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Author Topic: Lies and Secrets (Mystery, Romance) |YuiHarem| Chapter 3  (Read 2047 times)

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Re: Lies and Secrets (Mystery, Romance) |YuiHarem| Chapter 2
« Reply #20 on: February 04, 2017, 08:39:27 AM »
Right now I'll be honest. It will take time to decipher the whole intricacies of the surnames and match them up. although hell it hasn't been too bad going from the start to the current place but eventually the picture may have to be presented as a reference  :nervous

The story could do more chunking with certain scenes so it wouldn't be reading 2-3 chapters in one  :lol: (honest opinion, kill me while I'm ahead :nervous)
Random Thought:


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Re: Lies and Secrets (Mystery, Romance) |YuiHarem| Chapter 2
« Reply #21 on: February 04, 2017, 01:15:30 PM »
Lies And Secrets

Character List

:same   this is character list after Chapters 1 and 2 :)
:same   I will probably post new one when there are major changes with new characters and their relations later on :roll:


Student (M/F)
Yokoyama Yui as Miyazawa Yui (F)
   Father Figure (M/F)
Miyazawa Sae as Miyazawa Saemon (M)
   Mother Figure (M/F)
Akimoto Sayaka as Akimoto Sayaka (F)
   Aunt Figure (M/F)
Sashihara Rino as aunt Rino (F)


Student (M/F)
Shimazaki Haruka as Takahashi Haruka (F)
   Father Figure (M/F)
Takahashi Minami as Takahashi Minami (F)
   Mother Figure (M/F)
Maeda Atsuko as Takahashi Atsuko (F)
   Sister Figure (M/F)
Kotani Riho as Takahashi Riho (F)
   Cousin Figure
Takahashi Juri as Takahashi Juri (F)


Student (M/F)
Matsui Jurina as Matsui Jurina (F)
   Father Figure (M/F)
Matsui Rena as Matsui Rena (F)
   Mother Figure (M/F)
Kashiwagi Yuki as Matsui Yuki (F)
   Family Butler Figure (M/F)
Oya Shizuka as Oya Shizuka (F)


Student (M/F)
Itano Tomomi as Shinoda Tomomi (F)
   Father Figure (M/F)
Shinoda Mariko as Shinoda Mariko (F)
   Mother Figure (M/F)
Kojima Haruna as Shinoda Haruna (F)
   Twin Sister Figure (M/F)
Watanabe Miyuki as Shinoda Miyuki (F)


Student (M/F)
Mukaichi Mion as Oshima Mion (F)
   Father Figure (M/F)
   Mother Figure (M/F)
Ooshima Yuuko as Oshima Yuuko (F)


Kinoshita Momoka as Kinoshita Momoka (F)
Kato Rena as Kato Rena (F)
Yamamoto Sayaka as Yamamoto Sayaka (F)
Motomura Aoi as Aoitan (F)
Oda Erina as Odaeri (F)
Kizaki Yuria as Kizaki Yuri (M)
??? as a girl with a 'BAKA' beanie (F)
Okada Nana as Okada Nana (F)
Kojina Yui as Jiina (F)
Kojima Mako as Kojimako (F)
Nishino Miki as Miki (F)
Tashima Meru as Meeru (F)
Tomonaga Mio as Mio (F)
Shibuya Nagisa as Shibuya Nagisa (F)
Kitagawa Ryouha as Ryoha (F)
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Re: Lies and Secrets (Mystery, Romance) |YuiHarem| Chapter 2
« Reply #22 on: February 05, 2017, 04:23:35 PM »
"saves spot :on polter: :on polter: :on polter:
=gonna comment before chap3 arrive hopefully..xD= =the laziness consumed me=

yeap those laziness totally consume not even joking

Students are getting ready, teachers are getting ready, The Principal…um…the principal’s secretary is also getting ready

LOL..what the principal doin not getting ready?? the principal must be easygoing or just lol

You've accomplished so much, I don't want anything ruining that.”

I dont know why atsuko first impressions make me dont like her..maybe cause shes too strict or other things welp

Father Figure (M/F)
Matsui Rena as Matsui Rena (F)


“Is it true what they say about your dad?” Renacchi asked and got jabbed into her stomach by Haruka.

“That she's the devil incarnate?” Jurina’s expression suddenly turned cold. “I stand by my papa.”

So is this refer that Rena gonna be badass in this?? Dang Rena never fail to amaze me

??? as a girl with a 'BAKA' beanie (F)

who gonna take this role?? lol

Dang those sayakayui moment tho..mehhh..don't tell me they have feeling for each other cause the constant need of yui for sayaka cant hides haha...hmm sayakayui huh..sayaka maybe thought whatever happened to be mistake of her needs acting up..."falling for you playing as background song"

“Look, if you want to be an AKB, I'll help you prepare. I have moves

Yeap..totally trust jurina haruka..she totally have the moves

“Better us than…you know who.”

Who???? who was bein refer??? "clutch my spinning head

Just had a feeling theres more to come..conflict by conflict..only beginning but dang "thumbs saku san

And I need to constantly remind myself that this fic is totally yui harem..I just cant.....thanks for the update saku san~
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Re: Lies and Secrets (Mystery, Romance) |YuiHarem| Chapter 2
« Reply #23 on: February 09, 2017, 09:20:47 PM »
finally got the time to re-read the chapter again... :on drink:

ahh, a hectic morning of first school day after a long holiday... just the first day and Hime already had her schedule packed?! man, loosen up a bit will ya... it's nice to try to please everyone and make them all happy, but if it costs YOUR OWN happiness you better start ask yourself "Is it worth it?" and I MEAN IT... :on thumbb:

I saw a hint of "dark history"(?) between Shinoda and Takahashi House here :hehehe: ... need more data before I can make any guesses about what it was, so I'll leave it alone for now :glasses: ... and what kind of ailment that need sakura petals as medication?! :temper:

JuriYuri eh... or is it YuriJuri? :dunno: well, whatever... they need to get a room and start having their smexy naughty time ASAP--they can drag Renacchi to join too :kekeke: ... just as the saying goes "the more the merrier" :kekeke:

I knew it's gonna be On-chan... and from Oshima House too?! damn, that's perfect... but why she's such a bitch??? On-chan, that's not how you treat your "mama":on yellcard: --check their twitter if you don't know what I'm talking about... someone call Mogi now, we need her to reign her wifey :on chew:... so the band made some accomplishment using Hime's song and planned to stick with it while the person herself had a different plan with the new song she wrote... this is tough... :smoke:

don't know why, but I got a feeling that Tomochin is a psycho--or any other personality disorder--here... so far what she said&done were kinda off--can't put my finger on what yet...

ARGHHH... dat car's-backseat flashback scene :on bleed: ... I'm calling for "an elaborate explanation" here :on voodoo: ... it seemed that their relationship was quite close and deep... I bet there will be more than just that single car's-backseat scene--or so what I wish for :kekeke: ...

I smell a possibility for a twist from Puppy x Hime x Ponkotsu here :hehehe: :kekeke: ...

I guess that's all for now from me... see ya next time... :whistle:

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Re: Lies and Secrets (Mystery, Romance) |YuiHarem| Chapter 2
« Reply #24 on: February 10, 2017, 04:52:52 PM »
Although you told me it's fine not to comment but I did say I would so... here it sort of is. >< But it's gonna be really short :v

Firstly, thanks again for this chapter.

I still remember the time you finally posted and I stayed up reading till the end while commenting every moment that caught my attention to you via PM  :lol: That was honestly fun, especially when I helped you pinpoint some awkward typos  :lol: :lol: :lol: So yeah, all of my reactions and comments are probably for your eyes only for now, through our PM :v Sorry  :bow: I did say I wanted to add on a bit more but I totally forgot what they were... and this is my fault for leaving the post till so late  :cry:

The revelations of certain characters' connections, the love between characters blossoming or blossomed (HECK YES YOKOYAMAMOTO AHHHHHHHHH  :heart: :heart: :heart:), more mysteries surfacing and of course, the whole idol tryouts thing at the end.

I am excited for the next chapter you've got cooking for us  :w00t: Hopefully I can give you live reactions again 'cuz I feel that was a pretty darn good experience  :twothumbs

Till next time~  :peace:

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Re: Lies and Secrets (Mystery, Romance) |YuiHarem| Chapter 2
« Reply #25 on: February 11, 2017, 07:31:07 AM »
SURPRISE! Bet you didn't think I would actually comment before your update, am I right? okay, I was too busy RPing and stacking up my skills First of all, I want to really thank you for the clarification of family surnames and the true identity of who these characters are. For someone like me, who have been stuck in the age of 2014 for these idol group, I have barely any recollection as to the newly appointed members. Does make the whole reading experience much easier to digest, even if it's not necessary. (By the power of context clues, it's not too hard to figure out who goes with who, especially as the chapters progress forward.)

Compared to my previous comment, I won't be doing a live commenting session. because i am a lazy scum However, I like to point out this one:

:same   There is a swear word somewhere in the story and also an illegal activity, so beware.  :O

I'm not sure if it's just me, but I legit laughed when I first read that. I suppose it's good warning for those who don't like profanity (though I doubt one swear word is going to make someone's heart stop), but illegal activity... I immediately thought of drugs and human trafficking, ha... ha...

Anyway, as I'm reading through with the usual slice-of-life scenes, which are well done in regard to characterizations, I see that things have escalated once Itano-- er, Tomochin, I mean, comes into the picture. Still slightly suspicious of the female with the beanie taking recordings of the situation. Sounds to me like some kind of blogger. (I got flashes of Chaos;Child with the blogger who spurts out the "truth" about the sumo wrestlers stickers around Shibuya.) Will keep my eye out about her reason for doing so other than garnering some attention...

That SayaYui scene though. Is this the illegal activity you spoke about with a minor x legal adult? Interesting how their relationship will work. Perhaps my brain must've been corrupted beyond recovery, but it's just pure lust at this point. I won't be surprised in Yui goes in to meet up with Sayanee only to have sex. (Use each other for their own good...) Even if they're trying to push it behind and call it an accidental past incident, it's likely that it'll backfire and cause them to be in a scandalous scenario.

Interesting relationship between Saemon and Yuki! Would like to know more about how it will progress in their favor... especially for Yuki. So I suppose things are spicing up from here on out.

In the end, it's a great chapter. Maybe it's slightly overwhelming with the large cast since I know next to nothing with the new members that are introduced into the franchise and the unique take on events occurring on the same day, but at different sequences and almost at different takes of genre at sudden turns, but it looks like it's working okay so far. Perhaps I need to get used to the different surnames too in order to differentiate the characters from their original counterpart. (Context clues does help, thankfully.) It's definitely a lot to take in when I'm not live commenting on it, but it's digestable after rereading it a few times.

Looking forward to the next update!

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Re: Lies and Secrets (Mystery, Romance) |YuiHarem| REPLIES TO COMMENTS
« Reply #26 on: March 20, 2017, 08:25:37 PM »

@Erza_Jerusalem: so I would be thankful if you let me know an example of which dialogue was confusing and I do hope that the character chart update is helpful, but thanks for reading!  :bow:

@kuro_808: could you elaborate more on the chunking issues and I hope the chart of characters is helpful, thanks for reading as always :bow:

@kuro_black29: AKI OMG THIS IS A LONG COMMENT!!! oh you will love the principal, she is amazing and has some things up her sleeve lol  XD oh Acchan's character in this story is just wow you will see so much more of her bad side lol  :twisted: YukiRena is a ship you might find interesting to ship because of their personalities, so wait for them to appear more ;) YAS, RENA-SAMA WILL BE BADDASS IN THIS!  :wub: :inlove:  that beanie person role is still a secret muahaha and SAYAYUI FOR LIFE but they will have some things coming up so to shake them  8) yes, Jurina of course has the moves  :cow: and as for that line, well, it is always better for friends and those that mean well to say things than for let's say a drama queen or someone who means bad you know, THANKS FOR A LONG COMMENT  :deco:

@bunny_rabbit: yeah for Yui it is a full plate of everything all at once, it is tough but I also hope it gets better for her  :huhuh oh the families are just an intricate bunch and they will have their moments that will leave you raging more than the Sakura petals ailment lol  :lol: the JuriYuri is an interesting thought, but I won't spoil what will go for them story vise  8) it's tough for Yui and as for Mion, you will see more from her and even her bandmates will have more screen time, no worries, you will get to know the reasoning behind all this pretty soon I hope  :cathappy: oh that whole family is just *shivers* so no wonder Tomochin is like that...  :catglare: MUAHAHAHA I KNEW YOU WILL LIKE LE CAR SCENE  :inlove: and the plot twist might be more than what you see, but I won't spoil more~  :P thanks for commenting!!  :heart:

@MisakiShishido: I won't reply in a long reply for you because we discussed so much more live and I hope we can do thnis again haha since I am sick in bed and want company  :D so I thank you for commenting on this, loving this and giving me feedback, especially fixing the typos for me  :deco: :heart:

@LoyalFlutist: SHACHOU, ANY COMMENT OF YOURS IS A BLESSING FROM THE SKIES, THANK YOU!!! well I din want to spoil much so I went for illegal activity lol  XD Tomochin brings drama into the scene lol so no surprise you thought that  :roll: and oh the beanie person, I think it might become your favorite character later on when she/he appears  :rock:  you are onto something when it comes to your theory about YokoYamamoto, but I won't say more haha and yeah their relationship IS illegal  :smhid we will definitely get more insights into the parents and correlations between the families.  :) thanks for commenting and reading my work!  :bow:
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Re: Lies and Secrets (Mystery, Romance) |YuiHarem| REPLIES TO COMMENTS
« Reply #27 on: March 21, 2017, 12:17:09 AM »
Lies And Secrets

Chapter 3

:same   The story blocks are in chronological order, but not necessarily on the same day, as you will see while reading on :)
:same   Some words have links for you to click on so you can get the reference needed ;)
:same   this font means that the text you are reading right now is a flashback or memory  :roll:

:note: "Loving one another Such a thing is always fate The stars are silently Waiting for that day to arrive" :note:

Yamamoto Sayaka finished listening to Yui’s song through the earphones, her eyes mirroring her mixed emotions as she felt both sentimental and in denial at the same time.

“They're...” she took of the earbuds and looked at Yui, eyes glistening from the wave of feels that washed over her while listening to Yui’s soothing voice. “Very real, very personal.”

“I took your advice and wrote them down. Polished them.” Yui calmly said, then took a small breath before continuing. “But I was wondering maybe if you could help me...”

“With what, Yui?” Sayaka asked, her heart pounding in her chest. She was not ready for this conversation.

“You went to Horikoshi, Yamamoto-sensei. There is no one else in Akibara I can take lessons from.” Yui started. “Believe me, I've looked.”

“Well, I don't think that's a good idea.” Yamamoto shook her head and then her voice turned into a whisper. “I don't think we should be alone together. If this is you trying to restart something that never should've started in the first---“

“---No, it's not. It is about the music. But it's also…” The student bit her lower lip and leaned in closer to the music teacher, her gaze pleading and full of worries. “Come on, I need to be able to talk about what happened with someone. We heard what we heard and afterwards, we didn't do anything. We didn't say anything.”

Sayanee finally regained her breathing and kissed Yui’s bare shoulder. Her fingers were tracing gentle patterns on the younger’s thigh as they cuddled on the blanket amidst picnic basket and a few pillows. They were in a nice clearing, enjoying their afternoon and each other on July 4.

Suddenly a gunshot-like sound pierced the air and the two of them jolted upwards, shocked by an unexpected sound. Yui looked at the older woman questioningly, both of them scared for what could have happened; more so for anyone finding them here like this.

“We heard fireworks.” Sayaka deadpanned and looked away. The memories were too strong and she had just that much resolve to not jump the younger here and now.

“Who's lighting fireworks at 5:00 in the evening?” Yui asked, her lower voice making the teacher look right back at her with hooded eyes.

“How would we explain why we were together at Namba River at 5:00 pm on July 4?” Yamamoto had no clue Yui were this close and now their faces now were inches apart. It was not helping her in any way and she abruptly stood up, her heart about to jump out of her ribcage, voice wavering and low in tone. “And you're right. We didn't say anything. We're both going to have to live with that choice. Do you understand?”

Yui extended her hand and grabbed onto the teacher’s arm, pulling her closer and about to kiss her, but a sound of a bell made the older woman pull back and rush to the door, her cheeks ablaze as the student looked at her helplessly.

“I think…” Yamamoto said while standing in the classrooms doorway. “You should pursue your music, but not with me.”

With those words, she left Yui sitting alone, her head hung low and a lone tear escaping her tear ducts.

:note: “Kimi no koto ga suki dakara Kimi to aeta sono koto dake de Atatakai kimochi de Ippai ni naru Eien no saki” :note:

Jurina and Haruka finished their performance, the new girl not even breaking a sweat while Haruka was slightly panting. Tomochin with her main few dance crew members were sitting at the front of the sport hall, a lot of other students gathered on the sidelines, interested to see the repeat of last year.

“Hmm.” Shinoda Tomomi was not impressed, or more like, she didn’t want to admit how good Jurina was. “Ladies, where's the heat? Where's the sizzle?”

“Well, you haven't seen our big finish yet.” Jurina grinned, knowing exactly what the Queen T wanted to do. “See, I checked your last year’s performance of Kiss Datte Hidarikiki and I thought it was lacking the…mhm, how do you call it…. Ah! The heat. The sizzle.”

Haruka watched Tomomi’s face contort in anger for a second but she soon regained her composure and glared at the Matsui girl, for which the girl just laughed at.

“So, I decided to edit the choreography, especially the ending. Hope you all can enjoy it.” Jurina smugly said and then turned to Paru to whisper to her. “Don't freak out. Just trust me.”

:note: ”You even kiss left-handed You suddenly take my right arm I tilt my head to the side And wait for what comes next You even kiss left-handed I noticed while my eyes were closed You start a little from the left And there, our lips meet” :note:

When they finished the choreography that Jurina taught Haruka before, Matsui did something the other girl was completely not expecting. It was obviously a change from original choreography when the new girl suddenly grabbed Haruka’s hand, spun her around and kissed her on the lips. And it wasn’t just any simple kiss. It was a heated kiss with Jurina’s tongue even exploring Paru’s mouth. The young Takahashi could only blink rapidly after Matsui pulled back, unable to comprehend of what just happened, just that Jurina asked to trust her.

“And?” Tomochin asked, her expression that of a completely unimpressed, though Haruka could swear she saw a hint of anger in Tomomi’s eyes. “What is a normal kiss supposed to do? Shock me? Surprise me?”

“Dear, if I wanted to surprise you or shock you, I would have brought a guy over here and kissed him, though that would have been more of a repulsive than surprising.” Jurina might have been all about having males as friends, but just the thought of kissing a guy made bile slowly gather at her throat and she kicked the thought out of her head. “Instead, I wanted to show you that you are lacking when it comes to choreographing and beautiful faces, thus why me and Haruka would be amazing additions respectively.”

“I am not sure if these words are helping you to pass this tryout.” Tomochin spat out, angry at the new girl badmouthing her and her teams’ skills. She decided to go with her original plan and went straight for her victim. “So, let's see if you do better with the interview portion of our audition. Salt, how's your sister doing?”

“Um, Ripopo’s fine, thanks for asking.” Haruka knew where this was going and she didn’t like it whatsoever.

“Jurina, has Salt told you about her sister yet?” Tomomi asked, crossing her arms and arching her eyebrow.

“Uh, no.” Matsui still was clueless what was the big deal about this whole drama and bitch-like feelings Tomochin had towards Haruka.

“Go ahead, Salt.” The idols’ leader glared at Paru. “Tell Jurina about your sister and MY dear sister.”

“Ripopo and Miyuki dated.” Haruka quietly said, her head hung low, which resulted in Tomochin scoffing at her.

“I wouldn't say "dated". It didn't end well.” Tomomi grimly denied, following words dripping with irony. “In fact, Miyuki's probably why your sister had a nervous breakdown and now lives in a group home, isn't it?”

“That's what my parents think.” Paru took a deep breath in, somehow managing to look Tomochin straight in the eyes, her hands balling into fists as she dug her nails in her own skin, drawing blood out of the freshly made wounds unknowingly to anyone watching or hearing this conversation.

“What do you have to say about that, Salt? Go ahead, the floor is yours.” Tomomi mocked; seeing the hurt in the girl’s eyes just fueled her to humiliate the girl even more. “Whatever you've been dying to spew about Miyuki and how she treated Riho, unleash it. Destroy me. Rip me to shreds. Annihilate me.”

“I just...” The stinging pain in her palms distracted her enough to not think of the pain her heart was flooded with. She didn’t even know that there was one person who saw her nails digging into her flesh. She thought no one saw it and she just hoped everything can be over soon.

“Finally.” Tomochin grinned in victory, standing up and slowly clapping. “I am proud of you, Salt, you are coming to your senses. Now say it all.”

“I just wanted to say I'm sorry about what happened to Miyuki.” Haruka tried to keep her voice as calm as possible, slowly retracting her nails from the wounds in her palms. “I can't even imagine what you and your family must be going through.”

“Right.” Tomochin let out a sigh and went back to her seat. She was hundred percent sure Haruka’s ability to calm down and not vent out was all Jurina’s fault, so she intended to separate the two. “Jurina, welcome to the AKB. Salt, better luck next time.”

“Wait, what? Why? Because you couldn't bully Haruka into being a bitch?” Jurina just couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Paru’s dancing was not necessarily top class, but she had great sense to rhythm and she was better looking than half of the girls on Tomomi’s current team.

“I need girls with fire on my squad.” The idols’ leader retorted coldly.

The Matsui girl had enough. She walked up to Tomochin and leaned in close, making sure to invade the bitch-like girl’s personal space.

“I know what you need, Queen T, because I know who you are. You would rather people fear than like you, so you traffic in terror and intimidation. You're rich, so you've never been held accountable, but I'm living proof. That certainty, that entitlement you wear on your head like a crown? It won't last. Eventually, there will be a reckoning. Or...” Jurina knew all to well what it meant to be rich, feared and with a title and then one day fall down to the bottom, where you are stripped of your titles, showered with dirt and displayed all over tabloids with not so positive of titles and headlines over your photos. Matsui was determined to change into a better person and seeing the Queen T act like her past self was making her really furious. Especially because that bitch hurt Haruka without a solid reason, at least in her opinion. “Maybe that reckoning is now. And maybe, that reckoning... Is me.”

Tomomi couldn’t believe her ears. This new girl dared to mock her in front of school students and her team members. And yet she couldn’t deny the pure talent this girl had and she needed her on the team. Well, once she had her on the team, Tomochin was sure she will have everything under control.

“Haruka and I come as a matching set. You want one, you take us both. You wanted fire?” Jurina asked and leaned in to whisper into the frowning leader’s ear. “Sorry, warukiinotsundere, my specialty's ice.”

“Go, get around him. Get around him.” Coach Miyazaki yelled at the girls on the court and blew the whistle. “Let's move.”

Yui felt determined but a bit scared to tryout to be the part of the team and yet she still approached the coach with a careful smile.

“Miyazawa, here you are.” Miyazaki looked at Yui in a red T-shirt and gray skirt. “Looking good.”

“What's up, Coach?” Yui smiled, this time shyly.

“Here.” Coach Miyzaki handed Yui a uniform with a number 12 on it. “This is Miyuki's number. It's yours now.”

Yui took the uniform with shaky hands, unable to comprehend why would the Coach give her Miyuki’s number.

“You know, usually sophomores, they only get to be benchwarmers or stand in for sick or injured players. This year, we've got an open spot in the starting five.” Miyazaki Miho pointed a finger at Yui with a serious gaze in her eyes. “From what you've been showing us, well, I want you to fill it. It means more and longer practices. More away games.”

“Yeah, bigger commitment, I know.” Yui sighed. She wanted to tryout but this uniform really bothered her. “But Coach, I…”

“Oh, what, you got something better to do?” Coach suddenly asked her sharply, then turned to the court, observing one of the center players. “Haruppi, get a hold of the ball, dammit!”

“No, Coach.” Yui gulped and put on a fake smile. “I’m in.”

“Perfect.” Jurina smiled cheerfully, looking at Haruka checking herself out in the mirror. They were in the changing rooms and had their new custom-made uniforms on. “You look amazing.”

“Jurina. Why did...” Haruka turned to her and sighed. “Why did you defend me? I know the crowd you ran with in Tokyo. Why are you being so... Nice?”

The Matsui girl grabbed her bag and both of them left the changing rooms and the school, slowly going through the stadium to take longer time to reach the school gates. She decided it was time to tell a bit of her feelings to Paru because she really wanted to be friends with this girl and the way Tomochin acted just fueled her to do so even more.

“When my papa got arrested, it was the worst thing ever. All these trolls started writing horrible things about us. We'd get letters and e-mails saying that my papa was a monster, my mama was a clueless socialite, and that I was the spoiled rich-bitch ice princess. And what hurt the most about it was...” She took a deep breath and continued. “The things the trolls were writing were true. I was like Tomomi. I was worse than Tomochin. So, when my mama said we were moving to Akibara, I made a pact with myself to use this as an opportunity to become maybe, hopefully, a better version of myself.”

“Wow, that's a lot of pressure. You know, when Ripopo and Miyuki got together... It meant everything to my sister and nothing to Miyuki, and...” Haruka inhaled and exhaled sharply then looked at nothing in the distance. “And things got super intense and weird and toxic and my mother started hating Ripopo. She said Riho wasn't her daughter anymore, said all these awful things to her. Miyuki hurt my sister, but it's my mother who broke her.”

“It sounds horrible…” Jurina started but then she saw Yui approaching and poked Haruka in the ribs, which made the sad girl react with a gasp and a confused stare at Matsui. It made the puppy girl chuckle. “You're so doing this.”

“What?” Haruka was as confused as ever with these interesting mood changes of the new girl.

“Slaying your dragons, Takahashi Haruka, one by one.” Jurina whispered and then turned to Yui who just approached them. “Hi, Yuinonna Earp.”

“Hey.” Yui raised an eyebrow to this interesting nickname Jurina gave her but then simply smiled at the two, noticing their uniforms. “Nice outfits.”

“Paru here has something she wants to ask you about the Back-to-School dance.” Jurina ignored the compliment, ready to push her friend to do something courageous. “Go on, Haruka, ask.”

“I was wondering if you wanted to come with both of us.” Paru understood Jurina’s intentions, but there was no way she could just like that blurt out she wanted to ask Yui on a sort of a be-my-date thing.

“Huh?” Yui was not sure if she heard what Paru said correctly.

“What?” Jurina couldn’t believe her ears. After all her best wishes and attempts Haruka just had to fail like this.

“It's your first semi-formal dance at Akibara.” Paru defended herself to the new girl. “You should have someone to go with, even if it's just friends.”

Jurina could only facepalm in her mind at this and looked hopefully at Yui. If this girl rejects their offer, she will remove Haruka’s scalp with her own hands.

“I mean, I'd love to.” Yui started and then apologetically smiled. “But I'm not really in the headspace for a dance.”

“Oh.” Haruka guessed Yui will say no, it was nothing really new to her. She put on a reassuring smile at her friend. “That's ok, I understand.”

“No no no. Totally unacceptable, Yuihimesama.” Jurina shook her head and cracked her puppy smile at Yui. “We need an escort so people don’t think we are dating. Take a break from being a tortured musical genius and come spend a blissful evening with not one, but two newly-minted AKB idols. We'll text you time and place.”

“Okay.” Yui gave in and chuckled. “I guess I have no other choice then, right?”

Back at her home, in her own room, Haruka was still in the new uniform, having random music loud on the speakers and happily dancing to it. She didn’t notice her mother opening the door and looking at her in horror and disapproval. Then the music suddenly stopped as her mother turned off the speakers and gave her daughter a glare.

“What is that?” Atsuko asked, clearly unhappy with what her daughter was wearing.

“I made it into AKB.” Haruka happily replied.

“Shinoda Tomomi's AKB? After what Miyuki did to Riho?” Atsuko spat out and shook her head a few times. “No, I'm sorry. I won't allow it. Take that off right now.”

“No.” Paru quietly spoke.

“What did you just say to me?” Atsuko was beyond bewildered.

“I do everything for everyone. Everything to be perfect. The perfect daughter, the perfect sister, the perfect student...” Paru was close to shouting, then she took a deep breath and wiped a tear that escaped her eye. “Can't I do this one thing just for me?”

Haruka then grabbed her bag and started walking towards the door, her mother, of course, standing in front of her and not letting her through.

“Get out of my way, mother.”

“Just where do you think you are going?”

“To buy a dress. Because guess what?” Haruka looked her mother in the eyes with a determined look. “I'm also going to the dance with Yui. And Jurina.”

“Wait.” Atsuko couldn’t believe what was happening right now. “Matsui Yuki's daughter?”

“She's actually really nice.” Haruka said, her voice not even wavering, despite the fact her mother could be really scary sometimes. “And trying to be a good person.”

“You think so? You think she's going to be your friend? Let me tell you something.” Atsuko’s voice was cold and her stare at her daughter was menacing. “Girls like Tomomi and Matsui Jurina, they don't fancy girls like us.”

“I don't want to hear it, mother.” Haruka stated, not even caring to hear the rest of what her mother was gonna say in order to control her once again. This time she was not letting her mother have her way. “It's happening. I'm going.”

Yukirin returned after shopping for some new clothes and was glad Shiichan immediately helped her with the bags. It was nice to have the family butler back with her again, she was of huge help and support.

“Thank you, Shiichan.” She smiled gently at the butler and kissed her cheek. “As always, you're a godsend.”

“Happy to help, Yukirin.” The butler replied simply.

The two of them were walking upstairs into the main chambers of Matsui ladies. The butler was waiting for the lady to unlock the room.

“Unlike the rest of Akibara, they do not help or like me at all.” They walked into the room and Yukirin immediately spotted a black bag on the main table. “What's that?”

“Oh. Um... A spot of good news. The car service found and dropped off your missing bag.” Shiichan replied, avoiding the eye contact with milady and left the room after placing all the shopping bags on the couch.

“Missing bag?” Yukirin asked herself and approached the table. She opened the bag and gasped, seeing it filled to the brim with loads of cash. “Oh, Rena... What have you done?”

End of Chapter 3.
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