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Title: Don't be ashamed when you love me (WMatsui fanfic) - COMPLETED
Post by: mo-chan on July 04, 2012, 10:37:28 PM
Hiiii!!! mo-chan deeeesuu :on woohoo:
I'm new here . I like to read Mayuki and Wmatsui fanfics, so I'm trying to write one :wriggly:
It's my first fic I'm really not good to get ideas and I don't have confidence . so I had much help from my best friend  :on ksweat:
so this is the prologue I hope you will like it . :on drink:


Matsui Jun 2nd year in high school is the most popular  he is so handsome and awesome that all can't resist Jun’s charm and fall for him . He  is a very intelligent student . he is always nice with everybody . he is the friend of all . all liked him girls and guys. he is the first in his high school . he is even a capitan of athletic Club . he is always so cool when he is running . 

Look! Look! It’s Jun-kun’s car
Kyaaa!! A goup of girl yell
Jun comes down from the car .
Jun-kun!! A girl shout
Good morning Jun-sama ! an other
Good morning everybody! Jun said with a beautiful smile

Don't Be Ashamed When You Love Me
Chapter 1 (
Chapter 2 (
Chapter 3 (
Chapter 4 (
Chapter 5 (
Chapter 6 (
Chapter 7 (
Chapter 8 Part 1 ( Part 2 (
Chapter 9 Part 1 ( Part 2 (
Chapter 10 (
Chapter 11 (
Chapter 12 (
Chapter 13 (
Chapter 14 Part 1 ( Part2 ( Part3 ( Part 4 ( Part 5 (
Chapter 15 (

She ran away from me -End-
Chaptre 1 (
Chaptre 2 (

Title: Re: Don't be ashamed when you love me [Matsui Jurina] ~Prologue~
Post by: yukofan on July 04, 2012, 10:45:02 PM
let me join those bunch of of girls and scream "Jun-kun, daisuki yo!!"

i can't wait for the first chapter..
Title: Re: Don't be ashamed when you love me [Matsui Jurina] ~Prologue~
Post by: miyumi on July 05, 2012, 12:07:59 AM
Please continue and welcome to the forum mo-chan!  :welcome

I hope to see more from you.  :hee:
Title: Re: Don't be ashamed when you love me [Matsui Jurina] ~Prologue~
Post by: xxx220 on July 05, 2012, 03:50:41 AM
that a Great Prologue :on lol:

I can't wait to read it.... :whistle:

Please Update ...
Title: Re: Don't be ashamed when you love me [Matsui Jurina]Chapter 1 :My secret love
Post by: mo-chan on July 05, 2012, 11:44:34 AM
@yukofan :
it sound fun to you
@miyumi :
arigatou miyumi-san  :nya:
@xxx220 :
I'm happy you like it
I hope that you will like it  :bingo:

so here we are there is the chapter 1 dozou  :hee:

Don't be ashamed when you love me
Chapter 1 : My secret love
“ Wake up onee-chan wake up“ a girl says traying to wake up her sister
“euhmm~ let me sleep more I am so tired” replay the old sister
“No! we will be late at school we have to hurry”
“ ok ok Kanon 5min more “ the old sister says and return to sleep
“noo” Kanon says and she took the coverlet of the bed of his sister and pulling it down . The old sister didn’t react . So kanon  She sat on the back of her sister and says “ get up and now”
“ok sorry I’m up now it’s really hurt you know don’t do it again” the old sister said
“try to wake up early then I wont do anything may hurt you” Kanon said and laugh
“ try again and you will see what will happen to you” murmured the older girl
“Did you say something Rena onee-chan” Asks Kanon 
“ N-no nothing ok I’m ready now let’s go” Rena says and takes Kanon hand and run

<<at school in Rena’s class>>
“Good morning Rena-san” a girl greeting
“ah good morning Airin” Rena said with a sleepy face
“Rena-can you look extremely tired” Airi says
“ ah yesterday I had a lot of work in my part time job and  I stayed awake up late doing my homework” Rena says
 “I see… but Rena-san you should take care of your health it’s not good” Airi said with a worry face
“ You know that we are poor me and Kanon . after the death of my parents I promise to them that I’ll take care of Kanon. So Airin you don’t have to worry” Rena said and smile to Airi
“But… You know Rena-san we are best friends if you need me I’ll help you anytime I really mean it” Airi says with a serious look
“ Thanks Airin but I’m ok “ Rena says
<< Rena’s talking to the reader>>
I‘m Rena I have a cute sister called Kanon . we live alone after our parents death it was a car accident  last year… I really don’t want to remember the details our siblings didn’t want to take care of us . Like I said before  I promise that I will take care of Kanon even that Kanon don’t show her sadness and I’m really happy that she can smile again after this tragedy. And we promised to each other that we wont give up and we will do our best!
 <<back to class>>>
“ He comes!! He comes!! A girl shout
“ Jun-kun! Jun-kun is here!”  and other girl yelled
“Good morning Jun-kun” Churi says
“Good morning Churi how are you?” Jun says and touch churi’s cheek
“kyaaaaaaaaaa” all girl of the class yell
“ stop it Jun-kun it’s embarrassing we are only friends people will get wrong idea”Churi says
“ But I didn’t do nothing and I only asked you how are you” Jun says smiling
 <<Rena’s talking to the reader>>
Yes we are in the same class will the handsome Matsui Jun . I would like to say to you everybody a secret . actually I love June in secret no one know it so shhut! please don't tell anyone. I’m really happy and lucky  that we are in the same class .
. he don’t even know who I’m and he never talked to me but I can watch him secretly
 <<back to class>>
“Jun-kun is popular like always” Airi says to Rena
“ yes” Rena said smiling 
Title: Re: Don't be ashamed when you love me [Matsui Jurina] ~Prologue~
Post by: yukofan on July 05, 2012, 11:56:34 AM
so rena likes the handsome jun-kun <3

the 1st chapter is too short..please update soon..this is very interesting..i sense airin's love for rena..

Title: Re: Don't be ashamed when you love me [Matsui Jurina] ~Prologue~
Post by: Megumi on July 05, 2012, 06:24:11 PM
demanding more because Jun is kakkoi
I wonder if Jun really know that Rena existing well can't wait to find out!

Thank you for your update!
ArígatoU! :kneelbow:
Title: Re: Don't be ashamed when you love me [Matsui Jurina] ~Prologue~
Post by: miyumi on July 05, 2012, 06:35:13 PM
It's very good. Though I agree with yukofan when she says the chapter is too short. Don't be afraid to write more! Put in everything your brain can imagine. Gambate!

Title: Re: Don't be ashamed when you love me [Matsui Jurina] ~Prologue~
Post by: ohayou on July 07, 2012, 06:32:09 AM
Oh, hello there~~~
Another wMatsui fanfic I sense~
Hehehe (^m^)
Welcome, mo-chan~

Only chapter one and Rena already knows she likes Jurina Jun~
The hot and handsome irresistible Matsui Jun~ With his girl Churi~
Oh please, Churi~ "Just friends"? You know you love the attention Jun is giving you~ (^^)

I like this meow~
Please do update soon~
I shall be keeping a watchout for your updates (^^)
Title: Re: Don't be ashamed when you love me [Matsui Jurina] ~Prologue~
Post by: xxx220 on July 07, 2012, 07:12:34 AM
Wow ...It start to getting Interesting.

Come on Continued Updating the Chapter

Title: Re: Don't be ashamed when you love me [Matsui Jurina] Chapter 2: An other one si
Post by: mo-chan on July 07, 2012, 12:22:31 PM
Hey minna  :on woohoo:
thanks all for your comments  :nya:
yukofan and miyumi : I did my best to make a long chapter It's my first time writing a fic and I'm not that good in english :err:
here the next  :hee:

Chapter 2: An other one sided love

<< at school>>
Click “6:23 second you’re always the best Matsui-san good work . continue like this ! I’m proud of you !” The teacher of Physical Education says to Jun
“Thank you sensei I’ll do my best” Jun says
“ kyaaaa! Jun-kun you are  the best!!” a group of girls shout
Jun wave and smiles to the group of girls
“He smiled to me!” a girl says
“no no he smiled to me” an other girl says
“You worked hard! You sure you are thirsty take it drink water” Churi says smiling
“Thank you Churi” Jun says and blush
“ It’s nothing” Churi says
“ And me where is my bottle  manager-san“ Kumi says with a cat face crying
“here is yours too don’t be said” Churi says with a teasing look
“ Thank you Akane-chaaan~” Kumi says and hug Churi
Jun looks at them sadly
“ What’s wrong Jun-kun?” Churi asks
“eu-h! it’s nothing” Jun replays and smile to Churi
“ Next time I’ll win against you Capitan  Jun-kun” Kumi says
“ I’m waiting “ Jun says and laughs
“Wait and you’ll see!”  Kumi says
“ ok let’s do our best” Jun says and smiles to Kumi
“ Churi walk to home together can we?” Jun asks
“mmm sorry Jun-kun I have plans me and Kumi have something to do right Kumi!? ” Churi answers
“ eh!? Y-yes we have plans” Kumi says and looked to Churi surprised
“ aah” Jun says and looks sad
“next time sorry Jun-kun” Churi says and smiles to Jun
“ Yes next time” Jun says and smiles to Churi it a smile fool of sadness
<< in the club’s room>>
“ what are you talking about plans I didn’t know about it !!? Kumi asks
“ Now you know it” Churi says
“ Are you avoiding Jun-kun lately or I’m wrong?” Kumi says
“ no no I just wanted to invite you to my home” Churi says
“ Really!! Sounds fun! Thank you Akane-chan!” Kumi says happy
Jun was behind the door
“Have plans really…. “ Murmured Jun
<<The restaurant of Rena’s part time Job>>
“” more sake please!” a man shouts
“Yes I’m coming” Rena replays
“Rena take this to the table 4” the chef says
“ ok” Rena says
Work time finished Rena go to the dressing room to change her clothes. An other girl who works their entres the room
“good work Rena” the girl says
“ good work Masana” Rena said with an unhappy face
“ Is there something wrong Rena?” Asks Masana
“no it’s nothing” answer Rena
“Don’t say it’s nothing I know there is something you know I can help you” Masana says angry
“euuuh the truth that *I need more money Kanon is now in her last year in junior school she will soon be a high school student and she want to attend the same high school as me and It’s expensive I need a new job but I can’t find one” Rena answers
“ I think that my mother talked about it . I know a part-time job  you will have a good salary but I don’t know if you will accept it Id-“ Masana is talking and Rena interrupt her
“I’ll do it ! a good salary I’m ok with it I want to Kanon be happy!”
“ ok then I’ll talk to my mother about it and you will get it” Masana says
“ thank you Masana thank you very much!!” Rena says and jump of happiness
“ no thank you between us we are friends” Masana says and smiles to Rena
<<Akane’s house>>
“Wow your house is so big and and beautiful. You’re so lucky Akane-chan you are cute girl and nice . you are intelligent student and your parents are rich”  kumi says
“Stop Kumi ! it lokks like you come to my home the first time!” Churi says and laughs
“it’s true Akane-chan…  so whay will we do? “ Kumi asks
“ we’re doing homework” Churi says
“eeeeh  it’s boring let’s do something else” Kumi says nagging
“ I don’t want” Churi says and laugh


“ nee Akane-chan…” kumi says
“ euum…” Churi says
“ what do you thing of Jun-kun?” Kumi asks
“What do you mean by it?” Churi says
“ You and Jun you are  the perfect couple” Kumi says
“ eeeeh!? No no no we are only childhood friends no more” Churi says and laughs
“ It’s true ! and Jun has eyes only on you . He always looking at you.  You are the only person who Jun want to talk with” Kumi says
“ He is doing that because we are best fiends” Churi says
“ Akane-chan….” Kumi says
“ I don’t know what are you talking about” Churi says and looks in an other way
“You are a fool Akane-chan…” murmured kumi and looks to Akane .  Akane  stand up and go to her birds to feed them

I hope it's not short this time  . I hope you liked it too  :byebye:
Title: Re: Don't be ashamed when you love me [Matsui Jurina] ~Prologue~
Post by: kahem on July 07, 2012, 12:43:39 PM
Oh~ interesting fic
I wonder what will be Rena part time job
Title: Re: Don't be ashamed when you love me [Matsui Jurina] ~Prologue~
Post by: yukofan on July 07, 2012, 10:36:35 PM
poor jun-kun..
i wonder whether churi really doesn't love jun-kun or she just hasn't realize her feeling..

can't wait for next update..
Title: Re: Don't be ashamed when you love me [Matsui Jurina] ~Prologue~
Post by: ohayou on July 07, 2012, 11:26:13 PM
Oh this is getting interesting~
What's the job that Masanya is offering Rena-san?
(I think I might have an idea of what it MAY be... But I don't know for sure...
I mean, earning lots of money and then Masanya said a BUT.
So... It might be what I think it will be~)
And then maybe Jurina goes down to a club and then sees Rena-san~

Ahem, anyway~
Lol Churi, Kuumin is right, you're a fool xDDD

Please update soon!
Looking forward to it (^^)
It's good (^^)b
Title: Re: Don't be ashamed when you love me [Matsui Jurina] ~Prologue~
Post by: Haruko on July 08, 2012, 04:55:12 AM
OMG!! wmatsui fics love it :D
Title: Re: Don't be ashamed when you love me [Matsui Jurina] ~Prologue~
Post by: xxx220 on July 08, 2012, 05:29:11 AM
Poor Jun....Akane only think Jun is as Childhood friend

Poor Jun ~ Please continued
Title: Re: Don't be ashamed when you love me [Matsui Jurina] ~Prologue~
Post by: Megumi on July 09, 2012, 12:26:58 AM
 :ptam-wub: :ptam-cry: Poor Jun poor Akane poor Rena poor everyone...

Waiting for next update!
ArígatoU! :kneelbow:
Title: Re: Don't be ashamed when you love me
Post by: mo-chan on July 17, 2012, 10:33:02 PM
@yukofan: we will see  :hehehe:
@ohayou: you're too fast cantinue reading  :whistle:
@xxx220: yeah poor Jun  :fainted:
@Megumi: hold your tears we are only in the beganing  :hee:
@kahem and @Haruko: I'm happy you like it  :farofflook:

sorry minna I was really busy these days . I'll upload faster next time  :err:
so here is the Chapter dozo  :hee:

Chapter 3 : The new part-time job

<< in the cafeteria >>
“Rena-saaaan here the table” Airi calls Rena
“ Yes Airin I’m coming” Rena says and goes and sits next Airi
“ This school year is almost ends it was fast ” Airi says
“ Yes you are right” Rena says
“ I think it’s almost time your sister going to be a high school student” Airi
“ Yeah! She even took the entree’s exam I’m really happy that Kanon will be in the same school as me ” Rena says happy
“ what!? Really ! but is it ok…” Airi said worried
“ what do you mean?” asks Rena
“ You know it’s expensive an-“ Rena interrupt Airi
“ It’s ok Airin .  I took a new job one of my mother’s friends helped . It’s a good job and I’ll have best seller than the last one”
“ If you say then I’m relived!” Airi said and smile to Rena
“ thank you Airin you are always worried about me I love you so much!” Rena says and hugs Airi
“Airi blushes and says with slow voice “ m-me t-too I I I I lo- “
“aaah!! Sorry Airin I have something to do go to class first I’ll come after you” Rena says
<<in the other side of the cafeteria>>
“Akane-chan why aren’t you eating your lunch” Kumi says
“ I’m thinking and I ‘m not really hungry” Churi says
“ What are you thinking about??” Jun asks
“ About your birthday present it’s almost your birthday” Churi answers and Jun blushes
 “ If you are not hungry you can give me your lunch I’ll be happy if you do it” Kumi says and smile to Churi
“ What are you talking about Kumi you are a girl  you can’t eat two lunch! Thank you Churi you are the best I really forget about I’m happy you still remember it” Jun says
“ Jun-kun what are you saying who is in this school who don’t know Matsui Jun’s birthday -_- “ Kumi says
“ I’m thinking but still I don’t know . What do you want in your birthday?” Asks Churi
“ but I want it as a surprise anything I’ll be ok with because it’s a present from you” Jun says and smile to Churi
“ ok If it’s like this wait I’ll give the best present of your birthday” Churi says and starts eating her lunch
Jun was blushing like a tomato
“ nooo Akane-chan you said that you’re not hungry” kumi says
“ Did I say it ? “ Churi says
“Yes you said it you are so mean Akane-chan” Kumi says with a sad look
Jun and Churi laugh at Kumi 
“Stop laughing at me you stupid couple” Kumi says Jun and Akane blush
“ S-stop it Kumi what are you talking about” Churi says and continue her lunch and her face looking down . Jun looks at her with a sad look.
 *Ring bell*
Rena is running “ oh no I am going to be late at class” Rena says Rena keep running and and other person appears behind from nowhere and *pah!*
“ I’m so sorry I didn’t sow I was in hurry” Rena says and start  remaking her books to take it and the guy help her  to get other books
“ Here are your books It’s ok be careful next time it a teacher see you running you will be in trouble” the guy says
Rena looks at him so surprised that she lost the ability to talk 
“ Jun-kun what are you doing we will be late hurry up” Churi shouts  Rena blushs
“ here is your books yes Churi I’m coming” Jun says and walks to Churi
“It’s the first time Jun talked to me I’m so happy” Rena thinking
“ Who is that girl  Jun?” Churi asks
“ I don’t know” Jun says
“ How can you  be like this you too it’s Matsui Rena she is in our class how  can you don’t know your classmates” Kumi says
“ she has the same last name us you” Churi says
“ You are right” Jun says
<< end of study at school >>
“ I have to go to my part-time job now see you tomorrow” Rena says to Airi
“ You’re starting today so fast I wanted to invite you to eat crepe with me” Airi says
“ sorry Airin I don’t have time maybe next time” Rena says
“ ok next time then see you tomorrow” Airin says
“ Bye bye” Rena says
“ Bye bye” Airin says
Rena stops behind a modern villa a nice  house and it looks so spacious .
“ here we are. Mmm why did I took this job….” Rena says to herself
“ mum this is my friend who want to take a part-time job” Masana says
“ aah welcome Rena-chan” Masana’s mother says
“ thank you madam “ Rena says
“So Rena-chan I have a friend who wants to get a maid can you do it?” Masana’s mother says
“ Yes of course madam!” Rena says
“ what a maid I didn’t know it was a job like this but I need money I promised to kanon that I can let her attend our high school” Rena thinking
“ ok then Rena-chan here is the the house were you are going to work go there tomorrow  after school” Masana’s mother
“ thank you very much Misses Oya I’m really grateful to you you too Masana” Rena says and smiles to them
<<end of the flashback>>
Rena wakes and ring the bell a voice of an old woman says to her
“ It’s Matsui’s house what do you want
“euuh I’m I- I am” Rena says and looks at the camera on the top of her
“ You must be the new girl who mistress is waiting” the old maid says 
“ y-yes” Rena says
“ I’m coming wait from me and the door opened itself . Rena entered the house and sow herself in a large garden . there was a fountain in front of the house . There was a bulldog sleeping next his doghouse. Rena was a bite scared of the dog but the old women arrived it was an old maid . 
“Then welcome please flow me ” the old maid says and they introduce the villa . There were expensive paintings hanged up to the walls . The furnishings were modern and looks really expansive . There were statuettes in all places
“wow  what a beautiful house they are sure very rich” Rena’s thinking
. They walk until they arrive  to the living room
“ Mistress here is the girl” the old maid says to a charming old lady
“ welcome young lady you are the one who Oya-san talked me about?” the long lady says
“ Y-yes I’m Matsui Rena” Rena says
“ nice to meet you Matsui Rena get ready you will be my son’s personal maid so please take care of him”  the old lady says
“what personal maid!? Her son?!!” Rena thinking
“ kyoka please call my son to come here” the old lady says
“ ok mistress” old mais says
Rena sit and wait the door opened and Rena open her eyes and start to the son surprise
“ Jun this is your personal maid” Mrs Matsui said
“ nice to meet you I’m Matsui Jun” Jun says
“whaaat I’m Jun-kun’s personal maid” Rena thinking
<< room maid>>
“You are so lucky you start working here today and you  become the personal maid of the young master” a young maid says
“ I didn’t know it a friend helped me to get this part-time job” Rena says
“ It’s because it’s the friends of our mistress that’s why . by the why I’m Mukaida Manatsu you are? “ the young maid says
“I’m Matsui Rena nice to meet you Manatsu-chan” Rena says
“you have the same last name “Matsui” nice to meet you Rena-chan” Manatsu says
“ What is going one I’m working in Matsui Jun’s place . I am dreaming or what “ Rena thinking
“ Jun this is your personal maid” Mrs Matsui said
“ nice to meet you I’m Matsui Jun” Jun says
<<end of flash back>>
“How many days do you work?” Asks Manatsu
“ I work all days only Sunday I don’t work” Rena says
“ because you are a personal maid I only work two days Monday and Tuesday “ Manatsu says
“ aah I see…” Rena says
“ I’m really happy to see someone in my age work the same work as me” Manatsu says
“ thank you Manatsu-chan” Rena says and smile to Manatsu
“ enough young ladies it’s time to get to work” kyoka says
“ Yes madam” Rena and Manatsu  say
“ go and serve dinner it’s the time “ Koyaka says
“Yes madam” Rena and Manatsu says and go to do what kyoka told them. Jun comes from the upstairs to eat dinner.
Jun and his mother eat their lunch and the other maid watch them and wait if they have something to do or help their misters or young master. The atmosphere is quit until Jun break it .
“ It’s rare to see you at home” Jun says coldly
“ you are so mean Jun-chan you haven’t seen me your mother for 3 months you should be happy” Jun’s mother says
“ why should I be happy if you and father don’t care about and don’t see me and care about me” Jun says
“ you know that it’s work and we can’t stop we have to work hard to make you comfortable and give you all what you need” Jun mother’s says
“ what I need is you my parents I want you to be by my side! “ Jun yell
“ I’m sorry for interrupting but mistress you have a call” kyoka says
“ who is it? “ Jun’s mother asks
“ it’s the manager he wants to talk about the project in New York “ Kyoka says
“ ok” Jun’s mother stand up and goes with Kyoka
“ you don’t even listen to like always” Jun stand up and goes to his room in the upstairs
“ young master you didn’t finish your lunch” Manatsu says but Jun ignored her
“ how rood of him but I can forgive because you are a victim of loneliness”  Manatsu says
Rena looks so sad to Jun who is going to the stairs . she doesn’t know that the smart and handsome who was always shining and smiling always at school is so lonely in the truth .
“Rena what are you doing here you are young master’s personal go at see if he want something” Kyoka
“ok madam I’m going now” Rena says
Rena goes to Jun’s room she was so nervous that she couldn’t  open the door . The door opened it was Jun he looks to Rena . Rena blushes like tomato
“ what do you want ? “ Jun says
“ I said what do you want?” Jun says again
“I-I Kyoka-san said if you need something I ca-“ Jun interrupts Rena
“ I don’t need nothing go downstairs and don’t come near me “ Jun says angry and close the door of his room one Rena’s face
Rena was shocked first she new that Jun was very lonely then she discovered a new personality of Jun that she didn’t know before or no one in school don’t know about it.
<< maids room>>
“good work Rena-chan” Manatsu says
“ good work Manatsu-chan” Rena says
“ so you’re going to work tomorrow?” Manatsu says
“ of course” Rena says
“ tomorrow the mistress is going to new work it will be only the young master at home” Manatsu says
“ what New York ?? “ Rena says surprised
“ yes she came three days ago and she will go again I feel sorry for the young master he is always alone” Manatsu says
“yes “ Rena says with a sad look
“ see you next Monday Rena” Manatsu says
Bye bye
<< Rena’s house>>
“ welcome home onee-chan”  Kanon says
“ I’m home Kanon. Aaah~ I’m so tired “ Rena says
“ how was your new part-time job onee-chan?” Asks Kanon
“Full of surprise” Rena says and go to her bed
“what is she talking about she looks so tired “ Kanon thinking
“ Onee-chan I wan- what she is already sleeping” Kanon says
“ get up Onee-chan you can’t sleep with you uniform” Kanon says and try to wake up Rena
“mmmeuuh I so sleepy Kanon let me sleep a little bite I’m so tired “ says Rena the eyes closed
“ ok just a little bite” Kanon says and kiss her sister on the cheek

I hope you all liked it  :byebye:


Title: Re: Don't be ashamed when you love me [Matsui Jurina] ~Prologue~
Post by: yukofan on July 18, 2012, 03:58:36 AM
poor jun-kun..
i hope he won't feel lonely anymore..he has rena as his personal maid now..hehe..

thanks for the update..
Title: Don't be ashamed when you love me [ Wmatsui] Chapter 4: The shock
Post by: mo-chan on July 18, 2012, 10:09:18 PM

Chapter 4: The shock

Rena goes to Jun’s room she was so nervous that she couldn’t  open the door . The door opened it was Jun he looks to Rena

. Rena blushes like tomato

“ what do you want ? “ Jun says


“ I said what do you want?” Jun says again

“I-I Kyoka-san said if you need something I ca-“ Jun interrupts Rena

“ I don’t need nothing go downstairs and don’t come near me “ Jun says angry and close the door of his room one Rena’s face

“no young master don’t  at me don’t hate me no young maaaaaaster” Rena shouts and stand up from her chair and see that she is in class all students  look at her

 surprised . Rena was so embarrassed her face was all red of what she did. All class laughed at her .

“ Matsui Rena-san what are you doing!? You won’t learn if you’re asleep will you?” the teacher says

“ I’m sorry sensei” Rena says and she looked down

“ you’re sleeping too much these days I know you have personal problems at your home but I think you should study to keep going in this life” the teacher says

“ she has problems in her home… “ murmured Jun

Rena rise her head and see that Jun is looking at her . but when their eyes meet Jun turn his face.

“ I’ll forgive you this time sit down now” the teacher says

Rena sit down and the teacher continue his lesson . Rena took her book and listen to the teacher. Jun was looking at Rena who was looking to her book Churi was

looking at him and Airi was looking at them sadly .

<<end of lesson>>

The pupils get out from classes to go eat their lunch.

“Rena-san how are you ? you look really tired” Airi says worried

“ I’m fine Airin I just slept it’s not the first time it happen to me” Rena says

“ ah that’s right what did you do in your new job? How was it?” Asks Airi

“good….” Rena says and looks to Jun who is talking to Churi and Kumi.

“ What are you going to do today after school “ Kumi say

“ nothing special I’ll be at home “ Jun says

“ I’m going to go do some shopping you want to go with me Kumi?” Churi says

“ Yes of course! By the way did you hear what Matsui-san said “ Kumi says and laugh

“ Yes she said no young master do she mean by that” Churi says

“ I don’t know it was funny right Jun-kun. Jun-kun?” Kumi tray to talk to him but Jun looking to Rena

“ hey Jun-kun! Are you listening!” Churi says

“ yes what is it ? what did you say Kumi? Asks Jun

“ I was talking about Matsui Rena when she said young master I wonder why did she say ir? Kumi says

“ I don’t know I have no idea” Jun says

Rena looked at him but he tuned his head.

“Jun-kun do you want to go with us after school ?” suggest Kumi

“ is it of Churi? “ Jun asks

“ of course why do you ask “ Churi says

“ Thank you !” Jun says and smiles to Churi and Churi smiles back

“ so Airin what do you do these days ?” Asks Rena

“ nothing special go to school back to home eat dinner take a bath do homework read manga that’s it” Airi answer

“ you must be relaxed “ Rena says

“ I don’t know I’m always bored and I don’t know what to do” Airi says

“ you’re lucky you have much free time than me I always work and back too late at home it’s really tiring “ Rena says

“ you work all the week?” Airi says

“ no I have only Sunday I can realax but I don’t do nothing in it” Rena says

“ mmm how do you want to go out Sunday to have good time” Airi says

“ good idea I didn’t go to karaoke for a long time” Rena says

“ ok let’s go to karaoke and have fun on Sunday!” Airi says  with  face extremely happy

“ Yes” Rena says

“I have to go to my work now to my work Airin “ Rena says

“ ok take care of yourself” Airi says

“Let’s go Jun-ku n Kumi” Churi says

“ Ok” Jun and Kumi say

And they went to do some shopping like Akane said  then they stopped in front of  seller of creps in a park

“Do you want to eat crepe” Asks Akane

“ yes of course “ Kumi says

“ and you Jun-kun?” Asks Churi

“ I would like a chocolate one “ Jun says

“ me too me too but Jun-kun you are the guy you have to pay for us “ Kumi says teasing Jun

“ It’s ok Kumi I want to pay this time  you’ll pay the next time Kumi” Churi says

“ eeeeeh why I want to save my money”  Kumi says nagging

“ you’re so lazy Kumi “ Jun says laughing and Churi laughing

“ you’re so mean to me as always you too” Kumi says

“ yes yes  I’m going to get the creps wait here” Churi says and go to the seller  Jun and Kumi sit on a pew

“ Jun-kun  you’re going to do nothing?” Kumi says

“ about what ? “ Jun says

“ about my mother ! “ kumi says

‘” stop it I’m talking about Akane-chan” Kumi says

“ euum I don’t really to make Chui uncomfortable and she said herself that we are only best friends nothing else “ Jun sadly

“ It’s ok Jun-kun  she is only shy  try  you’re not going to loose nothing “ Kumi says

“ no I’m scared that I loose her she is precious to me and afraid that I loose her as a friend too” Jun says

“ I encourage you Jun-kun do your best!”  Kumi says

“ Thank you Kumi “ Jun says


“  here a re your crepes “ Churi says

“ Thank you “ Jun and Kumi say

“ what were you talking about?” Asks Churi

“it was nothing” Jun says

“ come on tell me too” Churi says

“ mmm we was wondering what is your present for Jun-kun” Kumi says and laugh

“ aah about that I won’t tell you it’s a secret “ Churi says and smiles

<< Matsui’s villa >>

 “ madam I did what you told what to do”  Rena says

“ ok and call me madam it’s ok all her  call me Kyoka-san” Kyoka says
“ ok mdam no I mean Kyoka-san

“ from now you have to do all your work without my order do you understand” Kyoka says

“ I’m not going to stay here for ever so you have to look after the young master” Kyoka says

“ yes I understand Kyoka-san” Rena says

“ even he act like that but that child suffered too much . but it’s a nice child do not judge him from the first look” Kyoka says

“ suffer in the past ? “ murmured Rena
Rena went to Jun’s room to clean it . Jun’s room was really big it’s three rooms one for sleeping one  a library room  for reading and a sport’s room and he has his

 one bathroom .

“ wow so big only his room make a house” Rena says it was the first time for Rena to enter Jun’s room no one was allowed  to enter it only Kyoka. Rena goes to

the library to clean it Jun come into his room but he didn’t know that Rena was in his room. He goes to the bathroom  and take off his clothes. Rena comes from

the library to get some of her stuffs of  maid. Rena’s ring she stoop to get it then she sow from the mirror it is Jun taking of of his clothes in the bathroom,. Rena

was confused she doesn’t know what to do and she couldn’t move  because Jun will heard her Rena closed her eyes for a 1min

Then she opens it and a shock appears on her face !

“ What Jun is a girl!!!!” Rena’s thinking

She sees Jun coming from bathroom to get someone . She runs and hide herself in the sport’s room

<< Rena’s thinking>>

“ what is it mean all of this Jun is a girl ?? I’m in dream? That must be something wrong . I’m in love with a girl.

But he I mean she always looks cool and handsome . was all of that acting fo what she is doing it. I really can’t understand nothing . this family is really weird

even the mother called her my son “

<< back to reality>>

“ what I’m doing here if she found about me I don’t know what she will do to me” Rena thinking

Rena sneaks out of the sport’s room but on her way she touches some books and they fall on the floor

“oh shit she will heard me” Rena thinks and pick up the books and return them to their place but when she returns behind her to leave the room she sees Jun in

front of her wearing a bath towel . Jun looks really angry and says

“ who allowed you to come to my room!”

“ I I I I’-m here for cleaning “ Rena says trembling

Jun realise that Rena was in front of her wearing only a bath towel . Jun’s face was all red and hung herself.

“ can’t you be embarrassed I’m only with a bath towel” Jun said

“ no it’s ok I’m not bothered “ Rena said

“ I am so get out of my room” Jun shouted

Rena walks to the door

"nee…” Rena said

“ What is it” Jun said angry
“you are... a girl?" Asked Rena

Jun was  shocked immobile and couldn’t say nothing Rena looked at Jun then she walked to her and said

“ you’re a girl right!?”  Jun didn’t say nothing then Rena walked to the door to leave the room but Jun grabbed her from her hand and then she will push Rena in

her bed . Jun was on the top of Rena.

“ what did you say right now! You say me?” Jun said


“listen ! If you open your mouth and say something about what you sow and about you are working in my home you will be fired .You need money that’s why

you’re here so keep your mouth closed” Jun said

Rena knows that Jun wont do anything bad to her. They looked to each other in the eyes . then Jun said

"I wont hurt you... because I’m a girl"

She moved away from Rena and told her "get out!!"

Rena was really sad . Tears  dropped from her eyes  and she got out from Jun’s room

<<maids room>>

*Snob snob sniff sniff*

Rena was crying by herself . Kyoka entered the room and sow Rena like that she asked her

“ what’s going on my child ? did something happened?”

“ it’s nothing Kyoka-san” Rena said and hide her face

“ then why are you crying it was Jun’s who did it”

“………” Rena kept crying

“ don’t blame him it’s not his fault that he is like this” Kyoka said and hugged Rena and Rena cry more and more.

Jun was behind of the door listening to Rena’s crying and blame herself

<< tomorrow at school >>

*ring bell* lunch time

<< in the classroom>>

“ Jun-kun do you want to go with us by some things from the cafeteria “ Kumi asks

“ I don’t want go you two I’ll be in class” Jun says with tired face

“ why did something happened Jun-kun? “ Asks Churi

“ no I’m only not in the mood it’s ok you can go without me” Jun says

“ ok let’s go Akane-chan” Kumi says then the two girls left the classroom

“ Rena-san you look really sad today did something happened?” Airin asks

“ nothing Airin I’m only a bite tired “ Rena says

“ no it’s different this time you look sad did someone do something to you I can help you Rena-san you know I’m your friend you can trust me that what are

 friends for” Airi says worried

“ I’m ok Airin I’m just tired like always you don’t have to be worried” Rena says

“ but Rena-san…” Airi says

“ Airi the teacher called for you go to see him” a girl shouted

“ I’ll be back Rena-san you will tell me ok? You have to tell me” Airi says and leave the classroom

Jun stand up and walks to Rena

“ come with me “ Jun says to Rena then they left the classroom . They walked and walked and walked

“where are we going?” Rena says

 But Jun didn’t answer her and keep walking . they arrived to the roof.

“ here no one will disturb us” Jun say

“what do you want?” Rena asked


“ your secret… I won’t tell no one about it so don’t worry . Like you said because I need money so I’ll shut my mouth and won’t say nothing” Rena says and wept
Jun didn’t say nothing .

“If you have nothing to say then excuse me I wont disturb you “ Rena says and left

“why you are crying again I only wanted to apologize “ Jun murmured and start crying

Churi was looking at him hidden

<<flashback >>

“ euh where is Jun-kun??” Churi says

“ didn’t he said that he don’t want to get out from the classroom?” Kumi wondering

“ Where is Jun-kun? Churi asks

“ He goes with Matsui-san” a student says

“ Matsui Rena-san?” Kumi says

“ yes “ the student says

“ where did they go?” Churi says

“ I don’t know he said something to Matsui-san them they go out from the classroom” the student says

“ It’s weird didn’t he said that he don’t know her?”  Kumi says

“ yes “ Churi says and looked worried

<<end of flashback>>

Jun was kneeling and crying . Churi was really worried . It’s her first time seeing Jun in this situation . it made her really sad.

“ what’s going on ?” murmured Churi

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Hi mo-chan! I'm sorry I haven't commented in a while.   :OMG:

This story is super great and I'm happy to see you writing more and more. Keep it up and don't stop!  :on GJ:

I'll be looking forward to your next chapter!  :shy2:
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ehhh, jun-kun is a girl??!!

i wonder why she has to disguise herself as a boy..

update soon pliz :bow:
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WHAT.....Jun-Kun is a Girl.....

Poor Rena !!!

Jun you shouldn't get mad at Rena

Why Jun is Crying ??
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wow jun-kun!! you are so alone..
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@miyumi : it's ok the best that you commented  :bingo:  you see you said to me the last time that it's short what I'm writing  :err: so I did my best  :on study:
@yukofan : sorry but I think to know why you have to wait  :hee:
@xxx220 : Jun is a girl a sensible girl .  :shy2:
@Haruko : yes Jun is lonely  :gyaaah:
like the title of chapter the shock all is shock to know that Jun is a girl  :glasses: at first I thought you didn't like the fic there was only yukofan-san who is comenting but you came back I'm really happy  :farofflook:
so here is the chapter dozo  :hee:

Chapter 5 : The decision of Kyoka-san

<< Jun’s house>>

“ Jurina  your breakfast is ready come and eat it” Kyoka says

“ Koyoka-san is the only person who call me by my real name if  you weren’t with me I don’t know what to do” the girl says

“ Jurina is Jurina and nothing will change for me” Kyoka says

“ Even my parents call me Jun now” Jurina says

“ It’s ok Jurina don’t worry about it” Kyoka says

“ that girl she found out about that I’m a girl . I said horrible things to her . I shouldn’t do that”  Jurina says

“ don’t worry Rena is a good girl” Kyoka says

“ but but I made her crying two three times I don’t know what to do” Jurina says and start crying

Kyoka hugged her and says

“ be only gentile to her it’s easy”

<< somewhere>>

“Sorry Airin I am late I oversleep” Rena says and take breath

“ It’s ok Rena-san let’s go” Airin says

Rena take Airi’s arm and hold it

“ It’s like we are in date “ Rena says laughing

“ d-date!” Airi says surprised

“ I’m only joking Airin don’t be that surprised” Rena says and laughed Airi laughed too

“  Let’s go do some window shopping then we will go to the karaoke “ Airi says

“ Ok let’s go! “ Rena says and smiles to Airi . Airi blushed

They went to trying on some clothes. They went and take pecurera . Then they went to eat some ice-cream . At the end they went to the Karaoke .

They sang many songs and had so much fun .

*Beep beep*

“ Yes” Rena answers to the phone of the Karaoke

“ what it’s already finished “ Airi says

“ Yes but we was for 1 hour you want to sing more? “ Rena says

“ No it’s ok it’s getting late now you have to take rest  . Come on I’ll take you home” Airi says

They walks and they arrived to a park .

“ Wait Airin I’m going to by a cola I’m thirsty “ Rena says

“Ok “ Airi says and walks to the shop and Airi sit on a swing

“ Thanks for waiting “ Rena says and sit on a swing next to Airi


Airi looked to Rena with a serious face  .

“ what is it Airin you want to say something?” Asks Rena

“Rena-san I I I… “ Airi says

“ what is it ? “ Rena says

“ I’m……”

“ you are what ?”

“ I love you Rena-san” Airi says looks to Rena

Rena was so surprised and she looked to Airi’s eyes and says

“ I’m sorry Airin . I really don’t know what to think right know . I’m in love with a person but I don’t know if I have to keep loving that person .

 That person is really sad and lonely . I think I have to protect him. I’m really confused about these things”

“ I-I was only joking Rena-san we are only best friends I know it . It would never happen . Airi says and run away

“ Airin waaaait! “ Rena says sadly  but Airi did not come back

<< Rena’s house>>

“ I home “ Rena says

“ Onee-chan!!! “ Kanon hugged her sister crying

“ What happened Kanon why are you crying?” Rena asks

“ They come our sibling they want to take our home” Kanon says

“ What ?? it’s our home how could they do it?” Rena says yelling

“ yes I can . I have the right to take this house after my brother’s death “ a women says

“Aunty! “  Rena and Kanon says

“  I have the right with law “ the aunty says

“ but what about us?  where are we going  to live ?  “ Rena says

“ I don’t care you have to leave this house after two days “ the aunty says and leaves

“ Onee-chan what are we going to do ? where are we going to sleep at night? “ Kanon asks

“ ………”

“ Onee-chan!!” Kanon yells

“ I’ll find a solution Kanon don’t worry” Rena says comforting her sister but Kanon keeps crying

“ why she is like this so horrible she don’t have heart we are the daughter of her brother” Rena thinking

“ go to sleep Kanon know it’s getting late we will think about it tomorrow” Rena says to Kanon

“ ok “ Kanon says and go to sleep

Rena couldn’t sleep she kept thinking about what happened all the night first Jun who is a girl and don’t want her to keep silence about it and about she works their

 then Airi then her aunty who will put them on the street  .

<< at school >>

“good morning Jun-kun” Kumi says

“ good morning Kumi , Churi “ Jun says

“ good morning” Churi says

“ about the last time what” Kumi says to Jun

“ what last time?” Jun asks

“ why do you were with Matsui-san that day? Did something happened?” Kumi asks

Jun was so surprised that he couldn’t talk properly “ no nothing it was nothing special”

“ liar then why you were crying after she left…” murmured Churi

“ It still only two weeks for your birthday Jun-kun” Kumi says

“ yes I’m really happy” Jun says

“ we will have much fun” Kumi says

“ yes right Churi ?“  Jun says and looks at Churi

But  Akane was distracted

“ Akane-chan ?” Kumi says

“ yes what is it ? “ Churi asks

“ we were talking about my birthday “ Jun says

“ yes we will sure have fun “ Churi says

“ good morning Rena-san “ Airi says

“ good morning Airin ..... Airin about yesterday I- “

“ please Rena-san don’t talk about it . forget about all what I said to you” Airi says

“ but Airi how can I forget it” Rena says

“ I want to keep being Rena-san best friend that’s why” Airi says

“ we are best friends and we will be forever and thanks for saying it It’s the first time someone says it to me . I’m really happy that someone is you Airin “

 Rena says an smiles to Airi  and Airi blushes then they smiled to each other .

<< after school at Matsui’s villa >>

Manatsu enter the Maids room and saw Rena .

“ Rena-chan how are you I didn’t  see from the last time “ Manatsu says

“ yes long time no see “  Rena says

“ How is it like to be Jun’s personal maid ?” Manatsu asks

“ I don’t know it’s not that easy but how can you call him by his name he don’t even want to someone enter his room be careful Manatsu-chan” Rena says

“ It’s ok it’s him who said to us to call him by his name he said that he hate someone call him young master “ Manatsu says

“ aaa that’s why he is angry at me “ Rena says

“ about his room I only saw Kyoka I have never entered it  I wonder what is in his room.” Manatsu says

“ mmm it’s a huge room or we can say it’s three rooms a library room a sport’s room and a bedroom  in the first when you enter it “ Rena says

“aaah you could see it how could you ? “ Manatsu says

“ no he sow me he kicked me out “ Rena says

“ why what happened” Manatsu asks

Rena remembered what Jun said to her that time

<< Flashback >>

  “listen ! If you open your mouth and say something about what you sow and about you are working in my home you will be fired .You need money that’s why

you’re here so keep your mouth closed” Jun said
<< Flashback ends >>

“ no nothing happened you know that he doesn’t want no one enter his room” Rena says

“ yes you’re right . I finished my work today Rena-chan” Manatsu says

“ so fast I still have to do some things” Rena says

“ you’re a personal maid don’t forget it”  Manatsu says

“ I didn’t forget but why me ?“ Rena wondering

“ I don’t know . then see you tomorrow Rena-chan” Manatsu says

“ bye bye Manatsu-chan” Rena says

Manatsu leaves the room and Rena sits on a chair thinking again about what she is going to do for her and her sister and start crying.

 Kyoka comes in the room.

“ what happened my child . Is it Jun this time again?” Kyoka says

“ no it’s not he didn’t do anything wrong” Rena says

“ then why are you crying?”  Kyoka says


“ it’s ok my child you can trust me say it that I may help you” Kyoka says

“ it’s our home” says Rena

“ what happened to your home ? “ Rena says

“ It’s my aunty she will take it from us and we can’t do nothing with low she will win against us I don’t know what to do .

 I only have 1 day tomorrow I have to leave our home with my sister.” Rena says

Kyoka keep thinking then she says “ tomorrow make your luggage and come here “

“ what that’s mean…” 

“ that’s mean you’re going to live here with your sister “ Kyoka says

“ but I can’t bother  them the Matsui family” Rena says worried

“ it’s ok leave it to me “ Kyoka says

I hope you all liked it  :byebye:
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I love your story jurina hopefully fall in love with rena  :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
 :heart: :heart: :heart: please update soon i love WMATSUI  :thumbup :thumbup :thumbup
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Ahhhh this story is sooooo good!  :luvluv1:

I want to know what happens to Jun and Rena!  :pleeease:

Oh and I'm proud of you for taking my advice. Keep it up!  :onioncheer:

PLEASE update soon!
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OMG Jun is a girl!!!
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poor rena T_T why she must suffer so much..
will jurina let rena live in her house?

i'm waiting for your update..
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Poor Rena...


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hi, i'm new
i really love ur story  :love:
plz update soon  :peace:
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@yvet_951 : thank you  :hee: me too I want Jun fall in love with Rena  :shy2:
@miyumi : I'm happy you like it  :nya: you're proud of me  :shy1: thanks  :sweat: I'll do my best  :on study:
@kahem : yes Jun is a girl  :on cigar:
@yukofan : I like Rena too I don't like making her suffer like this and about your question you'll get your answer in this chapter  :hee:
@epiclulz : yes churi don't know about Jun
@lizzie : welcome lizzie-san and I'm happy that you liked the fic   :on gay:
thank you minna-san for your commentes so don't make you all wait here is the chapter   :whistle:
Chapter 6 : Our new home

“ tomorrow make your luggage and come here “ Kyoka says

“ what that’s mean…” 

“ that’s mean you’re going to live here with your sister it’s ok leave it to me “ Kyoka says

“ Kyoka-san I don’t how to thank you “ Rena says

“ It’s ok my child you’re a good girl that’s why I’m doing it” Kyoka says

“ Thank you very much Kyoka-san” Rena says and smiles to the old maid

<< Rena’s home>>

Rena comes home

“ welcome onee-chan” Kanon says

“ I’m home Kanon “ Rena says

“ I’m really sad that tomorrow won’t say those words” Konon says and sad

“ it’s ok Kanon” Rena says

“ What do you mean? “ Asks Kanon

“ I found a house we can live in “ Rena says

“ Really how ? where? “ Kanon asks

“ You know I’m working in a house they accepted that we go live with them “ Rena says

“ Really is it ok for us? “ Kanon asks

“ It’s ok Kyoka-san says that she will take care of it “ Rena says

“ Kyoka-san ?” Kanon says

“ it’s the oldest maid in the house and I trust her she is really kind “ Rena says

“ so we’re going tomorrow there ?” Kanon asks

“ yes from Tomorrow we will live there  we will go there after school“ Rena says   

“ ok let’s go eat dinner “ Kanon says

“it’s our last dinner in our home . I don’t want to leave . “ Rena says

“ me too I don’t want to leave This home is full of our memory with oka-san and oto-san . I can’t .” Kanon says and start crying

“ it’s ok Kanon we will always be ok Onee-chan will be always with you so don’t worry “ Rena says and hug her little sister.

<< Matsui’s house >>

Jun or now we can say Jurina because no one is in the house only Kyoka and Jurina .  Jurina comes from upstairs .

“ good morning Jurina “ Kyoka says

“ good morning Kyoka-san you look happy what is new? “ Jurina says

“ I have two news first there are two person will live with us the house wont be empty like always” Kyoka says

“ who are those persons ? “ asks Jurina

“ they are with me you will see today “ Kyoka and laughs

“ they are coming today ? “ Jurina says

“ yes when you come from school you will see them “ kyoka says

“ aaaah and what is the other news?” Jurina asks

“ you’re parents will come for your birthday “ Kyoka says and smiles

“ really! My father too?? “ Jurina says

“ yes your father and your mother will come at the same time as the two other persons “ kyoka says

“ ok I’m going to get ready for school “ Jurina says with a happy tone

“ hurry your breakfast is waiting for you “ Kyoka says

“ ok”  Jurina says

“ Jurina can you buy me some things in your way when you back home? “ Kyoka says

“ of course Kyoka-san” Jurina says

<< at school at lunch time>>

“ I wanted to thank you Airin about last time I really had fun on Sunday “ Rena says

“ no need to thank me Rena-san it’s normal we are friends and friends always had fun “ Airi says

“ yes you are right “ Rena says

“ I wanted to tell you about something because you are my friend “

“ about what ? “ Asks Airi

“ my aunty kicked us me and Kanon from our home “ Rena says

“ what !! “ Airi yelled all student looked at her

“ calm down Airin “ Rena says

“ how could I what are you going to do do you want to stay at my place “ Airi says

“ it’s ok a a kind women let me stay at her home it’s not really her home but she said that she will take care of us“ Rena says

“ is it really ok “ Airi says

“ yes I trust her she will hep us I know it “ Rena says

“ but I’m still worried “ Airi says

“ you are always worried Airin nothing will happen she said to me that it will be ok so it will be ok” Rena says

“ ok  but if you have problems you can come with me” Airi says

“ yes yes I only have Airin I know it Airin but I think I don’t need it  but thank you Airin “ Rena says and smiles to Airi

“ you look really happy today what is it tell us Jun” Kumi says

“ really it looks at me this much” Jun says

“ yes you look really happy tell us what it “ Churi says

“you know  my birthday is coming “ Jun says

“ yes of course we know “ Kumi and Churi says

“ there are special guests will come to my home to it “ Jun says and smiles

“ who ? “ Churi

“ no no I wont tell you it’s a secret “ Jun says

“ no tell us please Jun “ Kumi says

“ no no no I said it’s a secret “ Jun says and laughs

“ come on tell us “ Kumi says

“ special guests…… “ murmured Churi

<< after the last lesson of school >>

“ I’m going first Airin “ Rena says

“ this fast ! yes we are going to move today” Rena says

“ Today ? “ Airi says suriprised

“ yes see you tomorrow “ Rena says

“ see you tomorrow “ Airi says

“ see you tomorrow girls” Jun says

“ you’re going but your car didn’t come” Churi says

“ No the car wont come I want to walk on foot  and Kyoka-san told me to buy her some things”  Jun says

“ ok bye Jun-kun” Kumi says

“ see you tomorrow “ Churi says

<< in front of Matsui’s villa >>

“ it’s a huge house Onee-chan . You are sure they are ok “ Kanon says

“ Yes Kanon you don’t believe ten ring the bell “ Rena says

Kanon ring the bell

“ who is it ?”

“ It’s Rena Kyoka-san “ Rena says

“ the door is open come in Rena with your sister “ Kyoka says

“ didn’t  I tell you Kanon “ Rena says

“ yes you’re right” Kanon says

“ come in the with me “ Rena says

“ok “ Kanon says

They entred the house and saw Kyoka waiting for them

“ from now this is your home come on “ Kyoka says

“ Kyoka-san this is my sister Kanon “ Rena says

“ I’m Kanon Rena’s little sister nice to meet you Kyoka-san “ Kanon says

“ nice to meet you too Kanon you must be a nice girl like your sister please come in you two “ Kyoka says

“ special guests you say… what is Matsui Rena is doing in Jun’s house? Murmured Churi who was hidden watching Rena and Kanon

<< upstairs >>

 “this the room of Kanon and this your room Rena your rooms are next each other “ Kyoka says

“ but Kyoka-san we can share only a room” Rena says

“ it’s ok Rena they are always empty and we don’t weed them you can stay you too” Kyoka says

“ thank you Kyoka-san “ Kanon says and hugs Kyoka

“ I’m really happy that you like it”  Kyoka says

“ I’m home Kyoka-san “Jun says

Kyoka goes downstairs

“ welcome home “ Kyoka says

“ I bought what you wanted Kyoka-san “  Jun says

“ what are you doing Onee-chan we are going downstairs or not? “ Kanon says

“ Go first Kanon I’ll put our luggage “ Rena says

“ ok” Kanon says and goes downstairs

“ who are you ah you must be the ones who talked about Kyoka-san” Jun says

“ yes I’m Kanon and you are? “ Kanon asks

“ Jun ! Matsui Jun I the owner of this villa Jun says and smiles

“ nice to meet you it’s a pleasure to live with someone nice as you Jun-san “ Kanon says

“ where is the other person with you Kyoka-san said it will be Two persons ? “ Jun says

“ Ah you mean Onee-chan? She is putting our luggage “ Kanon says

“ ah ok come on let’s go to the living room and wait for her “ Jun says

Rena comes taking a plateau of cups of tea

“ Onee-chan you’re here “ Kanon says

“ Onee-chan? “ Jun says

“ yes it’s my onee-chan” Kanon says

“ Matsui Rena you are going to stay with me under the same roof “ Jun says surprised

“ you didn’t know it ? “ Kanon says

“ who made this decision ? “ Jun yelled

“ I’m the one who made “ a wonen says

“ Oka-san! “ Jun says

“ she is your personal maid “ Jun’s mother says

“ Personal maid? “ Kanon says

“ and she is in the same class as you it will be good she will take care of you all the time is that not good “  Jun’s mother says

“ you didn’t ask me for it “ Jun says

“ why should I ask “ Jun’s mother says

“ because because……”

“ you can’t answer right “ the mother says

“ what are they talking about one-chan I think miss many chapters “ Kanon says

“ we will talk later Kanon it’s not the good time now “ Rena says

“ ok I think my work here is finished I’m going to Okinawa tomorrow “ the mother says

“ and father ?” Jun asks

“ he is already in Okinawa we have to sine a contract with someone “ the mother says

“ but I think … “ Jun says

“ what is it there is something? “ asks the mother

“ no nothing “ Jun says with an angry tone and goes to his room

“ Jun…… “  murmured Rena

“ Rena “ Jun’s mother says

“ yes!” Rena says

“ please take care of him “ The mother says and left

“ It’s time to go to sleep now tomorrow you have school “ Kyoka says

“ ok Kyoka-san “ Kanon says

“ I’m really grateful to you Kyoka-san I don’t know how I can thank you I don’t know what really to do “ Rena says

“ It’s ok my child just like the mistress said please take care of Jun “ Kyoka-san says

“ count on me Kyoka-san I will be by Jun’s side forever “ Rena says

“ I know that you a nice good girl that’s why I choose you “ Kyoka says

“ but I wanted to ask about somethins “ Rena says

“ what is it?” kyoka says

“ it’s about Manatsu I didn’t see her” Rena says

“ ah about Manatsu she called and said that she can’t come” Kyoka says

“ aah I see Thank you Kyoka-san “ Rena say

“ stop it and hurry go to sleep you must be tired “ Kyoka says

“ let’s go onee-chan “ Kanon says

Rena and her sister go upstairs and Kyoka goes to her room .

“ Onee-chan what is all of this? “ Kanon asks

“ like you herded I’m the personal maid of Jun “ Rena says

“ you are a maid ? and you are in the same class why you didn’t told me about it ?? “ Kanon says

“ It comes really fast and many things happened “ Rena says

“ many things happened what are they ?? “ Kanon

“ nothing Kanon the important that you know that I’m his personal made that’s all “ Rena says

“ but one-chan… “ Kanon says

“ I’m really tired Kanon now let’s go to sleep “ Rena says

“ ok  good night “ Kanon says

“ good night Kanon” Rena says
l hope you will like it  :on drink: 
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Poor Jun his parents are not really nice with him T_T
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i rena and jurina will getting closer after live in the same house..

thanks for the update
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Wahhh! Now Rena and Jurina are living in the same house? Fantastic!  :farofflook:

I really liked this chapter.  :shy2:

Update soon but take your time!  :luvluv1:
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Please update soon, i can't wait to see what will happen with Jurina and Rena  :wub:
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Hey minna-san I updated faster this time because I wont be at home and I think that I'll be able to update  :err:
here is the chapter dozo  :hee:

Chapter 7 : She is my Personal Maid

Rena woke up early and she sow Kyoka.

“ Good morning Kyoka-san “ Rena says

“ good morning Rena have you sleep well ? “ Kyoka said

“ yes  I’m full of energy now” Rena says smiling

“ great good work then” Kyoka said

 Rena went to the kitchen to make breakfast . kyoka was outside swept the garden . Jun entered the kitchen.

“ good morning Jun “ Rena said and smiled to him

“ good morning “ Jun said looking in other why and go to the fridge to take an orange . 

“ let me do it “ Rena said

“ I can do it by myself “ Jun said and took a knife  to skin the orange.

“ ouch “ Jun hurt his finger by the knife

“ oh you are bleeding didn’t I say to you to leave it to me “ Rena said and took Jun’s finger and and suck it to stop thr blood Jun blushes

“ w-what are you doing “ Jun said

“ please be calm “ Rena said and open the faucet and put Jun’s hand under the water

“ ah it stopped now “ Rena said and put a band-aid

“ t-thank you “ Jun said

“ no It’s nothing “ Rena said and smiled to Jun . Jun blushed and return to his room

“ Jun is so cute “ Rena said and laughed

“ Why is my heart is beating so fast  no no it’s nothing“  Jun said

After eating breakfast

“ I’m going to school bye Onee-cahn “ Kanon said

“ Wait I’m going with you “ Rena said

“ you’re not going with Jun-san ? “ Kanon said

“ no I want to go with you “ Rena said

<< Flashback >>

“ you can’t come with me at school we don’t know each other do you get it “ Jun said

“ Ok I understand “ Rena said

<< Flashback ends >>

“ ok let’s go then “ kanon said and the two sister left home

“ why you did it she is your personal maid “ Kyoka said

“ what are you talking about Kyoka-san” Jurina said

“ I’m not a little girl Jurina I know that you are the one who said to her to not come with” Kyoka said

“ yes I said it to her I don’t want anyone know about it it will be embarrassing “ Jurina said

“ but Jurina did all kindness gone where is the nice Jurina I know ? “ Kyoka said

“ it’s too late now “ Jurina said and go out

<< at school >>

“ Good morning Airin “ Rena said

“ Rena-san!!!!!!” Airi yelled

“ what is it Airin? “ Rena asked surprised

“ come with me “ Airi took Rena’s hand and they walked to the board where they put the results . there were many pupils in front of it looking at something.

“ what’s going on here I think that it’s not time of results “ Rena said when the students heard Rena’s voice they stopped talking  and looked at Rena with angry


“ What is it ? I didn’t do anything wrong . “ Rena said

“ then what is this “ a girl shouted

“ what do you mean by what is this ? “ Rena said

“ don’t act like you are an innocent  look at this “ a guy said

Rena looked at the board and sow many papers glue on it .

{ Matsui Rena is in love with Matsui Jun . she is boring him . she is been stalking him she even  fellow him into his house }  and under the text there were a pic of

Rena in front of Jun’s house .
“ but but …… “ Rena said

“ you can’t say it’s not true and the pic is the prove of it “a girl said

“ what is all of this do you have any idea Jun-kun “ Kumi said but Jun didn’t say nothing he know that it’s not truth and he belive that Rena don’t love him because

she knows that Jun is a girl and that Jun always yell at her and make her cry.

“ It’s good for you Matsui Rena I did this because it’s my revenge on you  to what you did to Jun-kun .  how could  you make Jun-kun crying like that ……” Churi’s

“ poor Jun-kun you must be tired of her “ a girl said

“ she must regret about what she did to Jun-kun “ an other girl said

“ yes even you love him how could you annoy him it’s not good you know “ a guy said

“ and you know that you are poor you can’t hung out with someone like Jun-kun “ an other guy said

Rena looked at Jun with a face full of sadness
“ let’s go to the classroom Churi  Kumi “ Jun said and left  . Rena ran always to the toilet .

“ running away don’t solve anything Rena-san “ Airi said holding Rena who was crying

“  ……”

“ What is this Rena-san since when do you know and talk to Matsui Jun “ Airi said

“……” Rena kept crying

“ It’s ok Rena-san I’m with you” Airi said

All the day the student’s looked at Rena with scary looks full of anger . Rena couldn’t say or do anything . She was keeping the promise she made with Jun

  the next day the things went worst . the student’s started bulling Rena . they wrote on her desk you stalker go away . when Airi sow it she got really angry and

“ who did it ?  you didn’t go far this time?!!!!”

“ calm down Airin it’s nothing” Rena said

“ how could you say it’s nothing “ Airi said and walked to Jun and said

“ you ! I don’t care who you are or how rich you are but don’t you think it’s a bite hard for Rena “

Jun looked down and didn’t say nothing

“ I’m talking with you are you listening “ Airi yelled

“ it’s ok Airin let’s go to our places”  Rena and Airi return to their places and Jun run away

“ she was crying I sow it…… “ murmured Rena and looked at Jun’s desk sadly

Airi tried to help Rena erase  what is written on her desk

<< at night in the Matsui’s villa >>

“ thanks for the meal “ kanon said

“ it was delicious the dinner Kyoka-san thank you “ Jun said

“ don’t thank me thank Rena it was her who made it “ Kyoka said

“ I’m really happy that you liked it “ Rena said and smiled to Jun . Jun blushed

Rena cleaned the table and washed the dishes .

“ Onee-chan did you finish? Let’s go sleeping then “ Kanon said

“ yes  I almost finished I’m coming “ Rena said

The two sister went upstairs .

“ why after all of this she still kind and smile to me “ Jurina said

“ because Rena is a good girl “ Kyoka said

“ yes she is “ Jurina said

“ go to sleep Jurina you look really tired” Kyoka said

“ ok good night Kyoka-san”

“ good night Jurina “ Kyoka said and the two of her went to their rooms

“ Jurina? I heard it clearly Kyoka-san called Jun Jurina is it her real name because she is a girl “ Rena who was hidden  said it to herself

The day after when Rena wanted to put the shoes reserved to school she didn’t find it so she walked into the school wearing only socks all the students who sow

her laughed at her and make fun at her. Rena went to the infirmary the teacher gave her thong to keep it until she find her shoes . at the lunch time Rena was

alone because Airi was absent for fever . when Rena went to the toilet  some girls throw on her dirty water . Rena couldn’t hold it and she crying and couldn’t stop

. after lunch time Rena didn’t come to lesson.

“ Matsui-san Matsui Rena-san she is absent what going on with her she was present this morning “ the teacher said

“ maybe she run away” a guy said

“ good riddance! “ a girl shouted

“ please be quiet “ the teacher said

Jun looked to Rena’s sit then he got up and left the classroom.

“ Matsui Jun-san where are you going return “ the teacher said but Jun didn’t listen  to him at all he was already left

“ Jun-kun wait” Churi said and got up

“ no you can’t go Takayanagi-san the lesson is beginning “ the teacher said

“ but teacher I……” Churi said

“ sit down “ the teacher sais

Jun went looking for Rena . he searched everywhere at the end he found her on the behind the school crying she was all wet and she smells awful .

“ why did you come here you will miss the lesson “ Rena said

“ and you “ Jun said

“ I’m ok by myself “ Rena said

“ you are not ok “ Jun yelled


“ let’s go” Jun take her by her hand and walked the two

“ where are we going ? “ Rena asked

“ to home you can’t stay outside like this “ Jun said and they keep walking

“ it’s my first time walking to home with Jun we are even holding hands she doesn’t seem bothered by my awful smell .

I know Jun is really nice even I know that she is a girl I’m still in love“ Rena thinking

“ we’re home  Kyoka-san! Kyoka-san “ Jun shouted but no one answered

“I think that Kyoka-san is out go take a shower I’ll wait for you in the living room” Jun said

But Rena didn’t move

“ what is it there is something wrong ? “ Jun says

Then point her finger to the hand of Jun who was holding hers

“ I-I’m sorry “ Jun said blushed and let go of Rena’s hand

“ it’s nothing “ Rena said and smiled to Jun then she went to take a shower

After her shower Rena put her casual clothes and she dry her hair then she went to the living room where Jun is waiting for her .

 Jun was sublimed by the beauty of Rena because he is used to see Rena with her maid uniform

“ Jun I finished “ Rena said but Jun was attracted by Rena and couldn’t take his eyes of her .



" YES!"

“Jun are you listening ? “ Rena said

 “ yes yes “ Jun said

“ are you alright Jun do you have a fever ? you are all red “ Rena said

“ no no I’m ok come with me” Jun said then they walked to Jun’s room

Jun opened the wardrobe and take out from it an uniform of a girl

“ Take this uniform is mine put it we can’t return to school if you don’t wear an uniform “ Jun said

“ but it’s yours Jun I can’t wear it “ Rena said

“ I only wear  it one time I wanted to try to know who really I’m but I know I can’t  wear it out side like you” Jun said

“ why do you act like you are a guy if you want to be a girl just say it “ Rena said

“ It’s a long story and about it I made a promise and I can’t break it “ Jun says

“ I don’t know what are you talking but I think you are right you have to keep your promise” Rena said

“ I’m sorry I made you suffer it was all my fault” Jun said sadly

“ It’s ok Jun I know you are a nice person and I don’t blame you” Rena said    

“put the uniform we have to hurry to return to school” Jun said

“ but If we return now we wont be at time with the last lesson “ Rena said

“ who says that that we are going to school to study “ Jun said

“ then why are we going then “

“ to solve all these problems” Jun said and smiled to Rena and Smiled back

<< at school >>

“ what are you waiting for ? “ Jun said

“ but the teacher is in the classroom  we can’t do it “ Rena said

Jun took Rena’s hand and dragged her with him in the class

“ Matsui Jun-san Matsui Rena-san what are you doing the class is almost finished where have you too been “ the teacher said

“ I have something to tell to everybody’s here Matsui Rena is non a stalker or something she lives with me in the same house “ Jun said

“ you mean she is one of your siblings “ a girl said

“ no “ Jun said

“ then who is she why do she live in the same house as you “ a guy said

Jun looks at Rena then murmured to him “ I’m ok “

“ Matsui Rena is my personal maid and if a person dares lay a hand on her this person does not know what he expects” Jun said proud of what he is doing

Rena was all red and shocked it was not only her who was shocked but all the class

 :whistle: I hope that you liked it  :byebye:

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@miyumi : I'm really happy that you liked it   :on woohoo: I worked hard to make this chapter  :on study: so I'm back now so stop crying  :cool1: I hope that you will like this one too like the other one  :on ksweat:
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this chapter will be devised on to parts so here is the first one dozo  :hee:

Chapter 8 : part 1 a week full of surprise

“ whaaaaaat “ all the class

“ your personal ? “ Churi  said

“ maid ? “ Kumi said

“ yes she is my personal maid so be nice to her “ Jun said

*ring bell*

“ You Wmatsui you ruined my lesson!!! “ the teacher said

“ Wmatsui ! “ Jun and Rena said

“ yes Wmatsui you have same last name you weird couple “ the teacher said

“ w-we’re not a couple “ Rena sais surprised

“ what are you talking nonsense get ready for your punishment “ the teacher said angry

“ eeeeh “ Rena said

“ don’t says “eeeh”  “ the teacher said and Jun looked to Rena and laughed

“ Jun-kun stop laughing !!” the teacher said

“ Jun is laughing I am really happy that he looks glad “ Rena thinking

“ Jun-kun you’re the best “ a guy said

“ I want to maid too “ a girl said

“ be my maid then “ a guy said

“ In your dreams maybe “ the girl answered

“ eeeeh I’m sad “ the guy said and all the class laughed

“ what all of this maid what are you talking about ? what are you doing ? and me ? “ Churi thinking and looking to Wmatsui with eyes full of jealousy

“ Akane-chan……” murmured Kumi and looked at at Churi

“ The lesson ends you can leave the class and you Wmatsui come with me “ the teacher said the student left the classroom and the Wmatsui followed the the


<< in gym >>

“ wow there are many pupils “ Jun said

“ it looks like we are not the only ones “ Rena said and smiled

“ look look it’s Jun-kun “ a guy said

“ what he got a punishment  ? “ a girl said

“ It’s the first time seeing him here “ an other guy said

“ Why is he with Matsui Rena ? “ an other girl said

“ it’s because Rena-chan is my personal maid” Jun said and smiled

“ whaaaat  Rena-chan“ all the students said

“ Rena-chan ? “ Rena said

“ yes you don’t like it” Jun asked

“ no I love it so much Jun “ Rena said and smiled back

“ Jun??? “ all the pupils said

Rena and Jun sited next each other .

“ I’m sorry it’s my fault that we are here “ Rena said

“ It’s ok it was me who did it so it’s not your fault “ Jun said and laughed

“ why are you laughing ? “ Rena asked

“ It’s really funny to be in this kind of situation new experience “ Jun said

“ aaah yes it’s your first time  for you to be here “ Rena said

“ what you get punishments before “ Jun said

“ yes “ Rena said and smiled

“ why ? “ Jun asked

“ because I always over sleep in class “ Rena said and the two laughed

“ you two stupid couple you’re not here for a date you have a punishment so be quiet or your punishment will double “ the teacher said

“ what Jun-kun it’s not enough for you . you have Takayanagi-san and now you want Matsui Rena “ a student said and the Wmatsui blushed

“ stop it !! “ Jun yelled and all the pupils laughed

“ kyaaa Jun-kun looks very cute when he is  embarrassed “ a group of girls said

“ please be quiet what wrong with you today Matsui Jun you are not like always you made many problems today “ the teacher said angry

“ he is in love that’s why “ a guy  said

“wow “ all the pupils said

“ be quiet “ the teacher yelled and the Wmatsui blushed

 << at home >>

“ Onee-chan more please” Kanon said

“Kanon don’t eat much it’s dinner “ Rena said

“ but I’m hungry “ Kanon said

“ let her eat she still a kid she has to eat well “ Kyoka said

“ but Kyoka-san… “ Rena said

“ only one more Onee-chan please please please“ Kanon begging her older sister

All laughed at Kanon

“ you’re so mean “ Kanon said and make a face of kid

“ you look like my friend I study with “ Jun said and laughed

“ who ? “ Kanon asked

“ it’s Kumi she is in the same class us and in the same club as me “ Jun said

“ you are in a club ?” Kanon asked

“ yes in the athletic club and I’m the Capitan “ Jun said and looked proud

“ so cool . you are not like my sister . she is very bad when it come to sport’s “ Kanon said

“ Really ? “ Jun said and looked to Rena ( He don’t really care about Rena before so he don’t know )

“ stop it Kanon “ Rena said

“ continue Kanon “ Jun said laughing

“ you know when it come to her to do abdominal muscles guess how many do she does” Kanon said

“ how much?” Jun said

“ guess “ Kanon said

“ stop it Kanooooon “ Rena said

“ 12 , 13 no no 10 no no 8 “ Jun said

“ no no “ Kanon said

“ I would say 3 “ Kyoka said

“ what you too Kyoka-san” Rena said

“ zero! “ Kanon said

“ whaaaat “ Jun and Kyoka said and all laughed

“ mou! Kanon it’s really embarrassing “ Rena said and covered her face

“ I think you should do some sport’s exercises it will be good “ Kyoka said

“ noo I hate sports “ Rena said

“ It’s ok  I’ll be here if you need some helps “ Jun said and smiled to Rena Rena

“ Thanks “ Rena said and smiled back

“ Rena-chan can you give me more rise” Jun said

“ yes of course “ Rena said

“ When did you become this close you too “ Kanon said

“ yes you’re right Kanon I think we missed something “ Kyoka said and smiled

“ ah maybe Jun-san is in love with Onee-chan “ Kanon said The tow blushed

“ what are you talking about Kanon stop joking” Rena said blushing

“Who said I’m joking maybe it’s true right Kyoka-san “ Kanon said and laughed

“ maybe !“  Kyoka said and laughed too

“ Kyoka-san stop it what are you talking about you two we are only friends! “ Jun said blushed

“ hai hai “ Kyoka said an laughed

“ I-I’m going to my room good night “ Jun said and run to his room Rena looked at him sadly

“ it’s ok Rena Jun is shy that’s why he did it “ Kyoka said and smiled to Rena

<< at school in cafeteria >>

“ Rena-chan can you come with me I want you to help me to find some things Kyoka-san want” Jun said

“ of course Jun “ Rena smiled

“ ok thanks I’m going to my friends now see you later “ Jun smiled back

“ wow I didn’t know that Matsui Rena is your personal maid why you didn’t says it earlier ? “ Kumi said

“ I didn’t want to surprise you all it’s kind of weird having a maid and she is in the same class” Jun said

“ Too late it surprised us all the high school talk about it  now “ Churi said

“ I was surprised too you know . “ Jun said

“ what is all of this Rena-san I was absent one day and all changed it’s true ? you are his maid ? “ Airi said

“ yes I’m his personal maid “ Rena said and smiled

“ you mean when you said to me you have a new job then you moved to you boss’s house you mean Matsui Jun? “ Airi said

“ yes sorry I couldn’t tell you . Jun told me to not tell no one “ Rena said

“ but I think it’s not good to work under him and you are a maid! “ Airi said

“ no Jun is really kind and you know I need this job “ Rena said

“ but Rena-san……” Airi said

“ I am ok and I’m really happy to do this job and don’t you see I stopped feeling asleep in class “ Rena said and laughed

“ maybe if you say so ……”  Airi said ( the truth is that Airi is jealous of Jun that’s all )

“ Manager-san here I found you come I have some things to tell you about the club “ the teacher of Physical Education said

“ ok I’m coming wait for me “ Churi said

“ ok we’re waiting “ Kumi said and Akane went with the teacher

“ Jun-kun what are you doing ? “ Kumi said

“ what what did I do? “ Jun said

“ nothing what are doing you’re giving up on Akane-chan “ Kumi said

“ no I didn’t “ Jun said

“ it’s not what it my eyes sow you spend more time with Rena and you are so friendly with her “ Kumi said

“ no we are only friends that’s all “ Jun said

“ it’s not people think Jun-kun “ Kumi said

“ but they are wrong” Jun said

“ ok ok let’s change the topic that’s right tomorrow we will celebrate your birthday” kumi said

“ aah I almost forget about it “ Jun said and laughed

“ stop joking no one forget his birthday “ Kumi said

I hope you will like it  :dunno:
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@kurogumi : I think it's too early for it  :sweat: I like hot secnes too  :on bleed:
                    but I'll make sure that I'll do when I can   :ding:

Chapter 8 : Part 2 I’ll be with you forever

<< the d-day>>

“ listen I’m going to my sister’s house I’ll be back tomorrow she needs me to help her for her new job” Kyoka said

“ it will be the three of us in home” kanon said

“ yes Jun take care of Rena and Kanon” Kyoka said

“ of course! “ Jun said

“ let’s go Rena in the car together it will be fast” Jun said

“ me too me too” Kanon said

“ yes you too Kanon “ Jun said and laughed

“ wait Jun “ Kayoka said

“ what is it Kyoka-san? “ Jun asked

“ Happy birthday“ Kyoka said and smiled

“that’s right! It’s your birthday” Rena said surprised

“I didn’t know about it”  Kanon said sadly

“ oh really I thought everybody know about my birthday“  Jun said and laughed

“ Yes I know when it is  but I forgot about it sorry “ Rena said

“ it’s ok let’s have fun now it’s the important “ Jun said and smiled to Rena

“ You’ll have a party “ Kanon said

“ I don’t know “ Jun said

“ hurry and go to school you will be late” Kyoka said

“ we’re leaving Kyoka-san”  Rena said

“ take care “ Kyoka said

“ I’m going “ all teens said and leave

“ I’m really happy that Jurina could smile again “ Kyoka said smiling and crying at the same time

 << at school >>

At the entry of school . when Jun and Rena got off the car . Nothing happened Rena went to the class with Airi and Jun Churi and Kumi 

“ what only this? “ Jun said

“ what do you mean?” Churi said

“ where is my presents?? “  Jun said

“ no one bring you presents “ Kumi said and laughed and the teacher came to class

“ no whyyy “ Jun said

“ be calm Jun-kun or you want to be punished in your birthday? “ the teacher said

“ no sensei! “ Jun said and all class laughed

<< after lesson’s >>

All the student’s left . Kumi went with Rena and Kumi somewhere . only Jun and Churi in the class

“ whaaat I didn’t know that my birthday will be boring like this “ Jun said and he put down his face on the table”

 “ are you sure ? “ Churi said happy

“ what do you mean “ Jun asked

“ I said to you I’ll give you the greatest birthday present . come with me “ Churi said then the two left the classroom

“ where are we going ? “ Jun asked

“ you will see “ Churi answered and smirked

At the end they arrived in front of the door of the biggest building in school . The gym’s one .

“ what are we going to do here I thought we don’t have activities in the club today “ Jun said

“ come on let’s go “ Churi said  when came inside the students speared fireworks.

“ all everybody se no  HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUN-KUN !!! “ all pupils said

A large smile appeared on Jun’s face

“ thank you all “ Jun said

“It was really hard to make all pupils don’t care at first .  the teacher of Physical Edition helped me too to organise to you a party here so do you like my birthday

 present ?  “ Churi asks

“ yes It’s the best present I got “ Jun said and kissed Churi’s cheek  Churi blushed

“ me too me too Jun-kun I want a kiss “ a girl shouted

“ no my present is greatest then you Jun-kun will give a kiss only to me “ an other girl said

“ sorry girls I would like to do it but Churi will be jealous  “ Jun said laughing

“ kyaaaa” a group of girls shouted

“ don’t take all the girls to yourself “ a group of guys said

“ sorry sorry “ Jun said and laughed

“ didn’t they look good couple these two right Rena-san? “ Kumi said

“ y-yes you are right “ Rena said and  looked perturbed

“ are you ok Rena-san “ Airi said worried

“ y-es yes I’m ok Airin why are you asking this kind of question it’s party now “ Rena said and did a false smirk

“ bring the cake for Jun-kun it’s time now “ Churi said

After eating cake they danced ,sang and played games . They had fun. Jun was really happy.

“ Jun-kun it’s time “ Kumi said

“ of what ? “Churi said

“ for my speech “ Jun said happy

“ what speech? “ Rena said

“ we will see “ Airi said

“ listen everybody ! Jun-kun would like to tell you something “ Kumi said

“wow Jun-kun! Jun-kun!Jun-kun! “ everybody shouted

“ thank you everybody for coming today and share with me this happy moment “ Jun said

“ you don’t have to thank us we thank you that we can many delicious dishes “  a guy shouted and all the persons laughed

“ I’m happy for you and I want to thank also Churi . Churi thanks for this present I really thank you for being always by my side…… “  Jun said


Jun stopped talking

“ what is he trying to say at the end ?“ Rena said

“ confession for Akane-chan “ Kumi said

“ so Churi what I want to say is……” Jun said

“ I think I’m not feeling well I’m going to home “ Rena said and run away

“ Rena-san wai- “ Airi said but Kumi took Airi’s arm and said to her

“ at this time I think Rena-san would be to stay alone”

“ don’t tell… “ Airi said

“ yes Rena-san is in love with Jun-kun so let hr alone now I think it’s the best think for her  “ Kumi said

“ from a long time I love you Churi …… would you like to go out with me!” Jun said

“ wow Jun-kun you are the best !! “ everybody shouted

“ what is your answer Churi ? “ Jun said


“ I’m really happy Jun-kun . I like you too but only as a friend I’m sorry Jun-kun” Churi said and run away

“ aaaah~ “ everybody said with a disappointed  tone

“ wait Akane-chan where are you going” Kumi said and ran after her

Jun was shocked by the answer what Churi give him .

“ it’s ok Jun-kun it’s not the end of world “ a guy said

“ yes don’t be sad you have me “ a girl said

“ no me “ an other girl

“ no he wants me “ a tall girl said

“ shout up girls it’s not the best time for your stupid fights Jun-kun is heart broken “ a guy said

“ we are sorry Jun-kun “ the girls said

“ It’s ok “ Jun said sadly

“ let’s go to Karaoke continue the party and forget about all what happened ! “ an other guy said

“ yes let’s go!! “ everybody said then  dragged  Jun with them

<< in the house >>

Rena walked here and there and didn’t stop

“ calm down Onee-chan he will come soon “ Kanon said comfort her sister
 “ I know it’s already 9 pm  and Jun didn’t come what should I do?” Rena said worried

“ should we call Kyoka-san ?” Kanon suggested

“ no let’s wait more Kanon I don’t want to make her worry “ Rena said

“ but If something happen to him “ Kanon said

“ nothing will happen to him he will arrive soon “ Rena yelled It’s the first time Rena yell at her sister

“ Onee-chan….” Kanon said and she had tears in her eyes

“ I’m sorry kanon I’m confused and troubled . I promise to Kyoka-san to take care of Jun but but… “ Rena said and Hugged Kanon

“ don’t worry Onee-chan he will be alright “ Kanon said

“ Kanon go to sleep I’ll wait for him alone “ Rena said

“ no I want to wait with you I’m worried too “ Kanon said

“ you have school tomorrow you must to be tired “ Rena

“ ok then wake me when he arrived at home “ Kanon said

“ ok Kanon good night “ Rena said

“ Good night “ Kanon said and went to her room

Rena waited for Jun hours and hours at 2 am when she almost started to feel asleep she heard the sound of the door . Rena hurry to the door . of course It was

Jun .
“ Jun! you know what time is it now ?? where were you all the time ?? “ Rena yelled at Jun

“ wow It’s my first time seeing Rena*hip* -chan yelling “ Jun said and fall down

“ what !!? you are drunk ? “ Rena said and help Jun stand up

“ no no *hip* I’m not drunk *hip* . I’m ok . I’m the happiest girl in the world !! wait wait I’m not a girl I’m a guy Rena-chan!! I’m a guy!!” Jun said and laughed

“ yes I know I know don’t move too much or we are going to fall down “ Rena said and took Jun to his room

“  aahh I’m really tired !! ne Rena-chan don’t you think it’s hot “ after saying it Jun take of his clothes and stay only with his underwear or should we said with her

 underwear because at that time you can see that she is a girl

“ put your clothes or you will  get a cold !! “ Rena said and cover Jun’s body with a bed sheet

“ now! I am me a girl “ Jun said and smiled to Rena

“ what happened Jun why you are drunk ? “ Rena said

“ Jun? I’m not Jun I’m Jurina “

“ but Jun yo- “

“ no no no say it Ju- ri-na it’s easy say it “

“ J-Jurina “ Rena said her face was red

“ yes yes that’s it “ Jurina said laughing and clapping

“ what did you do after the party ? why you are in this state “

“ euuuuhm Churi!!! She said I’m sorry why I loved her so much “

“  you were rejected ? how ?? “

“  she doesn’t love me Rena-chan ! Churi said that she loves me as a friend  “ 

“ It’s ok Ju- I mean Jurina I’m here “ Rena said

“ but Rena-chan but Rena-chan I didn’t find Rena-chan you leaved me alone “ Jurina pushed Rena on the bad she was on the top of Rena crying

“ I’m sorry Jurina I’ll never leave you I’ll be always with” Rena said and hugged Jurina

“ Really you mean it ? “ Jurina said

“ yes  I promise you Jurina I wont leave you I’ll be with you forever“ Rena said

 “ arigatou Rena-chan “ Jurina said and smiled a beautiful smile to Rena the other girl smiled back to her .

Jurina looked at Rena’s black eyes and she touches Rena’s long hair .

“ Rena-chan is so beautiful and so kind “ Jurina said and touched gently with her finger Rena’s lips

“ Jurina what are doi- “ Rena couldn’t complete her answer and Jurina kissed her on her lips   

“ what are you doing Jurina? “ Rena said her face all red after saying it Rena realize that Jurina fall asleep on the top of her .

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OMG!!!!!!! XD :P :wub: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

finally, Jun kissed Rena (fangirl mode). Arrghh i wanna screamm  :inlove:
 I don't understand why churi rejected jun .... Maybe rena or something.....
BTW mo chan you just save my life away from exam *sigh*
;w; sadly i just hope next morning jun will remember all the thing that she did to rena!

Ps. Cant wait to read next chapter  :peace:
arigatoune mo-channnnn!!!!!

ah! dont forget to write some hot scene  :twothumbs
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Ahhhh finally! Jurina has kissed Rena!  :luvluv1:

It's about time.  :hehehe:

Aw poor Jun got rejected.  :fainted:

But sweet loveable Rena-chan was there to comfort her.  :luvluv2:

Please update soon!  :pleeease:
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Please update soon!  :pleeease:

I´m with Miyumi!!! upsate sooon please!
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love twist :panic:

churi rejected churi a fool or what?
jurina kissed rena..kyaaaa~

i want moorree~
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JUN!! eh Jurina!!! dont cry... Rena will be by your side Forever!
Churi rejected Jun...why...dont tell me she know jun she cant love jun...but its okay beside because of churi rejeted jun...rena has her oportunity to win jun heart..

Rena-chan fighting!!! :jphip:

want the update soon!

ah thank for the update mo-chan ...and dont forget the hot scene LOL :cathappy: :cathappy: :cathappy: :cathappy: :cathappy:
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hey minna-san as I see all liked the kiss of Jurina and Rena  :hehehe:
I hope you will like this Chapter    :farofflook:
this chapter will be in two part too  :bingo:

Chapter 9 : part 1

 Jurina woke up and sow Rena sleeping next to her . When Rena felt  Jurina moving Rena woke up too.

“ Rena-chan ?”Jurina said surprised then she realised she was only wearing her underwear she returned under the bed sheet

“ euuuhm good morning Jurina “ Rena said with a sleepy face

“ Jurina? You called me Jurina!!? “

“ yes you was the one who said to me to call you like that “ Rena said

“ me ? I said it?” Jurina said

 “ my head hurts so much “ Jurina said and touch her head

“you arrived late yesterday at 2 am and you where drunk because of…” Rena said and looked other way

“ because of Churi…” Jurina said sadly

“ I’m sorry Jurina” Rena said

“ stop calling me Jurina…” Jurina

“ but you were the one who said to- “

“ now I’m removing what I said yesterday and what are you doing in my bed ?”

“ you were the one who wanted it “ Rena said

<< Flashback >>

Rena realised that Jurina fall asleep . Rena moved Jurina and stand up to leave the room but Jurina grabbed Rena’s arm

“ don’t leave me alone “ Jurina said looking sadly to Rena

<< end of flashback >>

“even I try I really can’t remember what happened “ Jurina said

“ what you don’t remember??“  Rena said and move herself on the top of Jurina

Someone entered the room .

“ Jun-san did you come bac-“ Kanon couldn’t finish what she is going to say she so surprised of what her sister is doing

“ I’m sorry for interrupting “ and leave

“ wait Kanon it’s not what you think “ Rena said and went after her sister

“ how can I say that I remember what happened ! why did I do that . Rena-chan loves me . It was my first kiss… “ Jurina’s thinking

Rena returns to the Jurina’s room and said to her

“ Juri- I mean Jun get ready it’s almost time  to go to school . “

“ o-ok I’m going right now ! “ Jurina said

“ but you look so red I wonder if is it because you were drunk yesterday “ Rena said

then touched Jurina’s forehead 

“ you don’t have fever “

“ I-I’m ok “ Jurina said and let go Rena’s hand

“ I’m sorry “ Rena said sadly and left

“ what’s with me! “ Jurina said to herself

Rena was standing behind the door of Jurina’s room

“ so you don’t remember…… it was my first one and I’m glade that it was with you “ Rena murmured sadly

<< Rena’s thinking >>

Here I am dear readers I think you must miss me after the first time I talked with you all .

So I wont take more time saying nothing . here we are .

Days passed . It’s been a month that Kanon and me are living in the Matsui villa with Jun who is in real a girl and her name is Jurina .

 The only one who know this secret is only her family Kyoka-san and me If there is an other person I don’t know.

I was really shocked at the first but now I think girl or guy Jun or Jurina .I don’t care .

The only thing I  love that person and I promise to her that I’ll be with her forever.

Now let’s return where we arrived .

So it has been  two week after  Jun’s birthday and She really not in a good state you know all why and she even don’t talk too much now .

 I’m really worried about her What can I do to her. Let’s continue ……

<< at school >>


Jun hold his breath  he looked like he wasn’t with them . He was thinking too much . Kumi arrive  right after him .

“ aaaaaah you win again “ Kumi said

"Jun here is your  bottle you must be thirsty “ Churi said but Jun ignored her and went to the  locker room

“ It’s ok Akane-chan you have to understand him “

“em…” Churi said and looked down

“ Matsui-san come here” the teacher said

“ yes sensei  what is it?“ Jun said and walked to the teacher

“ here take a look in this stopwatch  “ The teacher said Jun looked more sad

“ your level has reduced what’s wrong with you Matsui-san “ the teacher said

“ it’s nothing I’m only a bite tired” Jun said

“I don’t want to hear you saying your tired again the sport festival is coming “ The teacher said

“ I’m sorry “

“ don’t apologise to me be more concentrate and take care of yourself” the teacher said and left

“ it’s all Takayanagi’s fault “ a tall girl and looked at Jun but Jun left

“ yes if he didn’t know her it will be the best for all “ an other girl next to the tall girl said and they left

“ ne Akane-chan you heard the teacher even that Jun-kun his level has reduced I couldn’t win agai-“ Kumi looked to Churi .

 she was very sad and her face looked down

<< at home >>

“ I finish I’m going to my room “ Jun said

“ but Jun-san you hadn’t eat much “ Kanon said

“ Finish your dinner you don’t eat much these days “ Kyoka said

“ I’m not hungry Kyoka-san I’m going to my room good night everybody “ Jun said

“ Good night “ all said and Jun went to the upstairs Rena was looking at him worried

“ What happened Rena? “ Kyoka asked


“ It’s ok you can tell me “ Kyoka said

“ Jun-kun confessed to Takayanagi-san but she rejected him

“ whaaaaat who is this crazy girl who rejected Jun-san she is blind or what” Kanon

“ shht Kanon don’t talk like this or Jun will heard you “ Rena said angry

“ aah I’m sorry “ Kanon said

“ I’ll talk to him leave it to me “ Kyoka said

“ yes please Kyoka-san !!! “ Rena said

“ hahah you really like Jun-san Onee-chan “ Kanon said

“ w-what are you talking about !! I’m only his maid and it’ my job what I’m doing “ Rena said

“ oh Really! I think my eyes can’t lie don’t forget that day when I sow you in Jun-san room and yo- “ Rena cover the mouth of her sister with her hands

“ what did Rena do in Jun’s room? “ Kyoka asked

“ n-nothing Kyoka-san it’s only Kanon who is joking “ Rena said and laughed

“ aah ok then go to sleep you have school “ Kyoka said

“ ok good night”

“ good night “
sorry for this short part  :err:
I'll try better one next time  :on study:
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Sports festival? There's going to be a sports festival! I want to read about it.   :shy2:

What Rena's first kiss was with Jurina! How lovely! :luvluv1:

Haha Kanon walked in at the wrong time. :stoned:

Jurina is slowing down because Rena is on her mind! That's why!  :on thumbb:

Please update soon!  :farofflook:
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I can't! This is getting more and more interesting, please update soon :wub:
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i guess that churi is feeling guilty now..
wanting for more wmatsui moments! pliz update soon..
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Rena-Chan! Fighting >w<
you can win jun's heart

update soooooooooooooooooooooooon !
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Sports festival? There's going to be a sports festival! I want to read about it.   :shy2:
Second that.

I'm imagining, in the dusk Jun trying all his best to run with an injured leg and right behind the finish line there's Rena scolding him for being a slowpoke and chanting at him with tears. Dramatic! :cry:
Oh no, I'm spoiling my imaginations to much. Gomen! :nervous

<< Rena’s thinking >>

Here I am dear readers I think you must miss me after the first time I talked with you all .

So I wont take more time saying nothing . here we are .

Days passed . It’s been a month that Kanon and me are living in the Matsui villa with Jun who is in real a girl and her name is Jurina .

Ah~ I'm kinda missing this writing format from you. :w00t:
The << ... >> and the narration below the brackets, it's like a dating sim game and I like it. :D err.. kinda hoping more of this format in next update.
Gomen too~ seems like I'm being too demanding. :nervous
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Omg... Churi why you reject Jun???

I hope she doesn't cause trouble to wmatsui...

And poor Airin...

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mo-chan daisuki

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@miyumi :it's still early for the sports festival it will come wait  :bingo:
@Jori : of course it's interesting  :kekeke:
@yukofan : ho knows  :hehehe:
@lizzie : me too I hope so too  :wriggly: what I'm saying It's me the writer  :err:
@aruka : you think so much wait and see what is going to happen  :wahaha:
@epiclulz : I even don't know why churi rejected jun  :dunno: . and about Kuminon it's not easy to add a new couple  but  I'll try to add it in the chapter 10 or 11 I have somethings to talk about first  :sweat:
@Aya-chan : you should love the fic not me  :on lol:

minna thanks for all your comments it helps me a lot  :farofflook:

Chapter 9 : part 2

<< Jun’s room >>

*knock knock knock*

“ It’s Kyoka” 

Kyoka come in the room . Jun was up she was sitting on a chair reading a book .

“ It’s late Jurina now go to sleep “ Kyoka said

“ I really don’t have sleep” Jurina said

“ I heared about Takayanagi-san “ Kyoka said

“ That girl couldn’t keep his mouth ! “ Jurina said

“ no it was me who forced her and Rena is really worried about you “ Kyoka said

“ ……”

“ please Jurina it’s not the end of world . Takayanagi-san is your best friend an childhood friend . I think she would be shocked 

. but Jurina are you sure that Takayanagi-san will accept you ? don’t forget you are a girl . don’t worry us “ Kyoka said and  left the room

jurina was feeling really sad after kyoka-san left her room and jurina start to think about churi again and again, she couldnt sleep at that time then she closed the

book she was reading and return it to the book's shelf and went to her bed, she suddenly thought of Rena while she was sleeping next to her and jurina was

wearing her underwear only, "Rena-chan was really cute when she wakes up" jurina said to herself while blushing "what im saying now, i have to sleep!"

at the same time Rena was really worried about Jurina when she heard that her level has decreased and sports festival is about to come

"onee-chan, do u think jun-kun is fine?" Rena couldn’t answer Kanon and said "its not the right time to talk, its time to sleep"

"ok onee-chan, goodnight" kanon said disappointed

"goodnight kanon" Rena said

Rena left kanon's room and head to her room then she looked at jurina's room

 "i wonder... if she is fine?" Rena said to herself sadly and worried

<<next day at school>

"hey jun-kun! goodmorning" kumi said

"goodmorning kumi" said jun with a smile

"are you ready for the sports festival?" kumi asked

"mmm, i dont know" said jun with sadly voice

"what's wrong? you are still upset of what happened between you and churi?"

". . . ."

"excuse her jun it's her first time someone confessed to her and it was from you her childhood friend so she was really confused about it and-"

"by the way where is churi? i didnt see her this morning" jun interrupted kumi

"aahh, she is absent today" kumi said

"why? she is sick?" jun said worried

"no she isn’t, she went to America with her dad and she is coming before the sports festival"

"what she didn’t tell me about it" jun said sadly and looked down

"she thought you are still upset so she left without telling you"

*bell rings*

"we have to go to class now" kumi said



<<second period>>

"matsui rena-san!! wake up please" the teacher said angry but rena didnt wake up


"yes!" Rena said surprised and the class laughed at her

"she must be really tired" Jun said to himself

"it's the second period and you are sleeping?" teacher asked

"it must be working at jun's place is really hard" a girl said and all the class start to talk about it

"silence everyone" teacher shouted

<<lunch Break>>

"since churi is not there we will be alone" kumi said laughing

"i'm going to get things from the cafeteria, do you want anything?"

"no thanks, i already have my lunch box" kumi said

"ok i'm goin-"

"ah i forgot, get me some juice" kumi said laughing

"ok ok i got it" jun laughed

while jun was walking he saw airin alone and he knew she is Rena's best friend

"hey furukawa-san" jun called airin

"yes matsui-san" airin answered

"do you know where is Rena-chan?" jun asked

"she said she is at the rooftop but why you are asking" airin said jealousy

"i want to give her something, what does she like?"jun asked shyly

"what for?" airin asked

"i think she is doing her best lately and i want to give her thing to give her energy" jun said smiling

"aaa i see now, in that case..." airin said and then whispered in jun's ears

"WHAT!? seriously?" jun said

"yes" airin answered with a smile

<<at the rooftop>>

jun bought what airin asked for and went to the rooftop and saw rena was sleeping

"Rena-chan is so cute" jun said while blushing

"matsui Rena-san wake up" jun shouted

"yes sensei" Rena woke up and she saw jun was laughing

"ah it was you jun, dont scare me like that"

"sorry sorry" jun said laughing "that's why i came here" jun said smiling

Rena was nervous and jun showed his hand

"take it you wont feel tired" jun said with a smile

"eh!? i-it's a coffe" Rena said disappointed

"arigatou jun"

then jun shower his other hand "someone told me you love it so much so i bought you one"

"eeeeeh, a melon pan it's my fav" Rena said happily "arigatou~" while hugging jun

"ah, sorry i shouldn't do that at school" Rena apologized and jun was blushing

"n-no it's ok we are alone now" jun sat next to Rena

"who told you that i love melon pan " Rena asked

"furukawa-san" jun answered

"airin told you!!" they both laughed


"so how's your training now? the spots festival is next week" Rena asked

"i'm going to do extra training cuz the teacher said my level decreased" jun said

"you don’t have to force yourself like that" Rena said worried

" i will be Rank one this year so don’t worry" jun said smiling then jun remembered that kumi wanted a juice

"aaa, sorry Rena-chan i forgot something" jun said and ran to the door

"what's that thing you forgot" Rena said to herself

<<at school's garden>>

"you are so late jun-kun where have you been?" kumi said angry

"sorry kumi i had something to do" jun said

"take your breathe first" kumi said laughing and they sat together next to a tree

why yoou don’t have a lunch box? u should ask Rena-san to make you one" kumi said

"i have never asked her" jun said blushing

"it's ok, i will ask her for you then" kumi said laughing

"no i dont need your help" jun laughed

"do you like Rena-san?" kumi asked

"yes I like her, she is so nice to me and I was treating her so bad" jun said sadly

"but you are nice to her now and you bought for her a coffee and melon pan" kumi said laughing

"eh? you stalked on me?" jun asked

"no, the teacher asked me to bring the reports and on my was I saw airin-san whispering in your ears so I was curious and stalked you"

"so you stalked after all" both laughed

"no it was nothing, I wanted to ask her something about Rena" jun said

"you should have asked her Rena-san herself" kumi said with a smile

"ok I will do it next time" jun laughed

I hope that you liked it  :byebye: :mon bye:

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i wonder what will be churi's reaction if she found out that Juju is actually girl :dunno:
And churi went to america ?!  :stoned:
Kumi the stalker   :shock:

Pls update soon    :gmon tears:  :kneelbow:
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So Churi is in America now? Well good   :angry1:

Maybe now Jun can finally focus.  :on study:

Ahh imaging sleeping Rena is just so cute!  :nya:

Please update soon!  :farofflook:
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Omg Churi is so evil... Somehow lol.

Airi!!! Don't you realise Jun is your rival???

Melonpan~ *thinks of kuchiutsushinomelonpan*

Jun, good luck in the fest!!!

Meanwhile, I'll think of ways to hijack your fic with Kuminon LOL JK

Really interesting now!!! How will everyone react when Jun says she's a girl'??

Forever hyper and waiting for your next update!

And plz make some Renairin too lol. Although its kataomoi for Airin ;_;
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Soooooooo nice Jun in this chapter!!
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Yeah I think the same, Jun can finally focus in Rena, right? and they live in the same house so gambatte Rena-chan :on asmo: Please update as soon as you can  :luvluv2:
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ahahaha gomenne mo-chan i just love u so much   :heart: :heart: :wub:

i hope u wrote the hot scene  :drool:

update soon   XD
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just found this fic and..
mo-chan-san, you made me realize the power of WMatsui XD

Kuumin never failed to make me laugh XD
when will Jurina/Jun confess her/his love to Rena? :roll:

please update it soon :thumbsup thank you ^^
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Mo-chan!! Arigatou this chapter was so good...

Churi goes to america! Rena-chan! Its your chance to capture Jun heart!!!
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mo-chan! Where are you?!  :OMG:

I want to know what happens between Jun and Rena!  :frustrated:

Please update soon!  :pleeease:

I miss you!  :gyaaah:
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woow.. jun treated rena so well
airin told jun about melon-pan  :doh: (what's her side?) Jun is her rival!! i wonder she doesnt know ... poor airin

thanks for updating  :D

pls update soon mo-chan
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@ElleOranjii : yes Akane is in america now we will see her reaction when find out please cantinue reading  :bingo:
@anzai48 : ahhh welcome the legendery anzai-san I'm happy that you liked my fic  :on woohoo: . they sure will be shocked when they will know that the prince is a girl  :ding: and Jun/Jurina remember kissing and sleeping with Rena but She only don't know why she did it  :kekeke: 
thank you for the long comment   :kneelbow:
@miyumi ; it's for you that I did my best to finish this chapter today  :stuffed: thank you I miss you too I was waiting all the day for your fic to read it I love it so much  :shy2:
@epiclulz : Airin know that Rena love Jun she is doing it because she is Rena's bestfriend and she love her .  :bigdeal:
and why you want RenaAirin and kataomoi  :scared: I really don't want to make them suffer so much  :fainted:
@Minami-chan : I"m happy that you like it  :nya:
@Jori : you're right  :luvluv2:
@Wmatsui22 : we all hope it  :luvluv1:
@Aya-chan : I love you too . the hot scence is still early for it  :depressed:
@Trickster : I am happy for it . Yeah Kumi is so funny like always  :on lol: it's still early for a confession  :sweat:
@kurogumi : yeah it's their chance  :ding:
@lizzie ; like I said before Airin know that Rena loves Jun  :bingo:
Chapter 10 : 

<<at jun's villa>>

"Jun breakfast is ready" Rena said and entered his room but he wasn’t there

"eh?! where is Jun?" Rena said worried

"kyoka-san! Jun is not in is room"

"don’t worry Rena-chan, Jun is out for running" kyoka said

"this early! it's 7AM, he should be here to get ready for school" Rena said

"I know Jun will come back soon, he didn't tell you that he is training for the sports festival?" kyoka asked

"yes he told me but... he is forcing himself" Rena said worried

"don’t worry Rena-chan, he knows what he is doing"

*ring bells*

"I'm back" Jun said tiredly

"ah Jun-san, welcome home" kanon said smiling

"thanks kanon" jun replied

"Jun you are back, Rena was really worried about you" kyoka said and Jun laughed

"why you are laughing? because I was worried?" Rena said angry

"no it's just Rena-chan is cute when she gets worried" Jun smiled to Rena and she was blushing

"aahh~ I'm late I have to take a shower now!" Jun said

"yes you are very late, Rena-chan prepare the bathroom for Jun" kyoka said

"y-yes kyoka-san" Rena said then Rena and Jun went upstairs to Jun's room

"Jun-san likes onee-chan" kanon said laughing

"Rena is a nice girl" kyoka said

<<at Jun's room>>

"Jun the bath is ready... Jun?" Jun didn’t answer

Rena got back to the room and she saw Jun sitting while staring at the window

"Jun, are you ok?" Rena asked

"em? ah yes I'm ok, the bath is ready right? I'm going now" Jun said

Rena kept looking at Jun "what he was thinking?"

<< at school >>

"Jun I'm so proud of you, your level has increased" teacher said

"really?" Jun said happily

"don’t let your guard down and don’t be so happy, you have to train even harder for the sports festival"

"yes sensei"

<<school day ends>>

"hey Jun-kun let's walk home together" Kumi said

"I'm sorry Kumi i have to train now" Jun said

"i heard your level increased" kumi said

"yes but I wont let my guard down" Jun said smiling

"ok Jun-kun do your best then" kumi encouraged Jun

<<sports festival two days left>>

kumi calls Jun at 10PM

“hey Jun-kun can we meet now" kumi said

"what's wrong?" Jun said worried

"I will tell you when you get there"

"ok I'm coming"

Jun wore his jacket and head to the door

"where are you going this late" Rena said but Jun didn’t answer her

"hey Jun!" Rena shouted and followed Jun but Jun was so fast and he is already out and running

"Jun ignores me lately" Rena said sadly

<<a park near by kumi's house>>

"hey kumi, what's wrong?" Jun said

"take your breathe first and I will tell you what's wrong" kumi said

"ok tell me"

"actually... it's about Churi"

"something bad happened to her?" Jun asked worried

"you have to read this" kumi said

it was a letter by Churi from america

[[i'm sorry jun-kun i will be in America for the next two weeks]]

"what does that mean?" Jun said

"she wont be in the sports festival" kumi said and Jun was really disappointed


"hey Jun-kun it's really cold outside you want to go to my place?" kumi said while blushing

"I'm sorry kumi I'm late now maybe the next time" Jun apologized to kumi

"at least walk me home, it's dangerous for a girl like me to walk alone" kumi said

"ok kumi i will walk you home" Jun said laughing

the two of them walked home together

"you have a nice house" Jun said with a smile

"thanks Jun-kun..."

"Jun-kun... I-" kumi said

"ok see you tomorrow at school" Jun said smiling

"emm, see you tomorrow" kumi said sadly


"I'm back" Jun said

"where have you been Jun??" Rena and kanon said at the same time

"I was meeting a friend" jun said "you don’t have to worry about me"

Jun went upstairs to his room and he seemed sad

"Churi wont be there..." Jun said to himself sadly

<<the next morning>>

"Jun wake up" Rena said

"I don’t want to go to school" Jun said

"what do u mean u don’t want to go to school?"

"i want to skip school today"

"the sports festival is tomorrow u have to tra-"

"I don’t want to train... leave me alone" Jun said sadly

Rena closed the door and talked with kyoka

"kyoka-san Jun is not feeling well" Rena said worried

"I don’t know what's wrong with him suddenly" kyoka said "let's not force him to go to school and you get ready for school"

"yes kyoka-san" Rena said sadly and worried about Jun

<<at school>>

"hey haven't you seen Jun-kun this morning" a girl said

"no, no one saw him" another girl replies

"I heard Jun wont be in sports festival tomorrow" a guy said

"eehh seriously!?" another guy said

at the same time students were looking at Rena

"stop making rumours out of blue" Rena said

"aahh Rena-san you know why Jun is not here?" Airin said

"I can't say he doesn't want to go to school" Rena said to herself "he caught a cold, he will be fine by tomorrow" Rena said but Airin felt the sadness on her face

"Jun is always at first rank, i wonder this year he will-"

"I'm sure he will be first rank he trains so hard everyday" Rena interrupted Airin

someone comes from far and calls Rena

"heey Rena-chan"

Rena turned her head and saw kumi on her face

“ Rena-chan ?“

"yes Rena-chan you too call me Kumi so where is Jun-kun I didn’t see him this morning" Kumi said

"he caught a cold" Rena said

"ahh that's not good u, should take care of him more lately"

"sorry" Rena apologized

"no it's not your fault maybe it's my fault because I made him go out late at night"

"so it was kumi" Rena said to herself


"can I pay a visit to Jun-kun today?" kumi asked

"yes, you are welcome" Rena said smiling

"ehehe, thanks Rena-chan" kumi said smiling

"I didn’t know you are friends with Yagami-san" Airin said

"no we are not, its the first time" Rena said "let's go to class"

"ah yes" Airin said

<<school day ends>>

"I’m so tired today" Rena said

"yea math problems was so hard too" Airin said

"no not that, its about Jun" Rena said "I think all the school asked me about him and I keep lying"

"ahaha don’t worry about him he will be fine" Airin said and hug Rena

"thanks Airin" Rena smiled

Rena went home and saw kyoka was waiting for her

"what's wrong kyoka-san" Rena said

"Jun didn’t eat his breakfast and now he doesn't want to eat lunch please persuade him to eat" kyoka said

"y-yes" Rena said in a hurry

Rena went to the kitchen and made spaghetti with meat balls and went upstairs to Jun's room

"Jun, can I come in" Rena said


"the door is open I'm coming" Rena entered Jun's room and he was pretend to sleep

"Jun I know you are awake now please get up you have to eat"

"no leave me alone" Jun said

"Jun I wont leave until u eat your lunch" Rena said

"I said no!"

"I think I will give this spaghetti dish to kanon" Rena said

"wait!" Jun said

"what's wrong Jun?"

"I'm hungry" Jun said blushing

"good to hear that Jun" Rena said "ok Jun I will go downstairs" Rena smiled

"could you stay with me I don’t like eating alone" Jun said

Rena bring a chair and sit next to Jun's bed

Jun start to eat

"do you like it?" Rena said nervously

"yes I loved it!" Jun said happily

"I'm glad to see you happy Jun" Rena said smiling

"so did someone realize I was absent today" Jun asked

"everyone at school asked me" Rena

"sorry for that" Jun said laughing

"no it's ok I'm your personal maid" Rena said smiling and Jun start to blush

*ring bells*

"I think we have guests" Rena said

"who is coming" Jun asked

"kumi said she is coming to visit you"

"ok serve her some drinks and I will go downstairs" Jun said

"yes Jun" Rena said and welcomed the guest and it was kumi

"ah Rena-chan you are so cute on this uniform" Kumi said

"thanks kumi-san" Rena said smiling

"hey kumi" Jun said smiling "thanks for the visit"

"it's ok we are friends" kumi said

“ yes we are come and sit “ Jun laughed

“ thank you~” kumi said

“ here the juice and cake “ Rena put the cop assiette in front of Kumi

“ thank you Rena-chan” kumi said

Rena smiled to Kumi and Kumi smiled back

“ so how are you Jun_kun I heard from Rena-chan that you had a cold but I think you look better now “ kumi said and laughed .

 “ yes I’m in a good heath!!” Jun said laughing

“ I’m home !!’ “

“ ah welcome Kanon” Rena and Jun said

“ wow who is this cute girl ? you have Rena-chan and this lovely girl and you want Churi?“ Kumi asked teasing Jun

“ stop it Kumi !! “ Jun said

“ who is Churi ? you’re wrong Jun-san loves Onee-chan ! “ Kanon said laughing

“ stop it Kanon!!” Rena said angry

“ Onee-chan? Rena-chan!! Eeeeeeeeeeh this is your sister ! “ Kumi said surprised

“ you look surprised Kumi “ Jun said laughing

“ I didn’t know that Rena-chan had a little sister . Rena’s little sister you are so cute like your sister”  Kumi said

"so are you ready for the sports festival tomorrow?"

"yes I’m ready" Jun said confidently

"that's good then the teacher was worried about you and he hopes u do well tomorrow"




“ what was that !!”  Kanon said and couldn’t hold it and she started laughing louder

“ It’s kumi’s stomach “ Jun said an laughed as well

“ you’re so mean I’m starving . I was training for the festival and I didn’t go home or buy something to eat “ Kumi said and touch her stomach

“ you can have dinner with us if you want Kumi-san” Rena said and laughed

“ you too Rena-chan laugh at me but I accept your invitation” Kumi said and all other laughed more

“ mou..” Kumi said

<< after dinner >>

"I'm going home now bye Jun-kun Rena-chan" kumi said smiling

“ see you tomorrow “ Jun said and closed the door

“ Jun are you sure you want to go tomorrow? “ Rena asked

“ all is waiting for me “

“If you’re not feeling well I can talk to Kyoka-san” Rena said worried

“ Stop being worried about the other and think of yourself” Jun said and went upstairs

" Jun… “ murmured Rena

I hope you all will like it  :byebye:
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junkumi?  :? :?
what kumi tried to say to jun ! confess ?! why she look sadly ??  (no... what i'm thinking right now)
BTW Airin is so kind... i know she loves rena but jun should know the one you loved  :angry:
(yes... it's churi ,right?   :cry: )

*sigh* for this chapter , I don't like the way Jun act to rena chan  :catglare:
she just worried you ASDFGHJKL:ZXBCNMCVV>>:<DSPDWDLCSFkld,v;,sv!!!
 :bleed eyes: :bleed eyes: :bleed eyes: :bleed eyes: Kami-sama plz send someone who make jun jealous of rena plzzzz  :bleed eyes: :bleed eyes: :bleed eyes:


Plz update soon neeee  mo- chan

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Hooray finally an update!  :luvluv1:

Aww I'm so happy to hear I helped you finish the chapter.  :nya:

Ahh why Jun being mean to Rena! Poor Rena.  :fainted:

What is Kumi trying to do? I see your tricks Kumi. Lay Jun-kun he's Rena's!  :angry1:

Ahh I can't wait for the sports festival.  :onioncheer:

Another job well done mo-chan. Update soon!  :hee:
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New chapter! great...
poor jun... i hope that can do her/him best in sports festival.
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Oh Jun why are you so mean with Rena-chan?! :OMG: Thanks, great chapter, update soon please :wub:
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i see the poll and i dont know what to do
yes is fine because she is a girl.
no is ok because jun/jurina has many fangirl ;[];
i afraid of EFFECT... no  :bow: but someday the truth will revealed ....
Don't hurry for it...
plz make it for last   :panic: poor jun/jurina

and... *sigh*

ok... yes
that's it what i voted  :doh:
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@lizzie: about what Kumi wanted to say to Jun I even me don't know what is it confess? maybe but I wont make a JunKumi  :on redcard: I still thinking how make Jun jealous I still think about it  :on study: and about the poll I still do not know
@miyumi-chan: like I said to lizzie I don't know what Kumi wanted to say to Jun and I don't want to know too . yes! Jun-kun he's Rena's  :temper: the festival is in this chapter I hope you like it miyumi-chan  :hee:
@Minami-chan: you will in this chapter  :kekeke:
@Jori: Jun didn't mean to do it he is only sad and who in the face of it Rena-chan  :depressed:

hi minna sorry I took many days to finish this chapter It wan't really easy  :dozing: and I'm sorry I all confused you by what Kumi said   :depressed: so don't worry you all there wont be a JunKumi  :frustrated:
and about the poll I made it because I couldn't take a decision it's little hard when I think about it  :badluck: I'll lock it when the chapter will come I don't know when  :dunno:
so here we are  :hee:


Chapter 11 : The festival day

“ good morning Kyoka-san “ Rna and Kanon said

“ good morning Rena Kanon “ Kyoka said

“ where is Jun-san It’s today the sport’s festival as I see“ Kanon asked

“ I don’t know maybe he is not up Rena “ Kyoka-sa said

“ ok I’m going “ Rena said and went upstairs

* Knock! Knock! *

“ Jun are you here “ Rena said but no one answer

* Knock! Knock!*

“ Jun it’s Rena are you up ? “ still no one answer

“ I’m come in ‘ Rena come into Jun’s room Jun was in his bed awake thinking

“ ano Jun it’s th-“

“ aagh! You scared me Rena-chan! why you did not knock door” Jun said surprised

“ I’m sorry but I did it but you didn’t answer “ Rena said trying to calm him

“ what do you want ? “

“ you know today it’s the festival”

“ I’m not going “

“ what!?” Rena said shocked

“ yes and it’s my last decision “ Jun said coldly

“ wait you can’t do it”

“ why I can’t”

“ but you love running so much and it’s important  to you “

“ I don’t feel like I want to do it “

“ but but but if your mother comes and she doesn’t find you what will you do “

“ haha what my mother ? she never came to any game why would she come today ?” Jun sais an spear a mocking laugh

“ please come on let’s go to the festival . I’ll do anything please come with me “

“ why are you concerned by it you’re not even in the group “

“ but all count on you and they like to win like every year . I have something you may like it . come with me and I’ll help you to with Takayanagi-san “

“ haha interesting and what is your benefit in all of this “

“ mmm you have to help me for my exams I have problems “

“ as I thought you have something that you want at the end but you know that the exams ended so we can’t “ Jun said laughing

“ who said it’s for this year I mean the next and it will start after  1 month and it’s soon you know “

* ring bell*

Rena went downstairs to open the door
“ Hello you Rena-san where is Jun-kun I come to pick him to the festival “ the cute girl said smiling

“ T-Takayanagi-san what a surprise come in “ Rena said surprised

“ hello you must be Akane-san “  Kanon said

“ and you must be Rena-san’s little sister Kumi talked me about you “ Akane said smiling

“ come in Takayanagi-san you can wait Jun in the living room “ Rena said and guide Akane

“ It’s ok Rena-san I know where I can go I used to play many times here when I was young “

Jun came from upstairs wearing his track suit clutching his gym bag . Rena was really happy to see him ready . 

“ good morning Jun-kun “ Akane said

“ Churi!? What are you doing here I think you were in America  and that you will come back next week “ Jun said surprised

“yes I changed my planes and come back “ Akane said smiling

“ that good idea for coming back it’s it’s benefit for our team “

“ y-yes  can we go together then  “ Akane said disappointed
<< Flashback >>

“ what is your answer Churi ? “ Jun said


“ I’m really happy Jun-kun . I like you too but only as a friend I’m sorry Jun-kun” Churi said and run away

<< ends of flashback >>

“ I’m sorry but Rena-chan asked me first to go with her . let’s go Rena-chan “ Jun said at took Rena’s hand and they walked to the enters

and got in the car and the car left.

“w-what happened just now??” Akane said shocked

“ what Kumi-san didn’t say it to you why should I repeat it always “ Kanon said to Akane

“ what is it ?” Akane asked

“ you don’t know Jun-san loved Onee-chan “ Kanon said smiling

“ what!!? “

“ aouch! I’m late I have to go to the festival ! “ Kanon said and left Akane too

Akane was shocked by what Kanon said and shocked by what Jun did .

How could he go with Rena and not with her how could he prefer Rena to Akane the cutest girl in the school .

How could he go with his maid and lef his friend how could he leave  the poor girl to the rich one .

How could he change his love so fast. All of think turned in Akane’s head

<< the place where happened the festival >>

“ Jun-kun!! Jun-kun is here “ a guy said

“kyaaaaa!!” girls screamed 

“ why are you this you late !?“ 

“ say thank you to Rena-chan if it wasn’t her I wont be here”

“ Good job Matsui Rena you have to be our Manager “ the P.E teacher said

“ manager? “ Rena asked

“ but we have Churi “ Kumi said

“ it’s ok to have two managers “ the teacher said

“ thank you Rena-san it’s all thank to you “ a gay said

“ you saved us we can’t win without Jun-kun” an other guy said

“ we are all grateful to you” a group of guys said

“ no no I didn’t do nothing “ Rena said

“ is it good they all thanked you” Jun said and smiled to Rena-chan

Rena nodded her head and smiled back . at that time Rena felt really happy .

She was like a queen and all thank to Jun who made her this happy .

“ Jun-kun go and make the warm up” the teacher said

“ ok!”

All prepared themselves to  get ready to start . the festival started . Jun’s school won matches and fail matches .

the spectators were exited and shout and and yell and support Jun’s team .

“ good job Kumi then finally go Jun-kun we count on you you have to win this match or we’re gonna fail this year “ the teacher said

“ yes sir!” Jun said and went to get ready

“ Akane-chan why are you late didn’t you say that you will come with Jun-kun “ Kumi asked and drunk  water

“ It’s what I wanted to do but He didn’t want to go with me “ Churi said

“ what !? “

“ He said that Rena-san asked him first they went with her “Akane said

“ aaah “

“ don’t say “aah” how could he leave me I was worried about him and I returned so faster from America to Japan because of him I heard that he can’t go to the

 festival so I wanted to surprise him “

“ calm yourself Akane-chan “ Kumi said and try to calm Akane

“ how can I?? “

“ You know Akane-chan you are the first one who rejected him can you understand him a bite “ Kumi explain

“ but……” Akane said sadly

Jun did some  movements to get ready . When he turned his face to the public . He was so surprised to see it .

It was his mother sitting with others watching . Jun felt really happy .

It’s the first time that his mother came to watch him in a game he couldn’t believe it . 

After 4 min

“ Ready!! Go!”

And the race started and Jun run with all his might . the spectators were all shouting Jun’s name and it gave it to him more energy to run faster .

  When Jun sow the finish line he turned his head to the public and he saw his mother taking her mobile and talked with it and left .
At that time felt really hurt and  stumbled and fall .

“ Jun-kun what are you doing!!!!” The teacher yelled

Jun got up and continue running but he finished the second . Their school fail ! it’s the first time Jun failed in running

They lost the cup . All the work of a year falls into the water . All was shocked about what happened .

“ Jun-kun what’s going on what is this second you are second !? you’re our Capitan how could you fail how!! “ Akane yelled at Jun

“ It’s ok Akane-chan It’s not the time for th- “

“ shut up Kumi !” Akane shouted

Jun ran away to the changing room and left all shocked and disappointed .

“ Jun-kun! Jun-kuuuun!! “ Akane called him but he didn’t turn to her and left

“ can’t you be easy with him Takayanagi-san” a guy said 

“ what it’s my fault ? “ Akane said

“ I think yes “ and other guy said

“ What!!? “ Akane shouted

“ ok ok you all did your best it’s nothing we can win the next time it was an accident this time next year we will win I’m sure “ the teacher said

“ yeaaah!!! “ all the team said

Rena was really sad to see what happened behind her . Then she went after Jun to the changing room .

“ Is Jun is here ?” Rena asked a guy in his team

“ I think he is in his personal changing room” the guy answered

Rena klocked the door but no one answered she run out from the room and saw the same guy

“ He is not it his personal changing room!!” Rena shouted

“ Calm down Rena-san I saw him Just now he put his uniform and left “ the guy said

“ ok thank you “ Rena said and run where the guy said her to go.

<< in the running field >>

“ Kumi-san! Kumi-san! “

“ What is it Kanon-chan?”

“ what happened to Jun-san? And where is Onee-chan” Kanon asked worried

“ Kanon-chan so cute when she is worried…” Kumi murmured and smile

“ what did you say?” Kanon asked

“ no I mean I said it’s ok Jun-kun is a little bite confused about what happened right now” Kumi said

“ aah and Onee-chan? “

“ Hata-san from our team said that Rena is with Jun-kun so don’t worry!” Kumi said and smiled to Kanon

“ aaaaaah!! Kumi-san your knee is bleeding!!”

“ It’s ok Kanon-chan I always get injured”

“ be careful you should take care of yourself you are a girl and you have a beautiful skin don’t wast it” Kanon said and takes a tissue and put it around her knees
“ A-arigato “ Kumi said blushing

“ let’s go to the infirmary” Kanon said and took Kumi’s arm

*Doki doki doki*  Kumi thinking  “why does my heart pounding like a crasy don’t tell me that Kanon-chan I…”

  at the enters she saw Jun’s mother  and Jun .

“ how could you do it . it’s all your fault that I failed today why can’t you leave your mobile when you watch me ? “ Jun said crying

“ but Jun it’s an important businessman called me I can’t leave it “ Jun’s mother said

“ it’s important than me !! “ Jun said and and run away

“ Jun!! wait!!!” the mother shouted

“ It’s ok madam I’m going after him” Rena said and ran after him   

“ I count on you Rena “ murmured the mother

Jun stop running and saw that he was in a park some kids were playing . He sit on a bench .
Rena sow him she stopped to catch her breath then she sit next to him .

“ what are you doing here ?” Jun said and try to cover his tears

“ I’m here because I think that you need someone lend you his shoulder to cry “ Rena said  to Jun and open her arms.  Jun looked at her with hesitation .

“ come Jurina “ Rena said and smiled to her a beautiful smile

Jurina tighten Rena and started crying more and more .

“ hai hai there there “  Rena hold Jurina stronger then  stated to caress her hair .

The kids who was playing stopped and watch them .
“ Onee-chan why Oni-chan is crying “ a little boy said

“ he is hurt I’m comforting him “ Rena said smiling
“ Oni-chan “ a girl said

“ what is it little girl ? “ Jun said

“here take this candy please stop crying “ a girl said smiling to Jurina

“ Thank you “ Jurina taked the candy and ate it “ it’s really sweet I like it “ Jurina said

“ mou Oni-chan I gave you my candy why you cry again “ the girl said

“ sorry sorry “ Jurina said laughing and wiped  her tears

“ you’re calmed now “ Rena said smiling

“ yes I feel better now “ Jurina said

“ We have to say to you goodbye little kids “ Rena said and take Jurina’s hand
“ ok goodbye Onee-chan Oni-chan “ the kis said and return to play
“ bye bye . but Rena-chan where are we going ? “ Jurina asked

“ You will see “ Rena said and started walking holding Jurina’s hand

I hope you all liked it  see you :byebye:
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The sports festival FINALLY!  :onioncheer:

Jun lost? NOOO!  :OMG:

I'm sorry mrs.matsui but how dare you do that to her!   :scolding:

But's it's good thing Rena was there to comfort her.  :luvluv2:

Oh and also, WTF CHURI! First you reject and leave Jun and then come back and try out with him? That is low man really LOW! If I was there I would smack her until her face falled off! Ahh it's all her fault!  :angry1: :temper:  :on voodoo: :on kimbo:

Great chapter as always. Please update soon!  :farofflook:
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Oh gosh Rena-chan where are you taking Jun? :shy2: and Churi please stay away from Jun :grr: Great chapter as always, update soon please  :luvluv2:
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KAWAII  :luvluv1:
I sense WMatsui moment fufufufu  :glasses:
Updatooo soon  :hee:
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Churi you make a will regret that soon~ but when you realized that,its too late~

Now jun has Rena on his side..he not lonely anymore~ he will love rena more and more day by day~
And jun never get rejected from rena,because we know that rena love him too...

Mo-chan~ arigatou for the update..LOL
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I cannot belive that I take so much time to decide read this fanfic, she is EXCELENT!!!!  :shocked
I loved, is simple, but cute and good!!!! please mo-chan update soon, I can't wait for the next chapters  :panic:
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Chapter 12 : I had fun

“ Rena-chan where are we going ? “ Jurina asked

“ wait and you will know  “ Rena said and continue walking holding  hands

“ ano… Rena-chan?”


“ are we going to walk more ? I feel tried “

“ as I think you are in the athletic club this kind of think wont made tired” Rena said laughing

“ but it’s not running and I was in a festival I run so much today “ Jurina complained

“ hai hai Jurina we’re almost arrived “ Rena said calming Jurina

“ Jurina?”

“ yes Jurina iit’s not ok?  “ Rena said and smiled to Jurina

“ no no I’m ok with it “ Jurina said blushing and smiled back

After along way walking finally they stopped

“ amusement park? “ Jurina said

“ Yes there is nothing better than going to an amusement park to have fun it’s what my father said “ Rena said smiling to Jurina

“ your father takes to the amusement park when I feel guilty or sad “ Rena answered
“ you’re lucky~” Jurina said

“ my parents never took me to a place like this “

“ what!? Really!! Don’t tell it’s your first time “ Rena shocked

“ yes “ Jurina said sadly

“ It’s ok now we are here to have fun ! let’s go! “  Rena said and take Jurina’s hand and dragged her into the amusement park .

In the amusement park everyone laughs and enjoys the games. They are kids and parents running after them.

“ poor those parents “ Rena said laughing

“ yes you’re right “ Jurina said laughing

“ ne ne Rena-chan let’s go there !” Jurina said and take Rena’s arm ( Rena blush)

“ where ? “

“ to that cars “

“ ah you mean Bumper car ok let’s go” Rena said

The game start . Rena presses the pedal of her car and hit Jurina’s one  from behind.

“ ouch! Rena-chan you’re so mean you can’t do it “ Jurina complained

“ hehe it’s the game fight or you will lose “ Rena said laughing

“ It wont be easy to win to me Rena-chan “ Jurina said prode and hit Rena’s car  and laugh

“  It’s your first time  we will see . War starts ! “

*end of game*

“aah~ I liked it so much “

“ say you liked how I win to you  Rena-chan “ Jurina said laughing

“ I didn’t know that you were good  next time I will not lower my guard” Rena said laughing too

Jurina and Rena walked next each other. But The environments was very crowded.

They had a lot of people that made Jurina separate from Rena and moves away from her.

“ Rena-chan where are “  Jurina said

“ I’m here Jurina”

“I can’t see you”

Suddenly a hand grabbed Jurina’s one .

“ There are a lot of people here it’s normal it’s Sunday today and all families come with their children “

“ yes I see “

“ I think we had to hold hand not to lost “ Rena smiled to Jurina

Jurina nodded and smiled back ( the two are blushing)

“ hey hey dear couple come here and play this game” a seller said

“eh you’re talking about us ? “ Jurina asked

“ yeah come here play take this carbine if you hit only you of this 5 balls you can have a prise and you can give it to your girlfriend” the man said

“ m-me girlfriend”  Rena said blushing

“ yes of course who is else is here with this handsome guy there are only a beautiful princess like you “ the man said smiling

“ B-but we’re no-“

“ I want to play it we have a prise It’s interesting ! “

“ be careful use your balls carefully you have only 5 balls “

“ don’t worry mister I’m a pro! “ Jurina said

“ a pro ? “ After Rena saying Jurina hit all the balls only in a one round

“You’re amazing boy you didn’t even concentrate”

“ wow sugoi Jurina you’re so good “ Rena said clapping

“ here is your prise a big  teddy bear”

“ here is for you Rena-chan !” Jurina said and winked to Rena

“ Kawaii Arigato Jurina “ Rena said and hugged Jurina

“ iina to be youth is beautiful” the man said

“ we look a good couple right mister “ Jurina said

“ J-Jurina stop it “ Rena said blushing like a crazy

“ sorry sorry let’s go play other thing”  Jurina grabbed Rena’s hand and start running with her

“ I was to go there!!!” Rena said exited

“ no no Rena-chan not the house of frights” Jurina said

“ What you’re scared ?” Rena said laughing

“ no no I’m not” Jurina said

“ ok then let’s go” ! Rena said and they enter the house

 Jurina took Rena's arm..

“what? Jurina didn’t you say that you’re not scared!” Rena said laughing
“ I'm not scared..I'm just cold! Jurina answered

“WRAAAAAAAAA”  a man covered of blood shouted

“AAAHHHHHHH...!” Jurina shouted and presses Rena's arm

“ It’s just a man with a zombie costume! Rena said laughing

“It's not funny Rena-chan! Jurina said

“ AWOOOOUUUU!!” a sound of a werewolf lanced

“Ahhhhhh!” Jurina shouted again pressing Rena's arm harder

“ ouch! It’s my arm Jurina” Rena said

“ Let’s go out Rena-chan it’s really scary I can’t stay I hate dark!!“ Jurina said

“ ok ok we’re almost finished I’m here I wont go I’m with you“ Rena  said

“ Finally we’re out I thought that we will stay eternally there” Jurina said

“ If ones from school see how they handsome and cool is acting you looked like a puppy grabbed on my arm “ Rena said laughing

“ stop it Rena-chan you’re so mean!!” Jurina said and made a face of puppy

“ sorry sorry I’m only joking “ Rena said laughing and Jurina laughed

“ ah wait Rena-chan I’m coming back “ Jurina said and go

“ wait Jurina where are you going??”  Rena shouted

After 7 min Jurina came back with two ice cream cones

“ here is one for Rena-chan “ Jurina said gave Rena ice cream and smiled to her

“ thank you Jurina “ Rena said and smiled back

“but you shouldn’t leave me like that I was worried that you get lost” Rena said worried

“ It’s ok Rena I’m ok and nothing will happen if I will do it again” Jurina said smiling

“ but I’m your personal maid and I have to take care of you “ Rena said

“ Rena-chan forget now about your job we’re here to have fun right? “ Jurina said

Rena nodded

“ okey then forget about it now I’m Jurina and you’re Rena-chan my best friend” Jurina said smiling

Rena smiled back but inside her she wanted to be more then best friends with Jurina .

“ then where should we go? “ Rena wonder

“ I was to go there “ Jurina said and point to a small cabin

“ purikura? “

Jurina nodded

“ but we can do it an other time there are more other interesting games”  Rena said

“ I want to pictures with Rena-chan “ Jurina said blushed “ why I’m blushing…” Jurina thinking

“o-okey” Rena nodded and blushed

*Inside the cabin*

“ get ready Jurina it will start “

“ don’t you thing it’s a little cabin how can we fit in “ after saying it Jurina stumbled and felt something soft on her lips . It was Rena’s lips

Jurina broke the kiss and got up fast from Rena’s arms

“ I-I’m sorry Rena-chan “ Jurina said her head down

“ I-It’s ok “ Rena replayed

The two were blushing so hard like a tomato

“ my second kiss with Jurina but it’s an accident again” Rena thinking

“ why my heart ! my heart pounding like a crazy  what is this feelings?? I never felt before “  Jurina’s thinking

“ Jurina!”

Jurina didn’t answer

“ Jurina”

Jurina was thinking about those strange feelings

“ JURINA!!” Rena shouted

“ YES”  Jurina yelled

“ where were you “ Rena said

“ ah sorry I was lost in my thinking” Jurina said blushed

 “what did you say? “ Jurina added

“ I said you want to stay more ? “ Rena asked

“ of course I want to get a ride on a game “ Jurina said

“ where? “

“ this one!” Jurina said exited

“ no no no not the roller coaster” Rena said scared

“ what scared? “ Jurina said teasing Rena

“ no I’m not I think only it’s dangerous “ Rena said

<< behind the wagon >>

“ it’s our turn Rena-chan let’s get on “ Jurina said and grabbed Rena’s arm and they sit

“ It’s not a good idea Jurina I think we have to go  “ Rena said

“ no we can’t it’s about to start” Jurina said laughing

<<< they start moving >>

“Wooo hooo start now!” Jurina shouts

 “ nooo I don’t want to die!!” Rena screamed

“ It’s ok Rena-chaaaaan” Jurina said take Rena’s hand Rena blushed

“ If you will die then will die together “ Jurina said laughing

“ don’t say it KYYAAAAAAAAAA!!”  the wagon go dawn

“ yeeeehyyy!! Wooohouuuu!! “ Jurina shouted laughing

“ don’t let my hand KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!” Rena shouted again

“ don’t worryyyyy!!” Jurina yelled and hold Rena’s hand tighter

<< the game ends >>

“ I feel dizzy” Rena said and put her hand on her head

“ you screamed a lot Rena-chan who is the puppy now Rena-chan “ Jurina said try teasing Rena

“ It’s a dangerous game and I feel not good now” Rena said

“ here to forgive me “ Jurina kissed Rena’s cheek 

“ eh!?” Rena blushed

“ what you don’t like it?” Jurina asked worried

“ no no it’s not it but you said the last time that you save your kisses for Takayanagi-san “ Rena said confused

“ mmm I know I said it but I changed my mind now “ Jurina said

“ why ?“

“ because Rena-chan you’re special and thanks to you Rena-chan I had fun today playing with you  “ Jurina said and smiled to Rena

“ no no I should thank you too I had fun too “ Rena said blushed

“ and I’m sorry”

“ about what?”

“ about yesterday I was mean with you and it wasn’t Rena-chan’s fault “

“ It’s ok nothing happened “ Rena said and smiled to Jurina

“ I think it’s getting late now we should back home” Jurina said and extended her hand to Rena

“ yes let’s go home” Rena said and take Jurina’s hand

@miyumi : yes it's all Churi's fault  :angry1: what I'm saying it's me the writer  :on ksweat:
@Jori : don't worry Jori-san I'll make sure that these chpater I'll make Churi stay aways from Jun/Jurina  :kekeke:
@ChuuuPuffss : you got it Chuu-san  :glasses:
@kurogumi : who know what will happen after kurogumi-san  :bigdeal:
@Juribait : wow I was waiting for you to read my fic I'm happy you liked it  :hee:

I hope you liked the chapter  :byebye:
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Chapter 11
i feel bad to jun mother...
sorry for jun's lose
and thank you to rena-chan ... she's always there.

Chapter 12
they kissed again  :inlove:
today it's wmatsui day hahaha  :yossi:

update soooooooooooooooooon
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minna mo-chan ossu!  :on cigar:
I come back with a new chapter I'm sorry for who is waiting to know what is going to happen to Jun/Jurina and Rena you have to wait for the net chapter  :depressed:
this chapter is epiclulz-san's request  :hee:
so here is the chapter dozo  :whistle:

Chapter 13 : Special KumiXKanon

<< Rena’s thinking >>

This school year finished . Several events have happened. I’m happy that we are friends now .

I made an agreement with her that I’ll help her to be with Churi .

I know that I’m stupid . I’m helping the one I love to get the one she loves . Everything I care about is to see Jurina smile.

  If Jurina is happy then I’m happy too .

<< Flashback >>

*in Jurina’s room*

“ what do you want Jurina it’s time I have to-“

“ shhht!” Jurina

“ what!?” Rena asked

“be careful we are at home if Kanon hear you we sure will have problems”

“ aaah sorry Juri- I mean Jun”

“ Rena-chan you said that you will help me you really mean it “ Jurina asked

“ of course but you must fulfill your part of the contract you have to help me in my study don’t forget it “ Rena said

“ I know !” and the two laughed

“ what will we do? “

“You have to pretend that you care about me then her” Rena said

“ does it really have effects I don’t think “ Jurina said

“ yes it has Churi get easily jealous when she see you with you”

“ that’s mean that I have” 

“ a chance “ Rena complete

“ wait for me Churi you will be mine !! “ Jurina said proud

“ thanks Rena-chan~” Jurina said and hugged Rena

“ I-I have to go help Kyoka-san now” Rena said and quickly left the room . she brought out her cell phone.

And she sow under the cache of mobile it was a pic  she smiled a weak smile and murmured “ I had fun me too……”

<< end of flashback >>

You all know what this pic is . you all remember in the amusement park what happened  actually the two of us had this pic . I wonder what Jurina did with this



“ WHAT!” Rena cried surprised

“ I called you several times but you didn’t answer” Kanon said complaining

“ aah sorry “ Rena  laughed

“ what is it keep you thinking so much ? “ Kanon asked

“ Maybe she slept up who knows Kanon “Jun pat on the head of Rena laughing

“ yea you’re right Jun-san!” Kanon laughed

“ stop it you too “ Rena sad with a puppy face and they all laughed

*ring bell*

“ hai hai I’m coming “ kanon said and run to the door


“ Kumi-san you arrived ! come in” Kanon said

“ Kumi-san hello” Rena said

“ ah! Hi Kumi !”

“ hi everybody” Kumi said

“ why you come you didn’t tell me that you’re coming?” Jun asked

“ who said to you that I’m coming to you “ Kumi said laughing

“  for who then? ”

“ me!”

“ Kanon? “ Rena and Jun said at the same time

Kumi nodded

“ from when you two get close “ Rena asked

“ from the first time I saw Kumi when become friends “ Kanon said smiling

“ or more…” kumi murmured

“ what did you say Kumi “ Jun asked

“ n-nothing “ Kumi said

“ then shall we go Kumi-san?” Kanon said and grabbed Kumi’s arm

“ o-of c-course!” Kumi said blushing

“ let’s go !” Kanon said and the two left

“I feel that something is going to produce between those two “ Jun said

“ Jurina what do you mean? “ Rena asked
Jurina took Rena’s head and put it under her arm and said “ mou Rena-chan didn’t I say to you to watch out didn’t I say to you to be care ful at home “

“ but Kanon is no more at home “ Rena said

“ aaah yes I forget “ Jurina said and hit her head

“ I’m not the only one as I see you can be discreet you too Jurina “ Rena said and laughed

“ but I don’t sleep like you all the time “ Jurina said and laughed


“ where should we go then? ” Kanon asked

“ as you like “

“ but you are the one who said that you wanted us to go out “ Kanon said

“ yes hehe but I didn’t think where should we go I only wanted to be with you “ Kumi said and laughed

“ you are weird Kumi-san “ Kanon said and blushed

“ then Kanon-chan where do you want to go “

“ mmm let’s do some shopping “ Kanon said

Kanon thinking:

Why my heat poud so fast when she said it

When I’m with Kumi-san I feel I’m always in security

When I’m with Kumi-san I always had fun .

She always act really weird and it’s like what I like about her 

What I like you her?

Sure I like her Kumi-san is my friend.

But why she always made my heart pound like a crazy

What I’m talking about ?

I really can’t understand myself

What is this feeling ?

Should I ask Onee-chan?


Kanon kept watching Kumi’s face and Kumi was busy watching clothes .

Kumi thinking :

“Stop watching me like that

I can’t hold myself

I really want to take you in my arms

Hug you strong .

I don’t want to let you go .

I want to spend all the day with you

Ony the two of us

No one will brother us

You are always cute as ever

I want you to be mine

I want to kiss you small lips

I’m so scary that you will reject me like Churi did to Jun

I really don’t have to courage to say it to you

I don’t want to loose our friendship

I don’t want to loose you

I love you Kanon-chan”

“Kumi-san let’s go eat some crepe “ Kanon suggested

“ okey let me buy it wait here “ Kumi said and to get it

Crepes came

“ yey Thanks Kumi-san “ Kanon took her strawberry crepe happily

Kumi watched Kanon eating her crepe

When they finished eating

“ Kanon-chan you have some on your cheek cream crepe” 

“ where ? “ Kanon asked and wiped it with her hand

“ no no not there “

“ here ?”

“ let me do it for you “ Kumi said and licked the creem on Kanon’s cheek

Kanon shocked she was blushing like a crazy . She was so shocked that she couldn’t talk or move.

“ L-let’s go t-to the k-karaoke I-I think we w-will have f-fun “ Kumi said nervous her face was red

“ Y-yes l-let’s g-go “ Kanon replayed nervous

<< karaoke >>

Kanon thinking :

“Stupid stupi stupid stupid stupid

Why did I do that

She will think I’m a weird girl

What should I do if she stop hanging out with me

No no it will be ok

Nothing happened nothing happened”

“ what do you want to should to sing Kumi-san? “

“ choose you first “

“ you want to sing with me Aishite love ru I love this song”

“ okey sounds fun” Kumi said and laughed

Kumi and Kanon sang many songs . They danced and sang . they had great time

 “Aozora kataomoi

Boku wa kimi no sora ni naritai

Mimamotteiru koto Kizukanakute ii yo ” Kumi singing  ♩♪♫♫

Beep beep beep

“Aozora kataomoi Mi- ”

“ ooh no continue I like it when you sing it “ Kanon said

“ sorry Kanon-chan it’s my mother calling me I have to call her she called me many times “ Kumi said and leaves the room

“ moshi moshi Oka-san “

“ aah Kumi-chan “

“ you forget Oka-san why you don’ call me lately you don’t love me anymore“

“ it’s not like that Oka-san I’m only busy “

“ how busy you even didn’t want to come back home you are in holiday “

“ School is coming and I’ll become a senior Oka-san“

“ mmm tell me the truth you get a boyfriend right!”

“ Oka-san! Stop talking nonsence “

“ Hai Hai I want to talk to you about………” ( I wont make you all bored with Kumi’s mother stories let only kumi get bored )

After 30 min

“ why always she take so much time talking on phone I know that I leave alone
 but and she is worried about me but still I why she call me at this time when I’m with Kanon-chan “ Kumi thinking and she saw the in her mobile

“ what 30 min talking to me!? Kanon-chan did she left “ Kumi run where is Kanon she find Kanon sleeping peacefully on the sofa .

Kumi thinking :

“Kanon-chan you’re tired

I’m sorry I kept you waiting .

You waited for me until you sleep

You look so cute when you are sleeping

I want to kiss them

I want your lips”

Kumi approaches the face of Kanon. She could feel Kanon’s breath . Kumi didn’t want to do it but her heart was asking her .

Her heart wanted it desperately. Kanon was so cute thet Kumi followed her heart and kissed the young .

Kanon was already awake but she pretending .
I hope you like it mata ne  :byebye:
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KumiXkanon was soo fast! LOL love it
More fast than JunXRena..beside Kuni already notice her feeling toward kanon, not like Jun notice his feelin toward rena...
Man jun,why you still want churi?? Poor rena, but fighting! Its about time until jun fall for you

Arigatou Mo-chan! Hehe
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Kanon is so cute!! how old is she supposed to be, btw? ahh i imagined kumi kissing kanon like in the MV of Kataomoi Finally.. so cute!

thanks mo-chan! please update more!  :kneelbow:
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Yes! Update. .! Ohw. .jurina h0w could you?. . .you still like churi. .what about rena-chan?. .anyways i have faith in rena's charm. . .and kumixnon. .h0w cüte. . .
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@kurogumi : of course that Kuminon will be fast there is no someone to interrup them like Jun/Jurina and Rena  :bingo:. Churi is Jun/Jurina's first love and we can't forget easly our first love  :err:
@lollita90 : Kanon is 2 years younger than her sister Rena  :hee:
@Dreamstalker : Jun/Jurina is confused now she doesn't know her feelings for Rena she will lost interest in Churi little by little  :kekeke:
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How can Jurina still love Churi when she has Rena next to her? :Facepalm: please update soon! Waiting for the day WMatsui official 8)
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The KumiNon part...LOVE IT!!

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Just for bullyng Rena-chan, Chiuri dont deserves my liking ò.ó
Hope Jun-kun realises who he/she actually likes soon ><

btw, watch a vid of that presentation and it was really cute how Rena and Jurina blushed after the kiss *.*
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aaaawwwww kawaii kattayo~     :cathappy: :cathappy: :cathappy:

KumiNon r such a cute couple but still Wmatsui is my No1 fanfic   XD

the kiss timing was great  :drool:

i really loved that chapter arigatou mo-chan 

I LOVE YOU  :heart: :heart: :heart:
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First thank you for your support so far guys  :kneelbow:
I'm sorry for who is waiting for my fic but I decide I'm going to hiatus this  :err:
I'm not feeling in the mood to write anything  :dozing:
and after seeing the Team Shuffle Announcement I lost inspiration  :on cloudeye:
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WOW I caught up everything!
The pairings are so cute~
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Hey mo-chan deeesu!  :onioncheer: I was deppressed  :on cloudeye: lately like everybody about what happened in Tokyo dome but I'm back now! and with an other chapter  :bingo: I hope you'll like it I have special guests Mayuki!  :whistle:

Chapter 14 : Holiday part 1

<<Rena’s thinking>>
Today too is good day . We decide to go to the onsen (hot spring) . It’s been a long time that Kanon and me didn’t go to place like that .

 I’m looking forward to have fun there . It’s the first time I travel with Jurina  .Maybe I can get more close to her .

Jurina said that I’m special maybe I still have a chance .

“We've just arrived at Kagoshima airport. We'lle spend all a week in Kagoshima . the weather is perfect .

I'm your reporter everyone's idol, non-chan! “ Kanon said  taking a camera and was filming herself

“ Kanon don’t use it much we have all a week don’t waste “ Rena said to her sister

“ okey! “ Kanon said smiling

“ Kanon-chan is so exited “ Jun said

“ yes ! but I feel a little sad that Kyoka-san couldn’t come with us “ Rena said sadly

“ you know that Kyoka-san does’nt like to travel “ Jun said

“ I know… “

“ Let’s get for Kyoka-san  souvenirs Rena-chan I think she will be happy  ! “ Jun said and smiled to Rena

“ em! “ Rena nodded and smiled back to Jun 

“ What are you waiting for you tow we should go the hotel now to put our luggage”  Kanon shouted

“ okey we’re coming! Let’s go Rena-chan!”

<< in the hotel >>

Jun want to the reception to get the reservation. But the one who took is sleeping. It was a cute short teen .

“ ano… ano… Rena-chan what should we do she is sleeping “ Jun said worried to Rena not knowing what to do

“ ano… I sorry ano… I think she is not going to wake up “ Rena said to Jun

“you’re sleeping again!!!” a tall girl yelled at the short girl

“ What !!” the short girl wake up suddenly surprised

“ It remains me some I know “ Jun murmured and smiled

“ did you say something?” Rena asked Jun

“ n-no nothing Rena-chan “ Jun said

“ What are you doing you make our customers I’m sorry I’m really sorry ”  the tall girl said

“ It’s ok you don’t have to apologise” Rena said

“ it’s ok  maybe she is tired “ Jun added

“ see Yuki they are not angry “

“ Mayu apologise now!” Yuki said

“ I’m sorry…” Mayu

“ really It’ ok” Jun said

“ It’s ok Jun-san is used now to this kind of situation” Kanon said laughing

“ eh? “ Mayu and Yuki at the same time

“ Onee-chan  sleeps all the time “

“ Kanon !!”

“ sou sou she is always like that “ Jun said and laughed

“ Jun too give me a break you two!! “

“ you always have a break when you sleep Onee-chan “ Kanon said and Jun and her laughed

“ mou! “Rena made a puppy face 

“ kawaii “ Jun said touch Rena’s cheeks

“ aaah Onee-chan is all red I said to you that you are in love with Jun-san !! “ Kanon said and run away

“  Wait Kanon you’ll see after I  catch you “ Rena said and go after Kanon

“ you have a lovely family “ Yuki said to Jun

“ em “ Jun nodded and smiled Yuki

“ here I’ll guide you to you room “ Yuki said and walked

“ Rena-chan Kanon-chan we’re going “ Jun shouted then all of them followed Yuki

“I want to apologise again she is new here please forgive her we come from Tokyo-“ Yuki couldn’t complete and she was interrupted by Kanon

“ T-Tokyo it’s really far “

“ Kanon don’t interrupt someone older than you when he is talking “ Rena complained her sister

“ It’s it’s ok yes we come from Tokyo I wanted to visit my family and Mayu came with me but she is so lazy “ Yuki said

“ why do you work you are visiting your family you should take a rest “ Jun  said

“ It’s my family’s hotel you can understand now I’m sorry I talk to much it’s just I didn’t see teenager in my age for weeks   “ Yuki said laughed

“ we’re friends now “ Jun said

“ and we’re happy to you we are from Nagoya “ Rena said

“aah thanks so you’re from Nagoya “ Yuki said

“ yes I’m Matsui Rena and this is my sister “

“ I’m Kanon”

“ and I’m Matsui Jun”

“I’m Kashiwagi Yuki the my friend’s name is Watanabe Mayu  I’m happy to be your friends Rena-chan Jun-kun and Kanon-chan. “ Yuki said

“ we’re too “ all said to Yuki

“here we are here is your room and you can to the onsen realax  your dinner will be served at 5 pm” 

“thank you Yuki-san” Rena and Jun said smiling to Yuki

“ it’s my job”Yuki said smiled back and left

“ wow it’s a hunge room “ Kanon said

“Aaah I’m tired “ Rena said and sit down

“ me too “ Jun sit down too

“ I’m going to the onsen you want to come with me?” Kanon asked

“ no I’m a bite tired I’ll go after “ Rena said

“ me too I’m going to stay with Rena-chan “ Jun said

“ Okey I’ll go then “ Kanon said and left 

silence a crowded room. They were all only two . Finally he was interrupted by Rena

“ tell me Jurina why you don’t wear girl clothes now we’re in an area where no one know us even Kanon know now that you’re…”

<< Flashback >>

*Days ago*

“ Are you sure Mukaida-san you want to quit”

“ yes Kyoka-san my uncle will be charged for me I’m going to live in Taiwan and I think now I have to fix in my study maybe I can be someone in the future”

Manatsu said

“ I think I can’t say nothing your decision is the right one you grow up Mukaida”  Kyoka said smiling

“ thank you Kyoka-san for taking care of me !!”

“ no I didn’t do nothing my child  “

“ Manatsu-chan you’re going I can’t be alone here Manatsu-chan “ Rena said crying

“ Don’t cry Rena-chan even I am far we still friends right ?“  Manatsu said crying

“ of course we are friend for ever” and the two girls hugged each other 

“ Okey I think it’s time for me to go my uncle is wait for me in the airport “

“ ok don’t forget to mail me “

“ of course Rena-chan “

After that Manatsu left

In the day in the evening

*Knock knock knock*

“ yeees “

Rena opens the door

“ Kanon come downstairs Kyoka-san has something important to tell us”

“ okey I’m coming now “

Kanon went to the living room find Kyoka and Jun sitting net each other and Rena behind them

They were looking with serious faces .Kanon got almost scared by what she is going to hear .

“ sit my child “ Kyoka said

“ H-hai”  Kanon said and sat

“ I wanted to talk about a secret we hide from others outside I think now when Manatsu is our last maid who quit

I think you have to know it know because I think you are a member of our family now “ Kyoka said

“ what is going on here I can’t understand nothing and it’s kinda scary me “ Kanon though

“ It’s about me “ Jun said with serious look

“ about you ? “ kanon said

“ yes actually I’m not a guy I’m a girl “ Jun said

“ hehehe if it’s a joke please stop I was really scared at the start it was only a joke “ Kanon said laughing

“ Kanon !” Rena yelled at her sister

“ let her Rena she is only shocked I know she will understand “  Kyoka said

“ but Kyoka-san…” Rena said

“ what a girl it can’t be no “ kanon said

“ yes I am you want a prove” Jun said and stand up and took Kanon’s hand and put it on his chest

“ wow you’re right “ Kanon was shocked about what she discovered but she fast recovered of it and said 
“ wow you’re amazing Jun-san you’re a handsome girl I didn’t find about it I want to be like you~” Kanon said jumping

“ hahaha I was right to tell this to Kanon now I can be at ease at home did’t I said to you Rena-chan that is good idea to tell Kanon “ Jun said

“ yes but I was not sure of her reaction “ Rena said

“ what Onee-chan you knew about it!!??” Kanon asked surprised

“ yes from the first week she worked here “ Jun said

“ what!!?? And I was the only one who didn’t know nothing “ Kanon said sadly

“ Rena-chan knew it when I was changing she was hidden in my room so it was by herself that she knew it “ Jun said laughing

“ but I was shocked and confused I didn’t know what to do “

“ I was about to take a shower she saw me naked” Jun said laughing

“ Jun !!! “ Rena said she was red as a tomato

“ Onee-chan I didn’t know that you’re a pervert “

“ me too “ Kyoka said

“ even you Kyoka-san “ Rena said

“ it’s a family secret Kanon you wont tell it to anyone ok?”

“of course I wont say it it’s a secret “ Kanon said smiling

<<ends of flashback >>

“ I can’t do it I have to take my guard I don’t if something mint happen and in paper my identity is Matsui Jun a guy not Jurina a girl so I can’t “ Jurina answered

“ mmm I see”


“ I’m back~” 

“ ah Kanon you finished “

“ yes It was really good you have to go you too”

“ we’re going after dinnar”

“ aah I see “

At 5 pm
“ yatta!! It’s dinner time!!”

“ ittadakimasu!!”

After dinner

“ aa that was delicious”  Rena said

“ It’s been a long time I didn’t eat like this it’s better than Onee-chan cooking “ Kanon said 

“ What did you said!”

“ I think Rena-chan’s cooking is good than this “ Jun said

“ arigatou Jun” Rena *sob*

“ eeh don’t lie Jun-san I know you didn’t taste Onee-chan spicy cooking her cooking changed a lot when we come living with you” Kanon said

“ spicy! I really don’t like spicy food that much but I would like to taste it “ Jun said laughing

“ eeeh sonna you too Jun you don’t like spicy food” Rena said with a disappointed face

“I don’t advice you to try to eat it “ Kanon said laughing

“ Then Rena-chan youlike spicy food and melon pan “ Jun said

“ Melon pan! Is the best if I don’t eat melon pan I’ll die “

“ You’re exaggerate a bit Onee-chan “ Kanon and Jun laughed

“ eh you’re right “ Rena laughed too

“ I think I’m going for a walk bye bye~” Kanon said

“ Kanon don’t go far she left this girl “ Rena said

“ she is not going anywhere Rena-chan she is in hotel “

“nee Jurina …”


“why you didn’t say your name to Kanon you’re Jurina not Jun right?” Rena said

“ mmm I can say that only special person to me have to know it and this person is Rena-chan “ Jurina said smiling to Rena  .

Rena blushed and smiled back

“ who are you Matsui Jurina…” Rena asked herself

“let’s take bath and go to the onsen” Rena said smiling

“ It’s ok I think I’ll bother you and Kanon if I come “ Jurina said hesitated

“ why will you? You are a girl too Jurina it doesn’t bother us let’s go don’t be shy “ Rena said and extended her hand to Jurina

“ o-ok it’s you who wanted it not me “ Jurina said blushing and took Rena’s hand

“ Jurina is so cute “ Rena though and smiled

The two girls went outside their room to go where they want . In their way they saw Mayu

“ ah Mayu-san!”

“ ah the family of before I’m really sorry about what happened before“ Mayu said

“ you don’t have to apologise again “ the two said

“ It’s not like I want to but Yuki said to me to do it “

“What di-“

“it’s ok Rena-chan “ murmured Jun

“ I can hear what you are saying  “ Mayu said

“ hehe “ the two smiled a weak smile

“the only think I wanted is to be with Yukirin that’s all but I had to work here

and I’m not used to do hard works I’m only a high school student “ Mayu said complaining

 “ but you’re only in reception “ Jun said

“ Yuki-san is a high school student school too”  Rena said

“ I know it but still it’s tiring Job and more I spend days more Yuki yell at me and scolds at me “ Mayu said sadly

“ don’t worry you’re friends and Yuki-san is kind” Jun said

“ Yuki-san understand your feeling I know we only met today but when Yuki-san talked about she care so much about you” Rena said

“ you two are talking like this because you’re in a good mood “ Mayu said and looked to Jun and Rena who still holding  hands

The two fast let go their hands

“ yeah yeah love is the most beautiful think don’t be shy don’t be shy “ Mayu smirked and left them

“ Jurina go first I’m coming I forget something “ Rena said and left Jurna alone

“ I think I should go realax now in onsen but where should I enter the man’s or women’s one?? “ Jurina thinking

“ what are you doing Jun-san you’re not coming in aaah you want to be with Onee-chan” Kanon said teasing

“ I-it’s not it Rena-chan said that she forget something and said to me to go first  and I’m only wondering were should I  enter the man or the women’s that’s all “

“ aaah I see of course to the women’s you want to man found you man’s are dangerous when they see a naked women and don’t forget you are a girl “

“ yeah I almost forget it I always to be alone it’s all new for me now “

“ it’s ok Onee-chan and are here to help you “ Kanon said laughing

“ hahaha yes you’re right “

“ go inside no one is there “

“ okey I’m going “
I hope you liked it  :hee:
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@lollita90 : yes we can say she was shy  :shy2:

Chapter 14: Part 2


Jurina was in hot spring enjoying it . a beautiful girl came in her hair was very smooth. she was skinny her skin was pale wearing one towel .

  She went and washed herself . Jurina watched her with amazing eyes . When she finished she came close to Jurina .

“ I-It’s you Rena-chan!?” Jurina said with surprised

“who would you I was” Rena said laughing

No It just there is so much fog that I couldn’t see your face”

“I didn’t know that Rena-chan has such a wonderful  body like this” Jurina thinking 

“ I think you’re only feeling dizzy you can’t stay more it’s not good for you” Rena said worried

“ I’m ok Rena-chan I’m ok “

“but you’re all red Jurina“

“ I’m ok “

“ okey…”

“ I only want to say with you more…” Jurina’s thinking

“ I think I hear someone coming “Rena said

“ ah we can’t realax alone “

“oh sorry to disturb you it’s a public place if you want it alone then say it first “ Rena said and set up but a hand grabbed her arm Jurina’s hand

“ I didn’t mean…… I mean that I wanted to be alone with you” the two blushing

“ Mayu can’t you be more active please you’re so lazy “ Yuki complaing to Mayu ways to the Wmatsui

“ you know that I’m lazy and it can’t help that I get tired easly “ Mayu said coldly

“ you should do more exercice you’re always watching anime or reading or you’re playing video games “

“ you know that I want to do something with the least possible effort by the way I think there is someone Yuki ”

“ ooh It’s Rena-san !”

“ hehe yes I was here from the first “ Rena smiled a weak smile

“ we’re sorry we didn’t saw you if it doesn’t bother you were taking a bath and we gonna come “

“ why you’re taking a permission from her you’re the daughter of the owner”

“ Mayu!”

“ itai itai itai why you did it hurt you know “ Mayu complaining

“ it’s your punishment come with me I’m going to wash your hair “

“ I can do it by myself “

“ It was you who wanted it you said it before “

“ me? Did I say it I forget If you want to do  it this much you can wash my hair”

“ you’re hopless Mayu I feel like I have a child “

“ of course you’re my mother”

“ stop calling me like that!” 

“ what should I do now ?” Jurina murmured to Rena ( Jurina was behind Rena)

“ Juri- I mean Jun How could I know they saw you before as a guy “ Rena murmured to Jurina

“ Rena-san are you with someone ?” Yuki asked

“ n-no I’m alone “

“ we’re coming I’m sure you’re bored alone” Yuki and Mayu sit in front of Rena. The more they come close Jurina got more nervous .

She hugged Rena from behind as someone needs help .

“ I can feel Jurina’s chest on my back she is trembling what should I do “ Rena’s thinking

“ Rena-san I think you should go know your face is all red “ Yuki said

“ I’m ok I want to stay a little bite more “ Rena said

“ how could I go out and Jurina still with me!!??” Rena’s thinking

“ Are you ok Rena-san I really think you should go”

“ Yuki you talk too much she doesn’t want to go”

“ But…”

“ thank you Mayu-san “ Rena smiled to Mayu

After some min Rena doesn’t feel Jurina on her back


“ Jun are you ok ??!! Juuun!!!

<><><><><>< outside ><><><><><>

“ I’m really sorry Yuki-san Mayu-san for this “ Rena said worried

“ It’s ok the good think that Jun-san is ok now “ Yuki said

“ here some medicines if h- I mean she need it “ Mayu said

“ thank you very much and thank you for keeping it secrt we own you”

<><><><><>< at the same time in the room><><><><><>

“huh I’m…”

“ah you’re awake Jun-san!” Kanon said

“ are you ok ? you passed out before “

“Re..really!?” Jun said surprised

“ you were in so long that it’s no wonder I was surprised“

“ sorry…thanks…hm? Where is Rena-chan?” Jun asked

“ she is outside talking with Mayu-san and Yuki-san they found out that you’re a girl “

“ what!!?”

“ you make sure to thank Onee-chan later she looked after you “


“she really outdid herself she lifted you out of the water right away”

“ out of the water !!?” Jun’s thinking

“ then she wiped you dray and put you in your underwear and pyjama “

“ wiped my dry!? My under…” Jun’s though

"then she got you a drink of pocari and dried your hair for you  "

“ Kill me now I’m really embarrassed “ Jun’s thinking

“ wait I’m going to Onee-chan say to her that you’re awake” Kanon said and left

 “she saw! she saw everything! she saw me completely naked! she even wiped me dry!

wiped me dry! where did she wip!? wait how much did she wipe off!? “ Jurina thinking

“ I’m back … Jurina are you awake?”

“ yy-yeah… we-welcome back …“

“hm? Where is Kanon?” Rena asked

“ ah… she said she is going to go bring you “

“ eh but I asked her to keep an eye on you for me… she know I woouldn’t be long “

“eh!! It’s fine! I’m okay !



“ I’m back!”

“ Kanon where did you go didn’t I say to you to look after Jun!!?”

“ sorry but I wanted to tell you that Jun-san is awake now but I didn’t find you “

“ It’s really ok Rena-chan “ Jun said

“ but your face is all red “ Rena said

Rena sit next Jun’s futon and  put her forehead on Jun’s . Jun became more redder .

“ It’s weid your face is more red then it was but you don’t have fever “ Rena wondring

“ you’re so slow Onee-chan you don’t see that it’s love it’s love “ Kanon said laughing

“ it’s not the time for joking Kanon!”

“ it’s ok Jun-san Onee-chan saw naked two time next time it wil be your turn and you will more times”

“ what are you talking about !!” the two yelled and faced each other and blushed

“ maa maa you’re too slow you too if you don’t do nothing you will loose each other you’re not like me and Kumi-san “ Kanon said

“ you?...”

“ and Kumi?”

“ yes me and Kumi-san we love eath other and we’re going out “ Kanon said smiling

“ whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!!? “ Rena and Jun said at the same time

“ wow you look surprised !” Kanon said laughing

“ of course we w are !” Rena said

“ aw! Kumi is in couple before me!” Jun said

“when did you started going out ??”

“ we’re going out for a half month “

“ what!!? “ Rena and Jun said at the same time

“ Kumi never talked me about it “

“ I really don’t know when did I started loving Kumi-san I don’t know but about when

 we started going out that I can tell you about it …  it was a day where I stayed in Kumi-san’s house  before it many things happened …“


It was a few days after Kumi and Kanon’s kiss . Kumi were avoiding Kanon

she was really ashamed she couldn’t face Kanon. And Kanon understand what she is feeling because she was up that time .

Kanon was alone at home it was evening . she felt hungry she went outside to buy something to eat it .

She bought a ready bento when she went outside of the supermarket she didn’t realise that two guys were walking behind her.

“ hye little girl you want to come with us ? “ the tall guy said  Kanon tried to ignore them but

The short took her arm and stopped her  no

“I’m sure you’ll have fun if you go with us “ 

“ let me go I don’t want to go with you !! “ Kanon said

“come on I know you will like it “  the guy said and  took her hand and squeeze it a little

“let're hurting me!” Kanon said forcing with him

“hey Let her go!”  a girl said and jumped on the guy

“ Kumi-san! “ Kanon said suriprised

“ get of me where did you come from!?” the guy yelled and punched her

“Kumi-san stop iiiiiit” Kanon yelled with all her energy

“ hye you two what are you doing “ a policeman stepped on his bicycle

“ shit it’s police we shouldn’t wast our time let’s go Arata”

Kumi took Kanon’s hand and the two run away . after running they stopped to cach breath

“ why are we running Kumi-san?!”

“ it’s because it’s police and we will be in trouble for nothing “

“ thank you Kumi-san for saving me “

“ but what are you doing at night by yourself “

“ I was hungry I was reading a magazine that I didn’t saw the time and now it’s night and I wanted to buy this eh where is my bento??”

“ I think you dropped it when the two guy came to you”

“ eeeeh no what I’m going to do now??”

“why ?  where is Jun-kun and Rena-chan?“

“ they have something to do they will come back late and Kyoka-san I don’t know where she is  “

“ come with me to my dep you can have dinner”

“ no it’s ok “

 I live alone it’s been a long time that I didn’t invite anyone to my dep and I can’t leave you alone now I’m worried “ the two blushed

“but can you make dinner Kumi-san?”

“ actually I have raman at home”

“ I was sure that you can cook “

“ eeeh you’re so mean Kanon-chan”

“ hehe let’s go back to the supermarket again”

“ eeeeh”

<><><><><>< in Kumi’s dep><><><><><>

“ ojamashimasu~”

“ do like it’s your home “ and the two went to the kichen

“ you’re sure that you made it right when we bought all of this  Kanon-chan “

“ of course we have you only don’t know nothing about cooking that’s why “

“ eeh Kanon-chan!! “

“ aaah “


“ your cheek still red because of that guy “ Kanon said and opned the fridge she took pices of ice and put it in a plastic  bag .

 then she put it on Kumi’s cheek

“ itai itai it hurts “ *sob*

“I’m sorry it’s all my fault” Kanon said sadly

“no no it’s not your fault Kanon-chan and I jumped on him that’s why…”

“ maybe a kiss on your cheek make it feel better “

“ It’s o-“  Kumi was shouted by Kanon who kissed her accidentally on her lips she only

wanted to kiss Kumi on the cheek but when Kumi moved and Kanon kissed her on the lips .

The two were shocked by what happened they were blushing and confused .

"that was.." Kumi wanted to say something but she was silence by a sudden kiss

 They looked to each other and  Kumi pulled Kanon closer again for another deep kiss This kiss was bolder..

<><><><><>< ends of flashback><><><><><>

“it’s what happened after that we become a couple isn’t it romantic?” Kanon said holding her pillow

“but still you’re young for dating “ Rena said

“ wow Kumi is the best don’t listen to Rena-chan Kanon-chan I encourage you *-*” Jun said

“ arigatou Jun-san!! Don’t worry I wont listn to anyone of you because you don’t admit

your love for each other how could you admit mine“ Kanon smiled both Jun and Rena blushed

“That’s not true Jun still love Churi and I’ll help Jun” Rena said nervous

“ yes” Jun said with a sad smile

 “you’re hopless you two aaah I miss you so much Kumi-san~”


I hope you will love it mata ne  :byebye:
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Wohohohohoho! Kumi and Kanon are dating!!!!

Jurina, Rena saw you naked XD ahahahahah!!

And Mayuki!! Alalalala! they are complicated!!
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Huahuahua! Jurina passing out in the bath xD Rena feeling chests on her back and getting all red huahuahuahua!
Mayuki could have a strange sweet moment between them ;p
Kuminon are fast huahuahua good *.*

Jurina ismstill denying her feelings... I'll get mad at her >< what need to happen to her to realise it? ><
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 :oops: It's Renas turn to be an ikemen and help Jurina  XD
Uwaaa I wonder if Rena-chan had a hard time helping Jurina without nosebleed.  :lol:
But she might be so worried that she hadn't time to think about it.

Oh Kumi is so protective and now they're a couple *Kyaaa!  :wub:

Thank you for your update!
ArígatoU! :kneelbow:
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Interesting Kumi and Kanon are dating!!
Rena... :mon misch:
Mayuki... :mon speechless:
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AHAHAHA!!!! onsen scene is so funny!!!!
Kuumin/Non moment is so cute~
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I just love your fanfic. Please continue your updating ! I really want to know how it will end.
Kuminon scene is really cute and romantic.
And how can Jun can still pretend Rena has to help him/her with Churi if he/she didn't tell her the whole story ? and that Jun already know that he/she loves Rena ?
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@Pwety and @Chanaline: yes Kumi and Kanon are dating now  :hee:
@BbSis: yes kuminon are fast not like Wmatsui  :hiakhiakhiak:
@Megumi: Rena was really worried about Jurina that she forget being a pervert  :bigdeal:
@Dreamstalker: thanks for reading too yes it's rare seeing you comment  :stuffed:
@kahem: the scene of onsen made me  :mon bleed2:
@lilycrazy17: it's complicated  :hehehe:

hi minna mo-chan deeesu!  :onioncheer: thanks for all who is reading and comenting on my fic I'm back and I'm with a new part of chapter
dozo  :whistle:

Chapter 14: Holiday Part 3 : Don't ever leave my side again

Rena woke up . Jurina and Kanon still sleeping . Rena looked at Jurina and smiled .

“ what a bad sleeper you are Jurina “ Rena thought and she kneed to cover Jurina with the blanket

Jurina opned her eyes and smiled to Rena

“ good morning Rena-chan “

“ good morning go back to sleep Jurina it still early “

“ mmehu okey~”

Jurina go back to sleep and Rena went outside of room . She saw Yuki running

“ good morning Yuki-san “

“ good morning Rena-san “ Yuki said and left her in hurry

“ what is with her...” Rena said

“ We’re busy today that’s why” a voice said

“ kya!Mayu-san you surprised me”

“  sorry I didn’t know that you would be “ Mayu said with a blank face

“ no problem I didn’t saw you coming that’s why I’m sorry too “

“ ...”

“ you said you are busy today ?“

“ yes many customers  will come today”

“ aaah I see “

“ Mayu! What are you doing hurry up we have so much work to do “ Yuki said

“ Ok Yuki I’m coming “

“ Rena-san I’m going then “

“ okey have a good work Mayu-san” Rena said and Mayu go after Yuki

“ Mayu is good girl it’s not like she looks in the outside” Rena though and smiled

“ why are you smiling?” an other voice said

“ kya!”

“ don’t be scared it’s only me”

 “Ah Jurina Why it’s happen to me twince!?”

“ what are you talking about?”

“ no nothing... by the way why you are up I thought you were sleeping?”

“ aah I couldn’t go back to sleep that’s why”

“ aah I see let’s go for a walk then!”

“ good idea”

Jurina and Rena went for a walk then did some shopping they were holding hands all the time

 it’s like they didn’t want to be separated of each other .

 The two of them had fun . On their why to go back to the hotel they saw Kanon coming running to them .

“why did you leave without me!!” Kanon said

“ but you were sleeping we didn’t want to bother “ Rena said

“ aaah walk between lovers! You’re more close lately” Kanon said and looked to their hands

Rena and Jurina blushed and they removed it

“l-let’s return to the hotel “ Rena said nervous

In front of the hotel there was many bus. It was school's bus. Many students come from the bus.

“ Many customers...” Jurina said

“ Mayu-san said that this moning that they are busy that’s what she talking about” Rena said

“ but It looks like uniform I saw it before...” Kanon said

“ aah! They are from our school” Rena shouted

“the worst it’s our class...” Jurina said

“ aw!! It’s Kumi-san!! Kuuuuumi-saaaaan” Kanon shouted and waved her hand to Kumi

When Kumi realized it she went where they are.

“ what are you doing here you all I thought you were going for a trip?!” Kumi asked

“ yes we are” Kanon said and she hold Kumi’s arm Kumi blushed

“ wow Kumi is blushing!!” Jurina said teasing Kumi

“ what me?! No Jun-kun! I’m not blushing!!” Kumi said nervous

“ maa maa you don’t have to be this nervous we already know” Jurina said and put her hand on Kumi’s shoulder

“what!?” Kumi looked at Kanon and Kanon smiled to her

“ Take care of my sister Kumi-san” Rena said smiling

“ what is it that you already know?” a voice said

“ Churi!” Jurina said

“ n-no nothing!” Kumi said

“ What do you mean by nothing!?” Kanon shouted made she let go of Kumi’s arm and walk away

“ Kanon-chan wait I didn’t mean wait Kanon-chan” Kumi run after Kanon

“ aah I think I understand now” Churi said laughing

Jurina and Rena laughed at them too

“ R-Rena-san!” a nervous voice said

“ah! Airin!” Rena said and hugged Airi

Airi blushed like a tomato. Jurina was looking at them with an uneasy look. And Churi realized it.

“look! Look! It’s Jun-kun It’s Jun-kun”

“ kya!!!”

“ I wanted to realax why should they come to Kagoshima for the school trip” Jurina thought waved to them

“Airin come with me I have something I want to show to you” Rena took Airin’s hand and they left

“ How was your Holiday Jun-kun?” Churi asked Jurina and she hold Jurina’s arm 

Jurina didn’t answer she was looking to Rena who is talking with Airin she was smiling and laughing so much .

“ why she don’t laugh like that when she is around me” Jurina murmured and Churi heard it

Churi was really jealous she couldn’t believe her eyes she is holding her arm but Jun didn’t even look at her.





“I was calling many times but you didn’t answer” Churi said

“ I’m sorry I was thinking of something” Jun said

“ you were thinking about her” Churi thought and looked to Rena with hate look

<><><><><><><><><><><><lunch time><><><><><><><><>

Jurina or should I say Jun , Rena and Kanon joined their school friends to eat lunch .

 Jun was sitting between Rena and Churi and feel a bite awkward

Airin was next Rena . Kanon and Kumi was next each other in front of the other four .

“ wow like always Jun-kun so polular so lucky guy you’re between all cute girls” a guy said laughing

“I’m a girl”

“ she is a girl”

Jurina and Rena thought at the same time

“hey I have an idea let go to the amusement park all of us” a guy shouted

“ good idea”

“ let’s go we will have fun”

“ Jun-kun will be with us?”

“amusement park...” Jurina murmured and looked to Rena

“amusement park!! Let’s go Airin it sounds funlet’s go Kanon-chan!!” Rena said exited

“ you’re going Jun-kun?” Churi asked

“ yes I’m going”  Jun answered

“ minna Jun-kun is coming!!”

“ will all come yay!” so many shouted

“ Kanon-chan you’re going?” Kumi asked Kanon

“hemf!” Kanon turned her head to the other side

“ she is still mad” Kanon murmured and sigh

<><><><><><><><><><><amusement park><><><><><><><><>

All were having fun

"let's go to the roller coaster first" a guy shouted

Kumi looked scared when she heard about it

"I think there are many poeple waiting why don't we go to the Bumper car" Kumi said nervous

" ok let's go to try other things first when will come back"

Kumi sigh in relieve

Kanon smirked

"what wrong!?" ask Kumi nervous

" no nothing" Kanon said and walked

" wait Kanon-chan!" Kumi shouted

" Airin Airin let's take pics" Rena shouted

" let me take my camera" Airi took her camera and started taking pic

Jurina was all the time looking at Rena. But Rena was all the time with Airi and didn't pay attention to Jurina.

"Jun-kun let's buy ice-creem" Churi said

" sure" then the two of them went to get ice-creem

“I'm going to get you that teddy bear!”a Guy said to his girlfriend while tried to shoot to the obejects moving

“ you still have only one and we will win it!!” the girlfriend shouted jumping

Jurina were looking at them then a smile formed on her lips


“ wow sugoi Jurina you’re so good “ Rena said clapping

“ here is your prise a big  teddy bear”

“ here is for you Rena-chan !” Jurina said and winked to Rena

“ Kawaii Arigato Jurina “ Rena said and hugged Jurina

<><><><><><><><><><><end of flashback><><><><><><><><><><>

“you want to play that game” Churi asked

“ no let’s go get ice-creem” Jurina said still smiling

"Airin let's go to the tea cups" Rena took Airin by her arm Airin blushed

“ y-yes let’s go” Airin answered nervously

The two of them sitted on one cup Jurina and Churi followed them and they sitted with them.

“why do you keep walking after her who she is to you this Rena” Churi thought

Rena and Churi  kept spinning the cup faster and faster Jurina was having fun but Airi was just getting dizzy .

 When they got off, Airin had a hard time standing

and was constantly leaning on Rena.

“why she is clinging on Rena-chan! Feel dizzy of something like that she is laying” Jurina thought

“ I’m sorry why didn’t you say to us to slow if you’re be feel dizzy” Rena said worried

“ It’s ok Rena-chan we are having fun” Airi said and smiled to Rena and Rena smiled back

Jurina couldn’t stand it she wanted Airi to let Rena

“ I think you have to sit down let’s go to that coffee I’ll help you” Jurina said

“ yes good idea let’s-” Rena couldn’t finish what she was saying

“ let me help you you can lean on me” Jurina said all was surprised by what their Jun-kun said

Airi knew that Jun-kun was only jealous but still Airi said

“ It’s ok Jun-san Rena-san i-”

“ I want to help you let go Rena-chan” Jurina said

“o-okey” Rena said with a question look

“ What’s wrong with Jun-kun?” Kumi said on very low voice

“ it’s jealousy” Kanon said

“eh jealousy of who?”

“of course of Airin-san”

“ don’t tell me Jun-kun love..”


“no way”

Churi was really angery it was her bad holiday ever seen in her life

*****in the cofee****

“ you feel ok now” Rena asked Airi concerned

“ yes I’m ok 

“ nee Kanon-chan why you still angery I said I’m sorry many times?”

“you’re a couple for half month and you already fighting” Jurina said

“ Kanon stop acting like a child” Rena said

“ It’s not my fault how can she said that our relationship is nothing?” Kanon said pouting

“ I didn’t mean it I was confused and you didn’t tell me that Jun-kun and Rena-chan knew about it” Kumi said

A group of guys enter to the coffee and went to their table

“ still I can’t believe you said it” Kanon said

“ but please I’m sorry”

“ ok I’ll forgive but at one condition”


“ Jun-kun why you’re sitting here let’s go to the roller coaster”  one of the group said interupting Kumi

“ yes of course I’m coming you want to come Churi!”

“ of course!” Churi stend up happy ‘cause Jun called her

“ do you want to go Rena-san”Airin asked

“ I don't want to go on any big rides” 

“ Let’s go with them too Kumi-san” Kanon said and took Kumi’s arm

“ I-I don’t think it’s a good idea and I prefer to wait with Rena-chan and Airin” Kumi said nervous

“ you want to be forgiven or not”

“ of course”

“ then come with me “

“ o-okey”

All of them left Rena and Airin alone .

“ Kanon can be scary sometimes” Rena said worried about Kumi

“poor Kumi-san “  Airin said then the two laughed

“ finally we’re alone I can realax now” Rena said and put her head on Airin’s shoulder

Airin was blushing so hard she was like a tomato and Rena was smirking thinking how can Airin be cute when she is nervous and embarrassed

*** roller coaster**

“ Kanon-chan I don’t think it’s a good idea” Kumi said

“ what you are scared?” Kanon said teasing Kumi

“ It’s no it!”Kumi shouted

“ then let in”

Jurina looked at them and laughed she remembred something


“ nooo I don’t want to die!!” Rena screamed

“ It’s ok Rena-chaaaaan” Jurina said take Rena’s hand Rena blushed

“ If you will die then will die together “ Jurina said laughing

“ don’t say it KYYAAAAAAAAAA!!”  the wagon go dawn

“ yeeeehyyy!! Wooohouuuu!! “ Jurina shouted laughing

“ don’t let my hand KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!” Rena shouted again

“ don’t worryyyyy!!” Jurina yelled and hold Rena’s hand tighter

<><><><><><><><end of Flashback><><><><><><><><><>

“what are you thinking about? You’re weid today Jun-kun” Churi said concerned

“ no I just remembered something made me laugh” Jurina said laughing

“ what is it” Churi asked

“It’s a secret!” Jurina said laughing

“eeeh you’re so mean laughing by yourself” Churi said pouting

“ let’s go it’s our turn”

“ okey”

****end of game****

“ Kumi are you okey?” Churi asked worried

“ I’m ok  I’m ok “

“ you don’t look ok like you said” Jun said

“ no I’m fi-“  Kumi didn’t end her sentence she collepset

There where Churi and Kanon who grabbed her before she fall

After they put Kumi on a bench.

“and it’s my fault she is like this..” Kanon said and her head down

“ no Kanon-chan it’s not your fault” Jurina said

“ hey let’s go let’s play something else Jun-kun”

“ but Kumi..” Jurina said looking to Kumi

“you can go I’ll stay with”Kanon said

“ but..”

“ I’ll be fine you can go Jun-kun” Kumi wake up she was still feeling deezy

“ ok we will come back”

Then they left Kumi and Kanon alone .

 Kanon was sitting and Kumi liaing on the bench her head on Kanon’s lap.

“ I’m sorry ... I’m sorry Kumi-san..” Kanon said snobing

“ It’s ok Kanon-chan and did you forgive me now?”

“ you’re stupid” Kanon leand her head and kissed Kumi softly

“let’s go where Rena-chan and Airin” Kumi said and stend up

“ okey let’sgo”

****back to the group who Churi and Jun/Jurina with****

“Let’s go to the haunted house “a guy shouted

“ good idea it’s the best place”

“ you’re coming Jun-kun?”

"Sure that's fine Churi!" Jurina said a little panicked.

“ are you sure ?”

“ yes let’s go!”


“wow it’s really dark!!” a guy shouted

“ I think we shouldn’t be separated of each other” a girl said

“ I think like that I wont be really scared” Jurina thought

a skeleton appeared in front of them. All run away and they left Jurina alone .

Jurina was terrified of haunted houses.  She couldn’t move she was so scared.

 all left her alone and she couldn’t call for help they will souspect her if they see this side of her .


Rena ;Airi; Kumi and Kanon were waiting for Jurina and Churi to come

“ here you are” Kumi said

“ ah are you ok now?” Churi asked worried

“ yes I’m full of energy! But where is Jun-kun?”

“ I thought he was out before me we were in the haunted houses” Churi said

“what the haunted houses Jurina hate it and s

he is always scared by the dark I have to go!” Rena run to the haunted houses


“ Jurina!! Where are you? Jurina!”

Rena was running everywhere searching for Jurina and kept calling her name

“ Rena-chan...” the voice was really low but Rena heard her

She kept calling her to listen where the voice of Jurina come.

At the end she found Jurina in the corner sitting on the floor her head on her kneed .

“ Jurina..” Rena went to the girl

“ Rena-chan..” Jurina rise her head she was crying

Rena got on her knees and hugged the crying girl

“ there ther it’s ok now Jurina” Rena said stroking softly Jurina’s hair

“ why you leave me alone... you said that you’ll be always by my side” Jurina hugged Rena more closer still crying

“It’s ok Jurina I’m here”

“Jurina?...” thought Airin and Churi who was watching the Wmatsui

I'm sorry this chapter is really boring  :err:
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WHOA!!! I LOVED THIS CHAPTER!! was funny and sweet.  :w00t:
Churi and Airi heard Rena call Jurina by her name what's gonna happen!!??  :shocked
PLEASE UPDATE SOON!!!!  :pleeease:
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Jealous Jurina is so cute~
So Churi and Airin will know? I wonder how Churi will react hehe~
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Ahhh, Jurina's secret is gonna be found out by their rivals in love :O Can't wait to see how it turns out
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Now we can see Jurina is in fact falling for Rena. I still dont like Churi.... And even more now that she realises that there is something wrong ><

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How will Churi react when she knows the truth????
How will everybody in the school react???

LOLLOOLOLOL Mayu scared Rena and then Jurina scared her  :rofl:
Jurina having a flashback she actually tough of funny and memorable moments with Rena  :wub:

Non is scary  :rofl:
Churi is jealous but she was the one that turned down Jun/  :(

Oh no Jurina alone in the haunted house poor her..

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maybe churi will stop liking him?  :dunno:

and kuminon is just... so cute  :luvluv2:
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AIRIN AND CHURI will know Jurina Secret :frustrated:

It so Cute Jurina Crying at Rena :luvluv1:
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Airin and Churi overheard something that they shouldn't~
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Making them forever alone would be too cruel, mo-chan~ ( xD )
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LOL... Yeah I agree with ChuuuPuffss. They didn't do anything wrong so... don't be so mean on them mo-chan~
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I guess you're right Chuu-chan , Sayuki-san  :mon sweat:
we will see after the voting as I see being a couple that what's all want  :mon thumb:
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You don't update???? I am getting interesting now and want more!!!

Looking forward if you will update :D !
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Jurina is so dense ... can she quickly wake up and have Rena in  her arms? 8)
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Chpater 14 : Holiday Part 4

As like we left our two heros , Jurina was crying on Rena’s chese.  But Some ones shouting their name made then broke the hug.

“Jun-kuuun!!... Rena-chaaan!!”

“ Jurina I think Non-chan and the others is searching for us let’s go they are waiting for us” Rena wanted to get up but a hand stopped her

“I don’t want them to see me like this” Jurina said looking down

Jurina still crying and trembling . Rena understood that Jurina wasn’t not totally calmed . She didn’t want to show this side of her .

Rena too she didn’t others know

this other side of Jurina which is the real Jurina not the cool and the handsome Jun that all know.

“okey we will leave by the enters door no one will see us let’s go” Rena took Jurina’s hand and they did what Rena said and they go back to the hotel.

<><>inside the haunted house<><>

“Jun-kuuun!!... Rena-chaaan!!”

“I think they are not here Onee-chaaaan Jun-kun!!!”

“you’re right aah it’s Churi and Airin” Kumi said and walked to the two other girl

“Churi did you see Jun-kun and Rena-chan?” Kumi asked

“ no we didn’t  right Airin?” Churi kept looking to the nervous girl

“ y-yes” Airi said and looked down

“ Airin? You call Airin by her nickname when did you become close you two!?” Kumi asked

“ it’s a secret” Churi said smiling and walk away

“ eeeh whyyy”

“ hehe”

“ don’t say hehe tell me !! Churi wait!!” Kumi said following her friend

Airi sigh and started walking with them but still her face was still looking down

“ you are ok Airin-san?” Asked Kanon with a worried face

“ y-yes don’t worry I’m ok” Airi said and smiled a weak smile

<><>in the hotel<><>

Jurina was staring at nothing out the window for a long time. She was thinking. Thinking of herself. Thinking of her life.

Thinking of the sacrifice she is doing for her one life. Thinking if it was right or bad . Thinking if she can give up or not.

If she obliged or not . If it was right if she is developing feelings for Rena even she loved Churi from a long time. She

Slightly gasped at her sudden retreat of her daydreaming by the sound of the door.It was Rena she come back from bath.

“ I’m sorry Jurina that you can’t take a bath today” Rena said trying to day her hair

“ don’t say I’m sorry it’s not your fault”

“ but I think I should talk to Yuki-san or Mayu-san they may help us”

“ no don’t disturb them”

“ ok but I really didn’t know that our school trip will saty at this hotel what a coincidence”

“ yes they are stay this day here and they’ll go to Kyoto tomorrow”

“eem yes ... eeh what a stupid I am they are staying here and what are we going to do if some classmates comes?!”

“what do you mean Rena-chan?”

“ I mean that they will know that we reserved the same room they will think so much”

“ to think about it our school student are back they are now” Jurina said pinting to the window

“ eeeh what should we do Jurina!!?”

“ you like the game of hide and seek?” Jurina got up and asked Rena smiling

“eh what!?”

“ let’s go” Jurina took Rena’s hand and they got out of the room running

“ aah I saw Jun-kun! Jun-kun wait!!” a girl shouted

“ It’s not good they found you!”

“ where should we go Rena-chan I’m really not in the mood I only want to stay with you”

“ look there a door” Rena opened the door and the two get in . It was a small room with

 a table of four person and a cupboard.It was a room for the employease of the hotel.

“ I think will be safe here”

“ yeah you’re ri-“ Jurina couldn’t finish what she wanted to say and Rena put her hand on Jurina’s mouth.

“ where did Jun-kun go?”

“ I’m still searching”

“let’s go to this side”

 Jurina was blushing Rena’s face so close of hers. When Rena realized it she fast let hand from Jurina’s mouth ans looked other way.

“I-I think there are gone”

“ y-yes “

A  silence hitted the room only broked after hearing some voice from out side. The two Matsuis paniced

and they go hide in the cupboard. It had some empty buttons that you can see what happen in the room.

The door opened it was Yuki and Mayu.

“why you are so lazy you said you will help me” Yuki said pouting

“I can’t help it feeling a sleep as like I say alway-“

“yes I know you don’t need to say it that reading manga is the only activity you like and can do”

“ you don’t need to be this rood with me” Mayu said sadly

“ I’m sorry Mayu I didn’t want to be mean I’m really tired these days I’m kinda stressed”

“ I think I have an idea “ Mayu said smirking

“ an idea!?” Yuki wondered

They stared at each other for a bit. Yuki’s face turned red.

“ no not here!!”

“ why not?? And we didn’t do nothing from we come here”

“ no Mayu here all know us we can’t...”

Mayu's eyes darted from Yuki's eyes to her lips.Yuki, acting on instinct, also moved forward and once both their lips met.

 The kiss was simple at first but fast it become bolder. She pulled away and roughly unbuttoned Yuki's shirt while placing kisses on Yuki's neck.

<><>in the room which is reserved for girl’s school<><>

“I wonder did they go those two?”

“ don’t worry Kumi-san if Yuki-san said that she saw Jun-kun with Rena then it’s ok”

“ but Churi and you Airin what do you think?”

Kumi asked them but no one answered . Churi were and Airin thinking and they looked worry.

“ I think we should leave them alone Kumi-san” Kanon said

“ euum”

<><>Churi’s PVO<><>

“why and when did Jun-kun and Rena become this close?

Why Jun-kun wouldn’t never show me this side of his personality.

And why Rena she calling Jun-kun Jurina I think I have to discover it!

<><>Airin’s PVO<><>

Why Rena-san is always so kind with this Jun . And why they this close to hug each other.

I loved Rena-san long time ago and I know the good and the bad for her.

 I want what she likes and what she hates. I know everything about her.

Why Churi-san wanted me to do it anyway. But I kinda this she is right.

“ there there it’s ok now Jurina” Rena said stroking softly Jurina’s hair

“ why you leave me alone... you said that you’ll be always by my side” Jurina hugged Rena more closer still crying

“It’s ok Jurina I’m here”

“Jurina?...” thought Airin and Churi who was watching the Wmatsui

“Jun-kuuun!!... Rena-chaaan!!”

“ Jurina I think Non-chan and the others is searching for us let’s go they are waiting for us” Rena wanted to get up but a hand stopped her

“I don’t want them to see me like this” Jurina said looking down

“okey we will leave by the enters door no one will see us let’s go” Rena took Jurina’s hand and they walked away.

“listen Airin I think what we saw now I think we should keep for us don’t tell anyone about it”

“ but I think we should get an eplaination for what we saw now !!”

“ I think we should stay quiat if they wanted to tell us the should told us from long time I think there is something we don’t know”

<><>end of flashback<><>

More than half hour passed.

Jurina and Rena still blocked in the armoir they were really hot all red about they saw and heard.

“Huff… huff… “

 All you can hear nothing but panting and moaning.

“M-Mayu stop”

 “You know you don’t actually want me to stop, Yuki. I know you like it!”

“Mayu! Please stop!”

Someone seemed to be knocking on the door.

“ Yuki? You’re here?”

“ oh crap it’s my mom damn you Mayu!” Yuki said in a low voice Mayu only  brought out her tongue

“ yeees mom”

“ If you want your and your friend’s dinner is ready” The mom said

“ okey mom we’re coming”

“ don’t worry Yuki your mom went back to the kichen”

“ don’t talk calmly like nothing happened they almost found about us!!”

“ but it relaxed you right?” Mayu said smirking

“ eeum I can’t lie it did “ Yuki said blushing

 “ hehe let’s go I’m hungry”

“ um let’s go”

After the Mayuki left the room the Wmatsui get out of the armoir they breathing heavly and blushing hardly.

“ I-I didn’t know that those two had this kind of relationship”

“m-me too”

“ I-I think it’s time to go back to sleep”

“ I-I think you’re right”

“ l-let’s go”


But when Jurina tried to open the door it seemed it was locked with a key.

“it’s locked!”
@Chanaline: I updated now :D I'm happy it interesting you I think it's because of Mayuki  :P
@DC2805: I'm with you Jurina is so danse  :smhid

mo-chaaaaan deeeeesu  :on woohoo: I'm back with a new chapter  :on gay:
I'm sorry I took so long time to update and sorry if it's short  :badluck:
I hope you will like it see you soon comment please  :fainted:
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woah Mayuki is hot!!!
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wow hoooot!!

Now wmatsui locked in the same room! can't be patient to know what happened next XD

thank you for update
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Omg! Update! I'm not dreaming *.* thank you so much, mo-chan*.* I love this fic o/

It was awesome! Rena and Jurina were so cute! And MaYuki were so hot!

What is gonna happen now that they are locked inside? ><

Hehhua Churi and Airin suspects them now, but Airin was so understandable ;.;

Thank you! I hope you are in high spirits to write o/
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What to do if you are being locked in a small room during bedtime?  :roll:

Suggestion to WMatsui: Can try to reenact what happened to Mayuki earlier on. According to Mayu, it will help you to relax. lol.  :lol:

Just kidding...  :P2
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Whoa Mayuki is hot, this chapter was funny, I really like your fanfic mo-chan.
I can't wait for the next chapter  :w00t:
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What are you saying about??? It is not just for Mayuki... Yes, you right at the first time I was just read the Mayuki part (when you update the chapter with mayuki). But after a few weeks, I don't know why. I become a WMatsui shipper :P, and then I started to read you fanfic which is really interresting :thumbup

Aaaah this chapter... Churi is really weird for me, she don't accept Jurina's feeling and now she gets jealous!! :smhid Ummm...

Ohhh! I love Airin,she really loves Rena!! :love:

Wouaaaaah! Mayuki scene is so hot (in my imagination...) :bleed eyes:

WMatsui locked in the room where Mayuki do some hot things... It will give weir idea to Jurina (heheheheheheheh) :lol:

Oh no... You active my hentai mode... :shakeit:
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i like your story very much. :twothumbs

such a sweet love going on between them. :wub:

hmm..what will happen to jurina and rena in that room. :?

i will waiting for your next update. :D
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O____O!!!!! This gets more and more interesting!!!!
What will happen now!?!?!?  9____9 I need to know!!
I will wait for the next chapter   >w<
Title: [ mo-chan's Fanfics ] She ran away from me | Chapter 1
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She ran away from me

Chapter 1

“I love you. I have loved you from a long time.”
“Sure let’s go out then.” The moment I replied, just as we got together, she ran away from me leaving me honestly confused. I’m Matsui Jurina, only a first year in high school yet I’m already the popular girl amongst everyone. They call me the kissing monster due to how much I kiss all the cute girls even though I only date guys. Among my generation, I bet that I'd be highly ranked on the number of love confessions I've received and the number of people I've dated. However the most extraordinary thing about me is that I still haven’t met someone that I could be so serious with that I would tell people that we are lovers, no matter who it was.
Three days passed after my meeting with the girl who ran away. I'm still thinking about her. I was still baffled by the time that she left me on my own. That was the first time a girl ever told me she was in love with me. It was also the first time someone ran away after I agreed to go out with them.
It was another boring day at school. I made my way to class. The classroom was noisy. Everyone was talking; some girls were putting on make-up. Other guys were joking between themselves. I walked to my desk. I put my bag on the floor. I sat on my chair and I put my head on my table. “Yo! Yuria peace~” I was very bored I didn’t want to talk so I just waved my hand to her not even bothering to look at her.  “You’re so mean Jurina-chan~” I really don’t like it when Yuria starts making the innocent face, it creeped me out. “Yuria you’re tiresome you don’t see that Jurina is bothered about something?” without realizing a sigh escaped from my mouth. “You ok Jurina?” Yuria hugged Kumi from behind “maybe your x boyfriend did something to her” Kumi was surprised. “Maybe it’s because I went out with this guy for only two weeks.”
“What you dumped this one again I don’t remember his name” Yuria was only grinning I don’t know why she was looking at me like that but I was sure about one thing. I didn’t like it
“He is a senior, the captain of the basketball team. This time it took only twelve days to dump him poor him” Kumi took a chair and sat next to me. "It must be awful for the guys that like you" Kumi said shaking her head. Yuria was only nodding like a little dog with her master. I let another sigh “We’re not going to discuss it again Kumin” I said to her turning my head to the other side. "But if you're going out with a guy that makes you lovers right?" I frowned I didn’t like to repeat things I said “No we're more than friends but less than lovers. Well I don-”
 “I don't know anything about them in the beginning and it would be rude to just turn them down without trying to get to know them. There's a chance I'll fall in love with them so I go out with them first and then give them an answer.” Yuria cut in, imitating my voice. I didn’t know that I took so much time to explain my thoughts it’s kind of boring so I couldn’t help myself and I started laughing. “Mission accomplished!!” My two friends said at the same time then they high fived each other. I only smiled to them they were only worried about me so that it reassured them “There is nothing serious it’s just a girl confessed to me and when I said it’s fine that we can go out. She ran away” Kumi put her hands on my shoulders and squeezed them. “Jurina you scared her I told you it’s not a good idea to go out with her like that. Girls aren’t like guys” She took Yuria closer to her and she put her arm around the girl’s neck “You should look at me and Yuria” I shook my hand to the two side “No no no I don’t want us to be called The stupid couple like you” “what!? I’m not stupid!!” Kumi kept protesting, fighting and telling Yuria that she is not dumb. “No!! Kumin is the most stupid one of us!!” At least Yuria didn’t deny the fact that she was stupid, unlike Kumi.
After school I ended up to going to the place where that girl confessed to me. I still didn’t know why I still wanted to meet her again even after she ran away. Maybe I won’t meet her. Maybe she doesn’t want to see me. Maybe she is embarrassed and she can’t face me. When arrived at the park where I met her for the first time I saw that she was there. I felt really happy to find her here. She was sitting on a bench reading a book. I walked up to her; she didn’t seem to notice my presence. “I figured I would run into you if I came here" When she saw me her face turned all red and she tried to escape again but this time I didn’t let her and I put myself in her way. "Before you run off this time at least tell me why you ran away before" With my gentle way of talking she calmed herself a bit and sat on the bench again. I followed her and sat next to her. "First I want to apologize for what I did the other time. I thought you would turn me down so I was surprised when you said yes..." She was an extremely shy girl. I think I understand. "But Matsui-san doesn't it repulse you to know a girl is in love with you..." She spoke to me as she was looking down. Now I fully understand why she is like this.  "Love doesn't depend on gender. If you love someone what does it matter if they are a guy or a girl? It's just that I don't know anything about you so I want to go out with you before I give you an answer. That is if you don’t mind of course…." She nodded to me and I smiled to her. "I want to know your name" "Matsui Rena"

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@kahem and @matsuru : yeah I wanted to make a special sorry you have to wait a little more
@Bbsis: yeah I updated I'm not dead dont worry XD wait a little more for DBAWYLM I wrote this chapter a while ago and thanks for nori who did the proofeading
@Juribait : It really so hard to make a hot scene and I love you too :P
 @DC2805 : thanks for the advice :P
 @gekiragakuen and @wsama : thank you.I think you have to wait a little more
    @Chanaline : thank you for reading all my fic sorry cause I ll make you wait more Chana-chan :P
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I want to know the next chapter!!!! Rena shy... Kawaiiiiiiiii :wub:

And it is okay I can wait. As I am a writer too I know how it is difficult to keep them ongoing...
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hope you won't stop writing the other fanfic  :grin:

Rena ran away because she doesn't know how to handle the situation. I can fully understand that. And hope Jurina will be serious about her.
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Here I'm back again to end this short fic. As like I said I wrote it a long time ago and I think it's really boring and simple story  :nervous Thanks again to nori who did the proofreading  :D
@Chanaline: It makes me really happy to see you comment in this boring fic Chana-chan  :cathappy: Yeah my fics ongoing are really not easy and to find good ideas need a long time  :sweatdrop:
@DC2805: don't worry I'm working on the other fic I won't stop  :cathappy:

Chapter 2

I stayed next to her on the bench and I tried to explain to her what I thought

"I don't know anything about you. So I want to go out with you before I can give you a proper answer. That's if you don't mind." I looked at her, she sounded really nervous and hesitant then she looked at me.

“Are you sure?” I nodded to her in return.

"I'm Matsui Rena." 

“Wow! We have same last name!” I was surprised when she told me about it.

“Un! It’s what I thought when I learnt your full name too.” I smirked when she made it sound like she did her proper investigation about me or is just that I’m really that popular?

"We go to different schools but I always see you on my way in and when I’m going back to home.” She paused a bit and continued.

"The atmosphere around you was always different. You always looked so good so adorable” I blushed at her words. When she realized what she was saying she instantly turned into a tomato. It was really …

“I think you are definitely cuter than me Rena-chan” She turned her face to other side. I can see her blushing again

“T-Thank you I'm flattered” I stand up and faced her with a smile.

“By the way Rena-chan you can call me Jurina since we have the same last name it’s a bit confusing
right?” She was looking down at the ground again. Seriously, she must be the shiest person on the planet. Her angelic face had a cute innocent look to it. I felt my heart warm up and I started blushing.

“Jurina is everything ok?” She asked, worrying about me. It made me really happy, what’s wrong with me?

“No I’m fine by the way I know a good restaurant let's go get snack there we will talk some more.” She stood up to follow me and I instantly took her hand. We are just holding hands but I think I can feel Rena-chan's heat pounding. It's the first time that holding someone's hand has gotten me like this.

It’s been two weeks since Rena-chan and I have started going out. I was waiting for her in a café near her school. Being with Rena-chan is so much fun; even waiting for her is fun. Here she comes, I’m very happy she made it today I’m going to have more fun. “Over here Rena-chan!” I shouted to her happily. She walked and she sat in front of me.

Like I said being with Rena-chan is interesting but today she was silent. I was the only one talking and she was nodding to me instead of properly replying. I know that Rena-chan is shy and isn’t normally that talkative but this day she wasn’t normal. After we finished eating, I decided to walk her home.

When we arrived at the park I met her for the first time. I felt that I had to say something. I couldn’t let this moment pass. I stopped walking. After two steps she realized I wasn’t next to her so she looked at me “Is something wrong Rena-chan? You haven't said a word all day.” At my question she turned her back to me.

"Did you tell someone that we're going out?”

“Eh? Oh yeah someone asked me out so I told him I was already with someone why do you ask?” She looked at me sadly like I did something wrong and she asked me again

“Did you tell him it was a girl? Did you mention my name?” I was feeling angry and sad at the same time

"He asked me so I told him the truth that we're going ou-" She interrupted me and she started yelling

“It's the truth but we're both girls you should have just dodged his questions! Why did you have to tell him about us??” I was really angry about how Rena-chan reacted and I was sad because it was from her. I tried to calm myself and took a deep breath.

“I don't see any reason to dodge people’s questions about us." She turned her head to the other side she closed her eyes and she put her thumb on her cheek.

“But I know we're just dating right now and we don't know if it will get serious or not.” She looked at my eyes with a look full of sadness. “I'll be really hurt when you end up turning me down!”

"So that's why you want to keep our relationship secret? I don't want to! We didn't do anything wrong or to be ashamed of!”

"B-But there are people around us who will be prejudiced against us!” I couldn’t take it anymore I wanted to tell her what I thought of all this and stared at her indifferently.

“Aren't you even more prejudiced than they are?” She was really surprised when I said it to her but I was not going to give up

"I don't understand what you're trying to say Rena-chan. I have my cousin Yuko-san and she has a girlfriend and I have my two best friends who are lovers even though they are both girls. They couldn't care less about what other people think and they don't hide their relationships. I want to be open about the one I love no matter what!” Wait what I’m saying now the one I love?? I even surprised myself with how passionate I was about it.

“I’m going to move out…” Eh!? Wait what!! “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner” I was really surprised it was so sudden

“When? Where?”

“In 48 days to Tokyo. I got a scholarship.” I finally understand everything

"So if I dump you this will all work out just the way you planned?” So that's why she knew it wouldn't work out...

“I’m sorry… Thank you for challenging me and goodbye.” She murmured her final words before walking away. Is it just going to end like this? I refused to accept this. I yanked her arm to turn her round to face me. She was crying. Yes crying. Why was she doing this if she was going to cry?
"I would never have the courage to tell you how I felt about you. But when I did I just ran away like an idiot. I never thought you'd actually agree to go out with me I w-" Suddenly she stops talking but not out of her choice. My lips were preventing hers from moving by locking them up with a kiss. After a few seconds I broke away and looked into her eyes.

“I have no intentions of letting you get away.” We were blushing so hard without breaking contact. Even if she is going to Tokyo, we would work something out. As you know they always say that “Love will find a way.”
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Wouahaha!! It was a cute end :heart:

But Rena seems to be a stalker :lol:
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Love  :heart: will find a way, definitely. Or if there's a will, there's a way.  :cow:
Title: [ mo-chan's Fanfics ] Don't be ashamed when you love me | Chapter 14 part 5|
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A/N: Hi mo-chaaaaan deeesu!  :on woohoo: again I’m back and I'm with the final part of the Chapter 14. I'm really sorry to make you all waiting so much. I tried my hard to make a chapter for those who wanted reading this fic even I had problems at home and I'm not in the mood cause my granny die 9 days ago.  What I talking about sorry don't read it. Thanks to nori he was here to help me   :shy2: . It's short but I hope you will enjoy it.  :byebye:

Chpater 14 : Holiday Part 5


The darkness invaded the whole room. We couldn’t do anything. It was a very small room for employees. The door was locked shut and without

 a key we couldn’t get out. Calling for help wasn’t a good idea too. How could we call someone? We were trying to hide from them. I didn’t want to go back to

them. I want some space. I wanted to relax and sit with her. But is it that we can be calm after what we had just overheard. I mean about Mayu and Yuki. I raised

my head and looked at her. I wasn’t exactly sure about what she was doing but it looked like she was searching for something so I asked.

“What’s wrong Rena-chan?”

“I can’t find my phone; I want to call Kanon since she might be able to help us” She answered me and continued to search her bag.

“You can have mine if you don’t find yours.”  After putting my hand inside the pocket of my jacket I rolled my eyes. Rena looked to me with confusion.

“I can’t find mine too. I think I lost it while we were in the amusement park”

Rena’s eyes opened wide when she heard what I said.


“It doesn’t matter” I said trying to calm her down.

“What did you say!? Your phone is an android. Do you realise how much they cost!?”

“No I don’t. I never asked about something like that”

She was staring at me her mouth wide open in the form of an ‘o’. Then she faceplamed and sighed at the same time.

“It's too late now and what’s done is done. I don’t think if we went to search for it we’ll find it. No one will let go of a phone like that if they find it.” She shook her head.

“I’m sorry…” I didn’t know what to say.

“Don’t say it to me it’s your phone.”

“You lost yours too.” I frowned when I remembered about that. She was scolding me yet she lost her phone too!She really is a bit too mean sometimes.

“I remembered that I left it in the room. And look at me.” She continued to scold me.

“I said I’m sorry.” Why should I say I’m sorry to her! I never said sorry to anyone even if it is me who was in the wrong. Why am I apologising to this girl?

“It’s not my fault that you left me alone.” I could tell from her eyes that my mumbled words had caused her to feel a little down. To try and cheer her up I took

her hand and I smiled.

“I think we should wait till somebody gets here.” She smiled back and made me sit next her.

“Let’s wait then.


I went wandering out onto the terraceto take in some fresh airand take my mind off of things. The others were having fun: playing games and telling each other

stories which frightened all of them. I couldn’t have fun with them; I had other matters circulating in my head. It bothers me so much that I can’t make any sense

of everything. Just Knowing that she knew secrets very important to Jun is killing me. Maybe it’s because she is working for him. But it doesn’t mean that she can

hug him like that and touch him like someone important. She is nothing but just a maid. She can’t lay her hand on him. I won’t tolerate it. I won’t let anything

happen between them. Hearing the sound of footsteps I turned my gaze to see that it was Airin.

“So you were here.” Her hand was holding two cans of iced coffee. She walked to me and she offered to me one of them.

“Ah, thanks.” I accepted the beverage with a smile. Airin walked over to the wall and leant against it. She opened her own can and took a sip.

“You don’t want to go inside Churi?.”

“No...” I took a sip and continued. “What about you?”


“I see...” Then silence draped itself over us. We were looking at the stars. The weather was nice. It was calm. No movement no noise. Just Airin and me. Alone.

“It’s been a long time since it’s been just the two of us.”I was surprised by what she said. I didn’t know why but all I could feel was regret for what I had done, but

I had no right to be sad because I’m the one at fault.


“I know you have new friends now. New friends who fit with your social status.”

“I...” She turned to me and smiled.

“It’s ok I understand. I’m used to it now. It started from middle school you remember. So I’m ok.”

“I’m sorry Airin.”  I know I’m the cruel person who left her friend to be popular. I know it’s selfish that I want her to forgive me. Why did it take me so long to just

apologise to her? Why I’m like this. I can’t understand myself. What do I want to do?

“You’re Sorry?” Airin let a loud laugh, her voice clearly echoing out. Then she stopped and continued.“How can you say sorry now? How can you be so cruel? Back

when I needed you,you chose to leave me.You didn’t bother to help me. When I was abused by the other students you ignored it. You didn’t bother to look at me!!

I’m only here thanks to Rena-san, she was by my side all the time. I tried so hard to be correct with you but you wouldn’t let me do so and about what we saw

that day in the amusement park don’t worry I won’t tell nobody about it.” Then she left me. Airin’s words hurt me so much. I couldn’t bear it. My knees buckledand

I fell back to lean against the wall before I slowly slid to the floor.

Airin is right I’m horrible. I don’t have the right to be forgiven.  Me and Airin used to friend from elementary school to middle School. I don’t know why but we

always end up in the same class. Is it fate? I don’t know. But I ended our friendship with my own hands like she said.


Thinking about it we are alone in the same room near each other. It’s what I wanted. Then why am I so nervous when I end up in this kind of situation?

Did my  love for Churi ever make my heart beat this fast? Did I really ever love Churi to begin with? I want to be with Rena all the time.

 I don’t want that girl Airi to approach her. I want to hug her. I want to feel her lips on top of mine. I was flooded by my thoughtswhen

I felt a heavy weight on my shoulder. It was Rena-chan. She was sleeping peacefully with her head resting on my shoulder.

 She must be tired from such a long day. Many things happened today. I can understand. I leant my head on hers and tried to sleep myself.

The next day I wake upunder the effect of the sun's ray bursting through. I tried to turn my head but I was stopped by the pain in my neck due to my position

when I was sleeping.

To my surprise Mayu and Yuki were standing in front of us. I don’t know why but Yuki had a weird look not only her face but her entire body had reacted when

they saw us,while Mayu had the same emotionless stare. As Rena woke up she extended her arms and rubbed her eyes cutely.

“D-don’t t-tell m-me that you were here for all night?” Yuki turned purple.

“It’s not the right question Yuki.”  Mayu was shaking her head to the side as she said it.

Me and Rena were so embarrassed. No one said a word.

“Eeeeeh!!! They know!What are we going to do!?” Yuki was panicking.

“I’m sorry we didn’t want to sneakin to watch the two of you it was an accident!!” Rena justified.

I can understand Yuki’s reaction. I think if I was in her position I would want to ran away and hide myself somewhere no one knew about.

But what made me really surprised was Mayu’s expression. She didn’t look worried at all. Or should I say that she didn’t show emotion.

 She sounds indifferent. Like she doesn’t care at all.Like it was nothing. I think she is thinking of something that could help her.

Then she wouldn’t be concerned.

“Calm down Yuki. Panicking won’t solve anything.” Mayu quietly reassured her.

“But…” Mayu turned to me and Rena and smirked. Her gaze gave me goosebumps. I don’t know what is for Rena’s case but it made me a bit scared and I began

to distrust her. I looked to Rena who was next to me; her breathing hitched. She suddenly looked like a deer caught in the headlights. Mayu couldn’t help but

chuckle at our reaction.

“If only you could see your faces now.”  She started laughing again before continuing.

"Don’t worry, I’m not going to ask you for anything horrible. Like we did please just keep it a secret. I think now done.”She said as she put her hands on the two

sides of her waistline.

“Aaah if that was all you wanted to say then you didn’t need to scare me like that.”  Rena sighed as she said it.

“Mou Mayu you scared me too.”  Yuki started laughing then we ended up all laughing.


After finishing talking with Yuki and Mayu we went back to the room we reserved. The room was turned upside down. There was waste

and drinks everywhere and it smelled of alcohol too.  There were so many pupils sleeping here and there.

“It looks like they had a party here.”  Rena said as she was searching for her sister.

“That’s why I didn’t stay with them. We will be in trouble if one of the teachers find out about it Rena-chan. Let’s pack our things and go back home. I’m really


 She nodded to me in response and she started shaking Kanon to wake her up from Kumi’s arms. Then we went back to our home to begin a new school year.

@Chanaline: haha Don't say it or she ll ge angry at you. Rena can be scary sometimes :P
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Chapter 15: New school year

“Jun-onii-chan give me back my puppet!!” A Chibi Rena was running outside in the garden after a 7 years old boy trying to get back her toy. On the other hand
Mr Matsui was spirited to put on order boxes and coolers in the car.

“Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!! I won’t give it back to you Rena. If you want it catch me!” He stuck his tongue out and he escaped again from her.
Ms Matsui came from inside carrying a basket. She went to her husband’s direction and she handed him it.

“Do not run risk of falling” But the children didn’t really listen to what she was saying and Rena ending falling like Ms Matsui said.

“Hora! I told you so!” When blood was shown on her kneed, Rena started crying louder and louder.  Hearing the little girl’s cry, a tall pale man showed. He took Rena in his embrace to comfort her.

“There, there don’t cry Rena-chan it’s a small injury. You’re a big girl now”Rena cried more

 “But Papa it hurts so much” The young man laughed at Rena’s reaction. Jun felt bad for Rena. He walked toward the man and Rena. He gave Rena’s puppet.

“Jun-kun you don’t think you forget something?”  The young man put Rena, knelt and smiled to the little Jun.

“Um... Sorry Papa”

“Not to me boy to Rena” Papa said laughing
Jun looked down. “I’m sorry Rena...”

“Good boy”





“Please wake up, we can’t be late for school.” Jurina slowly opened her eyes. Rena was shaking her trying to wake her. She put her palm on her eye and sighed.

“aaah this dream again...”

“What’s wrong?” Jurina looked to her. Rena’s face was really close that Jurina got all read and fall from her bed.

“Euheh It’s nothing. I’m up now” She got up and rushed to the bathroom. She wanted to tell her but Jurina herself can’t understand her dream. The thing she was sure about it is it a part of her childhood memory that she can’t remember clearly. Rena wondered if something was up. However Jurina wouldn't say anything so she decided to let it go.

It is April now. A new season,  A new year, many things happened in that holiday. I was really hard to hide Jurina’s secret from our classmates. But after that Jurina seemed more distant to me. I don’t know why but somehow she is avoiding me lately. At first, I thought it was only my imagination but she always avoids talking too much to me. She even doesn’t look to me when she is talking to me. I began to be worried about this problem. Did I do something wrong to her?  Our relationship is more far away now than the first time I joined working in the Matsui family. I know that I’m only her servant and I can’t be closer than the master and maid relationship. Although, I thought that we were getting along well. Maybe I was wrong.
Kanon seemed to be happy that she could be studying in the same high school as Kumin. It made me a bite sad knowing it because I was the reason of her joining this school but now she is glad about being with Kumin. Maaa ika.
But I feel a little lonely now, I only know Churi in my class. Jurina, Kumin and Airin are in the 3-B.
I’m Matsui Rena, I’m 17 and I study in the 3-A now.


It’s lunch time now. I forget my bento at home. I was really nervous today too. I didn’t expect that Rena-chan will be so close to early in the morning. Lately I can look at her eyes my heart start betting so fast when I feel her presence. I know that she is not stupid and she feels that I’m avoiding her. But it’s not right how can my love fade for Churi this fast. Maybe it is because Akane doesn’t know my secret. Maybe because I can be myself in front of Rena-chan that’s whyBut I know it’s not a reason for me to love Rena. No no no it is not truth. I’m Matsui Jun and not Jurina I’m Matsui Jun.

“Jurina” A voice said, when I looked where the voice coming from, I saw Rena smiling to me and holding a bento in her hands.

“Here! You went before Kanon and me so you forgot your lunch”

“Euhm.. Thanks” Again I couldn’t look into her eyes what’s wrong with me!!

“By the way Rena-chan..”

“Euum” She kept smiling and listened to me

“Can you stop calling me Jurina”

“Eh?” It really broke my heart seeing Rena-chan hurt expression. It made me want to hug her tightly

“Oooh! Ok I’ll be careful to not say it at school.”

“N-no I mean stop calling me that name. I can’t use it anymore. It’s not my name. I’m Matsui Jun.”I can feel that Rena’s look from sad to mad one.

“Why...?” She took a breath and continued

“It’s my duty... I have to do it...”

“ Wasn’t you the one who told me that you liked being called by your real name?” I was silent. I couldn’t say anything. I just kept looking down. She put her hand on my shoulder and shack it asking me why.

“I thought it was a special thing you gave me calling you by your real name. But...”

 She septet a back step “... I think you never wanted to be close to me at the right place...” Rena-chan’s voice was shaking more and more. But after hearing what she said at the end. I couldn’t help looking at her. I was shocked. She was crying. I made Rena-chan crying.


“-I have to go” Then she run away.


Airin is right. I’m the worst person in the world. I was acting as a stupid. I’m a selfish person. Now I’m not with my friends or should I say that they are not my friends anymore. Maybe Kumin yes but I don’t think that Jun-kun doesn’t want to talk with me at all. But still I have to figure out why Rena called Jun Jurina. Jurina is a name of a... I shook my head. No no it can’t be it. But making fun of him wasn’t the time of it. Jun responded to her when she called him by that name. Maybe I should get along with Rena maybe I’ll find out something.


I wonder what is doing Rena-san. Maybe Churi told me to be silent about it. But still I want to know it. I want to be certain about what I’m thinking. If I’m right then it won’t be a problem. It will be clear that Rena-san didn’t accept my feelings for her because I’m a girl. Besides Matsui Jun doesn’t really have the same feeling for as she has for him. She is his maid and he seems ignoring her lately. Walking in the hall I turned to the window. Outside I saw Rena-san running and she had her arm on her eyes. She was crying. I rushed to her with all my will being to her. She was sitting on a bench. Tears was falling on her cheeks. When she saw me, she got up and she started running again. I followed her very fast. I called for her but she didn’t stop. Rena-san wasn’t really good in sports thing so I couldn’t get to her. I took her by her arm and turn her to looks to my side. She looked in my eyes for a second and she hugged me and cried. I know it’s his fault or should I say her fault. I still have to prove it. Wait for me Matsui Jun.


I’m really happy knowing that Kanon is attending the same high school as me. It made me laugh when she told me that Rena-chan was jealous of me. She must be maybe Rena was really close to her sister. The problem is Jun. He is acting really weird these days. I’m really worried about him. I thought he got in a fight with Rena-chan. When I asked him he told me that they didn’t and it was nothing. I don’t think it’d nothing it’d really obvious that something is up with him...
I was on my way to the bathroom and heard a loud noise.

“You’re really stupid! It’s disgusting! You don’t even get angry when we say it to you!!” A girl took a bucket of dirty water and poured it on the head of the bullied girl and the other three girls laughing. Things were happening really fast. I didn’t know what to do. I just shouted.

“What are you doing!?”

“Tsk you’re really lucky that Kumi-sempai come in here. Let’s go girls!” Then the other girls exited the bathroom.I walked to the girl. I knelt and gave her a handkerchief.

“Are ok heuh...” She took the handkerchief from my hand and she began to her face.

“Yuria I’m Kizaki Yuria. Thank you... ” I can see clearly that she is trembling. She had a really bad time with those girls. I should’ve been here earlier.

“It’s everything ok now. Don’t worry.” I sneezed her hand trying to comfort her but she suddenly hugged me and started crying. I didn’t know what do so I returned the hug and patted her head. Yet when I felt someone’s presence I turned to look for who is it. For my surprise, it was my cute girlfriend. Her expression looks kind of shocked. I looked at the girl in my arms then looked back to Kanon but she was no longer there.


The teacher came and class began. I looked next to me was kumi spacing she looked worried of something. She wasn’t like herself. Then I turned my in front of me I saw Furukawa Airi glaring at me with a hate look. She must know what happened between me and Rena-chan. Why I said those horrible things? Why I did all of this? Why things can be this complicated? I have to apologise. I want to apologise.

“Good morning! We have a new transferred girl who will study with us. Fujita-san come in...”When I saw the girl got in my class I was shocked.

“Fujita Nana. Please take care of me” She looked at my direction and waved to me.

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Name: Matsui Jun

Real name: Matsui Jurina

Age: ???

Jurina is a rich lonely girl living as a boy’s personality by using the Jun name. Only her family new about her secret but after Rena will find out about it.  She is living as a boy due to some problems related to her family. At school, Jurina is known as a boy who is the famous Jun-kun who everybody admires and like.  Jurina in outside looks as the cool and the prince of her school but inside she is the opposite. Jurina is in love with Churi who is Takayanagi Akane but after the rejection she got after confessing her feelings and meeting Rena many things changed…


Name: Matsui Rena

Age: 17

Rena is an orphanin girl she doesn’t know who are her real parents. But for some unkown reasons the Kimoto family raised her as their real daughter. But Then she lost them in an accident.  She has always admired secretly The Handsome Prince Of the School “Jun-kun” . Rena wanted to let her little sister attend the same high school as her. But she could not offer it so her friend helped her too get a job. At the end she ended up in the Prince’s house.


Name: Takayanagi Akane

Nicname: Churi

Age: 17

Akane is a rich girl. She is one of Jun's best friends. After loosing Jun's attention, Churi is getting really jealous when ever Jun is close to Rena. She wants to discouver why Rena called her best friend by the name "Jurina" . Akane's attention are vague and we can't figure it. She is trying to get close to Airi again because they used to be childhood friend.


Name: Furukawa  Airi

Nicname : Airin


Airi is Rena’s best friend. She has been in love with Rena from the first time they met. Airi wants to protect Rena from Jun who she think he is creepy.


Name: Yagami Kumi

Nicname: Kumin

Age: 16

Kumi is Jun’s best friend. She is the stupid of the group. Kumin is Kanon’s girlfriend. Things about their relationship got complicated when Kizaki Yuria appeared.


Name: Kimoto Kanon

Nicname: Non-chan

Age: 14

Kanon lost her parent’s in a car accident. She is still living with her sister Rena. After moving to Matsui family’s house she was able to meet Kumi who she will fell in love after. Their relationship got complicated when Kizaki Yuria appeared.


Name: Kashiwagi Yuki

Nicname: Yukirin

Age: 17

Yuki is the daughter’s owner of the hotel onsen in Kagoshima where Rena and the others spent their holiday. She is studing at Tokyo.


Name: Watanabe Mayu

Nicname: Mayuyu

Age: 15

Mayu is a a lazy cyborg cold hearted girl. She met the Rena and the others in the hotel onsen. She was helping her friend Yuki there. She is living in Tokyo.


Name: Known as Kyoka-san

Age: 67

Kyoka-san is the one who took care of Jurina in the sad moment. She knows all Jurina’s secrets and she is always by Jurina’s side and helps her.


Name: Matsui xxxxx

Age: 38

She is Jurina’s mother she always treat her daughter as her son.


Name: Matsui xxxxx

Age: 46

He is Jurina’s father he never has been at home for some hiden reasons.

New Characters


Name: Fujita Nana

Age: 17

Nana is Jurina’s friend.


Name: Kizaki Yuria

Age: 15

Yuria is a student who has been all the time builed unitil Kumi helped her. She will eventually feel in love with her.


Name: Matsui xxxx

Age: 26

He is known as papa in the fanfic. He is dead How? I won’t tell you hihi  :P
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Chapter 16

Sigh. I lost the count of how many times I sighed today. Remembering what happened last week with Juri- oh! no I told myself that I won't call her by her real name even in my thoughts. Yes I mean I didn't talk with Jun since that day when she told me to stop calling her by her real name. I know that it's her right. But it made me feel really sad. I know she has her reason which I don't know and I don't want to force her to tell me what are they. Sincerely, I wanted to know it. What is bothring her. I wanted to her her but I think she doesn't want my help cause she is been avoiding me lately. I barely see her, she even stopped taking breakfast and dinner with us. The Matsui family is really weird. I know that wel because her daughter is crossdressing like a boy for a family reason. But I feel there more things I don't know about this family and It surprised more what happened last week when went back to home.


After this long day, I got back to home with Kanon and Jun wasn't with us. Yes after what happened between us. Even Kanon seems down. I asked her what's wrong, but she gave me a fake smile and told that everything is ok and I don't need to worry. I knew something wrong with but I dicided to let it down. Maybe she'll talk about it to me when she wants.  After that no one said anything to the other in way back.
"I'm back~"  I knelt to take off my shoes as I shouted. Kanon didn't say a word and I seriously begin to become more worried about her.

"I have to go to my room first, I need to do something"


I proceed to attend the living room where Kyoka-son is always still waiting for us. But to our surprise Kyoka-san was not the person waiting but an other one. A tall skiny man wering a suit. He looks like a businessman. Perhaps he works with madam. He stood up from his sit and bowed. I bowed back to him.
"Welcome back young Mistress"
Eeeeeh!? me? young mistress??? I was startled by the young man's retort. He must be new here that's why. Sigh. It's really funny he has mistaken me.
 I'm only a.... maid....



"I think you're wrong, we have only a young master and if you want to meet hi-"

"No I'm not wrong, you are Matsui Rena right?"

"Yes...Maybe my family name is the same but I'm not a memb-"

"I think yoou don't understand." He sighed as he took his glasses to clean the spectacles. I don't like this men I don't understand what he wants he seriously like to cut me off when I start to talk to him.

"Mister I think you misunderstood something Bu-"


Why seriously today is all cutting me off. When I turned to see who was it. It was Kyoka-san followed by Kanon and Jun. I looked to Jun, he/she looked other way. I decided to let it cause I think Kyoka-san wants to say something.

" Rena-chan sit down"
when everyone settled cantinue " I was waiting for you all. I have something important to tell you about. You can have the word Shinoda-san"

"I know that only Kyoka-san and young master knows me but still young mistriss you don't know"
Why he keeps saying that I told him he is wrong. I can see from the side Kanon and Jun's surprised face. Maybe my sister thinks the same thing like me.  The young man cantinue "First I'll indroduce myself. I'm Shinoda Mario. I'm on of Matsui' family's layer. I'm here to keep an eye on young masters"

"Euuh..Sorry to tell you we are not mistress of this house" As ecspected from Kanon that she won't let it. "Yes Mario I think you are mistaken something..."

"Shinoda-san is right!"

"EEeeeh" We three shouted at the same time when Kyoka-san comfirmed what he said. Wait! What? What do they mean??? EEEh???

"What's going on here!? Why I didn't know anything about it??" Jun's look was full of anger and confusion. I can understand him. He/ She is the master/misteriss and one day his a girl  who is his/her personal maid and her sister took the same postion as him/her . I'm more confused then him/her...

"Calm down Jun! These are Madam's orders to us."


"Eeh!?" It was the first time someone called me like this. It's really weird.

"Madam told me that she wants to register you in the Matsui family" He look to Kanon and cantinue " You too Kanon-sama"
Wait!! What is happening here. I'm dreaming right? Why madam is doing this? What happened? Why she is kind to us? there is something going on...

"WHAT!!? " Jun stood up angerly and left the room. Should I follow him/her. But I can't...

"What is you answer Rena-sama, Kanon-sama?"

"I don't know...I'll do what onee-chan wants to do." Kanon looked to with the eyes of someone who needs help.
What should I do? I'm scared if I say no to them then madam will get angry and kick us from here. Then what should I do. I don't want Kanon to suffer...

"Sorry Shinoda-san about it but I need to think about it"
Shinoda-san smirked to my replay. "You're interesting Rena-sama, But I didn't wait to have this answer. Okey I'll give you a week to make decision"
~End of Flash back~
Yes I know it's really surprising to know it. I'm not a maid anymore. But yes today is the d-day. I still don't know what to do. Maybe I should talk to Jun about it. It's really hard to choose . Why this happened to me? I feel something fishy in this story...

"Matsui-san!!" My thoughts were cut by someone.

"Matsui-san! you keep daydreaming all these days!Why don't you try to solve this problem?" Arghh!! It's really bad I wasn't even listenning. I proceed to stand up from sit my savor  the bell rang.


After the teacher left the class, I went to talk with Rena. She was sulking I'm not surprised cause the teacher was scolding her.

"Are you ok Rena-chan? You seem always in your thoughts lately. Something happened?"
But she didn't saying anything more than it's nothing I'm ok. I know that we're not really close me and Rena-chan and she is disctred girl. So I can understand.

I turned and I saw Airin waving to Rena-chan. Rena-chan stood up very fast I she started to walk to Airin but She stopped half way and she looked at me.

"You want to come have lunch with us Churi?" I'd like to go but I looked to Airin maybe she doesn't want me to go with cause I can tell by looking at her surprised face when Rena-chan aked me to come with them.

"Right Airin?"

"Y-yea Rena-san" Sigh. Why everybody is like this when she smiles to then Jun too.

"Thanks! But I need to do something go ahead first don't wait for me"
Sigh. But I feel her smile kinda makes me relaxed too. What am I talking about? I face palm myself.


When Shinoda-san came and tell us about that we can be Jun's sisters, I was really surprised really surprised that I couldn't sleep that night. I was thinking if I accept madam's offer I'd live a better life. And I can say goodbye to that misrable life I had after the accident of my parents. Despite that I can not offer to be selfish. Cause I know that my sister loves Jun-san. And It will be more complicated if we become siblengs. I can't forget the promis I made to myself that, in our parents funerals.
It was a gloomy day. I don't know how much I cried but what I remember is that my sister didn't cry in the funerals. When visitors were taking their leave. My sister was holding my father's and I had my mother's picture. My two uncles and aunty were discussing about who is going to take us under their care. No one wanted us. They began to throw excuses.  Like they don't have enough money and the other other hasn't more places to accommodate us.

"Why I should take care of them?"

"I heard that His wife hasn't sibling"

"Why should he die now?"

"I can take the young one but the older one I won't"

"Why should we care about the older. She isn't even their real daughter"
I was furious when I heard what they said. They can not go further to talk about it. I looked to my sister. She was looking to them. She didn't say anything. Her eyes looked empty. I can't see any emotion in them. I felt really hurt. 

"She is not in Kimoto's register so I think we won't have a problem"
Without knowing I yelled stop to them. Disturbed by the cries that I launched, they glard me. Rena onee-chan was surprised but it doesn't make stop.

"Don't talk like this about onee-chan!! If you don't want it then you can go all away!! Cause I won't leave onee-chan alone never I will!!"
At that time my sister hugged me tighly and started crying. 
~End of Flashback~
I promised to myselfI won't leave onee-chan and I'll protect her...


I turned to look to my girlfriend. She was with that girl named Kizaki Yuria. Last time Kumi-san said it was an accident and nothing happened in toilet. Even Kizaki Yuria came to explain for me that it was a misunderstood and that Kumi-san was helping her.But still I can't get to like her this girl. She even started to get really close with Kumi-san.

"Let's go Kanon-chan!" Kumi took Kanon's hand in hers and she proceed to walk.

"Un! between where is Jun-kun?"

"Well... how can I say it?" Kumi posed a pit then cantinued " He run away because the new transfert girl almost kissed him"



"So, you were here?"
Someone asked me. I removed the book from my face.I was sleeping under a tree. I wanted to rest for a bite. I wanted to be alone. I had enough of my family of the persons I know. I had enough of my life. What am I? Why things should go like this? Why I can't have a normal life?
"aah Churi?" Akane sat beside me on the ground. She took a deep breath and she looked to the clear sky. "How are you Jun-kun?" I don't know why she come here all of sudden. We don't talk much lately. Or should be precise we don't talk much since Rena enter my life. But I am sure of something that her look means that she want to have a serious talk with me. I don't really have the feeling to talk with someone I'm tired...
"Get to the right point Churi I know that you don't want to ask about my health or something" Akane smirked to me and it kind of scared me a bite. What is she up to? I don't like it when she smirks.

"I just wanted to tell you that I know it" I didn't know what she was talking about but it pissed me off when she kept her smirk. "What are you talking about?"

"About this" Akane looked at my eyes then she put her hand on my chest.


I sat on the bench right next Rena-san. I took my bento  and I put it on  lap. I really don't have appetite these days. I can't help be extremily worried about my best friend,my first love. My Rena. I looked at her she seems spacing out again. Lately she thinks too much and I won't ask her about who cause I know. I know who she is thinking about. I'm jealous of him. I can only watch her thinking of him even she is always here sitting by my side. Why things should turn like there is today? Why she must get to work in his house? Why she must fall in love with him? Why not me? Why?

"Airin" She suddenly called my name. It startled me. I hate being nervous.

"Y-yes Rena-san" She smiled to me and held my cheek. "You were spacing out" I can feel my face hit up with a warm sensation"E-Eh Y-you too Rena-san" She let a small sigh " You're right. I can't say no" Rena-san looked downhearted. She was more depressed then I thought. Maybe something more serious happened? I put my hand on her shoulder and I asked her if she was ok. As aslways she replayed that she is fine and that I don't need to worry. I kept asking her but she suddenly stood up. she apologised to me and said she needs to do something. She is running away...


"Since when do you know about it?"

"Since a while"  I'm really surprised to know that Churi knew about my secret... " You don't ask why I kept it secret?"

"no  I won't"

"Why?" She smiled to me "like that" Yeah Like that! Churi is the same fooling aroud... "I see..." But I'm happy. I can see that she is still the same Churi as always with me.

" Things are not going well between you and Rena? I can see it" She got at that point.

"yeah..." I let a sigh " I just don't know what to do what to think..." As I finished my words,Akane smacked me on my head. " WHAT'S WRONG?" It's seriously hurt!! "Don't talk like it's the end of the world" Akane shook he head and continue " You always make problems yourself. You're just too stupid and too dense you're so in love with her and you deny that. I can't get you Jun-kun" She laughed at me "Eeeeeeeh? What did you say? Stupid" I pushed her, sat on her stomach and I started to tickle her. "Stop it!! Hahahaha Stop it"  "Hah no I won't stop till you say sorry" She kept laughing and saying that she refuse to apologise. "Hahahaha Okey! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!"  Suddenly, we heard a loud thump. I instantly stood up and turned to find Rena-chan looking at us. She was staring at us. There was an unreadable emotion in her eyes and her mouth was hanging wide open. It was then I realized how was weird our position. I tried to talk or explain but she didn't let me...

" Go Jun-kun! Don't make her wait!"


A lot of things escapes me lately. I had to deal with Kanon's jealousity and she doesn't want to make it easy for me. Yuria-chan is only a little sister for me. Why I care so much about her? I really don't know even myself can't answer it. Kanon starts to get jealous whenever I was with Yuria. Sigh. I can't help I feel like she needs someone be her side. But now I'm not worried about it. I think Jun-kun is not normal lately. Well he is not normal since he was rejected by Churi but back then I was sure I knew things. But now I think that I have missed things.I feel like they want to hide it from me.Even Churi is not the same.. She is like she knew it and she doesn't say anything. Why I their friend? It really makes me angry. I was heading to the gym. I saw something which surprised me.There were three person. It was Rena-chan who was in Furukawa's embrace and Jun-chan who looked hurt.


When I heard she said yes to her. I felt like my whole world is cracked. I didn't want it to happen like this. I wish I would arrive before her. I wish I was not a coward. It was my last chance and I lost it. Now I regret coming here. I regret hearing her answer. I regret hearing all their conversation. Cause now I can be sure that I lost. I can see it in front my eyes. Rena...


It was night, I was sitting on a chair in the terrace. I couldn't sleep. Why I did that? It was stupid of me. I don't want to hurt Airin. Why I did that? I can be irresponsible sometimes. I let my jealousy take the lead and I I behaved like a fool. I saw someone get in the terrace too. It was her.

"Jurina..." I quickly covered my mouth I said  that I'll never call her with that name. She looked surprised to see me.

"Naah It's ok" I think she didn't notice me cause I was sitting in the cornor and It was dark. It's weird. I thought that she hates dark. She was in her pijama. She smiled to me a wry smile.

"You can't sleep too?" She sat on the chair next to me.

"Un..." There was a heavy silence between us. Nobody dared to say something. It's awkward...

"Yossha! I think I need to go to sleep!" Jurina stood up from her place and stared walking inside.

"Wait!" Jurina looked at me. "I.. I.."

"It's ok Rena-chan..." She smiled sadly "You don't need to say anything" She walked to me and I stood up. "And... Congratulation.. I hope Furukawa will make you happy... unlike me..."   I felt my eyes become tearly the feeling I had was not normal. Normaly when someone congrulate you to have a girlfriend you must be happy you must laugh you must thank them. However, I had not anything of all this. It the opposite. I was feeling like someone is rending my heart. Jurina kissed my forhead . She wipd my tears with her thumbs and crassed me right cheek.

"Don't cry Rena-chan..."  While saying this, Jurina put her face near mine and just put her lips on mine. Her kiss transported me to a thousand places. I forgot for a while that I have a girlfriend. Everything was only sweet, pleasure and tender. My heart was beating wildly. My hands were sweaty. I hugged her. I felt her whole body against mine who gave way to my arms......

I woke up in the morning I was in Jurina's bed. I felt my eyes hurting me from too much crying of yesterday. I walked downstairs only to be welcomed by Kyoka-san I greeted her and asked her if she saw Jurina. She was silent for a moment. I started to become worried what happened to her?

"Kyoka-san.. did something happened to Jurina?"

“Just a moment ago.... Jurina departed for Tokyo. She will live there from.... today”

"WHAT? Why no one told me about it? What happened?"

"I didn't know it too. Only this morning. It was between her and madam."
I can feel that kyoka-san is confused and hurt as well from her expression.. Why? Why you're doing this Jurina?

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