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Chapter 17: M.T. (IV) - BECAUSE I’M A FOOL

[Treasure the people you have in your life now. They won’t be here forever. You don’t know when they will be taken away from you or for how long they are willing to hold on. Just as strong as my wish that Hoshino Maru-san has already found Shimazaki Haruka-san, I hope that all of you here would find that one person that will complete you.]

Those were the parting words of the museum owner before they went out of the auditorium. Fuyu suddenly vanished. Asuka was sure that he sat beside her but when the lights went back, he was nowhere to be seen. She just found that he already went out the hall even before the playback of the recording started.

“I’m not interested”, is all that he said and then went back to the bus. He didn’t even look back at the museum. He said that he is already hungry and he doesn’t have any time for useless things like that.

After that was the late lunch. They were brought into a very fancy Korean Barbecue restaurant and there they filled their stomach with the delicious fried meat. It was indeed a late lunch but students didn’t seem to mind. They were talking about their experience in the museum which quite marveled them. Most of them have already searched for information about the said book and some even went to purchase its digital copy.

They couldn’t stop talking about how sad they felt while listening to the recordings. Though they still have some sort of doubt if that was really Hoshino Maru or just some random actress who fabricated the recording. But, it seems like everything that they have seen was credible. The owner of the museum will not benefit anything at all from doing it so they started to believe that he is really doing this with a pure heart.

They also couldn’t believe about Fumie’s strong resemblance to Shimazaki Haruka. Some were even thinking that she’s probably the exact same girl and Hoshino Maru ended up as Hoshizora Fuyu. It seems like NHG’s students aren’t that slow.

“That is what I have been telling all of you!” Yuma hit the table with his palm. “I told you that Hoshizora-senpai was Hoshino Maru and Shingyoji-san was Shimazaki Haruka-san! Now you believe me? Huh? Huh? Huh?

They were sitting on a long table. Haru, Natsu and Aki are present. Miyu, Fumie, Maki and Asuka are also there. Fuyu was dragged to another table by Risao and Manaki and surprisingly, he just agreed. He went to eat with them which delighted his juniors except the Drill Sergeant who was on the same table.

“We can’t help it! It was really hard to believe in the first place!” Maki argued.

Yuma turned to her with a sharp stare. “But you believe 100% about your powers, right?”

“Of course! They are authentic!”

“Oh, come on!”

Yuma slapped his forehead and sighed. He turned to Fumie who was sitting in front of him. She found her looking at him with wide-opened eyes, lips parted a little.

“What is it, Shingyoji-san? Still couldn’t believe?” Yuma asked, seems like he is already tired of explaining everything. “Do you need more proof?”

Fumie tilted her head. “I’m just wondering when did you transfer to our school?”

“PFFT!” Everyone tried to stop their selves from laughing while Yuma slapped his forehead again with greater force.

“I’ve been your classmate since last week. Thank you for finally noticing me.” Yuma sarcastically answered. “Thanks to these two girls that has been keeping me away from you.”

Maki and Miyu turned their heads to another direction, playing innocent.

“Okay, Watanabe-kun…” Haru swallowed his food before continuing. “If what you are saying is true, could you explain why Fuyu is suddenly acting like this? He looks like he is easily irritated right after that scene on the grave.”

“That’s true.” Natsu seconded. “He murmured something after the pain in his head went away, right?”

“He said that is gone.” Aki stated in a low voice. “The scent.”

Silence followed that statement. They were just waiting for whatever Yuma is going to say.

“There are actually two possibilities.” Yuma broke the silence. The serious look on his face doesn’t help the atmosphere at all. “He might’ve remembered everything or all was reset.”

“What do you mean by reset?” Miyu asked. “You mean he has already forgotten about the promise his past self has made?”

“Basically.” Yuma answered as he crossed his arms. “He has ceased living for that promise and is ready to start a new life.”

“But earlier he was speaking Korean. Does he really know how to speak it or is it because Hoshino-san was from a Korean descent?” Miyu held her hands together. “There might be a chance that he has remembered!”

“Fuyu-nii spoke Korean?” Natsu asked while chewing. “He is learning Korean since we were in grade school because he is really interested to this country. I guess he has finally put it into practice.”

“Ehh…” Miyu’s shoulders dropped. Yuma rubbed his chin as he thinks.

“There are incidents like that when people started to do the things their past selves can do when they came to a place significant to their past selves. There was someone who has never played piano but after reaching his past self’s home, he started playing piano out of nowhere. It happened that he was a well-known pianist in his past life. I was also hoping that the reason he suddenly spoke Korean was because Maru-sama was a Korean but it turned out that he was learning it.”

“If he has remembered everything then he should have gone all the more to Fumie-chan, am I right?” Aki voiced out what’s on his head.

“Exactly.” Yuma nodded. “If he has remembered everything then he will not let go of Shingyoji-san anymore! But look at him. He is completely ignoring her. He also said he isn’t interested with the recording a while ago. Right, Saito-senpai?”

“Y-Yes…” The girl stammered when she was suddenly called. She doesn’t like what they are talking about. She has just confessed her feelings for Fuyu and now they are telling her that he is meant for no one else but Fumie. How is she supposed to react with this?

“Well, we all have heard it.” Natsu placed his chopsticks on the table before leaning backwards. “That Maru person said that she’s bad in being ignored by the person she loves but…” He took a glimpse of Fumie who’s hanging her head low. “The girl who we believe as the reincarnation of Shimazaki Haruka-san kept on pushing him away.”

Yuma also put his chopsticks down. The food is something that he doesn’t normally eat but he doesn’t have the appetite to eat. He couldn’t force himself to eat.

“Normally, children remember something about their past lives but as the innocence is being taken away as they age, they tend to forget about the reason why they were born again. I was actually pretty amazed that Hoshizora-senpai still remembers that even though he is already 18. I really think that he is really eager to fulfill the promise. But I guess the things that happened in his present life have already pushed him to give up.”

Everyone’s spirit fell down after that conclusion from Yuma. They have heard from the guy that they are all friends in their past lives thus the heavy feeling about what’s currently happening to Fuyu.

Yuma looked up in the ceiling and closed his eyes. “Maa, I guess that’s it.” He sighed. “It’s over if Hoshizora-senpai has already given up. He already ran out of time.“

Haru wiped his lips with a tissue. “Everything is already in the past. It doesn’t matter anymore. We are new people with new background and new personalities. We have new memories. It will be better for us if we are going to stop talking about things that don’t matter anymore.”

Yuma felt hurt hearing those words from Haru. The latter was right. A lot of things have already changed. What happened in the past cannot be continued at the present time. It cannot be altered. He thought that he could get support from someone but no one is voicing out anything about getting the two back together.

“Fumie-chan wants to be an idol and she doesn’t feel the same way about Fuyu. Now that Fuyu has woken up to this reality, I will help him stand up and maximize his abilities. I’ll be taking care of him.”

Haru noticed Fumie’s hands rolled into fists. He also observed how the girl bit her lips as she listens to everything that he is saying. He noticed the showcase of frustration but he didn’t seem to mind.

“Let’s forget about all these happenings.” Haru stressed out. “The past doesn’t matter anymore.”

THE MT activities continued even at the hotel that they are staying. After the lunch, they just took a group photo then went to the hotel. There they had their free time to rest or to take a bath in order to prepare for the event that is going to be held at 9 in the evening.

The Shiki suddenly disappeared after they arrived in the airport. It seems that those four guys are up to something. Yuma went to take a short nap since his head has been aching due to the happenings while Fumie and Miyu went to sauna to refresh themselves. On the other hand, Asuka and Maki went to their room to fix their stuffs.

“What do you think, Maki?”

Maki was surprised when Asuka suddenly spoke. She thought that her friend was sleeping but it looks like she’s just lying on the bed while on a deep thought.

“About what?” Maki tried to play clueless even though she already knows what Asuka is talking about. Actually, she has also been thinking about it. All of this reincarnation stuff is getting her amazed. The claim that she was Miyawaki Sakura in her past life excites her chuunibyou nature. But all of these claims are clearly saying that Asuka can’t be with Fuyu, right?

“Should I just give up?”

Maki froze and then slowly turned to her friend. Her heart hurts seeing the sad look on her friend’s face. “Asuka…”

“Yuma-san has been saying that you are all in the same circle of friends in your past lives. I was the only one who didn’t belong. I wonder how I should feel about this…”

Maki suddenly jumped into Asuka’s bed which somehow forced the other girl to sit up.

“Don’t feel bad about it, Asuka! That’s already in the past. What’s important is now!” Maki said, almost shouting with a frustrated face.

Asuka was shocked for a moment but then she just smiled. “So, if the past isn’t really that important then why do you seem like you are rooting for them to be together?”

Maki stiffened after hearing that. Asuka was looking at her straight to her eyes but she couldn’t make herself return the said stare. She bowed her head and covered everything with a smile.

“W-W-What are you talking about, Asuka? You are my friend and I know you longer than Fumie-chan!”

Asuka smiled faintly. “But if the reincarnation theory is true then you might’ve known each other long ago. Longer than me…”

Maki pouted. She never wanted to hear Asuka talking like this. “But right now I am Togawa Maki. I’m not Miyawaki Sakura anymore…”

Ashu went back to lying in the bed. She spread her arms and closed her eyes. She’s already tired. It won’t help her if she would just waste her rest time in worrying like this. She has already decided that she would fight for Fuyu so why does she have to feel like this?

“I’m taking a nap, Maki.” That also means Maki has to leave her bed. The other girl got what she is inferring and immediately left the bed. She went back in fixing her things heaving a deep sigh, somehow cursing herself because she knows deep in her heart that Maru belongs to Paruru.


BUFFET style dinner raging from western food to eastern ones. That is how NHG MT is going to spend their first night in Korea. The dinner is being held in the hall of the hotel that they are staying at. Everyone is free to get whatever their hearts desire.

Yuma had to wipe his drool at the sight of the foods around him. This is the first time in his life that he will eat with this vast range of choices. He couldn’t even set his eyes on what he is going to eat first. In the end, his plate overflowed with food.

“Do you know that you can go back if you are not yet full?” Miyu asked while smiling cunningly at the said guy.

“R-Really!?” Yuma interjected. “I thought I can only do one trip so I get everything that I could get.” He innocently explained.

“Have you ever been into a buffet before, Yuma-san?” Maki was amazed. She has never encountered someone who has zero experience of buffet.

“W-Well…” Yuma cleared his throat. “I don’t really like buffet because I think it is just for people who are saving money.” He lied.

Maki and Miyu just looked at each other and shrugged the topic away. They are sitting on a table together with Asuka and Fumie. Both of them are still lost in their thoughts and their friends are trying to cheer them up in the best way they can.

This is a time to enjoy. It is not the perfect place to be vexed about the recent happenings. If they really want to move on then they should stop letting those negative emotions linger.

The lights suddenly dimmed and everyone was caught off guard. The stage lit up which called everyone’s attention on it. The crowd cheered up as they saw Shiki on the stage, each one is manning their own band instrument.

Natsu, who is the man on the drums, gave them a signal to start. After a rolling, the familiar song started. It was [Don’t Say Lazy] of the band called Hokago Tea Time. What amazed them more is that the one who is singing is not Aki. The said guy is focused on the lead guitar while doing the backup vocal. Haru is on the keyboard that has a very important part on this song.

The one doing the main vocal is non-other than Fuyu himself. He is also holding the bass guitar in his hand as if they are mimicking the original artist of the song. Everyone was suddenly on their feet, jumping and cheering as the Shiki rocks the song.

Natsu is being 200% more chick magnet while he is hitting the drums and the HaruAki tandem isn’t up to see unsatisfied faces on the crowd. Fuyu’s badass looks didn’t help in calming the girls. He may seem forced of what he is doing but he is executing it perfectly fine. This might be one of the biggest surprises in this trip—Shiki performing like a real group!

The song that is perfectly fit for Fuyu ended with a bang and the roar of the audience became even louder. Haru went to calm them down and told them to sit back. He is still chasing for his breath but there’s no doubt that he is satisfied with the reaction that the performance received.

“It’s a nice evening, isn’t it?” Haru asked which was warmly answered by everyone. He is really well-respected not just by the student body but also by the teachers as well. “I hope you all had fun during the first day of our Membership Training. Tonight, we are rendering you a special performance as you eat—“

“When are we going to eat?” Fuyu mumbled, he forgot that there is a mic in front of him. The next thing he knew is that Haru is looking at him with a stare that could cut his coconut hair. Fuyu gulped and zipped his mouth. This short skit made everyone laugh.

Haru cleared his throat before continuing. “As I have said, we have prepared songs for that first night. Tomorrow, the stage will be open for all who wants to render something. But tonight, as our appreciation to your cooperation in this MT, I and my friends are here to light up the night.”

A round of applause was given by the audience. Haru saw that more and more people are gathering. Even those people who are serving the food are all eyes on the stage.

Aki took a step forward which is a go signal for Miyu to go wild together with the other girls. The autumn prince took a quick look of the audience’s faces before he spoke. “We are now going to sing for y’all an original song.”

The students cheered even more which made Natsu even more excited to hit the drums. Fuyu is just standing there silently. The audience’s excitement is already at the peak.

“This is a song that I wrote for a friend of mine and we are going to perform here first. I hope you will all enjoy this song! This is called ‘Because I’m a Fool’” Aki nodded at his friends as a go signal. Natsu hit the crash and played some beat. After a complete routine was a slide coming from the bass guitar and all the instruments came all together for the intro.

(This song is called A Song For A Fool/Because I’m A Fool by Park Sang Woo[Jung Yong-hwa of CNBlue] Let’s just say that it is in Japanese. Haha. You can check the playlist  for the link.)

Again, Fuyu is leading the vocals. He looks a bit flustered but his eyes look so sad that the girls are being drawn to him.

Maybe this is because I am fool

Even if I get hurt it seems okay

Even when others say this is a useless love, it’s okay

Because I’m a fool beyond help

“No way…” Maki gasped. “Did Agoki-senpai really write something like this for the King!?”

“Isn’t that a bit mean?” Yuma asked then went on with his karaage.

Miyu frantically shook her head. “The song is just starting. Let’s listen first.”

I was good to her because I wanted to be

I was happy with just that

Even if she smiles at me just once

I’ll be happy just with that smile

Fuyu took a glimpse of Fumie. Even though it is dark by the audience’s side, he didn’t take long to locate where she is. Fumie just looked back at him, she isn’t letting go. Asuka immediately noticed it.

The song then went to the chorus. Never did they think that this song could be sad like this.

Until the person that she will love comes

I will just be by her side

For it is a happy love that I could give

I’m not asking anything in exchange

On that place where she can reach out for me anytime

On that place where I could hear her when she calls

Without changing, I will be there

Because I love her
It was followed by a short instrumental made just by the guitar. After that was the second verse of the song.

Because it is the love that I chose

I was happy even in the painful times

Even if she looks back at me just for one time

With that, I’ll be happy

“The four of them obviously have a strong bond.” Yuma commented while tapping the table in accordance with the rhythm. “Hoshizora-senpai might not be the type that properly expresses himself but everyone one knows what he feels without saying a word. I can see that Yamamoto-senpai really knows what’s inside Hoshizora-senpai’s heart. He knows that he couldn’t let it out so he turned it into a song just for Hoshizora-senpai to be able to breathe. It feels like the three of them are here just to protect him.”

The song went back to the chorus and after that is an instrumental with a great guitar lead from Aki. The members of the band are just looking at each other, enjoying the moment that they are performing as a group. The crowd cheered even harder when a faint smile was formed on Fuyu’s face after he took a good, meaningful look of the guys that are with him. They didn’t expect him to smile while doing something that he doesn’t like doing. It seems like he is laughing because the song clearly says what he feels inside.

Until that person that will take care of her instead of me comes

Even just for a moment, I will stay by her side

Because I’m happy just by looking at her

I don’t need anything else

So that she could rest whenever she feels tired

I will remain the same

Even if she leaves without saying goodbye

I will send her with thanksgiving

The instruments stopped and everything was hanged into some sort of cliff. Fuyu bowed his head and then grabbed the mic. The other members are just looking at him with a proud smile on their faces. After one deep breath, Fuyu sang the last line of the song.

Because I’m a fool

After that was the last strum from Aki’s guitar and the song ended. Everyone clapped at their magnificent performance. Even the teachers are moved on the lyrics of the said song. Shinoda-sensei could be seen clapping while in tears while Akimoto-sensei is pretending that he isn’t proud of seeing Fuyu perform.

“And now, for the next—“

“Excuse me for a moment…”

Aki was halted when Fuyu suddenly talked. It wasn’t on the plan that he is going to say something but what is up with him? They’ve been observing that he is acting weird but to the extent that he will talk in front of this entire people? Hoshizora Fuyu doing that?

Everyone’s breath is on a halt as they wait for Fuyu to talk again. The guy held on the mic once again, his eyes traveled to the whole of the audience.

“B-Before we move on to the next song, I just want to say something.”

His voice is cracked and his hands are shaking but he is trying so hard to show that he doesn’t give a damn. He tried to keep his composure by taking another deep breath. The people sitting in the audience breathed with him.

“N-No…” Yuma murmured to himself which caught the attentions of the girls sitting with him.

“W-What happened, Yuma-kun?” Miyu asked, troubled of why Yuma is tearing up.

“His light...” Yuma brushed his face with his palms. “It’s… It’s gone… He had cut ties with his past selves. It’s really over…”

Fumie’s jaw dropped as her eyes widened after hearing Yuma’s statement. Her eyes went back to the stage and there she met Fuyu’s stare. A sad smile, a very meaningful smile—that’s the first thing she saw from the boy.

“I-I… I want to take this opportunity to say sorry to every mess that I made. Actually, Haru set up this band thing so that I could pay for all the shame that I’ve brought in the school’s name.”

The students started murmuring. Are they really hearing Hoshizora Fuyu apologizing?

“I’ve been so unreliable and indeed I’m just a lackluster but I honestly think that I don’t have to do anything about it so I’m not changing anything. I am not asking you to accept me. I’m not appealing for my sake as well.”

He avoided looking at the audience by looking down. Feeling that the air is getting awkward, he scratched the back of his head, trying to put the words together.

“I-I just have one request for all of you…” He bit his lips and heaved a sigh. He gulped to swallow the lump that is forming in his throat. He cleared his throat to prevent his voice from shattering even more.

“It’s about the girl with the scent.” He finally said. “I’m really sorry about making a fuss about it. I’m also really, really, really sorry for the girl that got involved with this. I’m sorry… I was only thinking of myself.”

“Fuyu-kun…” Asuka uttered under her breath.

“My request is that you stop from linking her name to me. I know it is my fault so I’m saying this in front of everyone. I caused her a lot of trouble already and I don’t want to burden her anymore. I was wrong in a lot of aspects. S-She has a dream and I don’t want to be an obstacle for that dream. I want her to fulfill all her dreams.

Eto… Everything is just a work of my imagination. I’m just a delusional freak just like everyone says. Please forget about the girl of the scent. Everything I believed about it is not true and…”

He took one last look at Fumie and with all the remaining courage in his heart, he ended his plea.


“…It will never be true.”


@MatsuiLee-san, you know I like those kind of stuffs. Haha.
@DeNight-san, Thank you so much for reading. Thanks also for your feedback in TTM. I'm really glad. :)
Don't worry. I will take care of these characters. :) (Sorry for the short reply for a long comment. I really have bad social skills but truth be told, I read your comments again and again. :) )
@yuuri14-san, I'm just playing with cliches. XD
@Goto24-san, Don't die yet. Wait for the next chapter. Lol. Seriously, don't die. XD
@Genkikid-san, All her recordings are sad. :(

Sorry folks for the sudden update! XD I just can't wait for Friday to upload this. I will also update on Friday if you guys request. XD I hope you had a nice ride while reading it. See you around~

Waiting for your next update~
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