everyone went back to their previous work.

   Sighing of relief, Yuki's plan to slip off the maid uniform from her body came halted when Sae went and made conversation with her.

   "You looked suited in those". Pointing at the maid outfit. "You looks cute".

   "Sae-chan! ". Yuki's face really flushed like roasted potato to received another compliment. The compliment made her happy all giddy inside, but she also hated it because it made her embarrassed. "It's normal. I am sure you and the others to will look cute".

   "Probably ", Sae said with no care of those. Rather than seen herself in maid outfit, she liked it better if she became a viewer and master of the maid. "I am jealous ".

   "Huh? About what? This outfit? No worries, each person gonna have their owns later after they finish with the knitting".

   Sae laughed. "You really are cute, Yuki-chan. So innocent. But...maybe, that's why I attracted to you in the first place", Sae said out loud for Yuki to hears. Yuki stunned. It was too sudden, her lips locked letting Sae to finish her sentence. "What I am jealous about is not those outfit, but I am jealous because you will serve others in the day of school festival. I don't want that. After all.. ", Sae stepped forward closer to Yuki. Yuki taken aback. Sae's eyes was so intense reflecting her seriousness. Sae resumed. "I don't want the person I am in love with, serve another person..beside me".

   "Sae-chan ",mumbled her under her breath.

   "OUCH! ". That snapped Yuki back. She quickly took a look what the ruckus about, leaving Sae alone. Sae sighed. Her hidden emotion got the better of her this time. Sayaka who witnessed the exchange mouthed 'don't mind', Encouraging her friend. Sae sadly smiled. Rena who also one of the spectators sighing. Hoped to not dragged in this love triangle.

   "Baka Gachapin! ".

   "Hei! I am sorry okay.I didn't mean to". Miichan was playing around the knitting group, then accidentally hit the fabrics and made Takojo Aki who was knitting pierced her finger with the needle.

   Seeing the situation, Yuki overreact and panicked. "I'll go take the aid kit",volunteered her. Walked out from the class without waiting for replies and forgetting she still in maid outfit with cat ears.

   The princess reached the infirmary in no time, entering the empty room and lead her way to retrieved the aid kit. Along the way it bothered Yuki if the school nurse actually exists or not. Dismissed her unnecessary thought, she spun to leave the place quick but the closed curtain of one bed managed to attracted her. A whispers inside her told her to opened it and she did.

   There on the bed, was a sleeping Mayu. Unlike usual self, she not wearing her signature hoodie and twintails today. The girl looked so peaceful enjoying her slumber time. Worries began filling her up. Yuki put the aid kit on the near desk and sat on a chair beside the bed. Touching the younger girl forehead, a normal temperature relieved her. Rather than leave the room, she took the time to inspect Mayu's face. Just expected, there no doubt you're cute, Mayuyu~. Her milky white fair skin, cute nose, well shaped eyebrows, and her pink lips... Hmm? Something shiny sticking out from Mayu's collar around her neck. Snow pendant?.... Wait! Isn't that...

   "What are you staring at? ".



   Then, sound of something hit the ground.

   "WHAT THE HELL?! DID YOU JUST SLAP ME?!", Mayu shouted in disbelief. She loves Yuki, she really do. But that was not the reason for Yuki to slapped her anytime she wanted.

   "I am so SORRY! So sorry. I didn't mean to. Sorry Mayuyu!! ". After she got up from the cold floor.

   "Sorry not cut it. I came here in hope to lessen my headaches but now, I need to recover my soon to be swollen cheek thanks to you". Mayu was frustrated. The headaches getting to her.

   "I am sorry once again! Please forgive me, okay? ". Yuki apologized again and again with teary eyes. The idea of the younger girl hating her scared her so much.

   "Forget it ", simply answered before Mayu lied back down. Yuki sat back on the chair, with head down afraid to looks at the angry cyborg.

   "Yuki-chan!". The silent broken by Rena and Sae. "There you are! Come on, let's go back to class. Everyone waiting for you", Sae took Yuki's hand pulling her to stand up.

   But another hold prevented Yuki from standing. It was Mayu, still laying on the bed with eyes on Yuki and Sae. Yuki shocked, Sae also the same. Eyes on the emotionless cyborg.

   "Don't leave. Stay here with me. If you want me to forgive you, don't you dare step out from this room without me tell you so".

   "Stop being a baby. Yuki are needed in class. She got work to do. So let her go! ", Sae exclaimed. Her tone was harsh, Mayu's expression that moment pissed her off like telling 'Yuki is mine! '.

   Yuki bewildered. Which one?

   "Please, Yuki ", Mayu spoke softly. Her eyes were gentle and spreading warm inside Yuki. She felt pity to let the younger girl down, but what about Sae?

   That was the moment, Rena decided to stepped in became Yuki knight in shining armor. Rena putted her hand gently on Sae's shoulder made the girl jolted from her staring to Mayu and Yuki. "We got enough people to help us. Let Yuki stays here. Mayu-san are not feeling well this moment, the nurse isn't here so let Yuki take care of her".

   "But! ".

   Rena quickly shut Sae up and took the aid kit from earlier. "See you later, Yuki, Mayu-san ". Bidding her farewell she dragged Sae along with her.

   Yuki immobilized in her spot, not knowing what just happened. A guilt creeping inside, Sae's face earlier was unforgettable. A tug on her shirt snapped her back from dealing with her emotion.

   "Get in", ordered Mayu. Pat the empty spot on bed beside her.


   "Are you deaf or what? ". Seeing the girl made no attempts to move, Mayu rolled her eyes before pulling the older girl to fall beside her.

   "Eeehhhhhhhhhh?!!!!!!! ".

   "Stop screaming. Now go to sleep ", ordered Mayu again.

   "But! ".

   "No buts. You're a maid,right. So be my maid for today, and my order is I want you to accompany me sleep. Understood". Mayu hugs Yuki. Wrapping her arms around Yuki's waist. Her head leaned closer to Yuki's neck. Finding it was a comfortable position, she then closed her eyes. Yuki sighed. Looking down on her maid outfit. She face-palmed asking herself how forgot to change. But seeing how peaceful the younger girl was, Yuki didn't have heart to rejected the girl and closed her eyes too. Unconsciously, in her sleep, Yuki's arms pulled Mayu closer towards her and hugged her protectively. Mayu smiling in her sleep.

   "Let go of me". Sae struggle to pulled her hand back from the frail looking girl who was dragging her this moment. After far enough from infirmary and student's eyes, Rena finally let go of Sae. "Why are you doing this? I only want Yuki to back with us!".

   "I saved you. Instead screaming at me like this, the thing you should do is feeling grateful that I don't leave you there suffering from broken heart".

   "What are you implying, Rena? ".

   Rena sighed. She shouldn't butt in others problem. But it killing her to seen more suffering. Inside her, she debating with herself if she should tell or not. Yes, she dislikes Sae, but she also can't stand seeing people suffers,furthermore when the source of the sufferness is from her own bestfriend. Finally, a final decision was made. Rena glanced around to sure no one near them. Then, looked back at Sae who still giving the same expression.

   "Knowing your closeness with Yuki, you must knows about her childhood friend that disappeared 6 years ago without news".

   "Yuchan?.. Yes, Yuki-chan told me before, so how can her loss friend got anything to do with our conversation? ".

   Inhaling a deep breath. Rena told Sae the truth she has been hiding from Yuki itself. "Yuchan and Mayu-san, is a same person. Mayu-san is Yuki's loss childhood friend".

   "That's ridiculous! How can it be! Are you nuts?! And how did you sure of this in the first place?! ".

   "Calm down.. At first, it also surprised me to saw Mayu-san when Yuko-san introduced her to us. I met her before, Yuki introduced Mayu-san to me as Yuchan. But I was a shy person, I don't get along well with stranger quickly. So instead calling her Yuchan as she told me to, I asked for her real name. And the real name of Yuchan is 'Watanabe Mayu '. It's hard to believe. I also in the same position as you before".

   ".....And since then, you kept this a secret from Yuki-chan".

   "Yeah. When I recognized Yuchan and Mayu-san is the same person, you got no idea how thrilled I was... Telling this to Yuki who has been waiting for her so long, was the first thing came up inside my mind. But, before I got to tell her, Mayu-san found out and stopped me. But fate had brought them together, with Yuki transferred here two months ago. Interesting right, no matter how apart they are, their bond is really strong. And even Yuki do not knows the truth, she still attached to Mayu-san no matter what". Rena smiled sadly. Her head looked down.

   "I'll tell her". Rena's eyes widened. Looking straight at Sae. "I'll tell Yuki who is Mayu". Sae spun around to headed back to the infirmary once more but Rena hurriedly went standing in front her preventing her from walking more further.

   "I never let you go if that's what your intentions is". The voice coming from Rena was cold. Full of seriousness. Her eyes reflecting her determination. Sae taken aback. She tried to passed the raven girl but unsuccessful. Like Rena said, she will never let Sae go.

   "What?! Are you siding with her now?! You got no idea how mad Yuki-chan will be if she learn the truth of your cooperation with that cyborg fooling her! ".

   "I know. And yes, I am scared. But I am not fooling her, it's just Mayu-san got her own reason she can't tell about. The same with everyone. Everyone also has their owns secret cannot be tell. So I am just trying to understand Mayu-san better, and let the fate works...". Rena loosen up. Speaking in more softer tone. "I know you loves Yuki so much. I understand. After all, I'd been in love with her since I could remember ".

   "You... ". Sae gaped.

   "Learning she was still in love with the girl that had left, killing me inside. When she rejected my confession three years ago, I decided to gave up and remains by her side as her bestfriend. As someone who will protect her. She said she will forget about her Yuchan,... how ironic. Did she think I'll fall for that. She has been waiting for 6 years, so how can another 6 years going to be a problem for her?..Maybe she will be angry, no, furious when she learn that Mayu-san is Yuchan.. But it will not last long, eventually she will forgive her. And accept her. So tell me,.. if you are sure Yuki will accept your love over her first love?... My advice as your classmate,you should give up". Rena ended her sentences. Waiting for Sae's next sentences.

    ".......I.. I am not you! My love for her are real! This is my seriousness. Until she tell me she can't love me the same as I do, I'll never give up this feeling of mine". Sae clenched her fists. Instead walked passed Rena, she spun towards opposite direction and left the place.

   Rena felt relieved. She can felt storm heading this way. A rivalry gonna taken its place in this school. Now, it was up to Yuki for made her decision and dodged the wrong choice.

   "Well said!".

   "Ugh. Since when you're there? ". An annoyance showing on her pale face seeing the short haired girl standing with her back leaning on the wall with her cat-like smile.

   "Nah. Just passing by. I was on my way to fetched Mayu until I heard your bickering with Sae-senpai".

   "We're not fighting okay".

   "Yeah. Say whatever you want. But you taken me by surprise,  you knows about Mayu but did not tell it to Yuki-senpai. Oh well, it saved me the trouble to speak some mind into Sae-senpai that she never gonna win. No matter what. Well, I'll be taking my leave now. Bye!! ", Jurina said then skipping away.

   "Just that? Why she bother stopping then... ". Rena murmered. Later realized she not acting as her usual self. Focus Rena, focus. Don't let that brat influence you.

   Ding Dong Ding

   "To every dear students of AKB Gakuen. School will be closing soon. So makes sure you don't forget anything and be safe on your way. Tomorrow is festival, makes sure everyone coming okay~or..there will be pu~nish~ment waiting for you. Understand?.. That's all from me, your dear announcer Watanabe Miyuki~".

   Yuki woke up finding herself still inside infirmary. Alone. No Mayu beside her. It's already evening, I wonder if she has gone home. Yuki later headed to class taking her bag before leaving the school as well. Staying in school until night did not sound appealing to her. Just she about to passed the gate, Her shoulder grabbed from behind then felt her body got spun around by that person.


   "Sae-chan? ".

To be Continued

Long, I know. I kind off in hurry to finish this story before going on hiatus for my studies. New story came up in my mind. Gonna post it after I finish this.

For the readers, thank you so much :welcome for spending your time to read this story of mine. I am really grateful. I am still beginner in writing but I hope I'll get more better in the future. Thank you~  :byebye:


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Finally time for Yuki to find out the TRUTH!!!!
punish me miyuki
Ur writing is more GREAT THAN ME I can't even write a story
New story~ aaah I can't wait!!
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It's the moment of truth for Yuki. I hope she ends up with yuchan since she's been waiting for her for so long. Cannot wait for your new story.
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update soonnnnnn
Cute Mayuki scene, love it
and Yuki saw the necklace but why she didn't question it
I need to see more of Jurina and Rena, needed to know their improvement
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   It was another normal Wednesday, except today was AKB Gakuen festival. Rather than getting ready for school like she supposed to, Yuki took her time laying on bed staring at the white ceiling above her. Today, she woke early than usual to her surprise.

   A sounds of footsteps approaching. Her door bursted opened with, "Time to shine, sleepyhead!!! ". Mrs.Kashiwagi stood on the doorway staring at Yuki's dark brown orbs similar to her owns. "Oh, you already up. That's unusual for you. Oh well, get up and get ready for school, you got festival to attend to, right? ", reminded Mrs. Kashiwagi before taking her leave to prepared breakfast for her husband and daughter.

   No complaints, Yuki raised from her bed and went to bathroom. After fully dressed, she went to greet her father in the kitchen then ran full speed avoiding for her mother forcing her to ate some breakfast. Unlike her, her mother is an excellent cooker and she liked to ate the food made by her, but the image of eating early in the morning not suited with her taste.

    It was almost the end of summer, but the hotness still bothering her. The sun was glaring at her the whole time on her way to school. Awaiting her in front of the gate entrance was a big colourful decorated signboard. The art club did excellent job. On her way, some of her fans and acquaintance greeted her and with pleasure she returned it with a warm smile. As expected from the princess.

   "Ah Kashiwagi-san, here". Akicha handed a maid outfit to Yuki. "We already fixed what was necessary to fix", told Akicha. Examining the outfit, the outfit sure looks cute than yesterday.

   "Ano, did Sae-chan arrived yet? ".

   Akicha thinking for a moment before nodding. "Yes, she is. But she disappeared somewhere with Akimoto-san. Sorry for not helping".

   "You don't need to worry. The answer already enough ". Akicha bows before taking her leave to settles the other outfits.

   Worried consuming Yuki. Yesterday event came back.


   "Yuki! "

   "Sae-chan? ".

   The grips on her shoulders tightening as Sae facing her with a desperated looks on her face. This expression was the same as in the infirmary earlier but more intense.

   "Yuki. I need the answer now. If you willing to go out with me", demanded Sae.

   "Sae-chan, I... ".

   "Please Yuki. I know I already promised you that I'll wait as longer an you wants me to. But I can't help but worry, if I wait any further you'll fade away from me. It's only a matter of time until you met her, after that, I am terrified you will forget about me and leave me for her".


   "Please Yuki. I'll be honest,.. I was a playgirl. I hurted many girls in the past. I never know what love is until I met you. For all the bad things in the past, in the future I'll gonna face my punishment. I does know karma exist, but I don't want that karma to be you..I-I love you so much that it killing me inside. Before, I was so sure that it's gonna be my win, but after what Rena had said , it makes sense. If it was her, the chance for my winning is zero. So please Yuki. Give me your answer. Tell me that you lovr me and only me". Each sentences seemed heavier and desperated. Love does makes people crazy. The evidence clearly standing before Yuki with her disheveled self. Loving someone, Sae finally realise how painful it was. Depending on the outcome, it has power to turned someone's world upside down for better or worst. At the end of tunnel, Sae wished for her to reached a light after she got out. Not darkness.

   Yuki flinched. The grips became more tighter each seconds and she swore it gonna left a painful marks. She tried to warned Sae about her hurting her, but Sae already fall to deep to listened to any useless words. Only the answer she has been yearning for able to knock her into reality.

   "Sae! ".

   Yuko and Sayaka came into rescue. Only lord knows how grateful Yuki was to them. Yuki felt her shoulders almost bleed if not let go sooner. Sayaka restrained Sae from behind  locking both the girl's arms, meanwhile, Yuko at front tried to brought her friend back.

   "Sae, wake up! This unlike you. Forcing love on people is no good. You only makes matter complicated than it already was. Remember Sae, you're gentlewoman who charm people by warmth, not some desperate for love uncontrollable teenager! ".

   "But I AM! I can't stand losing her. I love her. I am serious about this. She suppose to loves me, not the girl who left her for years! ". Sae throwing tantrums. Even with her strongness,  even Sayaka struggles to held the girl back from pouncing on the still puzzled Yuki with the scenario playing right in front. "Let me go Sayaka!...And You!". Glaring angrily to Yuko. "You don't have the right to advise me,because deep in your heart, you're hoping for her happiness, am I right?!! ".

   The eyes of Sae blazing with anger directed to Yuko and betrayel towards Yuki who stood there doing nothing. Giving the last of her remaining strength, she shoved Sayaka backwards making the girl thrown to back. Later she ran leaving the place.

   Sayaka and Yuko never explain what had happened, leaving Yuki with confusion lingering and unwanted attentions from the passerby that stopped to watched the drama. But Yuki swore, Sayaka as clueless as she was, while Yuko, she hid something. And that something got to do with Sae's outburst. 

End of Flashback

   "Good morning Yuki-chan ".

   "Good morning, Acchan".

   "Are you okay?.. With what happened yesterday".

   "How did you know? ".

   "Not only you four left at school. The rumor has been spreading. Luckily today is festival, or this already plastered on newspaper".

   "Sorry... For hurting Sae".

   "Don't be. You did nothing wrong".

   The air grew heavy.

   "Ah, did you see Takamina? I can't find her anywhere". Trying to change the subject.

   "Um no. I just arrived".

   "That stupid little-!...Ahem. By the way, many has gone missing today, especially our friends. Even the airhead Nyan Nyan wasn't here! ".

   "You certainly right". Yuki narrowed her eyes to Rena's bag left alone without its owner. "I wonder what they had been hiding".

   "Whatever it was, I am not happy with them leaving us out!", declared Acchan. A visible pouts forming on her face. Yuki stood awkwardly did not know how to respond to the mad actress. Saved by the bell, when their classmate asked them to gather to made sure all the preparation already done before the opening which starting in 30 minutes. Later, their missing friends shuffling in class looking tired and sweaty.

   The festival progressing well with no accident. Many people visited, families, friends, acquaintances and alumni. Everyone looked so happy and in festive mood. It was such a magnificent sight to divert from.

   After finished her shift, Rena was walking down the first year hallway where many unfamiliar faces surrounding the place laughing or screaming. Before her, there a student comforted by her visiting boyfriend and few others who got the same reaction as the girl. It took Rena's attention of what able to makes girls and boys frightened like that. Finally found the source, Rena understood the answer to her question. Looks like first year won't lose either. She entered the Haunted House after Rabutan gave the direction of the entrance.

   Rena sure amazed with how real the props was, and how terrifying the ghost. Some of them managed to gained a shrieks from her. She praised them for their artistic talent.

   Eventually, Rena's legs bumped into something. At first she thought it was only a part of props until she heard a tiny squeak and felt that thing trembling. With help from the tiny lightning provided inside the Haunted House, she found it was exactly a human. A student here based from her uniform.

   "Hei you".

   The girl flinched. Covering her ears to not heard the Ghost's voice. It brings amusement to the other girl enjoying the scene. Had enough, she spoke out.

   "Don't worry. I am not one of those fake ghosts. I am not even part of this class ".

   Hearing Rena's words brings relief for this girl. She has been cowering here almost an hour because she was too scared to move on. When she asked companion from people who came in, they only dashed away screaming and yelling saying she was a ghost.

   With no shame, the girl launched and started to climbing Rena's left arm. A discomfort surfaced with Rena, after all, the girl was a stranger that she probably hadn't met before, and Rena really bad with stranger. Rena demanded the girl to let her go and told only tailing her but the girl shook her head continually, gripping tighter Rena's arm, trembling with fear.

   No choice, Rena let her be and lead the way. Everytime the ghosts jumped out to scared them, Rena scowled at them because their appearance made her left arm hurting.

   The exit finally visible to their eyes. After got out, both of them sighed relieved. Rena relief for her arm still attached to her body even she swear there marks left behind, while, the other girl relief after escaping from hell. The girl spun to thank Rena but stopped midway, it was the same with Rena who wanted asked the girl if she okay but later stopped seeing who the girl all along.

   "YOU–!". Pointing at each other.

   "Of all people I met inside, why it has to be you?". Jurina groaned. Knowing the older Matsui who dared to slapped in their first encounter knew her weakness put her uneasy of what the older girl could do to her.

   "You ungrateful human being! I just helped you! Instead thanking me, you show me that kind of face. I should just leave you there inside". Rena spun walked away. Her heart was burning after hearing the comment made by the younger Matsui.

   A sound footsteps following behind her. Rena glared at the back, "Don't. Follow. Me". She walked again but the younger still tailing behind. After a moment, Rena heard some ruckus behind and when she turned around, there was three masked people holding Jurina stuffing her mouth with handkerchief. Rena tried to helped the younger girl only to got attacked as well by five people from behind. Later, she blindfolded and everything went dark.

   The masked people carried her somewhere. All Rena knows she got taken away from the festival because the more further they went, the silence it became. Her adrenaline was rushing. Panic began consuming her. Got kidnapped during festival was the last thing she had in mind. Heck, even she never expected it. Where school guard when you need them the most?

   They stopped walking. Rena shoved until inside something and fall onto a person. Later a clicked sound. Rena noticed the rope got loosened,maybe by one of her attackers. Escaping herself and opened the blindfolded, Rena found herself in a dark cage, enough to fit two people in it.

   "Can you get off me? ", spoke a voice that belonged to Jurina all along, who transformed into Rena's cushion. So, the person Rena fell on top earlier was Jurina.

   Rena removed herself and wasting no time to banging the cage yelling for help or asked to got let out. Different with Rena, Jurina leaned her back against the wall with poker face. There no panic showing on her face.


   "We got kidnapped and you told me to relax?!! How can you able to be calm in this matter life or death situation?!!", outburst Rena.

   Still in poker face, Jurina spoken. "If this was real, yes, I'll be totally scared and crying by now,but this just a game".

   "Game? ".

   "You really ignorant, don't you?... I am surprised you didn't know your next class, 2-A, hold a Kidnapping Game. It was supposed to be Treasure Hunt, but it's getting old and boring. So they kidnapped people and give some hint. And the only place they able to get the hint is by ordering some food at 2-A class cafe".

   "And how they are so sure there will be people searching for the victim? ".

   "Easy. 2-A class have Sashi-senpai who hold all the information of students, alumni or some visitors today. They use victim weakness, by sending the weakness to victim itself to torture them and inform this to the victim acquaintances, or course they will be worried and search for the victim", explained Jurina.

   Rena sat opposite Jurina. She unable to clearly saw the girl's face because of the darkness, but when her eyes adjusted to dark, she able to made sure where the younger girl currently was. And eventually she noticed something off with the younger girl. She was silent to her discomfort, and...trembling slightly.

   "They use victim weakness to victim itself and torture them...".

   I am not scared of dark. Especially ghost. So that means,.. Rena eyes widened. So that was the reason of why the younger girl acting odd... Rena sighed. What she going to do later was out from her personality, but the sight of the pitiful girl brought unknown bad feeling.

   "Come here".

   "Huh? ".

   Seeing no reaction from the younger girl, Rena moved beside the girl enveloped the girl with comfortable warmth radiating from her. Jurina totally confused of why the older girl hugging her, and caressing her head tenderly. Looks like Rena feeling Jurina's confusion then answered the girl thought.

   "You're scared of dark and ghost, right? As much it enlighten me, but there a limit for the fun".

   "Don't you hate me? ".

   "Hate you? ", Rena turned to face Jurina's gray orbs. Their faces too close and they can feel each other breath from that distance. Rena was the first to turned away. Slightly blushing. "Rather than hate, I just dislike you when you being a total disgusting player.. ". Ouch, that hurts. "But.. ", Rena resumed attracting Jurina's eyes on her once more. "You're fun to be with when you not being a player, that was what Airin told me. I trust Airin. And I can't hate you for that".

   "Oh. So.. if I was not being disgusting player, we can be friends? ".

   "Guess so. Anyway, I liked you better when you weren't pretending to be someone else. Acting all cool and charming in front of girls, totally disgusted me. It's okay to be childish, clingy, and scared of dark and ghost. Everyone has their weakness".

   "You're not gonna laugh at me? ".

   "Why should I? Just like I said, everyone has things they can't handle of. Same like me. Furthermore, I think it's cute". Rena chuckled. Remembering the scene where she found Jurina in Haunted House.

   Cute? Me? . No one ever said that to her. Not even Mayu,her best friend and Mariko, her cousin. Jurina knew sometimes she put a facade to not let others saw the real her. A childish immature being. It was all and effect of being born in Matsui household where she banned showing immature side to people. Jurina's family was a traditional prestigious family where they held a big reputation in economic inside Japan as well other countries. Became the only heir, Jurina taught to never dissapoint and brings shame to Matsui Family. Only few others got to knows the real her. Mayu was one of them. When she first opened herself to Mayu, she thought it was a wise thing to fall with the hood girl but later realise the girl unable to be more than her friend. Now, there a person who able to accept the real her, and she swore if it was Rena, Jurina able to fall for her, was she gonna let the chance go, or went after it?

   "C-can I c-call you by y-your n-name? ", asked her blushing furiously. Thanks lord it was dark, so Rena missed the blushing face.

   Rena laughed out loud. "Didn't you already called me Rena-chan? ".

   "Y-yeah. But, I did it to irratated you. So it doesn't count. And stop laughing!! ".

   "Sorry sorry. It's just, you're too cute. It sure rare to see this side of yours. I need to get used to this... And about the name, it's weird for people younger than me called me with -chan, so how Rena-senpai or Rena-san sounds? ".

   "Better than nothing". Jurina snuggled closer, leaning her head on Rena's shoulder. Inhaling the sweet scene that brought peace to her mind.

   There a ruckus going on outside interrupting the good atmosphere between the two Matsuis. Rena and Jurina looked at each other, with Rena raise her eyebrow with the voice outside.

   The cage opened revealing Mayu and  Paruru there. Mayu looked so worried and relief when she saw the younger girl was in good condition rather than she expected because she expects did the worst. Jurina too delighted seeing her friend there and throwing herself into the girl's embrace not minding both of them fell to the ground. Paruru stood there relief as well seeing her classmate was okay.

   While at the moment, the moment Jurina got out from her entrance and hugged her best friend, Rena felt something missing. She brought her hand to where her heart laid, there a bit of pain there. Brushing it off like nothing, she went out from the place to seen Sasshi got pummeled by Mariko while begging for an apology.

   As a reward for their win, each of them including the victim served with the famous yakisoba to their delighted. Rena stealing glance at Jurina who at the moment surrounded by her worried fans. Rena snorted. Player. . She stab the yakisoba and ate it angrily. Unbeknownst to her, when she not looking, Jurina looked at her with a longing eyes. She wanted to spend more time with the older girl, but her fans didn't let her to.

   Two heart finally connected, but what fate decided upon them?

To be Continued

 I am so sorry  :bow: I know many of you hoping for Yuki to know Mayu is Yuuchan. But it's gonna take another chapter for that. Later everyone~

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Wmatsui progressing!  :deco:
It's alright, main event should be the last anyway  :onioncheer:
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I totally could wait for MaYuki after I got a cute dose of WMatsui
What I don’t expect is the confrontation of Sae and Yuki
But it’s a great scene
Update soon :)
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please keep continue Author san, your story is interesting.