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Author Topic: Disappearance Season 1 [REMAKE] - Chapter 5 (03/25/16)  (Read 10715 times)

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Re: Disappearance Season 1 [REMAKE] - Chapter 3 (12/20/15)
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thank you for finally updating author-san...I have been waiting for this...

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Re: Disappearance Season 1 [REMAKE] - Chapter 3 (12/20/15)
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@Minami-chan: Hopefully she will be saved by Yuki!

@sasshirie: You're welcome! Here is the next update! :-)

I know, I know. This update is literally two weeks in. It appears that my lifestyle is getting even more hectic than I thought it would become during Winter Break. Okay, aside from gaming, but that's not the point! My classes will begin on Wednesday, January 20th, so that means updates will dramatically slow down to once every three-four weeks. I apologize for the inconvenience! In the meantime, please enjoy this next update! I took a lot of time fleshing out the interactions between Mayu's family, the three original captains of AKB48, and Sae. (We cannot forget about Sayaka's right hand man-- I mean, woman!)

Plus, for the sake of visualizing who Mayu's siblings are based off on in terms of looks, a brief profiling about them is here. It will include basic explanations to their personalities in order to keep them from being too much of a mystery. I will put a link on the first post to connect it to this part. (In case it goes down the drain as I update the series.) No, it's not an excuse for me to insert K-Pop idols. I will edit a previous chapter about the sentence used to describe Chieko. It seems too mundane to keep her looking like Mayu, but it's a minor detail.

Thank you for taking the time to read and/or leave a comment/review for this remake!


Name: Watanabe Shion
Age: 25
Occupation: Registered Nurse (RN) in University of Tokyo Hospital
Personality: As the eldest sibling in the Watanabe family, Shion plays the role of overlooking her other siblings. She has a mature outlook in life, and wishes the best for her siblings' future... even going overboard at times. This motherly figure tends to scold them if they start to stray off into the wrong path. She's a selfless person with a heart of gold. It's strengthened by the type of job she pursued. Accompanied by her good looks, it's impossible to say Shion isn't "wife material".
Trivia: Shion tends to chastise Takumi about his flirty, playboy attitude to the other ladies. It usually ends with her smacking him on the head with her fist for mentioning Shion's single status. However, it's a mystery to why she still doesn't have a special someone despite being popular...

Name: Watanabe Takumi
Age: 21
Occupation: Accountant in Sakae, Japan
Personality: He's a playboy and a real smooth talker thanks to his good looks. The sweet words he utter to just get the ladies' attention always seem to work. Always. If it weren't for Shion's presence, this accountant could've gotten into a whole lot of trouble with the plethora "girl friends" (intentional spacing between the two words) he walks around with. Takumi's relationship with Mayu is the best in comparison to the rest of the siblings. Overall, the man is kind and willing to help others out.
Trivia: Takumi has a friend who works in the United States as a homicidal detective. The two were such good friends, it was rumored that they started dating in their college years. Whether this was true or not continued to be gossiped by the students even after these two graduated. However, little could be said about their relationship present time...

Name: Watanabe Chieko
Age: 19
Occupation: Independent Seinen Mangaka
Personality: "Meek" would be the perfect terminology to describe Chieko. This young lady is a pacifist and would rather cower in fear than hurt someone. She is a fairly quiet person, only speaking when she needs to. (At times, people mistaken her for whispering.) The air of elegance that wafts in the air as she walks from place to place could be sensed. Very little did anyone know outside of her family to be a mangaka. Her love for specific manga and anime work influenced Mayu's love for them as a whole. Not to mention the laidback attitude towards most situation shaped her friendly image.
Trivia: Chieko wasn't always quiet. The personality that she had today differed from the personality she had when she was young. What led to this change in her life was only known by one of her siblings, Mayu, and the two promised to never utter a word about it, leaving it in the dark.

[Chapter 4]

Time Missing: 1 Day
Location: Watanabe Mayu’s House
Time: 12:00 PM (12:00)

The living room would be a place in the Watanabe family as a recreation full of joy and excitement. Events that occurred had mostly planted a genuine grin on their faces. Warmth was emitted from the tidy space, yet the atmosphere is heavy this afternoon. It was a surprise to how anyone haven’t suffocated from the tension in the air.

A cup of tea was placed in front of Yuki. Its bitter aroma tickled the woman’s nose as the steam lazily wafted into the air. The palm of both her hands rested on top of the same wooden table the drink stood on. Faint bags colored the idol’s eyes as she diverted her attention over to the tea giver.

“Thank you, Chieko,” she whispered.

The second youngest sibling in the Watanabe family quietly bowed her head. When she lifted her head, she faintly smiled at the other. Just like her lips, Chieko’s slanted eyes mimicked its actions. Yuki could not help but mentally remark how she looked like a mischievous little kitten whenever she does that. If only the bags under the sister’s eye wasn’t presented near the crinkles, of course.

“I hope the tea taste good,” Chieko said. Both of her arms hugged the the now-empty steel tray against her chest as she continued to speak in her small voice. “I’ll soon bring out the fruits.”

The object she held was soon brought back to the kitchen nearby. It was immediately accompanied by her figure. Her presence finally gone from the living room, Yuki’s focus shifted back to Takumi and Shion.

If Chieko’s drained features was bad enough, her older siblings had it much worse. Bags darkly colored the pigments of the skin underneath their eyes. Their eyes once clean with its visible white virtuous humor degraded their health to red veins striking out from the corners. Hairstyles that was on point in the Watanabe family fell into shambles with these two. It didn’t help that their attire suffered a similar fate. Yuki could not help but grimace at their public image. If they look this bad, she doesn’t want to see herself in a mirror. The last thing she needed from their current crisis is a shocking appearance seen by her own eyes.

“I hope we aren’t taking too much of your time away from work,” Takumi muttered. His arms crossed, the man lowered his head. A forceful smile ran across his face. “I don’t want us to cause you anymore trouble than we all have now.”

Today, Takahashi Minami, Akimoto Sayaka, and Miyazawa Sae had also joined the group as requested by the siblings. All of them were either sitting crossed leg or on their knees. Sae sat beside Yuki to her right followed by Sayaka and Minami on opposite ends of the short, flat ends of the furniture. The Watanabe siblings seated near each other and across from both Yuki and Sae. Tea was distributed to everyone thanks to the shy Chieko, who had escaped to the other room behind Minami. 

Minami shook her head. One hand grasping ahold of the drink, she waved the other in the air. “Don’t worry about it, Takumi-san. Aki-P decided to cancel practices and media events for everyone today. He was quite vague with his explanation to why…”

“I think it’s for the best, Takamina,” Sayaka piped in. “If everyone knew about Mayu’s missing status, panic would start.”

Shion bitterly chuckled. “Paranoia is one of the worst,” she grumbled before bringing her teacup to her lips. After a sip, the registered nurse lowered the object. The thin, straight line remain plastered to her face. “It would make the situation much worse for you three.”

Yuki remembered the e-mail she had received from the creator of AKB48 and its sister groups. As Minami had explained, the reasoning he had given to everyone was primarily due to an emergency management meeting with the staffs. It would only take a day, so idols currently located in Akihabara were to resume their normal activities for tomorrow. Days off were rare for idols. This was warmly welcomed by many of them for this blessing. However, the idols sitting within Mayu’s home felt their heart plummet. It was a clear reminder about the reality of their situation.

After a period of silence, Shion spoke up once again. “Now that we are all here and there is no form of interruptions for today, we need to… figure out what we know first.”

“One fact for sure, Mayuyu is missing,” Minami responded. The captain of Team A rested her elbow on her knee. She placed her chin on the palm of her hand as she continued. “We have no way of knowing her location.”

“We could try to retrace her steps,” Sae proposed. Both of her hands loosely holding her two feet, the crossed leg female glanced at everyone. “There has to be a clue left behind!”

Takumi pursed his lips. “Impossible. My little sister isn’t known to walk the same route twice.”

“How would you know, Takumi-san?”

“Miyazawa-san, it’s kind of common sense. I know she strays off to a nearby supermarket or convenient stores. Even if, for some reason, Mayu does walk home in the same exact fashion everyday, there could be a day where she decides not to.”

The short-haired female tightly squeezed her eyelids shut. “Then do we have any other information on this issue?”

“The police report,” Sayaka motioned her hand in the air. “We filed for a search team to find her.”

“Do you think they’ll find her before we do?” Sae questioned.

Minami shrugged her shoulders. “Who knows. Since Mayu is part of AKB48, they might speed up the process.”

“I don’t think so,” Yuki frowned. The female lowered her head as both of her hands clasped together. With fingers intertwined, the captain of Team B muttered, “They might take advantage of this for either promotions or save their face.”

Negative words really struck the group. Shion and Takumi nervously glanced at each other as Sae shifted her eyes away from her best friend. Sayaka merely let out a soft sigh from the painful words. As much as they wanted to deny it, Yuki’s words were not exactly false either. Based on the police officer’s words during their report, it was possible they wanted nothing more than to gain recognition from the governor. Minami, on another hand…

“You know,” she spoke up. “You shouldn’t have such a pessimistic perspective on the authorities.”

“Hmph. Easy for you to say, Takamina.”

Sae widen her eyes at her friend. She harshly whispered, “Was that really necessary, Yuki?”

However, her words were not heard.

“It’s not easy for me to say that,” Minami grumbled as she scrunched her eyebrows together. “But there’s nothing much we could do, if you think about it. All we could do is place our faith in their work. Everything’s going to be okay—“

“Don’t act like everything’s going to be okay,” the raven haired female snapped back. Her head now raised, Yuki’s eyes narrowed. The cheerful and full of smiles was an image this idol portrayed on a daily basis. However, the expression was no different than of a serial murderer. Just the sight sent chills down Minami’s spine. “Mayu was someone whom I cherish and love like a sister. You, on another hand, only knew her as a member of Team B. Her gone is nothing okay at all. ”

Takahashi felt the corner of her lips twitch. Amused facial features scrawled all over her face as she resisted the urge to grin sarcastically. She had to regain her composure from Yuki’s sharp and venomous words. She was barely able to contain the outburst within her mouth. The brown haired female knew better than to add oil to the fire. Besides, she knew Kashiwagi Yuki wasn’t actually this kind of person. The stress of the situation along with her best friend’s disappearance is placing a huge toll on the idol. Accompanied by the fact she’s the captain of Team B with responsibilities of an idol snapping her attention left and right, Minami comprehended the type of response Yuki had spurted out.

“Looking on the bad side isn’t going to help us on the long run,” she managed to speak without trembling. “However, please understand that we all care for Mayu regardless of how long we’ve known her. Shion-san, Takumi-san, and Chieko-san all wish for their sister to be alright too. If you think we can’t leave it to the authority, we will figure out something.”

Frankly, Minami did not want to be that wrapped up into the situation. She wasn’t a cruel person, no, not at all. She personally felt it wasn’t right for idols to perform duties and unnecessary work that could potentially hinder the police’s investigation. Not to mention the lifestyle they are currently leading. If they decide to continue with their own search for Watanabe Mayu, it would be a hassle for everyone to come together. How will they be able to transfer the information from person to person? How will they commit their search with an inflexible schedule? Most of all… Where can they start? There is literally no lead. It’s horrible to sit on the sideline, twiddling their thumbs for some kind of news about the missing idol. Yet could they do anything beyond the police’s help?

Takumi’s and Shion’s mouth finally opened simultaneously. “Minami’s right—“

“And then what?”

Then, the Watanabe brother and sister clamped their mouth shut. If the heavy atmosphere wasn’t enough, the conversation sparked a fire. The two oldest siblings had no way of throwing in their input to the now-heated conversation. Minami tried her best to diffuse the situation and keep a calm demeanor. On the other hand, Yuki wanted nothing more to do than both cry and strangle the next person that irritates her. One replied with logic, another with emotion. One having known Mayu as an acquaintance, the other as a close friend. The difference between the two captains was enormous in this case. Stern voices grew into snappy remarks and borderline insults. Politely sitting on the ground soon had hands or fists slamming against the table’s wooden surface. Eyes that were dead was ignited with fuel of frustration. The longer this chatter goes on, the flames will only get bigger.

Sayaka loudly exhaled through her nose. She had watched the two converse and decided it was better to forcibly end it. Last thing the woman needed to see was someone slapping one another. She was well-versed with this type of situation in her own team she managed.

The captain of Team K proceeded to loudly cough into her hand. “Yukirin, Takamina, please stop arguing.” Both captains snapped their focus towards Sayaka. Their anger was almost directed towards the female when Sayaka waggled her index finger in the air. “We’ll get nothing done if you both continue acting this way.”

Then, there was silence. It was slow, but the weight resting on everyone’s shoulders eased. Yuki and Minami, who were up at each other’s throat, has now returned back to their original state. The captain of Team A bit the bottom of her lip in as the captain of Team B lowered her head till the bangs covered her eyes. Sayaka allowed a few seconds to tick by on the nearby the clock. Her dark brown eyes slowly shifted between the two figures.

“Now… Let’s talk about the police again,” the tall female asserted. “This time, I want to know if they are, for sure, leaving us out of the loop.”

“I doubt the police would even give us a clue about the case…” Takumi uttered.

Shion then nudged her younger brother’s side. The registered nurse’s eyebrows were raised. “Don’t you have an international friend working in the police department?”

“I do, sis’—“

“Why don’t you ask them?”

There was a pause. His brown eyes shifted to the side as he confessed, “It’s because she’s from oversea… Besides, even if she were here, she’s a homicide detective. I doubt she would be able to lend a hand.”

“It doesn’t hurt to try, does it?” Sayaka pleaded. “We need all the help we could get.”

The older brother scratched the back of his head. A faint hum barely slipped past his closed lips as his eyelids lowered. Takumi allowed a couple seconds to pass by before a response was developed. His eyelids now reopened, the accountant scrambled up to his two feet. “I’ll do what I can then. I’ll be right back.”

As the accountant waddled into the kitchen, his hand slipped into his pant’s pocket. He was able to pull out a black cellular device before disappearing inside. Words were heard exchanged between Takumi and Chieko for a brief moment. Shion used this time to let out a soft exhale.

“While we wait for my brother to finish calling his friend, let’s talk about our future schedule,” she introduced. 

The registered nurse took the time to discuss with the idols about their flexibility. It was a difficult task considering how popular they all are. You got the three captains from Team A, B, and K respectively. Miyazawa Sae was as popular as the tomboyish female could get. After this one and possibly only day off from their workload, it would be near impossible for everyone to come together and meet up.

During the conversation, Yuki felt her cell phone vibrate once in her skirt’s pocket. At first, she ignored it. A text was no more important than the rather loud discussion they are currently holding. Besides, Yuki didn’t feel like answering the sender.

But then it vibrated again.

And again.

And again.

And again.

The raven haired female felt her irritability breaking into her public façade that masked her private despair. If she wasn’t careful, the sender might just receive a rather explosive response from the captain of Team B. Yuki had already blown up on Minami. The last thing she would want to do is tear down another unfortunate soul. However, her curiosity got the best of her.

Yuki finally pulled it out and snapped the device open. Her eyes wandered over to the inbox with the number five attached to the icon. She swiftly pressed a couple notable keys necessary to view the message. The sender had no name. Only ‘Unknown’ was present. Other information such as the subject and CC was left blank. Yuki felt the corner of her lips twitch.

’This person had to nerve to send multiple texts and not tell me who they are!’

The idol scrolled through the contents of the message.


1st Message:
Kashiwagi Yuki

2nd Message:
I never knew how much you were loved.

3rd Message:
Should I consider you my rival? And here I thought my friend was the worst of the bunch!

4th Message:
I won’t ever forgive you for making Mayuyu think about you.

5th Message:
Video Content <Click to view attachment>

Yuki felt her heart falter upon reading the messages.

Who was the sender? Who is this person? Why did they mention their friend? What did Yuki have to do with this?

The questions that ran through her head won’t be answered just yet. What piqued her curiosity the most was the attached video. Yuki did not hesitate to press the respective keys on the phone to begin playing the electronic media. Meanwhile, her phone’s volume was on low in order to keep the disturbance level low for the others.

It didn’t even take a full minute for something to occur. Her reaction startled and hushed everyone. Chieko, who had just reentered the room with some tangerines, unintentionally stumbled backward into the kitchen. It was immediately followed by the sound of a ceramic material shattering. An alarmed Takumi also rushed out towards the living room with cell phone still in his hand.

“Y-Yuki! What’s wrong!?” Sae demanded.

The answer she had hoped to receive never came. Instead, as a response, Yuki got up on her two feet. Her breathing was heavy. Her rate of respiration was short. Her heart was thumping wildly against her chest. Her eyes dilated. Her hands clenched into shaking fists. It was a lie to say her best friend, Sae, was not the least bit scared. In reality, she was terrified. The words that Miyazawa wanted to say was caught in her throat. Her limbs that was once operational came to a complete standstill. What exactly caused Yuki to violently act in this fashion?

Sayaka stood up from her seat. The other idol cautiously reached out to grab ahold of Yuki’s shoulder. That outstretched hand was slapped away by none other than Kashiwagi. It alarmed everyone in the same room, and before anyone could digest the turn of event, the raven haired female dashed away. Her legs carried her away from the living room. In her mind, she wanted nothing more to do than brutally slaughter the sender.

“Dammit, Yuki!” Takumi knew that it was fruitless to either gawk or repetitively call the female back. His jaw clenched and his phone snapped shut in one movement. “I’m chasing after her!” the male Watanabe hollered as he threw on his coat. With one hand slipping through the sleeve, the accountant swiftly transitioned out of the living room. Running footsteps of his trailed away into nothing after the front door was heard slammed shut.

Dead silence filled the atmosphere. What was once heavy with tension and anxiety had an additional feature: confusion. Chieko’s head was seen poking out from the kitchen’s doorway. “W-Why is Yuki acting like that…?” she stuttered. “I’ve never seen her… so angry like that…”

Shion shook her head slowly. “I… I don’t know, Chieko…”

“Me neither,” Sayaka mumbled, rubbing her slapped hand. “I never would’ve thought she act like that.”

The remaining members had little clue to what led to this scenario; all they could do was speculate. However, Shion’s eyes fell upon the stray electronic device on the table. Its physical features easily gave away the answer to whose owner it was. The oldest Watanabe reached her hand towards it.

“We might just find out the answer,” she murmured. Shion’s thumb smoothly snapped open the flip-phone. It was at Yuki’s home screen. A couple of clicks were made by the nurse. First to the calls, then to the e-mails, and finally the text messages. The other individuals present, in the meantime, scooted closer to the eldest Watanabe sibling; their eyes glued to the now-brightly lit screen. It took Shion a minute to search for the very text that Yuki received.

“It’s a video… from an unknown sender,” Sayaka stated as Shion clicked the play button on the video.

The media was barely visible. It was blurry and it was somewhat shaky. Yet they were able to spot a familiar person—

“Mayu!” all five exclaimed.

Shion and Chieko felt their heart flutter with delight. Their youngest sibling is seen once again and they couldn’t be more relieved. However, it was too soon for the two to be celebrating victory. The sisters had only reacted by their instincts. They weren’t even taking into account of what was happening in the video. All five pair of eyes were trained on the screen. One of them flickered her gaze to the time running.

The video was far from over.

“Yukirin must’ve seen something that really sent her over the edge…” Minami murmured as her eyes returned its focus to the dark screen. “I don’t like where this is going…”

Their observation must continue. This might be their only chance to gather the clues necessary to solve the mystery of Mayu’s status. However, Yuki’s violent reaction from earlier made the five feel unprepared. They weren’t wrong about it.

Mayu was… naked. Mostly naked, more accurately. Any top attire she had worn was gone from their sight. The only piece of clothing that continues to exist on the idol was her skirt, but even that was found crumpled near her ankles.

Then, there was… another woman seen on top of Mayu. She laid on top of the idol as if she were a part of the mattress. The stranger was also naked. It was fairly difficult to pick out what she was doing due to the blurriness. The five could barely see their chests rising and falling at a rapid pace from the faint audio sound. However, the camera decided to zoom into the scene. Juicy parts of the action exploded before the viewers face.

Muffled noises, loud groans and moans, screams, and cries all came from Mayu through the thin speaker of the mobile device. The movement that couldn’t be seen well all came crystal clear. The camera occasionally shook, forced to refocus its glass lens on the active scene.

Chieko felt her grip become jello. It was immediately followed by the sound of the white plate crashing on the ground from impact, tangerines scattering in many different directions. Minami felt a wave of nausea kick into her digestive system. The horrific sensation grew more unbearable as her eyes gathered the explicit, yet terrifying, visual information. Sae felt her oil glands beneath her skin to produce a massive quantity of sweat. Her hands clenched into fists as it became moist. Sayaka’s heart raced at a painful speed. The sensation of the powerful organ thumping against her chest felt as if it was going to shatter the bone. Shion had nothing more than the desire to tear the rapist in the video apart. The amount of sorrow built up from last night transformed into bubbling anger that could lead into an explosion.

The video was fairly short; its running time is less than a minute. The content it contained was enough to make those fifty seconds into hours, however. Everyone present in the room felt their strength either weaken or strengthen from the sight. Whether it was driven by despair or anger, no one knows other than the person themselves.

Shion slammed her fist against the table. Curses from the worrywart sister was spat in a flurry. Tears prickled from the corner of her eyes as her teeth grind against each other. “DAMMIT! JUST DAMMIT!”

Just when they had finally found Mayu, the good news instantly transformed to pure horror.

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Re: Disappearance Season 1 [REMAKE] - Chapter 4 (01/11/16)
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OMG !!! MAYUU :cry: i dunno why... just bit uncomfortable with those rape things... this remake looks much darker, i know thats what you want, so i must prepare my heart ... prepare for the worst :cry:

btw i like how you improved the characters especially mayu's siblings and its gonna be more complicated..

take your time don't rush it, i'll wait patiently :D

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Re: Disappearance Season 1 [REMAKE] - Chapter 4 (01/11/16)
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This's so dark! I love it! :thumbsup:
Jaa... 48 is about skinship

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Re: Disappearance Season 1 [REMAKE] - Chapter 4 (01/11/16)
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Re: Disappearance Season 1 [REMAKE] - Chapter 4 (01/11/16)
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Mayuyu.. my poor baby being abused like that..  :cry:
Mayuyu's siblings are really handsome tho~  :cathappy:
LF-chan!! Once again it is a dark, thrilling pleasure to read~ :bow:
My kami-oshi is Mayuyu, and my oshimen is Oku Manami.

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Re: Disappearance Season 1 [REMAKE] - Chapter 4 (01/11/16)
« Reply #26 on: March 25, 2016, 03:23:35 PM »

@Pokotan: You should prepare for the worst! I plan on not holding anything back in this fiction, haha! I am glad you think the characters are becoming more complex. I did not wish for them to have a one-dimensional personality that would bore most anybody. (I hope.) Thank you for being my reader and waiting patiently for the updates!

@faanpal: I am glad you love it! Dark pieces are what I love to write the most, haha!

@sasshirie: Why certainly they look good! If Mayu is pretty, then the good-looks have to genetically run in the family too!

@mayuki_daisuki: I am glad you enjoy reading the previous update! Abusing characters is my specialty, wink wonk. I hope you like reading this recent update!

Here is another update to the series! It was a little difficult to find time to write since I was not only down with the Influenza A during one of my lengthy breaks, but midterm and exams had consumed my life. I apologize for the late update to this series.

Since there are additional characters (and the last batch for this season), these are the introductions and a brief profiling on the three main authorities taking action. Whether people want omake arcs or not featuring these characters with their own problems (including the Watanabe siblings with Mayu and/or Yuki)… I will put up a poll after a couple updates to decide if it should happen.

Some of you may seem to notice how strange it is to see the number of original characters showing up in greater number than the individuals from the 48Group. However, I personally believe this brings out the best of this remake. I want to make it realistic and I want to make my readers feel, not only concern, but a sense of anticipation in tracking down the two kidnappers. Idols can only do so much, after all.

I have also added a special feature that, maybe, a few might appreciate. When I read books and stories, it’s a habit of mine to listen to background soundtracks that would accompany the theme and tone of the passage. I had done it once with the first (second?) update of Wandering Ship using the Pirates of the Caribbean OST track, and decided to do so with this series. It’s optional and some music may repeat for similar situations. Overall, based on how well the reaction is, I will follow a similar lead to the other remakes.

There is a poorly-done trailer for this season made by yours truly a month ago. When I have the chance, I will edit the first post with the link to the video on YouTube. Feel free to watch it!

I sincerely want to thank my readers for giving this fiction another chance once again. It is a remake and the changes might turn some of you off, but I am grateful to have put up a story I treasure. Please continue to treat this story well with critiques and/or as reading pleasure! And I am so sorry for the lengthy author’s note.


Name: Kate
Age: 22
Occupation: International Homicide Detective, Part-time International Cold Detective
Personality: Cunning and calculating, Kate always gets the job done without hesitation. Whether it may cause concern for others means very little to the female. If it's to achieve the result she wanted, she will make it happen. This detective despises working close with others other than her chief and lawyer. Outside of work, she's rather quiet and unapproachable to many. However, she will break the stereotypical image once she's warmed up to a person. Kate is also known to be a coffee and lollipop addict.
Trivia: Her past is foggy and full of mystery in her workplace. Many may get to know her, but only one person truly knows of it. The information won't be leaking out anytime soon though...

Name: Hiroshi Kei
Age: 36
Occupation: International Chief Police
Personality: Despite his age, Kei manages to keep his handsome charm intact, easily wooing the ladies. This chief, however, is married to a lovely wife for almost ten years and has a six-year-old daughter. His home originally in Kyoto, Japan, Kei currently resides in New York City for international affairs. Kei's wise and gentle approach to many of his situations make him the best possible chief to directly work under. However, the man knows when to put his foot down if required. Rumor has it that his anger rivals that of a dragon.
Trivia: Kei watches over Kate ever since she became part of the police force. This chief was the one who had accepted the woman's request and persuaded the higher ups to send the soon-to-be detective oversea for further schooling. At the moment, he is desperately searching for the culprit in a case named "0108" in New York City.

Name: Sumiye Nao
Age: 28
Occupation: Criminal Law Prosecutor in United States + Japan
Personality: This ferocious woman won't hesitate to punch someone to get her point across. Nao is an emotional lawyer whose nerves tend to remain hyperactive, especially during court session. Not to mention how much of a fanatic she is to her hobbies. It's to everyone's surprise how no one has fired her yet. She is a humanitarian and passionately seeks justice for every case. Nao won't hesitate to cross the line, even breaking the law, to save her client(s) and discover the truth.
Trivia: She had actually pursued a degree in Chemistry before switching over to Legal Studies during her college years. It's a mystery since her interest remains in the science department. (Occasionally, Nao is seen sneaking into the forensic department and twiddling around with their supplies.) Nao isn't willing to spill out her reasons to why she became a prosecutor.

[Chapter 5]

Location: New York City, New York
Time: 10:00 PM (22:00)

Two murders. One in Grand Central Park, the other in New York City Marble Cemetery. The corpses were dismembered. The corpse at the park had everything but the torso—both arms and legs, as well as the head. The one at the cemetery was pretty much whole, but the method of disposal was bizarre, to say the least. It was buried in the graveyard. That in itself isn’t so unusual, but one of the feet had been lit on fire…

’Case 0108… So this is the case the old man was talking about…’

On the seventh floor of the Empire State Building, the dark haired figure was found in her private office. Books, binders, and portfolios were organized throughout the room, showcasing the number of references and past experiences the woman had. A warm, orange light from one of the many wall lamps shined on the file. The lone female rolled the mint lollipop within her mouth as her hands flipped through the papers. Every once in a while, the plastic white stick from the candy would move up and down.

A case on murderous affairs was normal for the homicide detective. People are born into this world only to die in the end. Some live to their fullest, others expire before they reach that goal. It’s merely a part of the natural order, and it was the detective’s job to discover the underlying truths of their deaths.

The young 22-year-old tossed the yellow portfolio onto her desk. Her eyebrows scrunched together as she pinched the bridge of her nose.

’The police could not find any other information… This might be the toughest case I’ve tackled…‘

She softly sighed. It was a difficult task. The lack of clues was already a problem. For the decease to die with such abnormalities puzzled the experienced detective. There were cases that she had unsuccessfully solved. Whether this was one of them is left up to speculations. But the young woman was not foolish enough to let worrisome thoughts trouble her. She straightened her posture on her leather rolling chair and removed her hand from her nose. The white stick in her mouth shifted up and down again.

’Looks like I’ll have to head to the crime scene tomorrow—‘

Her ears perked up. The office’s telephone on her desk was ringing. Without hesitation, she reached out to grab the black corded phone and place it near her ear. Her nonchalant personality trickled into the now-spoken words.

“This is Detective Kate.”

“Hey, Kate. This is Takumi.”


A soft sigh was heard on the other line. “This isn’t the time to be joking around, Kate.”

“I’m not, sir.”

“…Have you really forgotten who I am?” The man’s words staggered the detective. But before she was able to say a reply, another sigh was made from the speaker. “I’m Takumi… Watanabe Takumi… Remember University of Tokyo?”

Kate furrowed her brows. She barely remembered the time of her life as a college student thanks to her hectic life. Yet the mention of the university sparked a chunk of her memory cells.

The detective, who was a police officer at the time, pleaded and successfully gained permission to earn a degree in Criminal Justice. It was no easy task becoming a detective, especially with a dream of going international. However, with this degree, promotion from her position to a detective would be easier to gain. (Officers spent many years in a special police academy to receive the same title. Kate spent less than five years in comparison.) In order to further close the distance between herself and her goal, she additionally requested to study abroad in Japan.

That was when she met Watanabe Takumi.

“So it is you…” she whispered, eyes widened. “Why did you call me?”

“I have something for you.”

“If it’s another one of your cheap tricks to send me flowers, you got the wrong idea.”

“Kate… I’m being serious here.”

The detective almost dropped her lollipop. Takumi was acting strange. She knew him far too well. He was always the witty flirter with a smart mouth. Laughter was a part of this jolly man, yet the tone of his voice was abnormal. Kate secured the candy in her mouth as she awaited for him to continue.

“Look, I— Gosh, I really… really… REALLY need your help.”

His tone worsened. Exasperated words spat out of the accountant’s mouth as he relayed his situation over. Takumi babbled on, but none of it made any sense to the detective. All she heard was mumble jumble as his voice cracked. To hear her old friend on the verge of breaking down was one of the last thing Kate ever wanted to experience. She had more than enough of it in her line of work. People sobbing and shattering on the spot. The homicide detective thought she had gotten used to it all. Takumi had proven otherwise.

Kate bit down on the candy’s stick hard. “Calm down, Takumi. Take deep breaths.”

“Right… right… Calm I can do…” he breathed. A few inhales and exhales could be heard. The accountant, in the background, was faintly heard over the line explaining to one of his sisters that he was okay. “Sorry about that, Kate. It’s just that… My sister, Mayu… Watanabe Mayu is missing.”

“Watanabe Mayu? Sounds familiar…”

“She’s an idol in AKB48… Least, that’s what I heard from my parents and sisters.”

“Huh… An idol…”

She vaguely remembered the name ‘Watanabe Mayu’ in the media. After all, the woman had no time for entertainment these past couple of years. But she has heard of Mayu before. When they went to school together, Takumi would rave on about how his youngest sibling is achieving her dream of being a superstar. (Frankly, that was all he knew. The man has almost zero knowledge on what an idol does.)

“Time surely flies in four years…” she mumbled. Her sight trailed over to her desk. The documents quickly caught her attention. Kate’s eyes then narrowed. “Why should I take on your case? I may be an international detective, but I have to juggle with an upcoming case.“

“Please, Kate. Please do it… for me.”

Murders. Slaughters. Massacres. Tortures. Brutalities. Those were words Kate was familiar with. It was almost a part of her life as she trudged through case after case of unfortunate victims’ lights having been extinguished. But a missing person case? A missing person can mean many things. Disappearance, kidnapping, suicide, homicide, accident; in all those cases, without any eyewitnesses, there’s no way to collect information. Kate might as well throw it out of the window. It’s an issue that newly licensed or former homicide detectives would handle. It didn’t matter if she was dealing with famous celebrities and political figures. Not only was it a waste of time, but clearly it was not in her interest.

Yet her old friend from college, Takumi, is begging for her to take this on. A friend, whom she had no contact with since their graduation, is pleading for her to find his sister. The private detective is free to do what she wants… Should she drop the case from her chief and focus on Watanabe Mayu’s cases, or should she decline and hang up on him?


“Yes, Kate?”


Sounds of shouting in the background silenced the female. Kate was barely able to grasp ahold of the issue on the other end of the line. That was when the connection was cut off. The detective, with slight concern, slowly retracted the corded phone away from her ear. When she placed it back to its original spot, without looking up, she questioned, “How long have you been standing there, Kei?”

A male far older than the detective was seen standing in the doorway. Hiroshi Kei, 36-year-old chief police officer of the New York Police Department (NYPD) and International Affairs, lightly chuckled. He crossed his arms and leaned his shoulder against the nearby wall. “Long enough to hear you cut off your sentence. Declined another case?”

Kate was a popular private investigator. Although she wasn’t perfect, she was perfect to many authorities’ eyes. Every case she took on, it was almost guaranteed the truth would show up. Her reputation was at its peak, and it doesn’t look like it’ll drop anytime soon.

The detective took out the finished lollipop’s stick. She flicked her wrist towards the nearest trash can. Kate’s sharp eyes remained on the man. “Kei, I can’t take on this case.”

“You know we’re short-handed on Case 0108, Kate.”

She stood up. The female investigator then focused her attention onto the glass window behind her desk; bright lights from the automobiles and buildings shone in the city of Manhattan. Her back turned towards the chief, she proclaimed, “I’ve got a request from Japan about a missing person.”

He raised an eyebrow, eyes glued to her figure. “I don’t remember you liking these kind of cases. Shouldn’t you leave it to the detectives oversea?”

“I should’ve… and I would’ve if it weren’t for him.”

“Him?” Then it clicked. Kei uncrossed his arms and took a step into her office. “I see… It has been a while since you both met. I was a little worried that you both would fall apart for good—”

“Kei.” A single call of his name sealed his lips shut. The chief scratched the back of his head as his other hand rested on his hip. He did not understand the situation very well nor knew what had happened between the two. However, Kei had forgotten that it was a sensitive topic whenever Watanabe Takumi was brought up. An apology was given to the detective. Kate gave him a similar message.

“I’m… sorry for not assisting you in this case,” she quietly spoke. The private investigator took a couple steps forward. She then stopped once she neared a small coffee machine. A couple buttons were pressed as she continued. “I know you’re undermanned, but it seems Takumi really needs my help.”

Kei waved off her apology. A faint twinkle was seen on his face as he approached her desk. “Kate… I won’t push you to help me. I have fate in what you need to do. Though I won’t lie… It would be great if you were a part of my investigation.”

Kate finally turned around. She was seen grasping two mugs. A thin smile formed with her lips. He was someone she not only admired, but respected and treated like a father. A man of wise words, Hiroshi Kei was an important figure that molded her into who she is today. Luck and blessings bestowed upon her to work, acquaint, and become inseparable friends with him. Without another word to his kind reply, the female urged the older person to come close.

“What’s in tonight’s coffee?” he took the cup. 

“Brazil Bourbon beans.”

Kei whistled. “One of the finest coffees in the world.”

“I know my coffees,” Kate smirked.

As they sipped in silence, the police officer broke it after a minute passed by. “I will make a request to send you oversea with your lawyer to the higher-ups.”

“I kind of feel bad for making you deal with those arrogant folks.”

“Hey, if I can send you abroad for schooling, then I can do just about anything,” he snickered. “I can face any challenge head-on with them. Heck, maybe anything really.”

“You got Nao though.”

“Ooo… Why did you have to remind me of her? Nao’s a fiesty one.”

“She is.”

The two chuckled as they took another sip. It was another night in the city. Kate and Kei have gotten used to the peaceful night they were granted every once in a while. However, tomorrow will be the start of a new day. Kei, with his newest case, and both Kate with her lawyer, Sumiye Nao, must head over to Japan for Takumi.


Time Missing: 1 Day
Location: Akihabara
Time: 12:25 PM (12:25)

Rage hardly contained enough description to define Yuki’s state. She wanted nothing more to do other than take back her best friend. The female idol was seen blindly running through the quiet neighborhood’s streets. Pedestrians that wandered to and from their destinations shot glances at the passing female. Tears streamed down Yuki’s face as she gritted her teeth.


The faint screams of Mayu kept on echoing in Yuki’s head. When she first saw the video, Yuki wanted nothing to do other than scream at the top of her lungs. She could not remember if the other members of the group heard the audio of the video. (It was unlikely due to setting the volume low.) It all happened to fast for her to comprehend. Instinct and emotion took over her body, blacking out a portion of her memory of what happened between now and then.


She’ll make that woman pay for hurting Mayu. She’ll make that woman pay for taking away Mayu’s virginity. She’ll make that woman pay for being the cause of Mayu’s suffering. Out of all the people she had to choose from, why did the rapist take her friend?

”Ah! Yuki! YUKI!”

Yuki came to a screeching halt. Breaths were heard rapidly inhaled and exhaled at a loud volume. She bore her teeth as her fingers curled inward. Her entire figure was trembling. The tears flowing down her cheeks was like that of a waterfall. Squeezing her eyes shut, the raven haired female desperately struggled with her rage and desperation.


The idol slammed her fist against the brick wall. Pain receptors became active as blood immediately slid down from her newly-scraped knuckles. Whatever few pedestrians that walked by merely glanced at the woman’s direction before moving on. Yuki’s blood was boiling. She wanted to crush anyone that got in her way.

The text message from the sender… The content… Why would they do this to both her and Mayu? What did she do to deserve this? What did Mayu do to deserve this? Was God trying to punish the two by allowing this act of evil to continue? Where was God when you needed Him?

Yuki retracted her fist before smashing it harder against the wall. Crimson red colored a small part of the bricks as even more of the contacted skin was broken. A violent sob broke out. Her other hand reached up to press the palm against her forehead, fingers tangled with her bangs. She leaned forward as waves of shudders ran through her figure.


Her eyelids snapped open. The idol’s pupil shrunk as she widen her flaming eyes.

’GOD… I’ll make her pay! I’ll tear her apart and make sure she meets a fate worse than Hell! I’ll kill her! I’m going to kill her!’

Team B’s leader is willing to commit murder if it means saving her friend. She is willing to break all of the laws in the world to have Mayu safe in her arms.

’Mayu… Oh my Mayuyu…’


The sudden call for her name brought her back to reality. Both of her eyes’ size returned back to normal as she slowly retracted her hand away from her face. When she lifted her head, she saw the accountant standing before the female. Takumi was out of breath and sweating profusely. A faint, but brief, smile cracked on his face.

“Oh thank goodness you were here,” he proclaimed. “I wouldn’t know what to do if you had ran off any farther.”

“Takumi…” Yuki frowned. “I have to go.”

“Go? Go where?”

“Yes, I have to go save Mayu.”

She turned her back towards her friend’s brother. As Yuki was ready to take off, Takumi grabbed one of her wrist. Little did he know he had gotten ahold of her injured hand. The blood that was dripping from her wound began to smear on his hand. Kashiwagi Yuki jerked her hand away from him. Her expression was scrawled with complete anguish. Just the sight nearly made Mayu’s older brother’s heart stop.


“Takumi, please, leave me alone!”

Her request was denied. Instead, he twisted her around with hands on her shoulders. Then, Takumi shook Yuki.

“Please! I know this hurts you! It hurts me just as much as it does to you!” He immediately pulled the Team B Captain into his embrace. Yuki was startled by his action, instinctively attempting to tear away from the man. But his strong arms kept her in his grasp. Tears welled from his eyes as the accountant shook his head. “God… GOD… I know it hurts… Please… don’t go out on your own…”

She felt all of her energy slip away from her muscles. Now slumping against the firm brother of Mayu, Yuki buried her face into his shoulder as tears poured out once again. Her fingers curled on his shirt, crinkling it and smearing it with her blood. Takumi rubbed her back in attempt to comfort her.

He was just as furious, if not, even more than Yuki. As an older brother who had promised to protect and keep his family safe, this is a living Hell for the accountant. The male Kashiwagi knows action needs to be taken. After seeing the video, would everyone in the family and the supporting AKB48 members finally come to a consensus on a plan? Would his old friend, Kate, actually take on his case?

Those thoughts were useless to think about on its own. Takumi needed to talk to the others today.

Both figures retracted from the hug. His brown eyes fell upon the bloody mess that laid upon the young woman’s hand. The corner of his lip twitched.

“We need to get you patched up,” he muttered. Takumi’s hand reached out to firmly hold her other hand. “If Mayu were here… She wouldn’t forgive me for seeing her closest friend hurt like this. Let’s go back to the others, okay?”

Yuki’s only response was a gentle squeeze of his hand.


Time Missing: 2 Days
Location: Unknown
Time: Unknown

I just wanted to die.

It was simple, really. Never in my life have I had such a thought cross my mind. I was down on the cold floor, laying on my stomach. The palm of my hands felt like it was glued to the surface of the ground, and anything below my waist was completely numb.

I stared up at the two females. My clothes was properly back on my body, but the violations that Shiki had done unto me was unforgivable. Tears prickled the corner of my eyes. I trembled, almost aware that my bones are rattling from how shaken I was. The taste from the woman’s body lingered in my mouth. I had never felt more embarrassed in my life than that moment. It should give me the strength to fight back even harder at my captors.

Still, I could do nothing other than remain as a helpless sitting duck. I hated that. Every single time I try to go against them, they find ways to counterattack. Every counter they did, it only shattered my resolve to ever leave.

Was it even possible to leave? How long am I stuck here? Will I ever be freed? Are they going to do something far worse to me? Will anyone… save me? The answers are out of reach. No matter how much I demand to know, not even a single hint came by.

One of the two bent down to my level on the floor. Both of her hands reached out to grab ahold of my head. I tried to shake off the woman’s grasp, but only to no avail. She wildly grinned.

“Oh Mayuyu~ I was so glad you were able to sing for us!” Shiki exclaimed as she rubbed her face against mine. My wet and weary eyes blankly gazed at the student. A tiny exhale left my mouth. “If only you could sing for us like that more… and just for us…”

I shakily exhaled again. I lack the energy to counter. Venomous words I wish to spit at them got caught in my throat. I just… gave up.

“By the way~ I hated how you called out to Yukirin while you sang though…”

I nearly choked on air. My throat felt a tightening sensation as I felt small amount of energy rush back into my system. I shook off Shiki’s hold from my face. Though I was unable to crawl due to the numb sensation of my lower body, I found a faint line of courage in me to speak.

“S-She’ll save me…” I growled. “I know Yukirin will save me!”

Yomi grabbed my collar and lifted my upper body up. I saw her pupils darken. Although I shouldn’t be afraid of these sick people, I felt my heart nearly stop.

“It’s a shame you have such dirty thoughts…” Shiki whined nearby. Her head tilted, she pressed on finger on her own lips. “How dare you think of only Yuki making you sing?”

Ridiculous! How do they process the information that’s in front of their face? I sobbed as I weakly attempt to push Yomi away.

“Y-You did that to me!” I cried. “Yuki is the only one I love!”

I didn’t think before I speak. Whether I meant what I said or not is left up for questioning. I wanted to question why I said it, but I was not given the chance. As a result, I felt an impact on the side of my face. My head twisted to the side as an explosion of pain slammed on the area. I widen my eyes. Yomi’s hand retracted to her side, and she bore her teeth.

“Your mind is filthy, Watanabe Mayu,” she spat. “We need to clean you up.” 

I was barely used to the duo using my nickname. For her to use my full name, I felt like crying. The pressure of the tension was slowly widening the cracks. If I don’t get out of here soon enough, I might just break.

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