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I’ll Be Waiting

Recently, Sayaka and Miyuki have been getting along extremely well despite not meeting in person. They were texting each other almost every day, talking about all kinds of things from Sayaka’s troubles and worries to small things like looking for a new fabric softener for Miyuki.

Back when Miyuki was still a NMB48 member, this would have never happened, and so she took a lot of delight in this newfound relationship she had with Sayaka. There was never a time in the past where she enjoyed talking to Sayaka as much as she did now, and it was so nice being able to tell each other everything; not just work-related things anymore but truly everything from the serious to the mundane.

Miyuki loved the way things were now between her and Sayaka, but what she was worried about was that Sayaka seemed to have different ideas. Sayaka who was once always a tsundere to her had started to act even more and more affectionate. For example, after their late night chats on LINE, recently Sayaka would always end it with “Good night princess”. Like what was up with that? “Princess” was what Miyuki’s former middle school mates used to call her. So why was Sayaka doing it too?

And recently more and more frequently, it would be Sayaka who would initiate conversations instead of Miyuki. Furthermore, a lot of the times the messages would start a text from Sayaka saying, “Good morning! What is my most favourite person in the world doing today?”

Initially, Miyuki had just played along as she had thought Sayaka was just joking around. But after all, who was she kidding? Miyuki herself realised and knew deep down in her heart that it wasn’t like Sayaka to joke around in that manner around her at all. However, what concerned Miyuki the most was probably recently after NMB had performed Boku wa Inai in a music festival, and Sayaka had texted this message to Miyuki:

“We did Boku wa Inai today. The last time we did this on TV you were right by my side but now you’re not…so I end up thinking that the one in my arms should be you. It doesn’t feel right otherwise :(

Miyuki had felt really perplexed by that message. Did Sayaka mean just for in that performance for Boku wa Inai? Or was it just as she had suspected; that it was Sayaka’s true feelings towards her? It was then Miyuki decided to listen to Sayaka’s solo album. Sayaka had actually sent her a copy but because Miyuki had wanted to support Sayaka’s solo endeavours, she had bought another copy of the album as well. As she sat down and listened to the songs, tears streamed down her eyes.

“Wait…why am I crying?” wondered Miyuki to herself. Then she remembered the LINE conversation she had with Sayaka not too long ago…

Sayaka: Miyuki-chan?
Miyuki: Yes Sayaka-chan?
Sayaka: When you listen to the album, I want you to remember one thing.
Miyuki: Oh? What’s that?
Sayaka:  I would have never been able to produce this album without you.
Miyuki: Ehhh what do you mean?
Sayaka: This whole album…as I was singing and recording, it was all you I saw…for almost every song. I didn’t realise it till later but even in the music and lyrics I wrote, well…at least half of it I wrote thinking of you.
Miyuki: Sayaka-chan?
Sayaka: Yeah?
Miyuki: You think about me that much?
Sayaka: I…uhh…noo…I mean…yes…
Miyuki: I see…How about the other half?
Sayaka: My family, friends, members, fans, and everyone who has been supporting me of course.
Miyuki: That’s so like you Sayaka-chan.
Sayaka: You think? Anyway you’ll understand when you listen to the songs!
Miyuki: Okay

When Miyuki had listened to the songs on the album, she finally understood what Sayaka had meant. Just listening to each and every song, she felt Sayaka’s feelings gently enveloping her as though Sayaka was really there by her side. Miyuki realised she was crying because Sayaka treasured her so much when she felt she didn’t even deserve to be loved so much by her. And this wasn’t just Sayaka’s sense of responsibility or burden or obligation. Miyuki knew there and then that her gut instinct was right. She was special to Sayaka…

But Miyuki honestly didn’t know if she had those exact same feelings for Sayaka, and this bothered her to no end because in situations like this, she’ll end up hurting Sayaka even if she didn’t want to. And she really didn’t want to inflict pain on Sayaka of all people. But what could she do? Miyuki liked the way she was with Sayaka now, and didn’t want that to change. Perhaps she should clearly get that across to Sayaka.

What complicated matters then was that Sayaka would soon be at Zepp Tokyo as part of her solo tour, and she had asked Miyuki if she would come way beforehand. Miyuki had told Sayaka, “I’ll go if I can!” and left it a vague answer like that. But with the concert being just a few days away now, Miyuki needed to come to a decision. She began making all kinds of excuses of not going such as “Ah, the SayaMilky fans would get too overexcited over me being there and get distracted, and that would be horrible right?” She even used that excuse on a reply to a fan on her Instagram, but the truth is that was probably the smallest part of her worries. She was more worried that if she were to go, she’ll continue leading Sayaka the wrong way, and end up hurting Sayaka more and more inevitably.

“But then again, feelings aside, this tour is such an important first step of Sayaka achieving her dream to be a singer-songwriter…I really want to be there too to see her shine brighter than ever. More than anything, I still want to support her with all I’ve got!” thought Miyuki. And with that, she found the resolution to go for Sayaka’s Zepp Tokyo Live while putting her own personal thoughts and concerns aside for a while.

At the concert itself, Miyuki was in high spirits. She and some of the other 48 members and graduates had decided to go together, and they were all having a blast at the 2nd floor seats. As Miyuki had listened to the album countless times before the concert, she was familiar with each and every song, and had even secretly read Sayaka’s heart behind every song from all the interviews Sayaka had done. So when Yui who was sitting next to Miyuki would have any questions about the songs Sayaka was performing, Miyuki would promptly answer her with a smug face.

Watching Sayaka’s wide smile and enthusiasm as she sang and performed her heart out on stage, Miyuki couldn’t help smiling and grinning as well while thinking that Sayaka was indeed born to perform, and the stage was where she truly belonged. Even when she was performing the heartbreaking title track Yukikoi, Sayaka had such a pained expression and tears welled up in her eyes as though she was doomed to a life of loneliness and sadness.

“Man, since when did she become such a good actress?” muttered Miyuki to herself. But wait, who was she kidding again? Sayaka wasn’t acting. Those were her real emotions being fleshed out for all to see. Miyuki even found it a bit hard to look at Sayaka the whole time because she knew the one Sayaka was thinking of with that painful expression on her face was none other than Miyuki herself…

In each and every song, Miyuki didn’t know if she was imagining things but it was as though Sayaka’s voice was calling out to her and warmly embracing her. And this time, she didn’t feel afraid or worried like before. Instead, she felt a fuzzy feeling in her chest, overwhelmed by the love she felt from Sayaka. Instinctively, Miyuki smiled gently towards Sayaka who was standing on stage because she felt as though she wanted to return Sayaka's embrace.

After the concert had ended, the members all went backstage to see Sayaka. However, it seemed like a bunch of Sayaka’s friends including C-ute’s Suzuki Airi had arrived there before them, so they patiently waited for their turn. From the side where she could not be seen, Miyuki watched Sayaka interacting with C-ute’s Airi, and she saw them doing some hugging poses as they took photos together. Miyuki took a quick glance at Airi who looked completely mesmerised by Sayaka and was really going all out for it. She then looked at Sayaka’s expression, and she just looked nervous and awkward as usual.

“Well this is good…right? Sayaka always admired Airi, and now that Airi is all over her, she must be happy. Then I don’t have to worry about that thing between me and Sayaka either. But why do I feel so uneasy about this? I mean didn’t that dumb Sayaka tell me that the one in her arms should be me? Am I being too selfish? Jealous?? I couldn’t be right? Either way, this is why someone with such a horrible personality like me doesn’t deserve such a gentle, kind-hearted person like Sayaka,” thought Miyuki to herself.

After waiting for some time, finally the 48gang were able to talk to Sayaka. Upon seeing them, Sayaka’s eyes beamed and thanked them all for coming, and then went up right in front of Miyuki, and flashed the brightest smile and said, “I’m so glad you came too, Miyuki-chan.”

Miyuki just nodded and smiled politely back at Sayaka without saying a word, but seeing Sayaka smile at her like that actually made her heart skip a beat. She didn’t know what was happening to herself. Just for that one moment, Miyuki actually thought that she perhaps wanted Sayaka all to herself. Then the 48members took some group photos, and the members went to take turns to take photos with Sayaka. Miyuki was going to be last, and after what felt like forever, finally it was Miyuki’s turn.

 “Heeeyy Sayanee, Ripopo and I are going off first. Text us whenever you’re done.” said Kanakichi to Sayaka.

“Okay got it!” replied Sayaka. And then Ripopo and Kanakichi left. Before that, all the other members had left as well, so after Ripopo and Kanakichi had gone, this left Sayaka and Miyuki all by themselves.

“You going out with them later?” asked Miyuki.

“Yeah, just for dinner and bowling. If I knew you were coming, I would have invited you along too though…”said Sayaka a little regretfully.

“That’s okay, it was me who didn’t tell you after all if I was coming or not. Anyway, before I forget, let’s take a selfie together!” replied Miyuki who then kissed Sayaka on the cheek as she skilfully took the selfie.

“Thank you, your feelings came across to me today," whispered Miyuki into Sayaka's ear. This gesture made Sayaka blush a bright tint of red and as she couldn’t stand it anymore, she immediately wrapped her arms around Miyuki. Feeling Sayaka’s warmth, Miyuki instinctively wrapped her arms around Sayaka in return. They remained that way for a good couple of minutes; both of them wanting to stay in that moment forever and not wanting to let go because they knew if they did, things wouldn’t be the same again.

Meekly, Sayaka who had her face down slowly lifted her head up and gazed meaningfully at Miyuki like a little puppy. Miyuki’s heart melted at the sight of the rocker girl in front of her, that gap - the cute, vulnerable side that Sayaka would show only when she was alone with Miyuki. Sayaka acting like that was bad for Miyuki’s heart, and though she wanted to look away, she was already completely lost in Sayaka’s gaze.

Raising her right hand, Miyuki began to slowly caress Sayaka’s cheek. With a slight smile,  she planted a kiss onto Sayaka’s lips. Sayaka’s eyes widened in surprise by Miyuki’s sudden gesture, but she quickly snapped out of it and deepened the kiss with Miyuki, savouring the sweet and tender taste of Miyuki’s lips in unison with hers for the first and last time.

“It’s getting late, and Kanako and Ripopo are waiting for you. You better go…” said Miyuki as she slowly but reluctantly pulled herself away. Sayaka, still too stunned for words, just nodded and let Miyuki go. She was about to leave Miyuki and pack her things up, but she noticed Miyuki’s eyes brimming in tears.

“Miyuki-chan…I’m sorry I brought things too far didn’t I? I was too dense to realise it before but…I love you so much!” stammered Sayaka as her cheeks flushed up once again. Miyuki knew it. Her instincts didn’t fail her after all. The truth is she felt the same way for Sayaka too, but alas, they were not meant to be.

Miyuki had already made up her mind. As much as she loved Sayaka, she yearned even more to stand on her own two feet. Being by Sayaka’s side and being known as her partner was great, but her time was up. In order for her to continue pushing Sayaka on as well as her eternal rival, she knew she needed to part from Sayaka. She needed to become her own person and succeed on her own as Watanabe Miyuki. She and Sayaka were fated to be rivals and comrades, but not lovers - at least not in this lifetime.

“No it was my fault. I knew it would turn out this way but...never mind. Sayaka-chan, I’m so sorry.... I’ll message you on LINE later,” said Miyuki solemnly. Then she turned away and walked off, leaving Sayaka speechless. Sayaka considered chasing after Miyuki, but she knew it would have been pointless.

Her mind still could not fully process why Miyuki had acted the way she did after they kissed...there was too much going on in her head. Sighing to herself, Sayaka told herself that she’ll just go have fun with Kanakichi and Ripopo that night to put her mind off things. She will just enjoy herself to her heart’s content that night and worry about Miyuki’s LINE message later as it was probably not good news…

The next morning in Miyuki’s own apartment

“Oh God, I was so stupid yesterday. The one person I didn’t want to hurt, I am gonna end up hurting her the most. Guess I was really Warukii until the end huh. But I do owe her an explanation…” said Miyuki to herself as she got her phone out to message Sayaka on LINE.

In another building not far away...   

Sayaka, exhausted after her solo live and bowling all night jolted up from her bed sheets from the buzzing of her own phone. The dreaded text from Miyuki has come. Reading through the message, Sayaka gave herself time to absorb the information, and then burst out crying. Since she was alone in her room, she did not hold herself back and cried to her heart’s content.

With her hands trembling, she replied with just four words, “Ok, I’ll be waiting.”

Sayaka kept going through the LINE messages between her and Miyuki over and over again, hoping to get some closure once and for all and move on from her unwanted feelings towards Miyuki that was making her feel miserable and breaking her heart into a million pieces.

Miyuki: Sayaka-chan...first of all, I’m sorry. I’ve realised your feelings for me even before you did but I pretended not to notice. All I did was run away from you because I was a coward. But both you and I know this is not going to work. I spent 6 long years closely by your side, and I really cherish every moment we had together. But I’ve found it Sayaka-chan, that something I really want to do. I can’t tell you what now, but I promise you, I’ll work really hard so that I can match the amazing things you’re doing now.  So...let’s take some time off each other. I think we both need it. This is not goodbye. We’ll talk again when I’ve become bigger and stronger. Then I’ll show you how far I’ve come. Until then, please wait for me.

Sayaka: Ok, I’ll be waiting.

Once Sayaka calmed down, she muttered to herself, “That’s right. No matter how long it takes, I’ll be waiting for you, Miyuki…”


So anyway, this is my first time posting a fic here as I've just got an account here though I've been lurking around this thread for awhile. I'm still very inexperienced when it comes to writing fics, so feel free to give me your feedback and constructive criticisms!

P.S. This SayaMilky OS is based on some real life events - the main one being when Milky attended Sayaka's solo live at Zepp Tokyo last year, but the details are of course mostly fictional.
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Re: OS - I'll Be Waiting (SayaMilky)
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I liked a lot
I have to recognize that when they put together events that have happened to write a fic, that's when I like them the most.

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Re: OS - I'll Be Waiting (SayaMilky)
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I liked a lot
I have to recognize that when they put together events that have happened to write a fic, that's when I like them the most.

Thanks so much for reading and commenting on my fic!
Yeah for me it's a lot easier to write based on things that actually happened because I never have enough ideas for an AU.
I would love to challenge an AU one day though!
Btw nice old school AAA display picture haha.

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Re: OS - I'll Be Waiting (SayaMilky)
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Ahhhh I miss Sayamilky so much... Miyuki was defo the person most fated for Sayaka. But I'm very glad that a Sayamilky shipper has joined us! I feel like there isn't enough of us nowadays, especially ones who actually write so I'm very happy right now ;D

Thanks for the cute story!

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Re: OS - I'll Be Waiting (SayaMilky)
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I miss SayaMilky. Would probably miss them forever.

Thank you for the very cute fic.  :cry:
Discovering the wonders of your vague imagination.
Taeny, Atsumina and SayaMilky <3

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Re: OS - I'll Be Waiting (SayaMilky)
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Hello there everyone.

It's been a while but thank you for all your kind responses and feedback!

I'm glad people seemed to enjoy the fic.

Anyway, I've started a SayaMilky joint blog with a friend, and we are hoping to post more SayaMilky content esp AUs and fics there at our own pace.

I'll be going by the pen name, Agopan. And my friend who is running the blog with me is Lady Soymilk.

If you're interested to have more SayaMilky goodness in your life, please check out our blog!
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I miss SayaMilky. Would probably miss them forever.

Thank you for the very cute fic.  :cry:

Ahhhh I miss Sayamilky so much... Miyuki was defo the person most fated for Sayaka. But I'm very glad that a Sayamilky shipper has joined us! I feel like there isn't enough of us nowadays, especially ones who actually write so I'm very happy right now ;D

Thanks for the cute story!

Sorry for the double post but I have very good news for the both of you then! XD
We just managed to update the Tumblr!

It's a new mini series we are working on entitled Sayaka and Miyuki's Big Adventure!

Well for this one, Lady Soymilk did the writing with idea contributions and suggestions from Agopan.
It's a setting where we have both Sayaka and Miyuki as kids.

Here's the summary!

Sayaka and Miyuki have been best friends since they were four. When Miyuki comes up with a plan to sneak away from Namba Kindergarten one day, Sayaka is a little hesitant. But after an exciting afternoon of candy, train rides, and peach soda, things take a scary turn when the six-year-olds find themselves hopelessly lost in the middle of Osaka. Will Sayaka and Miyuki find their way back home? Who knew that such an ordinary day would end up becoming the biggest adventure of their lives?

You can read  the rest of Chapter 1: The Big Fluffy Tiger from the link below!
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