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Author Topic: Finding Sakura Part 3: Path to Blooming  (Read 2257 times)

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Finding Sakura Part 3: Path to Blooming
« on: March 20, 2016, 08:47:18 AM »
Something that came into my mind beforehand and just working off the general idea of her birthday :lol:

Part 1

“We are sending Miyawaki to Tokyo.”  She called.

“Sakura?  You sure?”  The woman peered up, kneading her forehead.

“Ota… it is the best thing for us.  We’ll also provide an extra incentive of Kodama.”  She added as her eyes turned away.

“Sashihara… that’s bold for us to do that with the introduction of the secret weapon for Osaka and the overall chaos in Nagoya.”  Ota informed her.  “They will cross paths.”

“Instructions will be not to cross paths until Tokyo.”  Sashihara nodded.  “Sashihara Rino out.”

“Ota Aika out.”

Hearing the moves through the speaker, Sakura bit her lip as the move seemed to bring the worst out of the camp.  She was welcomed but not as much as the people had wanted to feel.  Kagoshima had been forgotten with the Fukuoka girls but she had an ally that seemed to compose herself but her voice couldn’t stop the immediate move.  Her eyes slanted away when the short-haired female entered the room, letting out a sigh.

“Sashiko doesn’t want us to go, you know that?”  Kodama Haruka sighed.

“She got screwed in Tokyo.”  Sakura lowered to the bag.  “She escaped back to here and told us to be ready when the forces would come for us.”

“We are going to be sold quickly.”  Kodama informed her.  “Sasshi was hesitant with Lovetan about the price for each of us.”

“Do you know?”  Sakura asked, turning her eyes to the bag and throwing the rest of the clothes inside.

“Three hundred million on our heads.”  Haruka sighed.  “It’s like a car.”

“Well we have to pretend that we stay in shape for it too.”  Sakura growled, zippering the bag.  “I heard we have a ride.”

Haruka nodded as Sashihara stood by the door staring back at them.  Sakura knew where she aiming her eyes to but Lovetan came with a bag and swayed her head over.  Admittedly, they were told of the issues coming for them although avoiding it was one thing she had always had felt until now when they had been sold.  Sakura swallowed the lump and gripped the bag to lift it onto her shoulder.  Haruka followed behind as a cart had come for them and let them unload it.

“Sashihara!  When we’ll be used… we will come back in bags, right?”  Sakura groaned when she turned.

“You don’t have to die but it’ll be for the glory.  Mio is the next one up and we are trying to avoid that situation.”  Sashihara explained as she turned back and handed a bag to each of them.  “It isn’t much but the glory for us is enough to carry us through.”

Sakura gripped the cart and moved towards the door when a figure in a black suit and dark glasses came through and bowed to the two women.  She stopped the cart as Haruka moved forward to see the tall, square chinned person in front of them.

“Ladies… I’m here to escort you to Tokyo.”  He lowered the glasses, noting the scars creating a crescent mark along the right side of her face.

“Miyawaki Sakura and Kodama Haruka.”  The voice called as they turned to see the captain of team H, Anai Chihiro, jogging out from the door.  “I’m hoping you guys get through.”

“Don’t worry about us, Kyappu.  Keep everyone calm.”  Haruka turned the corner of her lips upwards.  “It’ll be fine.”

“I should have taken advantage.”  The captain smiled.

“Don’t worry.  I’ll be back.”

“Ladies… please follow me.”  He sternly said, walking them out to the black van.  “I’m a representative for the one called Otabe.”

“The person responsible for the chaos.”  Sakura muttered under her breath.  “He’ll have his day.”

After loading the bags on to the van, Sakura was quick to analyze the man’s demeanor as he stared out with his hands upon the wheel at ten and two, looking down upon the highway.  The temptation was to catch the train as he continued the drive into the evening.  She turned to Haruppi staring out upon the growing darkness outside as she turned back, ruffling through her hair as she presented a smile.  Sakura was quick to notice the part she was missing behind in Hakata.  Many of the recruits had been from the area and with the others, they were either closely connected to Sasshi or Lovetan.  Sakura’s ally was questioned intently upon her brief trip to Osaka as she became a machine under them but the temptation had grown to return to the home base.

“Chihiro… what did she meant?”  Sakura spoke softly.

“It was the usual things we did together but I can’t really say it too much on how I felt but she was going to be in good hands with the others.”  Haruka smiled.  “We just had our moments together.”

Sakura saw the smile slowly disappear from the woman as she tilted her head.  A few months away from her birthday and the finality was that she was going to be in Tokyo to celebrate it when the van stopped.  The man turned back as they arrived at the terminal with tickets in hand.

“Check in and I’ll be by the gate.”  He instructed as they nodded.

They grabbed their items and checked in quickly into the airlines.  They glanced down to see a code upon their tickets as they headed into security where they were escorted to the next line and scanned through without any question as they hit the midpoint of the airport.  They glanced around when the man came and guided them to the other area where the next vehicle drove out to the plane.  The cool breeze had blown briefly through before they stepped onto the plane and sat into the seats.

“Okay… The instructions for Tokyo is like this.  We will be upon a base and quickly go through the protocol.  We have your information within the database and will meet the rest of the team upon arrival.”  The man explained.

“Team?”  Sakura questioned.

“Otabe has told us that we will gather our people and automatically be assigning the authorities to everyone.  We have no idea from there so I’ll guide you guys upon the arrival.”

The two women nodded in unison upon the instructions as the plane closed the door and drove down the runway.  They never felt the intensity rise for all of them as the man turned towards the sky.  The silence had bugged Sakura but it left her into what this Otabe was.  It had to be a man if it had messed with Sasshi as she always had mentioned a man had double-crossed her in Tokyo.  She left the assumption it was Otabe to be the one to get her into Fukuoka and left with them as new recruits.

Her eyes briefly closed when a faint sound entered into her ears.  Haruka turned and threw something towards the man.  She muttered her name when the man surged forward as his eyes grew to the size of melons.  Sakura switched out of the seat when the smell burning sulfur entered her nose.  Haruka slid the door and pushed him out from the plane.  They turned back to see the person looking over them and gave a thumbs up gesture.

“I would never give you guys up that easy.”  The voice caught their attention as she removed her mask.  “Mio is on the plane too.”

“Why?”  Sakura asked.

“Otabe… I have a personal grip against her.”  Sasshi growled.

“Otabe is a woman?”  Sakura questioned.

“Yes… amusingly one who is quite the collector of people and yes she is responsible for the efforts that are making us unite.  However, she had no choice in the matter.  It is just a continuance of the former leader Takahashi.”  Sasshi explained as she closed the door.

Sakura listened into the story while Sasshi took controls back from the co-pilot.  Takahashi had been ushered in with the group of fighters but one by one they had gone off the map, fearing they had gone rogue but it was worse than expected with the mini cells being set up for her that she had also gone rogue precisely on the last day of the celebration of the founding.  The reason for Otabe was the internal rift that she had won but Sasshi being one of the four lieutenants had given in the support of splitting up.

The eldest, Oshima Yuko, was rogue but her cell was never found.  Kitahara Rie was agreed upon to be sent off to Niigata with the rest of the newer recruits for visual training.  Otabe, Yokoyama Yui, as the name was prohibited unless by the others was using the puppet state in Osaka to her full advantage.  While she had Fukuoka.

“What about Nagoya?”  Sakura asked.

“Simply it was a civil war.  No one was sent there and with fear came emotions as their camp had pleaded with Tokyo for an alliance.  Rie was from Nagoya but not given a chance.”  Sasshi explained.  “The rift between Nagoya and Tokyo grew to the point that the representative was prohibited.  She didn’t want to fight but they are vulnerable.”

“What else should we expect?”  Haruka asked.

“Haruppi… you are the only one they won’t touch unfortunately and Otabe laughed at it.”  Sasshi sighed.

“Why?”  Sakura asked when the other woman turned as Mio crawled from the shadow of the plane.

“She was the only one to be in a relationship before joining.”  Mio mumbled.  “She’ll be sent directly into the mission of information while we get into the briefing of training.”

“That’s the reason why I came along.”  Sasshi added.  “Otabe has the locations of the cells or most if so but I need to inform back to Lovetan that Tokyo isn’t becoming like the last regime.”

“The regime that sent us back into the dark ages?”  Haruppi muttered.

“Yes!  We can’t let it happen again and seems like we are heading in for a landing.”  Sasshi noted the change when she moved toward the seat.  “Buckle up.”

Sakura jumped in like the rest when it came in upon the darkness of the location.  She felt a hand grab her and then the eternal darkness took over before hearing the locking of a cell and taking a deep breath as the smell of perfume had caught her attention.  She didn’t feel the urge to scream but internally she grew conscious of her surroundings and turned her body onto the cold area and closed her eyes.
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Re: Finding Sakura Part 1: The Beginning of the End
« Reply #1 on: March 20, 2016, 08:23:37 PM »
An interesting but confusing start. It's like trying to search in the dark. Continuation is necessary.
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Re: Finding Sakura Part 1: The Beginning of the End
« Reply #2 on: March 21, 2016, 03:53:45 AM »
What's goin on?

And what just happened to Sakura?

I don't understand this story.

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Re: Finding Sakura Part 1: The Beginning of the End
« Reply #3 on: March 21, 2016, 06:27:58 AM »
An interesting but confusing start. It's like trying to search in the dark. Continuation is necessary.

The confusion is set to the fact that Sakura is just trained in her area so the main players of Sasshi and Lovetan grows heavy over time.

What's goin on?

And what just happened to Sakura?

I don't understand this story.

This story is meant to set up for later on (if you tend to follow my writings closely... I wouldn't do this particularly... :nervous)

Part 2

“Was that the plan for Sakura all this time?”  Sasshi said in a low voice, placing her hands behind her back.

“Maybe… maybe not.”  The figure in black snarled.  “We can send her into the other camp….”

“Otabe, you have to be serious with her.  Sakura has been my best pupil.”  Sasshi informed the figure as it nodded.

“She has to be obedient and that’s the hardest goal.  If she isn’t we will all be sent to hell and never find those cells.”  Otabe growled as Sasshi nodded.  “We all had the sense that she could go far.  Sakura will go through hell with us rather than the outside dealing with their hell.”

“Who will be the first?”  Sasshi clicked.

“Juri as we speak.”  Otabe answered, bowing her head.

She turned her head as the interest sparked her when the person came out of the room as her eyes burned with anger.  Sasshi remembered the trails and it was simply a chance to beat up on the rest of the group without an issue with the rest.  Otabe pointed towards the next room as she took her seat upon the group when the rest turned towards her.

“Sasshi, your candidate seems strong.”  The woman snarled as the three others turned.

“Rie… you’ll see.”  She said when Otabe took her seat that was Takahashi before when she leaned forward upon the microphone.  “Miyawaki against Takahashi Juri.”

Sakura awoke to her name as the darkness disappeared with the blinding light.  Upon the training, the first instinct was to face the opponent when she saw a person smile back in shirt and shorts.  Her body was consumed with the weight as she saw a box beside her.  She turned back as even clothing had drawn back to her mind as she kicked the box and glanced towards the contents.  Sakura laughed at it when her hands reached down and pulled the first thing up from the ground.  She tossed it up and felt the wind of the fist passing her cheek when she threw a fist with the contact echoing within the area.

The article fell to the ground as she saw the trail from her fist.  Sakura peeled off the shirt and tossed it to the ground before changing into the dusty, dry shirt and then kicked off the soaked shorts into the new, half-thigh article and saw the burning item coming her way when the smoke passed her way.  A smile grew upon her face as she cocked her hand again as the smell attracted the attention when she extended the arm.  Sakura watched the missile go wayward to the wall.

“Who are you?”  Sakura snarled.

“It’s Juri.”  The sounds echoed in the arena.

“Okay Juri.”  Sakura smiled as Juri walked up and narrowed her eyes.

“You will go down.”  Juri smirked as she paced backwards and extended her arm.

Sakura countered and saw Juri fly again with ease as the voice from above told her to cut the lights.  Her fists were like stone when she smelt the burning running throughout the building as she closed her eyes.  The lights turned back on as she stood in her corner and glanced up.  The smell dissipated to a floral smell as her eyes scanned the area when the booming voice came into the ears.

“You did a good job.  Head to the open door.”  It commanded as she strolled as her senses heightened around her as the opening led her into the dark corridor and then to the locking behind her forced a grin.

“Sakura… you have three more tests.”  The voice caught her attention when the small door opened up in front of her.

“Sasshi… How long more?”  Sakura asked.

“I don’t know about that but they have a way to work around a schedule since you won.  Timing is always important.”  Sasshi explained as the door unlocked.  “I guess it is your time.”

Sakura stepped out as Sasshi escorted her out into the hallway as she pointed toward the showers.  Sasshi pushed her inside and closed the curtain behind her.  “I’ll meet you on the other side with your uniform.”

The girl glanced around as she stripped off the clothing.  Sakura grew aware of the shower heads as they all turned on and her feel felt the running as it slowly brought her into the shooting water.  The cold water shot her first, taking her down to the floor avoiding it as another sprayed her directly in the face with the frozen shards.  Blinded by the water, Sakura pressed her hands down as the next one caught her directly into the sensitive spot.  Letting out a cry, the pain shattered her body with the continuation of the pattern before wrapping her body with her arms.

Sakura felt the humid area closely as her arms peeled off as she saw the heads around her and her eyes drew to them.  The area brought the warmth immediately with the steam fogging her view when she let out a cry.  Her ankles clamped to the moving walkway as she felt the warm water rise between her legs.  Her cries grew loudly with the water spraying her from every direction with the scorching water.  Sakura grew dreary as the water spray between her legs attracted her attention as her hands guarded the area but the torrent rushing up overwhelmed her body as the ankle locks released her and crumbled to the floor.

The final step brought her into the box when the steam build up like a sauna.  She felt the sweat drip from her body as her hands felt like raisins upon the surface.  Her throat grew dry as she slowed her breathing before the cold water sharply came from above like a river after a storm, filling it up above her head.  Sakura closed her eyes and placed her hands together and felt a suction from below.  Her feet planted to the ground as the water level kept continuing from above before it drained and gasped out for a breath.

The room grew dark again before Sasshi flipped the light.  “You didn’t…”

“That is a new wrinkle.”  Sasshi growled.  “It was worse before.”

“What do you mean by that?”  Sakura breathed.

Sasshi quickly made a circle and poked the index finger through the hole.  Moving it quickly before her eyes couldn’t grow any bigger.  Sasshi turned away with the towel in hand.  “There’s a reason behind it and Otabe, Rie, and I have gone through the same process as before.”

“Torture?”  Sakura thought.

“We can’t be consumed by anything.  Mentally and physically strong.”  Sasshi uttered as the black-haired woman came from behind and placed her hand upon Sasshi’s backside.

“She’s right… we can’t lose to the enemy and if we get caught, we either die or get back to base trying.  No secrets can be released although the few have been traded off like your friend.”  She stated as Sakura closed her hand and Sasshi moved her fist away.  “I’m Otabe as you seek.  I bought your rights for a life for the greater good.  The return is simple to not lose the battle we set.”

“Otabe!”  Sakura roared.

“We win and lose as a team.  We are proud to be the biggest group around but as strong as we were, others have assisted in the cause.  As an organization we have accepted their help but they are separate from our missions.”  Otabe explained as she swayed her eyes over to Sasshi.  “Kodama and Tomonaga have received their missions so Miyawaki will be in our control on base.  We can’t have mistakes!”

“Yuihan…”  Sasshi whispered.  “Take care of her and we will watch our area.”

“Sashiko.  Thanks for leaving your trust in me.”  Otabe bowed as Sakura threw on the white shirt and pants.  “Miyawaki-san… in being the representative from Fukuoka.  I know you hold back your anger upon me but this is a battle I inherited and in many cases want to end but we train until it does.  We are placing you into the team that will be held in secret.  The four heads will meet every months and you will see one of us.  Unfortunately, that was the least of your concern in taking out Juri.”

“Who’s next?”  Sakura muttered.

“To be honest, you don’t have the choice of that matter but you have meeting with a person in the war room.  Please follow me.”  Otabe lowered her eyes as Sakura was guided into the room.  “This is your living quarters and your new roommate, Iriyama Anna.”

“Annin, at your service.”  She greeted.  “Otabe, a word.”

Sakura observed the female walk up to Otabe as she briefly nodded before walking back into the room.  She drew a glance upon the roommate when Otabe left the area.

“You looked worried.”  Annin sighed.  “Looks like you also got the shower of hell.”

“Shower of hell?”  Sakura questioned.

“Many recruits they find go through it for the top quality teams.  I hadn’t applied for it since I don’t have the grades for them so I tend to look into the strategy of our group going forward.  Many things go on here but we have proclaimed that once you leave, you decidedly go rogue.  Also the shower of hell brings a responsibility for the team and a meeting with higher officials without question.”

“So this is like an exam?”  Sakura spoke softly.

“Yes and no because watching your power, it won’t be a problem but the shower of hell grows worse with the months ahead and I assume you are seventeen.”  Annin smiled as she glared at Sakura.  “It is fresh meat upon the grill.”

The pain shot through the body again as she reminded herself that it’ll happen again.  Sakura pondered over the pattern of fighting before the hell.  She hated losing and even water will only grow adaptive when Annin turned to the door to the glowing eyes.  Scanning them quickly, it was the sign she had been expecting before placing her wet hair upon the pillow.

“Meals are down the corridor.  I heard it is hamburger day.  Want some?”  Annin chimed.

“I’ll get my share later.  I need some rest…”  Sakura moaned as she closed her eyes and felt her body shape into the bed.
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Re: Finding Sakura Part 3: Path to Blooming
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Part 3

Sakura watched Annin and pondered over her existence in the room.  She looked docile and was more of a beauty than anything as she would flash a smile or leave the room for a meal but something didn’t seem right as she blinked her eyes against the ceiling.  Turning over, she heard her name when Annin came to the door.

“Training?”  She asked.

“Yeah…”  Sakura answered firmly as she turned away.

“Good luck.”  She bowed, walking by her as she headed to the corridor.

Sakura rarely had meals and the last one was meant for her as it was delivered by Annin.  However, the smell of fish lingered in the hallway as she glanced to the cafeteria with a person looking at the bowl.  She turned back to the destination and ran to the door as she was escorted to the arena.  Sakura always kept an even keel approach to fighting as she had gained the notoriety for not showing her emotions.  Stepping up, she smelled the dirt in the area as the name was called out.

“Kizaki Yuria!”

The female came out with her head up towards the high ceiling.  Sakura drawn the fate of her next opponent and drew back her feet, bowing to her as she waved swiftly.  Her hands curled up as Yuria went down onto one knee and glanced up.  The noise had silenced around her as she glanced before seeing a woman with the shadow appearing from her body before it encompassed the being.  Sakura watched it grow into the structure before widening itself.  Yuria laughed into the arena, shaking the ground below as she planted the fist into the ground.

“Sakura… ready?”  Yuria asked in the haunting tone as a swipe came by, pushing her back as her fist planted against the wall.

She watched her fists come in a curling manner as she flanked around, dodging the punches before ranging a kick towards her feet, drawing the attention of Yuria.  Her fist came straight down with Sakura rolling to the side.  The first thing she had pondered was to see a counter within the being but distance had limited her as she scooped the dirt from the ground and tossed it into the air.  Her eyes caught the particles and swayed towards her power side and drew closer with the punches coming towards her as she lifted her body off the ground.

Sakura felt the whiff of her punches as she gave off a smile.  Her hands curled into a ball and cocked her arm back as she let out a groan, breaking through the dark barrier.  The crack expanded as Sakura used her body to follow through when the sound of glass entered her mind before the shattering brought both of them back into their starting position.

“She’s good.”  Yuria smirked.  “Okay.”

Yuria paced over as drew back the turning it away and down as she circled around her opponent.  Sakura swung her hip over as the arm lifted in time for the block as Sakura broke through the defense but pushing her off the offense when Yuria snaked the punch into the rib, drawing Sakura back to the corner.  Her stance drew her eyes to the back hand as the fist was curled outwards with the elbow pointing upwards.  Sakura rubbed the area and threw a series of roundhouses meeting its mark upon her shoulder as the front lowered before extending the arm with a spin as the back arm saved the fist from her chin.

Sakura’s eyes widened as Yuria spun her around and threw up guards for the swift punches when one shot by her cheek and lifted the forearm up as she threw a hook when it caught the cheek as Yuria pulled back.

“Nice one.”  She winced.

Sakura watched her rub the place where she made contact and drew a smile back as Yuria continued the assault with a few near misses before she contacted the base of her neck, bringing Sakura to the ground.  Yuria stood over her as she gave out a snicker when Sakura felt the fist near her face.  Her hands cupped the item and threw her body over.  Her legs tightened around the arm when Yuria yelled out quickly.  Sakura heard the silence before the booming voice within the arena announced the winner.

She released the grasp and watched two people come out and escort Yuria out.  Sakura didn’t expect the contact to feel like stone until she sought the opportunity and did what she could against the stone fisted opponent.  The image made sense to why the awkward stance and why she kept it low and even with the defense, it was a vice for her when Sakura was taken through the same path as before.  The cleansing seemed natural but getting shot up between her legs drew ire from her.

“Congrats… here’s the noodle bowl I’ve kept warm for you.”  Annin applauded.

“What was with the shadow and stone?”  Sakura asked, breaking the chopsticks in front of her roommate.  “Then, the fire.”

“The captains are meant to be elements although unfitting is what they contain.  I may die sooner or later because of what they have done but to be brief, they were altered in some way.  I know your next opponent has something that is quite unique and then finally, the last one in the group.  She’s the one to curse most of us as we wither away here.”  Annin explained.

“I just want Otabe.”  Sakura muttered, taking a bunch of noodles and placing it into her mouth.

“Otabe isn’t your concern.  Otabe has kept you here because of what has happened and with more failures, she can’t progress through the inherited role.  Even the former captains and leaders are still at large fighting for the group.”  Annin rubbed her face.  “I’m going to tell you that the torture is beyond everything that you’ll experience so watch out.  I must take on a mission.”

“Mission?”  Sakura asked.

“Yeah… it’s something personal so it’ll be a fun occasion.”  Annin smiled as she walked out with a bag.

Sakura finished the meal and returned to the cafeteria to drop it off as the figure smiled back.  She narrowed her eyes when the figure took the plate and slipped it into the soapy water.

“You shall bloom into your final form.  Two fights and you’ll be there among legends.”  The figure croaked.  “Being remembered isn’t your goal but what you have to do to get it.”

“Get to the point!”  Sakura moaned.

“What you see will only end up in ghosts for you.”  The person moaned.  “The path of excellence is laid one brick at a time.  Even your guides will just be empty souls for your path.”

Sakura turned back as she headed to the down the hallway where they stood as the names scrolled by as names seemingly popped up as she didn’t draw attention to it upon laying her eyes upon the group of six.  Mio stood wide eyed as she nodded to them when they all saw Sakura looking over their meeting and eventually walked away back to her room.  Her eyes closed instantly as her body felt refreshed upon the bed.  Sakura only opened when she saw a woman snagging stuff from her roommate’s bed.

“What happened?”  Sakura groaned.

“Annin died in a suicide mission.  Pour guy never had a chance.”  The woman groaned.  “This is your room now and choose how you want to organize it for yourself.

“What do you mean?  She never said…”  Sakura’s voice trailed.

Her words had weight now.  The meaning of the whole thing seemed to bring her to the reality but Sasshi probably had no idea what had been happening and the possibility to what had happened as she stepped out, seeing a person with a tank top in the hallway with her shoulder-length hair up in a ponytail.  Sakura watched when she turned and faced her, staring back with her arms crossed.  She continued to walk up as she faced eye to eye to her.  Sakura watched as her eyes turned into a toxic yellow.

“I won’t face you.”  She stated.  “You have Otabe as your next opponent but it’ll happen next month.”

“Why?”  Sakura grunted.

She turned her head and shook, “Otabe made the bad decision of taking over.  Her predecessor had told her to not stop after the chaos in the world but I wasn’t sure why she did and I don’t want to tell her the location of the cells.  I rather be killed than to say so but the importance is that as long as someone else knows, I’m fine with it.”

“The importance of the cells is location.”  Sakura stated.

“They are perfectly placed but the danger is they do solo jobs rather than head back to base.  That was the tactical mistake so it was up to her to rejoin them when she realized her flawed tactic.”  She elaborated to the girl as she moved her hand to the shoulder.  “You’ll help them with the recruitment too.”

“I’m not going to…”  Sakura stated when she brushed her hair back.

“You have no choice but next month… I think it’ll be suited to take your training and mental stability more seriously.”  She sighed, brushing her hair back.  “I have to go and face the punishment for refusing to fight.  I would usually do that because it is my duty but something is more important than eliminating people from this area.”

“I see.  May I know your name?”  Sakura nodded.

“Call me Minegishi.  I’m the captain of group K.”  She smiled, flexing her arms.  “It isn’t I don’t have a chance but I’m not going to fight you.”

“One day…”  Sakura murmured as she turned back to her room, seeing the other side emptied.

Her mind drew to the events of next month.  She thought about the timing and bit her lip.  It was going to be her eighteenth birthday and if training and mental stability had drawn importance.  Sakura had drew the plan into her mind when she closed her eyes experiencing the sensation running through her body.  She wasn’t sure if it was the training or the torture but it felt intense before her body fully relaxed into the bed.
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