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Author Topic: Code Pink (Chapters 1-3 up.)  (Read 4739 times)

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Code Pink (Chapters 1-3 up.)
« on: January 29, 2006, 08:09:01 AM »
This is my latest story, and it will probably be my last as I have lost interest in Morning Musume. It's a pretty depressing story, actually. It's not pervy, but maybe at least one person will read it?


Prologue (Day 0)

"Ahhh, it's pouring outside!" Asami Konno whined as she walked out of the rehearsal hall with Risa Niigaki and Miki Fujimoto. The three girls had stayed late after rehearsal for their upcoming musical, Ribbon no Kishi, to get some extra help with the complicated dance routine they were in. Everyone else had already left an hour earlier to go back to their homes for some well-deserved rest. Konno was ready for some rest of her own, having thrown herself completely into rehearsal until she practically fell over in exhaustion. She wasn't one of the leads, but she had a special dancing scene with Risa and Miki, and she wanted to do her very best for the show.

The rain was coming down in heavy sheets, and Konno shrieked and pulled the hood of her jacket over her head. Beside her, Miki and Risa did the same before they ran out from the front entrance to the waiting taxi. The three soggy girls piled into the backseat, and Risa volunteered to sit in the middle since she was the skinniest. It was a tight squeeze, but they managed.

"Hey, d'you guys want to just spend the night at my place?" Miki asked the other two. "It's the closest, and I've got plenty of room." The younger girls agreed that it was a good plan, and Miki gave the driver the address of her apartment. As the taxi pulled out onto the street, Miki and Risa started getting into a discussion about the musical, while Konno tuned them out and leaned her head against the window, listening to the rain pounding on it. She watched the cars zoom by, looking quite pretty with their lights flashing.

"...costumes tomorrow, right Konkon?" Risa was saying, and Konno pulled herself back to the present and turned toward her friend. "I said, we're going to get fitted for our costumes tomorrow," Risa repeated patiently, and Konno nodded, suddenly excited again.

"Yeah, I can't wait to see mine! Takarazuka costumes are so beautiful!"

"As long as the tights aren't itchy..." Miki grumbled. "What type of boy wears tights, anyway?" She looked so annoyed that Risa and Konno couldn't help but laugh, which seemed to anger Miki even more. "Shut up! I'm serious!"

Miki had been cast in the musical as the main character, the princess-slash-prince Sapphire, to nobody's surprise except Miki herself, who hadn't expected it. Everyone would joke about how she'd have to revert to her "girly" side, since she already had the boyish side perfected.  It meant longer hours of rehearsal for Fujimoto, but they didn't seem to be taking their toll on her.

The taxi came to a stop at a red light, and Konno found herself zoning out again as Miki and Risa continued talking. She yawned, resting her head against the cool glass, and closed her eyes, trying to block out the noise. Miki's apartment was still another twenty minutes away, and she could at least get a small headstart on sleep.

Even behind her closed eyelids, she could see the bright lights of the cars whizzing past. One set was growing steadily brighter, but she was already nodding off and didn't notice it until she heard Risa screaming. Her eyes still closed, Konno heard glass shattering before everything went completely black.

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Code Pink (Chapters 1-3 up.)
« Reply #1 on: January 29, 2006, 08:09:52 AM »
Chapter One (Day 1)

When Hitomi Yoshizawa and Sayumi Michishige showed up at TV Tokyo the following morning for work, they found themselves in a completely deserted studio. Nobody was at the front desk, the camera equipment was still disassembled and in the carrying cases, and not a sound could be heard. Slowly, she and Sayumi walked down the hallway towards the main studio, their shoes clomping noisily against the hard floor. Normally someone would have asked them to be quiet because of filming, but nobody stopped them that morning. They stopped by one of the dressing rooms, which was open but the lights were off and it looked like nobody had been in it yet.

"We don't have a day off, do we?" Yossi asked, and Sayumi shrugged before pulling off her pink knit cap and scarf. "Didn't think so." Yossi hit the lights and they left their coats and bags in the dressing room before continuing their search.

As they drew nearer to the studio doors, they could finally detect signs of life. Yossi pushed open the door and she and Sayumi squeezed past some technicians and hurried toward set. Yossi stopped short when she noticed there was no set. It lay in pieces much like the video equipment around the room. There were a bunch of chairs in the middle of the huge room, and she could see Rika Ishikawa and the rest of Biyuuden talking with the other Morning Musume members. It seemed everyone from the musical was there, but according to her script, it was just going to be a small cast for the karaoke battle episode they were filming.

Sayumi ran off to go sit with Eri and Reina, and Yossi managed to find a chair with Rika and W, the other half of the fourth generation.

"What's going on?" Yossi asked, leaning back in her chair and stretching lazily. "The place was like a ghost-town when we got here."

"No idea. They were taking down the set when we got here. Maybe we get the day off!" Aibon said excitedly, echoing Yossi's earlier sentiments. "Wanna go for yakiniku later, Nono?" she asked her friend, and the two girls launched into a seperate discussion about lunch plans.

"A day off would be nice..." Rika sighed, and Erika Miyoshi and Yui Okada nodded in agreement with their leader. "I think we all deserve one, don't you think, Yocchan?"

Yossi didn't answer; she was too busy staring at someone who had just slipped into the room, unnoticed by everyone except her. "Huh? Oh, yeah, a break would be nice..." Rika was waving her hand in front of her face, and Yossi rolled her eyes and lightly smacked it away. "Cut it out, Ishikawa!" Rika stuck out her lower lip and pouted in that adorable way she always did, causing Yossi to roll her eyes in exhasperation for a second time.

"Hey, look!" Erika whispered suddenly, interrupting them and jerking her head in the direction of where Tsunku was. Their producer was ambling towards the group of hers, dressed in a suit and tie and of course, his sunglasses. But there was something different about his posture. The other girls were starting to whisper amongst themselves as he pulled an empty chair from the side of the room and sat down in it in front of them, opening his suitcase and pulling out some papers.

"I'm sorry to have pulled you away from your work," he began, and everyone stopped talking and focused on him. "I have an announcement to make, one that I wish I didn't have to." Immediately, warning bells went off in the back of Yossi's head. Worst-case scenarios started creeping into her head - H!P was being disbanded, someone was missing, a major graduation? She brushed the thoughts aside as Tsunku continued. "I got a call late last night. Three of our members - Miki Fujimoto, Risa Niigaki, and Asami Konno... I'm sure you all noticed their absence this morning." Yossi hadn't, but she figured they had slept in, something they did often. "They were involved in an automobile accident last night on their way home from rehearsal." Everyone was still silent, and Yossi felt Rika's hand slowly close around hers and squeeze tightly. "Fujimoto has a broken wrist and some bruises, but she should be fine in a few weeks, something we should all be thankful for." Tsunku cleared his throat slightly and looked down at the paper in his hand. "Niigaki has a fractured shoulder; she was in the middle seat and didn't have a shoulder strap. They  need to do some more X-rays, but the doctors are optimistic she'll eventually heal and recover fully." Some of the Morning Musume girls, namely Takahashi and Eri, had started to tear up at this point, and Rika was still clinging onto Yossi's hand, cutting off the circulation. "As for Konno..." Tsunku stood up then, picking up his briefcase and replacing the papers. Yossi had never seen Tsunku sounding this grave before. "Konno-chan is in critical condition. She was on the side of impact. She's currently in a coma."

"No..." Yossi heard someone whisper, and then all hell broke loose. Takahashi broke down sobbing hysterically in Reina's arms, while the younger girl tried to hold her own tears back. Despite the fact that almost everyone was either shocked speechless or a broken mess of emotions, Tsunku managed to raise his voice among the unrest and address everyone once again.

"This isn't something myself and the management every anticipated happening, but sadly it has and we need to carry on in their absences." There were a few quiet murmers of protest, which he acknowledged. "If you find yourself unable to focus on your work during this difficult time, please come to me sometime today and we can make arrangements. Production of Haromoni, the musical, and any recordings are cancelled for the rest of the week. Whether you show up to work next Monday is your decision. In the meantime, please be there for your friends and coworkers if they need you. And of course, be there for Miki-chan, Risa-chan and Konno-chan. All we can do right now is keep them in our thoughts and prayers and hope for the best. If anyone wants to pay them a visit in the hospital - which I'm sure they'd appreciate - let me know as well." Tsunku pulled off his sunglasses and looked at each of them in turn, smiling sadly. "We'll get through this." After finishing his speech, Tsunku turned and walked out of the studio.

Yossi stared blankly at the spot where Tsunku had been moments before, still trying to wrap her mind around what just happened. She managed to wrench her hand free of Rika's and the bruising pain brought her back to reality. She, Erika and Yui were the only ones not crying. She felt horrible seeing everyone in tears around her, and she figured now was as good of a time as any to speak up. She got out of her seat and squished past everyone to stand at the front facing the other nine girls.

"I don't know what else to say other than we'll get through this, everyone. Mikitty and Risa-chan will be back with us in no time... and Konno... well, we'll just have to do what Tsunku-san said and think positively and keep her in our thoughts. Konno-chan would want us to work hard, so I think we should each take the time off to get our heads cleared before coming back to work. We can go visit them in the hospital together or... something." Nobody was reacting to her words, and Yossi stepped back in resignation. "Okay. Well... maybe I'll see some of you next Monday. Until then, you guys have my number so you can call or mail me if you need me." She left the silent studio, stopping to pick up her things from the dressing room before heading for the front doors.

As she pushed her way through the heavy door, she stood there watching the cars race along the busy streets. A chill raced up her spine, and she decided not to call a taxi.

Konno-chan... please wake up, she thought, and started to walk the long way home.

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Code Pink (Chapters 1-3 up.)
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Chapter 2 (Day 3)

Sayumi Michishige nervously looked behind her as she approached the doors of Tokyo Memorial Hospital. It was a Wednesday afternoon, and she had finally decided to pay a visit to Konno to see how she was doing. She'd spent the day before collecting cards from some of the other girls who weren't ready to make the emotional visit, and had carefully packed them in her bag to take with her. She'd taken extra care in dressing casually so as not to attract too much attention; she'd picked out her favorite pair of jeans, her pink sneakers and her winter jacket to wear during the short walk downtown. By now, news about the accident had spread around like wildfire, and she hoped that the fans would be respectful if they happened to catch a glimpse of her hurrying through the streets.

Upon entering the busy lobby of the hospital, she realized that she didn't even know what floor Konno was on, or what room. Managing to sneak over to the directory posted by the gift shop, she learned that the ICU was on the third floor, and a good place to begin her search. She dashed for one of the elevators as it opened up and squeezed into the cramped corner behind some doctors and some guests. She kept her gaze downward to avoid being recognized, but to her relief the short ride up to the third floor was uneventful and she arrived unscathed.

The ICU was huge, and crawling with security. Sayumi approached the nurses' station at the center of the main hallway.

"I'm here to visit a friend of mine," she explained. The nurse who was writing something on a clipboard looked up at her.

"Patient's name?" she asked, and Sayumi bit her lip nervously and lowered her voice.

"Asami Konno," she answered.

The nurse's eyes narrowed suspiciously. "I'm sorry, but that ward is off-limits to the public. We've got security tightened up on this entire floor because of Konno-san. Only family members are allowed to see her."

Sayu's heart sank; while she considered herself to be one of Konno's best friends, she wasn't her sister or anything. She pulled her wallet out of her purse and took out her ID card, handing it to the nurse, who took it and stared at it for a moment. She looked back up at Sayu, surprised.

"I didn't recognize you at first. I'm surprised you actually came to visit, even with security around. We've had more than one person try to sneak past the guards to see Konno-san," the nurse explained. "Technically, nobody except for family members are allowed to visit in the ICU for the first few days... but you're the first one to come visit her. Oh, but your producer was here yesterday briefly to check up on her. He said her family is still in Hokkaido trying to get time off work to come see her. They're very busy, apparently."

Sayu nodded politely, but inside she was just willing the hurse to hurry up and let her see Konno. "Ah, I see... but can I see her? I'll only be a few minutes, I promise. I'll be really quiet, and I won't touch anything..." Sayu decided to work some of her cuteness magic, and looked sadly up at the nurse, who hesitated.

"I don't know... look, here comes the doctor; if you explain to him who you are, he might be able to help you out." Sayu looked behind her and saw a middle-aged male doctor approaching the front desk.

"I need the updated file for the patient in room 315," he said to the nurse, and she handed him the clipboard she'd been writing on earlier.

"It's all there, Doctor Suzuki," she replied before gesturing at Sayumi. "Actually, this girl is here to visit the patient in room 315..." Sayu smiled nervously as the doctor finally aknowledged her, and noticed his eyes widening in recognition.

"Oh... of course. Well, I'm on my way down there right now, so I'll escort her there myself," Suzuki offered, and the nurses nodded before returning to her work. Doctor Suzuki started off down the hall, and after quickly thanking the nurse who had assisted her, Sayumi hurried to catch up with him.

"Thank you so much for letting me see her," Sayumi thanked the doctor again.

Suzuki looked over at Sayumi and smiled at her. "It's not something I normally would allow. I should warn you... Konno-san is in critical condition." They were approaching the end of the hall, and the doctor paused before the closed door of room 315. Two police officers flanked the door, and they nodded to Suzuki in acknowledgment. "Before you go in, you should know that she's... well, she doesn't look like she does usually. She's on life-support at the moment; there's not enough brain activity going on to keep her alive on her own. Because she was on the side of impact when the accident happened, she sustained the worst injuries. So... just keep that in mind," Suzuki said gently, before opening the door and moving aside to let Sayumi in.

Sayu had arrived at the hospital in rather high spirits, determined not to let Konno's condition keep her from spending time with her friend and helping as much as she could. But the sight of Konno lying prone in her hospital bed made her insides do a flip-flop. Timidly, Sayu approached the bedside to get a closer look at her friend. Konno was covered by a blue blanket from the chest down, her arms resting on top of the covers at her sides. There was an IV line running from her left hand, which was secured to her skin with medical tape in between the various cuts and scratches. Her other arm was in a plaster cast from the shoulder down to her wrist, and Sayu wondered if Konno would let her sign it when she woke up. But what really broke Sayu's heart was seeing Konno's face amidst the tubes, bandages and bruises. Konno's cute, puffy cheeks had swollen to twice their size with the bruising, and there were tubes running both into her nose and mouth.

She hadn't notice that Suzuki had followed her into the room until he was standing beside her, looking down at Konno's tiny frame in the bed. "She broke her arm in two places; they had to rush her into surgery as soon as she arrived so they could put pins in. She also has a cracked rib on her right side." He placed the clipboard on Konno's bedside table. "The broken bones are the least of her problems; they will heal if given enough time to mend."

"Can she hear us talking about her?" Sayumi asked, reached forward to gently touch Konno's uninjured hand. "Does she know what we're saying?"

"There have been cases where awakened coma patients have been able to remember hearing voices at some point," Suzuki began. "It's safe to say it can't hurt to keep talking to her. Hearing a familiar voice might have some effect on them, but for all we know, it's just speculation." The doctor looked at his watch then and straightened up. "I have to check on some other patients now; you're welcome to stay with her until visiting hours are over. The call button is on the bedside table, so if you need anything, press it and someone will come to check on you."

Sayumi nodded and set her bag down on the floor beside Konno's bed. She bowed thankfully to Suzuki, and he smiled warmly at her in return before leaving the room and closing it behind him, leaving Sayu alone with Konno. Sighing, Sayu dragged the chair by the window over to the bed so she could sit down. Once she'd settled into a comfortable position, she leaned in slightly to rest her arms on the rail of Konno's bed.

"Hi, Konkon..." she said softly, feeling a little silly at first. For all she knew, Konno didn't even understand her. But for some reason, talking to her as if she were awake made her feel a little less uneasy. "It's me, Sayu. Sorry I haven't been by to see you before today... I've been busy. Well, actually, that's not really true. I've just been trying to work up the nerve to come see you. Everyone's really worried about you, Konno-chan!" Sayu reached down and took Konno's hand again, making sure not to touch the IV. "We all get a week off of work, so maybe they'll come visit you, too. I know your parents are coming from Hokkaido to see you..." Sayu rambled on, not really staying on one particular subject for long. She let go of Konno and pulled her bag up into her lap, pawing through it for a moment before pulling out a stack of cards. "I brought some cards for you; apparently I'm messenger girl now! I'll just put them over here for now, but we can put them up on your windowsill next time I visit."

Sayu spent the next three hours by Konno's bedside. She talked to Konno about everything from food to the clothes she bought during her last shopping trip, chattering away even as the nurses came in to check on their patient. She played some of Morning Musume's new single for Konno, managing to get her headphones onto her friend's head so she could hear the new single which she'd picked up earlier that day. Sayu had bought it for the trading cards, in the hopes she'd get her own so she could add it to her collection, only to be disappointed when she got stuck with Miki's.

She was just getting into a rant about how Makoto had made fun of her "Usa-chan Peace!" pose on the latest episode of Haromoni when she was interrupted by her stomach growling loudly. She looked down at the face of her pink watch and noticed that it was past dinner, and it was getting late. Visiting hours would be over soon anyway, so Sayu collected up her things again and tucked them back into her bag. As she felt around for her wallet, she touched something furry and remembered the present she'd brought along to give to Konno.

Sayu pulled out the pink plush bunny with a ribbon around its neck and set it down on Konno's pillow by her head. "I obviously can't stay here with you all the time, so I brought you something to keep you company when I'm not here," she explained. She looked at the cute pink bunny and frowned slightly. She picked it up again and moved it down to lay beside Konno on the blankets. "Isn't she cute? At least, I think it's a she, because of the cute little ribbon," Sayu said, and again moved the bunny to under the blanket, so it was tucked in right beside her friend. "We'll have to come up with a name for her later. Unless you want to call it Sayu-chan, which is a really cute name!" Sayu's cheerful tone didn't waver when Konno didn't respond. Instead she gave the bunny a pat on the head and gave Konno a quick kiss on the forehead, the only part of her that wasn't covered in medical tape. "Well... I have to go now, but I'll come see you again soon." She got out of her chair, picked up her bag and waved goodbye to Konno's unconscious figure on the way out the door.

Once the door closed behind her, she let the tears fall for a few moments before pulling herself together and wiping her eyes. She thanked the nurse again on her way past the nurses station and then left the ICU in search of the cafeteria.

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Code Pink (Chapters 1-3 up.)
« Reply #3 on: May 29, 2006, 11:07:02 PM »
This is so sad... KonKon hurt *sniff* :(
Are you posting anytime soon? I can't wait to read more about sweet Sayu and KonKon :heart:

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Re: Code Pink (Chapters 1-3 up.)
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Yeah , I totally agree, it's so sad but really good. Hope you post soon. :peace:

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Re: Code Pink (Chapters 1-3 up.)
« Reply #5 on: May 31, 2012, 06:10:58 AM »
wow the story is depressing indeed :farofflook: poor konkon :(
for a depressing story it is really good so far  :on GJ: keep it up
i hope you post soon, id really like to see how the rest of the story develops :kneelbow:

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