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DOrama and MOvies / Re: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
« Last post by winner on September 24, 2022, 11:16:04 PM »
Sailor Moon girls 19 years later. Still so cute!! :wub:

Ayaka Komatsu's tweet:

Entertainment / Beautiful girls nude pics
« Last post by siadevye13 on September 23, 2022, 12:05:54 PM »
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Looking forward to the next update author-san. NatsuMado endgame onegaishimasu  :cry:
Japanese / Re: Nashiko Momotsuki 桃月なしこ
« Last post by irwinner on September 22, 2022, 04:45:17 AM »
[Young Gangan] 2022 No.19

#56 Pictures

A few days passed by, Natsumi kept questioning herself about her feelings toward Madoka. Her sister’s words strike her mind, does she really love Jiina. Does she love her like before or just blinded by the thought of continuing their past love because she thinks they are meant for each other. She felt Jiina’s love for her is true and she appreciates Jiina’s effort approaching her friends. But why does she feel like there is something missing? Her love for Jiina does exist, it flows, it moves like rapids through her veins it bursts but occasionally fades within the day. And that's the hard part of it. Why does she feel that way?
Another day starts, Natsumi is on her way to Jiina’s house, minding her business until she overheard a group of people talking. She doesn’t usually like to mind other people’s business but she heard Madoka’s name.

Schoolmate 1: Madoka-sama and Izumi-san look good together!
Schoolmate 2: Oh! I know what you mean! She likes a prince to Madoka-sama, so gentle and kind *squeal*
Schoolmate 3: They sure don’t like just best friends, but even if they are just best friends how can you not fall in love with someone like that?
Schoolmate1: Yes that too, oh falling in love with your best friend ~  that sounds so romantic!
Schoolmate 2: Izumi-san is so caring towards Madoka-sama she even waits for Madoka-sama to finish practicing at the music room she waits so patiently and even brings her food

Natsu’s mind: tsk. I do that too you know there’s nothing special with that

In their classroom, Natsumi is focused on watching the two. Her eyes are fixed and focused.

Iichan: *kissed madoka’s cheeks*
Madoka: *blushed*

Natsu’s mind: (#`Д´) What the hell? Izumi-san seriously?!  Do you really need to do that in front of everyone? And you Maa-chan you just allowed it?! TSK

At lunch, the Iichan and Madoka went outside the room hand in hand

Natsu’s mind: This is getting annoying

After class, Natsumi was called at the newspaper club

Lovetan: Ne natsu, I have a job for you
Natsu:  ( `ε´ ) mou but why am I the only one who you keep on giving assignments to? I’m not the only member here you know
Lovetan: oh stop complaining natsu
Natsu: mou ( `ε´ )
Lovetan: Anyway, I want you to get information about Izumi-san from your class and Madoka
Natsu: what's with them? *getting annoyed*
Lovetan: Well there's rumors about them dating and I want you to confirm or at least get a glimpse of them together

Natsu's mind: what dating?! No way! Madoka loves me so impossible (-_-)

Natsu: Nah that’s not true, their just best friends
Lovetan: Oh really? Did you even talk to madoka-san about it?
Natsu: Ugh..It’s just rumors senpai so I would not do it (-_-) *really pissed*
Lovetan: heh- how sure are you?  Or are you jealous ? *grins*
Natsu: Why would I?! Can we just find another issue to produce for the newspaper club
Lovetan: Well, Madoka-san is very popular because of her piano skills and whoever is getting close to her gives a lot of interest for her fans club
Natsu: Wait? Maa-chan has fans now too?
Lovetan: Yeah, and they are pairing madoka-san to izumi-san, they are calling them IiMado
Natsu: lame
Lovetan: So you are really jealous, huh I see…
Natsu: I am NOT!
Lovetan: Anyway you don’t have a choice, other members already agree to it and you need to cover it
Natsu: *sigh in defeat*
Natsu’s mind: Fine then! I will prove to you all that their just best friends and nothing more (-_-)
So as days go by, Natsumi is stalking the two.Watching their every move. She takes photo of them secretly
Natsu: *takes a photo of iichan, madoka and with their other classmates happily talking* heh normal
Natsu: *zooms the photo where iichan is so focused looking at madoka* gets irritated*
After a few days of stalking the two, she really is getting annoyed thus making her in a bad mood everyday.
Aoi: Nacchan, what’s wrong?
Natsu: (-_-) I’m just really tired *staring at madoka and iichan*
Aoi: Hmmm..
Classmate 1: Aoi-san.. Ano..we noticed that you and Izumi-san are friends. Can you introduce my friends from the other class?
Aoi: Ah sure :) Iichan would love that
Classmate 1: Oh thank you! *go to their other classmates*
Natsu: (-_-) why are Aoitan friends with her?
Aoi: Iichan is really nice you know..
Natsu: tsk..
After class, Natsumi is just staying in their classroom and too lazy to go to her club activities. Iichan and some classmates are there too.
Classmate 1: Ne Iichan, are you and madoka-san really just friends? for a best friend you are too touchy *laughs*
Classmate 2: Yeah you even wait for her
Iichan: All you do for love (´꒳`)♡

Classmate 1: So it's true?? You two are dating?
Izumi: Well, maachan gave me a chance, it's a wonderful feeling to fall in love with your best friend. (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡
Natsu’s mind: You're kidding……..*sudden tightness in her chest*
She decided to go to the club, luckily there is no one there because all members are so busy helping the student council.
Natsumi sat in her seat and got her laptop. She transferred all the photos in her memory card to her laptop. While she does that, she looks at the photos that she has captured. There are photos where  Iichan carries Madoka's bag, holding Madoka's hand, even bringing her food, feeding her, caresing Madoka's hair, hugging Madoka from behind and the worst part is Madoka just let everything do it to her. She hates it.
Natsumi chooses a photo where Iichan is looking at Madoka lovingly while caresing Madoka’s cheeks to be printed. As the printer finishes its task Natsumi gets the photo and stares at it.
Natsu: Damn it! *tores the photo into pieces throws at the trash can*
She sat back and searched for a folder in her laptop
It’s a collection of photos she took while she’s with Madoka. These photos of Madoka are when Madoka is sleeping, enjoying the company with their friends, spending time together with her family and Madoka’s family, Madoka’s birthday and so much more. All of these photos are happy memories of Madoka and her.
Natsu’s mind: *Sigh* Maybe I am really jealous

After a while Lovetan went to the club room and noticed Natsumi was there.
Lovetan: Oi Nacchan, your topic is the only one left for editing. Where's the photo and information that you’ve gathered?
Natsu: I didn’t get any. *bites lips*
Lovetan: hmmm .. *walks slowly to natsu and immediately gets her laptop*
Natsu: hey!
Lovetan: So what’s this? *Showing madoka’s photo*
Natsu: *silent*
Lovetan: You really are jealous aren’t you? *puts down natsu’s laptop at the table* Does Jiina already know about this?
Natsu: *silent* bites lips*
Lovetan: *tapping her forehead* Nacchan, it's okay to be true to yourself, it's not bad to be selfish sometimes. I know what you and Jiina have been through, but if you start questioning your love for her I hope you do the right thing. Either way there is still someone who is going to be hurt, and it will hurt you too but get the one who you think is worth the heartache.
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