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Title: Gomattou [END]
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Here is a short synopsis of Gomattou : On a what seemed to be an ordinary day, Aya walked down the street and was knocked down by a car and subsequently she lost her memory. What seemed to a regular hit-and-run incident was actually part of a bigger plan to... The relationship between the victim and perpetrator developed. How will Miki react? Who is a 'friend' and who is an 'enemy'? As the characters go through a roller-coaster ride of emotions, they gradually discover the truth behind their relationships and that of the PLAN. Read on to find out more! :D

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Chapter 1

Gone in maze fire...

As normal, Ayaya took a stroll out in the streets with her dog, Toma-chan, in the park in her neighbourhood on a Monday. It had been a cooling autumn early morning with the rattling of the leaves audible in the background of the noise produced by the youths heading for school. Occasionally, Ayaya would turn and look at them and smiled to herself. “Before I joined H!P, I was just like them. Walking, laughing and teasing my friends on the way to school. What am I thinking of? I love the life in H!P, the friends that I have in there, especially Miki…” Ayaya’s thoughts trailed off as Toma-chan tried to chase another dog and kept barking at it.

“Stop it, Toma-chan! Sorry…” Ayaya chided her beloved dog. It was a gift from Miki when she released her 2nd album, T-W-O. Initially, they agreed to call it To-Wa-O. However, Ayaya found it hard to pronounce, in particular the “WaO”. She said it sounded like an imitation of the dog’s bark and changed it to “Toma” on her own accord.

She strolled on listlessly as she heard the first chirpings of the earliest birds. Ayaya knew she needed to go back now or else she would not be on time for the dance rehearsal. But there was something on her mind. “Oh yes, before leaving this place I have to…wait…where is it? Ah, here it is!” She took out a tiny slip of paper and scribbled some ineligible words on it and walked hastily towards the convenience shop a street away. While she crossed the road, there was a black car speeding towards her direction without its headlights on. She heard a person shouting, “Ka-” and remembered nothing else after that.

At her own house, Miki made a cup of coffee for herself in the well-illuminated kitchen. As usual, more milk, no sugar. She could not stand it when the proportion of the milk and sugar were wrong. The only person who managed to get it right was her one and only best friend, Ayaya-chan. She really loved Aya, to the extent that she could not find any words to criticize her. Aya was the perfect lady in her eyes.

She took a sip by a sip. In her mind, memories flashed by. When Miki first knew Aya, she liked to emphasize a lot on the importance of the correct proportion of the ingredients in the coffee. To her surprise, Aya went on to make the coffee perfectly well, even better than the ones that Miki took pride in. Once Miki saw how Aya made coffee and she almost died from laughing. Using a measuring cylinder, Aya measured the precise amount of sugar, milk and water just like doing a Chemistry experiment in the laboratory. It was only a while later that Miki found out that Aya had never drunk coffee before she met Miki let alone made it.

After finishing the coffee, Miki stood up and proceeded towards her bulky bag. Taking a final look at the contents, she murmured to herself, “Jersey, socks, shin-guards, water, boots, clean shirt and shorts, sandals, perfume, comb and watch….” She carried the bag and walked in the usual confident manner out of her cosy little house into the world where atrocities and love could be witnessed at the same time.

“May I know which ward Matsuura Aya is staying in?”

“Over that corner. 201. You have to wait a while because the doctor is inside giving her a check-up. I suppose he is still inside now.” The girl at the reception answered politely. Her eyes were fixed on the visitor.

“Okay, sure. I wish to have a few words with the doctor as well.”

Leaning against the wall, she was unaware of how prominent she had looked. Wearing a sleeveless white blouse with blue straps and mid-knee jeans, she might have thought that she looked “ordinary”. Everyone walking along the corridor turned and glanced at her in a strange manner. However, she was kind of oblivious to all the attention on her. In her mind, she was thinking of Aya’s condition and praying hard that she would be fine. At this moment of time, a man in white robe came out of Aya’s ward.

He went over and greeted her, “Hello. Nice to meet you, Fujimoto Miki. I have some-”

“I am not Miki. I am Goto Maki.”

“Is it? Sorry about it.”

“Never mind, just continue.”

“Ok, I was just going to say that I have some good and bad news.” He paused and waited for Maki’s reaction.

Maki stood there with her arms folded across her chest, “Just say it out.”

The doctor briefed Maki of Aya’s condition and at some point, Maki frowned, but during most of the conversation, she had this slight grin on her face. She doubted the doctor noticed it because he kept staring at her blouse while he talked.

Maki gave a final nod, breathed in deeply, and said, “I think I have known just about everything. I will inform the rest about this but don’t worry; we will allow her to rest well and recuperate.” Maki took a step forward and peeked into Aya’s ward and saw her sleeping peacefully on the bed. She grinned again.

After a couple of hours, Miki and Yossie arrived. Miki ran towards Maki and enquired, “So how’s Aya?”

“I’ve spoken with the doctor and I understand her condition.” She paused and sighed. “She’s fine, but it’s just that-”

“She died?” Miki exclaimed with disbelief.

“Please allow me to continue. She just-”

“She lost a leg? Is it?” Miki demanded.

Maki walked towards Miki and placed her hands on her shoulders. “Miki, you have to calm yourself down. Aya is still alive and she did not lose her leg. It is just that she can’t clearly remember who she is, who we are. Get it?”

“You mean…she lost her memory?”

“Yes, something like that…now, at this time, we just have to give her our utmost support.”

After Miki rushed into the ward, Yossie took a step forward and spoke seriously in a deep tone, “Maki.”


“Sorry if I am being too blunt to you. I don’t quite understand why the hospital staff contacted you first. Everyone with enough common sense should know that Ayaya and Mikitty are always best of friends. Now with the formation of GAM, I don’t see how they can overlook that.”

“I know. I feel that it is rather weird as well. Perhaps, they wanted to call Miki but she was not around because of the futsal practice going on this morning. Scrolling down the names in Aya’s phonebook from Fujimoto, I think the next person on Aya’s phonebook is me. G comes after F.” she looked down as if waiting for an approval.

“Oh I see.”

“Aren’t you going in to see her?”

“Let GAM have a bit of their private time. Maybe this is a good opportunity to show how Great their relationship is and they might have telepathy or something between them.”

“Stop being sarcastic. You should understand that this is no joking matter.”

“I’m not. Looking at their past friendship, perhaps, that really and had already existed?”

“Oh yes, the media side, have it being settled?”

Yossie gave a tiny smile. “As if Tsunku will forget, of course he will remember. Aya is one of those popular girls out there. Go home to watch the evening news. Aya’s injuries will be reported then. But I don’t think they will mention about her slight mental disability. This is not good news for those hard-core fans of theirs.”

“True. Not good for Aya either. I bet she wants some peace now.”

Meanwhile, Miki went into the private ward and saw Aya lying on the bed. From her glittering eyes, Miki could sense Aya’s sense of relief and at the same time, some form of emptiness when she entered the room. Miki smiled. Her eyes followed Miki’s silhouette closely, and for the first time, there was a deep frown on her beautiful face. Miki had never seen Aya looking at her like that before. She was sort of taken aback.

“How are you feeling, Aya?” Miki asked politely.

“Are you calling me?” Aya replied, the void in her soul was heard from that inquiry.


“Thanks, I am fine. My name is Aya?”

“Yes. Do you know who I am?

“Who am I?”

“Matsuura Aya. Ayaya-”

“What is my occupation?”

“A singer. Do you still remember our duo-”

“I sing? What do I sing?”

“Many songs like Love namida iro, Momoiro kataomoi…”

“Oh, am I famous?”

“Yes. Sorry, I have to go. I have something on after this. See you next time then.”

“Okay, bye.”

Miki left the room, astonished. She felt she had just spoken to a stranger but the person was no other than her only best friend, Ayaya. Her expression was different, the way she spoke was different, and the things that she had forgotten were everything. Perhaps, the main reason why Miki left the room hastily was because Aya failed to recognize her. She felt disappointed. Avoiding the glares of the people around, in particular the 2 H!P members, she stomped out of the hospital. “Where should I go now?” she asked herself. Her life had been H!P and Aya and today, half of her life had been consume

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Ooooooooooh, interesting. :O
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Ok... you got my attention :O
I'll be waiting your update
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WHY AM I STILL WRITING WITH CAPITALS? ok thats better. Anyway i love this story and hope that it doesn't end half way through here as well like it did on the other site..... Anywayz hope you post again soon, and hope that soon I will finally know how it ends, *spoiler* if Miki ends up with Aya or if Aya ends up with *spoiler* Maki *spoiler* *spoiler* *spoiler*!
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Hi sweeety, I sent you the PM at the other forum already and I am the original writer  :lol: Thank you for liking my story :)

Chapter 2

Forgotten Memories

The following day in the hospital was filled, almost overflowed with celebrities and hopeful fans trying to catch a glimpse of their loved idols. Almost every H!P member came in their own cliques to visit Aya. Perhaps this is something so unique about H!P as even those who didn’t even know Aya well, like the newest member Kusumi, came and offered some form of encouragement. The zooming figures in and out of ward 201 (hope you can still remember this is the ward Aya was staying in) made Aya feel more than overwhelmed.

On the third day, Def Diva visited her around mid-afternoon. The various members had visited her before but they decided to come together as a whole unit to create a strong and good impression of themselves. Furthermore, they wanted to stimulate Aya so that she could remember something of H!P which she had failed in the past 2 days.

Rika, wearing a white and green blouse and a pair of matching boots, asked worriedly, “Do you think it is right for us to do this now?”

Maki answered in an unconvincing tone, “Maybe yes, maybe no. But we have to give a try. If she fails to remember, we can start the DIVA relationship from step 1 again…”

“But do you think that’s so simple? Yesterday news was so deceiving! What if the paparazzi finds out about the lie one day? The entire H!P image will be ruined!”

Natsumi rolled her eyes, sighed and said softly, “I don’t think this is the key issue now. Aya is quite pitiful, you know. Everyone expects so much from her. Give her a nice break.” She turned towards Maki. “Right, Maki?” Maki nodded her head. “Do you think Aya will fancy some snacks? I can buy her favourite snacks at the convenience store. The convenience store is at…uh…right or left?”

Rika laughed so hard that her shoulders shook. “Abe-san, I think I know the way. I will bring you there then.” Rika turned and smiled at Maki and said light-heartedly, “Goto-san, you enter on your own first, okay?” Maki nodded wearily. “Bye, see you later!”

Maki took the elevator up to the second floor and entered the ward. Along the way, many glances were thrown at her. This was probably one of the main reasons why she chose to become an idol. Eyes strained to observe her every action, ears focusing hard to listen to her every word, this was her childhood dream. But now, this was not the kind of attraction that she hoped for.

Aya was lying on the bed, staring out the window. Maki greeted her politely and Aya smiled back. Maki sat down gently on the chair and asked, “How was it yesterday?”

“Too many people came but I can’t remember a single one of them,” Aya replied with a tiny grin on the side of her face. The sobbing of her heart could be heard in her weak voice. Maki shook her head. “Tell me, Goto-san, are you the first person to visit me?”

Maki’s eyes began to glitter with hope. Aya not only remembered her name but also recalled that she was the first person to visit her. Perhaps, Aya could recover in time for the Def DIVA performance next month. “Yes, I am, Ayaya.” This was the first time Maki addressed Aya as ‘Ayaya’, the nickname which was only used by the close friend of Aya ---- Miki. She hoped that this name would rekindle some memories although she did feel rather awkward to call her Ayaya.


“That’s your nickname.”


“Call me Maki.”

“Okay, Maki, am I…famous as a singer?”

“Yes, you are. You have a lot of hits songs like--”

“I know! Love… something… iro. What is it? Damn it, I can’t even remember the name of one song!”

“Love namida iro?” This was one of the Aya’s songs Maki knew.

“Yes!” An awkward silence fell between them before Aya continued, “I wonder how it sounds like. I don’t think I remember anything of it.” Maki nodded in silence.

The door suddenly flew open. “Hello, Aya!” a high-pitch voice was heard. Entering the room, Rika and Natsumi’s hands were filled with plastic bags with snacks and drinks in them. Obviously, they did not know which snacks and drinks Aya liked and ended up buying things they liked. The uncertainty had left Rika and she exclaimed in a lilt voice, “Do you feel better now? My name is Ishikawa Rika. Nice to meet you!”

Natsumi gave Rika a disdain look. “I am Abe Natsumi.”

Aya had a confused look and went on to iintroduce without knowing that everyone in the room was in the same unit.

Natsumi threw a glance at Maki and Maki nodded. Natsumi started the song, “Rarabai” and Maki and Rika sang their parts before a silence descended. They waited for Aya to continue her part but Aya just stared at them with enormous eyes. Maki shook her head and went on “ano koro ga yume mitai” and with Maki taking Aya’s parts, the song was sung in a ¾ DEF DIVA fashion without any movement.

“Bye Bye mou nido to awanai keredo suki sugite USO mitai.” The song ended without the final pose.

Aya clapped and exclaimed, “Perfect combination! That was awesome! How long did you take to master that? I bet a few months at least.”

Natsumi pushed back her fringe and said absently, “The song with the choreography took a month.”

“Wow, that’s fantastic. I am not being rude or something but I just wonder did Maki sing more parts in the song?”

“Of course. She sang your parts as well.”

“My parts? You mean I am in the, what do you call that, unit?”

“Yes.” Natsumi took a quick look at her watch. “I need to go now, sorry Aya-chan, I can’t stay longer.”


After stepping out of the ward, Natsumi sighed and closed her eyes. “Hopeless,” she thought, “she cannot return in time for the performance.”

Maki returned home quite late after dropping by the studio to collect some video tapes. Knowing Aya’s condition, now she could only rely on one thing ---- Love namida iro. This was the one and only song Aya remembered so there could be a chance for her to regain her memory if she heard this. Believing that Aya’s failure to recall Suki sugite baka mitai was due to the lack of worth and the wrong delivery of the song, Maki played the tapes and danced along with it.

It was hard initially because Aya’s dancing style was so different from hers. Occasionally, Maki had difficulties dancing and singing the song at the same time which was what Yuko described as an “amateur mistake”. This hit Maki real hard because she was one of the best hello project dancers.

3.a.m. Maki sat down comfortably in her red sofa and watched some more tapes. She wanted to follow exactly how Aya delivered her song. There was a lot of differentiation in both the singing and dancing in each live performance and it was tiring to make up which style was the one that was used most frequently. Maki squinted and her eyes grew smaller and smaller and smaller…

The following day, Maki entered Aya’s ward in a white top and a black mini-skirt. It was cold but she did not care as she hoped that this would keep her awake. Her face was pale and listless. Aya smiled and greeted her. Maki took Aya’s hand and touched it softly as she edged herself towards Aya. She said with a half-blank look on her face, “Sorry for not being with you for every second. I sincerely apologise—”

“You’re the person whom I spent the most time with,” Aya corrected her.

“Is it? What about the other girl who visited you on the first day?”

“That snobbish girl? I never see her face after that day and will never ever wish to see her again.”

“What an irony.” Maki murmured under her breath as a tiny grin was revealed on her pale face.


“Nothing.” There was a slight silence between them. Maki tightened her grip and squeezed Aya’s hand unknowingly. “Uh, do you wish to hear love namida iro?”

Aya’s face brightened up all of a sudden. “Sure.”

Maki took a few steps back and started a few simple footsteps. “LOVE namida iro anata no MEERU wa yomimashita…” She did the typical dance moves of the song rather stiffly as she was not feeling well after spending a night sleeping on the sofa. She could not memorise the choreography of the song although she did remember most of the lyrics. The chorus was sung in pure stiffness. Maki played in her head, “Raise right hand above head, close the chest, spread it open, footstep right, left, right, left…” During the verses, it was awkwardness as she had forgotten all the dance moves and even messed up some of the lyrics. This was pure horrible.

Despite the bad delivery, Aya clapped and even remarked that this was great. She certainly would not have said this if she was fine. Maki shook her head in shock of her poor performance and a fringe covered her mesmerizing eyes. Moving herself closer towards Maki, Aya pushed the fringe back and stared lovingly at Maki’s face. Somehow, Maki loved the soft touch of Aya on her face. She beamed for the first time in the day.

They were certainly oblivious of someone watching them from outside of the ward. Miki stood at an angle such that she could only see Maki and the back of Aya. Watching Aya touching Maki was too much for her to take. She should be in Maki’s position, enjoying Aya’s touch. “Why?” She asked herself again. “Why am I standing outside?” She sipped a cup of ready-made coffee slowly. After having a sleepless night yesterday (Miki did not spend her night practicing Love Namida iro like what Maki did), she felt that coffee was the only thing to keep her awake. She looked at it in disgust and threw it away into the sterilized dustbin. “Too much sugar,” she said to herself as she visualized Aya touching Maki’s face, “Too little milk,” a tear prickled down her cheeks as she recalled how Aya failed to remember her. Same with how she handled the coffee, she literally threw her most treasured friendship away as she stomped off without looking back.

“Fujimoto-san?” a voice from behind was heard.

Miki turned back and saw a man dressed in a suit, smiling at her. Allowing her fringe to cover her red and swollen eyes, Miki questioned, “What?”

“I just need your help to confirm some things. Oh yes, I am a police officer and I am in charge of Matsuura’s case.” He said as he took out a piece of trampled paper. Miki stared at him for a few seconds before taking it over. As she opened the paper, she noticed the familiarity of the handwriting as her tears went streaming down her cheeks.

It wrote, “Mikitty’s favourite chocolate and coffee powder. 3 packets each. Ichiban Ichigo a street across the end of the park. Remind Mikitty to come over for a special treat.”

“Mikitty, chocolate, coffee, special treat, when can I hear all these again? I might not be at the receiving end of all these again…”

“I bet you recognize the writing. Matsuura Aya’s handwriting is it?” the police officer asked, interrupting her thoughts.

“Yes. Where and when did you find this?”

“At the crime scene. Matsuura-san was clenching this piece of paper in her right fist when she was knocked down.”

“Oh, so she was knocked down because of me,” Miki murmured to herself as a sense of guilt hit her hard.

“Don’t feel guilty,” he said solemnly as he placed his hands on Miki’s shoulder, “No one had expected that to happen to Matsuura-san.”

Miki shifted backwards while holding back her tears as she questioned, “So have you found the criminal?”

“Apparently not. It was a hit-and-run.”


“Yes, that person is an idiot, it will be a heavier sentence for the criminal since it was a hit-and-run and-”

“I am not referring to the criminal, you are the idiot.” He was taken aback. “What’s so difficult of catching that person? That happened during the peak hours, didn’t it?”

He gave a forced laugh and explained, “Yes, but the driver left the scene immediately after it happened. Witnesses claimed that the criminal did not even slow down. It seemed that it was intended to hit Matsuura-san.”

Miki nodded her head and walked off, ignoring the police officer. She thought, “If Ayaya did not buy that chocolate and coffee powder that day, she wouldn’t be knocked over.” Guilt struck her hard again. She knew it was her fault. “Wait, that happened on a Monday, right? So that means that…Towao!”
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YEY I got the message! I replied (If you care) and ty for it and posting and choosing to continue the story! EVERYBODY, THIS IS THE ORIGINAL WRITER, NO STORY STEALING GOING ON HERE! just making sure you got the message. And also this person RULES! Its one of the things that inspired me to write (and actually post what I write).
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hehe I knew this story sounded familar and I was about to ask about it too. Whether you just stopped writing or no one updated on the other site, I'm glad you're back to continue it. :)
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Ya... this is interesting
New story to me... sweeety's posts make me wait a lot of this story
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Mayaki? :o

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I hope I didn't give away too much. Sory if I did, but I don't think I said  much more than is already obvious from the title. Anyway GJ hope you keep it up and we get to the part I was up to before too long, and you continue soon. mwah :)
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Thanks for the responses, I'll try to update really constantly (which is what I've been doing) and hope you will enjoy the story! :D


Garish Future

“Sorry, pls 4give me 4 not being with u when u needed me most…if possible, will u like to sing 2gether again? Shall we love perhaps? I wish to see your face again soon. Mikitty.”

Holding her mobile phone in her right hand and Aya’s in her left, Miki clicked the “send” button. She squinted. This was a bit too mushy for her. She wondered, “Aya does not know me so it is okay but what if that idiot (referring to Maki) reads the message? She will die from laughter. What if she tells Aya that’s just a stupid fan trying to get close to her? What if she-” There were too many question yet too little time for her to answer as she felt the vibration on her left hand. She shook her head in despair. She could actually delete the message but she did not want to. She wanted Aya to know another different Miki whom she did not know. Anyway, her precious morning hours should not be wasted doing this.

Standing in the middle of Aya’s unkempt house, Miki shook her head again but this time she had a tiny smile glued onto her lips. She caught sight of the measuring cylinder lying on the messy coffee table. “The measuring cylinder is used to measure precise amount of sugar, milk and water so that Mikitty can enjoy her favourite coffee.” That was Aya’s favourite line. Or rather, that was what Miki loved to hear from Aya.

The serenity of the apartment was interrupted by a knock on the door. Miki swept her fringes back and opened the door. It was Aya’s neighbour. What was her name? She couldn’t remember. Anyway, she could not be bothered to remember names of people who did not really affect her life. In the neighbour’s hands was a grey dog with beautiful curly fur.

“What a smart dog Toma is! He knows how to find his way back to Matsuura’s apartment. But sadly, Matsuura-san is not in. Strange, it had been quite long already…” the neighbour exclaimed as the dog tried to scurry out of her arms.

“She is staying with me now,” Miki quickly lied, “Toma?”

“Yes, it is Matsuura-san’s dog.”


“What is weird?”

“Nothing.” Silence fell between them until Miki continued, “Do you mind passing the dog over to me? I will hand it over to Aya. Thank you for taking care of him. Sorry to trouble you.”

“Don’t mention it.”

Miki took the dog over. It seemed to enjoy her touch as it scrambled closer to Miki’s chest. Miki stroked its gorgeous fur and kissed it on its forehead. She knew beyond doubts that this is Towao. Miki wondered, “Why? Why did Aya change its name? Was it an early premonition that our friendship was ending? Could it be…? No, Goto was not in the story yet or else the neighbour will not have known the dog’s new name. Or perhaps…”

A month had passed since Aya was hospitalized. She had spent most of the days with Maki and some of the days with her family members and some of the Hello Project mates. Strangely, the days without Maki were long and arduous and she longed for them to pass as soon as possible. It felt wrong when Maki wasn’t there.

This was one of the days that were perfectly right. Maki was standing right in front of her performing Love Namida Iro again. It had been a month without any results but Maki still refused to give up. That was what Maki considered as the “Gottsan’s spirit”.

“akippoi akippoi anata no seikaku to ijippari ijippari son'na watashi no seikaku kitto tsuzukanai.” Maki smiled widely at Aya as her hand slowly rose up.

“Love Namida iro naite mo naite mo tomaranai…” Aya sang under her breath as she returned a delighted grin to Maki. Maki stopped her foot work and stared at Aya with huge eyes.

“Ayaya, you remember the song? Tell me you do, Ayaya. Ayaya!” Maki took Aya’s hand in hers and questioned her.

Aya gave an innocent look and replied, “Not really, but you’d been singing this for the past month and I learnt it from you.”

“Oh…” Maki looked down at their interlocking hands and grinned to herself. At least Aya made an effort to remember…


Maki glanced up at Aya. “What?”

“Can I try to sing the song with you?”

Maki was taken aback but she did not reveal the shock in her voice. “Ok, fine.”

Aya stood beside Maki and they performed the prestigious song together to no one in particular. But clearly, they were not intending to sing this to anyone. It was an unspoken pact between them to sing together that outsiders could not understand. Maki could not find a word to describe her joy to perform with Aya and Aya was more than delighted to sing her trademark song again with her friend.

After the song had ended, they stared at each other in silence happiness. The silence was however disturbed by some loud clapping. Yossie and Makoto were standing right in front of the door, grinning at them. Suddenly, the smile disappeared from Maki’s lips. She questioned sternly, “When did you enter?” Actually, she wanted to ask why they entered which completely affected the atmosphere.

Yossie shrugged, shook her head and replied, “Not very long ago…when the two of you were singing Love Namida Iro together. By the way, it was quite a neat edition of the song.” She paused and grinned at Maki. “Maybe I will get Tsunku to feature two of you as a duo.”

“Stop it, Yossie. This is not a time for your sickening talks,” Maki chided harshly.

“Oh, fine. But really, you’ve to believe it. The combination and chemistry between the two of you,” Yossie pointed at Aya, “is really better than many other duos in H!P. For example, GAM.”

“Stop it, Yossie! I’m not tolerating your nonsense. Please do not force me to chase you out.”

“Oh yeah, wrong place to say this. Sorry, Maki. Do you accept my apology?”

Makoto looked at Yossie, gave a half-laugh and said, “Uh, Yossie, maybe we should leave now. Remember that we still have to…” she stared at Maki.

“Oh yes,” Yossie nodded. “Bye Maki.” She glanced at Aya. “Bye Aya.”

After Yossie and Makoto left the room, Maki placed her hand on Aya’s shoulder and remarked, “This two crazy people are annoying. Especially that Yossie. You don’t have to bother about what she said just now.” Aya nodded in silence.

There was a knock on the door. Feeling agitated after the earlier incident, Maki swept the door open and saw a nurse standing outside. She let out a sigh of relief. “What’s the matter?” Maki asked gently.

“A woman came over just now and handed me this,” she passed a handphone to Maki, “this is for Matsuura-san, she said.”

“Who’s she?” Aya enquired.

“She is Fujimoto Miki. She even gave me her autograph just now.” She showed them the book on her hands with the Miki’s heart signature on it.

“Who’s that?” Aya asked.

Maki quickly interrupted, “Aya, stop pretending. Ok, I know. Thanks.”

After the nurse left the ward, Maki handed Aya the phone. Maki took a deep breath and said quietly, “This is your phone.”

Aya took it over and started scrutinizing her own phone. There was a silence before Aya asked, “Who is Fujimoto Miki?”

“She is the snobbish girl who visited you on the first day when you were hospitalized.”

“Oh…I think there is a new message here.” She passed the phone over to Maki who read the message seriously. “So what should I do now?”

Maki shrugged. “Do you wish to see her again?”

Maki sipped her coffee slowly in the café of the hospital when she heard someone shouting, “Goto Maki!” She turned around and saw a tall, slender woman with smooth, long hair stomping towards her. There was a prominent frown on her forehead.

“Hi, long time no see.” Maki said in an extremely relaxed tone.

“Don’t try to act so kind!”

“What do you want, Fujimoto-san?”

She stared at the coffee on the table and all her anger seemed to vanish into thin air. She added slowly, “Please be frank with me, Goto. When had this started?”

Maki frowned, wondering what she was referring to as “this”. In the end, she said, “It started when that ended.”

Miki moved forward and took in a deep breath. “Now, I don’t want this to appear on the headlines tomorrow. Tell me, why didn’t Aya reply to my message?”

“How should I know? Anyway, she is just up there. Why don’t you just ask her?” Maki bent her head and looked down at the cage which Miki was carrying in her hands. “And…that is prohibited in a hospital.”

“Stop being pretentious! Listen up, from now on, stay away from Aya!”

“If I leave her alone, she will be extremely upset. Do you want to see her cry? Anyway, Fujimoto-san, this,” she pointed to the cage, “is not allowed here.”

Miki shook her fists and left the café hastily. After the confrontation with Maki, Miki felt even more agitated than before. The message, the dog and the incident were all pointing to one conclusion. Miki wondered, “Who the hell said that she lost her memory? Who was the idiot who had more power than Mikitty to choose a name for Aya’s dog? Who told Aya not to reply to her message? Goto. No doubt about that.”

After some hesitations outside of Aya’s ward, Miki entered Aya’s ward and saw Aya sleeping peacefully. She looked very beautiful in her sleep. There was a serenity around her which totally captivated Miki. She touched Aya’s face gently and Aya moved closer towards her. She mumbled softly, “Maki, I want to sleep.” There was a soft smile on her face and she lazily opened her eyes. Miki quickly moved away from the bed and tears began to well up in her eyes. She clearly did not want Aya to see her now. Aya too did not really wish to see her. In her mind, Aya must be thinking of one person – Goto.

Aya opened her eyes but she saw no one. She was quite positive that someone was in the ward because she heard the creaking of the door. She felt a warm sensation. Evidently, that someone had touched her face. Shaking her head, Aya closed her eyes again.
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Oh crap...Maki doesn't know how Miki feels about Aya, does she? If she did she would probably be trying to encourage her to spend more time at the hospital to help Aya remember her.

And Miki doesn't know that Aya renamed the dog herself, she thinks that it was Maki's doing.  :O
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"Oh crap...Maki doesn't know how Miki feels about Aya, does she?"
methinks she does :(
"If she did she would probably be trying to encourage her to spend more time at the hospital to help Aya remember her."
Yeah riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight ;)

"And Miki doesn't know that Aya renamed the dog herself, she thinks that it was Maki's doing." 
Bingo! Now Miki thinks not that Aya likes Maki as well, but simply that Maki is doing all these nasty underhanded things to steal Aya. But will Miki prevail? Keep in mind that Aya doesn't think well of her..... crap I gtg to skool mums home :(
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Here is the next one  :) everything is up to the reader to guess.... ^-^

Chapter 4

Fear is Gone...

“Maki! I have something to tell you!” Aya exclaimed in a lilt voice.

“What is it, Ayaya?” Maki asked with a sweet smile on her face which was half-covered by her fringes. She seemed accustomed to calling Aya “Ayaya”. Aya stood up, moved towards Maki and attempt to sweep her fringes away. Maki took Aya’s hand but it was too late. She saw it.

“What happened?” Aya questioned worriedly.


“Nothing? Those red marks on your face are nothing?”

“It was just an accident.”

Aya shifted closer to Maki and squeezed her hand. “Please be honest with me. You know you are hurting me now?”

Maki looked away and took in a deep breath. “I was slapped.”

“By who?”

There was a slight pause before Maki answered, “Remember that snobbish girl, yeah, it’s her…”

The smile on Aya’s face vanished and there was disbelief on her face. She mumbled under her breath, “Mikitty…”

“Didn’t you say that you’ve something to tell me, Ayaya?”

Aya blinked repeatedly and said nervously, “Oh yes, I just want to say that…uh…I’m now fit enough to leave this place.”

“The doctor said that?”


“So where do you want to go first?”

Aya looked down and murmured softly, “I want to be with Hello Project again.”

“Oh…today…I think most of them will be at the studio filming Hello! Morning.”

“Okay, we shall go there.”

When they entered the studio, Magic Restaurant was being filmed. Ishikawa Rika was eating some delicious looking cake on the red table. She was smirking away while the Morning Musume members stared jealously at her. Aya quickly spotted Miki. Miki was sitting right beside Yossie showing signs of boredom as she rested her chin on the table.

Maki folded her arms and remarked, “This is Magic Restaurant and the host is Ishikawa Rika. Only the winner of some stupid games will get to eat whatever Ishikawa is eating now. And that girl over there,” she pointed at Miki, “is the one who slapped me.”

“Oh…” Aya replied without showing much of the interest in what Maki said as she stared at the cake with wide eyes.

“Okay, so this week, the winner will be…Fujimoto Miki!” Miki stood up and held a half-smile on her face as Rika continued, “Miki is indeed lucky! I thought I will be the only one who can taste the delicious cake…” Rika revealed an unhappy look on her face before the two of them headed to the red table. Miki lifted up the plate of cake and held it beside her face and grinned while Rika started eating the cake until the director shouted “Cut!”

Rika patted Miki’s shoulder and asked worriedly, “What happened? You don’t look happy. You know that you should be grateful to eat this. Hey, where are you going?” Miki wandered off to a corner of the studio with the plate of cake in her hand. She sat on a wooden chair and pressed her fork into the cake. Occasionally, she shook her head and sighed. Her face showed signs of loneliness. Aya stared at Miki and felt a strange sensation growing in her heart.

“Mikitty,” Aya called out. Miki hurriedly looked up. Her heart almost dropped.

She breathed in deeply before she said rather calmly, “Yes?”


“Yep.” Miki looked up and caught Aya staring at the cake. “Do you want this? I didn’t touch it at all.”

“I won’t mind if you touch it, Mikitty. Can I really have it?”


“By the way, I like your necklace.” Aya pointed at her emerald pearl necklace and smiled happily.

Miki smiled back. She loved the way Aya smiled. “Thank you.” An awkward silence descended before Miki enquired kindly, “Are you feeling better now?”

“Yes.” Aya answered as she started eating the cake. “Wow, Mikitty, this is really delicious. Do you really want me to finish this?”

Miki wondered as she felt her heart beginning to pile up, “Why are you here, Ayaya? Strange, why don’t I want her here? Why can’t I smile when Ayaya is here? And…”

“Mikitty! Are you listening to me?” Aya interrupted her thoughts.

“Oh, fine.” Aya took a small piece of the cake with the fork and placed the fork nearer to Miki’s mouth. “Hey, what’re you trying to do?”

“Didn’t you say you want this?” Aya questioned. Miki stared at her with an astound expression. “Quick, you won this, remember?” Miki opened her mouth and allowed Aya to place the cake in her mouth. It was a nice sensation.

“Maybe I should give Ayaya a chance…it was my fault to allow Goto to get close to her,” Miki thought delightfully as she tasted the so-called delicious cake for the first time. It was very sweet.

“So you’re here, Ayaya,” Maki shouted as she walked towards Aya before she caught sight of Aya feeding Miki. “What are you doing?” Maki asked agitatedly.

“I’m eating with Mikitty. This is really delicious,” Aya said and dropped a glance at Miki. Miki smiled at Aya before turning to face Maki and smirked at her. Maki returned a smirk.

Aya suddenly stood up and exclaimed, “Now that the two of you are here, I want to announce something.” She allowed the silence to hang for a few moments. “I have fully recovered!”

Miki looked at Aya astonishingly and enquired, “So you remember every thing that happened in the past?”


“That’s great!” Miki said in pure joy and placed her hands on Aya’s shoulder and smiled.

Maki frowned and demanded, “Now, when did you recover?”

“A few days ago.”

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

“I want to announce this happy news to both of you at the same time. Two of you had greatly affected my life and I want to share my joy with 2 of you.”

“Oh…How did you recover? I mean what stimulated your recovery?”

“Ah, this is the part where I most wanted to share with both of you at the same time. Actually, it started when Maki continuously sang Love Namida Iro to me and even at times, delivered the song better than I do. This reminds me of,” Aya turned towards Miki and tears began welling up in her eyes, “the measuring cylinder that is used to measure precise amount of sugar, milk and water so that Mikitty can enjoy her favourite coffee. And when I saw Miki staring blankly at the piece of cake just now, I remembered the first time when we met. From that, I remembered everything.”

Tears began streaming down Miki’s cheeks. She hugged Aya and Aya returned her hug. Maki frowned again. She was not at all happy with the happening. What Aya had just said showed that Miki mattered a lot to Aya even though Maki was always beside her when she was ill. She knew for sure now that she could not replace Miki in Aya’s heart. As she looked at the two of them hugging away, she took out her phone and began messaging, “Is it ok to do it again?”

“Maki,” Aya called out and interrupted Maki’s messaging. “Why are you so quiet? Aren’t you happy for me?”

“Yes, I am.”

Aya held Miki and Maki’s hands in each of her smooth hands. “Miki, Maki, from now on, we will be good friends, okay? Let’s be the best friends in H!P.”

There was a slight hesitation before Miki and Maki answered together, “Okay.”

Miki and Aya continued eating the small piece of cake together while Maki stared at them in pure disgust. Maki felt a vibration in her pocket. She read the message and smiled.

The message was, “Again? Why not we try something else? I have a new idea…”

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Yay! Ayaya gained her memory back! :D

:O so maki was behind ayaya's accident afterall :O

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hahahaha when I read this:
“Oh…” Aya replied without showing much of the interest in what Maki said as she stared at the cake with wide eyes.
I thought it was because Aya liked the cake XD
Now that Aya recovered her memory, Miki is not sad anymore but with Maki's behavior to this, I think real problems are getting close
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ohhhh so close........... yet so far away............ from the end............. we shall see.............if we can....................unless.....................then...........................and.....................but alas...................undeed, it's true.........................that I am just killing time with this post and confusing all who read it ;)
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Oh i remember this fic ^^
is this the same one from jpm?(are you Great~Ayaya~Mikitty from threre?)
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The fact that Aya suddenly started calling her "Mikitty" instead of "that snobbish girl" should have been an instant giveaway that she had recovered her memory.

But yeah...WTF Maki??? :o
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Maki must be jealous of their friendship. So with her memory gone Maki probably hoped to take Miki's place.
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Next chapter...

Chapter 5

Magnificent Gift

“Ding-dong!” Aya walked unhappily towards the door after spending a boring day on her own doing practically nothing at home. However, her frown turned into a smile when she saw the visitor. It was Miki.

“Hi, Mikitty,” Aya greeted Miki politely.

“Ayaya, I know you’re bored because today is your free day and yet the weather for the most of the day was…”

“Miki, it is getting late. I prefer to spend the rest of the day at home,” Aya interrupted.

“Yeah, that’s what I am driving at. See,” Miki pointed to the plastic bags in her right hand, “Today, I shall cook for you.”

Aya’s face gleamed with delight. “Come in first.”

As Miki entered the apartment, Aya noticed water dripping down from Miki’s hair and clothes. Obviously, Miki was caught in the rain. Miki placed her translucent umbrella by the door as she apologized, “Sorry for making your place wet, Ayaya.”

Aya laughed. “No, it is fine.”

“The rain was too heavy this morning.”

“Morning? You went out in the morning?”

“Yes, to buy the food. It will not be so fresh in the afternoon.”

“But, how do you know I am in? What if I have a hang-over or something?”

There was a short silence before Miki whispered slowly, “If that happens, I will…wait for you.”

After dinner, Miki took out a nicely decorated small parcel from her bag and handed it to Aya. Miki said, “This is for you, Ayaya. Happy birthday to you.”

Aya gave an awkward expression. “Thanks, Mikitty. But if I did not remember wrongly, my birthday is tomorrow. Wait…what’s the date today? Uh, yesterday was…”

“Yes, Ayaya, you are correct. I’m celebrating with you earlier so that we can count down together.”

“Oh…there’s no need for that, Mikitty.”

Miki took Aya’s hand in hers and whispered into her ears. “I want this to be your most memorable birthday.”

“3, 2, 1, happy birthday Ayaya-hime!” Miki exclaimed with joy as she gave Aya a kiss on her cheek. Aya was bewildered.

After Miki had settled down, Aya looked relentlessly into Miki’s eyes. “You know something, Miki?”


“That,” Aya touched the exact spot on her cheek where Miki had planted a kiss a few moments ago, “is the best gift I have received in my lifetime.”


“Yes,” Aya glanced at the clock and remarked, “Mikitty, thanks for everything you’ve done for me. It is getting late now so do you want to spend the night here?” Miki nodded. “Huh, my apartment is pretty small and I don’t have a spare bed…”

“Never mind, I can sleep here,” Miki said in a lilt voice as she pointed to the red sofa. Miki could see that Aya was unconvinced so immediately, Miki lay down on the red sofa. “See, this is really comfortable.”

“Really? Anyway, I will fetch you a drink in case you become thirsty in the night. You will not be comfortable at all finding your way to the kitchen in the dark because of the mess.” Aya ended off with a slight laugh as she headed for the kitchen. When she came back with a drink, Miki appeared to have fallen asleep. Her eyes were shut and she was cuddling on the sofa. Aya shook her head and giggled to herself at the sight of her best friend. She sat beside Miki and unknowingly, began to sip the drink in her hand. Upon realizing her mistake, she quickly placed the drink on the coffee table. She heard some giggling.

“Mikitty, aren’t you sleeping?” Aya questioned as she blushed.

“No one sleeps as fast as you, Ayaya.” Miki replied. Her voice sounded exhausted. Miki sat up and placed her head on Aya’s shoulder.

“Ah~, this is ticklish! Your hair is disturbing me!” Aya remarked as she swept Miki’s long hair away from her bare arms.

Miki pretended not to have heard anything and even moved her head gently on Aya’s shoulder. Aya continued to shriek and gently removed Miki’s hair from her exposed arms. In the end, Aya gave up and placed a pillow which was supported by Miki’s head on her upper arm. Aya smiled to herself and touched her cheek again before she closed her eyes and fell asleep.

For some time, Miki did not sleep. Miki waited for Aya to say something subconsciously but at the same time, Miki was afraid. She prayed for Aya to whisper “Mikitty” but she was afraid of hearing what she had heard the last time. Nothing was heard except for Aya’s harmonious breathing. Following its rhythm, Miki soon fell asleep.

The sun rays were flowing into the room when Miki opened her eyes. Strangely, there was no one beside her. Aya had left. When did she leave? On the coffee table, there was a note placed underneath a cup. Miki took the note and read it. It was written:

“Dearest Mikitty, I have something on today so I have to leave early. I know you’re disappointed now but sorry, I really can’t do anything about it. Thanks for the gift.

^_^. Ayaya”

Miki shook her head with a smile glued to her face. She allowed herself to sink onto the sofa before she felt a bump. She looked for the object and recognized it as the parcel that she had given Aya. She thought, “Ayaya, why do you thank me as though you’ve already opened it?”

“Aya, happy birthday!” Nozomi exclaimed.

“Happy 20th birthday, Matsuura-san!” Tsunku and the staff congratulated her.

“Happy birthday, Aya! Peace!” Sayu, Eri and Reina screamed in unison.

Aya smiled and acknowledged them as she worked her way towards the cafeteria with Maki beside her. When that happened, Maki just stood there, in silence. After a long time, they finally entered the cafeteria and ordered their breakfast and morning drinks.

Maki smiled delightfully at Aya and asked, “How was the morning rehearsal?”

“Quite okay. But I felt a bit rusty.”

“Oh, I understand. I felt the same way a few months ago when I was hospitalized.”

“You were in hospital?”

“Uh. I had acute appendicitis.”

“Why didn’t I know that?”

“No idea.” Maki paused for a while before saying, “Happy birthday Ayaya.” She placed a small gift on the table and shifted it towards Aya.

“Thanks Maki,” Aya said as she took the present.

“Open it, Ayaya.” Aya nodded as she began tearing the decorative paper wrapped around the gift. It was a splendid looking white watch which glittered against the natural light.

“Wow, how much did you pay for this?”

Maki grinned. “It doesn’t matter how much it costs. Nothing is too expensive for Ayaya.”

“Thanks.” Aya smiled as she took out the new watch and wore it on her left wrist. “This looks good on me.”

“Miki, why are you still here?” Reina asked surprisingly.

“Where should I be then?” Miki placed her hands on her hips and smirked.

“I thought…I thought you were in the café with Aya.”

“What? I just came, you know.”

Reina shrugged and walked off with the rest of the 6th generation. Miki stood there for a while before stomping off in the direction of the café. As she went past the café, she saw Aya with Maki in the café through the transparent glass. She stopped. She thought angrily, “So this is why she rushed off this morning.” She frowned and a tear prickled the back of her eyes. Although she was a distance away, she could see the new watch on her wrist. “That must be from her! Why, Ayaya?” She dropped the parcel in her hand.

She felt a hand being placed on her shoulder. It was the police officer. “Fujimoto-san, I have something to ask you.”

“Go away.”

“This is very important-”

“I say go away.”

“It concerns Matsuura-san-”


He took a step back. “I have an idea who attacked Matsuura-san.”

“Why do you tell me? Tell her!” she pointed to the direction where Maki and Aya were dining.

“Listen, okay, do you know who spent the day with Aya before the accident?” he persisted although Miki pushed him away and started running away from him. “Just answer my question!”

“Goto Maki!” Miki hollered as she disappeared from sight.

He bent down, picked up the parcel on the ground, opened it and had a look at the content. Then he took out the blue watch, scrutinized it before wearing it. He repeated to himself, “Goto Maki…”

Enjoy! :w00t:
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Yey new chap! poor Miki! but I thought that Aya and Maki weren't that close before the accident. So then, how come they spent the previous day together? hmm. It still confuses me. But the whole Miki and Aya thing at the start was sooo sweet! I was like omg, they are in the same house, having a romantic evening, omg, I hope they kiss! and then get together! But nothing hapened! But its still good cause it raises suspense and confuses us!
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! but I thought that Aya and Maki weren't that close before the accident. So then, how come they spent the previous day together? hmm. It still confuses me.

Actually, the last part when Miki said that Aya spent the day with Maki wasn't true but rather spoken in the heat of anger because she's really very upset about it. Haha, guess it was kind of confusing though XD
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AWW POOR mIKI! She thinks (and is probably right) that Maki is evil and wants to steal her Ayaya away from her! aww! So she said it to put the blame on her! Which may be right! She does look/act kinda shifty. I don't blame Miki. And I guess that got her some time alone with Aya *wink*.
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Aw man, seeing Aya wear the watch that Maki bought her, when Miki bought her one too...that's just painful. :cry:
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But the upside was that Aya did not care if she got a prezzie from Miki, she simply cared about Miki. She didnot do something typical like run for the gift, instead she chose to spend her time with Miki, being happy in her presence. To Aya, Miki was the gift. Does that make sense? That's what I think..... I think that she was so close to Miki, that she was not interested in the superficiall aspect of it all, she was simply touched by all the effort Miki put into their evening. She simply enjoyed spending that time with her and I see the not even opening the present thing not as a sign of negligence, but as proof of Ayas love for Miki, or something like that with longer words that escape my mind at the moment.... Where are all the English teachers when you need them?
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But the upside was that Aya did not care if she got a prezzie from Miki, she simply cared about Miki. She didnot do something typical like run for the gift, instead she chose to spend her time with Miki, being happy in her presence. To Aya, Miki was the gift. Does that make sense? That's what I think..... I think that she was so close to Miki, that she was not interested in the superficiall aspect of it all, she was simply touched by all the effort Miki put into their evening. She simply enjoyed spending that time with her and I see the not even opening the present thing not as a sign of negligence, but as proof of Ayas love for Miki, or something like that with longer words that escape my mind at the moment....
Well of course. The problem here is, that while it's obvious to US READERS that Miki is more important to Aya than the present is, it's not what Miki sees. Miki doesn't know that Aya cares more about her than the present itself. 

Think of how Miki feels. She must have taken a lot of time to pick out that watch and get the groceries so that she could cook for Aya the previous night. Now she sees Aya wearing a watch that Maki gave her as a present.  Miki could be (and it wouldn't surprise me if she was) thinking that the reason why Aya had to leave so early in the morning was because she wanted to be with Maki (when in reality the two of them had just met up a few minutes earlier at the studio), and it's not surprising that Miki's upset. It isn't because Aya did anything specific to piss her off, it's just because Miki doesn't know all the facts and is thus confused.

Where are all the English teachers when you need them?
Right here. :wave:
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I know, I thought you didn't so I was trying to kinda spell it out for you but without giving too much away, I was gonna leave something for you to figure out n\by yourself. I only wrote that cause I thought you were confused XD< I thought you didn't quite get it, because you left such a tiny post when you suually leave huge ones, so I thought I'd fill in the missing pieces XD. Poor Miki, it's just one big misunderstanding but she is getting the raw end of the deal, and getting heartbroken over nothing. Next chapter:very angsty, bring out the tissues.....
 I think that Maki really likes Aya but not necessarily as more than a friend. It's obvious she is trying to break them two up, but it doesn't seem like she is doing it because she is interested in getting with either one of them, because if she was she wouldn't be like this to Miki and I think she would be a little different with Aya too, so one of my MANY theories is that she is doing it because the person bossing her around wants Miki. If they wanted Aya they wouldn't have made Maki stick to her like glue instead of them because that would be risking her falling for maki instead. So even if its not about Aya, Miki still plays a KEY role in this..... See where Im going with this? It's not about Aya at all, it's about Miki. I have many different theories though, and I have no idea if any of them are on fact true..... But even if this one isn't the ones contradicting this theory still have a high chance of being proven right, so I just have to sit tight and wait for the next updates to see if I am right.
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Next chapter :D

Chapter 6

Mixed agendas

“Are you done yet?”

“Wait, be a bit more patient,” Maki answered.

Yossie sighed loudly which broke the silence in the toilet. “Hey, Maki, what is the situation now?”

“Uh…it is going on as planned.”

“Good, we can carry out Plan B.”



“Is it ok to change the plan? I feel…”

“What? Don’t tell me you’ve already fallen for her!”

“No! It is just that…I am kind of attracted to her…do you get me?”

“Attracted? I think it’s just purely guilt. After all, you only felt like this after that incident, right?”

Maki paused for a while before replying, “Maybe but I can’t help myself especially when she-”

Yossie interrupted, “Come on, Maki, it is not like you to be like that. You’re just spoiling things.”

Maki came out of the cubicle and spoke softly, “I won’t stand for it. It will hurt her.”

Yossie shook her head and showed Maki a message on her phone. “She had already carried out the plan already.”

Maki took the phone from Yossie, scrutinized the message before remarking, “Yossie, I don’t really like the way she works.”

Yossie laughed out as she was certain that there was no one in the toilet other than the two of them. “She is a bit more desperate than me. But surely, it’s not correct for you to be so at ease with Aya.”

Aya sat on the floor of the dance room as she gazed blankly at herself in the gigantic mirror on the wall. Tonight was her first concert ever since her accident. She was obviously not confident at all. She picked up her hand phone which was lying beside her and scanned through the messages. A couple of “good luck” messages were sent to her but they failed to encourage her. She was waiting for a reply which would give her confidence.

3 hours had passed and she had already reached the concert hall. Yet, the reply did not come. She felt weak and somehow distracted by it. All of a sudden, her phone vibrated. Frantically, she took out her phone from the pocket on her jacket. “Hello, Matsuura Aya here,” Aya greeted the caller politely as, in her hurry, she had forgotten to see who the caller was.

“Ayaya, it’s me.”

Immediately, Aya recognized the caller’s voice. “Ah, Maki…” Aya allowed her voice to trail off.

“Why do you sound so unhappy? Are you too excited about it?” Maki enquired.

Aya heaved in a deep breath and said, “Somehow, you know I have not been performing for a long time and I feel very rusty…”

Maki interrupted, “Aya, believe in yourself. I am always behind you.”

“Will you…be there? I really need moral support.”

There was a silence before Maki began giggling to herself. Somehow, her giggle seemed to be mingled with sadness. “Yes,” she made herself sound calm but she barely managed to hold back another tear which prickle her cheeks.

“Today is my first concert in a long, long while. I feel lucky and happy to see all of you again. Tonight had been successful and I am very pleased with myself. Thank you for your continuous support.” Aya stopped and bowed sincerely as she allowed the roaring crowd to settle down before continuing, “I think everyone should know about this by now. But I am too excited about it and love to announce it again. I, Matsuura Aya, and my best friend, Fujimoto Miki, are going to form a duo.” The crowd cheered enthusiastically and Aya revealed a pure and wide smile on her face.

“The first single is going to be released on September 13. Please continue to show your support.” She paused again. “I am very happy to be working with my best friend. This has been my dream.” She stopped abruptly and scanned the crowd for Miki. She could not find her. It would have made her first concert perfect if Miki could make her appearance on the stage and advertise their first single with her at this moment. She saw Maki standing alone at a corner. Perhaps that was one of the reasons why Aya preferred a small and short concert for a new beginning so that she would have an easier job finding her friend. Of course, she did not intend to find Maki.

“Reina, Sayumi! This is not singing at all! You know you do not have the best and strongest voice in the band so please put in more effort to practice! And, Reina, please don’t daydream when I am talking!” Miki admonished her fellow 6th generation. “Eri, don’t think that you did great because I did not remark on your voice! Your dancing is horrible today!”

Reina, Sayumi and Eri shook their heads in unison. Miki had been in a foul mood ever since that day. They felt agitated but none dared to raise their voice against the sub-leader, Miki. In spite of her arrogance, cold and clinical attitude, no one, including Tsunku, had the courage to criticize her because it was a known fact that her self-centered character was the main reason for her popularity.

Finally, Reina plucked up her courage and said in a voice of defiance, “Fujimoto, what are you to say that to us? Do you really think that you’re good? You were distracted during the practices and rehearsals! And who are you to scream like that when Asami is leaving tonight!”

Miki grabbed Reina’s T-shirt and pulled Reina towards her. Reina and Miki stared relentlessly into each other’s eyes for some time before Miki used all her might and pushed Reina to the ground. Sayumi and Eri hurried towards Reina. “Don’t try to go against me!” Miki shouted before leaving.

Reina picked herself up from the ground and murmured to herself, “Game…over.”

Aya and Maki were in a local restaurant which was well-known for its ramen. Strangely, Maki as a Tokyo native, ordered sushi instead. It was quite late in the night so there was not much revelers in the restaurant. Aya seemed to be famished after the small concert as she dined without speaking to her companion. When she was satisfied with her dinner, she stared into Maki’s eyes which were gazing in another direction. Although they had been together for some time, this was the first time Aya could silently glance at her. Tonight, Maki’s distracted eyes seemed apologetic, as if she had done something sinful against her own wishes.

All of a sudden, Maki shifted her eyes and caught Aya staring at her. She let out a soft laugh and commented, “Why are you staring at me like that?”

Aya smiled. “Maki, I have a small little request.”

Maki rested her arms lazily on the table as she stared at Aya's beautiful facial features. “Shoot it.”

“From now on, I want to know more about you.”

Maki leaned back on her chair and allowed a short silence to descend while her eyes looked in a faraway direction once more. “Why?”

“Maki, I just feel that I don’t know you well enough. And I think that it is not very fair to you if we continue like this. You had been kind to me during my hospitalized days and even now but I only have surface knowledge about you.”

Maki stared at the table for a few seconds before she smiled at Aya and whispered gently, “Okay, what do you want to know first?”

“I want to know why you are looking so sad tonight,” Aya enquired. Maki looked away and covered her face with her hand. When she finally turned back, her eyes were watery.

“Aya, do you mind asking another question?”

“No, I want to know the answer. At least, allow me to know some surface details.”

“You’ll know about it tomorrow.”

“Why can’t I know it now?”


“Because she is not free to answer it, Matsuura-san,” someone interrupted the conversation. It was a well-built man, immaculately dressed in office suit. His wrist wore a white watch which looked strangely similar, in fact exactly the same, to the one Aya wore. “Goto-san, you’re suspected to be involved in a case so please follow me…”

“Who are you?” Maki raised her voice and a frown was visible on her forehead.

“Oh yes, I’d forgotten to introduce myself,” he said while he took out a card from his shirt pocket,” I am Officer Heita and this is my position.” He pointed at the card with a smile which revealed his self-satisfaction and handed it over to Maki who just glare at it as though it was some insignificant object.

“Okay,” she turned to Aya, “Sorry Ayaya, I have to leave now.” Maki said it with such calmness as though this was something that happened very frequently. Aya, who was dumbfounded, stared blankly at the verbal exchanges between Maki and the officer. She nodded her head although she was unclear of what had just happened before her very eyes. Her famous friend who was dining with her was arrested by a police officer. Had this incident that had just taken place before her had a connection with Maki’s sadness tonight?

“You’ve seen what happened earlier, Aya is my best friend. How can I harm her?” Maki said in an annoyed tone.

Officer Heita took out a stack of documents and threw them on the interrogation table. He said seriously, “On the day of the accident, there were a futsal practice and several rehearsals going on. If you are interested to find out who was involved in the rehearsals, feel free to look through all these documents. Sadly, you were not involved in any of those. And, stop your nonsense about Aya being your best friend. It is just a sense of guilt.”

“So you are implying that I took care of Aya because of my guilt? And what are you to think that Hello Project members will harm each other?”

He smirked and took out another set of documents from the drawers. “How do you account for this? You loaned a black Toyota car on that day and this is the evidence against you!”

Maki stood up and snarled, “What is with the black car?”

“Stop being pretentious! It was a black car with no headlights on which hit Aya!”

Maki sank back on the chair and was speechless. She wanted to cry but she knew that, from all the movies which she had acted in, this was the worst time to cry. It would just tell others that she did it. Using her superb acting skills, she put on a calm and composed façade while the officer who was interrogating her went to answer a call.

When he came back, Maki was all ready to debate for herself. However, instead of the stern look that he had earlier, he looked apologetic and sincere. “Goto-san, sorry for taking up your time.” He bowed and continued while Maki stared in wonder, “Just now,
someone called and told us that you were with her at that time. You had an alibi. I am sorry once again.”

Maki stood up and smiled. “It is good that it is cleared up now. May I go now?”

Officer Heita led her out of the room into the dark corridors, then out of the building. He then flagged a taxi for the popular idol before apologizing again and leaving her in the taxi. Maki sat on the back seat of the taxi and wondered, “Who was the caller? It must be someone on my side. Yossie? No, it can’t be her. So, it must be that person! I can’t detest her anymore now that she had helped me. I guess I can only follow the way she does things as long as it does not directly affect Aya.”

As she was thinking, she felt her phone vibrating. A message was sent to her from Aya.

“Maki, how was it? You are alright, aren’t you? Tell me you are fine, Maki. I know you’re innocent. No matter what happened, I will believe in you. Reply ASAP.”

Maki smiled and a line continuously repeated itself inside her mind. "She must not be hurt, no matter what that person wishes to do even though the trump card is in her hands."
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ooooooooooooh what will happen next? I wonder? ;)
Great chap there sweety, I hope you keep up with the awesomeness. Getting so close, I can already smell the future chap, I can almost touch it, but it is still so far frromm my reach :(
Great job again, I hope the new chaps will be up before long. I can't wait to read them. Im just dying to know what the truth behind all this is.
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oh oh! i've seen this fic somewhere else i think.. is it the same?? i just love this!!  :heart:
anyway.. i'll reread this again!! so i can get more spirit of 'Gomattou'! Ganbare!  :D
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You probably have seen this at JPM under G~A~M..don't worry I'm the same person :P

Next chapter (this is one of my fav chapters :D)


She stirred a cup of latte placed in front of her while staring affectionately at the girl seated across her in silence. Listening to her voice and taking note of every word which she had kindly chosen was a great pleasure to Maki. As usual, Aya narrated incidents and rehearsals which had taken place in her short career happily to Maki. Maki did not see the point of interrupting as she seemed more than delighted to talk about herself. Normally, Maki would listen to someone’s rambling subconsciously by allowing the words to flow out of her ears. Somehow, that day, she felt annoyed at her old habit.

“Do you know that time when Nochiura Natsumi-” Aya said in her typical soothing voice. Finally, something that Maki might understand. She nodded her head several consecutive times but kept her gaze on Aya. “After one of those concerts, I can’t remember exactly which one, I felt so tired and took a short nap before leaving the concert hall. And then, I was kind of disappointed when I woke up and saw no one there.” Maki was frowning, trying to recall a similar incident. “I was so touched when I saw Miki waiting for me outside the concert hall. It was a raining night and she was smiling.”

Aya was grinned nostalgically, allowing her mind to drift back to those days. Maki thought for a while before saying gently, “Miki was a nice girl.”

“Yes.” Aya said with a sigh. A brief silence fell between them before Aya held Maki’s hands in hers and said softly, “Maki, are you still angry with Miki for that slap?”

Maki was slightly taken aback. She did not think that Aya would remember that incident. “No, I don’t, of course.” Trying to sound more convinced, she added, “Sometimes, I think I do understand why that happened. Perhaps, it was because of you, Ayaya. Maybe she was been too possessive of you.”

“You mean she was jealous?”

“I think so. I can’t think of another reason, can you?”

Aya tilted her head slightly to the left and furrows appeared on her forehead. “Maybe you’re right about it. Maki, sometimes, I really hope that the 3 of us can come here over coffee. I don’t understand why Miki avoids us like that.”

“No idea. Ah, speak of the devil.” Maki pointed towards the direction of the glass panel of the cafeteria. Miki was standing there, glaring menacingly at the 2 of them. Once Aya turned to look at her, she immediately avoided her glance. Although they were separated by a glass panel, they were actually merely less than a meter apart. “I go and get her,” Maki said as she rushed off as fast as she could.

“Fujimoto-san, what are you trying to do?” Maki shouted wearily when she was approximately several meters away from her. “Ayaya is inside now. You don’t have a good reason to avoid her like that, do you? She is-”

Miki stomped angrily towards her and she hollered, “Stop acting as though you’re a good person! You have no rights to comment on our relationship!”

“You make it sound so nice, but in reality, it is slumping down!”

“Shut up!” Miki roared. The amplitude of her voice was mingled with a wave of sadness and remorse.

“I know you…well…dislike me but you can’t take it out on Ayaya.”

“Stop calling her Ayaya!”

Throughout the entire conversation between Miki and Maki, Aya was standing there listening. What Maki mentioned earlier came back to her once more. Perhaps, it was because of you, Ayaya. Maybe she was been too possessive of you. She shook her head sadly and moved swiftly towards the 2 women. As she walked past Maki, she dropped a glance and said nothing and continued towards Miki.

“Stay away from me!” Miki shouted.

“Miki, what’s wrong with you?”

“I don’t want to-” She crouched down and covered her face with her hands. She wanted to say “I don’t want to break down here” but did not want to appear in front of her enemy as a weakling. She mumbled something to herself and stood up. Her puffy and swollen eyes looked straight into Aya’s. The hatred seen earlier in her eyes was gone and was replaced by longing and affection.

Aya seemed to understand what Miki wanted. She spoke in a delicate voice, “Miki, let’s get in.” She placed her arms around Miki’s shoulders and led her back into the cafe. When they went past Maki, Miki scowled at Maki mockingly while Aya nodded at Maki’s direction, telling her that she was being apologetic but the girl beside her needed her attention just like a spoiled teenager.

When they sat back at the seats, Aya immediately ordered two cups of coffee. Then, she gazed at Miki who was scorning for a few seconds before beginning, “Okay, I lose. What happened between us?”

“You mean you don’t know?” Aya shook her head. “It was nothing between us actually. It was my own damn problem.”

Aya knew Miki too well to believe a tale like that. Maki’s earlier line flooded her mind. “Are you…angry with Maki?” Miki looked away. “Miki, I need my own circle of friends and in H!P, it is nothing wrong hanging out with anyone in it.”

“Aya, you’re selfish.”


“Did you realise that I gave everything to our relationship that I, in the past or future, will not give anyone else?”

“Miki, you’re thinking too complicatedly.”

“No, I’m not.”

The waiter interrupted their little argument by placing the cups of coffee on the glass table. It gave Aya some time to think through what she should say.

After the waiter left, Aya continued, “Just like coffee, you can’t have too much sugar or it will be too sweet. You can’t have too much milk either. Too much of either will make the coffee lose its flavor.”

“You know I hate sugary things and prefer adding more milk. I hate to proportionate my coffee that nicely. You know that, don’t you?” Miki admonished.

Aya shook her head and tension hung lowly over the two of them. “I understand, Miki. But, you can’t expect me to just ignore Maki. During the period when I felt empty and lonely, she was right there with me. I had not even questioned your presence. Do you understand? Miki, I really enjoy our friendship so I don’t want it to go down because of this.”

Miki nodded her head in silence like a subdued rebellious child. Friendship. Better than nothing. Should I apologize now? But-

“Miki, do you still remember that day when you waited for me under the rain after Nochiura Natsumi’s concert? That was a few years back, I think…”

“Yes, I was drenched while you were in dreamland. I scowled at you, remember? And you said that I looked cute when I scowled.”

“I still think that way. I shall make you annoyed more often.”

“Remember that dance rehearsal when you cut your finger? That was DEF DIVA, I think. How did you cut it, blur Ayaya-hime?”

“I don’t know. I did something and it was bleeding when I saw it.”

Maki sat at the other side of the backrest behind Aya and listened to the conversation. Her eyes were filled with tears for the first time since she graduated from Morning Musume. The treatment that she received from Aya was not friendship. It was more of sympathy, guilt and perhaps some empathy.

Why did the two of them have so much to say even though they hardly worked together?
She, herself, failed to recall the ‘finger-cutting’ incident that Aya had just mentioned. Why didn’t she take note of all those small details? She only had herself to blame. She had resented Aya for so many years until that day when she realized she needed a friend, and Aya, to her, was the perfect choice. Not knowing what to do, she shut her eyes tight and foresaw the ‘tragedy’ that was about to take place.

The analog clock just struck twelve noon. On cue, she entered the cafeteria with some paper documents in hand. As she neared the table, she slowed down and Maki could hear her own heart thumping. Yossie announced in a solemn, serious tone, “Aya, Miki, Tsunku wants to see both of you in his office now for some urgent matters.”
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Noooooooooo!!!! I want to keep reading :(
Damn!!! WTH is going on?!  :banghead: I want to know
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I know, I thought you didn't so I was trying to kinda spell it out for you but without giving too much away, I was gonna leave something for you to figure out n\by yourself. I only wrote that cause I thought you were confused XD< I thought you didn't quite get it, because you left such a tiny post when you suually leave huge ones, so I thought I'd fill in the missing pieces XD.
No need. I sometimes deliberately leave small/short comments instead of the massive ones I usually do because, quite frankly, why should I have to do all the big analyses? Other readers should be contributing comments to, you know. :yep:

Chapter 6
“Are you done yet?”

“Wait, be a bit more patient,” Maki answered.

Yossie sighed loudly which broke the silence in the toilet. “Hey, Maki, what is the situation now?”

“Uh…it is going on as planned.”
The fact that you set this dialogue in a toilet gives it a funny double-entendre. :lol:

Yet, at the same time it's worrisome because now it looks like Yossi and Maki are in cahoots, trying to break up GAM! :o

“Is it ok to change the plan? I feel…”

“What? Don’t tell me you’ve already fallen for her!”

“No! It is just that…I am kind of attracted to her…do you get me?”
Hmmmm...okay. So by the looks of this, Maki didn't initially have a thing for Aya, but now she does? Was she trying to get Aya to fall for her instead of Miki? What then, is the reasoning/purpose for her and Yossi trying to do whatever it is that they're trying to do?

Yossie shook her head and showed Maki a message on her phone. “She had already carried out the plan already.”

Maki took the phone from Yossie, scrutinized the message before remarking, “Yossie, I don’t really like the way she works.”
A third person in involved in this? :stunned:

“Today is my first concert in a long, long while. I feel lucky and happy to see all of you again. Tonight had been successful and I am very pleased with myself. Thank you for your continuous support.” Aya stopped and bowed sincerely as she allowed the roaring crowd to settle down before continuing, “I think everyone should know about this by now. But I am too excited about it and love to announce it again. I, Matsuura Aya, and my best friend, Fujimoto Miki, are going to form a duo.” The crowd cheered enthusiastically and Aya revealed a pure and wide smile on her face.

“The first single is going to be released on September 13. Please continue to show your support.” She paused again. “I am very happy to be working with my best friend. This has been my dream.” She stopped abruptly and scanned the crowd for Miki. She could not find her. It would have made her first concert perfect if Miki could make her appearance on the stage and advertise their first single with her at this moment. She saw Maki standing alone at a corner. Perhaps that was one of the reasons why Aya preferred a small and short concert for a new beginning so that she would have an easier job finding her friend. Of course, she did not intend to find Maki.
Why do I get the feeling that there's something more behind Miki's absence?

It's almost like the plan is to make Miki seem undesirable/unfavourable/unreliable in Aya's eyes, so that she would then turn to Maki to fill that "supportive best friend" role. :dunno:

“Reina, Sayumi! This is not singing at all! You know you do not have the best and strongest voice in the band so please put in more effort to practice! And, Reina, please don’t daydream when I am talking!” Miki admonished her fellow 6th generation.


Finally, Reina plucked up her courage and said in a voice of defiance, “Fujimoto, what are you to say that to us? Do you really think that you’re good? You were distracted during the practices and rehearsals! And who are you to scream like that when Asami is leaving tonight!”

Miki grabbed Reina’s T-shirt and pulled Reina towards her. Reina and Miki stared relentlessly into each other’s eyes for some time before Miki used all her might and pushed Reina to the ground. Sayumi and Eri hurried towards Reina. “Don’t try to go against me!” Miki shouted before leaving.

Reina picked herself up from the ground and murmured to herself, “Game…over.”
3rd person = Reina ?

“I want to know why you are looking so sad tonight,” Aya enquired. Maki looked away and covered her face with her hand. When she finally turned back, her eyes were watery.

“Aya, do you mind asking another question?”

“No, I want to know the answer. At least, allow me to know some surface details.”

“You’ll know about it tomorrow.”
Perhaps a little guilt/shame over what she, Yossi, and the mystery 3rd person is doing?

“Why can’t I know it now?”


“Because she is not free to answer it, Matsuura-san,” someone interrupted the conversation. It was a well-built man, immaculately dressed in office suit. His wrist wore a white watch which looked strangely similar, in fact exactly the same, to the one Aya wore. “Goto-san, you’re suspected to be involved in a case so please follow me…”
The same cop/detective that spoke with Miki when she saw Aya and Maki in the cafeteria?

Strange that he has the same watch as Aya (it must be a unisex design).

“So you are implying that I took care of Aya because of my guilt? And what are you to think that Hello Project members will harm each other?”

He smirked and took out another set of documents from the drawers. “How do you account for this? You loaned a black Toyota car on that day and this is the evidence against you!”

Maki stood up and snarled, “What is with the black car?”

“Stop being pretentious! It was a black car with no headlights on which hit Aya!”
Surely there must be people other than Maki that rented out a black car that day/week.

When he came back, Maki was all ready to debate for herself. However, instead of the stern look that he had earlier, he looked apologetic and sincere. “Goto-san, sorry for taking up your time.” He bowed and continued while Maki stared in wonder, “Just now, someone called and told us that you were with her at that time. You had an alibi. I am sorry once again.”
Hmmm...that was...rather convenient timing.  Wonder who it was?  :mon dunno:

Someone's done some detailed planning/preparations for situations like this.

As she was thinking, she felt her phone vibrating. A message was sent to her from Aya.

“Maki, how was it? You are alright, aren’t you? Tell me you are fine, Maki. I know you’re innocent. No matter what happened, I will believe in you. Reply ASAP.”

Maki smiled and a line continuously repeated itself inside her mind. "She must not be hurt, no matter what that person wishes to do even though the trump card is in her hands."
So then, is Aya even the main/intended target of this scheme, or was her incident just a cog in a bigger machine?  Maki now seems set on protecting Aya here. It's almost as if she wasn't supposed to be involved in the first place.

Next chapter (this is one of my fav chapters  :D)
Good, they're all talking. Maybe now we can get some answers and try to make sense of things.

“I understand, Miki. But, you can’t expect me to just ignore Maki. During the period when I felt empty and lonely, she was right there with me. I had not even questioned your presence. Do you understand? Miki, I really enjoy our friendship so I don’t want it to go down because of this.”

Miki nodded her head in silence like a subdued rebellious child. Friendship.
Ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch.  :badluck:

Aya does have a point in that Miki can't expect her to not be friends with anyone else other than her. But then again, Aya still doesn't realize the depth of how Miki feels and how it hurts to see her with Maki after what happened after her accident at the hospital.

Maki sat at the other side of the backrest behind Aya and listened to the conversation.


Not knowing what to do, she shut her eyes tight and foresaw the ‘tragedy’ that was about to take place.  The analog clock just struck twelve noon. On cue, she entered the cafeteria with some paper documents in hand. As she neared the table, she slowed down and Maki could hear her own heart thumping. Yossie announced in a solemn, serious tone, “Aya, Miki, Tsunku wants to see both of you in his office now for some urgent matters.”
Okay, DEFINITELY something has been in the works for a while for the plan to have been set to the minute.
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This chapter onwards the story will become a real mind-teaser which you need to read slowly to catch it so sit tight and enjoy!
Chapter 8

Great Ayaya Mikitty

They stood still outside Tsunku’s office with a thin air of tension clouding above them. They could see Tsunku reading something off his computer through the translucent glass door. He was obviously holding back a smile. Miki threw Aya a glance but quickly turned back when she realized that Yossie was just behind them. Yossie shook her head and proceeded to lean forward to knock on the door.

“Miki, make this fast, we still have some rehearsals to do. We can’t start without you. Don’t make the entire Morning Musume wait for you, Miki,” Yossie warned gently with a smirk on her face.

“I know,” Miki smiled and turned the door knot. She felt a slight jolt on her hand which was on the door knot. Upon sudden realization that she turned the wrong way, she snarled and turned the other way. While doing so, she felt a soft hand resting firmly on her hand. She was used to the tenderness and completely enjoyed the familiar touch. They turned the knot together and then simultaneously entered the room.

Tsunku took his eyes off his computer when he heard the door knot jolting. He smiled coldly and said, “Good afternoon, Miki, Aya.”

“Good afternoon,” they greeted together as they walked towards the table and stood closely beside each other.

“Do you know why I call you in?”

“No,” Miki answered.

“Yoshizawa didn’t say anything about it?”

“You mean you told her what you want to tell us now?” Miki questioned rudely. She felt an uneasiness growing in her and did not like it at all.

“Tsunku, is it something to do with GAM?” Aya asked nervously. She felt Miki jerking due to their close distance.

“Apparently yes. What do you think of GAM’s upcoming single “Thanks”?”

There was a slight pause before Miki took a step forward and answered crudely, “I don’t think we are in the correct position to comment on that.” Tsunku let out a short laugh. Miki waited for the laughter to subside before adding, “There is absolutely nothing funny with it.”

Tsunku nodded his head several times at Miki before turning to ask Aya, “What about you?”

“I think,” Aya peeked at Miki before continuing, “The fans are rather excited about this so I think it should sell rather well in stores.”

The silence settled in nicely for a while before Tsunku announced firmly, “Okay, I think I should inform two of you first before making this official. GAM is going to be a special unit.”

“What?” Aya hollered. This was the first time Aya raised her voice in this office. Tears were welling up in her eyes. As if she was afraid that she would not be able to say anything once the tears fall out of her eyes, she added softly, “Why?” She turned and stared emotionally at Miki and she felt tears trickling down her cheeks.

Miki, on the other hand, was staring blankly into space. In her mind, the earlier incident at the café flashed past. Just like coffee, you can’t have too much sugar or it will be too sweet. You can’t have too much milk either. Too much of either will make the coffee lose its flavor. She thought, “All over, she must have seen me as a selfish weakling because of some rubbish that damn Goto must have said to her. Now, the only thing left between us is going to be taken away. Why? Am I going to be alone again?”

The intensity of Aya’s stare eventually brought her back to reality. Looking at Aya and Tsunku in the same frame, she felt her heart shattering into pieces until such tiny pieces that were nearing invisibility. She could tell that Aya wanted her to say something, rebuke anything to change the situation. However, at this crucial moment, the ‘fighter’ in Miki seemed to have vanished into thin air and all she wanted to do then was to admit that she was weak to an extreme point that she could even hardly protect herself.

Tsunku looked at the two girls and said seriously, “Aya, you’ve a successful career with you. Don’t let this GAM thing get to you. You won’t have adequate time to work on your career and GAM at the same time. It is impossible.” He stopped and waited for his words to take their effect on the crying girl in front of him.

Aya shook her head vigorously but kept her glance on Miki. She begged softly, in a voice hardly even audible to herself, “Miki, please say something now. Please use your reassuring strength to give me courage to go through the next second. Onegai..”

Tsunku seemed to have heard Aya’s pleading as he stared at Miki for a few seconds before saying gently, “Aya, I will like to have a private word with Miki. Could you please leave the room?”

A bolt of shock hit Aya upon those words. She suddenly recalled the earlier incidents and how much they had affected Miki. The effect was so strong that Miki spoke to her in a rather critical tone. Aya, you’re selfish. She thought, “What will Tsunku say to Miki and what will Miki say to him? Miki might not be thinking the same way as I do. This might be what she wished for. Perhaps, she was so affected by it that she wanted to give up our friendship. If GAM is a short-term band, we will not be working together in the future anymore, our friend-, no, we will be over. Did I hurt Miki by saying that we will remain friends forever to her in that lilt voice? Sorry, Miki. Please don’t end this. You’re right about it, I’m selfish. I want to be with you more, forever. Don’t..”

She moved slowly out of the room and closed the door behind her. Something inside her told her to stay and hide behind the most opaque portion of the door to eavesdrop the upcoming conversation. Even so, she was feeling too afraid at that moment, too afraid to face up to reality, to hear the reality. She took a step forward and slowly, she was walking down the corridor at snail’s pace.

“Miki, do you know what’s happening?” Tsunku spoke in a tone of sarcasm.


“GAM is a short-term band.”

“I know.”

“Do you want to know the reason for my decision?”


“Aya is a good and successful soloist in H!P. I don’t want her career to flop because of GAM. And, you’re essential in MM, I don’t want you to lose your place in MM because of GAM. The members will not respect you so much.”

“I can-”

“No, you can’t,” Tsunku interrupted abruptly, “Do you think I am oblivious of the happenings in MM? Even though you scold the members, I can see that you’re proud to be a part of it. You’ve a leadership quality in you, that’s why you do that and others don’t. I don’t need an answer now so you’ve time to think about it. I will call you in another time next week.”

“Ok.” Miki felt too tired and strained to counter-argue. She knew that Tsunku had just hit the nail. She loved Morning Musume and adored the role of sub-leader there which was not much of a difference from being the leader as Yossie gave her a lot of freedom to scream around. She always thought that Yossie would leave MM before her and she could set some new rules to control the bunch of playful girls in MM. During her free time when she was doing nothing, she would think of things that she could do as the leader and who was the best candidate to be the sub-leader. She did not want to get out of it. However, the GAM that she looked forward to would be gone in a flash. She wanted to have full control over MM but at that same time, she wanted to spend more time with Aya openly in H!P. Her thoughts was blurring as she felt a headache growing in her mind.

“Just to add something, you can say this to Aya as well.” Miki shook at the mention of her name. “You two are a rather unique pair of friends and the song was written to accentuate this particular fact. I think you’re intelligent and should be aware of the fact that if GAM has a second single, it will not be that special after all. I had been thinking of how to say this for some time already and I suppose I had said it in the best possible manner.”

“Ok,” Miki answered in a rather weak voice, “Can I leave now?”

“Yes, you may. I will call you in about a week’s time. Pass this message to Aya as well.” As Tsunku spoke, he wrote something on a piece of paper and handed it to Miki. “Think about it again.”

Miki read the message which wrote: You’re the best Morning Musume’s sub-leader. You’re both intelligent and pretty, MM needs you.

Miki nodded her head absently and left the room. She thought of what Tsunku had mentioned while taking in a deep breath. She didn’t like to be placed in this spot. Why couldn’t things just go on as they were before? She walked down the same corridor that Aya walked a few moments ago and thought, “How am I supposed to tell you what Tsunku said just now? I feel so embarrassed to look at your face after everything that had happened today. I had portrayed my weakest side to you today twice. In your eyes, I must be seen as a weakling who can’t even protect myself, not to mention you. Ayaya, you won’t like me like that, will you? I don’t like it too but this is a Mikitty without the fighting soul and I don’t think you will see the old Mikitty again. Sorry, Ayaya, I am really sorry about it. I am not seeking for your forgiveness, in fact, I don’t know how to face you.” Tears went down her face and she crouched down, shivering for the second time in the day.

After Miki left the room, Tsunku continued to stare relentlessly at the computer screen. He read the message in front of him again before starting a new message: I had completed my task already. Are you happy now?
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Oooh.. This was the last chap i read in the other site and then i couldn't follow it anymore.. I didnt read it in order..  :banghead:

After Miki left the room, Tsunku continued to stare relentlessly at the computer screen. He read the message in front of him again before starting a new message: I had completed my task already. Are you happy now?
The last sentences kept repeating in my head... I wonder who he's sending it to..  :?
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Sunnovabitch, Tsunku's in on this plot too? :o

So the "tragedy" is that GAM is only a temp unit. I guess we're to believe that Aya and Miki thought it was going to be a permanent one?  And what's the deal with Aya and Miki's reactions? They keep flip-flopping from being pretty self-assured to apparently being on the verge of a nervous breakdown. :?
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And what's the deal with Aya and Miki's reactions? They keep flip-flopping from being pretty self-assured to apparently being on the verge of a nervous breakdown. :?

 My money is on Miki cracking. She is gonna take this really, really hard. Especially if you notice all her thoughts when she is in there listening to him talk, and how she talks about herself. She is gonna be really crushed. I remember the first few thousand times I read this and cried. I hope you update soon, but I think I finally found the next chapter on the other site..... Either way, I hope you keep up the great work. mwah, hope you get better, he he, I got sick too!
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After reading the next chapter(up very soon), I think this chapter contains the highest number of ironies in this entire fanfic. Haha, nevertheless, just enjoy reading this! :D

Chapter 9


“Watarasebashi de miru yuuhi wo…”

“Storey 2”, the automated device of the elevator sounded. This, together with the footsteps, brought her back to reality.

“Maki, why are you in a daze? You were looking like that,” Risa commented as she tried to impersonate Maki’s expression a few moments ago.

Sayumi said rather agitatedly, “No, Gaki-san, that’s wrong. Let me try.” Sayumi then exaggerated Maki’s dazed look.

“Nothing, I was just thinking,” Maki replied with a gentle smile.

“Oh, Yoshizawa-san, where were we just now? Oh yes, what should I do after Ai-chan appeared in the scene? Should I bend down or…Yoshizawa-san?” Risa shook Yossie vigorously with a confused look on her face.

“Huh, that’s a hard one,” She remarked with a frown on her forehead as she rested her chin on her hands. As if a bolt of lightning had struck her, she turned instantly to face her ‘comrade’. “Maki, what is the song you are humming away?”

“Huh? It is ‘Watarasebashi’.”

Yossie shot her an annoyed glance, took in a deep breath before proceeding to hold Maki’s shoulders with a grip so tight that made Maki flinch. “You are really-”

“Storey 8,” the recorder went off in the nick of time. Yossie shook her head and without looking at Maki, she moved out of lift with her fellow MM mate. Maki stared blankly at the disappearing silhouettes while she allowed her mind to drift off again to a world of her own. Before long, the elevator door opened again with a “Ting” sound and a familiar figure appeared.

Their eyes met for a few seconds but neither said anything as they were too engrossed in their thoughts. Aya took a look up at the lift status display before murmuring, “Sorry, I thought this is going down…”

“Aya, it’s me. What happened?” Maki whispered softly while tears began to accumulate in her eyes. Even though she was aware of what had happened, she had to put on pretence. She didn’t like to be a hypocrite in front of Aya but this was the best option.


Maki pressed the “Door open” button and said in a warm voice, “Come in.”

Aya took a step into the elevator and stared blankly into space for a few seconds before saying, “Maki, GAM is going to be gone. It is going to be a special unit. Now what should I do?” She kept her head down while tears streamed down her cheeks.

“How did…Miki react?”

Aya shook her head. “I don’t know and that’s the trouble. I bet Miki think that GAM is better off as a special unit. We weren’t on the best of terms today…”

Maki felt her heart scattering into pieces from a combination of sadness and pain. She had always hoped for the formation of GAM and that was the sole reason why she joined forces with Yossie and the rest. But now, things weren’t the same. She hated GAM and began to feel for Aya. Aya certainly desired for the formation of GAM but if GAM is formed, the plan will be able to proceed accordingly and Aya will…

“Aya, you know sometimes you can’t allow your emotions to control the happenings. See, for example-”

“Storey 16,” the recorder went off. Maki took a look at her watch before exclaiming, “My god! I am late! Aya, let’s meet later at around 6 or something at the pavilion in the garden, okay?” Before Aya could reply, Maki had already dashed out of the elevator.

Miki stood in a corner of the corridor. “Miki, hurry up, it’s now time for futsal training. Where is your stuff? Oh god, don’t tell me you’re sick again?” Yossie asked. The group of futsal players was standing beside her and she was holding a net filled with footballs.

“Sorry, I’m feeling sick today. This is for real.” She gave a constipated look for a second before saying in a sulky tone, “You should know the reason, don’t you?”

Yossie shrugged her shoulders before turning towards the rest of the team. “Hey, I’ve something to settle now, so see you downstairs! I will not take long, promise!”

“Your nose will grow long, Yossie. You are always taking very long, especially with-” Rika gave an impatient look and allowed the rest of the words to fade off.

“I promise, dearie, I won’t make you wait long.”

With that, the group of players walked down the corridor. After they had disappeared from view, Miki murmured, “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“He wanted to say it. Anyway, it won’t change a thing, will it?”


“So, have you made up your mind?”

“I don’t know, Yossie, what should I do? I can’t bear to leave MM but I don’t want to lose Aya. What should I do?”

Yossie recalled the earlier incident with Maki for a moment before surmising, “I think you don’t want Maki to become closer to Aya, right? That’s why you want GAM, right?”

“Not quite but…okay, you’re right about it.”

“You need to think hard, real hard about this. What is more important to you?”

“I don’t know…Aya just admitted that we are friends so-”

“Make it more than friends then. I think you’re able to do it. Sorry, I shouldn’t force you to a decision. Anyway, I better go before Rika slaps me or something.”

“So lucky.”


“Rika cares for you. She is getting jealous.”

“Yep. Relax, Aya still cares for you. I can see it.”

“Before the bastard Goto entered the scene…sorry, I’ve forgotten that you two are good friends, sorry.”

Yossie moved a step closer to Miki. “Never mind, I prefer you like that. Be natural, Miki, don’t hold anything back in front of me.”

Miki let out a laugh. “Okay, off you go before Rika slaps me.”

“I dare her to do that.”

“She won’t?”

“She will. I swear she will do that to you if you keep skipping training and make me talk to you in private.”

“I get your point. Okay, I will go for the next training, promise.”

“Good girl, think hard about that, okay? See you tomorrow.”

“Bye, MM leader.”

“Bye, MM sub-leader.”

Yossie dashed down the corridor, leaving Miki on her own. Miki thought of their conversation and smiled to herself. In Morning Musume, the only girl who approached Miki and accepted her from the start was Yossie. Sometimes, when she was on her own, she would wonder, “Perhaps, without Aya and Rika, Yossie and I can become a pair. She accepted me as what I am and I had accepted her as a rough yet hilarious girl.” She always believes that Yossie is her best pal in MM and she feels comfortable talking to her than to anyone else. With Aya, she had to watch her words so that she won’t say anything wrong. She didn’t want Aya to have the wrong idea of her.

As she thought of these, she felt lighter suddenly and the GAM issue doesn’t trouble her that much. Perhaps, Yossie was one of the reasons why she didn’t want to leave MM. She didn’t like to admit that but Yossie had somehow changed her navigation in life. She had allowed her to take charge of ‘disciplinary matters’ in MM and had constantly reminded her to stay natural. ‘Stay natural’ simply means that she can scream, scold, shout, giggle, smile or laugh whenever she feels like. At least, that’s what they had agreed on. “Will life be the same if I’m in GAM but not MM? Will it be the same if I am with Aya but not Yossie?”


The sun was disappearing down the horizon which was smeared with different shades of orange, red and blue and blurred by the drizzle. Maki stared out of the window while she gathered her thoughts. “Why does a beautiful sky look so forlorn?” she wondered to herself. All of a sudden, she realized that Aya might be waiting for her in the pavilion. She dashed out of the studio, building as fast as she could while her mind began to re-collect the earlier happenings.

When she reached the ground storey, she realized that it wasn’t a drizzle. Moderate rain would be a better description of the weather. She hurried in to reception to borrow an umbrella. Without a ‘thank you’, she dashed towards the garden.

As arranged, Aya was sitting in the pavilion and her shoulders were trembling. When she saw Maki, she stood up and attempted to walk towards Maki. However, she wasn’t in the best condition to move and immediately, she fell back on the bench. Once Maki caught sight of Aya’s drenched state, she frantically reached for her pocket to take out a packet of tissue paper. “Aya, what happened? Why didn’t you take an umbrella? You don’t have to come out here anyway. We can meet at the ground storey. I mean-”

“Maki,” Aya’s voice was a faint whisper, “I really feel like getting wet. At least, it can hide my tears.”

While wiping Aya’s face, Maki remarked, “No, you will fall sick. Being sick is bad, you know?”

Aya reached for Maki’s hands and held them tight. “Maki, I thought you will not come. Thanks for coming.”

“What rubbish. I was the one who suggested meeting here.” Maki let out a faint laughter before falling into silence with her eyes wide open in shock. She was stunned by the fact that someone in this world smelt so great without perfume. She moved an inch closer to Aya so that she would not notice her movements that much and at the same time, she could smell the beautiful fragrance.

“You know, I don’t mind giving up my career for Miki. I don’t. It is up to her now,” Aya interrupted her train of thoughts.

“Anata ga suki da to itta kono machinami ga kyou mo kurete yukimasu…”

“Hiroi sora to tooku no yamayama futari de aruita machi…Watarasebashi, it is a nice song.” Aya continued.

“Yes. It is the only song of yours that I had my own version of.”

Aya giggled before saying nostalgically, “I think you sang it better than me.”

“No, original is always the best.”

“Stop being humble…do you remember that time we performed it together?”

“Yes. Do you want to sing it again?”

“Huh…let’s get out of this place first. You can’t even speak properly in this state.” Maki held Aya up and together, they walked under the same umbrella, towards the town where they walked together with a beautiful sunset and the life that they grew up in. Under Maki’s lips, she murmured a prayer to herself, “Aya, please don’t give up on your career for Miki. If one wish would just come true, I want us to stay like this forever."
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Maki felt her heart scattering into pieces from a combination of sadness and pain. She had always hoped for the formation of GAM and that was the sole reason why she joined forces with Yossie and the rest.
Wait...the scheme that they (Maki and Yossi) was so that GAM could be created?   :mon huh:

If they wanted GAM to be formed, they probably didn't need to hit Aya with a car (which gave her amnesia, which would have kept GAM from being created).

Too much flip-flopping in the story here with people's attitude's and perceived intentions. Makes commenting a headache.
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Me is confused? I think I get it though ;) But Im not gonna spoil it so I wont write anymore about it. Hope you're feeling up to updating again soon, but don't wear yourself out, cause noone wants you to oget worse! Hope you get better, and thanx for the update. I actually found this chap on the other site, a few hours before you put it up here XD But that's ok! Keep up the awesome work, I'm here if you need me for anything.....
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Well I guess this part is confusing to a certain extent and I can understand that. This chapter should make things clearer because these 2 chapters are closely linked. The flip-flopping parts are meant to sort of involve the readers as well as to which character you trust in the story. And that will really determine how you perceive this fanfic. =P
@sweeety: Thanks, I'm feeling better. I guess sometimes flu does get a little draggy especially with these rainy days..

Chapter 10


2 months ago

“Hey, Maki, long time no see! How’re you doing?” Yossie threw her arms around Maki’s shoulders, bent down and looked into her eyes. “Hey, don’t ignore me like that?”

Maki placed her phone back to her black exquisite leather handbag and looked up at Yossie from her seat at the bus-stop. She spoke monotonously, “Sorry, I was thinking about some things…”

“Is this what a soloist always does? You seem to be always trapped in your own tiny little world and oblivious everything taking place around you.”

“Do I?”

“Yes. It is fine, though. Miki always seems to be like that. Aya-”

“Don’t mention that name in front of me!” Maki bellowed and stood up suddenly.

Yossie placed her arms on Maki’s shoulders and looked at her affectionately, “What’s wrong? Chill it, Gocchin.”

Maki looked away. “Nothing, just that I don’t really like her.”

“Don’t like? It seems to me that is more than dislike.”

“What do you think it is then?”

“Hatred? I don’t know.”

“Probably…” Maki whispered under her lips. “The bus is here, bye Yossie.” Maki proceeded to move closer towards the edge of the pavement. Suddenly, she felt a tuck on her sleeves.

“I am not leaving you now. We need to talk, Gocchin,” Yossie said seriously.

There were only a couple of students indulging themselves in idle chat on the bus which was otherwise relatively empty. After they had sat down, Maki looked at Yossie strangely and questioned, “What do you want to talk about?” It was not like Yossie to speak to her that seriously.

“Let’s talk about that lady,” Yossie let out a sigh of relief before continuing, “Why do you dislike her?”

All of a sudden, Maki’s expression changed from uncertainty to anger. “Do you happen to know the song Watarasebashi?”

“Watarasebashi…yes, why?”

“I have a version of that song. She is a soloist in Hello Project. So am I. Why do I have to sing a song that she has already sung before? It’s not like that song has any real significance in H!P annals.”

Yossie nodded her head understandingly.

“Why is it that I need to try so hard to gain fame but all she needs to do is to stand there to sing lullaby? And what happens in the end? Her CDs are totally outselling mine! What rubbish! It is so unfair! Tell me, Yossie, why is life like that? Tsunku isn’t fair! The fans aren’t fair! Yossie, does she sing better than me? Tell me honestly.” There were tears welling in her eyes.

Yossie shrugged before placing Maki’s hands in hers. “Senpai, are you interested to work with me on a small project?”

Maki was rather taken aback by the word “senpai”. The only period of time when Yossie addressed her as that was when Yossie first joined Morning Musume. And soon after that, they became close friends and that formality was dropped and abolished.

Yossie continued, “Actually, to be honest, I don’t really fancy her at all. Her friend, her only friend, is also beginning to annoy the fellow Morning Musume members already. I don’t want the future generations to suffer under her hands after I leave the band. I mean, it is quite logical for me to leave the band earlier than her, right? She is too authoritarian, demanding and had terrible mood swings. Please, Gocchin.”

“Why me?”

“This is a chance for you to get back. I need your help and together, we will create a better future for the upcoming generations.”

Maki hesitated for a moment before nodding her head. “Okay then. I am pleased to be working with you again.”

“Me too. I have something in mind now. Do you wish to hear me out?”

“Feel free to say.”

“From what I had previously gathered of her, she liked to have morning walks on her off days. That district is kind of dark in the early hours and we can capitalize on that. Either you or I will loan a car, preferably a black one, and we will run her down. The only pedestrians at that hour are students and they probably cannot do anything about it because we will be zooming past.”

“Are you going or am I?”

“Do you wish to carry out the act?”


Aya woke up in the morning, finding herself in an unknown place. The theme of the house was white as most of the furniture, walls, flooring and lightings were white. There was a gigantic brown bear lying beside her. Aya attempted to sit up but after realizing that her head was spinning at great speed, she laid back again.

“Are you awake, Aya?” a voice came from outside of the room.


“Can I come in?”

The familiarity of the voice struck Aya. It was not Miki. It was the person whom she was with when she was last conscious. “Sure.”

Maki entered the room with an apron around her neck. “I had just made breakfast for us, Aya. Do you want to eat now? Are you feeling better?”

“My head is still spinning but I am better now. Breakfast is fine with me. Thanks Maki.”

“Don’t mention it. You scared me yesterday.” Maki placed herself gently on the bed. “You just faint like that on me while we were in the taxi. I didn’t know what to do so I decided to bring you to my house. Is this what...Miki usually does?”

Aya gave a faint smile. “I don’t always faint like that and I think Miki will probably do the same thing as well.”

“Oh, you probably had a shock when you woke up, hadn’t you?”


“I think I should bring the breakfast into the room since you are still feeling unwell. Do you mind eating here?”

“No. Thanks.” Just as Maki was about to leave the room, Aya asked, “Maki, did you design the interior of your house?”

“Yes, I like this concept. Why?”

“Nothing. I feel that you’re very talented not just in the areas of singing and dancing.”

“Thanks, I feel flattered. Wait, I will be back very soon.”

After Maki left the room, Aya grinned to herself. She thought to herself, “Maki is such a nice girl, I hate to lose her. What does she think of me?” Her train of thoughts was disrupted by a sudden vibration on the bed. She lifted up the blanket and saw an unfamiliar phone lying on the bed. Could it be Maki’s phone? She believed it was and proceeded to pick up the phone. There was a new message.

“Could I read the message?” she thought to herself. “I need to know her better, right? Sometimes, she just behaves a bit too mysteriously to my personal liking.” She clicked on the ‘Read’ button and sighed as the sender was Yossie. “It must be just a reminder for rehearsals or something.” She decided not to read the message but her own name caught her eye. The message started with, “Is Aya with-”

Seeing her own name appearing strangely on a message from Yossie to Maki, she proceeded to read the whole message. The message was:

Is Aya with you now? Hey, have you fallen for you? I knew it! Didn’t we agree to finish her and Miki earlier on? You’ve spoilt Plan A so please don’t ruin Plan B! Do you want to break your promise to me and to her? Better give me a satisfactory answer!

Aya had a surge of mixed emotions after reading the message. “Atrocious!” she murmured to herself. Looking down at the bed, she realized that Maki had lain on this very place thinking of her. Perhaps, Maki fantasized about her. But most probably, Maki thought about how to finish her. Finish. Did the promise between Maki and Yossie have anything to do with the accident she had had? Otherwise, what was that suppose to imply? Where did Miki fit in the picture? The accident that she had together with the events which had taken place in the hospital as well as after her recovery came back to her. As tears streamed down her cheeks, she heard the door knot turning.

“Aya-sama, room service. Today’s menu is a plate of omelette and a special soup made by Chef Goto. Enjoy!” Maki announced proudly as she pushed the trolley with the food on it into the room. As she entered the room, she saw Aya’s beautiful face covered with tears. “What happened, Aya?”

Aya shot Maki an intense glare. She had no idea what to say. Everything seemed so beautiful before she knew about this. The first part of the message caused an adrenaline surge in her. It was too good to be true. But the next part of it was too horrible to be true. Was she supposed to treasure or hate her? Most likely, Maki’s sudden appearance in her life was powered by evil intentions or at the very best guilt but not anything else that Aya used to believe it to be.

“Aya, please tell me what’s wrong! Does the food look horrible? Sorry, I haven’t been cooking for a long time.”

“Maki, why did you lie to me?”


Aya threw her phone in Maki’s direction and said disgustfully, “Explain this.”

Maki was thrown into a state of horror and shock. “Aya, I believe you should respect privacy-”

“If I did, then I will never know this! How long do you plan to keep this up?”

“Aya, Yossie was kidding about all these.”

“If so, you wouldn’t look that horrified just now. Do you know that your expression just now justified everything Yossie wrote?”

Maki moved closer to Aya. “No, listen to me-”

“I have been listening to you for so long and what do I get? Deception!”


“Listen, I don’t know why you hate Miki and I so much but I’m not going to tolerate this any longer,” Aya paused, looked away from Maki before saying, “Please don’t tell me breaking up GAM is part of your plan as well.”

“No, I mean, yes-”

Aya punched the bed hard with her fists which contrasted her fragile outlook. “I can’t stand this! You approached me because of the killing plan or guilt? Please tell me it’s the latter.”

“Aya, I-”

“I’m leaving. Don’t look for me again. This will be the last time I am in this apartment.”

“I approach you because-”


“I like you!” Maki literally screamed it out. Aya stopped in her tracks. Seeing that her words had effects on Aya, she shifted nearer to Aya and held her hands. “I really like you, Aya. Don’t leave me like that!”

Aya, after a moment of hesitation, shoved Maki aside and left the apartment. Her eyes were swollen and she swept her fringe down to cover the traces of tears. She grumbled to herself, “God, why must you give me everything and take them all away at the same time? Just last night, we were…Now everything is over.”
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OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG NEW UPDATE! Yey! I will leave a more commenty comment when I read it, but untill then (and after then) get pleny of rest and don't overdo it. If you start to feel any sort of pain, you should lie down, and try to catch some z's! I hope you get better soon, and thank you for the update again. Hope it's not too long before the next chap is up. :) Get healthy though!
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Wowowowowowoowoowowoowoowoowowowoowoowow! Awesome! So far I was right..... I wander what else will be revealed.....hmm..... But I'm not saying what I was right about, so as not to ruin it..... ;) I think I know where this is going, but I expect some twistage in the future..... Awesome *Twenty thumbs up(I'll  make my friends stick their thumbs up too! Maybe even some strangers)*
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Chapter 11 (a.k.a. cold Aya chap) enjoy! :D

Friend or Foe?

Aya had spent the entire morning recalling the earlier incident which unfolded at Maki's apartment and fixing all the events that had occurred over the past few months like a jigsaw puzzle. The result was fruitless as there were too many pieces and no picture for reference. She had serious doubts over her own analysis and the part that she was certain about was the fact that Maki had attempted to run her down. Why did Maki do that? But if she did not do so, surely, they would not have become so close. Was it destiny or just a  well-judged plan?

Arriving late at the studio, Aya's eyes were swollen from the tears that defiantly ran down her cheeks earlier. Her face was pale from the light make-up that she applied hurriedly in the morning. Morning Musume were just about to take a break when Aya hurried past the corridor which had rooms lined neatly at both sides. Upon seeing Aya's silhouette zooming past, Miki immediately shoved Eri and Reina to the side and dashed out of the room.

She had no idea why there was a sudden surge of adrenaline when she saw Aya and she dismissed it as yet another of her queer habits. She eventually caught up with Aya. Before she realized, she was barely three feets away from Aya and even then, she did not know what she should say or do to her. The lines that she had been rehearsing since that fateful day had vanished into some unknown black holes.

As she was debating with herself, she heard footsteps rushing towards her from behind. "I need to appear relaxed," she repeated this line to herself. She followed behind Aya from a safe distance. Soon, she felt a gush of wind and saw a familiar figure appearing in front of her. "Aya," the figure spoke in a tender voice, "we need to talk."

Aya turned back and frowned at the figure with apprehension. When she saw Miki, there was a slight sign of surprise on her face. When the figure followed Aya's glance and looked at Miki, Miki realised that the person was no other than the detested Goto Maki. Aya scurried towards Miki, grabbed her hand and dragged Miki to the end of the corridor hurriedly.

As she was about to round the corner, Aya stopped abruptly, turned her head back and spoke bluntly, "We have nothing to talk about."

Maki, who was still rooted on the same spot, defended, "Aya, you need to empathize with me and-"

"Maki, I'd spent a night trying to understand but really, I don't think I'm smart enough to comprehend, let alone empathize."

"Everything started because of you, Aya. Initially-"

"Stop it, Maki," Aya's voice had turned gentler and tears began to well up in her eyes, "You're at the wrong. You hurt me. Don't shrug your responsibilities as though they never existed before. If you continue like this, I don't think I'm able to talk to you as a person anymore."


"You've no need to defend yourself because to me, this is a clear and simple picture," she paused to sniff before continuing, "I'll not pursue that accident if that is your main concern." At that, Aya pulled Miki and ran into the elevator.

In the elevator, there was silence except for the girls' puffing for air. Miki was taken aback by the conversation that took place earlier and therefore, was left speechless. The girl whimpering beside her was her best friend and some months ago, Miki had known everything of her. But ever since that accident, the tiny gap between them had been expanding and at this moment, Miki felt that she was unable to reach Aya. Finally managing to summon up her courage, Miki stretched out her hand and asked politely with a gentle smile, "Do you want to have lunch with me?"


"I need to appear relaxed," Miki repeated the line in her mind once more. Staring at Aya who was stirring the coffee in a complete daze, Miki placed her elbows on the table and unknowingly, imitated Aya's action. Despite her wits, she was unable to figure out what exactly had happened between Aya and Maki. The only clear conclusion she could deduce was the friendship between them had ended. She grinned.

"Are you sure you don't want any food?" Miki broke the silence. Aya shook her head. Surely, whatever Maki had done had caused some immense damage to Aya. "Aya, I thought over this for some time already."

"What?" this was the first word Aya had uttered to Miki in the cafeteria.

"GAM. I think I will quit Morning Musume for GAM. This is what I'd decided over the past few days." Miki rushed through her words; something she always does when she is lying.

"Are you certain?" Aya enquired. Finally, she was showing some signs of interest in the conversation.

"Yes, Mikitty doesn't spend days thinking and ending up regretting her decision!" Miki giggled towards the end. Usually, Aya would be the one doing this.

Aya stopped stirring her cup of coffee, tilted her head slightly to the right and stared straight into Miki's eyes. "Miki, you're lying."

"I'm not!"

"I'd just seen a professional liar yesterday and this morning and so I can't be sensing this wrongly. Do you happen to realize that I'm your close friend? This cannot escape me."

Miki smiled as an indication of conceded defeat. "You really know me."

"Of course. Tell me, honestly, Morning Musume or GAM? I'll not blame you."

Miki twisted her lips before rushing through her words, "Actually, I'm rather neutral about this. GAM and MM are different to me but I like both of them equally much. What about you?"

Aya picked up the small spoon and started stirring the cup of coffee in front of her. "Miki, you're so strange. You can't even stay neutral over the amount of sugar and milk in your coffee. You're so particular about such things. Don't treat me like an idiot." Miki wanted to rebuke Aya but chose to stay silent as she recalled the earlier incident that took place in the same cafeteria days ago. Aya continued, "If you had asked me this question earlier, I would have said GAM but not now. Not that I enjoy been a soloist, but I can't stand someone lying to me the whole day just because she thinks that I'll be hurt if the truth is to be said. This is simply unacceptable especially if that someone happens to be my best friend."

"Aya, I really love GAM. You should know that clearer than me, right? After all, I really enjoy working with you."

Aya stirred her cup of coffee with such momentum that some of it spilled onto the table. "You can't even find an appropriate topic to speak about at a time like this when I just had a quarrel with someone. And you end up talking about an issue that you're not even certain about. It really shows something. Do you know what it is?" Aya paused and stared at Miki who shook her head in silence. "It shows the weakness in our friendship. You are uncertain about our relationship, friendship, GAM and whatever else that involves the two of us."

Miki was a little upset that Aya hit the nail. Either something drastic took place in the space of 2 days or Aya had been acting dumb for the whole duration of their friendship. The former had a higher probability of taking place. She plucked up her courage and spoke slowly, "Maki, what had she done? Don't hide anything from me, Aya."

For the next hour, Aya narrated to Miki everything that took place and Miki listened attentively. Aya did not mention about Yossie being the accomplice, Maki confessing to her and her mix of emotions for Maki. Even without these parts, Miki seemed to be astonished by the facts. As Aya spoke, the gap between them had narrowed down considerably.


"This is it for today! Everyone had worked hard!" the dance instructor shouted. A sigh of relief could be audibly heard. "Kusumi, Sayumi and Reina, you're improving!" Screeches of happiness were echoed in the sound-proof room. Yossie shook her head with a tiny smile glued on her sweaty face before she was led to one dark corner by her senpai. Interested to discover some new facts, Miki followed them and hid behind a pillar.

"Why did you do that? Didn't you promise that everything regarding the plan should be in the form of verbal communication?"

"I couldn't find you and to be honest, I'm disgusted by your affection for that girl, Maki." Yossie said matter-of-factly.

"Now, I am in deep shit."

"Just because that girl knows about all these?"

"No, she said she will not pursue that accident."

"That is all you should be concerned about. So what else?" Yossie spoke sarcastically.

"In these past few months, for the first time, I’ve treated someone so dearly and I’ve experienced something that I’ve never had the chance to experience before – close friendship. She has given something that no one has ever given me before and now it’s all gone because of your one message."

"Where is your sense of responsibility, senpai?" Maki's eyes widened as this sounded uncomfortably similar to what Aya had spoken earlier on. "I understand how you feel. But do you remember yourself agreeing to the plan some months ago? It wasn't my decision. I'm no fortune teller. At that time, I was unable to foresee your love for Aya. I thought you detested her then." Maki remained silent. “Listen, it's good that she doesn't want to pursue. Even so, I believe 'she' will like to close this case on a high-note and therefore, the plan will continue to be executed. Now we can only hope that Aya and Miki will agree to form a full-term band before the deadline that Tsunku issued them some days ago. If not, we would need to carry out Plan C which I don't think you will fancy very much because your beloved Aya will certainly cry again. Therefore please don’t do anything silly to ruin the plan again. Remember you're there to make Miki jealous of the Aya and your friendship so that GAM will be formed." Yossie grinned to herself.

"You're despicable! Do you know what my plan is? It is to surrender myself and tell the whole truth to the higher authorities!" Maki pushed Yossie away with all her might.

"You mean police, huh?" Yossie glared at her menacingly, twisted her lips and slapped her hard. "I hate to use violence but I really feel that some senses need to be knocked into your head." Yossie pulled Maki towards her and squeezed her shoulder blades hard. "I hate to say this but your career is at stake at this moment. You enjoy singing, don’t you? You're not doing anyone good, not even yourself, by backstabbing us. Get it?" Maki turned silence. Yossie let out a laugh before she walked off. "Remember don’t try anything funny," she said, back facing Maki without a slightest trace of sincerity in her tone. Maki was left watching the disappearing figure and tears that had been holding up since the early morning began to stream down her cheeks. Thinking back, yesterday Aya was lying onto her at this time. Why did everything change in the space of 24 hours? There was no one she could trust or rely in H!P now. No more good, comforting Yossie or lovely, sweet Aya.

As she watched the epilogue of the drama-like scene, tears unknowingly found their paths to her eyes. She found herself sympathizing with her enemy, Goto Maki. In her mind, the conversation ran through her head once more. All she was sure about were Maki liked Aya and regretted her actions and Yossie and someone else planned the entire meeting in Tsunku's office and GAM issue. Yossie…why did Yossie work with Maki and that someone else to hurt Aya and form GAM? What was their agenda in doing so? The accident and GAM did not seem to be connected in any ways. Was it because Aya did not die and manage to recover that GAM came into the picture? Or were they part of a bigger plan? The former seemed more plausible. Who would have authority over Tsunku? Wasn't Tsunku that god-like and untouchable? She looked at the girl who was kneeling down on the marble flooring once more. For the first time, she noticed that girl’s loneliness. So the jealousy she had felt all these while was planned. There was this overwhelming urge to comfort her as she felt her heart softening. Yet, her pride and ego resisted her as she remembered the open quarrels that they had in the past few months. She walked off slowly with her legs feeling as heavy as her heart.
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Yey Update! (this is becoming a pattern.....) I hope you update again soon..... And get better..... I'm heading for a shower now, but I'll read it the second I get out.....Unless someone takes the PC, in which case Im dead because I haven't even started my homework yet.....
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Sorry to keep you waiting! My comp is down with a series of problems so I can't update regularly. Anyway, enjoy! :D

Chapter 12

Decision Time

The sound of the noisy engine rang in her ears, disrupting all her thoughts. She closed her tired eyes as she tried to focus on the disturbing issue. However, the forlorn image of the girl crouching with tears in her eyes was etched in her mind which resulted in a dilemma. She hated her but she couldn’t help but to pity her at the same time. She smiled sadly as though she had conceded defeat because she was well aware that that particular image was hitting her soft spot which was inducing her to forgive the girl whom she had for months for that girl bit by bit. She requested politely which was pretty unusual, “Sir, I will like to head back to the studio.”

The taxi driver tilted his head back and replied, “Okay, Fujimoto-san.”

Aya sat on the white sofa and stretched. How long had she not been here? She had no idea why Miki invited her to her apartment suddenly after rehearsal. Normally, they would have decided the day before. But nevertheless, she enjoyed coming back to this apartment which reeked of nothing but Miki. As Miki walked steadily out from the kitchen, carrying two sodas on her hands, Aya readjusted herself and tried her best not to look overly-excited.

“This is for you, Ayaya,” Miki handed her the soda and sat comfortably beside Aya. Sometimes, Aya believed that Miki added some secret potion into the drinks which made her feel weirdly relaxed and peaceful, especially when they were sitting together side by side like this. Miki stopped smiling after several seconds, frowned and appeared to be in deep thoughts. She wasn’t very eager in giving Aya little surprises and shocks here and there but she was unable to think of a better plan. A few minutes ago when she was alone in the kitchen, she had those lines rehearsing in her head but now, she could not find a good starter in this ambience.

Soon, Aya broke the awkward silence by suggesting, “I like this portrait on Hokkaidou on the wall in front of us.” There was a tiny smile on her face as she completed the sentence.

Miki took in a deep breath and decided to go straight into the main topic. Beating around the bush wasn’t Miki’s style. She spoke without making eye contact with Aya, “The deadline is nearing.” Instantaneously, Aya’s lips curled downwards. “GAM sales are doing well. The single is selling better than anyone has expected.”

“Thanks! is a fabulous song. I feel that it signifies our friendship and how much we thank each other for being in the other’s life. It shows our gratitude towards each other. But like Tsunku said Thanks! should be special,” Aya spoke in a rather too-relaxed manner.

“But, Aya, you can’t say that! GAM can be special but not as a one-time unit. We can come up with something else more special than Thanks! ”

“Like what? Nude on bed?”

“No, that’s not what I meant. I mean, all these are up to Tsunku and UFA so now the main point is whether we should stay together as a unit.”

Aya took in a deep breath before she said matter-of-factly, “If we stay together, you will be out of Morning Musume sooner or later and perhaps even from the futsal team. And I will lose my solo career as well. Is that what you want deep in your heart?”

"We just have to give up all these unimportant things if we wish to stay together. Frankly speaking, if GAM becomes extinct, Morning Musume will lose its meaning to me.” Miki paused to allow the effects of her words to sink in. “Since it was given to us, let’s hold on to it. All the loneliness that you felt as a soloist had found a way out through GAM, right? I’m sure you don’t want to be lonely again, do you? Please, Aya,” Miki pleaded.

Aya closed her eyes as silence befell once more. She asked herself, “What is it exactly that is holding me back from agreeing with Miki? Why am I so keen to be a soloist? My singles and albums weren’t selling very well. Why? I’ll still be in H!P and I’ll be able to meet…who do I want to see? Other than Miki, I hardly spend time with the rest of the H!P members. Don’t tell me…she lied to me. She wanted to harm and finish Miki and I. But she did say that she liked me. No, that must be part of a big fraud.”

She tilted her head towards the earnest-looking Miki, opened her eyes, held Miki’s shoulders and answered, “Ok, GAM over career.”

A wide grin spread over Miki’s face and she hugged Aya tightly. “Let’s tell Tsunku tomorrow,” she whispered excitedly. Aya returned her hug and placed her hands around her waist. However, she wasn’t as much delighted as Miki over the GAM issue or the fact that they were touching again after such a long time.

After some time, Aya finally shoved Miki lightly away from her and stood up. As she checked her watch, Miki held her back and spoke gently, “Sit down. I have something else to tell you.” Aya obeyed and sat. “Now that the GAM issue is settled, I feel assured that if I say this to you, nothing will backfire.” Aya looked intently at her but her thoughts had wandered off.

“Actually, Yossie was also involved in the plot. Just now during rehearsal, I saw Maki,” she felt awkward addressing Maki by her name, “and her were having a confrontation. It seemed to me that Yossie and someone else made use of Maki. Maki was feeling guilty and…”

Miki paused and waited for Aya to give the cue to continue. Aya felt uncomfortable over the abrupt pause and muttered, “Continue, Miki.”

“From their conversation, I can tell that Maki…likes you and protects you. She was very upset over the entire thing and Yossie slapped her and threatened her with violence and her career because she wanted to quit whatever they plan to do to us. GAM seems to be what they wanted but I don’t care because that’s what I want and I can’t see what harm would come out of GAM. Anyway Maki was crying very badly and I think it’s very raw emotions…”

Aya interrupted rudely, “Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

“You know Maki and I weren’t on very good terms. It is because of sympathy that I told you all these. I don’t want this information to affect your decision on GAM because I somehow feel that it would.”

Aya took in a deep breath and exhaled. “Sorry, Miki. I had a long day today and I feel unwell now. Let’s meet at Tsunku’s office at 9am tomorrow.” Aya stood up, hesitated a moment before she bent down and planted a kiss on Miki’s cheek. Miki could feel moisture on her face upon contact with Aya’s. Before she realized that those were tears on her face, Aya had already left the apartment.

Miki rested against the sofa as she recalled the happenings once more. She was certain that Aya would have some form of reaction after hearing about the confrontation between Maki and Yossie. Did she make the correct decision to inform Aya of all these? Would she lose Aya because of that? Did Maki worth more than her in Aya’s heart? What do Yossie and Maki want to get out of GAM’s formation? All these questions rang repeatedly as though they were part of a rap until Miki eventually entered her dreamland.

She strolled down the empty beach alone towards the beautiful ocean on her bare feet watching the reddish sun descended the horizon steadily. The rustle of the leaves, the ripples produced by the waves and the songs sang by the birds were part of the repetitive nature which she had very much neglected because of the hectic lifestyle. But now, everything was different. Somehow, she did not enjoy the frantic life that much as before. Why? Auditions, dancing in Budoukan, singing and performing were once declared as the main component of her life. Now, they seemed to be losing their essence and she could feel her life deteriorating rapidly even before she could proclaim herself as an adult. Was it part of her childish dream that led her into all these mess?

“Nee-chan, why are you alone?” a young voice asked curiously from behind. The stranger repeated his question before she recognized his presence. She could feel the water caressing her shins as she turned around and saw a small adorable boy about half her height holding a volleyball in his hands.

Seeing no one was beside him, she stopped, shrugged and replied, “Same reason as why you are alone here.” She let out a short laughter towards the end as she thought of the lonely life that she was leading. Where were all her friends? Should she walk forward towards the comfort of the ocean or should she retreat back to her own life?

“I came here to play. Do you want to play?” The boy asked hopefully. She nodded, stood up and caught the ball from the boy. She hadn’t played on the beach for a long time and this brought back lots of memories of days before she joined Hello Project. As she became nostalgic midway through the little game, she lost focus and lost to the boy. Now, the boy’s shirt was completely drenched from sweat and he thanked her, “Thanks, nee-chan! I think you are good at this but you just need more practice. Oh yes, what is your name, nee-chan? I hardly see you around.”

She took a stick which was lying on the beach and engraved her name slowly and neatly on the beach even though she was well aware that the waves would wipe them off at high tide. The boy, who apparently was struggling with his kanji, read each character slowly, “Go-to Ma-ki. Nice name. So are you coming back tomorrow?” She didn’t reply but only placed the stick in the boy’s hands and strode of in the direction of the main road as she was very sure she wouldn’t be back. At least not in the near future. This place wasn’t for her. The raw happiness she felt with the little boy didn’t belong to her.
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omgomgomgomgomg I am talking to you right now on msn, this is so cooool! XD>_< love the story, love the chapter, up to your usual standards, hope the probs with your computer get solved soon and that new chaps will be up soon!
I luved how Miki appears to have made up her mind now, even though Aya is still reluctant and has not. I loved the Maki bit in the end, and the lil boy sounds adorable, I imagined my lil 4 year old cousin who is the cutest thing Ive ever seen and pretty much a spitting image of me when I was a baby too..... Umm what else? forgeting again.....
 poor miki, I can tell she will be tortured again in the near future..... and Aya too, but things look like they will get brighter for Maki! I thought Yoshi was good :'( WHY?????

So tito and I wuz talking about the story so far and this might help unconfuse some:

but with the way they have been drifting away lately it must have been weird
I've been looking in the mirror for so long, that I've come to believe my soul's on the other side. says:
it seems like Miki is desperately trying to keep Aya while Aya just needs the truth and is busy trying to sort it all out.....
I've been looking in the mirror for so long, that I've come to believe my soul's on the other side. says:
so while Aya is like whatever about them two Miki is trying her best to help Aya
I've been looking in the mirror for so long, that I've come to believe my soul's on the other side. says:
and she is being neglected because of Maki
I've been looking in the mirror for so long, that I've come to believe my soul's on the other side. says:
and she is causing this rift to get bigger because since the revelation of some of her ploy Aya has been focusing on that instead of her dillema
I've been looking in the mirror for so long, that I've come to believe my soul's on the other side. says:
which is GAM
I've been looking in the mirror for so long, that I've come to believe my soul's on the other side. says:
and she probably hasnt thought of what she wants on that professional sector of her life due to her thoughts on the Great Maki debate
I've been looking in the mirror for so long, that I've come to believe my soul's on the other side. says:
and therefore she was unsure when she was talking to Miki
I've been looking in the mirror for so long, that I've come to believe my soul's on the other side. says:
*eagerly waits for cookie for having figured it out* 
I've been looking in the mirror for so long, that I've come to believe my soul's on the other side. says:
tito says:
ya its quite true. In the previous chap (friend or foe), Aya was been quite skeptical of what Miki said but in this chap, initially (the nude on bed part) she was skeptical too but she was kinda touched/swayed by what Miki said and agreed. So you were right abt being unsure when she was talking to Miki
tito says:
but then again, deep inside, Aya wanted this to happen
tito says:
haha i really enjoy writing this fic although i myself do get confused by it sometimes
tito says:
oh ya btw, which part is weird?
I've been looking in the mirror for so long, that I've come to believe my soul's on the other side. says:
lol, that's sweet
I've been looking in the mirror for so long, that I've come to believe my soul's on the other side. says:
I've been looking in the mirror for so long, that I've come to believe my soul's on the other side. says:
bah, typo!
I've been looking in the mirror for so long, that I've come to believe my soul's on the other side. says:
mmm leftover burger time! (Should have probably finished this two days ago when I bought it but was full.....)
I've been looking in the mirror for so long, that I've come to believe my soul's on the other side. says:
so so far we are sure of many things, among them the fact that both Miki and Maki love Aya, and another being that she is confused as heck about her feelings for both of them
I've been looking in the mirror for so long, that I've come to believe my soul's on the other side. says:
except she does know what she feels deep down, but doesnt know what to do
I've been looking in the mirror for so long, that I've come to believe my soul's on the other side. says:
for example she can tell she feels something for Miki but is afraid of pursuing her
I've been looking in the mirror for so long, that I've come to believe my soul's on the other side. says:
and she feels something for Maki and isn't qite sure what it is but knows that she can procrastinate that with the "She hurt me" excuse
I've been looking in the mirror for so long, that I've come to believe my soul's on the other side. says:
soo Aya has GOTto make up her mind about who she wants to choose and stop procrastinating.....
This abstract from our lil interview is followed by chat in a more personal nature that is....well personal and has nothing to do with the story. Except for the part where she asks me to post this.... Anyway, I hope this unconfuses ppl, and just for the record I am the other person (I've been looking.......yadaa yada yada) and yeah, thats it. So to sum up, and add a bit of my thoughts = Aya is confused, Maki is not making it better, because of the Maki thing she has been too busy contemplating it instead of thinking over the GAM issue, so when Miki did make her decision she just went along with it instead of having come to a desicion on her own, so she might in the future regret this..... But we wont know untill it happens. Now Maki is hurt as well as Aya, but Aya doesnt know if it is genuine or the feelings she has for Aya are just a lie or something. But her neglecting Miki will probably have a bad side effect of some sort. hmm, lots to think about. Also who is the mysterious third baddie? (Now Im thinking Rika). But Miki loves Aya and Aya loves Miki. They just wont admit it to themselves or each other yet. hope that makes sense, and that its not inaccurate and that i dont get sued by anyone. I also hope for world peace, the death of the Simpson sisters and destruction of all "Friends" footage that way that horrible show never gets aired again, that Miki and Aya get together in real life and the story, that the HP girls and Trunku will finally come out of the closet, that Yoshi will come to Australia and fall in love with me, resulting in her stealing me away in the heat of the moment and running off together to live in.......hmm England maybe... Or Miki... or Makoto........or all of them XD jksjks *not reallY* oooh also hope I lose weight, become a famous actress and get mucho mucho awards while continuing leading my double life as an undercover fanfic writer...........and many more things that I should keep in my head. Sory, sometimes the door to my brain is left open and ideas fly out and onto some creative outlet. THis was not one of those times XD. Anyway, Great job, hope you keep it up!  :wub:
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sweeety, the last bit was kinda random  XD thanks for your help! :) Hope it does help the other readers. Feel free to shoot any comments here. JFC, are you still catching the story? Hope you are and what sweeety posted and the subsequent chapters have made you less confused  :) 
Next chapter!!

Chapter 13


“Arigatoo gozaimasu!”

The annual Hello Project winter concert came to an end minutes ago and everyone was both exhausted and delighted. No matter how many times one performs on the big stage, stage frights, together with pride and joy, still exist. The difference between a newbie and a professional is the thickness of the façade put up. Usually, after a big concert like this, most of the older H!P members would gather for a or two of drinks and the younger ones either watched at the side or had their own tiny gatherings. However, this year was an exception.

“Sorry, Kaori, Morning Musume will not be joining you,” Yossie told the previous MM leader with a slight hint of respect in her voice. “Aiko just joined us and we have quite a number of underage girls with us like Kusumi and Sayu. And I think Aiko will feel much more at ease in a smaller group.”

Kaori and Nacchi eyed Yossie suspiciously. Nacchi chided, “Don’t be like that, Yossie. Kusumi and all joined us last year, remember? All of us are such nice people so Aiko shouldn’t feel left out or anything like that.”

“No thank you,” Miki rebated, “The truth is I’m giving Morning Musume a special treat tonight so please excuse us this time round, senpai.”

Nacchi’s eyes widened. “Miki is throwing a feast? That’s something very rare; I guess today must be something of an occasion. Guess tonight we will have to go without MM,” Nacchi said sulkily as she placed her arm around Kaori’s shoulder and the pair of close friends walked away together.

Miki winked cheekily at Yossie and said haughtily, “This is the way to get rid of those irritating people.”

Yossie twisted her lips queerly to a side and questioned, “So is the treat still on? If it is, we better leave soon before the crowd starts cramming the high-end restaurants.”

“High-end restaurant? Come on, I’m not that rich, friend but the treat is on,” Miki gave a wide grin. She scanned the room and questioned, “Where is Aya? She is so slow today.”

“Maybe for once, we should have a MM feast without GAM. Come on, Miki, everyone is hungry now. Anyway, Aya likes to join the seniors for drinks, right?”

Miki nodded her head reluctantly. Before she left with her fellow members, she hastily wrote a note and left it on Aya’s messy dressing table.

“Gocchin, we are leaving in a few minutes time so hurry up!” Rika exclaimed across the dressing room.

“Rika-chan, I’d a hangover last night so I’ll give this a miss. Sorry,” Maki apologized as she watched the seniors, Bi-yuden and Melon Kinenbi leaving the room hurriedly. Obviously, Rika asked her just out of courtesy. No one was waiting for her; she did not make a difference in the gathering. She stood in the empty room for a while, waiting for something or someone to appear.

Nothing happened. As Maki was making her way out of the room, she habitually paused and stared at Aya’s dressing table. The lid of the make-up powder was still open and the lipsticks were lying on the table untidily except for one. It was standing firmly above a tiny slip of paper lying on the table. Spotting the trademark heart-shaped signature at the end of the note, Maki immediately knew who the writer was.

In blue ink, the message was written as followed:
“Sorry Aya, I don’t have much time left in Momusu so tonight I’m going to spend some precious time with the other 8 members as a sub-leader. Please forgive me for not informing you earlier. Sorry Aya once again.

Upon reading the message, Maki fell into a dilemma. This was a rare opportunity to spend time with Aya. But considering the strain in their relationship, a dinner would be more or less impossible. Closing her eyes, Maki tried to plan her next move. “Invite her over to my house? That is impossible,” Maki thought aloud to herself. Even though others always chided her for speaking to herself, she couldn’t help but to do so whenever she was nervous. “I should apologize to her first but how should I put it? I’d tried my best to convince her but Aya is still angry at me. That can’t be helped. What should I do?”

Frustrated that she couldn’t think of a good solution and that she was about to miss a golden chance, she picked up the note from Miki and tore it out of anger and confusion. Miki was that haughty girl who couldn’t appreciate Aya, who disturbed the Maki-Aya relationship, who chose Morning Musume over Aya tonight.

When Maki was just about to crush the paper into tiny pieces, Aya entered the room. Hunching forward, her right hand over her abdomen, she appeared to be in pain. When she approached her personal dressing table, she saw Maki staring at the table top.

“Why are you here?” Aya questioned as firmly as she could despite the pain.

“Aya, are you okay? You look ill to me,” Maki asked out of concern.

“I don’t need your crocodile tears! This is my body and this is my life. Step out of my life, please. I know it is rather impossible but please try your best.” Aya bent her head, allowing her fringes to cover her eyes. However, the fringes failed to hide the tears.

“I know you don’t believe me-”

“I was too gullible in the past. Now, I already know your true colors.”

“I don’t think I’m allowed to explain myself further. Goodbye,” Maki murmured as she headed towards the exit. When she did so, a slip of the torn paper fell from her hand. She didn’t think of going back. She didn’t want to go back.

Aya noticed the tiny piece of paper fell from Maki’s hand and crouched to pick it up. It was obviously tore up and wrote as followed:
“Sorry Aya once again.

Suddenly, Aya felt warmth enveloping her weak body. She wanted to go back to the past where she spent days with or waiting for Maki on the hospital bed. She didn’t want to know why she ended up there or how Maki felt for her. Everything was beautiful in the colorless memories. She hated scolding Maki and crying afterwards. This cycle was sucking away her energy. She thought about the intended message for her and fantasized. She imagined the way Maki sat down, thought and wrote the note for her before tearing it apart. She visualized Maki’s facial expression, especially that pair of penetrating eyes, when she verbalised the words written on the note to her. Till eternity, she wished she could stay in dreamland and never return back to the hurt reality again.

She was the only one left in the dressing room. No one waited for her, not even Miki. Where was Miki? She felt as if she weren’t needed in those drinks gatherings and that fate arranged the 2 of them to have a chat and perhaps dinner together. Her earlier actions disappointed her. Why was she being so harsh to her? She knew how Maki felt towards her but she couldn’t find that courage to forgive her and confess her feelings to Maki.  That was a missed chance. She vowed not to miss another chance if there is to be one to herself. Would Maki turn back? The frustrating thoughts drowned her and eventually, she fainted.

When she tried to open her eyes, Aya felt the intensity of the light shining on her. Everything was blurred just like the next stage of her career and more so in her relationship with Maki.

“Don’t open your eyes if it is too painful,” a soothing voice calmed her. Her hands wiggled around to locate the position of the concerned person who sat beside her. A hand held her hands tightly. “I’m here, don’t worry.”

The urge to confirm the person’s identity was so strong that she forced herself to withstand the glare of the light. A smile appeared on her lips. Dreamland or reality? She had no idea but she wished this moment would stretch to eternity.

Maki tightened her grip and spoke softly, “You said you had seen my true colors earlier. I know that’s not your favorite color. I’m willing to dye myself into any colors just for you until you’re satisfied, until you’re willing to forgive me.”

 In a weak voice, Aya said, “Maki, don’t say anymore. I’m tired of putting up a tough front. I know how you feel towards me. Let’s start all over again. Remember the beautiful moments and let’s forget the angry, confused and sad times.” These words came out of her mouth as though they had been rehearsed a million times before.

Maki’s eyes widened. “I’ll not hurt you again and I’ll not allow anyone to hurt you. Friends mean protection, right?”

Aya sat up slowly with the help of Maki, stared straight into Maki’s eyes and whispered, “Maki, I like you. ‘Friends’ and ‘like’ don’t go along,” she paused to allow the effect to sink in before she continued, “Let’s start a real relationship.”

Maki looked away from Aya for some time before she nodded.


In the restaurant, when the rest of Morning Musume was enjoying the sumptuous dinner, Miki stared blankly at her handphone and wondered, “Did Aya get the message?”
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Wooh Chap13!!  :cow:
Lol, Miki treating Momusu. Priceless  XD. That's sweet of Miki to write Aya a letter though.
But then again bad idea, cause Maki saw it.  :O and ripped it.  :banghead:
Then Aya appeared, appeared in pain  :cry:. Pushed Maki away. Maki left and dropped a bit of the letter.  :w00t:
Aya saw it, thought it was Maki's. Poor thing fainted. An angel came to save her. Maki!
Maki tightened her grip and spoke softly, “You said you had seen my true colors earlier. I know that’s not your favorite color. I’m willing to dye myself into any colors just for you until you’re satisfied, until you’re willing to forgive me.”
^I love this part!  :heart:
And they made up! Yay! Did I miss the kiss?! Wait there wasn't any..  :cry: MY stupid imagination getting a hold of me..
And in another place where Miki is located she wonder's if Aya got her message. She did! Just didn't know it was hers..  :lol:
The funny thing about this is.... She could've messaged Aya with her phone or something like that..  :P or maybe she didn't have one.   :?
Sorry I think i just made a summary of this Chap.. Its pretty cute though..  :wub: except when Aya fainted.. that was terrible! Could've hit her head and got amnesia again  :(
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Maki tightened her grip and spoke softly, “You said you had seen my true colors earlier. I know that’s not your favorite color. I’m willing to dye myself into any colors just for you until you’re satisfied, until you’re willing to forgive me.”
^I love this part!  :heart:
And they made up! Yay! Did I miss the kiss?! Wait there wasn't any..  :cry: MY stupid imagination getting a hold of me..
And in another place where Miki is located she wonder's if Aya got her message. She did! Just didn't know it was hers..  :lol:
The funny thing about this is.... She could've messaged Aya with her phone or something like that..  :P or maybe she didn't have one.   :?
Sorry I think i just made a summary of this Chap.. Its pretty cute though..  :wub: except when Aya fainted.. that was terrible! Could've hit her head and got amnesia again  :(
That was inspired by Mushoku Toumei na Mama de :wub: I thought it will be more romantic to have Miki staring at her phone and not messaging. I think that if she messaged or something, the implied meaning behind the note will be lost. Just my personal opinion  ;)
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^Aah.. I get it now..   Sorry about that. I don't really know that song that well.. :sweatdrop:
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That was inspired by Mushoku Toumei na Mama de :wub: I thought it will be more romantic to have Miki staring at her phone and not messaging. I think that if she messaged or something, the implied meaning behind the note will be lost. Just my personal opinion  ;)
Yeah, so sweet. And plus, she might have thought that there was a reason why she didn't call her or something. Maybe she thought that Aya was just going to leave her alone for that time. But having that low self esteem that she secretly has in all these stories she also could have thought "hmm, maybe she just doesn't care or something". Long story short she didn't indicate in the message that she should call her back, but she was hoping she would just so she knows how she feels, because she cares about Aya's feelings. Because she loves her! Hot dang, why wont Aya get a clue? I mean, when Tsunku gave them the ultimatum she had realised she loved her and decided to tell her! If it wasn't for Maki stuffing it all up for them, then she would have been with Miki now!

So.....................the last bit...................whose dream was it? lol! Please tell me this isn't a Great Ayaya Maki movie. Seriously! She hit her with a frikkin car, how the heck is it possible to forgive her for it! She should be in freakin jail! And we still don't know who the other baddie/s are although I am having a feeling it could go either way between most older members of MM and god knows who..... I would be very very surprised if it's someone like Asuka Fukuda! Ha, who would've thought of that? * tito opens her word doco and changes the name of the baddie lol*
hmmm *considers changing name to "toto"* XD
Anyway, lotsa GAM goodness to be had, thought I feel really really sory for Miki, it's like the start all over again, where she is dogged by Aya, and its just like the watch thing! She gave her a thing, Aya didnt see it and Maki gave her the same thing! Its just not fair! WAAAAAAAAAAAH! POOR MIKI! WHY? WHY? WHYYYYYYYYYY? WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!
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So.....................the last bit...................whose dream was it? lol! Please tell me this isn't a Great Ayaya Maki movie. Seriously! She hit her with a frikkin car, how the heck is it possible to forgive her for it! She should be in freakin jail! And we still don't know who the other baddie/s are although I am having a feeling it could go either way between most older members of MM and god knows who..... I would be very very surprised if it's someone like Asuka Fukuda! Ha, who would've thought of that? * tito opens her word doco and changes the name of the baddie lol*
hmmm *considers changing name to "toto"* XD
Anyway, lotsa GAM goodness to be had, thought I feel really really sory for Miki, it's like the start all over again, where she is dogged by Aya, and its just like the watch thing! She gave her a thing, Aya didnt see it and Maki gave her the same thing! Its just not fair! WAAAAAAAAAAAH! POOR MIKI! WHY? WHY? WHYYYYYYYYYY? WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

I think I was feeling quite sadistic while writing this, I mean if it is bad, might as well make it very very bad :angry: As to who's the baddie, be a little more patient about it :) I think Aya can forgive Maki because she likes her too and sort of think that Maki knows she is wrong and regrets her actions but it's something like LOVE over RATIONAL (Haha I hope this doesn't spoil anything ;) ) I'll try to update soon and as for Miki, oh well...
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Oh crap. I just realised what you have been trying to tell me. And boy, you are as sick and twisted as I am! Cool! But I so do not like what is going to happen! I would go on with the whole "WHY?" thing again but I already know, you sneaky sneaky fox! I can't believe I didn't see it before! I mean, seriously how blind could I have been? I'm not gonna say what I have figured out because of the lil uns that dont like to be spoiled, but next time I talk to you or something I'll try to remember it and bring it up. But ooooooooooh dayum, that is so good! So sick and twisted! I love it! (PS Check  it out, my first ciggy!)
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Yeah! Weekend arrives and this is the next chapter of Gomattou.
Warning: It is confusing with the colour codes and contains yuri or shoujo-ai (whatever you call that) materials. :D enjoy!
(colour codes: Blue for Maki's thoughts and red for Aya's thoughts)

Chapter 14

Special night

“That was a stomachache?” Maki asked nonchalantly.

“Yes, I hope I won’t have a second round after eating the noodles,” Aya said delightfully as she pointed at the bowl of noodles placed in front of her.

“Of course, you won’t. It is hand-made by Goto Maki. Be grateful, Aya. The number of people dreaming of this meal can stretch from Himeji to Edogawa.” Their hometowns' names

“To be honest, the noodles taste rather fine.”

“Okay, you can go to Himeji to tell them not to queue for this ‘fine’ meal.” Maki giggled over her own joke.

“Maki, you don’t joke a lot, do you?” Maki nodded. “I like it when you do rare things in front of me. It makes me feel special.”

“This gives me an easier job to please you. Okay, let’s focus on the noodles and stop talking.”

Aya nodded in agreement. This is the first time I taste Maki’s hand-made food. I can’t believe she can cook so well and at the same time, be so humble about it. I didn’t know this earlier. Guess I have a lot to learn about this mysterious girl. Last time round, I left hastily before tasting the breakfast. How am I supposed to focus on the noodles when the girl I adore is sitting across the table? She smiled to herself as she analyzed the situation once more. A day ago, I still resented Maki and was in a fearful state where I couldn’t trust anyone – except Miki. Now, the fear still exists but I don’t care if I would be harmed or even killed the next moment. Nothing mattered because I am willing to risk anything for this dinner with Maki, the most special person in my life, in her private apartment.

Maki stared at the beautiful girl who was smiling to herself. Yesterday, we were still enemies. Today, we are not only close friends but in the middle of a ‘relationship’. What did Aya mean by that? That is surely a big question to ponder on but it is certainly not huge enough to dissolve this dinner. All that happened today just reflected the point that life is nothing but a test of determination. I tried so hard in the past to win Aya’s trust and forgiveness and nothing paid off. But I didn’t give up and in the end, a night of waiting beside the unconscious Aya gave me success – bonus as well.

“Maki,” Aya interrupted Maki’s train of thoughts softly.

Maki placed her utensils down on the table top and spoke in an interested voice, “Yes?”

Aya frowned and looked serious for the first time in the night. “What do you mean by ‘you like me’?” Maki fell into silence. “I mean, is it idolization or attraction?”

Maki pursed her lips before answering confidently, “It is definitely not idolization. Fans are never close to their idols.”

“Is it friendship or is it love?”

Maki didn’t even pause to think before answering, “Love, Aya, it is love.” Friends won’t attempt to knock you down and then long to stay beside you after that.

“So it is attraction because of love?” Maki nodded. Aya stared straight into that pair of penetrating eyes. There was simply no point diverting the topic anymore. Although time was with her, beating around the bush was definitely not Aya’s style. She asked as firmly as she could, “Which part of me attracts you?” Maki shifted her eyes away from Aya’s relentless glance so that she could think of a proper answer. Aya grinned happily and continued in a tone that sounded as though she had planned this since a long time ago, “For me, what attract me to Maki is Maki’s beautiful eyes and Maki’s gentle and soft voice. Those features are not only the attractive ones but they are the main ones.”

Maki looked dumbfounded. What was going through Aya’s mind when she said that? ‘Part’ meant appearance. Why didn’t I think of an answer to that question earlier? Come on, I need to think of an answer. If not, I would look like nothing but a dummy.

Come on, Maki. Your answer doesn’t really matter a lot to me. Just say anything and allow me to bring on the next stage of the night.

Maki looked into Aya’s eyes for some time. Her facial expression looked like one of a schoolgirl coming up with an excuse to explain why she came late to school to the discipline mistress. She blurted out, “I like…your lips.”

Aya was perplexed and her eyes widened. This was not part of the plan. What did Maki mean by that? I might not be the one in control tonight. Lips mean…

Was that answer right? It is true that her lips are rather unique but her lips are certainly not the real reason why I like her. Why do I like her? Why can’t I think of a simple answer? Why can’t I put it in words?

Aya touched her own chin as though she were solving a complicated arithmetic sum. She frowned and confessed, “Maki, the last time when I was in this house, I was really upset. I know, we made a promise not to think about the bad times but I believe I need to make this clear. Do you know why?” Without waiting for Maki to come up with a reply, Aya continued, “In the past, I trusted you as my good friend and I felt that I was betrayed. I was hurt, I couldn’t trust you but on the other hand, I wanted to be with you too. I was confused. During the times when I avoided you, I knew that it wasn’t friendship between us. Friends come and go but I don’t want to let you go even though you tried to kill me. Today, I decided to start a relationship with you and now, in the middle of a relationship, I feel that even if you still want to murder me, I would be more than willing to die under your hands. I risk everything for you because I love you.”


Aya interrupted, “No, listen to me first. I think you understand what I mean by a relationship from the movie you acted in earlier this year. I’ve dreamt of and waited for this for quite some time and I hope you can turn my dream into reality. You won’t think of me the same way as you do after tonight. Be it negative or positive, tonight only or forever, I want it to happen.” There was a short silence before Aya spoke again, “I give you 2 choices. If you don’t want it, I would leave and we would promise each other not to deliberately step into each other’s path like what you did last night. If you want, of course, we would have a different set of promises. Now I leave the ball in your hand, it’s all up to you.”

For real? Why did it happen so fast? Does ‘that person’ permit this? I’ll still be achieving the objective of making Miki jealous so it should be fine. But that’s not the main point. Since when did she start to have this idea in her mind?  I want to be with Aya, I don’t want to go back to yesterday but…it is just a little too fast. I don’t think Aya gave me any options to choose from.

Aya stared blankly at the miso soup. Did I miss out anything? Was I clear enough? What if Maki choose the other option? Am I strong enough to withstand the pain from it?

Maki nodded her head. Aya grinned.


They lay beside each other. The room was lit by a flickering bedroom lamp which was just bright enough for them to see the other’s face. Both were inexperienced and they didn’t know what to expect.

Aya inched herself closer to Maki and whispered, “It feels weird to look at you from such close range.” Pointing to Maki’s lips, she said, “It’s lips’ time.” Pulling Maki towards her, their lips touched for the first time. They could feel each other’s body as they kissed softly in the dim light.

Pushing Aya slowly away from her, Maki confessed in embarrassment, “That was my first.” There was a short silence. “You had a few rounds with Miki before, right?”

“No, that was my second. First being the one in Melodies,” Aya giggled as she lied. After another short period of silence, Aya murmured, “Love machine really belongs to you, Maki. You really have a super body.” She then moved herself closer to Maki and moved her hands placed at Maki’s waist slowly up her body.

“I don’t want to own love machine; I want to own Matsuura Aya,” Maki smiled as she said cheekily. “I love you.” Another round of kissing began and this time, it was longer and more passionate. “To be honest, I don’t really remember how to do it. That movie is already antique.”

Aya placed her arms around Maki and hugged her tightly. I don’t want to lose her; if one wish could come true, I wish for this moment to stretch to eternity. Her warmth is penetrating into my body. I’m now head over heels in love with her. I feel so…fragile.


“Huh?” Maki opened her eyes and stared ahead. Why does her voice sound so weak when her hug is so strong? I didn’t make the wrong choice after all. Maybe from now on, I will not suffer under the hands of loneliness. Happiness…how long had I not felt this way?

“Please promise me…”


“From now on, I will have a shoulder to lie on when I need to cry or when I am tired.”

“I’ll always be here for you; you are my dearest.” A short silence descended. “Now, your turn to promise me…”


“Please don’t shove me away from your life.” Aya nodded her head.

The promises were hanging in the air above them, covering the two girls with love, bliss and support. Comfortably, they slept together in peace.


The following day, there was a scheduled radio interview for GAM. Aya arrived late but no one asked for the reason, not even Miki because Aya looked as though she had a hangover last night with her darkened eye bags. They took their seats and the interviewer started bombarding them with questions. Tsunku had told them beforehand not to say too much and to prevent that, he instructed them to answer the questions alternately.

“Firstly, what do you think of Melodies?”
Miki went first, “It is a beautiful song and it reveals another side of our friendship. I mean, not all close friends dare to do that!”

“What do you think of the background effects?”

Aya answered, “Nothing much, they were made to fit into the PV.”

“What do you think of the bed scene?”

Miki said, “We took some time to film it because we giggled a lot. It was hard to film, really.”

“What about the kissing scene?”

Aya replied, “It was a symbol of our friendship and that was our first time.”

“Do you think this PV has affected your friendship?”

Miki shook her head. “I don’t think so. The whole thing was professionally done and Aya and I understand that. We are still as close as before and filming that just gives us another topic to talk about.”

“Will GAM continue to release singles?”

Aya nodded. “Yes.”

“Finally, anything to add to GAM 2nd single’s Melodies?”

Miki said, “I hope fans can continue to support this pair of close friends, Mikitan and Ayachan and buy GAM’s singles. Thank you to everyone who has been supporting us.”
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I was right ish! I thought this wouldn't happen as soon as it did but......... Oh well. GJ again, I hope you keep it up, now if you'll excuse me I have to go throw up (but that has nothing to do with the story, I promise). Great work keep it up! (My eyes are killing me now!). Sweeeeety caught a cold, or gastroenderitis or god knows what. Owwwwwwwwwwww my stomach is killing me. Hmm where will I nag tomoz??
Btw the bed thing was sweet, they didn't move too fast. Sounds like Maki has a few more surprises up her sleave, we'll have to wait and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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Yeah! I'm updating faster than the comments! :D

Chapter 15


On an ordinary Hello! Morning episode filming day, Yossie dragged ‘her’ during a long break to one side for a conversation. During the hour of lame kindergarten games, both intelligently escaped from the ‘bitter tea’ punishment.

“Congratulations, you didn’t drink the bitter tea today. That’s a big improvement,” Yossie praised.

“Cut the crap, what do you want?” ‘She’ asked defiantly.

 Yossie shook her head before she remarked, “This is not the right way to speak to your senpai. Like this, even Sayu will be able to see through our relationship soon.” ‘She’ rolled her eyes and ignored the comment. “I heard the GAM interview on the radio today. Aya said that there will be a 3rd single.”

‘She’ nodded and placed her hand on the taller girl’s shoulder. “Good, everything is going more or less according to our plan.”

“No, there is something going way out of the plan.”

“You mean Goto?”

“Wow, you’re fast.”

“I heard from Tsunku that on the concert day, Matsuura and her spent the whole night in the dressing room and left together hand in hand the following morning. One of Matsuura’s staff mentioned that she had a stomachache that day and that’s the reason why she didn’t join the celebrations. Because they are girls, no one suspects anything but I can see that there’s something fishy about that. If this persists, I’m afraid that the jealousy effect might backfire. I don’t want the 3 of them to become best of friends and gang up against us and Fujimoto dropping GAM and opting for MM. It’s dangerous and defeats my main objective.”

“Ah, how I wish I stayed there that night to watch how they spent the night.” Yossie paused before commenting, “But it is nice to have that much insider news. Being Tsunku’s-”

‘She’ covered Yossie’s mouth with her hand quickly. “Are you nuts? Do you want everybody to know that? Our entire plan will be ruined!” Yossie gestured her apologies with her hands. “Anyway, I have decided what we should do with Goto already.”

“I can silence her for you.”

“No, leader, I just want her to get into trouble with the law.”

“You mean reveal her crimes?” Yossie’s facial expression revealed her astonishment at the devil in the younger girl.

“Yes, that’s the safest move. Shh, someone is coming over.”

Rika swaggered past in a weird pink blouse and winked at Yossie. ‘She’ gave Yossie a look which asked a question, “Is she involved? Did she eavesdrop the conversation?” Yossie shrugged her shoulders and walked away.

-------------------------------------------------   ------------------------------------------------------

“Sorry, I’m late,” Aya apologized as she took her seat beside her best friend in the Italian restaurant. “I was caught in a traffic jam,” Aya added in a tone which signaled the absence of further explanation.

Miki nodded duly and replied, “I should be the one apologizing. That night, I left without you.”

“Oh, there is no need to feel sorry,” Aya comforted Miki. Aya understood that because she was alone with Maki that night, things took a better turn.

“Guess so, I left you a note explaining everything.” Aya looked puzzled. What note? There was nothing. Miki elaborated, “Yossie was being so impatient that day and she wanted Morning Musume to have a quiet dinner on our own. I agreed only because I knew my MM days are numbered.” Aya nodded and she grinned widely to herself. Miki twisted her neck to one side and questioned, “Aya, from that expression of yours, I can see that you are hiding something from me. Didn’t we promise not to hide anything from each other?”

Promise…Silence dominated the table for some time before Aya spoke softly, “Miki, you won’t believe what I am about to tell you.”

“Serious?” Miki’s eyes widened.

“Yes, you know, some days ago, on Wednesday, I did something bizarre.”

Miki appeared bored. “In this year itself, you have done a zillion bizarre actions.”

“No, this time round, I…fell in love.”

Miki’s eyes grew wide. “You have a lover?”

“Not until a few days ago.”

“Who is it?’ Miki sounded more anxious than interested.


“How far have you gone with that lover of yours?”

“We did something that was similar to…Melodies.”

Miki remained calm. “Who did you feed?”

“No, I meant it was similar to the bed scene.” Miki dropped her utensils at once. Her hands felt weak from the shock. Aya smiled delightfully and sang softly, “Kisu ga tomaranai anata no sei ne…”

Miki spoke seriously for the first time that afternoon, “Who is that ‘anata’?” Aya fell silent as she recalled what Maki had said about Miki. She is a little too possessive of Aya…Miki became annoyed and chided, “I told you that we need to be honest with one another because we are close friends. Come on; finish that little tale of yours.”

Aya turned pale. How would Miki react? Would she harm Maki? She had said the wrong thing and now she had no choice but to complete the story. Aya shut her eyes as she murmured a short prayer. Finally, she whispered softly but still loud enough for Miki to hear the name, “Maki.”

Miki didn’t have the desired reaction which was bursting into flames. Instead, she sat still and gave a stern look. Nothing from her face or her posture suggested her emotions. In fact, she wasn’t certain how she felt then. Was it shock or anger? Should she scream and curse or should she just burst into tears like any weak girl will? She hated herself for pressing Aya for an answer. Did she feel happier now after knowing the person’s identity?

Finally, Miki spoke in a flat voice, “I’m going to the ladies.” When Aya stood up, Miki gave her a hand gesture indicating to Aya that she would not need her company to the washroom.

As she made her way alone away from the table, her eyes reddened. “Even the strongest girl cries at times,” she recalled the line spoken by Yossie on the day when the futsal team lost in the finals because of a missed penalty by Miki. Miki apologized and everyone said that they forgave her. She had an empty look that day which was similar to the one she had today. In the dressing room, Yossie took her to a corner and hugged her and whispered that line into her ear. Miki cried while she pressed her body against Yossie. Miki cried just like a little girl who scored a mark short from perfect score in her first mathematics test. Like an infection, the line rang continually in her ears again today. She wanted to cry but she didn’t anyone to see. Where was the tall, slender body when she needed it so badly? Being a very practical person, Miki didn’t believe in superstition or prayers but now, she prayed that Yossie could appear before her and pacify her softly.

She scolded herself in the cubicle for not telling Aya how she felt towards her. She had the chances but she was afraid of rejection. Should she be delighted that Aya wasn’t straight or should she be annoyed that Aya didn’t feel the same way towards her as she felt towards Aya? Love is so strange. Which part did she lose out to Maki? She knew Aya better and longer and in terms of appearance, Miki certainly didn’t lose out. She couldn’t forgive herself for helping Maki to win Aya’s trust. Why was she so soft-hearted to tell Aya of what she had seen that day? Wasn’t she the most sadistic member Morning Musume ever had?

She closed her eyes and allowed her mind to wander. The first image that flew through her mind was Mr. Moonlight - Yossie. She remembered the way Yossie sang the song in the typical boyish style and the way she flirted around with the girls on stage. She recalled the time when she pretended as a fan girl on stage in love with Yossie and Yossie just shoved her away like what a popular guy would do. A smile crept to her face. Those were the fun days.

Opening her eyes, she knew she had to move back to reality and to Aya. “Should I appear disturbed?” Miki thought, “No, Aya would think that I am straight and she won’t tell me their progress. Should I appear upset? No, Aya would think that there is something suspicious and she might not be my close friend. I think I should appear happy after all. Then Aya would know that I’m not really straight and rather supportive of her love affair and she would trust me more and we would be closer. And then, perhaps, I would even…There is no point thinking so far ahead. Miki is an actress; I should be able to fake my happiness properly.”

Leaving seclusion, Miki went back to the table with a smile on her face as she spoke as cheerfully as she could, “Sorry, I had constipation.” Aya’s face reflected Miki’s smile. Miki certainly wasn’t satisfied to be a close friend but that was better than nothing. At least, Aya still smiled at her. But now, Miki knew that Aya would smile widely and lovelier at the girl she liked. God was unfair. Miki stirred the cup of coffee as she thought, “Maybe, one day, when I am not afraid of showing my tears and emotions openly, I will let you know how I feel towards you. Until that day when Maki becomes history, we will remain the same way as we do now.”
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Oh man, another mystery person is thrown into the mix. :dizzy:
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I think I know who the mysterious person is now. It's the same one as before right? Then it's without a doubt who I think it is. No, not Nakazawa of course, thank god for that btw cause I couldn't handle her as the baddie. I think it's someone I haven't thought of before. Now the question is what the deal with Rika is. Maybe she was just hitting on Yoshi, maybe there is more to this. Im guessing no 2.. For personal reasons of course. The thing is, I am glad that Maki is about to be put behind bars or at least it seems that way. I did not like her character in this story and quite frankly I really will be glad if she dissapears but not in real life of course. I just think she doesn't fit in here right. She shouldn't get Aya when poor Miki and Aya have been put through so much because of her. btw that one time, it was a lot of sugar, not ice cream. I had sugar on my pancakes, and then at night, a whole spoonfull of sugar. Now the mere thought of food makes my tummy ache. But I digress; what I wanted to say was that Miki in this story is not that good too. Not that she is bad, but that her character is sort of weak. Normal Miki would have killed Maki and not told Aya that stuff that got them together. The Miki I imagine would have told Aya she loves her and they would have been together. I am now mad at this Miki, but not as mad as I am at Aya. Aya had the nerve to not only forgive Maki but start a relationship with her. And then she had the guts to say that she was basically trusting her with her life and would forgive her if she killed her or something like that (not sure, lost my original post so I am making this up as I remember.....). So yeah, craziness all around. And Yoshi seems less evil all of a sudden. I kinda like her. She was at least a good friend to Miki, even though it was all fake. I kinda like that, even though she only did it to influence her. But at least its better than nothing. And why the hell did it seem like Miki actually likes Yoshi in that way????? You have some explaining to do..... Anyway, cya, hug me etc etc etc..........
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Hey sweeety, I try to explain as much as I can...firstly, I hope you'll get well soon :P and next, I haven't quite thought of what to do with Rika...Aya is just love-blinded for the time-being, since she was hospitalised, Maki was the person around her. Basically love over for Maki, hmm, I think you'll hate her more later. As for Miki, she's scared that Aya would reject her and subsequently ignore her and Aya is the most important person in her life (which makes things even more frustrating) and the part about helping them patch up, I wanted to show Miki's soft side and Miki just sympathizes with Maki then. And this is something she regrets in the later part...I'm sorry the characters I created are not to your liking... :( I'll try to make next chapter better
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No don't apologise! i'm not angry at you, I'm angry at them. Also not really thinking straight and putting my foot in  my mouth. Can you forgive me friend? Please? Sory.

 I loved the chapter and the characters and how it proves me right. Which is why I'm angry, because as a pessimist I thought up the worst possible scenarios and stuff. And yeah, odds are I will hate Maki more soon because I think she will do something horrible. I was angry at Miki for being wimpy and not standing up for herself but I like that she carried herself with dignity and did what is best for Aya. It not only proves that she loves her and they should be together but that she is willing to put Aya's happiness before her. it reminds me of this OPV, with a song called jealous by someone called Nina.  Especially this bit: "And you know I'd fight the good fight, if I thought I'd change your mind. But if she makes you happy, then I'll leave the dream behind (not sure about this bit but it's someting like) and she better treat you right and give you everythiiiiiing.......and the moment that she doesn't, I'll be waiting in the wind/wing..jealous of the one whose arms are around you, hope she's keeping you satisfied. Jealous of the one who finally found you something something something something na na na na na na, She's a very very lucky girl, na na na na na na naa~..... "

 I think that summed up Miki and Aya's relationship very well. Too bad the OPV was  ishi/yoshi/mikitty cause if it was Gom, then that would pretty much be your story :)
Oh well, who cares much for accuracy? Anyway, great job,
I think
I know who the secret baddie
Is. Am
I right?
I think so. Anyway mwah (haha now you're sick too!That will make 5 people infected by I)
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Chapter 16

Last warmth

“That’s it for today!” the senior staff announced as the analogue clock stroked 6pm sharp .Aya yawned loud enough for the staff to notice her tiredness. In the studio, image meant nothing and Aya always believed that showing normal human behaviors such as yawning in front of the staff would narrow the gap between the artiste and those who worked at the backstage. Ironically, despite her sleepy behavior, Aya breezed past everyone and left the room at an unexpected pace.

She ran down the corridor and only slowed down when she approached the end of the straight lane. There were empty rooms and rooms where artistes were busy rehearsing. She searched deftly and eventually, she managed to locate the room where her lover had been rehearsing for the past few hours. Believing that the practice had come to an end, she pushed the wooden door open clumsily. To her surprise, Maki was still practicing one of her latest songs – Glass no pumps.

In casual clothes, Maki looked equally gorgeous when she sang and danced to the suggestive song as she was in that translucent attire. Dance with me baby baby…Aya smiled slyly to herself as she thought, “How did Maki sing in that beautiful voice and dance so passionately at the same time? Tonight, I will get her to perform this song for me once more.”

Even though Maki had continuously reminded herself to stay focus during rehearsals just like any other professionals would, she was interrupted by the loud entrance Aya just had made. Even so, she continued with the practice as enthusiastically as she could so that she would not have to do it once more as more time for overtime rehearsal meant less time with Aya. I love you hold me hold me…Maki looked straight into Aya’s eyes as she completed the final line in her finest voice: Bye bye goodbye shiawase no inoru wa…With her right hand stretched out in the direction of her new lover, Maki waited for the music to fade away before moving off from her pose.

“That’s it for today,” Maki announced happily.

The dance instructor stomped her feet and commented sternly, “Maki, that’s not the final pose!” The room fell silent. Placing her hand on Maki’s shoulder, she added, “But you looked rather good in that pose. But even so, please follow the choreography, okay?” Maki nodded. “Okay, that’s it for today.”

Hurrying towards Aya, Maki apologized, “I’m sorry that it took so long. That song is rather hard to tackle.”

Aya smiled in her trademark beam. “Well, it is unlike Got-san to make an error in her dancing.”

As they ambled their way down the corridor, Maki whispered, “How could I stay 100% focused with such a beautiful girl in front of me?” Maki twisted her lips and added softly, “Anyway, that last bit was dedicated to you, if you didn’t realize. ‘Goodbye, I pray for your happiness’. Do you know how many times I sang that line to myself when you avoided me and rejected my apologies? I thought we were over and-”

“Stop it, Maki. Let’s don’t dwell on the unhappiness. As for now, there is no happiness for me without you. I need you too much. Anyway, tonight you’re going to perform the song again before…”

“So tonight is your place or mine?”

“I prefer your bed.”

“Ok, Chef Goto shall cook once more.” After some silent moments as they entered the lift, Aya asked, “Why did you hate me in the past to the extent that you want me dead?”

“I thought you just said we shouldn’t dwell on the past.”

“No, Gocchin, this is important. Answer me.”

Maki thought for a while before answering in a soft voice, “It is because you’re way better than me in your sales even though I work harder than you. It just seemed unfair to me then and I guess it just built up into hatred. But now-”

Aya interrupted sharply with tears welling up in her eyes, “When I switched from kawaii upbeat songs to serious slow songs, I worked really hard to restrain myself from jumping around and smiling girlishly. It was so hard then and luckily I had Miki beside me or else I would have gone berserk.”

“I’m sorry Aya,” Maki whispered as she wiped the tears that rolled down Aya’s cheeks off her face.

“It’s ok; I shouldn’t have questioned you in the first place. I was just quite sad that the reason for knocking me down was actually invalid.”

“We just don’t know each other well enough then.”

“I suppose. At least you are honest. Forget it, let’s not dwell on the past.” Aya smiled.

“Is this your first love, Aya?” Maki changed the topic rather desperately.

“No, I fell for a classmate before I joined H!P but it was unrequited.”

“Female or male?”

“He was a guy. But I had no regrets because he didn’t know anything. I think crushes are always like that. At that time, it seemed so important but after that, it just appeared to be something silly.”


“Uh…No one in H!P knows anything about that including Tsunku so Maki…”

“I understand. This is another secret that belongs to us.”

“Yes, I am beginning to trust you and this is important if we were to stay for long.”


As they departed from the lift, Aya questioned in what Maki believed was a sweet voice, “Maki, do you have a crush or anything like that?”

Maki appeared in thoughts. “I don’t remember. I was just a stubborn and shy child before I met you. Now I am officially an adult.” Aya nodded duly. The couple strolled out of the building together and down the street hand in hand. When they walked together, heads turned but they didn’t care because love is blind not only between the lovers but also between the lovers and the others around them - others saw things that they didn’t.


Miki tossed around on her couch. All of a sudden, she felt so lonely. There wasn’t any rehearsal today and usually, that meant a chance to slack around and meet up with Aya. But now, she didn’t dare to approach Aya because she was so afraid that the façade that she put on would fall off anytime in front of Aya and her efforts over the years would all be thrown down the drain and she might end up losing Aya. Miki was a bold girl but she didn’t want to take any risks on this issue.

Feeling both tired and bored, she reached for her cell phone. Who should she call? Aya? She would most probably disturb the little love affair. Yossie? But she wanted to harm Aya and Miki by forming full-term GAM. This didn’t make sense. Nothing made sense. She placed her phone back on the table. Was she such a lonely girl? Would mixing around with the other Morning Musume members make her a happier person? How would Tsunku react if he knew about that love affair? What was the whole agenda behind GAM becoming a full-term duo? There were too many questions for her to answer and more than half of them could not be answered by her alone.

Picking up her cell phone, she keyed in the numbers. As she reached the last digit, she paused and placed the phone down. All of a sudden, her cell phone rang and heard her favourite ring tone which “Momoiro no kataomoi”. Normally she would have either hum along or pick it up immediately. However, this time around, she allowed the phone to ring for a while before picking it up as the caller wasn’t someone she looked forward to speaking to.

“Sorry to disturb,” Yossie apologized.

 “Never mind, the damage is done. Say.”

“Uh, I wanted to ask you for a chat.”

Silence descended for a few moments. “Okay.”

“I was just wondering why you had this distant look on your face during rehearsal today. It’s quite unlike you.”

“Yossie, you won’t understand.”

“I understand everything,” Yossie commented cheekily.

“I-” Miki muffled as tears rolling down her cheeks uncontrollably. Why must Yossie be so nice to her when she wanted to harm her and Aya?
Suddenly, Yossie’s tone changed. “What’s wrong, Fujimoto? You’re so unlike yourself. What happened?”


Yossie interrupted, “No, I speak first. You’re not going on like that. I tell you what, Fujimoto. I have this urge to tell you this for quite some time. You’re a perfectionist and you want things to be perfect especially your image. Come on, we are friends. I don’t give a damn about your image. No matter what you say or who you curse, you will still be the cheeky, noisy, rude and fierce Fujimoto Miki that I know too well.”

Miki giggled. “That isn’t a perfect image.”

“No, it is completely ruined. Just shoot.”

Miki hesitated as she thought, “Should I confront her about the GAM issue now? No, it’s better to talk to her face-to-face so that I can…Ok, set. Just talk about random stuff then.” She said nostalgically, “You know, I have a crush.”

“Wow, that’s new.”

“Yes, recently, that person has a lover and I knew it because I stupidly pressed for an answer.”

“You were told that straight at your face?”

“Yes. I didn’t know what I should do because everything seems wrong, even now.”

“Even me?” Yossie laughed at her own lameness. “Sorry, that must be painful. That is a friend, right?”

“Yes. I would look real weird to make a fuss out of it so I didn’t do anything at that time. But it was so painful to act so strong. It felt…just like the futsal finals.”

“Speaking of that again, I haven’t forgiven you for that miss yet, Fujimoto.”


“No, just kidding.”

“Anyway, I’m confused now.”

“Uh…do you really love that friend of yours?”


“Then, you should just tell your friend how you feel and stop whining over here. I can listen but it won’t help.”

“Yossie-” All of a sudden, Miki began to feel dependant on Yossie just like on the finals.

“Listen up, Fujimoto Miki. A person can only live once. You may think that as a friend, you will have many chances but opportunities don’t always come knocking at your door. That’s why, I always tell you to score earlier in the match. I know you well, Fujimoto. You don’t want to lose that person but if you don’t try, you would end up be watching the lovers marrying and going on honeymoon. The worst thing is that you have to smile at them and say congratulations. Listen to this quote and remember it because it will give you strength, I promise: It’s okay if you try and try and fail but it’s not okay if you fail and fail to try. Get it? Do you believe me?”

Miki nodded. Yossie didn’t press for the identity or anything and it was somehow comforting to listen to her monologue. Pressing Yossie for the agenda behind GAM being a full-term band was forgotten for a split second as she tried her best to remember every single word that she had just heard. Although marriage was impossible between that pair of lovers, Miki spoke in a frail voice, “I believe you, Yossie…”
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I think everyone wants to know who that person is so I am going to post in rapid succession. enjoy :D

Chapter 17

Friendship or love

In the half-empty cinema, with popcorns and 2 cups of coke between them, they stared blankly at the mega screen screening a Chinese soap movie. The subtitles were barely visible and that was another reason why everyone was falling asleep, including the 2 girls. To make things worse, the movie could not be understood barely by the actions.

The lead actress collapsed and broke down and tiny sobs could be heard in the theatre. To accompany that dramatic act, strong background music was played at that instant. This caused one of the girls to stir and stared with a look of boredom at the crying girl on the screen. She sighed to herself and commented, “I can’t stand weak girls. Luckily you aren’t one.”

The other girl picked up a pop corn, threw it into her own mouth before chewing rather audibly. She shrugged and replied rather bluntly, “You don’t know me well enough to make that assumption. Is she about to die?”

“I suppose so. I wasn’t really catching the flow of the movie.” The lead actress was hospitalized and the lead actor was crying his heart out beside her bed. “Seriously, I really can’t stand boys crying. Maybe the gender isn’t an issue. I just don’t like the act of crying.”

“Sometimes, there’s no point pretending to be so strong, Reina.”

“There are merits to doing so. Crying is escaping from fate, don’t you agree?”

“Guess I have no choice but to agree.” There was an awkward silence before Maki’s phone beeped. Flipping open her phone, she read the message and a satisfied smile crept to her face. Reina glared at her, perplexed but didn’t bring herself to comment on it. Maki sensed the relentless glance, became embarrassed and questioned as sternly as she could possibly be at that moment, “You didn’t invite me out just to watch this boring soap movie in a language that you barely understand, right?”

Reina squinted against the bright screen, shrugged and commented, “It took you rather long to realize. I guess you were too engrossed in this show. Frankly, if it’s not for the endless supply of popcorns, I would have fallen asleep. That’s not very gracious of me, right?”

Maki shook her head wearily. “I’m not getting myself involved anymore.”

Reina laughed rather unconvincingly before saying, “I knew you would say that. But you don’t have much of a choice. You either go along with me or your heinous crime will be exposed.”

“That’s a threat.”

“You should know very well that I carry them out. The ball lies in your court.”

Maki looked at the screen, which showed the lead actress’ coffin being lowered into the ground, took in a deep breath and murmured, “You know the answer, right?”

“Ok, it’s your choice.” Reina paused slightly before asking, “What’s with Aya and you recently?”

Maki had expected it and replied appropriately, “Nothing much, we are just friends.”

Reina shook her head with a grin on her face before adding, “You think I will believe there’s nothing much when the 2 of you had a cold war and after spending a night together, you went out hand in hand? Come on, I’m not that dumb.” Maki remained silent. The credits were rolled on and the rest of the audience slowly began leaving the hall while the 2 girls continued their awkward conversation.

Reina continued, “I know what it’s about so let’s put that aside. Since you have chosen to the extreme of the sphere, I would suggest that you make a clean cut from her as soon as possible because your game has ended. I want a Great Aya Miki not a Great Aya Maki so please don’t spoil it now that it is nearing its finale. That’s my last advice to you and you know what will happen if you don’t obey. Good bye, senpai.”

Reina stood up, took the packet of popcorns with her and strode off. The tears in Maki’s eyes trickled her cheeks and left the leaving audience puzzled as they did not understand the real reason behind the tears. She read the message on her phone again but this time with a complete different set of feelings which wrote, “Zutto suki de ii desu ka?” She couldn’t bring herself to bring pain and agony to the very girl she adored and worshipped. Unable to withstand the weakness growing in her, she crouched and allowed her tears to stream down her cheeks.

“This is a nice place for dating, right?”

 Miki laughed at the lame comment Sayu had just made. It wasn’t her favourite joke but at least it allowed her to feel engaged with the rest. At the quiet and empty park, the girls’ laughter echoed the entire sanctuary and this gave Miki an opportunity to indulge herself in nature and stop thinking of Aya. She realized at this moment that NATURE IS GOOD was right and wasn’t some other Tsunku nonsense. The painful sensation still lingered on despite the passing time. All of a sudden, she felt a tap on her shoulder.

“Miki, do you want a chat?” Yossie twisted her lips and asked politely. Miki gave a wide grin and nodded.

Sayu pointed at them and joked, “The couple is going for a date. Come on, leader, don’t flirt during working hours.”

Yossie cheekily placed her arms over Miki’s shoulder and said flirtatiously, “I can’t help it that there’s such a beautiful and adorable girl in front of me in such a perfect atmosphere. Just look at her legs. Oh gosh.”

“Enough, Yossie,” Miki chided, “Don’t go overboard.”

Yossie laughed rather evilly before she said in a soft voice, “We’re going away for a while. See, my girl is getting angry because you’ve wasted our precious time, Sayu.”  They strolled towards the nearest bench away from the rest but still close enough for them to be seen. Yossie’s tone changed and she said, “This is a nice sanctuary. The sounds of the birds sometimes make me feel more at ease than all those chatterboxes, right?”

Miki shrugged. “I don’t know; my life has been too quiet.”

“Miki, it’s scary to see you behaving like that. I will rather have the normal sadistic and cheeky Fujimoto. Honestly, I don’t know how well I know you because you don’t really express your feelings as much as the rest. Don’t tell me it’s because of the crush of yours?”

Silence descended upon them before Miki said, “I…just feel hurt by the whole thing. Maybe that’s how a crush feels.”

“Are you sure it’s a crush or is it simply just being over-possessive of your friend?”

“I don’t know. Am I a pervert to fall for a friend?” Miki avoided eye contact and asked with a hint of pain in her voice.

“No, a lot of love relationship started off as friendship so you shouldn’t worry too much. You just have to decide on your own whether you should confess or not. It’s all up to you.”
Miki nodded slightly before commenting, “There’s a lot to lose, you know.”


“Yossie, you know who that person is right?”

“Your GAM mate.”

“It was obvious right?”

“Quite obvious.”

“Yossie, can I ask you something?”

“Stop being so courteous, shoot!” Yossie chided.

“Maki, you and someone else were involved in the forming of full-term GAM as well as the accident that Aya had. What was the agenda-”

Yossie placed her hand on Miki’s mouth and scolded, “Don’t speak so loud! How did you know about it? Anyway, I can’t tell you.”

Suddenly, Ai interjected, “Ok, private dating time is over, the filming is starting soon.”
Yossie yawned loudly and pretended to have fallen asleep and she lay on the bench. Leaning forward, Miki gave Yossie a gentle slap on her right cheek and immediately, Yossie’s eyes opened wide. “That’s scary!” Ai exclaimed while the other simply laughed.

Although Miki was annoyed at the interruption, she didn’t chide Ai. She pondered over the conversation that they had. Though Yossie was a nice person to confide in, the primary purpose of talking to her wasn’t forgotten by Miki. It was clear that ‘someone else’ was 100% in MM. Who could it possibly be and why did she want a full-time GAM?

As they plodded back to the filming site, Miki placed her arms around Yossie’s shoulder and said with as much sincerity as she could muster, “Thank you, Yossie. You’ve been a great listening ear.”

“You’re welcome, that’s what a friend should do. I am bad at advising too and that’s Fujimoto Miki. Honestly, I like your character. That’s coming from my heart.”

“Yossie being over-romantic again, I just hope that Rika is here to hear this. She will be all jealous,” Sayu interrupted.

Yossie turned and glanced at the smiling girl beside her. The last line was the only sentence from her heart she had spoken in months to Miki. She wasn’t accustomed to her smiles but somehow she couldn’t bring herself to feel nothing for her because Miki had confided so much to her. She couldn’t understand why Miki still trusted her despite knowing of her involvement in that project. How much did that girl know about the project? At this point of time, she had no power over the next step but she really prayed that Miki wouldn’t be hurt. She thought, “What should I tell her if she confront me again? It’s obvious that she doesn’t know who that third person is. She also doesn’t know who the mastermind is or else she won’t have asked me with Reina just a short distance away.” Frankly, her feelings towards her now were neither hatred nor love. Maybe she treated her as a friend after all.     
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I like Yoshi. It seems that even though she did all this to get rid of Miki, she still feels something for her. If not she wouldn't be so good to her. She wouldn't call her and try to cheer her up and stuff. If anything she would be staying away from her. She wouldnt go near her. But that's just what I think. I also know that if they wanted to they could have gotten rid of her by now or probably made sure her career had never started. But the thing that puzzles and intrigues me is why. Why would they do all that if they just want Miki out. Why would they try to keep Maki from falling for Ayaya. Why would they let their people get so close to them. Why would they even let her stay in MM for so long? And isn't it about time she left anyway? I smell the smell of justice in the air. I don't like how Maki loves ayaya. I don't even think it's love. It's idolisation and lonelyness.  She likes her because it's Aya but she only wants to be with her so she isn't alone, and the whole being Aya thing helps. See this is where they stuffed up though. Because Maki got Aya, and now they are advising Miki to go after Aya. Now even if she does she doesn't have a chance because she is taken. So if she does tell her the opposite could happen. I'm talking about the end of GAM. So they royally stuffed up. This is why they should have never let them get together. And I'm thinking Reina is jealous just a teensy bit. THink about it, Yoshi seems unavailable, so does maki so who is left for her? Maybe she has Yoshi though. She doesn't seem to be actually dating anyone but she does seem unavailable or maybe pining away for someone. I'm not sure but I think I know what will happen now. Btw, wth? Nakazawa slept with Reina? and Reina has a girlfriend? Or is there someone else? GOD NO! NOT THAT! PLEASE DONT SAY TSUNKU! Hmm maybe it's Maki or Yoshi. Maybe Maki dating Reina slept with her. Or maybe Yoshi who is dating Mako (hopefully) is the one that did it. Btw that part cracked me up so much.........Waaaait is that from a diferent story? HHHHOOLY MOLLY IT IS! That's from tears kisses cowards and teh brave I think..... When Nakazawa wanted to get the roster for Gatas, she was in bed with someone and she said somehting and thenn she was like "you shouldnt be cheating on your gf!".... My bad, Nakazawa is good here. Yey! Anyway, taht leads us back to the jealous Reina thing. ANyway tahs' all 4 2nite coz i sleepuy zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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Enjoy friends! :D

Chapter 18

Key of heart

She strolled along the coastline of the deserted beach and admired the descending sun transforming the colours of the coast into its preferred yellow and orange while enveloping its emptiness with faded warmth. Taking in a deep breath, she recalled the previous time when she stepped onto this soft sand. There was a little boy who was carrying a ball bigger than the size of his own head and she crafted her name on the sand with the help of a twig. Hours turned into days and then into weeks but the pathetic state of this beach didn’t turn for the better despite the approaching summer. Perhaps this was an indication that some things just wouldn’t change no matter how hard one tried or how long it took which depicted her fate. When she visited the beach the last time round, things did turn better but somehow the female’s intuition told her that it wouldn’t be the same this time even though she secretly prayed for a miracle.

The waves swept up the coast leaving in their wake white foams before they retreated back into the sea out of trepidation. The approaching high tide seemed to be chasing her away from the beach as the fine sand seeped into her exquisite high heels along with the swash. Knowing that she had to leave because of the tight schedule that she had, she closed her eyes as she enjoyed the last of the sea breeze before murmuring to herself, “I’m leaving, good bye.” The backwash brought the waves and particles back into the sea along with drops of her tears.

As she made her way back, she picked up a twig and craved elegantly on the sand, “G-o-t-o M-a-k-i”. She watched the waves swept away her name in the distance and made a silent promise yet again that she wouldn’t visit this deserted beach again in her life.

She left the beach as slowly as she could and plodded back to her quiet apartment. The calming effect that she hoped to receive from this visit didn’t shroud her mind. In fact, she felt even more stranded than before. As she made her way to the empty apartment which she called home, eyes turned in her direction and some even ogled. She pretended to have seen and heard nothing and she decided that she shouldn’t take the small alley that she had planned to take previously. Somehow she couldn’t understand how attractive a girl could look in T-shirt and jeans without make-up.

As she took the key and opened the door to her apartment, she saw an extra pair of shoes lying on her shoe rack. Her legs wobbled and she staggered the few steps past the door. Just as expected, the television set was switched on and the lone viewer was lying on the couch asleep. She gingered her way to the red plush couch so as not to wake the intruder up. As she approached the couch, she felt that the limited courage that she had managed to muster from the trip to the beach had diminished in great amounts until the point that she felt completely weak again.

The intruder stirred in her sleep and somehow the relentless stare caused her to open her sleepy eyes. Immediately, upon initial recognition of the identity of her lover, she sat up quickly and apologized, “Sorry, Maki. I was waiting for you but I became tired. I hadn’t had a good night rest for a week because of the tour. Never mind, at least tonight-”

Maki interrupted rudely, “Oh, it is ok.” An unfamiliar and uncomfortable silence fell between them and Maki quickly reacted by asking uncharacteristically, “So how was the tour?”

“Fine, it was great fun. It was such a waste that you weren’t there. I didn’t mean the concert but that I missed you a lot in the past week. Maki, what’s for dinner tonight?”

“I haven’t thought of it yet,” Maki replied matter-of-factly and sat on the sofa at the far corner of the room with her legs crossed gracefully.

“Never mind, anyway, I watched your live already. You are really good at dancing. But, Maki,” Aya’s facial expression immediately became serious and she added, “Somehow, I just can’t stand those strangers touching you. Maybe it’s just jealousy but can you change your style?”

“What’s wrong with it? At least it was done in a professional manner whereas you and Miki always look as though you’re going to bed after performance.”

“Maki, what’s with the strong reaction?”

Maki didn’t reply. Instead, her thoughts had wandered off and this line repeatedly played itself in her mind, “You make a clean cut from her…you know what will happen if you don’t obey.”

Aya’s tone changed and she spoke seriously, “Maki, you’re not yourself today. What’s wrong with you?”

Maki smiled forcibly and replied, “Nothing, I think I’m probably exhausted.”

“Maybe you should nap first. I will fix the dinner in the meantime-”

“I want some time on my own.”



“Maki, I will be back very soon,” Aya declared and then she stood up and proceeded to the washroom where she washed her face. Watching the beads of water dripping down from her cheeks, she thought of changing her clothes but then decided against it because of the strange atmosphere that didn’t quite encourage it. She peeked out of the tiny opening between the toilet door and the wall and saw Maki staring blankly into space. She wondered aloud to herself, “What had happened? Did I anger her accidentally? Is it just today or is it because Maki-” She couldn’t bear to imagine Maki in the arms of another person. Shaking her head vigorously, she hoped that the horrendous thought could be thrown out of her mind but she couldn’t help but to imagine that. Maki,” Aya whispered softly, “why not let’s bathe together?”

Maki turned her head around, smiled and replied firmly, “Sorry, it’s not convenient today.”

“Why not? Miki and I-”

Maki blasted out, “That’s Fujimoto Miki! I am Goto Maki!”

Aya strode towards Maki and said apologetically, “Sorry, I didn’t mean that. I understand that 2 of you are different-”

“That’s beside the point.”


“Aya,” Maki softened and for the first time that day she called Aya by her name. “I’ve something to tell you.” Aya walked over and sat beside her. “We really don’t know each other well enough. And these few days, I have been thinking and I realize that I treat you only as a friend and nothing else.”

“Maki, I can change anything for you. I swear.”

Maki didn’t predict Aya to be so infatuated to such an extent. For the second time in that day, she doubted her ability to judge her own attractiveness. It didn’t matter whether she appeared peeved off on the streets or gentle with Aya, the result was the same --- She had achieved something that she shouldn’t and didn’t want to.  “Aya, I’m grateful for that but you are only a friend to me.”

“You mean you never feel anything towards me?” This time it was Aya who was raising her voice.

“Nothing more than what a friend feels towards another.” Her heart ached with every single word she spoke and she prayed that Aya would stop bombarding her with such questions that she didn’t dare to answer so that a day of reconciliation between them would be possible.

“Not even those nights we spent together?” Tears brimmed her eyes as she waited for the expected reply.

Maki was taken aback by the question but she didn’t show her shock and replied firmly, “No. We’re only friends. Don’t indulge yourself further with those weird thoughts.”

“Is it because in my absence, you have fallen for another person?” Aya was unable to leave those questions hanging in the air.

“No, nothing has happened. I just sorted my thoughts in the past week and this is what I derived at. I’m a hundred per cent sure that I feel this way.” Aya instantly broke down and tears streamed down her cheeks like a running tap. Maki placed her right hand on Aya’s shoulder and said sincerely, “I’m sorry, Aya.”

Aya dashed out of the room without even looking back and this resembled the first night Aya spent in Maki’s house. The silence of the room was both deafening and mocking and her sobs echoed the whole apartment. Maki fell onto the sofa and she couldn’t help but to ask herself over and over again, “Why can’t we just be friends? I’m not asking you more, God.” No answers came and sleepless nights that followed didn’t provide her with answers as well.


“It’s rare for you to call me out for a private date,” Yossie remarked as she sat next to her friend on the sofa in her apartment. It’s rare for Miki to invite anyone to her house except her dearest friend, Aya. Wearing shorts and an ordinary T-shirt, Yossie crossed her legs as she waited for Miki to initiate a conversation.

Miki chided, “Stop joking, get to the point.”

“What point? You were the one who invited me out.”

“Come on, don’t act dumb. You are going to tell me the agenda behind what the whole gang of you is doing.”

“Not that again. Miki, I can’t possibly tell you,” Yossie paused before speaking in a serious voice, “You’ll get into trouble.”

“This is enough. I thought I was smart enough to guess what you guys were up to but I am not. I found out that day that the other of your accomplice lies in MM but I want and need to know the agenda.”

“What’s the point of knowing?”

 Miki paused before answering, “Since some time ago I’ve already found out about all these – the accident, the GAM formation. But I chose to keep it a secret because I want to know what will happen after that. Nothing happens so I want you to tell me now what the heck you are up to. This is the 3rd time I’m asking you. Fujimoto Miki won’t repeat any statements for more than three times.” With that Miki took out a fruit knife which was initially hidden under the sofa and placed the blunt part on Yossie’s right inner thigh.

“What are you trying to do?” Yossie raised her voice.

“You know how fast my wrist can turn right? If you try to do anything funny, I’ll stab you. By the way, I just sharpen this yesterday.”

Yossie thought for a moment before saying, “I guess I’ve no choice but to tell you before Fujimoto flares up and kills me. That someone else is Tanaka Reina.” Miki didn’t seem shocked by the identity. “She hates you and wants to kick you out of MM and make you suffer as well. She did it by using Maki to make you jealous so that you will cling onto GAM and leave MM. In the process, I think Goto did a good job to make you suffer.”

“So GAM was formed full-term just to make me leave MM?”


“Why did Maki and you join in?”

“Maki hated Aya because Aya’s singles outsold hers and to Maki, it seems that Aya did it without even trying. Therefore, she joined the project and went to knock her down. Reina thinks that if Aya dies or suffers from amnesia, you will leave H!P and MM due to devastation but you didn’t.  That’s when we decided Plan B.”

“What about you?” Miki’s heart sank as she waited for an answer.

“She knows we are close and I’ll persuade you to stay in MM so she brainwashed me into thinking you are the worst sub-leader MM has seen and the later generations will suffer under your hands if you would to become leader. I join her for the sake of Morning Musume because I can foresee all the scoldings and insults the future MM members would get from you as a leader. But I never hate you as a person; I only dislike your leadership.” Yossie let out a short laugh as she completed her sentence.

“Bullshit. You were brainwashed by a junior. This is totally bizarre. By the way, I hate backstabbers.” Suddenly, Miki felt dumb to have confided in Yossie a few days ago.

“I’m sorry Miki. Other than encouraging you to form a full-term GAM, everything else that I said to you was done because of our friendship.”

“Friends don’t backstab. Get this clear in your head. Why hurt Aya?”

“She doesn’t want to dirty her hands and I can’t possibly do the job because 2 of you are good friends to me especially you. So we decided to ‘subcontract’ it to anyone who hates either of you to do the job. It’s just unfortunate that we found Maki who hated Aya to the core.”

“So Aya was knocked down because you want to chase me out of MM? Bloody hell.”

“I told you all these primarily because I don’t want you to get hurt even more. I’m trying to protect you. Reina is terribly ruthless and if she knows that you know about it, she might get me to kill you or something. So now that you know it, please keep your mouth shut. I’m not afraid of that stupid knife.”

“You are full of shit. I’ll kill you and that stupid junior.”

“I guess as much.”

“Now I know what’s going on in that stinking head of yours. Thank you for connecting the picture for me and I’m going to make your project fail.”

“Go on, Miki, go on. You’ll end up losing a lot and don’t blame me if she has a new set of plans.”

“Listen up, Yoshizawa, I’m not Goto Maki whom you can control. I am Fujimoto Miki. When I say I will do it, I will. You may go now.”

Yossie stood up and left the apartment without saying goodbye to someone she had regarded as friend a few days ago. She thought, “I like her willpower. But sorry, Fujimoto, you can’t do anything to us. Not Reina and me. Please don’t try if you value your life.”
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Yossy don't even think in hurt Miki!!! :angry:  your my favorite one but your wrong here, and yeah, Miki is right, be brainwashed by a junior is totally Bullshit!!!  :thumbdown:
 :cry: :cry: Damn!!! Poor Aya, she don't deserve this... but I can't blame Maki because she's doing this to protect her (in some way) but she was weak!
OMG!!! This is getting excited :w00t:
I'll be checking every free time I have to see if there is an update XD
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OMG AYA IS SO FREAKING THICK!!!!!!!!!! SHE HASN'T GOT A CLUE, WHEREAS MIKI HAS PRETTY MUCH UNRAVELLED IT ALL! MAAAAN! THIS SUCKS! When will GAM get together????? I have been waiting for this to happen and I can already imagine Aya running to Miki in tears and Miki (if not killing Maki) comforting her and maybe telling her how much she loves her too. But poor Aya seems to be deeply infatuated with Maki. Kinda like Romeo and Rosalind, before he met Juliette except Aya has already met her Julliette she just ignored her and didn't think of possibly dating her. That sucks but at least they got to spend time with each other even if they weren't together. Sory I took so long to reply but I didn't check for upadates lately as I was reading this other story for the last few days. When I see you online (when I am actually online too) remind me to tell you how much you rock. Btw the Yoshi thing is legend. I like how she really is her friend even though she is scheming against her. And Miki seems to like her too as a friend and she has even sort of forgiven her for things, kinda like Maki and Aya even though she knows what she was trying to do and everything. But the thing is if they wanted Miki to quit MM to take care of Aya when she got sick that was very stupid because they let Maki be the one that was all over her. So instead Miki got jealous. The bad thing is with the things happening to her she could end up being the bad guy. If you really think about it, that is exactly how people turn bad. Before you know it she could be plotting Maki's murder etc. although she seems to not hate Maki or have a grudge against anyone but Reina at this moment. I rofled at the bit where she finds out who it is and doesn't get shocked but how she is surprised when she finds out the real plan and that. It's like ' so who is behind all this ? Reina? Oh, ok.....' lol. She had an "I had it coming" air about her. I liked this chapter because you finally reveal the bad guys plans and stuff. So it was to get rid of Miki all along ei? I was sooooo totally right! I knew it! Didn't I tell you? It was obvious with the way everything that could possibly happen happened to Miki. rejected so many times, bruised and broken......... And now that I'm talking like this about Miki I feel like reading one of those GAM break up one shots. They are awesome and I love them but when I go to sleep at night I dream of them but with diferent happy endings where they get back together. They don't make it too hard for them to be able to get back together. They make it pretty easy actually. They make it too easy. They usually end with one leaving the other and the story ends on that night while the two are crying far away. I can always imagine Miki or Aya coming back and apologising or telling the truth. Like "UFA told me to break up with you Aya but I can't do it, I can't let go off you, I love you too much so I'm gonna let you choose and if you want to see me secretly then I'll be your secret, but we'd have to be careful or else it's all over, our careers and lives both. But if you don't want me, I will try to be your friend, and I will hold you as you cry tonight, as your lover and tomorow, when morning comes, I will console you as your best friend."...... Wow that was cool and deep and poetic and stuff.......... Damn I'm good XD jks  jks jks jks jks. But yeah, that is the effect of a GAM breakup fic, me staying up thinking up ways for them to stay together. Coz GAM is life.

And please stop adding depth to Maki's character. You're making it hard for me to hate her. She disgusts me in this story! But I can't hate her! I can't stop loving her :'(
It's like she's my drug, she the demon I can't let go off, it's like I'm suck, fated to run from this feeling all the time and I know that I let her have all the power it's like the only company I see is mysery all around me.....
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Hello! I'm back again! I'll update the next chapter tomorrow morning I promise or maybe later...Thanks for the comments :D

@Kreuz_Asakura I'm glad you like this story  :P

@sweeety yeah you're right, it's about Miki. Oh gosh, we are still on the same wavelength  :lol: Hmm, I'll make the ending different I guess. As for Maki, oh well oh well oh well, isn't it nice? Mix of emotions towards her...

Ok, I'm bored so I wrote a little poem from Aya's point of view (this is really random so it may sound weird) :D

The day after the thunderstorm

The lightning flashed
The thunder roared
The sky darkened
My heart trembled and cowered
Because I was afraid
Did you notice this?

I appeared strong and laughed
Just like any other day with anyone else
But actually “it was all because of you”
Would it make any difference if you know this?
Now I want to convey my thoughts to you
But it is just too late
Because the beautiful storm had already passed

With you strolling beside me
The rain was a luxury itself
Why did I even pray for it to end?
Why was my prayer answered by the superior being?
Why couldn’t the rain last forever until paradise arrived?
You left with the rain which brought my heart away unknowingly too
Now I am still dreaming of you

You told me to stop it
You told me that you were strong enough to withstand the storm alone
You told me to let go of your hand
The request was a little too subtle
I could not sense it
Selfishly I pretended to be ignorant of your annoyance
Because I were too happy to be with you
Even though I myself did not realize that then

Why do you smile so differently now?
I hate you because
You are a little too far away
You are a little too cruel by
Leaving hastily after successfully becoming my every little thing
“Those who protect others are actually those who need protection”
Do you still remember this line that I recited before?
Now I wish you are here to embrace the shivering soul of mine

Why do you appear so sad now?
I like you because
I know I am the reason behind your tears
Your voice is still that sweet
Don’t pretend to be strong anymore; we are both tired
Time is moving on but I am still stuck here
In this place where I met you
Because I don’t want to walk on into a world without you

I remember the songs you sang to me
I remember your soft touch
I remember your gentle voice
You are slowly fading away in my mind
That is why I want nothing but you in my mind now
When will the same unforgettable rain fall again?
When will your words of forgiveness arrive?
I will wait patiently and pray that it is tomorrow

The thunder roars again today
The lightning flashes across the sky
But it will not be the same
Because I am now alone under the demolishing rain
There is no more sweetness in the salty rain
There is less than love in it
No more hand in hand
No more smiles and laughter
But that is the closest I can ever get to you.
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As promised Chapter 19...



Plodding slowly on the empty night street, Aya allowed her tears to stream down her cheeks. All of a sudden, she felt weaker than yesterday and she couldn’t understand the reason behind that. She could hear faint sounds of the sea and smell the salt which hung in the air. Seagulls, dolphins and the sight of tourists sun-bathing were images that flooded her mind then. But now all she thought about the beach was its huge waves breaking against its shores. A sudden urge grew in her to pay a visit to the beach in the hope that the waves would wash her sorrow and pain away.

The dark streets were illuminated by a few street lamps which were not bright enough to allow her to find her directions around properly. As she followed her intuition and made her way towards the supposed direction of the sea, she stumbled upon a boulder and fell. Her heels gave way and she felt an acute pain on her left ankle with blood gushing out from her shin. Childishly, she chided herself for wearing a mid-knee skirt and heels instead of a pair of jeans and track shoes. She thought to herself that if she had known what was about to take place at Maki’s house, she would have not dressed like this and if Maki could appear now, she would pretend that she had heard nothing at her place. ‘If’ is such a powerful word; she fell in love with its full usage that day. Aya remained in the position and heard the cries of the seagulls in a distance. By then, she didn’t even try restraining her tears from falling.

After some time, she took out her heels and stood up. Finally, she decided to stand on her own and not wait futilely for someone who wouldn’t come. As she staggered her way forward, she recalled the earlier event and thought, “What did I do wrong which possibly angered her? Maybe she said all these in a moment of anger. I didn’t give her enough attention, did I? Is she jealous of the time I spend with Miki? What should I do to keep her?” As she brainstormed the possibilities, she eliminated some while she kept the rest in the back of her mind. In the end, she decided to come up with a compromise. 


In the café frequented by Morning Musume, Miki and Ai sat at a corner alone with a glass of orange juice each in front of them. Miki sipped her glass of orange juice slowly and listened to Ai’s monologue in silence. Ai commented with a sigh, “The new song is so hard to tackle. I’m afraid I won’t sound emotional enough because I haven’t experienced those emotions before. I hope the single will sell well. Mikitty, are you listening?”

Miki looked annoyed for a moment. “Yes I am.”

“Can you practice singing the verse with me?”



“Can I take a seat?” Reina interrupted the conversation in a polite tone. As she noted the shocked expressions of her seniors, she decided to leave them alone as she said, “It’s okay, sorry.” Reina started moving away from the table with the tray of food rather clumsily.

“Take a seat, Reina,” Ai said with a gentle smile. Reina took the seat beside Ai and started eating her fish and chips while an awkward silence descended upon them for a couple of minutes. Ai decided to speak first, “Mikitty and I are just about to practice the verse of Kanashimi Twilight together before you came.”

“I don’t want,” Miki said defiantly, eyeing Reina rather menacingly.

“Please senpai, let’s sing it softly.”

Miki said, “You are beyond hope. Since it’s our last work together, I shall be nice to oblige. Koi ni ochiteitta Sore ga koi tomo shirazu ni…”

“Kokoro fueteru namida to naru yokan,” Ai continued with her line.

“Waza to wagamama itta no…ni,” Miki sang rather distractedly as without prior notice, Aya shuffled into the café, pulling an extremely long face. Ai nudged Reina which induced Reina to look up at the sloppy figure. It was hard to ascertain at first sight that Aya was a pop idol as she appeared disheveled. Tsunku would be less than pleased to chance upon such a sight. Immediately, Miki stood up and hopped towards her doleful friend. “What’s wrong, Aya?” Miki inquired out of concern. Aya shook her head and appeared lost as her gaze shifted around the entire café as though scrutinizing the place because it was her first visit. Tightly, Miki gripped Aya’s right arm and led the lifeless soul towards an empty table.

“Aya, what happened?” Miki asked after both of them had finally sat down.

“Miki, I-” Aya stuttered which resulted in Miki having to try her utmost best to restraint herself from interrupting. Aya murmured under her breath, “I’m sorry.”

 “Aya, we promise to share our thoughts and secrets with each other because we are good friends, right?”  The juniors seated around the table wondered why Miki had such obvious double-standards – treating Aya with such care and concern and the rest of them so crudely.

Aya glanced at her friend sitting at the opposite side of the table who was gripping her hands tightly. Her eyes were penetrating but the emotions that those eyes held were between annoyance and concern. For the first time, Aya didn’t wish to speak her mind not because she didn’t trust Miki but because she didn’t know how to put it. She knew she was ditched by Maki but she didn’t want all the young girls sitting around in the café to learn about this. The familiar perfume that she had bought for Miki lingered in the air which added to her pain as she struggled to find a suitable topic to speak on.

“Miki, I fell yesterday and my ankle is still hurting,” Aya commented softly, hoping that it had brought a desired effect.

Miki tilted her head and peeked under the table at the swollen right ankle. “Is it painful?”

“Not as painful as my heart,” Aya thought to herself but she didn’t dare to say out. “It’s better than yesterday. I think I’ll like to visit the doctor after breakfast.”

“You haven’t eaten?”

“Not a bit.”

Miki then proceeded on her own to the counter to purchase a meat hamburger which she remembered was Aya’s favourite in this café. Although this was a hang out area for H!P members, Aya and Miki only came here once on their own. It was then that Aya had ordered a meat hamburger and remarked that it was delicious. Despite having to memorize numerous dance moves and countless lyrics, Miki could not forget all these little details about Aya. Sometimes, she wondered to herself how much Aya had reciprocated her undying care and attention and how much others had noticed about the special attitude she had towards Aya. The time spent alone with Aya was a precious gift itself to Miki.

Miki grinned from teeth to teeth as she brought the food towards the table and exclaimed cheekily, “Breakfast’s here, Aya-sama!” ‘Sama’ was added for humour effect to lighten the atmosphere but personally, Aya was a ‘sama’ to Miki as she felt that Aya had full power over her emotions and she loved to indulge herself by obeying Aya’s commands.

“Thank you, Miki,” Aya replied gently and a gentle smile grew on her face for the first time that day. That was equaled to a public salutation for Miki.

“I’ll bring you to the doctor later, ok?” Miki offered. Aya accepted her offer by nodding her head rather too politely for a friend as she nibbled on the gigantic burger. Again, her gaze wandered away from Miki to the occupied tables around them. Miki observed her in silence before inquiring, “Are you looking for someone?” Aya shook her head rather too vigorously and her face immediately turned blank.

Miki closed her eyes as though allowing telepathy to occur between them. Suddenly, her eyes shot wide open and she stood up, tiptoed and searched the area. She didn’t notice the fascinated look on Aya’s face. After some time, she turned to face Aya and without exchanging any eye contact, she reported solemnly, “She’s not here.” After a slight pause, she continued, “I think I left my purse at the other table. Give me a moment.”

Miki left the table hastily and walked nonchalantly towards Ai and Reina who were dining in silence. Upon seeing Miki, Ai grinned rather wryly and commented, “Too careless, Fujimoto, to leave your purse in the open like that. Luckily, it was Reina and me and not other Dick and Harry who will take it and run. The fan boys out there will surely pay double the price to purchase Fujimoto Miki’s purse. So how’s she?” Ai took the black purse out of her handbag and placed it on the table.

 “Thanks. By the way, that wasn’t funny, Takahashi.”

Miki retrieved her purse and just when she was about to head back towards Aya, Ai offered her a piece of tissue. “What happened? You’re not going back with those teary eyes.”

Miki took it and wiped off the tears that were about to overflow her eyes. Those tears were caused by sadness that Aya wanted to see Maki so much that she staggered here with a sprained ankle. Why couldn’t that person be her? Aya was obviously suffering emotionally like the previous time when Aya found out about Maki’s involvement in that incident. Things took on a better turn when Aya confided in her but why couldn’t things be the same this time round? There was no point thinking because Miki was definitely not the only writer of the relationships and life would still have to go on. Miki murmured to herself, “Kanashiki koi no twilight.”

Miki hurried back to the table where Aya was seated. Aya had finished the burger and only the bread crumbs were left on the plate. Slowly, they then proceeded out of the café together. Sometimes, Miki needed someone to remind her that she had to slow down to follow the pace of her friends. That person definitely had to be more than friend. Miki thought, “Goto Maki that bitch must have done something to Aya again. If I find out what it is, she will get it from me. Damn it, I shouldn’t have been soft-hearted then. There’s nothing pitiful about her. Even Yossie can’t be trusted now, I will not relent again. I swear.”   

Reina stared at the disappearing couple and wondered to herself, “How will this story end?”
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Indeed, how WILL the story end? And are you seriously gonna change the ending now? Cause if you are then you better change it to a nice happy ending ok? None of that Unmei stuff! If you dare lay a finger on my-your Mikitty! I will so stop calling you my twin! Ok, maybe not but I will stop calling you on msn.......No I wont do that either. But I will get sad..very sad.....there could be tears!
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Thanks to projecthello for the translation of Shall we Love :D Enjoy  :P


Shall we love?

As she entered the audition room, her heart fluttered as she saw her idol standing in a corner looking straight in her direction. “She is listening to me. I must do my best not to disappoint her. I must impress her…” With that in mind, she sang her heart out in a voice that didn’t quite seem to belong to her during the whole 2 minutes. “Suki ya kedo mou owari ya nen oosaka  koi no uta,” she concluded Osaka koi no uta in a fashion that even Takahashi Ai would approve of before she gave the judges a respectful bow. She departed from the room feeling elated and swore to boast to all her friends that she had just seen her idol face-to-face so the result of the audition only served as a bonus to her.

After the final Morning Musume wannabe had left the room, Tsunku rubbed his eyes out of fatigue and asked casually, “So what do you think of those girls, Maki?” The music of Osaka Koi no Uta faded and the next track so happened to be Shall We Love. Its rhythm and melancholic tune were familiar to her and it brought back memories of the past. Those days just seemed too far away. 

Maki shrugged her shoulders and replied, “The final girl is quite good.”

Tsunku looked at the list of names in front of him and read out, “You mean Mitsui Aika? I think that she has a nice voice. You know something? She’s always looking in your direction.”

Baby baby baby baby shall we love x4

“Huh?” Maki, distracted by the song, was obviously not listening to him.

“I think she likes you, Maki.” Maki somehow managed to laugh. “What brings you here today?”

Even if I'm younger I know at least that much

She wanted to say that she didn’t dare to go anywhere else in fear that she would meet Aya because sometimes fate could be a little tricky. Instead, she answered, “I…am feeling rather nostalgic recently so I want to see some new young faces. Anyway, I’m rather free today so I’m a little bored.”

Don't compare to me to that stupid older girl

“Oh, you won’t be for long.”


That's true, at the very least I feel so so happy.

Tsunku started to pack the files and papers on the table into his briefcase hurriedly and then gestured Maki towards the doorway. Obediently, Maki followed his direction and her lips instantly went pale. A breathless Aya stumbled her way across the room with Miki following closely behind whose wrathful eyes were staring menacingly at Maki.

How could that older girl not even notice?

Suddenly, Maki shuddered as a cold sensation was sent down her spine and she felt rather apprehensive about the whole situation. However, she managed to contain her fear and appeared rather calm; this was something she had learnt from her acting career.

An awkward silence struck them which disliked Tsunku very much. Hence, he announced, “I’m going off, girls. Remember to switch off the lights and the music player before you leave.” With that, Tsunku left the 3 talented girls and made his promised exit. The scene brought back memories of the unexpected formation of his favourite one-time group, Gomattou. Coincidentally, he met the 3 of them in an empty studio room and wondered aloud, “How nice if the 3 of you can be in the same band.” Miki and Aya both agreed readily to the proposal and Maki smiled to the novel idea. Even though he didn’t notify the press about the real formation of the successful Gomattou, he secretly treasured such an innocent off-contract formation of a band. He adored the naivety of young girls and that was one of his many agendas behind the annual Hello Project auditions but he wondered more than once to himself why his daughter was not born with such a pure virtue. Perhaps, she didn’t have it in her genes.

Aya waited for the door to be shut before she said with a smile, “The general practitioner diagnosed it to be nothing more than an ankle sprain. It should recover fully in a week so I’ll be able to make it for your concert in Tokyo.”       

To break up, to not break up I love you, I don't love you

Maki inhaled deeply and without making any eye contact as she tried her best to control her tears, she retorted impatiently while she started for the exit, “Why are you here then?”

A family restaurant in the afternoon; a driveway looking at the night view

“What’s the meaning of this, Goto Maki? She’s injured!” Miki shouted.

No, I don't want to break up. My tears won't stop. .I don't want this to be seen

“Miki, stop it. It’s my fault. At least, Maki, tell me the reason behind your sudden change in behaviour. It is something other than sorting your thoughts out, I can tell,” Aya whispered.

Maki stopped in her tracks and struggled between putting on a brave front and admiring the girl she adored. In the end, the latter got the better of her and she glanced at the beautiful face standing in front of her with tears brimming in her eyes.

I'm not lonely, I'm not lonely at all I'm not lonely at all, not at all.

It was a mistake which she realized at once; the sinking feeling in her stomach grew considerably and there was a painful sensation in her heart. She never once wanted to say those hurtful words but she didn’t dare to flirt with her in fear that it would hurt her more. Her mind was in a horrible state of confusion and she didn’t have the courage to respond.

Miki contemplated the whole situation and attempted to drag Aya away. “There’s no point, Aya. She’s a hopeless case. Let’s get out of here.”

Aya didn’t budge an inch; instead she staggered forward and murmured, “Maki, I’m still waiting for your answer. I will keep on waiting until you answer it no matter how long it takes. Let’s remain as friends ok? Don’t be so cruel to me.” Tears rolled down her cheeks uncontrollably as she stuttered, “I really treasure you. Please.”

But I want to see you, I don't want it this way. Come get me like you did before

Miki interjected, “This idiot has lost her senses. You don’t need her.” It was just so painful to see for herself how desperate Aya was to be with Maki. How much she hoped that she would be on the receiving end of such speech. But then again, Miki would never hurt Aya to such an extent that she needed to say all these just to keep a friendship alive. Never. 

Maki thought, “I have to obey ‘her’ commands or else my crimes will be exposed and my career will be gone. Everything will be over for me. When that happens, would Aya still be there for me? Would Miki that jerk capitalize on this by badmouthing me and resulting in me losing Aya? It’s a risk too large to take. Aya, please give me some time to think through it…Maki, you are such a weakling! Why do you dare to say to Yossie that you can surrender yourself to the police but don’t dare to do it?  Why are all these happening to me? Why is fate being so cruel to me? Why can’t we just be like normal people who met and then fell in love with each other?” Tears uncontrollably found their way to her eyes. 

Baby baby baby shall we love? X4

While Maki was debating with herself, without a warning, Aya fainted and lost her balance. Miki just somehow managed to keep Aya on her feet without falling herself. With a menace glare, Miki hollered, “Hey, don’t stand there! Give me a hand!” Maki quickly leapt over and supported Aya on the right side. As the two of them slowly plodded forward, Miki remarked without a glance at Maki, “Hey, actually you do care, right?” Maki didn’t reply and allowed the silence that followed to respond to the question.

“Now where should we go? I don’t think hospital is ideal. The press will have something to write about unless she is really in a bad state,” Maki asked as soon as they were out of the building. Then, she bended forward and did a quick examination of Aya and her eyebrows furrowed. “My place is near,” Maki suggested and before Miki had a chance to protest, Maki had already flagged a taxi and informed the driver of her address.

The taxi lumbered its way forward in the agonizing journey which felt longer than ever. When they finally reached the destination, Miki and Maki held Aya in the same way as they had in the studio and struggled their way up to Maki’s apartment.

When they were eventually in the apartment, Aya showed signs of consciousness as she muttered repeatedly, “Can I love you forever?” Maki caressed Aya’s forehead and eventually lost grip of her emotions and broke down in tears. Nothing felt worse than hurting your loved ones deliberately and watching them suffer in despair. She wanted to take Aya into her arms and declared that she would love her forever but she couldn’t do so now.

Some time passed before Miki offered Maki a packet of tissue and a glass of water. “It took me some time to find them,” Miki said flatly. “She was downright depressed and tired when I first saw her. She didn’t even want to visit the doctor and her whole ankle was swollen. What she needs is not the medical assistance but…”

“Thank you, Miki,” Maki interjected before Miki could complete her sentence.

Miki raised her voice, “Maki, I hate you but I can’t do anything about Aya’s affection for you. Don’t put on a brave front and look as though you don’t care because your façade sucks! It’s so pretentious that it annoys me. Why can’t you just love who you love? What did Aya see in you?”

“Miki, you don’t understand...”

“I do.” Miki paused to wait for the impact of her words to set in before continuing, “Yoshizawa, hit-and-run, plan and the mastermind who is a stinky 6-generation. Have I hit the nail or should I carry on?”

Maki’s eyes grew wide but she dismissed her shock almost immediately and simply commented, “Then, you should know my reason for acting so. I don’t want to do this.” Tears streamed down her cheeks as the words which had suffocated her for what seemed to be eternity were forced out.

Miki inhaled audibly and turned to look at her dearest friend affectionately who was sleeping soundly for a few moments before interrupting the awkward silence, “I know you hate Aya and wanted to kill her. Then somehow you liked her and then now she’s literally mad over you. Stop the plan if you genuinely care for her. Of course I know you don’t but I will make sure you do.” Tears welled up in her eyes as she completed her last sentence.

Maki whispered, “I really care for her and my feelings for her are genuine.” Silence fell between them once again.

Scrutinizing the girl seated in front of her in tears, she could see the irony that the 2 of them, who had hated each other for so long, actually cared for the same girl. If things could take a slight twist, Maki thought, “I would have 2 good friends from the days in Gomattou.”

Miki spoke as sternly as she could despite the tears, “Reina threatened you with something such that you had to leave Aya right? It was an order from her right?” Maki remained silent. “I knew it, what’s that something?”

Maki looked away for some time before answering, “It’s my reputation and my career. If I get caught, my life is finished.”

Immediately, Miki lost control of her emotions and flared up. “Aya had fallen for the wrong person. You don’t deserve her love. Career and reputation means more than Aya to you! How selfish you can get!” Miki shouted as tears rolled down her cheeks. She thought to herself, “Life is so unfair; I’m willing to give up MM for Aya even though I know it’s according to the plan and Aya feels nothing for me. As for Maki, she selfishly chose her career over Aya and Aya loves her so much and treats her so dearly. Why? How can I make myself seem more important than Maki in Aya’s heart? Why do I have to try so hard for so many years while Maki could sneak in and easily steal her heart? ”

“Miki, you’ll do the same thing if you’re me. Think about it, we don’t have much education so we can’t find other jobs. H!P is our only world. If I get caught by the police, I can’t do anything in my life anymore,” Maki cried as she spoke.

“You’re seriously selfish. You choose not to tell Aya about all these not because of anything but because you know she will hate you for choosing those things over her. You want to have Aya as well as your career.”

“Miki, I’m also in pain, you know that. Life is unfair; I can’t have both Aya and my career. I hate it when Aya says those things and I can’t say I love her back because…because I might break GAM apart.”

“Rest assured, you can’t do anything to us,” Miki said sharply as she walked towards Aya and piggybacked her. “Aya will do fine with me.” She slumbered forward with a load on her back which she never regretted carrying.

Maki watched in silent as the 2 girls made their exit from her apartment. She questioned herself as to whether it was correct to say all these things to Miki. Perhaps it would be better for Aya to hate her. Maki murmured under her breath, “Aya, sorry, you shouldn’t love me forever. We shouldn’t have loved.”
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so sad!!!!!!!!!!!!

maki... you might leave your career  :frustrated:

i like reina but definitively she doesn't in this fic ¬¬ i hate you reina from shall we love! (only this reina lol)

and miki don't want to give up with ayaya  :pleeease:

keep writing please!   :hee:
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"he wondered more than once to himself why his daughter was not born with such a pure virtue."

.....................Did everybody miss that? Seriously? Am I the only one who noticed? I stared at that for like an hour in awe! Ok, I know who it is but I feel like asking a stupid funny question anyway.........

"he wondered more than once to himself why his daughter was not born with such a pure virtue."

 Is it meeeeeeeeeeee? Am I his daughter in the story? How the hell did you get in my head and steal my freakin dreams? Dang it I knew we shouldn't have started communicating telepathically...... we haven't known each other long enough to justfy that intmacy........ yet it felt so     right...........

  Lol, the really strange part is that for the past few months I have been having these weird dreams which involve me being Tsunkus' daughter..... So I freak when people say stuff about him and his kids, especially if they say stuff about a daughter. Btw, did you hear? He had a lil boy and a lil girl, TWINS! You know what that means!

     PS the girl is older by like a few mins or something, I bet they are CUTE!!!!! hehe
     PSS (post stupid script) I loved the story, the emotions and Miki finally admitting what we all know is true. It is true that if Maki wanted to she could have come up with a way to make things work, but she didn't so I'm guessing she doesn't care enough to try because if it were me I would stand up, be a man about it, fight with my bare hands about it nOWWWWWW><
     Cause I never wanted to say this, you never wanted to stay, I put my faith in you so much faith and then you just threw it away............ (I also dream I'm part of Paramore... I have very interesting dreams.......they usually involve both........very odd........and did you hear? I was in X-Men........yup, me and Hugh Jackson, getting interviewed by the Gootch..........and when zay reads this I can imagine the look on her face as she tells herself she should have never shown me that video XD........and I've had weirder dreams than that, but I don't care to mention them to anyone........ ever.........too weird.)
     I really hope that Aya was awake and listening, and think Miki should have said everything, including the things she kept back about how she has to try so hard and Aya doesn't pay nearly as much attention to her as she does to a Maki that barely pays any attention to her..... It is just so sad and heartbreaking. And throughout all that I failed to fell the smallest ounce of pity for Maki, especially if what she said was true. Even if she loves Aya she should not have done that and should have at least told her the true reason and then they could have figured out a solution together, which is obviously too hard for her to think off.

     I have this image of Aya finally finding out and either
A:Snappind at Miki for not telling her, snapping at Maki for being an idiot and taking some time off to decide things
B: Going up to Reina and having an argument of epic proportions with her, making her regret the day she was born and leave Maki alone to which Aya will finally get her back....... (But hopefully she then realises what a wimp she is and dumps her) hehehe I am evil!

     I so do not get annoyed when people tell me I look like 'the Grudge' anymore, especially after I read what I write.
     But Miki deserves Aya soooooooooo much more than Maki and I hope that Aya wakes up to herself and realises this and that she loves her and has been looking out for her from the start and not once has she complained about her or claimed she was a burden whereas Maki treats her like chewing gum stuck on her shoe. (mini summary of what I think is going on)
     Like a scab that she likes to pick but wont miss when it is gone. Sure it hurts but you don't miss it when your skin grows back normal. Thats kinda what its like. She likes (or loves her-whichever helps you sleep at night) and likes the feelings she gets from her and stuff. She doesn't really need her though and although she will miss her when she's gone, she will move on without her. Sure she loves her and will try to keep her but to a certain extent. She is not willing to put her safety on the limb to maybe keept Aya. If it is not certain she will not put her
     Miki on the other hand cannot live without her. She has molded her whole life to fit in with Aya and if she leaves she is as good as dead. She has done everything in her power to get as close as they are now and is so much in love with her that she has sacrificed her potential happiness by putting Aya's before hers. She has stepped back and let Maki take her because she thought she would be happy with Maki.
     So she stood by and watched them be happy together, hating every second of it and only getting by because she knew that Aya was happy. But now Reina has threatened Maki and she has dumped Aya and is pretending to only like her as a friend. Yeah riiiiight, as if her heart is reaaaaly breaking, pfft! Anyway she is all sad and brooding and stuff because she 'had' to dump Aya. Aya is broken and Miki is too when she reallises how much Aya values Maki and how much more she is loved by Aya. She is reaaaaaaaaaaally jealous yet the one thing she still puts before her own life is Ayas happiness.
     The thing to ponder now is will Maki grow a pair (not literally like Shes Da Man, just ..... get sum guts or sumething) and choose Aya? Will Aya forgive and take her back? Will Miki get sum luving? Will Miki get with Aya? and stay with her? Will Miki and Yoshi get together? Is Reina really that big a witch with a capital B?..........

           The answers to these questions and more that I have not put up out of laziness will eventually be answered so stay tuned in! Please! Do it for poor lil Getito! She cannot lie, her wooden tongue will grow! Why her tongue? Because had I said nose I would risk a lawsuit by Pinochio and Gepeto (lol, get it? Getito? XD) anyway, she will tell us the truth in a few chapters time. Now where's my sake? I gotta drown the pain away. I feel Miki's pain is why < :'( I hope she too finds happiness. Especially with Aya! In her apartment! SIX TIMES before they have to go to work......... *whistles innocently*
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Sweeety, you rock in summary :D It sounds like some form of review or something...doing too much of your homework huh?  XD Hmm, you know we always communicate through telepathy and I like you too much to have to put you in there but I'm sure you are pure and innocent :lol: Getito? Sounds cool though ;) Yes, I'm the most honest person in the whole wide world!
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doing too much of your homework huh?
Once again threatened with expulsion
so I had to jump on the 'doing our engurish homework' bandwagon for a lil while......
  XD Hmm, you know we always communicate through telepathy
and I like you too much to have to put you in there but I'm sure you are pure and innocent :lol:
      hehe, not that pure and innocent yet I am that pure and innocent......
I've seen things, yet retain the mind and emotions of a small child.......

 Happiness when praised..... sadness when scolded.........
fear when people try to hug me or pinch my cheeks etc......
       But I have seen things... things that make your skin crawl......
things that can shock you........
back in 'Nam, I watched my best friend eat his conjoined twin to stay alive.........
things like that, you can't forget so easilly.........
you dont want to remember..........
but you can never forget......
..............never .................

     things like that haunt you, make you go insane..........
When hannibal ate...... :'( when he ate mario...........
he commented on the taste........... said he tasted like mushrooms..........
said it's because he liked to have perform
oral sex to mushroom people from his lands......
it was sick................
and yet I couldn't look away.................
and then :'( ..........
then he......................
he took the body and .................

     Not so innocent now am I?

Getito? Sounds cool though ;) Yes, I'm the most honest person in the whole wide world!

     Getito = Ge (from Gepetto) + tito (from tito)
     Feel like I should have written something like this instead
     G= n20+38
     XD rofl, too much Maths
     Yes you are the most honest person in the whole wide world!!
     I vant to give zouuu an avardddd por it! Mmmm it vill be a
     Monzter ball! everone iz invited to ze balll! Ezpezially you!
     Vear a pretty blood-I mean, dress, it iz very formal.....
     lol, just having a flashback to my last bday party..... one came :'(
     Great story. Im glad you liked my little report.
 I was practicing for English.
 Sory, I got a bit carried away, also there is something
 weird about this thingy and I dont know where the line
 ends, because it is stretched and I have no idea how
 to make it smaller or where the normal one would have finished
 so this post might be a lil short edgewise...
 I didnt want to make it too long
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Once again threatened with expulsion
so I had to jump on the 'doing our engurish homework' bandwagon for a lil while......
If only you review those pieces of writing as neatly and in depth as you do with fanfic..but well fanfic is SOO different from homework :lol: They are like miles apart

  XD Hmm, you know we always communicate through telepathy
and I like you too much to have to put you in there but I'm sure you are pure and innocent :lol: [/quote]
      hehe, not that pure and innocent yet I am that pure and innocent......
I've seen things, yet retain the mind and emotions of a small child.......
Happiness when praised..... sadness when scolded.........
fear when people try to hug me or pinch my cheeks etc......
       But I have seen things... things that make your skin crawl......
things that can shock you........
back in 'Nam, I watched my best friend eat his conjoined twin to stay alive.........
things like that, you can't forget so easilly.........
you dont want to remember..........
but you can never forget......
..............never .................

     things like that haunt you, make you go insane..........
No comment. :D Very very good imagination, girl.

I HATE GEOMETRIC PROGRESSION. It sucks  :angry:    Invite me to your next birthday party..I will bring you a cake as big as Miki woo-hoo...

I promise to post the next chapter up tomorrow or maybe tonight if I'm tired of Chem...looking at your review, oh well, I guess you should be satisfied with the next one and I didn't edit anything about the story plot because of the review so :hehe: Let's see how close we are to real telepathy :D (*hint: A dream is the wish the heart makes... :lol: )
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    To post or not to post?

{This reply was telepathically transmitted to tito}
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Oh well as promised!

@sweeety: I received your telepathy already but you are quite off the's your dream! I know what you want... :oops:


Chapter 21


“Thank you very much and I hope you’ll continue to support me!” Miki exclaimed as she waved at her fans in the packed Budoukan before taking the last bow as the Morning Musume sub-leader. She stared at the bouquet of flowers in her hands and smiled. The Morning Musume journey for her had officially ended.

In the dressing room after the concert, the members and staff took turns to congratulate Miki for her graduation and also for being the 1st member to graduate without tears during the concert and subsequently invited her out to party that night. However, Miki declined as her attention was focused on the handphone in her right hand. She waited anxiously for it to vibrate but it didn’t.   

After most of the members had gathered in groups and left the dressing room, Miki sat down in front of her dressing table and recalled what had happened a few days ago in Maki’s house. She thought about the reason why Maki threw Aya’s love for her out of the window and felt annoyed. But this time round, she was not as annoyed as she was that day as she tried to see things from Maki’s perspective. Perhaps it was her graduation which made her see that H!P was the only world for many of the girls here – even for her. Miki stared blankly at the full moon hanging low through the small tinted window which seemed to mocking at her for joining this project and getting trapped in this small world. “Miki, you’ll do the same thing if you’re me” this line repeatedly rang in her head. Would she choose career/reputation over Aya? She would definitely say no because Aya was the world to her. Although she felt that it was ridiculous for Maki to choose career over Aya, she knew that Maki wasn’t her who would do anything for Aya. She wanted to tell Aya about all these that Maki told her that day to make her give up on her and also how she felt towards her all along. “You may think that as a friend, you will have many chances but opportunities don’t always come knocking at your door.” Damn, Yossie’s line rang itself repeatedly in her head. Although she didn’t trust Yossie, she felt that this line was true. Maybe it was high time for her to express her feelings. 

Her gaze shifted back to her handphone in her right hand as she laid her head lazily on the dressing table. Contrary to what she hoped for, there was neither a missed call nor a new message. Perhaps Aya was ignoring her or maybe to be more exact, she was ignoring the whole world. She really wanted to speak to Aya and maybe tell her how she felt towards the whole ‘project’ and her.

“Fujimoto! Why are you still around?” Yossie exclaimed as she placed her arm across Miki’s shoulders.

Miki flinched, looked at Yossie rather blankly and said harshly, “When did you come in? I didn’t notice.”

“Of course you won’t notice me, you’re in your own world already,” Yossie murmured. A short silence descended upon them before Yossie initiated with a starter, “What do you think of your graduation?”

“Good. Can you get out?”

“How do you feel now? Are you thinking of the MM you left behind or the GAM you are about to continue?”

“MM,” Miki lied. Lying was certainly something she picked up from this industry.

“You don’t have to fool me.”

“I’m not. Please I need some time on my own.”

 “You’re. But really, I’ll certainly miss you,” Yossie whispered with her eyes fixed on Miki.

Suddenly, Miki was shot back to reality. For the first time, she heard Yossie said that she would miss someone without any sarcasm. Miki contemplated about what to say for a while before saying with a smile on her face, “You know something? Actually the reason why I hesitated about the GAM issue and even considered dropping GAM for MM was because of you. You used to give me strength. That’s dumb but that was old Miki. Now I am different and I’m not the softie Miki.” Tears welled up in Miki’s eyes as she finished her last sentence.

Taken aback by her words, Yossie didn’t know what to say except to smile dumbly like some high-school girl who received her first love letter. This was the first time she heard something so true from Miki despite the harsh words that she used to decorate her feelings. As she gazed at her friend, she mumbled under her breath, “Miki don’t do anything silly please.”

Aya left the concert hall together with a large crowd of fans. It was beginning to drizzle. Although she hadn’t sort out her thoughts, she felt that she needed to catch her friend’s one and only graduation. She gazed at the full moon shining down on her and thought, “Thanks for giving me the light I need all these while. It’s time for me to move on.”


“Cheers! I’m so happy today!” Reina screamed before devouring the glass of champagne. The others quietly drank from their own glasses and scrutinized the mastermind. She was younger and shorter than both of them but she had greater desires, power and imagination to think of and carry out the ‘plans’. It was a party organized by Reina to celebrate their success so they just sat around a table in Reina’s apartment and drank. It sounded like a regular all-girl party, however the atmosphere was so solemn that it didn’t feel like a party at all as neither Maki nor Yossie was in the mood to talk. Reina’s voice echoed in the apartment.     

“Let’s sum up the entire plan tonight before anyone in this room forgets about how ingenious a plan it is!” Reina exclaimed before continuing in a much more serious tone, “Well, initially I planned for Maki to knock down Aya and kill her but that girl obviously didn’t die. So after that, Maki asked for permission to try again but I knew that Maki won’t get two times lucky. Therefore, I decided to include my father and got him to force Miki out of MM with GAM because Miki loves Aya. I allowed Maki to be planted beside Aya to make sure that the plan is carried out as planned and to make Miki jealous so that it will work out 100%. Of course because of this decision it resulted in some hindrance initially but in the end, it succeeded. Now I get my vice-captaincy and soon MM will be mine! That idiot Fujimoto Miki was in pain all the while because of my ingenious plan!” she ended with a wink in the direction of Yossie who trembled slightly.

“Of course”, Reina added, “this isn’t the ending yet because there’s still some stuff to settle. Yossie, the stuff is with you right?”

“Yes,” Yossie answered monotonously. Yossie wondered to herself, “For the captaincy and her own unhappiness, so many people were hurt by it. What selfishness. What a spoilt brat. We just have to blame Tsunku for giving her so much power just because she’s his illegitimate child.”

“What’s that about?” Maki asked curiously.

“Nothing you’re out of it already,” Reina answered unwillingly.

“If you’re going to hurt Aya or even Miki for the matter, I’ll stop you. You’re so selfish, do you know that? Do you know that you’ve hurt a lot of people just for the sake of captaincy? That’s just a post! You’re –” Yossie gripped Maki’s hand firmly, pulled her to one corner and gestured her to cool down. Tears trickled Maki’s cheeks as she felt helpless yet again at the whole situation.

“Maki, listen up,” Yossie spoke as softly as possible, “I know how you feel but it won’t help if you say it out to her face, you know that?”

Tears ran down her cheeks as Maki mumbled, “I know I’ll sorry. I can’t help it; I’m really upset at her messing up everyone’s lives like it is a fun game. You know that time Aya-”

Yossie tightened her grip on Maki’s hands as she said firmly, “Listen up, I will be blunt for once. Miki is Aya’s best friend. I don’t know what Aya has been telling you but I tell you, you’re nothing but just a substitute for Miki. When Aya is down, you are there for her. But when Miki’s back, you need to step back. You can’t think that you’ve replaced Miki in Aya’s heart because that’s not true. If you go about trying to replace Miki in Aya’s heart, you will end up hurting everyone even more, you know that? In fact, you’ve already hurt Aya and even Miki with your actions. Do you get it?”

Maki nodded as she stared out through the window grill and the mocking full moon stared back at her. She thought, “I listened to her all these times. When she wanted me to make a clean cut, I did. Why can’t I have the ability to protect the person I like? Why am I so weak in choosing career over Aya? I’ve no right to like her. Time will heal everything.  Maybe Yossie is right I shouldn’t get in the middle of the 2 of them but I don’t know how to be there for Aya but yet not interfering with their friendship. Maybe the best substitute for Miki is loneliness just like the best substitute for the bright moon is the endless darkness that stretches to infinity. I should have known this earlier. Now I’m not getting in between GAM. Not anymore. ”


“Ai, Risa!” Miki greeted them rather too enthusiastically as the 2 of them strolled into the café near Miki’s apartment.

“Hi Mikitty. Do you miss us that much? You just graduated yesterday and today you invited us out for breakfast,” Ai said in a chirpy voice.

“I’ve something to ask from you,” Miki spoke sternly, “Yossie is graduating very soon as you know so I will like to gather any videos or voice recordings about her. Preferably the videos or voice recordings should include Yossie and other MM members because it is a MM tribute to her. Please keep it a secret from Yossie and the rest of MM. I think those girls will want to hear this from my mouth and not just as hear-say.”

“What about pictures?” Risa asked.

Miki shot her a look of annoyance. “It’s okay but I will prefer videos and voice recordings.”

Ai pondered for a while before saying, “I’ve a few I think. I can send it to your e-mails-”

“No!” Miki shouted. Silence descended upon them before Miki lowered her voice, “I’m sorry girls but can you pass the materials to me directly? Just give me a ring. Thank you.”

Ai and Risa left the café and about half an hour later, Kusumi, Sayumi and Eri arrived. Miki repeated the same message to them and they agreed to help her.

After she had completed her self-assigned tasks, she scrutinized the H!P name list once more. She thought, “Yossie sounded so confident then; they must have some bit of power. To bring them down, I will need concrete evidence. Who else would Yossie and Reina mix with? Other than the MM girls, who else will possibly have videos/ voice recordings/ pictures of Yossie and Reina talking about the project? Oh yes, Rika…now I might have an alternative or maybe even better, an added bonus to my plan.”

Miki rulz and rocks   :cow:
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yeeeah miki do it!!  :kekeke:

you broke my love for yomiki xD  :farofflook: naah, it never will happen  :wriggly: but for a moment you do it

great chapter!!

pleasee keep posting xD
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Oh my my!!! Wonder what Miki is planning :?  What's she thinking to do with Rika?
Seems that Yossy really appreciates Miki... but I still wonder why she keeps following Reina's orders?
Waiting for the next chapter!!! :)
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haha everybody hates Reina!

I know what you're doing~

I like it!

lol, you make it sound like Miki's gonna sleep with Rika....err, to get the info of course ;)

Poor Miki, she's gonna hafta sift through all that junk to find the jem when she gets the videos.

And Aya is still oblivious! She isn't even gonna help Miki! Miki is doing all this to see Aya happy


 And Aya is just being Aya, walking around, not sensing anything. She didn't even contact Miki on her graduation night! She should have made sweet love to her but nooo~ not even a call! lol

 Poor poor Miki! And Yoshi and Maki of course, but Miki has the balls to do something about things, and it's not even her relationship she is trying to fix!

  Miki truly is the hero of this story, no matter what anyone says!

 And yeah, I forgot what that first note was hehe, but the reply to it is = 525600

  I thought hard abouut it and the answer is 525600
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Thanks for the responses :D Yeah, Miki rocks big time! if she's still not, then she will rock soon *hint* :P  what's 525600, sweeety?  :? As to why Yossie is doing this, it's the same shit about self-interest before friendship...

There's officially 2 more chapters to go for gomattou I will miss writing and twisting the story  :cry: Thanks everyone for liking the story and following it thus far although some parts are frustrating, confusing and perhaps somewhat illogical...
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Okay, next chapter! Actually I sort of finished the last chapter already. Just have some parts left. Anyway, enjoy!  :P


Chapter 22


In the small yet cosy living room, the girl sat cross-legged on the red sofa. Image was not something she cared about in front of her former MM mate. She sipped the orange juice slowly before interrupting the silence by saying, “I shall not beat around the bush. Yoshizawa is graduating very soon and so I will like to collect some random videos and audio recordings of her to make her graduation very memorable. Do you-”

“What the hell are you trying to do? Why are you trying to…impress her?” she hollered.

“Rika, I just feel that it’s my duty. Don’t you want her to have a good graduation?”

“Yes but you’re out of MM already. You’re such a nosey-parker!”

Miki clenched her fists, took in a deep breath before saying, “Do you have any videos or audio recordings of her? I bet you do.”

Without exchanging any eye contact, she said defiantly, “Of course, but I’m not giving you.”

Miki tightened her fists and thought, “This is not working. She’s looking for trouble with me. This bloody stalker has the highest chance of having some recorded materials and also the highest chance of…yes, whatever the case, I must take the risk.” She lowered her voice, “Actually, Rika, if you think I like Yoshizawa you’re wrong.” She paused for a few second before saying with tears welled up in her eyes, “I like…Reina and I’m suspecting they are having some sort of affair now after I left. In fact, I think they slept together the night I graduated. Actually I just want recorded materials of the 2 of them so that I can confront Reina. Why’s this happening to me? It’s so unfair! Please help me, Rika. You’re helping yourself as well. You know what I mean.”

Rika’s eyes widened. “Are you serious, Miki? Actually the 2 of them are kind of close nowadays. I should have sensed something. I-”

Miki interrupted, “Do you have anything to help us? I hope you’ve.”

Rika took out her handphone and said, “Actually I wanted to confront Yoshi later today about this conversation they had that time but-”

“You know I stand a higher chance getting something out of this right?” Please Rika just pass it to me.

“Yes. Alright then.” Rika bluetoothed the video to Miki. Miki played the video:

“I heard from Tsunku that on the concert day, Matsuura and her spent the whole night in the dressing room and left together hand in hand the following morning. One of Matsuura’s staff mentioned that she had a stomachache that day and that’s the reason why she didn’t join the celebrations. Because they are girls, no one suspects anything but I can see that there’s something fishy about that. If this persists, I’m afraid that the jealousy effect might backfire. I don’t want the 3 of them to become best of friends and gang up against us and Fujimoto dropping GAM and opting for MM. It’s dangerous and defeats my main objective.”

“Ah, how I wish I stayed there that night to watch how they spent the night.” Yossie paused before commenting, “But it is nice to have that much insider news. Being Tsunku’s-”

‘She’ covered Yossie’s mouth with her hand quickly. “Are you nuts? Do you want everybody to know that? Our entire plan will be ruined!” Yossie gestured her apologies with her hands. “Anyway, I have decided what we should do with Goto already.”

“I can silence her for you.”

“No, leader, I just want her to get into trouble with the law.”

“You mean reveal her crimes?” Yossie’s facial expression revealed her astonishment at the devil in the younger girl.

“Yes, that’s the safest move. Shh, someone is coming over.”

After they watched the video together, Rika asked, “I don’t get half the things they talked about. I hope the Maki’s crimes part isn’t true. She’s such a nice senpai.”

Miki grinned and murmured, “I hope it is.”


Aya tossed on her bed as she listened to the song that she had sung some years ago – Sankaku Kankei. “Kono koi dake wa orirarenai no” She felt like singing her part to herself, “Only light doesn’t shine on this love”. However, she decided against it as this only made herself weaker than before. For the 1000th time, she swore that she wouldn’t think back on that failed love and that selfish lover but it was an uphill task as this was the 1st time she fell out of love. Tears unknowingly found their way to her eyes and she allowed those tears to run down her cheeks. As she battled with herself internally, the door bell rang.

She struggled to get up and lumbered towards the door. Without looking through the peephole, she opened the door. As the door swung open, she prayed that the person wasn’t that lousy ex-lover or any random H!P members. Luckily for her, perhaps once in a while God did answer to her prayers, it was Miki.

Miki was shocked and sad to see the state of Aya. Her hair was unkempt and she had aged quite a bit over the span of a few days. She looked out of place in her neat apartment. Perhaps she did nothing but crying and staring into space since that day of her break-up with Maki. The lines that she had rehearsed before she came here were forgotten instantly when she set her eyes on Aya.

As she helped Aya to the sofa, Miki asked out of concern, “Are you ok?”

“Yes, I’m fine. The ankle is getting better. I’ll make you a coffee.”

“No, Aya, you’re injured. Just sit.”

“No, I’m ok. I insist. I hope my skills haven’t worsened.” With that, Aya headed towards her kitchen with Miki tagging along. As Aya went about mixing coffee powder, milk, sugar and water in precise amounts with the help of the measuring cylinder, Miki couldn’t help but to smile to herself. It had been ages since she watched Aya make great coffee for her. At least she knew that Aya was thinking of her when she mixed the ingredients. Suddenly, she felt somewhat thankful that Maki had entered their lives as it had made her appreciate and treasure Aya even more than before. Perhaps that was the only plus point of Maki’s intervention into their lives. In the past, she wouldn’t have stayed in the kitchen to watch how Aya made coffee for her as she had taken it for granted but now, this was the moment she truly treasured.

Before long, Miki could smell the perfect aroma of coffee in the air. Aya smiled and offered the coffee to her before saying, “I hope it’s nice, Miki-sama.” Thankfully, Aya was still able to crack jokes. This showed that she was indeed getting better. Would it be just another façade? If it was so, Miki would rather Aya ignore her or cry in front of her.

They sat down beside each other on the sofa just like what they did many times before. Miki sipped the coffee slowly and the incidents over the past months went through her mind once again. It was because of her that Aya was knocked down and when Maki entered their lives, their relationship became shaky and perhaps only now then things could slowly become as they were before. GAM had already existed full-term and Maki should get her retribution soon. But now she didn’t want things to be as they were at the very beginning anymore. Miki exclaimed, “Aya, this tastes great!” She added softly, “Only you can make my favourite coffee.”

“It’s just a formula; anyone can do it with that formula.” Silence descended for a few minutes before Aya said, “I was just joking. I know what you mean.”

Are you sure? Miki said as gently as she could, “Actually I don’t know how to put it but that time I had a conversation with Maki after you fainted and she-”

“Stop it Miki, I heard what she said.”

“You mean you weren’t asleep?”

“You were a little loud when you spoke so-”

“She’s such a lousy bitch.”

“True.” Aya paused. Tears welled up in her eyes as she spoke, “But it hurts a lot you know? Mikitan, have you loved anyone before?”

Silence descended for some time as Miki thought, “Shouldn’t she know how I feel towards her all these while? Oh well, Aya-hime is been Aya-hime. Such a blur girl. I’ll just say it out before I miss my opportunity again. Anyway, it’s high time for me to do so.”

Miki blushed as she rushed through her words, “I like you Aya…”

Bewildered, Aya’s eyes widened. “It can’t be…”

“It is.”

“Is that a joke?”


“But why didn’t you tell me earlier? When did it begin?”

“Soon after I know you,” Miki whispered. “I didn’t know you…like girls then.”

“But then…but then why didn’t you say anything when I told you about that person and me being together?”

“What should I say? Then you were head over heels in love with her that you won’t listen to anything I say. And I’m scared that I’ll lose you.”

“I know you always treat me differently from the other girls. I should have sensed this earlier. But I didn’t know you feel like this towards me.”

“What about you Aya? What do you think about me?”

Tears rolled down both girls’ cheeks. Aya said, “It must be so painful to hear me say all that all these while. I’m sorry Mikitan.”

“What do you feel towards me?”

“I shouldn’t have said all that to you.  I’m sorry.”

“For the 3rd time, Aya, what do you think? I hate saying things more than 3 times.”

“Mikitan.” They stared into each other’s eyes for a few seconds before Aya whispered, “Of course I like you. I won’t waste my time making coffee with all those instruments for anyone other than you. Just that when that person came along, I thought she was the one for me but I was wrong. I shouldn’t have chosen her at all.”

“Ok. Enough of talking.” Miki inched closer to Aya and their faces neared. Both girls closed their eyes as they anticipated the moment of truth. Their noses touched. This was the moment Miki had been waiting for so long alone in pain. All the tears were worth it because this moment arrived.

“denwa mo mada konai yeah!” Suddenly, Boogie Train 03 played and interrupted the girls. “What’s that?” Miki asked in frustration.

“That’s Boogie Train 03. That’s the ringing tone for my handphone,” Aya answered.

“Ignore it.” Miki placed her hands on Aya’s face and caressed it while Aya placed hers on Miki’s waist. Their lips finally touched and the initial light kiss became a long, passionate one. Both of them had somehow, one way or another, been waiting for this. They could feel the other’s tongue in their own mouth. All the passion Miki had suppressed thus far finally unleashed that day and she finally knew what Aya was capable of. Aya had never expected this to come that very day but she had always wished for this one moment with Miki deep inside. She was also frustrated that they needed to go through so much pain and agony before this happened, especially Miki who had been suffering alone. Without Maki, both of them knew that, one way or another, this wouldn’t have happened. 

After several minutes, their lips finally parted and Aya asked, “What’s our relationship now, Mikitan?”

Without thinking, Miki answered, “We’re GAM.”

Aya smiled and she finally called the idiot who disrupted their kissing. She asked in a voice of irritation, “What’s up? Tsunku.”

“Hey! What’ve you been doing? Gocchin has been arrested for your hit-and-run accident and I wanted you to catch the news just now.”


“Listen up. Now the press knows nothing about you losing your memory or what or the reason for her doing so, therefore you should shut up if they ever ask you anything.”


“That’s all I’ve to say but remember words can kill you. Speak less of them.” With that he hung up.

Miki asked, “What happened?”

“She’s been caught for the accident.”


“Goto Maki.” Miki nodded knowingly. “Aren’t you shocked? I mean how did it leak out?”

“Aya, there’re some things you don’t understand about this situation. You will know of it soon enough.”


“Enough is enough. Can I have another cup of coffee please?”

Aya nodded obediently and went to make it. Her gut instinct told her that whatever Miki didn’t tell her was harmful for her to know because that was what Miki was best at – protecting her. She could feel that something bad was about to happen but she couldn’t figure out what it was. There was absolutely nothing she could do now except to make that cup of coffee for Mikitan and praying that everything would turn out fine after the storm. Now, she felt a pinch of pain when she heard the news but she was more than happy that this selfish girl finally had her desserts. Aya thought to herself, “Who asks you to choose your career and reputation over me? Now you’ll have nothing. Serves you right.”

As she brought the cup of coffee to Miki, it slipped off her hands and the coffee spilled all over the floor and the porcelain cup broke into pieces. Miki shook her head and helped her to pick up the broken pieces. As she did so, it cut her index finger and it bled…  :-X

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waaaaaaaaaaa ~ this is sooo scarryyy  :cry:

sorry to leave a comment when it's ending soon... I've just been reading silently now >_<
I'm really looking forward to the ending...But I hope it's a happy ending...(although it seems like it still has another problem)
Aya should finally get her happiness!!!!!!
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lol ok loved it like you thought I would~

You rushed a bit didn't you? I can tell by all the typos XD Its ok, makes sense loved it but I still feel sorry for Maki now..... I recently realised that I don't hate Maki, I love her, and that must be why I was angry when she was with Ayaya. because I was jealous! lol

 Not realy.. But yeah, I love it thank you, and the next chapter is the last........waaaaaaaaahhhhh sosoooooo sad! I am gonna miss posting here. I will read it again and repos and buump it on its anniversary. We have been through a lot me and this story

 I read it in laughter and I read it in tears but the one things that has never changed is the fact that it's always been here for me :'( Whenever I needed it, it has always given me a pick me up so thank you tito for this great priviledge.

 Sory if I typoed a gazillion tymes up there, my sis is doing my hair and I am really far from the screen and I cannot see well.
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Don't make me feel sad friends, sweeety in particular  :cry: You make me not wanna end this story but...Actually I love this story a lot too and if you guys want it, probably there'll be a sequel.  XD See how the last chapter goes first. I'm really thankful that you like this story so much and perhaps able to relate to it :? I don't why but as I typed this, I really feel like crying. In fact, I'm already.  :cry:
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Sorry I lied! There's still a bit more of the plot to develop so this is the 2nd last chapter instead of the last.  I cried a bit while writing this chapter so sorry for the typos. Well, enjoy  :grin:


Chapter 23

Break of dawn

After a regular dance rehearsal, Reina dragged Yossie out for a ‘meeting’. “Yossie! I heard all about it already! Why did you keep it to yourself?” Reina shouted at her in a secluded alley.

“What?” Yossie said in a voice filled of irritation.

“Rika, that bitch, just told me a while ago that she passed some conversation we had about Maki to Miki. Oh my god, we’ll be finished if she gives it to the police, you know that right? And obviously Rika must have said something to you. Are you trying to protect her or something?”

Yossie twisted her lips. “Oh well, she did mention something about you and me last time when we met. I thought she thinks that we are having some affair behind. What did she say to you?”

Reina imitated Rika’s high-pitched voice and act-cute way of speaking, “She said, ‘Reina, you’ll be dead meat because I’ve passed evidence of you and Yossie together to Fujimoto Miki.’ I asked her what it was about and she told me that it was about us having some conversation about Maki.”

“Please. That doesn’t sound like Rika at all.”

“Why the hell are you still joking around? It’s no time for jokes!”

“Oh…if you want, I can silence Fujimoto for you. Things are getting bad so…”

“No, Yossie, you stick to Rika and see what she’s up to. As for that bloody bitch, I’ll teach her a good lesson that she shouldn’t go about playing some detective. Not with me.”

Yossie nodded and she thought, “Damn it, Fujimoto! What the hell have you done? Now things have gone beyond control, friend. Don’t blame me. Blame yourself.”


Aya opened her eyes. For the 1st time in many days, she didn’t dread the day ahead because the one dearest to her had expressed her feelings last night and was sleeping beside her all night. The sky was still dark blue but she could discern the morning yellow sun far away at the horizon. She would be more than happy to watch the break of dawn with Miki. It seemed like those sort of things that lovers did together after the 1st night. She tossed over on the bed and was shocked that Miki wasn’t there. Thinking that she was probably preparing breakfast, Aya quickly jumped off her bed and walked gingerly towards the kitchen as she wanted to give her a surprise. Shockingly, her fellow GAM mate wasn’t in the kitchen. Her immediate reaction was to leave the kitchen and find her in some other parts of the small apartment. However, from the corner of her eye, she saw a slip of paper slotted beneath the ‘coffee measuring cylinder’.

In that familiar handwriting, it was written as followed: Dearest Ayachan, I’ve an important task to complete this morning so forgive me for my absence. Sorry for making you search high and low for me. I’m not going to keep it from you any longer because there’s no merit in doing so. Now I’m going to pass 2 important documents to the police so as to arrest the masterminds behind your accident. I didn’t tell you about this earlier because I want to protect you as this is really dangerous and most importantly, I didn’t want you to stop me from doing this. I’ve bluetoothed the documents to your handphone already so in case I never come back; please bring these to Officer Heita. This is a battle I’ll fight for you and a risk I’ll take for you. We’ll win it definitely. But I might not be there for you at the end of the battle so please forgive me. I don’t know whether I’ll live to say this but I want to tell you now just in case something happens: I love you.        Love, Miki-tan

Tears ran down her cheeks as she read through the words. As she read through the note over and over again, she realized how dangerous a task it was. She thought to herself, “Mikitty sounds as though she’s going to be killed by those people. No, Miki, you can’t do these all on your own. I’m part of it too. Why do you sound so pessimistic over this? Why Mikitty? Why are you doing all these by yourself? Why didn’t I sense it coming? Why didn’t I grab you tight last night and not give you this opportunity to sneak away?” As she scolded herself, she hurried out of her apartment in the hope that she would find Miki before anything would to happen. She wouldn’t allow Miki-tan to take the risk alone for something that belonged to them. Even though the search for Miki was somewhat similar to searching for a needle in a haystack, she wouldn’t give up because that’s what GAM was about. 


It was early dawn and there weren’t many early birds walking along the streets. Wearing a brown coat and a black cap, she hoped that no one would recognize her as the popular Fujimoto Miki from Hello! Project. Soon it would be daybreak literally and also for GAM.

She took a turn into the darkest of alleys in that area and slowed down her footsteps. Suddenly, her phone vibrated and Momoiro no Kataomoi disturbed the serenity of the deserted alley. “Momoiro no kataomoi koishiteru MAJIMAJI to mitsumeteru.” It was Aya. She knew then that Aya had read the message and should be trying to stop her now. She didn’t want to pick up the call from Aya – not until the task has been completed. “CHIRACHIRA tte  me ga aeba mune ga KYURURUN” Her index finger with a Power Ranger plaster loomed over the reject button as she thought about the anxiety and panic Aya was in now. Sorry Aya.

Suddenly, someone hit her hard on her head with a baseball bat from behind. It was stroke with such great menace that because of that, Miki fell onto the ground with blood oozing out from the back of her head. “momoiro no FANTAJII” She felt giddy and just when she turned her head to find out who the assaulter was, she was hit on the head again. But this time around, it was done with greater strength such that it resulted in her screaming out in pain. Her phone stopped ringing and her painful scream echoed in the quiet alley.  Images of Aya flooded her mind – the way she laughed, smiled and cried. Aya was the person in her life and this was, she reckoned, the least she could do for Aya. She had no regrets for doing this alone because she knew that what she did was correct as it was done for the person dearest to her. Dying for Aya would glorify her death...She closed her eyes. The assaulter raised the bat again. This time around before that person could strike her on the head for the 3rd time, Miki rolled away instinctively. It ended up hitting her upper back. She thought, “Would I live to see daybreak? Aya-chan, please enjoy the break of dawn dedicated to you from me even if you’re alone...”         

“Stop it! You’re officially under arrest. You’ve been cornered,” a man shouted. True enough, there were a dozen of police officers blocking the 2 ends of the alley. “Pop-idol turns into assaulter. What a joke, Tanaka Reina.” He handcuffed her and commanded another police officer to bring her away. Reina didn’t protest. Instead she broke down in tears like a little girl. However, unlike a little girl, her hands were covered with blood. “Hey, call an ambulance as well,” he shouted at his subordinates. Turning to Miki, he spoke apologetically, “I’m sorry that I was late. I should have come earlier. You’re good at playing detective. Things went as you predicted.”

Fujimoto opened her eyes and the first thing she noticed was the morning sun shining down on her. It’s finally daybreak…Is this a dream? She touched the back of her head and was shocked to see the amount of blood on her hands. She felt giddy and she said in a weak voice, “I should have called some other police officers and not someone with a punctuality problem.” She lost conscious after completing her sentence.

Seeing the number of police cars and officers around, Aya knew that something had happened to cause a commotion in the otherwise peaceful neighborhood early in the morning. She prayed that the worst didn’t arrive. Immediately, she rushed towards the scene and she was dismayed to see Miki lying on the ground surrounded by a pool of blood. She pushed through the crowd of nosey-parkers and ran towards Miki. “Miki-tan!” she shouted with tears streaming down her cheeks. She bent down and held Miki in her arms and shook her vigorously. “Wake up, Miki! Wake up! Don’t leave me alone! I need you…I can’t go on without you…”


In the hospital, Aya cried and prayed that Miki, her protector, would be alive. She stared at the operation room which Miki was in. It seemed that Miki was in there too long. She would live her life in guilt and regrets if Miki died. She wanted to kill Tanaka Reina with her own hands for causing Miki harm and perhaps even death. In the planet, Aya needed Miki more than anyone else. Especially after this incident, she was 100% positive that she couldn’t go on without Miki. She prayed that she would have a chance to convey her thoughts to Miki. Would she have the chance?

The Morning Musume girls came as a unit and most of them appeared worried and concerned at the state of their former sub-leader. Ai placed her arms around Aya’s shoulder and murmured, “She’ll be fine, don’t worry.”

Aya flinched at the sudden touch and said nothing. In her mind were images of Miki smiling, laughing, glaring at people, sleeping and even crying. She thought, “I should have known how she felt all along and Goto Maki shouldn’t have been in our lives at all! She has always treated me special and has given her everything in our relationship but why did I treat Maki as the special one and not her? Why did I hold back in our friendship then? Why did I take her for granted all along? No one on earth would be willing to do all these for a selfish stupid person like me. If it’s me, would I protect Miki in a way she protects me? Would I be willing to sacrifice my life for her happiness? I’m such a bloody idiot. God, please let me die in place of Miki. She doesn’t deserve this. Let her have a chance to meet someone better than me, someone who will treat her as though she’s the world. Let her have the chance to be loved by someone who will do anything for her. She hasn’t felt any true love from anyone in her life yet. I’m an asshole, please let me die for her…”

The surgeon exited from the operation room and Aya immediately sprinted towards him. “How’s she?” she asked in a voice drained by tears.

“The patient lost quite a bit of blood-”

“Do you need blood? Use mine! She-”

“We gave her quite a bit of blood and it’s safe to say that she’s over the danger period.”

“Oh my god! Thank you doctor! I don’t know how to thank you.”

“You can visit her in her ward in a while time after we settled some stuff.”

“Aya, we’re going to get some flowers and fruits for Miki. Do you want to join us?’ Risa asked after the doctor had left.

“You can go ahead. I want to see her.”

“But it will take a while so-”

“It’s ok.”

The MM girls left the hospital and before long, Miki was transferred to Intensive Care Unit ward. Aya, wearing the oversized sterilized coat, gloves and mask, sat beside Miki and held her hands tight. She prayed that telepathy did exist and that Miki would know how much she mattered to her. Miki’s head was bandaged up and this pained Aya even more as she knew that she was the reason behind her injuries. As she stared at the wounded girl in front of her, she thought back about her accident a couple of months ago and wondered what Miki thought when she sat beside her. She must be shocked and disappointed that Aya couldn’t recognize her and that shock led to the distance between them which Maki capitalized on it and subsequently won Aya’s heart. She swore to herself that no matter what, she would make sure that Miki knew that she mattered most in her heart. She prayed that such a resolution hadn’t arrived too late.

How you will possibly feel while reading this : first part --> LoL/ WTF are they going to do?
                                                                         second part --> Oh god, *tears*
                                                                         third part --> No, you can't be doing this to Miki! *tears*
                                                                         last part --> Ayaya *tears* What happened to Miki??

I hope I'm accurate  :cry: :cry:
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Wow powerful stuff there, especially Aya's little "let me die in her place" monologue!
Despite her trying to kill my Mikitty, I still love Reina :lol:
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yes you were true...  :cry:
mikiiii..............!!!!!! >_<
i almost cried... :cry:
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 :OMG: miki!!

she almost dies  :frustrated:

aya is so sweet  :shy2:

love your fic!
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WOW I just started reading this and WOW at first it was addicting I couldn't stop myself from reading  :pen_read: I'm a little sad that its ending just as I began reading it  :mon whine: but I loved it your a great writer

.... i hope Miki's going to be ok it would suck if she has amnesia :mon chilly:
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@lollipopgirl, that's the part I cried the most while writing. :cry: How much I wish for someone to say, or at least think, such things about me *dream*
@cierl03, yeah, I'm good at predicting j/k
@Yukari, thanks for liking this fanfic =P
@takagakifan, thanks for enjoying this :D Ending is the start of a new beginning, don't be sad --> refer to sig (oops..)

The last chapter is about to be finished already but I want to make it the best of the whole series so forgive me if I take some time. (plus there's 2 tests this week....) The ENDING is

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Firstly I will like to thank everyone for reading this. Gomattou is my 1st fanfic and it has taken me about 1 and a half years to complete this. (with interval of course :D) So here is the last chapter for Gomattou. Enjoy!   :P Hopefully this thread will get 100 replies before it dies :lol:


Chapter 24

Love~ A Double-edged sword

It was the 3rd day since Miki was admitted to the hospital and she had yet to regain consciousness. Aya had been staying in her ward since the very first day and never left the room for more than half an hour to grab some food and drinks. She really wanted to be the first person Miki saw when she woke up. It seemed like those sort of things that happened in drama and the lovers ended up together. She prayed that it would be a happy ending. Because of this, she hardly even slept as she wanted to catch the moment whereby Miki opened her eyes. After all, it was because of her that Miki landed in such a state.

Aya gazed blankly at the girl lying in front of her. A few days ago, they just confessed and kissed. Why couldn’t things stay the way they were? Happiness never last long for her. Now, she only wished Miki would open her eyes right now and she could tell Miki how much she needed her. All these while she had taken Miki’s love for granted. ‘I love you’ or kisses were definitely not enough. Her love for Miki certainly couldn’t parallel Miki’s undying and selfless love for her. What could she do to show Miki how much she loved her?  She swore that from that very day, she would treat Miki as though she was the whole world to her and no matter what happened to her because of this assault or in the future, she would love her with the same intensity as of today. Nothing would change her love for Miki from this second onwards. Nothing.   

For a moment, Aya thought her tired eyes were playing tricks on her when she saw Miki’s fingers twitching. She held Miki’s hands tightly in hers and said with tears in her eyes, “Miki-tan, it’s me, Aya. I love you. I’m sorry for all these. Can you hear me?” Please, Miki, tell me this isn’t just another dream.

Slowly, Miki opened her eyes and she appeared extremely tired and weak unlike her normal self. She asked in a frail voice, “Where am I?”

“It’s the hospital. You’re injured but now everything is fine. I will call the doctor now.”

As Aya headed towards the door, Miki inquired, “Who’re you?”

Aya reversed towards the bed and said anxiously, “I’m Aya-chan. Ayaya.”

Miki twisted her lips. “Ayaya? What a weird name. Who am I?”

“Mikitty…” Aya was shocked by what Miki had just said. It seemed as though she had lost her memory. What did she feel the last time she lost her memory? She couldn’t recall. No matter what happened to her because of this assault or in the future, she would love her with the same intensity as of today. She must live up to her promises even though that ex-lover of hers didn’t. Even though no one knew of the promises she just made and vow she just taken, she must abide to them for the sake of the girl she loved deeply. Deep inside, she was frustrated and upset that Miki could not recognize her. The days they were together, all the laughter and tears as well as the secrets they shared were forgotten. Was this what Miki felt last time around? She was the reason behind Miki’s conditions and therefore whatever happened to Miki was all her fault. Guilt piled up in her heart. Now she could only try her best to treat her with care just like what Maki did last time around. She did it so well last time that she won Aya’s heart over. She tried to smile and said, “You’re a pop idol. Maybe you can remember some songs you sang before.”

Miki shook her head. “I’m a singer? You must be kidding.”

Aya tried her best to hold back her tears. “This is one of your favourite songs – Shall we love. tokimeku tokimekanai wasureru wasurenai mabushii asayake naranda eigakan…

“What’s that? It sounds weird.”

“What about this?  ashita wa CHU CHU MERUHEN kaidou hashiritai wa AH DEETO a shitai no…It’s your hit song Boogie Train 03 and I set it as the ringing tone for my handphone.”

“So what if it is?”

Aya felt like breaking down now. Nothing hurt more than to hear from her dearest that it was no big deal that she used Boogie Train as the ringing tone. She loved the way Miki sang Boogie Train in the cute manner. As Tsunku had pointed out, Miki sounded somewhat ‘Ayaya-like’ in the song which made Aya love the song more than any other. It was the proof of their relationship as it showed that Aya had somewhat affected Miki in her life. It marked the start of GAM. No matter what she had to forgive Miki because she had lost her memory so she couldn’t remember the significance of the song but it pained her to hear all these from her mouth. “This is the last Morning Musume song you sung. Watashi nanka nanka yume miteta Nanka nanka noboseteta

Miki frowned and demanded, “I’m having a headache now. Please get out.”

Aya headed towards the door as demanded. Tears ran down her cheeks uncontrollably. Why did Miki become like that? It seemed that all the emotions she had before this assault had evaporated. Although it was great that Miki was still alive, she selfishly hoped to hear ‘I love you’ from Miki again. She didn’t want the last ‘I love you’ to be written in that note. If needed, she was willing to start all over again with Miki although it was painful that Miki had forgotten all about her. She sincerely wanted to be the person who would love Miki and give her all the support that she needed in he life. It would be painful that their shared memories had been erased and they had to start from scratch again but it was better than nothing…No more ‘Goto Maki’ should enter into their lives.

Konya arigatou mata aeru darou kichou na seishun no shunkan

Aya turned instantly. “Are you singing that, Miki-tan?”

Kodoku na no wo wasureru hodo utsukushii hitomi data…

“That’s Thanks! Oh my god, you have recollections of the song?”

“Naiteru mitai na koe ga decahu no…That’s melodies. Aya-chan, I remember-”

“Aya-chan? You remember me as well? My singing sessions work!” Aya jumped in joy.

“No, Aya-chan, I didn’t lose my memory at all. I just choose to forget everything before GAM.” She paused before adding, “They are insignificant.”

“Miki-tan! You’ve been pulling my leg!” Aya pouted.

“Only Aya-chan won’t know that a person rarely loses her memory due to injuries to the back of the head.” Miki smiled.

Aya laughed. Deep inside, she felt elated that Miki was fine. However, she couldn’t help but to think that it was lucky that she escaped relatively unscathed from the attack. Tears welled up in her eyes as she said, “Miki-tan, I thought I won’t be able to talk to you again. Thank god you’re fine now. But why did you take it upon yourself to do all these? If anything happens to you, I won’t be able to smile or laugh again. You know that right?”

Miki stared right into Aya’s eyes and replied, “I’m sorry but I can’t let you suffer injustice. Those bitches ought to be caught. In fact, I never regretted doing so.”

“The 3 of them are now caught. But I can’t believe what Tanaka Reina did to you. She almost killed you.”

“I can’t believe what Goto Maki did to you as well. She almost killed you too.”

“Thankfully the police came in time or else the worst might happen.”

“Aya-chan, I should be honest to you. Actually it wasn’t a coincidence. I planned for it.”

Aya’s eyes widened. “How did you?”

“I got a video on Yoshizawa and Tanaka talking about Goto from Rika and from what I know about Rika, I reckoned that she would tell Yoshizawa what I had done. That morning, I went to meet up with Officer Heita to pass him the video together with the one I took when Yoshizawa confessed the whole project to me. With just the videos, I don’t think they will be punished severely enough for almost killing you so I took the risk and turned into an alley, waiting for someone to assault me. I told Officer Heita to get ready his men and catch them when that happened. Luckily, it did happen and it was executed by the mastermind herself.”

“But…what if they hire someone professional? You might get killed and the police might not even get to them.”

Miki gazed in space and said, “I admit that there’s a risk.”

“Miki-tan…promise me you’ll never do this again.”

Miki shook her head. “If this sort of things happens again, I’ll do the same. I’ll play the detective and I’ll nab them with my own hands. Enough have been said.” With that, Miki lifted herself up from the lying position and Aya inched closer to her. Their lips touched and both girls cried. “I love you, Aya. I love you,” Miki said in a voice drained by tears after their lips eventually parted.

Aya wiped off the tears on Miki’s face and whispered, “I love you too. I promise I won’t like anyone else again. I promise I’ll treat you as the special one in life. I promise that I’ll make you feel loved. I promise GAM is for life no matter what happens. I promise.”

Miki nodded. Tears rolled down her cheeks uncontrollably as she recalled all the sorrow and pain she had suffered alone all these while. She was finally not alone. Finally, she had won Aya’s heart over and she would never let go of her hand again.

Aya gripped Miki’s hands tightly and said, “I’ll never let you go again no matter what happens. From now on, it’s no longer Ayaya and Mikitty; it’s GAM.” These few months had been a roller-coaster ride for both of them but now things had subsided. Although, to many, it looked as though things had only reverted to what it had been in the past, the 2 girls knew that things were never the same anymore. The feelings they had for each other were stronger than ever before and most importantly, now they knew that they loved each other.

Through the glass panel, she could see the two girls kissing, hugging and talking. Anger piled up in her and she punched the wall. She had, in some way, helped the lovers get together but now, she was alone. “Damn Fujimoto Miki, I should never have trusted you. You’re just a freaking liar. You’ll pay for it. You will,” she thought to herself for the gazillion time. Tears rolled down her cheeks and she reckoned she couldn’t watch the pair of lovers expressing love to each other any longer. Rika walked off.
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Yay a happy GAM ending!! I really hoped it would be Aya and Maki though..  ;)
Lol, when Miki said 'Who are you?' I was like 'OMG don't tell me we're starting over again!' and then I imagined Maki coming in and singing again and then Miki falls in love with Maki and someone threatens her again and goes another loop and oii... But it turns out to be a joke.. XD Oooh.. and since Yossi got arrested.. Rika is so pissed off.. hm.. I wonder what she'll do...
Wait... That was the last chapter?!?!?!
Ur making a sequel aren't ya?? 'Ishiyoshi Revenge!' or 'Ittetsu and Tomeko strikes back!' or something like that...  XD
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Pissed off Rika? Uh-oh.
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OMG!!! Rika is angry :shocked: it seems that Miki didn't think that something like this would happen :doh:
A sequel?! :mon misch:
Happy for Miki and Aya :wub: although Miki was a little evil :mon lol:
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Yey, I am 100 reply!



I love this story
I love that there might be a part two
I love that you loved this story
I love you
I love many things right now

Yey! They are together! I cried so much at that last chapter! It was sweet and sad and it was like a strawberry dipped in chocolate yet with a hint or dash of sadness and fear. I cannpt believe Yoshi and Maki and Reina all went to jail. I thought they would at least be a little more gracious to Yoshi or someting since she backstabbed them sort of and she helped Mikil..

 Maybe Miki will help her out of jail and she will get on Rika's good side doing so. I don't know but she scares me a lot, especially now.

 I can't wait for the sequel to GOMATOU! If there is one. But I think it would be told better from Rika's POV and maybe if it was about her and Yoshi. And in the end she could come out of jail and they could be together.... It could be called Ishiyoshi or something lol.. But it sure would be sweet if she got out of jail soon... I mean, Reina wouldn't have it too tough I hope, Maki would be dead within the hour and Yoshi would be untouched due to her boyishness.

 Poor Maki getting raped, beaten and killed in jail..... Reina would probably die in a gangfight and Yoshi.... the new pimp/gangleader would be the butchest butch in HP jail..... I feel a fanfic coming on! YEY! If you don't write this I soooo will! That reminds me.... are we still gonna do the you-know-what? I think if we are we best not anounce it untill we have it off the ground...

 Love you, see you, mwah!~
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Yay 100 replies! I'm so elated  :wub:! More posts pls! A sequel will be on its way! :D Hopefully you guys will like it more than that of Gomattou. It will be entitled F.Y.I. woohoo~ No prize for guessing who the leads are  :cow: maybe a prize for guessing the title correctly :lol:
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FujiIshiYoshi??? XD lol

oh and i think it my first comment on your fic but i read it all and it totally rocks! :D
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like the GAM ending.

poor Maki..>__<

and Reina is just evil and childish her..mwahaha..

and cant wait for the sequel~ :wub:

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yay GAM  :mon lovelaff:
yay potential sequel :mon inluv:
Yay potential sequel being GAM vs Ishiyoshi :mon star:
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yay! great final!!  :mon inluv:

miki is a evil!! poor ayaya XDDD i like it too  :mon lol:

a sequel?? it sounds good  :mon roll:

thank you, i loved that you post it complete :mon love: