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Title: Bruddah Kuro: rest in power one year later...
Post by: daigong on May 08, 2022, 08:08:40 AM
Ha'o wau ia 'oe Bruddah....a year ago on this day May 8, 2021 - we lost our Bro Kurosawa87 aka Kuro808. The Friendly Hawaiian Filipino. The Fanboy like no other. Always down to clown. Crack Staffer. Kuro dabbled in radio, articles, fanfics, postwhored like no one ever did before.


A big part of sports community - he was always part of our Fantasy Leagues. Hell, we renamed the Fantasy Football the Kuro Bowl - but I got sidetracked awardoing our champ. His Bucs won the super bowl before he passed.


The  Konno Asami, HKT48 Fanboy. One of the late bloomers but fuck he's been an active member for nearly 12 years, recent Moderator, our favourite pity poster. He entered the JPH!P Contests and won em all cuz he was the only entry XD Truly thankful to have interacted with him back in 2014 when Morning Musume went to New York.

How fitting this falls on Mothers Day. I lost my mother to cancer. Kuro lost his father too. Brother Kuro two year courageous battle with colon cancer just hammers home the fact that this disease affects everyone in some way or another. Support the charity to support research, the emotional support of patients and their families. The Battle can be Defeated. If they could mRNA covid, why not cancer. Hit up your local official charity and give generously.

We will do a marathon of Kuro's radio show(s) ( "Kuro's Hawaii Show" and "H!P Musix Blox" visit the thread here:

If you wish to drop a message, please feel free to record and DM or PM me an MP3 here at the forum or twitter. I will splice it in and as I re-play his shows all week. WHO CARES ABOUT RATINGS. I got a bunch of show notes, but this one show he kept pushing for 20 listeners and he'd do a livestream. AND BLAOW! He did it!  O0 SO TUNE IN!

Pour a little liquor for Our Homie Kuro. :xo:

Big shout out to Kuro Family - brother, sister, Mama. Our hearts are with you. THANK YOU for allowing this GREAT MAN to be a part of our Family.  :hip smile:

Thank you for tuning in, let us keep the fight going strong for Kuro. With covid going into endemic mode and life returning back to some kind of normal, here's to us getting back to what kuro loved to do: travel. SEE YOU on the next JPH!P World Tour Stop! :jphip:
Title: Re: Bruddah Kuro: rest in power one year later...
Post by: daigong on May 17, 2022, 08:45:30 PM
Thank Y'all for tuning in. Was marathonning Kuro's radio shows. I fucking Miss You Kuro, and will do a better job at :hipheart: Your Memory Burns Brightly FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!