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Author Topic: YuuNaa One-Shot & Short Stories Collection: "I" Double Update! 5/29/16  (Read 8399 times)

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Hi Everyone, you might know me as the author of "It started with a Hi": It started with a Hi
I have good news and bad news. Bad news: I have gone hiatus for over a year and all my ideas for "It started with a Hi" are a blur, so it was very hard for me to continue the story. I have been writing the chapters, but I have been having a hard time which is why I haven't been able to update, so please forgive me. I really apologize. So, I am temporarily taking a break from the story. (Don't worry I am still writing chapters for it but it might take me a while to upload them.) Good news: starting to focus on one-shot/two-shot/short stories as my break from the first story I wrote. I apologize to everyone for such delay and not doing a good job at all. I honestly have no confidence in myself, so thank you for supporting me for so long. I really appreciate it. I recently discovered two pairings: Okada Nana x Murayama Yuiri and Mukaichi Mion x Mogi Shinobu from Akbingo 370 (go check it out if you haven't!) I only did a little research regarding the pairings and I fell in love with them that I might put them in "It started with a Hi". This is my first time writing about the pairings so please forgive me if their personalities are off from real life. Please excuse my mistakes and typos. With further ado, please enjoy! Let me know what you think!

YuuNaa = Murayama Yuiri and Okada Nana

Note: Okada Nana = Naachan & Owada Nana = Naanya

Which Nana?

School has already been over 30 minutes ago, almost everyone left for home except for four girls who are inside the music room.

*doki doki* The girl can feel her heart beating fast as she is preparing for her confession to the girl she had a crush on since the day she laid eyes on her.

How did she got herself in this situation? Well...she can only blame her good friend, Kojima Mako, for talking her into this. She can remember it clearly as it was just yesterday they talked about this.

-- Flashback --

"Which one?" Kojima Mako firmly asked.

The girl being interrogated calmly replied, "Which one, what? I have no idea what you are talking about."

BAM! the sudden sound caused the customers at the nearby tables to be startled and bewilderingly looked at the two girls to see what happened.

Kojimako just slammed the table with her hand as she was getting frustrated with the girl in front of her. Just then, the owner of the cafe, Takayanagi Akane (aka Churi), walked to them and strictly declard, "I will have to ask you to settle down and lower your volume. If you both are going to cause a scene, then I will have to politely ask the both of you to leave my cafe as you are disturbing the rest of the customers here."

"On behalf of my friend, I apologize for her irrational action. We will keep it down. Nothing will happen. I am sorry about that." the girl apologized.

Churi nodded and walked behind the counter to resume her work. Kojimako bowed towards the other customers and stated her apologizes.

Kojimako sinked back to her seat and sighed for the umpteenth time for the day as she was going nowhere with this girl.

"What is with everyone about which Nana? Why does it matter to you? You are the last person I thought would care about this." The girl nonchalantly questioned.

Kojimako exhaled a breath and took a sip of her tea before telling the latter the truth, "'re my good friend, Yuirin and I don't want this to get between our friendship!"

"Why would this get between us? I don't understand." Yuirin confusedly stated. Kojimako just shook her head and looked helplessly at her friend as she doesn't even realized how popular she is when it comes to love. Yup, there are actually two people in love with her right now and yet she is oblivious about it.

The girl in front, Murayama Yuiri, is currently being targeted by two Nanas: Okada Nana and Owada Nana. Everyone at school can see they both have interest in Yuiri yet Yuiri is the only one who doesn't seem to know what is going on.

"You are joking right? Come on, how can you not see that Okada Nana and Owada Nana likes you?!?!" Kojimako exclaimed.

After a few seconds of silence, Yuirin speaks up, "Baka, Mako, of course I know. I am not that blind. I just didn't say anything about it. "

"Seriously! Why didn't you say anything!?! I wouldn't have make such a fuss in the first place if you just told me you knew!"

"Again, how does this affect our friendship?" Yuirin asked again.

Kojimako paused for a second and nervously played with her fingers. She quietly mumbled, "IlikeoneoftheNanas."

"Speak louder. I can't hear you."

"I said I like one of the Nanas!" Kojimako proclaimed a bit too loudly. She quickly covered her mouth and apologized to her surroundings again for her loud volume.

Yuirin blankly looked at Kojimako before bursting into laughter. "Hahaha! The friendly and smiley Kojimako finally admits her feelings!"

"Wait...what!?! You knew!!"

"Baka! I told you I wasn't blind. Of course I knew! Why do you think I always invite you to our hangouts and pair you up with her? I was waiting for you to personally tell me your feelings rather than me asking you. But, I didn't know that you would proclaim your love so loudly to everyone in this cafe...HAHAHA!"

Kojimako blushes slightly, "Yah! Stop laughing! Besides how are you so sure the her you are thinking of is the same person I like?"

Yuirin's face turns very serious and firmly stated, "Because I am in love with the other one."

-- Music Room --

After I told Kojimako who I was in love with, she became relieved to know that our friendship isn't ruin because we did not like the same Nana. Then she started to ask me a whole new set of questions about my feelings for my crush that I was not in the mood of answering. Before I knew it, Kojimako came up with this crazy idea that both of us should confess together. At first, I was against it because it will be embarrassing, but she threatened to not let me go home if I didn't agree to it so here I am now staring at my crush.

Since it has been silence for the past few minutes, one of the Nanas begin to speak up.

Okada Nana concernedly asked, "Is everything okay?"

"You both look really nervous and anxious." Owada Nana stated.

Kojimako nudges Yuirin with her elbow as a signal to start first. Yuirin nervously looks at her, but Kojimako whispers "Ganbette!"

Yuirin takes a deep breath and gathers up her courage, "Mako and I have something important to tell you both. Please listen to us until the end!"

Yuirin looks firmly at her crush, "Naachan, since the day I saw you make that serious speech for the student council president election, I knew you were different from other girls. When you smiled at the end of your speech, it was one of the most beautiful smile I ever saw in my life. I unknowingly smiled along with you. Since that day, I was determined to get close to you. You were troubled and overwhelmed with your tasks as the student council president which I was the only one who noticed. I offered to talk to you and I was glad you accepted. Ever since then, we started to have long talks on the phone and my feelings grew for you. You started to become someone who I want to protect with my life.  I love you. Please be my girlfriend!" Yuirin stretches out her hand for her to take.

Naachan is speechless as she is still processing what just happened. After a while, Yuirin starts to lose hope as Naachan did not accept her confession. Kojimako looks on sadly at Yuirin. Before Yuirin can retract her hands, Naachan pulls her in for a hug.

"Thank you, Yuu-chan for your confession. To be honest, I had feelings for you after we had our first long talks on the phone. I am so glad you feel the same way. You have always been there for me when I needed someone. I really appreciate everything you have done for me. I am very happy to be your girlfriend because I love you too." Naachan sincerely declared.

Yuirin lifts Naachan up and spins her around as she is full of joy. Kojimako smiles brightly and claps her hands as she celebrates for her friends' success.

After Yuirin puts Naachan down, she looks at Kojimako and signals that it is her turn. Then, all of a sudden, Kojimako turns 360 degrees from happy to panic as she forgot about her own confession in those few seconds. She nervously turns to Naanya and sees her silently staring at the new formed couple in which Kojimako mistaken the silence as sadness and quickly grabs her attention by holding onto Naanya's shoulders.

"Naanya, listen, I know you have feelings for Yuirin, but please give me a chance instead. The truth is I have always had a crush for you since the day I saw you at the school musical. I fell in love with your voice, your smile and just everything about you. Many people told me to give up on you because you started to get close to Yuirin and even develop feelings. I knew I have lost my chance with you so I have silently love you from afar. I wanted to move on, but I couldn't stop this heart from beating everytime you are around. I know you are sad because Yuirin is now with Naachan, but I am very serious about you and I really love you, so please give me a chance and be my girlfriend!!!" Kojimako bows and stretches out her hands. If only Kojimako had her head up, she would have seen the relieved and happy expression from Naanya's face. Naanya quickly takes Kojimako's hands.

"Thank you, Kojimako! I would love to be your girlfriend!" Naanya hugs her.

Kojimako is a bit taken back at her crush's acceptance to her love, "Really!?!" Naanya giggles at her reaction.

"Baka, Kojimako, the person she have feelings for is you all along! You are the actual oblivious one, not me!" Yuirin stated.

Naachan added, "I am so glad you confessed to Naanya. She was getting worried that you didn't feel the same! Thank god!"

"Eh!! But I thought..." Naanya interrupted, "Mako, the only reason why I got close to Yuirin was because I wanted to have the chance to be with you. I made Yuirin promise me that she will not tell you about my feelings for you. I have always love you." Naanya proves her feelings by kissing Mako on the cheek in which the latter quickly blushes.

Yuirin pretends to be sad and pout, "Oh, I feel used." Naachan kisses her on the cheek, "Yuu-chan, Kawaii"

Kojimako starts to laugh, "Hahaha!!! You are red as a tomato! Yuirin, I have never seen you like this before! You were always so calm!"

Yuirin started to chase Kojimako around the room as Kojimako continues to laugh while running away. Naachan and Naanya just shake their heads as they watch how silly their girlfriends are. They both looked at each other and smiled, feeling glad that their love was returned.

"Naachan, let's leave them and get ice cream on the way home!"

"Okay! Ice cream sounds delicious right now!"

Kojimako and Yuirin both said, "Hey, wait for us!"

The two new formed couple walks out of the school while holding hands with their respective partners as they embark in a new journey with one another.

The End

I hope you all enjoy the one-shot. This is my first time one-shot. I am sorry if it is not a good story! But, thank you for taking the time to read it! I hope you all enjoy reading the one-shot as much as I enjoyed writing it. Thank you for your support! Please comment below to let me know what you think!

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Re: Which Nana? One-shot [Okada Nana x Murayama Yuiri x Owada Nana] 01/05/15
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It is very cute, naachan x yuirin makes me remember about akbingo 370 (am i right?), i love that episode, it always makes me laughing everytime i watch it.
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Re: Which Nana? One-shot [Okada Nana x Murayama Yuiri x Owada Nana] 01/05/15
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its cute, you should def write more OS!  :w00t:

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Aaah, finally I found Naanya's lovely fiction  :on gay:
although I prefer more RyoNya (Ryoka x Naanya), but bcz this is sweetly written, I'm starting to like NaanyaMako  :shy1:
NaachanYuiri too! My freshly new favorite pairing! lol
I was think of them just bestfrieds bcz of their closeness, they're also on the same age, and I think their way of thinking is also similar, but after I watch akbingo 370, I changed my thought and then ship them~~  :kekeke: lol
Anyway, good OS you have there, author-san  :on GJ:
I think you must write more OS about the jisedai.. maybe about MogiMion (I'm really waited for this!), bcz they're my favorite ship now  :whistle:

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Re: One-Shot & Short Stories Collection: "You and I" 05/25/16
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Enjoy! Happy Reading! YuuNaa (Murayama Yuiri and Okada Nana)

You and Me

Her: indicates someone other than Nana. This person will be revealed soon.

Murayama Yuiri POV

She is now sound asleep in my arms after hours’ worth of tears that fell from her angelic face. I hate when I see sad tears from her.

Stroking her soft luscious hair, loving the feeling it feels under my fingertips, how I wish I can do this forever, how I wish she could be mine.

“How can an angelic and fragile girl like you, suffer so much under her wrath? Why do you still endure this pain? Why do you still hold on to the love that isn’t what it used to be?”

I slowly roll up your sleeves, knowing that underneath these clothing are evidences of your physical pain which makes my anger boil immensely.

As more skin is being revealed in front of my eyes, the deeper the color of the bruises that is painted on your pale skin.

The bruises were almost everywhere around your body. If I was not overly concern or protective of you, I would not have discovered the torture you have been through. I know you would never want me to worry so you kept your mouth shut and let her inflict these marks on you.

Rubbing your petite and soft cheeks, how I wish you came to me earlier. I move forward and lean my forehead against yours. Not only can I hear your breathing, but I can feel it as well.

Eyeing on your beautiful lips, how tempted I am, but I won’t. Without your permission, I won’t proceed in doing anything selfish to you.

I pull you tighter into my arms as I am afraid you will fade away from me. The simple movement have stir you away from your dreamland and back to reality.

I curse myself for not being subtle enough. You open your eyes and notice the proximity between us but didn’t shy away. In fact, you welcome the warmth of our bodies cuddling together.

Then, the most rewarding part for me is your genuine smile. I continue to stroke your hair and hold onto to you.

You respond by leaning closer to me and wrapping your arms around my waist. I am delighted of your simple gesture.

Everything feels natural and right between us. Nothing else mattered because at this moment, it is just you and me.


Please leave comments to let me know what you think. Thank you!
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Please leave comments and let me know what you think. Happy Reading!

You and I

Note: This is a continuation of “You and Me”.


Her = indicates someone other than Yuiri. The person will be revealed.


Okada Nana POV


I don’t know when did I fell asleep in her arms. I just remembered being in her arms crying.

I woke up to the soft touch of her fingertips stroking my hair, but I kept my eyes closed. I just wanted to continue enjoying this feeling.

She started speaking, unknowing that I am awake and that I can hear her every words. Her voice is always soft and gentle, but this time there is a hint of sadness and anger.

I can feel her hands rolling up my sleeves, witnessing the ugliness of my skin and the pain that I’ve endured from her.

I can feel her angry as she grabs my sleeves very tightly. I knew she would react this way when she finds out what has been going on. I did not want her to worry so much about me. But, I was lying to myself when I thought I can hide it from her forever. I know how protective she is of me. But, I did not know how to tell her in the first place.

Heat generating onto my cheeks as she placed her palms against them. Then, I can feel the proximity between us as she leaned her forehead against mine. I can tell that our lips are just centimeters away, but I know that she would not do anything to me without my permission.

She is very kindhearted, respectful and humble. But, I do not know why I feel disappointed when she did not proceed to kiss me. Regardless of the results, I could never be mad at her. She is the closest person I have other than my family and her.

A sudden movement she made that pull us tighter together. There is no way I can keep composed any longer, so I pretend to just have awaken up because of the movement.

The moment I opened my eyes, I can see her beautiful dark brown eyes. I cannot help it but smile at her and I can see that she loves my smile. She continues to stroke my hair and hold onto me securely.

I simply sink into her arms and wrap my arms around her. All of a sudden, I have forgotten all about my pain. Everything feels better and right when I am with her. Nothing else mattered because at this moment, it is you and I.



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Another Update. Leave comments below to let me know what you think. Happy Reading!


The room is very quiet. The only sound that could be heard is the sound of breathing from two people cuddling on the couch. No words are needed to be exchanged. Yuiri and Nana simply enjoys each other’s presence.

But, their sweet moment gets interrupted by Nana’s cellphone. In a split second, Nana’s body becomes stiff and shaky. The atmosphere becomes tense. Yuiri can see how vulnerable and fragile Nana has become by a single ring from the mobile device. But, Yuiri knows that it is not the phone call Nana is scared of, it is the caller that is making her react this way.

As the phone keeps ringing, Nana becomes more frantic and covers her eyes with her hands, hoping to drown away the sound.

It hurts Yuiri to see the one she loves react this way because of her. Yuiri grabs Nana’s cellphone and gets ready to click on the bright green button when Nana quickly stops her.

Nana takes the phone away from her. “Yuu-chan, you can’t. She will hurt you.”

Yuiri did not say anything but reaches for the phone. Once it is in her hands, the phone stops ringing. Yuiri was going to attempt to call her back and tell her to leave Nana from now on, but once again, her action is stopped by Nana.

“Yuu-chan, please…I don’t want you to be involved and get hurt because of me.” Nana said with her shaken voice and teary face.

Yuiri tightens her grip on the cellphone as if hoping to break it with her bare hands, to disconnect the source of communication from Nana and her. But, after a second, she loosens her grip and throws the cellphone back onto the table.

Yuiri moves closer to Nana and wipes away those tears with her hands. Nana looks at Yuiri’s eyes and she can only see sympathy and pain. Yuiri leans against her forehead.

“Naa-chan, I can take care of myself. You do not have to worry about me. If she tries to hurt me, I can defend myself. For now, you just rest and stay with me.” Yuiri softly whispered.
Nana nods and agrees with Yuiri as she is tired mentally and physically to fight against her. Seeing how tired Nana is, Yuiri decides to carry Nana bridal style.

 “Ah, Yuu-chan, what are you doing? Put me down!” Nana embarrassingly said.

Yuiri smiled, “Don’t worry, I will not drop you. Since you are tired, I just thought I should carry you to my room.”

“Mou, Yuu-chan! It’s embarrassing, put me down now!” Nana demanded.

Yuiri ignores her rant and proceed to carry her into her room and place Nana onto her bed. Yuiri pulls the blanket over Nana and makes sure she is warm and comfortable before she leaves to sleep outside in the living room.

Nana grabs Yuiri’s hand. “Yuu-chan, can you stay with me tonight?” Nana shyly asked. Yuiri cannot deny Nana’s request and agreed.

“I am going to grab a glass of water before I sleep. Try to get some sleep first, I will be back before you know it.” Yuiri said.

Nana nodded and let go of Yuiri’s hand. Yuiri turns off the light and slowly closes the door. She walks straight to the kitchen and pours herself a glass of water. She leans against the kitchen counter and sips on her water as she thinks back of the sweet moment she had with Nana not long ago on the couch.

Yuiri closes her eyes and remembered how small Nana looked when she opened the front door for the girl. Usually, when Yuiri opens her door, Nana would be this happy and energetic girl who pounces onto her. But, that was not the girl she saw, she saw a girl who hugged herself so tightly as if trying to shield herself from the entire world, she saw a girl who is broken.

Nana has always been a serious, playful, affectionate and initiative person, but now she cannot believe how reserve and seclusive Nana has become…all because of her.

What makes Yuiri frustrated and angry is that she let this happened…she let this happened to the girl she loves. Yuiri blames herself for not being able to protect Nana when she needed it the most.

Yuiri finishes her water and places it onto the sink. She promises herself that she will not let anyone hurt Nana again.

She makes her way back to her room, to the girl that is waiting for her. But, before Yuiri is able to turn the door knob, the sudden sound came back which made Yuiri halt from going inside the room.

The sound that Yuiri now loathes, the sound of the ringtone coming from the one thing that she should have broke when she had the chance, the ringtone from Nana’s cellphone which only indicates one thing…it’s her.

Yuiri quietly and slowly opens the door, just enough to see Nana sleeping soundly on her bed.

She firmly said, “I will protect you.”

She closes the door once more and returns back to the cellphone. She lifts the cellphone away from the table and onto her hands. She grips onto the phone tightly and firmly looks upon the two words displayed on the small screen…

Taniguchi Megu


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Taniguchi Megu?! The one who beat Nana is Megu???

Gonna wait the next chapter, author-san^o^/
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is it over?  :(

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