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Re: Chapter 15 (Status) GoMaTTou
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I think I know who the mysterious person is now. It's the same one as before right? Then it's without a doubt who I think it is. No, not Nakazawa of course, thank god for that btw cause I couldn't handle her as the baddie. I think it's someone I haven't thought of before. Now the question is what the deal with Rika is. Maybe she was just hitting on Yoshi, maybe there is more to this. Im guessing no 2.. For personal reasons of course. The thing is, I am glad that Maki is about to be put behind bars or at least it seems that way. I did not like her character in this story and quite frankly I really will be glad if she dissapears but not in real life of course. I just think she doesn't fit in here right. She shouldn't get Aya when poor Miki and Aya have been put through so much because of her. btw that one time, it was a lot of sugar, not ice cream. I had sugar on my pancakes, and then at night, a whole spoonfull of sugar. Now the mere thought of food makes my tummy ache. But I digress; what I wanted to say was that Miki in this story is not that good too. Not that she is bad, but that her character is sort of weak. Normal Miki would have killed Maki and not told Aya that stuff that got them together. The Miki I imagine would have told Aya she loves her and they would have been together. I am now mad at this Miki, but not as mad as I am at Aya. Aya had the nerve to not only forgive Maki but start a relationship with her. And then she had the guts to say that she was basically trusting her with her life and would forgive her if she killed her or something like that (not sure, lost my original post so I am making this up as I remember.....). So yeah, craziness all around. And Yoshi seems less evil all of a sudden. I kinda like her. She was at least a good friend to Miki, even though it was all fake. I kinda like that, even though she only did it to influence her. But at least its better than nothing. And why the hell did it seem like Miki actually likes Yoshi in that way????? You have some explaining to do..... Anyway, cya, hug me etc etc etc..........
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Re: Chapter 15 (Status) GoMaTTou
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Hey sweeety, I try to explain as much as I can...firstly, I hope you'll get well soon :P and next, I haven't quite thought of what to do with Rika...Aya is just love-blinded for the time-being, since she was hospitalised, Maki was the person around her. Basically love over for Maki, hmm, I think you'll hate her more later. As for Miki, she's scared that Aya would reject her and subsequently ignore her and Aya is the most important person in her life (which makes things even more frustrating) and the part about helping them patch up, I wanted to show Miki's soft side and Miki just sympathizes with Maki then. And this is something she regrets in the later part...I'm sorry the characters I created are not to your liking... :( I'll try to make next chapter better

'Separation is the beginning of a meeting. Fear not of it.'

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Re: Chapter 15 (Status) GoMaTTou
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No don't apologise! i'm not angry at you, I'm angry at them. Also not really thinking straight and putting my foot in  my mouth. Can you forgive me friend? Please? Sory.

 I loved the chapter and the characters and how it proves me right. Which is why I'm angry, because as a pessimist I thought up the worst possible scenarios and stuff. And yeah, odds are I will hate Maki more soon because I think she will do something horrible. I was angry at Miki for being wimpy and not standing up for herself but I like that she carried herself with dignity and did what is best for Aya. It not only proves that she loves her and they should be together but that she is willing to put Aya's happiness before her. it reminds me of this OPV, with a song called jealous by someone called Nina.  Especially this bit: "And you know I'd fight the good fight, if I thought I'd change your mind. But if she makes you happy, then I'll leave the dream behind (not sure about this bit but it's someting like) and she better treat you right and give you everythiiiiiing.......and the moment that she doesn't, I'll be waiting in the wind/wing..jealous of the one whose arms are around you, hope she's keeping you satisfied. Jealous of the one who finally found you something something something something na na na na na na, She's a very very lucky girl, na na na na na na naa~..... "

 I think that summed up Miki and Aya's relationship very well. Too bad the OPV was  ishi/yoshi/mikitty cause if it was Gom, then that would pretty much be your story :)
Oh well, who cares much for accuracy? Anyway, great job,
I think
I know who the secret baddie
Is. Am
I right?
I think so. Anyway mwah (haha now you're sick too!That will make 5 people infected by I)
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Re: Chapter 15 (Status) GoMaTTou
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Chapter 16

Last warmth

“That’s it for today!” the senior staff announced as the analogue clock stroked 6pm sharp .Aya yawned loud enough for the staff to notice her tiredness. In the studio, image meant nothing and Aya always believed that showing normal human behaviors such as yawning in front of the staff would narrow the gap between the artiste and those who worked at the backstage. Ironically, despite her sleepy behavior, Aya breezed past everyone and left the room at an unexpected pace.

She ran down the corridor and only slowed down when she approached the end of the straight lane. There were empty rooms and rooms where artistes were busy rehearsing. She searched deftly and eventually, she managed to locate the room where her lover had been rehearsing for the past few hours. Believing that the practice had come to an end, she pushed the wooden door open clumsily. To her surprise, Maki was still practicing one of her latest songs – Glass no pumps.

In casual clothes, Maki looked equally gorgeous when she sang and danced to the suggestive song as she was in that translucent attire. Dance with me baby baby…Aya smiled slyly to herself as she thought, “How did Maki sing in that beautiful voice and dance so passionately at the same time? Tonight, I will get her to perform this song for me once more.”

Even though Maki had continuously reminded herself to stay focus during rehearsals just like any other professionals would, she was interrupted by the loud entrance Aya just had made. Even so, she continued with the practice as enthusiastically as she could so that she would not have to do it once more as more time for overtime rehearsal meant less time with Aya. I love you hold me hold me…Maki looked straight into Aya’s eyes as she completed the final line in her finest voice: Bye bye goodbye shiawase no inoru wa…With her right hand stretched out in the direction of her new lover, Maki waited for the music to fade away before moving off from her pose.

“That’s it for today,” Maki announced happily.

The dance instructor stomped her feet and commented sternly, “Maki, that’s not the final pose!” The room fell silent. Placing her hand on Maki’s shoulder, she added, “But you looked rather good in that pose. But even so, please follow the choreography, okay?” Maki nodded. “Okay, that’s it for today.”

Hurrying towards Aya, Maki apologized, “I’m sorry that it took so long. That song is rather hard to tackle.”

Aya smiled in her trademark beam. “Well, it is unlike Got-san to make an error in her dancing.”

As they ambled their way down the corridor, Maki whispered, “How could I stay 100% focused with such a beautiful girl in front of me?” Maki twisted her lips and added softly, “Anyway, that last bit was dedicated to you, if you didn’t realize. ‘Goodbye, I pray for your happiness’. Do you know how many times I sang that line to myself when you avoided me and rejected my apologies? I thought we were over and-”

“Stop it, Maki. Let’s don’t dwell on the unhappiness. As for now, there is no happiness for me without you. I need you too much. Anyway, tonight you’re going to perform the song again before…”

“So tonight is your place or mine?”

“I prefer your bed.”

“Ok, Chef Goto shall cook once more.” After some silent moments as they entered the lift, Aya asked, “Why did you hate me in the past to the extent that you want me dead?”

“I thought you just said we shouldn’t dwell on the past.”

“No, Gocchin, this is important. Answer me.”

Maki thought for a while before answering in a soft voice, “It is because you’re way better than me in your sales even though I work harder than you. It just seemed unfair to me then and I guess it just built up into hatred. But now-”

Aya interrupted sharply with tears welling up in her eyes, “When I switched from kawaii upbeat songs to serious slow songs, I worked really hard to restrain myself from jumping around and smiling girlishly. It was so hard then and luckily I had Miki beside me or else I would have gone berserk.”

“I’m sorry Aya,” Maki whispered as she wiped the tears that rolled down Aya’s cheeks off her face.

“It’s ok; I shouldn’t have questioned you in the first place. I was just quite sad that the reason for knocking me down was actually invalid.”

“We just don’t know each other well enough then.”

“I suppose. At least you are honest. Forget it, let’s not dwell on the past.” Aya smiled.

“Is this your first love, Aya?” Maki changed the topic rather desperately.

“No, I fell for a classmate before I joined H!P but it was unrequited.”

“Female or male?”

“He was a guy. But I had no regrets because he didn’t know anything. I think crushes are always like that. At that time, it seemed so important but after that, it just appeared to be something silly.”


“Uh…No one in H!P knows anything about that including Tsunku so Maki…”

“I understand. This is another secret that belongs to us.”

“Yes, I am beginning to trust you and this is important if we were to stay for long.”


As they departed from the lift, Aya questioned in what Maki believed was a sweet voice, “Maki, do you have a crush or anything like that?”

Maki appeared in thoughts. “I don’t remember. I was just a stubborn and shy child before I met you. Now I am officially an adult.” Aya nodded duly. The couple strolled out of the building together and down the street hand in hand. When they walked together, heads turned but they didn’t care because love is blind not only between the lovers but also between the lovers and the others around them - others saw things that they didn’t.


Miki tossed around on her couch. All of a sudden, she felt so lonely. There wasn’t any rehearsal today and usually, that meant a chance to slack around and meet up with Aya. But now, she didn’t dare to approach Aya because she was so afraid that the façade that she put on would fall off anytime in front of Aya and her efforts over the years would all be thrown down the drain and she might end up losing Aya. Miki was a bold girl but she didn’t want to take any risks on this issue.

Feeling both tired and bored, she reached for her cell phone. Who should she call? Aya? She would most probably disturb the little love affair. Yossie? But she wanted to harm Aya and Miki by forming full-term GAM. This didn’t make sense. Nothing made sense. She placed her phone back on the table. Was she such a lonely girl? Would mixing around with the other Morning Musume members make her a happier person? How would Tsunku react if he knew about that love affair? What was the whole agenda behind GAM becoming a full-term duo? There were too many questions for her to answer and more than half of them could not be answered by her alone.

Picking up her cell phone, she keyed in the numbers. As she reached the last digit, she paused and placed the phone down. All of a sudden, her cell phone rang and heard her favourite ring tone which “Momoiro no kataomoi”. Normally she would have either hum along or pick it up immediately. However, this time around, she allowed the phone to ring for a while before picking it up as the caller wasn’t someone she looked forward to speaking to.

“Sorry to disturb,” Yossie apologized.

 “Never mind, the damage is done. Say.”

“Uh, I wanted to ask you for a chat.”

Silence descended for a few moments. “Okay.”

“I was just wondering why you had this distant look on your face during rehearsal today. It’s quite unlike you.”

“Yossie, you won’t understand.”

“I understand everything,” Yossie commented cheekily.

“I-” Miki muffled as tears rolling down her cheeks uncontrollably. Why must Yossie be so nice to her when she wanted to harm her and Aya?
Suddenly, Yossie’s tone changed. “What’s wrong, Fujimoto? You’re so unlike yourself. What happened?”


Yossie interrupted, “No, I speak first. You’re not going on like that. I tell you what, Fujimoto. I have this urge to tell you this for quite some time. You’re a perfectionist and you want things to be perfect especially your image. Come on, we are friends. I don’t give a damn about your image. No matter what you say or who you curse, you will still be the cheeky, noisy, rude and fierce Fujimoto Miki that I know too well.”

Miki giggled. “That isn’t a perfect image.”

“No, it is completely ruined. Just shoot.”

Miki hesitated as she thought, “Should I confront her about the GAM issue now? No, it’s better to talk to her face-to-face so that I can…Ok, set. Just talk about random stuff then.” She said nostalgically, “You know, I have a crush.”

“Wow, that’s new.”

“Yes, recently, that person has a lover and I knew it because I stupidly pressed for an answer.”

“You were told that straight at your face?”

“Yes. I didn’t know what I should do because everything seems wrong, even now.”

“Even me?” Yossie laughed at her own lameness. “Sorry, that must be painful. That is a friend, right?”

“Yes. I would look real weird to make a fuss out of it so I didn’t do anything at that time. But it was so painful to act so strong. It felt…just like the futsal finals.”

“Speaking of that again, I haven’t forgiven you for that miss yet, Fujimoto.”


“No, just kidding.”

“Anyway, I’m confused now.”

“Uh…do you really love that friend of yours?”


“Then, you should just tell your friend how you feel and stop whining over here. I can listen but it won’t help.”

“Yossie-” All of a sudden, Miki began to feel dependant on Yossie just like on the finals.

“Listen up, Fujimoto Miki. A person can only live once. You may think that as a friend, you will have many chances but opportunities don’t always come knocking at your door. That’s why, I always tell you to score earlier in the match. I know you well, Fujimoto. You don’t want to lose that person but if you don’t try, you would end up be watching the lovers marrying and going on honeymoon. The worst thing is that you have to smile at them and say congratulations. Listen to this quote and remember it because it will give you strength, I promise: It’s okay if you try and try and fail but it’s not okay if you fail and fail to try. Get it? Do you believe me?”

Miki nodded. Yossie didn’t press for the identity or anything and it was somehow comforting to listen to her monologue. Pressing Yossie for the agenda behind GAM being a full-term band was forgotten for a split second as she tried her best to remember every single word that she had just heard. Although marriage was impossible between that pair of lovers, Miki spoke in a frail voice, “I believe you, Yossie…”

'Separation is the beginning of a meeting. Fear not of it.'

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Re: Chapter 15 (Status) GoMaTTou
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I think everyone wants to know who that person is so I am going to post in rapid succession. enjoy :D

Chapter 17

Friendship or love

In the half-empty cinema, with popcorns and 2 cups of coke between them, they stared blankly at the mega screen screening a Chinese soap movie. The subtitles were barely visible and that was another reason why everyone was falling asleep, including the 2 girls. To make things worse, the movie could not be understood barely by the actions.

The lead actress collapsed and broke down and tiny sobs could be heard in the theatre. To accompany that dramatic act, strong background music was played at that instant. This caused one of the girls to stir and stared with a look of boredom at the crying girl on the screen. She sighed to herself and commented, “I can’t stand weak girls. Luckily you aren’t one.”

The other girl picked up a pop corn, threw it into her own mouth before chewing rather audibly. She shrugged and replied rather bluntly, “You don’t know me well enough to make that assumption. Is she about to die?”

“I suppose so. I wasn’t really catching the flow of the movie.” The lead actress was hospitalized and the lead actor was crying his heart out beside her bed. “Seriously, I really can’t stand boys crying. Maybe the gender isn’t an issue. I just don’t like the act of crying.”

“Sometimes, there’s no point pretending to be so strong, Reina.”

“There are merits to doing so. Crying is escaping from fate, don’t you agree?”

“Guess I have no choice but to agree.” There was an awkward silence before Maki’s phone beeped. Flipping open her phone, she read the message and a satisfied smile crept to her face. Reina glared at her, perplexed but didn’t bring herself to comment on it. Maki sensed the relentless glance, became embarrassed and questioned as sternly as she could possibly be at that moment, “You didn’t invite me out just to watch this boring soap movie in a language that you barely understand, right?”

Reina squinted against the bright screen, shrugged and commented, “It took you rather long to realize. I guess you were too engrossed in this show. Frankly, if it’s not for the endless supply of popcorns, I would have fallen asleep. That’s not very gracious of me, right?”

Maki shook her head wearily. “I’m not getting myself involved anymore.”

Reina laughed rather unconvincingly before saying, “I knew you would say that. But you don’t have much of a choice. You either go along with me or your heinous crime will be exposed.”

“That’s a threat.”

“You should know very well that I carry them out. The ball lies in your court.”

Maki looked at the screen, which showed the lead actress’ coffin being lowered into the ground, took in a deep breath and murmured, “You know the answer, right?”

“Ok, it’s your choice.” Reina paused slightly before asking, “What’s with Aya and you recently?”

Maki had expected it and replied appropriately, “Nothing much, we are just friends.”

Reina shook her head with a grin on her face before adding, “You think I will believe there’s nothing much when the 2 of you had a cold war and after spending a night together, you went out hand in hand? Come on, I’m not that dumb.” Maki remained silent. The credits were rolled on and the rest of the audience slowly began leaving the hall while the 2 girls continued their awkward conversation.

Reina continued, “I know what it’s about so let’s put that aside. Since you have chosen to the extreme of the sphere, I would suggest that you make a clean cut from her as soon as possible because your game has ended. I want a Great Aya Miki not a Great Aya Maki so please don’t spoil it now that it is nearing its finale. That’s my last advice to you and you know what will happen if you don’t obey. Good bye, senpai.”

Reina stood up, took the packet of popcorns with her and strode off. The tears in Maki’s eyes trickled her cheeks and left the leaving audience puzzled as they did not understand the real reason behind the tears. She read the message on her phone again but this time with a complete different set of feelings which wrote, “Zutto suki de ii desu ka?” She couldn’t bring herself to bring pain and agony to the very girl she adored and worshipped. Unable to withstand the weakness growing in her, she crouched and allowed her tears to stream down her cheeks.

“This is a nice place for dating, right?”

 Miki laughed at the lame comment Sayu had just made. It wasn’t her favourite joke but at least it allowed her to feel engaged with the rest. At the quiet and empty park, the girls’ laughter echoed the entire sanctuary and this gave Miki an opportunity to indulge herself in nature and stop thinking of Aya. She realized at this moment that NATURE IS GOOD was right and wasn’t some other Tsunku nonsense. The painful sensation still lingered on despite the passing time. All of a sudden, she felt a tap on her shoulder.

“Miki, do you want a chat?” Yossie twisted her lips and asked politely. Miki gave a wide grin and nodded.

Sayu pointed at them and joked, “The couple is going for a date. Come on, leader, don’t flirt during working hours.”

Yossie cheekily placed her arms over Miki’s shoulder and said flirtatiously, “I can’t help it that there’s such a beautiful and adorable girl in front of me in such a perfect atmosphere. Just look at her legs. Oh gosh.”

“Enough, Yossie,” Miki chided, “Don’t go overboard.”

Yossie laughed rather evilly before she said in a soft voice, “We’re going away for a while. See, my girl is getting angry because you’ve wasted our precious time, Sayu.”  They strolled towards the nearest bench away from the rest but still close enough for them to be seen. Yossie’s tone changed and she said, “This is a nice sanctuary. The sounds of the birds sometimes make me feel more at ease than all those chatterboxes, right?”

Miki shrugged. “I don’t know; my life has been too quiet.”

“Miki, it’s scary to see you behaving like that. I will rather have the normal sadistic and cheeky Fujimoto. Honestly, I don’t know how well I know you because you don’t really express your feelings as much as the rest. Don’t tell me it’s because of the crush of yours?”

Silence descended upon them before Miki said, “I…just feel hurt by the whole thing. Maybe that’s how a crush feels.”

“Are you sure it’s a crush or is it simply just being over-possessive of your friend?”

“I don’t know. Am I a pervert to fall for a friend?” Miki avoided eye contact and asked with a hint of pain in her voice.

“No, a lot of love relationship started off as friendship so you shouldn’t worry too much. You just have to decide on your own whether you should confess or not. It’s all up to you.”
Miki nodded slightly before commenting, “There’s a lot to lose, you know.”


“Yossie, you know who that person is right?”

“Your GAM mate.”

“It was obvious right?”

“Quite obvious.”

“Yossie, can I ask you something?”

“Stop being so courteous, shoot!” Yossie chided.

“Maki, you and someone else were involved in the forming of full-term GAM as well as the accident that Aya had. What was the agenda-”

Yossie placed her hand on Miki’s mouth and scolded, “Don’t speak so loud! How did you know about it? Anyway, I can’t tell you.”

Suddenly, Ai interjected, “Ok, private dating time is over, the filming is starting soon.”
Yossie yawned loudly and pretended to have fallen asleep and she lay on the bench. Leaning forward, Miki gave Yossie a gentle slap on her right cheek and immediately, Yossie’s eyes opened wide. “That’s scary!” Ai exclaimed while the other simply laughed.

Although Miki was annoyed at the interruption, she didn’t chide Ai. She pondered over the conversation that they had. Though Yossie was a nice person to confide in, the primary purpose of talking to her wasn’t forgotten by Miki. It was clear that ‘someone else’ was 100% in MM. Who could it possibly be and why did she want a full-time GAM?

As they plodded back to the filming site, Miki placed her arms around Yossie’s shoulder and said with as much sincerity as she could muster, “Thank you, Yossie. You’ve been a great listening ear.”

“You’re welcome, that’s what a friend should do. I am bad at advising too and that’s Fujimoto Miki. Honestly, I like your character. That’s coming from my heart.”

“Yossie being over-romantic again, I just hope that Rika is here to hear this. She will be all jealous,” Sayu interrupted.

Yossie turned and glanced at the smiling girl beside her. The last line was the only sentence from her heart she had spoken in months to Miki. She wasn’t accustomed to her smiles but somehow she couldn’t bring herself to feel nothing for her because Miki had confided so much to her. She couldn’t understand why Miki still trusted her despite knowing of her involvement in that project. How much did that girl know about the project? At this point of time, she had no power over the next step but she really prayed that Miki wouldn’t be hurt. She thought, “What should I tell her if she confront me again? It’s obvious that she doesn’t know who that third person is. She also doesn’t know who the mastermind is or else she won’t have asked me with Reina just a short distance away.” Frankly, her feelings towards her now were neither hatred nor love. Maybe she treated her as a friend after all.     

'Separation is the beginning of a meeting. Fear not of it.'

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Re: Chapter 16 and 17 UP! GoMaTTou
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I like Yoshi. It seems that even though she did all this to get rid of Miki, she still feels something for her. If not she wouldn't be so good to her. She wouldn't call her and try to cheer her up and stuff. If anything she would be staying away from her. She wouldnt go near her. But that's just what I think. I also know that if they wanted to they could have gotten rid of her by now or probably made sure her career had never started. But the thing that puzzles and intrigues me is why. Why would they do all that if they just want Miki out. Why would they try to keep Maki from falling for Ayaya. Why would they let their people get so close to them. Why would they even let her stay in MM for so long? And isn't it about time she left anyway? I smell the smell of justice in the air. I don't like how Maki loves ayaya. I don't even think it's love. It's idolisation and lonelyness.  She likes her because it's Aya but she only wants to be with her so she isn't alone, and the whole being Aya thing helps. See this is where they stuffed up though. Because Maki got Aya, and now they are advising Miki to go after Aya. Now even if she does she doesn't have a chance because she is taken. So if she does tell her the opposite could happen. I'm talking about the end of GAM. So they royally stuffed up. This is why they should have never let them get together. And I'm thinking Reina is jealous just a teensy bit. THink about it, Yoshi seems unavailable, so does maki so who is left for her? Maybe she has Yoshi though. She doesn't seem to be actually dating anyone but she does seem unavailable or maybe pining away for someone. I'm not sure but I think I know what will happen now. Btw, wth? Nakazawa slept with Reina? and Reina has a girlfriend? Or is there someone else? GOD NO! NOT THAT! PLEASE DONT SAY TSUNKU! Hmm maybe it's Maki or Yoshi. Maybe Maki dating Reina slept with her. Or maybe Yoshi who is dating Mako (hopefully) is the one that did it. Btw that part cracked me up so much.........Waaaait is that from a diferent story? HHHHOOLY MOLLY IT IS! That's from tears kisses cowards and teh brave I think..... When Nakazawa wanted to get the roster for Gatas, she was in bed with someone and she said somehting and thenn she was like "you shouldnt be cheating on your gf!".... My bad, Nakazawa is good here. Yey! Anyway, taht leads us back to the jealous Reina thing. ANyway tahs' all 4 2nite coz i sleepuy zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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Re: Key of heart GoMaTTou
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Enjoy friends! :D

Chapter 18

Key of heart

She strolled along the coastline of the deserted beach and admired the descending sun transforming the colours of the coast into its preferred yellow and orange while enveloping its emptiness with faded warmth. Taking in a deep breath, she recalled the previous time when she stepped onto this soft sand. There was a little boy who was carrying a ball bigger than the size of his own head and she crafted her name on the sand with the help of a twig. Hours turned into days and then into weeks but the pathetic state of this beach didn’t turn for the better despite the approaching summer. Perhaps this was an indication that some things just wouldn’t change no matter how hard one tried or how long it took which depicted her fate. When she visited the beach the last time round, things did turn better but somehow the female’s intuition told her that it wouldn’t be the same this time even though she secretly prayed for a miracle.

The waves swept up the coast leaving in their wake white foams before they retreated back into the sea out of trepidation. The approaching high tide seemed to be chasing her away from the beach as the fine sand seeped into her exquisite high heels along with the swash. Knowing that she had to leave because of the tight schedule that she had, she closed her eyes as she enjoyed the last of the sea breeze before murmuring to herself, “I’m leaving, good bye.” The backwash brought the waves and particles back into the sea along with drops of her tears.

As she made her way back, she picked up a twig and craved elegantly on the sand, “G-o-t-o M-a-k-i”. She watched the waves swept away her name in the distance and made a silent promise yet again that she wouldn’t visit this deserted beach again in her life.

She left the beach as slowly as she could and plodded back to her quiet apartment. The calming effect that she hoped to receive from this visit didn’t shroud her mind. In fact, she felt even more stranded than before. As she made her way to the empty apartment which she called home, eyes turned in her direction and some even ogled. She pretended to have seen and heard nothing and she decided that she shouldn’t take the small alley that she had planned to take previously. Somehow she couldn’t understand how attractive a girl could look in T-shirt and jeans without make-up.

As she took the key and opened the door to her apartment, she saw an extra pair of shoes lying on her shoe rack. Her legs wobbled and she staggered the few steps past the door. Just as expected, the television set was switched on and the lone viewer was lying on the couch asleep. She gingered her way to the red plush couch so as not to wake the intruder up. As she approached the couch, she felt that the limited courage that she had managed to muster from the trip to the beach had diminished in great amounts until the point that she felt completely weak again.

The intruder stirred in her sleep and somehow the relentless stare caused her to open her sleepy eyes. Immediately, upon initial recognition of the identity of her lover, she sat up quickly and apologized, “Sorry, Maki. I was waiting for you but I became tired. I hadn’t had a good night rest for a week because of the tour. Never mind, at least tonight-”

Maki interrupted rudely, “Oh, it is ok.” An unfamiliar and uncomfortable silence fell between them and Maki quickly reacted by asking uncharacteristically, “So how was the tour?”

“Fine, it was great fun. It was such a waste that you weren’t there. I didn’t mean the concert but that I missed you a lot in the past week. Maki, what’s for dinner tonight?”

“I haven’t thought of it yet,” Maki replied matter-of-factly and sat on the sofa at the far corner of the room with her legs crossed gracefully.

“Never mind, anyway, I watched your live already. You are really good at dancing. But, Maki,” Aya’s facial expression immediately became serious and she added, “Somehow, I just can’t stand those strangers touching you. Maybe it’s just jealousy but can you change your style?”

“What’s wrong with it? At least it was done in a professional manner whereas you and Miki always look as though you’re going to bed after performance.”

“Maki, what’s with the strong reaction?”

Maki didn’t reply. Instead, her thoughts had wandered off and this line repeatedly played itself in her mind, “You make a clean cut from her…you know what will happen if you don’t obey.”

Aya’s tone changed and she spoke seriously, “Maki, you’re not yourself today. What’s wrong with you?”

Maki smiled forcibly and replied, “Nothing, I think I’m probably exhausted.”

“Maybe you should nap first. I will fix the dinner in the meantime-”

“I want some time on my own.”



“Maki, I will be back very soon,” Aya declared and then she stood up and proceeded to the washroom where she washed her face. Watching the beads of water dripping down from her cheeks, she thought of changing her clothes but then decided against it because of the strange atmosphere that didn’t quite encourage it. She peeked out of the tiny opening between the toilet door and the wall and saw Maki staring blankly into space. She wondered aloud to herself, “What had happened? Did I anger her accidentally? Is it just today or is it because Maki-” She couldn’t bear to imagine Maki in the arms of another person. Shaking her head vigorously, she hoped that the horrendous thought could be thrown out of her mind but she couldn’t help but to imagine that. Maki,” Aya whispered softly, “why not let’s bathe together?”

Maki turned her head around, smiled and replied firmly, “Sorry, it’s not convenient today.”

“Why not? Miki and I-”

Maki blasted out, “That’s Fujimoto Miki! I am Goto Maki!”

Aya strode towards Maki and said apologetically, “Sorry, I didn’t mean that. I understand that 2 of you are different-”

“That’s beside the point.”


“Aya,” Maki softened and for the first time that day she called Aya by her name. “I’ve something to tell you.” Aya walked over and sat beside her. “We really don’t know each other well enough. And these few days, I have been thinking and I realize that I treat you only as a friend and nothing else.”

“Maki, I can change anything for you. I swear.”

Maki didn’t predict Aya to be so infatuated to such an extent. For the second time in that day, she doubted her ability to judge her own attractiveness. It didn’t matter whether she appeared peeved off on the streets or gentle with Aya, the result was the same --- She had achieved something that she shouldn’t and didn’t want to.  “Aya, I’m grateful for that but you are only a friend to me.”

“You mean you never feel anything towards me?” This time it was Aya who was raising her voice.

“Nothing more than what a friend feels towards another.” Her heart ached with every single word she spoke and she prayed that Aya would stop bombarding her with such questions that she didn’t dare to answer so that a day of reconciliation between them would be possible.

“Not even those nights we spent together?” Tears brimmed her eyes as she waited for the expected reply.

Maki was taken aback by the question but she didn’t show her shock and replied firmly, “No. We’re only friends. Don’t indulge yourself further with those weird thoughts.”

“Is it because in my absence, you have fallen for another person?” Aya was unable to leave those questions hanging in the air.

“No, nothing has happened. I just sorted my thoughts in the past week and this is what I derived at. I’m a hundred per cent sure that I feel this way.” Aya instantly broke down and tears streamed down her cheeks like a running tap. Maki placed her right hand on Aya’s shoulder and said sincerely, “I’m sorry, Aya.”

Aya dashed out of the room without even looking back and this resembled the first night Aya spent in Maki’s house. The silence of the room was both deafening and mocking and her sobs echoed the whole apartment. Maki fell onto the sofa and she couldn’t help but to ask herself over and over again, “Why can’t we just be friends? I’m not asking you more, God.” No answers came and sleepless nights that followed didn’t provide her with answers as well.


“It’s rare for you to call me out for a private date,” Yossie remarked as she sat next to her friend on the sofa in her apartment. It’s rare for Miki to invite anyone to her house except her dearest friend, Aya. Wearing shorts and an ordinary T-shirt, Yossie crossed her legs as she waited for Miki to initiate a conversation.

Miki chided, “Stop joking, get to the point.”

“What point? You were the one who invited me out.”

“Come on, don’t act dumb. You are going to tell me the agenda behind what the whole gang of you is doing.”

“Not that again. Miki, I can’t possibly tell you,” Yossie paused before speaking in a serious voice, “You’ll get into trouble.”

“This is enough. I thought I was smart enough to guess what you guys were up to but I am not. I found out that day that the other of your accomplice lies in MM but I want and need to know the agenda.”

“What’s the point of knowing?”

 Miki paused before answering, “Since some time ago I’ve already found out about all these – the accident, the GAM formation. But I chose to keep it a secret because I want to know what will happen after that. Nothing happens so I want you to tell me now what the heck you are up to. This is the 3rd time I’m asking you. Fujimoto Miki won’t repeat any statements for more than three times.” With that Miki took out a fruit knife which was initially hidden under the sofa and placed the blunt part on Yossie’s right inner thigh.

“What are you trying to do?” Yossie raised her voice.

“You know how fast my wrist can turn right? If you try to do anything funny, I’ll stab you. By the way, I just sharpen this yesterday.”

Yossie thought for a moment before saying, “I guess I’ve no choice but to tell you before Fujimoto flares up and kills me. That someone else is Tanaka Reina.” Miki didn’t seem shocked by the identity. “She hates you and wants to kick you out of MM and make you suffer as well. She did it by using Maki to make you jealous so that you will cling onto GAM and leave MM. In the process, I think Goto did a good job to make you suffer.”

“So GAM was formed full-term just to make me leave MM?”


“Why did Maki and you join in?”

“Maki hated Aya because Aya’s singles outsold hers and to Maki, it seems that Aya did it without even trying. Therefore, she joined the project and went to knock her down. Reina thinks that if Aya dies or suffers from amnesia, you will leave H!P and MM due to devastation but you didn’t.  That’s when we decided Plan B.”

“What about you?” Miki’s heart sank as she waited for an answer.

“She knows we are close and I’ll persuade you to stay in MM so she brainwashed me into thinking you are the worst sub-leader MM has seen and the later generations will suffer under your hands if you would to become leader. I join her for the sake of Morning Musume because I can foresee all the scoldings and insults the future MM members would get from you as a leader. But I never hate you as a person; I only dislike your leadership.” Yossie let out a short laugh as she completed her sentence.

“Bullshit. You were brainwashed by a junior. This is totally bizarre. By the way, I hate backstabbers.” Suddenly, Miki felt dumb to have confided in Yossie a few days ago.

“I’m sorry Miki. Other than encouraging you to form a full-term GAM, everything else that I said to you was done because of our friendship.”

“Friends don’t backstab. Get this clear in your head. Why hurt Aya?”

“She doesn’t want to dirty her hands and I can’t possibly do the job because 2 of you are good friends to me especially you. So we decided to ‘subcontract’ it to anyone who hates either of you to do the job. It’s just unfortunate that we found Maki who hated Aya to the core.”

“So Aya was knocked down because you want to chase me out of MM? Bloody hell.”

“I told you all these primarily because I don’t want you to get hurt even more. I’m trying to protect you. Reina is terribly ruthless and if she knows that you know about it, she might get me to kill you or something. So now that you know it, please keep your mouth shut. I’m not afraid of that stupid knife.”

“You are full of shit. I’ll kill you and that stupid junior.”

“I guess as much.”

“Now I know what’s going on in that stinking head of yours. Thank you for connecting the picture for me and I’m going to make your project fail.”

“Go on, Miki, go on. You’ll end up losing a lot and don’t blame me if she has a new set of plans.”

“Listen up, Yoshizawa, I’m not Goto Maki whom you can control. I am Fujimoto Miki. When I say I will do it, I will. You may go now.”

Yossie stood up and left the apartment without saying goodbye to someone she had regarded as friend a few days ago. She thought, “I like her willpower. But sorry, Fujimoto, you can’t do anything to us. Not Reina and me. Please don’t try if you value your life.”

'Separation is the beginning of a meeting. Fear not of it.'

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Re: Key of heart GoMaTTou
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Yossy don't even think in hurt Miki!!! :angry:  your my favorite one but your wrong here, and yeah, Miki is right, be brainwashed by a junior is totally Bullshit!!!  :thumbdown:
 :cry: :cry: Damn!!! Poor Aya, she don't deserve this... but I can't blame Maki because she's doing this to protect her (in some way) but she was weak!
OMG!!! This is getting excited :w00t:
I'll be checking every free time I have to see if there is an update XD

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Re: Key of heart GoMaTTou
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OMG AYA IS SO FREAKING THICK!!!!!!!!!! SHE HASN'T GOT A CLUE, WHEREAS MIKI HAS PRETTY MUCH UNRAVELLED IT ALL! MAAAAN! THIS SUCKS! When will GAM get together????? I have been waiting for this to happen and I can already imagine Aya running to Miki in tears and Miki (if not killing Maki) comforting her and maybe telling her how much she loves her too. But poor Aya seems to be deeply infatuated with Maki. Kinda like Romeo and Rosalind, before he met Juliette except Aya has already met her Julliette she just ignored her and didn't think of possibly dating her. That sucks but at least they got to spend time with each other even if they weren't together. Sory I took so long to reply but I didn't check for upadates lately as I was reading this other story for the last few days. When I see you online (when I am actually online too) remind me to tell you how much you rock. Btw the Yoshi thing is legend. I like how she really is her friend even though she is scheming against her. And Miki seems to like her too as a friend and she has even sort of forgiven her for things, kinda like Maki and Aya even though she knows what she was trying to do and everything. But the thing is if they wanted Miki to quit MM to take care of Aya when she got sick that was very stupid because they let Maki be the one that was all over her. So instead Miki got jealous. The bad thing is with the things happening to her she could end up being the bad guy. If you really think about it, that is exactly how people turn bad. Before you know it she could be plotting Maki's murder etc. although she seems to not hate Maki or have a grudge against anyone but Reina at this moment. I rofled at the bit where she finds out who it is and doesn't get shocked but how she is surprised when she finds out the real plan and that. It's like ' so who is behind all this ? Reina? Oh, ok.....' lol. She had an "I had it coming" air about her. I liked this chapter because you finally reveal the bad guys plans and stuff. So it was to get rid of Miki all along ei? I was sooooo totally right! I knew it! Didn't I tell you? It was obvious with the way everything that could possibly happen happened to Miki. rejected so many times, bruised and broken......... And now that I'm talking like this about Miki I feel like reading one of those GAM break up one shots. They are awesome and I love them but when I go to sleep at night I dream of them but with diferent happy endings where they get back together. They don't make it too hard for them to be able to get back together. They make it pretty easy actually. They make it too easy. They usually end with one leaving the other and the story ends on that night while the two are crying far away. I can always imagine Miki or Aya coming back and apologising or telling the truth. Like "UFA told me to break up with you Aya but I can't do it, I can't let go off you, I love you too much so I'm gonna let you choose and if you want to see me secretly then I'll be your secret, but we'd have to be careful or else it's all over, our careers and lives both. But if you don't want me, I will try to be your friend, and I will hold you as you cry tonight, as your lover and tomorow, when morning comes, I will console you as your best friend."...... Wow that was cool and deep and poetic and stuff.......... Damn I'm good XD jks  jks jks jks jks. But yeah, that is the effect of a GAM breakup fic, me staying up thinking up ways for them to stay together. Coz GAM is life.

And please stop adding depth to Maki's character. You're making it hard for me to hate her. She disgusts me in this story! But I can't hate her! I can't stop loving her :'(
It's like she's my drug, she the demon I can't let go off, it's like I'm suck, fated to run from this feeling all the time and I know that I let her have all the power it's like the only company I see is mysery all around me.....
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Re: Key of heart GoMaTTou
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Hello! I'm back again! I'll update the next chapter tomorrow morning I promise or maybe later...Thanks for the comments :D

@Kreuz_Asakura I'm glad you like this story  :P

@sweeety yeah you're right, it's about Miki. Oh gosh, we are still on the same wavelength  :lol: Hmm, I'll make the ending different I guess. As for Maki, oh well oh well oh well, isn't it nice? Mix of emotions towards her...

Ok, I'm bored so I wrote a little poem from Aya's point of view (this is really random so it may sound weird) :D

The day after the thunderstorm

The lightning flashed
The thunder roared
The sky darkened
My heart trembled and cowered
Because I was afraid
Did you notice this?

I appeared strong and laughed
Just like any other day with anyone else
But actually “it was all because of you”
Would it make any difference if you know this?
Now I want to convey my thoughts to you
But it is just too late
Because the beautiful storm had already passed

With you strolling beside me
The rain was a luxury itself
Why did I even pray for it to end?
Why was my prayer answered by the superior being?
Why couldn’t the rain last forever until paradise arrived?
You left with the rain which brought my heart away unknowingly too
Now I am still dreaming of you

You told me to stop it
You told me that you were strong enough to withstand the storm alone
You told me to let go of your hand
The request was a little too subtle
I could not sense it
Selfishly I pretended to be ignorant of your annoyance
Because I were too happy to be with you
Even though I myself did not realize that then

Why do you smile so differently now?
I hate you because
You are a little too far away
You are a little too cruel by
Leaving hastily after successfully becoming my every little thing
“Those who protect others are actually those who need protection”
Do you still remember this line that I recited before?
Now I wish you are here to embrace the shivering soul of mine

Why do you appear so sad now?
I like you because
I know I am the reason behind your tears
Your voice is still that sweet
Don’t pretend to be strong anymore; we are both tired
Time is moving on but I am still stuck here
In this place where I met you
Because I don’t want to walk on into a world without you

I remember the songs you sang to me
I remember your soft touch
I remember your gentle voice
You are slowly fading away in my mind
That is why I want nothing but you in my mind now
When will the same unforgettable rain fall again?
When will your words of forgiveness arrive?
I will wait patiently and pray that it is tomorrow

The thunder roars again today
The lightning flashes across the sky
But it will not be the same
Because I am now alone under the demolishing rain
There is no more sweetness in the salty rain
There is less than love in it
No more hand in hand
No more smiles and laughter
But that is the closest I can ever get to you.

'Separation is the beginning of a meeting. Fear not of it.'

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Re: Key of heart GoMaTTou
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As promised Chapter 19...



Plodding slowly on the empty night street, Aya allowed her tears to stream down her cheeks. All of a sudden, she felt weaker than yesterday and she couldn’t understand the reason behind that. She could hear faint sounds of the sea and smell the salt which hung in the air. Seagulls, dolphins and the sight of tourists sun-bathing were images that flooded her mind then. But now all she thought about the beach was its huge waves breaking against its shores. A sudden urge grew in her to pay a visit to the beach in the hope that the waves would wash her sorrow and pain away.

The dark streets were illuminated by a few street lamps which were not bright enough to allow her to find her directions around properly. As she followed her intuition and made her way towards the supposed direction of the sea, she stumbled upon a boulder and fell. Her heels gave way and she felt an acute pain on her left ankle with blood gushing out from her shin. Childishly, she chided herself for wearing a mid-knee skirt and heels instead of a pair of jeans and track shoes. She thought to herself that if she had known what was about to take place at Maki’s house, she would have not dressed like this and if Maki could appear now, she would pretend that she had heard nothing at her place. ‘If’ is such a powerful word; she fell in love with its full usage that day. Aya remained in the position and heard the cries of the seagulls in a distance. By then, she didn’t even try restraining her tears from falling.

After some time, she took out her heels and stood up. Finally, she decided to stand on her own and not wait futilely for someone who wouldn’t come. As she staggered her way forward, she recalled the earlier event and thought, “What did I do wrong which possibly angered her? Maybe she said all these in a moment of anger. I didn’t give her enough attention, did I? Is she jealous of the time I spend with Miki? What should I do to keep her?” As she brainstormed the possibilities, she eliminated some while she kept the rest in the back of her mind. In the end, she decided to come up with a compromise. 


In the café frequented by Morning Musume, Miki and Ai sat at a corner alone with a glass of orange juice each in front of them. Miki sipped her glass of orange juice slowly and listened to Ai’s monologue in silence. Ai commented with a sigh, “The new song is so hard to tackle. I’m afraid I won’t sound emotional enough because I haven’t experienced those emotions before. I hope the single will sell well. Mikitty, are you listening?”

Miki looked annoyed for a moment. “Yes I am.”

“Can you practice singing the verse with me?”



“Can I take a seat?” Reina interrupted the conversation in a polite tone. As she noted the shocked expressions of her seniors, she decided to leave them alone as she said, “It’s okay, sorry.” Reina started moving away from the table with the tray of food rather clumsily.

“Take a seat, Reina,” Ai said with a gentle smile. Reina took the seat beside Ai and started eating her fish and chips while an awkward silence descended upon them for a couple of minutes. Ai decided to speak first, “Mikitty and I are just about to practice the verse of Kanashimi Twilight together before you came.”

“I don’t want,” Miki said defiantly, eyeing Reina rather menacingly.

“Please senpai, let’s sing it softly.”

Miki said, “You are beyond hope. Since it’s our last work together, I shall be nice to oblige. Koi ni ochiteitta Sore ga koi tomo shirazu ni…”

“Kokoro fueteru namida to naru yokan,” Ai continued with her line.

“Waza to wagamama itta no…ni,” Miki sang rather distractedly as without prior notice, Aya shuffled into the café, pulling an extremely long face. Ai nudged Reina which induced Reina to look up at the sloppy figure. It was hard to ascertain at first sight that Aya was a pop idol as she appeared disheveled. Tsunku would be less than pleased to chance upon such a sight. Immediately, Miki stood up and hopped towards her doleful friend. “What’s wrong, Aya?” Miki inquired out of concern. Aya shook her head and appeared lost as her gaze shifted around the entire café as though scrutinizing the place because it was her first visit. Tightly, Miki gripped Aya’s right arm and led the lifeless soul towards an empty table.

“Aya, what happened?” Miki asked after both of them had finally sat down.

“Miki, I-” Aya stuttered which resulted in Miki having to try her utmost best to restraint herself from interrupting. Aya murmured under her breath, “I’m sorry.”

 “Aya, we promise to share our thoughts and secrets with each other because we are good friends, right?”  The juniors seated around the table wondered why Miki had such obvious double-standards – treating Aya with such care and concern and the rest of them so crudely.

Aya glanced at her friend sitting at the opposite side of the table who was gripping her hands tightly. Her eyes were penetrating but the emotions that those eyes held were between annoyance and concern. For the first time, Aya didn’t wish to speak her mind not because she didn’t trust Miki but because she didn’t know how to put it. She knew she was ditched by Maki but she didn’t want all the young girls sitting around in the café to learn about this. The familiar perfume that she had bought for Miki lingered in the air which added to her pain as she struggled to find a suitable topic to speak on.

“Miki, I fell yesterday and my ankle is still hurting,” Aya commented softly, hoping that it had brought a desired effect.

Miki tilted her head and peeked under the table at the swollen right ankle. “Is it painful?”

“Not as painful as my heart,” Aya thought to herself but she didn’t dare to say out. “It’s better than yesterday. I think I’ll like to visit the doctor after breakfast.”

“You haven’t eaten?”

“Not a bit.”

Miki then proceeded on her own to the counter to purchase a meat hamburger which she remembered was Aya’s favourite in this café. Although this was a hang out area for H!P members, Aya and Miki only came here once on their own. It was then that Aya had ordered a meat hamburger and remarked that it was delicious. Despite having to memorize numerous dance moves and countless lyrics, Miki could not forget all these little details about Aya. Sometimes, she wondered to herself how much Aya had reciprocated her undying care and attention and how much others had noticed about the special attitude she had towards Aya. The time spent alone with Aya was a precious gift itself to Miki.

Miki grinned from teeth to teeth as she brought the food towards the table and exclaimed cheekily, “Breakfast’s here, Aya-sama!” ‘Sama’ was added for humour effect to lighten the atmosphere but personally, Aya was a ‘sama’ to Miki as she felt that Aya had full power over her emotions and she loved to indulge herself by obeying Aya’s commands.

“Thank you, Miki,” Aya replied gently and a gentle smile grew on her face for the first time that day. That was equaled to a public salutation for Miki.

“I’ll bring you to the doctor later, ok?” Miki offered. Aya accepted her offer by nodding her head rather too politely for a friend as she nibbled on the gigantic burger. Again, her gaze wandered away from Miki to the occupied tables around them. Miki observed her in silence before inquiring, “Are you looking for someone?” Aya shook her head rather too vigorously and her face immediately turned blank.

Miki closed her eyes as though allowing telepathy to occur between them. Suddenly, her eyes shot wide open and she stood up, tiptoed and searched the area. She didn’t notice the fascinated look on Aya’s face. After some time, she turned to face Aya and without exchanging any eye contact, she reported solemnly, “She’s not here.” After a slight pause, she continued, “I think I left my purse at the other table. Give me a moment.”

Miki left the table hastily and walked nonchalantly towards Ai and Reina who were dining in silence. Upon seeing Miki, Ai grinned rather wryly and commented, “Too careless, Fujimoto, to leave your purse in the open like that. Luckily, it was Reina and me and not other Dick and Harry who will take it and run. The fan boys out there will surely pay double the price to purchase Fujimoto Miki’s purse. So how’s she?” Ai took the black purse out of her handbag and placed it on the table.

 “Thanks. By the way, that wasn’t funny, Takahashi.”

Miki retrieved her purse and just when she was about to head back towards Aya, Ai offered her a piece of tissue. “What happened? You’re not going back with those teary eyes.”

Miki took it and wiped off the tears that were about to overflow her eyes. Those tears were caused by sadness that Aya wanted to see Maki so much that she staggered here with a sprained ankle. Why couldn’t that person be her? Aya was obviously suffering emotionally like the previous time when Aya found out about Maki’s involvement in that incident. Things took on a better turn when Aya confided in her but why couldn’t things be the same this time round? There was no point thinking because Miki was definitely not the only writer of the relationships and life would still have to go on. Miki murmured to herself, “Kanashiki koi no twilight.”

Miki hurried back to the table where Aya was seated. Aya had finished the burger and only the bread crumbs were left on the plate. Slowly, they then proceeded out of the café together. Sometimes, Miki needed someone to remind her that she had to slow down to follow the pace of her friends. That person definitely had to be more than friend. Miki thought, “Goto Maki that bitch must have done something to Aya again. If I find out what it is, she will get it from me. Damn it, I shouldn’t have been soft-hearted then. There’s nothing pitiful about her. Even Yossie can’t be trusted now, I will not relent again. I swear.”   

Reina stared at the disappearing couple and wondered to herself, “How will this story end?”

'Separation is the beginning of a meeting. Fear not of it.'

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Re: Twilight GoMaTTou
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Indeed, how WILL the story end? And are you seriously gonna change the ending now? Cause if you are then you better change it to a nice happy ending ok? None of that Unmei stuff! If you dare lay a finger on my-your Mikitty! I will so stop calling you my twin! Ok, maybe not but I will stop calling you on msn.......No I wont do that either. But I will get sad..very sad.....there could be tears!
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Re: Twilight GoMaTTou
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Thanks to projecthello for the translation of Shall we Love :D Enjoy  :P


Shall we love?

As she entered the audition room, her heart fluttered as she saw her idol standing in a corner looking straight in her direction. “She is listening to me. I must do my best not to disappoint her. I must impress her…” With that in mind, she sang her heart out in a voice that didn’t quite seem to belong to her during the whole 2 minutes. “Suki ya kedo mou owari ya nen oosaka  koi no uta,” she concluded Osaka koi no uta in a fashion that even Takahashi Ai would approve of before she gave the judges a respectful bow. She departed from the room feeling elated and swore to boast to all her friends that she had just seen her idol face-to-face so the result of the audition only served as a bonus to her.

After the final Morning Musume wannabe had left the room, Tsunku rubbed his eyes out of fatigue and asked casually, “So what do you think of those girls, Maki?” The music of Osaka Koi no Uta faded and the next track so happened to be Shall We Love. Its rhythm and melancholic tune were familiar to her and it brought back memories of the past. Those days just seemed too far away. 

Maki shrugged her shoulders and replied, “The final girl is quite good.”

Tsunku looked at the list of names in front of him and read out, “You mean Mitsui Aika? I think that she has a nice voice. You know something? She’s always looking in your direction.”

Baby baby baby baby shall we love x4

“Huh?” Maki, distracted by the song, was obviously not listening to him.

“I think she likes you, Maki.” Maki somehow managed to laugh. “What brings you here today?”

Even if I'm younger I know at least that much

She wanted to say that she didn’t dare to go anywhere else in fear that she would meet Aya because sometimes fate could be a little tricky. Instead, she answered, “I…am feeling rather nostalgic recently so I want to see some new young faces. Anyway, I’m rather free today so I’m a little bored.”

Don't compare to me to that stupid older girl

“Oh, you won’t be for long.”


That's true, at the very least I feel so so happy.

Tsunku started to pack the files and papers on the table into his briefcase hurriedly and then gestured Maki towards the doorway. Obediently, Maki followed his direction and her lips instantly went pale. A breathless Aya stumbled her way across the room with Miki following closely behind whose wrathful eyes were staring menacingly at Maki.

How could that older girl not even notice?

Suddenly, Maki shuddered as a cold sensation was sent down her spine and she felt rather apprehensive about the whole situation. However, she managed to contain her fear and appeared rather calm; this was something she had learnt from her acting career.

An awkward silence struck them which disliked Tsunku very much. Hence, he announced, “I’m going off, girls. Remember to switch off the lights and the music player before you leave.” With that, Tsunku left the 3 talented girls and made his promised exit. The scene brought back memories of the unexpected formation of his favourite one-time group, Gomattou. Coincidentally, he met the 3 of them in an empty studio room and wondered aloud, “How nice if the 3 of you can be in the same band.” Miki and Aya both agreed readily to the proposal and Maki smiled to the novel idea. Even though he didn’t notify the press about the real formation of the successful Gomattou, he secretly treasured such an innocent off-contract formation of a band. He adored the naivety of young girls and that was one of his many agendas behind the annual Hello Project auditions but he wondered more than once to himself why his daughter was not born with such a pure virtue. Perhaps, she didn’t have it in her genes.

Aya waited for the door to be shut before she said with a smile, “The general practitioner diagnosed it to be nothing more than an ankle sprain. It should recover fully in a week so I’ll be able to make it for your concert in Tokyo.”       

To break up, to not break up I love you, I don't love you

Maki inhaled deeply and without making any eye contact as she tried her best to control her tears, she retorted impatiently while she started for the exit, “Why are you here then?”

A family restaurant in the afternoon; a driveway looking at the night view

“What’s the meaning of this, Goto Maki? She’s injured!” Miki shouted.

No, I don't want to break up. My tears won't stop. .I don't want this to be seen

“Miki, stop it. It’s my fault. At least, Maki, tell me the reason behind your sudden change in behaviour. It is something other than sorting your thoughts out, I can tell,” Aya whispered.

Maki stopped in her tracks and struggled between putting on a brave front and admiring the girl she adored. In the end, the latter got the better of her and she glanced at the beautiful face standing in front of her with tears brimming in her eyes.

I'm not lonely, I'm not lonely at all I'm not lonely at all, not at all.

It was a mistake which she realized at once; the sinking feeling in her stomach grew considerably and there was a painful sensation in her heart. She never once wanted to say those hurtful words but she didn’t dare to flirt with her in fear that it would hurt her more. Her mind was in a horrible state of confusion and she didn’t have the courage to respond.

Miki contemplated the whole situation and attempted to drag Aya away. “There’s no point, Aya. She’s a hopeless case. Let’s get out of here.”

Aya didn’t budge an inch; instead she staggered forward and murmured, “Maki, I’m still waiting for your answer. I will keep on waiting until you answer it no matter how long it takes. Let’s remain as friends ok? Don’t be so cruel to me.” Tears rolled down her cheeks uncontrollably as she stuttered, “I really treasure you. Please.”

But I want to see you, I don't want it this way. Come get me like you did before

Miki interjected, “This idiot has lost her senses. You don’t need her.” It was just so painful to see for herself how desperate Aya was to be with Maki. How much she hoped that she would be on the receiving end of such speech. But then again, Miki would never hurt Aya to such an extent that she needed to say all these just to keep a friendship alive. Never. 

Maki thought, “I have to obey ‘her’ commands or else my crimes will be exposed and my career will be gone. Everything will be over for me. When that happens, would Aya still be there for me? Would Miki that jerk capitalize on this by badmouthing me and resulting in me losing Aya? It’s a risk too large to take. Aya, please give me some time to think through it…Maki, you are such a weakling! Why do you dare to say to Yossie that you can surrender yourself to the police but don’t dare to do it?  Why are all these happening to me? Why is fate being so cruel to me? Why can’t we just be like normal people who met and then fell in love with each other?” Tears uncontrollably found their way to her eyes. 

Baby baby baby shall we love? X4

While Maki was debating with herself, without a warning, Aya fainted and lost her balance. Miki just somehow managed to keep Aya on her feet without falling herself. With a menace glare, Miki hollered, “Hey, don’t stand there! Give me a hand!” Maki quickly leapt over and supported Aya on the right side. As the two of them slowly plodded forward, Miki remarked without a glance at Maki, “Hey, actually you do care, right?” Maki didn’t reply and allowed the silence that followed to respond to the question.

“Now where should we go? I don’t think hospital is ideal. The press will have something to write about unless she is really in a bad state,” Maki asked as soon as they were out of the building. Then, she bended forward and did a quick examination of Aya and her eyebrows furrowed. “My place is near,” Maki suggested and before Miki had a chance to protest, Maki had already flagged a taxi and informed the driver of her address.

The taxi lumbered its way forward in the agonizing journey which felt longer than ever. When they finally reached the destination, Miki and Maki held Aya in the same way as they had in the studio and struggled their way up to Maki’s apartment.

When they were eventually in the apartment, Aya showed signs of consciousness as she muttered repeatedly, “Can I love you forever?” Maki caressed Aya’s forehead and eventually lost grip of her emotions and broke down in tears. Nothing felt worse than hurting your loved ones deliberately and watching them suffer in despair. She wanted to take Aya into her arms and declared that she would love her forever but she couldn’t do so now.

Some time passed before Miki offered Maki a packet of tissue and a glass of water. “It took me some time to find them,” Miki said flatly. “She was downright depressed and tired when I first saw her. She didn’t even want to visit the doctor and her whole ankle was swollen. What she needs is not the medical assistance but…”

“Thank you, Miki,” Maki interjected before Miki could complete her sentence.

Miki raised her voice, “Maki, I hate you but I can’t do anything about Aya’s affection for you. Don’t put on a brave front and look as though you don’t care because your façade sucks! It’s so pretentious that it annoys me. Why can’t you just love who you love? What did Aya see in you?”

“Miki, you don’t understand...”

“I do.” Miki paused to wait for the impact of her words to set in before continuing, “Yoshizawa, hit-and-run, plan and the mastermind who is a stinky 6-generation. Have I hit the nail or should I carry on?”

Maki’s eyes grew wide but she dismissed her shock almost immediately and simply commented, “Then, you should know my reason for acting so. I don’t want to do this.” Tears streamed down her cheeks as the words which had suffocated her for what seemed to be eternity were forced out.

Miki inhaled audibly and turned to look at her dearest friend affectionately who was sleeping soundly for a few moments before interrupting the awkward silence, “I know you hate Aya and wanted to kill her. Then somehow you liked her and then now she’s literally mad over you. Stop the plan if you genuinely care for her. Of course I know you don’t but I will make sure you do.” Tears welled up in her eyes as she completed her last sentence.

Maki whispered, “I really care for her and my feelings for her are genuine.” Silence fell between them once again.

Scrutinizing the girl seated in front of her in tears, she could see the irony that the 2 of them, who had hated each other for so long, actually cared for the same girl. If things could take a slight twist, Maki thought, “I would have 2 good friends from the days in Gomattou.”

Miki spoke as sternly as she could despite the tears, “Reina threatened you with something such that you had to leave Aya right? It was an order from her right?” Maki remained silent. “I knew it, what’s that something?”

Maki looked away for some time before answering, “It’s my reputation and my career. If I get caught, my life is finished.”

Immediately, Miki lost control of her emotions and flared up. “Aya had fallen for the wrong person. You don’t deserve her love. Career and reputation means more than Aya to you! How selfish you can get!” Miki shouted as tears rolled down her cheeks. She thought to herself, “Life is so unfair; I’m willing to give up MM for Aya even though I know it’s according to the plan and Aya feels nothing for me. As for Maki, she selfishly chose her career over Aya and Aya loves her so much and treats her so dearly. Why? How can I make myself seem more important than Maki in Aya’s heart? Why do I have to try so hard for so many years while Maki could sneak in and easily steal her heart? ”

“Miki, you’ll do the same thing if you’re me. Think about it, we don’t have much education so we can’t find other jobs. H!P is our only world. If I get caught by the police, I can’t do anything in my life anymore,” Maki cried as she spoke.

“You’re seriously selfish. You choose not to tell Aya about all these not because of anything but because you know she will hate you for choosing those things over her. You want to have Aya as well as your career.”

“Miki, I’m also in pain, you know that. Life is unfair; I can’t have both Aya and my career. I hate it when Aya says those things and I can’t say I love her back because…because I might break GAM apart.”

“Rest assured, you can’t do anything to us,” Miki said sharply as she walked towards Aya and piggybacked her. “Aya will do fine with me.” She slumbered forward with a load on her back which she never regretted carrying.

Maki watched in silent as the 2 girls made their exit from her apartment. She questioned herself as to whether it was correct to say all these things to Miki. Perhaps it would be better for Aya to hate her. Maki murmured under her breath, “Aya, sorry, you shouldn’t love me forever. We shouldn’t have loved.”
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Re: Shall we love? - Gomattou
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so sad!!!!!!!!!!!!

maki... you might leave your career  :frustrated:

i like reina but definitively she doesn't in this fic ¬¬ i hate you reina from shall we love! (only this reina lol)

and miki don't want to give up with ayaya  :pleeease:

keep writing please!   :hee:

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Re: Shall we love? - Gomattou
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"he wondered more than once to himself why his daughter was not born with such a pure virtue."

.....................Did everybody miss that? Seriously? Am I the only one who noticed? I stared at that for like an hour in awe! Ok, I know who it is but I feel like asking a stupid funny question anyway.........

"he wondered more than once to himself why his daughter was not born with such a pure virtue."

 Is it meeeeeeeeeeee? Am I his daughter in the story? How the hell did you get in my head and steal my freakin dreams? Dang it I knew we shouldn't have started communicating telepathically...... we haven't known each other long enough to justfy that intmacy........ yet it felt so     right...........

  Lol, the really strange part is that for the past few months I have been having these weird dreams which involve me being Tsunkus' daughter..... So I freak when people say stuff about him and his kids, especially if they say stuff about a daughter. Btw, did you hear? He had a lil boy and a lil girl, TWINS! You know what that means!

     PS the girl is older by like a few mins or something, I bet they are CUTE!!!!! hehe
     PSS (post stupid script) I loved the story, the emotions and Miki finally admitting what we all know is true. It is true that if Maki wanted to she could have come up with a way to make things work, but she didn't so I'm guessing she doesn't care enough to try because if it were me I would stand up, be a man about it, fight with my bare hands about it nOWWWWWW><
     Cause I never wanted to say this, you never wanted to stay, I put my faith in you so much faith and then you just threw it away............ (I also dream I'm part of Paramore... I have very interesting dreams.......they usually involve both........very odd........and did you hear? I was in X-Men........yup, me and Hugh Jackson, getting interviewed by the Gootch..........and when zay reads this I can imagine the look on her face as she tells herself she should have never shown me that video XD........and I've had weirder dreams than that, but I don't care to mention them to anyone........ ever.........too weird.)
     I really hope that Aya was awake and listening, and think Miki should have said everything, including the things she kept back about how she has to try so hard and Aya doesn't pay nearly as much attention to her as she does to a Maki that barely pays any attention to her..... It is just so sad and heartbreaking. And throughout all that I failed to fell the smallest ounce of pity for Maki, especially if what she said was true. Even if she loves Aya she should not have done that and should have at least told her the true reason and then they could have figured out a solution together, which is obviously too hard for her to think off.

     I have this image of Aya finally finding out and either
A:Snappind at Miki for not telling her, snapping at Maki for being an idiot and taking some time off to decide things
B: Going up to Reina and having an argument of epic proportions with her, making her regret the day she was born and leave Maki alone to which Aya will finally get her back....... (But hopefully she then realises what a wimp she is and dumps her) hehehe I am evil!

     I so do not get annoyed when people tell me I look like 'the Grudge' anymore, especially after I read what I write.
     But Miki deserves Aya soooooooooo much more than Maki and I hope that Aya wakes up to herself and realises this and that she loves her and has been looking out for her from the start and not once has she complained about her or claimed she was a burden whereas Maki treats her like chewing gum stuck on her shoe. (mini summary of what I think is going on)
     Like a scab that she likes to pick but wont miss when it is gone. Sure it hurts but you don't miss it when your skin grows back normal. Thats kinda what its like. She likes (or loves her-whichever helps you sleep at night) and likes the feelings she gets from her and stuff. She doesn't really need her though and although she will miss her when she's gone, she will move on without her. Sure she loves her and will try to keep her but to a certain extent. She is not willing to put her safety on the limb to maybe keept Aya. If it is not certain she will not put her
     Miki on the other hand cannot live without her. She has molded her whole life to fit in with Aya and if she leaves she is as good as dead. She has done everything in her power to get as close as they are now and is so much in love with her that she has sacrificed her potential happiness by putting Aya's before hers. She has stepped back and let Maki take her because she thought she would be happy with Maki.
     So she stood by and watched them be happy together, hating every second of it and only getting by because she knew that Aya was happy. But now Reina has threatened Maki and she has dumped Aya and is pretending to only like her as a friend. Yeah riiiiight, as if her heart is reaaaaly breaking, pfft! Anyway she is all sad and brooding and stuff because she 'had' to dump Aya. Aya is broken and Miki is too when she reallises how much Aya values Maki and how much more she is loved by Aya. She is reaaaaaaaaaaally jealous yet the one thing she still puts before her own life is Ayas happiness.
     The thing to ponder now is will Maki grow a pair (not literally like Shes Da Man, just ..... get sum guts or sumething) and choose Aya? Will Aya forgive and take her back? Will Miki get sum luving? Will Miki get with Aya? and stay with her? Will Miki and Yoshi get together? Is Reina really that big a witch with a capital B?..........

           The answers to these questions and more that I have not put up out of laziness will eventually be answered so stay tuned in! Please! Do it for poor lil Getito! She cannot lie, her wooden tongue will grow! Why her tongue? Because had I said nose I would risk a lawsuit by Pinochio and Gepeto (lol, get it? Getito? XD) anyway, she will tell us the truth in a few chapters time. Now where's my sake? I gotta drown the pain away. I feel Miki's pain is why < :'( I hope she too finds happiness. Especially with Aya! In her apartment! SIX TIMES before they have to go to work......... *whistles innocently*
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Re: Shall we love? - Gomattou
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Sweeety, you rock in summary :D It sounds like some form of review or something...doing too much of your homework huh?  XD Hmm, you know we always communicate through telepathy and I like you too much to have to put you in there but I'm sure you are pure and innocent :lol: Getito? Sounds cool though ;) Yes, I'm the most honest person in the whole wide world!

'Separation is the beginning of a meeting. Fear not of it.'

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Re: Shall we love? - Gomattou
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doing too much of your homework huh?
Once again threatened with expulsion
so I had to jump on the 'doing our engurish homework' bandwagon for a lil while......
  XD Hmm, you know we always communicate through telepathy
and I like you too much to have to put you in there but I'm sure you are pure and innocent :lol:
      hehe, not that pure and innocent yet I am that pure and innocent......
I've seen things, yet retain the mind and emotions of a small child.......

 Happiness when praised..... sadness when scolded.........
fear when people try to hug me or pinch my cheeks etc......
       But I have seen things... things that make your skin crawl......
things that can shock you........
back in 'Nam, I watched my best friend eat his conjoined twin to stay alive.........
things like that, you can't forget so easilly.........
you dont want to remember..........
but you can never forget......
..............never .................

     things like that haunt you, make you go insane..........
When hannibal ate...... :'( when he ate mario...........
he commented on the taste........... said he tasted like mushrooms..........
said it's because he liked to have perform
oral sex to mushroom people from his lands......
it was sick................
and yet I couldn't look away.................
and then :'( ..........
then he......................
he took the body and .................

     Not so innocent now am I?

Getito? Sounds cool though ;) Yes, I'm the most honest person in the whole wide world!

     Getito = Ge (from Gepetto) + tito (from tito)
     Feel like I should have written something like this instead
     G= n20+38
     XD rofl, too much Maths
     Yes you are the most honest person in the whole wide world!!
     I vant to give zouuu an avardddd por it! Mmmm it vill be a
     Monzter ball! everone iz invited to ze balll! Ezpezially you!
     Vear a pretty blood-I mean, dress, it iz very formal.....
     lol, just having a flashback to my last bday party..... one came :'(
     Great story. Im glad you liked my little report.
 I was practicing for English.
 Sory, I got a bit carried away, also there is something
 weird about this thingy and I dont know where the line
 ends, because it is stretched and I have no idea how
 to make it smaller or where the normal one would have finished
 so this post might be a lil short edgewise...
 I didnt want to make it too long
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Re: Shall we love? - Gomattou
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Once again threatened with expulsion
so I had to jump on the 'doing our engurish homework' bandwagon for a lil while......
If only you review those pieces of writing as neatly and in depth as you do with fanfic..but well fanfic is SOO different from homework :lol: They are like miles apart

  XD Hmm, you know we always communicate through telepathy
and I like you too much to have to put you in there but I'm sure you are pure and innocent :lol: [/quote]
      hehe, not that pure and innocent yet I am that pure and innocent......
I've seen things, yet retain the mind and emotions of a small child.......
Happiness when praised..... sadness when scolded.........
fear when people try to hug me or pinch my cheeks etc......
       But I have seen things... things that make your skin crawl......
things that can shock you........
back in 'Nam, I watched my best friend eat his conjoined twin to stay alive.........
things like that, you can't forget so easilly.........
you dont want to remember..........
but you can never forget......
..............never .................

     things like that haunt you, make you go insane..........
No comment. :D Very very good imagination, girl.

I HATE GEOMETRIC PROGRESSION. It sucks  :angry:    Invite me to your next birthday party..I will bring you a cake as big as Miki woo-hoo...

I promise to post the next chapter up tomorrow or maybe tonight if I'm tired of Chem...looking at your review, oh well, I guess you should be satisfied with the next one and I didn't edit anything about the story plot because of the review so :hehe: Let's see how close we are to real telepathy :D (*hint: A dream is the wish the heart makes... :lol: )

'Separation is the beginning of a meeting. Fear not of it.'

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Re: Shall we love? - Gomattou
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    To post or not to post?

{This reply was telepathically transmitted to tito}
I have a porcupine called zazoom, he leaves his scent on peoples' graves.

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Re: Shall we love? - Gomattou
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Oh well as promised!

@sweeety: I received your telepathy already but you are quite off the's your dream! I know what you want... :oops:


Chapter 21


“Thank you very much and I hope you’ll continue to support me!” Miki exclaimed as she waved at her fans in the packed Budoukan before taking the last bow as the Morning Musume sub-leader. She stared at the bouquet of flowers in her hands and smiled. The Morning Musume journey for her had officially ended.

In the dressing room after the concert, the members and staff took turns to congratulate Miki for her graduation and also for being the 1st member to graduate without tears during the concert and subsequently invited her out to party that night. However, Miki declined as her attention was focused on the handphone in her right hand. She waited anxiously for it to vibrate but it didn’t.   

After most of the members had gathered in groups and left the dressing room, Miki sat down in front of her dressing table and recalled what had happened a few days ago in Maki’s house. She thought about the reason why Maki threw Aya’s love for her out of the window and felt annoyed. But this time round, she was not as annoyed as she was that day as she tried to see things from Maki’s perspective. Perhaps it was her graduation which made her see that H!P was the only world for many of the girls here – even for her. Miki stared blankly at the full moon hanging low through the small tinted window which seemed to mocking at her for joining this project and getting trapped in this small world. “Miki, you’ll do the same thing if you’re me” this line repeatedly rang in her head. Would she choose career/reputation over Aya? She would definitely say no because Aya was the world to her. Although she felt that it was ridiculous for Maki to choose career over Aya, she knew that Maki wasn’t her who would do anything for Aya. She wanted to tell Aya about all these that Maki told her that day to make her give up on her and also how she felt towards her all along. “You may think that as a friend, you will have many chances but opportunities don’t always come knocking at your door.” Damn, Yossie’s line rang itself repeatedly in her head. Although she didn’t trust Yossie, she felt that this line was true. Maybe it was high time for her to express her feelings. 

Her gaze shifted back to her handphone in her right hand as she laid her head lazily on the dressing table. Contrary to what she hoped for, there was neither a missed call nor a new message. Perhaps Aya was ignoring her or maybe to be more exact, she was ignoring the whole world. She really wanted to speak to Aya and maybe tell her how she felt towards the whole ‘project’ and her.

“Fujimoto! Why are you still around?” Yossie exclaimed as she placed her arm across Miki’s shoulders.

Miki flinched, looked at Yossie rather blankly and said harshly, “When did you come in? I didn’t notice.”

“Of course you won’t notice me, you’re in your own world already,” Yossie murmured. A short silence descended upon them before Yossie initiated with a starter, “What do you think of your graduation?”

“Good. Can you get out?”

“How do you feel now? Are you thinking of the MM you left behind or the GAM you are about to continue?”

“MM,” Miki lied. Lying was certainly something she picked up from this industry.

“You don’t have to fool me.”

“I’m not. Please I need some time on my own.”

 “You’re. But really, I’ll certainly miss you,” Yossie whispered with her eyes fixed on Miki.

Suddenly, Miki was shot back to reality. For the first time, she heard Yossie said that she would miss someone without any sarcasm. Miki contemplated about what to say for a while before saying with a smile on her face, “You know something? Actually the reason why I hesitated about the GAM issue and even considered dropping GAM for MM was because of you. You used to give me strength. That’s dumb but that was old Miki. Now I am different and I’m not the softie Miki.” Tears welled up in Miki’s eyes as she finished her last sentence.

Taken aback by her words, Yossie didn’t know what to say except to smile dumbly like some high-school girl who received her first love letter. This was the first time she heard something so true from Miki despite the harsh words that she used to decorate her feelings. As she gazed at her friend, she mumbled under her breath, “Miki don’t do anything silly please.”

Aya left the concert hall together with a large crowd of fans. It was beginning to drizzle. Although she hadn’t sort out her thoughts, she felt that she needed to catch her friend’s one and only graduation. She gazed at the full moon shining down on her and thought, “Thanks for giving me the light I need all these while. It’s time for me to move on.”


“Cheers! I’m so happy today!” Reina screamed before devouring the glass of champagne. The others quietly drank from their own glasses and scrutinized the mastermind. She was younger and shorter than both of them but she had greater desires, power and imagination to think of and carry out the ‘plans’. It was a party organized by Reina to celebrate their success so they just sat around a table in Reina’s apartment and drank. It sounded like a regular all-girl party, however the atmosphere was so solemn that it didn’t feel like a party at all as neither Maki nor Yossie was in the mood to talk. Reina’s voice echoed in the apartment.     

“Let’s sum up the entire plan tonight before anyone in this room forgets about how ingenious a plan it is!” Reina exclaimed before continuing in a much more serious tone, “Well, initially I planned for Maki to knock down Aya and kill her but that girl obviously didn’t die. So after that, Maki asked for permission to try again but I knew that Maki won’t get two times lucky. Therefore, I decided to include my father and got him to force Miki out of MM with GAM because Miki loves Aya. I allowed Maki to be planted beside Aya to make sure that the plan is carried out as planned and to make Miki jealous so that it will work out 100%. Of course because of this decision it resulted in some hindrance initially but in the end, it succeeded. Now I get my vice-captaincy and soon MM will be mine! That idiot Fujimoto Miki was in pain all the while because of my ingenious plan!” she ended with a wink in the direction of Yossie who trembled slightly.

“Of course”, Reina added, “this isn’t the ending yet because there’s still some stuff to settle. Yossie, the stuff is with you right?”

“Yes,” Yossie answered monotonously. Yossie wondered to herself, “For the captaincy and her own unhappiness, so many people were hurt by it. What selfishness. What a spoilt brat. We just have to blame Tsunku for giving her so much power just because she’s his illegitimate child.”

“What’s that about?” Maki asked curiously.

“Nothing you’re out of it already,” Reina answered unwillingly.

“If you’re going to hurt Aya or even Miki for the matter, I’ll stop you. You’re so selfish, do you know that? Do you know that you’ve hurt a lot of people just for the sake of captaincy? That’s just a post! You’re –” Yossie gripped Maki’s hand firmly, pulled her to one corner and gestured her to cool down. Tears trickled Maki’s cheeks as she felt helpless yet again at the whole situation.

“Maki, listen up,” Yossie spoke as softly as possible, “I know how you feel but it won’t help if you say it out to her face, you know that?”

Tears ran down her cheeks as Maki mumbled, “I know I’ll sorry. I can’t help it; I’m really upset at her messing up everyone’s lives like it is a fun game. You know that time Aya-”

Yossie tightened her grip on Maki’s hands as she said firmly, “Listen up, I will be blunt for once. Miki is Aya’s best friend. I don’t know what Aya has been telling you but I tell you, you’re nothing but just a substitute for Miki. When Aya is down, you are there for her. But when Miki’s back, you need to step back. You can’t think that you’ve replaced Miki in Aya’s heart because that’s not true. If you go about trying to replace Miki in Aya’s heart, you will end up hurting everyone even more, you know that? In fact, you’ve already hurt Aya and even Miki with your actions. Do you get it?”

Maki nodded as she stared out through the window grill and the mocking full moon stared back at her. She thought, “I listened to her all these times. When she wanted me to make a clean cut, I did. Why can’t I have the ability to protect the person I like? Why am I so weak in choosing career over Aya? I’ve no right to like her. Time will heal everything.  Maybe Yossie is right I shouldn’t get in the middle of the 2 of them but I don’t know how to be there for Aya but yet not interfering with their friendship. Maybe the best substitute for Miki is loneliness just like the best substitute for the bright moon is the endless darkness that stretches to infinity. I should have known this earlier. Now I’m not getting in between GAM. Not anymore. ”


“Ai, Risa!” Miki greeted them rather too enthusiastically as the 2 of them strolled into the café near Miki’s apartment.

“Hi Mikitty. Do you miss us that much? You just graduated yesterday and today you invited us out for breakfast,” Ai said in a chirpy voice.

“I’ve something to ask from you,” Miki spoke sternly, “Yossie is graduating very soon as you know so I will like to gather any videos or voice recordings about her. Preferably the videos or voice recordings should include Yossie and other MM members because it is a MM tribute to her. Please keep it a secret from Yossie and the rest of MM. I think those girls will want to hear this from my mouth and not just as hear-say.”

“What about pictures?” Risa asked.

Miki shot her a look of annoyance. “It’s okay but I will prefer videos and voice recordings.”

Ai pondered for a while before saying, “I’ve a few I think. I can send it to your e-mails-”

“No!” Miki shouted. Silence descended upon them before Miki lowered her voice, “I’m sorry girls but can you pass the materials to me directly? Just give me a ring. Thank you.”

Ai and Risa left the café and about half an hour later, Kusumi, Sayumi and Eri arrived. Miki repeated the same message to them and they agreed to help her.

After she had completed her self-assigned tasks, she scrutinized the H!P name list once more. She thought, “Yossie sounded so confident then; they must have some bit of power. To bring them down, I will need concrete evidence. Who else would Yossie and Reina mix with? Other than the MM girls, who else will possibly have videos/ voice recordings/ pictures of Yossie and Reina talking about the project? Oh yes, Rika…now I might have an alternative or maybe even better, an added bonus to my plan.”

Miki rulz and rocks   :cow:

'Separation is the beginning of a meeting. Fear not of it.'

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