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Author Topic: Mou Mori e Kaerou ka?  (Read 7696 times)

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Mou Mori e Kaerou ka?
« on: March 24, 2019, 12:51:08 PM »


Scream. Cries. Blood. Bodies.

She repeatedly chanted to herself that she's dreaming, that all of these were a dream. The moment she open her eyes, all of these will fade in a instant. But no matter how she closes her eyes, her ears can't lie to her.

The noise grew louder and it's hurt.

Eventually she decide to open her eyes, she sighed in relief seeing a familiar everyday routine in the class.

She, sitting beside the window and doing her favorite thing; observing her classmates. It's always the same.

Her eyes will find first her bestfriend and the girl she likes at the same time, Nagahama Neru; the girl from Nagasaki that transferred to their class in their second year. A smile spread to her face. Neru is really beautiful, she's sweet and she doesn't have any idea how the caring and smartest girl like her befriend a quiet and emo-type girl of her.

But her smile fade as soon she followed Neru walking towards a girl on the other corner of the room. Neru wearing her pretty smile only for Watanabe Risa that smiling softly back at her.

Oh, Neru girlfriend.

Her heart shattered at the sight when Neru comfortably sit on Risa desk and the short haired wrapped her arms around her waist and they both laugh at each other stories.

She decide to tore her gazes from them and when she turn her eyes to other, her attention catch by the other person on the corner.

Kobayashi Yui, looking at Neru and Risa with the same expression as her. Her eyes wearing the same pain everytime she's going to see them.

So she's like me.

She doesn't have the observation skill they call, she either call herself as a watcher and she doesn't understand how she see the person feelings just looking thoroughly at their eyes.

She look at the other corner of the room and there she see their other classmates.

Sugai Yuuka, their class president having a serious conversation with their vice president, Moriya Akane in the front. Sato Shiori, their classmate whos into art painting something in front saying its for their class project. Oda Nana staring dreamily at Kobayashi Yui and there's Suzumoto Miyu who's silently fuming in jealous and known that she likes Oda Nana more than anyone else. Around them are Nagasawa Nanako and Watanabe Rika eating silently.

And to the front row are Habu Mizuho and Koike Minami who's in a relationship with each other and Harada Aoi who's talking non-stop with them. And to the right are Ishimori Nijika, Saito Fuyuka who's laughing at each other joke pointing who's more dumb between them.

Imaizumi Yui in the left side, strumming her guitar as she sing beautifully which Uemura Rina and Ozeki Rika shower her with praises. And the mysterious girl, Shida Manaka looking through the window as she lost herself in her own world by listening to her blue headphone.

It is their everyday life. Doing what they want as they wait for their next teacher to come.

If she only know that this would be the last time she see them laughing and smiling, Hirate Yurina should cherish this moment before.


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Re: Mou Mori e Kaerou ka?
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If she only know that this would be the last time she see them laughing and smiling, Hirate Yurina should cherish this moment before.


Thank you very much for this chapter!
Wishing to know how you continue.
This last sentence seems a bit sinister, without any doubt, now comes action.

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