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Author Topic: Gomattou [END]  (Read 33721 times)

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Gomattou [END]
« on: March 23, 2008, 10:53:14 AM »
Here is a short synopsis of Gomattou : On a what seemed to be an ordinary day, Aya walked down the street and was knocked down by a car and subsequently she lost her memory. What seemed to a regular hit-and-run incident was actually part of a bigger plan to... The relationship between the victim and perpetrator developed. How will Miki react? Who is a 'friend' and who is an 'enemy'? As the characters go through a roller-coaster ride of emotions, they gradually discover the truth behind their relationships and that of the PLAN. Read on to find out more! :D

Gomattou links

Chapter 1 - Gone in Maze Fire
Chapter 2 - Forgotten Memories
Chapter 3 - Garish Future
Chapter 4 - Fear is Gone
Chapter 5 - Magnificent Gift
Chapter 6 - Mixed Agendas
Chapter 7 - Love?
Chapter 8 - Great Ayaya Mikitty
Chapter 9 - Watarasebashi
Chapter 10 - Mistakes
Chapter 11 - Friend or Foe
Chapter 12 - Decision Time
Chapter 13 - Coincidence
Chapter 14 - Special Night
Chapter 15 - Status
Chapter 16 - Last Warmth
Chapter 17 - Friendship or Love
Chapter 18 - Key of Heart
Chapter 19 - Twilight
Chapter 20 - Shall we Love?
Chapter 21 - Substitutes
Chapter 22 - Confessions
Chapter 23 - Break of Dawn
Chapter 24 - Love~A Double-edged Sword

Chapter 1

Gone in maze fire...

As normal, Ayaya took a stroll out in the streets with her dog, Toma-chan, in the park in her neighbourhood on a Monday. It had been a cooling autumn early morning with the rattling of the leaves audible in the background of the noise produced by the youths heading for school. Occasionally, Ayaya would turn and look at them and smiled to herself. “Before I joined H!P, I was just like them. Walking, laughing and teasing my friends on the way to school. What am I thinking of? I love the life in H!P, the friends that I have in there, especially Miki…” Ayaya’s thoughts trailed off as Toma-chan tried to chase another dog and kept barking at it.

“Stop it, Toma-chan! Sorry…” Ayaya chided her beloved dog. It was a gift from Miki when she released her 2nd album, T-W-O. Initially, they agreed to call it To-Wa-O. However, Ayaya found it hard to pronounce, in particular the “WaO”. She said it sounded like an imitation of the dog’s bark and changed it to “Toma” on her own accord.

She strolled on listlessly as she heard the first chirpings of the earliest birds. Ayaya knew she needed to go back now or else she would not be on time for the dance rehearsal. But there was something on her mind. “Oh yes, before leaving this place I have to…wait…where is it? Ah, here it is!” She took out a tiny slip of paper and scribbled some ineligible words on it and walked hastily towards the convenience shop a street away. While she crossed the road, there was a black car speeding towards her direction without its headlights on. She heard a person shouting, “Ka-” and remembered nothing else after that.

At her own house, Miki made a cup of coffee for herself in the well-illuminated kitchen. As usual, more milk, no sugar. She could not stand it when the proportion of the milk and sugar were wrong. The only person who managed to get it right was her one and only best friend, Ayaya-chan. She really loved Aya, to the extent that she could not find any words to criticize her. Aya was the perfect lady in her eyes.

She took a sip by a sip. In her mind, memories flashed by. When Miki first knew Aya, she liked to emphasize a lot on the importance of the correct proportion of the ingredients in the coffee. To her surprise, Aya went on to make the coffee perfectly well, even better than the ones that Miki took pride in. Once Miki saw how Aya made coffee and she almost died from laughing. Using a measuring cylinder, Aya measured the precise amount of sugar, milk and water just like doing a Chemistry experiment in the laboratory. It was only a while later that Miki found out that Aya had never drunk coffee before she met Miki let alone made it.

After finishing the coffee, Miki stood up and proceeded towards her bulky bag. Taking a final look at the contents, she murmured to herself, “Jersey, socks, shin-guards, water, boots, clean shirt and shorts, sandals, perfume, comb and watch….” She carried the bag and walked in the usual confident manner out of her cosy little house into the world where atrocities and love could be witnessed at the same time.

“May I know which ward Matsuura Aya is staying in?”

“Over that corner. 201. You have to wait a while because the doctor is inside giving her a check-up. I suppose he is still inside now.” The girl at the reception answered politely. Her eyes were fixed on the visitor.

“Okay, sure. I wish to have a few words with the doctor as well.”

Leaning against the wall, she was unaware of how prominent she had looked. Wearing a sleeveless white blouse with blue straps and mid-knee jeans, she might have thought that she looked “ordinary”. Everyone walking along the corridor turned and glanced at her in a strange manner. However, she was kind of oblivious to all the attention on her. In her mind, she was thinking of Aya’s condition and praying hard that she would be fine. At this moment of time, a man in white robe came out of Aya’s ward.

He went over and greeted her, “Hello. Nice to meet you, Fujimoto Miki. I have some-”

“I am not Miki. I am Goto Maki.”

“Is it? Sorry about it.”

“Never mind, just continue.”

“Ok, I was just going to say that I have some good and bad news.” He paused and waited for Maki’s reaction.

Maki stood there with her arms folded across her chest, “Just say it out.”

The doctor briefed Maki of Aya’s condition and at some point, Maki frowned, but during most of the conversation, she had this slight grin on her face. She doubted the doctor noticed it because he kept staring at her blouse while he talked.

Maki gave a final nod, breathed in deeply, and said, “I think I have known just about everything. I will inform the rest about this but don’t worry; we will allow her to rest well and recuperate.” Maki took a step forward and peeked into Aya’s ward and saw her sleeping peacefully on the bed. She grinned again.

After a couple of hours, Miki and Yossie arrived. Miki ran towards Maki and enquired, “So how’s Aya?”

“I’ve spoken with the doctor and I understand her condition.” She paused and sighed. “She’s fine, but it’s just that-”

“She died?” Miki exclaimed with disbelief.

“Please allow me to continue. She just-”

“She lost a leg? Is it?” Miki demanded.

Maki walked towards Miki and placed her hands on her shoulders. “Miki, you have to calm yourself down. Aya is still alive and she did not lose her leg. It is just that she can’t clearly remember who she is, who we are. Get it?”

“You mean…she lost her memory?”

“Yes, something like that…now, at this time, we just have to give her our utmost support.”

After Miki rushed into the ward, Yossie took a step forward and spoke seriously in a deep tone, “Maki.”


“Sorry if I am being too blunt to you. I don’t quite understand why the hospital staff contacted you first. Everyone with enough common sense should know that Ayaya and Mikitty are always best of friends. Now with the formation of GAM, I don’t see how they can overlook that.”

“I know. I feel that it is rather weird as well. Perhaps, they wanted to call Miki but she was not around because of the futsal practice going on this morning. Scrolling down the names in Aya’s phonebook from Fujimoto, I think the next person on Aya’s phonebook is me. G comes after F.” she looked down as if waiting for an approval.

“Oh I see.”

“Aren’t you going in to see her?”

“Let GAM have a bit of their private time. Maybe this is a good opportunity to show how Great their relationship is and they might have telepathy or something between them.”

“Stop being sarcastic. You should understand that this is no joking matter.”

“I’m not. Looking at their past friendship, perhaps, that really and had already existed?”

“Oh yes, the media side, have it being settled?”

Yossie gave a tiny smile. “As if Tsunku will forget, of course he will remember. Aya is one of those popular girls out there. Go home to watch the evening news. Aya’s injuries will be reported then. But I don’t think they will mention about her slight mental disability. This is not good news for those hard-core fans of theirs.”

“True. Not good for Aya either. I bet she wants some peace now.”

Meanwhile, Miki went into the private ward and saw Aya lying on the bed. From her glittering eyes, Miki could sense Aya’s sense of relief and at the same time, some form of emptiness when she entered the room. Miki smiled. Her eyes followed Miki’s silhouette closely, and for the first time, there was a deep frown on her beautiful face. Miki had never seen Aya looking at her like that before. She was sort of taken aback.

“How are you feeling, Aya?” Miki asked politely.

“Are you calling me?” Aya replied, the void in her soul was heard from that inquiry.


“Thanks, I am fine. My name is Aya?”

“Yes. Do you know who I am?

“Who am I?”

“Matsuura Aya. Ayaya-”

“What is my occupation?”

“A singer. Do you still remember our duo-”

“I sing? What do I sing?”

“Many songs like Love namida iro, Momoiro kataomoi…”

“Oh, am I famous?”

“Yes. Sorry, I have to go. I have something on after this. See you next time then.”

“Okay, bye.”

Miki left the room, astonished. She felt she had just spoken to a stranger but the person was no other than her only best friend, Ayaya. Her expression was different, the way she spoke was different, and the things that she had forgotten were everything. Perhaps, the main reason why Miki left the room hastily was because Aya failed to recognize her. She felt disappointed. Avoiding the glares of the people around, in particular the 2 H!P members, she stomped out of the hospital. “Where should I go now?” she asked herself. Her life had been H!P and Aya and today, half of her life had been consume

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Re: Gomattou
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Ooooooooooh, interesting. :O

JPH!P :heart:'s Fushigidane, ChrNo, Jab & marimari. Always.

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Re: Gomattou
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Ok... you got my attention :O
I'll be waiting your update

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Re: Gomattou
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WHY AM I STILL WRITING WITH CAPITALS? ok thats better. Anyway i love this story and hope that it doesn't end half way through here as well like it did on the other site..... Anywayz hope you post again soon, and hope that soon I will finally know how it ends, *spoiler* if Miki ends up with Aya or if Aya ends up with *spoiler* Maki *spoiler* *spoiler* *spoiler*!
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Re: Gomattou (Chap 2 updated)
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Hi sweeety, I sent you the PM at the other forum already and I am the original writer  :lol: Thank you for liking my story :)

Chapter 2

Forgotten Memories

The following day in the hospital was filled, almost overflowed with celebrities and hopeful fans trying to catch a glimpse of their loved idols. Almost every H!P member came in their own cliques to visit Aya. Perhaps this is something so unique about H!P as even those who didn’t even know Aya well, like the newest member Kusumi, came and offered some form of encouragement. The zooming figures in and out of ward 201 (hope you can still remember this is the ward Aya was staying in) made Aya feel more than overwhelmed.

On the third day, Def Diva visited her around mid-afternoon. The various members had visited her before but they decided to come together as a whole unit to create a strong and good impression of themselves. Furthermore, they wanted to stimulate Aya so that she could remember something of H!P which she had failed in the past 2 days.

Rika, wearing a white and green blouse and a pair of matching boots, asked worriedly, “Do you think it is right for us to do this now?”

Maki answered in an unconvincing tone, “Maybe yes, maybe no. But we have to give a try. If she fails to remember, we can start the DIVA relationship from step 1 again…”

“But do you think that’s so simple? Yesterday news was so deceiving! What if the paparazzi finds out about the lie one day? The entire H!P image will be ruined!”

Natsumi rolled her eyes, sighed and said softly, “I don’t think this is the key issue now. Aya is quite pitiful, you know. Everyone expects so much from her. Give her a nice break.” She turned towards Maki. “Right, Maki?” Maki nodded her head. “Do you think Aya will fancy some snacks? I can buy her favourite snacks at the convenience store. The convenience store is at…uh…right or left?”

Rika laughed so hard that her shoulders shook. “Abe-san, I think I know the way. I will bring you there then.” Rika turned and smiled at Maki and said light-heartedly, “Goto-san, you enter on your own first, okay?” Maki nodded wearily. “Bye, see you later!”

Maki took the elevator up to the second floor and entered the ward. Along the way, many glances were thrown at her. This was probably one of the main reasons why she chose to become an idol. Eyes strained to observe her every action, ears focusing hard to listen to her every word, this was her childhood dream. But now, this was not the kind of attraction that she hoped for.

Aya was lying on the bed, staring out the window. Maki greeted her politely and Aya smiled back. Maki sat down gently on the chair and asked, “How was it yesterday?”

“Too many people came but I can’t remember a single one of them,” Aya replied with a tiny grin on the side of her face. The sobbing of her heart could be heard in her weak voice. Maki shook her head. “Tell me, Goto-san, are you the first person to visit me?”

Maki’s eyes began to glitter with hope. Aya not only remembered her name but also recalled that she was the first person to visit her. Perhaps, Aya could recover in time for the Def DIVA performance next month. “Yes, I am, Ayaya.” This was the first time Maki addressed Aya as ‘Ayaya’, the nickname which was only used by the close friend of Aya ---- Miki. She hoped that this name would rekindle some memories although she did feel rather awkward to call her Ayaya.


“That’s your nickname.”


“Call me Maki.”

“Okay, Maki, am I…famous as a singer?”

“Yes, you are. You have a lot of hits songs like--”

“I know! Love… something… iro. What is it? Damn it, I can’t even remember the name of one song!”

“Love namida iro?” This was one of the Aya’s songs Maki knew.

“Yes!” An awkward silence fell between them before Aya continued, “I wonder how it sounds like. I don’t think I remember anything of it.” Maki nodded in silence.

The door suddenly flew open. “Hello, Aya!” a high-pitch voice was heard. Entering the room, Rika and Natsumi’s hands were filled with plastic bags with snacks and drinks in them. Obviously, they did not know which snacks and drinks Aya liked and ended up buying things they liked. The uncertainty had left Rika and she exclaimed in a lilt voice, “Do you feel better now? My name is Ishikawa Rika. Nice to meet you!”

Natsumi gave Rika a disdain look. “I am Abe Natsumi.”

Aya had a confused look and went on to iintroduce without knowing that everyone in the room was in the same unit.

Natsumi threw a glance at Maki and Maki nodded. Natsumi started the song, “Rarabai” and Maki and Rika sang their parts before a silence descended. They waited for Aya to continue her part but Aya just stared at them with enormous eyes. Maki shook her head and went on “ano koro ga yume mitai” and with Maki taking Aya’s parts, the song was sung in a ¾ DEF DIVA fashion without any movement.

“Bye Bye mou nido to awanai keredo suki sugite USO mitai.” The song ended without the final pose.

Aya clapped and exclaimed, “Perfect combination! That was awesome! How long did you take to master that? I bet a few months at least.”

Natsumi pushed back her fringe and said absently, “The song with the choreography took a month.”

“Wow, that’s fantastic. I am not being rude or something but I just wonder did Maki sing more parts in the song?”

“Of course. She sang your parts as well.”

“My parts? You mean I am in the, what do you call that, unit?”

“Yes.” Natsumi took a quick look at her watch. “I need to go now, sorry Aya-chan, I can’t stay longer.”


After stepping out of the ward, Natsumi sighed and closed her eyes. “Hopeless,” she thought, “she cannot return in time for the performance.”

Maki returned home quite late after dropping by the studio to collect some video tapes. Knowing Aya’s condition, now she could only rely on one thing ---- Love namida iro. This was the one and only song Aya remembered so there could be a chance for her to regain her memory if she heard this. Believing that Aya’s failure to recall Suki sugite baka mitai was due to the lack of worth and the wrong delivery of the song, Maki played the tapes and danced along with it.

It was hard initially because Aya’s dancing style was so different from hers. Occasionally, Maki had difficulties dancing and singing the song at the same time which was what Yuko described as an “amateur mistake”. This hit Maki real hard because she was one of the best hello project dancers.

3.a.m. Maki sat down comfortably in her red sofa and watched some more tapes. She wanted to follow exactly how Aya delivered her song. There was a lot of differentiation in both the singing and dancing in each live performance and it was tiring to make up which style was the one that was used most frequently. Maki squinted and her eyes grew smaller and smaller and smaller…

The following day, Maki entered Aya’s ward in a white top and a black mini-skirt. It was cold but she did not care as she hoped that this would keep her awake. Her face was pale and listless. Aya smiled and greeted her. Maki took Aya’s hand and touched it softly as she edged herself towards Aya. She said with a half-blank look on her face, “Sorry for not being with you for every second. I sincerely apologise—”

“You’re the person whom I spent the most time with,” Aya corrected her.

“Is it? What about the other girl who visited you on the first day?”

“That snobbish girl? I never see her face after that day and will never ever wish to see her again.”

“What an irony.” Maki murmured under her breath as a tiny grin was revealed on her pale face.


“Nothing.” There was a slight silence between them. Maki tightened her grip and squeezed Aya’s hand unknowingly. “Uh, do you wish to hear love namida iro?”

Aya’s face brightened up all of a sudden. “Sure.”

Maki took a few steps back and started a few simple footsteps. “LOVE namida iro anata no MEERU wa yomimashita…” She did the typical dance moves of the song rather stiffly as she was not feeling well after spending a night sleeping on the sofa. She could not memorise the choreography of the song although she did remember most of the lyrics. The chorus was sung in pure stiffness. Maki played in her head, “Raise right hand above head, close the chest, spread it open, footstep right, left, right, left…” During the verses, it was awkwardness as she had forgotten all the dance moves and even messed up some of the lyrics. This was pure horrible.

Despite the bad delivery, Aya clapped and even remarked that this was great. She certainly would not have said this if she was fine. Maki shook her head in shock of her poor performance and a fringe covered her mesmerizing eyes. Moving herself closer towards Maki, Aya pushed the fringe back and stared lovingly at Maki’s face. Somehow, Maki loved the soft touch of Aya on her face. She beamed for the first time in the day.

They were certainly oblivious of someone watching them from outside of the ward. Miki stood at an angle such that she could only see Maki and the back of Aya. Watching Aya touching Maki was too much for her to take. She should be in Maki’s position, enjoying Aya’s touch. “Why?” She asked herself again. “Why am I standing outside?” She sipped a cup of ready-made coffee slowly. After having a sleepless night yesterday (Miki did not spend her night practicing Love Namida iro like what Maki did), she felt that coffee was the only thing to keep her awake. She looked at it in disgust and threw it away into the sterilized dustbin. “Too much sugar,” she said to herself as she visualized Aya touching Maki’s face, “Too little milk,” a tear prickled down her cheeks as she recalled how Aya failed to remember her. Same with how she handled the coffee, she literally threw her most treasured friendship away as she stomped off without looking back.

“Fujimoto-san?” a voice from behind was heard.

Miki turned back and saw a man dressed in a suit, smiling at her. Allowing her fringe to cover her red and swollen eyes, Miki questioned, “What?”

“I just need your help to confirm some things. Oh yes, I am a police officer and I am in charge of Matsuura’s case.” He said as he took out a piece of trampled paper. Miki stared at him for a few seconds before taking it over. As she opened the paper, she noticed the familiarity of the handwriting as her tears went streaming down her cheeks.

It wrote, “Mikitty’s favourite chocolate and coffee powder. 3 packets each. Ichiban Ichigo a street across the end of the park. Remind Mikitty to come over for a special treat.”

“Mikitty, chocolate, coffee, special treat, when can I hear all these again? I might not be at the receiving end of all these again…”

“I bet you recognize the writing. Matsuura Aya’s handwriting is it?” the police officer asked, interrupting her thoughts.

“Yes. Where and when did you find this?”

“At the crime scene. Matsuura-san was clenching this piece of paper in her right fist when she was knocked down.”

“Oh, so she was knocked down because of me,” Miki murmured to herself as a sense of guilt hit her hard.

“Don’t feel guilty,” he said solemnly as he placed his hands on Miki’s shoulder, “No one had expected that to happen to Matsuura-san.”

Miki shifted backwards while holding back her tears as she questioned, “So have you found the criminal?”

“Apparently not. It was a hit-and-run.”


“Yes, that person is an idiot, it will be a heavier sentence for the criminal since it was a hit-and-run and-”

“I am not referring to the criminal, you are the idiot.” He was taken aback. “What’s so difficult of catching that person? That happened during the peak hours, didn’t it?”

He gave a forced laugh and explained, “Yes, but the driver left the scene immediately after it happened. Witnesses claimed that the criminal did not even slow down. It seemed that it was intended to hit Matsuura-san.”

Miki nodded her head and walked off, ignoring the police officer. She thought, “If Ayaya did not buy that chocolate and coffee powder that day, she wouldn’t be knocked over.” Guilt struck her hard again. She knew it was her fault. “Wait, that happened on a Monday, right? So that means that…Towao!”
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Re: Gomattou
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YEY I got the message! I replied (If you care) and ty for it and posting and choosing to continue the story! EVERYBODY, THIS IS THE ORIGINAL WRITER, NO STORY STEALING GOING ON HERE! just making sure you got the message. And also this person RULES! Its one of the things that inspired me to write (and actually post what I write).
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Re: Gomattou
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hehe I knew this story sounded familar and I was about to ask about it too. Whether you just stopped writing or no one updated on the other site, I'm glad you're back to continue it. :)

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Re: Gomattou
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Ya... this is interesting
New story to me... sweeety's posts make me wait a lot of this story

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Re: Gomattou
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Mayaki? :o


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Re: Gomattou
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I hope I didn't give away too much. Sory if I did, but I don't think I said  much more than is already obvious from the title. Anyway GJ hope you keep it up and we get to the part I was up to before too long, and you continue soon. mwah :)
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Re: Gomattou (Chap 3)
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Thanks for the responses, I'll try to update really constantly (which is what I've been doing) and hope you will enjoy the story! :D


Garish Future

“Sorry, pls 4give me 4 not being with u when u needed me most…if possible, will u like to sing 2gether again? Shall we love perhaps? I wish to see your face again soon. Mikitty.”

Holding her mobile phone in her right hand and Aya’s in her left, Miki clicked the “send” button. She squinted. This was a bit too mushy for her. She wondered, “Aya does not know me so it is okay but what if that idiot (referring to Maki) reads the message? She will die from laughter. What if she tells Aya that’s just a stupid fan trying to get close to her? What if she-” There were too many question yet too little time for her to answer as she felt the vibration on her left hand. She shook her head in despair. She could actually delete the message but she did not want to. She wanted Aya to know another different Miki whom she did not know. Anyway, her precious morning hours should not be wasted doing this.

Standing in the middle of Aya’s unkempt house, Miki shook her head again but this time she had a tiny smile glued onto her lips. She caught sight of the measuring cylinder lying on the messy coffee table. “The measuring cylinder is used to measure precise amount of sugar, milk and water so that Mikitty can enjoy her favourite coffee.” That was Aya’s favourite line. Or rather, that was what Miki loved to hear from Aya.

The serenity of the apartment was interrupted by a knock on the door. Miki swept her fringes back and opened the door. It was Aya’s neighbour. What was her name? She couldn’t remember. Anyway, she could not be bothered to remember names of people who did not really affect her life. In the neighbour’s hands was a grey dog with beautiful curly fur.

“What a smart dog Toma is! He knows how to find his way back to Matsuura’s apartment. But sadly, Matsuura-san is not in. Strange, it had been quite long already…” the neighbour exclaimed as the dog tried to scurry out of her arms.

“She is staying with me now,” Miki quickly lied, “Toma?”

“Yes, it is Matsuura-san’s dog.”


“What is weird?”

“Nothing.” Silence fell between them until Miki continued, “Do you mind passing the dog over to me? I will hand it over to Aya. Thank you for taking care of him. Sorry to trouble you.”

“Don’t mention it.”

Miki took the dog over. It seemed to enjoy her touch as it scrambled closer to Miki’s chest. Miki stroked its gorgeous fur and kissed it on its forehead. She knew beyond doubts that this is Towao. Miki wondered, “Why? Why did Aya change its name? Was it an early premonition that our friendship was ending? Could it be…? No, Goto was not in the story yet or else the neighbour will not have known the dog’s new name. Or perhaps…”

A month had passed since Aya was hospitalized. She had spent most of the days with Maki and some of the days with her family members and some of the Hello Project mates. Strangely, the days without Maki were long and arduous and she longed for them to pass as soon as possible. It felt wrong when Maki wasn’t there.

This was one of the days that were perfectly right. Maki was standing right in front of her performing Love Namida Iro again. It had been a month without any results but Maki still refused to give up. That was what Maki considered as the “Gottsan’s spirit”.

“akippoi akippoi anata no seikaku to ijippari ijippari son'na watashi no seikaku kitto tsuzukanai.” Maki smiled widely at Aya as her hand slowly rose up.

“Love Namida iro naite mo naite mo tomaranai…” Aya sang under her breath as she returned a delighted grin to Maki. Maki stopped her foot work and stared at Aya with huge eyes.

“Ayaya, you remember the song? Tell me you do, Ayaya. Ayaya!” Maki took Aya’s hand in hers and questioned her.

Aya gave an innocent look and replied, “Not really, but you’d been singing this for the past month and I learnt it from you.”

“Oh…” Maki looked down at their interlocking hands and grinned to herself. At least Aya made an effort to remember…


Maki glanced up at Aya. “What?”

“Can I try to sing the song with you?”

Maki was taken aback but she did not reveal the shock in her voice. “Ok, fine.”

Aya stood beside Maki and they performed the prestigious song together to no one in particular. But clearly, they were not intending to sing this to anyone. It was an unspoken pact between them to sing together that outsiders could not understand. Maki could not find a word to describe her joy to perform with Aya and Aya was more than delighted to sing her trademark song again with her friend.

After the song had ended, they stared at each other in silence happiness. The silence was however disturbed by some loud clapping. Yossie and Makoto were standing right in front of the door, grinning at them. Suddenly, the smile disappeared from Maki’s lips. She questioned sternly, “When did you enter?” Actually, she wanted to ask why they entered which completely affected the atmosphere.

Yossie shrugged, shook her head and replied, “Not very long ago…when the two of you were singing Love Namida Iro together. By the way, it was quite a neat edition of the song.” She paused and grinned at Maki. “Maybe I will get Tsunku to feature two of you as a duo.”

“Stop it, Yossie. This is not a time for your sickening talks,” Maki chided harshly.

“Oh, fine. But really, you’ve to believe it. The combination and chemistry between the two of you,” Yossie pointed at Aya, “is really better than many other duos in H!P. For example, GAM.”

“Stop it, Yossie! I’m not tolerating your nonsense. Please do not force me to chase you out.”

“Oh yeah, wrong place to say this. Sorry, Maki. Do you accept my apology?”

Makoto looked at Yossie, gave a half-laugh and said, “Uh, Yossie, maybe we should leave now. Remember that we still have to…” she stared at Maki.

“Oh yes,” Yossie nodded. “Bye Maki.” She glanced at Aya. “Bye Aya.”

After Yossie and Makoto left the room, Maki placed her hand on Aya’s shoulder and remarked, “This two crazy people are annoying. Especially that Yossie. You don’t have to bother about what she said just now.” Aya nodded in silence.

There was a knock on the door. Feeling agitated after the earlier incident, Maki swept the door open and saw a nurse standing outside. She let out a sigh of relief. “What’s the matter?” Maki asked gently.

“A woman came over just now and handed me this,” she passed a handphone to Maki, “this is for Matsuura-san, she said.”

“Who’s she?” Aya enquired.

“She is Fujimoto Miki. She even gave me her autograph just now.” She showed them the book on her hands with the Miki’s heart signature on it.

“Who’s that?” Aya asked.

Maki quickly interrupted, “Aya, stop pretending. Ok, I know. Thanks.”

After the nurse left the ward, Maki handed Aya the phone. Maki took a deep breath and said quietly, “This is your phone.”

Aya took it over and started scrutinizing her own phone. There was a silence before Aya asked, “Who is Fujimoto Miki?”

“She is the snobbish girl who visited you on the first day when you were hospitalized.”

“Oh…I think there is a new message here.” She passed the phone over to Maki who read the message seriously. “So what should I do now?”

Maki shrugged. “Do you wish to see her again?”

Maki sipped her coffee slowly in the café of the hospital when she heard someone shouting, “Goto Maki!” She turned around and saw a tall, slender woman with smooth, long hair stomping towards her. There was a prominent frown on her forehead.

“Hi, long time no see.” Maki said in an extremely relaxed tone.

“Don’t try to act so kind!”

“What do you want, Fujimoto-san?”

She stared at the coffee on the table and all her anger seemed to vanish into thin air. She added slowly, “Please be frank with me, Goto. When had this started?”

Maki frowned, wondering what she was referring to as “this”. In the end, she said, “It started when that ended.”

Miki moved forward and took in a deep breath. “Now, I don’t want this to appear on the headlines tomorrow. Tell me, why didn’t Aya reply to my message?”

“How should I know? Anyway, she is just up there. Why don’t you just ask her?” Maki bent her head and looked down at the cage which Miki was carrying in her hands. “And…that is prohibited in a hospital.”

“Stop being pretentious! Listen up, from now on, stay away from Aya!”

“If I leave her alone, she will be extremely upset. Do you want to see her cry? Anyway, Fujimoto-san, this,” she pointed to the cage, “is not allowed here.”

Miki shook her fists and left the café hastily. After the confrontation with Maki, Miki felt even more agitated than before. The message, the dog and the incident were all pointing to one conclusion. Miki wondered, “Who the hell said that she lost her memory? Who was the idiot who had more power than Mikitty to choose a name for Aya’s dog? Who told Aya not to reply to her message? Goto. No doubt about that.”

After some hesitations outside of Aya’s ward, Miki entered Aya’s ward and saw Aya sleeping peacefully. She looked very beautiful in her sleep. There was a serenity around her which totally captivated Miki. She touched Aya’s face gently and Aya moved closer towards her. She mumbled softly, “Maki, I want to sleep.” There was a soft smile on her face and she lazily opened her eyes. Miki quickly moved away from the bed and tears began to well up in her eyes. She clearly did not want Aya to see her now. Aya too did not really wish to see her. In her mind, Aya must be thinking of one person – Goto.

Aya opened her eyes but she saw no one. She was quite positive that someone was in the ward because she heard the creaking of the door. She felt a warm sensation. Evidently, that someone had touched her face. Shaking her head, Aya closed her eyes again.

'Separation is the beginning of a meeting. Fear not of it.'

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Re: Gomattou
« Reply #11 on: March 25, 2008, 09:15:13 PM »
Oh crap...Maki doesn't know how Miki feels about Aya, does she? If she did she would probably be trying to encourage her to spend more time at the hospital to help Aya remember her.

And Miki doesn't know that Aya renamed the dog herself, she thinks that it was Maki's doing.  :O

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Re: Gomattou
« Reply #12 on: March 25, 2008, 10:33:03 PM »
"Oh crap...Maki doesn't know how Miki feels about Aya, does she?"
methinks she does :(
"If she did she would probably be trying to encourage her to spend more time at the hospital to help Aya remember her."
Yeah riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight ;)

"And Miki doesn't know that Aya renamed the dog herself, she thinks that it was Maki's doing." 
Bingo! Now Miki thinks not that Aya likes Maki as well, but simply that Maki is doing all these nasty underhanded things to steal Aya. But will Miki prevail? Keep in mind that Aya doesn't think well of her..... crap I gtg to skool mums home :(
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Re: Gomattou
« Reply #13 on: March 26, 2008, 11:35:58 AM »
Here is the next one  :) everything is up to the reader to guess.... ^-^

Chapter 4

Fear is Gone...

“Maki! I have something to tell you!” Aya exclaimed in a lilt voice.

“What is it, Ayaya?” Maki asked with a sweet smile on her face which was half-covered by her fringes. She seemed accustomed to calling Aya “Ayaya”. Aya stood up, moved towards Maki and attempt to sweep her fringes away. Maki took Aya’s hand but it was too late. She saw it.

“What happened?” Aya questioned worriedly.


“Nothing? Those red marks on your face are nothing?”

“It was just an accident.”

Aya shifted closer to Maki and squeezed her hand. “Please be honest with me. You know you are hurting me now?”

Maki looked away and took in a deep breath. “I was slapped.”

“By who?”

There was a slight pause before Maki answered, “Remember that snobbish girl, yeah, it’s her…”

The smile on Aya’s face vanished and there was disbelief on her face. She mumbled under her breath, “Mikitty…”

“Didn’t you say that you’ve something to tell me, Ayaya?”

Aya blinked repeatedly and said nervously, “Oh yes, I just want to say that…uh…I’m now fit enough to leave this place.”

“The doctor said that?”


“So where do you want to go first?”

Aya looked down and murmured softly, “I want to be with Hello Project again.”

“Oh…today…I think most of them will be at the studio filming Hello! Morning.”

“Okay, we shall go there.”

When they entered the studio, Magic Restaurant was being filmed. Ishikawa Rika was eating some delicious looking cake on the red table. She was smirking away while the Morning Musume members stared jealously at her. Aya quickly spotted Miki. Miki was sitting right beside Yossie showing signs of boredom as she rested her chin on the table.

Maki folded her arms and remarked, “This is Magic Restaurant and the host is Ishikawa Rika. Only the winner of some stupid games will get to eat whatever Ishikawa is eating now. And that girl over there,” she pointed at Miki, “is the one who slapped me.”

“Oh…” Aya replied without showing much of the interest in what Maki said as she stared at the cake with wide eyes.

“Okay, so this week, the winner will be…Fujimoto Miki!” Miki stood up and held a half-smile on her face as Rika continued, “Miki is indeed lucky! I thought I will be the only one who can taste the delicious cake…” Rika revealed an unhappy look on her face before the two of them headed to the red table. Miki lifted up the plate of cake and held it beside her face and grinned while Rika started eating the cake until the director shouted “Cut!”

Rika patted Miki’s shoulder and asked worriedly, “What happened? You don’t look happy. You know that you should be grateful to eat this. Hey, where are you going?” Miki wandered off to a corner of the studio with the plate of cake in her hand. She sat on a wooden chair and pressed her fork into the cake. Occasionally, she shook her head and sighed. Her face showed signs of loneliness. Aya stared at Miki and felt a strange sensation growing in her heart.

“Mikitty,” Aya called out. Miki hurriedly looked up. Her heart almost dropped.

She breathed in deeply before she said rather calmly, “Yes?”


“Yep.” Miki looked up and caught Aya staring at the cake. “Do you want this? I didn’t touch it at all.”

“I won’t mind if you touch it, Mikitty. Can I really have it?”


“By the way, I like your necklace.” Aya pointed at her emerald pearl necklace and smiled happily.

Miki smiled back. She loved the way Aya smiled. “Thank you.” An awkward silence descended before Miki enquired kindly, “Are you feeling better now?”

“Yes.” Aya answered as she started eating the cake. “Wow, Mikitty, this is really delicious. Do you really want me to finish this?”

Miki wondered as she felt her heart beginning to pile up, “Why are you here, Ayaya? Strange, why don’t I want her here? Why can’t I smile when Ayaya is here? And…”

“Mikitty! Are you listening to me?” Aya interrupted her thoughts.

“Oh, fine.” Aya took a small piece of the cake with the fork and placed the fork nearer to Miki’s mouth. “Hey, what’re you trying to do?”

“Didn’t you say you want this?” Aya questioned. Miki stared at her with an astound expression. “Quick, you won this, remember?” Miki opened her mouth and allowed Aya to place the cake in her mouth. It was a nice sensation.

“Maybe I should give Ayaya a chance…it was my fault to allow Goto to get close to her,” Miki thought delightfully as she tasted the so-called delicious cake for the first time. It was very sweet.

“So you’re here, Ayaya,” Maki shouted as she walked towards Aya before she caught sight of Aya feeding Miki. “What are you doing?” Maki asked agitatedly.

“I’m eating with Mikitty. This is really delicious,” Aya said and dropped a glance at Miki. Miki smiled at Aya before turning to face Maki and smirked at her. Maki returned a smirk.

Aya suddenly stood up and exclaimed, “Now that the two of you are here, I want to announce something.” She allowed the silence to hang for a few moments. “I have fully recovered!”

Miki looked at Aya astonishingly and enquired, “So you remember every thing that happened in the past?”


“That’s great!” Miki said in pure joy and placed her hands on Aya’s shoulder and smiled.

Maki frowned and demanded, “Now, when did you recover?”

“A few days ago.”

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

“I want to announce this happy news to both of you at the same time. Two of you had greatly affected my life and I want to share my joy with 2 of you.”

“Oh…How did you recover? I mean what stimulated your recovery?”

“Ah, this is the part where I most wanted to share with both of you at the same time. Actually, it started when Maki continuously sang Love Namida Iro to me and even at times, delivered the song better than I do. This reminds me of,” Aya turned towards Miki and tears began welling up in her eyes, “the measuring cylinder that is used to measure precise amount of sugar, milk and water so that Mikitty can enjoy her favourite coffee. And when I saw Miki staring blankly at the piece of cake just now, I remembered the first time when we met. From that, I remembered everything.”

Tears began streaming down Miki’s cheeks. She hugged Aya and Aya returned her hug. Maki frowned again. She was not at all happy with the happening. What Aya had just said showed that Miki mattered a lot to Aya even though Maki was always beside her when she was ill. She knew for sure now that she could not replace Miki in Aya’s heart. As she looked at the two of them hugging away, she took out her phone and began messaging, “Is it ok to do it again?”

“Maki,” Aya called out and interrupted Maki’s messaging. “Why are you so quiet? Aren’t you happy for me?”

“Yes, I am.”

Aya held Miki and Maki’s hands in each of her smooth hands. “Miki, Maki, from now on, we will be good friends, okay? Let’s be the best friends in H!P.”

There was a slight hesitation before Miki and Maki answered together, “Okay.”

Miki and Aya continued eating the small piece of cake together while Maki stared at them in pure disgust. Maki felt a vibration in her pocket. She read the message and smiled.

The message was, “Again? Why not we try something else? I have a new idea…”


'Separation is the beginning of a meeting. Fear not of it.'

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Re: Gomattou
« Reply #14 on: March 26, 2008, 12:18:39 PM »
Yay! Ayaya gained her memory back! :D

:O so maki was behind ayaya's accident afterall :O

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Re: Gomattou
« Reply #15 on: March 27, 2008, 02:54:04 AM »
hahahaha when I read this:
“Oh…” Aya replied without showing much of the interest in what Maki said as she stared at the cake with wide eyes.
I thought it was because Aya liked the cake XD
Now that Aya recovered her memory, Miki is not sad anymore but with Maki's behavior to this, I think real problems are getting close

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Re: Gomattou
« Reply #16 on: March 27, 2008, 07:06:21 AM »
ohhhh so close........... yet so far away............ from the end............. we shall see.............if we can....................unless.....................then...........................and.....................but alas...................undeed, it's true.........................that I am just killing time with this post and confusing all who read it ;)
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Re: Gomattou
« Reply #17 on: March 27, 2008, 11:23:04 AM »
Oh i remember this fic ^^
is this the same one from jpm?(are you Great~Ayaya~Mikitty from threre?)

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Re: Gomattou
« Reply #18 on: March 28, 2008, 05:50:56 AM »
The fact that Aya suddenly started calling her "Mikitty" instead of "that snobbish girl" should have been an instant giveaway that she had recovered her memory.

But yeah...WTF Maki??? :o

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Re: Gomattou
« Reply #19 on: March 28, 2008, 01:10:39 PM »
Maki must be jealous of their friendship. So with her memory gone Maki probably hoped to take Miki's place.

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