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Hello, Sophcaro.

I was waiting for this new chapter and I must say that was worth it, besides, seriously you should consider offering your services to Aki-p as a concert producer.  I enjoyed the concert as if it were a real one!
It was very surprising to see Aachan  waiting for Jurina at the top, sincerely I thought it would be Rena. And although this is fiction, it was very exciting to have the original team S reunited and performing "Tsuyokimono yo".

Now ... Rena, Jurina ... this is very complicated!!
Jurina thinks that Rena is just being nice and is afraid of getting too close and Rena on her part, is afraid of getting too close and causing her pain ... argh !!
Just give a kiss you two!!
Speaking of kisses ... Jurina kissing Churi on the cheek because Rena is watching ... LOL
Jurina still keeps worrying about Rena seing her kissing another girl.

I have a special mention for Yuki. Sweet and tender Yuki! Remembering Rena the summer at Mayu's house and telling her it would be great that maybe, just maybe, they could repeat the experience ... yep! Yuki is the heroine of this chapter XD

And finally ... the whole chapter was great, but the part that provoked me the most was the end:
"Will I ... see you again?"
Yes!! Rena !! You just have to say yes!!!
Waiting for that answer was eternal to me.
At least the door to reconciliation has opened ... right? Right??
Although I admit that I would have liked Rena to be more verbal with the answer, I understand that she didn't expect that question.

Thanks and cheers you are doing great!
Graduated Members / Re: [TEAM E] RENA ~ The Matsui Rena Thread
« Last post by Ruka Kikuchi on Today at 02:34:36 AM »
I watched Hara-hara Nanoka! It was so cute and really good!

Once it's subbed, I definitely recommend people check it out! ;)
Japanese / Re: Ririka Motoshima 本島莉々果
« Last post by muppet on Today at 01:04:15 AM »

Ririka chan continues to impress!

Japanese / Re: Ririka Tanabe / 田鍋梨々花
« Last post by muppet on Today at 01:03:02 AM »

Ririka chan, you have our attention

Until we meet again

Japanese / Re: Nanoka Hara 原菜乃華
« Last post by muppet on Today at 01:01:57 AM »
Nanoka Hara and Rena Matsui were reunited as their 2017 film,
“Hara Hara Nanoka” was shown at the 2018 Toyohashi Film Festival earlier
this month.

Toyohashi is in Aichi ken, so Rena san was prominently featured

And Train Otaku Rena expresses her love:

Well done Ladies!

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