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Author Topic: [Collection] ~ The Taste Of Blood ~  (Read 4161 times)

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[Collection] ~ The Taste Of Blood ~
« on: April 29, 2009, 01:04:42 PM »
The Taste Of Blood [Cut Version]

A month ago, we ran away from our families, our homes, our hometown. We managed to immigrate to Europe, it was then it all started. She was the one I cared for and I hoped I was the one she cared for. Yes, we were both woman, young woman actually. However, she had her own coven, she was what you'd call a sang vampire. Though.. she never dared to taste my blood, even when it was shed on purpose. I still even wonder to this day why she doesn't. Our time together though, was cut short as the amount of teenage girls that fell for her boyish charms. They all became her 'Harem' where she'd take them one by one each night as her "dolls" I was then a complete ghost to her... Well that's what I thought. Every night, I sat in the same chair looking as each girl left the room with a grin on their face. I was just now a maid wasn't I? Some of them stayed to eat or munch on some food or stay the night. The thought of them in with her... and everything killed me inside. I had eventually made up my own room as OUR room was now her den.

As each and everyone one of the girls walked out of that door my blood pressure went sky high, I was jealous of them. To the point where I'd imagine the site of the blood split, the taste of it and if the one I cared for was tasting a sweet taste or was she drinking pure poison? I however had to put the thoughts to a side, I wasn't allowed to interfere with them in anyway. Just the other day while placing a new set of clothes on the duchess, I was scold for "interfering" I bowed my head and excused myself. Lately it has been like that, and today... is St. Valentine's day, I wonder I wonder. Has she remembered it was? Or is she too busy? I shook my head as I placed the clothes in my top draw, it was rather funny. How I always tell myself this story over and over in my head each and every single day.. it was also kind of sad.

I sighed as my hair fell over my face; I threw myself back on the bed starring at the spinning fan. I know it wasn't fair, but if I cared about her I would leave this alone and move on. And so I did. I closed my eyes as I imagined the times we had before this, but also the trouble we had.. I felt tears dwell in my eyes, I didn't cry nor think it. I did however feel a hand run up my leg, then my thigh till it ran across my stomach and my fell under my chest. I opened my eyes and darted them to the mysterious hand, I sat up to find it was her. I stared in her eyes for several minutes before turning my head the other way. It wasn't long before she spoke to me.

"You seem troubled,"
"I-I'm never troubled I'm fine r-really!"
She laughed at me cheekily "You poor liar, what is going on tell me now missy!"
"......Those girls...." I raised my head a bit as I went on "Their blood, their bodies to you crave them each night? Do you...Do you... Do you love them!?"
She sat there with a dumb look on her face and replied with a simple yes. I think then it was when I snapped for the first time..
"I'M THE GIRLFRIEND! I'M THE ONE WHO IS MADLY IN LOVE WITH YOU! why do you love them more...why are they more important than me..."

She sat there looking at me as my tears..just fell nonstop. It was then her phrase came as she sat me back down on the bed.
"You look cute when you cry," I have a slight laugh at her and replied
"You always say that, every time."
"Well it is true you know," I heard her reply back as her hand raised and wipe my tears away from my eyes. I somewhat felt as she called me, a princess. It was then and there..I felt her lips against mine for the second time. I closed my eyes as the last tear fell down my cheek. I kissed her back as I approached my hand to her cheek, but fell back down as I was lost in the moment.

She looked at me in the eyes smiling with a cheeky grin; I smiled back at her laughing a little from embarrassment. If I knew what her mind was thinking, this would be the first time we’d do this. She had made out and had “play time” with her harem but never me. My body shivered at the thought of her hands prodding my body and whispering things into my ear. I was up for it, she set me up in this mood she will be getting me out of it! I looked into her eyes as she looked back, trying to make her move I pounced on her and intertwined our hands together. She looked at me astonished and relating gave in.
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Re: ~ The Taste Of Blood ~
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I thought I'd just pop these in here as well. Seeing they are not really to do with my H!P fics.

-The Way I Am With You-

I don’t know how to express it.
How much you mean to me.
How you pulled me through those bad times.
I simply can’t describe it.
My heart beats faster each time I think of you.
I begin to lose my surroundings and become all woozy just because of you.

In time, it became to love.
But it still ached in my heart.
What about the other person?
I was stuck between the two.
Do I just forget you? Or Fall for you?
I didn’t know what to do.

Not doing my school work.
I doodle, “What about me and you?”
How would you feel?
Do you love me as so?
Can I tell you strongly ‘I love you?’
Or can’t I?
Do I stay just being your friend?

One that wants to hurt every guy or girl who has hurt you?
I don’t know.
It bothers me how I cannot sleep.
Without thinking; How much do you miss me?

I’m sorry for being selfish.
I can’t stop this.
It’s never ending!
I’m trying hard not to bring you pain and confusion.

But I do by each time I’m upset.
I just wanna say to you.
“Forget it! I’m freakin’ in love with you!”
But for some reason I scowl you for apologizing.

You shouldn’t do it as much
As it tears at me.
Screaming, don’t say you’re sorry!
It makes me want to just..
Find a way to you to make it stop.

So I can feel your warmth against my body.
To touch your smooth skin.
Even to…exchange our emotions in a kiss.

It’s embarrassing to say yes;
But I’m truly sorry.
I can’t stop this;
Please forgive me.

My heart is just set on loving you.

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Re: ~ The Taste Of Blood ~
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- If It's So. Let It Show-

Swishing my bare feet in the water.
I’ve noticed the difference.
I’m not the one am I?
No matter how I try?

I want to smile for you but can’t.
My heart is shaking.
The fear of this lost love.

If you could hear me cry.
If you see me cry.
What would you do?
To make my pain go away?

Allow me to be selfish for once.
And let me be with you for one second?
To be lost in your eyes that holds the key.
Would you let me?
Or would you allow me to stay by your side.
Till I lose myself in my own cries?

I wonder how long I can stare.
Without you noticing.
Then again; you don’t even know I do it.
I’m just little old me.
Sitting up in a tree.
Awaiting for your arrival to me.
It hurts; It aches.
I know I can’t stay away.
My thoughts also escape.

How silly of me.
I can only say to you.
“I’m sorry!”
In hope for you to cradle me in an embrace.

With you tenderness washing over me.
To also hope;
You’ll say to me “Don’t worry; it doesn’t bother me”
I bite hard thinking of you.

I’m such a silly girl.
That wishes to be with you.
Can you forgive her?
Or can you fall in love with her?
Is it possible you already feel both for her?

If So; Let Me Know.

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Re: ~ The Taste Of Blood ~
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Don't Say Love; If You're Just Toying With Me

Blank, My head is blank.

Filled with the words I read over,

"I never loved you."

I wondered to myself.

Why lie to me? To see it was a joke?

Why hurt me so bad? Why lead me on? When I could of had someone else to love?!

It's unforgiveable!

Not once, not twice not thrice but for a fourth time I've been hurt by you.

Each time pushing harder for me to love again.

I can't believe you'd do such a thing.

Why? Why? Why?

You ask me if I'm okay.

I reply to you simple and easy.


You apologize to me, but there is no point.

The damage is done.

I look up to see a vision of blur,

Tears that won't stop.

I tell myself, I can do this.

You're just a bump in my road.

Abusing my heart and chucking it around.

How nice of you.

I am now, stronger.

I won’t' fall for someone like you again.

From now on.

I'm free; I'm going to look towards the horizons

And hope to be with someone more grateful.

Then you'd ever would have been.
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