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Author Topic: Nogizaka46 One-Shots || Blues of Love - Evening Blues [24/11/18]  (Read 15680 times)

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Nogizaka46 One-Shots || Blues of Love - Evening Blues [24/11/18]
« on: September 11, 2017, 03:11:03 AM »
:welcome After considering several people advise I decided to start a new topic exclusively for my one-shots. This way I would be able to check on it easier. It will also be more distinguishable  :hee:
Here is the list of the one-shots written down below to help you navigate it easier  :nervous
  • Then - Shiraishi Mai x Nishino Nanase [scroll below]
  • New Year's Eve - Shiraishi Mai X Nishino Nanase Click here
  • Finding Your Happiness - Sakurai Reika X Shiraishi Mai Click here
  • Morning Blues - Takayama Kazuya (Male) X Shiraishi Mai Click here
  • Out Love is Maple Coloured [3 Parts] - Shiraishi Mai X Nishino Nanase, side pair Wakatsuki Yumi X Sakurai Reika Click here
  • The Art of Lying [4 Parts] - Shiraishi Mai X nishino Nanase Click here
  • Tender Days - Shiraishi Mai X nishino Nanase Click here
  • Alone - Shiraishi Mai X nishino Nanase Click here

So without a further ado, here is the first one

Then, Nishino Nanase found the answer to her question.

She has never heard music in her life, could only imagine how beautiful it must be with all the note forming up a harmony. She used to ask her parents a lot about it, how does it sound like? And they would try to explain as much as they can, but their explanation is never enough for her as it will only make her brain work to form another question. In the end, she realised she will never fully comprehend it because it’s something that people hear instead of see.

However, dance is different, it’s not meant to be heard, but instead, it’s meant to be seen. Every single step, twirl, and emotion of a dance deliver the meaning of music to Nishino’s spectating eyes.

And just like that, she had found the answer that she has been asking for several almost entire years in her life of silence.

When it comes to a song she could only imagine how beautiful the music is, but she doesn’t have to do that when it comes to a dance. Nishino found herself fascinated as she started to get interested in watching more TV shows with a dance in it, as she saves her money to watch performances, as she started to notice that near her home there’s a place where some girls often gather to practice their moves.

Never in her life, she had even dared to hope that one day she would be able to join them.

Yet somehow she did.

Then, Nishino Nanase made some friends.

It wasn’t easy. Even though she goes to the school for the deaf where she is surrounded with people going through the same thing, she has never found herself fit to continue a conversation, in the end, people only talk to her when it comes to school stuff and maybe just for a quick greeting.

To make it even worse, her parents had even specially asked someone to be her friend. For a moment that happened without her awareness until the day she found out that the reason for the friend huge collection of sneakers is a thank you gifts from Nishino’s very own mother.

After that Nishino pretty much have her guard up all the time, mostly feeling bothered whenever someone tries to get to know her, afraid that in the end, the person’s reason is exactly what she has in mind.

Nevertheless, the girls from Nogizaka dance club are different. They are not even people with disabilities, just a bunch of normal teenagers having fun while trying to work their way to win a dance competition. Yet they genuinely welcome her with an open arm, despite how it could hinder them from winning.

She has never forgotten the day where Shiraishi Mai- the group most beloved person tried to approach her when she was trying to put the girl’s dance move into sketches. It was so sudden that she abruptly closed her sketch book and took few steps away.

She has always remembered how Shiraishi’s eyes were widened as she was taken aback by Nishino’s way of communicating with gestures. Knowing that it might just add more into the awkward tension if she continues, Nishino gave the girl a weak smile before turning on her back and walk away.

She had wondered if the girl still tried to call her after that, it wouldn’t be surprising if she did remembering that Shiraishi is not exactly the smartest person in the earth and Nishino couldn’t blame her either. Yet somehow her failing to understand that she wouldn’t be able to hear her calls is one of the reasons Nishino likes her a lot.

Usually, normal people tried not to bother themselves with her, totally understandable since they will actually need to use sign language to communicate, which is something that people normally can’t do and even Nishino realise how bothersome it is to learn that when you could say something out loud.

However, they are different. None of them knows any sign language before yet they tried to learn that. They genuinely want to be Nishino’s friend. Little by little she started to get to know them better.

Nogizaka dance group has always treated Nishino like she’s normal. As if there’s no communication obstacle within them. It doesn’t take her long to be able to get along with them as she started to spend more and more time with them, even to the point of joining their dance practice and putting her name on the competition form, officially making her part of the group.

There wasn’t even a second where they give Nishino a look of disdain upon her incapability of following the music like everyone else. Not before her parents told her that they are moving to New York she look back and realises how much they mean to her.

They have just gotten to know each other in less than 2 months, but Nishino feels like she knows them better than those people who are already in the same class with her since she was young.

Nevertheless, she still doesn’t have the heart to tell her parents about her problem, she knows that her father wouldn’t even think twice to turn down the offer if it will make her happy, but she doesn’t want to do that.

Accepting that they will move doesn’t mean that she is not sad. The night when she decided that she’s going to follow her parents, she sent all the people in the group an email, saying how thankful she is for an opportunity to join them even if it’s just for short time, how she is happy that they have accepted them for what she is, how she is sorry that she wouldn’t be able to join the competition with them.

The next day she dropped by their dance studio, it was still empty as she was early but that’s exactly what she’s aiming for. She pranced around from several minutes before neatly put down her group t-shirt along with a message written in a letter that she put on top of it.

She decided to stop coming to the practice, considering that she would never be able to come to the competition anyway so if she comes all she would ever do is to be another burden.

However, this doesn’t seem to stop them, every day even sometimes twice a day they would come to her house, asking her to hang out together.

There’s nothing that she wants more than to say yes. However, she realizes that it will only make her heart ache more, giving her a second thought about her decision.

So, Nishino Nanase waves her hand in rejection, leaving them with disappointment as they left her house.

She didn’t cry until the night before the competition. As if the weather reflects her gloomy heart, it was raining that night and she tried to keep her mind busy by doodling in her sketchbook. That’s when she realises that she has received a message in her phone. It was a short one from Ikuta saying that she needs to look outside.

Nishino stood up from where she was sitting and opened her balcony door. Her eyes widened when she sees the white shirt that she designed together with Shiraishi, hanging on a tall pole which escalated from the ground beneath her. She looks down and found three of her closest friend there waving their hands as if standing there wouldn’t get her attention.

“What’s wrong?” Hashimoto Nanami asked in a sign language, her short hair seems to blend with the dark jacket that she’s wearing. Again, Ikuta pushed the pole a little bit towards the balcony, urging her to take the white shirt stuck on it.

However, Nishino shook her head with an apologetic smile as she gently pushed the pole away.

“I’m not going to compete,” She gestured, hoping that it’d be enough to make them turn their back and go home. From above she could see Hashimoto was looking at Shiraishi who in turn gives her a troubled look as her mouth moved to say something. From her eyes, Nishino could tell that there are a lot of things the girl wants to talk about, however, since she is in covering Ikuta’s with umbrella there’s not much she can do.

“That doesn’t matter. This is still yours.”

Again, Nishino shook her head, while holding back her tears she signed, “good luck with the competition. Goodbye.”

After that she decided to come back inside, she doesn’t want them to see her cry, she doesn’t want them to be worried about her. She had thought to go back to doodling but she realised that there’s nothing she wants to do more than curled up on her bed and cry.

So she did.

Then, Nishino Nanase found out she is in love.

To tell the truth, she doesn’t even know when did it start, but once she realises she has fallen in love with her. She wasn’t just observing her to copy the dance move anymore, she wasn’t just simply admire her, there was more to that.

She had started to notice some little things about the other girl, how after their first encounter the girl always tried to avoid touching her shoulder to get her attention. How much she’s actually struggling to learn the sign language, yet always tried to do her best on it. How it seems like her eyes are sparkling to reflect the night sky on each evening after their practice. How she always offered to walk her home after their practice.

Quickly the time that they spent together grow bigger and bigger each day, when before they only hang out in practice and a little bit after that, now has become almost every single minute where they have nothing else to do. They even texted until late at night, something that is unusual for Nishino since she usually avoid phone as she is not able to hear the notification sound when a text is coming.

Shiraishi Mai. Nishino has always wonder how her name will sounds, for she had never heard anything in her entire life. It’s amazing how the sound of one person name has become something she long for, she could even say that she wants to hear it as much as she wants to hear the music.

One day, after they finished their practice and was walking side by side, they were having one of their meaningless talk about a lot of stuff and they have gotten to the topic where Shiraishi is started to elaborate on her dream.

“When- I was young I used to dream of being a singer,” she signed.

Nishino raised her eyebrows, wasn’t expecting that to be her wish, “What made you change your mind?”

Shiraishi gives her a look before taking out the little book of sign language dictionary that she has been carrying around in her pocket. She opened several pages flipping it back and forth for twice before continuing, “I took vocal classes. Realised that I’m not good.”

“How so?”

“There are people,” Shiraishi halted after that and opened her dictionary once more, “people better than me. Have no chance.”

Nishino was lost in thought, she wanted to convey that maybe it’s not true. However, it’s meaningless because she has never heard people voice in her life before. Still, there is one thing that she wants the other girl to know, “I don’t know about other people, but I believe you have a beautiful voice.”

She only realized how embarrassing that was after she finished. However, Shiraishi looked at her in confusion, “Sorry. I didn’t catch what you were saying? Other people what?”

Nishino contemplates whether she should try to explain it or not and decided to do the latter by simply shook her head and gave the other girl a ‘nevermind’ sign, earning a look of curiosity from the other girl. Thankfully she decided to let it go and averted the topic to something else.

About two days after that the group had asked her to design the shirt for them to wear at the competition. Nishino was surprised and wanted to reject the offer because she has never done such thing before, while it’s true that she likes to draw but this kind of design is not something light. However, Shiraishi’s hand reach her shoulder, while her other hand signing her support on the matter.

To think about it that’s unfair, while it’s hard enough to not fall into the other girl’s hopeful look there’s no way Nishino will have the heart to turn down that girl. So, after several seconds of silence with everyone looking at her with a face full of expectation she nodded. This soon followed by a bright smile on everyone in the room as if she’s their saviour.

It’s not until she was walking home with Shiraishi she finally managed to admit that she still has no idea on what to put for their shirt design.

She had expected the girl to get mad at her for agreeing to such thing while having no idea what to do, or at least she had expected the girl to look at her in disappointment. None of it happened.

Instead, Shiraishi looks up towards the early evening sky, seemingly lost in thought. Several minutes later she signed, “I have no idea either but I want to help.”

Somehow that ended up into Shiraishi visiting her place. She had no idea how long has it been since she had a friend over, not to mention it was abrupt, even her mother was surprised though seem so happy that she managed to bring a friend over. The woman excitedly talked to Shiraishi, which kind of bothered Nishino because she couldn’t hear nor understand any of their voice based conversation.

In the end, she dragged Shiraishi into her room as she told her mother that the older girl came to work on their design project instead of normal chit-chat.

So, there they were, sitting side by side, trying to came-up for an idea. Nonetheless, two hours have passed and the only thing Nishino has done is realising how the other girl is not exactly a good painter. Which she somehow finds as cute, since the girl doesn’t seem to be bothered with it at all and still excitedly doodling her weird ideas and shown every single thing to her.

Then Nishino realises maybe they need to approach the concept another way, instead of thinking what a good symbolism for their group she needs to think about what describes their group the most. She asked Shiraishi about this and the girl seems to realised it as well.

What describes their group the most? What makes it special for Nishino? This group is the first one who will extend their hand to her, accepting her for what she is.

Nishino started doodling.

It doesn’t even take her 15 minutes to finish it, a clean drawing of two hands holding each other. She shown it to Shiraishi, who looks at it in pure delight, she wasn’t even started to explain the meaning yet for the girl to approve it with her two thumbs up. Deep down she knows that without needing the explanation Shiraishi understands well what the design is trying to convey.

She remembers how heavy she felt when she realised that it was time for the older girl to go home, back then there was nothing else she wanted more than to ask her to stay the night, however, she knows that the other girl needs to rest well, so she bid her farewell. However, before she left Shiraishi asked her whether she has plans for that weekend and invite her for a day out. Of course, Nishino nodded in the excitement which got a smile out of the other girl before she gestured the second ‘see you’ and left.

Happily, Nishino marked her wall calendar, grinning as she drawn a little heart symbol beside the future plan. After that she observed the calendar, wondering when did she start to get an idea to draw little heart whenever Shiraishi asked her to go out, something that she couldn’t recall.

Two days after that, their shirts are finished, all the girls in the group seem to be happy with her work as they couldn’t stop praising her with a look full of gratefulness. Shiraishi raised one of her hand, a signal for Nishino to do a high five with her. And with a wide smile she did.

Time seems to pass quickly until the day where Shiraishi had asked to hang out with her. However, unlike how they usually did it this time the girl had actually come to her house to pick her up. She could imagine how her face grown red when she opened the door and find the girl there looking as beautiful as always with a plain white t-shirt that has some words on it tucked into her long colourful skirt, a pitch-black choker necklace contrasting her white skin and a dark leather jacket to finish the look.

Before that time, she had only seen the girl tied her hair in a ponytail on dance practice, but this time she did it.

Seeing how she has been staring for minutes Shiraishi started to look on her attire in confusion, thinking that she might wear something wrong. Nishino stopped her and signed, “you look beautiful.”

The other girl blushed as she tried not to look away in embarrassment, she politely looks past her to where her mother is standing and seems to be asking for her permission before the latter nodded and Shiraishi cheerfully gestured “let’s go.”

They went to the city, going from one café to another as Shiraishi cheerfully shown her favourite place in the area. It’s not until few hours passed when Nishino realised that it’s the first time they have ever truly gone out just for the two of them. Usually, there is someone else from their group, but this time it’s only her and Shiraishi.

Does it mean that this outing is different? Does it mean that this is a real date?

Think about it, right now after the 3rd café that they went they decided to take a stroll along one of the parks in the city, gazing at the fallen leaves of autumn filling the pathways. Shiraishi had spent some penny on pigeon food and now on the lookout to spot some of them.

The activity is one of her favourite thing to do whenever she went to the park with her family, she thinks that they’re cute, the pigeons, especially the fat ones. That’s probably why until this day she had never actually spent more time observing the person who’s feeding the birds instead of the actual birds.

With a smile that rarely leaves her face throughout the whole day, Shiraishi scattered the pigeon's food around the ground and watch excitedly as the pigeons started to flock to eat them. She offered Nishino to feed the birds too, which of course she did and ended up getting occupied by the pack of birds, they quickly dispersed once the foods are gone but then Nishino noticed that Shiraishi has been using her phone camera to keep the interaction in memory.

“I’m sorry. Are you mad?” She signed quickly as soon as she realises that Nishino has been paying attention to her activity. However, Nishino shook her head, trying not to blush from the thought of Shiraishi keeping her picture in the phone.

Shiraishi again motioned something that could be read as two and camera, however, Nishino failed to grasp the meaning. The girl frowned a bit as she tried to think of another way to convey what’s on her mind, and ended up pointing at her, herself and the camera of the phone.

“Take a picture together? Sure,” Nishino gestured as the girl come closer to her, to the point of breaching her normally personal space. They were just done checking every picture that she took after it’s done, assuring that everything looks good for her to keep when Shiraishi suddenly took her right hand in hers.

Her mouth moved to say something before halfway stopped upon realising that Nishino doesn’t understand anything. Then she let go of her hand as she pointed at herself and then Nishino.

“I – love – you,” she signed as her mouth moving along with her movement, Nishino was still shocked from the sudden development of situation could only stare in silence. Shiraishi take this as her cue to explain further, “more than a friend.”

That was the first confession Nishino Nanase has ever received and she felt nothing but confusion, what should she say next? Should she tell her that she actually love her too? But what will come after that? Will someone like her enough for Shiraishi?

Before her mind could formulate the best answer Shiraishi did another gesture, “you don’t need to say anything. I just want to let you know.”

Nishino feels devastated as she actually wanted to say something. However, she could understand if the girl doesn’t want an answer, perhaps deep down she is also scared of what might happen if Nishino had actually answered.

Shiraishi smiled sadly, despite of how she had prevent her to answer disappointment is still clearly prominent in her features, “Do you want to go home now?”

That’s more of a statement than a question because without hearing her answer that’s where their foot is leading them to and none of them had the courage to change their mind about it. Nishino gaze downward to the pavement, suddenly feeling cold because Shiraishi seems to be keeping their distance farther than she usually does.

The same thing happened when they’re riding the train back. Since it was crowded Shiraishi give Nishino the only chair left as she stood a few feet away from her even though the standing space next to her is available.

Not until they finally stood in front of her house, both wondering how did the day go wrong that Shiraishi finally motioned something to her. “Sorry, for what happened. It was a nice day.”

Nishino shook her head, realising how wrong the situation is, Shiraishi doesn’t need to feel sorry at all. If anything it’s her who should be sorry for making the situation awkward.

“I have fun. I really do,” she gestured as her lips curled into a smile, she hesitated for a moment, her hands hanging in front of her as she struggled with herself to let out what’s in her mind or not. Then she took a deep breath before taking a step forward, quickly getting closer before finally engulfing the other girl in a tight hug.

The girl’s leather jacket feels strange and cold on her skin. However, once the girl finally dared to raise her arms and hug her back it feels like there’s nothing compares to this, as if this is meant to be. As if their body is meant to be this close to each other.

Nishino felt nothing but disappointment when the girl started to move away from her touch, however, she wasn’t even able to use her hand to voice her dissatisfaction when the older girl caresses her cheek with her soft white skin and close the distance between their lips until there’s nothing separate them at all.

The way Shiraishi clashed her lips onto hers was rough despite the softness of her lips and a careful touch of her hand on her cheek. It tastes a little bit like strawberry, probably from the expensive looking lip gloss the girl has that she had seen a couple of times. She had no idea how many seconds have passed and Shiraishi's lips is still not leaving hers and in every second passed the more forceful and demanding the girl has become.

Suddenly the girl jolted back and took a step back from her, leaving Nishino fazed from what just happened. Her finger finds their way up to touch the lips that have been touched by the girl’s lips merely a second ago. Shiraishi expression was unreadable, not because she couldn’t find the meaning of it but because it is showing so many emotions at once. Happiness, warmth, sadness, regrets, is not even enough to describe her interpretation of the other girl expression.

“Your mother,” she motioned and pointed to the door behind Nishino. Nishino’s eyes widened as her brain hoping that her mom wasn’t there when the kiss had happened, the last thing she wanted is to trouble Shiraishi by having her mom started to interrogate the girl.

Nishino looks behind her and found her mom moving her mouth, the expression seems as friendly as always, a good sign that she didn’t witness the occurrence a few seconds ago. Shiraishi bowed politely to the older woman as her expression is back to her normally composed one and started to speak, their conversation didn’t last long as Shiraishi shook her head and bowed once more. She gave Nishino a polite apologetic smile before motioning a simple “see you later.”

It’s not before she went inside with her mom closing the door behind her as she took off her shoes she realises that it was her first kiss. Again, her finger went up to touch her lips, wondering if it is swollen because the numbness that she’s currently experiencing. She went straight to the toilet to check it and find that it looks normal. She exhaled as she splashed some cold water onto her face, hoping that it’d help her to get a grip of herself.

That night, she had checked her phone every 5 minutes, hoping that Shiraishi had sent her a text. However, there’s none. The girl was also not responding to the discussion on the group, which is unusual for her. Nishino wondered if she should send her a text to check up on her and ended up going against it and opt to change into their group new shirt and started to practise their dance.

That was the time when both of her parents suddenly came into her room, both looking more excited and happy than always. Her mom with a wide smile on her lips motioned, “we have a good news to tell you.”

Nishino raised her eyebrows in confusion, her brain couldn’t form a possible outcome of the situation. Seemingly impatient to wait for her to guess her father finally gave in and excitedly gestured, “we are moving to New York!”

New York is their dream, it is where her father would be able to get a better income and work at the division that he has been pursuing for years. It is where her mother has been planning to open a restaurant, with a money that she has been saving for years even back to the days when she wasn’t born yet. It is also where she- Nishino Nanase will be able to pursue a better education for her interest in arts.

If this were to happen 2 months ago, she’d be jumping up and down in delight. However, things have taken a turn to a different path. She couldn’t even feel happy anymore as if she had somewhere thrown that dream of her away. While faking a smile, she started to move her hand, “when are we going?”

“On 26,” her mom replied, “this month, 26.”

As if the situation couldn’t turn even worse it is exactly the date where the dance competition will commence.

She couldn’t really remember what kind of conversation she had with her parents afterward. However, she remembered that after they finally left her room, she went to the other side to cross the word ‘competition’ from her wall calendar and put ‘move to NY’ on it.

She remembered muffling her own cries with her pillow because she knows that her crying could easily be identified and heard and she doesn’t want her parents to finds out about that. She remembered crying herself to sleep after she sent every member of the group an email of her resignation from the competition and the group altogether.

She didn’t bother to reply all the questions that they asked about their sudden leave, but she read them one by one, her heart feeling warm upon noticing that they actually care about her. On the next day, she left her shirt on the dance studio, thinking that maybe they will be able to find someone else who is interested in filling her position.

From that day forward they have been trying to visit her at home. She was lucky that her mother was too busy to prepare themselves to move that she didn’t really notice how she always turn them down every time they had come and demanded some answers.

However, not until that night she had ever seen Shiraishi Mai again. The girl is actually the only one who didn’t reply anything upon her resignation statement, she is also the only one who didn’t come to her house and demand answers.

And suddenly she was there. Standing beneath the umbrella, under the rain, looking at her with a troubled expression as she let Hashimoto do all the conversation with her. Nishino had actually expected the girl to step up and try to strike a conversation with her because it looks like she really wants to do so when Nishino refuses Hashimoto attempt to get her take back her shirt.

But she never did.

Once they finally turn they back and started to walk back, Nishino had also gone back inside, she had finally given in to tears as they started to well beneath her eyes.

It hurts.

Her silence hurts her so much yet she doesn’t even know what does she want from the girl. Wasn’t she the one who was reluctant from the first place? Was she the one who hurt her first from not responding upon her confession? Why it seems like she could feel nothing but regret, even though it will even hurt them more if they had ever actually gotten together and got caught up in the situation she is in now.

After curling up on her bed and cried for some period of time, she went to the bathroom, trying to wash her face out of any sign that tears were there, trying to give herself a smile to assure her that it was the best for both of them.

Pathetic is the best word to describe how she feels toward herself by then.

She was thinking to go to sleep as soon as possible when she notices that her phone screen has been flashing. She refused to even check what is it about and crawl into her bed instead, but after about an hour being wide awake with her mind nowhere but her phone she realised that reading it would probably be the best.

Turns out for the first time after their bittersweet date she had finally gotten a message from Shiraishi Mai. Not one but five.

I need to tell you something.

I’m outside.

Can we please talk for a moment?


It doesn’t matter how long it took, I will wait here. Take your time.

Nishino looks outside where the rain had actually gotten worse from the last time she was on the balcony, without thinking more she stood up and started to run the opposite way from where the balcony is, coming out from her bedroom and down the stairs. Swiftly she snatched the door keys from the hanger and an umbrella, trying to work as quickly as she can to open the door that would lead her outside.

As if the glass of her balcony door was playing trick with her eyes the rain was actually heavier than what she thinks she saw just a few second ago, the strong wind kind of makes it impossible to stay dry despite the umbrella. And in the middle of her front yard, exactly where she was with her two other friends about three hours ago, the girl was standing as she looks up to where Nishino’s room is.

She wasn’t even sure that the girl had already noticed her presence when she grabbed her freezing arm and guide her inside. She can feel the girl shaking as she guides her upstairs to where her room is, not even bother to make a conversation with her as she realises that it can wait.

Once they’re finally inside her room, Nishino opened one box that is filled with all the clothing and stuff that they will leave in Japan, quickly grabbed a towel and a set of fresh clothes for the other girl.

Shiraishi was looking down to the floor when Nishino tried to give her the clothes, her hands hugging herself in an attempt to keep some warm for her body. However, instead of taking the clothes, her shaking hands started to move in a motion, “I am sorry.”

Nishino shook her head, feeling that she doesn’t need the apology since it wasn’t Shiraishi’s fault. She held out the clothes, silently half-forcing the girl to take it. After several seconds Shiraishi gave in and take the clothes as Nishino stood up and motioned that she is going to go downstairs for a moment to give Shiraishi a space to change.

She decided to make the girl a hot chocolate and as she waited for the water to boiled she wondered about how long the girl has been standing there in the rain, she felt nothing but terrible for refusing to read the message earlier.

Once she’s back upstairs the girl has changed into one of her old hoodie and jogging pants which she thought is going to be helpful enough to restore the girl body heat, she sat curled up near the balcony, quickly wiped the tears from her eyes upon noticing her coming from the door.

Nishino hands her the warm glass and carefully observe as the girl signed a thank you and took a sip of it, noticing how the bag under her eyes are swollen red from crying as she tried her best to control her shaking to steady her grip on the glass.

“It is not your fault,” Nishino motioned once the girl finally dared to look up onto her long enough, “I am moving to New York tomorrow. That’s why I left.”

The girl furrowed her eyebrows probably finding difficulties on matching the words she just signed with what she has learned and remembered. Realising this Nishino came up with easier way to explain, she grabbed her phone from her desk and started to type, making sure she already explained clearly before showing the screen to Shiraishi.
My family is moving to New York tomorrow. That’s why I can’t join you in the competition. It is not your fault, it never was. If anything, I’m in love with you too.

A part of Nishino feel sad that she had told the girl about how she felt only with words typed in a phone, while it’s true that it is impossible for her to say it out loud, she had wanted to tell her without any help from a device.

Shiraishi looked at her in disbelieves, she seemed not to realise the tears that have start to run through her cheek once more, Nishino gave her an assuring smile and reach out her hand to wipe the girl’s tears, “I don’t want you to be sad.”

She knows that is really selfish knowing that herself is also really sad. However, she couldn’t stand to see the older girl hurting. The tears that she shed makes it harder for her to stop herself from crying in front of the girl.

Nishino Nanase is a weak girl who cried easily, but when it comes to Shiraishi Mai, she doesn’t want to do so, she wants her to be able to lean on her, she wants to be strong as she knows that the girl has always been the one who tried to stand strong. So, she took a deep breath and shook the tears away.

Somehow, she found a courage to come closer and gave the other girl a chaste kiss on where the tears were. This somehow had only made it worse. She wiped the tears again before hugging Shiraishi, letting her press her forehead onto her collarbones. Her fingers gently pat the girl back, sometimes brushing into the girl hair which is still wet from the rain.

Nishino has always loved reading manga. In some of the stories, a person would try to comfort the other when they’re crying by giving them a hug, letting them cry out as they voice out how it is going to be okay.
All Nishino could do is the former two.

Not before that moment, her disability has ever caused her so much pain. As she let the girl let out her sadness, Nishino wonder about the time and she suddenly realise that Shiraishi has a competition in the morning. The girl needs as much rest as she can to be able to give the best performance, all of this crying and shivering because of the rain could make her caught a cold.

Nishino pulled away from their hug, her hands that were on the girls back raised up to the damp towel on her shoulder, pulling it up so it covers the girl hair before she gently caresses the hair with it. As her hands work to dry the girl's hair, Shiraishi grabbed the mug beside her once more and took a sip, for a moment Nishino halted, making sure the girl is okay before continuing.

Both of her hands were on either side of the girl’s head, softly she wiped a strand of stray hair away revealing the girl’s face. Even when her eyes are puffy and red from crying, her nose is runny, hair half dried and messy, Shiraishi Mai is still beautiful Nishino smiled upon realising this as Shiraishi after a moment dared to look at her seemingly confused when she noticed the smile on her lips.

In that moment, Nishino suddenly got the urge to kiss her.

So, she did.

Their second kiss is different from their first kiss. Perhaps because Nishino is the one who initiates this one, she came closer slowly, stopped when they were just a few inches away from each other, her vision wandered around Shiraishi's lips for a second before moving up to meet her eyes, as if she’s asking for a permission. After locking eyes with each other for the time that seems like an eternity, she finally leaned forward, pressing her lips onto Shiraishi’s softly, despite her crying tremble slowly Shiraishi kissed her back, unlike their first kiss, this time she’s more gentle and patient. As if the Nishino can break if she put too much force.

Their second kiss is not exactly how Nishino always imagine a kiss would be, the kiss is much better than that, empowering the subtle taste of Shiraishi’s lip gloss is a strong taste of chocolate feeling her senses, both of them were careful as they try to make it last as long as possible, only taking a break to fill their lungs with air every now and then.

She could feel Shiraishi's mouth curled upwards as the girl raised both of her hands to cup her face, pulling her closer to deepen their kiss.

Their kiss is similar to their dance, each of them doing their part without the need to battle the others, lips and tongue moving as if there’s a harmony that directs them. While it last, it feels like an eternity but once it’s done it feels like a second hasn’t even passed. Shiraishi wipes Nishino’s bangs aside and moves up to kiss her forehead, letting her lips stay there for a while before finally let her go.

“I don’t want to leave you.” She motioned to Nishino, her eyes wandered to the rainy sky outside. Nishino realises that the girl will have to go home in heavy rain and decided that it’s best if she stays for the night. There will be a couple of hours to spare in the morning before she has to go to the competition and that might be enough for her to go back home and prepare.

“Stay,” Nishino moved her hand to tell her and Shiraishi didn’t seem to think twice before nodding.

Because of her house situation it is not possible for her to prepare the girl the guest futon as it is probably somewhere inside one of the big boxes in the living room that is not meant to be opened anymore. There’s no way Nishino would let the girl sleep on the floor so the only choice is her bed which is quite big for a single bed so it shouldn’t be a problem.

It’s good thing is that Shiraishi didn’t question her as she leads her to the bed patting the empty space beside her as a signal for her to use. Nishino pull up the blanket for both of them, making sure that it should be warm enough for Shiraishi who was just out in the rain and still shivering every now and then.

They lay down facing each other. Nishino wonders if they would ever do this again sometime later, even the chance for them to reunite is low. Nishino scooted closer and once she is sure that the girl is okay with it she presses her forehead onto Shiraishi’s shoulder, in return, the girl kiss her forehead as if to assure her she doesn’t mind and circle her arm around her.

She remembered waking up and find herself still secured with Shiraishi’s arm spread across her waist, because of their position she could feel the girl stable breathing giving a serene feeling on their surrounding. It is so calm and peaceful that Nishino doesn’t feel like moving to check the time, however, she knows that the day is important for both of them, so gently she removed the girl’s arm and sit up to see the clock on the wall.

As if on cue her mother opened the room door and looks surprised to see another presence in the room, she smiled softly before gesturing, “breakfast is ready, ask Shiraishi-san to come too.”

Nishino nodded and the women close the door, perhaps the sounds were loud Shiraishi started to stir as well. For a moment, their eyes met before Nishino smiled as a good morning greeting, Shiraishi smiled back as her eyes moved to check the time.

“I need to go home now,” she motioned as she gets out from the bed and took her damp clothes that she had folded neatly on the desk, her smile has dispersed as she looks at her in sadness, “what time are you going to leave the town?”

“1 PM,” she answered, feeling sad as she remembers that there’s no way Shiraishi will be able to come to send her off. The group is going to perform at 12.30, once they’re done Nishino would already be leaving.

“It’s okay to take my clothes, yours is still damp,” Nishino added, earning a little smile from the girl as she stepped closer to her and gave her a quick hug.

Nothing else was exchanged between them as Shiraishi was rushing to go home, she can see the girl is worried that she’d be late to competition which is good because that’s what Nishino wants her to focus on more and once she has left Nishino went to the dining room and found her parents looking at her.

“Is Shiraishi-san going to join us?”
her mom motioned.

Nishino shook her head and explained, “she has dance competition today.”

Their parents looks at each other before nodded and continue their breakfast, not before her father has finally finished what’s on his plate he asked her, “are you ready to go?”

Nishino nodded in return, hoping she would look convincing enough despite what how heavy her heart felt.

After that, they started to get ready and because she was really caught up with it her mind could actually leave the matter of competition and Shiraishi. It took them less than two hours to get everything ready and once her mind finally unoccupied with all the moving stuff it drifted back to the competition. She is already in the car. Her suitcase has been neatly packed and placed in the trunk along with some other boxes that they decided to bring with them instead of sending it with a courier. She wasn’t even paying attention when the car started to drive away, separating her from the house where she had grown up in.

It was about 15 minutes before they train arrived when she started to look back at the life that she will leave soon. She had regrets, a lot of them, however, she cherished every single bit of it. She tried not to tear up when she realised she hadn’t given a proper goodbye to her friends, the true friends she has been looking for in such a long time and once she finally gained them she lost them quickly. She hadn’t even bid a goodbye to Shiraishi, the girl was in a rush that she basically left with nothing but a smile and quick hug. In her mind, she somehow suspects that is what the girl intended, she tried to avoid shedding a tear from real goodbye.

She hadn’t even noticed that she had cried before the sensation of a drop of water running through her cheek hits her. Her mother pats her shoulder a couple of times, seemingly wanting to check up on her, Nishino wiped her tears quickly and return the woman gaze, the woman smiled softly and pointed behind.

Nishino turn back to see what her mother is trying to show her and catch the sight of her full groupmates standing just beside the station, Shiraishi stood in the centre a few step ahead than the others, shouting something that she, of course, couldn’t hear.

Her mother has walked to talk to the man who stood in the ticketing machine, after a moment the guy nodded and let the girls enter the station.

What comes afterward was pretty much a blur, she remembered seeing them running towards her and engulf her in a tight group hug, a lot of hands patted her back and shoulder, some even tried to give her a pat on the head which probably going to mess her hair.

It took them a few minutes before finally stepping back, all smiling at her.

The first thing Nishino mentioned is what she deemed the most trivial, it is the thing that supposed to hold them back from coming by now, “what about the competition?”

“Our member is more important,”
Hashimoto gestured in reply and nodded to Fukagawa who stood beside her, the older girl smiled and step forward, giving Nishino the thin shopping bag that she has been carrying. She took a peek to see what’s inside and could see a glimpse of a white shirt. Her shirt.

“Please accept that. No matter what you are still a member,” Ikuta gestured, making Nishino teared up in happiness as she nodded.

“I am sorry for not explaining this before. Thank you for coming, for everything. I’m glad to be able to join, even if it’s just for short time,”
Nishino motioned, she wiped her tears once more before finishing her statement, “Goodbye.”

They are all nodded and motioned the same goodbye sign to her. Well, all but Shiraishi, the girl only look at her with eyes started to water. Knowing that it might be the time for her to say what she wanted to say she took a step forward and motioned.

“If you don’t mind. Someday I will come to find you.”
She looked up for a second before continuing, “I don’t want this to be our goodbye.”

Nishino smiled and step closer, giving the girl one last long hug before stepping back albeit reluctant.

“Then, see you later,” she motioned with a smile, hoping that would be enough as she doesn’t want her to promise anything yet not wanting to turn her down too.

“See you later.”

Deep down, somehow Nishino knows that the signs aren't just an empty word, she knows that Shiraishi will hold onto that. One day the girl will come again. And until then Nishino would cherish the short yet blissful moment they had together.


I can't believe I actually manage to survive editing this whoaaaaa.

Anyway Hi there! as you can read from well what I have said in the heading, this is suppose to be a thread for my one-shots and what could be a better opener than that one music video that got me hooked into Nogizaka46, in the first single of them that I actually pay my attention to, starring my ultimate OTP in the group  XD

Well actually this is supposed to be Naachan bday spesial fic, ahahahaha talk about being slow as hell, but yeah I've been having a rough week which in the end somehow everything works out pretty well and I decided to continue this well another reason being that I am hitting an amazingly thick wall on my other stories.  :banghead:

If you've been following my other stories you might realise that the formatting is a bit different than usual and assure you that's what I intend to do since in this story all the conversation is performed with a sign language instead of normal speaking, so I want to make it different to make it more impactful. The other thing that is different than usual is also striving for that "impactful" goal  XD I hope it will be able to reach you guys  :deco:

It might be a bit messy because it is too long and I basically have reviewed this for like 5 times but somehow still unsure, so I'm really sorry. I also don't know how good this formatting would look in phone so we shall see how it goes and maybe if it's really annoying I would go back and rearrange some things. So please do leave your thoughts below as I really want to know them and thanks for reading, cheers  :on woohoo:
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Re: Nogizaka46 One-Shots || Then [09112017]
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first hi my fav author..

second, this is soooooo damn good that i cannot wait to comment any longer to pay my gratitude for making this fic, this is perfect.. this is beautiful that i'm crying at every sentence of it, this is well developed (the reason why i admire you so much because i myself couldn't do that).

If you've been following my other stories you might realise that the formatting is a bit different than usual and assure you that's what I intend to do since in this story all the conversation is performed with a sign language instead of normal speaking, so I want to make it different to make it more impactful. The other thing that is different than usual is also striving for that "impactful" goal  XD I hope it will be able to reach you guys  :deco:

well this is exactly what i think, the format is suitable for this story, it puts me in the situation of how people who couldn't hear and make me so engrossed in the story of silent but fulls of emotion.

you make me want to read this again and again while listening to ima hana,

Well actually this is supposed to be Naachan bday spesial fic, ahahahaha talk about being slow as hell, but yeah I've been having a rough week which in the end somehow everything works out pretty well and I decided to continue this well another reason being that I am hitting an amazingly thick wall on my other stories.  :banghead:

nvm that naachan bday has past few months ago, this is still can be counted as celebration for her becoming centre again..
i don't mind your 'other stuck up stories' as this one make it up for all.. now i realised that what i missing is not your other stories (well actually there is tiny of it) but i miss your masterpiece because i cry out of happiness everytime you post.

last, please do one shot again,   :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:
thank you a lot


It might be a bit messy because it is too long and I basically have reviewed this for like 5 times but somehow still unsure, so I'm really sorry. I also don't know how good this formatting would look in phone so we shall see how it goes and maybe if it's really annoying I would go back and rearrange some things. So please do leave your thoughts below as I really want to know them and thanks for reading, cheers  :on woohoo:

tw i read this from phone first and it looked perfectly fine, so don't bother yourself to rearrange or something, unless you find something annoys you?  :deco: :deco:
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Re: Nogizaka46 One-Shots || Then [09112017]
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I love this one shot  :heart: :heart:
NanaMai is my ultimate OTP too  :D
When I see this MV I always imagine that they kiss in the part that they say goodbye  :wub:
I'll wait for more stories  :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Nogizaka46 One-Shots || New Year's Eve [07012018]
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AN: This is a quick drabble is dedicated for the readers of Sakanatachi No Love Song fanfic, who has unexpetedly surpassed 10K reads. This is set in that story universe as well (so it's a flashback story), but can be read without needing to know Sakanatachi, so worry not  :nervous. Happy New Year everyone  :D

New Year's Eve

“TEN!!!!” Nishino Nanase grabbed the remote next to her, lowering the volume of the television across of her quickly. Her eyes wandered to the person besides her shortly after that, checking If the ruckus from the screen has disturbed the person’s sleep.

Nishino smiled, her fingers hesitantly raised toward the person’s face, carefully tucking back the stray hair that covers the peaceful sleeping face from her vision. In the background, she could see the night sky that has started to be painted in colourful colours of fireworks, notifying her that the new year has begun.

“Mai, Happy New Year,” Nishino whispered softly so she wouldn’t wake up the sleeping girl, scooting gently closer to give the person a kiss on the forehead. She chuckled when that gestured had somehow earnt a little bit of movement from the girl who is still deep in the dreamland.

Nishino remembers Shiraishi asking to wake her up in case she falls asleep, but somehow Nishino doesn’t have the heart to do so. She knows her girlfriend must be really tired, a few hours ago she just reached Japan after a 14 hours flight from New York. For Nishino, having someone that she loves next to her as the year change is enough, she’d rather have the girl resting properly than tiring herself even more for a mere celebration.

Shiraishi stirred a little, causing Nishino to freeze, cautious of waking her up, thankfully, the rhythm of the sleeping girl breathing went back to slow and stable not long after that, a signal that she is still in deep slumber. Nishino smiled, scooting closer so their nose is just an inch for touching each other, inhaling the faint smell of lilac that comes from the older girl. As if the soft sound of the other girl’s breathing is a lullaby, not long after, Nishino drifted into the dreamland as well.

She woke up suddenly upon hearing a gasp coming from next to her, finding her girlfriend with forehead wrinkled and eyebrows furrowed in frustration, something that the girl does a lot whenever she woke up late or forgot something.

“Nanase, we missed the new year countdown!”

Nishino rubbed her sleepy eyes, “ah, right.”

“I’m really sorry. I mean we don’t even get to spend days like this together lately, and now that I’m here I recklessly fell asleep.”

Nishino shook her head. “It’s totally fine. You must be tired after the long flight. I am also tired as well.”

“But I didn’t get to give you the year-end kiss,” she pouted.

Nishino sighed, letting the girl cupping her cheek with her soft hand. “I don’t need that. Just being with Maiyan is enough.”

The girl’s eyes seem to lit up a little, as well as the little smile on her lips. Shiraishi closed their distance and gently clash her lips with hers. Nishino can feel the corner of the other girl’s mouth curling up even more as she kissed back, pressing as long as she could before pulling back from the lack of air.

“Thank you. For putting up with me. I hope this year will be an amazing year for us.”

Nishino nodded, her hand moves forward towards the girl's face, thumb tracing Shiraishi’s glistening lips. Shiraishi gives the finger a little peck as well. Her mind wandered on the year that has passed, where a lot of things has happened in her life, a lot of change that was really challenging on her, and despite everything, she is grateful that the other girl’s love towards her doesn’t seem to fade away.

“I love you.”

Nishino smiled, leaning forward to kiss her lips for the second time in the year. “I love you too.”   

~ Fin ~

Anyway I saw the replies on the last one shot that I post and I'm glad that you guys taking it well despite the not so happy ending  :cathappy: Thank you for reading, hoping you're liking this one as well. Cheers  :cow:
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Re: Nogizaka46 One-Shots || New Year's Eve [07012018]
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Happy new year!

A cute OS between Maiyan and Nanase. I like it. :wub:

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Re: Nogizaka46 One-Shots || New Year's Eve [07012018]
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Thank you very much author-san :heart: :heart:
This drabble calms the anxiety for the next update :lol:
See you later  :D

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Nogizaka46 One-Shots || Finding Your Happiness [16/01/18]
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This one is actually an NSFW story that is cut, so the one I posted here is only the SFW part. If you're interested to read more of this, please head to please proceed wisely as it contains adult material.

Pair: Sakurai Reika X Shiraishi Mai

Finding Your Happiness

From the first place, it is pretty unusual for someone to do their laundry so late at night on normal weekdays, Monday no less. That’s basically why she has always tried to get the clothes washing matters done at this time, it is less stressful when every single machine is available. However, today is somehow different.

Well, who would have thought that the laundry room in the apartment building will be foaming with detergent on 11 at night? She quickly wiped the foam that somehow got into her mouth, cursing under her breath when the bitter chemical taste got into her tongue. She threw her gaze around, noticing that almost every single tile on the floor is covered by the fluffy looking white foam. She stopped when her eyes reached a young woman who’s looking at her, a mixed expression of sorry and disbelieves on her face, hand holding the floor mop awkwardly as their eyes met.

“R-Reika-san? What are you doing here?” the person asked, clearly embarrassed with the whole situation.

“I live here,” she raised her eyebrows. “Well, not literally here of course. My place is on the level 3.”

As her hands moved to wipe the excess foam from the back of her short, she stands up carefully, making sure that she wouldn’t slip again. Inspecting the other girl from head to toe. Part of her still could not believe that it is truly her.

She usually sees the girl in full makeup, completely ready for a photo session, but this time the girl has her beautiful hair tied in a messy bun, a black t-shirt with a sports brand’s name sticking on her body, the same brand logo is embroidered in her short pants, completed with a simple red Hawaiian slipper adorning her foot.

There is something about the person plain and a bit messy look that makes her mind goes blank for a moment, pulling her into those few times she had seen her after their casual lustful encounter.

Sakurai Reika shook the thought out of her head, her hand reaches for her laundry basket, which by now is almost empty as the content has fallen onto the floor, a result of her clumsy slip. As she tries her best not to curse upon the need to gather the stuff back into the basket, the person moved closer to help her.

“I am really sorry,” she apologized.

“I have never thought that the divine Goddess Shiraishi Mai is amazingly horrible on household chores,” Sakurai said, calling her like how some people would describe her in order to mock her even more.

The girl let out a slight ‘tsk’ in annoyance, “technically this is not my doing. My sister was the one who did this out of her sudden urge to help me with house chores. As you can see she’s amazingly horrible on this kind of stuff. Long story short, she’s having a guest right now so I am the one who came to get the clothes and that’s how I ended up here.”

“Your sister is an opera singer, isn’t she? The one who did Romeo and Juliet?”

“That’s the one,” she chuckled. Both of them works in silence for a while. Sakurai notice when the girl picks up one of dark coloured undergarment from the floor, looking troubled before quickly tossing it to the basket, “sorry.”

Now it’s Sakurai turn to laugh because of the other girl reaction, “come on, it’s not like you haven’t touched them before.”

“Well, unlike you I still have some decency to feel embarrassed from touching someone’s underwear,” she pouted to cover her embarrassment.

“Really? I don’t recall you being shy when you slide it off from my body.”

“Have you ever been slapped with a mop?” Shiraishi squinted, totally not that pleased with her teasing.

“I surrender, I need my face intact,” Sakurai raised both of her hands jokingly as she chuckles for several more seconds. She gathered several last pieces, making sure everything is there before picking up the basket to the nearest empty machine. Swiftly she loaded everything and latch the circle shaped door, stealing glances at the girl every several seconds.

“How come I’ve never seen you around?” she asked as her index finger pressed one of the buttons to start the cleaning cycle.

“I don’t really need to use the communal facilities, I have a washing machine in my place, it’s just that it’s currently broken,” she explains as she started to mop the floor.

“Well, seeing for the current turn of event, I am not surprised that it’s broken.” Sakurai spun so she can see the girl without the need to turn her head around, leaning back to the machine with her hands folded in front of her chest as she observes her, “But really I have never heard anything about you or your sister living here, so I am really surprised.”

“I moved in about a year ago because I can’t stand how some people actually waited around the area to take a picture of Shiraishi Mai and her always changing secret lover. That’s why I am really trying to keep this place a secret, so I would be really thankful if you don’t mention this to anyone,” she pleaded.

“Your secret is safe with me,” she assured as she made a mouth zipping gesture.

Shiraishi smiled, stopping for a moment to wipe a bead of sweat from her forehead, “that aside, how come I didn’t had you over the last couple of N46mode photoshoot?”

“You can always call if you want me that much, a love hotel couldn’t be that far.”

“You know what I mean,” she said irritably. “Are you avoiding me or something?”

Sakurai teasing smile melted into a bitter one, knowing that the person almost hit the correct spot on that one. “You know that’s not true. I would never do that.”

“If that’s not true then how come they suddenly have Hashimoto-san to handle my photoshoot instead of you?”

She sighed, “well they kind of found out about our casual outings, what would you expect? You surely wouldn’t want people to start a rumour on you doing such things to score a job, wouldn’t you?”

Shiraishi looks troubled for a moment. However, she says nothing as she wrings the mop before placing it neatly on one side of the room. Sakurai inspects every single move she makes, waiting for an answer patiently.

“To be honest, I couldn’t care less. It will just be one of many rumours,” she finally said, looking straight into her eyes, “it wouldn’t make any difference. Just like how it wouldn’t stop people from offering me a job, it never did.”

Sakurai should have been able to predict that kind of answer from the girl, knowing that she basically lives with troubles, having her name written on the scandal newspaper at least once a month, even more lately. Sometimes she wondered what kind of thing happened to her, how come she easily turn a blind eye to everything and live her life like this.

Smoothly Shiraishi took her place to stand next to her, looking to her side so their eyes could meet, this time being the one who patiently waits for her to say something.

“However, it would stop my employer from hiring me. In all means of professionalism, I really enjoyed working with you, but I had to do something about that, I hope you can understand,” Sakurai admitted.

The girl went speechless, she looked down for a moment, seemingly forming words in her head carefully before finally speaking up, “I have no idea. I’m sorry for troubling you”

“It’s for the best,” Sakurai replied as a matter of fact.

Sakurai couldn’t help but feel guilty upon seeing Shiraishi sad face, but what did she expect? From the first place, it is inappropriate for a photographer like her to have a consensual relationship with a model. It’s not like she’s that important anyway, she’s just one from a pool of many girls for her, right?

“Hey, it’s not like it was serious or anything. I mean you also have other girls too,” Sakurai tried to console the girl.

“Idiot,” Shiraishi muttered, her voice cracking uncontrollably as tears starting to drop from her eyes. “You never get it, didn’t you? All those time I invite you to have dinner after a photoshoot, the shopping spree, even the stroll along the set. I told you that I’m willing to change, am I? Were you deaf back then or you’re just too stupid to understand?”

Shiraishi's hands weren’t even moving but Sakurai felt like it was a slap on the face. She was too blinded by media’s image of Shiraishi that she couldn’t decipher her attempts to change. It has been months since she started to put some distance between them and within that months she is aware that the model has been getting in too many problems, some even more extreme than ever.

Was that her way to mend her broken heart? The one that Sakurai Reika has unknowingly torn into pieces? Was she somehow has become a reason for Shiraishi’s concerning way of living? Slowly she turned towards the girl, her hand raised up to cup a side of the girl’s beautiful face, thumb tracing the line of tears to wipe it out.

“I’m sorry, please don’t cry,” she muttered, looking straight into the girl’s eye, hoping that it would calm her down a little. However, seeing how her tears keep dropping down she decided to close their distance and engulf her in a comforting hug, “I’m so stupid. Please forgive me.”

“It-It's not your fault. It’s just that I… I like Reika-san,” the taller girl finally mumbled after a while, “I want our relationship to be more than just a one-night thing. I have no idea… that it was like that.”

Sakurai broke their hug, looking at the person in front of her in disbelieves. For her, Shiraishi has always been an unpredictable riddle. Sakurai has always been curious about what she thinks, what she feels, what she wants to do, yet Sakurai has never dared to ask. She thought that it would be out of line if she does.

Sakurai knows she couldn’t deny the fact that deep-down her heart has fallen for her.

It’s not simply about how beautiful she looks, how mesmerizing she moves, or how her sweet fragrance mirrors her actual personality. It’s about how she wants to know about her days, whether it is joy or sadness she wants her to be able to share it with hers. It’s about how she wants to be the first one that laughs at her jokes, the one standing up proudly to gives a round of applause as she walks down the runway, the one that she can share her worries with, and the one that wipes the tears off her face when she’s crying.

There’s only one thing that she could think of in response to the confession. She raised her fingers to clear the leftover tears from the girl beautiful face. Trying to calm her racing heart before finally locked her eyes with her once more, gazing deep into the seemingly normal yet somehow breathtaking brown orbs.

“Then, be my girlfriend, would you?”

Shiraishi furrowed her eyebrows, “but… how about your job?”

“I am not your photographer anymore, I can’t see why they will consider it unprofessional. But if they still do, screw them! Even if they can kick me out, I don’t care,” Sakurai vented, “I’ve done enough. So now, all I want is our happiness. If it means that I must be selfish then, so be it. That’s why, Shiraishi Mai, I want you to be my girlfriend. Will you be my girlfriend?”

“Yes,” Shiraishi simply replied, her bright smile seems to match the sparks in her eyes as she reached for Sakurai’s arm and pull her closer.

Sakurai closes the tiny distance that is left between them, locking the girl’s lips with hers. Letting her lips showing her gratitude without any spoken words.

~ Fin ~

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Re: Nogizaka46 One-Shots || Finding Your Happiness [16/01/18]
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Maiyan are you sure you aren't lying about your sister causing the mess? :P
You probably knew that Reika lives in the same building. :)

I'm happy that they got together in the end. :heart:

Might read the NSFW version now. :wub:

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Nogizaka46 One-Shots ||Morning Blues [21/02/18]
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Pair: Takayama Kazuya (Male) and Shiraishi Mai
Type: three shots
Blues of Love
Morning Blues

Bright sunlight roused Shiraishi Mai as it filtered through the blinds. Groggily, the woman stirred, blinking a couple of times to shoo away the massive headache, grunted when her attempt turns out to be fruitless.

“Shit,” the 25 years old muttered as she stumbled her way through the toilet which thankfully is still inside the room. Kneeling next to the toilet bowl as her body retched to push out whatever it is that was in her stomach.

Soon enough someone pushes her hair back from her face, another hand rubbing the spot where her back and neck meet.

“Take it easy,” the voice said, shadowing her as she moved to the basin and wipe her mouth with a warm water. Shiraishi felt grossed out when she realised just how much she has vomited but chosen not to overthink that as her eyes met the guy who is standing behind her.

“Sorry. I really hope I didn’t cause you any trouble last night.” She apologised as she tried to remember what she had done while under the influence of alcohol. The last time she was fully conscious she was still on the private plane back home, she could remember asking the cabin attendant to pop her a bottle of fine pinot noir, which has proven to be a bad friend when she has a lot in her mind.

“It’s fine, it’s not like I haven’t been in your position. But just to make it clear, when I said that you could handle your liquor well, I wasn’t challenging you to gulp down two bottles of $500 wine in one sitting.” The man chuckled as he hands her a warm towel to dry off her face.

Shiraishi mouthed inaudible thanks before burying her face in the soft fabric which smells faintly like a fresh detergent. Her brain started to remember the turn of events of the night before, starting from how stressed she was from having to skip the last half of New York Fashion Week that leads her to blabber how she probably wouldn’t get any offer for future events anymore. In addition to that, her personal assistant who wasn’t thrilled with her decision to fled from the most important fashion event in the world wasn’t helping her case at all. “That fucking CA should have stopped me.”

“Hey, hey, wouldn’t want little Momo to start cursing around, are we?” The man reminds her as he gives her a gentle hug from behind.

“By the way, thank you for taking care of her while I was away.” Mai relaxed to his embrace. “I hope she didn’t give you any trouble.”

“Not at all, she is a nice kid, just like you.” His answer is followed by a peck on her cheek, which has caused him to scrunch up his nose and took a step back. “Okay, I think you need to take a shower ASAP, you smell like a bad mix of alcohol and vomit.”

Mai laughed, provoking a little smile from the man. She spun on her heels and gave him a deep kiss. “You’re cute when you’re grossed out.”

“Are you sure you’re not still drunk?” He joked as he gently pushed her towards the shower. “I’m going to cook us some decent breakfast and help Momoko get ready for school. Do pancake and scrambled eggs sounds good for you?”

“You’re the man.” She gave him another kiss on the cheek before letting him go and stepped into the shower.

The man’s name is Takayama Kazuya, albeit just turning 24 years old earlier this year he has achieved far from most people around his age. While the other people on his age are still struggling in a company junior position, Kazuya already invests in numerous business around Japan and even few overseas.  He definitely has talent when it comes to deciding which company will actually do well and which won’t, thus’ he earnt his place among the top 20 richest people in the world, placing him among other people with similarly great minds.

Meanwhile, his other half is also successful in the different field. Shiraishi Mai is a world-famous supermodel. Unlike Kazuya who was born in an average family, Mai is a daughter of a rich politician in the country, so she has basically never been in any situation where money is much of a concern. This is probably one of the reasons she is sometimes more reckless and a bit uncontrollable than him. However, just like her man the young woman takes her job seriously.

After a nice warm shower, Mai dressed in a nice long sleeved black top with a red skirt that reaches her knees. The shower does help a bit on making the hangover more bearable, but still, it was hard to resist the temptation of jumping back to the bed and sleep.

“Mama! I didn’t know you will be back so soon!” A voice greeted her excitedly as she stepped into the kitchen. Shiraishi Mai smiled and approached the young girl, giving her a kiss on the top of her head and a warm hug.

“Look who’s sitting on the grown-up chair,” the young mother teased, noticing how the 6 years old is sitting on the kitchen counter’s stool instead of the chair in the dining table.

“Kazuya helped me up. He said it’s okay now because I am tall enough to reach the first footstep.” The girl explained merrily, giving the man a toothy grin after she finished her sentence.

“Just be careful, okay? And no climbing up there unless there is me or Kaz helping you out.” She warned, not letting the girl break their eye contacts before she gave a nod.

For months Mai has been forbidding the young girl to sit there as she is afraid she will fall over considering the stool design and height. But seeing the girl looking proud and happy refrain her from being mad. Besides, they have been trying to win the girl approval of Kazuya. Especially now that she and he are engaged.

The thing is, Mai and the girl’s father were not together from the beginning. It was actually a drunken mistake that happened when Mai has just graduated high school, but thankfully the guy was responsible enough to help her raise Momoko, taking the girl share of custody while still keeping a good friendly relationship with Mai.

When Momoko was young she tried to make her parents together. However, it’s impossible to do so as her papa prefers the company of men. It took them a hard few months to explain to the young girl how not every mama and papa is together, several rough months to explain that some people fall in love with the same gender, and another few weeks to make her sure that no matter what happens both parents still love her very much.

Now that both Mai and the girl’s father already has a respective partner that keeps them happy. Sometimes it makes Mai a bit paranoid that it will be too much to take for such a young girl.

“Are you feeling much better now?” The man asked as she grabbed a glass of apple juice near him, taking a seat next to her daughter in case the young girl clumsiness kicked in.

Mai nodded as she started to eat the scrambled egg on her plate. A bit surprised when she finds it more pleasing than usual. Not that Kazuya cooking is bad, but the man usually serves average food, which is far below Mai’s level of dishes.

“I don’t know if this is just my empty stomach talking but this egg is something else.” She complimented.

Kazuya smiled, looking proud of himself. “I told you that sooner or later your skill will rub off on me.”

“Two days ago, he spent two hours to watch YouTube video and learnt to cook this,” Momoko revealed.

Shiraishi laughed, “that sounds fun. Care to tell mama what else has happened while I was away?”

She had expected her daughter to throw another fun story, however, the girl just looked at her food with a gloomy face as she eats the last piece of pancake left. Frowning, Mai throws a look at her fiancé asking for his explanation, however, the guy was also looking at the girl with a confused face.

“Hey, sweetie, you know you can always tell me if there is something.”
Momoko gives her a look, “promise me you won’t be angry.”

“Well, I don’t even know what you did, so of course I can’t be angry,” Mai try to twist her sentence, urging the girl to tell her what is happening.

The kid moved sloppily on her chair, almost falling down from jumping out of the stool. Then she grabbed something from her bag that sat on the floor. Handing Mai a paper which from the way it’s folded can be known that it is from her school.

Shiraishi Mai eyebrows furrowed as she read the letter. Her expression getting harsher as she finally reaches the end.

“I can explain. The letter makes it sounds really bad but it’s not actually that bad. And he kind of deserved it.” Momoko defended herself before her mother could say anything.

“What part of using a stick to hit someone’s waist until it bruised is not that bad. I had enough! I thought we have agreed that kendo is a sport and that is not something that you learn to beat people up. This is the third time this year alone. You’re grounded, young lady! No iPad for a month and no more practising Kendo too!” Mai jumps off from her stool and roughly grabbed the tablet inside the young girl’s bag.

“Hey, isn’t it too early to ground her? Can you tell us what happened, Momo-chan?” Kazuya tried to calm the situation down.

Momoko’s lips starting to quiver, her eyes starting to water. “He was mocking papa. He called him a fag and he said papa will go to hell because he is a fag.”

After that Momoko pretty much run back upstairs, a slam of door can be heard not long after. Mai squeezes her forehead, trying to relieve a headache that has started to worsen because of her daughter problem.

Now that she knows the reason, Shiraishi Mai felt a bit shitty. However, she didn’t feel like taking back her words as she doesn’t want her daughter think that it is okay to resort to violence in any kind of situation.

“I’ll talk to her, just finished your breakfast first.” Kazuya put his plate and Momoko’s in the sink, giving Mai a gentle squeeze on her shoulder before leaving the room.

A minute hasn’t even passed since Mai started to finish what’s left of her breakfast when the house bell rang.

“I’ll get it!” She shouted as she jumped off from the stool and did a mini-run to the front door. She opened the door without even checking from the camera view first as she already knows who will be there.

“Good morning,” the man softly said, tilting his head a little bit to see past Mai. “Where is Momoko? Is she ready yet?”

Mai sighed, stepping aside as a signal for him to come in.

"She got herself into a problem in school and decided to get her revenge with kendo style hitting the guy,” Mai explained. “The school sent a letter asking her parents to come.”

“What kind of problem?” The man raised his eyebrows.

“Some kid was mocking your sexual orientation and Momoko lashed out at him. I kind of regret letting Kaz teach her kendo, it seems she’s not that emotionally matured yet for that.”

“So, you’re going to stop her from learning Kendo?”

“Not stopping her completely of course. Just postponing it until she’s old enough.”

Nishino Nanao sighed, his eyes looking at the stairs that led to the second level where his daughter room is. “Let me take care of this matter. I’ll go to her school and meet the teacher. Also, I don’t think you should stop her from learning Kendo. It’s good for her self-esteem. She is less shy ever since-.”

The man was interrupted by the sound of footsteps from upstairs as Kazuya and Momoko came into their field of view, the girl's eyes were still red from crying and she said nothing as she latched on her father, not even bothering to look at her mother.

“Maiyan, it’s totally up to you but please consider that.” The man softly said before, crouching down to see his daughter at the same eye level. “I heard from your mother about what happened. You shouldn’t have done that, sweetheart. The next time it happens just ignore them, okay? Now you don’t need to worry, I will come to your school and talk to your teacher.”

Momoko nodded, tugging her father hand a bit before asking. “Can we go now? I don’t want to get yelled at from coming late to school.”

“Before that, I believe your mother wants to talk to you,” Nanao said as he opened the door to step outside, Kazuya tailing behind him, excitedly telling him a funny story from his office.

Kazuya and Nanao were childhood friends, this is also how Mai met Kazuya in the first place. When Momoko was born, Nanao basically chose Kazuya to be the girl’s godfather without batting an eye. Somewhere along the road, Kazuya started to gain his spot in Maiyan’s heart.

Mai crouch down to meet her daughter gaze, which she failed to do as the girl was looking to the floor, refusing to see her mother.

“Honey, I am proud that you are strong and able defend yourself but that wasn’t how you supposed to handle the situation. How about this, if you can promise me you won’t do something like this ever again I will let you continue practice Kendo. What do you say?”

“What if they are the one who hit me first?” The young girl replied with another question.

“Then you should defend your ground, not hitting them back.” Mai stroked the girl’s head a bit. “Because that what makes you stronger than them, both mentally and physically. And I believe you are strong enough to do that.”


“Good.” Mai smiled as she gave her daughter a kiss on her cheek. “Don’t trouble your papa so much, okay? You are an older sister now so you should try to set an example.”

Momoko rolled her eyes, “Mama, Yuki is not even 2, she can barely run.”

“More the reason you should be more careful around her.” Mai winked. “Tell Waka I said ‘Hi’. I’ll see you in two days.”

The young girl nodded, letting her mother hug and gave her a kiss on the top of her head. She dashed towards her father once Mai finally lets her go.

Both Mai and Kazuya waved the father and daughter goodbye, not leaving their front porch before the car has finally out of their sight. Mai exhaled loudly, feeling like going back to the comfort of bed as soon as possible.

“What a rough morning, huh?” Kazuya joked as he closes the front door, earning a simple hum in agreement from the woman who totally has lost her will to keep up with his humour. This didn’t escape the man observation, as he tails behind her, he circles his arms around the woman's waist. “She is going to be fine. You don’t need to worry.”

“I hope so.”

Kazuya raised his eyebrows, “I think you need to go back to bed and sleep some more.”

“Sadly, I can’t.” Mai bit her lower lips. “I have a photoshoot in 3 hours, well I can always get some sleep in the car or while they are doing my makeup.”

“But you just got back. And this is valentine’s day,” Kazuya frowns.

“Don’t be over-dramatic, it’s not like you’re taking a day off work. Our dinner is still about 12 hours away, the photoshoot will be done by then.” Mai started walked past the bed and straight to their huge walk-in closet, carefully looking each of the shoes on the floor. “This one or this one?”

Kazuya pointed at the white Gucci, a limited-edition sneaker that should have cost fortune yet Mai got it for free when she signed the deal with the luxury brand. “I don’t think you should wear heels. I mean you’re going to the photoshoot, right? You will have to change anyway so there’s no point. Keep the heels for tonight.”

“Great point.” Mai smiled, placing the heels back to the closet as she moved back to one of the chairs in the middle of the room to wear the sneaker. “You actually has pretty good fashion sense, remind me to ask you to be my personal stylist when this new girl finally quit.”

“That girl has just started to work with you for like a month, isn’t it too soon for her to quit?” Kazuya chuckled as he grabbed a set of business suit from one of the section in the closet that is dedicated to it.

“23 days actually.” Mai corrected in a low grumble. “And among 17 styles that she had to arrange for me, most of it was basically an off-shoulder clothing. Like seriously, I know it is good but isn’t that too much. The only thing that kept me from firing her is that I have made a promise to Sayurin that I will let 2 months pass before firing anyone ever again. Oh wait, I won’t be breaking any promise if the person is found dead, am I?”

“Technically no, you won’t be breaking any promise. But well, I am somehow deeply concerned. As someone who develops this city from nothing, it will be bad for my company if a single, 22 years old, fresh graduate is found dead in valentine’s day.”

Mai finally laughed, observing the man as he sits next to her to wear his pitch-black shoes. After he is done she gently tug his blazer, making him turn a bit to face her as she started to help him with his grey stripped white and blue tie, admiring the soft silky material as she neatly adjusted it around his neck.

She didn’t retract her right once she is finished, instead, she let it linger on his chest, eyes gazing up to his eye. “So, besides the heart-shaped pancake, strawberry smoothies, and the homemade chocolate in the fridge what else have you prepared for today?”

“Well, there is the dinner.” He replied in a whisper, giving her a kiss on the side of her face after that.

“And where is this dinner will be?”

“That would be something you should find out by yourself when the time comes.”

“Feeling secretive, aren’t we?” Mai was about to do something when the door-bell rang for the second time in that morning. The man laughed, letting his fiancé out of his hold. However, instead of going to open the door, the woman scooted closer and kiss him, ignoring the person who is standing in front of their door.

“Not that I hate what we are doing right now but I am pretty sure one of us needs to open that door.” He said as he pulled away.

“Nah, let it be. That’s Sayurin, she will drive me to the photo shoot today as I am still feeling the aftermath of the wine last night.” Mai explained. “But yeah, that kind of means I should hurry.”

“Ah- no adult stuff in this Valentine's morning?” Kazuya’s kiss goes lower to her neck once he heard that, his voice turned a bit more husky, tempting her to forget about her world and do what he had just implied.

“I will make it up to you tonight. I promise.” Mai claimed his lips in a gentle kiss as she slowly stepped back, earning an excited look on the man's face.

Kazuya walks with her to the front door, where her assistant is waiting with both hands folded, looking pissed because the woman is taking too much time.

“Sorry for the wait, we kind of had something to talk about.” Kazuya reasoned, giving the shorter haired woman a little smile of apology.

“We are running late, come on, Maiyan.” The person said. “Oh, and I always accept restaurant voucher as an apology.”

Kazuya laughed, “seriously, this is valentine’s day and you are asking more than what my own fiancé did.”

“That’s why they call it valentine’s day,” the assistant winked at him.

“I swear if you flirt with him one more time I will strangle you,” Mai grumbled, pushing the other woman away as she comes closer to Kazuya and gave him a quick kiss. “Don’t let Sayurin or any other woman get through you. I’ll be back before dinner, I love you.” 

Kazuya laughed, “don’t worry, I am sure they know how scary you are to even dare to touch me. And I must be really foolish if I want someone else when I got the hottest woman wearing the ring that I have given her.”

Kazuya motioned something to her and ran inside for a couple a second before coming back with something in his hands. Shiraishi's eyes widened as Kazuya hands her a small bag that she can identify as a lunch bento bag, “are we doing the high school styled romance now? Well, I can’t guarantee that I will even eat it as they will totally give me catered food”

“That’s a valentine’s special bento, I guarantee, it will taste better than food that is made without love.” Kazuya smiled, giving his fiancé a kiss on her forehead, “Have a great day. I love you.”

~To Be Continued~

Hi there! So this was supposed to be a valentine's day two shot. Yet because of a lot of unexpected thing and me being tired and lazy af to write this was on hold for a while. Well, this story consists of two chapter. The next one will be about the dinner that was talked about. Well, with how busy I am now I can't really promise when I'll post the second part, but I hope soon.  ;) ;) ;) Hoping you'll like this pair as well cause the new haruyama CM kills me
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Re: Nogizaka46 One-Shots || Morning Blues [21/02/18]
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Oooo a Kazumi x Maiyan fic.
If Nanase is a man into men in this fic, how did Maiyan and him end up in bed? Or did you mean both of them were drunk? :?
Momoko being Maiyan's daughter? Can't say that I expected that, but it seems to be something that you can expect. Maiyan is a tough mom though. She shouldn't be so harsh on Momoko. :P
Kazuya is a good fiance for Maiyan. He's learning to cook, seems to have a good relationship with Momoko, and is a good lover. When is their wedding? XD
Is Manatsu Maiyan's stylist? She does have a thing for off-shoulder clothing. XD
A bento made with love. Classic. :)

Looking forward to the second part.

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Re: Nogizaka46 One-Shots || Our Love Is Maple Coloured [23/05/18]
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Pair: Shiraishi Mai x Nishino Nanase
Summary: Autumn has always been their season and always will
Type: 3 shots

Our Love is Maple Coloured
Their First Autumn

Their first autumn is when she elevates her world.

That was the day when droplets of tears starting to fall from her eyes as if in sync with the movements of the maple leaves of the tree outside the café where she sat.

She had thought that she's a stronger person now. Convinced herself that there is nothing left from the little girl who cried from not being allowed to keep the wild pigeons she had caught in the park in her house.

However, on a day of fallen leaves in 2016, for the first time in the last couple of years, Nishino Nanase cried.

To think about the reason for the tears to well up in her eyes, the funny thing is that she hadn't even shed a single tear when the other girl broke their 8 months of romantic relationships. Instead, the fact that the dark haired girl has found someone else to fall in love with is the one that felt like a sharp stabbing through her chest.

It was pathetic, really. She had her sketchbook laid out on the table in front of her, sitting in her favourite space in the peaceful café where she comes often, planning to get some work done with a cup of freshly brewed coffee. Then somehow she just broke down the moment she saw them entering the room.

She used to think that people were saying nonsense about how people seem to glow when they're in love. But the way her ex-girlfriend's lips forms a smile, the way she held up her hands to pick up the fallen leaf that somehow made its way on the new girlfriend hair, the way her fingers grazed the shorter girl's face after that.

Somehow, Nishino Nanase thinks that Wakatsuki Yumi was glowing.

And it pained her so much that she couldn't even remember when was the last time the girl did that kind of little gesture when they were still together.

The cheerful voice of the café's waitress was the one that pulls Nishino's away from her deep observation. Averting her gaze to the unfinished sketches in front of her, she tried not to pay much attention to whatever it is that Wakatsuki is doing.

But still, she overheard the conversation.

"Can we get one of the tables on the left side?"

Nishino stiffens, realising that it is exactly the area where she's at right now.

"Yes, sure. Ple-"

"Wait, I'm sorry but the whole indoor tables are fully booked for a university gathering. How about the upstairs table instead?" Another new voice suddenly interrupted. "We have an indoor garden there, I reckon one of the tables over there will be a good place too."

Nishino throws glances at the people involved in the conversation curiously. There was Wakatsuki who's nodding in understanding, the girl's new girlfriend who seems to be too busy with her phone to be bothered by the table position, the young waitress of the café who looks a bit confused as she led the guests to the stairs, and the one in the uniform who had instructed the pairing to go to upstairs instead.

Nishino quickly looks elsewhere when the woman found her staring, reaching for the tissue in front of her to wipe the tears that were running down her cheek. She looks out to the window next to her, hoping it will make it less obvious that she was crying in such a public space.

After taking a deep breath, she gulped down most of the latte in her cup quickly, ignoring the hotness that not only feels like it burnt her tongue but her throat as well, she looks back to the empty pages in front of her.

Feeling like there's no way she will get any work done while she's in the same building with Wakatsuki, she decided to leave.

However, once she walked out from the door she found someone reaching her shoulder.

"Wait," the voice says, causing Nishino to stop and turn to find the woman who had avoided the ex-girlfriend to sit in the same area with her, looking at her with a little smile on her lips. "I wanted to give you this."

Nishino stared at the pretty box that is suddenly shoved on her hand, making out the shape of the muffin from the little part on top of the box that is see-through, "uh- sorry I didn't think I ordered this."

"That's in the shop," the girl said. "That situation was really shitty for you and I hate to see our customer didn't have time to enjoy the café properly, more so when they left feeling sad. So I hope that freshly baked muffin will help you to feel better."

Nishino still couldn't leave her eyes from the box, the sadness suddenly rushing back to her body and this time with an addition of embarrassment because someone actually notices that she was crying in such a public space.

"H- hey, please don't cry," the person sounds a bit panicked despite her attempt to try calming her down. "How about this, I'll show you a place where it's good for you to calm down and gather yourself to make up for the shitty café situation?"

Nishino wiped the new tears from her eyes, shaking her head slightly, "you don't need to. I mean... Don't you have work now?"

Her voice was so small that it took the person a couple of seconds before making sense of the words that were spoken. Sighing, the person said, "I think the café will do just fine if I'm not there for a couple of hours. Come on, Nanamaru-san, I promise it will be worth it."

Nishino's eyes widened, couldn't believe that the person in front of her knows her name, "how do you-"

"Well, you've been coming to the café ever since you were wearing high school uniform. Back then, I used to be the one handling the order, so having to write your name for about a year stuck in my brain, I guess."

"Fair enough," Nishino surrendered.

"So, it's a yes then?" the girl said excitedly.

Nishino had no idea what made her said yes back then. But looking back to that day, she didn't regret accepting that offer at all.

In fact, that's where everything had started.

The place where the person showed her wasn't exactly special, in fact, Nishino has been there dozens of time. It was one of the biggest parks of the city, which conveniently located not more than a kilometre away from the café. However, what they did over there is what makes it special.

They went inside the wooden small hut that was built near the lake and the woman pulled out a two-seater kayak and a paddle.

"Are we even allowed to use that?" Nishino raised her eyebrows.

"Well, if your father is basically the one that put it there, yeah you totally can," she shrugged, unexpectedly good at handling the object carefully and drop it on the lake's water. She gave a nod to the sit, "hop in."


"Come on, you're already here. Besides this water is just a meter deep, you're not going to die if we turned upside down. Not that I'm bad at handling this thing."

Nishino sighed, cautiously step into the front seat of the blue kayak. The other girl jumped into the back seat, smoothly paddling forward not even a second after. They went around the lake, taking into view how the colour of the fallen leaves mixed with even more colourful fishes decorates the water. Not long after, the other girl suddenly stopped her movement in the middle of the lake, placing the paddle on her lap as she unscrews the storage from the backside of the kayak, throwing a few bags of plastic that contains the little granules meant for fish.

"Go ahead, I bet they're hungry." Said the person with a smile.

And that's all that's stopping Nishino to tore open the plastic bag and started to spread the granules around.

She knew that the lake contains a lot of fish, she had seen them around swimming around, but still, it was something else when they started to storm towards the floating kayak, their mouth opening and closing to gulp down as many foods as possible.

Slowly, Nishino started to smile. Her tears are long gone and forgotten.


Suddenly the sound of camera shutter reaches her ears, Nishino looked at the other person in surprise. Her mind starts to be worried as it points out that the person she's spending time with is still in fact, a complete stranger.

The girl aired the polaroid paper for a few seconds before holding it out to Nishino.

"See this girl smiling in the picture? Rather than to think she had lost something from a breakup, I would like to think that the other person is the one that's missing out her chance. She could have been here, where I am at right now, seeing that beautiful smile of yours as you feed this hoard of fishes. Nanamaru-san, don't let the sadness win you over. You may have lost someone who stopped loving you, but that person, she lost someone who loved them.

Which is why I want you to keep this picture so you can see that no matter how sad you are there's always something out there that will make you happy. And someday, you will be happier, more than you ever were when you're with her."

"Thank you," Nishino said, her wary of the other person fades as her hands slowly reaching to take the photograph from the other person, "um... anyway, my name isn't Nanamaru. That's just the name I put on my works."

The other person raised her eyebrows and joked, "so you have been lying to us for several years?! How dare you!"

"I'm Nishino Nanase, "Nishino laughs, "It's nice to meet you- um, I don't think you have told me your name."

"My name is Shiraishi Mai." The girl smiled. "You can call me Maiyan."

"Ah okay, Maiyan." She tested it out, somehow earning a blush from the other girl.

Shiraishi averted her eyes to the lake pristine water for a moment, scattering the remaining fish food on her hands. Nishino silently watches as the fishes who had started to disperse before now rushing to come back, fighting each other to get as many granules as they can, slowly her focus moved to the other girl, who has a little smile on her lips.

Cute will not be sufficient to describe Shiraishi Mai. She is beautiful, the white skin that girls will be jealous of, soft tresses of dark brown hair, even the small mole above her lips seems to do justice on why some people will prefer to call it a beauty spot instead of a mole.

Suddenly, Shiraishi looks back at her. "Anyway, I need to go back to the café soon."

"Y- yes, of course, don't let me hold you back."

In silence, the other girl paddled back to where they were. Nishino helped her to drag the kayak to the storage house. By then, her sadness has long forgotten.

"Um... Maiyan, I think I will go home instead. But, thanks a lot for everything that you did." She said as they walked side by side towards the café building.

"It's okay, I'm glad to see your mood increased a little. More so, if you won't stop coming to the café though," she teased.

"I will," Nishino said with full certainty, surprising herself by how easy she said that without even really thinking about it.

"I will be waiting then, hm... if it's okay with you, can I borrow the picture that I took for a second?"

Nishino raised her eyebrows in confusion but still giving it to the other person. Shiraishi took out a pen from the pocket on her pants and scribbled something at the back of the photo.

"There you go," she said giving the picture back to Nishino but with the picture parts facing up, "I need to go, I'll see you later."

Nishino nodded watching as the girl did a little run back to the café and once she's out of the sight she revealed the backside of the picture.

in case the picture won't heal your sadness, 392 482 345 -Maiyan (o^▽^o)

~To Be Continued~

HI! I'm back with a 3 shots (that has been finished) in order to celebrate Nanase's birthday  :k-wink:
First of all, I want to announce that this story will be updated everyday to Nanase's day, which means that the last part will be out on 25th. As you can clearly see the pair is NanaMai, well I really wanted to make it all fluff, sadly that isn't my expertise so I tried to spice it up a bit. I hope you can enjoy this  :deco:

Also I'm really sorry as I'm really hitting brick with the KazuMai. I'll try to pick it up later maybe  :bow: and don't forget to send me your replies, I would be really happy to hear your thought  :cathappy:

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Nogizaka46 One-Shots || Our Love is Maple Coloured [2/3] [23/05/18]
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Their Second Autumn

Their second autumn is when she finally confesses her love.

Yes, it took Shiraishi Mai 281 muffins, 377 café visits, and 391 phone calls until she finally speaks her heart out.

At that time, Nishino has been wondering about whether the girl has feelings for her for months. She had even considered asking the girl about the matter on numerous occasion where the girl had taken a break from work just because she’s in the café.

However, on one sunny day, her plate of autumn special waffles came with the neatly written words written with soft chocolate paste.

Do you want to go on date with me? -Maiyan

Somehow that triggers Nishino, she stands up from where she was sitting and walked straight to the door that has the staff only sign on it. She could hear some confusion murmur from people that notices, maybe they thought that she had found something unpleasing with her dish. One of the staff of the café approached her, Nishino can easily tell from her expression that she’s obviously panicked.

“I’m really sorry, but this area is off limits for customers. Is th-”

“Your chef today. I need to speak to her,” Nishino interrupted before the girl could even finish her sentence, eyes roaming around the area to spot the one she is looking for.

“Ah, do you mean Eto Misa-san?”

“No, her name is Shiraishi Mai.”

The staff looks even more confused by now, “Shiraishi-san is the owner and the manager of this place, she’s not our cook. But I can find her if you’d like, just give me a minute.”

The girl hadn’t even take two steps away from Nishino when the other door in the end of the room which leads to the back of the building opened, Shiraishi coming in, eyes stuck on the phone on her hands, fingers scrolling through something.

The person probably realised that they’ve been staring at her, because she raised her head from and meet Nishino’s eyes.

“Ah, hi!” she said shyly, something that is a bit out of character for Shiraishi Mai.

“We need to talk,” Nishino approached her.

Shiraishi nodded, opening one of the door in the room that led to what looks like to be the staff break room. Motioning Nishino to come inside before closing the door behind her.

“I take it you’ve gotten my message,” the taller girl nervously opened the conversation.

“M-Maiyan, do you like me or not?” Nishino suddenly blurted out, her heart felt lighter once she got the question out. “Because I’ve been wondering for weeks about what do you think of me but you kept your silence and now suddenly you just sent a plate with a question to go out with you. I am really confused, I need to know the truth.”

Shiraishi took a deep breath before looking straight into Nishino’s demanding eyes.

“Nanase-san, liking you is those years I spent helping my father in the register, waiting for the time where you’d come to visit the café, sometimes you would come still in your school uniform, happily chatting with your friends. How easy it was for me to not only memorise your name but your favourite latte order, writing different supporting sentences on your takeaway orders.

Liking you is also the year that came after when you became the reason for me to keep working on my latte art skills just so I can see your face brighten when you see different patterns and shape every time you ordered one.

Liking you sadly includes getting my heart broken when I realise I have never gathered enough courage to talk to you. It was the moment I realised that I am too late as you had started to come with another person. I had thought that the only piece of me you will ever cherish is the cup of coffee that I will make every time you come here.

But ever since that day we spent in the park I have grown from liking into falling in love with you. With how you laugh, your cautious but courageous personality, the smile that often graces your lips whenever our eyes met. I have grown from admiring you from afar into someone who would do anything for you. And I’d do anything… Anything to make you happy, anything to wipe the sadness from your face, anything to make you feel better.

It’s not just a mere date that I want to have with you, but rather a lot of dates where it will be too many that we lost count. I want you to be on my side, the one that I will introduce to my parents as someone that is not just a friend. I want to wake up and sent you good morning text, but this time you would realise that when I put that heart symbol after the sentence, it means that I love you.

Nanase-san, I am in love with you and I want to be your girlfriend.”

Nishino was a bit overwhelmed by the revelation, she did not expect that Shiraishi has been paying attention to her for so long. She was too blind, too immersed in her world that she had never cared. Not until Shiraishi Mai took her to the park where she finally learnt her name.

It’s flattering, exciting, but at the same time scary.

After getting her heart broken last year, Nishino has basically thrown away all her thought about dating, let alone falling in love. Seeing that Shiraishi seems to be really serious throw her off a little.

Will she be able to love her back as much?

What if her love is not enough?

What if even after this long she’s still not ready to move on?

These kinds of questions invade her mind, trying to sway her from what she really wants.

“I..” she tried to speak up

“I…” her voice came out even weaker and by now she doesn’t even have a courage to properly face the one she’s speaking to anymore.

She was still struggling to give her answer when she heard Shiraishi’s exhaling.

“Don’t force yourself, I can understand if you don’t feel the same.” That’s what she said.

Nishino’s eyes widened, looking up only to find Shiraishi smiling gently. She gave her a smile even though her hands raised up to wipe the tears from her cheek.

Yes, tears.

Nishino Nanase made Shiraishi Mai cried because of her incompetence in saying what she truly felt for her. The same Nishino who had come demanding for an answer on whether Shiraishi actually likes her or not.

Somehow, even she wasn't the one who is tearing up Nishino felt worse than that time when she had cried from seeing her ex moving on.

Nishino took a deep breath before meeting Shiraishi’s eyes once more, “I like you!”

“I… I was waiting for you to be the one to confess because I’m afraid to get rejected. I am also hesitating to say yes because I was overwhelmed by how you were looking out for me all this time while I didn’t even pay any attention to you until that time you’ve given me a boxed muffin.

Shiraishi mai, I… I like you, more than I ever did to anyone else. So… of course, I would love to be your girlfriend.”

Slowly the other girl face changes into a mixture of happy and relieved. “Thank you, Nanase-san. I’m really happy now I could kiss y-”

Shiraishi stopped before she finishes her words. Thinking that might be too far for the newly formed relationship. However, to her surprise, Nishino latched her fingers into hers, tiptoeing a bit to press her lips onto Shiraishi’s already red cheek.

“Girlfriend, then?” she shyly asks.

“Girlfriend it is.”

Shiraishi smiled, her free hand hesitantly raised up to tuck Nanase’s stray hair to the back of her ear. “By the way, this means you’re in for the date right?”

Nishino nodded, “yes, do you have any place in mind?”

“That’s a secret you’d have to find out later,” Shiraishi winked, “okay, I think I need to walk you to your table now. I was taking care of something before.”

“Ah, true. I haven’t finished my food too.” Nishino admitted. “So, I heard that you own this café?”

“It’s technically still my fathers. But he’s getting old and not as fit anymore to run the business, so I’m taking over to help him.” Shiraishi explained as she opened the door, letting Nishino to walked out first.

Suddenly a hand clapping can be heard from all around the room. Two women wearing the café attire grinning mischievously as they approach the new couple, one of them dragging a sack of dried leaves that probably came from outside, and the other scoop a handful of them and toss it out to the air.


The other turn the speed of the ceiling fan in the room works so their plan will accordingly. The leaves fluttering around them, some hits Nanase on the face, causing her to laugh.

“Oh yeah, the reason I wouldn’t let anyone come in here is that my staff are a bunch of idiots,” Shiraishi chuckled. “That’s Matsumura Sayuri and Eto Misa, Sayurin tends the register while Misamisa is the head chef. This is Nishino Nanase, my um… girlfriend.”

“Nice to meet you,” Nishino bowed a bit.

“Likewise, sorry for interrupting, it’s just that we’ve been watching this dork hopelessly crushing over you for like the past 4 years, so we really couldn’t help ourselves,” the one with wavy hair apologised with a wink.

“Sayurin, can you please turn down the fan, I will cut your salary if I hear a customer complaining they got leaves on their food.” Shiraishi reprimanded the other girl. “And Misamisa, if you say anything weird one more time I swear I’d ruin you.”

“Maiyan is no fun, huuu….” The one that was being ordered whines childishly yet still do what Shiraishi had asked her. Meanwhile, Eto was laughing softly, doesn’t seem to look apologetic at all despite her apology earlier.

Nishino smiles getting wider and wider, she likes the friendly atmosphere between the worker and knowing that they are close with Shiraishi makes her even more grateful. Before this, she had thought Shiraishi to be feared in the café and how she always tried to spend her break at that time when Nishino visited made the younger one thinks she has no friend. Seems like that wasn’t the case.

She looked at Shiraishi, who had to loosen her ponytail, letting her hair run free in hope that it will make it easier to shook the red and yellow maple leaves that are stuck on it.

Shiraishi was too busy looking over her shoulder to check any leftover that she didn’t notice that there is one stuck on the top of her head. Nishino quickly fetches her phone from her pocket, snapping a picture of the other girl.

She somehow had taken it on the perfect time that Shiraishi was looking at her in confusion in the picture.

“You think it’s funny, huh…” she muttered.

Nishino was about to apologise while suddenly a bunch of leaves is thrown towards her. Shiraishi was smiling smugly when Nishino finally able to clean all the maple, which triggers the younger girl to step forward where the sack of leaves is. But instead of just scooping some, Nishino lift the sack up, something that its no hard to considering how light it is.

“No.. don’t you-”

Too bad for Shiraishi, Nishino ignored her and basically shower her with the leaves.

Nishino couldn’t really recount what had happened after that. But one thing for sure, somehow, in between the leaves throwing fights, Shiraishi had caught her by the waist, eyes inspecting her lips for a couple of seconds before gazing up into her eyes, as if asking for permission in silence.

Nishino herself was too lost in her deep brown orbs to be able to think clearly. How the smell of earthy leaves goes along well with the fruity perfume the taller girl emits seems to mess with her head even more.

A simple nod was all she could let out and a simple nod was all the beautiful girl need to leaned forward and connect their lips together.

That wasn’t her first kiss, she had given that up a few years ago to someone that she had mistakenly thought would be the one. However, the kiss that Shiraishi Mai is giving to her is enchanting, if not better.

It’s the kind that makes her feel like the whole world stops, everything gravitates towards the taller girl in front of her. It’s the kind that makes her unconsciously standing tiptoed, her hands slowly raised to cup Shiraishi’s soft cheek.

It was amazing.

It was as soft as how the Shiraishi’s lips feel on hers, as gentle as the way the Shiraishi’s fingers caress her cheek, as warm as how Shiraishi’s eyes looking at her when it flutters open once they finally separated.

And for the first time in what seems like forever Nishino Nanase felt like the luckiest girl in the entire universe.

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Nogizaka46 One-Shots || Our Love is Maple Coloured [3/3] [25/05/18]
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Their Third Autumn

Their third autumn is when she knelt-down on one knee.

At that time, Nishino had started to work a more permanent job, drawing the frames for a well-known anime production house instead of making her own manga. The good point of this is that her income is regular, there's no need to worry about what she would do if her job ends, and there's no need to worry about how much she would need to ask the publisher to pay her. However, the disadvantage if this is she is busy most of the times, she would also need to commute the workplace every weekday which means she couldn't regular in her girlfriend's lovely café everyday anymore nor that she could see her that often.

Shiraishi herself has been busy too, not a week after they officially become a couple Shiraishi has expanded her business by turning the cafe into a nice Italian restaurant at night. All thanks to her amazing cooking skill, the restaurant has gotten a lot of attention to the public, making it into one of those that will need a reservation at least two days before to be able to secure a table. A lot of times people from all over the country will come, it's also a not rare occasion for international food critics to sits on one of the tables.

Within a year, Shiraishi had turn into one of the big names in the world of culinary and Nishino couldn't be prouder of her girlfriend.

Of course, all Shiraishi hard work pay her back in a form of a large sum of penny. The beautiful girl easily purchased one of the luxurious apartment which located only 15 minutes walk from where her businesses located.

On that day, Shiraishi had invited her to come over for dinner in her new place and Nishino couldn't be more excited as it's going to be her first time visiting the girl's new place. Which is why after she finishes her work for the day, with a bucket of flowers on her hands, she came straight to the white building's 17th floor.

Shiraishi opened the door before she could rang the bell the second time. Her serious expression melted into a happy one as soon as their eyes met.

"You are early," she noted, taking the bucket of flowers from Nishino's hands after stealing a quick peck on the lips, "come on in."

Nishino observes the apartment, it's still not fully furnished yet. The living room was still looking really plain, no decoration, no television, not even a sofa in sight. The kitchen, however, is already complete, oven, microwave, and a splendid looking coffee grinding machine that Nishino wouldn't be able to operate. From the way the dinner ingredients and the brand new looking pot on the stove, she could tell that this particular part of the apartment already has everything it should have or maybe even more considering Shiraishi's passion in culinary arts.

"Ah, it's not furnished yet if you're wondering." Shiraishi admitted, moving the flowers onto a porcelain vase. "You see, you often came with a bucket of flowers and it always amazes me every single time. I love every single arrangement it has. So I really have to ask, which florist do you go to?"

Nishino chuckled, "Sakurai Blooming Flowers, they're just at the other end of Nogizaka actually, not so far from here."

Shiraishi raised her eyebrows, "Sakurai as in your ex's girlfriend Sakurai?"

Shiraishi who has grown to be really good at remembering the cafe regular customer, of course, will notice the name straight away.

"Umm... yea.." she hesitantly confirmed.

"I didn't know that you're friends. But she's really good, I was actually asking because I am thinking of having her supplying the flowers for the restaurant." Shiraishi praised, intently observing the arrangement of a reds, yellows, oranges, and purples. It's very autumn like, vibrant, warm, and elegant without going too overboard.

Nishino smiled, wondering around the apartment for a moment, noting how it has 3 bedrooms and two bathroom, with the main bedroom having its own bathroom. The bedrooms are not yet furnished, even in the main bedroom it only has a futon instead of a king-sized bed that will totally fit perfectly.

After she's sure she has checked every inch of the place, Nishino walked back to the kitchen, finding Shiraishi standing in front of the stove, grilling some meats as she softly sings along to one of her favourite song that is being played from the portable speaker placed on the counter. Noticing that Nishino has decided to join her once more, she gave her a smile.

"I'm sorry it will take about 10 or 15 more minutes to be ready. I hope you're not hungry yet."

"It's fine, really. Take your time," Nishino said as she approaches the girl from the back, placing her chin on Shiraishi's shoulder as she inspects the dishes that she's cooking. "Hmm... this looks serious, what are we having?"

"For starters, it's scallops with a cauliflower puree and because you mentioned wanting to have tofu I am also making that complete with the daikon and herbs." Shiraishi started to explain.

"Yum, and steak for mains?" Nishino circle her arm around Shiraishi's waist, the sweet fragrance of the meat being grilled touches her nose.

"Yes, as you can see yourself, it's a grilled kobe beef with mushroom sauce. Medium rare just like how you like it the most," Shiraishi smiled, averting her eyes to the girlfriend that has been clinging on her, giving the the girl a kiss on the cheek.

"Have I told you that you look beautiful today?"

Nishino blushed, pressing her lips towards the taller girls as her way to answer the flattery. Shiraishi chuckled after they finally parted, finding Nishino reaction really cute.

She checks on the meat that is being grilled, they still have a few more minutes before she needs to prepare to serve it. Keeping this in mind, Shiraishi spun around gently, not breaking the circle that Nishino has created around her waist and put each of her hands on her shoulder.

Nishino raised her eyebrows in confusion, thinking that Shiraishi is about to say something to her. However, instead of that, Shiraishi started to sway her body left and right.

"Dance with me?"

One thing that took Nishino by surprise during the time they had just started dating is that Shiraishi turns out to be a competent dancer, Nishino herself did compete in numerous dance competition in junior high school so her skills are not to be doubt for, but Shiraishi is a natural.

So, there they were, inside the luxurious yet unfurnished apartment, lips curled into a smile, bare feet moving along the soft tunes of melody. Every once in a while, Shiraishi will hum the melody of the song into her ear. Despite their movement, the taller girl stood ever so close to her, fingers drawing circles on the back of the red hoodie that Nanase wore over the baby blue dress, mix of fruity and flowery fragrance from the Shiraishi's white shirt is mixed with the sweet smell of food coming from the apron that she wore on top of it.

At that time, Nishino Nanase feels like her life is complete and there's no way she could be happier.

Of course, even though there's nothing Nishino wanted more than spending the night like that, Shiraishi retracted her hands, "okay, let's get those food served, shall we?"

Nishino nodded, letting the girl go to and grab several set of plates from the cupboard. She observes as Shiraishi has started to neatly put the dishes onto the plate, "do you need my help in anything?"

"No, tonight, let me do all the stuff," she said as she beautifully arranges the puree on the top of the scallops, moving to the next plate as soon as she finishes.

"At least, let me help you put this on the dining table?"

"Allright fine," Shiraishi surrendered, earning a smile on Nishino lips as she grab the plates and walked to where the dining table is.

After putting the plates down, she stopped, looking out from the huge window next to the table, admiring the beautiful city view it shows, the colourful lights, simple ambient from the car's light moving on the street. She was so immersed on it that she didn't notice Shiraishi approaching her, placing a bottle of white wine along with two wine glasses.

She popped the bottle open, pouring some considerable amount onto the glasses before hugging Nishino from behind, "liking the view?"

Nishino nodded, "yes, it's beautiful."

"I'm glad you like it," she said, "however, I would love it if you chose to enjoy it as we eat the dinner. You know, before it goes cold."

Nishino's lips curled into a smile, letting Shiraishi pull back the chair for her before taking her seat. The girl swiftly sits across of her. Clasping her hands in front of her face as she mutters "itadakimasu-"

Despite the somewhat more special dishes than usual, they enjoy their dinner as if it's just a normal day. Starting from Shiraishi recounting her days, the irritating customer in the café that she really wants to kick out if not for worrying for the place reputation, then continues to Nishino explaining about the project that she's currently taking, a pretty messy anime based on a popular novel.

For Nishino, Shiraishi's company is what she enjoys the most, the amazing dishes the girl cooks are just like a mere decoration, something that will make their moments more beautiful yet not the main part of the moment itself. And it's not a rare for her to find herself too immersed in admiring her girlfriend, her mind has somehow moved from processing the story Shiraishi would tell into noting her gesture, the way she arranges her hair, the way her facial expression changes because of the excitement, the way her eyes seem to reflect the light beautifully when she's happy.

Well, Nishino had thought that the reason between the fancy dishes and the expensive chardonnay on the glasses that day was because it's the first time she comes over. She had thought that Shiraishi probably, just like her, was really excited hence she went a bit overboard.

Every single dishes itself is really fantastic and somehow taste even better than the ¥ 5000 course meal that Shiraishi had treat her to on their anniversary a month ago. However, when she thought they have eaten the last of it, Shiraishi gulped down the remaining wine on her glass nervously.

"I still have desert..." She mumbled as she grab the now empty plates on the table, "umm.... Just wait here, I'll bring it out."

Nishino nodded and smiled, thinking that maybe Shiraishi had drink a bit too much that it starting to take a toll on her. She watches intently as her girlfriend grab two plates of the desert from the huge fridge, she seems to be re-arranging it a bit before finally walks back to the dining table.

"Um... Nanase."

Nishino raised her eyebrows, couldn't understand the other girl sudden nervous antics. But before she could ask Shiraishi what's wrong, Shiraishi placed the long squared deserts plate down. Revealing a beautifully plated vanilla panna cotta, 3 sticks of cinnamon next to it, a fair amount of fruits circling around the soft and silky pudding. The mix of apples, apricots, prunes, and cranberries, with the maple coloured sauce, creating a warm autumn colour. Making the dish looking more like a piece of art rather than something to eat.

However, what attracts her attention the most, is the plate is decorated with words elegantly written with the delicious smelling sauce.

I am in love with you

Shiraishi kneels down next to where Nanase sit, giving her a nervous smile as she hesitantly grabs Nanase's right hand gently.

"A few days ago, I find myself thinking. Right now, I have everything I have ever dream of. My own restaurant with people loving the dishes I created, an amazing apartment to live in, all the money to buy everything I want. Then I realise that the everything that I am currently have is not enough."

Nishino realises where her statement goes and feel Shiraishi squeezing her hand.

"I want you to be here with me, discussing on which furniture to buy, how are we going to decorate the place. I want to call this place ours instead of mine. I want to take an oath, claim you as mine in sickness and health, in every ups and downs life might have planned for me. Because I love you so much that having you as my girlfriend is not enough for me anymore, I want to make sure not just you, but everyone too knows that I'm here to spend the rest of my life with you.

Nanase, there's not a day goes by where I don't think about our future together."

Shiraishi let go of Nishino's hand to fetch something from her pocket.

A ring.

A beautifully made one with a single diamond crowning it, a delicate pattern adorning the circle in a rose gold colour. It is simply the most beautiful piece of ring she has ever seen.

"Nishino Nanase, will you marry me?"

There was no hesitation, her words were calm and collected. There was no persuasion, only a genuine question full of hope. Her eyes looking back into hers with anticipation, her lips curled into a little smile, a warm and inviting one. One that seems like promising Nishino more than just a future, but happiness.

Nishino stand up from where she sat, thinking that their position before it's a bit too awkward, she needs to be able to face the person properly.


Shiraishi's nervousness slowly melted, her left hand slowly reaches to take Nishino's left, her right hand moves to put the ring on it.

She flexed her fingers, inspecting the ring that fits comfortably on her finger, it's not heavy yet not too light that Nishino would ever forgot that it's there. Her other hand gently traced the texture of the jewel, her eyebrows raised when she realised there are some strokes in the bottom part of it, she bring her hand closer to her eyes in order to look at it closer.

Love is as warm as the colour of Autumn maple leaves

"It's perfect," Nishino smiled happily, taking Shiraishi's hand to pull her close before clashing their lips together.

And when they finally separated, Shiraishi traced Nishino's lips slowly with her thumbs before it goes up to wipe away the tears that somehow had found its way to run down the shorter girl's cheek. She raised her eyebrows, looking at the now fiancé with a bit of confusion.

"Why are you crying?"

Nishino smiled, kissing the girl's lips once more before answering the question.

"Because you make me the happiest girl in the earth."

~ FIN ~

Happy birthday Nanase !!! :gmon sing:
Nanase despite being a crybaby always try to stand up strong, I love that Nanase. I am also proud of her so muchhhh. So here's hoping that today she can be as happy as she could be  :deco:
and for you who's reading this fic I would also thank you for reading it. I hope even though it's short, it still somehow able to touch that one part of your heart  :cathappy: I'd be happier if you let me know what you think though  :D :D :D

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Re: Nogizaka46 One-Shots || Our Love is Maple Coloured [3/3] [25/05/18]
« Reply #13 on: May 25, 2018, 09:35:19 PM »
Aahhhh, that was so sweet. I read it yesterday on my phone, but I wasn't able to comment since I'm not logged in on my phone, but... that was so sweet. Nogi-staff-friends are so cute too.

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Re: Nogizaka46 One-Shots || Our Love is Maple Coloured [3/3] [25/05/18]
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Hello! I think it's my first time comment on 46's story.

I enjoy very much this nanase's bday 3shot  :cathappy:

Thank you for effort writing fanfic, though I realized the fanfic author is mostly gone right now  :(

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Re: Nogizaka46 One-Shots || Our Love is Maple Coloured [3/3] [25/05/18]
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Hi! It feels so long since i last comments on your fic,
This is seriously overwhelming, REALLY REALLY LOVE THIS  :drool: :drool:
Thanks for your hard work Fini-san, looking forward to your next fic too  :wub: :wub:

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Nogizaka46 One-Shots || The Art of Lying [1/4] [14/08/18]
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It's that time of the day again my Goddess birthday is coming up. In order to celebrate it, I will post this story update every 2 days leading up to Mai's birthday. Hope you'll like it  :)

The Art of Lying
Rule #1: Exceptions Are Not Allowed

If someone asked her, she’d say that Terada Ranze is perfect. The long-haired girl might don’t look like the perfect candidate of Japan next top model, nor does she have the miraculously beautiful singing voice that could compete with any opera star. But Ranze understands when she needs her space and when she needs someone to be there. Not afraid to tell her when the food that she cooks is not her best one, she is also not afraid to stand up and shoo someone away if they’re bothering her.

Don’t get her start on their romantic life. Ranze is full of surprises, the girl can be bold yet gentle at the same time. She can be submissive but also aggressive at times.

Yes, her girlfriend is perfect.

There’s only one catch though, she’s 6 years younger than her.

The thing about age gap is, most people will be able to shrug it off when the case is like a woman in her early 20s dating someone in her end of 20s. But her girlfriend is not even legal to drink yet.

Well, at least in Japan. She did let her girlfriend down her first cocktail when they were in Paris. They were there for the girl’s 18 birthday celebration and she had made the teenager confirm with her parents before, just to make sure they’re okay with their daughter drinking while she’s still below her country legal drinking.

Ranze’s parents always seem to be grateful that her daughter is hanging out with a responsible adult instead of any of her voice actress co-workers who seem to like spending their day off downing on alcohols. Somehow after confirming with her that she’s going to make sure their daughter is going to drink responsibly, they give Ranze permission to order one for the occasion.

Well, Ranze ended up ordering more than one. But none of them ever mentioned that of course. Not if they still want the parents to let them spends time with each other.

That said, to make their relationship works they basically have to hide it from everyone. Yes, this includes Ranze’s parents, who will probably call the police if they know that the precious daughter has been dating someone way much older even before her 17th birthday bash.

Shiraishi Mai is an actress, one that has competed in International Film Academy at that. For her, acting like the girlfriend is merely a best friend in the public eyes is easier than snapping her finger to make noises. Ranze herself is not bad of a liar either.

Sometimes, she wonders about the inevitable hell that awaits once they finally let the secret out to their closed ones. Their romantic relationship is non-existent for anyone that’s not the two of them.

That’s the decision that they had come up with. Realising that if they want this to work there shouldn’t be any exceptions, not any of Ranze’s best friend, not even Mai’s sisters who are totally going to support their relationship.

The main ingredient for the perfect lie is to make sure that it stays secret.

But if there’s one thing that she’d like to point out is that lying is addictive. Once someone feels like they’re good at lying they can overcome any hesitation to add more lies to their life.

And that exactly what happened between them.

A few weeks after the wonderful celebration of her girlfriend birthday in the most romantic city of earth Mai added another lie in her life.

“Did you just asked for a permission to date another person?” Her girlfriend loves sitting right in front of her, letting their legs tangled with each other, and back resting on her chest. But as she uttered the question, she quickly disentangled herself and put a respectable distance between them.

“I know it’s crazy, but the production house really needs the film to work. We have a good film that will go to theatres in a few weeks, but for something that was produced with a massive budget it will need more in order to have a decent profit.”

“And their idea of good marketing is for you to bring the make-out session to the red carpet?”

One of the first thing that attracts Mai to her girlfriend is her bold sarcasm, but to be honest she loves it when it’s directed to someone that is not her.

“This film is produced by my family’s production house and they’re basically on the verge of bankruptcy. They’re the one who makes me who I am now, I can’t just say no. I know that it’s absurd and I will forever be guilty of agreeing to this but considering the situation they need this.”

Mai’s eyes have grown red, she isn’t exactly fond of any kind of arguments and always found herself emotionally vulnerable on those. This might be the reason for most of her awards and nominations which is given for her, the undeniably impressive emotionally inducing performances.

Ranze huffed, finally calmed herself down to be able to face her girlfriend again, “what’s in it for that girl? I mean I understand that you have your family related reasons but why did she agree to this?”

“She wants to go international, so through me, she will be able to attend prestigious award ceremonies and I will also help her make a connection to overseas film producer and such.”

“Wow, here I thought the rumour about her being as pure as a newborn baby is true.”

Mai was having a hard time to keep facing the other girl so she couldn’t decipher whether the sentence was meant to be a joke or something to be taken more seriously. After the discussion she had with her soon to be fake girlfriend she had concluded that even if the girl doesn’t really want to do that, she was left with not many choices, not if she still wants her agents to care about her future and keep pushing her.

However, Mai says nothing to defend the one mentioned, knowing well that it won’t help the arguments she’s having with her girlfriend right now. Instead, she pulled up her legs up on the sofa so that she could crouch and bury her face, she knows that she needs a confirmation from her girlfriend, but she decided to let her have a few minutes to think before saying anything else.

“Fine then, do whatever you need to do.” The way she said it sounds like she is surrendering as if there’s no other way as if it’s inevitable. “But, there’s one catch.”

Mai raised her head, “you know that there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you right?”

Ranze rolled her eyes at that statement, “I want to personally tell her the truth about us. So this Nishino Nanase girl- I want to meet her.”

Her voice is full of determination, showing that she is well aware of the step that they’re about to take, the risk that comes with it. It is that same careful yet strong and clear intonation that Ranze had used when she declared her love for the older girl. The one that reminds her of the courage the teen possess.

There is no way Shiraishi Mai has the heart refuse that, not if she can perfectly understand how much their relationship means for the teen to finally come into this decision.


And just like that, the girl moved back to space she loved the most. Soft fingers playing with Mai’s long and slender one. Slowly, the tension eased back to how it was before, Mai pull her closer, kissing her shoulder from behind.

“Hey, it’s you, so I’m pretty sure you can pull it off easily.” She said, right hand raised up and play with Mai’s soft waves.

Ironic, how her girlfriend ended up to be the one that assures her that she is capable of doing that. But also that’s probably why Mai is in love with her, despite her young age, the girl is actually mature minded.

“Thanks for being so understanding.”

Ranze smiled, twisting her body to the side, and leaned her head forward. Softly pressing her lips against Mai’s. “I don’t care if you’re kissing anyone else, as long that your heart is still mine.”

Mai nodded, her hand slowly moved the young girl’s leg up one by one, practically guiding the girl to lie down on the sofa, her back resting on Mai’s left leg and legs making a bridge on the top her right. She pulled back from the kiss once more, running her thumb across the girl’s soft cheek, “my heart is yours, always.”

Long after that day is when Mai finally realised that not only she had promised the girl something that even Shiraishi Mai the control freak could not handle, but she had also broken the first rule of lying

Please let me know what you think  :nervous Also I would like to use this as a chance to reply for past comments  ;)
Yes it's really sweet askdjsakds to be honest I'm not confident with that kind of fluff, but I'm glad that people still find it enjoyable  :)

Hello! I think it's my first time comment on 46's story.

I enjoy very much this nanase's bday 3shot  :cathappy:

Thank you for effort writing fanfic, though I realized the fanfic author is mostly gone right now  :(
I'm so honored to be your first  :panic: and also honored that you like the story  :wub: I think for 48 the writers are slowly disappearing, but for 46 is still the beginning  :nervous Hoping there will be more to come  :cathappy:

Hi! It feels so long since i last comments on your fic,
This is seriously overwhelming, REALLY REALLY LOVE THIS  :drool: :drool:
Thanks for your hard work Fini-san, looking forward to your next fic too  :wub: :wub:

I hope you like this one as well  :D
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Re: Nogizaka46 One-Shots || The Art of Lying [1/4] [14/08/18]
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Uh oh... is Maiyan gonna fall for Naachan?

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Nogizaka46 One-Shots || The Art of Lying [2/4] [16/08/18]
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Rule #2: Don’t Break the Premises

Even though she doesn’t have a long list of projects with her name Nishino Nanase is one with a talent. At her late teenage years, her popularity soared from her portrayal in a live-action film adapted from a critically acclaimed animated film where she stars as a tough girl who was raised by a Wolf God. Because of her note-worthy performance of that role, many people including Shiraishi Mai herself had thought that the girl would possess the same ferocious aura. Turns out they’re wrong.

At first, Mai thought that the girl is just extremely nervous. Then, Mai overheard the Nanase’s agent reprimanding her for missing out her appointment mentioning how the actress needs it before someone notices how she often peel the skin around her nails. Just like that, Mai was able to connect the dots.

Nishino Nanase struggles with anxiety, this is the reason why she stopped taking any project for a while, despite the golden chance she had. Now, about 5 years since that time, she had pushed herself to take a step inside the shooting location once more. But the anxiety is still there, becoming the reason why she will most likely stay silent unless the other party initiates the conversation, why she fumbled a lot in public appearances, and also why she often caught herself in a hard time to deal with herself too much that she can’t say no when someone give her an offer.

“Nanase, is this truly what you want?” She had asked her in one sunny day after one of the interviews for their film.

“About what exactly?”

“uhm. Us.”

Her eyes widened before quickly goes left and right to make sure that no one heard the words.

“It’s a bit too late to back down isn’t it? The press and fans have been jumping up and down about the relationship,” despite the soft smile on the girl’s lip, her tone is still bitter.

“Look it’s just,” Mai stopped for a moment, building up the words in her mind before letting them out from her mouth. “If the reason you agreed to this is that you’re not ready to handle the executive reaction if you refuse the offer, then, I’ll be the one who does it. I can cancel this anytime, it will be all on me instead of you.”

“It’s not- that,” she sighed, looking at the carpet underneath instead of meeting the other’s eyes. “The thing is I’m not like you. I’m not that as sociable or well-spoken as you, which is the reason I’m struggling to gain any attention from the interviews just like how I struggle to make a meaningful connection whenever I meet industry executives. So, I need this as a jumpstart.”

It’s not hard to see the clear desperation in the statement, one that reminds Mai that despite the glamour that comes with it their line of work is often surrounded with dark clouds. How no matter how talented you are, it’s all come down with who you know and what you can do to please the fans.

“Okay then.” Somehow her right hand reached up to caress the actress check, softly leading towards her direction so their eyes will meet once more, “just remember that I can always cancel this anytime okay?”

Nanase nodded, eyes peered down to where the fingers gently lay her skin. Noticing this, Mai quickly retracted the hand, beating herself up inside for doing something that can be considered intimate towards a person that is not her girlfriend.

“Sorry, I was caught in the moment,” she mumbled, taking a step away from the girl. “Anyway, about that last time I really hope Ranze wasn’t being mean to you or anything- that girl can be infuriatingly possessive at times. I read somewhere that’s how a teenager is when it comes to love.”

A part of Mai is still feeling guilty for not being present at the arranged coffee meeting. She knows that her girlfriend personally chosen that day so there’s she will leave the two of them alone to talk about something that only God knows what. In Mai wild imagination, that meeting had gone with her girlfriend threaten to slit the co-star in her sleep if she ever tried anything.

“You really are a good person.” Nanase smiled softly, “don’t need to worry about Ranze-san. It was nice to talk to her.”

Mai knows that there’s no way it went that smooth but realise there’s nothing she can do other than making sure she doesn’t mess everything up.

And that’s exactly where she put her focus on.

For about 15 months, everything goes according to the plan. The film is pretty much the biggest blockbuster from Japan over the last decades, it was so popular that if not because Mai reminding her father that it was marketed with a relationship built on a lie they wouldn’t stop with just one sequel. Nanase’s popularity rocketed into the worldwide scale and with a little bit of push from Mai, the girl finally becomes that person who can choose from a different script rather than just do what is available for her. Beyond the lie, Mai herself was able to maintain a good friendship with Nanase and her girlfriend is pretty much okay about that.

Slowly the lies started to mix with her daily life, forming some sort of a familiar routine. Occasionally picking up Nanase on a “date” whenever they’re in the same city, going to the events with her, wrapping her fingers on the girl’s slender waist as they stroll through the camera lights. By the end of the day, she would depart to her own quarter where her lover waits.

Until a night that has become one of the biggest ultimatums in her life comes. That night, Shiraishi Mai was up in the nomination list for the best leading actress category of the international film academy award.

When someone is in that position there’s a lot that will be on their mind and Mai was not an exception. But for the first half of the night, she was rather preoccupied with her girlfriend who has been refusing to answer her call ever since their argument about Nanase going as Mai’s date for the eventful night. Well, is not hard to win the argument considering how Ranze herself was not free to go to America, she had a big voice acting project to work on in Japan. But still, the girlfriend is giving her a cold shoulder.

Mai couldn’t really blame the jealousy though. But what else can she do? It will be odd if the couple who the public has dubbed as “Your favourite Japanese Lesbian” attends the same event but separately.

Not to mention the current timing, right now the last instalment of their film has been wrapped. It makes no sense at all and will risk their lie to be discovered if they don’t come to the event together.

The main problem of the night though, it’s not really the fact that her girlfriend is giving her the cold shoulder but rather how it unfolds.

The award itself has dining party concept, where Mai was seated in a round table of 6. The problem starts when she noticed that in one of the white satins covered chair sat a Japanese man that always make her nervous.

“Mai-chan, it’s really nice to see you here.” He stood up upon seeing Mai walking towards the table.

“A- Terada-san. This is quite a surprise, I haven’t seen you in a while.” Mai greet him back, feeling even more anxious now that she stood in front of her girlfriend’s father. “How’s everything?”

“Good enough for an old man like me,” he chuckled before taking Nanase’s hand, “and when are you going to introduce your beautiful girlfriend here?”

“Excuse my rudeness, that tends to happen when I’m near someone that I highly respected.” Mai chuckled as she steps back, letting Nanase and the man greeted each other, “this is Nishino Nanase, Nanase this is Terada Kaito. If you remember Ranze, he’s her father. He composes amazing music if I may add.”

The man smiled warmly as he let Nanase goes back to Mai’s side, “you always flatter me too much Mai-chan.”

The three of them take their respective seats. Talking occasionally about the award. Mai is grateful that because of its concept she could spend half of the time immersed in her food instead of being awkwardly trying to impress her girlfriend’s father who does not even know that she’s his daughter’s lover.

That until the man suddenly directed the conversation topic towards his daughter.

“Have you been hanging out with Ranze lately?” he asked.

The food almost got into the wrong pipe but thankfully Mai hurriedly grabbed her sparkling water glass to gulp it down. “Um- yes, I think.”

“Her mother mentioned that she didn’t come home for a night or two sometimes. So, I can sort of guess that she has been seeing a boy somewhere. I’m just wondering if you know anything about him and what makes Ranze reluctant to let us know about it.”

Mai's eyes widened, her brain rewind to the gender-specific word over and over for quite a while before finally remember that she’s supposed to give an answer.

“Ah- about that, I’m not sure either, but I will try to persuade Ranze to let you know. That’s the least I can do.”

The man smiled, giving Mai a bit of pat on the shoulder “I’m glad she has such a great friend.”

After that, Mai completely lost her appetite, her mind is filled with the fact that her girlfriend is still hadn’t come out to her parents.

Everything goes in a blur as if instead of attending the award, she’s watching it in a fast-forwarded recording. She remembered making a small talk here and there, standing up and gave an applause whenever someone’s name got called, but such details like what is it that she talked about and who was it that received the award didn’t really get registered into her brain.

Until suddenly the spotlight is shining on her, people started to stand up and clap excitedly, a smile cherishing their lips.  Several people around her, including Ranze’s father, took turns to pull her into a warm hug.

“With this Shiraishi Mai has set a new record for the Asian community of the film industry, where she is now the youngest Asian descent winner for this category.” The blonde man who stood in the stage announced.

It’s a bit late but at last, it comes to her.

She won.

And if someone had asked her there are so many things that she felt all at once.

Confusion, anxiety, excitement.

Those and so many other stuff are mixed into this ball of euphoria hits her all at once, directing her to look at Nanase who gave her a bright smile, one that shows happiness. It’s heartwarming how proud she looks just because her fake girlfriend is getting one of the most prestigious awards in the world.


Well, the normal reply to that would a sentence of gratitude, or if she feels confident she can joke about how it’s nothing, or she can also be humble and say that the other contender deserves the award more.

But somehow her mouth did not utter any of those. Instead, she raised both of her hands, one caressing Nanase’s cheek and another one underneath her chin, closed their distance and connect their lips together.

It’s hard to describe the feelings that were rushing through her blood at that time. The way Nanase’s soft lips seems to be surprised but slowly reply the gesture is enough to drive her mind away from the crowd. At that moment, it feels like there’s only the two of them in that hall, all the clap and cheers were muted, the soft breathing that Nanase let out mixed with the hard pounding of her heart is the only thing she could hear.

The kiss is not like any of the kisses they had shared for their film. It feels like something she’s meant to do in the first place.

It feels so right that it scares her.

If not for the winner announcer awkwardly reminding her that she still has to go up to the stage to receive her golden statue, Mai would have stared at Nanase for an eternity after that. Her brain could not comprehend what she had done.

Her speech was rather plain, she basically read a crumpled note that she had prepared before the award, one that she has discussed with her manager to avoid any mistake that could bring trouble. What comes after that is even weirder, they basically have her in this area where she faced so many camera and journalist, all trying to have her answer these sort of questions that kind of requires her to do a bit of self-introspection:

“How is it like to be the youngest Asian to win this award”

“What is your hope for the future of the film industry?”

“Do you have anything to say to other actresses that were nominated?”

In the end, everything basically drained her emotionally and physically to the point of her not being to move her limbs to break the hug from her manager. Noticing that, Matsumura Sayuri pretty much decided she has enough for the night and took her back to her hotel room.

She went back to Japan on the following night after, ignoring all the missed calls from both Nanase and her girlfriend.

Being busy is always a good excuse to avoid things. However, Mai knows well that avoiding doesn’t mean that it will be left forgotten and in most cases is better to step up and face the problem head-on before it grows bigger and bigger.

The argument that she had with Ranze was their biggest one, which is quite surprising considering how they seem to have done nothing but trying not to tear each other heads off over various arguments on the last couple of months.

“What do you want from me!?” She shouted, “the entire premise is hiding the relationship until you reach that age where it’s appropriate for us to come clean to your parents. And how are we supposed to do that if they don’t even know that you don’t fancy boys? Do you think we should just suddenly break everything all at once?! You’re the one who said it’s better to let them know little by little.”

“I don’t know!” Ranze snapped, “but how are we going to break the news anyway if the whole world including them thinks you are happily dating another girl!?”

The worse thing about it is that Mai understands from the beginning that it’s mostly her fault. Ranze not coming out to her parents about her fondness of girls is something that could not be forced on her, even though eventually she would have to, but still, it’s okay for her to take all the time she needs.

“The truth is, I’m scared for what will they think of us. Of you.” Ranze exhaled, both hands clenched on the side to calm herself down from her anger, “why do I even feeling anxious about it while you seem to really have everything under control with the pretty girlfriend and all.”

Here it comes, another sarcasm that seems to be able to tear her heart apart. The worst part is, she understands that she deserves that. After the kiss that she shares with Nanase in front of hundreds live audience including Ranze’s father and dozen cameras that deliver the moment live to the smaller screens, Mai deserves the blunt sarcasm. Heck, she even deserves a slap in the face.

No matter how the public knows the actress as her girlfriend, there’s an unsaid premise that such an intimate gesture was not needed at all in the situation and therefore should not be done in the first place. No matter how she looked at it that was plain betrayal on her girlfriend.

“I don’t know what I was thinking, I’m sorry”

The defence comes weak and desperate.

“You know what, from the time you found out that you slept with 17 years old and come up with the suggestion to lie about the relationship I realised that you’re not exactly that inspiring role model people saw on the screen. But not before this you are ever mean.”

The last word of the sentence pushed an imaginary knife straight into her heart. Breaking it into pieces because she knows that it is the truth.

“Have you considered that maybe it’s not me…” the teenager's voice breaks at the end of the sentence, “we have been trying so hard to make this work, but maybe that’s our problem. Maybe deep down both of us realise that we have tried everything to keep up with something that is not meant to be. At least not anymore.”

“Please,” she pleads came off as weak. Her eyes met the younger girl as she tries to hold back the tears.

“When we started, I said to that girl loud and clear that not even she can get between us. But now, it feels like it’s me who is in between the two of you.”

Mai doesn’t know what to do, refuting the shorter girl statement seems like adding another lie into her life, but the guilt from knowing that it might be the truth also breaks her from the inside. Slowly she stepped closer and pull the young girl into a hug. What comes after that is her girlfriend finally broke down and cried. Mai herself starts to tear up, kissing the top of Ranze’s head as she repeats the apology.

“I’m sorry.”

The word starting to sound like a broken record, playing over and over without no actual effect on the listener yet that’s the only thing she can say.

And after a while, Ranze took a step back, smiling gently at Mai as she finally comes to a conclusion.

“I don’t think I can do this anymore, Mai.” She said as she closed the distance between their lips.

The kiss was the saddest one she has ever gotten, it tastes like tears and everything about it told her how broken the situation is. And when Ranze finally pulled back and break the kiss, she filled her lungs with air before leaning forward once more and tiptoed to give Mai another peck on the forehead.

“I know what we had was nowhere near perfect but I’m glad that you happened, you taught me so much about love and compassion. So, thank you for everything. I’m sorry.”

I'm sorry Ranze you and Maiyan got a good run  :cry:
Let me know what you think  :cathappy:

Mai is pretty much falling for Naachan  :bleed eyes: poor Ranze

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Nogizaka46 One-Shots || The Art of Lying [3/4] [18/08/18]
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Rule #3: Be Careful with Expectations

A good lie will stand no matter what kind of situation in front of it. The one that Mai and Nanase share is not an exception of that. The lie still stands even though Mai refuses to talk to Nanase personally. They will still be seen strolling down the red-carpet side by side, a hand on the other’s waist, supporting the charming smile and lovely banter whenever someone approached them.

Nanase knows about the break-up, the actress had come to visit Mai as soon as they’re in the same country. There wasn’t much they talked about as Mai wasn’t even trying to be subtle on how she wants Nanase to just leave her alone, but despite the bitter thing she had spoken, she mentioned how that nothing between them is changed even though now the girlfriend had left her.

That is also a lie.

Even though their romantic relationship was nothing but an act, Mai used to be her friends. She used to care about what Nanase feels and a lot of times she worries about Nanase more than Nanase herself. But now, Mai seems to care more about her stock of fancy liquor more than any other human being around her.

And Nishino Nanase can’t stand it anymore.

That night they were in London for their worldwide premiere tour. Everything goes as smooth as usual, them acting like a happy couple in front of the cameras, Mai introducing Nanase to some executives that she hadn’t met yet.

From the early time of their arranged relationship, their manager has been careful when it comes to the hotel room, they always book the suite next to each other to avoid any suspicion. That day, of course, was not an exception. By the time the clock strikes midnight, they were already back at their hotel. Not talking to each other as they rode the elevator that will lead them to their floor.

Nanase initial plan went back to her room without saying any word, but when she saw Mai cursing softly as she tried to locate the keycard for the door, Nanase realised that Mai deserves to know the truth.

“There’s something I think you should know,” Nanase said as she walked closer to the beautiful actress. “This is going to be the last night of our relationship. My manager has agreed to the decision and informs the studio, tomorrow they will release the statement that we have decided to go a separate way.” 

Mai finally fished the white card from her clutch, looking at Nanase with a pained expression, her hand tapped the card onto the reader “and in the end, even you will leave me.”

Nanase followed the other woman as she entered the presidential suite, one hand is still holding the doorknob as she wasn’t even planning to come inside from the first place. “Then what am I supposed to do? I’ve known you long enough to not be fooled. I know that you are hurting. And seeing you like this is painful. This fake life that we’re trying to show the public isn’t something that will help to fix your problem.”

“And you think calling this off is going to help?!” Mai snapped, throwing her clutch into the sofa as she turned her back and face Nanase properly. “You want to know what’s my problem!? My problem is when Ranze is breaking up with me she was in tears and I couldn’t say anything but sorry. I couldn’t even tell her that I still love her because I am so lost in this fake relationship. All because when our lips met it feels more than a mere act. It’s so obvious that even someone that only seen it from a small screen realised that.”

“So what do you want me to do?” Nishino was looking at her with lips apart, a few seconds ago she was ready to throw some meaningful statement back if not for the sudden turned their arguments had taken. For a moment, her eyes linger on the award-winning actress’s lips, her brain took her back to the last time it was pressed against hers.

This doesn’t escape Mai’s careful observation, she took a step closer, her eyes meet Nanase’s for several seconds before latching their lips together. Her hand wandered to the doorknob, gently prying Nanase’s finger off it. 

“I want you to shut up.”

The kiss that they are shared at that moment is different than anything they have ever done. Rough and demanding, her gesture inaudibly spoke about her inner desire. Slowly, she started to push Nanase towards the opposite direction from the door, gently leading her towards the dimly lit bedroom.

“Uhn- Mai,” Nanase stopped the one on top of her from unzipping her dress.


She observes Mai for several seconds before pulling her into a heated kiss once more. “Nevermind.”

When a lie involved more than one people an expectation will be born. Expectations to do more to cover up the lie, the expectation to be the one who stops the lie, and the expectation to be the one who prolongs the lie. These expectations are tricky, sometimes a person doesn’t even realise that they’re doing what the other expect them to do. Other times, these expectations clashed with each other, trampling over the feelings of one of the two sides in progress.

In Shiraishi Mai case, her mind was aware that she has fucked up big time from the moment she woke up with limbs entangled with her co-star, her bare skin touches her. It’s ironic because despite how her mind is screaming that she has done something terrible, her heart is enjoying the simple moment. The way Nanase softly nuzzles against her shoulder, her soft breathing forming a gentle rhythm that goes easy for Mai’s ear.

Albeit hesitant, Mai realised that she has to untangled herself and rose from her comfortable sleeping position.

She raised one hand to her temple when she notices the pile of clothes on the floor create a messy trail from the suite living room to the bed where she sat. Sighing, she looks over her shoulder where a familiar bob-haired girl is sleeping, some strands of hair cover her face.

Mai twisted her body her hand reached to softly swept the Nanase’s stray hair away from blocking her sleeping face, seeing how deep in slumber the girl is provoked a little smile from the one who’s awake.

“Bzzzt… Bzzzzt…”

A vibration reminds Mai of the current situation. Gently, she left the bed, being extra careful not to wake the girl as her eyes scan the room for the whereabouts of her thin phone device. Realising that it must be somewhere in the living room where she had thrown her clutch, Mai started to make her way there, picking up the clothes on the progress too, realising that it’s better to have it not crumpled because in her case that beautiful red gown she wore the night before will need to be sent back to the designer later that day.

She halted when the front door suddenly opened, Matsumura Sayuri AKA her manager comes inside 2 takeaway Starbucks cups on her left hand and a phone on the other. The woman rolled her eyes as she met with Mai’s naked body, “I know that you have no shame and I have seen you naked since you were 5 but still please have some decency. What if it’s not me who come in?”

“Well, if it’s not you, whoever it is would have knocked instead of rudely barging in,” Mai said before continuing in a low tone, “Anyway, about the matter with Nanase.”

“Yes, we really need to talk about that. They’re about to release the news this afternoon.” The woman sighed as she took a sip of her coffee, placing the other one on the table in front of her. “Why is it so messy here? Are you having a guest or something?”

“Ah- about that, I think you should let Nanase’s rep confirm with her first before releasing the news,” Mai replied as she turned back and started to walk towards the bedroom, completely ignoring the last question before Sayuri gives her the look. “Well, I might have done something.”

Sayuri raised her eyebrows, still couldn’t understand the relation of the $100,000 dress that is lying on the floor with the public image situation. But when she saw how Mai back with one hand holding a clothes hanger and another trying to fit a white cocktail dress she had seen the night before into the wooden curve, she realised that it’s not merely a guest that her friend is having.

Because that cocktail dress belongs to none other than Nishino Nanase. 

“Shit!” the woman cursed, louder than she’s supposed to which cause Mai to give her a look of warning, “when I said I trust you to change her mind this isn’t what I mean.”

“Sayurin, please tone it down,” Mai whispered harshly.

“What the fuck are you thinking?” the manager stood up, trying to look towards the bed “wait, is she still here?”

Mai gave her a sharp look which told her everything that needs to be confirmed.

“You really did it this time, Maiyan.” Sayuri sighed, “I’m going back to my room. If there’s anything you need just call me. Let’s just hope what you did is actually worth the cause.”

Mai watches as the manager left the room, not even bothering to close the door softly. Her fingers started to tidy the bed robe that she had worn carelessly, creating a knot on the satin belt.

Some rustling can be heard coming from the bed, Mai sighed grabbing the coffee cup as she walked over to the bed once more to greet the other girl.

“Would you like a cappuccino?” Mai offered, holding out the cup towards the girl. What greets her back was a pained look, one that she has seen a few times on those emotional scenes they had shot together. But this time she somehow knows that there’s no script to direct those.

Nanase doesn’t say anything, she doesn’t reach for the hot beverage either, but instead, she quickly jumped out of bed. Starting to search for her own clothes among the messy pile.

“You heard me and Sayurin…” Mai mumbled her realisation, looking towards the bed where the young actress had slept the night, her hand-shakes when she noticed red stains contrasting the white sheet.

The truth is she didn’t even know what is it that she was thinking last night. Was she really that blind to think that Nanase is that kind of girl that would sleep with anyone that she is frustrated with?

Whatever the answer is, one thing for sure Mai feels like a complete garbage. A garbage that goes around leaving stains in everything it touches. And Nanase happened to be the latest victim.

“I can’t believe you!” Nanase shook her head, her hand took out one of the bed-gown from the cupboard, wearing it as fast as she can before grabbing her belongings from the pile. “You know what, if you really just don’t want to stop the act you should have just told me. But I guess honesty isn’t really your style, isn’t it?”

Mai stays silent, placing down the cup on the nightstand as her body moved to sit on the bed, hands raised up to cover her face.

“I have this TV show project in America after we've finished this tour. I’ll put the news about 2 months after this is all over, blaming the long-distance relationship to make sure that is not suspicious.” Nanase decided. She waited for a moment just in case Mai had something to say, but after the other girl lack of movement, Nanase shook her head in disbelieves. “You’re not even going to talk to me, aren’t you?”

Deep inside Mai’s thoughts, there’s a part of her who is urging her to explain but there’s another part that says that she doesn’t deserve to explain herself, no matter what she actually feels in her heart, the reason behind that is still something that would hurt Nanase.

After everything she has done, all the lies she had uttered, the people she had hurt, it’s only given that finally, Shiraishi Mai is getting the payback.

“I have no idea who you are anymore, Mai.” she could hear Nanase’s soft words latched with disappointment just before the door close shut.

Mai knows that she should have tried to apologise, but her mouth couldn’t even form an apology because she thinks she doesn’t even deserve a slight forgiveness.

The ex-girlfriend was wrong, Shiraishi Mai is not mean, she is cruel.

The rest of the premiere tour she had with Nanase passed quickly. In the end, she found it rather monotonous, answering the same kind of questions, explaining about the film over and over, the same pose for the press pictures. After that morning she hadn’t really said anything to Nanase in private, nor does the girl tried to say anything either.

On the morning after their last stop of the tour, she woke up with the most horrible headache she has ever have and the ring of the room bell wasn’t exactly helping either. Her manager comes into her room with a bucket of flowers. The arrangement of orange-yellow, purple, and white gradients of the petals harmonise the colour beautifully.

I hope someday you would consider that maybe the reason you are hurting is that you’re a good person forcing yourself to portray a bad one.

Till we meet again,

Nishino Nanase

Only one more left and everything is still hellish lol. Let me know what you think  :cathappy:
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