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Author Topic: Shingeki no Akiba[12|25|13][C2.A2]  (Read 12250 times)

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Re: Shingeki no Akiba[12|25|13]
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Happy to hear that you're going to update soon

Looking forward to see them

Thank you...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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Re: Shingeki no Akiba[12|25|13][C2.A2]
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Chapter 02 – Sakae: The City of Torment
       • Act Two – Sea of the Unconscious


As soon as we opened the door, I can't believe that this place used to be the place where my parents grew up. A place with whose torments are never ending, some people has turned into man-eaters... If in Namba, there's only titans who infested the whole city, and Sakae has been infested  by man-eaters and titans, then... Tokyo's more worse!? While looking at the whole place, something caught my attention, it was in the topmost building that I can see. I saw Airi and Rena, kissing. "W-Why... am I seeing t-this...?" my hand was numb, I don't know what to do. "Oi, Jun. Let's go." Yuuko patted my shoulder and I nodded at her. Then the two came back from the building using their maneuver gears.

"We're going to have three groups, Jun, Airi, Rena, Fuuko, Yuria, Kanon, Takano and Shimada - Group 01 led by Me, Squad S, KII and E - Group 02 led by Takayanagi, Squad M and Cadet Squad #148  - Group 03 led by Yamagishi! We're fleeing back in Fukuoka! Try all the most possible routes. In my knowledge, there are three routes. We, the group one and the representative of the Elites, will take the most dangerous path, the Titan-Man-eater path. Those other two has only 10 meter class titans so that'll be easy to pass. That's all, Group 02, route 2 left side, Group 03, route 1 center, Group 01, route 3 right side. Let's go!" After Yuuko-senpai said the plan, we took the right route and prepared for battle.

"Fuuko, I'll protect you." With those words of lie, I made the young girl smile. Then I saw them again, doing their love moments, it disgusts me so much. "Don't mind them, let them be eaten by the enemies. They wasted their opportunity being on the elites team." Yuria said while looking at me. "Focus, the enemies are approaching. A 60-meter class, not a colossal, reproductive type." she added.

"H-How can you be so sure?!" I looked at Yuria surprisingly. "That's the power of the elites." Yuuko answered me instead of Yuria, when I looked at them again, they don't seem to be alarmed. "Shimada, Takano, Fuuko, Jun. Take the ground forces, Kanon, Yuria, Rena and Airi, follow me, we'll be incharge of the aerial forces." We obeyed her orders, we landed on the ground and Shimada-senpai led us. Many man-eaters are blocking us to get near the reproductive titan, so we slashed them alive, Fuuko's about to be attacked... But how come she just stood there?

"Jun! Look carefully on Fuuko's boots." Shimada told me using the earpieces. "Hai." I answered back, I saw some weired vine-like holding down Fuuko's boots, until it covers her whole body except for her head. "H-Help me!!" She shouted from her throats. This is becoming a pain. Suddenly, Kanon dashed to her and pulled out a pocket knife. "Yagura, don't you dare to scream, you'll attract them more." after being freed from the vine-like things, Shimada suddenly contacted us all. "Change of orders, Kill all of the man-eaters in an instant!" We responded to the order.

"W-Wait.... What!?" My maneuver gear just wont move, and I'm surrounded, damn. "Jun!? I'll help you!" Fuuko went near me. "No, get outta here and follow Shimada-senpai's orders. I can do this, don't worry." I gave her my maybe last smile, and pushed her ahead. "Escape... to live..." I whispered to myself. My vision suddenly went black... after that, I don't even know what happened.


Kei and Nana is currently taking the most dangerous path not the path that Yuuko's group took, this is the fourth path, through the forest. Kei have cured Nana from her man-eating disease. They killed the things that hinders their way. "Nana, here comes the greatest ordeal. Shall we do it, or no?" The two continued dashing straight forwardly.

"Hmmm... 150-Meter class? That's new huh? Maybe it drank the chemicals from that place. Let's do it." Then, a smoke envelpoed the whole place, then two 60-meter class titans appeared. "Schwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!" both titan attacked the 150-meter class.


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Re: Shingeki no Akiba[12|25|13][C2.A2]
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Airi and Rena are together..  ;_____; poor jun...


THANK YOU! for the update :DD

please continue ~ d^.^b

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