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Author Topic: Sakanatachi No Love Song [Nogizaka46] [Chapter XXVIII || 101218]  (Read 46736 times)

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Re: Sakanatachi No Love Song [N46] [Chapter III || 300816]
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THANKS!!!! KEEP IT UP!!! IM A FAN! :D   :cow:  :cow:

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Re: Sakanatachi No Love Song [N46] [Chapter III || 300816]
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Whoaa.. An update!! Thank you author san!!
Finally naachan will come out soon. I can't wait.. Oh my god..
I hope there's no wakanana.. If naachan know maiyan is alive it will be sad for waka.. But wakanana is cute too..
Can you put asuka here too? :D (don't mind this.. It's just my selfish desire.. :D)

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Re: Sakanatachi No Love Song [N46] [Chapter III || 300816]
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thank you for the update :cow:
i'm still waiting for naachan to appear in next chapter
keep your work author-san, and please update soon <(_ _)>
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Re: Sakanatachi No Love Song [N46] [Chapter III || 300816]
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Nanamin is so emotional despite not knowing Maiyan before, I wonder what’s in it for her with this project?
I had a feeling that NanaMai relationship wasn't exactly smooth considering how they fought in the first chapter. Takayama seemed kinda mad at Maiyan too.
I’m not sure what to expect with Waka’s appearance. I just hope she’s not the current gf of Naaachan. That would be a mess…and I'll be  :frustrated:  because I wouldn’t know who to root for then.

Haha nope. It’s just since that Nogibingo sister episode, my brain seemed to put IkuMai as sisters by default. They’re close and clingy with each other, it’s so cute really.
Also it feels like this project is made because Ikuta can’t bear to lose her important person but Naachan is the gf, so the next thought is that she’s a family or a really dear friend (which I doubt she would spend that much time/money for regardless how close they were).

*gasp* What?! Nanamin, how can you sleep more at work when you have such a beautiful wife colleague at home  :on thumbb:  what are you??  :mon headbang: How are you able to resist the Holy Mother? Are you an android as well?  :lol:
Maybe Maimai can do something about it like giving her bento/snacks when she’s not going home. Better yet, accompany Nanamin there and use every chance she gets to slowly melt her heart XD
If I remember correctly the real Mai said she’s shy, no? I think she tried to be tough because she’s one of the oldest there so she feels the responsibility, members rely on her too and she would feel bad if she couldn’t live up to their expectation of this “perfect” Maiyan. Oh, Maiyan...  :mon exhaust:

TakaSemaru  :heart:

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Sakanatachi No Love Song [N46] [Chapter IV || 070916]
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“I’ll just wait outside.”

“Naa-chan, there’s no way I’ll leave you here, you’re coming with me. Kazumin said that she will also need your help anyway,” the girl grabbed her hand in a tight grip and started to drag her toward the huge entrance of the large building.

The truth is Nishino does not want to come, not at all, but of course, Wakatsuki had somehow managed to drag her out of her room with a reason that leaving her alone in the 2 bedroom apartment is no option because the third occupant of the place was also out for the day.

It is not that she does not want to help Takayama Kazumi- who came to their place 2 nights ago and beg her to come visit her office because she needs some help with something that she has yet told her, but rather because of the place where her best friend work is some sort of dreadful reminder of someone.

The truth is Nishino has never entered the building before and she has never thought that she will either. The building is really futuristic yet still, has some natural touch to it. They entered the building from the south gate which has its own lobby that’s really huge and it’s probably 4 to 5 times bigger than their apartment lobby.

Nishino glanced to the floor below her and starting to feel underdressed with her old converse sneakers, dark jeans and checkered long sleeved shirt, but she says nothing as she let Wakatsuki lead her to the front desk.

“Hi! I’m Wakatsuki Yumi, we’re here to meet Takayama Kazumi from research and development division.”

“Sure, let me check for a little bit… I see, Wakatsuki Yumi-sama and Nishino Nanase-sama, isn’t it? Takayama-san is expecting you on the 46th floor. You may take the elevator at the end of the corridor on your right. Before you go, please take this identification and wear it as long as you’re still in the building.” The girl at the front desk said as she hands them 2 cards with the word ‘guest’ written on it, “Oh and also, you will need to use the identification card to be able to use the elevator and you doesn’t need to give it back to us after your visit.”

Wakatsuki nodded grabbed the identification while giving the front desk girl a charming smile as a thank you. Nishino swore she heard the worker squealing in delight once she thinks they are out of listening distance, but Wakatsuki says nothing. Probably the girl has already accustomed towards that kind of reaction.

Both of them say nothing along the way to their destination and the elevator door is opened revealing another lobby that is half the size of the first one, but unlike the first one that was decorated with brown and teal furniture, this one has a monochromatic theme that makes it more futuristic.

“Naa-chan, you’re here!” A voice said and not long after she could see Takayama Kazumi approaching them with fast paced steps before pulling the thin girl into a quick hug, “and you too Wakatsuki, hello!”

Wakatsuki nodded in return, then Takayama leads them to a cozy black sofa of the lobby which is facing a huge glass that shows the view from the building.

“Kazumin, I need to talk to you first,” Wakatsuki said in a low tone, her way to indicates that she wanted to speak more privately. Takayama threw a gaze to Nishino, but the other girl couldn’t quite get the meaning behind her expression.

“It's fine, go ahead, I’ll wait,” Nishino said to the long haired, assuming that she was considering whether it is okay to leave her or not. Both of them nodded then walked to one corner of the lobby and talk about something that she couldn’t hear because of the distance, but she could conclude that whatever it is Wakatsuki doesn’t seem happy about it.

Thankfully, they reached a conclusion after a few minutes and started to walk back to where Nishino is waiting. “Come on Naa-chan, there’s something that I want to show you.”

They were led into one room that consists of several desks and some monitors, but what gained her attention is not the interesting scientific equipment on the table or tons of graph on the screen, it is the occupant of the other room that can be seen via a huge glass in front of her.

Nishino stepped closer to the glass, her eyes sticking to a figure sitting on the observation bed. At that moment the only thing she could think of is her eyes must be deceiving her, perhaps after such a long time all the bad night sleep finally took a toll on her brain.

“But- Maiyan has… died,” she said weakly after finding no explanation about the figure that she’s seeing.

For Nishino, there was no denying Shiraishi death because she was there. The girl had held the other’s hand as it lay limp across her delicate frame and her stone white skin became paler than it used to be, just like her lips which were losing its soft red color.

It’s been more than 2 years since then, but Nishino still remember clearly how cold her beloved’s hand was as she gave it a squeeze for the last time, sometimes she feel like she could still feel the coldness in the empty air.   

“Naa-chan, Shiraishi Mai didn’t really die,” Takayama said then she started explaining, she started from how they perform an allocation of her memory to a new host and from that they had begun to work on the project, trying to complete it so Shiraishi could be able to truly live once more.

Throughout the explanation both of guests stay silent, Wakatsuki was fiddling with her phone, once in a while she would avert her gaze to either Takayama or the subject in the other room, while Nishino’s eyes never left the subject not even for one second.

Nishino have a feeling that something is not right, it is not because of somehow her supposed to be dead girlfriend had not actually died, also not because her friend had somehow become a part of team that works on the girl for so long, but rather because of the said girlfriend who is currently talking to two scientists in the room. However, she could not point out what part of the girl is not right.

“I’m sorry for keeping this hidden from you two for so long. I’m really really sorry,” Takayama said while bowing her head, she could feel a little bit of her is feeling less pressure since she already opened the secret that she’s been hiding from her best friends for so long.

“Kazumin, why now? Why telling us about this now?”

Takayama straighten herself then took a few steps closer to her friend, she gulped down her nervousness before saying the truth, “I’m not going to force you to do this, but Shiraishi needs your help to be able to feel once more.”

Takayama does not need to explain it further because Nishino is able to understand perfectly about what she means. Shiraishi that she knew has never been that calm until it looks stiff. Shiraishi that she know is expressive when it comes to telling another people about something in her mind. Shiraishi that she knew does not listen to someone’s explanation with an empty gaze.

She unconsciously took a step behind, her hands starting to trembles and she could feel her vision is getting blurry because of the tears that are going to fall in just a matter of seconds. Part of her brain is yelling at her to rush into the room and shook Shiraishi out of that inhumane behavior whilst another part is telling her that it is merely an android with a form of her beloved.

The worst thing is ever since she has seen Shiraishi she has yet to feel anything but pain.

“Naa-chan, you really don’t have to force yourself to do this. It’s okay if you want to go,” Wakatsuki said realizing that her friend has started to tear up. But much to the other amazement, the slender girl shook her head stubbornly.

“I’ll do it…” She said as she wiped out the remaining tears from her face and try to control her irregular breathing, “what do I need to do?”

For Nishino Nanase, whether she will help Shiraishi or not is not a question. Her answer has been decided long before the question is asked, even though it feels like her heart is slowly being pierced and tears that’s threatening to fall again, yet she still listens carefully to her best friend explanation about things that she needs to know about Shiraishi’s current condition.

“You just have to have a talk with her, you don’t need to worry about whether deep topics will burden her mind because right now what we need is to lure her emotion to come back, so we are willing to take a risk,” Takayama finished her explanation, “and also- just like Waka-chan said don’t force yourself too much okay? You are free to walk out from the room anytime.”

Nishino nodded and looked at the girl that came with her, the girl was still engrossed with her phone- probably chatting on Line, but she could sense her gaze and looked up, “I’ll be here if you need me.”

Part of her actually wanted to ask the girl to accompany her inside, but she realized that she will need a time alone with Shiraishi, not to mention Wakatsuki does not actually keen on the girl. She could not blame her, though, she understands where the dislike came from.

“Naa-chan, you may enter whenever you’re ready,” Takayama said reclining her head to the glass beside her.

The two scientists inside the room with Shiraishi is now talking between themselves while the subject is eating her meal on the bed. Nishino took a deep breath and release it from between her lips, “okay… Kazumin, are you coming with me?”

Takayama nodded and walked to the door at the end of the observation glass, after letting the scan work on her finger she took Nishino’s card and tap it on the scanner, “this is needed whenever you want to enter or leave the place, with this you would not need to wait for someone if you ever want to meet her, so feel free to come anytime you want after this.”

There’s actually another door before they could finally enter the room and when the final door is opened she could see everyone inside the room halted their activity to look at them- well to be precise- her.
Both of the scientists look at her in acknowledgment, as if they have expected the visit, both of them introduced themselves politely and of course Nishino introduced herself in return. However, during the whole time Shiraishi had yet say anything, the girl just stares blankly at her food, seemingly lost her appetite.

“We’ll be taking our leave then, see you later,” Hashimoto said with a polite smile and turned to leave along with Fukagawa.

“I’ll be outside if you need me,” Takayama said while giving Nishino’s back a soft pat before turning to follow her coworkers.

After hearing the soft sound of the door sliding, Nishino looked around, wondering whether she should stand a whole time or find something to sit on, but her eyes catch the figure who still has not make even a single move, making her looks more like a robot than it’s supposed to.

“Hi~ I guess…” Nishino managed to say after being unsure of what to do.

“Hi…” the answer was so soft that it almost sounds like she was exhaling the air instead of saying a word, however, she has finally looked up to see Nishino clearly which kind-off caught the other girl off guard since her eyes were exactly the same as how Nishino remember it.

“You should continue to eat your meal, while I’m going to find something to sit on,” Nishino said while throwing her gaze around the room.

“Hmm… you could use that armchair near the TV, but it’s probably quite heavy to be moved around.”

Nanase grabbed the back of the chair that Shiraishi pointed early on and lifted it up a little to move it. It’s quite heavy but not to the point that she wouldn’t be able to move it. Her eyes accidentally look back to the person on the bed who was staring at her, but the girl quickly averted her gaze and started to eat what’s left of her meal.

She positioned the chair next to the bed where she could easily reach the other girl if she ever needs to. She eyed the other girl’s meal for a moment before taking out her phone and started to find some activity to kill both time and slightly awkward tension.

“Nanase, have you eaten your lunch today? I’ll share mine if you haven’t” The girl on the bed said.

“You don’t need to, I already had my lunch. Before I came here, I went to Yoshinoya near the station with Yumi-chan.”

“Ah, I see... So- Wakatsuki. I see…” Shiraishi said incoherently.

“It’s not like that, Yumi-chan is still with Reika-chan anyway,” Nishino quickly refute whatever it is that the other girl thinks about her relationship with her childhood friend.

For a brief moment they look at each other with nobody making any move or attempt to say anything until Shiraishi albeit being late at responding- nodded and goes back to finish the last spoon of her meal. Nishino watches as the other girl carefully closed the container of the meal and pushed the table away from her bed to the opposite side from where Nishino sat.

Shiraishi moved from her position to be able to face the other girl with both of her legs hanging on the bedside, then she clicked one of the several buttons beside the bed and white mattress went down until it stops around the same level with the chair’s height. Then she took each of Nishino’s hand with hers, feeling their warmth started to engulf her less warm artificial ones. 

After that Shiraishi basically stares at her for several uncountable minutes, while Nishino who doesn’t know what to do besides to look back as she started to feel uncomfortable on her seat. However, eventually, the one on the bed soften her expression. She started to rub Nanase’s hands with her thumbs, one of her old habits that make the other girl sure that the girl before her is still Shiraishi Mai.

“Nanase, It’s fine if you have someone else. It’s fine to find someone else,” she said.

“What are you talking about? I don’t want someone else. Why are you being like this?” Nishino said her voice raised a little at the end. She had unconsciously retracted her hands that were being held by the other girl.

“You shouldn’t come to see me anymore, stop wasting your time on me.” The girl said without any hesitation. It's as if she's merely stating a fact.


She doesn’t understand. Isn’t Shiraishi supposed to be begging for her help? Isn’t Shiraishi supposed to be grateful because despite what had happened she’s still there for her?

“I think it’s better if we go on separate ways. 2 years is quite a long time don’t you think?”

Nishino was on the verge to start an argument when she realized that doing so just means that they are going to fall back to the same old routine, but this time with the other couldn’t feel anything to realize how wrong her action is. If back then with Shiraishi being a totally normal human she was not able to do anything to change her mind, this time, she realized that it’s more than impossible.

To be honest, Nishino does not want to repeat the same thing again.

Which is why she’s about to give the other girl exactly what she wants.

“Fine then. I really wish that you would start to let me help you, but I guess it’s not happening. I hope you will be able to recover soon. Goodbye.”

~To Be Continued~

Hi! I finally managed to finish this chapter after rewriting it a few times because I wasn't satisfied with how it turns out. I hope this one suffice. Also, I will be going for around a week long vacation and after that, I'll probably going to be quite busy with University stuff which is why I couldn't promise to bring you next chapter next week, but I'll try my best  :)
And Also the view count has actually gone past 1k whoaaa  :shocked Thank you very much  :cathappy:


chocolatepandastarlight: THANK YOU SO MUUUUCHHHH  :D

akbcoupleshipper: the wakanana here is platonic but they have a quite deep bond that I'll write in later chapters. Hmm... Asuka will be quite hard to bring since they are young adults (I even add 2 years into Ikuchan's age) and I think Asuka is more of a school girl, but I'll keep her in mind in case I'll need extra character.  Thank you for reading :) 

ミサキ: Naa-chan has finally appeared. I hope it's good enough. Thank youu  :)

pretend_2besome1: Replying to your reply is always fun, thanks a lot for spending your time in this story :)
Hmmm.. hmm... about Nanamin, what's with her I wonder? lol, Sorry, I couldn't tell you now but that will be explained eventually.
And Waka isn't Naa-chan girlfriend, I even had Naa-chan denying that in this chap. Takayama and Waka are Naa-chan best friends and they are quite protective of her, there are more but I'm keeping it secret for now  ;)
Now that you mention it, I may have made Nanamin looks a lot like android hahahahaha, but I assure you she's not, she just having a hard time to put her wellbeing first instead of the project.
You're probably right about Maiyan, She's always trying to be the perfect senpai for the others, she's also not the kind to share her worries with others. Sometimes I find myself worried for her wellbeing  :(

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Re: Sakanatachi No Love Song [N46] [Chapter IV || 070916]
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Naachan lives with WakaRei?
Ikemen Wakatsuki strikes again! It’s a good thing Reika’s not with them, she’ll be like  :mon whine:  and then try to get her attention like  :mon whimper:  :mon innocent: "Wakachuu..."   :lol:
What did Maiyan do that is so bad that both Zu and Waka didn’t really like her, huh? Also, Maiyan seemed to be jealous of Waka’s relationship with Nana. There must be some story behind it.
First NanaMai meeting after Maiyan’s “death” and it went like this? Gah, stubborn people….I imagine they fight a lot because nobody wants to back down.
Still, Maiyan you’re hurting Naachan despite maybe your good intention   :pleeease:
I’m glad Waka isn’t with Nana that way because it seemed that NanaMai relationship is already complicated enough without needing a third party getting in the way. Also, I’ve always liked the close friendship between Reika-Nana-Waka-Zu in Nogi.

You're welcome F, it's fun to read your story as well   :)
It’s okay if you don’t answer my questions because I know sometimes it would spoil the story and such (I would keep asking though  XD)
Maiyan probably got more job than most members and members also said she’s got professional attitude so she won’t be slacking around and on Nogichuu Mai said she’s not sleeping well….so yeah, I’m really worried about her too. At the very least I want her to have fun and relax in Nogizaka46 if she can’t get enough rest.

TakaSemaru  :heart:

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Re: Sakanatachi No Love Song [N46] [Chapter IV || 070916]
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nanamai meeting after maiyan's death.. ugh... it's too much for me, why maiyan avoided naachan?!  :cry: she just want to help you maiyan  :(
anyway, thank you and keep your work author-san! :twothumbs
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Sakanatachi No Love Song [N46] [Chapter V || 210916]
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If she’s in much better position to choose, Ikuta Erika would rather choose to work in the lab rather than having to take care of a whole division. Her days consists of reading project reports, writing the division reports, watching project logs, and the last but also the worst is the meetings.

Lately, she’s been frequently asked to meet up with the CEO and the other higher ups because of one of the projects that has been completed.

Today is not an exception, however, this time, Hashimoto is by her side.

“No, I’m saying that this is not supposed to be known by the public,” Hashimoto said.

“I’m afraid that’s something we could not do. The news about this project has already reached the government and perhaps it wouldn’t be long until other companies hear about this too. Covering this project will lead to misunderstanding and it could be fatal for this enterprise,” Nagashima Seira the company public relation leader said.

“Have you find out who is it?” Ikuta asked, she’s been looking anywhere but the people in the room.

“Who what?”

“The one that leaks the information. The project supposed to be a secret after all.”

“Is not a secret anymore the moment Hashimoto-san decided to ask help from outsiders.”

“That’s necessary to help the subject improvement,” Hashimoto quickly explained while trying not to voice her hatred towards the PR leader, “besides, I believe that those people is able to keep the information secret.”

“But the thing is there is no improvement on the subject, isn’t it? It’s been more than a month since the project has completed and gone into adjustment and improvement stage yet based on the reports there is no improvement at all. You shouldn’t point fingers on who to blame for the information leaks since it is something that is almost impossible to withhold, instead you should start to think about our preparation whenever the someone from the government decided to pay us a visit.”

Hashimoto nor Ikuta said nothing upon the statements. It’s hard to admit, but the other woman is right.

Seeing the other two freezing without any reaction, Nagashima put two papers on the table for everyone to see. One of them marked with the Ministry of Defense logo while the other has National Police Agency stamp on it. Since the coffee table is not that large and they are sitting face to face, Hashimoto could easily read the letters without having to move from her position.

“The one from the Ministry of Defense came 2 days ago and the National Police one arrived yesterday. Until now we still have not replied to these letters, but as you see both parties are interested on the project and in case you are not aware- these people always got what they want. For now, all we can do is choose the time for them to come and prepare ourselves for their visits.” The company CEO finally speaks up while looking straight to Ikuta who seems to be in a daze looking at the letters.

“Most likely they will want to speak with her and after that discuss the experiment impact to the military force.”

“Isn’t it too early to start considering this kind of project to be used for military purposes? The project is still not completely successful after all.” Ikuta said voicing her doubt.

“Ikuta-san, do you remember what I asked you when you reported the project idea two years ago?”

“You asked me to consider whether we are ready for this kind of solution or not…” Ikuta recalled while looking down, realizing that she didn’t do what the man had told her to. Back then she was blinded with the possibility of bringing Shiraishi back that it became a ‘do it no matter what’.

“I think the most we could hold them from coming here is a month and you also need to keep in mind the possibility of this getting into the public view which might make the situation around the building busier and messier. But the good thing for having not to keep this a secret anymore is that it will be okay for the subject to leave the room. In fact, I think you should consider moving her to another room for the meeting with the officials.”

“I’ll arrange another place for the meeting and also I will consider arranging several place to move her in case something happened. Just for the record, the subject is the research division property and I also have much larger share than anyone for this enterprise, so I would like to be able to be in control for the upcoming meeting and I’m not going to let anyone but Hashimoto team to conduct a test or decide what to do regarding this project.”

The CEO smiled couldn’t help but to feel proud upon the young director decision, “that’s a suitable way to do it. I think that covers everything that we need to discuss this time.”

Ikuta nodded she could hear the short haired young woman letting out soft sigh next to her. Ikuta hoped that she is actually satisfied with the way that she’s choosing.

“Before I leave, there’s something else I need to say to you Ikuta-san, but just the two of us,” The middle aged man said while looking apologetically to the other two women in the room. Hashimoto and Nagashima nodded and stand up to take their leave.

“Hashimoto-san, if you don’t mind please wait for me before going back to the project room, I plan to visit the subject after this,” Ikuta said before the short haired scientist reached the door, the short haired nodded as a reply before she followed Nagashima out from the room.

After the door made a clicking sound signaling that it is now closed Ikuta turn her head to face the other person in the room, the man gives her a sympathetic smile before saying, “there’s a big chance that they would want to get their hands on this project too. I know that you would not want anyone else interfering with this project especially that two other parties, but you understand well that they don’t take the rejection lightly, don’t you?”

“I am aware of that. That’s why I’m requesting to tighten our security, especially around my division. Akimoto-san, I know going against the government will be risky for our company but the subject is still my sister. Please help me to do what we can to prevent them from taking over,” the girl said followed by a half bow to express how much she needs the man to be on her side in the matter.

“I’ll be on your side on this. I believe that this kind of project is still too advanced for humanity, so I would want to keep this to be the only one until the world is actually ready. Not to mention I actually hate the way they force their way into someone else project.”

Ikuta nodded and muttered her thanks to the man, but the guy just smiled reassuringly and put his hand on Ikuta shoulder before saying something that she can’t hear clearly, but she was also not in mood to ask the man to repeat his words.

She exhaled the breath that she’s been holding after the man bid her farewell before exiting the room, calming herself a little before shortly starting to walk to the door.

Outside, Hashimoto was too fixated on her tablet that Ikuta needs to call her name twice to finally get her attention. Both say nothing more as they walked side by side towards the project room. The clock has gone way past 1AM in the morning, in normal companies the workers usually has gone back to their home but the situation is different here, around a quarter of the workers often went home after 2 in the morning and it’s not rare to see several who choose to sleep somewhere in the building.

The 046 observation room was almost empty when they entered it, only one person there and she had actually fallen asleep on the desk. Ikuta pays no attention to the sleeping girl as she walked past her to stand closer to the observation glass.

With the subject sleeping on the observation bed it is quite hard to see her from where Ikuta is standing. However, thanks to the observation cameras that is placed all over the room she could see her clearly from one of the monitor in the room.

Shiraishi was not alone in the room, though, there is someone else with her sitting on a chair next to her bedside. The visitor’s right hand laying on the bed lightly as if she’s afraid that a slight pressure of her hand would wake the sleeping girl up.

After their first meeting after quite a long time- where Shiraishi had basically given a little push to break whatever it is that left of their relationship, Nishino stormed out from the building in silence. On her 4th day of staying as far away as possible from Shiraishi, she had given up. Not only she wasn’t able to work properly without thinking of the other girl condition, she was also on the verge of repeating another thing that she's desperately trying to avoid.

So on the next day, she woke up and went to the huge building for the second time, however, she only stayed in the observation room while silently noted every single move that the girl makes.

It’s ironic when she realized that it’s quite similar to what she used to do many years ago.

Well, thankfully the people who are working on Shiraishi had no problem with her annual daily visit, furthermore, Takayama had even rearranged one table in the corner so it is empty and can be used for Nishino to bring her works there, so she could do her job while watching over the subject. Even though her job is really frustrating and demanding at times, Nishino couldn’t help but feel grateful that it is something that she can do outside her workplace.
Around a week ago, Takayama who had volunteered to accompany her home every single day was having a meeting that went until quite late at night, to the point that it was already gone past the time for Shiraishi to sleep. Seeing this Fukagawa tempted Nishino to go inside the subject room once more, telling the younger girl that Shiraishi wouldn’t wake up anyway. Even though she had her doubts, she actually went inside and it went smoothly just like how the scientist tell her.

Following that night, it became a daily routine for Nishino to goes inside the subject room after the subject has fallen asleep. Nishino realized there are things about the other girl that she has not aware like how Shiraishi has this habit of facing sideways when sleeping. Even though the girl would fall asleep while looking at the ceiling at first, then after a while, she would start moving and goes back to her default sleeping posture. Aside for that being cute, that's also something that makes Shiraishi human, which is a matter that she thinks more than she should. 

If only Wakatsuki would let her go home by herself, Nishino would surely spend much longer time inside the room or even to the point of actually staying over in the building, but too bad that’s unlikely to happen.

Nishino rolled her blue cardigan’s sleeve a little so she could check the time on her watch, noticing that it’s the time for her to go she sighed then pull the sleeve to hide the watch again. She leaned forward a little, inspecting the sleeping girl much closer as if she’s going to make a really detailed drawing of her. She contemplates whether she should say something or to touch the sleeping girl once more, but in the end, she gives up and leave the room without actually doing anything beforehand.

Once her foot reached the observation room floor her eyes met with a dark haired girl that she hasn’t seen for quite a long time, she smiled before greeting the girl, “Erika-chan.”

“Long time no see, Naa-chan. Have Takayama-san told you that I’m volunteering to drive you home this time?”

Nishino nodded remembering that her best friend had mentioned the change back when they ate dinner together. She knows the young girl quite well because she was constantly visiting Shiraishi’s huge mansion back when they were still together- long before the accident happened.

She remembers how Ikuta used to cling to Shiraishi, following her everywhere she goes, she even studies while watching her step sister practicing softball. At first, Nishino thought that it was because of how Shiraishi loves to spoil the young girl too much, but by the time she realized that they shared much deeper bond than that.

“Then, shall we go now? Or do you still have something that you want to do?” the younger girl asked her.

“I don’t have anything else to do, but if you want to visit Maiyan before we go, please do. I’ll wait.”

Ikuta expression changed into something that Nishino couldn’t get, but after 2 seconds she shook her head, “I’ll do that later, it’s already late anyway. Let’s go now, okay?”

Nishino frowned a little, but started to gather her things while thinking about the fact that this is the first time she had seen Ikuta around the building, her name is often mentioned in the workers' conversation but she has never heard anything about the young director actually visiting Shiraishi.

Could it be that the Ikuta is avoiding Shiraishi? That’s likely to be true, yet Nishino hoped that it is just her brain reading into things too much.

“I’m done. Are you sure that you don’t want to visit Maiyan?” Nishino asked once more.

“It’s fine, let’s go home. Hashimoto-san, I’m leaving, thanks for your hard work. Also, you should go home Hashimoto-san and Fukagawa-san too... I believe it’s not comfortable to sleep here.” Ikuta said directing her words to the scientist more than to the one who asked her a question.

“See you later, Hashimoto-san. Sorry for being a bother.”

“It’s fine. Don’t hesitate to come again- you too, Ikuta-san,” Hashimoto looks straight to the latter, but she just replied with a serious nod then turned around and left the room.

Hashimoto looked around before made up her mind to approach the sleeping girl, gently shaking the back of her shoulder to wake her,

“Fukagawa-san, I think you should go home.”

“What time is it?” she asked drowsily, “sorry for falling asleep.”

“You don’t need to be sorry, it’s already out of the working hour anyway. If this is a normal company we would have to give you a bonus for staying so late.” Hashimoto chuckled a little.

“Okay let’s go home.”

“I’ll be staying over, you’re okay with going home alone, aren’t you?”

Fukagawa shook her head, “Hashimoto-san, you’ve been staying over for 3 nights straight. The dark circles around your eyes is saying that you need an actual proper sleep.”

Hashimoto says nothing, but Fukagawa never took her eyes off her.

“I still need to observe the subject, I noticed that whenever she’s sleeping she’s actually showing a little change,” she reasoned when she realized that her roommate wouldn’t let this matter go that easy.

This, of course, is not just a mere reason, Hashimoto had noticed that there’s a slight movement on the subject inhumane stable heart rate and brain activity when she investigated the last night report thoroughly- she also had mentioned this to her coworkers including the one that she’s talking to. For now, they are sticking to an argument where that change happens because at the time the subject is in the dream world.

“But you’re obviously in need of real sleep, not to mention you will get yourself sick from being too tired. You might be strong but you are still human, Hashimoto-san. If you really don’t want to leave the subject alone, I’ll be the one who does it,” Fukagawa states.

She had no idea how long she got into a heated glare battle with the newly awoken girl, she wanted to argue that the older girl needs rest as much as she does but realized by saying so it means she’s acknowledging the truth behind her words. She knows that Fukagawa is right, she’s just having a hard time to admit it because her workaholic side is screaming to prevent her from leaving the place.

“Come on, we’ll get ourselves a proper night sleep then goes back to this building as soon as we are wide awake,” the long haired tempted with the same kind of smile that managed to melt her back when she persuaded her to choose an apartment with a balcony for their living space.

“Fine, both of us will go home for today.”

Again that smile managed to change her decision on something.

~ To Be Continued ~


I post this in a hurry before going to campus, already did the recheck yeay! I hope it is satisfactory it was quite hard. Anyway I'm baaack and now I'm busier than ever lol, the updates might be slowing down after this I hope you can understand  :)
This chapter follows several people, I hope it won't be too confusing to follow, I'm still experimenting with my writing style. Also, about Naa-chan's job, we'll get into it further in further chapter/chapters.


ミサキ: Maiyan have her own reason, sometimes a person love someone too much that it actually hurts the other. Thanks for reading  :twothumbs

C: Naa-chan lives with WakaRei because she's an eternal third wheel, JK lol. That Wakatsuki scene wasn't really necessary yet I put it because she's just too askfjsakjklasd..  XD
Yeah both of them is quite stubborn, and even without not being able to feel Maiyan is still stubborn as heck lol.
I'm probably going to make a chapter of Maiyan and Naa-chan past (and also another one for Nanamin to explain her reason) but I'm still confused on where should I put it. Hmm...
It's okay to keep asking, I feel flattered that someone find my story interesting enough to ask question  :)
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Re: Sakanatachi No Love Song [N46] [Chapter V || 210916]
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DAMNNN! How can i miss two chapter??  :angry:

this is good.. i love this pairing too.. and Waka.. is overprotective towards everyone..

again.. this is good.. i love this storyline, it got more question.. how it wil going?

keep updating author-san. we're in same shoes. i'm back in college too. get busier..  :banghead: :banghead:

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Re: Sakanatachi No Love Song [N46] [Chapter V || 210916]
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wow thankss! saved my lonely day :D  :cow:

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

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Re: Sakanatachi No Love Song [N46] [Chapter V || 210916]
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I can’t exactly picture Rarin being the serious PR leader  :P
As soon as I read government, suddenly I was like “this is gonna get ugly...”  :badluck:
NanaMai, fight when together but can’t stand not being around each other, tough love  :mon exhaust:
It must be hard for Ikuchan wanting to see Maiyan but her precious sister has become a project and not exactly Maiyan anymore.
Oh Nanamin, you can try but you can’t win with the future-mother-of-your-child Holy Mother.

Eternal third wheel, huh?  XD but I do like WakaNaRei. It somehow feels right when you see Naachan between them. I would like to see a single with Naachan center and WakaRei beside her.
Of course, Waka is a real ikemen after all.
You could include them later as side stories after the fic is finished or maybe add bits of it where it’s gonna fit with the chapter in flashback?

TakaSemaru  :heart:

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Sakanatachi No Love Song [N46] [Chapter VI || 031016]
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After who knows how long she dwelled inside the room, today, Shiraishi could finally go out. Well, not permanently, they are letting her out to test her skin against the UV or something, but still she believed that it’s an improvement she’s allowed to stand in the middle of a garden inside the Nogizaka building.

The building itself shaped like an O with a huge garden filling the center. In the middle of the colorful beds of flowers and bushes stands a statue of a family with two daughters, the youngest was being carried on her father’s back- she is pointing at the building main entrance, while the oldest is laughing joyfully at something each of her hand is held by the father and the mother. The mother has the same bright smile that matches the other member of her family,

Back to the time when she was still a normal human, Shiraishi had visited the building several times- usually to accompany her father to a company event, but before now she had never spent a time to inspect the high-quality bronze made intently. Moreover, she used to hate it so much because she felt like it was a sad attempt of her father to prove his love to the family.

She sighed- that’s something that she did a lot lately, every time her brain failed to process something that she really wants to feel. She tiptoed up and down several times- feeling the grass touching her barefoot. They had told her to take off her slippers because they need to see how well the skin on her foot could handle earthly surface, she’s also wearing a simple beige dress that’s much lighter than her usual lab outfit. Once, she had asked why she has to wear that kind of modern dress every day and Fukagawa explained that it could help monitor her body condition and it basically shut her mouth from asking for a new type of clothing.

She, of course, was not alone, Takayama and Fukagawa are alongside her and the garden was not empty either, there are several men who sit on the garden’s benches.

It’s just a little but she could somehow differentiate the outside weather from her air-conditioned room, it’s barely there but she’s sure that she could detect the difference.

Or perhaps, that’s just her brain desperately making things up.

Well, both of the scientists has been saying and muttering a lot of things that she couldn’t get ever since they got here and somehow she doesn’t really care to understand so every time they do it she just nodded and give the most likely answer if they give her a question.

“It’s good, your body reacts to UV as it supposed to be. I was afraid that your skin will melt if it’s exposed directly to the sun, but it’s not,” Takayama said excitedly as she scribbles several things on her paper.

“Shiraishi-san, are you okay?” Fukagawa asked realizing that the subject had been staring at the statue for quite a long time.

“It’s fine. I was just lost in thought- of my family.”

“I don’t know much about your family, but I believe that they are a good person just like you,” Fukagawa said, she's actually unsure of what to say but feel like she should lift up the mood that seems to turn blue.

“They are a good person, but I don’t think we were a good family, most of our life was rotating on this building, at some point, I even felt like my family is a curse. Well, thinking about it now, maybe I’m the one who is cursed,” she said then chuckled, she noticed that there’s a 2-second gap between the end of her sentence and the fake laugh.

She doesn’t know when did it start but she had started to think more about how to be more human, to the point of rethinking her words after saying it, then give a more likely outcome of that words. She knows that it doesn’t fool the scientists but it helps to make her look less failed on being a test subject.

“Shiraishi-san, I think you’re not cursed. You probably doesn’t have a lot of people calling out your name to confess their love, but I think most of the people around you cares a lot to the point that it’s okay for them to break their selves for you. It’s probably unfair that I’m saying this to you, but sometimes you need to think about what they feel to be able to realize that,” Takayama blurted out.

The three of them fell into silence, with Shiraishi still not leaving her eyes from the sculpture of the girl in front her.

Takayama sighed, “It doesn’t work, isn’t it? Sorry, I was trying to bait some emotion out of you, I have no idea about your family condition.”

Somehow Shiraishi believed that it wasn’t a mere bait but realizing that it's not worth to be mentioned she just nodded and said, “It’s fine.”

“I think we’re done here, right Takayama-san?” Fukagawa waited for the other confirmation before continuing, “There’s something that you need to do after this. So- for now, we are going back and later you could tell me if you ever wanted to go here again. I can’t promise you anything, but if we got spare time I’ll accompany you.”

The walk from the garden to the research division was not long and Shiraishi tried to observe her surrounding as much as she can, like how the company security is actually quite tight, how most of the worker always looks like they are in a hurry, and how amazing the building interior is. She also noticed Ikuta Erika’s name on the company chart that they passed by, but decided to say nothing upon seeing the name.

Once they have reached the monitoring room they find Hashimoto talking with someone that looks quite familiar to her, yet she doesn’t know who. Both had suddenly fallen into silence once Shiraishi and the two scientists stepped inside the room and Shiraishi could feel that the visitor's eyes were glued to her intently, but thankfully nor Fukagawa or Takayama stop to say anything and just lead her back to the next room which is hers.

“The person who was talking with Hashimoto-san outside, who is she?” Shiraishi asked once the door is closed.

“She’s someone that will help us to work on your emotion, she will come in soon so I don’t really need to tell you more because she’ll tell you eventually,” Takayama explained simply as she relaxed on the sofa.

“I see,” Shiraishi said as she walked to enter the bathroom and wash her feet, which is a bit dirty from garden dirt.

“Shiraishi-san, you should put the slipper in the laundry basket so we could get someone to clean it,” Fukagawa said as she passed the bathroom door, Shiraishi did what she had been told to then wash her face with water before stepping out from the bathroom.

She sits next to Takayama who had already turned on the television and now seems to be immersed in the show, then Fukagawa take a seat on a chair next to the sofa after giving Shiraishi a glass of water, from time to time she would steal a glance to the subject to make sure that she finished the drink.

It wasn’t long before the door slide open and Hashimoto as well as the new person came in, Takayama stand up from the sofa and pull the chair next to the bed next to the sofa and proceed to sit there- letting the other two sit on the sofa, albeit reluctantly she also turned off the television.

“Shiraishi-san, this is Sakurai Reika-san, she’s a psychiatrist that will help us with your problem,” Hashimoto introduced the girl to her, who proceed to shake her hand eagerly with her big smile that kind of compliments her big eyes.

“You’ve probably heard about me before since we went to the same high school. We have never been in the same class together, though, and also-”

“You’re the one with Wakatsuki, isn’t it?” Shiraishi interrupted before the girl could say anything else.

“Yes, did Naa-chan said something?”

“More or less.”

Even without Nishino constant mention of her name it was still impossible for her to not know her, Sakurai was actually quite popular in high school and that’s perhaps because of her relationship with Wakatsuki, they were considered the best couple and some of the girls even said that they are the relationship goals- Nishino was sort of one of that some girls.

“I see... Well now let me tell you several things that I can conclude from the observation regarding your ability to feel. Feelings are really complicated things, it wasn’t just about your neuro system or your brain, but there are also a lot of hormones that plays a part.”

Shiraishi was never one for biological science and it’s probably why it took her quite some time to process Sakurai words, “so you’re saying that the problem is with the hormones?”

“Could be, you see there are three main hormones that mainly works on your feelings and emotions and from the data shows that the three of them are lacking in your body. The real problem is this happens not because your body failed to produce them, instead you’re somehow unconsciously suppressing them from being used,” Sakurai stopped for several seconds before continuing, “however, there’s one time where your body sometimes failed to suppress them and that’s when you’re sleeping.”

“The dream,” Shiraishi muttered.

“Do you get that every night?”

“Not really, but it’s quite often.”

Takayama suddenly stood from her seating position and mumbled something about forgetting things that she should be doing right now and walked out from the room. For a moment they were a bit distracted and ended up watching the android modeler leave.

“Okay, then. Do you remember what happened in your dream?” Sakurai continued.

“Mostly it’s about the accident, sometimes it’s about another thing- umm… Things like my bad relationship with my father or like arguing with Naa-chan.”

“Well, from what I can conclude, one of the reasons this is happening because there’s a part of you that doesn’t want to be able to feel. This is something that’s not good both for yourselves and the people around you. We’re going to try several things to fix this and your cooperation in this is really needed.”


“Great. First we’re going to try with some drugs that you will need to take, it’s supposed to enhance your hormones- usually, it took around 5 till 8 hours for the effect to appear. Does she have any allergies or anything that she shouldn’t take?” Sakurai looks past Shiraishi, her round eyes are meeting the project leader.

“No. She should be fine, but just in case I’m going to need the data of the drug composition.”

“That won’t be a problem. I think that’s all that I need to tell you, Shiraishi-san. I’ll be visiting you regularly from now on,” her lips curled into a little smile, “I’ll be back with the meds later. Hashimoto-san, care to accompany me outside?”

Hashimoto nodded and followed the psychiatrist to the observation room where they found Takayama and Nishino seated on their own seats each is busy with their own task, she noticed the surface that looked like a white board before she entered the subject room is now a glass- inspecting it further she realized that it’s made from a computerized material that could be changed by command, “what a nice two-way mirror you got here.”

“I’ve worked for this company for around 3 years and some of the stuff here still continues to amaze me,” Hashimoto replied.

“Where’s the nearest pharmacy from here?”

“It’s just a little bit walk from the north gate, I’ll show you the way,” Hashimoto quickly placed several things back on her desk, grabbed her purse, and took off her lab coat; because wearing it outside the building obviously will make her the object of people stares.

Once they are back in the division corridor Sakurai speaks up, “you should have contacted a psychiatrist much sooner than this, Hashimoto-san.”

“We thought it was because of the organs in her body, so we tried to make sure that’s not the problem first before going to the next possible cause.”

“You see, I inspected the data on the time when she shows some change. The hormones that show a significant change are dopamine and serotonin, while the third one could be considered not changing. You see- when human hormones goes that way it means that they are depressed.”

“Something in her past is pressuring her,” Hashimoto realized.

“Most likely. Also, there’s another thing... humans are not robots so they are not supposed to shut they feelings out and if they ever do there’s a chance for them to lose their humanity- which in the extreme case turning them into a sociopath or psychopath.”

Hashimoto was lost in thought over the last word the other girl had said, seeing this Sakurai soften realizing how hard it is to be on the project leader shoes, “we’re going to do our best. We shouldn’t think too much about it yet never close our eyes from the possibility of that to happen.”

“Sakurai-san, it’s about the meeting that I mentioned before. Do you think she’s ready for it?”

“From what I’ve seen she seems to be quite obedient to instruction and could be able to handle herself properly, so it shouldn’t be a problem. The public will have a different opinion on this, but you could actually limit her knowledge of the outside world if it’s not good for her to know.” Sakurai looks up to the cloudy sky, “instead of her, I think this will bother the people around her more, like her sister or Naa-chan. But that’s not actually your problem to handle, so- again you shouldn’t get too worked up about that. ”


Finally did it. I was basically rearranging my plan for the story and it was quite confusing but still need to be done. Well, I'm probably going to make separate chapters for the flashback but I'll put those chapter in an appropriate time for the readers to know. Again, thanks for reading you guys are the best  :deco:

wakaten: I agree with you that Waka is overprotective, but that because she cares a lot about the others  :) Believe me sometimes I feel like I'm thinking about my stories more than my studies and the story already gone quite far from what I initially planned it lol. Yeah, uni is really a pain in the butt  :banghead:

chocolatepandastarlight: Your welcome, I'm glad I could help you out from the boredom, hope this one can do that too  :cathappy:

C: I actually have this weird lists on the story document where I grouped the Nogis that could probably appear in the story and Rarin is on the "good talker, could be a little annoying" list   XD
Government always screams bad news when it comes to a fiction, sometimes in real life too
Naa-chan loves Maiyan very much after all :on speedy:
Maimai is the holy mother as well as the future mother of their child  :glasses:
A single with Naa-chan center and WakaRei beside her will most likely turn as gay as Nogizaka46 could be lol

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Re: Sakanatachi No Love Song [Nogizaka46] [Chapter VI || 031016]
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It’s sad to see how Maiyan tried to be human despite her “living” now.
okay for them to break their selves for you
Yeah, it feels there’s something more about that bait....must be past related, Naachan maybe?  :mon dunno:

WakaRei best couple, huh? They’re probably the gayest  :on lol:
So I’m kinda surprised that Reika turned to be a psychiatrist and helping Zu with Maiyan condition. Even with that mousou ep to help the picture, still, it’s Reika. I just can’t exactly see her being all serious  XD
Now I’m curous about WakaNana’s jobs. I'm thinking Naachan's might be some sort of illustrator or designer because she took her work with her when she's visiting Maiyan.

I can see Rarin as a good PR, just not a serious one. Same thing as Reika.
Maimai is the holy mother as well as the future mother of their child  :glasses: that gonna happen?  :hehehe:

Indeed, I guess it’s like asking for Mukuchi na Lion 2.0 with WakaNanaRei center. But I would really love to see it!  :nya:  :mon lovelaff:

TakaSemaru  :heart:

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Re: Sakanatachi No Love Song [Nogizaka46] [Chapter VI || 031016]
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uwaaaa! an update and Reika appear here as psychiatrist..

agreed with C, can't imagine Reika as psychiatrist  :hiakhiakhiak: because Reika is just being ponkotsu every time!

if Reika is a psychiatrist, then what make Waka? she must have job great than that,...  :nya:

poor Maiyan...  :on speedy:

i want more NanaMai!!  :tama-apeshit:

(will wait for NanaMai and WakaRei moments)  :mon star:

Mukuchi na Lion 2.0 with WakaNanaRei center

if that is gonna happen, then Naa-chan will be center between three of them. someone need to be center anyway..

but well, i love that combination too!!  :wub: :wub: btw i love Sukima song with WakaNanaRei as front member.. the lyrics also feels so right

Believe me sometimes I feel like I'm thinking about my stories more than my studies and the story already gone quite far from what I initially planned it lol. Yeah, uni is really a pain in the butt

well! hard to admit but yeah.. me too my friend..  :mon psst:
i can't focus other thing if my previous task left unfinished, well for story.. it will always left unfinished!  :mon huh2:

update soon author-san!!  :mon nyah:

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Sakanatachi No Love Song [Nogizaka46] [Chapter VI.5 || 101016]
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The Story Of Hashimoto Nanami


“Yes?” Hashimoto turned her body to the caller and find a middle-aged nurse approaching her hesitantly, “is there anything wrong?”

“Not really. It’s just about one of your patient- Saito Asuka. The young girl had requested to talk personally with you- well just the two of you. If you have any spare time.”

The resident doctor raised her eyebrows because that is the first time she had heard a patient wanting to talk to her instead of her attending doctor. Perhaps it’s because Saito case has been trusted into her hand- even it is still fully supervised.

“Sure. Actually, I still have around 20 minutes left before making another round. So, if it is okay with you, Iwase-senpai?” Hashimoto looks to the woman beside her for her approval.

“It’s fine, go ahead. I’ll see you later.”

“It’s decided then. I’m fine going there by my own,  thanks for giving me the message,” Hashimoto told the nurse and get a polite nod as a reply before the woman left the doctor in training on her own devices.

The walk towards the hospital intensive care unit is not supposed to be long and it seems shorter now because Hashimoto fast paced steps. She glanced at the patient board briefly to confirm her memory about the patient room before nodded to no one in particular and proceed to a room on the end of one of the ward corridor.

Hashimoto knocked three times before entering the room, not even waiting for the answer to let her in because she knows the occupant most likely not going to give an answer.

“You came,” came the voice from the one on the bed, she sounds a bit surprised and also disbelieved.

“I came,” Hashimoto said feeling a bit puzzled after saying the word, “is there anything wrong, Saito-san?”

“Other than cancer that’s spreading to my brain?” she answered with bitter laughter.

Hashimoto wanted to say something about her obviously bad taste of humor but decided against it. She remembers an article about different ways of people coping with the deadly disease, perhaps the young girl is actually the type that trying to make herself stronger by joking about it.

“I believe you’re not calling me here just to tell me that joke.”

“Of course not. I’m just trying to melt the tension because you always seems so tense all the time- being a doctor must be hard, especially for someone so young like you. I mean I believe you’re not much older than me.”

“Saito-san, you’re changing the subject. It’s not like I don’t want to talk to you, but I don’t have much time.”

The 17 years old sighed and look down on the blanket on her lap, “it’s about the thing in my brain. I want you to remove it.”

For a moment Hashimoto blinked a few times, trying to get ahold of her senses as well as process the words that came out from the girl’s mouth. Hashimoto sighed and slide a chair next to the bed to sit since she realized that it’s not going to be a short talk.

“You see, there’s a reason why I and doctor Iwase never bring that up. The procedure will be too risky for you, the chance for it to be successful is actually less than 5%.”

The thing about never bringing that up is actually a lie, she had talked about it with the young girl’s parent before and both of them said no. It’s understandable, though, she would have done the same if she’s in their shoes.

“But what difference would it make?” Saito sighed and look at the ceiling above her as if her vision could go through it and see the blue sky above, “I’m not going to live much longer anyway and I’ve got nothing to lose.”

“You don’t know that for sure. Well, I think your parents wants you to try to stay a little bit longer, I can’t promise you anything but I’ve seen people who live much longer than what the doctor expects. Doctors are not God, we didn't decide when human dies.”

“And what would I be then? Something is bothering my brain and I’ve read on the internet that soon it would affect me- not just physically but also mentally. This is something that none of you have ever mentioned before, but I’m not going to be upset or put a blame on someone,” she stopped for a moment trying to calm her racing heart, “but you see, I’ve been diagnosed with cancer from around 10 years ago yet I keep going because I enjoy being me. However, this thing inside my head are going to change me in just a matter of time and I don’t want that to happen, I would rather die than living my already pitiful life as someone who is mentally malfunctioned.”

“We don’t know for sure that you’re going to be uh- mentally malfunctioned…”

“But the chance is high, isn’t it? Even for me having some serious mood swing- that’s actually one of the symptoms, isn’t it? I know that, so please just stop hiding the truth. I know that my parents are not to blame and I’m aware that they love me very much but so do I. The surgery is a make it or break it for me, my only solution to prevent myself to turn into someone else. The risk is high but I’d rather die to be myself than someone else that could be nothing but a complete burden.”

That’s the second time the girl had said the ‘I rather die’ statements. Hashimoto starting to think that maybe the girl needs to have a chat with a psychologist instead of her, but then she doubts that even the best of them could change her stubborn demands for a risky brain surgery.

“I already propose the surgery to your parents, but they declined,” Hashimoto said, “this matter is probably something that needs to be discussed with your parents instead of me.”

“But you know how my parents are… They would not listen. Which is why I need you to be on my side, I’ll explain my reason and you are going to recommend the surgery to them once more,” Saito explained her plan looking straight to Hashimoto's eyes- hoping that she would help her.


The young girl smiled at her- but this time, it is not the sad bitter smile that she had shown throughout their talks but rather a bright genuine one- this time it looks like not only her lips that’s curling into a smile but also her eyes that seems to sparks beautifully to express her gratefulness.

“Thank you.”

If only she knew that was the first and the last ‘thank you’ that she will ever get from the girl perhaps she would stay a little bit longer, that way maybe she could have realized that something was actually wrong and quickly give her an immediate attention. Maybe if she wasn’t so immersed in writing her paper about the probability of moving human consciousness to an artificial body she would have directed her next break to check the girl condition, that way maybe she will find out that her condition is silently heading for the worst.

But she didn't.

And once they finally aware of the girl condition, nothing can be done anymore.

Well, a wise man said that regret only comes afterward and wisest said that only a truly remorseful person will try to avoid making the same mistakes.

Today marks three years after that, yet Hashimoto still remembers that day as if it’s just yesterday. Sometimes she contemplates about her current life and realizes how much that patient has actually shaped her into what she is right now.

Hashimoto sighed then smiled a little before stepping forward to approach the bell grabbing the rope that attach into it and swing it from side to side a few times to ring the bell. Then she stepped inside the building, feeling a little bit lucky that there’s no other visitor besides her. It’s most likely because it is in the middle of the day which is a time that usually is the busiest for everyone, she made a mental note to choose this kind of time in her next shrine visit.

She performed the rituals- bowing twice, clapping twice, silently says a prayer while clasping her hands together in front of her heart- this time, most of them is directed to Saito Asuka. She is hoping that the girl has finally found peace and happiness while feeling sorry for her negligence on inspecting the young girl condition that leads her to not being able to give her the ‘make it or break it’ surgery that girl wanted.
She stared blankly at the holy building interior for a moment before doing a closing bow as a finishing for the routines.

Upon passing the shrine gate she grabbed her phone in her pocket which she had put in silence because she believes it will be rude if it rings inside the holy shrine. Turns out there’s a new mail that came just a few minutes ago, she tapped the touch screen several times to navigate the device to show the mail.

From: Fukagawa Mai
Shiraishi-san still not showing any change even with the medicine dosage increase. The result of how her body digest the pill has come out and it shows that it’s normal. I’ve attach the document in this email. Takayama-san said don’t forget to bring some souvenirs and Sakurai-san asked how long are you going to be in Hokkaido?

Hashimoto free hand unconsciously rubbed her forehead despite of it not being in pain. She contemplated whether to reply to the email right away or later and decide to do the former. Her hands quickly typed the reply which is basically just a simple sentence about her going back to Tokyo in a few hours, she decided that she will check the attachment later when she’s waiting for her plane in the airport.

“Mentally malfunctioned, huh…” she muttered softly, suddenly remember the term that she heard a few years back.

As she took the stairs down towards the main road she wonder what would the young girl said about her subject, is Shiraishi condition right now would be considered mentally malfunctioned as well?

~To Be Continued~

I'm baaack  :cathappy: So, this time, it's about Hashimoto past and what made her who she is right now. I'm really really sorry for killing Ashu please don't hate me :bow:
Right now I'm already half way into working on the next chapter but because of my studies, it could probably take time. Probably.
Anyway, Nogi's 16 single senbatsu announcement is next week and I can't help but to think about it, aaaaaaaaaa I really hope the staff won't pull another Hori kind of push to the third gen  :bleed eyes: It's kind of sad whenever I look at where Hori is right now  :cry:
Anyway Shiraishi Mai for the next center yeaaahhhh  :rock:


It’s sad to see how Maiyan tried to be human despite her “living” now.
The story is supposed to be sad after all  :twisted:
About Takayama's bait, we'll see about that and WakaRei is the best couple because they're the gayest  :deco:
Regarding WakaNana job we'll see about that  ;)

I can see Rarin as a good PR, just not a serious one. Same thing as Reika.
Now that you mention it some of the nogis are such a troll that it's hard to see them in a serious setting :tama-piss:

About Maimai being the future mother of HashiGawa child hmmmmm.... Can't promise you anything, though  :nervous
I would love to see every yurilicious Nogis MVs, dear staff please keep em coming  :wub:

At first, I did write Reika having a ponkotsu moment, then realized with how serious Hashimoto is it will be weird if she's still letting her join after that. So I'm placing the ponkotsu moment away and maybe will put it in if she ever going to have a scene where she's outside of working place  :)
And Waka hmm... I can't say whether her job is actually better than Reika or not, perhaps it's better in some ways, I'll explain more in later chapter  ;)
I feel like I'm putting Maiyan into hell :mon waterworks: I'm so sorry that I'm not actually sorry
I want more nanamai too  :deco: But, sorry this one is more about Hashimoto, NanaMai have to wait for a bit for the story to roll.
if that is gonna happen, then Naa-chan will be center between three of them. someone need to be center anyway..

but well, i love that combination too!!  :wub: :wub: btw i love Sukima song with WakaNanaRei as front member.. the lyrics also feels so right
Most likely they will pick Naa-chan as the center , but I'm fine if it's Reika or Wakatsuki. esPECIALLY WAKATSUKI (sorry I have to put that on caps  :nervous)
I have never pay attention to Sukima lyrics, but I agree that it's a good song. hmm I'll surf around for that after this.

i can't focus other thing if my previous task left unfinished, well for story.. it will always left unfinished!
I'm actually quick to move on, but about multi-chaptered stories I have never managed to finish the long one before. Let's hope I'll be able to finally do it with this  :)
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i miss reading fanfics  :jphip:  :cow: Thanks!

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Re: Sakanatachi No Love Song [Nogizaka46] [Chapter VI.5 || 101016]
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I wonder Nanamin is so driven. But Ashu   :pleeease:
Am I being silly for being excited for any kind of HashiGawa interaction, despite it being trivial like Nanamin reading email from Maimai, or the fact that the sender is Maimai?  XD

Now that you mention it some of the nogis are such a troll that it's hard to see them in a serious setting :tama-piss:
Yeah, but that’s what makes Nogi variety shows so interesting and funny.

I would love to see every yurilicious Nogis MVs, dear staff please keep em coming  :wub:
THIS. Omg, yes, please.  :mon determined:

@ wakaten
Yes, exactly like Sukima with WakaNanaRei on the front. I so want this to happen for real! lol

TakaSemaru  :heart:

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lol anyway, 16th single announcement was surprising, 19 girls in senbastu and nanamin center  :cow:
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thanks for your update!!

lollss this is like Nanamin's special episode..  :luvluv1:

i watched last night announcement and was shocked that Nanamin finally appointed as center, this is happiness for me since i kinda fall in love with her nowadays  :on bleed:

please update soon!!  :cow: :wigglypanda:

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Sakanatachi No Love Song [Nogizaka46] [Chapter VII || 171016]
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There are three bothersome things that could happen if you’re suddenly awoken from a loud ringing sound.

First, you fell from your sleeping place.

Second, accidentally pushing away stuff near you.

Third, being so sleepy that you couldn’t find out the source of sound that had successfully disturb your slumber.

Every single of that happened on Nishino and she was sleeping on the desk instead of her comfortable futon. So she had actually fallen out from a chair and after that successfully bumped her head on the desk in her attempt to sit up.

She rubbed her throbbing head making sure that force doesn’t actually change her skull structure as her eyes scanning her surrounding and she realized that the stuff that she had accidentally pushed away is apparently not a normal stationary but rather her HD Cintiq companion drawing tablet that Shiraishi had given her for her 19th birthday present.

She harshly stands up and grabbed her phone that’s ringing, she inspects the name on the screen before hitting the green phone area to answer.

“Okaa-san, what is it?” she spoke, clearly could not hold her irritation.

‘Are you watching the news?’

“I was sleeping, your call wake me up,” Nishino replied- tilting her head to one side so she could use her shoulder to stick the phone close to her ear, her free hands carefully picking up the fallen drawing tablet while her eyes inspect every single inch of it, making sure that it’s still flawless. Well, it bumped a little on one corner. That should not ruin its function, yet she couldn’t help to grumble irritably.

‘-bout it. Nanase are you listening?’

“Sorry, Okaa-san, what was it again? I was still half sleeping,” Nishino didn’t mention what had happened knowing that if her mother knows the woman will blame herself and fuss over it. Even though it is technically her fault but Nishino does not want to trouble her.

‘Turn your TV to afternoon news and take a seat.’

She frowned upon the strange order yet she still obeyed and walked out, she glanced at the clock on the wall once she stepped out from her room, it’s a quarter past twelve. Nishino mentally judged herself from being careless and overslept.

“Afternoon, would you like a lunch?” Wakatsuki voice suddenly came from behind the kitchen counter.

Their apartment was a small but comfortable 2bedroom + 1 bathroom with kitchen and living room that basically mixed in one open space, Wakatsuki and Reika got the main room since there are two of them and she got the other room, which is not small but still cramped because of her art related stuff.
She used to live alone, but a few years ago after what happened to Shiraishi, her worried parents were trying to drag her to her grandmother place in Osaka, thinking that she needs a change of view. However, that is not something that she wanted. Fortunately, Wakatsuki offers to share the apartment with her as well as assuring her parents that she will definitely keep an eye on her. She and Wakatsuki are best friends since they had started to go into preschool and the fact that she came from a good family who lives 4 house away from hers make Nishino parents keen on the girl, so the choice grows into two; move to Osaka or stay in Tokyo but live with Wakatsuki and her girlfriend.

“Maybe later, I’m on the phone with Okaa-san,” Nishino replied after placing her phone away from her mouth for a moment. Wakatsuki nodded and walked to the refrigerator, opening the freezer and took out a container of ice cream.

Nishino was seriously tempted to join the other girl but remembers that her mother still on the line, she sits on one of the cushions of the room chabudai and turn on the television- changing the channel from one to another to find the news program that her mother mentioned.

Wakatsuki sits next to her placing the container on the table and handed one clean spoon to her.

“Thanks. Anyway, Okaa-san I’m with Yumi-chan, do you want to say hi?” Nishino said as she put the phone on speaker.
‘Yumi-chan, thank you for always taking care of Nanase…’

“It’s a pleasure, she’s a great friend after all,” Wakatsuki replied after gulping down a spoonful of ice cream in her mouth. She looked to Nishino who is watching the news intently, her eyes slanting in a bad way towards the screen.

The headline of the news is capitalized in white bold letters with the words ‘Breaking News!’ on top of it, the sentence said ‘NOGIZAKA LATEST INVENTION. REVIVING COMATOSE PEOPLE?’

The screen shows 2 panels each with different videos, one is what looks like a recorded scene of a press conference which has Ikuta and Hashimoto explaining the happenings to a mass media, and the other is a live situation inside the news studio where apparently they are gathering several people to talk about the topic, including Ikuta as the director of the research division.

“-Course a very breaking progression, since until now we have never found a solution for those in a comatose state. With this there are many people could be awoken and hopefully goes back to living normally,” says one of them which has been identified as a doctor, “which is why I don't understand why would Nogizaka rejects the help that the government is trying to offer them?”

“With all due respects doctor, this project is really complicated and the project leader herself has stated that she do not wish to involve anyone else in this. Because we need to keep everything monitored and having more people would lead us to much deeper trouble and confusion.”

“Ikuta-san, the subject is also a human being. A project with a human as a subject should be fully supervised by the government. How can we be sure that your method is not pushing her human rights aside if you’re keeping everything for yourself? ”

“We do not prevent her from speaking to one of yours to confirm her condition, are we not?” Ikuta said calmly.

“But we can’t be sure because she could not express her emotion, not that she could feel it from the first place. We ca-”

Nishino was surprised because of the television got turned off suddenly, she look at the hand beside her and realized that it was Wakatsuki who had pressed the red power button on the remote.

“That’s not something that we need to hear, we know exactly what is happening and I believe Ikuta-san knows the best for her sister,” She stated- glancing at the phone that still connected with Nishino’s mother, the woman seems to be immersed in the television as well that she forgot to cut the line. Nishino just realized this as well and grabbed the phone.

However, before she could hang up her mother voice came again, ‘Nanase, are you aware of this?’

“I know. I’ve known for a while.”

‘So you two are… um, back together?’

Nishino bit her lower lips, bracing herself to put her mouth into motion, “No.”

For a moment the mother-daughter stays silent.

‘Nanase, are you okay?’

“She thinks that’s for the best- two years wasn’t a short after all. You don’t need to worry,” thankfully she managed to say that without hesitation albeit the flat tone, “Okaa-san, Is there anything else that you want to say? Because I still have a lot of key-frames to work on.”

That wasn’t a lie, she really has to do those key-frames because someone from the animation production is going to come to collect them in less than 7 hours. She realized that she had fallen asleep while working on it and now it’s piling up and screaming for her hands to finish them.

‘Okay then. Before you hang up. Nanase I love you, just remember that I’m here okay, don’t hesitate if you ever feel like going back home. I’m proud of you, you’re a strong girl, I know that.’

That’s not the first time her mother said that kind of statement, in fact, the woman has said that almost every time before ending a call or a face to face conversation with her. She used to wonder about the meaning behind her words but later finds out that someone probably told her to say that or she probably had read about that somewhere. But for whatever the purpose is- Nishino never felt like its working, not that she consider herself strong from the first place.

“Yeah, talk to you later…” she mumbled before pressing the hang-up symbol stronger than she needs to.

Wakatsuki is staring at her as her serious expression slowly melt into a softer one, “want to dig in the ice cream? Before Reika comes back and eat everything by herself.”

Nishino grabbed the spoon that Wakatsuki had given to her earlier and eat 3 or 4 spoonfuls of the ice cream in a rapid manner. It’s not good, she felt like her brain is freezing and her stomach seems to grumble as if it wants to throw the substance out of her system.

“You can have the rest- I’m going to be in my room, still have lots of work to do,” she stood up while trying not to look like a person who’s holding herself from throwing up.

“Wait a moment, you haven’t eaten lunch. You had also skipped breakfast,” Wakatsuki said, clearly worried about her roommate wellbeing.

“It’s fine. I’ll do that after I finished.”

“No, you need to eat. Now I’m going to prepare your lunch while you go do your work then when I’m finished you need to eat- no buts.”

Sometimes she forgot how Wakatsuki is pushier than her own mother, she wanted to argue but know that it won’t get her anywhere and she couldn’t afford to lose more time to work on her job since she’s already far behind the schedule by now.

“Fine,” Nishino muttered. Wakatsuki could only sigh at her roommate attempt to skip her meal and finished the last drop of ice cream in the container before standing up and goes back to the kitchen.

After inspecting the refrigerator for short while she decided to make a chicken curry, so she took out the chicken meat, sweet potato, carrot, and some other things that she think is appropriate to be put into the dish. She cooks the rice first, before actually getting into the curry.

Around the time she had started to put the chicken into the thick broth the front door is opened.

“Welcome home~,” Wakatsuki said after giving the newly arrived girl a quick glance, the girl smiled as she walked passed the kitchen. She entered her bedroom where she quickly changes her skirt into a short checkered pants and making her way out of the room with the skirt in hand as soon as she’s  finished.

Sakurai made a slight grumble when she failed her attempt on throwing her already worn skirt into the laundry bin- basketball style, huffing in irritation as she walks into the laundry room to pick up the skirt and properly put it in the bin.

Wakatsuki watches as the girl walked passed the kitchen counter to approach her, “Wakachuu, you’re home early.”

“Reika, today is Saturday,” she said while trying not to pay her mind to the girlfriend who is now hugging her from behind, which is totally limiting her movement in cooking.

“Right, Saturday, I forgot. Law firm closes on Saturday and Sunday.”

“So does psychiatric clinics.”

“Actually, not all of them, mine opens every day. I’m just choosing not to work on weekends since if I ever do it will totally leave me with no spare time with you,” Sakurai corrected and slowly lean her lips forward so it touches Wakatsuki jawline.

“I’m cooking,” she warned the other girl as she tried to shrug her off.

“I miss my Yumi, you’ve been extremely busy ever since you got your lawyer license.”

Wakatsuki sighed and turn off the stove, she stirred the curry once more before turning back to face the girl that she has been in a relationship with since high school. She smiled a little and give her a quick peck on the lips, “I’m sorry.”

For a moment Sakurai seems to be lost in thought, leaving Wakatsuki free to start preparing the curry to be served, then out of nowhere she squealed really hard and basically tackle-hug Wakatsuki who almost lost her balance because of the girl antiques, she had also almost dropped the plate that she is holding, “Seriously Reika, can you please see what I’m trying to do here.”

“Sowwy,” she said while widening her round eyes and made a slight pout with her lips.

“Just how old are you? Geez,” Wakatsuki complained as she grabbed the empty plate that Sakurai is holding in fill it with the dish, “go get Naa-chan.”

“Does she know? About the news? Do you know?” Sakurai asked, a little bit hesitant to leave her girlfriend side.

“Kind of impossible not to, it’s quite big you know.”

Sakurai nodded she was lost in thought for a moment before shaking her head right and left as if it could actually get those thoughts away from her mind, then she pranced to Nishino’s room.

From where Wakatsuki is seating she couldn’t see the other two but she could hear them talking, well at least she could hear Sakurai voice since that girlfriend of hers is actually pretty loud in contrast to her childhood friend.

“-you don’t need to worry, she’s completely fine. She doesn’t even know that people are talking about her in the news,” Sakurai said as she dragged the tired looking Nishino to where Wakatsuki is, both of them take their seat on the 2 other empty stool of the counter and started eating.

Nishino nodded while eyeing her lunch, trying to gain her appetite back. Knowing that it's really hard she resort to basically shoved the food inside her mouth and tried to gulp it down as fast as possible, “Are you going back to Nogizaka after this?”

Sakurai finished the food in her mouth before letting out her reply, “Maybe after dinner, there’s not much to do since there is no progress at all. Not to mention, Shiraishi-san has her schedule full today, someone from government decided to pay a visit.”


“Yep, again,” Sakurai sighed before going back to eat.

Nishino pull her attention back to the food in front of her, she had glanced briefly at Wakatsuki who sits on her other side and found that she’s is staring at Sakurai while eating her food, but Sakurai doesn’t seem to notice at all.

“Naa-chan, I don’t think you should force yourself to join Reika today. Shiraishi is going to be okay, they would never leave her alone with the visitor so you don’t need to worry. Besides, they will give you a call in case something happens,” Wakatsuki tried to persuade Nishino knowing what’s on the other girl mind at the moment.

Nishino thinks about her options, whether she will go out or not she still needs to finish the key-frames in several hours, which is a little bit impossible since there are still around a dozen left and if she couldn’t get a miracle for her to be able to work faster than usual she’ll need to ask for more time. But even if a miracle happens it wouldn’t guarantee that she will actually manage to finish it with an acceptable quality.

It seems like after quite a long time today is the day where she will totally tick off the production staff.

In the other hand, she’s having a hard time to concentrate because of her mind is keep going to Shiraishi, enough a reason for her to go out and check it by herself. But by doing so she’s preventing herself from a proper night rest which is something that she should have pay attention to.

She was getting lost in thought and before she realized it she feels like the food inside her mouth is turning bland and harder to swallow. All of the sudden she feel her stomach churning, she immediately jumps from the stool and runs to the bathroom while covering her mouth with her left hand.

Then she did it, ducking her head into the toilet bowl as she retched and her stomach started to throw out what it seems to be every single bit of food inside. She doesn’t even notice that she forgot to turn on the lights when Sakurai barged in and turn the lights on.

Stress and anxiety.

Nishino tried to get the two words out of her mind as she presses the flush button as hard as she can, as if by cleaning the bowl she could also clean herself from her problems. But of course, she can’t. Her mother was wrong, she is not a strong person and was never one in the first place.

~To Be Continued~

Okay so this is Nishino centric chapter, and also a little bit WakaRei as an ice-breaker. I hope you'll like it.  :deco:
In the other hand. NANAMIN CENTER OMG ASJSAKJDSADSA, I'm so happy I was basically preventing myself from sleeping to watch it straight away lol. Congrats Nanamin, perhaps if I got time and inspiration I will make a one shot of Nanamin (HashiGawa perhaps) hmmm... I really love the new senbatsu, Nishino and Shiraishi on Nanamin sides which somehow makes me think that it's a great chance for them to make Nanamin the thirdwheel center lol also Ikuchan and Kazumiin front. Ringo and Miona is also in the juu-ichi(?) fukujin. I really hope the new single is going to live up to my already sky-rocketed high expectation  :nervous


chocolatepandastarlight: Your welcome :welcome hope this one is up to your liking  :)

C: I'm sorry about Ashu. :kneelbow: And I understand what do you feel about HashiGawa aaarghh I need moar of them, lol despite the shipping reason Maimai was the most suitable one to send the email since she's the one closer to Nanamin and understand more about the biological organs (Takayama is supposed to be more of a modeller in the project)  :farofflook:
Yep I agree that Nogi varieties are funny, I just can't seem to get enough of them  :D
Yes, exactly like Sukima with WakaNanaRei on the front. I so want this to happen for real! lol
Let's hope they got something like that for the 16th single  :tama-laff:

ミサキ: Again I'm really sorry about Ashu death  :bow:
About the new senbatsu well I have kind of expected them to put either maiyan, nanase or nanamin as center and made the other two on the side because from what I've seen in kidzuitara kataomoi and inochi wa utsukushii the three made a good trio and their different personality just completes each other. And I've read the thing about Nanamin selling the most at the last handshake event and I feel like it's her time to be the center. But what's surprising is the formation, which is similar with Harujion and this make people speculates about Nanamin graduation. It will be sad if it's true, but for now I will choose to not think much about it so I could be more excited for the upcoming single.  :hee:

wakaten: I hope this update is soon enough, I was typing replies when yours came  XD
Of course a Nanamin special just in time before she became a center  :cow:
It's hard not to fall into her charm

*how to be the window* lol

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