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Author Topic: Sakanatachi No Love Song [Nogizaka46] [Chapter XXVIII || 101218]  (Read 46738 times)

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Sakanatachi No Love Song




The tension in the room seems to duplicate once the countdown timer on the screen reaches the number zero and now is beeping loudly to indicate its success in doing the task.

“Detaching the brain from the main control.”

The square tablet flickered as one of them operating it in a rapid manner.

“It’s finished. The brain is now operating out of main control commands. She should be able to wake up any moment.” The one with long dark hair in ponytail said. Each of her hands is inside her coat side pockets, trying to contain the nervousness.

“Heartbeat rate is stable. The breathing pattern is a bit lower than the average sleeping pattern but still normal.”

They had come a long way to reach this point. She observed the other person who had just finished checking the project condition. She stood not more than 3 steps away from her, she looks calm and collected, with her eyes fixated to observe the project, calmly waiting for it's- no- her movement. Long before the project begins, she had already admired the other woman, who actually is two years younger than her but could stand above her when it comes to maturity in her way of handling a problem.

“Isn’t she taking too long?” Another scientist said. She also had her hair tied in a similar manner with the first one, she doesn’t even try to hide her impatience as she’s tapping her fingers on the monitor table, making a fast-paced tapping sound. She’s acting unlike herself but the fact that their subject is somewhat related to the one that’s dear to her managed to easily cut her patience short.

“Should we check on her? Maybe, there’s a problem.” The youngest of them all said. Her shoulder length hair softly waved as she stepped closer to the glass which separates the five of them from the subject. She looked at the other people behind her, but none of them said anything.

Huffing on slight irritation on how her subordinates did not pay any attention to her suggestion, she decided to take the matters into her own hands and walked to the door that led inside that clean white room where the test subject lay on the bed which looks a lot more like a huge table than a normal bed. But before she could turn the door knob open, another buzzing sound came from one of the several monitors in the room.

She halted.

“07:14 Project Shiraishi Mai is completed.”

AN :
Hi, I’m new here! Yoroshiku onegaishimasu~ I'm actually not a native english speaker which is why I'm going to say sorry for the mistakes.

Also, This is not my first fanfic and I actually have 2 other on-going fics atm, but this is the only one for Nogizaka46 whom I got obsessed with since 2 months ago. Regarding this story, I have finished the first chapter and in the middle of the second, but I'm going to re-check the first one first before posting it (I'm probably going to post it later today or tomorrow). I also haven't built the plot completely which is why the update for this story is going to be slow.

As you can see this is based on Sakanatachi No Love Song mv hence the name. I hope you can enjoy it and please do tell me what do you think of this  :)
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Re: Sakanatachi No Love Song [Nogizaka46] [Prologue || 030816]
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yeay !another nogi-fic appear!! :inlove:
thanks for writing author-san :thumbup can't wait for chapter 2! :cow: :mon beam: :mon determined:
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Re: Sakanatachi No Love Song [Nogizaka46] [Chapter I || 040816]
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She felt nothing. She’s aware that her mouth is moving so fast, speaking up to explain something that she couldn’t comprehend, one of her hand holding a thin device close to her ear, listening to what the other party is saying while the other is full with her grocery bag. But she felt nothing. She couldn’t feel her boots stepping on the pavement, couldn’t even measure the heat of her surrounding, even her body moves without her conscience, her mouth as blurting out words that she doesn’t think of speaking. As if she’s trapped inside her own body without no control over her action and could only see and hear what’s going to happen.

“Listen, this is what I need to do for myself.”

She was arguing. Her tone is sharper than usual, and her body starting to shake from the fury. Usually, she would get a headache whenever she got into an argument, not because something is wrong with the processing organ but rather because she is a person who would try to avoid an argument so much that once she got into it- her head would be victimized.

‘Even so, you can let me help you. You never let me help you, not even a bit. Always shouldering everything alone. You’re obviously burdening yourself right now,’ A voice replied trough the call

“You’ve done enough for me. Stop accusing me of shouldering things alone, while the truth you also did that to me.”

‘Did what? I’ve always told you my problems.’

“BUT, YOU’VE NEVER GIVEN ME A CHANCE TO HELP YOU. JUST LIKE HOW YOU’VE NEVER TRIED TO LISTEN TO ME.” Her tone leap a few octave higher that it surprised herself, she looked right and left and find that the street is empty.

‘How come you turned this argument towards me. We’re talking about your problem here.’

“So now you’re blaming me for not wanting to trouble you. Nanase, You know what-“


That’s when she stopped talking and suddenly a bright light shone on her, followed by screeching sounds of car tires brake and crashing sound of glass as well as awful crushing sound from her body. She had no idea what happened because the darkness engulfed her afterwards.


The regular mechanical rhythm of the machine could be heard. Her body still feels numb, even when she tried to move her fingers in no particular motion. Slowly she opened her eyes and let the striking light hit her vision. She blinked a few times before adjusting to the room bright lightning.

Without moving her body, she tried to inspect her surrounding, white ceiling, white lamp and it seems like the bed which pretty much is a straight surface that she’s laying on has a modern looking pillar on every corner.

This is not the first time she woke up in this place. She can remember that. In fact, most of the things that she could remember happened in this very room with almost everything happened on the surface that she’s laying on.

But something is different this time. Usually, whenever she woke up she wouldn’t be alone, they would be there asking her question and pulling her into a thorough inspection. While it is true that there were times when she wakes up alone, but not long after that someone would definitely enter the room and conduct the same observation to her.

Well, not today.

Gently she raised her body to sit up and check her surrounding once more, unsure of what to do and what not to do. She wonders where are those people that usually checking up on her. A lot of question appeared on her mind and she’s been waiting for someone to give her the answers.

When she slowly slides down from the bed she had expected an alarm to ring or the light to turn into red signaling the unusual activity, but there was nothing. The only sound that she can hear besides the beeping heart rate machine is those came from herself whenever she breathes or moves.

She noticed a television and 2 mini sofas at one end of the room, back to back with the bed. While on the other side which is the side where the bed is facing is empty, leaving the wall which is covered with a huge mirror that spreads from the top of the wall down to a meter before the floor, it also goes from the corner left side to the other and stopped right before the door.   

She stepped closer to the mirror, she realized that she has no idea what does she looks like. Her memory is a bit confusing and whenever she tried to remember something, the only thing that came to her is the one that she had dreamed before.

The girl that staring back at her is slender, not tall but not short either. Her long straight hair is cool tea colored- a little bit brighter than she thought but it does complement her white skin nicely. It’s really weird, how she observed herself as if she had never checked herself in the mirror before, yet could find a sense of familiarness the more she studied her own complexion.


She turned her head to the source of the sound, then the door was slowly opened as a young woman with a short hair stepped inside, she carried a file in one hand and the other is holding a pen. This is not the first time she came, she’s also one of the regular people who check on the other frequently, and just like usual she’s wearing white clothes with a semi-transparent coat over them.

“Good morning,” The person greeted with a little smile.

“Morning. Is it okay for me to walk around?”

“Did someone told you not to?” She asked back, the one with long hair shook her head in reply.

“I need to ask you a few question.”

“I see, so am I. Shall we do this on the sofa over there?” She approached her before led the way to the other side of the room. Once both of them are seated she started, “So, could you tell me your name?”

“Shiraishi Mai”

“Good. When were you born?”

“I’m not sure.”

The short haired pursed her lips before scribbling something on the file. “Could you tell me what can you remember? Anything is fine.”

“My name- is Shiraishi Mai. I think I was born on summer on August? I’m not sure. Other than that I can remember the time when I had an argument on the phone. It was night. I don’t remember the detail but I can remember arguing and something crashed.”

“Other than that?”

“It’s hard. Like- I know that I remember more but it’s hard to get them out. As if my memory is a room but the room is locked and I don’t have the key, even though I know what’s in the room. I don’t even remember your name, I’m sorry.”

“No need to be sorry. I haven’t actually introduced myself. My name is Hashimoto Nanami.” She said before shook the other’s hand. “You said, you remember having an argument. Do you remember who were you arguing with?”

“Nanase. Nishino Nana-,” her voice became strangled at the end. On her dream or memory- she’s not sure, she remembers that she only say the word ‘Nanase’, but somehow she could say her complete name.

“Is something wrong, Shiraishi-san?”

“No. It’s just. In my dream. I remember only saying the name Nanase, but somehow I remember the full name.”

“In your dream? Did you have a dream?”

“I did.”


“Just before you came in. I was sleeping.”

“Okay. Now, let’s talk about Nishino Nanase-san. Do you remember how does she look like?”

“I don’t really- you know when you couldn't remember someone’s face but sure that you will know the person once you see them.”

“I understand.” She said while nodding. Her hands are still writing on the paper even though her focus is on the other person. Then her hand movement decreased and she started to flip pages on the file before finally pulling out a pack of pictures and started to spread them across the table. “Could you tell me, if she’s in one of these?”

The pictures are quite a lot, it almost covered the entire table and each of them is different. Shiraishi started to sort them from the side closer to her, then her eyes stopped on one of them, a girl who is probably around her age if not younger, having a medium length hair that goes only a little bit passed her shoulders. She was looking at the camera with a confused look.

“This is her.” She points at the picture. “Am I right?”

“Are you having any doubt?”

She frowned at the question. Starting to get a little bit irritated with the way the other answers her question.

“I don’t have any doubt. Do you really need to answer a question with another?” Hashimoto chuckled, something that she had never seen before or heard, but it does suit the short haired a lot. She admits the way the other woman usually looks so serious is a bit discomforting for her.

“You are right. About Nishino-san and the answering a question with another. Regarding the last one please bear with me, okay?”

She nodded, “Um- about what I said before. I actually have some questions.”

“Go ahead,” she nodded while compiling the pictures in the table, stacking it neatly on her hand.

“Why am I here?”

Hashimoto sighed, then she placed the stacked pictures back on the file, “That is something that will be explained later, but not by me.”

“Sorry, I was being ambiguous with the question. I wasn’t asking about why am I in this room, but rather why am I here- in this world?” She took a deep breath before continuing, “I don’t think I’m supposed to be alive. I was dead- am I?”

I'm actually still a bit confused about the font style and size in this forum. I don't think the last one looks good when I see it from my phone browser. Let's hope this one is better. What do you think? Anyone have font style recommendation?

ミサキ: Thanks for reading. There's not enough english nogi-fic out there so I decided to make one  :) :cow:

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Re: Sakanatachi No Love Song [Nogizaka46] [Chapter I || 040816]
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I like this I really do this is based off of nogizaka's music video? Thank you for making this and I agree we don't have enough nogizaka fics here

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Re: Sakanatachi No Love Song [Nogizaka46] [Chapter I || 040816]
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This story got me excited! Do continue  XD

Ps, doesn't count as recommendation but i like the ch 1 font better than prologue. :)
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Re: Sakanatachi No Love Song [Nogizaka46] [Chapter I || 040816]
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Awesome! Another N46 story! It's nice to see more and more of these coming up  :lol: . Interesting start, can't wait for the next update!

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Re: Sakanatachi No Love Song [Nogizaka46] [Chapter I || 040816]
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Replies   :deco:

I like this I really do this is based off of nogizaka's music video? Thank you for making this and I agree we don't have enough nogizaka fics here

When I think about it again, it's not really based on the MV but the idea started from that. You will know what I mean if you check the video v

Also I really really love your chat room fics XxRoByNxX78 I'm not good with writing humor  :bow:

This story got me excited! Do continue  XD

Ps, doesn't count as recommendation but i like the ch 1 font better than prologue. :)
Thank you. I shall do my best to continue  :thumbsup
Anyway, chapter 1 does look better on mobile devices. I'm changing the prologue font to match the first chap  :grin:.

Awesome! Another N46 story! It's nice to see more and more of these coming up  :lol: . Interesting start, can't wait for the next update!
Let's pray for more Nogi fanfics  XD
Thanks for reading  :)

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Re: Sakanatachi No Love Song [Nogizaka46] [Chapter I || 040816]
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thank you for replying and update chapter 1~  :twothumbs
oooo... i think this is sayumai pair, but nanamai pairing still cute through~ :inlove:
I prefer chapter 1's font style than the prologue one
well, keep writing author-san, I will wait for chapter 2! :thumbsup
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Re: Sakanatachi No Love Song [Nogizaka46] [Chapter I || 040816]
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 :welcome  Thank you for writing another English Nogi fic.
Oh, this be interesting. I mean robot/android Maiyan based on the PV and this kind of genre for N46 fic is rare.
I'm thinking that the scientist who's being impatient might be Kazumin. Coz she's close with Nanase in Nogi so she's likely her dear one.
I wonder which NanaMai this is gonna be...will it be NanasexMaiyan or NanaminxMaiyan? There's also NanaminxMaiMai, all this NanaMai we need proper ship names so we don't get confused  :lol:
Who knows whatever pair there might be (if any). But please continue the fic author-san because I'm curious about the answer to the "dead" question.

TakaSemaru  :heart:

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Re: Sakanatachi No Love Song [Nogizaka46] [Chapter I || 040816]
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Waaa thank you!! Finally another English nogi fic..  :D
I love how Maiyan is a robot.. Please make it nanamai okay.. Hehe
Can't wait to know what's next  :twothumbs

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Shiraishi Mai Birthday One Shot
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AN: in honor of Shiraishi Birthday I present a special one shot, this one has SayuMai paring and also Shiraishi Hashimoto platonic friendship. I hope you can enjoy this one

Shiraishi Mai Birthday Special One-Shot

You know that the earth is really messed up when it’s raining heavily on summer season. Even worse when she clearly remember how the weather forecast said that the day will be bright and shiny. While the truth it’s started to rain in like 20 minutes after the morning weather forecast show ended.

She’s not going to complain though, since she herself is pretty much a stayed at home person. In fact, the rain does help her to give a reason for simply cozying up in front of the television, with her legs below the warm kotatsu, laughing loudly at the idol variety show that is airing.

Something that she-Shiraishi Mai considers as enjoying her life.

“Seriously, don’t you want to go out and have fun?” the sound beside her interrupt her laughing fit.

“Where? It’s still raining outside, why do you want to kick me out so much?” She questioned back, frowning at her roommate irritating question.

“I’m not kicking you out. I’m just saying that today is your birthday, yet here you are by your lonesome laughing at some stupid tv show. As your best friend and roommate, I’m worried.”

She looked at the half eaten red velvet cake on the table. The said best friend and her girlfriend had actually baked that by their own, made a little celebration for her straight after she came back from her modeling gig. The girl knows well how she doesn’t actually like a big celebration- and she’s grateful for her consideration to her liking, yet the other girl couldn’t stop talking about how she should celebrate her birthday.

“I’m not alone. I have you and Maimai. It’s enough for me.” She answered, her gaze move to the later who’s laying on the other girl’s lap, from her position she couldn’t see her face clearly because she’s facing the opposite side of her, but for the soft breathing, she could tell that the older girl has fallen asleep.

“Aw, that’s really cute and touching. But think about it, most of the girl in your position would spend their birthday having fun at the club, get some drinks and try to find someone to spend their birthday with. You know, so they will feel less lonely.”

She was tempted to punch that roommate of hers. It was bad enough to feel like a third wheel all the time with her subtle flirting with her girlfriend and now she dares to put Shiraishi Mai single status on the table too. Just for the record, she doesn’t hate Maimai, she’s fond of her and couldn’t help but feel happy that her roommate who’s also her best friend since her childhood days has finally found someone as amazing as the 25 years old.

“Thanks for reminding me of my status. But I’m happy with what I am now and not even interested in one night kind of thing- seriously how insensitive can you be? You know how much I despise one night fling. Say a thing about that again and I’ll be the kind of roommate that walks in every time you’re going to do the sinful deed with your girlfriend. About the drinks, it’s not like I don’t want them but you wouldn’t let me.”

“Yep. No drinking in front of the TV on your birthday night. This is my place too, so I add a rule.” She said with a winning look, knowing that the birthday girl is not going to win on this matter.

“Hmph- Nanamin such a spoilsport.” She pouted cutely while widening her eyes.

“Not going to fall for that look. You’ll thank me later, Shi-chan.” She said, calling her with how people call her back in her preschool days. “Like seriously, you don’t want to get drunk on your birthday and ended up kissing our neighbor thinking that she’s Matsumura-san while the truth is she’s actually that Akimoto girl that you hates so much, don’t you?”

“I love how imaginative you could be when it comes to what ifs. Just so you know, I don’t hate that Akimoto girl, she’s just not the kind I would bother with. I mean, even this late at night she’s still blasting that awful music out-loud.”

Actually, it is not that disturbing, but it’s still audible from her place which is 2 doors away from the source. So it must be pretty loud.

“She’s celebrating her birthday too, stop being so bitter over someone having fun.” Nanamin chuckled. “Why don’t you go there? We actually got invited too.”

“Why would I go inside that creature’s den?”

“Because next door Matsumura-san is probably there too.” She gave her friend a look of disbelief.

Well, it’s true that she’s been having a pretty huge crush on Matsumura- ever since the said girl gave her a baked cheesecake as a ‘Hi Neighbor’ present upon moving in from Osaka. But to tell the truth, she doesn’t actually know the girl that well, apart from being friends on Facebook and following each other on Instagram and her liking almost every selfies the girl posted while refraining herself from commenting and embarrass herself.

Oh- and she does give the girl some presents which she will carefully pick whenever she come back from her parent’s house in Gunma.
Of course, this doesn’t escape her roommate's eyes. It’s really annoying how easy the other girl figure that out while it took her more than 5 months and several secret and not so secret visits to find out that she is in a relationship with someone. She had even believed that Maimai was a friend that’s sleeping over to work on a university project, which is a total lie because Maimai isn’t even in the fine arts department like Nanamin does.

“Stop it, I’m not going to enter that hell just to meet Sayurin.”

“Look who’s finally on a first name basis. Does she allow you to call you that? Or you’re just calling her like how her best pals call her on the social media.”

Something inside her snapped as she grabbed the seating pillow next to her and proceed to attack Nanamin with it. Resulting the girl to fall to the other side and woke Maimai up in progress.

“What happened?” Maimai asked, she looks a little bit drowsy, courtesy of being abruptly awoken from the slumber.

“Your girlfriend is being a shitty roommate. That’s what happened.” She curtly answered while covering the roommate face with the pillow.

“Oi, oi can- not- breathe”

She lifted up the pillow a little letting the girl breathe before proceeding to attack her again. Nanamin started to attack back, she swiftly avoids her attempts and slowly turning the side of the game into the one which she’s in the advantageous position.

“Maimai, you should go to the room first, I’ll be there after this.” She said while sitting on Shiraishi legs, both of her hand pinning the birthday girl to the floor to prevent her from making any moves. If another person sees that they probably would have thought that they’re doing something wrong, but since Maimai already knows their antics she just sighed and give Nanamin a little peck on her left cheek before going to her girlfriend room. She also did give Shiraishi a quick look of apology for not helping her situation.

Knock knock knock.

That’s when they hear a knock on the front door. Both of the girls look at each other with questioning looks. She’s sure that she doesn’t invite anyone to come tonight, even more at this time. But the look on Nanamin face is saying that it’s not her guest either.

Knock knock.

“Wait for sec” she shouted while trying to get away from Nanamin, the other girl is thankfully letting her do so as she nods to the door, a signal for her to be the one who open the door.

She was surprised when she sees none other than Matsumura Sayuri waiting as she opens the door. The neighbor hair is pulled up in a slightly messy bun and she dressed up in a plain gray tee with a white shorts she wore a pretty worn beige cardigan. Even with that kind of clothes, she’s looking cute and beautiful as always.

The birthday girl fingers unconsciously went up to comb her hair, hoping that she looks presentable enough after that messy brawl with her roommate.

“Um… Hi! Um…” The neighbor stammered to continue her sentence, which has successfully increase her adorableness to a whole new level.


“Do you have any sugar? I’m out of stock and not feeling like going out to buy it with this kind of weather.”

Right- the rain. She nodded and look behind her and found Nanamin there with a really weird smile. Before she could say anything she felt a pretty powerful push on her back resulting her to move forward and almost crash into the neighbor.

“What are you-” the sentence is never finished because the door slammed shut behind her followed with a clicking sound of the lock.

“That one is also sweet enough, Matsumura-san. Have a great night!” The culprit said behind the closed door.

“What are you doing? Open the door.” She shouted, knocking the door harshly.

“I’m just helping you to find some good activity to do on your birthday night. Also- it’s been a while since the last time I have the place for myself.”

“Nanamin, what are you doing?” she could hear the faint sound asking from the inside.

“Just helping my friend to make a progress on her stagnant stalker status.”

“WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU SAYING? Maimai, please hit that girlfriend of yours and open the door.” She could feel the heat rising to her cheeks.

And that’s when she hears a soft laugh coming from the girl beside her. The laugh is a bit awkward something that she had never thought will come from the girl, but also something that suits her the best.

“Sorry, it’s just, I don’t have a roommate and seeing you bickering with yours is quite funny.” The girl apologized the corner of her lips is up to form a sincere smile.

“Don’t be sorry, you’re not at fault here.” She said gulping down at the sight next to her. She averted her gaze to the floor when she realized that she has been staring. Not a day has passed since she has turned 24 years old, yet she already acted like an idiot. She scolded herself for that.

“Oi, let me in. Matsumura-san is here for some sugar and I can’t get it with your childish joke.”

“Matsumura-san? That’s not how you call her name. Isn’t it Sayurin?” came the answer from inside.

She feels so embarrassed that she think Nanamin should be grateful that there’s a door to protect her from her wrath. Seriously her jokes are getting unfunny and her hands are itching to strangle her best friend. At least for her. She looked at the girl beside her, but she wasn’t laughing, in fact, she was looking anywhere but her. It was suffocating and awkward.

“Sorry for this. I guess I can’t help you much with the sugar. B- but if you want to go out and buy it. I’m willing to accompany you,” she decide to break the tension, but hearing no response from the girl she quickly added, “only if you feel like doing it, though.”

“It’s okay, it’s just for making popcorn anyway,” she said.

Shiraishi frowned at the answer, not because she had smoothly rejected her offer even though that actually hurts a lot more than it should, but she's kind of confused because she thinks that there are other things that could replace that sugar and most of them will do better for the taste than normal sugar.

“Um.. You see, you can use something else to make popcorn. Like honey, butter and salt.” She said trying not to voice her confusion upon the ingredient that the girl wanted to use.

“Really? I didn’t know that before. Thank you.” Her eyes widened- she’s looking at her as if she had just save her life. “Shiraishi-san, do you want to join me for the popcorn and movie? It looks like your roommate wouldn’t let you in anytime soon.”

“YES,” she was surprised at how loud her voice is, “I mean sure. I would even help you with the popcorn as a thank you.”

Correction. It is more towards a concern that is starting to grow over the neighbor cooking than a simple thank you, but she’s not going to say it out loud. She followed Sayurin into the apartment, gulping down her excitement when she realized that she had never walked past the front door before.

Matsumura Sayuri's place is pretty much different with hers, maybe because it’s a studio type whilst hers is a 2 bedroom apartment. The kitchen is next to the front door facing the bathroom, and after that is a pretty large space that contains everything starting from bed until 2 person dining table. Unlike her who choose to place the television a little bit lower so she could watch it while cozying it up on the kotatsu, Matsumura has a pretty big television hanging on the wall with a proper couch facing it. Besides the television, there are several frames which consist of her family photos and her graduation diplomas also a picture of her with a bunch of other people she doesn’t know standing on a stage with their hands holding a cute tiny anime action figures.

“So how are you doing?” She opened the conversation.

“Tiring, but it means everything is good I guess.” Sayurin laughed,

“What does it like to be a fresh graduate?”

“Stressful, my current job is not related to my degree at all. So it is a bit- you know.” She smiled bitterly remembering her own diploma from Tokyo school of performing arts that is stuffed somewhere back in her drawer.

Sayurin nodded sympathetically while opening the kitchen cupboard taking out a pack of corn along with other ingredients that she had mentioned before.

“Let me help you,” she said when she noticed the other girl struggling to decide which kind of cooking pan she is going to use.

“You really don’t need to,” Sayurin shook her head and place the pan on the stove.

“I insist,” she chuckled before washing her hands in the kitchen sink then started to unwrap the butter, “consider this as my apology for my roommate behavior.”

“If that’s what you want, sure.” Sayurin stepped back letting the guest taking control of the cooking.

“Um.. Shiraishi-san, please do tell me when you get a role, I’ll come to watch your performance.”

She covered the pan with the glass cover then tilted her head a little, “Really? Thank you very much, I’ll make sure to tell you, I’ll try to get you a ticket.”

Now she’s fired up to go into every stage play audition in the city. She give the other girl a big smile just so she understand how much she actually appreciate her interest. “Matsumura-san too, do tell me about your roles, I will definitely watch that.”

Actually, she has gone past her anime lover period, but seeing how the other girl wanting to see her performance has an effect on her.

“I haven’t yet got anything big, just a few supporting characters which appear for a limited time,”she laughs, “Also- you may call me Sayurin, o- only if you want to, though.”

“Then Sayurin, please call me Mai or Maiyan”

“Maiyan,” she said cheerfully, Mai averted her eyes to the cooking pan trying to focus on the popping sound of the popcorn rather than the girl beside her who somehow become even more irresistible in every second.

“So, Maiyan, I was thinking of watching a horror movie. I recently got a supporting role for the dub in its latest series so I want to watch the old one to improve my characterization. If it’s okay with you?”

“Of course, it’s fine. Go ahead.” She says quickly before later starting to scold herself inside.

She’s not good with horror. Not at all. When she was young probably around 8 or 9 years old, there is a story spreads among the students about their school land was used for burying people who died from the war torture.

Then one night little Nanamin managed to drag little Mai who had already dressed up in her pajama to make a quick run from her house to prove the horrifying theory. They met up with a couple of another student in front of their school and decided to pair up, consisting of boy and girl- using the weird logic that the boy will protect the girl in case something happens.

She ended up with a boy which always considered the coolest of them all, after breaking into the building by the window the two of them started their little journey with the boy holding a flashlight that he had brought from home. Well, they actually managed to explore up to the second level of the building which is where suddenly they hear a croaking sound.

Both of them were scared and of course started to run as fast as they can, but unfortunately Mai trousers was a little bit too long, causing her to slipped and fall down and her supposed to be partner wasn’t even looking back when it had happened.

In just a matter of seconds,little Mai is already alone. She crouched down and cried for a time that she couldn’t remember, but it does seem so long until a footsteps came and Nanamin found her.

After that, she has never been able to handle dark places and scary stories, just like how she has never been able to put up with opposite gender.

Back to the present time, she- who had regretted her words a second after saying okay to her beloved neighbor choice of the movie- doesn’t know what to do. Sayurin seems to be so excited throughout the movie, telling her about the character that she’s going to do the voice over and asking her about the opinions of how she should portray her.

The newbie voice actress also commented that the popcorn is really good which she is replied with simple thanks and an offer to have some dinner in her place sometime, of course, she’s the one who will cook for the other girl.

But after a dreadful first quarter of the movie Sayurin had stopped talking and started to focus on the movie while she tried to look anywhere besides the television or the one that sits beside her. Well her eyes did wander to the screen every time her gaze meet the other girl and there are times where the jump scare happened and she accidentally grabbed Sayurin’s arm in reflex. That kind of thing happened a lot and she started to feel guilty because she was genuinely shocked and her response is always to grab the nearest living thing to her. It probably looks like she's doing that on purpose.

“Maiyan, could it be- are you scared?” She asked.

She had her mouth slightly opened while her mind is still deciding whether she should tell the girl the truth or not. She doesn’t like it if people know that she is scared of such things but she also wants to admit that she couldn’t handle watching something gory or scary even more both of them combined.

Before the words could be formed in her mouth the electricity gone out.

“S-sayurin?” She gripped the other girl's hand tightly.

She could feel comforting fingers engulfing hers, “I’m here. I’m going to check the circuit for a moment, okay?”

“No- please don’t leave me,” her grip the other girl hands got even tighter, “I’m… scared”

She had expected the girl to laugh calling out her childish behavior. But she doesn’t. She squeezes her hands back in a comforting and calming way, “Okay. Would you like to check the circuit with me? Or would you rather stay here for a moment?”

Mai had tried to speak she really did, but her mouth just mumbled incoherent words. She tried to remember the last time she has been in this kind of situation and what she did to get over it, but her brain seems to be working so slow.

She could feel the tears started to fall because of her frustration. She always tried to hide it, putting up the cool mask on her face, she hates the fact that she’s actually weak with this kind of simple things and now she’s trying to stop herself from crying.

“Hey, it’s okay Maiyan. I’m here and I won’t leave a cute girl behind.” Sayurin tried to joke when she realized what is possibly happening, she couldn’t see much because the lack of lights, but she tried to guess from how the other girl is keeping her silence and her hands slightly shaking.

With the warmth of Sayurin hold on her hands, she tried to calm herself down, the other girl did not say anything else, just simply letting her took the time.

“You see, today is actually my birthday, yet here I am trying not to cry because my fear of darkness. I’m pathetic, aren’t I? S-sorry for bothering you.” She said after a few minutes of silence.

“I don’t think being scared of something is pathetic, I consider that as a thing that make us humans. I’ve always seen Maiyan as someone perfect, without any flaws, but now I can see that Maiyan is just human- the normal one,” Sayurin chuckled before continuing, “and I like this side of Maiyan.”

“I like you too”

If it hadn’t for the other girl hands holding hers, she would probably had cover her mouth upon realization of what she had blurted out. But the way Sayurin hands are still not moving, is that mean that she’s okay with that?

DING DONG, the sound of the bell echoes inside the dark room.

“I'm the next door Hashimoto, I’m here to get Mai.” She announced.

“We’ll be there in a sec!” Sayurin answered out loud,

“Before you leave, I want to say thank you for putting up with me. Sorry for making you watch that kind of movie,” she continued with a softer tone.

“It’s fine. It’s partly my fault for not stopping you. I hope we can hang out again someday, would you like that?”

“Of course and also there’s another thing-”

Mai had her eyebrows raised when the other girl didn’t fell silent at the end. Then she realized that the other girl is moving closer, and now facing her properly.

That’s when she felt a soft touch on her lips. It was quick, not even 3 seconds long, not enough for Mai to snap out from her confusion and reply to the action. But the sensation lingers a little bit longer.

“Happy birthday Maiyan, I’m sorry for ruining your birthday night.”

“You didn’t ruin it- actually, it’s not even the worst birthday and- and, of course, spending it with you is actually what makes it better. And memorable,” she reasoned her mouth were trying the best to form the sentence without stuttering like an idiot.

She was refraining herself from shouting that the kiss has that effect to boost the day into her most memorable and cherished day.

“I’m glad to hear that,” Sayurin chuckled.

“W-well it’s time for me to go back- Nanamin is already out there waiting and she’s going to tease me senseless if I got her waiting for too long.” She stood up, her fingers are still intertwined with the other girl.

“I’ll walk you to the door,” Sayurin said, standing up and slowly guiding her to the front door, “And also- just for you to know, I like you too.” She said in a soft whisper that is loud enough for only the birthday girl to hear and opened the door.

Just like inside Sayurin’s place the hallway is also dark, it seems like the electricity of the whole building is out. Nanamin was leaning her back against the wall beside the door, playing a game on her phone to help her wait.

“Someone said this happened because Akimoto-san’s party. Seems like one of her guests got too wild and ended up causing a little bit of shorting in the electricity,” Nanamin explained, from her tone Maiyan could sense that she’s quite annoyed with the whole thing.

“I see,” Sayurin replied, “well, let’s hope they’re going to fix it soon.”

“They better be, or I’m going to kill that girl in the morning,” Mai muttered under her breath.

“Maiyan, snapped out of that kuroishi mode, will you? Even though it’s dark and we couldn’t see your expression clearly it’s still terrifying.” Nanamin said.

“hmm.. sure, well so- Sayurin I’m going back to my place, see you later.” She said after getting rid of her anger.

“Okay, see you later, thanks for everything.” She nodded, reluctantly let go of the other girl hands.

“It's fine, I’m really sorry to bother your night, you need to apologize too, Nanamin” Mai replied before using her hand to force Nanamin to bow her head a little bit.

“Why do I need to apologize? What I did actually make you two closer, isn’t it?” she complained, but because Mai is still forcing her to bow she surrender, “sorry.”

“It's fine, you’re not wrong about the getting closer part.”


“Well- see you, Sayurin,” Mai said with a wave of her hands before following Nanamin to their own living quarter, she could feel her mouth is forming a wide smile when her brain recounted what had happened between her and Sayurin.

She realized that she had skipped the wishing part before blowing her birthday candles. She takes it as a good thing because now she knows what is it that she truly wanted.

For that kiss to not be the last.



To be honest, I don't consider writing light stuff as my forte, that's why it got a bit heavy in the middle, but I'm really trying to keep it as light as possible. I hope it will be up to your guys liking. About the pairing I actually ship SayuMai too, I even consider inserting Sayurin in the on-going story so it could become a love triangle kind of thing but I'm still thinking about that.

This turns out to be longer than I thought- in terms of story length and writing time, that's why I'm going to say sorry because the sakanatachi update is still quite far for complete. It probably going to take me another 3 or 4 days to finish it, because I'm stuck with Uni activities.


ミサキ: sakanatachi is NanaMai pair- but this one shot is SayuMai, I hope you can enjoy it :)

pretend_2besome1: I actually love to challenge a genre that has less to none people that wrote. You're right about Kaz. And about NanaMai- this is really confusing, let's just call the nanasexmaiyan NanaMai, while nanaminxmaimai HashiGawa and the nanaminXmaiyan ShiraHashi (I'm bad with name, I'm sorry  :bow:). I assure you there will be a pair, they might face challenges ahead but I'm trying to pair them up.
akbcoupleshipper:  which Nanamai are you talking about? hehehehe let's just hope the NanaMai that you want is the same with the one I have in mind. Thank you for reading  :cow:

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The Baka Couple, it’s been long!  :deco:
Poor Manatsu, she always gets dragged around XD
Matsumura- ever since the said girl gave her a baked cheesecake
Did Sayurin bake it herself? It’s not tasteless?  :P

All this precious HashiGawa *melts*
Oh Nanamin, I don’t know if I should call you a good friend or a bad one. But good job either way  :mon fyeah:
I suppose in this OS Maiyan and Sayurin kinda switched personalities. Maiyan is so cute, though.
I’ll be honest, I’m actually enjoying NanaminMaiyan as much as any other pairs here despite being platonic lol somebody needs to write them in a non platonic way because authors have been writing the other combinations of NanaMai and I'm craving to read one (I so blame the PVs and shows with them together looking good/cool lol).

You did good writing this one, it’s light and fun to read. About the love triangle thing in your ongoing fic, I’ll say why not?
I agree with the NanaMai and HashiGawa, but we probably need to ask other people to find a proper ship name for NanaminMaiyan one. Anyone know what the Japanese fans called them? I wonder if I'm the only one who actually ship them romantically...  :mon sweat:

You can call me C by the way.

TakaSemaru  :heart:

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thank you for the OS
yay SayuMai ~ i like it~ :inlove:
thanks again author-san :twothumbs
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Re: Sakanatachi No Love Song [N46] [Chapter II||260816]
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Hashimoto bit her lower lip, looking at the table in front of her instead of the one she’s speaking to, “I’m sorry. But- it’s not my place to answer that.”

“So someone else will tell me the answer?”


The long haired brunette purses her lips- she seems to be unsatisfied with the answer, “But, Hashimoto-san, you know the answer, don’t you?”

Hashimoto fell silent, all that she want is get herself out from the room as soon as possible. If only she could do that. She unconsciously looks behind her to the glass that looks like a normal mirror from the place she’s in. She felt like even with her silence the other girl could figure out the answer correctly.

“Are they… Um- Are we being observed?”

“You don’t need to worry about that.” Without denying her suspiciousness the researcher tried to assure the other girl who has started to look around the room probably trying to spot a camera or something similar. “Is there anything else you would like to know? Because we have something else to do.”

“Okay, the last one. Is there anyone whom I know personally that aware of me being here?”

“I couldn’t disclose the name but- yes,” she answered carefully. For a moment the other girl seems to be thinking, perhaps trying to make a list of possible name on the matter, then she looked up and nodded.

“Now, I will play several videos on the TV. What you need to do is simply to watch them.” Hashimoto reached for her tablet which not only useful to monitor and control the subject but also can be used as a controller of a lot of electronics around the building; including the television in the room. After selecting several videos to be played on a playlist then she pressed play.

The first one is a short animated video about a kiwi that wanted to fly, that poor bird, of course, failed so many attempts, yet it keeps on trying and trying. The video has a pretty ambiguous ending which makes the scientist who actually had never seen it before become quite irritated.

And they call it a great short film.

Hashimoto had just realized that she was distracted by the video that she forgot to pay attention to the tablet. She quickly gets back into her duty, observing the activity of the subject’s heart and brain. After studying the waves intently, she scratched her head in a mix of confusion frustration, realizing that something strange has been happening out of her watch.

The heart and brain should have reacted to the host experience, where in this case, should show a little bit change in their activity because of the videos. But the waves remain in stable condition. Hashimoto looked at the long haired girl, she had expected the girl to have the focus elsewhere but the screen- which could be a possible answer of the result on her tablet, yet she is actually watching the video intently.

The second video which is a comedy had finished with no reaction from the girl at all, and now they are in the middle of the third, this one is a really sad video about couples who have been separated from each other.

Still nothing.

It's as if her brain doesn’t even process what she’s been watching. If only that the videos are random, Hashimoto would surely count them as a possible cause of the weird occurrence, but this is actually some that have been carefully selected, and this kind of monitoring method have been tested in several people before. Not to mention even though those cases are really different from her current subject, the method has never failed the result.

So the cause of the problem is more likely none other than the subject herself.

With the third video went by without a single change on the subject heart and brain activity- not even a slight change in her ever calm demeanor, Hashimoto pressed the pause button. There is one more video to go, but for now, she has to ask some questions to the other girl.

“We’ll continue that later, for this moment, I need to ask you some question,” the scientist explained then waits for the other girl to acknowledge her words before continuing, “could you please tell me about the first video?”

“It’s about a  bird. A kiwi bird. The bird wanted to fly but he’s a kiwi so he couldn’t fly. I think I’ve seen that video before.”

Hashimoto raised her eyebrows letting Shiraishi think a little bit to figure out the answer.

“Oh I remember, I’ve actually seen it before, Nanase like kiwis so she has that video on her laptop.”

Well, at least the subject’s memory is gradually improving. Actually, it is good that she’s remembering little by little than having to know all of those at once because it could be overwhelming. If it is not for the new problem, Hashimoto would’ve to feel relieved by now.

She checked the thin tablet again, but still- no change. She tried to keep her composure to match the subject calmness, “what do you think about the video?”

“I don’t know. It is good- I suppose. It does contain a moral story.”

“How about the second and the last, what do you think about them?”

“The person in the second one is really silly and the couple in the third one are actually sweet to each other,” Shiraishi stopped talking but her mouth is still opened a little, “something is wrong, isn’t it? I mean- the second one it’s supposed to be funny.”

“You didn’t find it funny?”

“I didn’t, I didn’t even know which part is supposed to be funny. I saw the people in the video laughing, that's why I realized that it's supposed to be funny, but I saw it just like that. As if the person is simply talking about the weather.”

“Okay, now let’s continue to the last one. I need you to pay attention to this properly.”

Shiraishi nodded, her attention is already back to the screen as Hashimoto hit the play button.

Hashimoto divides her focus into studying the girl reaction and the tablet in her hand. The last video is meant to test their reflex. The first thing that it shows it just several ranging colors that spreads in form of circles around the white screen, for a moment it looks like a more messed up colorblind check picture, then the circles slowly moved, before suddenly- a really terrifying ghost appear, coming forward as if it’s trying to jump out from the screen.

A normal human would be surprised, even jumping out of the chair is actually quite understandable, she had checked the reports that Shiraishi was also someone that get scared quite easily, but the one standing beside her made no move at all. She probably watched the whole ordeal without batting an eye, just like how the tablet is not showing any changes.

“I’m not surprised. Wow.” The long haired said flatly despite the words of disbelief.

“We’re done for now. After this, there would be some other thing that you will have to do, but I’m not going to be the one in charge of them.” She stated, trying to ignore the girl comment.

Hashimoto reached for the file before standing up to leave the room. She nodded politely to the other girl then turned her back on her. She was a few steps away from the door when she heard the girl asking, “Hashimoto-san, you will try to fix this problem, won’t you?”

She spent a few seconds to process the question and forming the answer, looking to the side a little bit she said, “I’ll do what I can. See you later, Shiraishi-san.”

When the door closed behind her she could feel several eyes are watching her, she just tried to ignore them and goes to her own desk instead. She placed the file along with the tablet then folded her arm on the white surface before proceed to lay her face on it.

She could hear some soft steps coming near her before eventually stops, but the short haired keep her position and trying her best to ignore the other’s presence.

“You are allowed tell her, you know? As the project leader, you have a right to tell her about the truth.” The person said with a soft reminding tone.

“I know that. It’s just that I think it would be better if Ikuta-san is the one who give the explanation. She’s the one who knows her after all- not to mention that she’s the director of the division.” She raised her head a little, eyeing the other girl who seemed to be in deep thinking. She had let her long dark hair loose around her shoulder instead of having it in a neat ponytail like before.
The other girl- Fukagawa Mai is probably the only one inside the building that she could call a friend than just a colleagues, they even shared an apartment together since their early day of working in the company.

“I’m sorry, because of my failure you will need to monitor her even more closely,” Hashimoto said sincerely, but the other girl shook her head before bending down a little bit to be able to face her properly, “It’s understandable, don’t take it too hard on yourself, okay?”

Hashimoto muttered an almost audible thanks to the other girl, her words actually help her to feel a little bit better. She scanned the room quickly, hoping to find the girl that she had mentioned before. She was there before the scientist entered the subject’s room but now she’s nowhere to be found.

Her eyes met with the third person in the room who is staring blankly through the glass, from the schedule it is clear that now it’s her time to enter the subject’s room and run some observation, but seems like she was still busy in her own mind after what had happened.

The thing is, the girl- Takayama, had asked for the short haired help to continue to her part of the observation, hoping that she could stay behind the glass- in a basically separate room with the subject. However, because Hashimoto's own observation doesn’t go as expected, the short haired did forget about that and ended up leaving the room.

“Takayama-san, do you think she will remember you?” Hashimoto asked when she realized the reason behind the other girl sudden nervousness. She doesn’t know well about the other long-haired scientist, but a few months ago she had realized that just like the girl who’s currently not present- Takayama also knows the subject.

Back then Hashimoto was furious, she was okay with Ikuta knowing the subject because she’s not actually the one who handles the subject directly, but Takayama position was too risky. Someone who knows the subject personally is prone to be emotional and this could cloud their judgment.

Ikuta and surprisingly Fukagawa had somehow managed to assure her that having her in the team is okay, with a reason that Takayama doesn’t actually know Shiraishi personally. For Takayama, Shiraishi was her best friend's girlfriend but she did not chat with her much. Ikuta had also assured the project leader that she is allowed to ban the younger scientist from the observation room if her judgment is ever clouded by her feelings. 

“I’m not worried about her remembering me,” Takayama sighed interrupting the scientist from her deep thought, “I don’t know what to say if she asks me about Naa-chan.”

Then Hashimoto realized that this could actually help her case, she raised her head to look properly to the other girl who had just spoken, “You should start considering to let your friend know about this, because I’m going to need help from those who actually knows her, especially the one that she cares so much.”

“Leave her out of this, there’s no guarantee that she would want to help you.”

“Takayama-san, my job here is to make this project successful. I have no obligation to keep the others feeling in check other than the feeling of that subject that you’re looking at right now. I am the project leader, so I have complete authority to conduct things that I deemed necessary to help the subject. Now you just need to decide whether you want to be the one who tell her about this or me.”

I said a thing about trying to insert Sayurin in the fic, but when I tried to build a plot with Sayurin involved it strayed a bit from the main story which will be complicated and not good. So perhaps another time or maybe I will make another SayuMai one-shot. Usually, I wrote one-shot whenever I'm having a writer's block- so perhaps those could be more focused on SayuMai. This way is also good because nobody will get hurt and Maiyan get all the girls.


ミサキ: Your welcome, come again  XD

pretend_2besome1: Hi C! hmm... you can call me F then, since both my username and real name starts with an F  :)

Actually, what I wanted to write is Sayurin bought and brought the cheesecake from Osaka so of course the taste is top notch, I forgot to mention that lol my fault. Also, it is always fun to put blames on Manatsu  :twisted:

Furthermore, I love to have Nanamin as Maiyan bestfriend and it was also my intention to accentuate the friendship between them because I think it will be better for the story because it was her birthday and not only crushes that can be a good company to celebrate it. Even though Nanamin was quite annoying in a good way hahahaha

and I actually did a little research about what people usually call ShiraishiXHashimoto, turns out several really do use 白橋 [shirahashi] then I remember that Shiraishi and Takayama combi were called 'white high' back in shibuya blues days. So perhaps 白橋 could also be something like 'white bridge'  :?

Well you're not the only one who ships Shiraishi and Nanamin, in fact, the management seems to keen on this pairing a lot, *cough Tachinaori chuu and Kodoku kyoudai

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Re: Sakanatachi No Love Song [N46] [Chapter II||260816]
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thank you for updating! :cow: chapter III please :twothumbs
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Re: Sakanatachi No Love Song [N46] [Chapter II||260816]
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I have reappeared. This is a very nice story with an interesting plot and I like your writing style friend. Very good start and I can't wait for the future updates. Keep up the good work!  :twothumbs

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Re: Sakanatachi No Love Song [N46] [Chapter II||260816]
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Hey, F!  XD
Maiyan is sharp. She knew they're being watched.
Kiwi, reminds me of that Naachan’s Nogibingo segment.
So Maiyan understand the feeling but she is unable to feel it? Like the heart and the mind got disconnected?
Did Nanamin know Maiyan somehow? She seemed more invested than just being a project leader who wants her project to success.
Didn’t expect Iku-chan to be the director, but that means Maiyan is really important to her. A family member perhaps? I ship IkuMai as sisters.
MaiMai always so gentle and they live together, HashiGawa!  :cow:
I dunno what to feel about bringing Naachan. She’s probably relieved that Maiyan is “alive”, but she’s gonna be sad her Maiyan becomes this unfeeling android  :frustrated:

And Manatsu sometimes likes to bait Kuroishi too, that girl really doesn’t learn  :lol:
Yea, management fave along with WakaNana, although nowadays it shifted to NanaMai.
Those MVs are exactly what gets me shipping NanaminMaiyan. Mainly Koudoku Kyoudai+prequel fault. That, and there’s just something so endearing when Maiyan who is usually strong and dependable, looks vulnerable and clings on Nanamin for....comfort/safety? Or when Nanamin caresses Maiyan's head. It just melts my heart. Like:

I remember the White High combi from 3rd b’day. So probably if MaiyanNanamin is called White Bridge, the “bridge” could be referring to Nanamin’s nose?  :?

Edit: Coincidentally (it's fate I'm telling you lol) I just watched the 15-20-12 X'Mas show and the White Bridge thing was Nanamin, Maiyan, Sayurin discussing about their unit song name. Hashi is Bridge when I googled it. I thought it would include traits like Maiyan is White skin-wise, hence I thought it'd refer to her nose. Anyway, still ShiraHashi sounds funny for me, it makes me want to say Hashire somehow  :nervous
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Re: Sakanatachi No Love Song [N46] [Chapter II||260816]
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Nogiii! Amazing author! Cool! More please!!  :cow:

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Re: Sakanatachi No Love Song [N46] [Chapter II||260816]
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Maiyan  :deco:

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Sakanatachi No Love Song [N46] [Chapter III||300816]
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The room has fallen into silence resulting an increase of the tension even more. Takayama Kazumi couldn’t make out the words that she wanted to say, she wanted to say no, she wanted to tell her leader that she will support every other technique that she wanted to use as long it’s not involving her best friend.

But she knows that it will not change anything.

“Takayama-san, if you don’t feel like doing the check-up I could help you,” Fukagawa said, she is trying to break the silence as well as the heated staring contest of the two other girls.

“It's fine,” she sighed in an attempt to relieve herself from the invisible pressure on her mind, “the check-up and also informing Nishino-san of the subject- I’ll do it.” 

The girl nodded politely at both of her coworkers before grabbing her thin tablet and enter the subject’s room. Hashimoto walked closer to the observation glass, she watches the younger scientist's way to approach the subject.

“I’m Takayama Kazumi, if the report is right then you probably have remembered me even before I said it,” Takayama said before the subject could say anything.

“You’re also one of those people who were working on me.”

“Correct. Now Shiraishi-san, we’re going to do a little check on you, this will be easy and wouldn’t take long. So let’s try to keep this short and save your questions for later, okay?”

The subject nodded and started to listen for Takayama further instruction which Hashimoto doesn’t really pay attention to. The short haired just focusing her attention on the subject who has yet shown any real emotion. Hashimoto had realized that Shiraishi sometimes smiles a little or shown a face of disappointment. However, the truth behind her seemingly human expression is a situation assessment based logic.

She reached for her tablet unlocking the device before scrolling down the contacts and chose one of them. She turned around so she doesn’t face the subject’s room then she dialed the number.

‘Research division’s director quarter, how may I help you?’ came a voice from the tablet.

“Hi, I’m Hashimoto Nanami the leader of project 046. Is the director available?”

‘I’m afraid not. Ikuta-san is having directors' meeting at the moment, would you like to leave a message for her?’

Hashimoto thinks for a moment before replying, “Please tell her that I called and expecting her to be able to visit the observation room soon, there’s a complication that I could not elaborate on call.”

‘Sure, I’ll tell her that. Is there anything else that you need, Hashimoto-san?’

“That would be all, thank you.” She said politely before ending the call, her eyes met with the other occupant of the room who seems to be staring at her intently. The older girl has the same serious expression whenever she wanted to talk seriously with someone and right now that’s what Hashimoto is seeing.

Proving her suspicion, Fukagawa walked to just a meter beside her, for several seconds she inspected the occurring on the next room. Then, the older girl averted her focus and look straight into the short haired eyes, “I think you shouldn’t have pushed Takayama-san like that, you were being too harsh, not to mention inconsiderate.”

“What else can I do? Even though the project has been declared finished it is still not complete. We’ve already spent too much time.” She reasoned

“Is there any problem? I mean, anything besides Shiraishi-san’s problem.”

Hashimoto was baffled by the sudden change of topic that it took her quite a while to process the question, “Nothing that you should be concerned of, Fukagawa-san.”

Fukagawa had already learned from a long time ago that Hashimoto is quite a stiff person whenever she’s inside the working environment, one example of this matter is the fact that she had never call anybody with their first name. This also applies to Fukagawa whom she called with nickname whenever they are outside the workplace. However, despite her formal way of addressing someone, Hashimoto usually try to put herself in the same wavelength with her subordinates. In this case, the neuroscientist usually shares the problem that she’s having with both Takayama and Fukagawa. This is the first time Fukagawa heard something like that from the 24 years old.

“I didn’t mean to put it like that, sorry.” Hashimoto said when she realized what she has done, but the long haired shook her head then averting her gaze away, “I was just- I don’t want to add another burden to you.”

Hashimoto realized that whatever reason that she say would not change a fact that her word has actually hurt the other girl, moreover Fukagawa could be thinking that she does not trust her anymore which is something that she always tries to avoid.
In frustration, she pressed her forehead into the glass, shutting her eyes while scolding herself inside. If only she was alone she probably would have started to hit the wall with her own head- something that she used to do back in her younger days.

She was racking her brain, trying to come up with something better to say to the older girl when the door behind them opened, the soft sound of the door sliding reached her ears. She turned around and found the division director-Ikuta Erika approaching them.

“How is she?” the young girl asked, taking her place right between the two scientists.

“There is a complication.”

“Which is?”

“A part of her hippocampus neuron is not working properly. It doesn’t produce emotion and it’s also unable to create body reaction- including a change of heart rate,” Hashimoto explained.

“Is she able to feel physical pain?” the younger girl asked, averting her gaze from the subject and look straight to the Fukagawa instead.

“I have yet conducted a test on that. But in theory, she wouldn’t be able to.”

“I see,” Ikuta said lowering her gaze to the floor. For a moment Fukagawa wonder if the younger girl is going to cry, but she the tears didn’t come, instead she sighed harshly before looking up again.

Sometimes she couldn’t help but wonder about what the young director is thinking. Ikuta Erika is not your average 21 years old, that is the fact that everyone inside the large building is aware. She’s known for her brilliance, some even say that her IQ is way past normal humans, but the young girl is not only taking her seat as the director of the research and development division; she also own Nogizaka enterprise.

However, she’s not supposed to be the only one.

When Ikuta was only 5 years old, her mother marry the CEO as well as the owner of the company, but the man was not alone, he already have one beautiful daughter that is older than Ikuta by a few years.

The daughter is none other than Shiraishi Mai.

Some people who known Ikuta personally said that the young director was closer to her step sister more than everyone else in her family. Many people believe that it is the very reason for the girl to conduct the project.

Once, Ikuta had asked Fukagawa about whether she think it is morally right to bring someone back from death, back then the scientist had answered that she personally doesn’t consider the project as resurrection.

What they have done is not resurrection. The subject was in a comatose state, while it is true that back then her heart was only beating because of machine support; that still doesn’t put her on death category. What they have done is basically moving her consciousness by moving her brain into a new host: an artificial body with artificial organs that will be able to support her more than her old broken one.

What they have done is preventing her death, yet looking at the current condition it’s starting to feel like they are playing with someone’s fate.

In the other room, Takayama looks like she is already finished with the check-up, she was being honest when she said it wouldn’t take long. What she did is basically just a quick check on how the subject moves her body. The android modeler is now telling Shiraishi several things about the subject room, like how to contact them in case something happens or how to operate the TV. That’s not included on her to-do list but since her test is really quick and someone has to do it eventually she silently volunteered to do the task.

“Oh and you could also set the room temperature to your liking with that tablet on the TV table, but I think it is wise to prevent from changing it. Since your senses are not working properly you could accidentally freeze yourself or do the complete opposite, which would not be good at all.” She explained before looking around to confirm herself that she had told everything that the girl needs to know about the place.

“Takayama-san, does Nanase knows that I’m here?”

“Huh- I wonder, what do you think?” the scientist replied, she is feeling a little bit snappy that Shiraishi had managed to bring Nanase to the conversation- which reminds her of her cruel task that she will do after her work today.

“I think you probably wouldn’t tell her, and she wouldn’t be involved in something like this, so- most likely she doesn't know.” She uttered her mind, thinking that Takayama was actually asking her instead of being sarcastic, “Is she okay?”

Takayama turned around looking straight into the other girl eyes, “Of course she’s not. Shiraishi-san, you basically were not in a stable loving relationship with her and then you basically passed away, but not before wasting a year sleeping on the hospital bed in a vegetable state.”

She had actually regret every single of her words as soon as she finished with the last, but she realized that it could probably lure the subject’s emotion to come back just like what Hashimoto want to do by using Nishino, and even if it doesn’t manage to get her to feel something it also means that Shiraishi wouldn’t be hurt anyway.

“Takayama-san, please don’t tell Nanase about me,” she said, her calm yet stiff expression doesn't change at all from before.

Takayama feels like laughing in frustration because that is the thing that she wants to do the most, yet couldn’t, “If only I could do that, but I’m afraid that would be impossible.”

She observes the other girl from head to toe, realizing that she had managed to create the perfect android, something that she always wanted ever since she started to be interested in android modeling.

If the circumstances are different she probably would have felt proud of herself to be able to accomplish one of her dreams, yet she's actually feeling bitter about this.

She shoves away the thoughts from her mind and checked her check-up data once more then said, “I’m leaving, see you later.”

The other girl nodded but Takayama didn’t see that because she was already walking to the door. She feels like Shiraishi is watching her every move as she let the tiny box beside the door scanned her eyes and fingers for confirmation, but she didn’t look back at all.

Stepping her shoes into the observation room, she was surprised when she only found Fukagawa there. It’s really rare for their leader to leave the room, the short haired even often found sleeping over at the room instead of going home.

“If you’re looking for Hashimoto-san she left with Ikuta-san a few minutes ago,” the older girl explained.

“Right. I actually don't have anything else to do today, so I’m going home first. If it is okay with you?” she asked while her hands are starting to collect several items from the desk that she need to bring home.

“Sure, go ahead, I’ll let Hashimoto-san know.”

Takayama nodded then stuffed the items in her hand into her dark backpack before taking off her the semi-transparent lab coat. She folded the coat neatly and put it inside one of the drawers of her desk, “bye, Fukagawa-san, thanks for your hard work.”

After hearing a reply from the older girl she grabbed her backpack and left the room.

As soon as she’s out of the huge modern styled building she reached for her phone from her bag side pocket and dialed a contact.

‘Hi! Sorry but right now I’m in the middle of something. You may leave your message after the beeping sound and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.’

Takayama sighed upon the recording before replying, “Wakatsuki- this is Takayama.  We need to talk, it’s about Naa-chan. Call me soon, okay? I need to meet you it’s important.”


I wrote this faster than my usual pace, the reason is because I'm taking the IELTS test next Saturday and I'm tired of writing boring essays so I switched to fiction writing XD. On the other hand, I haven't re-read this chapter thoroughly and also the last chapter, to be honest, so I might make several little fixes in the future. (I have done several edits on 31-08)

Also, this is my first science fiction story and since I actually not a master of human bodies so I just wrote based on my research on google. Sorry if you find several things illogical.

For Nanase oshis, I'm sorry that your girl is still not found in this chapter. I actually planned to have Nanasemaru appears in this chapter but there are several things that I need to mention yet couldn't if the main perspective is already focused on Nanase. But a little bit of sneak peek, she will be in the next chapter   :cathappy:

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Maiyan understand how someone should feel because she was once a normal human being, yet she doesn't feel it anymore  :cry:. What is happening is similar with paralysis but to her feelings. There's an explanation of that on this chapter and I hope that will suffice. There will be some more explanation to come in later chapters actually.
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ShiraHashi does sound a little strange and white bridge makes me think of a real bridge lol

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