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Author Topic: Our unordinary days (multiple pairing)  (Read 322 times)

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Our unordinary days (multiple pairing)
« on: March 18, 2022, 01:38:33 PM »
I'm changing the storyline of this story and the title as I have more ideas on how to start the story, the characters will remain unchanged just there maybe some comedy inserted in it which I want to try writing. For now I'll give some heads up of the story before I start uploading the chapters.

Akiba Girls International school is an all girls school where the school system consists of elementary, junior high, high school and college in one school. The students can choose to be one full train in the school from elementary to college or choose to study in other schools. The daily lives of the girls are disrupted until one day one transfer student came during their second year in high school. In this story there will be two parties; student council and the other is avengers. Why avengers is because they will accept any request from the students to help them but because their leader Oshima Yuko thinks it is a very cool name to call their group this name.

Student Council

"This transfer student we need to recruit her." A midget called Takahashi Minami which is the president after reading the details of the transfer student information decided this decision. "Why? Does she have any super powers?" Kojima Haruna the treasurer who is just blankly looking at Takamina. "If Yuko knows about it, she will if I didn't guess wrong will recruit her in too." Takamina  shook her head in pain. "Then recruit her in before Yuko can do it." Madea Atsuko vice-president whose motto in life is to eat while you can, which has been eating since the start.

"Acchan is right if we action first Yuko may not be able to recruit her since she has snatch all your potential recruits before." Kashiwagi Yuki one of the members in the disciplinary committee  which is known to be to say things who people hurt the most. "'re being too straightforward with your words." Matsui Rena another member of the committee who has just placed her cup down. "Ok so we have decided recruit the new student once she's here these few days, just you wait Yuko!"


" I believe everyone have heard this news of our student so our next plan is to get her into our club, so any details of her Mayuyu?" Oshima Yuko  who founded the club is actually a member of the student council, but the members of avengers are all of student council but Yuko wanted to make school life more interesting decided to come out with this club. "For now all the information we have is she's from Osaka and being transfer to Tokyo because our principal thinks she very cute." Watanabe Mayu aka Mayuyu who is like a cyborg who is very good at getting information or hacking to get information who managed to hack to get information like this. "Osaka? Then Sayanee may know her! Since you are from Osaka right?" Matsui Jurina an all rounded sorts player but has fetish of kissing other girls. "I transfer here during first year of Junior high how do you think I know her? Even if I know her, I won't remember since it could be when we were too young to remember each other." Yamamoto Sayaka a serious student who has leadership skills which attracted Yuko to recruit her. "Anyway Takamina may have come up with a plan to stop me but there's no way she can stop me from recruiting cute girls since all our members except Mayuyu are all not cute."

So this is an introduction of all our characters and with this introduction I believe everyone knows who is this transfer student who is very cute, student council and avengers are friends or enemies or frenemies? So stay tuned to next time Chapter 1: showdown.
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Re: AKB High school (multiple pairing)
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Waiting for this

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Re: Our unordinary days (multiple pairing)
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Chapter 1: New Student

Today is the day the transfer student would be here so Takamina is in the student council room early to be mentally prepared and Yuko who is hiding one corner to give a sneak attack when the student comes. Before they are prepared the student knocks on the door as she entered Takamina was stunned for a moment then she composed herself again, as this is the first time she has seen someone so smiley like that and Yukirin does not even do that. Yuko who also have the same thought as Takamina.

“Watanabe Miyuki?”

“Hai~ You can call me Milky also~” Takamina cleared her throat as she feels she maybe feeling getting fished by the girl in front of her. “So Milky…….welcome to Akiba International Girls School, now is a bit early I have arranged an escort for you but she has not arrived yet why don’t we get to know each other better first?” Takamina gestured Milky to take a seat which Yuko who has been hiding outside decided to sneak in to listen to their conversation. “So why did you decided to transfer during second year of high school?”

“Actually I was supposed to take the entrance exam but because I had missed my train so I decided to study in Osaka for the first year before transferring, my parents have wanting me to come back to Tokyo to study as I was staying with my grandmother when I was in Osaka.”

“I guess because of Tokyo has more choices for furthering your studies rather than Osaka right?” Milky nodded in agreement. “So have you decided to join any club before I start you on?” Milky pondered a bit before answering. “I actually am interested in joining the avengers club, I heard they do various things to help the students.”

“Really Milky-chan!” Out of nowhere upon hearing Milky wanted to join her club, Yuko has shown herself. “Yuko! Where did you come from? Have you been listening our conversation?” Takamina and Milky stood up as they were startled by Yuko. “Don’t be too concerned about it Takamina, so I can tell you all the interesting things we do Milky-chan.”

“Wait! I want Milky to join the student council and I don’t intend to step down on this.” Takamina decided to fight against Yuko up front. “Ano…..I haven’t decided anything yet, maybe you guys don’t fight?”
“Don’t worry we don’t fight, we will let you decide.” Yuko and Takamina have both calmed down after hearing Milky as they have swore to get Milky to their own club. “Is this the new student?” The student council members slowly coming in one by one as Yuko sneaked out again. “Was that Yuko?” Haruna managed to catch a glimpsed of her. “Yup! She knows about Milky and let me introduce you our new student Watanabe Miyuki.”

“You can call me Milky also~”

“So Milky Rena will be your escort for today, so Rena sorry for troubling you on this.” Rena nodded as she went to gave Milky a tour around the school. “So…… why was Yuko here?” Acchan who sensed a fight nearly broke in the student council room. “Yuko knew about the new student and I guessed she wanted to see who was it.”

“So……has she decided on joining us?” Yukirin tried to be gentle on her words. “She was keen on joining Yuko as she heard about the interesting things Yuko does.” Haruna who kept quiet and was in deep thought and Takamina caught this decided to disperse them as it was time for school too. “Haruna….don’t be too concerned about this.”

“I know…….”

“So this new girl is she really as Mayuyu stated very cute?” Yuko nodded as Jurina questioned her. “If she were to do as a job, she’s a 100% suitable for being an idol. She’s all smiley when talking to her, she has this fuwa-fuwa aura.” Yuko uncle-like character has come out when talking about Milky. “So Haruna-san knows about this?”

“Nyannyan of course knows! I tried to run away before she saw me but bad luck she saw me when I ran away.” Sayaka had no idea what to say to her leader only to walk away until she bump onto someone. “Gomen! Are you hurt anywhere?” Sayaka immediately apologised and went to help the other person. “I’m fine thank you~” Sayaka was stunned for a while as the student walked past. “She’s really cute as Yuko says.” Sayaka rubbed her nose shyly as she head for her classroom.

After the bell rings Rena and Milky appears in the classroom together, after simple introduction Milky was seated next to Sayaka as it was the only seat left for her. Sayaka who remembered the girl she bumped earlier was Milky and now too shy to look at her, who is now beaming at her. “Ano…. Is there anything I can help you?”

“Just curious~”

“About what?” Sayaka has no idea what Milky was referring as the teacher came in, their conversation also ended. The whole entire lesson Milky was listening and taking notes which Sayaka sighed a relief that Milky wasn’t as difficult as she think. “Sayaka! Let’s go!” As Sayaka prepared to leave she felt a strength holding her from moving. “Sayaka-chan~ I also want to go!”

“B-But I’m heading for my club activities.” For the first time in her life Sayaka stuttered in front of a girl, Jurina who witnessed it holding her laughter. “I want to see what your club does, this morning Yuko has invited me too~” Milky was clutching onto Sayaka’s arm not intending to let go of her. “See Rena is waiting for you also.”

“I think letting Milky to see what avengers club is about is also a good thing , so I don’t see why I’m stopping this.” Rena then simply walked off which Jurina wanted to speak up but decided to chase after her. “Looks like I have to bring you there…..” Milky beamed at Sayaka who blushed the second time in a day with the same person.

“Rena-chan! I want to talk to you!”

“I have duties to do Jurina so if you mind please let me go.” Jurina held Rena tighter as she dragged her away. “How long do you want to act this way? We have been in this cold war for so long already, I don’t want already!”
“Jurina……you know why we are in this position so I don’t want to repeat my words.” Rena left Jurina hanging there angrily while she walked away. Sayaka who seem to gave up fighting against Milky as she brought her to the club while she still clutching onto her. “Ohhhh…….Sayaka and Milky-chan! Welcome to avengers!” Milky look around the club and think the club not as shabby as she thinks. “So what do you think?”

“It looks cool! Where are the rest?”

“They are slowly coming in, Jurina the girl you saw just now is one of the members also.” Milky nodded as she took a seat, when the door open up Milky ran towards a figure and hug. Sayaka suddenly feels annoyed that she randomly hugs anybody she wants. “Milky? Why are you here?”

“You mean the club or school?”

“I mean the club.” Milky know clutching onto Mayuyu who just came in. “Sayaka-chan brought me here.” Sayaka denied the fact as she was to forced to bring her in. “Let’s go I need to talk to you also.” Mayuyu and Milky walked away leaving Yuko and Sayaka puzzled. “Do you think they knew each other?”

“Who knows?”

“So have you met Takamina and the rest?” Milky nodded as they are at an eluded place away from all the students. “So have you told anyone the reason of being here?” Milky shook her head before Mayuyu starts to explain.  “Good! I need to tell you something serious and need you to do me a favour.”

“That’s why you suddenly asked me to transfer?”

“Yes…..since it was getting out of hands now when Takamina and Yuko now fighting for you. So listen to what I want to say now.”

To be continued……..

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