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I heart You
« on: November 14, 2010, 12:45:54 AM »
Chapter 1

My name is Alvin. I just move to Tokyo. I am a high school student and a international student. i live by myself. I moved everything into my house. I start unpacking my stuff. My new Neighbar give me some gift. It is some cleaning tool. I go into my house and start cleaning. 3 hour later. I finish cleaning. I decide to explore the city during the night. I walk and walk. I see a girl in the park on the swing and she look sad. She is really pretty. She has a sexy lip, A kitty hair, Strawberry Earring and She is pretty short. I go up to her.

I ask: Hi Lady! What your name and why are you sad?

*She slap me and my nose start to bleed*

She scream: Pervert! Pervert! Pervert!

*The police come in and ask what happen*

She say: This man is a pervert. He trying to get me have sex with him

I start to think: Oh crap! What did I just do!

Then, The Police take me to the custody. A hour later. my Auntie come to get me out of Custody. She tell me just chill out and get ready for school tomorrow. I go back to the house and go to sleep.

Next Morning. I wake up. i eat my breakfast and walk to school. The teacher being me to the class and Introduce me to everyone. I get to my sear and sit down. I see the girl that slapped me yesterday is sitting beside me. I am so suspirsed

*i point my finger at her*

I ask: Why are you here?

She say: Sorry about yesterday! My name is Reina tanaka

I say: I am not talking to you

At lunch. I am eatting my lunch on the school RoofTop by myself. Suddenly. Reina sit beside me.

I ask: Wha do you want?

Reina say: you are a chinese canadian right? You know I like to date forgin transfer student

*My face turn red*

After today. I am starting a weird relationshio with Reina. This is the girl will change my life forever. After lunch. We go back to class. Two and a half hour. It is after school.

To be conutiune

Story by: Hade
Chapter 2

After school. Wer decide to ho shopping and watch movie. We go to the movie theatre. we go into the theatre. we are still choosing the movie that we want to watch. Reina say she want to see paranormal Active II. I am shocked because I through girl don't like horror movie. I still say let watch it because I watch to watch it too. In the movie. I am a little scared because I scarier than I through it will be. I glab on Reina. But Reina not feel scare at all. I am more shocked with it. After the movie.

I say: That was unexpected. scarier than I through. But why did not you feel scare at all?

Reina say: I start to watch Horror movie since 7 year old

*I am totally shocked*

Then, We go to shopping. Reina ask me to buy som much stuff. That make me think she have shopping addiction. She buy some cloth, Jeans and 2 big teddy bear. I carry all the stuff for her. After shopping. We go to Reina's house. I drop down her stuff. She told me to sit down and she cook the dinner. After half and hour. She done cooking. The dinner is some fish, veggie and noodle. I start eat the dinner. We eat and we talk while we eat.

Reina say: You must be shocked about my movie and shopping habit.

I say: I just shcoked little bit. it's okay.

Reina say: That why all my ex-boyfriend broke up with me. I hope you will not broke up with me because of those bad habit.

I say: I won't break up with you because of your bad habit.

Reina say: You such a sweet guy

*My face turn red*

After dinner. We wash dishes. Reina ask me will i stay with her tonight. I reply sure. After cleaning dishes. Reina drive me back to my house and glab my shirt. After we back to Reina house. I take a bath and go to sleep with Reina.

To be contiune

Story by: Hade

Chapter 3

Next Morning. I wake up. Reina tell me that she cook me some breakfast. I go to brush my teeth and go up to the living room and eat the breakfast.

Reina ask: Did you tell me that. you broke up with your girlfriend right?

I say: yea. i broke up with her

Reina say: So who is this?

*Reina open the door*

I see my ex-girlfriend. Takahashi Ai

I ask: Why are you here?

Ai say: Because I still like you

Reina ask: I through you broke up with you.

I say: I broke up with her through facebook

Reina say: on facebook.

Ai say: you cheat on two girl in a row. how you will solve this

*Reina and Ai use a baseball bat hi me and I fainted*

After a while. I wake up. I find out someone take off all my shirt and pant. I wonder what did they do with me. I go take a shower and wash off my the body. A while later. Reina and Ai come back. They buy me some dinner. I eat some. Ai say we have something to tell me.

Ai say: We decide to move to your house?

I ask: Why?

Reina say: Because we love you very much.

I say: Okay

We moved everything to my house. Monday. We are going to school. In the class. Something happen.

To be conutiune

Story by: Hade

Chapter 4

When the class is in session. Suddenly Ai and Reina feel sick. They run out of the classroom into the washroom. Teacher tell me to look after them. I go and check them out and I see the fainted at the washroom. I get them to hospital. The doctor check them out and they need stay for 2 night. Doctor come to me and say.

Doctor say: They have your baby

I say: What. How

Doctor say: I jsut scan them. it true

I think and think. I finally why that my shirt and pant was take off after i fainted. I was so shocked and mad. I run to the room.

I ask: When I fainted do you do something to me?

Ai and Reina say: Sorry. you just too cute.

I say: I am a father now and I am underage. What I support to do

Reina say: We will help you.

I say: That not the point.

*I run out the door with my tear on my face*

I go back to my room. crying and crying. i don't know what to do. When i am eating my dinner. I feel alone because Ai and Reina is not here. So i feel lonely. But I jsut so mad at them. They turn me into a underage father. I take a shower after I eat my dinner and I go to sleep.

To be continue

Story by: Hade

Chapter 5

Next morning. I wake up. I see Ai and Reina look so sad. I say sorry to them. They say sorry to me. I decide to take care of them and find a job. A few week later. I find a job at a clothing store. I start working in there. I work monday to friday and weekend off. I work 8-10 hour. Monthly pay is around 15000 yen to 20000 yen. That will barely affort the money. After a few month later. i starting to save up the money. it is starting to stablize.

1 month later. The wedding ceremony is ready. There have so much classmate watching the ceremony. After the ceremony finish. We go to the wedding dinner. I drink so much. After the dinner. I was drunk. I sleep so hard. Next Morning. i wake up. My head is like in pain

Ai say: You drink too much yesterday

I say: Sorry for drinking that much

Reina say: Next time. Don't drink this much. I phone the school and Work that you are not going to work today. Just relax. You work so hard already

I Say: Ok

After that day. I feel the family is getting better. Ai and Reina is starting to be supportive. I start to thinkt aht have a family is not that bad.

9 month later. One day. I just comeback from work. I heard Ai and Reina screamin. They say that their stomach is so painful. They say the baby need to come out already. i phone the trunk and bring them to the hospital. They go into the surgey place. A few hour alter. the baby is born. I have a daughter and a song. They are so cute. After that. We live happily forever.

The End

Story: Hade

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