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H!P News and Releases / [04/27] Riko Yamagishi 1st photobook [Riko]
« Last post by J-Triumf on Today at 06:41:53 AM »
The cute puppy-eyed leader of Tsubaki Factory is getting her own photobook!
The day the earth stood still...

The kid....

....grew up

Well not completely

Thanks to Ryoka chan for many fond memories

Juri Takahashi and Ryoka are Idols
that you are glad you got to know

Wishing much success and happiness to beautiful Ryoka!

HALL & OATES-She's Gone (The Essential DARYL HALL & JOHN OATES)
The Official J-Music Artist Threads / Re: (Group) SUPER☆GiRLS
« Last post by v9k9 on Today at 05:58:51 AM »
Hi all

I am working on a semi-private website for friends of with an open archive of all my "Nana Asakawa" materials.
I am looking for friends who also collect Nana's pictures and movies.

Now : the collection is a web gallery and I am making a mirror on MEGA to help downloads.

Someone want to help me ? Send me a PM.

See you.
Girls' Generation / Re: Breast SNSD
« Last post by nb3030 on Today at 05:15:36 AM »

Girls' Generation / Re: THE Butt Thread!
« Last post by nb3030 on Today at 05:14:29 AM »
No butts since mid December... WHYYYY?

Girls' Generation / Re: Breast SNSD
« Last post by nb3030 on Today at 05:06:56 AM »
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